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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Layren, Aug 22, 2004.

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  1. Layren

    Layren Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 28, 2003
    Hello everybody! After scouring through the Indexes and talking with various folks I noticed that there isn't a writing club for those of us who are college age and older. I got permission from Herman to give this thread the go ahead and so here we are! Now you know who you are -- if you're 18 - 20 or don't quite feel like you fit in the "teen" crowd or perhaps you're in your twenties or thirties and don't want to be classified as "over thirty." Whatever your status as an "Inbetween" happens to be feel free to jump right in!

    Here's a few topics for discussion to help us get to know each other:

    How old are you? Come on we're young enough here that we shouldn't be embarrassed about our ages ;)

    What was your first experience with Star Wars

    Why do you like to write?

    Who's your favorite character to write and why?

    That being said I'll get the discussion going :

    How old are you? I just turned 23 this August :)

    What was your first experience with star wars

    I was one of those who didn't discover star wars until much later in life. I think I was around 16 or so in 97 when the special editions came out. I had to chaperone my younger sister while she dated this guy I had a crush on. Sad but that's how I got into star wars :p He took her to see Return of the Jedi. I knew it was one of three. I didn't want to be completely lost while hte movies were going on so I dug out our very old copy of A New Hope that mom had taped off the tv ages ago. I watched on a very small 9" screen in my parents garage cause all the other tv's in the house were busy and I didn't want to go to the movies without at least some knowledge of who was who in star wars. The next day when we saw Return of hte Jedi on the big screen I was amazed and exhilarated and I jumped right into star wars fandom full speed ahead and have been there ever since.

    Why do you like to write?

    I write for fun :) I've been known to sit at my computer for hours just writing. It's social for me. I usually have someone I'm writing with and we have lots of fun just chatting and plotting out stories for hours on end. My husband thankfully is very understanding of my need to write.

    Who is your favorite character to write and why?

    For me, Qui-Gon is. He was my favorite character in the movies when Phantom Menace came out. His living Force connection and sympathy for others and the fact that he held on to his belief despite the fact that it was unpopular really stuck with me.

  2. Obi-Zahn Kenobi

    Obi-Zahn Kenobi Force Ghost star 7

    Aug 23, 1999
    'Tween = term for Hobbits aged 20 - 33.

    Thought I would point that out. It's the equivalent of the teenaged years for humans. And, sadly, in recent use, it has come to refer to humans at about the age of 10 - 13.
  3. beezel26

    beezel26 Jedi Master star 7

    May 11, 2003
    well lets see,

    I am 27 been in it since the beginning. Grew up with my brothers from the early days in the seventies.

    writing for me is like getting in touch with a dream. And sharing it with others. Of course a cogniscant dream that makes sense.

    My favorite character will always be Han, Well really just about any smuggler in the SW universe. Why? well they represent freedom and independance the chance to do your own thing.

    And I love being a scoundrel too. The girls always love us.
  4. AthenaLeigh

    AthenaLeigh Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 3, 2004
    oh, me, me, I fit! *waves hand* Hi, Layren, good thread, I'll join in.

    I'm 21! But you never know how old I'm going to act ;) just ask those who know me

    My first experience with Star Wars? Well, I guess that would be summer of 2001, a couple of friends and I watched A New Hope because they wanted to get me into Star Wars. Sad that it took that long, perhaps, but I never had any other copies and I didn't want to watch them out of order when the silly old tv channels showed them randomly. And then just before Episode 2 came out, I got to see the rest, lol so it was a month of Star Wars for me!

    I like to write because um ideas just get in my head and I want to get them down and share them. I started out reading lots of fanfiction, and then my own ideas started to grow and I figured I should try my hand at it. I had always wanted to write but never was much inspired, so I started out small. I still usually write small things, just because I don't have a lot of time, or I'm neurotic and can't concentrate on bigger things. Either way, it's just fun to try.

    Ah, my favorite character, do we not know? I love to write Qui-Gon Jinn because... actually that's a good question. He's my favorite character because he's so sweet and loving and such, and I guess he's my favorite to write because I can write that. We have too many traits in common. I also adore writing Master/Count Dooku, I just find him easy to do, and it's really fun to find the balance for him.

    All right, that's enough from me, for now. ;) *pokes Layren* O:)
  5. TurnedJedi

    TurnedJedi Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 7, 2002
    Neat thread, Layren (And congrats on the birthday!)

