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Saga The Other Side of Betrayal (Sequel to The Tristan Betrayal) A/P, L/M, OC's **Complete (6.1.16)**

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    :) Here begins the (hopefully) exciting conclusion to the saga which began with Will of the Force and was continued in The Tristan Betrayal.

    I hope everyone enjoys.:)


    Title: The Other Side of Betrayal

    Summary: The concluding story of Tristan Kenobi and those around him as he spirals into darkness.

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Star Wars and I’m not making any money off of this.


    Chapter 1

    Five Years After the end of The Tristan Betrayal

    Senate Building
    Grand Convocation Chamber

    Darex Jade reveled in the applause he was receiving as the new Chancellor of the Republic. With Vice-Chancellor Lorcan Orath standing on his left, he held up his hands to quiet the crowd.

    “Fellow citizens, as I stand before you, humbled by your vote of confidence, I will make you a promise. Now that I am in charge, this war will come to a swift end.”

    Applause once again rifled through the chamber.

    “Working in concert with my Vice-Chancellor and my staff, I intend to make certain your Republic is run efficiently and fairly.”


    Organa Residence

    Padme watched Leia play with her daughter, three-year-old Rhyna Organa. The young girl was the first, and sadly, only child of twenty-two-year old Leia and her now-deceased husband, Ebran Organa.

    Ebran and Leia had been married in a small, intimate ceremony four years ago shortly after Ebran had returned from his second tour of duty in the military. A year later, Rhyna was born and Leia made the decision to leave the Jedi Order to be a wife and a mother.

    Just three months ago, the news came that Ebran had been killed in battle. The war she’d started when she chose to reactivate the clones had now taken the life of her son-in-law and left her granddaughter fatherless.

    “Another casualty to add to my list,” Padme whispered to herself.

    “Mom, are you okay?” Leia’s voice brought her out of her thoughts.

    Padme smiled guiltily. “Yes, darling, I’m fine. I was…lost in thought.”

    Leia nodded. “Well, I understand that sentiment. I’ve been in a fog for the past three months. Trying to…move on without Ebran has been…the hardest thing I’ve ever faced. The prospect of raising Rhyna on my own is daunting, to say the least.”

    Padme pulled her only daughter into a tight hug. “You’re not on your own. I’ll always be here for you and Rhyna. You have Bail and Breha. I promise you, you are not alone.”

    Tears gathered in Leia’s eyes. “I miss him, Mom. I miss him so much.”

    Padme just held her daughter. There were no words to make Leia feel better, nor to erase Padme’s guilt.


    Two Years Ago


    Pooja Naberrie was the only guest at the wedding of her cousin, Luke. She watched on with a smile as Luke and Mara shared a tender kiss, sealing their vows of marriage.

    Luke pulled back from the kiss and smiled at his new bride. “Best day of my life, right here, right now.”

    Mara smirked. “Of course it is, you just married me, Farmboy.”

    Pooja chuckled. “Why do you call him that?”

    Mara shrugged as she linked her arms through Luke’s. “I don’t know, really. One day I had the feeling that…somewhere, in another place or…in another life, Luke must have been a farmboy.”

    After the holy man had left, Pooja fixed a brunch and the three sat down to eat together. Luke and Mara would be leaving for a very short honeymoon before then returning to Coruscant and their duties as Jedi Knights.

    Since they’d both been knighted the year before, they’d become quite the team. Their missions had resulted in the capture and arrest of numerous Separatist leaders and soldiers.

    The decision to marry had come late one night when they had been waiting to catch a wanted criminal on the Dagu in the Outer Rim Territories, which had long ago been the site of a battle during the first Clone War.


    ”How much longer do you think we’ll have to wait?” Luke asked, annoyance bleeding through in his tone.

    “As long as it takes, Skywalker,” Mara quipped. “Silyn is slippery, you know that. He’s been wanted for nearly a year.”

    Luke sighed. “I know.”

    Mara grasped his hand in hers. “Luke, what’s wrong?”

    He took a deep breath and turned to face her. “Nothing. Nothing’s wrong, I promise. I know that…well, this isn’t the best timing and certainly not the best place, but…”

    “But what?” she asked impatiently.

    “Will you marry me?” he blurted out in a rush.

    Mara was dumbfounded. “Marry you?”

    Luke grinned as he reached out to frame her face in his hands. “Yes, marry me. We’ve been dancing around this since we were teenagers. Don’t you think it’s time we do something about it?”

    Mara laughed nervously. “Luke, I…”

    “Do you love me?”

    She answered without hesitation. “Yes. You already know that.”

    “Yeah, I do,” he confirmed. “You know I love you. I already know about all your arguments, too. We’re too young. We’re fighting a war. We never know when something could go wrong.”

    “Those are all true, valid arguments,” she reminded him.

    Luke sat back against the side of the dwelling where they were staking out their prey. He pulled Mara into his arms and placed a gentle kiss against her forehead.

    “Do you believe that it will hurt less if one of us dies if we’re not married?”

    Mara considered his words. She knew deep in her heart that she would be devastated if Luke died regardless of their marital status.

    “Okay,” she whispered. “Yes. My answer is yes.”

    Luke beamed and pulled her into a deep kiss, only to be interrupted by his droid beeping, alerting them to the presence of their target.


    The Jedi Temple

    Arik Skywalker had grown into a tall, powerfully-built young man of twenty. He stood at equal height to his father and nearly matched him in force power.

    “Master?” the young man called.

    Jedi Master Ferus Olin was startled. He was seated cross-legged in front of a large pond in the Room of a Thousand Fountains and hadn’t even sensed the approach of his apprentice.

    Arik smiled as he took a seat next to his mentor. “I don’t recall ever being able to sneak up on you before, Master.”

    Ferus mumbled. “I was deep in thought.”

    Arik looked around and immediately recognized the section of the room his mentor had taken refuge within. He’d heard stories from his father about Obi-Wan and Siri and their friends using the pond as a swimming pool, even as adults.

    “Missing your Master?” he asked the older man softly.

    “Yes,” he admitted quietly. “Missing my family, as well.”

    Arik smiled at the mention of Ferus’ family. He’d been with his master more often than not when Ferus had traveled home to Bellassa to visit with his wife, Yashen and children, Tylana and Kyal. Oddly enough, neither child had a midichlorian count high enough to become a Jedi.

    “I miss mine, too,” Aril contributed. “I haven’t seen Mom and Leia in a while. Force only knows where Luke is, and my dad, he’s…”

    “He’s had a difficult time processing what happened with Tristan,” Ferus finished. “We all have.”

    “I know,” Arik said. “I spoke with him a few days ago, and he mentioned he’s considering taking another apprentice.”

    Ferus’ eyes widened. “Interesting development.”

    “I thought so, too,” he said. “But, maybe he’s ready. It’s been five years since Tristan left the Jedi.”

    “It’s been five years since a lot of things, Padawan-mine,” Ferus said, his gaze having settled on his student.

    Arik nodded solemnly. “You mean Master Garen.”

    Ferus didn’t speak. He could see and sense that Arik had already been swept away by memories of his fallen master.


    In the Council chamber, Anakin stood staring out across the city-scape at the Senate building. Uneasiness was biting at the edges of his consciousness as his gaze lingered on the seat of power on Coruscant.

    “Bothering you, something is, Master Skywalker?” Yoda asked from behind the tall Jedi.

    Anakin nodded. “Yes, Master. I feel…cold. I sense a presence in the Senate which…it’s elusive. I feel like I should recognize it, but I don’t, I can’t for some reason.”

    “Hmm, meditation perhaps will light the way,” Yoda suggested.

    Anakin smiled. Meditation was usually always Yoda’s suggestion. “Yes, Master. Perhaps.”

    Yoda floated away on his hover chair, leaving Anakin once again alone with his thoughts. Within moments, his comlink chirped.


    An automated voice sounded. ”Incoming transmission from Alderaan.”

