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Beyond the Saga THE PAST CAN BE THE FUTURE...A further story about Han's grandson

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Hopefulwriter, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Terrific details on the ambience of the casino and restaurant.Oh, Lando! He is so delightfully in character. Love the easygoing nature of he and Han's catching up. ;)

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  2. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    I actually wasn't really expecting it to be Lando. Mostly because I tend to associate Lando with Cloud City on Bespin. And that is definitely not where they were.
  3. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Cowgirl, Appreciate you reading. Thought you'd catch me on this one, as you did the others and realize
    it was have sharp intuitions. Lando moved on in the past years.
    No, they weren't on Cloud City. I try to surprise sometime in my writing.
    Lynda V.
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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, Thank you for your comments. You are an encouragement Lynda V.
  5. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Next installment of THE PAST CAN BE THE FUTURE will be June 21st. Not June 28th
    Sorry for the mistake. L.V.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    I am glad we have Lando sharing the good news as well. Darkness still waits around the corner in the broody emo shape of Kylo. So we all just might tick around to enjoy the party.
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  7. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Let me clarify. I suspected Lando, but the different venue the me off balance and kept me from being as sure as I might have been.
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  8. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016

    Lando led them through the maze of tables to his private booth in the center of the back wall of the restaurant.
    It’s maroon curtain festooned with gold tassels. After taking their seats, Lando signaled for his personal server.

    “We’ll have a bottle of the finest Lierian Ale and three glasses.” The golden robed server nodded and
    left to carry out the order.

    Han finally took a good look around the large room. “You surely put out some credits for this place.”

    “Didn’t cost me a thing.” Lando answered nonchalantly. At Han’s quizzical look the dark man gave that suave smile
    . “I won it in a card game.”

    Han gave an honest to goodness belly laugh. “Things never change.”

    Hakor looked at both men. “That’s how I got the Falcon.” Han told his grandson. “I won her in a
    card game with Lando.”

    “You still got that ship?” Lando asked.

    Han leaned casually against the backrest of the booth, his blaster belt creaking with movement.
    “Sure do. Finally fixed her up right. Still looks the same, but she can out run the best of them.”

    “I’d sure like to see that old bird again.” Lando said.

    “Come see us off when we’re finished with business here.” The Corellian invited.

    The server returned with the tray of ale and glasses. Placing them on the table, Lando ordered for them.

    “Bring us three yerkin steaks and vegetables.” The silent server nodded and departed again.

    Pouring the drinks, Lando asked. “Just what is your business here?”

    Hakor reached for his drink and listened as his grandfather began.

    Han cleared his throat and took a swallow from his glass. “You know about Kylo Ren?”

    Lando nodded. “Yes…I know about him and the havoc he’s wreaked around the galaxy…the killings..
    He needs to be stopped…hope someone eliminates that monster one day.”

    Han looked his friend directly in the eye. “That monster….is my son.”

    Lando’s eyes widened. “I don’t believe it!”

    “Leia and I had a son…Ben…he was taking Jedi training from Luke…failed the test of the Dark Side
    and became a pawn of Snoke…changed his name to Kylo Ren.”

    Lando could see the pain in Han’s eyes and he hurt for his old pal. Han was silent. The dark man turned
    to Hakor. “So, you’re Ben’s son.”

    “No…my father is Daegan Solo.”

    Lando turned to Han.

    “I have another son.” Han told him.

    “You and Leia have another son?”

    Han took a deep breath. “No, Leia and I don’t have another son. I have a son with another someone else.” *

    Han could see Lando’s confusion.

    “I didn’t know I had another son until Kory found me a few weeks ago. He is Daegan’s son.
    When I escaped the military court-martial, I landed on an out of the way planet.
    I was also hiding from some bounty hunters who’d been hired by some ’customers’ I’d disappointed.
    I met Daegan’s mother, Nia. She was a sweet woman, kind, self sufficient… After a while, we became lovers.
    The military police found me and I had to leave in a hurry…I intended to go back…but time passed…
    I was on the run…and then met Luke and Obi-Wan…and you know the rest.”

    Lando turned to Hakor. “Nia was your grandmother.”

    “Yes. She died three years ago and I’ve been searching for Han, my grandfather, since then.
    I promised her I would find him and tell him he had a son.”

    All conversation stopped when the server brought their meals. Han looked at the purple meat. “You called this what?”