    How old are you?
    I?m 19 since mid May.

    What was your first experience with Star Wars?
    I have no idea.
    My eldest brother was a huge fan when he was younger and when I was a kid he introduced me to the saga before I can even remember. My early meeting with Star Wars is a reason why I?ve always dug the ewoks.
    But my love for that galaxy far, far away was slighlty moderate until the the SE:s came out in 97 and I became the full-time fan I am today.

    However, it wasn?t until after Attack of the Clones I became an online-fan.

    Why do you like to write?
    I don?t really. What I like is to make stuff up. Plotting stories and dialogue in my head is the most fun. I have several complete stories up here, *points at head*, but when it comes time to write them down I?m bored with the story and want to move on to new challanges.
    But, I?m trying to disciplin myself and at least finish the story I?m writting just now.

    Who is your favorite character to write and why?
    Mostly I write OC:s. That?s because I don?t want my stories to become AU. My OC:s often interact with established characters however.
    One such established character I use as often I can is C3PO. He is great fun to write because you can put him in the most horrid situations and he fits in, (even though he doesn?t want to be there... ;) ) Plus his dry humour. He crackes me up.

    That?s about it. Again, I love the thread.

    Edit: Well, Obi-Zahn Kenobi, lets retake the word Tween! (Even if I technically don't fit that term... :) )

  6. Obi-Zahn Kenobi

    Obi-Zahn Kenobi Force Ghost star 7

    Aug 23, 1999
    But you're not a Hobbit.
  7. TurnedJedi

    TurnedJedi Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 7, 2002
    I guess you have a point... :)
  8. Dark_Lord_Krahl

    Dark_Lord_Krahl Jedi Youngling

    Aug 10, 2004
    How old are you?
    i am 19

    What was your first experience with Star Wars?
    my very first experience was in 1st grade. I was going through the books on the shelf (cuz i was and am nerdy like that :p ), and found a childerens-book on Return of the Jedi. In all honesty, I liked the picture of Luke on the sail barge... mainly the green lightsaber :p . But I'd say I got heavily into it in 4th grade, when I got the THX - mastered Classic Trilogy. Loved it from then on for more then just the lightsabers.

    Why do you like to write?
    To be honest, I havent written much... I tried my hand at a smuggler story a while back, but that project kinda died. I'm hopin to restart it, and do it right.

    Who's your favorite character to write and why?
    Normally, I write custom characters of my own creation. But I'm planning a Boba Fett story; just gotta get a plot in my hed before starting :p
  9. ForGoodOrForAwesome9

    ForGoodOrForAwesome9 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 29, 2004
    I've somewhat been lurking on the "teen" thread, but I hardly act like a teen anymore, and since I'm moving out in 2 weeks, I'm feeling slightly more mature now than usual :)

    How old are you? I am 18, and starting university this fall... which is a completely scary thought! [face_worried] :_|

    What was your first experience with Star Wars? When I was about 6 years old I had a really high fever, and was delirious and whatnot. My dad rented ANH to distract me, but I was so feverous I could barely tell what was going on... but I've been addicted ever since.

    Why do you like to write? Actually, I don't just write fanfic, I'm much more into short stories, and articles for my friends 'zines. But after I discovered fanfic (Alias was the first type I found online, when I discovered Star Wars, especially L/M stuff, I was nearly cheering!) I've found it's fun to write the "missing moments" or add onto things, or even (as my story right now is) completely change everything to how you'd write it. As a result, all of my stuff is either missing moment or AU, and I find canon really hard to write. People who can really impress me!

    Who's your favorite character to write and why? Mara Jade. I've had a lot of strong female influences in my life, and I can really relate to her sometimes in terms of her struggle to trust people and not be so cynical. And the romantic in me loves L/M stuff, because, aren't we all just looking for our farmboy? [face_love] :p

  10. Durhelediel

    Durhelediel Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 5, 2004
    ::nods:: Glad you were able to get permission to do this. Great idea, though I don't lurk on the Resource that often so I should probably add this to my favs so I don't lose it...

    How old are you? I am 21 and proud of my age. Not one to be embarrassed by age, am I!

    What was your first experience with Star Wars? Oh dear, you had to ask. I have no idea. My mom is a fan, though not huge. I'm a huge book person (been told I came out of the womb reading) and my mom has a 1977 copy of ANH (two copies, actually, though one is mint condition and does not come out of its protective bag). After much pleading, she let me read it and I was immediately attracted. I have no idea what age that was. I just remember always being a fan, from my earliest memories on. Though I must say I'm not a fan of the new trilogy, which seperates me as a SW fan from the majority. I much prefer the original.

