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Star Wars CLOSED The Road to Episode IX: Black Squadron

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Sep 23, 2020.

  1. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Always Watching..... star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Zara Chrischa
    Hangar Deck/ground, on her X Wing.

    Zara had helped and done her job, she now sat on the wing of her ship going over stats on a data pad when she heard Poe's voice. Looking up she tossed the data pad into the open cockpit before leaning forward to listen, noting the attractive Tiber walking behind him, and the tension seemed to have dissipated. He asked if anyone had last thoughts, she didn't, but someone did. The woman approaching caused Zara to sit up straight. General Leia Organa, her regal step somehow belied her age and the trauma she'd suffered in her life. Everyone went silent as someone to be revered was before them. To her knowledge, neither of her parents had met her back during the first Rebellion, so this was a moment to remember for Zara. The other pilots of Black squadron were moving to circle the woman so Zara slipped forward and dropped off the wing, hitting the ground into a crouch before taking her place. The General eyed each of them before addressing the group, reading them. Zara had seen that look on her mothers face before. She raised an eyebrow as Leia's soft brown eyes regarded her before moving on.

    General Organa then addressed them, and her words were genuine and heartfelt. 'Creative' was how she described their Lead, so she knew to stick close there. Zara had known in her heart that this mission was possibly her last, but her mind hadn't accepted that, and still didn't. 'They might not be coming back, but I am' She mused as the General wrapped up. Her attention was called back to Poe as clapped his hands and jumped up on a nearby Y Wing telling them it was time to go. Zara didn't hesitate.

    Moments later she was in her cockpit, her comfort zone. "Ok Squirt, let's show them what can do as a team." She spoke to her droid as the canopy closed. Squirt had been her mothers droid back in the day, its purple dome had been a constant during her childhood and as she grew up to find her passion as a fighter pilot. It sat behind her know, still containing the knowledge of her mothers battles and hers added to its memory circuits. She watched as the engines came up and smiled opening the comm. "Black two is ready to rock and roll." They were going to know who she was if they didn't already. Sitting back she placed her hands on the controls with confidence and began to lift her ship off the ground and began to angle it skyward. There was no going back now.

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  2. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, House was on fire, didn't do it star 4 Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Tiberionel 'Tiber' Ordwgal
    The Princess

    Tiber attempted to emulate the happy go lucky attitude he’d exhibited when he’d first arrived as he followed Poe back into the clearing. But it was a mask, underneath he felt the weight of the responsibility he had been given. His great uncle had told him of situations he found himself in now, but that did little to reduce the feeling that these people, some that could be friends, may or may not survive solely based on his decisions.

    He was still lost in thought as the others filtered in, almost absently noting what may have been a look from Zara. Twi’lek or not she was pretty and he still wanted to talk to her about whether her mother and Feral had ever met. But the darkness that he hoped was hidden in his eyes was a deep distraction. He had to shake himself from it, but was missing a bit of what Poe was saying.

    And then She walked into the clearing. He knew the stories, knew ones others may not, from Feral, possibly that weren’t supposed to be known, but he’d never met her, until today. She looked older than the vision that he had of her in his mind, but the life of the face of the New Republic and now the Resistance was not one that wouldn’t age you, and that did not take into account all that had preceded that. Her aides seemed as much caretakers as aides as they hovered around her.

    Her gaze settled on his as she swept the clearing and he knew….knew that she knew the responsibility he’d been given. That she’d been in similar circumstances, maybe not as suicidal but still dire. He nodded slightly before her gaze passed on but the knowledge that had passed between them reduced the weight, it felt, of what lay ahead.

    He stood quietly, respectfully, as she spoke, drinking in all her words. With his mind still considering what Poe had told them, he knew better than the others what she meant in what she said about their return. He fully intended to get them all home again but….they would end the threat the Kyber represented, whether they could return or not. A whisper from Zara, probably louder than she’d intended, reached his ears and a fraction of a smile crossed his face.

    At the release order from Poe, Tiber turned to his T-70, beginning to climb the ladder to the cockpit. Just before he stepped in, Bones chirped at him, a questioning tone to his voice. ”Yeah Bones, we’re finally on our way.” The canopy closed over him and a second query flashed on the display. ”We are flight lead, yes, once Poe is on the other craft and I do hope you didn’t tell the other droids about our extras, Poe said it is a secret.”

    The engines lit and the fighter came off the ground, gear retracting. Gaining clearance to launch, he waited and listened as the others made their ready calls. Noting those who were up and ready the fastest, he keyed the comm, ”Black One up, cleared to launch. Awaiting up calls from Black Four and Five.”

    He lifted, circling the clearing, waiting for the others to lift and prepare to depart. Bones had the navigation set and all that was needed now was for them all to lift and depart.

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  3. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Devereaux "Dev" Bombardier
    Location: Ajan Kloss

    The group was meeting together again with Poe leading Tiber back and Jess and Zara appearing. Silver fox Aryan hadn't arrived yet but Dev was sure he would be coming soon hopefully.

    He acknowledged Poe’s nod, he wasn't sure whether the squadron leader was probably too pleased about Dev taking his Y wing out for a spin. But Dev reasoned that he needed to in order to make sure his Y wing was up to standard for him to ilot and for Poe to sit in. And it seemed the time for talking was over; it was time for action.

    Before they could rush to their fighters a frail yet strong voice spoke out. It was General Organa herself with her entourage following with her. Of course she had been married to one of the most famous Corellians in the universe, Han Solo. To him she was pure royalty, she could command the room still even thought she looked like she had been through a lot. He noticed Jess hop onto the nose of his Y wing as she spoke…

    Watch the paintwork…..

    He felt her stare literally penetrate him and she could probably somehow sense his pain still at losing Alaris. But that he was just carrying on because he still wanted to do something and not sit around and mope.

    And as she spoke Dev realised that maybe, just maybe this was his last mission. He was older than the other three Tiber, Jess and Zara and had a bit more experience but it didn't guarantee you would come back in one piece. And that he could end up joining Alaris in the big pilot’s lounge in the sky. It was a shame really as he had started talking to Beaumont about things and Rose too. And that had felt good. But being a pilot you never knew what the mission could bring whether you survived or not.

    Of course each mission was different but Dev knew this one was big. And that the First Order would do anything to stop them once and maybe if they were spotted. And he would do as much damage as he could before he moved on.

    No backup, perhaps some chance of success…...well you’ve already said you’re in. Might as well go out with a bang.

    And then it was time to head off, Dev returning to the Y wing. As Poe got in he climbed up the ladder but then looked over to Beaumont and Rose and gave them a slight smile and a salute. It could be the final time he saw them and he wanted to at least acknowledge their help.

    He climbed in sweeping his brown hair aside before pulling his helmet back on and closing the canopy. He ran a systems check and saw that Rose had managed with the short time they had left to get his other engine sorted; he silently thanked her for that. All systems were in the green and BB-8 was in the socket. “Hope you’re both comfy back there” he said to Poe and the little guy “I’ll try to give you a smooth ride”.

    He activated his comm “Black Five, ready to bring the noise” he pulled a device from out of his pocket “Speaking of noise hope you don’t mind a little mood music to get going by….”

    Dev always liked a bit of music before he took off on a mission and this one was no exception. And he thought he had an appropriate track for this one….

    As the music played he lifted the wishbone up and away from the ground taking one last look at the jungles below. He was about to head into the jaws of hell and it was up to him to at least get Poe back safe and sound and try to help his squadmates as best he could.

    Here we go…..

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  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Poe Dameron
    Horthav system edge

    Their jump brought them to the edge of the Core Worlds, and the Horthav system. It was as nondescript as any world, and not vibrant like the jungle world they had just left. Ajan Kloss abounded with life, with energy, in the Force. Horthav, however, it was simply a way-point, with an industry built around it. There was a decent asteroid belt for them to hide behind, and Poe marked a location for them to regroup when they exited hyperspace.

    Their astromechs immediately notified them of quad TIE/FO fighters doing a patrol circuit of the debris, but they had yet to see them. But Poe and BB-8 put together a handful of quiet pings to the others, which were small data bursts rather than full comm messages - which could be picked up if they were too long.

    It would be difficult to coordinate, but Poe hadn't expected a TIE escort immediately.

    But on the long range scans their target was evident; a corvette escorting freighters to the jump point, and, as they watched, the two cargo ships vanished into hyperspace and the corvette turned back to head to the jump-point. Each end of the trail was marked by a pair of TIEs. They could each extrapolate that the way the various planets and moons worked meant that to get to Kuat a ship had to decant at point A, and then the corvette would escort them to point B so they could jump on. As they were escorted, the corvette scanned the freighters.

    The overall system was periodically scanned by the quad of roving TIEs, who headed to the other planets and moons in the Horthav system periodically. Poe leaned back to Dev. "I reckon those TIEs will have to refuel pretty regularly, which means they'll head back to the corvette at some point."

    BB tweetled.

    "Yeah, before or after they find us?"

    He transmitted a route to the other Black Squadron ships; a single micro-jump to the side of the corvette, into it's own sensor shadow.

    Poe nodded, and watched as the four TIEs swept the debris field.

    There were eight TIEs total, so they had to be careful... they needed to capture the corvette, without alerting Kuat that it had been compromised. Which meant they needed to attack the closest TIEs as a distraction... and some of them had to micro-jump to the corvette.

    But Poe couldn't communicate such a complicated idea, and they weren't Force users, nor an experienced team.

    He needed them to react to the TIEs, or intuit what BB-8's data meant.

    Setting his teeth, he looked to Dev. "Make sure we are one of the fighters who jumps, and the ion cannon is ready..."

    The four TIE/FOs swept the asteroid field, and Poe held his breath.

    Any moment now the TIEs would see them...

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  5. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, House was on fire, didn't do it star 4 Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Tiberionel 'Tiber' Ordwgal
    Horthav System

    As soon as they had jumped into the Horthav system, Tiber’s eyes and sensors of his ship began sweeping the area. His panel beeped, ”Yes Bones, it doesn’t look good.”

    Turning his head, he checked that the rest of the flight was with him, beginning to take up hiding spots inside the asteroid belt. Nodding he looked down once more as the pings from Poe began scrolling minute amounts of data onto his screen. Frowning, he looked out of the viewscreen once more.

    The frown deepened as he saw how things stacked up. They needed the corvette but that wouldn’t be possible without dealing with the roving patrol, which was coming up on their position rapidly. ”Bones, ping the flight, Black Two with me, the rest microjump to the corvette. Yes….I know it’ll be two on four but we don’t have a choice.” the last in response to a worried whistle from the astromech.

    Taking up position in the shadow of an asteroid that would keep him out of sensor and visual detection of the TIEs as long as possible, he brought up his cannon, leaving his missiles offline, as he felt he’d need them later. He wished they’d had any time to practice or that he could comm Poe and make sure the man knew what he was planning but that would give them all away and they’d have a small capital ship and all eight TIEs on them in seconds with that.

    Hoping Zara and the others understood what he was planning, what needed to be done, he waited, a not so patient hunter, waiting for his prey to come into view.

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  6. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Always Watching..... star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Tiberionel 'Tiber' Ordwgal, Zara Christa
    Horthav System - (Thank you to @darthbernael for this fun romp.)

    Zara pulled out of hyper and immediately scanned her screens. “Oh, not good.” She muttered as Squirt began to feed information and warn her. “Yeah, I see it.” She added.

    ”Bones, ping the flight, Black Two with me, the rest microjump to the corvette. Yes….I know it’ll be two on four but we don’t have a choice.”

    Zara gave a sage nod. “Copy.” Banking to follow on One’s six, slightly to port she saw what he was doing. “Oh, we’re playing hide and seek, are we?” She allowed a smile as she slipped lower to an asteroid down from his, moving in close to the smoothest surface she opened a private comm to One. “In position.”

    "Roger.." Tiber responded. And then the characteristic hexagons of a TIE began to appear in his viewscreen. A quick glance and calculation and he waited for the lock-on tone. As soon as that sweet noise hit his ears he fired, jamming the throttles forward.

    He responded just as Sparks was alerting her to something else, she frowned. “What? In the asteroid?” A quick beep response. “Ok, lifting up a bit, don’t want to be eaten by a space slug.” Her senses lit up, TIE’s incoming. Zara was ready and narrowed her eyes slightly as she waited for them to get close enough, second ticked by and out of the corner of her eye she saw Tiber gun his ship forward. A few more seconds and she got the sound she wanted and joined him.

    The ion cannon spat fire and hit directly on the mounting arm for the TIE wing, shearing the entire panel off of the ship. He pulled up as he erupted from behind the asteroid, evading the suddenly yawing TIE, and the debris that exploded outward as the other fighter careened into the rock he'd just been behind.

    A second glance upward told Zara her wing was already on the job when she sighted the pair of TIE’s coming her way. “Let’s dance” She murmured as she opened fire on them. One of her bolts struck the solar panel, the second blowing the top half of the wing off, causing the craft to be unbalanced. Before the pilot could adjust, she hit him again. The reward was and exploding cockpit.

    Incoming fire from the second pair of TIEs caused Tiber to dodge and weave between the bolts. A shriek from Bones told him of a near miss. Flipping his fighter over, he slipped back and forth between the asteroids, checking again to make sure Zara was staying close. Keying the comm, "Got any ideas? We've lost the element of surprise now."

    Zara always had ideas. “Sure do,” She opened her comm to an open channel. “I’m hit, I’m hit, get clear, I’m done!!!” She almost yelled into it before going back to private. “Bait.”

    Tiber grinned at her open call, pulling into a wide loop, speeding up. His maneuver took him around another asteroid and made him slow to a degree, pulling him behind the two TIEs. Then began their own evasive maneuvers as he tried to get a lock, firing the ion cannon as they flew past his nose. He was rewarded with small flashes of debris splintering off of one and he focused on that craft.