    Lando laughed. “It’s yerkin. It’s good….tastes like nekchic.”

    Hakor was the first to take a bite. Han watched Kory’s face. “It is good.”

    The men ate in companionable silence, enjoying their meal.

    Leaning back, satisfied, Lando asked. “So… what brings you here?”

    Han placed his fork on the plate. “Daegan is on a self-serving mission and he has to have funds to run his
    ship…fuel…paying bribes for information and access…searching…so I figured the best way to get fast money was to gamble,
    so I took a chance and we came here. I hoped to find find out if you’d seen Daegan in one of the gambling houses.”

    Hakor showed the holo image of his father to Lando, who studied it closely for a while.

    “I think I have seen him here.”

    Han and Hakor looked at one another.

    “How long ago?” Han asked.

    “Two…maybe three lunar weeks ago.” Lando replied.

    “If we hurry, we can track him.” Hakor urged, half rising from his seat.

    “What’s the big hurry to find him?” Lando asked. “Let him find you the way Kory did.”

    Han looked at his old friend. “I have to hurry, because I have to keep one son
    from killing the other.”

    * Referenced from my story published here MY AFFAIR WITH HAN SOLO

    MORE TO COME…June 28th.
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  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wonderful talk and a solid liead.
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  10. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, Appreciate you taking time to read. Your comments
    are always welcome. Lynda V.
  11. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016

    Lando was visibly shaken. “How do you know one son wants to kill the other?”

    Han nodded to Hakor. “My grandmother told Daegan he was Han Solo’s son
    and that Ben..Kylo Ren..was also the son of Han Solo… that made Ben his half brother.”

    “That wouldn’t make either one want to kill the other.” Lando looked at Han and smiled.

    “This old smuggler doesn’t have the kind of money to leave as an inheritance to be fought over.

    How was it even known Han was Kylo Ren‘s…..Ben‘s father?”

    Han shrugged his shoulders in a silent chuckle of remembrance.
    “Only had one experience with kids before we had Ben. It was a long time ago.” *

    “The Market Place….the cantinas on Syrma..we over heard all kinds of information about everything..
    from the freighters, pilots, smugglers, slave traders, bounty hunters…that’s how.” Hakor explained.

    “Just being the son of Han Solo wouldn’t make one resort to murder.” Lando reasoned.

    “It’s when Kylo Ren came into power…when he began raiding planets…his killing sprees..
    the terror he was wreaking throughout the galaxy. Daegan told me he didn’t want to be known as
    Kylo Ren’s half-brother….that others might think he was like Ren…that’s when he became determined to stop him.”

    “That’s why we have to find him.” Han broke in. “To stop him from killing Ben or to be killed by Ben.
    The killing of a family member or someone close to you is a tragedy…one never gets over it, no matter how much time passes.” *

    “Does Leia know about any of this?” The suave, brown man asked.

    “Yes.” Han told him. “She wants both sons alive…Ben…back like he was before he turned

    to the Dark Side, though I don’t see that happening.” Han took a deep breath.
    “You’re the only one I can trust, Lando, I don’t want it getting out that we’re looking for Daegan …or have
    a bounty hunter on his trail.”

    Lando motioned for his personal server again, indicating he wanted the curtains closed as
    the server approached him. “Bring me the tally books for the last two lunar months from the
    Try Your Luck, A King’s Ransom and Lady’s Wishes casinos.”

    The server nodded and left without a word.

    Lando took a drink of his ale and said with a smile and raised eyebrows. “I own those also.”

    The table had been cleared and the ale bottle stood empty as Lando checked the readings in
    the tally books. “There’s no Daegan listed in the winnings or losses, but there are winnings
    for a Corellian.”

    “That has to be the name he’s using.” Han said. “What are the winnings?”

    Lando scanned the book again….”There are three totals over two days…
    adding up to one hundred, sixty thousand Universal Credits…from The King’s Ransom.”

    Han ran a hand over his whisker stubbled chin and noticed Kory was sporting a light shadow as well.
    They both needed to freshen up.

    The slight ring of a bell sounded within the curtained area…a signal the server wanted to enter.

    “Come in.” Lando said.

    The server swished through the curtain and spoke for the first time.
    “A dealer reported to me that there was a disturbance at The King’s Ransom three weeks ago, but, nothing escalated so
    it wasn‘t reported. I thought you needed to know.”

