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Beyond the Saga THE PAST CAN BE THE FUTURE...A further story about Han's grandson

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Hopefulwriter, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Cowgirl...appreciate you taking time to read. Love your comments!
    Wish I'd thought of that! ha. Lynda V.
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  2. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Well, you never said who Hakor won the ship from, so....... [face_thinking]
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  3. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    hahahahah Sure didn't. Maybe your ideal will help me reveal it later on. Thanks. Lynda V.
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  4. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    I like the name Hakor a lot, plus his personality. Is he younger than his half-uncle Ben/ Kylo?
  5. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Azure, appreciate you reading. You'll find Han begins to call Hakor "Kory".
    Yes, he is younger than Ben/Kylo.
    In this story, it begins with Han being a young pilot who is being hunted by the military police.
    It references the story MY AFFAIR WITH HAN SOLO. Han is mid 20's when he meets Nia
    and they have a relationship which results in his son Daegan Solo, who, in turn becomes
    Hakor's father. So Daegan would be in his 50's, which makes him older than Kylo/Ren,
    and makes Hakor in his mid 20's...Han being 70s by now. There may be a meeting
    between Daegan and Ben/Kylo.
    Your comments are welcomed and encouraging. Lynda V.
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  6. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016

    A time bell clanged, bringing Han Solo to startled wakefulness…conditioned by many years
    when the Falcon’s bells chimed signaling trouble. He relaxed only when he realized where he..
    was…lying beside his wife in a warm, cozy bed. Looking at the base time indicator…it wouldn’t
    be much longer until he would meet Hakor for their departure. He ran a calloused, time and work worn hand
    across the stubble on his face. Blinking his eyes from sleep…. “I’m getting
    to old for this.” He grumbled….knowing well that once he and his grandson were on the way,
    he’d enjoy the adventure of the hunt.

    “Something wrong?” Leia asked, raising her head from the pillow.

    “No, just time to get up and on the way.” Once again running his hand over his face.. “Don’t think I’ll shave today.”

    Leia propped herself up on one elbow. “I like you looking scruffy looking.”

    Han turned to face her.. “There was a time when I remember you called me ’scruffy looking’
    and it didn’t sound like a compliment.” He couldn’t stop the beginning of a quirky smile.

    “I was too young to know what I was talking about.” Leia teased back.

    Han took a deep breath. “It’s time to get going. Have to meet Kory..check out the ship.”

    “Keep in touch.” Leia said, rising from the bed. “I have a busy day myself.”


    Exiting his burrow room, Han found Hakor waiting by the door. “Morning grandson.”

    Han greeted. “Morning granddad.” He replied.

    Both men headed for the base dining hall. “Let’s have a quick bite and be on our way.”Han suggested.

    “Fine with me.” Hakor replied.

    The room was noisy and teeming with soldiers, mechanics, techs, suppliers and officers all trailing down the food line.

    “Hey General. Good to see you again.”

    “Glad you’re back, Han.”

    “Stop by later and we’ll catch up on things.” A third called.

    “Bring your grandson by so we can get to know him better.”

    Han just nodded.

    “Hey, you’re really something here.” Hakor stated, scooting his tray down the line and selecting
    the foods he wanted. He was feeling even prouder that Han Solo was his grandfather. There was
    an excitement…an anticipation…an expectation…that filled the air. Even after all the time that
    had passed the Rebels were still just as determined as ever…all ages.. from the older who’d
    fought in the earlier battles, to the younger ones hoping for their first one.

    Finding a table Han said. “Eat up quickly so we can get going.”


    Their footfalls echoed through the cavernous docking bay. Hakor was conflicted as he
    looked over the Falcon as they approached closer. He knew some of the ship’s history…exploits,
    but he wasn’t sure about making a possible long term, intergalactic trip.

    He stopped and took Han’s arm. “Why don’t we take my ship…faster..more up to date.”

    Han smiled. “Kid, I’ve had fifty standard years to outfit this ship, piece by piece. I’ve made
    adaptations and adjustments that enables it make maneuvers you can only dream about.” Even
    at over seventy standard years he wasn’t shy about listing his beloved ship’s attributes.

    With a twinkle in his eye Hakor replied. “Then let’s get going.”