    “Transmit to my quarters,” Anakin instructed and swept from the chamber and headed for his quarters.


    Padme went inside when the com station chirped, alerting her to an incoming message.

    Within minutes, Anakin’s face appeared before her.

    ”Hello, Angel.”

    Padme grinned. “Hello, Ani. It’s been far too long.”

    It had been nearly two years since they’d been together, standing face to face. Padme had chosen not to return to Coruscant, opting instead to move from Naboo to Alderaan when Ebran had been killed.

    For Anakin’s part, he’d taken refuge from both missing his wife and grieving for this lost apprentice with one mission after another. It had left him little time for his family. He saw his children from time to time, but not Padme.

    ”Yes, it has,” he agreed. “How are Leia and Rhyna?”

    Padme frowned sadly. “It’s been a very…challenging three months. She comes from strong stock, our daughter. She’s tough, but she’s had her breakdowns as well. Having Rhyna to take care of certainly helps.”

    As the conversation moved on, Anakin and Padme both realized they were simply making small talk. There was little substance to any other their conversations outside of mentions of their children or granddaughter.

    “Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?” she suddenly asked.

    Anakin sighed and ran a hand through his shoulder-length hair. “I don’t know. We’ve held on so tightly for so long, maybe we’ve forgotten how to let go of things.”

    “Is that what our marriage has become? A thing to let go of?”

    Anakin’s heart clinched when he answered. ”Yes.”
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    Wow, so much info here. :) First, I imagine things will get worse now that Darex is the new Chancellor. I have to wonder, where is Tristan?[face_thinking] Nice little moment between Arik and Ferus. Will the fact that Arik is mentioned as being nearly as powerful as Anakin become important in the story? Not that I think you'll tell me one way or the other, but I had to ask. :p

    As for Anakin and Padme--I'm very disappointed and sad. :( To see their marriage coming to an end is heartbreaking. :_|I can only hope they will find their way back to each other in the future.

    Overall, very well done. =D= Can't wait to read more.
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    You killed Ebran? :oops:I was hoping we'd see more of him. The situation between Anakin and Padme; I'm not happy about it. :pLots of good moments in this opening chapter.

    You can see the bond between Arik and Ferus. I loved the scene with Luke, Mara and Pooja (nice addition:)).

    Very nicely done!=D=
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    Glad you enjoyed.:) Things certainly won't get better with Darex in control now. At least, not for a while. In regards to Tristan, he won't be absent much longer. :p Arik's power being mentioned will come into play, I just can't tell you how.

    I knew the A/P situation would sadden you. I thought long and hard which way to go with them, and it wasn't an easy decision. But, never lose hope. You just never know what might happen. ;)

    I did kill Ebran. :( Sorry. You may see him later. I have a few ideas for an Ebran/Leia short story. Glad you enjoyed it. :)


    Chapter Two

    Several Weeks Later
    Jedi Temple

    Yoda and Mace were speaking quietly when Anakin entered one of the many meditation gardens located within the temple.

    “I apologize for disturbing you, Masters,” Anakin said as he bowed before the two senior members of the order.

    “Need to talk, do you?” Yoda surmised.

    Anakin nodded.

    Mace offered a seat. “Sit, young Skywalker.”

    Anakin chuckled as he sat down. “You haven’t called me that since…well, in a long time.”

    “Troubles you, something does,” Yoda said. “Tell us, you will.”

    Anakin cleared his throat. “Since I’ve been back the last week, I’ve been meditating and last night, I…I reached for the bond Tristan and I had and…”

    “And?” Mace prompted.

    “Five years ago, I still had some small sense of him,” he said. “The bond was torn, ripped apart by his actions, but there were pieces left. Now, nothing. I feel nothing when I reach for it. It’s completely gone.”

    “Bother you, this does, how? Why?” Yoda questioned.

    Anakin sighed. “I feel…empty. It’s not the same as when Obi-Wan…when he died. That was a traumatic severing of the bond. This is…different, but the same. I feel the absence in my soul. I wish to…”

    “You wish to take another apprentice,” Mace said, having sensed the thoughts of the younger man.

    “I just don’t know if it’s a good idea,” Anakin revealed his own insecurity. “I didn’t do so well with my first apprentice. I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.”

    Yoda rested a clawed hand on Anakin’s arm. “Aware of the mistakes, you are. Therefore, repeat them, you will not.”

    “I don’t have your confidence, Master.”

    “Have you got your eye on anyone yet?” Mace wondered.

    “Actually, yes,” he answered. “He’s about eleven years old. A little young, but..."

    Anakin stopped when he realized both Mace and Yoda were laughing.


    “Have you forgotten that you were only nine years of age when you became Obi-Wan’s Padawan Learner?” Mace asked.

    Anakin sighed. “No, of course not. But, looking back, I was too young. I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on a child so young.”

    “Anakin, there will always be pressure on any child you choose to be your student,” Mace told him. “Being the student of the Chosen One will come with its own set of burdens.”

    Anakin looked down at his booted feet. “Is that why…did me being who and what I am cause Tristan to…”

    “No,” Yoda said firmly. “Young Kenobi’s choices, his own they were. Your fault, it was not.”

    “Does this initiate have a name?

    Anakin smiled. “Tomas Malric.”

    The three continued to talk for some time before Yoda excused himself to go meditate.


    “Dad!” Luke called as he spotted his father waiting for a lift to take him to his quarters.

    Anakin smiled at the sight of his eldest son. “Luke, when did you get back? Where have you been?”

    The two Skywalker men shared a hug as they met. “Just around.”

    Anakin was aware of the fact his son was often given some of the more dangerous missions handed out to Knights. Mara as well. The two made a good team.

    “Where is Mara?”

    “She was going to see her father,” Luke told him. “Since he’s the new Chancellor and all, she thought a visit might be in order.”

    Anakin’s face took on a look of trepidation. “I don’t know that associating with Darex Jade is the best idea for her; for any Jedi.”

    Luke folded his arms. “You sense something?”

    Anakin shook his head. “No, not really. I sense something…wrong, but I can’t put my finger on it.”

    “Isn’t that odd?” Luke asked teasingly. “Shouldn’t the Chosen One be able to sense something when no one else can?”

    Anakin knew Luke was teasing, but he felt compelled to answer seriously. “I’m not all-powerful, Son. No Jedi is all-powerful. That lesson came at a terrible price for me when I was little older than you are now. You’d do well to remember it.”

    “You mean Master Kenobi, don’t you?” Luke asked. “His death?”

    Anakin nodded. “His death, my mother’s death, Siri’s, Garen’s and so many others I couldn’t prevent.”

    Luke understood, more than Anakin believed. “I know, Dad.”

    Anakin wrapped an arm over his son’s shoulders and was about to invite him to dinner when Yoda’s hover chair approached.

    “Come with me, the two of you will,” he announced.

    Both Skywalker’s turned to follow the already retreating Jedi Master.


    “What’s this about, Master?” Luke asked his former teacher.

    “Spent many hours in meditation, I have recently,” Yoda revealed. “Telling me the Force is to go to Dagobah. Come with me, both of you will. Leave in the morning, we will.”

    “Dagobah?” Anakin questioned. “I’ve never heard of it.”

    “Originated on Dagobah, my species did,” Yoda revealed. “Gone from Dagobah, a long time we have been. Sense something there, I do. Tells me that important it is, the Force does. Go, we must.”

    “In the morning?” Anakin asked. “Early?”

    “Before the sunrise, we must leave,” Yoda explained.

    He quickly dismissed Anakin and Luke then, advising them to get as much rest as possible. They would be piloting Yoda’s personal shuttle.


    “I’ve never even heard of Dagobah,” Mara said from her place on the couch in Luke’s quarters. “Where is it?”

    Luke shrugged. “I don’t know. I went into the Archives and looked for it, but there was no information available. According to Master Yoda, his species originated there, but has been gone for a long time.”

