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    What a huge responsibility for our four youngsters! But Chirpa has his head screwed on straight: in a way they are the perfect choice, especially in light of the Tree of Light expedition some snows before. This will, of course, be an even more fraught and complex mission for them.

    Can I just say how much I love that Latara will be the firearms specialist? :cool: She's now part of a long tradition of gun-toting soubrettes like the heroines of La fanciulla del West and Annie, Get Your Gun. I see her as a small-and-furry-yet-dead-serious Annie Oakley, though one who uses her talents in markswomanship for actual combat and defense, not just spectacle. With strong overtones of Liberty Leading the People.

    "Now, if only we knew how they [the firesticks] breed..." Love that! [face_laugh] I'm reminded of this Gary Larson cartoon. And of course Latara will be the one eventually saying, "That, my friend, is a BlasTech E-11." :D

    Oh, dear old Bozzie... you did such a good job of making her worrywart tendencies equal parts funny and absolutely serious, just like real-life worrywarts so often are. I was reminded of my own late grandmother. Of course, given Paploo's burgeoning Don Juan tendencies, the precaution might not be totally unwarranted. I wonder if Teebo will actually go through with this Blue Fire potion ruse; I wonder too what prompts his laughter at the end of that section (maybe the prospect of turning the tables on Paploo and playing a trick on him for a change).

    Kneesaa at the elders' meeting put me momentarily in mind of a certain other alien youngling at an a meeting of alien bigwigs, also in the second chapter of an alien-centered epic. ;) That's where the similarity ends, though, because Kneesaa herself is at least partly the subject of this meeting, and that makes it all the more nerve-wracking for her. Especially with ol' Kazak up to his usual bombast. :s It's encouraging that Chirpa and the other elders recognize it for what it is and unanimously agree to Chirpa's plan. At the same time, I worry that Kazak might not be above some foul play later on... [face_thinking]

    (By the way, have we come across Rabin before? A good name for an elder. :cool: He seems intriguing. I wonder if we'll hear more from him...)
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    Well, I can't say I'm impressed by anyone's behavior in this bit. Being child-like isn't the same as immature, either.
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    The adventure begins! I hope that they are up to it. It seems that the elders are not convinced. There is danger here; they will need to rely on each other.
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    The Chosen Four. . .

    Extra quotation mark.


    And with that, War Chief Geronimo led his men to battle.

    Take note that fire sticks are reproductively incompatible with Ewoks.

    It's called the 'circle of life', boy. Go help it repeat.

    I want to see a lot of Latara's clever remarks towards Paploo on this mission. Make it happen!

    I chuckled at this scene. ^_^

    "When you put it like that... yeah. What the hell was I thinking?"


    Oh OK, never mind.

    That reminds me of A Bug's Life when the ant court sends Flick on a journey to get rid of him.

    I. Aye. Eye.

    And you've been slipping it into men's drinks? Haven't you?

    You've gotten me so morbidly curious about the Ewoks cartoon that I might actually check out that pilot tonight. I went to YouTube last week and played the intro song for my roommate. He yelled at me to turn it off.

    Hm. Final thoughts. Chirpa is awesome in this chapter, in a wise fatherly way. He'd get along well with Gandalf the Grey, I think. The four younger Ewoks each have distinct personalities, believable ones at that.

    Good job, EP. Update soon!
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    My problem as usual: great story & very little on-line time to spare. I try to follow up & comment dutifully. Why?

    a) you write Ewoks & their culture so interesting that your story always sucks me right in after the first sentences

    b) I love your characterizations.
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    Well, thanks for that. :) I hope you do have more time at some point, as I would like to see you elaborate on both a) and b) sometime. :D
    All of that is absolutely on-spot. It's going to be one of those adventures where they MUST stick together. Mistakes they all made in Snowed In are not an option here.
    That's how it was supposed to be and yes, I agree.

    That was the one where they stuck together, while Umwak and Galak were stuck. :p A good lesson.

    Lovely, lovely parallels. I am familiar only with the last one, but I will sure as heck check the others out. :)

    Blame Zack Gialongo.


    And, of course, she is the first to figure out spaceships in Battle for the Sunstar.

    Maybe not in this story, but in the next, veeery likely! :)

    An artistic battle couple? Sign me up!

    Paploo sees this trip the way students often see band camps et cetera. That is actually disturbing. He's nineteen snows old at this point, he should act like an adult.

    He laughed at Bozzie, most likely. Who wouldn't? I don't think that even Kneesaa would be above it!

    But he certainly did thing about the latter, at least a little bit.

    She is still too sensitive for this kind of stuff. She is not like Teebo, it's a non-poetic, genuine sensitivity that seems to be contrasting her maturity.

    And hey, that's a niiice parallel. I love that fic, wondering who wrote it. :p


    Knew you'd like the name, which is why I picked him from the bunch of remaining named ROTJ Ewoks.