    Once inside the Falcon Hakor noted a special feel about the ship….like it and the pilot
    were one.

    “You can co-pilot.”

    The two men started for the cockpit. Once seated, Han began the systems checkout and
    started the power up. Adjusting his headset, he nodded to his grandson to buckle up.

    Hakor secured himself and donned his headset.

    Han then flipped on the radar screen and galaxy atlas. Putting a finger to his lips
    he said, “Leia told me about the battle at Crait…we’ll start by visiting a few of the
    nearby planets. Cantinas in those places may give us some information about Ren.”

    Hakor looked at Han. This search was becoming a reality. “How to you feel about
    looking for one son who has set out to kill your other son?”

    Han gave a crooked smile, but realized the seriousness of Hakor’s question and
    the situation. “I may have to use a little ‘fatherly’ discipline.” With that, Han
    pulled the Falcon’s yoke, lifted the ship and headed for the exit. They were on their way!

    MORE TO COME …May 18
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  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Great mix of not wanting to part from Leia and the anticipation of the search, and the understandable "how do you feel" if it succeeds. [face_thinking]
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  8. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016

    Whisking through space, Han and Hakor sat in the dimmed light of the Falcon’s cockpit viewing the galactic atlas.
    “Rey told Leia she didn’t know what happened to Ren after the planet imploded. Imagine
    he got away as there have been no reports anywhere of his death..” Han said casually to his grandson has his finger slid down the screen; stopping, tapping then moving on. “He’d have to be where he could hide out and heal. Plan his next strategy whether amassing another army or having another weapon created.”

    “Heal?” Hakor questioned.

    “Leia said Rey told her she slashed him good across the face with her light saber. Probably a scar by now.”

    Han replied, locking on a location and magnifying the site. “Here. Tannic Quad. It’s a small, four planet system where I delivered….goods…in my younger days. Just a couple of them have settlements.”

    Han smiled. “If there hasn’t been much change over the solar years, it’s a place full of cantinas and pirates’ hideouts. We might find out something there. It’s a start.” Han adjusted in his pilot’s seat.

    Hakor scooted back in his co-pilot’s seat….Han noticed and chuckled.

    “It was placed there years ago for Chewbacca. Just sit tight.” Hakor smiled.

    Han keyed in the coordinates for Tannic Quad, calculated a hyper jump and pulled the yoke….

    They silently disappeared from where they had been as the Falcon made the jump.


    Sitting at the ship’s lounge table waiting for Han to bring the meal, Hakor gazed around the area.

    “Here, this stuff’s hot.” Han said lowering the plates and cups of kava on the table then
    seating himself.

    Hakor tasted the flight rations. “You heat up good.” He teased.

    “Tell me more about your father.” Han requested around a bite.

    “He was a good father. But as Kylo Ren came more and more into power, destroying planets and races..spreading fear through the system, Nia, for whatever reason told Daegan that he was a half brother to Kylo… he changed…became angry..

    “So you said he’d been gone for ten years?”

    “That’s right, I was just fourteen. I stayed with Nia and we worked together and I took care of
    her when she became ill. Where we lived still hadn’t accepted her…us….we stayed to ourselves. I’d made up my mind to find my father, but before she died she begged me to find you…to tell you, you had a son…..and now a grandson. I think she wanted you to find Daegan before he killed Ren…his own half-brother.”

    Han gave a deep sigh…When had she told Daegan I was his father?”

    “When she became ill.”

    “So, he’s only known about me for…”

    “For about four years. And I’ve been looking for you for three.” Hakor stated.

    The location alarm sounded and Han rose. “We’re near Tannic Quad. Put these things away and join me in the cock-pit.”

    “Looks deserted.” Hakor said, viewing the ground as they swooped across the surface. “Nothing but cliffs, crags, rocks…and desolate brown soil. Hey, look.” He pointed to columnar stone formations in the far distance.

    “That a stone forest.” Han told him. “Never seen one before?”

    “No, I haven’t.”

    “See those lights in the distance?” Han asked he guided the Falcon into a turn.

    “Yeah. That a town?”

    “No, just badlands hangouts. Make sure your blaster is on charge before we leave the ship.”

