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Star Wars The Rebellion

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  1. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    The Demeter

    Before the could get too far, Grynn voiced his concerns to the rest of the team.

    "Some of us should stay with the ship. We may need to leave in a hurry."

    He didn't like the feel of this, it had been too by-the-books for such a wild plan to actually work. Or perhaps the feeling was shock that it worked, that something like that could be this simple. Either way he was unnerved, and he didn't like the sensation that things were going to spiral out of control if he wasn't keeping the Stag primed and ready to get the hell out of there.

    He gestured back at his ship with his blaster, an awkward movement. "I'll be here."

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  2. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Tayse
    Space Around Sensor Array

    Bright flashes and explosions filled the cockpit view port as Red 9 and Red 10 flew through space. Another mine exploded under the quad burst lasers of Red 9. Sweat trickled down Tayse's face as the pair of X-wings circled around. They were looking for more mine targets when a new command came over the comm.

    "We got new contacts," came the voice of Red Leader. "TIEs have been launched from the control station!"

    ?Engage those TIEs! A few fighters can remain to finish clearing the mines but I need most of Red Squadron turning to engage! Green Group, you are clear to engage the bombers if they make a move towards the transports!?

    Tayse double clicked his comm to show he'd heard the new task and then switched his comm to three flight fequency.

    "Three flight, on me. Those TIEs are ours!"

    Red 10 tightened up on his flank. Tayse then toggled a switch to shunt more power into his X-wing's speed boosters. Tayse felt the X-wing jump out quicker than usual meaning Kilter must have been tinkering with his X-wing's systems. He appreciated a droid that could help him out on the battlefield.

    All around him the other X-wings of Red flight were also flying at top speed towards the TIEs. It seemed like hours passed before the two forces finally converged on each other. However time seems to slow down during a battle, so in reality the two forces met within moments. Several klicks out Tayse sent out a few test shots looking for range. He then jumped his X-wing around a little to make himself harder to hit. He flipped a switch and evened out his shields, taking power away from speed. The TIEs were more maneuverable than the X-wings so the shields were what helped even out the playing field between the two fighters.

    The X-wings of three flight swept through the cloud of TIEs taking several hits to their shields. Kilter hooted and reported that one of the TIEs was venting gas. The droid then painted that TIE on the screen for Tayse who snap rolled his X-wing and dropped down around to find himself on the tail of the TIE he'd hit. Kilter immediately gave him a solid tone and Tayse hit the trigger, loosing a proton torpedo at the TIE. He watched the explosion in space before him as the TIE winked out of existence.

    Even though his people were known to be great hunters and trackers, Tayse never celebrated over taking another's life. Even the animals they hunted on the planet were given a great sendoff with a ritual to celebrate the life of the animal and the life of his people.

    There was nothing glamorous about war.

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  3. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Dexx Solan
    X-Wing Cockpit, Space around the sensor array

    As far as Dexx was concerned, mines were child's play. It was an insult to his skills and everything he had fought for to attack stationary targets that spewed pitiful volleys of fire that didn't even register on the scale when they came in contact with the shields. It was one big joke to see the Empire resorting to such amateur tricks. That's why when the squad leader's voice crackled over the comm, Dexx was elated to leave this all behind.

    "We got new contacts. TIEs have been launched from the control station!"

    "Well it's about damn time," Dexx uttered, being quite aware that his little comment had been broadcast over the open channel. And frankly, he didn't care. All he wanted to do was kill some bucketheads. They would pay for the pain and embarrassment they had put him through during his time in the service; they would pay for all the lives they had in turn killed simply to strike fear in the hearts of others. It was sick.

    As he toggled the control stick and peeled his fighter away from the mine field, he heard the telltale squeal from Eharl back in his socket...along with another more human squeal. No doubt it belonged to his wingman, a wide-eyed kid from some backwater planet he couldn't even remember the name of. He was young, inexperienced and most of all, filled with fear. It was a recipe for disaster and Dexx was constantly asking himself why he had gotten stuck with him. Damn, what he wouldn't give to have that sweetheart from Blue Flight as his wingmate right now...