    Following it, "Got one that may try to get on my 6, following one that's slowly getting disabled." he sent to Zara. Returning his focus to the TIE before him he began shifting the nose back and forth, firing at the outside of the asteroids they were flying through, making them tumble into the path of his foe. Finally, he was rewarded as one tumbled just right and hit one panel, driving the TIE directly into his gunsight. Holding down the trigger he was finally rewarded when the cockpit blew out and the TIE crashed directly into the next asteroid in their path.

    Zara released enough of her secret weapon to give the impression she was disabled. Squirt chortled as the chaff had mini explosives in it, and it was doing its lightshow. She dropped engines to be in an almost drift and waited. A smile spread over her lips as the TIE came directly at her, "Get ready Squirt, I want double front shields and full power on my mark." A quick almost silent burst of her thrusters had the ships nose turning to face the oncoming thread. "Ready...." The TIE got closer, it had accelerated and, in her mind, she was marking till its pilot had tone. "NOW!!" She accelerated at speed pulling her trigger feverishly as she went. Several of the now incoming bolts struck at her shield but it was too little too late as her lasers ripped through what had to be shocked and possibly terrified pilot and its cockpit. It exploded in a fireball and she gunned her engines to fly through the debris much to Squirts howling protests.

    Tiber banked around the nearest asteroids, closing back on Zara as she dueled with the last of the patrol. As he emerged behind her, he was greeted with the sight of the last TIE exploding. Closing on her, he pulled up along, nodding to her, "Nice shot." he transmitted.

    With the patrol gone, the others would have a clearer path to assaulting the corvette. He sent a burst ping to Poe, so he knew the patrol was gone and then banked to bring the two fighters closer to the edge of the asteroid fleet but still hidden, just on the chance that their two fighters would be needed again.

    “We done?” Zara asked with a good deal of attitude.

    Tiber chuckled, "I say we've earned our keep for the day, as long as the others do their part, we'll be good to continue." he replied.

    "Good, on your six."

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  7. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    Poe Dameron, BB-8, Dev Bombardier, Jess Pava (combo with brilliant @Jerjerrod-Lennox and @Sinrebirth )
    Horthav system edge – Stalking the Beast


    Jess quietly but diligently ran through the reorientation checks as her T-70 slipped from hyperspace. Poe pinged them from Black 5 to make sure all were in position.

    Then Rolo chortled something and she studied the console. There, currently hidden from them by the asteroids, a TIE patrol.

    “Oh no…” she breathed. Poe would not have planned for this.

    Jess studied the local system astro-geography and spotted the corvette. In moments she figured out the translation corridor; starships travelling to and from Kuat would need a short realspace cruise to get beyond the gravity wells then jump again to hyperspace.

    She watched as two freighters did exactly that. Her brow creased. More TIEs patrolled each end of the translation corridor.

    But the corvette was now unaccompanied. This was the perfect opportunity. Jess exhaled again, her adrenalin starting to pump. Who needs hours of preparation time? We get here, we gotta move instantly! That was always Poe’s style and Jess had become used to it.

    On cue, the Y-wing sent across the coordinates for a micro-jump. Jess did the math in her head; that would take them right beside the corvette. She shook her head as Rolo burbled a query.

    “We have to get on it without them seeing us coming, Rolo,” said Jess. “Activating the stealth cloak.”

    Her astromech hooted an objection. “I know, I know! But hopefully we won’t need shields.”

    She glanced across to Black 5, wishing she could open comms, but trusting that Poe had a plan to get onto the corvette.

    But what about that TIE patrol? the question burned in her mind. They needed a distraction. The First Order ships would see the Resistance fighters in moments...

    No sooner than she realised this, then Black 1 and Black 2 gunned their engines and went into action, making themselves seen and felt with aggressive acceleration towards the TIEs.

    Now they really had to move quickly. Jess did not need any order from Poe. She shifted the hyperspace lever and her X-wing suddenly erupted into light speed.

    Only a moment later, she was in the sensor shadow of the corvette, just beneath the wake of its engines. She checked the stealth cloak; working fine. Just gotta hope no-one looks out the window! she thought.

    She peered around nearspace, looking for Poe and Dev...

    * * *​

    So this was essentially a stealth mission Dev thought. Of course it would be difficult, no mission was ever easy. Add trying to get past TIE fighters into the mix and it got a whole lot more complicated.

    "Well let's just hope they don't spot me trying to get you aboard, otherwise we are in a whole heap of trouble."

    Everybody was here by the looks of it, but Silver Fox and his B-wing were nowhere to be seen. Was he hiding somewhere?

    Tiber took command and he was taking Zara with him, which just left him and Jess. He double clicked to acknowledge but inside he fumed. Just one escort….of course he could handle anything coming his way but he would have liked some more backup.

    This is like last time again….

    He took a deep breath, muttered a curse in Corellian and acknowledged Poe's order to arm the ion cannon.

    "Roger that, ion cannon armed" he said flicking a switch.

    Jess had jumped so he might as well too before he was spotted. He input the coordinates so he ended up near Jess, but not so near that they would cross shields. He pulled the hyperdrive lever and popped back out near Jess.

    Dev sent her one comm click as if to say "I'm here". Then he said to Poe "Alright, so where would be the best place to board?"

    * * *​

    Jess was buffeted only slightly by the energy ripple as Poe and Dev's Y-wing sprang from light speed close to her starboard wing.

    So far, so good. The corvette would not be able to see them currently. She glanced back to the asteroid belt then checked the readings of the distant conflict. She offered a little prayer to the Force that Tiber and Zara would make it out intact.

    The distraction would have a limited lifespan. Whatever Poe is going to do, he had better get on and do it. I wonder how many troopers on a corvette? she thought idly, preparing herself mentally for the frenetic action to come. Getting onto the First Order ship was perhaps only the easy part.

    She pulled her X-wing back behind and at an angle to the chunky fighter-bomber, partly as standard formation to cover their tail, partly to give them a clear shot at the old Imperial vessel, and mostly to create a veil to hide them, using her stealth-cloak.

    The corvette could not spot them, but if the TIEs at the jump-point behind them happened to point a sensor their way... this would be the shortest offensive of all time...

    She opened her S-foils, then double-clicked the comlink to signal readiness.

    * * *​

    Poe pointed across Dev's shoulder. "There." He indicated an access port. "That there will put me not far from the bridge. You can then lead Jess into the hangar itself..."

    The man brandished a blaster. "BB-8 is with me; he'll block their comms and you two can draw their attention."

    BB-8 sent a data bundle to Jess’ astromech, detailing the plan in a burst. It would be difficult to decrypt as an astromech-to-astromech update, even if the First Order noticed

    Draw their attention? Was he getting out? thought Dev.

    He supposed he had to, as he essentially had no gunner and no astromech. But he was a Corellian flyboy, he did his best work in the cockpit and leaving Thunderbolt in a hanger with First Order scum possibly crawling all over it was not his cup of tea.

    He spotted that Jess now had her S foils open. It seemed she was ready to go. He already had his cannons and ion cannon armed, the torpedoes he had were not. He wasn't planning to use them unless he had to. In the Resistance you learnt how to use stuff sparingly.

    Hopefully Jess knew the plan too, so once he moved she would follow. Too risky to comm her so close to the enemy.

    Let's just hope we don't get spotted…

    Dev gently moved the Y wing towards the access port hoping not to set off anything or grab the TIE's attention…

    * * *​

    Jess watched as the Y-wing slid closer to the corvette.

    "Oh!" she understood just as the data burst came to Rolo and the droid fed the plan translation to her console. Poe was going to board the corvette through the external access hatch!

    Then she frowned. It looked like Dev was listing to port, but she knew he was too good for that. She realised their mistake. Poe had apparently studied the Raider-I blueprints, but Jess had recognised this particular corvette to be a Raider-Ib.

    The original assembly had been put together by a left-handed designer, and a number of bridge-navigation set ups did not favour efficient use for many crews. The remodeled B was essentially a mirror-image of certain internal setups - including the two access hatches Poe was now approaching!

    Jess triple-clicked her comm furiously in successive bursts to catch their attention. Then she tried to think of how to tell them the hatch they were approaching would put Poe into a trash chute. He wanted the one right next to it if he was heading for the bridge!

    Inspiration came. "Rolo, can you temporarily disable my port landing lights? Just unplug the port ones, okay?"

    Rolo beeped in the affirmative.

    Jess flashed her landing lights, only the starboard lights now showed. She tipped her wings to the right to reinforce the message. Poe often laughed at her bookishness, called her a starship-design nerd, but every now and then it came in useful...

    * * *​

    Poe was about to head to the port, having activated his personal jump-suit, designed to be a short-life shield for keeping oxygen in when you went extra-vehicular, when something finally caught his eye; Jess going mad with the clicking and the lights leaning him -

    What in the Nine Corellian Hells is she -


    He realised as he looked back, his eyes swept across a second access, and when he looked back at the first one, he realised that was a chute.

    "Oops," he said, and looked back at Dev. "That one, even." He popped the canopy, and BB-8 launched, tootling a victory action. Poe grabbed him, kicked off, and the canopy re-sealed over Dev.

    He landed at the access, still blushing from his mistake, while BB-8 opened it. With a thumbs up to Dev, and a blow-torch thumbs-up from the little droid to Jess, they dove in, leaving them to head to the hangar and join the take-over.

    * * *​

    Dev was shaking his head at it all. Jess was going bonkers trying to tell them something, then Poe figured out it was the wrong hatch.

    Thankfully Jess knew what she was doing. That's made me look like a total idiot…..

    It wasn't improving his mood. He knew it was a suicide mission from the start but this was looking suspiciously like he was first in line to be ousted.

    He wanted to show his flying skills, to show he was as good as these X-wing jockeys. But it seemed he would be getting out of his comfort zone to be on the ground. Dev had done nothing like this before, not even as part of Black Squadron.

    Checking his blaster pistol he then turned his Y-wing to lead Jess towards the hanger. He hoped this info was at least correct.

    * * *​

    Jess watched, open-mouthed, as Poe floated up from the Y-wing to the access hatch. "He's crazy..." she breathed.

    Rolo burbled a question. Jess had wondered about how they would get through the security codes, too. She saw BB-8 go up with the dashing captain and nodded understanding. That little droid could work miracles.

    With Poe in place, Dev moved off in his Y-wing. It was a careful, casual, prowling advance towards the corvette's tiny hangar. Jess took a deep breath and followed, keeping an eye on Poe as she passed underneath him.

    She matched Dev's creeping approach toward the flankside hangar, unzipping the upper half of her bulky flight-suit in preparation, and checking her holstered blaster pistol.

    The stages of the upcoming action began to fall into place in her mind: Poe would do his thing, chaos would be unleashed, they should be able to land in an empty hangar.

    After that, it was showtime...

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  8. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Poe Dameron
    Aboard the Raider corvette, Horthav

    Regardless of the relative humour of his near epic fail in boarding through the chute, Poe shook it off and headed quickly to the nearest terminal. BB-8 plugged in immediately, rushing to deactivate the comms as Dev and Jess headed into the hangar. Yes, it was indeed relatively empty - there was a single TIE/SF present - but it still had crewers, and they eyed the two Resistance fighters and immediately sprung into action.

    One slapped the nearest alarm, and in short order Stormtroopers began to spill into the hangar, eight taking up positions behind drums and crates, as a pilot ran from the ready room across the hangar for his stationary TIE -

    The eight troopers began firing with blaster rifles, unleashing a storm of fire that would be relatively ineffective against fighters, but covering a group of four techs who were rushing to set up an E-web heavy cannon -

    There were two modern First Order AT-ST at the rear of the hangar, and across the upper gangway ran two First Order officers, rushing to try and jump into their walkers before they were noticed -

    Poe, for his part, double-clicked that he was in, ignored the alarms, and headed off to the bridge -

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    With the Raider unable to communicate, the two wingpairs of TIEs at either end of the escort string simply did what initiative demanded. They regrouped into a four-TIE flight, and zoomed towards the debris field where their comrades had fallen - and Tiber and Zara. The TIEs were gunning at full speed, and even without targeting locks, each launched two missiles at them in advance of their arrival, eight rockets soaring out to target their rough positions -

    It was a by-the-book response to a Resistance raid, but of course it could mean death for these two pilots if they didn't respond quickly enough.

    Ordinarily the Raider would have reported the attack to command, but with it's comms disabled, Black Squadron had a window to take out the TIEs, commandeer the Raider, and head back to Kuat -

    As long as all the TIEs died, and they took the Raider, of course.

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    IC Tiber and Zara (Combo with @Adalia-Durron)
    Attack Run 2

    Tiber hadn’t heard from the other ships as they attempted to infiltrate the Corvette but he wasn’t surprised by that. Nor was he surprised when the other four TIE’s peeled off from their escort duty and headed toward his flight of two. ”Heads up, four more incoming.” he got out just as eight missiles, free flying, launched from the TIEs. They were unguided as there was no possibility, they had seen either of them in the asteroids.

    He kept his T-70 hidden behind the asteroids as the missiles flew past, ” Black 2, let them get in the field then, we make our move.”

    Sitting in behind the T-70, Zara was reading her screens, behind her the droid let out a mournful sound. "Oh relax, you know we go this." She muttered as she opened comms and double clicked. She'd not done this with this team before, but has learned it fast.

    Finally, they went behind a larger rock and when they didn’t emerge, he kept the nose of his fighter pointed toward the middle, which turned out to be a smart move as the TIEs rocketed out from behind the asteroid, one on either side, firing as they did, racing toward him. “Bones, make sure those other two don’t run up our tailpipe, let Zara know.” he said as he jammed the throttle forward, nose swinging to his left, finger closing on the trigger as the TIE filled his viewscreen.