    Hakor immediately checked his weapon…ready…

    Han landed the ship on a bare stretch of ground beside a large outcropped boulder, a short distance from the settlement,powered low and clicked on the standing lights. He then checked his own blaster, and nodded to his grandson.

    With a loud hiss, the Falcon’s walkway lowered and both men slowly departed. Stopping at the foot of the walkway, Han cautioned… “Keep your eyes open.” He said as he scanned the area, listening…looking….then nodded to Hakor.

    They’d barely taken one step when a bright, burning light flashed right in front of them…instinctively raising their arms to protect their eyes, they couldn’t fight the metal bindings that slid over and tightened around them……..

    MORE….May 24th.

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  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Great discussion about Daegan, and then ... :eek: [face_worried]
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  10. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, thank you for taking time to read the next chapter. Appreciate
    your comments. We'll see what happens next. Lynda V.
  11. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016

    ‘Hey!!….” Han sputtered, blinking his eyes. He didn’t like feeling this helpless. He sucked in air…subduing the panic…
    like he felt when he was in carbon freeze.

    Hakor struggled against his bindings, kicking up dust with his movements.

    Han’s eyes focused in the planet’s permanent twilight and he saw the two beings who’d captured them.
    Both were three-eyed, human-like; the one to their left had a patch over his middle eye.

    “Who are you!” Han demanded.

    The Patch shoved Han’s shoulder. “We ask the questions!” He snarled.

    “Don’t you push him!” Hakor yelled, taking step forward, but being shoved roughly back by the second being.

    “Go get the boss.” Patch ordered the other one. “Quick.!” The being took off at a lope toward the lights in the distance.

    “Now…we’ll find out who you are and what you want here.”

    Han stood silent, then said to Hakor. “Settle down, Kory, don’t waste your energy.”

    The Corellian noticed the one remaining wasn’t holding a weapon. He scanned the body…no
    weapon in sight. “Think you can loosen these bindings? They’re beginning to hurt.”

    “Wait until the boss gets here.”

    Hakor nodded to Han, indicating the two of them could rush the being.

    Han nodded negative and raised his shoulders against the metal bindings…they’d still be
    tied up.

    In the distance Han could see two approaching…dust from their footsteps rising from the ground.

    It was the other three-eyed being and one who was probably the “boss.”

    Stopping in front of the captives, the ‘boss’ raised a blue visor from his eyes. “So, these are the two.”
    He glanced back at the landed ship.

    That voice! Han knit his brow…thinking….drawing up from his memory where he’d heard
    that voice before.

    “They don’t look that dangerous…an old man and a wet behind the neck boy.” The ‘boss’
    quipped to the other two.

    It was! Han knew that voice! That being!

    “Yiv? Yiv Brax?”

    The ‘boss’ seemed shocked.

    Han gave a wide smile. “It’s me, Yiv, Han Solo….remember?”

    After recognition slowly dawned, the ‘boss’ returned the smile, to the surprise of the two captors.
    “Well, I’ll be brazed! Han Solo! I thought you’d be dead by now!” He glanced up at the Falcon.
    “I should have recognized that rigged up ship of yours!” He stepped closer to the Corellian and
    stretched out his hand for a handshake. Han nodded to the restraints.

    “Loosen them.” The ‘boss’ ordered The two worked quickly to unwind the metal bindings.

    Han and Hakor rolled their shoulders and ran hands up and down their arms to get the
    circulation going.

    Yiv looked closely at Hakor. “What’d you do, Han, clone yourself?”

    Han shook his head at Hakor…he didn’t want Yiv to know he was his grandson. “No,
    just hired a young pirate…getting older you know.”

    Yiv wasn’t convinced. “Nearly looks just like you.”

    Han placed a hand on Yiv’s bowed shoulder and turned him away from Hakor.
    “You know all these young pirates look the same…just like we did in our day…dark..scruffy looking…wearing a weapon..arrogant..cocky.”

    Yiv gave a shaking laugh… “Yes, gave the authorities fits thinking they had the right one
    from time to time. So, what are you doing back here after all this time….still smuggling and running?”

    “Not this time.” Han told him, beginning to walk slowly toward the lights; Hakor and the two
    captors following slowly behind. “Looking for information.. need to find someone.”