    "What's your malfunction, Red Seven?" Dexx asked over the private channel, purposely filling his tone with disgust. "This is the fun part. You want to have fun, don't you?"

    "There's...there's an awful lot of them," Red Seven stammered over his comm set, stating the obvious. "I-I don't think I can handle that many. I'm better off handling mines, dammit!"

    Dexx scoffed, resisting the urge to shake his head. "That's coward talk," he pointed out. "You're not a coward, are you?"

    "No, Dexx, I'm not a coward."

    "Good. Just stick with me and you'll be fine. Hell, maybe I'll even buy you a drink when we get back to base."

    Of course, he had his doubts that the kid would even make it through this scuffle alive, but he had to promote good moral and keep the kid's hopes up. If the kid performed badly, it would reflect badly on him as well. That's the last thing Dexx wanted to endure.

    Switching most of his power to the front shields, Dexx inhaled deeply and mentally prepared himself for the oncoming barrage. Even now, he could see the cloud approaching from the distance, resembling an angry swarm of bees hell bent on defending the nest. And really, that's what they were, except that they were going to ultimately lose the nest.

    Squeezing the trigger in his grip, Dexx watched as the first salvo of deadly fire left his fighter and split the swarm right down the middle. The bees scattered, but not all came out of it unscathed. He could see one spewing smoke and spinning wildly out of control, having absorbed the worst of his blast. Dexx simply smiled.

    And so, the battle began.

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  4. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Teagan Niall
    Space around sensor array

    Another of the mines was blown out of existence by Teagan?s lasers, the flash lighting up her cockpit interior for a moment before the energy dissipated within the vacuum of space. Another one followed a few seconds later, and Teagan glanced at her tactical computer, noticing blue four pulling back into formation on her left. They had reached the end of the mine field, the star fighters had taken down almost half of the mines unopposed, but not for very long as a group of TIE fighters came speeding towards the rebel task force from the sensor station.

    "We got new contacts?TIEs have been launched from the control station!"

    Red leaders voice confirmed. Her tactical computer reported twenty-eight standard TIE?s, and eight TIE bombers. A cold feeling settled in the pit of her stomach. She cursed under her breath, no, she had to focus, they had a job to do. Shaking off the feeling She noticed the red squadron X-Wings breaking off from the attack on the mines and forming up to engage the TIE?s on Red leaders command. A few fighters had to remain to finish clearing the mines. Green group were given clearance to fire on the bombers if they made a move for Wraith group. The voice of blue four came through her headset earpiece.

    ?Four here. Should we also engage??

    As much as Teagan would have liked to have engaged the TIE?s straight away, there was still the important task of ensuring the capital ship support. With TIE'S and bombers on the scene it was now even more important to make sure the mines were completely cleared and aid could be recieved.

    ?Negative four, we have our orders, Clearing the mines is a priority. We need that capital ship support! Get ready for another pass?

    She replied as she did a quick check of her shield levels. A double click on the comm from four confirmed that he understood and remained tight on her wing. She brought her ship around in an arc so they were back facing the remaining mines and dropped her ship down back into the fray, balancing out her shields and increasing her speed, dancing the ship through the green laser storm, She quickly acquired another target in her crosshairs and let loose her lasers. Another explosion, another confirmed kill.

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  5. Dinkus_Mayhem

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    May 4, 2006
    The Demeter

    The docking proceedures went smoothly, almost too well in fact. There should have been more resistance. Granted, he could be wrong, but all his instincts told him to be careful. Just as the slicer, Ghost, got the door to the cargo bay to open one of the others spoke up.

    "Some of us should stay with the ship. We may need to leave in a hurry." He gestured back at his ship with his blaster, an awkward movement. "I'll be here." Grynn was his name, seemed like a nervious man. Azar just shrugged, the logic made sense and it would be good to know that someone had their eye on the ship.

    As the others prepared to enter the cargo bay Azar double checked his weapon, ensuring that it was prepared he took the lead. After all, of all those present he was the combat specialist and if anything went down he wanted to be up front.