    Shards of damage began chipping from the TIE as he spun, trying to avoid their incoming fire. Pouring the fire on, it had become a high-speed game of chicken, neither he nor the TIE breaking off as they sped toward each other, both firing at the other.

    Zara allowed a small smile, the other two had circled around an asteroid behind her, they thought they were sneaking up on her. "Ok Squirt, get ready for a hard turn." she said quietly to her droid before counting down "Five, four, three, two..." She gunned her engines and pulled the yoke back hard against her, the back end of her ship accelerated hard but her nose was going upward and the engines pushed it over. Effectively 180 degrees and in her mind upside down but this was space, she was the right way regardless. The two TIE's came around the corner and she was powering toward them, unexpectedly.

    Tiber stayed straight on the path toward the two TIE’s headed his way, the ball canopy quickly filling his screen. Just before the impact came the TIE pulled up and as he saw it pass overhead, a smile came, the left strut separating from the damage he’d done to it. It tumbled away from its companion and he lost track as he whipped around the asteroid they’d emerged from. But the tell-tale red flashes passing over his canopy told him the other had tucked in behind him and was trying to take him out as he darted this way and that through the smaller rocks.

    They obviously didn't see her pulling this so when she opened fire they reacted slowly. Zara was aiming, specifically. Pulling her trigger, she was trying to be specific as she moved her controls to dodge the incoming wild shots.

    She got tone and fired.

    The solar panel on the starboard TIE took three hits, and blew off. It had the affect she wanted as it spun toward it's wing mate, clipping it, and ripping the wing off the second ship. Both ships rolled into each other and exploded.

    Tiber hugged each asteroid closely, his course bringing he and the TIE trailing him back around toward Zara and the TIE’s he knew she faced. Bursting out from the last he saw that her two were down, the fireballs already dissipating. ”2, I’ve got the last on my 6.” he called over the comm, racing in a weaving pattern in her general direction.

    He could see her diving and he looped down then pulled up toward her nose, trying to get the TIE to follow as he flew almost directly toward her.

    This was like playing chicken with her brother Ethan-Cassell back home. She was closing fast and she knew this game well, she always won it, and she did again this time. 50 meters, she rolled 180 Degrees and the belly of her craft ran under only centimetres from his and the TIE came into view. "See ya later." She said as she poured her laser fire into the oncoming TIE.

    It never saw her coming, or at least it felt that way.

    Tiber held steady as he flew directly at Zara. Luckily, she was ready and knew what she was doing. He kept the stick in as neutral a position as possible as she flipped and flew past him, belly to belly. As soon as she was past, he chopped the throttle, whipping the nose around, and reengaging, tucking in behind her as she tore into the last TIE. A minor flick of the stick and he was just to the side, his fire joining hers as they dove on the last of the escorts.

    The TIE exploded and with shields set double front she once again flew through the explosion. Zara loved that feeling.

    He ceased firing as she had taken it out just as he reengaged. ”Nice shooting, Z. And beautiful flying.” he called, before turning and making his way to the edge of the asteroid field, waiting for the boarding team to make their call that they’d done their part, knowing she’d be tucked in close.

    Zara smirk. ‘Z’? she thought, ‘works I guess, better than Princess.’ “Right back at you.” She responded as she slipped in behind him on port.

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    Jess and Dev (combo with @Jerjerrod-Lennox and @Sinrebirth )
    Entering the Raider


    As Dev carefully maneuvered Thunderbolt towards the hangar, the situation didn't look too bad from where he was sitting. One lone fighter, a couple of walkers, a few crew members…

    Should be easy….until the alarms went off. At least Poe was safe and he double clicked back in acknowledgement and to basically tell him that he was in.

    The pilot was going for his TIE, an E-web was being set up, and officers were heading towards the walkers. Dev knew he could take out the walkers with his laser cannons but since Poe said that they had to take this Raider intact...ion cannon it was.

    Hopefully he and Jess wouldn't go for the same target and he still couldn't comm Jess to tell her, he had no astromech to send an encrypted comm burst. They would just have to wing it.

    "Alright First Order scumbags, prepare to taste Thunderbolt'slightning…" he grinned. "Literally".

    It would be a tough shot but he could do it. He took control back of the ion cannon from the pilot's seat and focused on the walkers.

    First one shot went out, he quickly turned the cannon and fired at the second. That was hopefully one threat out of the way for now...

    * * *​

    Jess followed Dev's Y-wing into the corvette's hangar, chewing her lip with anxiety.

    One did not simply turn up inside First Order capital ships uninvited and expect easy landings. Sure enough, as soon as they were spotted a flurry of hostile activity erupted. Rolo gabbled at Jess, the droid's angular domed head spinning and identifying threats.

    Jess loved her T-70; at high speed it was unmatched for maneuverability, and its sleek aerodynamic lines made it equally agile in atmosphere. But when it came to going slow, or even hovering, it was as elegant as a bantha. That was when she envied the enhanced gyro engines of the TIE/sf, that seemed to defy inertia.

    Dev's chunky old Y was even worse. But it did have an ion cannon. Jess spotted it lock into forward-firing position and knew he must be taking control of the weapon. Of course, she understood, we have to take this hunk intact. Blasting the hangar with fully-powered cannons defeats our whole purpose!

    Jess focused her concentration as they penetrated the void shield and entered the confined area of the hangar, switching immediately to retro thrusters. She counted off the targets identified by Rolo and figured the older pilot would hit the larger pieces of hardware with his ion cannon - hopefully taking out that parked TIE first, then the walkers.

    She knew the stormtroopers and that E-web would make equally deadly threats...

    Jess activated the underslung ax-190-B. The ferocious little multi-blaster spat out a fearsome barrage of anti-personnel fire that would hopefully pulverise the infantry while (even more hopefully) not cause too much catastrophic damage to the inside of the hangar.

    One by one, the stormtroopers vanished into fire, as much as the E-web was shredded, and the AT-STs were crippled by ion fire. A human hit with an ion burst was a dead one anyway, as the intensity was just too high. Had they made it inside the walkers, they might have been shielded -

    But all that gave the pilot time to dive and reach his TIE, and he detached cables to boost into the air, activating shields and turning to open fire with his chain of lasers at close range, sweeping across the path of the two Resistance fighters -

    This was one hell of a close-range duel, and the TIE was nudging itself to squeeze between the two of them and line up for an escape run!

    Typically annoying, it was a good pilot!

    * * *​

    Jess watched with grim satisfaction as the ax did its work and the immediate threat of the troopers and the E-web were scattered. A glance across the bay told her Dev had dealt with the two walkers very efficiently with his ion cannon. This just might work… she dared to think.

    Then the TIE broke from its cable tethers and began to move towards them.

    "Oh no... not good!" she blurted out. Rolo agreed with an electronic hoot of dismay. If that one got out to open space, the whole plan would be up in smoke.

    Jess gritted her teeth. So much for not smashing up the hangar with laser cannon fire, she sighed. The wings of her T-70 were still in their x-position; the powerful KX-12 lasers primed to unleash their power.

    But the TIE was moving from stationary position alarmingly quickly. In moments it would be past her X-wing and Dev's Y-wing and heading out of the hangar to scream the alert to all First Order ships in this part of the galaxy!

    Jess coerced the retro-thrusters to turn her hovering fighter anti-clockwise, to get into position to fire. It was infuriatingly slow. In her head, the math told her the TIE would flash by her before she could shoot…

    Then she saw Dev’s Y-wing do something odd. Retro thrusters were meant for gentle nudging during vertical landings and take-offs, or for docking in space, not violently quick maneuverings inside hangars. An eruption on Black 4’s portside told Jess he had fired his emergency air-brake as well- but only the starboard side. These one-shot safety measures were meant to halt a starfighter’s momentum very suddenly for emergency landings on very small patches of land. But in practice, they were essentially forward-firing jets. By firing only the starboard side, Dev had set his starfighter into a sudden mad spin!

    * * *​
    Dev was feeling proud of his old Corellian trick to turn the ship into firing position at triple speed. He did not need the target-lock, the TIE was so ridiculously close, barely past the end of his Y-wing's nose. The hexagonal wings usefully gave a large target in profile, too. However, he was spinning at a crazy speed and realized at the last moment that Jess’s X-wing was right beyond the TIE's flight path... if he missed, he would very likely hit her instead.

    “Goodbye, scumbag!” he mumbled, then thumbed the triggers. The Y-wing shuddered as it spat ruby javelins of laser at the escaping TIE…

    * * *​

    The blasts hit the TIE and it wobbled, the pilot clearly compensating for the hole in his solar panel - hard to do in the atmosphere-like conditions of the hangar, resisting the cruiser’s gravity -

    The fighter tipped and crashed into the deck, sliding out the hangar, about to fall out into space -

    The pilot popped the cockpit open and leapt out, rolling to the floor and then lying still -

    The TIE fell out into space, drifting, falling apart from it's own motion... a quiet death, considering the slightly laser-peppered hangar, though it was relatively intact considering!

    There was a slight burn crease across Jess's X-wing's nose though... one stray blast had crept through to ping off her. Their fighters were so close to one another they could now see each other in their cockpits. Jess gave Dev an angry glare.

    Poe came across the comms. "Bridge secure, guys, escape pods locked down, crew mostly accounted for. Hangar sorted?"

    “This is Black 3,” Jess broke the com-silence, still insisting on using protocol idents. “Hangar… err… mostly accounted for. Setting down now!”

    As her starfighter settled Jess jumped out and quickly prepped for on-board fighting, pulling out her blaster pistol and discarding the cumbersome flight suit. Rolo ejected from his socket and rolled up to her, burping indignantly.

    She waited for Dev and nodded agreement with her droid.

    “Yeah, that was a neat trick, but he almost put a hole in my ship!”

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    IC: Acting Captain Poe Dameron
    Aboard the Raider, Horthav system

    In short order, it was over. Most of the crew had headed to the hangar to get shot up and down, and Poe and BB-8 took the bridge without much trouble. The crew was killed in the capture, unfortunately, but it became quickly apparent that the pilot that had nearly escaped was alive - and Poe placed him in the brig after sending an update that Resistance raiders had attacked and been repulsed, albeit at the cost of all the TIEs they had in-system.

    Honesty, after all, was the heart of a good lie.

    He called Tiber and Zara to land, and then them and Dev and Jess to the bridge. "Alright guys, phase one complete, and no casualties," he didn't count the minor damage to Dev's Y-wing as a casualty, "and no torpedoes lost, I think."

    He glanced at them for affirmation, updating the map.

    "So, it turns out that if we want to infiltrate a ground team we'll have to go via the security checkpoint on the Kuat moon. But with the Raider we should be able to escort a freighter to the edge of the security cordon, and you can use the freighter as a shield, avoiding that need." He indicated the shipyards, and the presupposed location of the Kyber crystal.

    "Each of your fighters have had an updated sensor suite installed so that you can track the signature of the crystal, and when you've secured it's location, we can transport it to the Raider by tractor beam." A simple image showed the corvette coming in low to secure the crystal from a dock. It was a projection of what they would encounter, but it was what it was. "Now Tiber will take over command of Black Squadron while BB and I pilot the Raider -"

    The comms chimed, and BB screeched.

    It was Admiral Vonn of the First Order.

    Poe hissed. "I can't take the call I'm too well known - "

    BB-8 also howled an update.

    "What do you mean the pilot escaped the brig?"

    The Brig

    The aged pilot was, after all, no mere pilot. He'd been flying for the Empire and then First Order for decades now.

    Turr Phennir
    was more cyborg than human by now, and so far beyond the young man who had taken the surname of the Jedi who had sponsored him off the streets. He was no longer a Kya, just a fighter ace, determined to do his part for the Empire restored. Well; Supreme Leader Kylo Ren was no Emperor Palpatine, but he had the Force on his side, and that was more than sufficient for Turr, who knew very well that the Force was that one irritating factor which could not be accounted for in grand military strategy; frustratingly.

    But as a cyborg, it didn't take much to bend a door.

    He would steal a Resistance fighter if it came to it -

    Someone (or someone's) would need to get on it.

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    Jess Pava
    On board the Raider – Phase One Complete!


    Jess assembled with the rest of Black Squadron on the bridge with Poe, overjoyed to see Zara and Tiber had come through the dogfight with the First Order TIEs intact. The two aces must have pulled some amazing flying.

    The Raider was taken, and thankfully once the threats of the hangar had been neutralised, it had not been a bitter, grueling blaster fight. This escort ship had only had a minimum crew. Jess marveled at her commander’s target selection skills.

    She shot Dev a wounded look when Poe claimed “no casualties,” but did not speak. She knew he had saved the whole mission by preventing that TIE/sf from escaping.

    Jess listened carefully as Poe outlined the next part of his plan. She frowned. There was a lot that could go wrong with trying to use tractors beams like that, and it assumed the crystal would helpfully be sitting unfastened in a nice spot for grabbing.

    Oh well, we’ll deal with the situation when we get there, she thought. That was pretty much her mantra for missions with Poe.

    Then two things happened at once.

    The voice of Admiral Vonn crackled over the long-com. Poe demurred on taking the call this time. That was surprising given his brash confidence, but made sense if Vonn knew him well.

    Jess bit her lip and looked to the others. Sweet-talking and bluffing were not really her forte.

    Then BB8 reported the pilot from the hangar had somehow gotten out of the brig.

    Dammit! This could really cause a problem!

    This was something she could help with. She unholstered her pistol.

    “I’ll go check on the fighters, he will probably head for the hangar…”

    Jess hoped she would not be alone in volunteering for this task…

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    OOC: A fun combo with @Adalia-Durron and @Sinrebirth

    IC Tiber and Zara
    Escaped Pilot, Aboard the Raider, Horthav system

    Tiber and Zara had brought their X-Wings into the hangar without incident. As he climbed from the cockpit, he unlatched the blaster rifle from its mount behind his seat. He wasn’t sure he’d need it since he had his pistols but better safe than sorry. Slinging it across his back, he made his way to the bridge, knowing Zara was coming as well.