    Yiv nodded. “This is the place to find out just about anything. You need to talk to the
    Gemini Sisters.. They’re at the Black Swill cantina….just keep your blaster’s close.”

    “Take us there.” Han said. “I’ll buy us a drink first…for old time’s sake…..”

    MORE TO COME…May 31st.
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  12. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] Good thing Han ran into a friendly "acquaintance" [face_mischief] Looks like they'll find out some good details from the Gemini Sisters.
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  13. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, Appreciate you taking time to read. We'll see what the Gemini Sisters reveal.
    Lynda V.
  14. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Would it be safe to assume that the Gemini sisters are twins? :D
  15. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Cowgirl, thanks for taking time to read. Your assumption is right, but there
    is a twist to the twins.
    Lynda V.
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    Jan 6, 2016

    Upon entering the settlement, Han saw the past fifty solar years hadn’t changed the place much…neither had the ones that frequented
    this semi-dark planet. Even the packed dirt streets were noisy. Hakor was wide-eyed at the activities going on in full view,
    and kept his hand on his blaster.

    “Some of the old ones…” Yiv told Han, “like us, still come here, some have stayed… too
    old or sick to conduct ‘business’ any more. The younger ones use this, like we did, as a hangout,
    a place to pick up runs, to make ‘deals’ or to hide out until the heat is off.”

    Han nodded in remembrance as they walked past several cantinas toward the Black Swill.

    Stopping in front of the cantina, its broken, flashing sign, displaying “ lack will”.
    “Maybe you’ll find out what you need to know in there, if not, try some of the other cantinas.

    Han nodded, slapped the old outlaw pirate on the shoulder, then he and Hakor walked over the stone threshold of the dark,
    musky cantina. Squeaky music didn’t completely drown out the whispered conversations; some in Basic, or Corellian….
    he caught a few words of Idodarian (‘blood money’…’murder for hire’…spice pick ups). He wasn’t sure who or what he
    was looking for, so he sided up to the bar, flanked by Hakor. “A couple of Maloran ales and directions to the Gemini Sisters.”
    He slid a generous credit on the bar…more than enough for the drinks and information.

    The three-armed, horn-faced server looked at the chip, then at Han…deciding he didn’t trust either one, but took the money anyway.
    After filling mugs with the requested ale, he said,

    “Through that blue-beaded curtain to the left.” Giving a directional nod.

    Han and Hakor picked up their mugs, Han taking a quick drink of his as they walked toward
    the curtain. Sweeping aside the tinkling beads , they entered the alcove. Han immediately spotted the
    being seated behind a crystal table directly across from where he stood. One light behind the heads gave little illumination.
    They certainly were two sisters, but attached to each other from the shoulders down.
    Their four independent arms moving in invitation for them to sit in the side seats.

    “Put/your blasters/on the/table.” The heads spoke one word each, in turn, to complete the sentence.

    When Han and Hakor hesitated, they spoke again. “I/buy and/sell information./ I don’t/ want
    to/get shot/ because someone/ doesn’t like/ the answers/I give/ them.”

    The two men removed their weapons and placed them on the table, within easy reach, along with their mugs as they took a seat.

    The sisters laid their four hands on the table. “I/am called/Aoz.” The first one spoke.
    “And/I am/Zoa.” They pointed to themselves, their slender yellow fingers matching
    the rest of their shimmering skin. Gems adorned their eyebrows above large, black pupils.
    They then interlaced their fingers….waiting.

    Han nodded to his grandson. Hakor removed the holo from his pocket and pulled up the
    image of his father. “We’re trying to locate this man…Daegan.”

    “Tho, he may be going by another name.” Han interjected.

    The sisters looked at the image, one gave a slight nod. “It/will cost/you.”

    “How much?” Han asked.

    The heads turned toward one another…..then back to Han and Hakor. “A hundred/credits.”

    Han removed the credits from his jacket pocket and put them on the table.

    “Yes/we have/seen this/man.”

    “In here?” Hakor asked.

    “When?” Han pressed.

    “Maybe/three lunar/months ago.”

    “Did he talk to you…to anyone?” Han questioned further.

    “No/we only/heard him/talking to/someone.”