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    OOC: Not the greatest opening post, but it gets Azar in the game. :)
  6. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Space Around Sensor Array

    Green and red lasers shot past one another as the TIE Fighters and X-Wings met. The first to die were the TIE pilots as, lacking shields, all it took was a specially-placed laser to destroy them. One TIE had a red blast of energy slamming right into the center of the cockpit, killing both the pilot and the vehicle which tore apart. Head-to-head duels were always stacked against the Imperial fighters and it showed practically one of the three squadrons of TIEs were destroyed in the first five seconds of the battle. But the X-Wing squadron did not get out unscathed as three Rebel fighters - whether due to weakened shields from the mines or concentrated fire from multiple TIEs - were overwhelmed by the enemy fire.

    With the head-to-head having been finished, the starfighters on both sides soon became a ball of spinning, weaving, and shooting vessels whose pilots' attention were split on shooting one enemy fighter while making sure they don't get shot down by another. This was where the skill - and luck - of starfighter pilots tended to be put to the test.

    The only starfighters that didn't join in on the mayhem were the TIE Bombers as they did their best to curve around the massive dogfight and continue on their approach to Wraith Group. The B-Wings were already moving to intercept.

    This was hardly going as smoothly as the Rebels had hoped. It was supposed to be a quick in and out with the B-Wings having supposed to have already made their attack runs and made the sensor array nothing more then floating debris. The mines were an unexpected complication and they were extending the operation for far longer then it should be due to preventing capital ship support. Nonetheless, the A-Wings of Blue Flight did their best to mop up the rest as quickly as they could. More then half of the mines had already been shot down and Teagan and her fellow pilots were making swift progress with the remainders.

    It was enough for Jal. Despite no doubt being in the thick of the skirmish with the TIEs, the leader of Red Squadron commed in, "I sent the signal and we have Zeal!"

    Reverting to real space right between the transports of Wraith Group and the sensor array was the DP20 Frigate of the Dissenter Task Force. The gunners wasted no time as the quad lasers cannons and double turbolaser cannons immediately searched for targets. The group of TIE Bombers that had been steadily moving towards Wraith Group were its first targets and the gunship launched a storm of fire towards the bombers. The Imperial pilots did not expect the arrival of the capital ship and to any onlooker it was like flying into a meat grinder as the bombers were overwhelmed by the salvo of laser fire. Explosions dotted where the Zeal struck and when the bomber group came out of the storm...only three were left.

    The B-Wings took care of the rest. Swooping in, they cut loose with their laser cannons and auto-blasters, shredding the Imperial survivors and felling the last of them.

    "This is Captain Merril of the Zeal," came the voice of the gunship's human captain. "Ready to provide fire support."

    "Green Group, you're free to make your attack runs on the sensor array!" commanded Jal. "Blue Flight, you may engage with Red Squadron to finish off these TIEs!"

    Both the B-Wings and the Zeal turned as one towards the sensor array. While the Rebel fighter/bombers switched to their torpedoes and start locking on, the Zeal turned its guns to new targets: the TIE Fighters. Though the X-Wings were closely engaged with the TIEs, the gunship nonetheless took its shots as the flesh-and-blood gunners gave up controls to the automated targeting computers of the gunship; it would cause the gunship's fire to slow but it would be far less likely to hit friendly Rebel fighters.

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    Control Station of Sensor Array IOS34

    While Arsin carefully placed the lengths of tape on the door, the rest of the co
  7. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Part 2 of 2

    Ambush Point

    Both Emil and the Mon Cal commando jumped and trained their weapons upon hearing Marneg's "accidental" discharge but their trigger fingers were, fortunately, kept in check. Though it was hard to see on the Mon Cal's face, it was easier to find the look of distress on Emil's when he looked down at the man that Marneg had nearly shot. For a moment - and Marneg's ramblings certainly didn't help from making him think otherwise -, the human commando had thought that the good doctor had actually shot him. Fortunately, he realized that the man wasn't and his shoulders - and his gun - were lowered.