    Zara made it to the bridge and what she considered a very open briefing and glanced at Tiber when Poe announced he'd be leading. The plan seemed pretty straight forward, but Zara was smarter than that and knew 'first contact' was the unknowns. She worked well with Tiber, she'd proven that already so this was not a surprise at all that he'd be leading. She had no such aspirations.

    When Poe mentioned that they hadn’t expended torpedoes he nodded, they’d made sure to use their cannons only, saving the torps for when they’d really need them. He listened to the brief and when Poe mentioned he’d be taking over when at Kuat a tiny downturn of his mouth came as it reminded him of the deeper responsibility he had, just in case. And then the briefing went sideways.

    The comm beside Poe opened and an Admiral Vonn of the First Order demanded attention, much to Poe's horror.

    "I can't take the call I'm too well known - "

    Tiber moved out of the holo pickup field, Poe was very well known but so was his uncle and he was almost a spitting image of that man.

    Hesitation was fatal in a situation like this, her father had taught her that, act and ask for forgiveness later, so with that in mind she moved forward and pressed the button to respond. "Lt Christa here Sir, how can we be of service?" she asked using her best attempt at a military sounding voice.

    Around her the news of the escaped prisoner was announced, and thankfully she'd closed the comm immediately after speaking.

    Tiber wanted to go off after the man but he and Zara were working so well as a team already and he wasn’t going to break that up if it wasn’t necessary so he waited to see if the Imp Admiral was going to respond and need her reply, first.

    Admiral Vonn responded swiftly. “Who? I don’t have a record of a commanding officer by that name,” his response was stiff. “Certainly not a woman -“

    Poe kept the mute up. “I was about to say, the captain is a man,” he grinned, in spite of himself. “Almost always a man in the First Order,” he sounded wry. “Idiot misogynists.”

    “You’re a good team, the core of the new squadron, I reckon; go get the pilot and Dev and I will sort this.” It was more an estimation that Dev couldn’t handle a former cyborg... not with his concerning mental state.

    There was an alarm; the cyborg was accessing the escape pods? “Ah kark it; the pods have long range comms...”

    ”Frack it, Z,” Tiber began, as he turned to head toward the lifts and the deck with the pods. ”let’s let you take out your anger at the misogyny on this escaped prisoner,”

    He continued walking, then paused for a moment, turning his head, ”Poe, which deck?” he asked, knowing the man would answer by the time they reached the lifts.

    Zara was pissed, she'd forgotten the enemy were pigs and duly snorted before following silently, stewing.

    “Second deck,” Poe said, gesturing them a direction from the bridge. “He’s Turr Phennir, former Imp who never managed to go full warlord. Led a confederation of states pissed off for a couple of years before the First Order came along and wrecked it all.”

    Tiber nodded, ”Frack it, one of those..” he muttered under his breath. Reaching the lift he punched the second deck, holding it until Zara boarded. ”Lock and load, Z, slight stagger formation, I’ll take point. Stick to the walls and we’ll double check each room as we pass, until we reach the pods. A flashbang and then I’ll breach first, you covering me.”

    "And he's important why?" Zara asked in a low tone. She was still annoyed at being told off and the arrogance of men.

    She nodded at the order, no need to speak as she drew her weapon.

    ”A true believer, so to speak. He’s not going to let himself be captured again.” he replied. Drawing his rifle from off his back, he took the safety off and cradled it in his hands, finger off the trigger.

    He pressed against the side of the lift as it drew to a stop. The snout of his rifle quivered and he drew it to a cheek weld as it swung from left to right, checking the exit. In a swift movement, he exited and pressed against the wall, ”Hall clear, let’s go.”

    "Captured, right" She muttered as she pushed herself flat against the opposite wall to Tiber, her lekku twitching with her annoyance. The doors opened and she remained still, her weapon held up beside her face as she watched him scan the area down the sight of his rifle. He moved off and stated the hall was clear so without hesitation she slipped out and up against the opposite wall to him, her eyes scanning for movements.

    Without moving the rifle, ”If he lets us, yes.” As he passed doorways, he waited for her to join him, if it was on his side, then stepped in to clear it. If it was on her side, the opposite would occur. Slowly they made their way down the hall to the room the pods were in. Lifting his comm to his lips, ”Poe, in place, lock it down once we’re inside.” he whispered.

    Gazing at Zara, he took in her posture, nodded, ”Ready, Z?” he asked, just as quietly.

    Inside the room, Turr’s augmented hearing picked up a scuff from outside the door. He smiled thinly, of course the invaders, those scum, wouldn’t let him just wander the ship. He closed the panel he’d been inside, trying to get the pod on a separate circuit from the bridge. Looking around, he ducked behind the console near the pods, his augmented muscles pulling a pair of long strips of metal off of the back of it. Bending the metal so it doubled up, he now had a pair of sharp sided batons.

    A sly smile crossed his face as he knew those outside could have heard the tearing of the metal. Glancing around again, he spotted a couple stacked crates. A quick scuttle and he moved behind the boxes, waiting for these peons to come find him.

    When he spoke she didn't turn, her attention on the sounds ahead, 'tearing metal?' she frowned. She gave Tiber a brief 'thumbs up' without moving much, before turning slightly to him and raising her eyebrows at the sound and its origin.

    Dropping his hand from the guard of the rifle, he lifted the flashbang from his belt, priming it, then nodded to Zara, waiting for her to open the door before tossing it through. ”Once the grenade is in, close it again, fast so we don’t get blinded or deafened.” he whispered.

    Lowering her hand she acted fast, doors open, the flashbang went in and she shut the doors, the explosion was muffled but clear. "What was that metallic ripping sound?" She hissed, she'd never heard it before and it did concern her. Was he even aware of it?

    Tiber had closed his eyes and put the hand from the stock over his ear, even still, after tossing the grenade through the swiftly cycling door. "He knows we're here, guess he's preparing for us.”

    He didn't bother to whisper this time, the flashbang would drown out the sound of his voice, after all.

    Turr heard the hatch cycling. As it closed he heard the metallic sound of something bouncing and rolling on the floor. If they were anything like he...he swiftly covered his eyes and tried to cover his ears. Even behind the crates the light was blinding and he could tell his hearing was affected. Blinking his eyes, trying to get the spots out, he tucked his legs under him, preparing to spring. With his hearing lessened, he’d have to rely on what little he could see from his position, to make his attack.

    From the far side of the hatch, Tiber heard the grenade go off. At a nod to Zara, the door opened and he stepped through, ducking low to reduce his silhouette, ”Turr Phennir, surrender, you have nowhere to go…”

    Zara slipped in behind him, low to the ground she moved to the left of the door, skulking behind a console. She didn't flinch at Tiber's words, she only smiled slightly. 'That's right, be the target' She thought, 'I'm ready for the ....capture.' Zara was under no illusions, if this man had no intention of being captured, and if that was what he wanted she was happy to deliver.

    Turr barely heard his name among the static of his cybernetics recycling to bring his hearing back but he understood the intent. They knew who he was and they were here to take him. A dark smile crossed his face as his hearing finally came back. He could distinguish two sets of footsteps now. One was crossing towards the pods and the other away from them.

    Tiber was close to the pods now and could see one that looked as though it had been tinkered with. Eyes tracking back and forth he could see now that the man probably wasn’t behind the main console. As he looked over to warn Zara with his eyes and direct them toward the crates a little further away, chaos exploded, or more directly the crates did.

    He had to duck low as one flew directly at him. As he came back up from the crouch he saw the man diving low over the crates and then the console, bounding at a speed that told of his cybernetic ‘improvements’, directly at Zara. He brought the rifle up but the distance was closing fast…

    She'd caught Tiber's glance and knew the approximate location of Turr, but when he exploded forth she'd not been ready, at least not to shoot him. In seconds the man was on her, but her training kicked in as she allowed him to push her backward, tucking her legs in as she fell so when he came down on her body her feet were facing toward his stomach. She continued to roll backward extending her feet as she did so to throw him over her body before rolling to her stomach and bringing her blaster to bare.

    Turr growled as Zara’s feet caught him and tossed him past her, his baton striking down toward a shoulder as he flew. Not just was it scum but one of them as one of those damnable athletic alien scum. He hit the floor and came back to his feet in a crouch, from the roll. And then was knocked sideways as the first shot from Tiber’s rifle took him in the shoulder, ”Drop it Phennir, don’t make us kill you.” the tone of his voice belying what he said.

    Flicking one of the batons in a spin toward the man with the rifle, Turr regained his feet as swiftly as possible and dove toward the alien once again. He second baton snapped forward, in a swing at her ankles.

    Tiber twisted, then gasped as the tip of the baton still struck him in the side, almost knocking him off his feet with the strength of the throw. Arm in close, wincing, he lined up a second shot, aiming from one leg. When it hit, it seemed to barely phase the cyborg, merely making him miss a step.

    Something struck down at her shoulder, she felt pain but over that was adrenaline. Use it, her mother had taught her, use the pain and keep going. As she rolled to her stomach she saw him rising and coming back at her, a shot fired at his leg, Tiber obviously as he warned Turr. Zara wasn't going to wait till he killed her as he raged in her direction, she pulled the trigger and watched in what felt like slow motion, a blaster bolt hit the oncoming enemy's stomach.

    Turr grunted as the bolt hit hit, felt his blood beginning to drip. A smile crossed his face and he staggered, continuing forward, swinging the baton again, this time at her hands and the blaster in it. Tiber fired again, this time at the man’s knee, again and again. He watched several of them strike home but the man continued to close on Zara, striking at her once more.

    Zara's blaster was knocked from her hands, but she had no intention of giving up. Scrambling backward on to her knees she prepared for a fight, to the death if necessary.

    Turr snarled, seeing his foe scrambling backward and he darted toward her, drawing back for another strike. Tiber raced forward, reversing his grip on the rifle. Jumping onto the man’s back, he bashed the butt of the rifle against the base of the man’s skull, on the neck. As they crashed to the deck he went to strike again and then found himself flying backward, eyes crossing for a moment as the baton him hit square in the face, knocking him off of the cyborg’s back.

    He was distracted for a brief moment, and that was all she needed. Pulling out her hold out blaster from her boot she fell back on to her butt she opened fire, aiming at his chest and pulling the trigger till there was nothing left in the small weapon.

    Turr roared as the shots began to strike home, staggering to his knees and crawling toward her, intent on destroying this insolent alien who presumed to end him. He reared back, arm swinging as he went to hit and crush her with his improvised weapon. And then a puzzled expression crossed his features.

    Tiber swung his head, clearing the cobwebs, seeing Zara firing on the man from the front. He got to his knees, bringing the rifle up. He had to take the shot carefully…

    Pulling the trigger once, his shot took Turr directly in the spine, just as the last shot fired from the holdout blaster of Zara’s, piercing the man’s heart. They would debate long and hard which of them killed him, but as the body swayed and fell to the deck, all Tiber could do for the moment was sigh and collapse to a seated position on the deck.

    Zara watched the expression change and then the crumbling collapse. She never knew if it had been her or Tiber who'd done it, but she'd claimed it was her. Flopping to lay flat on her back with her knees bent up she let her arms drop splayed out. "Alive huh?" she panted.

    Pressing the butt of his rifle to the deck, Tiber used it to help him get to his feet. Leaning against the console, he looked down at the body, then over to Zara, ”I did say I doubted he’d let us do that. Wish I’d been wrong, so we knew what he was up to but that doesn’t matter now.”

    Wearily, he lifted the comm to his mouth, ”One to Lead, target dealt with, returning now.” he got out before his arm dropped back to his side.

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Devereaux "Dev" Bombardier, Poe Dameron, Admiral Vonn
    Location: Horthav

    Dev was pleased at how his trick had turned out, however his Y wing had ended up with damage on it's nose. Sadly his Corellian luck did not cover damage to his paintwork.

    Jess it seemed was less than impressed but hadn't had time to chat. He had to get out of his Y wing and chase down First Order scumbags. And kill them.

    Dev rejoined Poe and the others on the bridge, thankfully he had not suffered the same fate as his Y wing and had emerged unscathed from his first taste of doing ground missions.

    As Poe outlined the mission ahead of them it seemed the pilot they had captured had decided to do a runner. And a First Order Admiral was calling. Jess it seemed was up for chasing the pilot down, Tiber and Zara hadn't made up their minds yet…

    So maybe it was up to the Corellian to take the hot seat. And hope that the others kept Thunderbolt safe, he'd only just got her back. And to be honest he had no clue what he was doing.

    "I'll take it" he said to Poe "So first off, who am I and what do I say?".

    Poe quickly tapped a console. “Captain Gao, from Vardos.” He pulled a face at that. “A world the Empire burned during Operation Cinder but still fed children to the First Order.”

    He grabbed a captain's hat from the floor and threw it over. “BB-8 make sure only Dev’s face is showing and not his uniform -“

    Not really giving Dev much time to work with, Poe allowed the call to connect. The imposing expression of Admiral Vonn appeared. He looked concerned, and severe, as many First Order officers did. “I understand the Resistance have raided the Horthav node, Captain Gao. I’d appreciate a report on your losses, and whether I need to send a relief force.”

    Poe rapidly gestured with a NO to the latter.

    Dev quickly grabbed the captain's hat that was offered and managed to get his floppy side of his brown hair tucked in and the hat on his head before the comm was put through.

    Show time….

    He had to make this up on the fly as it were plus use any information that Poe fed him.

    He saluted the Admiral and tried his best to give a severe look back and of course hide his Corellian accent.

    "Admiral Vonn" he said simply "Sadly yes we were attacked by Resistance scum" he sneered at that "But they were repelled. The insignificant force they sent has been killed, sadly they took our TIE fighters out".