    Taj Mahal did an INCREDIBLE job with that theme tune, IMHO. But I understand that it's not everybody's thing.

    I always thought Logray was more of a Gandalf expy, but this makes sense, too.

    Now, for your minor comments:

    Re: Latara saying that it only hurts...

    Yeah, it is what you think it is. Not sure what Chirpa would have thought had she said it all. O_O

    It's called the 'circle of life', boy. Go help it repeat.

    You're on a wrong track here...and not, at the same time. You will see.

    I want to see a lot of Latara's clever remarks towards Paploo on this mission. Make it happen!

    It was planned all along. XD

    I chuckled at this scene. ^_^

    Thanks. :)

    That thing with a foursome involving Kazak and whoever else is some true nightmare material. I may need to wipe my brain.

    And you've been slipping it into men's drinks? Haven't you?

    Yeah, I totally need to make random people unable to impregnate others. A noble cause, indeed.
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    TAGS: @glitteryboots @Rau_Fang (ask to be added)

    Many thanks to Findswoman for beta-reading - goats will reward you! This is a short chapter, plus we're switching to Mondays, which is more convenient for many reasons. This means The Black Star will be updated on Thursdays or Fridays.

    3. Departure

    The next day, four young Ewoks spent some time bonding with their families. Bozzie's suggestion of having a meal together was cut short by the fact that almost everything she wanted to serve was rotten, spoiled or dried out. She barely managed to save some bits of vegetables for one last warm stew for her son to gulp before the mission.

    "I wish there was ice in the summer." She looked to Paploo, who was preparing his who was preparing the new backpack he had just gotten from Fashkaa, the head hoodmaker. "Some way to keep things from spoiling when you're not keeping them in the supply hut. Why doesn't Logray invent something like that already?"

    There was no response.

    "Paploo, my baby! Are you even listening to your mother?"

    "I'm sorry...what was the last thing you said?" He shrugged.

    Bozzie shook her head. She had a whole speech ready, the same she had been repeating in her head, over the years. She was close to telling Paploo something that only she and her brother knew, something the royal family of the Bright Tree Village made sure to hide over the years. But there he was, playing with his slingshot and laughing at the names of some villages listed on a piece of parchment, just like he would have two, five or seven snows ago. Perhaps the time wasn't right. But when would it be?

    Seemingly, a part of her just wanted to shout it all out. Twenty snows of living a lie was too much.


    The group assembled on the main square at dawn. Nobody besides their families, Chief Chirpa and Master Logray seemed to be interested in saying goodbye to them, not even Head Elder Kazak.

    Kneesaa was hiding her face in the mane of her beloved bordok, Baga, so that her three comrades would not realise how worried she was. She was trying to understand the reasons for everybody's lack of support for the mission. The morning was the only time when the heat would subside, so perhaps the villagers just wanted to catch some sleep? Or were they scared? If so, of what? The Sunstar had been destroyed almost one moon ago, but since the Skull Ones did not burn the forest down and take everybody away, the Golden One must have answered Logray's prayers. Was this the time when her people were questioning their beliefs?

    "I'll be missing you." She ran her fingers through Baga's silky mane. The bordok neighed and rubbed his head against her chest. "But Father and Aunt Bozzie will take good care of you while I'm gone. Just try not to be too much trouble, please!"

    A couple of steps away, Lumat was staring at the tiny wooden flask hanging from Teebo's neck. His daughter's lover seemed to be doing all he could for their eyes not to meet and that was becoming slightly unnerving. The carpenter pulled his wife's hand, annoyed.

    "Zephee, do you see that thing he's wearing, among the gurreck teeth on his necklace?"

    "Chak, I assume it's some sort of an antidote, so he doesn’t have to reach for his pouch and backpack."

    "No, it's not. Didn't you do anything crazy before you met me?" He shook his fist. "I knew Logray was an old fool, but if he really, really gave that lurdo dream herbs essence, then he deserves to be..."

    "I did not give my apprentice any dream herbs." Logray spoke from behind Lumat and Zephee. "The young ones are not summoning spirits and dancing to the moon, they're letting others know about the great danger. But you, you could use some dream herbs tonight. You seem to be missing them a lot...and you sound and look like you have not slept for a good few days."

    Lumat grumbled something unintelligible. Logray was trying his best not to laugh. He had stayed up all night himself, preparing remedies and trying to trace any other shaman he knew of with his crystal image spinner. But his Tulgah friends from the seaside were not responding, and neither was Gordo, the Gupin colony healer. The latter was more of a concern, since Logray knew that the Gupin fortress was probably one of the safest places of Endor.

    "Young ones. I have given Kneesaa the most accurate map of settlements and I have listed all the places in the most convenient order for visiting them. However, I would like you to head to the Grasslands and check on Gupins first. It's been a long time since I have heard from my friend Gordo and I am aware that you're friends with King Mring-Mring, so you should be welcome there."