    “Go ahead.” Lando urged.

    The server looked closer at Han and Hakor as he spoke. “A gambler there, who had become
    quite inebriated, was telling bystanders to keep up with the news…that something…. a galactic
    changing event… going to happen very soon.” The server looked directly at Han…. “And.....
    he looked like a younger version of you.”

    “Thank you.” Lando replied, showing no emotion as he waved the server away.

    “We need to get going.” Han said to Hakor. “If we just knew the hell where to go!!!”

    “Check with the Port Master at the landing port. He would have to register in to land.” Lando advised.

    “Won’t make any difference.” Han countered. “He could use fake I.D.s…call his ship
    anything he wanted to.”

    “Yes, but he can’t change the way his ship looks. Even with those thousands of credits, that’s
    not enough to buy a new ship.” Lando said.

    Han shook his head…he knew he’d drunk too much ale. “I should have thought of that.”

    Lando rose from the table and slappomg his friend on the shoulder said. “You getting’ old, pal.”

    The trio moved quickly across the landing area, passing freight loaders, pilots and mechanics to the Master’s office.
    A guard stopped them, barring their way. “No one is allowed in the Master’s Office.”

    “I have business with the officer.” Lando casually informed the guard.

    The unsure guard looked toward the office door, then back at the imposing, dark man.

    Lando raised an eyebrow.

    “Let me check.” The nervous guard said opening the door and backing in to the office area.

    After a few moments, the guard opened the door and motioned them in.

    Han and Hakor remained silent, standing by the door as Lando walked over to the officer
    sitting at the desk. The man looked up, his black eyes questioning. Lando nodded for Han and Hakor to join him.

    Han cleared his throat before speaking. “I’d like to know the make of the ship a man who
    may be calling himself ‘Corellian’ landed here within the last two lunar months.”

    The officer waved a dismissing hand, “I can’t give you that information.”

    “It’s important.” Han pressed. “It may be a matter of life and death!”


    Han looked at Lando, who perched a hip on the officer’s desk and leaned forward. “I want to
    see your log book.”

    The officer looked up, a snear on his face, but didn’t move to produce the log.

    “If you don’t give my friend the information, could be I have some information I can
    share with the authorities.” Lando raised both eyebrows. “You know what I’m talking about.”

    The officer looked at Han and Hakor…then shooting a dagger-filled look at Lando,
    reached in his desk and brought out the requested log book.

    Han took the log and scanned several pages before finding an entry. “Here it is.” He pointed
    to a registration line…Corellian…landed a SR-912 scudder.” He closed the book. “Thanks.”

    The officer re-secured the book in the drawer. “Now get out.”

    Once outside the office Han said. “That’s something to go on. All we have to do is
    check ports to see if an SR-912 is there.” Looking at his foe/friend of many years, Han
    reached out to shake his hand. “Thanks for the help. Why don’t you come with us?”

    Lando chuckled. “As much as I’d like that, I’ve got too much going for me here. I
    don’t like to admit it, but I think the days of my chasing around the galaxy are past.”

    “Settling down sounds good to me, too.” Han answered with a smile. “Got to
    take care of this first.”

    “I’ll walk you to your ship.” Lando offered, leaning on his cane.

    Han and Hakor started toward the berth where the Falcon rested.

    “There she is.” Han waved a hand toward the Falcon.

    Lando stood silent for a moment…gazing at the ship…remembering.

    “I’d sure like to know how all this turns out.” Lando said to Han.

    “We’ll see each other again.” Han promised. “Let’s go, Kory.”

    Grandfather and grandson boarded the ship and Lando watched as
    the Falcon powered up and lifted off.

    Unbidden moisture filled his eyes as he said. “Good-bye, old friends.”
    Giving a salute with his cane as the Falcon slipped from his view.

    MORE TO COME….July 5th

    * Referenced from my story published here: Han Solo’s Taste of Fatherhood

    * Referenced from my story published here: Showdown.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    Hmm. Lucky Dags decided to do his gambling in one of the casinos that Lando owned.
  13. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Cowgirl, thanks for taking the time to read.
    Your comments are appreciated. Lynda V.
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    Jan 6, 2016

    Han Solo returned to the Falcon’s cockpit, shaking the still damp hair out of his eyes. He’d
    showered, shaved and changed into clean clothes.