    "This is our doctor?" Emil questioned his companion and the Mon Cal shrugged helplessly. Shaking his head, Emil looked towards Azar. "Major, cargo bays are secured and with the cargo ready to be taken when the Adjutant arrives."

    Past the doorway that Ghost had just sliced into were crates upon crates of cargo that were stacked on top of one another. Though no doubt weighing several tons no matter what they carried, a couple computer consoles stood off to the side. Powering them up would reveal what the group needed: the manifest. Upon the screens came rows upon rows of text that told them exactly what each cargo crate carried.

    Considering the Demeter was one of three ships that were to resupply Imperial outposts in the Outer Rim, it came stock with everything that Imperial garrisons would need: weapons, spare parts, bacta and other medicines, foodstuffs, everything and anything that the personnel of the Dissenter Task Force could use. But they couldn't take it all as the Adjutant didn't have anywhere near enough room to house all the supplies that the large Demeter carried. That's what people like Marneg were here for to point out just what, exactly, was needed for the task force.

    Which left not much else to do but to...wait. Not exactly the most glamorous part of the mission but it didn't mean any other problems. Even now, over the comms, it was being reported that the Adjutant had jumped in and was even now beginning docking procedures to take what they needed. With the Demeter cut off from support and the crew having been detained, there was no way that anything could go wrong-

    Something just went wrong.

    The Mon Cal lifted his comlink, his eyes suddenly going wide and blinking rapidly. Turning to Azar and everyone else he shouted, "The Strike Cruiser has just jumped in!"

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    Ambush Point

    It was just as quiet outside the Demeter as it was inside. The Demeter was the only vessel that could've proven hostile to the Rebels and that had been disabled and was currently under the guard of Rebel commandos. There was nothing else that Gold and Chaser Squadron could do but continue their patrol on the off chance that some Imperial warship or random pirates may happen to jump in on their claim.

    One ship did arrive out of hyperspace but it wasn't an Imperial warship but, rather, the GR-75 transport Adjutant; the designated supply ship of the Dissenter Task Force. It's captain was a Twi'lek named Roken Jal that had once been a smuggler but had decided to turn to the Rebellion sometime before Hoth. Since then the Adjutant and its alien captain had been transporting and housing supplies for the Rebellion's mixed bag of a fleet ever since. Despite being assigned to the Dissenter and Commodore Aldor, its duties had been left mostly unchanged.

    Silently, the GR-75 transport cruised towards the Demeter and Grynn, still in the cockpit of his transport, had a nice view of the vessel merging with the Action IV Transport. Now cargo lifters, droids, and workers would be feeding into the cargo bay of the Demeter to secure all the cargo that they needed.

    And that was when things went wrong.

    "Contact!" came a shout from one of Yulafa's Y-Wing pilots. "Ship coming out of hyperspa
  8. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Ghost
    Aboard the Demeter

    "What?!" Ghost whirled, eyes wide. He had been slouched against the wall, idly watching the boarding party poke around the cargo bay while listening in to the bridge chatter (mostly silence punctuated by gruff commands; the Rebels had taken the crew, but neglected to confiscate their comlinks and earbugs), but then the Mon Cal exclaimed that a strike cruiser had jumped in. And no, he wasn't mistaken - the bridge chatter had just exploded with exclamations.

    Damn, damn, damn ...

    Surely they hadn't managed to call for help? He'd rigged the navicomp to report the wrong location so even if they'd managed to broadcast before the attack knocked out their comms, they'd only be able to tell anyone where they were supposed to be. This shouldn't be possible. Unless -

    "They must have traced our jump vector," the slicer realized, dismayed. How had they done it so fast? He'd known it was possible, theoretically, but they'd have had to come out of hyperspace, realize the Demeter was missing, jump back, compute the trace, and then make another jump - surely they couldn't have managed it that fast.

    Except they had.

    What now? Ghost wondered. Was there anything they could do? The Demeter was disabled - he would've been able to reverse his sabotage, but the first thing the Rebels had done was knock out its systems with ion cannons, and there was no way to get around that. And there was the possibility that the Strike Cruiser would just decide the Demeter was lost and fire upon them. Imperials were legendary for shooting first and asking questions later.