    “What was said?” Han prompted.

    “Repeating/a conversation/costs more.”

    Han reached into his jacket again and produced more credits.

    “He/was asking/if anyone/knew where/Kylo Ren/might be.”

    Han and Hakor looked at each other.

    “Did you hear the answer?” Han asked.

    “No/one knows/where Kylo/Ren is.”

    “Do YOU know where Ren is?” Han questioned.

    Heads turned to one another again. “We/know a/lot of/information.”

    Han produced a purple and white swirled gem from his jacket and rolled it onto the table, winking covertly to Hakor.

    The sisters gasped….. “That/is a/Fraylysial precious/stone/. Only/Deity-heads have/them.”

    Han leaned his arms across the table. “It’s yours if you tell us where Ren is.”

    The sisters eyed the stone… could be assassinated if they were found in possession of it.
    “You/are very/persuasive sir.”

    “We just want information.”

    The heads looked at one another again.

    “Word/is Ren/has been/seen near/the Forbidden/Range. It’s/told he/ is reestablishing/his army.
    An/undefeatable force.”

    “How can you be sure of this information?” The Corellian questioned.

    Since seeing the stone, the sisters had not asked for more credits.

    “The/one who/told us/was killed/after leaving/this table.”

    “Why weren’t you killed after you learned this information?” Hakor asked.

    “I/killed the/killer.” They answered.

    “So, you’re the only ones that know this?” Han was skeptical.

    “On/Tannic Quad/…yes.”

    Han and Hakor looked at one another again, thinking the same thing. If, by some chance Daegan knew this,
    he would be somewhere near Ren waiting for a chance to kill him.

    The pair rose from their seats, turning to leave. “The gem is yours.” Han told them. “And we
    were never here.” He finished, pointing at the stone before slowly retrieving and reholstering his blaster.
    The heads nodded in understanding, then all four hands reached for the stone. “May/your search/be successful.”

    Walking back through the beaded curtain into the cantina was like walking into another
    world. They moved quickly through the rowdy crowd to the outside.

    “Let’s get back to the ship and research the Forbidden Range….it’s something to go on.”
    Han said in a low whisper to Hakor.

    MORE TO COME……June 7th
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  17. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Now that is a solid lead indeed and the twins sure know how to take care of business.
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  18. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota. Thank you for continuing to read. Appreciate your comments.
    The lead could be a diversion.....they may find more than they want to.
    We'll see where the story takes us. Lynda V.
  19. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Yanno, when you said there was a twist, my next thought was that they were conjoined.
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  20. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Cowgirl, Sharp perception. Yes one of the characterists of the Gemini Sisters was to be conjoined
    along with the the alternate speech pattern. Appreciate you taking time to read. Lynda V.
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  21. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016

    Han and Hakor rushed up the boarding ramp of the Falcon, their footfalls echoing with each step. Han slapped the close control as Hakor headed for the cockpit.
    Slipping comfortably in to the pilot’s seat, Han began to quickly power up the ship; pushing buttons, flipping switches and reading gauges.

    Hakor settled in the co-pilot’s seat, turning on the radar screen.

    “We need to get outta here real quick cause when those sisters discover that stone’s a fake, they’ll be madder’n a flock of wet mynocks
    Check that radar good, we don’t want to pick up a tail.” Han said, continuing to work as the Falcon began trembling, approaching full power.

    “You mean that stone wasn’t real?” Hakor asked, surprised.

    “You think I’d let go of anything that valuable if it was real?”

    “Where’d you get it?”

    “I bought it.” Han answered his grandson, not taking his eyes from the console.


    “At Rozi’s Emporium on Letar Aftdar.”

    Hakor began to smile. “You tricked ‘em!”

    Han turned to look at his grandson, smiling in that crooked way that made you either
    want to hug him or strangle him. “Let’s just say I ‘persuaded’ them.”

    Hakor laughed and slapped the console. He was beginning to really like being with his grandfather.

    Han winked as he pulled the yoke and they zapped into hyperspace.
    The dark of the cockpit was illuminated only by the light from the console as Han and Hakor
    viewed the ‘Forbidden Range.”

    “You ever been there?” Hakor asked.