    “I guess you’ll find out soon enough,” Mara said with a smile. “For tonight, are you tired?”

    Luke grinned as he leaned towards his wife and spoke in a whisper. “Not at all.”

    Their lips met in a tender kiss. Mara’s hands went to Luke’s shaggy blonde hair just as he pulled back and swept her into his arms. He headed for his bedroom and kicked the door shut behind him.



    Time and age had become his enemies long ago, but never before had Gavrem Dooku felt the end so near. The moment he’d sensed the presence of approaching humans, he’d known the time had come for him to reveal his secrets.

    “It’s cold,” Luke commented.

    Anakin looked at his son like he was crazy. “It’s a swamp, Luke, it’s humid, not cold.”

    Luke shook his head. “Not temperature cold, Dad, just…cold.”

    “The dark side, you sense,” Yoda revealed. “A cave there is. Permeates it, the darkness does. A good hiding place, this is.”

    “Who would be fool enough to hide here?” Anakin asked as he looked down at his mud-caked boots.

    “Me,” creaked an old voice from behind the trio of Jedi.

    Anakin spun on his heels and he was stunned by what he saw. His hand immediately went to his lightsaber.

    “Still quick to anger, Skywalker,” Dooku said softly.

    “Why aren’t you dead?” Anakin asked heatedly. “You should be.”

    Luke watched this very old man move slowly from his position to a log where he sat down heavily. His breathing was erratic and he was sweating.

    Yoda slowly approached his former apprentice. “What to say, have you?”

    “There are things you need to know, Master,” Dooku revealed.

    If Yoda or the others were surprised by the honorific, they didn’t show it. Yoda simply moved to sit alongside his old student while Anakin gently probed Dooku through the Force.

    Shock took hold when he didn’t sense any darkness in the old man. Only light.

    “The Force led Master Yoda here, to you,” Luke said. “What things do you have to tell us?”

    Dooku studied the young man; his appearance, his Force-signature. “You’re Skywalker’s son.”

    Luke nodded. “Yes, I am. Who are you?”

    “Gavrem Dooku,” he announced. “Your father knows me as Count Dooku.”

    “I know you as a murderer, and a traitor, Dooku,” Anakin snapped. “Why are we here?”

    “The information I have to give you may be the only way to save the galaxy from Darex Jade,” he revealed.

    “Know of our Chancellor, you do?” Yoda questioned, wondering how Dooku, having been isolated on Dagobah for so long could have any knowledge of current events.

    “I have my sources, Master,” he replied. “You must stop Darex Jade. He is dangerous, and he will succeed where his father failed if you don’t stop him.”

    A sense of foreboding fell over Anakin then. He had the distinct feeling that his past, and his destiny had caught up to him.

    “Who’s his father?” he asked, somehow hearing the Force whispering the answer even before Dooku gave it voice.

    “Palpatine,” Dooku said. “Palpatine was the father of Darex Jade.”
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    Jen! I was squeeing over Luke and Mara, as you know I would. I too am sad over A/P. But intrigued as all get out over the taking of a new apprentice and the bombshell of an announcement from Dooku. Though the readers aren't surprised, probably - about Darex's origins, the Jedi will be and will certainly need to oust him somehow. :eek:

    Sad about Leia/Ebran. I can just well imagine Reyna gives her strength and joy along with the sorrow and sense of "How do I go on alone?" Glad she has a warm supportive family. *Looks at the title bar.* H/L! [face_dancing] Yesness! Happy joy! ;)

    I will be watching this one. :)
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    Chapter 1: Nooooo! Anakin, don't say that! Please please tell me Anakin & Padme won't split up! They need each other (Anakin especially needs her after everything that has happened)! Please don't do this! :_|

    Chapter 2: I did NOT see any of that coming! Dooku alive AND on the Light side again and the Chancellor's father being Palpatine! I wonder how Anakin having a new apprentice will go. I really hope it goes better than it did with Tristan. Sad to hear about Anakin's bond with Tristan. What happened with Anakin & Padme? You just left the first chapter at a cliffhanger! Please tell me they haven't split up!
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    Well done!=D= Can't wait to see their reactions to the news that Palpatine is Darex's father. That should be quite interesting.:) I have to wonder what other secrets Dooku possesses that he might reveal.

    Did/does he know about Order 66? If so, can he stop it from being issued?

    Feel very sad for Anakin, how much he misses Tristan. The new apprentice angle is interesting as well. I doubt he's ready for that step.

    So many wonderful things in this chapter. :) Looking forward to more.
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    I had to throw some Luke and Mara in there. :p There's more coming, too. A/P could still go either way. ;)

    Yes, you saw it correctly--H/L!! It'll e in there. :D Thanks or reading.

    I can't say for sure--A/P could still go either way. ;) Glad you liked the Dooku and Palpatine parts.

    The reaction to Darex/Palpy is coming up. :) You might be right to question whether Anakin is ready for another apprentice. Glad you enjoyed. :D


    Chapter Three

    Anakin couldn’t stop his gasp of shock. Whatever he’d been expecting, the announcement that Chancellor Palpatine was Darex Jade’s father was not it.

    “Know this, how?” Yoda questioned.

    “Many years ago, when Darex was a young man working in the Registrar’s Office in Theed, I went to him and gave him the information he’d been searching for since childhood,” Dooku explained. “He’d been searching for his father, with little to no luck.”

    “But you changed all that,” Anakin stated.

    “Yes,” Dooku volunteered. “I had already left the Jedi Order and was in the early stages of my relationship with Palpatine, whom I already knew as Lord Sidious.”

    “Know this information, Jade did not?”

    Dooku shook his head. “No, Master. His mother had never divulged the identity of his father to young Darex. Perhaps she knew what Palpatine was, and what he would become.”

    “How did you learn the truth?” Luke wondered. “If no one else knew, not even Darex or Palpatine, how did you come across the information?”

    Dooku smiled. “Know thy enemy, know thy self. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. It’s a simple quote, but very true. I made it my business to know everything I could about my…associate. I discovered Palpatine had once been married. I traced the movements of his wife and stumbled upon the very well-buried secret that she had given birth to a son.”

    “Oh, gods,” Luke suddenly groaned and nearly collapsed to the ground.

    Anakin rushed to his son. “Luke, what is it? What’s wrong?”

    “Mara,” he whispered. “She’s his…his granddaughter.”

    Anakin sucked in a breath. He knew how his son felt about the beautiful red-headed Jedi. Finding out the woman you love is the granddaughter of a Sith Lord wasn’t easy.

    “It doesn’t change who she is, Luke,” he told his son. “She’s not her grandfather, or even her father. Mara is her own person.”

    Luke nodded, taking deep breaths. “I know. I know. It’s…I’m okay.”

    “The Republic is in terrible danger,” Dooku continued. “Skywalker, when you defeated Palpatine, it was only a stop-gap. Palpatine wanted you, the Chosen One, on his side. You would have made him even more powerful.”

    “Possible how, that would have been?” Yoda questioned.

    “The dark side feeds off of itself,” Dooku said. “The more anger, hate, fear poured into something, the more powerful it becomes. Palpatine used other Force users to his advantage. If he could have turned Skywalker, his power combined with his negative emotions would have fed Palpatine’s own, thus making him stronger, more powerful.”

    “Why is the Republic in danger?” Anakin demanded. “If Palpatine wanted me so badly, what was his plan beyond turning me to the dark side?”

    “The clones,” Dooku said. “He was behind the manufacture of the clones.”

    “What purpose, for?”

    “To eliminate the Jedi Order,” Dooku revealed.



    “Leia, what’s wrong?” Padme questioned her daughter.

    Leia, having walked back into the living room after putting Rhyna down for her nap, shook her head as she sat down.

    “I don’t…I’m not sure,” she admitted. “I think…something’s wrong with Luke.”