    Dev felt he had to tell him that bit, he would probably find out soon enough "A relief force is not needed sir, the Resistance would be foolish to attack again, because if they do, they will be crushed like the first team was".

    “And that female lieutenant?” Vonn said stiffly, referring to the prior moment. Poe cringed. “Are you too busy with Resistance strays to respond yourself?”

    Dev inwardly sighed, was Zara trying to get them all killed on the spot? At least Poe was dealing with and hopefully Zara would take the hint and go away.

    "It seems my Lieutenant forgot her place and rudely interrupted" Dev responded steel in his voice "She will be dealt with appropriately".

    The Corellian would be having words with Zara at some point. And hopefully Vonn would be placted enough to continue.

    Vonn nodded. “Women, after all. Hormonal things. Which is why they don’t command,” he said wryly. Poe eye-rolled off-screen. “But I take your point.”

    “I am naturally suspicious, my apologies,” Vonn continued. “The Supreme Leader is maintaining a close eye on Kuat, with the first ship of the Eclipse fleet due for deployment.”

    He paused as Poe’s eyes widened. Vonn continued on. “Bring the Raider into Kuat for repairs. I’ll send another corvette and TIE squadron to relieve you.”

    Poe was nodding voraciously for Dev to say yes. That was the perfect window into the Kuat system; an invitation!

    Thankfully Zara's outburst had not scuppered the whole thing and inwardly Dev released the breath he was inwardly holding.

    Although the comment about women nearly got his back up but he managed to keep his expression neutral.

    "That would be excellent sir" he responded with a nod "At least if the Resistance try anything again, we will be ready for them."

    Vonn nodded slowly. “Excellent, Captain. I’ll be sure to check-in with you personally when you arrive. Let me know when you dock.” With that, he signed off.

    Poe wrinkled his nose. “Don’t like that; do you like that?” He shook his head.

    Dev removed the cap and smoothed out his hair. Now he would have to try and play a First Order captain? And was Vonn coming himself?

    Dev folded his arms "No, I bloody well hate it" he scowled "He didn't seem to be suspicious of my appearance so it seems he hasn't met the Captain which works in our favour".

    "However it's not good that an Admiral might be coming personally to meet him. And he's going to be suspicious if there are three X wings and a Y wing in the hanger. And if a B wing suddenly appears".

    His scowl grew deeper "You know when I signed up for this mission I knew it might be a suicidal one, that I would go up to the big pilot's lounge in the sky in a blaze of glory with my Y wing".

    "Instead I'm about to try and play a First Order officer and I might die on the spot?" Dev shook his head "I wonder if you factored that in your master plan….sir".

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Poe Dameron
    Aboard the Raider, traveling into the Kuat system

    Well, that was that, Poe thought ruefully.

    Misogyny was their greatest obstacle today, and seemingly Dev had overcame it... though Phennir was dead... he wasn't happy about that but there wasn't much else to add. Tiber and Zara were a competent pair, brutally so, it seemed. Jess was in the hangar, and Poe called Black Squadron to regroup there with their fighters.

    "So, cyborg pilot is dead," Poe glanced at Jess in concern as he said that. "All's well, that ends well. Admiral Vonn of the Kuat defences asked for us to head in-system to pick up new TIEs and a replacement will arrive to take our place in the Horthav system." He acknowledged that would be the problem of Snap and Aryan, but that's why they had a B-wing; maximum firepower.

    The Raider leapt into hyperspace he spoke, piloted by BB-8. The astromechs had taken the break to top-off their fuel and blaster gas supplies from the First Order resources, and while Poe personally knew the corvette would be a great addition to the Resistance forces, he also doubted it would survive the mission entirely intact, so.

    "So our plan basically stays the same; while the Raider heads in-system, we'll launch fighters to shadow the freighters heading into the Kuat system. We'll have to locate the kyber crystal if it isn't obvious, but we need to remember that our mission is to capture the crystal, so I'll leave it to Tiber to wrangle you." Poe managed to look confident while planning with zero Intel. This was all assumptions.

    "But I'll stay here, running this big-old corvette... so, we'll be arriving soon... not much more I can add than May the Force be With You." Poe nodded to the others... and walked off. Tiber could take over here; the sooner Poe stopped micro-managing them, the better. Taking initiative within a squadron was difficult, when they had to both communicate and act with basically no resources.

    The astromech's were lifting up into their respective fighters, leaving Dev without one.

    Poe's eye caught that of Jess, but he didn't give any orders. It was one of the subtle glances given between two pilots who had worked together for years before now, and knew each other better than the others here.

    In less than five minutes, the Raider would arrive, and they'd have to get ready to launch.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Tiber
    Aboard the Raider, traveling into the Kuat system

    Tiber sighed, he had been given a responsibility that he wasn’t entirely sure that he was ready for but that he’d accepted. And Leia, she’d given him hope that he’d be able to do as they needed. But still, at the back of his mind, was the worry that somehow he was going to be the one who didn’t bring them all home. The clock in his head then reminded him that he didn’t have time to be thinking about that, he had to give the orders and make sure they all stuck to the plan as long as possible.

    He coughed, ”We don’t have a lot of time so gather round.”

    Pulling up the holo of the system from the last download, he let it play and pointed out various vessels. ”We should be jumping in approximately here, as soon as we do, everyone slip out of the hangar and stick to the ‘shadow’ of the Raider.” he touched a couple studs to bring up a simulation of the Raider, and then their fighters, flying in extremely close formation to the corvette.

    Z, ummm, Black 2 and Black 3, you two will have point. Black 5,” he glanced at Dev, ”you’re out bomber so you’ll take up the middle position. And I’ll pull up the rear of the formation. Hopefully 4 will join us soon and give us two fighters at the rear.” His gaze shifted across the other three and then back to the holo.

    ”Whether Snap gets here in time or not, the plan is that we hug the Raider until it comes close to another ship headed in the general direction of the target. We’ll bounce from ship to ship, trying to stay off the sensors of the control tower or various TIE flights, until we can get as close to the target as possible. Z, Jess, you two will have to take out any strays that sniff too closely at us. Dev, as the heavy, you’ve got the boring job, hopefully, sticking in the middle and letting the rest of us fight until we get there. And I’ll be coordinating from the back, also why I took that slot, so I can see everyone. And I’ll clean up strays that come from that direction.”

    He ran his hand through his hair, looking weary for a moment, ”I cannot guarantee all of us will make it through and I truly wish we had the full flight to begin with but remember, the objective is that crystal. If we get distracted by one of the others getting shot we may lose our chance. It’s harsh, but that’s war, I’m sorry.” He looked again at Zara, wondering if he should have taken the time to ask about her mother, but it was too late now.

    ”Any questions? If not, to your fighters and let's get going.” he glanced down then back up, and almost lamely added, ”And, uhhh, May the Force be with you.”

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Zara, Tiber (thank you to @darthbernael)
    On board the Raider, its getting hot in here.

    Zara stood listening with her arms folded, Poe had not seemed impressed by the results of their ‘pilot’ hunt despite the fact they had tried to take the man alive. Him not wanting that result made the outcome unavoidable.

    Tiber wanted her and Jess in the ships shadow, she could do that, amused her internally that in space no ship really had a shadow unless there was a nearby sun. She knew what it meant, radar shadow, but it always amused her.

    Still with the ‘Z’, she’d accepted it but it was starting to annoy her now. He’d not given anyone else a silly short cut to their name, only her. Why was that? She wondered. She watched him as he ran his fingers through his hair, that was a motion she’d seen time and time again from someone who was frustrated or worried, humans mostly. She never understood it, she didn’t have hair. Her lekku twitched at the annoyance of the ‘nickname’, something she’d have to address in private. Then he sounded like he regretted the situation he was putting them all in, and that caught her off guard. They all knew the deal going in, it was stated obviously.

    ”And, uhhh, May the Force be with you.”

    He didn’t believe that one, that much was obvious and she waited till the others had moved away a little before she approached. “We all knew the deal coming in, don’t let it eat you up.” She said quietly before adding. “Oh, and the Force is real, trust me.”

    Tiber looked up, a smile briefly appearing on his face, "I believe you Z, I just hope it's on our side, I don't want to lose...any of you."

    She pursed her lips. “I trust in the Force, its with me, you won’t lose me…..” Was the time right? She decided if this was the last time she’d see him, she had to say it. “Oh, and its Zara.” She said with a raised eyebrow. “Don’t mind ‘Z’ when it’s just us, but around everyone else?” She left that hanging.

    That brought a genuine chuckle to his face, and a true smile, "Z it is, just between us. I'll use Zara among the others. And yes, you, please don't get yourself killed." Glancing around to make sure the others weren't paying attention he reached out a hand for a moment.

    She looked down at the hand then back to him with an expression of confusion. Did he want to shake her hand? That was weird. Humans. She unfolded her arms and placed her hand in his. Was this some kind of human ritual she was unaware of? Growing up on Bakura she thought she knew all human customs, but leaving home she’d learned fast, she was wrong.

    Tiber chuckled again, taking her hand gently, then exerting a little force to draw her closer. Her scent reached his senses and it made him smile, something to carry with him on this endeavor. "Z, you really think I'm shaking hands? No, I just wanted to feel yours in mine for a moment before we have to go."

    She gasped slightly as he pulled her close and she suddenly realised what was going on. The tone of his voice was not the one she’d heard addressing the team. She swallowed as she noted her heartbeat quicken, and that caught her off guard for a split second. Zara trusted the Force and right now it was telling her something, she leaned closer. “Come back, might let you kiss me.” She smirked before pulling away and turning to head toward ship, without looking back.

    Tiber chuckled and began his preparations for the departure, even more certain he had to get them all back safely, he had a promise he had to make Z keep.

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  18. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Devereaux "Dev" Bombardier
    Location: Horthav

    Poe had said nothing after Dev’s comment which meant that no, Poe did not factor in his plan that Dev might have to go on a kamikaze mission himself.

    The escaped pilot was dead so it seemed Tiber and Zara had decided to end that man’s life than capture him. Oh well, one less First Order pilot to deal with at least.

    Silver Fox still had not arrived yet which meant that Poe had factored this in and was probably keeping him hidden somewhere in case things went really south. Which it could have done but so far the only wrinkle was Vonn asking for Dev to come and meet him.

    Tiber was now in charge and Dev had to wonder if the man could lead. He hadn't done anything with Jess and him so far it had mostly been with Zara. So this was Tiber’s chance to work with Dev and Jess and see what they could do to show him that they were just as good enough to be in the squadron. Especially as Dev wasn't a X wing pilot.

    As Dev continued to listen in he heard Tiber give a new nickname to Zara and Dev had to inwardly smirk getting comfy are we he thought. He had noticed that Zara and Tiber had been looking at each other at the briefing and it seemed their fight against the fighters had cemented this partnership. Dev just hoped they would concentrate on being a team with Dev and Jess than giving each other looks.

    And I got the boring job Dev thought, he nearly signed but stopped himself. The others were essentially playing Protect the Bomber so he would just have to make sure he stayed in position and helped out where he could. Of course the challenge was with BB-8 and Poe staying aboard he essentially had no gunner nor astromech. So he would have to rely on good old fashioned flying. Which he definitely could do.

    Challenge accepted….

    He would be damned if he let the rest of them fight, he was part of this team as well. If he had more backup than Tiber as well at least his backside could have been fully protected. But hey ho, he had to work with what he had. And it was a suicide mission after all, maybe he would go out in a blaze of glory in his Y wing after all.

    Dev gave Tiber a look that said keep my backside covered or I will be having words before heading to his Y wing, giving Thunderbolt a pat and wincing as he saw that mark again. And I only just got this thing repainted….

    He climbed up the ladder getting into the cockpit and putting his helmet on again. Dev ran his systems check as he closed the cockpit and retracted the ladder. So now it was a waiting game until they were called to action to hug the Raider and then do some ship bouncing. And hopefully Dev would not have to use his ion torpedoes, because he had to keep them as a last resort.

    Wish you were here Alaris he thought I could use a competent gunner right now. At least we could have gone out as a team and not with me in this wishbone alone….

    Last time he had played music over the comm, this time he would play it for himself. And he thought it rather appropriate after his loss of Alaris and the fact that he was about to basically commit suicide.

    As the song played quietly in his cockpit Dev had to smile.

    So this is how a Corellian flyboy goes out….in thunder and lightning.

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  19. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    IC: Jess Pava (combo part 1 with @Sinrebirth )
    Aboard the Raider corvette, Horthav


    Jess stood with her blaster drawn, waiting to see who would also come to apprehend the escaped First Order pilot. There was a kerfuffle about the holo-projector, as Tiber also had a well known face.

    Brazen as usual, Zara stepped into the projector field and spoke. It did not seem to be going well, and Poe and Tiber now co-opted Dev.

    “Poe!” Jess hissed out of shot of the projector. “If that pilot escapes and alerts the First Order…”

    The handsome captain was confused by too many things happening at once, as he needed to coach the others on Admiral Vonn of the First Order.

    He quickly whispered to Jess, “You go on, we’ll be right behind you, we’ve just gotta deal with this first. Take the comlink and be sure to call for help if you spot him.”

    Jess nodded obediently and scampered down the corridor, then took the turbolift down to the hangar deck. She came out on the scene of destruction left by her and Dev’s entry; the scattered bodies of the storm troopers, the smoking wrecks of the walkers. Two more X-wings now sat beside her ship and Dev’s Y-wing. Nearby was the destroyed e-web blaster – its tripod upended with the legs standing up. Their ends had been sheared off so they were now like medieval, metre-long spikes sticking up from the ground.

    Jess kept her blaster pistol raised and scouted toward the fighters. Something made the hairs stand up on the back of her neck.

    She jumped as the comlink crackled in her other hand. “Jess, it’s Poe – our missing guy is heading for the escape pods after all…”

    “Roger, on my…” Jess started to say as she turned back to the turbolift. She never finished the sentence.