    "We will do as you requested, Master." Kneesaa pointed to the map. "And the Gupins will probably spare a hut for us, so we won't have to sleep in the open. I can't wait to see Mring-Mring and Ubel!"

    The other three young Ewoks nodded. It was time for the parents and siblings to say goodbye to them. Mothers and fathers were doing their best to look as if they were not the slightest Bit worried. The woklings had a mixed reaction. Wiley and Nippet were cheerful and somewhat glad that their older sister would not interfere with their mischief for a while. Malani, however, was old enough to realise the importance of her brother's responsibilities. She looked on as her father Warok, the last to approach the group, stepped ahead.

    "Teebo, wait." Warok stopped his son.

    "What is wrong, dad?"

    "Nothing. I was just wondering if there was anything else you might have wanted to ask me, anything you forgot?"

    Teebo put his backpack on the ground for a moment and gave his father a blank stare.

    "Actually, there is one thing; I am not sure how you will take it...I am slightly bothered by it and, you know, uncomfortable."

    "Chak?" Warok was barely able to stop a huge grin from appearing on his face. "Go on, ask your daddy!"

    "Can you put Wicket's wooden box of memories somewhere where Malani won't be able to reach it? I know she is all giddy about that little scout trainee now, but I would not want her to snoop through my best friend's secrets, whatever they may be."

    "And that is what you wanted to ask me?" Warok's broad grin was turning into a frown.

    "Chak, just that. And please, don't touch that box yourself, either. Wicket's keepsakes are sacred to me."

    Teebo patted his father on the back and joined the group of friends waiting for him on the stairway. Paploo, Latara and Kneesaa turned around and waved once again. Asha looked on, proud of her younger sister, and then followed Chief Chirpa back to the Royal Hut.

    "Daughter…" He turned around. "I would like you to accompany me to the Council meetings while your sister is away. Would that be convenient for you?"

    "You know I train scouts during meeting time…" She took a step back, as if their home was someplace else.

    "Please. I need somebody strong to help me with the Elders. They barely approved this and now would be the worst possible moment for any disagreements to occur. We don't want to end up like that Gondula village that cut off its ties with pretty much every single Ewok settlement on Endor."

    "Who are they?"

    "I don't know. Bondo of the Jindas said they were the only crowd his entertainers could never perform for. Mind you, they performed for Gorneesh's Duloks some moons before you returned home."

    Asha shrugged and followed her father. The sun was rising and they were getting hungry.


    Fashkaa appears in chapter 25 of Snowed In and she's an OC.

    Logray invents an elevator in the first season of the Ewoks cartoon, hence Bozzie thinking he could invent...what, a fridge?!

    The Golden One is a deity mentioned in Shadows of Endor. And yeah, we know who's eventually mistaken for that mythical being in Return of the Jedi.

    Gupins and Jindas both appear in the first season of the Ewoks cartoon. Mring-Mring is a great character, his brother Ubel/Oobel even more so; Bondo can be a bit annoying, but he can entertain any crowd.

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    Yay! New chapter!

    Short but very sweet. I am curious as to what they will find, and why there has been no contact from some of the groups mentioned.

    Secrets! Eek! I love secrets, and this one, 20 snows of hiding it, that's bound to be something important!

    Lumat needs to calm down a bit, he's getting a little too paranoid. Though it's somewhat understandable, parents and all. :p

    And now I'm also wondering if Teebo's wishes will be followed...

    I am eager for what this chapter sets up. The characterizations were brilliant as usual, and so was the descriptiveness! :)
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    III: This strikes Cushy very ominous. I dislike secrets, they usually equal trouble and pain.
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    * "Lover" implies love-making, at least to my mind.

    * Even if Latara and Teebo were getting it on, it's still weird for a man to describe his daughter's boyfriend as "daughter's lover".

    * Teebo is a pansy.

    Eerie. Nice job.

    Frank Baum would've viewed the Gupins as too outlandish for Oz. I can't wait to see how you work them into this grim tale.

    Malani is the most huggable of all the Ewoks. That's saying something.

    And what a crazy show it was.

    I liked the part where the Ewoks tried to ritualistically sacrifice Luke and Han by burning them alive. It was very endearing.
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    So this has got to be about one of the most ominous chapters I've read in any of your stories, even though it's short, and that's due in large part to what the others have said about the sheer density of secrets, mysteries and "things that make one go hmm" per square inch. :cool:

    First, there's this 20+-snow-old secret between Bozzie and her brother Chief Chirpa, which I don't recall seeing mentioned before (though I wonder if it's connected in any way to the mutual secrets between Rango and Mechett in the prologue, which came to mind at once). Then, there's Teebo's seemingly inordinate concern that Wicket's memory box not be tampered with—I get the distinct feeling that this isn't just a box of random personal effects, and that Teebo is doing this out of more than just respect for his friend—he’s no doubt wise to some kind of dangerous/magical/Chekhovian/all-of-the-above item that's in there. There's Chirpa's earnest, almost desperate entreaty for his daughter's help in dealing with the council, which bespeaks a good deal of apprehension on his part given what a confident, even-handed leader he usually is (I am curious to see how Asha will do since I don't typically think of her as the negotiator type). And there's this Gondula village that severed ties with all the other Ewoks and who won't respond to the Jindas' performances (the village we visited in the prologue, if I'm not mistaken)—that last thing being a IMMENSE, COLOSSAL red flag where any creature other than blasé tree goats are concerned.

