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Beyond the Saga THE PAST CAN BE THE FUTURE...A further story about Han's grandson

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Hopefulwriter, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota,
    Appreciate you reading. More surprises may be in store.
    Lynda V.
  2. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016

    Han quickly put his hand over Hakor’s mouth. “Don’t shout out.” The Corellian stood still, this was his first
    sight of the son he’d never known about. Emotions ran through him. Removing his hand, he nodded to Hakor
    to move forward as he holstered his weapon.

    The fog that clung around Daegan made him look more like an apparition than an assassin.

    Slowly making their way through the mist, they were approaching the figure in black when he
    abruptly turned and pointed his weapon at them. “Stay where you are. I know you’ve been watching me.”

    “Father…. it’s me…Hakor.” The young man’s voice faltered with emotion….. “I brought someone with me.”

    “Hakor….“ It was a moment before Daegan could speak. “I don’t care who you brought with you,
    I’ve waited ten years for this and no one is going to stop me.” Daegan turned and again aimed his
    powerful weapon in the direction of the village.

    “It’s…it’s….Han Solo…your father. Before Nia died three years ago, she made me promise
    I’d find him and tell him he had a son…you.”

    Daegan lowered his weapon and bowed his head.. Nia was gone….his father…images flooded his mind…
    stories Nia had told him long ago….now he was close…so close…..but Ren was also close, and he‘d been
    waiting ten long years for this…..

    Han and Hakor watched as Daegan shouldered his weapon, ready to fire. “He must have Ren in his sights.” Han said to his grandson.

    “Daegan!” Han called through the dark and the fog, slowly moving closer. The village fires gave
    Daegan’s face shadowy illumination and Han noticed that this son mirrored his features more than
    his and Leia’s son, Ben. “Don’t do this. I don’t want to see one of my sons kill the other…..
    you do this and you’ll be no different from him…you will be a murderer just like he is.”
    They had to end this quickly or the troops would find them.

    Han could see Daegan’s shoulders move….. he’d struck a nerve…it was the one thing that had
    been driving Daegan….he didn‘t want others to know he was half brother to Kylo Ren, that he might be like him.……
    .he shook his head to clear it…..“I’ll be doing the galaxy a favor…getting rid this of this scum.”

    Licking his lips, Han continued. “That ‘scum’ is my son…just like you are. I know he’s not
    now the son I had a part in creating; leave him to the authorities. A squadron will be arriving here soon to take care of him.”

    Daegan gave a low, mocking chuckle…one Han recognized sounded like his own voice. “Not as quickly as I can.”

    “This isn’t the way to stop him.” Han tried to reason. “There will be another despot to take his place.
    You can help, Daegan, be a part of bringing this to an end through diplomatic efforts, to strengthen
    the citizenry of other planets to resist and protect themselves…your step-mother, Leia, as well as the rest of the galaxy can use your help.”

    The Corellian kept edging closer, talking, trying to stop Daegan from carrying out his assassination.
    Hakor moved along with his grandfather.

    For a moment, they all watched the activity in the village, the storm troopers were kicking and rolling
    over the bodies, making sure they were dead, others were searching the dwellings and more were
    readying the ships for departure when Ren gave the order to go to another part of the planet and carry out more killing.

    “Those vultines won’t even bury the dead.” Han spat.

    Daegan’s eyes never left the view…waiting for that one clear shot at Ren.

    Han spoke pleadingly to his son. “Give me a chance to get to know you. For you to get to know me.
    Come back with us. We can use you in the Resistance…you can have a part in defeating Ren and the New Order…
    you can bring him to his knees.”

    “We can get to know each other better after I do what I came to do.” Daegan replied slowly.

    Hakor looked at his grandfather before speaking. “Please, father, this is the first time I’ve seen you in ten years!”

    Daegan looked toward his son, the faint light from the fires giving enough light for him to get a good look.
    “You’ve grown up to be a fine looking young man.”

    Han tried another tactic. “How would you feel if someone were trying to kill Hakor?

    I know you love your son.”

    “Hakor would never become like Ren.” Daegan said with venom in his voice.