    A fist came out of nowhere and smashed her in the face. Jess crumpled to the deck with a gasp. Her pistol slid away in one direction, the comlink in another. She was aware of two men in black getting down on top of her. They must have been hiding between the fighters. She blinked, trying to regain her wits as one sat astride her, pinning her down, while the other grabbed her wrists.

    The one on top of her had a deck-officer’s uniform. The other was dressed like a TIE pilot. More survivors! Jess realised. They must have taken cover when the ax-blaster was doing its thing, and remained hidden while Zara and Tiber had landed. They were just about to steal one of the fighters when I arrived!

    These thoughts flashed through her mind in a moment, then were replaced by a more pressing concern. There was no way she could fight off two large military men.

    “No blasters, it’ll set off the sensor alarm,” said the pilot.

    “Roll her over,” hissed the officer. “Give me that hand.”

    The pilot complied and Jess was roughly shoved onto her front, the officer’s knee planted in the centre of her back. The pilot pulled hard to stretch out one of her arms, while the officer took hold of her right wrist then twisted her arm behind her back.

    He knew what he was doing. Jess screwed her eyes shut and moaned as the agony burned like fire up to her shoulder.

    “Unngh, stop…”

    “How many of you are there?” the officer demanded, his voice cold and hard. He tugged again on her twisted arm.

    “I… uhnnng… stop!” groaned Jess.

    “Hurts, doesn’t it?” leered the officer. “I’ll break it if you don’t answer me.”

    “Twenty,” Jess gasped. “Elite commandos!”

    He shoved harder. It felt like he was slowly gouging her arm out of its socket.

    “Liar!” he hissed. “There are only four starfighters.”

    So he already knew. What was the point? To test her truthfulness. The pilot said something and again she was roughly manhandled, this time onto her back. The pilot once again pinned down her arms. The officer grabbed her neck with a gloved hand and squeezed. Jess struggled, her eyes widening in panic. She gaped, trying to breathe.

    The officer grinned. “Let us try again, shall we? Why are you taking this ship? This is not some random raid of opportunity.”

    Nearby, the comlink crackled. “Jess, this is Poe. The others are engaging the escapee – where are you?”

    The pilot holding down her arms looked at the officer. “That’s Poe Dameron. Whatever they’re up to, this is big. We’ve got to get out of here and warn Command!”

    The officer clenched his hand tighter around Jess’s neck. “Answer me!”

    She opened her mouth but could not speak. Her vision began to dim, little stars of agony bursting at the periphery.

    “You’re going to kill her!” protested the pilot. The grip was loosened and Jess sucked in breaths, her throat raw with pain.

    “What is your mission?” the officer continued relentlessly, still holding her neck.

    “Don’t know…” she croaked between choking gasps, “classified… just told… take it…”

    The officer’s face screwed up with annoyance. He took his free hand and punched her in the guts, hard. Jess coughed and convulsed under the punishment. He whacked her again.

    “This is getting us nowhere,” said the pilot, looking over his shoulder at the echoes of blasts from somewhere else on the ship. “We’ve got to get out of here.”

    “She has vital information!” said the officer.

    “So take her with us, give her to the Supreme Leader. He can make anyone talk.”

    The officer thought about it. Jess saw his frustration and realised he was enjoying inflicting pain on her.

    “Alright! Get some tape,” he finally grunted.

    He kept her pinned while the pilot rushed away then returned with a roll of duct-tape. Working together, they soon had her trussed up with her hands bound behind her back and her ankles taped together.

    The officer pointed to the Y-wing. “Put her in the underside hold.”

    They dragged her under the shoulders while she struggled helplessly. The pilot popped the underside trunk and looked in, estimating. She was only small, they could bundle her up in this space. But he turned back to the officer with a worried look.

    “This section is not environmentally controlled; she might freeze to death before we reach Kuat.”

    The officer seemed to think this was not a problem at first, grinning nastily. But he remembered she was his prize to be offered to Kylo Ren, and dead rebels don’t talk.

    “Alright,” he hissed. “I’ll take her in the back seat with me, she’s small enough. We’ll have some fun on the way.”

    The pilot ran to grab a boarding ladder and rolled it toward the Y-wing. He climbed up to the chassis to open the cockpit canopy. The officer maintained a vice-like grip on Jess’s upper arm, propping her up in a standing position.

    A shape moved in the corner of her eye. A barrel-shaped white-and-black astromech droid.

    Rolo zoomed toward the officer from behind, with his ARC-welder tool extended. The crackling probe delivered its electrical jolt and the officer shrieked and collapsed. With her ankles bound, Jess also fell down. Rolo wheeled to her and beeped.

    “Quick, my legs,” she said, offering her ankles. Rolo zipped out a circular cutting saw and in moments had sliced through the bonds. Jess turned to offer her hands bound behind her back, but again she caught movement from the corner of her eye.

    The furious officer lunged at Rolo with a steel bar he had picked up from the debris-strewn deck. It made an effective improvised weapon and smashed into the droid, knocking it onto its back. Rolo hooted mournfully then temporarily shut down.

    Jess had struggled to her feet while the officer attacked Rolo. He turned to her next, eyes wide with anger, brandishing the weapon. Jess’s hands were still taped behind her back, but she moved quickly, kicked hard and caught him right between the legs.

    The officer staggered backwards, tripped over his own heel, then fell. There was a horrible squelch. He had fallen onto the spikes of the former legs of the e-web tripod. Impaled by his own weight, blood pumping from his wounds, the officer wheezed his last breaths and died.

    It was not over yet.

    With a yell, the pilot leaped down from the chassis, landing on Jess. They both fell and sprawled across the metal deck plates. Jess’s heart pounded and adrenalin was pumping. This was desperate, deadly melee; a moment’s hesitation was fatal. And she had her hands tied behind her back. She rolled over and slipped her hands under her bottom. Luckily she was supple enough. She pointed her legs in the air, knees bent, and could move her hands behind them, then loop them out in front of her.

    She struggled to her feet again, aware the pilot was also recovered and charging at her. She prepared to swing a two-fisted punch at his face. But then a shot rang out.

    The blast was at close range and deafening, its echoes bouncing off the distant hard walls of the hangar. Jess watched the pilot crumple, a smoking hole burned in his chest.

    She looked up from the corpse. Poe Dameron stood across from her, blaster pistol drawn.

    He smiled. “Anything to report?”

    Jess tried to grin back, but felt herself going weak at the knees. The adrenalin rush subsided and the pain and exhaustion of her ordeal all washed over her at once. Poe sprinted over to her and she collapsed into his arms.

    “Easy, easy,” he said. “It’s over now.”

    Jess trembled uncontrollably for several moments, burying her face in his chest.

    Poe pulled out a vibroblade and cut the tape around her hands. He surveyed her; the angry red bruise across her cheek bone, other bruises on her exposed midriff, and he noticed her wince when he held her right shoulder.

    Poe also knew she was wounded inside.

    Jess was not a cold-blooded killer. Yes, she had long ago accepted its necessity in order to defeat evil, but as a fighter pilot she was always somehow distant from the act. She never saw the eyes of the people in the enemy starships, or heard their screams as they died. The visceral desperation of close combat – and killing with her bare hands – was something she could never get used to. She had acted on instinct in the moment, now her soul felt the fresh scars carved upon it.

    She tried to compose herself, and looked up into Poe’s eyes.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t call… they jumped me… I lost the comlink…”

    “It’s okay… you’re okay…you did good.” he soothed.

    Rolo overcame his temporary shutdown and righted himself. The droid spun his conical head 360 degrees and trumpeted a little victory fanfare. Jess giggled, beginning to move on from the trauma.

    “Oh, the escapee!” she remembered, jerking up and pulling away from his embrace.

    “Dealt with,” said Poe. “Tiber and Zara.”

    “Oh,” she looked down. “Sorry.”

    “No-one had heard from you for a while so I thought I’d come check,” said Poe, eyeing the dead First Order pilot and officer. “Good job!”

    Poe took out his comlink, “Alright everyone, rendezvous in the hangar please.”

    To be continued...

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  20. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Jess Pava and Poe Dameron (combo part 2 with @Sinrebirth )
    In the Raider corvette hangar, Horthav


    Jess composed herself as Poe put the call out on the comlink to gather the squadron. The mission was back on track after a serious threat of discovery had been averted. She took a breath and stepped away from Poe as they arrived from the turbolift. She did not want to show her moment of vulnerability to the rest of the squadron. They needed to rely on each other, not worry about her.

    Poe launched into his briefing. He did not talk about what had happened to her, just threw her a concerned look. He knew of her terror of being confined and bound, from her background. She appreciated that more than he could imagine. She knew Poe well enough now they could communicate just with their eyes, and she sent back a silent message of heartfelt thanks.

    Jess listened intently - glad of the diversion of her attention - as Poe described how they would approach the Kuat orbital yards, weaving in between the bigger ships, using them to shield from hostile sensors. Her confidence grew a little again. This, she could do. She had trained hard, and with his coaching she could fly well enough to pull that off.


    There were gaps in the plan. What if they could not locate the crystal? What if it could not be lifted by tractor beam and they had to go down and get out of their ships to make it happen? Her eyes narrowed when Poe said he would stay on the Raider. He also had Aryan and Snap as a back-up, and she was starting to understand what he was thinking.

    He glanced at her. She frowned back.

    Tiber was placed in command of the fighters, and he explained their strategy on the holo-projector. He put Jess on point with Zara. That made sense – as Black 3 she would have to step up. She nodded acceptance of the formation, and glanced at the Twi’lek with whom she would be wingmate. But Zara seemed only to have eyes for Tiber at that moment.

    Hmmm. He was paying her a lot of attention, too.

    Dev was a little quiet. Jess sensed there was a lot going on behind those older, wiser eyes. His role was specialised in the Y-wing bomber. He was crucial and that was also quite a burden.

    Once Tiber had said his piece, with an unconvincing May the Force be with you, Dev curtly stepped away to his Y-wing. Jess thought she heard the muffled sound of music coming from his cockpit. She decided there was some emotional baggage he was carrying that he was not ready to share with the rest of the squadron yet. That she could relate to. She hoped one day, perhaps when they could all have a drink and celebrate the mission, they could talk about it. That’s how Poe had got her to loosen up and open up to Blue squadron.

    Meanwhile Zara and Tiber were having their own moment. Jess smiled. That was so nice to see and she was really happy for them. And what a pair! She had nicknamed him Gorgeous in her mind, and who else but a stunning, fearless and brilliant Princess could ever attract his attention!?

    She made a wish that they would have an opportunity to follow through on that relationship, once this was all over.

    Suddenly it was time to prepare for launch. They were hurtling through hyperspace towards Kuat and everyone was rushing to their different fighters.

    Jess scampered after Poe as he headed for the turbolift back up to the bridge.

    “Hey,” she said, touching his arm. “Thanks, for everything.”

    She looked away, shyly. He knew what she meant.

    Then she looked him in the eyes. “You are intending to come back from this, aren’t you?”

    Poe cracked a grin. “Of course I plan to, Jess. I always plan on it. Things happen in the meantime, of course.” He glanced at the others.

    “Another group of pilots joining Black Squadron,” he said wistfully, rather than sadly, but it wasn’t far off the latter emotion. “Thoughts on the new team?”

    “Apart from Aryan,” he added belatedly.

    Jess considered the question, knowing Poe would want an honest appraisal.

    “Dev’s great. He’s got that crazy Corellian instinct but tempered with wisdom. You should have seen the move he pulled in the hangar. You’d have been proud of it.”

    She paused.

    “But he’s carrying something… some pain he doesn’t want to talk about. You’ve heard the music he plays? Every time he takes off it’s like he expects it to be his last flight. That kind of prophecy can be self-fulfilling sometimes.”

    She moved on.

    “Tiber and Zara are amazing… the best I’ve ever seen, really unique finds, and completely fearless. To be able to fly an advanced starfighter like that with no kind of training… And now they’ve got something really strong to survive and come back for: each other. You noticed, right?”

    Jess bit her lip.

    “They’re like me, Poe. We’re all disciples of the Dameron school of tactics; we’ll figure it out when we get there and find a way to pull it off. But there’s too many holes in this plan. At least at Starkiller we knew what it would look like and we had Finn’s intel.”

    She sighed.

    “I know you’re up to something with this Corvette. I know you said this was a potential suicide mission and I signed up anyway. But… if even you don’t think we can do this, it worries me. I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself alone, Poe. I don’t think I could carry on…”

    She blushed, realising what she had just said.

    “I mean, we, you know, the Resistance. We couldn’t go on without you.”

    She looked away, trying to hide the emotion that was surely in her eyes.

    He could have reassured her about Kuat, or pointed out that Tiber and Zara have a spark that is rarely seen outside of vets, or even disclosed that Dev was recovering from losing a partner, but he could see that Jess was reaching out.

    Of course he’d noticed her.

    How couldn’t he? Poe’s problem was often how to balance out emotional involvement with the potential that he’d lose that person. With the way he was wired, he was perpetually in love with and grieving the loss of others. He connected with people more often than not, a latent charisma that Leia seemed content to tap into, and Poe was content to shape into a command role so he could do what he needed to against the First Order.

    But it often translated into these moments.

    He lowered his head slightly, so he could catch her eyes. “It’ll be alright, okay?” It wasn’t lying; he chose to believe that, against all the evidence, as he often did.

    Poe searched her eyes with his.

    And just like that, he did it to her again; banished the anxiety with a look and a reassurance. No explanation was necessary.

    It was not that she suddenly forgot all the logistical hurdles they faced, it was that she chose to believe in him, because he chose the same thing: Hope.

    It was like a religious faith in some ways.

    She hated him, yet loved him at the same time for that charismatic power he had over her - and so many others.