    I too am looking forward to seeing what role the Gupins will end up playing. There always seemed to be more than quite met the eye with their magical powers.

    And I can see even now that all these things are contributing to making this story darker even at this very early stage than any portion of Snowed In ever was—but that's completely cool by me, because the progression makes sense. These are deep waters here, and I know I won't be disappointed in the ways this story no doubt will explore them. :)
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    Catching up with replies on both 2 [added in the reply I left for that purpose] and 3 [here]. Update hopefully coming on Monday, maybe Tuesday!


    It's...beyond simple, actually. While it may leave an impression on somebody, it won't be that important to others.

    Yeah, while he should have been worrying about the same thing Bozzie is concerned when it comes to Paploo, he thinks Teebo is some sort of a stoner. :p

    Warok is not a problem, but...Malani?!

    Thank you so, so, so much. :)

    Sadly, most people have them. :(

    Thank you. :) I had my doubts about this chapter's interesting-ness and felt odd to send you something as short for review; now I am surprised at how well-received it was.

    It's super-simple, believe me. ;)


    One just doesn't mess with Asha...while she does not have her sister's diplomatic qualities, maybe Chirpa is doubting something and could use help from a skilled warrior.

    Yup, it's them. The nice folks. :p

    Hey, tree goats are a great crowd - they have no idea what's going on and they don't care. I always thought that Jindas performing for them was a great moment of absurd, pathos almost.

    You'll see...;)

    This is precisely what I was hoping to achieve. Really deep waters, really grim, yet still entertaining. Thank you so much!

    Then again, anything implies love-making in your mind. *shrug*

    ...whatever he is like, every single woman age 13 and up had a crush on him upon seeing the pilot of the Ewoks cartoon. Maybe he's just not appealing to straight men.

    Danke. :)

    They may be as grim as everything else...


    Well, Urgah Lady Gorneesh wanted to hear a love song and Gorneesh ordered for that to happen, for his "little swamp bunny". Bwahahaha, THAT was priceless.

    Yeah, but what R2 eventually does is painful. :(
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    Nobody ever said that. I was just showing you my side of the story. I love and appreciate your comments. :)
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    Well, that was an interesting departure. It seemed a little disappointing from both sides. Kneesaa expected more of a good-bye; after all, they were leaving for some time and who knows what dangers lurk ahead. And then there was the curious miscommunication between Warok and Teebo. What was Teebo supposed to ask?
    What is this twenty-year secret?
    There are half-spoken truths and half-hidden secrets all over this![face_shhh] And to end on such a mysterious note, with the isolated village ... Hmmm!
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    Well, I fear a lot of secrets will be unravelled any time soon, with unpleasant side effects to some of our furry friends.

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    Stuck again. No wonder when I'm already writing the sequel. Ohwell, let's hope I can pull this chapter out of my mind, where it actually makes sense, by the end of the week. And, until then, replies.

    I would not want to be her right now. Not that being her is great to begin with - lost her mother when she was a baby, had no time to effectively be a kid, friends with a diva type and three guys with clashing personalities.

    What Bozzie considers shocking is what Warok would approve of. And he expects his son to be absolutely clueless about it. :p


    It depends on how soon is soon. :p
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    Well, the disturbing hints in the later chapters of Snowed In are borne out here -- love the description of how creepy/loathsome the Ewoks have found the intruding human presence on their world. The Empire wasn't exactly making a good impression for humanity there. ;) More seriously, it's troubling to see the village literally splitting with the groups starting off for secondary settlements and the young ones on their mission. I can imagine that lack of communication is going to be an issue here just as it was in Snowed In. But then, it's human (and Ewok) nature to have to learn the same lessons over and over in slightly different variations.

    And that shows in the developments within the quartet; they've changed but the more they change the more they have to fight the same old habits. Something seems to be going on with Paploo (and it's not really clear yet what -- maybe nothing complicated, but I'm curious) that is causing him to backslide. Latara and Teebo are on almost entirely different pages about the physical side of their relationship even as they're being dorkily in love. (Growing designer flowers with the Force? Good thing there's no Yoda around to see that one... [face_laugh]) And Wicket too is apparently having a cranky phase -- definitely feeling left out with his best buddies pairing up and sulking about it.
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    While I believe that sane and nice Humans served the Empire as well, whoever was dispatched to work on Endor must have been the most ruthless. The end was in sight, the environment was savage, only the cruelest of the cruel could have gone there.