    “No.” Han answered.

    “I’d never heard of it until those sisters mentioned it.” Hakor finished.

    “It’s a series of dry, desolate asteroids and dead planets. Don’t know why he’d decide to
    go there.” The Corellian ran a hand down his face, the day’s growth of stubble scraping over his palm. “It could be a diversion.”

    “Why don’t we fly past the larger ones and use the heat seeking sensor to see if it indicates
    any life forms.” Hakor suggested.

    “Was just going to suggest that myself.” Han countered, punching in the coordinates to
    head for the Forbidden Range.
    “Scanner’s showing nothing.” Han murmured as he directed the heat seeking sensor
    over the surface of another stable asteroid. “I just don’t see him using one of these places
    to regroup and especially to try to create another massive weapon.. just not enough
    space and to the bring the needed technology out here would be nearly impossible.”

    Hakor leaned back in his flight seat. “The sisters did say it was some time ago. Maybe

    Ren was just looking for a place to go and passed by here.”

    Han took a deep breath. “Let’s go to another cantina. We’ ain’t gonna find out
    anything more out here.”

    “Where to?” Hakor asked, ready to punch in the coordinates.

    Han thought for a moment, then flipped on the space atlas again, searching. A sly smile
    spread over his lips. “We’re going there.” He said, pointing to the atlas.

    Confused, Hakor punched in the flight coordinates. “Something special about that place?”

    The Corellian rose from his seat, “We’re going to visit an old friend of mine, if he’s still alive. How about some Kava?”
    Swooping over Orlac, the smallest planet in the Etnom System, Han slowed the Falcon and
    lowered its altitude.

    “Look at those lights in the distance!” Hakor exclaimed. “It looks like it’s lit up for a
    Solar Festival.”

    “That’s where we’re going. The city of Arievir.” Han told him.

    “That’s where your friend lives?”

    “I don’t know if he lives there, but I’m sure he can be found there.” Han responded.

    “Identify yourself.” A crackling voice sounded from the com-link.

    Han tapped his headset and answered. “Corellian Light Freighter YT Thirteen hundred.”

    “Universal ID Code request.”

    “Hoth’s lava.” Han cursed as he opened a console compartment and drew out a bundle of
    certificates… “Which one should I use…” He muttered to himself. Deciding, he read off
    the code: “UG 713-2491“.…mentally crossing his fingers.


    Just when Han was thinking they weren’t going to be cleared…a voice crackled again.

    “Cleared for landing at the spaceport in docking bay 12.”

    “Got it.” Han responded as he set the course for the large spaceport.

    Moving over the city, Hakor stared at all the blinking and flashing signs and lights.

    “What kind of place is this?”

    “It’s a gambling planet.” Han told him as he honed in on the spaceport….leveling the
    ship to sail into the port…looking for bay 12. Other ships were leaving and landing,
    the flight traffic was moderately heavy.

    Hakor worked his side of the console and asked. “Why come to a gambling planet?”

    “If Daegan is flying around the galaxy trying to find Ren…he’s got to have financing
    for fuel…repairs…fees.. stuff like that. And, the most likely place to get quick money,
    aside from stealing it, is gambling for it.” Han reasoned.

    Hakor shook his head in understanding.

    “And your friend likes to gamble?”

    Han laughed deep in his chest…”Yes.” He replied, turning the Falcon into landing position.
    Steam sprayed from the hydraulic boarding ramp and Han and Hakor exited.

    “There’re a lot of places to check out here.” Hakor said, taking a panoramic view of
    the area as they exited the spaceport. Gambling houses, clubs, inns and cantinas lined the street
    nearly as far as the eye could see. Beings from all walks of life and in all manner of dress or undress milled about.

    Han took a deep breath… “Might as well start at the first one.”

    Grandfather and grandson began walking toward the first gambling house.