    And yet, already, her mind had subconsciously moved on. The belief became unshakable. The plan would work. They would each fulfill their roles. Poe would lead them to victory.

    And then, potential futures too wonderful to dream of would open up before her. She looked back at Poe and smiled.

    Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

    She glanced around the hanger. The others were in their ships. Rolo bumped into her and signalled her x-wing was ready to go.

    “Okay, Captain, I’ll hold you to that. Everything - and you - will be alright, right? You promise?” She nodded. “So let’s do this... and may the Force be with you.”

    He grinned, reaching out and squeezing her hand. “May the Force be with you, Jess.”

    Poe’s expression hardened for a moment as he turned back. BB-8 tootled. “Yeah,” he said.

    Now the hard part.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Zara Chrischa
    The Storm is Coming

    Zara had the cocky feeling coursing through her veins, the feeling you get when someone notices you and expresses, and not in a ‘you’re a twi’lek, do you dance and sing?’ kind of way. Kriff she hated those creeps, they only saw her race, well the females at least, as toys for pleasures. Anyone who tried that crud on with her often lived to regret it.

    Climbing the ladder, she reached into her X Wing and pulled out the helmet and gloves off the seat, getting in she began to put them on. “Ok Squirt, let’s do this, shut her up and play ‘Sugaan Essena’, level 5.” Her hands moved over the controls bringing the engines on line as the music beat through her cockpit. Glancing up she noted Tiber getting into his ship and a wry smile touched her lips. His ‘move’, it’s what she’d decided it was, had given her an adrenaline rush and it was just the kind one needed for this kind of mission. Looking back down she flicked the comm. “Black Two is set,” she announced before sitting back to lift her craft lightly off the deck and rotate its nose toward the magfield. The music coarsed through the sound system, feeding her adrenaline. “Shadows of the ships, strike from the shadows, can do.” She muttered, adding with a chuckle, “Just like Black Lightening.” Zara was not Force sensitive, but her mother had taught her to trust her instincts, trust her gut and her soul and today felt really good.

    Increase your amus with your herd
    The Mogul generation will die
    It's sparse and sparse
    Mürüleen naagaa is a rare land
    Mudugen sagarin shrugs his shoulders
    Muluhien's soli gegeen will be destroyed
    There are only a lot of flowers in the wind
    The black lightning of the eternal sky
    The black lightning of the eternal sky
    Ussuren said and was relieved
    There are more dawns than dawn
    will keep the door open for a long time
    Tsugari, hegeri, sasari, igeri are awakening
    There are a lot of crosswalks
    Let's take care of the open milk
    The room is whistling and the wind is blowing hard
    Mulen is a sacred susalin fork belt
    The black lightning of the eternal sky
    The black lightning of the eternal sky
    Passed my Sikh
    The black lightning of the eternal sky
    Black lightning, black lightning
    Black lightning, black lightning
    Black lightning, black lightning
    Black lightning, black lightning
    The black lightning of the eternal sky
    The black lightning of the eternal sky
    The black lightning of the eternal sky
    The black lightning of the eternal sky
    Black lightning, black lightning
    Black lightning, black lightning
    Huh, huh, huh, huh
    Huh, huh, huh, huh
    Huh, huh, huh, huh
    Huh, huh, huh, huh

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    IC: Admiral Vonn
    Kuat Drive Yards

    The Admiral stalked the command centre, snug and hardened in the orbital ring.

    He regarded the system one last time before the Raider arrived.

    The Kuat moon, connected to the docking port, pumping fuel up a tube that could, in times of evacuation, double as a turbolift. The port was currently docked to a single ship, waiting for the delivery of a single component. That single ship was seventeen kilometers long, the product of a year of work; an Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer.


    The resurrection of a decades old-design, the Eclipse was without numerical designation, though a historian would quibble that it was the fourth such ship of the line. But Vonn didn't care much for such things. When it was done, they would be able to reassert themselves. The Mandator-class dreadnoughts, they were fine, but they weren't terror weapons. They were tactical ones.

    Vonn resented that they had argued the Starkiller Base was not gone.

    It handed the Resistance a propaganda weapon that increased their problems as the last year went by.

    Now, he was responsible for the most important aspect of their plans for the future.

    As he watched, the Raider joined the freighter queue, which was heading in and out as it did. The line of cargo ships split in three, peeling off towards the docking port, the Kuat moon, and the orbital ring. With a nod, he stepped towards the hangar of the ring, ready to meet the Raider for a thorough debrief. If the Resistance were making a move on Kuat, then he would need to be prepared.

    Which was why a corvette with double the TIE fighters was now heading to the rendezvous point at Horthav.

    Best to be prepared...

    Aboard the Raider, Kuat system

    Poe stood on the bridge, and whistled as he saw the Eclipse. BB-8 tweetled, and he opened the channel to the others.

    "Alright, I think we can guarantee the crystal has something to do with that big black Super Star Destroyer. BB-8 says it's the Eclipse, an old, bad, mad, design that had a superlaser." He sent a quick external schematic to them each. "There's a big old cavernous hole on the top of it, I reckon that's your way in."

    He highlighted a train of freighters. "These guys are heading towards the Eclipse, so that's your route in." He frowned a little. "I'm heading to the orbital ring." A second colour was added to show his direction. "Ignore the Kuat moon, it's not our problem right now."

    There were two dozen smaller Star Destroyers in the orbital ring, but Poe wasn't here for them.

    "Leapfrog behind the sensor shadows, and -" a detail was added showing a dozen TIE fighters deployed in lazy orbital patrol routes, heading nowhere in particular up and down the freighters - they passed the Raider as he hesitated, sweeping the ships arriving behind them. "May the Force be with you."

    With that, he signed off.

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    Jess Pava, Zara, Dev, and Tiber (Thanks for the combo)
    In the Raider hangar, just before take off

    Jess skipped up the ladder and settled in her x-wing. From his astromech socket, Rolo hooted and the comment was translated on her screen. It was about Poe.

    "Oh, shut up," she smiled, her cheeks reddening.

    "Black Three standing by," she reported on the main channel. Then she opened a private link to Zara. "Hey, it's me Jess. I'm glad to be flying with you. Umm, I'm left-handed so I tend to break that way if something happens unexpectedly..."

    She was not sure why she was saying that. It just seemed good to share something personal with someone with whom you were about to enter a life-or-death mission.

    Inspiration came to her. "Oh, and congrats. You and Tiber... he's gorgeous. You make a great couple."

    Having her craft off the deck already, Zara turned the nose toward the magfield, she was ready to get this particular show on the road when her private comm opened.

    "Hey, it's me Jess. I'm glad to be flying with you. Umm, I'm left-handed so I tend to break that way if something happens unexpectedly..."

    Zara gave a nod and was about to acknowledge when the young woman spoke again.

    "Oh, and congrats. You and Tiber... he's gorgeous. You make a great couple."

    Double take. "What the frack?" Zara muttered, her eyes widening as she bared her teeth slightly. 'Is that what people are thinking, already?' she thought angrily as she responded.

    "Left, got it." Zara almost snapped, she needed to squash this thing before it got out of hand. Sure, Jess was right, the man was attractive, but they were at war and the potential for not coming back was high, really high. Zara was not about to get herself tangled up in something that could end in total heartbreak for someone, or her. It was not an option. "You shadow on port, that way you break its away from the cruiser, I'll go starboard, as for the other thing. There's nothing to talk about and I'd like to keep it that way thank you." she tried so hard to sound polite but knew it sounded harsh. 'Loose lips sink ships'

    Dev wondered why the ladies were not moving yet. He had maneuvered his Y wing to face the magfield and was ready to take the middle position but the ladies it seemed to be having a chin wag.

    "Black Five to Blacks Two and Three. I hate to break up the girly chat but could we move along? I have a date with Admiral Vonn to keep and he arrives aboard here and I'm not here to greet him, the mission is shot. Apparently Poe is too famous to meet him…"

    "So could we hurry it up please?".

    Zara growled again in her throat, the young woman was delaying them with almost childish talk. "Black Two moving out" she responded in a cold tone as she edged her ship forward through the field and diving hard to starboard.

    Tiber clambered into the cockpit of his X-Wing, the canopy closing over his head. Bones chortled and whistled and he replied, ”Yes I know you saw, Bones...It doesn’t guarantee anything, she’s just teasing, and none of us know if we’ll make it back.” Bones whistled again and Tiber chuckled, ”Yes, I know you intend to make it back…”

    As he spoke he lifted his fighter from the deck and kept an ear on the information Poe had sent. Glancing it over he agreed and waited for the others to be ready. Finally Zara and Jess’s X-Wings lifted and turned toward the hangar exit, followed by Dev’s Y-Wing. He smiled slightly at the chatter on the comm before flicking the transmit on his controls, ”Black Flight, tighten it up, Poe has given us a way in. Exit the hangar, hug the hull of the corvette until those freighters pass. Once we’re in their sensor shadow, pull in closely alongside and we’ll leapfrog from them to another passing closely, staying out of the sensors of the patrols.”

    He took a deep breath, when they left this hangar he knew his decisions could mean that they not all return, or that there would be a bloody great hole in the ring around Kuat. Letting it out, he hit the transmit stud again, ”Launch.”

    "Copy one." Zara responded, her voice still cool and in professional mode. Swinging downward and levelling up she brought her craft up and hugged the starboard underbelly of the corvette. "In position." She reported. She was still bugged and needed to get her focus back, she'd deal with that situation later, now, head in the game.

    Jess felt Zara's rebuke like a physical slap in the face. She shook her head, terrified she had just said something wrong.

    Then Dev followed up with a hurry up order and Jess's discomfort deepened.

    Oh no, oh no, I'm letting the squadron down again!

    "Copy that, Black 3 launching," she spoke into the squadron channel then thrust forward out of the magfield alongside Black 2.

    "Get it together, Jess," she told herself, following the prescribed route and neatly slotting into position behind the corvette.

    Rolo groaned and Jess read the readout on her console. The astromech was experiencing fluctuating output from processors on the left side of his conical head. That's where the First Order officer struck him with that metal bar. She had not had time to check him out properly before the mission began.

    "Oh no," she said. "Can you bypass it?"

    Jess knew starships, very well. Droids were a completely different science. Rolo complained there were no headache pills for droids.

    Jess massaged her ribs where the First Order thugs had punched her, feeling the twinge in her shoulder. "Yeah, we're both feeling it today, my friend."

    Jess looked across to Zara's x-wing and bit her lip. Not the best start to a flight mission. She was determined to fight harder, concentrate harder, and make up for her mistakes so far...

    "Black 3, in position," she reported to Poe.

    Dev meanwhile followed the two X wings out, making sure his nose was directly behind the two of them. It should hopefully give him enough cover at the front, he would have to rely on Tiber sweeping his backside to give him the most cover.

    With no astromech he would have to keep comm silence unless it was an emergency. Plus with him speaking to Admiral Vonn his voice was now known. If they caught on to one of his transmissions and spotted he was a Resistance pilot…

    Don't go there.

    He double clicked his comm to say in position.

    Tiber gave a single click of acknowledgement that Dev would understand was such. As he formed up behind the Y-Wing he stayed far enough back that he could rapidly swivel and fire at targets without risk of friendly fire.

    Passing through the hangar exit he whispered a ”Stay safe Z…” before swiftly having to comment to Bones not to transmit that to her droid as he heard the little guy begin to whistle.

    He took up position aft of Dev and kept a slow, steady swivel going, surveying fore and aft, as they watched the approach of the freighters.

    The freighters ahead were of varying length, but the first one was a small one - they'd have to leap-frog and break into wing-pairs to cross it without crashing. The one after that was longer, lengthy enough for them to all to crowd, but the one after, it was a small Corellian design, barely enough to hide them one at a time!

    This was getting fiddly.

    Their astromechs - save for Dev, of course - would warn that the TIEs were circling back. Ahead of the small Corellian ship was a large box-freighter, fully automated. When they reached that, they could basically hide wherever they wanted on it and wouldn't be seen by the crew…

    Tiber saw the freighters approaching and heard the warning from Bones. He held back a quiet curse. With the comm silence he had to think quickly. The safest option was that they all make it to the second and then they would have to make the fiddly crossing to the third before they reached the objective.

    ”Bones, quick squirt to Zara and Jess, to their droids, hope they understand it. Message is 1, 5, 3, 2.” As he spoke he shifted his X-Wing’s position slowly, until he could see Dev in his. Taking a small point light he shone it directly at Dev, until the other would notice.

    When Dev did, he mimed a jump with his hands, then the numbers 1, 5, 3, 2 with his fingers. Waiting for an acknowledgement, when he saw it, he glanced at the first freighter, then back at Dev, then moment it came in range and obscured them from the patrol that was circling back he flashed the light at Dev again and then pulled up, taking the shortest arc to reach the cover of the first freighter.

    Trusting that Dev was either right beside him or just behind, he couldn’t look while negotiating the close in flying with this medium freighter, he took his spot under the freighter. Another glance at the sensors and he flashed the light in the direction Dev should be, before jumping to the second, letting it slowly make it’s way over him, until he matched velocity, once he was underneath. Hugging it closely he waited and hoped the others had understood his messages.

    Sitting silently Zara was focused as she eyed the nearby ships. Squirt let out a series of soft whistles and she read the screen. "Last huh?" She whispered, glancing beside her at Jess. "Wish this thing had rear view, I have a hand signal....." She added.

    Dev watched as his sensors indicated that Tiber's X wing was moving up towards him. He began to wonder what was going on, whether something was happening.

    A light shone from the X wings cockpit before Tiber started making gestures. It looked like Tiber would lead followed by him, Jess and Zara. Dev responded with a thumbs up, the coverage to protect him seemed pretty good as well.

    Dev lifted himself up as Tiber did, making sure his nose was just slightly behind Tiber's but not too close. Of course the Y wing was slower but he managed to keep pace, Rose's tinkering was working a dream.