    Precisely. Did anybody ever learn anything and stick to it for life? Nooope. :p One step forward, two steps back, or vice-versa.

    He wants some honeycomb. I think they would call that tooka in the rest of the GFFA. But nothing with a honeycomb/tooka seems to want him. :p And he's feeling threatened by Teebo, both because of that and because Teebo is now bigger than him and respected, which he wasn't before.

    And yeah, this story has A LOT in store for him. He's not expecting what is to come.

    Maybe Yoda sensed it and it caused him to die within half a year. :eek:

    Teebo has had his eyes flash yellow during the showdown chapter in Snowed In, and he may be taking every single little non-ascetic thing in life as a sign of the dark side influence at this moment. That, plus his changed looks and his daddy basically going wink-wink nudge-nudge does not sound like something that gets one in the mood.

    Latara? Her default mood is in the mood. :p

    Neither of these things is their natural state and nobody grants that things will be fine if they meet halfway...

    I actually feel sorry for him at this point and...I rarely ever do. :p
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    4. In The Shadows

    The four young Ewoks made their way alongside the river, towards the Endorian Grasslands. This time, they decided not to travel in a canoe, since they knew about the waterfall that almost cost them their lives some snows ago . Paploo clearly remembered the strong currents that swept his paddle away back then and he hoped that nobody else did, but a snarky comment from Teebo, of all Ewoks, proved otherwise.

    “Is everything all right, oh King Paploo?”

    Paploo wished he had the said paddle handy. Why was Teebo accentuating his name like that and calling him that, after such a long time? Whatever had happened to this lurdo ever since he finally got together with Latara was confusing to him. He was suddenly full of confidence and more likely to hang around with those that should have been hanging out with him, the great Paploo, the most fearless of the fearless. On top of it, Teebo seemed slightly less awkward, which was not much knowing exactly how awkward he had been all his life, but still incredibly annoying.

    What was he to say when teased by such a ruthless faction-crossing social climber? Had Teebo still been the tiny Ewok who was so often mistaken for a girl by the older villagers, it would have been so much easier. A pat on the back strong enough to make him fall down, a mocking comment about how cute he was, would have solved everything. But now, the little lurdo was too big – he would easily beat him in a fight!

    Perhaps, this time, he had to resort to…words.

    “That was not particularly nice of you.” He managed to say, almost surprised that such a tactful sentence came out of his mouth. To his surprise, Teebo patted him on the back, but not in the way he would have patted Teebo some snows ago – he didn’t actually hurt him.

    “I was joking. I’m sorry if that upset you.” Teebo tried to smile, but each time he did after what happened in that strange lair, he looked threatening. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    “Are you performing one of your stupid magic tricks on me?” Paploo looked the other way, vaguely remembering that his friend could, in theory, look at others and make them say what he wanted them to say. “Am I supposed to accept what you just said as the truth?”

    Latara stepped forward. “Paploo, cut it out.”

    “Why don’t you tell your boyfriend to cut it out? He started it!”

    “Maybe, but you took it to far and we…” She stopped for a moment, which was unusual for her. “…we are not obliged to put up with your sad little beetroot and what it has to say.”

    What, just what did she say? How dare she? His beetroot was absolutely not sad and definitely not little, either! And it was not talking…if it did, it would never want to talk to her!

    “Says who? The Bright Tree Village’s future bordok cart?”

    Chak, she should have known better. Similar arguments on her very first expedition almost cost the whole tribe all of its young and capable warriors. But he should have known better, too; he was so much more reasonable this last snow. Had he been especially annoying during the reign of the Sun King or did it just seem that way? And she was so not the bordok cart– for her it was always about getting Teebo and keeping him, whatever it took, even when she didn’t want to admit it. It wasn’t as though she had offered anything to anybody ever! So, how dare Paploo imply that?

    “Something is rustling in the bushes.” Kneesaa waved her hands to the other three, but nobody seemed to be listening to her. Latara was patting her firestick in its harness, almost as if she was threatening Paploo. Teebo just stood there, with a confused expression on his face, apparently unsure of what he had done in the first place. Why were they all such lurdos sometimes? Why was she the only responsible one?

    And then, there was a lot of noise out of nowhere.

    “Danvey!” Kneesaa yelled and pulled Paploo so hard by the bib of his hood that a piece remained between her fingers. Teebo followed and pushed Latara down, narrowly escaping what seemed to be an unexpected flash of red light. Another one followed and he extended his hand to stop it. He was almost surprised at what he did, as if it had been a natural reflex.

    The Skull One facing Teebo stopped shooting for a moment, then spoke in a voice that reminded the group of their dro-heed friend, Peedee.

    “You are not going to believe what I just found! I am going to need…”

    “Latara, what are you doing?” Kneesaa was almost screaming by now. “Fire at that horrible creature!”

    “I’m about to! I need to remember what to do with the firestick to make the creature pass out and not kill it…but what on Endor is Teebo thinking?”