    Sometimes Padme wished she had the same connection to the Force her children did. Luke and Leia especially, being twins, were connected in a way few understood.

    “Is he okay?” Padme asked nervously.

    Leia looked at her mother and smiled reassuringly. “Yes, he seems fine, just…shocked about something. I don’t sense that he’s in any danger or injured.”

    Padme couldn’t quite contain her sigh of relief. “What about…about your father?”

    Leia concentrated on reaching out for her father. Many long moments went by before she reopened her eyes. “He seems fine, Mom. I think he and Luke are together.”

    Padme smiled. “Well, at least they’ll look after each other.”

    Leia knew something was wrong between her parents. It wasn’t something new, it went back to the beginning of this new war.

    “Mom, what…you and Daddy haven’t been the same since this war began,” Leia started. “I can feel the…disconnect between the two of you.”

    Padme shrugged helplessly. Their conversation weeks before had ended abruptly when Anakin had been summoned by the Council. It had felt for all the galaxy like an ending.

    “Your father and I have some issues between us to work out,” was the answer Padme settled on. “We’ll be fine.”

    “Are you sure?” Leia asked. “Seems hard to work things out when you’re here and Dad’s…wherever he is.”

    “Yes,” Padme gave as the wheels in her mind began turning. “I’m sure.”


    “A plan to accomplish this, Palpatine had?” Yoda wanted to know. “A plan Darex Jade has revived?”

    Dooku nodded. “Palpatine had a plan, yes. Master Sifo-Dyas was being used by Palpatine. Palpatine knew of Sifo-Dyas’ gift of precognition. When he learned of Sifo-Dyas’ intention of commissioning a clone army, he…”

    “He what?” Luke questioned.

    Dooku rubbed a hand through his thinning, very white hair. “He sent me to Kamino to oversee the…construction of the clones.”

    “Why?” Anakin demanded. “What’s so important about these clones? You said they could eliminate the Jedi. How?”

    “The clones have a…a microchip inserted into their brains,” he began. “The information on the chip is every order they were programmed to follow. The simple ones were related to obeying orders from their superiors, getting proper rest so as to perform their duties at maximum function. But the last one on the microchip is encoded as Order 66.”

    “Know you what Order 66 is?” Yoda asked.

    Dooku nodded. “Yes, Master. In short, it’s a kill order. Once Order 66 is issued, the clones will turn on their Jedi commanders and…kill them.”

    Yoda heaved a sigh. Anakin and Luke gasped.

    “Was Palpatine the only one who could issue the order?” Anakin asked quietly, his heart pounding in his chest.

    “No,” Dooku revealed. “No, but he counted on the fact that only he and I knew of its existence.”

    “So what makes you so sure Darex Jade knows about the order?” Luke asked.

    Dooku shrugged. “The Force, young Skywalker. My feelings tell me he knows. Once I’d told him of his heritage, he went looking, quietly and unobtrusively, into his past. It isn’t a stretch to believe he could have found out about a great many things regarding his father, including his plans for the Jedi.”

    “Right, Dooku is,” Yoda declared. “If unaware Jade was, decommission the clones he would have. Of no use to him would they be.”

    Another though occurred to Anakin then. “Is Darex Jade Force-sensitive?”

    “I do not believe so,” Dooku answered immediately. “I think that was part of how and why Palpatine never discovered his birth. Had Darex been Force-sensitive, I don’t believe Palpatine would have let him be raised by his mother.”

    Luke jumped up from where he’d been sitting. “We have to warn the Jedi, Master Yoda. Now that Jade is control of the Republic, he could give the order at any time.”

    “I agree, Master,” Anakin said. “We have to act quickly.”

    Yoda looked at Dooku; old, failing health, but strong in the light once again. “With us, you will come, my old apprentice?”

    Dooku smiled. “No, Master. I must stay here, in exile. It is far better than I deserve for my crimes.”

    Yoda accepted his answer and motioned to Anakin and Luke. “Return to Coruscant immediately, we must.”

    As their ship lifted off, Dooku watched it fade in the distance. Once again, he was left alone with his thoughts. He’d done what he could to aid the Jedi he’d abandoned and betrayed so long ago. Tired and weary, he slowly made his way back to his dwelling where he sat heavily on his makeshift bed. He laid down gently and rested his head on the pillow. Several deep breaths later…


    “Gone, Dooku is,” Yoda announced from the cockpit of the ship. “Passed into the Force, he has.”

    Despite what Dooku had done to assist them, which Anakin hoped would give them a fighting chance, he felt nothing but satisfaction in the fact that Dooku was dead.

    “He tried, Dad,” Luke said, sensing his father’s thoughts. “In the end, he tried to make it right.”

    Anakin stared at his son. “He lopped off my hand, Luke. That’s hard to forgive.”

    “Asking for forgiveness, Dooku was not,” Yoda told the two men. “Righting a wrong, he was. Seeking redemption from the Force, not from us. Earned it, he did.”

    Anakin chose to change the subject. “Master, can we…would it be possible to go to Alderaan before we go home?”

    Luke’s eyes lit up. His mother and sister were on Alderaan.


    Darex sat in his office staring at a holo of his father right after the man had been elected to the Senate.

    “Your plans are coming together, Father,” Darex whispered. “Finally, we shall have our revenge on the Jedi.”

    His door opened suddenly then and Tristan Kenobi swept into the room.

    “Ah, my young apprentice,” Darex greeted. “Good to see you. What news do you bring from Agamar?”

    Tristan, dressed from head to toe in black with a lightsaber dangling from his belt, took a seat in front of Darex’s desk.

    “The fighting has intensified,” Tristan reported. “The Jedi are quickly retaking the planet from our forces. The tide of this fight is turning, Master. I feel if we hope to regain the upper hand, the time to issue Order 66 is upon us.”

    Darex felt the same. “Very soon, my friend. Very soon. In the meantime, I’ve discovered something quite pleasant.”

    Darex held out his hand and immediately, the framed holo floated into the air.

    Tristan gaped. “You…how are you doing that?”

    Darex grinned. “Through you. Your strength is amplifying mine. My powers are growing thanks to you.”

    Tristan grinned as the two continued to discuss the war, the clones and the Jedi.



    Anakin and Luke sprinted from the ship as soon as they’d landed in the docking bay. They had alerted Padme and Leia of their arrival and when they entered the villa, they found both women packed.

    “Luke, what is it?” Leia asked immediately upon seeing her brother.

    He quickly explained while Anakin did the same with Padme.

    “What can we do?” Padme asked as she grabbed her bags and began following them out.

    “Master Yoda thinks we can try to arrest Jade before he issues the order for the clones to kill the Jedi,” Anakin offered. “But we need influential people to go to the Lawyer General and get a warrant.”

    “You think I can help with that?” she questioned.

    As they boarded the ship, Anakin replied. “We hope so. The Jedi may not survive if you can’t.”

    Padme couldn’t help but think the Jedi being in danger was her fault. It all stemmed back to her desire to stop the Republic from fracturing once again, which happened anyway once she reactivated the clones.

    “Will Rhyna be safe here?” Leia asked as she strapped herself in.

    Anakin nodded. “Yes, she will. I’ve employed the services of a couple of…bodyguards for her.”

    Leia frowned. “What kind of bodyguards?”

    Luke grinned as the ship lifted off. “The kind that shoot first and ask questions later.”
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    =D= Wonderful progression. Whew, it's always good when the "good guys" are mobilized and know what they need to know to act not react. :p That amplification thingy with Tristan & Darex - :eek: - does prove the theory about Vader/Anakin amplifying Palpatine post-ROTS.


    You can really feel Padme's guilt about her unintended role in everything. @};-
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    So, Chapter 2--Very interesting that Anakin is considering another apprentice. [face_thinking] I thought his reaction to Dooku was spot on.