    MORE TO COME….June 14th
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    Wonderful exchange about Han's unique way of persuasion and looking forward to what happens as they continue on the hunt/search
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    Hi Nyota, appreciate you reading. Always enjoy your comments.
    The story has taken a turn I wasn't expecting, ha. We'll see what
    happens. Lynda V.
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    When trouble does not find Han Solo, one can be sure trouble finds him. I am still enjoying this, but I am off-line and enjoy the Berlin summer even more the past weeks. To switch on the computer takes a great effort, but your fanfics are always worth it.
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    “Well…. that makes three we’ve gone through so far.” Han said to Hakor, stretching his shoulders,
    as they exited the Try Your Luck casino. Hakor glanced at his chrono. Han waved a hand, looking up and down the street.
    “Time doesn’t mean anything here. Let’s try one more and then get something to eat.”

    Hakor nodded. “Yeah, I’m getting kinda hungry too.”

    The pair passed pedestrians on the walkway as they headed to the next gambling house.

    “Hey!” Hakor yelled, feeling a tug on his back pocket. He turned to face a small Bacurian,
    its fingers still inside his pocket.

    “Get away!” Hakor yelled, hitting at the fingers. The little wide-eyed, tunic clad being jerked its fingers out of the pocket,
    stood its ground, pointed a slim finger at Hakor’s face and blurted something in its native language,
    then scurried away….others who stood around laughed and pointed.

    Han laughed as well. “I don’t think it called you ‘pal’.

    “Me neither.” Hakor answered back with a smile.

    “Got to watch for those pickpockets.” Han started walking again, in that slow, easy gait that nearly all females described as alluring.

    A large, blinking arrow pointed to the next building. “Let’s look in here.” Han and Hakor slipped through the doorway.
    Music sounded throughout the room…gaming tables were surrounded by all species of bidders, players, shills and cheats.
    Servers passed with trays of drinks.

    Han and Hakor weaved their way through the maze of gambling tables and bodies..all sorts of language conversations
    assailed their ears.

    “How long have you known this friend?” Hakor asked as they wandered.

    “More than fifty solar years.” Han answered offhandedly, constantly looking around the huge

    “It’s a shame you lost touch.” Hakor said.

    “Let’s go….I don’t see anything here.” Han said, turning.
    Outside, the night air was cooling and there were fewer denzins roaming the street.

    “Let’s go to that restaurant.” Han pointed across the street.

    Dodging vehicles and other motor transports, They crossed and walked in.

    The place was bustling… Mood music filled the large room and overhead golden chandeliers sparkled in the light.
    Rare, etched Alinian tiles graced the walls. The clink of glasses and eating utensils as well as murmured talk could be heard.
    This was a fancy restaurant. Aromas wafted their way.

    “I want what smells like that!” Hakor exclaimed.

    “Let’s find a spot.” Han said.

    “HAN….HAN SOLO!” A yell penetrated the noise. The Corellian jerked his head around, looking for the voice.
    Stopping, he watched as a white headed, dark man dressed in a sharply cut brown suit approached; he used a gold cane,
    limping as he walked around the dining tables.

    Standing still, recognition dawned on Han…. “Lando?”

    Stopping beside Han, Lando leaned on his cane and slapped his shoulder. “I don’t believe it!

    I never thought I’d see you alive again you old space rascal!”

    Han smiled. “And I thought you’d be pushing up fralalies! I’m glad I found you.” Slapping his friend’s back as well.
    “What’s this?” Han pointed to the cane. “You’re not that old yet.”

    Adjusting his coat, the gold lining shimmering, Lando said. “Remember on that sand skiff…I nearly fell into that pit
    and the sarlacc grabbed my leg…seems I still have a ‘reminder’ of that time. Weak muscles.”

    Han nodded in remembrance. “We were lucky to get out of that alive.”

    “Who’s this?” Lando looked over the young man at Han’s side. “Chewie not with you any more?”

    “Chewie’s home with his family.” Han said glancing at Hakor, then back at his old friend.

    “You’re in for a surprise” Han adjusted his blaster belt, a lifelong habit. This is my grandson, Kory.”

    Lando’s eyes widened. “Grandson! That IS a surprise.”

    “It’s a long story.“ Han said. “ But, if you’ll treat us to drinks and a meal, I’ll tell you
    all about it”

    Lando smiled in agreement. “Anything you want. I own this place.” He waved an arm in a swoop.

    Now Han was surprised…”You’re doing well for yourself.”

    Lando smiled back. “I sure am, pal…I sure am.”

    MORE TO COME…June 21st
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