    Seconds later, the Skull One fell down with a scream, dropping his firestick. Paploo gasped and bit his tongue, not wanting anybody to have heard him do such an unmanly thing. The whole group then came closer.

    “I…I did not fire.” Latara was puzzled, almost dropping her firestick. From behind her, Teebo poked the lean body in the dry grass with the tip of his spear. It did not seem to be responding. He poked it again and, just then, found a bolo sling around the Skull One’s neck.

    “Somebody strangled the evil one!” he said.

    Kneesaa swallowed a lump, realising that a somewhat larger shadow was behind her.

    The four Ewoks turned around to see a Dulok in rags that reminded them of those worn by the creatures that seemed to be in command of the Skull Ones – all grey, with some red. He also had a nose ring. Latara snarled and pointed her firestick to the stranger.

    “Do not fire!” Paploo nearly hit her on the wrist. "I know this one…he lay down his arms in the Battle of the Gorax King last snow season! He is the only Dulok I ever liked."

    "Yes, that's me.” The Dulok nodded and approached the corpse to take back his bolo slings. “I used to call myself a warlord and now…I would rather forget that I ever had a title of any kind. Just call me Kaalwar."

    Kaalwar observed the group for about a minute, not saying anything. The fierce girl stopped snarling and put her firestick down, at last. The stockier male and the other girl seemed to be friendly, but the fourth Ewok, the one who had stopped the red fire with his three bare fingers, looked for a moment as if he was about to pass out. Seconds later, he was clinging to the fierce girl.

    “And you, you sounded the battle cry in that last battle.” Kaalwar continued his conversation with Paploo. “At least I hope it was the last battle. All our battles of the past were futile. So many of my people died, so many of your people died. For nothing. And we failed to see what was coming.”

    “A-are you sure you are a swamp…I mean, Dulok?” Teebo finally said something. “You don’t sound like one.”

    Kaalwar was not sure what to say next, having realised that the Ewok who just addressed him was, very likely, the one whom and whose father he and Patrash wanted revenge against.

    Just then, another voice emerged from the strangled Skull One’s headdress.

    “What just happened, TK-616? What are those funny screeching noises? What did you want to alert us about…”

    “Evil spirits!” Latara screamed. The strange voice disappeared, as she started manically shooting into the body with both firesticks. To everybody else’s surprise, Kaalwar rushed to stop her.

    “That was not wise of you,” he said, taking away the second firestick from Latara. “You shoot like one of them, but you…you don’t know what I know. We have to get away from here, now. I will explain later.”

    “This is not one of those Dulok traps, isn’t it?” Teebo, who had calmed down a bit stared straight into Kaalwar’s eyes as he spoke.

    “No, it’s not. Just follow me, we have to get under the waterfall.” The Dulok pointed towards the cliff overlooking the southern edge of Endorian Grasslands. “Now. That’s my hiding place!”

    Latara shrugged and followed Kaalwar. The others hesitated for a moment, but eventually joined the two. Teebo was dragging his feet behind Paploo and Kneesaa, his right hand on the stone axe until they got into the Dulok’s hideout. The last time he trusted a Dulok with a firestick, he was almost eaten by the Griagh, so why would this one be any different?

    The three-chamber cave was notably colder than outside, so the group was not surprised to see a fire pit. They sat down – Latara and Paploo next to their unlikely rescuer, Kneesaa closer to the back chambers and Teebo behind the other three, still avoiding the Dulok’s gaze as much as was possible in such a small space.

    “You! You almost got us all killed!” Kaalwar pointed to Latara. His Ewokese was rusty, as well as muffled by his pointy teeth, but they could still understand him. “If it hadn’t been for me, a dozen of them would have come out after you blasted their special crystal!”

    “She is sorry about that.” Kneesaa reached out and offered her hand to Kaalwar, knowing that her friend was not likely to admit she was wrong, especially not after the recent confrontation with Paploo. “What kind of a special crystal was that?”

    “Is it anything like the crystal image spinner?” Teebo asked from the shadow.

    “Chak and no. These Skull Ones, they have crystals in these…skulls on top of their heads, somewhere closer to their necks. The grey ones, like the one I stole my new vest from, they have small ones and those are pretty, like gems. You speak to those gems and they speak to you. But sometimes, after one has spoken to the crystals, more Skull Ones arrive! They may or may not summon the evil, one never knows! It’s got to depend on the crystals’ will.”

    The green eyes flashed in the dark. “So these crystals can only summon the Skull Ones? And nothing else? The Skull Ones must be working for the wizards of the Night Spirit.”

    “I know you’re a shaman…”

    “Not yet.” Teebo was not quite sure why he denied it, but the words simply escaped his mouth.

    “…or whatever you may be, but trust me, this is not magic. I have a magic stone that I got from the Yuzzum wizard.” Kaalwar took a small gem out of his pouch. “I was the only one who could figure out how to use it when we had to summon him, but it was hard.”