    Chapter 3--Glad to see they are armed with the truth now. But I wonder, is it a case of too little, too late? [face_nail_biting]Sure hope not. Loved Luke's reaction to figuring out that Mara is Palpatine's granddaughter. Looking forward to seeing how that angle plays out. :)

    Okay, loved this line! I'm gonna guess from this line that Han Solo [face_dancing] is one of the bodyguards for Leia's daughter. Cause we all know Han shot first![face_laugh]

    Great story so far, Sis!! Lovin' it. :)
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    Loved the scenes with Dooku. =D= I just hope it's all in time to save the Republic and the Jedi.
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    Wonderful chapter.=D= I'm kind of sad Dooku is dead. I liked that character. Glad he gave them info they needed before he died.

    Looking forward to more.:)
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    Thanks. :) I always liked the theory that Palpatine was more powerful due to Vader.

    Han shot, period. :cool: Is he one of Rhyna's bodyguards? Guess you'll have to wait and see. ;)

    Glad you liked them. :) Keep your fingers crossed.

    Sorry. :( Dooku had to go.


    Chapter Four

    Days Later
    The Jedi Temple

    When Luke entered his quarters, he found his wife in the sofa, sobbing into her hands. If for no other reason than she rarely if ever cried, Luke was instantly concerned. He dropped his bags and went to her, kneeling down before her.

    “Mara, what’s wrong?” he asked in a soft, comforting tone. “Tell me.”

    She removed her hands and looked into his impossibly blue eyes. She reached out with her index finger and traced the outline of his mouth.

    “So many lies,” she whispered. “So many.”

    Luke shook his head. “I don’t understand. What lies?”

    Mara wiped her tears and stood. “There are things…Master Yoda and your father need to hear this, too.”

    She reached for his hand and he took it, despite his concern.


    “My old master is back on Coruscant,” Tristan announced to Darex as the two stood gazing out from Darex’s private terrace.

    “Can he sense you?”

    Tristan shook his head. “I don’t think so. I’ve had quite a bit of practice in shielding myself from him. Our bond has been severed as well. He won’t find me until I want him to, Master.”

    “Good,” Darex said. “Our time is near.”

    One thing still concerned Tristan. “Master, what of your daughter? Is she to be…?”

    Darex had his eyes closed, concentrating on the presence of his daughter. Long moments went by before his eyes opened.

    “Mara has chosen her side. She will suffer the same fate as her Jedi comrades.”


    In the Council chamber were Yoda, Mace, Anakin, Luke and Mara.

    “About what, this is, Jedi Jade?” Yoda asked.

    Mara took a deep breath before speaking. “Masters, Luke, I…Chancellor Palpatine, Darth Sidious was…my grandfather.”

    Anakin reached out and touched her shoulder while Luke held her hand tightly.

    “Know this, we do,” Yoda told her. “Hold it against you, we do not.”

    Tears sprang to her green eyes. “You will hold against me what I have to tell you next.”

    “What is it, young one?” Mace questioned.

    “My father,” she began. “He’s…he’s planning to…”

    “…to try and kill us,” Luke finished. “We know.”

    Mara pulled her hand away and spun around. “But you don’t know that I was helping him!”


    “Something’s coming, Master,” Arik said as he deactivated his lightsaber after a sparring session with Ferus.

    Ferus wiped his forehead with a towel and sat down. “You saw something?”

    Arik shook his head. “No, not saw. I…felt something. Something…evil.”

    Ferus had learned over the years to take Arik’s feelings, and his occasional visions seriously. The young man’s feelings had been right many times over their years together.

    “Something we need to speak with Master Yoda about?” Ferus wanted to know as he stood.

    Arik nodded. “Yes, Master. I believe we should.”

    Together, Arik and Ferus headed for the Council chamber to request an audience with Yoda.


    “What do you mean you were helping him?” Anakin asked; the first to regain his voice.

    “My father…he wanted me…my assignment was to…” she hesitated.

    Luke squeezed her hand. “To what? Darex wanted you to what?”

    “To help him turn Tristan to the dark side,” she whispered in answer. “He knew Kenobi was powerful. The son of two powerful Jedi and being trained by…”

    Anakin sighed. “By the Chosen One. He played us; every last one of us.”

    “Manipulated you, your father did,” Yoda told her. “Your fault, it is…”

    She interrupted the Grand Master. “But it is my fault, Master Yoda. I let my father get away with these things. I’m the reason Kenobi is now…”

    Anakin lifted her chin with his index finger. “No one is responsible for Tristan’s choices but Tristan.”

    “Likewise, I am responsible for mine,” she said quietly. “I will accept whatever punishment the Council deems appropriate.”

    Yoda and Mace shared a look, silently communicating.

    “No punishment will there be,” Yoda declared.

    She stepped forward. “But, Master…”

    Mace held up his hand. “You made a choice when you revealed your father’s plans. Have you chosen to stand by him, or by the Jedi?”

    “The Jedi, Master Windu,” came her immediate response. “My father is wrong. He’s…his mind is twisted. He’s spent so long searching for a path to power, and now he has it. I can’t be…won’t be a part of his plans any longer.”

    Luke pulled Mara into his arms and held her as she cried silent tears. She had turned her back on her father, and despite his actions, Luke knew it pained his wife to do it.

    “It’ll be okay,” he whispered into her ear. “I promise.”

    The Council doors opened and everyone was surprised when Ferus and Arik stepped into the room.

    Ferus nodded to Anakin while Arik gave his father and brother quick hugs.

    “Masters, as you know, Arik has in the past had visions, feelings that pertain to the future,” Ferus began. “While we were sparring, it happened. He wishes to inform you.”

    “Step forward, Padawan Skywalker,” Mace said.

    Everyone else stepped back while Arik stood in the center. “I know that the future is always I motion. While my master and I were sparring, I was hit with a feeling that something…evil was coming. My feelings centered on the Jedi Order. Masters, I fear we’re all in danger.”

    Knowing what they all did, Yoda nodded. “Correct, you are, young Skywalker. All around us, danger is. Plans, we must begin to make.”

    Ferus and Arik were given all of the information which had been learned from Dooku, as well as what Mara had just revealed about her father.

    Long hours later, the group disbanded.


    That night, Luke held his sleeping wife tightly against him. She’d been exhausted after the emotional confessions she’d made in the Council chamber. Now, she was resting peacefully.

    Luke, however, was wide awake. He could not quite his mind enough to sleep. His thoughts kept turning to all of the times he’d spent growing up with Tristan. He loved the older man as a sibling, the same as he loved Leia and Arik.

    “Why, Tris?” he whispered into the darkness, a lone tear cascading down his cheek.

    Mara stirred when she felt Luke’s emotions through their bond. She inched closer to her husband and wrapped her arm across his chest and pressing her lips to the pulse-point in his neck.

    “Sleep, love,” she said softly.

    Luke closed his eyes and took several cleansing breaths. Eventually, he drifted into sleep.


    “Why did you ask me to come back to Coruscant with you?” Padme asked Anakin when he entered his quarters.

    Anakin turned to face her while he sipped water from a glass. “The situation we’re in has put every Jedi, every Force-sensitive being in danger. Leia wasn’t going to be safe on Alderaan alone with no protection.”

    Padme smiled. “So, you wanted to protect your daughter? Why leave Rhyna there?”

    Anakin set his glass down and went to sit next to his wife. “Rhyna is safe, you have my word on that. Her protectors will guard her with their lives. As for Leia, yes, I want to protect my daughter. She’s a Jedi, but not a fully trained one.”

    “And me?” Padme questioned. “Why bring me along?”

    He sighed. “Padme, I…I want you safe, as well. No one connected to the Jedi will be safe, either, if Jade has his way.”

    “You still blame me for this,” she told him.

    Anakin met her stare. “I’ve told you before, this isn’t about blame. It’s about choices, decisions that have been made. Circumstances led you to your choices, just as my circumstances over the years have led to my choices.”