    Why do you like to write? I've always written. You can find me either with a pen in hand, or at the keyboard writing. I write anything I can. It was after the SE, though, that I discovered the book series that continues the SW universe and I loved the fact that you could write more to the story! So I've been doing that ever since. I tried to get Georgie-boy to publish a SW trilogy I wrote when I was 12 (was 13 at the time) and I got denied, but I have really pretty letterhead from LucasFilm, LTD!! And, no, I have not yet put that trilogy online. Kindof scared to. lol

    Who's your favorite character to write and why? I'd still have to say Luke. He's so misunderstood. Yes, he was whiny when he was younger, but he really had to mature quickly with bad circumstances. I mean, c'mon, how would you react to what he had to go through in just a few short years? Most writers, though, still portray him as whiny and I hate that! I see him as someone coping with the circumstances as best he can, and doing nicely as well. And who doesn't want to be the savior of the universe??
  11. J_M_Bulldog

    J_M_Bulldog Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2003
    Cool, something for my age group. :D

    How old are you? 23, though in a few months I'll be 24.

    What was your first experience with Star Wars? Some friends of mine from church loved Star Wars. I at first hated it, don't ask me why. I've yet to figure that one out. I saw part of Ep 1 at one of my friend's house and liked the fight between Obi-Wan and Maul. I decided when one channel put all the movies on TV in the month of May a year before Ep 2 came out that I'd watch them to see what the fuss was all about. Haven't looked back since :D

    Why do you like to write? Hmm, good question. I've always believed that just cause the credits roll or the book ends doesn't mean the story itself ends. The characters' lives still continue on. I write because I like to see what their lives continue on into.

    Who's your favorite character to write and why? I don't really have a favorite character to write. I'm a major L/M fan but I don't always write about them, I just like to write.
  12. LuvEwan

    LuvEwan Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 24, 2002
    Great idea, Layren. :)

    How old are you? Eighteen. ;)

    What was your first experience with Star Wars? Well, back in '99 when TPM came out, I saw a huge poster ad with Obi-Wan on it in JCPenney's. I just stopped in my tracks and was like who is that? I bought a SW t-shirt right there and then (with Ewan on it, of course ;) ). I saw TPM with my brother, and it was the first SW film I saw. I ended up seeing it thirteen times after that. [face_blush]

    Why do you like to write? That's kind of hard to explain, really. It's been my favorite thing to do since I can remember. When I was six I wrote a poem about a cowboy and was so excited when I was given a gold star for it. [face_laugh] I guess that's where it started for me. In eighth grade, we had to write a certain number of journal entries per quarter, our own subject matter. I asked the teacher if I could write one long story, and he said it was alright. So he was the first person to read my fanfic, because it was a couple years before I went online with it. ;)

    Who is your favorite character to write? Gee...let me think.. :p Obi-Wan. No question about it. He's just as faceted as the other characters, and sometimes can be harder to write, because there has to be a balance with him. He's not evil, he's not at all Dark, but he isn't Mr. Perfect, either.
  13. NarundiJedi

    NarundiJedi Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 8, 2001

    Hi, I'm suffering from writers' block but some of you may remember me. :p

    I'm 22, going to be 23 in a few days. I've always felt like I was too old for many groups on here but too young to join the geriatric ward, who only admits patients who are either 24 or 25 years old and up. :p I'd keep it to people over 30 myself, since 24 is a very arbitrary age. :p

    Anyway, I've been a Star Wars fan since I was ten and I haven't really given up on it since. I did take a bit of a writing tangent from Star Wars in middle school to write a hospital comedy kind of like "Scrubs" and I took some time away from writing to write music in high school (produced my own album and half of a second one). I've recently purchased some more audio recording equipment, so maybe song-writing will take more time away from story writing in the future. *shrugs* :) I'm still psyched for Revenge of the Sith.

    I like to write because I see things vividly in my head usually and I can't rest until they're down on paper. Lately I've been having trouble with the getting visions out onto paper because of my work schedule, but the visions are still there.