    "We should go," the slicer ventured, worriedly, glancing at Emil and the major.

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  9. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Tayse
    Space around Sensor Array

    Tayse continued to juke around and attempt to make himself less of a target as he and Red 10 flew in and around the remaining TIEs. He vaguely heard Red Leader comm to say that he was calling in the big guns so to speak and watched the Zeal join the battle. Tayse was aware that the tide was likely to continue in their favor with the Zeal now here with them, but the battle was still not done.

    He snap rolled his X-wing and dove after a lone TIE. He fired off a burst at the TIE, knowing he would miss, and watched as the TIE jumped right into Ten's quadburst. The two pilots had been trialing that maneuver recently with some success. This was one of the lucky times to have worked.

    "Nice shot, Ten." He called over the comm.

    Tayse's R2 unit, Kilter, was keeping track of data for them to see which way the pilots tended to jump to see if there was a pattern. He knew he was going to need every advantage possible in order to continue to survive these engagements. The two were clear of TIEs at the moment so Tayse took a minute to observe what was going on in the rest of the battle.

    "Red 9 and 10 are clear, any other pilots need help?"

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  10. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Teagan Niall
    Space around Sensor Array

    The space around the sensor array was becoming increasingly dangerous. Laser fire from both Ally and Enemy star fighters coupled with the debris from exploded mines made negotiating the battlefield treacherous. Little pieces of shrapnel bounced off the A-Wing?s shields, sparking against them briefly as contact was made. Teagan cursed inwardly, this mission was not going as well as they had hoped, they should have seen that Array exploding and be ready to jump back out of the sector by now, but the arrival of those damn TIES had complicated things. She and the rest of blue flight were almost completely finished taking out the mines when the voice of red leader came in through the comms. He was going to finally call in the capital ships for support.

    "I sent the signal and we have Zeal!"

    Her ship computer logged the vessel as if reverted back to real space, the zeal, a DP20 Frigate that carried an impressive amount of firepower. Its high powered lasers and cannons began to seek out targets as it acted as a wall between wraith group and the enemy assault. The TIE bombers who had been confident enough to try and destroy wraith group just minutes earlier, were shredded by the Zeal?s high powered guns. The three that managed to avoid the pummelling were punished by the waiting B-Wings. The support of the Zeal would help take the heat off the star fighters, but there were still enemy ships that needed to be taken down. Red leader?s voice once again came through Teagan?s headset

    "Green Group, you're free to make your attack runs on the sensor array?Blue Flight, you may engage with Red Squadron to finish off these TIEs!"

    Teagan double clicked her comm in response before bringing her fighter around in a sharp turn towards the remaining TIE fighters. Blue four was still in formation beside her. Looked like he was getting his wish after all. She levelled out her shields once again. The mines anti-star fighter defences had barely put a dent in them, but the same thing could not be said for TIE lasers. Especially considering the A-Wings shields were significantly less resilient then those of its X-Wing counterparts. She quickly sent a message though to her wingman.

    ?Alright Four, watch your shields and watch your back, were going in!?

    She said sharply, her voice all business as she brought her fighter into a dive and flew into the fray. The TIE fighters were being whittled down one by one, but the remaining stragglers were still dangerous. Teagan piloted her A-Wing through the laser storm, spotting a TIE that looked to be trying to flee to the edges of the battlefield. Teagan gave chase, pressing down on the accelerator she followed, the enemy fighter juking about as it tried to evade her lasers. It rolled and went into a steep dive when the pilot realised he was being tailed. Teagan brought her own fighter down after it, she felt the g-forces pushing her back in her pilots chair as she closed the distance quickly. This is where the A-Wing came into its own, pure speed. She knew from experience that clunky unshielded fighter had limits, and she was more than ready to exploit them. Her targeting computer locked onto the enemy ship and went green. Teagan fired her lasers, scoring a few hits to the back of the ship, the superheated lasers shearing through the hull. It sparked and shuddered for a moment before exploding in a ball of fire and twisted metal. She arced her ship away from the fireball. In the near distance the Zeal and the B-Wings were lining up their shots at the sensor array. It couldn?t be much longer now.