    “Know how you feel about Ren….you kill him and Hakor will have to face others knowing he had
    a father that was no better than Ren, that he was a murderer like Ren.” Han reasoned, now standing next to Daegan.

    Daegan faltered..that last comment made him think. He lowered his weapon. Han took a deep breath
    and reached and took the blaster rifle.

    “I know it was hard to make the right decision.” Han said as he placed a hand on Daegan’s shoulder.

    Daegan looked at Han and Hakor. Suddenly, there was urgent activity in the center of the village;
    soldiers rushing..ships powering up. Ren stood, with his arms on his hips, surveying his ordered
    handiwork, his cape flowing out behind him…a stance of victory…of arrogance, like he the ruled the Universe….
    instead of the essence of evil he really was.

    Daegan took one last look back….there he stood…. thinking no one could touch him…that his wielding
    of fear the most powerful weapon…there will never be another chance so open like this…..

    With laser like speed, Daegan reached and jerked Han’s blaster out of its holster and, with deadly
    precision, born of determination and practice..... aimed directly at the heart of Kylo Ren.

    “NO!!!” Hakor yelled…….

    MORE TO COME……August 2nd.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Darliang Han being the voice of reason and making good and clear arguments, then Daegan sees Ren with his arrogance and unquenchable thirst for power and :eek: --- makes an irrevocable choice. =D= [face_thinking]
  4. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, thank you for taking time to read.
    Appreciate your comments....
    Each son has a for power
    and one for reputation. Han is in the middle.
    More to come... Lynda V.
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  5. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016

    With an agility that belied his age, Han tackled Daegan to the ground before he could get off a blaster
    shot; the weapon flying from his hand into the undergrowth. Daegan closed his eyes….
    that chance at Kylo Ren would never come again. Han held his son down. When Daegan opened his eyes he asked with a mocking laugh.

    “Which son did you save?”

    “Both.” Han answered as he rose and held out a hand to help up Daegan. Looking at his father, he
    accepted the hand. The fires in the village were beginning to burn down and the darkness was creeping in.

    When the two men were standing, Han said, as he wiped a sleeve across his mouth and caught his breath,
    “Ben to face another day and perhaps change his life or get caught and pay for what he’s done and …you…
    to give you a future with your son…. and me.”

    Hakor retrieved his grandfather’s weapon and watched as Han holstered and strapped it down with the ease of practice.

    Daegan looked at his father….his father… and the beginning of a smile crept across his lips. He glanced over at Hakor…
    and realized he had a family…that loved him.

    Han looked at Daegan, nodding toward the village. “Don’t ever try something like that again.” Then, after a lengthy gaze,
    Han embraced his son with a heartfelt hug, which Daegan returned. Then, Daegan hugged his son.

    A deep, thrumming rumble in the distance caught their hearing…looking up, Han could see the Resistance
    ships in the starry distance. “They’re here. They’ll take care of Ren and the troopers. We need to get to the
    Falcon and leave.

    They turned and began wending their way through the brush, thankful the fog was beginning to lift, the sounds
    of battle and cries of the wounded the only thing heard as they neared the clearing where Han’s ship had landed.

    “What about my ship?” Daegan asked.

    “I’ll com the commander and have someone fly it back to base.” Han assured him.

    “We’ve got years of catching up to do.” Han said as they came into view of the Falcon. The trio stopped
    and looked at the freighter.

    There, in the dark, the moon the only light, Hakor drew something from his pocket…
    the carved wood music box that Han had given Nia over fifty years ago. Opening it, the soft,
    lilting music brought back special memories to all three men.

    The Corellian turned to his son…and declared with heartfelt emotion. “You were a part of my past,
    Daegan, but now you can be part of the future. Han placed an arm around his son and grandson,
    and, as they began walking, said…“Daeg…Kory….”

    “Let’s go home.”

    I would appreciate knowing if there would be interest in further stories about Han and his son and grandson.
  6. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    That was a beautiful conclusion and I will read anything and everything you choose to write. @};-
  7. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota,
    What a nice complement..hope my writing lives up to it.
    Appreciate you reading. Your encouragment is priceless. Lynda V.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    "Let's go home."

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Cowgirl,,,,appreciate you reading and commenting.
    Lynda V.