    I like to write OCs mostly. I think the whole reason why I feel compelled to write fanfic instead of original fiction is because I enjoy other characters like Kyp Durron, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade and Jaina Solo. Writing about these guys in conjunction with OCs gives me an excuse to post it on here, and it's easier to get feedback when you have a hybrid story. I guess I am a feedback junkie because I probably wouldn't feel like writing without an audience. Then again, I managed to gain an audience of my closest friends when I wrote completely OC before. I suppose it wouldn't be impossible to gain that audience again. :p *wonders if her mother still reads her fanfic*

    Jae O:)
  14. beezel26

    beezel26 Jedi Master star 7

    May 11, 2003
    Oh and Narundi is a CR of the Albany Scoundrels.

    The badest FF on the block.
  15. Indra

    Indra Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 31, 2003
    Thanks for this thread, Layren. :)

    How old are you? 21

    What was your first experience with star wars?
    I hadn't seen SW until TPM came out and I never wanted to see it. Then a friend dragged me into the cinema and I came back the next day to watch it again. :D I've loved it since. So I am one of those who watched the original movies after I had seen TPM. (I still thought Anakin was cute when I saw it for the first time. :D) I've now long surpassed my friend in obsessing over it.

    Why do you like to write?

    It's a cool way to express what I think and observe in the world around me. I can't draw or sing or do anything else which would me allow to do this. And I love to get to know people who are from countries all over the world and read about their opinions and observations.

    Who is your favorite character to write and why?

    Definitely Xanatos. There's so much to explore about him. I never get tired of searching for reasons why he changed so radically and of writing how he could have been before he turned.

  16. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Chosen One star 9

    Mar 26, 2001
    ::Big hug for Layren.:: I've been hoping someone would make this thread!

    How old are you? Come on we're young enough here that we shouldn't be embarrassed about our ages. 23

    What was your first experience with Star Wars? Do you mean in seeing it or running into it?

    Running into it: I was at a friend's house with my family and they said they were going to watch Return of the Jedi. I wanted to see it, but the mom told me she'd just gotten a new biography of Robert E. Lee. Well, me, being the 7-year-old geek I was, decided to grab the book instead and holed up beneath the TV stand, reading the book by the light of ROTJ. Didn't see it.

    Seeing it: Framingham 14 in Natick Massachusetts was opening when I was 13 and to celebrate, they had a viewing of all three Star Wars movies. Since my sister had made me dress up as ANH Princess Leia the year before (I thought she was a relative of Queen Elizabeth), I agreed to go. I sat between a very gay guy in purple spandex and a 300-pound elvis impersonator. I fell in love the moment Darth Vader got on the screen, cried when Yoda died... You get the idea. I was hooked and started writing my first fanfic the next day.

    Why do you like to write? I love stretching my creativity, getting inside the heads of characters, and most of all, making up dialogue.

    Who's your favorite character to write and why? Canon: Leia. Strong character, can be very tongue-in-cheek. OC: Tizar Nan, Anakin's best friend according to me. :)
  17. Kathryn

    Kathryn Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 1, 2002
    How old are you? Come on we're young enough here that we shouldn't be embarrassed about our ages

    I turned 25 last May.

    What was your first experience with Star Wars
    I have faint memories of watching the OT as a child (certain scenes I remember very vividly) but it was teh special edition that got me into it, I'd say, watching that with my younger brother. and then, soon after that, episode 1

    Why do you like to write?

    I don't think I can say. It's almost to the point where I do it because I have to, so...

    Who's your favorite character to write and why?

    He he, I'm so bad at choosing... I like them all.
  18. Layren

    Layren Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 28, 2003
    Wow! I didn't expect this much response so soon! Thanks so much guys for responding!

    Obi-Zahn So Tween came from Tolkien? Ahh I was unaware. I've never read all of the books in that series.

    beezel26 You're 27? That's neat my husband just turned 28 here a month and a half ago :) I agree about sharing your dream with others. THat is indeed part of what writing is all about :)

    AthenaLeigh LOL Yes you fit right in perfectly :D
    2001? Really? Wow and I thought *I* was a late bloomer. And I fully agree with your take on Qui ;) He is very sweet and caring. He just is so misunderstood. Ack! Don't poke me! :p

    TurnedJedi Thanks so much for the congrats! With all my health trouble turning older is indeed something to celebrate :) Ahh so you're a lucky one who loved star wars as a kid. I wish I had :)

    Dark_Lord_Krahl I agree with the green lightsaber :D Green is my favorite color :) Interesting history. I don't think I read any star wars books when I was a kid. I noticed you're new here! Welcome to the boards! Anything I can do for you just let me know :)