    “You’re next.” Han said to his grandson, who was handling the controls. “Freshen up before
    you start smelling like Chewie does after being caught in a rain shower. Only thing that smells
    worse than a wet Wookiee are the insides of a dead TaunTaun.”

    Hakor laughed. During their search for Daegan, his grandfather had told him many stories
    of his and Chewbacca’s exploits in their earlier years.

    “I’m going to contact Leia.” Han said as he slid into his pilot’s seat. Setting the con-link
    frequency he called.… “Han to Leia….” Static filled the air for a few moments.

    Han took the time to check the gauges, readouts and indicators.

    “Han….” He heard faintly through the static…. “Han”. It became clearer.


    “I’m here.” She answered. “Where are you?”

    “We’re just leaving Orlac in the Etnom System. Leia, you’ll never guess who we made contact with there.”

    “Ben?” She asked tentatively.

    There was silence on the com-link for a moment…Han heard the hopeful wistfulness in her
    voice…she never gave up.


    “No…it was Lando.”

    “Lando!?” Leia repeated. “How is he?”

    “Like us..older…getting gray…walking with a cane. He’s doing well for himself. Owns a
    fancy restaurant and three casinos there. That’s why I went to that place, thought Daegan
    would need fast money for fuel and travel. I was right. He’d won quite a bit at one of the gaming

    No comments and silence on the other end of the com-link. “Leia?” Han shook the link…

    “Han…Our intel has reported that there’s been another raid. On Waligora…Ben….Kylo…there were children killed this time.”

    The Corellian snapped his finger off the com-link, looked out into the black Universe and swore a blue-streak,
    unbidden tears filling his eyes…his son….he had to be stopped.”

    “Are any counter measures going to be done by the Defender’s?” Han asked.

    “Squadrons are being sent there to see what they can do…to possibly pick up Ben’s…
    Ren’s trail…figure his next move…to try to capture him.” Leia explained.

    “Forgive me, Leia, but I hope the Defender’s get him before Daegan does.”

    “I hope he’s captured.. not killed.” Leia said.

    “Be prepared for the worst, Leia….that may be the only way he can be stopped…he’s not
    only on a path to destroy other places in his quest for control and supremacy,
    but on a path of eventual self-destruction.”

    Han heard a soft sob come through the link. “I can’t lose him twice, Han.”

    “Remember, I lost him, too, Leia.” Han said, his low timbered voice filled with emotion.

    Hakor entered the cockpit and settled into the co-pilot’s seat.

    “Contact you later, Leia.” Han said, snapping off the com-link.

    Noticing the grim look on his grandfather’s face, Hakor asked. “Something going on?”

    “Ren struck the planet Waligora..children were among the casualties.”

    “ Daegan is sure to be nearby if he hears about this.“ Hakor said.

    Han pulled up the atlas and noted the coordinates for Waligora, punching them in. The Falcon
    made a graceful swoop and headed in the direction of the planet.


    “You have a plan for when we get there?” Hakor asked, bringing steaming cups of kava
    into the cockpit.

    Han adjusted controls on the console, glancing at the radar. “We’re not far from there.
    We’ll have to see what’s going on…”


    Pulling the yoke to bring them out of hyperspace, Han hoped they were close enough
    to the planet to get a good view of things. The Falcon slid slowly over the surface,
    Han and Hakor both scanning the areas; passing hills, trees, villages and waterways.

    Han looked to the right. Don’t see anything that resembles a scudder and I don’t know
    what kind of ship Ren is flying. Let’s find a place to land and scout around.”

    “There’s an open spot.” Hakor pointed to a clear area behind some tall trees. Han nodded
    and guided the Falcon down.

    MORE TO COME….July 12th.
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  15. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    How heartbreaking for both Han and Leia; they don't know what to wish for. :( [face_thinking]
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  16. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, Thank you for for taking time to read.
    Yes, some decisions are heartbreaking, but need to be made.
    Appreciate your comments. Lynda V.
  17. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Even though I was away due to RL and RL matters happening, I hope so much that this story has a happy ending and will not turn into a Greek tragedy or Shakespearian slaughter on stage. @};-
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  18. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Azure,

    Don't like to give away the ending to a story before the end
    ie. Yogi Berra "It ain't over until it's over". Be assured, the ending will not devastate.
    Appreciate you reading and commenting. Lynda V.
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    Jan 6, 2016

    “Hold on.” Han said, keeping the Falcon aloft “There’re ships in the distance. Can just barely see them through the smoke.
    Ren may still be there.”