    Teebo started coughing and shaking. This was the moment he realised that the Yuzzum Kaalwar spoke of was the hooded creature that disfigured him. He moved a couple more steps back, until Kaalwar could no longer see him. Paploo subtly stepped on Latara’s foot and she nodded.

    “There is hay bedding in both of the back chambers, in case you are unwell and in need of a rest,” the Dulok said.

    Teebo just nodded and dragged his feet to the smaller of the chambers. His hands and feet were not listening to him, as if they belonged to somebody else, but he managed to get the fur blanket out of his backpack. The gurreck skull headdress, on the other hand, had never felt as heavy, not even while he was still weak. Taking it off for the night always made his head feel lighter, but this time, the headdress felt heavier than ever and he was sure that he had an ache in his neck. There was a remedy in his pouch, but he suddenly lacked the dexterity to apply it. Where was Latara with her constant groping now, when he actually needed it? Surely she liked him more than she liked the stories of firesticks and other evil weapons of the demons? Surely she liked him more than the Dulok who once served the monster that almost destroyed them both?

    He ran his fingers through the fur on top of his head, but in his current state he managed to stick a finger into his own eye. And how silly of him was it to forget that he no longer hard a forelock of fair fur? Or that he no longer had anything that made him young, non-threatening and not boar-wolf-like? Once again, where was Latara to convince him that none of the dark thoughts coming to him were true? Did he just hear her and Paploo cackling along with that Dulok?

    With one eye open and slowly falling asleep, Teebo realised that Latara was not coming.

    “So, he was a Yuzzum.” He kept on repeating this, almost talking himself to sleep.

    In the main chamber, Kaalwar was telling Paploo, Kneesaa and Latara his side of the story.

    “After the lost battle and Patrash’s death, I ruled the tribe for a couple of moons. Then we made a mistake. We, errr, sought old Murgoob of Gorneesh’s tribe, hoping he could deliver a prophecy about the future. He proclaimed that Kalgoto – the giant Dulok you knocked unconscious, Paploo – would be a better and stronger leader than me. My second-in-command agreed, as did Gorneesh, his bumbling shaman and his wife. The only one who was on my side was Galak, the young Dulok who killed Patrash.”

    “That one is pretty smart, I recall.” Paploo seemed to have only the best words for Umwak’s nephew. Unlike him, Kneesaa and Latara cackled. They could recall Galak being quite the opposite of being smart – the day when he and his uncle got caught in a sticky net in the Arbo Maze.

    “Kalgoto was never smart – otherwise he would have killed Galak in the battle and he would have killed you too, Paploo. In fact, I came to realise that Gorneesh was smarter than him and your tribe dealt with him, so you will understand the comparison. The night before the swamp erupted, I had a hunch. I was pretty sure I saw some strange beings in the forest. Nobody listened to me, nobody but young Galak. He urged his uncle to leave the swamp. Gorneesh, Urgah and their bratlings followed.”

    “So, Gorneesh’s brain did not actually leak through his empty eye socket?” Latara rolled her eyes. “Nice to know. Didn’t seem that way when I was babysitting those bratlings of his some snows ago.”

    “You did? You poor munyip! Dealing with those, especially prince Boogutt, was worse than taking a bath.” Kaalwar noticed that all three Ewoks moved away from him. “Arandee, as you say, I live under a waterfall now. Of course I take baths.” He was almost embarrassed.

    “And what happened then?” Kneesaa asked. “We did not see any of them when Wicket set a bunch of Duloks free some moons ago.”

    “You did not see me either, right? I don’t know where and how I lost the group, but I have been getting by for quite a while now. I learned how to deal with the Skull Ones and I pray to the Ni…I mean, Light Spirit that I don’t get caught.”

    Kaalwar stopped to catch a breath, realising he had nothing more to say. Paploo and Latara looked at Kneesaa.

    “I guess we owe you our side of the story.”

    “I understand if you don’t want to share it, but – judging by your backpacks – you are probably going somewhere far, far away from here. But…if you really want to come back to your village someday and not feed the trees on your voyage, I will help you. I can tell you all I know about Skull Ones and the Grey Ones.”

    “What do you ask for in return?” Kneesaa was suspicious.

    “Nothing. You spared my life once. It was only right that I helped you.”


    Teebo and Paploo's conflict in this episode is a flashback to the season 1 Ewoks episode The Land of the Gupins. Back then, Teebo really made a snarky comment to Paploo after the latter dropped his paddle. Their odd exchanges and rivalry only get worse from then, thought they're subtle. They had a rivalry in the cartoon's pilot episode, too.

    Danvey - Look out

    Don't know warlord Kaalwar? He was the only villain from Snowed In that survived, thanks to realising all he should have realised on time.

    The events Latara is recalling happened in the season 1 episode The Travelling Jindas.