    “That doesn’t negate the fact that you see my choices as being responsible for all of this,” she said angrily. “My choice to reactivate the clones led to a renewed war, which led to Darex’s actions, which might lead to the destruction of the Jedi.”

    “Yes!” Anakin yelled as she stood. “Yes, okay? Yes, I think your choices have led to this. One bad choice has led to another, and another and another. Now, here we are. We are a galaxy at war, we are an Order under threat of attack at any moment. We are staring at an enemy with a minion who used to be one of us.”

    Tears had gathered in her eyes as Anakin ranted. “I can take responsibility for my choices, Anakin, and I do, but I cannot go back in time to change them. They are what they are. We have to deal with the consequences.”

    “We do,” he agreed. “I just don’t know what happens when it’s all said and done. It could be weeks, or only days, but soon this is all going to come to a head, and the Jedi, the Republic will either be standing tall at the end, or we’ll all be…”

    He trailed off and Padme finished. “Dead.”

    Anakin nodded. “If the Jedi fall, the Republic falls with us.”

    Padme smiled sadly. “While you were in the Council meeting, I spoke with Senators Mon Mothma of Chandrila and Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia. They’ve agreed to accompany me to the office of the Lawyer General in the morning. We’ll try to get you the warrant for arrest.”

    Anakin cleared his throat. “Thank you. Listen, whatever our disagreements, whatever happens between us, we’re both here in the same place with all three of our children for the first time in longer than I can remember. Arik and Leia asked about all of us having morning meal together tomorrow.”

    “I’d like that,” Padme said. “I’ll…I’ll see you in the morning.”

    Anakin watched her head for his bedroom. He’d already told her she could sleep in there and he would take the couch.

    Before trying to sleep, Anakin slid to the floor and sat cross-legged. He rested his forearms on his thighs and closed his eyes. Deep breaths calmed his racing heart and he slowly slipped deeper and deeper into the Force.


    ”Now you meet your end, my Master!”

    “Why, Tristan, why?” Luke asked his pseudo-brother.

    “No!” Anakin yelled as he watched Arik fall.


    Anakin’s blue eyes snapped open. So many snippets of events to come, or not.

    “Always in motion, is the future,” he whispered as he stood.

    He laid down in the couch, his eyes catching the framed holo taken of himself and Obi-Wan just before the mission on which Obi-Wan had been killed.

    “Help me, Master,” he said into the darkness just as he closed his eyes.

    Anakin never saw the shimmering blue form of Obi-Wan Kenobi materialize in the corner of the room; never heard his words.

    “I’m with you, my friend, always.”
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    Mara crying kind of broke my heart.:(

    Wow! Darex is ice cold.:eek: To so completely write off his own daughter is [face_shame_on_you] Interesting that Tristan is successful at both sensing Anakin as well as masking his own presence so well that Anakin can't sense him.

    The scenes of Mara's confessions were amazing. :) Her guilt and fear were so easily seen.

    This vision of Anakin's is chilling. [face_nail_biting]Starting to worry about everyone once the confrontation comes.

    Last, but not least, I loved this ending scene.

    Obi-Wan!! [face_dancing]Even so many years after his death, he's still watching over Anakin. Very nice touch.^:)^ Well done. :)
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    Agreeing entirely with Tyler's review. =D= =D=

    Your Mara is very much in character even in this vastly different context. :cool:

    The A/P is still ouchy, but I'm an eternal optimist. ;)

    Looking forward to the plans.

    One thing is for sure though, when Tristan realizes that Darex will toss him over in less than a second if he's not useful, it'll be epiphany time for sure! ROTJ-style. @};-
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    Darex is cold, isn't he? :p I knew you'd love Obi-Wan being back. He can't help but watch over his former apprentice. :)

    Mara is a difficult character for me to grasp, so I'll take that as a compliment. :) That is true about Tristan, if he's smart enough to realize it.

    [face_laugh] I knew you would.

    Thanks, Son! :) Just like your aunt and uncle, I knew you'd love the Obi-Wan appearance. As for more, you never know. ;)


    Chapter Five

    The Following Morning

    “Should we tell them?” Luke questioned as he and Mara entered Anakin’s quarters; the last to arrive.

    “Tell us what?” Arik asked his brother.

    Luke and Mara shared a look before Luke took a deep breath. “Mara and I got married. Two years ago.”

    “You got…what?” Anakin questioned his son.

    Luke grasped Mara’s hand and smiled. “We got married on Naboo, two years ago.”

    Padme’s eyes shown with unshed tears. Leia’s jaw was near the floor.

    “Congratulations, big brother,” Arik said as he embraced Luke and then crushed Mara in a hug as well.

    Leia quickly followed. “Welcome to the family, Mara.”

    Finally, Padme moved to stand before the young couple. “I can’t believe you got married without your mother.”

    Luke had the decency to look embarrassed. “I’m sorry, Mom, we just…”

    Padme held up her hands. “It doesn’t matter. We’ll just…have another ceremony soon. One we can all attend.”

    The she pulled her son and newfound daughter-in-law into a tight hug. She kissed Luke’s cheek and whispered into Mara’s ear.

    “Don’t let him get away with anything.”

    Mara laughed and nodded. “Don’t worry about that.”

    “I’m standing right here,” Luke quipped, having heard his mother’s whispered words and his wife’s reply.

    Padme pulled back. “I always wanted another daughter. Welcome to the family, Mara.”

    “Master Anakin, breakfast is served,” C3PO declared as he entered the room.

    “Thank you, Threepio,” he replied as everyone went into the small dining space.


    The conversation was lively as the family chatted over their morning meal. Despite the underlying tension between Padme and Anakin, everyone was having a good time.

    “Tell us about your wedding,” Leia said to Mara.

    She was about to begin when Anakin’s comlink chirped.

    “Skywalker,” he answered.

    ”Anakin, it’s Ferus,” came the voice of Arik’s master. ”You better turn on the HoloNet News channel. The Chancellor is about to make a speech.”


    Anakin stood and went to the transceiver and turned it on. Almost immediately the screen was filled with the image of Darex Jade. He was dressed in ornate robes of black and red. Standing behind him on both sides were a security force Anakin had seen before.

    “The Red Guard,” he whispered. “Padme, come here.”

    She walked over and Anakin pointed to the screen. “Look familiar?”

    Everyone heard her gasp.

    “Mom, what’s wrong?” Arik asked as he stood and walked over to his parents, followed by everyone else.

    ”My fellow citizens, I come before you this morning to confess a secret,” Jade began. “A secret I have held long and close to my heart. As this Republic continues to become fractured due to the…the heinous actions of our former Chancellor, Padme Naberrie-Skywalker, I feel it appropriate to finally reveal my plans to save us from the damage which has been wrought from Core to Outer Rim during this war.”

    “Oh, my gods,” Mara mumbled. “He’s gonna…”

    ”For many years, I have gone by the name Darex Jade,” he said. “I am here today to reveal to you my true name, and my true identity.”

    Mara was shaking her head. “He’s planning something. It won’t end with him revealing his name.”

    “What are you talking about?” Padme questioned. “His name isn’t Darex Jade?”

    Mara shook her head. “Not his birth name.”

    ”I was born on Naboo, the son of Niobi Maral and Loren Palpatine,” he said. ”My birth name is Karrus Palpatine.”

    The family heard the gasps from within the Senate chamber. All but Padme could feel the shock from the members of the Senate.

    ”When my father died, the good citizens of this Republic were told a lie by the Jedi regarding the circumstances surrounding his death,” he spun the tale. “You were told that my father was being controlled by what the Jedi call a Sith Lord; someone who draws on the dark side of the Force from which they derive their power. But, my friends that is not the truth.”

    Anakin looked over at Padme. “Do you think you and the senators can rush that meeting with the Lawyer General?”

    Padme nodded. “Of course.”

    She quickly began organizing her part and had left Anakin’s quarters within moments.