    “I see it now.” Hakor confirmed.

    “Let’s divert before they spot us and start shooting. Maybe they’ll think we’re just a passing freighter.”
    Han pulled back on the yoke and lifted the ship. “We’ll come in from behind their line of sight.

    Han guided the ship a further distance from the smoky area. After a few moments he said to Hakor.
    “Be prepared to see anything once we land and get closer.”

    His grandson nodded, keeping the thought to himself that if Ren was still there, maybe his father was on the planet.

    Han chose a site behind a rocky, tree and brush covered hill to land and shut down the Falcon.

    We’ll scout from here…go get survival packs from the supply room.” Hakor left to
    carry out the request. “And make sure your blaster is on full force.” Han called down the
    hall after him, while checking his own.
    Reading his scanner, pointing in all directions.. he commented, “Kory, we’re just
    about a mile and a half from that site where the ships were. Let’s stop here for a moment.”

    Hakor plopped down on a grassy area and took a drink from his canteen. “Don’t you think
    it’s strange we don’t hear anything?”

    Han stretched his neck and rolled his had been some time since he’d made
    a trek of a few miles. And the underbrush and ropy vines they had to clear as they went didn’t help any.

    “Not really.” Han replied… “If Ren’s here, the silence is because of death and fear. It’s his
    strategy to hit the smaller towns and villages first.”

    Hakor’s heartbeat became faster…now that they were on a planet where Ren had been or
    was here still…what he’d been searching for may be found; if his father Daegan was
    also here.

    Wiping a drip from the canteen off his chin, Han said as he rose from the rock where he’d
    sat and looked up into the sky. “We better get going. It isn‘t much longer to twilight.”\

    Hakor jumped up, ready…

    They didn’t talk while they moved silently as possible through the dense forest,
    the vines and underbrush whipping at their bodies as they passed. What noise
    they did make was drowned out by the low clacks, hisses, shrieks and warbles of the
    bird and animal life in the trees and on the ground.

    A clearing could be seen in the distance and Han held out an arm to stop his grandson. “Let’s survey the area.”

    The two knelt down, obscured by tall wiry and thorny frakan grass, scouring the area….
    smoke spiraled upwards from burning dwellings…tree stumps smoldered and pockmarks
    from weapons dotted the ground…several bodies lay inert by what once had been their homes.

    A movement caught Han’s eye and an audible gasp slipped through his lips. “By all that’s
    unholy…. Ren is still here…that’s him.” He nodded to the tall figure in black that was walking
    slowly out of a house, coming into sight, viewing his ‘handiwork’ in capturing the village.

    Han was conflicted…here was his son…the product of Leia’s and his love…what pain he
    must be feeling…NO…if he was capable of what Han was viewing…his son could feel
    nothing…this was a creature who thrived on causing pain, who knew no limits,
    who’d passed the point of no return in his quest to become leader. He did need to be stopped.
    Han continued to watch as Ren approached three, white armored storm troopers, apparently giving them orders.
    One of the troopers shook his head negatively.. Ren must have spoken again as the trooper once more
    shook his head….Ren lifted an arm and blind sided the resisting soldier…who fell either dead or unconscious.
    The other two took a step back and cowered..then left to carry out what instructions had been given.
    Ren turned to leave, then abruptly stopped, lifting and turning his head as though listening or sensing something….
    then looked directly to the area where Han and Hakor were.

    Han and Hakor remained stock still….not moving or rustling the tall grass.

    “He can’t see us.” Han quietly assured, but laid his hand on his blaster.

    Hakor remained silent….somewhat afraid…coming to the full realization for the first time that
    Ren was not only his father’s half brother, but that Ren was his uncle; the thought clinched his heart.

    The dark figure stood and stared for a few moments, then, lowered his head and slowly moved on.
    Han and Hakor both gave a silent sigh of relief. “What do we do now?” Hakor asked.

    “There’s no way just the two of us can stop any of this.” Han concluded. “Leia said a squadron was being sent.
    Maybe they’ll get here before Ren and his ships leave.”

    A rustle through the brush to the right of them caught their attention, causing each to quickly
    draw and point their weapons.

    “Storm troopers!!! Hakor blurted.