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    Ooh, so they're working with Kaalwar now! :D At least for the moment. Very interesting, and it's neat to see that character brought back after going through such a surprising shift in the last story. Sounds like all has not been well outside of Bright Tree Village -- if anything, other communities have been even more in upheaval. Had to grin at the "bath" comment -- it was just funny and an interesting bit of awkward but more ... I don't know, "human" interaction with the deposed Dulok leader and his former enemies. :p

    I also liked that there was some insight into Paploo's resentment of Teebo. It's the thing where people change and one's world is rocked a little -- especially in the younger years when it hasn't happened so often. He's so concerned about Teebo kind of catching up to or surpassing him that he's failed to recognize his own achievements, or so it seems to me. [face_thinking]
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    Good chapter. I loved the banter on the boat as well as how much the crew has changed from their original appearances, while still appearing recognizable. The encounter with the Stormtrooper was quite well-written, as was the group's hides being saved by the Dulok.
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    Each of the characters has such a distinct personality that it's easy to follow along. I like the way they interact. They have so much to learn about life and about each other.

    What's cool about this is seeing the familiar places and people through a totally different perspective. There's a depth to their culture that integrates these intruders to their world through mythology.
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    Hooray for unlikely rescuers! Our quartet probably doesn't even realized how much Kaalwar saved their bacon in this, because very likely Latara's repeated blasts to TK-616's helmet would have raised the suspicions of any of his comrades who might have been able to hear it. Kaalwar is wonderful in this, both for his bravery against the "Skull Ones" and for how he interacts so matter-of-factly but so valiantly with the four Ewoks: he doesn't pull his punches when he stops Latara from firing, but he leaves nothing out when explaining the dangers they face. And his explanation of how (he thinks) the stormies' comms work is such cool stuff, one of my favorite parts of this chapter: it not only is (a) totally consistent with the preindustrial (I guess one could call it) setting, but also (b) makes total sense and explains the whole situation. I am curious to hear what he will say to them about the Skull Ones and Gray Ones, and even more curious to eventually find out how he learned what he learned about them.

    Of course the interactions among the group of Ewoks continue to be spot-on in character. Kneesaa is ever the diplomat in the way she steps in with her "she is sorry about that"—shows that she and Latara have one of those wonderful "mismatched but harmonious" friendships at work, of which you know I'm fond (<3) and of which I hope we'll see more. Teebo's combination of genuine gentleness (which we see in the opening exchange with Paploo), mad shamanic skills (stopping the blaster fire wit his bare hand—woot!), and debilitating insecurity (in his panicked reaction to even just the sight of Kaalwar) continues to shine—there's something about that combination that seems so fitting to both this character and to the "magic boy" type. I guess my favorite moment of Teebo's insecurity, though, is when hears Latara, Paploo, and Kaalwar "cackling" and thinks it's about him—and I just wish I could put an arm around his shoulder and say, "Teebs, darling! 3720 to one they're not even talking about you at all!" (Because I'm guessing they're not at that point—they're probably swapping all sorts of yarns from the old days.)

    Another EP trademark present here in spades is the perfect mix of humorous moments in the midst of a very serious situation: Teebo and Paploo's opening repartee, Paploo's bumbling bravado ("OMG, I can't let them hear me sigh!"), Latara's "leaking brain" comment and general Annie-Oakley-tude, Kaalwar's "bath" gaffe (even an unlikely rescuer can make gaffes), and the return of the "beetroot" ( :D ).

    More soon, please! I've already mentioned several things I'm curious about, so, well, take us there. :cool:
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    Thanks for commenting! :)

    Kaalwar was too good of a character not to appear again. And since he seemed smarter than most Duloks, it was only logical to have him as this tough survivor.

    Now, Duloks and baths...something's fishy there. :p And yes, there's a cartoon episode it's a plot of.

    Precisely. And it's impossible to compare them, in the first place - they're polar opposites!


    You like that? There will be more of it once they get to SPOILER. :D

    I think you may have misread something - there was no boat here. The banter on the boat happens in a cartoon episode and Paploo just remembers it when Teebo calls him

    Knowing how good your action scenes are, it's great to hear that the encounter was well-written.

    Please, do stick around. :D

    ...and that is exactly why he got them out of there. While Latara may be bold, she was too trigger-happy here, whatever her reasons were!

    I like the word "preindustrial", given that, despite not having discovered how to work with metal, Ewoks have a lot of complex machinery. :)

    I see what you did there. :D ^:)^@};-

    Now, I'm gonna go kill somebody, you play some nice music to soothe me. :D

    I based that on Vader in TESB, at the table and TFA, a far less powerful character did it. So, I assume that it depends on how one was trained and how good their telekinetic abilities are. Teebo did mostly animal control and telekinesis in the cartoon, so I thought it would be fitting. :D

    Of course they're not. He's taking it waaaay out of proportion, and he's convinced himself of it so much that he has a physical blue screen of death, right there.

    BEETROTS. They are everywhere!

    Glad it was fun. :D

    Most tension from this first section will resolve #soon. ;)
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