    As they reached the end Dec nodded again at Tiber's instructions and followed on to the next freighter. Again he was just slightly behind Tiber so he could move if needed. Hopefully the ladies would be en route to protect his rear…

    Jess watched nervously as Tiber and Dev made the first jumps between freighters. It was like a child's game of leapfrog, played in starfighters.

    Tiber was very nimble, and Dev showed again why the Corellians had such a reputation, shuttling the more robust Y-wing with a gentle touch.

    With a burst of acceleration they were beyond the smaller ship and into the shadow of the long transporter.

    Jess gulped. She was next. She checked Rolo's report on the TIE flight paths and frowned, seeing gaps in the data. "Can you try a self-repair, Rolo?" she said. "It might just be a dent putting pressure on a circuit."

    The droid beeped apologetically. Luckily, Jess was good with numbers and starship flight paths. She worked out the rest in her head. She glanced up to the ship whose shadow to which they currently clung, judged the angle to the smaller next "stepping stone", and counted down.

    There was a window of time when the TIEs would be blindsided. She remembered the trick she had used to catch Poe's attention when he was breaking into the garbage chute. She pulled up alongside Zara, counted the last three beats, then flashed her starboard landing lights toward the Twi'lek princess. Three to go.

    Then she thrust forward, zipping her T-70 into the shadow of the small freighter. She counted five more beats to give the TIEs plenty of time to overfly the next gap, then repeated the flash and zoom.

    If she had judged it right, she would be under the shadow of the long transporter with Tiber and Dev with no TIEs ever getting a chance of a visual on her...


    Zara focused, watched and waited. First two had gone and now she watched as Jess perfectly calculated her move, slipping silently across the void and, like the others, making it look simple. She focused in, slowing her heart rate by relaxing, closing her eyes briefly before sitting up and drawing a long slow breath. "Last, always the worst spot, thanks for that." She added with a touch of bitterness. "You won't like the reward for that one." she added with a wry smile, it was the perfect reason to put distance in there and dispel rumours like Jess was about to start. "Ok Squirt? Where are those TIE's." A soft warble and she didn't need to read, she knew the droid well enough to understand sound. "Good, ok." She spoke in a soft tone as she adjusted her grip on her controls. "Let's do this." Edging up to the nose she calculated the time and space required and holding her breath she lurched out into clear space, she was about to slip into position when Squirt let out a warning sound, she didn't need to read it as it was clear. The TIE's were coming back around. "Kriff it." She snarled attempting to find her spot. Moving swiftly she found it and slipped in, scrapping ever so slightly against the hull of the freighter with her cockpit. "That was too kriffing close!" She spat as she felt the adrenaline rush course through her. "Let Lead know we're in please Squirt."

    The TIEs curved around, one, three, seven, eleven, and then they vanished. There was no indication they saw them, not at all. They headed off, sensors telling Black Squadron they were going towards the main dockyard, some thirty Resurgent-class Star Destroyers and double that in Maxima-class heavy cruisers in the final stages of construction.

    But they hadn't seen anyone, and nobody had screwed up...

    Poe slid the Raider into the dock slowly, so he could watch his sensors until the very last moment.

    Tiber spent the several minutes as the freighter lumbered toward the Eclipse deciding the next best course of action. In the end, he decided that the simple approach and attack that seemed the most likely course would have to be the one they used. Reaching down, he patted the blaster rifle now back in its place, just in case he needed it.

    ”Bones, send to Z and Jess’s droids, ‘Lock S foils in attack position. Enter via gaping opening in upper section Eclipse, 2, 3, 5, 1’.”

    Maneuvering slowly alongside Dev, he repeated the flash of light to get his attention. Once he did, he mimed them swooping low over the Eclipse as the freighter passed close, then held up his fingers, 2, 3 5, 1 to show the flight order. Finally, he mimed pulling back the slide on a weapon to tell Dev to go ‘weapons hot’.

    When all was done, he slowed and drifted back behind the Y-Wing as well as Zara and Jess’s X-Wings, then waited for the closest approach to the Eclipse to occur, hoping that Z and Jess had gotten the message. Just as it came up, ”Bones, send ‘Now’.” His own weapons were primed and ready and he tried not to think about the extra torpedo he had, just in case.

    So far so good. But that is one massive ship there….

    Dev watched on his sensors again as Tiber moved backwards this time. More instructions coming?

    It was. Dev spotted the light again and watched Tiber's actions, afterwards giving him another thumbs up to say he understood.

    As Tiber slid back to protect his rear end again Dev knew the ladies would have to speed up to get past him so he kept his speed the same as Tiber's but not so fast they would overshoot him.

    He activated the cannons in front, the ion torpedoes would still be a last resort. He was about to unleash some more of Thunderbolt's lightning by the sounds of it….

    Zara glanced at the scratches on her cockpit, and gave an annoyed sigh. Squirt showed her the next jump and sighed loudly again. "Last to first? What game are you playing?" She muttered. She caught him dropping back out of the corner of her eye and adjusted herself in her seat. "First, no problems" She added. Pulling slightly forward she eyed Jess beside her as she checked her weapons, they were set, and her shields were equal front to back. She could change that in a heartbeat. She was ready to go.

    Jess watched the oblivious TIEs sailing past, a lump in her throat. But they were not spotted. So far, so good. Rolo relayed the next phase orders and Jess nodded.

    "Okay, don't screw up!" she told herself.

    She activated her S foils into attack position and they locked into place with a satisfying clunk. She patted the 411 blaster pistol holstered on her thigh; a small but determined puncher.

    She checked her surroundings again. More than once, Jess had thought to herself how those First Order fighters looked like big winged eyeballs bobbing through space. Now she hoped no stragglers would unexpectedly come back and look their way. The mission counted on it.

    Her moment came. Jess ignited the engines, zipping the x-wing across the open gap in a flash. She stopped abruptly behind the smallest cover-ship, judged the angle carefully, then slid into a smooth vector to descend into the gaping opening of the Eclipse

    Dropping her craft a few feet Zara opened her wings, giving them the signature shape that often meant one of two things: Freedom was on the Horizon or Hell was about to rain down. A movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and turning to look, she was more than a little surprised to see Jess moving off. "Wait, what?" she asked to no one in particular. "Girl can't kriffin' count!" She stated as she rolled her eyes. It mattered little and in a smooth movement she followed suit. Slipping in behind Jess before pulling up beside her before descending with her. "Sure, you lead the way, not a problem." She said with a good deal of sarcasm.

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    IC: Poe Dameron
    Raider, arriving

    The ship settled on one of the outstretched platforms, protected by a bubble of energy to keep atmosphere in. The Raider wasn't a perfect fit, but it didn't stop Poe making it. He could see, at the edge, Admiral Vonn, standing with two squads of Stormtroopers, four to either side. It wasn't a stellar greeting. BB-8 beeped, concerned.

    "Now what?" Poe said, glancing back at the displays.

    His gaze took in what the little astromech wanted to show him. "Oh no."


    Communication was key to coordination, but here, and now, it had happened as one would expect of a squadron put together less than twelve hours ago.

    Eleven TIEs went by.

    Jess preceded Zara, when it should have been reversed, but they were still the two who advanced first, as Tiber directed, with Dev left with him.

    The twelfth TIE saw them.

    The angle the TIE was coming at around the cargo ship, it only saw Jess and Zara, and not Tiber and Dev - it physically couldn't, by sight or sensor scan. Both of them knew about it; their astromechs screamed at them a moment before the TIE fighter opened fire at them, just before Dev hit the throttle.

    That meant Jess and Zara had to get the hell out of dodge -

    But Tiber and Dev had to stay put, or risk the entire mission...

    Which of course, they could do that...

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    Back aboard the Raider, Kuat docks

    Now at the hangar, Poe looked out and swore as Admiral Vonn was rushed to by an adjunct.

    The Stormtroopers looked at each other uncertainly, and Poe took the chance, jumping free of the Raider and taking BB-8 out with him from a side access. The hangar was pointed at the 'troopers, so he used the corvette as bulk to cover him.

    Vonn headed off, and pointed at the Raider, shouting.

    The soldiers rushed forward as Vonn all but ran to take command of the situation.

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    IC: Devereaux "Dev" Bombardier, Tiber
    Location: Horthav

    All of a sudden in front of him Jess suddenly moved forward with Zara following. Dev immediately looked confused, wasn't it supposed to be the Two then Three? Has Jess gotten too excited?.

    Besides Tiber had not sent them forward, maybe perhaps they had decided to proceed?

    Well this is going well….

    Dev held back for now, but before he could think about going forward….a TIE fighter had appeared and spotted them, luckily Dev hadn't been spotted and Tiber was still with him…

    Don’t you DARE leave me Tiber…

    Dev had to now wait to see what Tiber ordered them to do next.

    Tiber cursed as Jess and then Zara began their runs. He’d been counting down in his head and hadn’t given the go order yet. For a moment he held out hope that they got through safely and into the Eclipse, before he saw the telltale light of cannon fire flashing past them.

    Applying the least amount of thrust possible he let his X-Wing drift just until he could see Dev in the cockpit. A quick, random flash of light at the Y-Wing pilot until he looked over was all he could risk. He kept one eye out to try to see how the other two were doing but the freighter was moving on and he couldn’t move his fighter without risking Dev or the mission itself.

    Nor could he send them a squirt from Bones as he was sure the TIE’s would be looking to see if the two X-Wings were alone. ”Bones, passive scanning, alert as soon as any TIE could get a visual on us.” he said quietly to his astromech.

    Glancing up again, he was sure that Dev would have noticed the flashes already so he held up a closed fist in a ‘Hold Here’ gesture.

    As Tiber moved closer Dev wondered whether the provisional squadron leader was about to head after the ladies…

    But luckily he had pulled up beside him, a flash from Tiber’s light caught his eye again and he caught the gesture to hold. He gave another thumbs up before pointing at the two X wings and shaking his head. He was the oldest pilot here at the moment as Aryan had still not arrived yet and it seemed the two young ladies had decided to head off on their own. With comm silence it was always difficult to pull off things like this and they had been lucky until now.

    And it seemed his meeting with Vonn was probably about to fly out the door since he may now be involved in a firefight. Hopefully not if they stayed where they are.

    Time to sit and wait.

    A single TIE chased down the others, but eleven more were veering back to intercept them. Soon though, the entire Kuati yard would be aware of the Resistance, and another squadron of TIEs were launched from a dock, this time heading down the freighter train along their side. They couldn't leap for the Eclipse - not yet - but they needed to shift sides of the freighter - carefully.

    If they moved too fast, they would be seen by the naked eye; if they pulled too far away from the freighter surface then sensors would discover them; if they were too slow, the second TIE squadron would see them -

    Bones squawked at Tiber, flashing the icons of the TIEs headed their direction. He sighed, of course the flight would want to investigate where the two X-Wings had come from. And then he saw even more icons pop up on the scope, another squadron of twelve headed toward them. ”Of course!” he grumbled to himself.

    A touch of reverse thrust and he shifted around Dev, to the side closest to the ventral spine of the freighter. One more flash of his light at Dev and he mimed a slow movement of his hand, trying to indicate them moving from one side of the freighter to the other.

    Once he was sure he kept one eye on the scope and the other on the freighter just outside his viewscreen so he didn’t scrape its surface or move too far away. He sweated as he slid toward the other side of the bottom of the freighter, trying to will the second squadron to move slower, until he made it across the spine and even more into the sensor shadow that would protect them from the TIEs. Once across, he waited for Dev to make his move.

    Oh fantastic….

    Dev's sensors were going nuts with all the TIE's that were arriving. The ladies were in deep trouble but there was no way he could move anywhere right now. He had to trust that they could get out the other side in one piece.

    Tiber moved again and Dev watched as he moved and then made signals again. Looks like they were moving to the other side. Maybe to try and make sure the TIE's didn't spot them.

    As Tiber moved Dev moved behind and gently feathered his thrusters to move sideways. He tried his best to keep pace with Tiber looking up and down at the freighter and his scopes. Of course the Y wing was creaky and old, he had hoped maybe Rose could take care of that someday.

    Whether he was fast enough or quiet enough was another thing.

    The twelve TIEs crossed them without noticing, but the freighter was changing course, away from the skirmish that Two and Three were in. Worse, a Star Destroyer was turning across the opposite horizon. Their window to dart across the gap between the freighter and the Eclipse was rapidly shrinking, and they and almost no way to either coordinate with their comrades or even detect what they were doing - they were now too deep into the sensor shadow!

    As the freighter began to change course Tiber sighed and recalled an old saying his great uncle would mutter when talking about operations that weren’t classified, ”No plan survives contact with the enemy.” He’d been on several operations in his time and each time he was reminded of that. This time seemed worse, somehow.

    He couldn’t see, couldn’t really coordinate with Zara or Jess. But he had no choice, if the mission was to have any chance of success he and Dev would have to ”Bones, as soon as we move and Z and Jess can see us, send their droids a squirt trans, ‘Black 2 and 3, 1 and 5 diving now.’ please.”

    One last flash, as the freighter turned more, at Dev, then he held up his non-flying hand, three fingers up, two fingers, one. And then he throttled up, dropping free from the bottom of the freighter and arrowing across the distance toward the gaping hole on the dorsal side of the Eclipse.

    Dev breathed a sigh of relief as the TIE's flew past. Thunderbolt thankfully had made no noises that could be detectable.

    But the freighter moving away...that was a real problem. Hopefully Tiber would come back with more instructions….

    He did, and this time it was a countdown, looks like they were about to go on the move. Hopefully the ladies would be able to break away and protect his rear end as he passed.

    Here goes nothing. Time for some Corellian magic.

    As Tiber throttled away Dev waited a beat and then threw his throttle forward, slotting his nose behind the X wings rear, again not too close.

    Hope we can all fit through that!

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