    ”The Jedi Order spun this tale of my father being controlled and having been killed by the Sith Lord to conceal the truth,” Darex said dramatically. “The truth is, Chancellor Loren Palpatine was murdered by the Jedi Order! Murdered in their attempt to take over control of the galaxy!”

    Anakin turned to face his children and Mara. “You four stay here for now. I’m going to find Master Yoda and Master Windu.”

    He ran from his quarters, not looking back.

    Anakin burst into the Council chamber and was unsurprised to find that the two Jedi Masters were watching the broadcast as well.

    ”Just as the Clone Wars years ago, this new fight is the way of the Jedi to destroy the Republic from within,” he continued. “Currently, Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker and his wife are involved with Senators Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis, working in the shadows to destabilize the central government.”

    “He’s coming after us, Masters,” Anakin said. “He’s made the Jedi his enemy today.”

    ”I am giving the Jedi Order three hours from now to surrender,” Darex declared. “At which time, if they do not lay down their lightsabers, they will be declared enemies of the Republic and they will be hunted down and destroyed!”

    “Stop him, we must,” Yoda said sternly. “Made the Jedi enemies of the Republic, he has.”

    “How, Master?” Anakin asked. “How do we stop this? Him?”


    Mara grasped Luke’s hand and pulled him down the hall to Anakin’s room, where she made sure the door slid shut behind them.

    “What is it?” Luke asked. “You’re trembling.”

    She took Luke’s hand and placed it gently against her abdomen. “Luke, I…I didn’t know how to tell you. After everything with my…my father, I…”

    Luke felt it then as his wife was rambling. A tiny presence, barely there, but there nonetheless.

    “Do you sense something, Mara?” he asked, sounding panicked. He didn’t want anything to ruin their reunion.

    Mara stepped back from her husband.

    “Use your senses, Skywalker. Even you can figure this one out, Farmboy,” she told him.

    He closed his eyes and used his senses. He could still feel the presence, but now he tried to trace it to its origin. It took only moments.

    Time stood still as Luke’s blue eyes snapped open. Mara knew he’d learned her secret. Now she just needed to know if he was happy about it or not. She thought he would be. Her question was answered when he swept her into his arms and began twirling her around the room.

    “Luke, put me down!” she yelled at him.

    “Oh! I’m sorry Mara, are you okay?” he asked quickly, fearful of hurting her.

    “Yes Luke, I’m fine. I’m not sick, I’m pregnant,” she told him heatedly; lest he get the idea that he needed to protect her, or hover over her for the entire pregnancy. She was a Jedi Knight, the same as him. She didn’t need protecting.

    “Whoa, relax. I’m not trying to…,” was as far as he got before a pillow flew through the air at his head.

    “Stay out of my head, Skywalker,” Mara warned.

    Luke rested his hands on her shoulders and tipped her chin up so that their eyes met once again. For a few moments they just stared at one another, their eyes saying all they needed to say. Finally, Luke took her hand and led her to the bed. He guided her down onto the soft mattress before crawling up behind her and wrapping her in his arms, his large hands covering her abdomen where their child was nestled, safe inside his/her mother.

    “What has you so frightened of becoming a mother?” Luke asked softly, caressing her stomach lightly as he waited for her answer.

    “That’s part of the problem; I don’t know what scares me. I’m just…scared,” she told him, hoping that it made sense to him because it sure didn’t to her. “My father, the threat we’re under…it’s all making me scared.”

    Luke pulled her closer against him. “I don’t think scared is the right word, Mara. I think you’re just nervous. So am I. I’ve never been a father before and I don’t have the first clue how to go about being one. We’ll learn how to be parents together,” he promised her, wanting desperately to alleviate her fears.

    Mara turned to face Luke. She removed his hand from her stomach and held it in her own. Their eyes met, blue and green mixing together as completely as their DNA had to create their child. Luke moved closer and connected their lips in a passionate kiss that had them both gasping for air when they parted.

    “I love you, Mara,” Luke told her, his voice gentle, his feelings for her clearly written on his face. He would love her until the day he ceased to exist. “I love this baby. We’re going to be just fine. I promise.”

    The two stayed where they were for a few more minutes before once again joining Leia and Arik in the other room, both having decided to keep their news to themselves for a while.


    Arik pointed to the screen. “That one. He looks familiar.”

    There was a figure standing at Darex’s right clad in all black. The hood of his robe was covering his head, so there was no way to recognize him.

    “How?” Luke questioned. “You can’t see his face.”

    Arik shrugged and folded his arms across his chest. “I don’t know, Luke. He just seems familiar to me.”

    Leia shook her head. She knew about Arik’s visions over the years, but she didn’t put much stock in his feeling of familiarity.

    “Who’s familiar?” Anakin asked as he suddenly entered the room again.

    Arik pointed to the figure. “That guy. I don’t know what it is, his build, the way he’s standing; I don’t know who he is, Dad, but I know I’ve seen him before.”

    Anakin studied the robed figure. He didn’t share his sons feelings, but he somehow knew that the Jedi would come to know his identity soon enough.

    “Listen, I’ve spoken to Master Yoda and Master Windu,” he began. “We have a plan and it’s going to take every Jedi on planet to make it work.”

    “What is it?” Leia asked her father.

    Anakin made everyone sit down before spoke. “What I’m about to tell you is known only to a select few Masters. At the lowest level of this temple are old tunnels which lead into the lowest levels of the city. We’re gathering the all of the younglings, Initiates and junior level padawan learners. They are going to be evacuated and put on ships which will take them off-planet.”

    Arik looked at his father. “What about the senior padawans?”

    “You’re going to assist in the evacuation, then you’re going to join your master in the defense of this temple,” he told his son. “There are built-in defenses. Many of the senior padawans and knights will be manning those defenses.”

    “Can this…are we going to survive, Dad?” Leia asked, fear evident in her voice.

    Anakin stood and pulled his daughter into his arms. He met the stares of his sons and daughter-in-law.

    “We won’t fall,” he told them passionately. “We will scratch and claw our way to victory if we have to. We will survive!”

    “You bet we will,” came a new voice.

    Padme joined her family, having been gone for a very short time. She waved a piece of flimsi in the air. “Arrest warrant for one Darex Jade, a.k.a Karrus Palpatine courtesy of the Lawyer General.”

    Anakin took a deep breath and nodded. “And so it begins.”
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    [face_dancing] [face_dancing] [face_dancing] Oh, I love this. Rockin' plans with the Jedi and the arrest warrant! And big huge squee! for the Luke/Mara news. [face_love] I love Mara being able to admit she's nervous/scared. She's snarky and vulnerable at the same time. :) :*
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    So, Darex is bringing the fight to the Jedi? Interesting.[face_thinking]

    Not good. [face_nail_biting]Not good at all.

    Nice scene between Luke and Mara. =D= Is it Ben on his way? Or a different child?

    Definitely liked this! :D I just hope Anakin is right.

    Great job!!=D=^:)^
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    My favorite part was the Luke and Mara scene. They're having a baby![face_dancing]Glad that Padme has returned with the arrest warrant, but I have a feeling arresting Darex may go the way of the attempted arrest of Palpatine in RotS.[face_nail_biting]

    Well done!=D=
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    Oh, it's on now!![face_laugh] I hope Darex goes the way of his father when he meets Anakin's blade. Worried about Tristan, though. He is gonna survive this, and come back to the light, right? Right, Mom??[face_nail_biting]
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    So glad you liked it. :)

    Yes, Darex is bringing the fight to them. :p It might be Ben, might not. [face_laugh] Glad you liked.

    I knew you'd like the L/M stuff. :)

    Yes, Son, it's on! :cool: Don't worry about Tristan. Or, maybe you should.;)


    Chapter Six

    Anakin took the flimsi just as the door chime sounded. With a wave of his hand the door opened and several Jedi Masters stepped into the room, including Mace Windu and Yoda.