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  11. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005
    OOC: Sorry. Been a busy past coupla weeks. I have not disappeared again though, in case anyone was wondering. :p

    IC: Alexander Ducal
    Waitin' for Things ta go Boom.

    Well, that certainly could've gone worse. Alex wasn't particularly thrilled with the idea of runnin' into an Imp. Sec. patrol, but the team handled them right well enough. As the smoke settled, Alex moved up to where the corpses lay. He nudged one with his toe, obviously not entirely certain things were really as easy as they'd just been. He reckoned that the Imp would jump up and shout boo or somethin', but no such thing occurred. Alex shrugged, kicked the Imp a bit harder as an after thought, and followed after the Cap'n.

    Paranoia gnawed at Alex's gut, but nothin' happened as they made their way to their objective. Now, how the hell no one heard all that ruckus back there was downright confusin' to Alex, but obviously the other Rebel strike teams were doin' their parts to perfection. That or the Imps were asleep at their posts. Leave it ta an Imp to fall asleep at his post. Yeah, Alex had to admit that both might be a tad bit responsible for the ease of the mission thus far.

    The ease of the mission was what was buggin' Alex though. He didn't like easy. Now, sure, he was just as inclined as the next guy ta have a job where everything goes all smoothlike, but he'd been around the galaxy a time or two. Well.... actually, he'd only been on Tatooine until joinin' up with the Rebellion, but the figure of speech would probably be understood for what he meant it. Well, suffice it ta say, Alex had done a lot of jobs like this one. Experience told 'im that easy meant bad. Easy meant something mighty wrong was in the works. Easy meant you better watch your back. And your front. And your sides, if you could at all manage it. Now, we had a point in goin' into all this, and that's that Alex was on guard while the rookie planted his explosives.

    Seein' as the Cap wanted to leave control consoles right as they were, Alex decided that Susan aught ta be put up for the time bein'. Oh, she could tear up people mighty fine, but when it came to precision shootin'..... well, that was why he had the carbine and the blaster rifle. Speakin' of which.... he should probably switch ta one of em, but... which one? The carbine was quicker, and with shorter ranges might be more ideal. The rifle though... well, she was accurate as anythin' Alex had seen. Good rifle, that. But with the carbine, he could pull out the pistol if he needed it..... decisions, decisions....

    In the end, speed won out, so he drew his carbine and unclipped the restraint on his pistol, just in case. He covered the hallway with his carbine, alert, because of, as mentioned before, the relative ease of the mission. However, nothin' came along that raised any bells or nothin'. Just.... annoyin' sirens. Must be off fightin' of the fighter jocks out in space. Frakkin' fighter jocks. Always gettin' the glory when the infantry were the ones bleedin' and dyin' and what not.... focus. focus....

    As Alex pulled himself back into the moment, the door was ready to be blown. Alex took position, intent to charge the room as soon as it was needin' done. That's what he was here for, after all. And three... two... one... KABLAMMY!!!! A slight smile graced Alex's face as the door blew. Explosives always made 'im happy.

    The door blew into the room, and Alex swept in after it, barely givin' time for dust to settle. He did hear something suggestin' that there was someone standin' right in front of the door as it blew. A brief twang of sympathy crossed his mind before Alex shoved it to the back. Time for that later. His carbine raised, he moved into the room far enough that others could come out after him. A quick sweep showed 'im consoles and controls and what have ya', with two technicians lookin' all sorts of dumbfounded as to what was goin' on. Well, they didn't appear to be threats so keep lookin' for.... ah. there. Three guards. Not much time either, they were reachin' for their guns. Alex
  12. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Space Around Sensor Array

    With the introduction of the Zeal, the battle was finished. With the mines destroyed and the starfighter threat being dealt with, the B-Wings were free to make their attack runs. There were no other defenses, no more TIEs or mines, just complete empty space between the cross-shaped bombers and the sensor array. Once in range, the proton torpedoes were fired; over a dozen blue streaks launching from the B-Wings and streaking towards the sensor array. The array's shields collapsed instantly, the torpedoes punching holes into the energy shield before striking the array itself. It was not a military installation; not only were the shields not up to spec but neither was the hull. With just one salvo from the B-Wings the sensor array shattered, the center completely obliterated while the multiple sensors were torn free and went to join the debris field that was now forming.