    MORE TO COME….. July 19th.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Superb with a cliffhanger =D=
  21. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, Appreciate you taking time to read.
    Your comments are always welcomed. Lynda V.
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  22. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Aack! Evil Cliffie! [face_laugh]

    And again with the not knowing what to feel.
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  23. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Cowgirl, Appreciate you reading.
    Those cliffhangers can be real nailbighters....
    Lynda V.
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    Jan 6, 2016

    Han held his breath while they waited for whatever was rustling the brush to come into view.

    “Don’t shoot unless you have to.” Han whispered to Hakor. “We don’t want anyone to know we’re here.

    Hakor nodded but kept his weapon aimed.

    The rustling stopped for an instant, then a blue, four legged, three horned animal sprung
    from the brush.

    “It’s a marr!” Hakor exclaimed with a soft, nervous laugh, as the small animal sprinted away.

    Han closed his eyes in relief and lowered his weapon, but not before seeing a momentary
    silvery glint in the distance. “There‘s another one.”


    “A flash of light.”

    “Weapon discharge?”

    “No…it was in a different direction, through that brush.” Han said, pointing, then holstering his blaster.

    Han scooted to the area of vegetation the marr had come through and, peering over the grass to the area where
    Ren had been, saw that he wasn’t in the clearing, then slowly rose and pulled back the brush with an arm.
    He looked closely in the early darkness and could see more flashes. “Those aren’t flashes of light.”
    He said under his breath “They’re reflections….something’s in that mass of brush over there.”
    Glancing back to the clearing, he motioned to his grandson. “Come on.”

    Hakor made his way to Han, and standing, they began moving toward the massive clump, all the while,
    looking back. The Waligora moon had begun to rise and Han hoped the faint light wouldn’t reveal their position.
    And, to make things more difficult, a mist had begun rising as well, spreading a light ground fog over the area.

    “Think it’s one of Ren’s ships?” Hakor asked as they made their way closer.

    “Nah, it would be with the other ships that carried out the raid.”

    Suddenly, Han gave out an unbidden “ooofff.” as he ran into a thigh-high, jagged tree
    stump. Stopping momentarily to rub his leg he said, “Good thing that wasn’t a little

    Hakor laughed in spite of himself. “Watch where you’re going.. I’ll keep looking back.”

    Han gave a crooked smile. “Thanks.”
    Reaching the clump of brush…Han circled it; reached up and dragged some loose branches from the pile.

    “It’s a ship! But not a very big one.” Han exclaimed.

    “A wreck?” Hakor waited for a cloud to pass the moon so he could see.

    “No….don‘t see any damage.” Han answered. “Looks like the pilot slid into the brush and then covered it with more vegetation.”

    “Maybe to hide himself and his ship from Ren’s raid.” Hakor reasoned.

    “Could be.” Han answered offhandedly. Rounding the area, another, smaller, glint caught Han’s eye.
    “Something’s going on.” Han started walking in the direction of the smaller flash. “There’s
    another glint by those trees.”

    Hakor joined his grandfather. “Another ship?”

    Han peered closely into the foggy dark…seeing a slight movement by a tree, but couldn’t make it out.
    “Not a ship, there’s someone over there.”

    “Could be a storm trooper.” Hakor said as he drew his weapon.

    “I don’t think so…we’d see the white of the armor.” Han answered now drawing his weapon.

    Hakor sided up to Han. “Where?”

    Han pointed with his blaster. “There…it moved slightly.”

    The young man gazed toward the area where Han had pointed…straining to see.. “I don’t see
    anything but dark!”

    “Keep watching.” Both stood still, the clouds slipping by the moon, giving them
    a split second view now and then.

    “I think you’re seeing things.” Hakor told his grandfather. “Maybe what you saw was another marr.”

    “Look, kid…I may have gotten older, but I’ve had perfect vision all my life. If I
    say there’s someone over there…then there’s someone over there!”

    Hakor smiled to himself, thinking, ‘still brash at his age.’

    A ship passed overhead, its underbelly light brushing the ground. Han and Hakor quickly
    ducked into the brush, but not before Hakor got a look at what Han though he’d seen.
    His mouth flew open……..he caught sight of the being’s face which was raised for an instant
    to the overhead ship’s light before slipping back into the shadows.

    “I do see someone…all in black.” With fear and wonder in his voice, Hakor declared. “…It‘s….it‘s my father…….
    it’s Daegan!!

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    Ooh, major cliffhanger. Eager for what evercomes next. =D=