    “We must move quickly, Masters,” Anakin greeted as he held up the arrest warrant. “Padme and Senators Bel Iblis and Mothma have procured the warrant we need.”

    “Will it be as simple as that, Anakin?” asked Master Luminara Unduli.

    Anakin turned to face the Mirialan and shook his head. “Most likely not. He won’t give up easily, if at all, and whoever his personal bodyguard is, he won’t either.”

    Luminara nodded her head once. She remembered clearly when Obi-Wan had returned to the temple with a nine-year old Anakin after the disastrous end to his time on Naboo. She remembered the curious boy who explored the temple with happiness, the impulsive, careless teen who frequently lost his lightsaber and the sullen and angry young man who’d lost his mentor.

    Before her now was a tall, powerfully built and firmly-rooted in the light Jedi Master. Truly the Jedi’s Chosen One.

    “Defend our home, you will, Knights Jade and Skywalker,” Yoda finally spoke. “Master Olin and Padawan Skywalker, you as well. Leia and Master Unduli, assist in evacuating the younglings, initiates and junior padawans, you will.”

    “Masters Kholar and Offee, along with Knight Malreaux will secure and defend the Archives,” Mace instructed. “The defense systems are being initiated as we speak. Most everyone has already been assigned their duties.”

    “What about all of the Jedi who aren’t on-planet?” Padme suddenly questioned.

    Anakin snapped his gaze to his wife. Had anyone considered that at all? Anakin knew he hadn’t.

    “She’s right, Masters,” Anakin said. “We need to warn them.”

    “Send a coded message, you will,” Yoda instructed. “Instruct all off-planet Jedi to retreat to Ruusan, to the Valley of the Jedi they should go.”

    Several of the Jedi gasped. “But, Master, there…”

    “Guide the Jedi to Ruusan, the Force will,” Yoda proclaimed.

    Anakin and the others nodded. Then he turned to face his family. He hugged his sons, daughter and daughter-in-law, as did Padme.

    “May the Force be with you,” he told each of them as they headed out with their assignments.

    All that remained were Anakin and Padme, Mace, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto and Yoda.

    “Confront Karrus Palpatine, you will,” Yoda told Anakin, speaking softly but with conviction.

    Anakin took a deep breath and turned to face the aging Jedi. He bowed deeply and met Yoda’s eyes.

    “Yes, Master,” Anakin replied. “What will you be doing?”

    “Defending the temple, we will be,” Yoda answered for himself, Mace, Plo and Kit. “May the Force be with you, Master Skywalker.”

    The other Jedi Masters left and Anakin and Padme were left alone. She reached for his flesh hand and linked their fingers together, squeezing tightly.

    Anakin looked down at her. Her face appeared serene, but he could sense her fear. “Everything’s going to be okay.”

    Padme gave a sad smile. “Forgive me if I don’t believe you. I don’t think…”

    “You don’t’ think what?” he asked softly, still holding her hand.

    She looked up into his eyes; so many emotions gathered there. “I don’t think anything has been okay since…since Obi-Wan died.”

    Anakin nodded slowly and spoke so softly she barely heard him. “So many years. Some days I don’t remember what he looked like; sounded like. Others, I swear I can hear him.”

    Padme dropped his hand and wrapped her arms around Anakin’s waist, holding him tightly to her. “Why does it have to be you?”

    Anakin placed a gentle kiss atop her head. “I’m the Chosen One. I should have known it was too easy that it ended all those years ago when I killed Palpatine. It was only the beginning.”

    “Please be careful, Ani,” she whispered against his chest.

    He framed her face with his hands and pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Hey, it’s me. I’m always careful.”

    “Anakin, I’m serious,” she scolded him.

    He smiled. “So am I. I’ll be careful, but this…maniac has to be stopped and I am the Chosen One. I’m the only one who can. Now, I have to send that message to the off-world Jedi and then I’m going to the Senate building to arrest Jade.”

    A few tears escaped down her cheeks and Anakin gently wiped them away with his thumbs. He leaned down and kissed her lips softly.

    When he pulled back, he spoke with sincerity. “Whatever happens, to either one of us, know this; I always have and always will love you, Padme. Nothing will ever change that. Stay here, and I’ll see you when this is all over. You’ll be safe here.”

    They shared one more kiss before Anakin swept from the room, headed squarely towards his destiny.


    “Hey Luke, toss me the hydrospanner,” Arik called to his brother. “This gun has a few loose pins.”

    Luke didn’t hear his brother. He had his eyes closed and was concentrating.

    “Luke, what’s wrong?” Mara suddenly asked her husband. “Where were you?”

    He opened his eyes and shook his head. “I don’t know. It’s just a…a feeling.”

    Arik called again for the spanner and Luke tossed it up to him. The temple was a bustling hub of activity as hundreds of Jedi set about readying their home for a battle they were sure was to come.


    Confident that he’d gotten the message out to his fellow Jedi to stay way, Anakin was now marching his way inside the Senate building. He was now entirely focused on his coming confrontation with Darex Jade.

    The first thing Anakin noticed was the increased presence of clones. They were guarding every entrance and exit.

    “Stop!” one clone yelled.

    Anakin took a deep breath and raised his hand. “You don’t have to stop. You may enter.”

    The clone’s eyes appeared to glass over. “You don’t have to stop. You may enter.”

    “Hey, what…?” another clone gasped as he stepped forward, blaster raised at Anakin.

    The Jedi Master kept his hand raised. “He’s not a threat. You can let him pass.”

    Again, the clone repeated the words and soon, Anakin had gotten past them without resorting to the use of his lightsaber.

    “You’d be proud, Master,” he muttered as he entered the surprisingly quiet halls of the Senate.

    His long stride carried him quickly down the hallway towards the office of Darex Jade. He was almost there when blaster fire broke out behind him.

    Anakin had his lightsaber in his hands almost instantly and began deflecting the fire back at the clones; the same clones on whom he’d just directed the mind trick.

    “Never was very good at it,” he said to himself as he continued to deflect bolts at the clones.


    “If we’re going to do this, we need to do it now, Master,” Tristan commented just as he and Darex heard the blaster fire.

    Tristan tilted his head slightly. “My old master has arrived.”

    Darex stepped around his desk and rested his hand on Tristan’s shoulder. “Go in the back. I’m going to issue the order. We’ll deal with Skywalker in a moment.”

    Tristan disliked the idea of retreating out of sight. He heaved a deep sigh and swirled around, black cloak trailing behind him as he moved out of sight.


    The clones had left Anakin no choice. One by one, they’d fallen at the end of his blade. The hallway was littered with their bodies.

    Lightsaber still in hand, Anakin used the Force to throw open the door to Darex’s office.

    “Commander Poly, execute Order…”

    “Jade!” Anakin yelled as he ignited his lightsaber.

    Darex grinned. “Well, well; Anakin Skywalker. The Chosen One. Have you come to kill me, Jedi?”

    Anakin stepped forward, saber in one hand while he reached inside his robe and produced the flimsi.

    He held it up. “What I intend to do, is arrest you. By order of the Lawyer General, you, Darex Jade, are under arrest for crimes against…”

    Anakin was cut off by the door to his left opening and a black-robed figure stepped into the room. He quickly realized by height and build it was the same person he’d seen standing next to Jade earlier.

    “You’ll have to get past my apprentice first,” Jade taunted. “Reveal yourself.”

    The cloaked figure stepped forward and slowly drew back his hood, revealing the menacing face of Tristan Kenobi.

    Anakin stumbled in his shock. “Tris?”

    Tristan smiled, his once blue-gray eyes now sparkling with hints of yellow at the edges.

    “Have you missed me, Master?”
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    Jen! What a doozy of a fine smokin' update! =D= The plans for warning off-world Jedi is a sound one. Loved the A/P moment. :) Had a good laugh at the halfway worked mind trick. [face_laugh]

    Terrific last line there, full of irony. =D=