    All that was left were the TIE Fighters but at this point it was nothing more then a mop up. By the time Teagan and the rest of Blue Flight joined the dogfight, the TIEs had been reduced to less then a squadron. The now more numerous Rebel fighters hunted the last of the TIEs, turning them into fireballs until not a single TIE was left. The Rebel had not been left unscathed either: four of their X-Wings have been lost in this operation, a whole flight. Replacements - both pilots and machines - were going to be needed and the Dissenter Task Force was running out of both.

    With the sensor array destroyed, the signal was sent and the other vessels of the task force jumped in. Namely the corvette Lancer and the Dissenter itself. Usually they would be joined with the Hikahi and the Adjutant but both the light cruiser and the transport were elsewhere on a mission to hopefully liberate supplies from an Imperial convoy.

    "Alright, mission accomplished people," Jal spoke over the comms. "Time to head home. Let's just hope the infiltration team is turning out to be just as successful."

    It was the only reason the control station was still there. Without its TIEs or the mines, the station just hovered there defenseless with a debris cloud that had once been the sensor array hovering next to it. Once the infiltration team was recovered, the control station would probably meet its end as well. But the future destruction of the control station was not part of their job; for the pilots and their starfighters, there was nothing left to do except head back to the Dissenter's hangar and enjoy a nice, long trip to the Outer Rim.

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    Control Station of Sensor Array IOS34
    Server Room

    "Watch the servers!" Treyax shouted before his words were lost to the blasterfire. With Ducal at his side, the two of them rushed in, Alex opening up with his rotary blaster and Treyax blasting with his shotgun.

    The technicians, who were weaponless, could do nothing more then hit the floor while the guards - who had been reaching for their blasters - were cut down. They didn't even get a chance to fire a single shot except for one guard but it had been half-raised out of his holster before one...two...three of Ducal's blasterbolts shot him in the chest and sent him hurtling back. It was a reflex that caused his finger to pull the trigger on his blaster pistol but the red blaster bolt that was shot from the muzzle struck harmlessly upon the floor.

    "Stay down! Stay down!" Treyax was shouting, his shotgun trained on the technicians. "Don't move a muscle!"

    They didn't. With their guards dead and a rebel commando force having stormed into the room, there was nothing else they could really do. They weren't even trained for combat; they were just technicians. Repairing and monitoring computers were all they were meant to do.

    "Watch the door," Treyax was still speaking, now giving orders to the rest of the group. "They could've easily heard our explosive entry." He pointed to Tavil. "Gry'roti. Sensor logs.
  13. docking_bay94

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    Jul 26, 2008
    Arsin Kondarr, Sapper
    Server Room

    Arsin warily walked into the server room, keeping his eyes on the cowering technicians. They seemed to be fairly harmless, but then again, he would have thought the same of himself not too long ago. He set up next to the now open door and opened his pack. If Imps tried to rush down the hall at them, all he'd have to do is lob a grenade over his shoulder to take them out. His gaze drifted over to Callia as the slicer went about his business. He watched her movements, somewhat in awe of her grace. I know she said she can take care of herself, and I believe her now, but... He remembered the guard the captain had taken out earlier, entrails painting the hallway. I can't let anything happen to her.

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    The Stag

    "If you're almost done there, now would be very good to leave. Things are getting out of hand," he growled over the comm.

    He looked at his panels, back out to the battle ahead. Not good. TIEs everywhere, weapons fire all around. It was a maelstrom and he was about to plunge directly into it. Not the most appealing prospect.

    "Hurry up, we don't have much time. Very big guns headed my way. Hrr..."

    He checked his panels again and made adjustments to the inertial dampeners.

    "And strap the hell in when you hit my decks. You're gonna need it."

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