    ForGoodorForAwesome9 Yes if you're moving out in two weeks I say that definetely qualifies as adult :) Ahh don't be scared! The university isn't THAT bad! [:D] Congratulations! I love Mara Jade but I don't think I can write her to do her justice..she's one tough cookie to figure out :)

    Durhelediel Yes bookmark like good former padawan. :D Ahh but the new trilogy isn't THAT bad come now you have lots and lots of Obi-Wan :p Good point about Luke. He did have to grow up a lot in a short amount of time and all things considered he did pretty well :)

    J_M_ Bulldog I first hated star wars too way back when I was a kid. Every time my family would watch it I would leave the room -- very glad I outgrew that as a teen :D

    LE Hey sweetie! I saw you're post on your thread the other day and I'm very very glad to see you posting here on this thread! [:D] if you ever need anyone to talk to my door's always open! 13 times! wow! I think I saw it 17 only I was in love with Jinn right from the time he stepped on screen.

    Narundi Hey you! nice to see you posting in here too! Oooh yeah Revenge of the Sith I can't wait for it to come out! ANother star wars younging :p Wish I'd had the same fortune lol.

    Indra Sure no problem! I was just thinking that there was no group for our age so I decided to go ahead and get permission to create one :) Xanatos is one tough character to write. I admire anyone who says he's their favorite. I just can't make him cooperate for me. Maybe it's the knowledge of what he is -- stabbing Jinn in the back -- that makes him so hard to write for me. I dunno. :)

    Ish Awwww [face_blush] Thanks! Not a problem. Leia is a VERY strong canon character. I don't think she gets as much attention as perhaps Padme` or Jaina but she should definetely get more :)

    Kathryn Welcome aboard the thread! I had a hard time framing my reply for why I like to write to. We just *DO* it's apart of us :)

    So many different backgrounds and things from everyone! WE need to get some good discussion going here soon. If anyone has ideas for a topic feel free to pm me with suggestions! Also the title of the thread is open for other suggestions if you don't like this particular one :)

  19. RiffConway

    RiffConway Jedi Youngling

    May 21, 2004
    Hi all!

    How old are you? I'm 26, 27 in less than a month

    What was your first experience with Star Wars? My dad took me to ANH when I was 2, but I remember ESB. I always liked the films, cause of Han Solo. He's a man's man. Tough, dependable, and defying the odds. Plus the one-liners are hilarious.

    Why do you like to write? Yes, but I tend to be slow...

    Who's your favorite character to write and why? OC's or non-mainstream. ie. Fiolla Lorrde, Ody Mandrell, and Gasgano. I like expanding areas others have not.
  20. Cloudreaper

    Cloudreaper Jedi Master star 2

    Mar 2, 1999
    How old are you?

    So far, I'm the old man here and barely qualifying at the ripe old age of 30. It's still hard for me to even considering applying the term 'old', though. My heyday for posting here (and doing SW fanfics) was when I was around 25, though.

    What was your first experience with Star Wars

    Seeing Empire Strikes Back at the Loews Paradise in the Bronx when it first came out. I was a wee lad back then and for some reason decided that I had to stick my tongue out whenever Vader showed up on the screen. Back in those days it wasn't unheard of to bring back previous movies, so I wound up seeing Star Wars shortly afterwards. I'm still not entirely sure I was aware of which came first at the time.

    Why do you like to write?

    I am by nature a storyteller and prose is the medium best suited to me. Through writing one can not only tell a story or make a point just to an intended person, but can also relay that tale to a complete stranger who you may never meet...even someone not even conceived at the time of your death.

    Who's your favorite character to write and why?

    Suprisingly enough (if we're talking Star Wars characters), it'll be Jar Jar Binks. I see in that Gungan so many many ways that character could've been represented and what he stands for. I personally believe Jar Jar isn't the main flaw of TPM, but a character that unfortunately was mistreated by the script and desire to have a kid-friendly comic character. I've never really changed Jar Jar's character...way he's prevented...and suddenly people don't seem to mind him as much.
  21. PadawanRoo

    PadawanRoo Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 7, 2003
    how old are you?

    Eighteen. Youngin' representin'.

    What was you first experience with Star Wars?

    grew up on it. My brothers used to watch it all the time, and I watched it with them.

    Why do you like to write?

    I am a great lover of words. I try new languages like wine tasters try vintages... a good word is like a good chocolate. You can savor it when it's in your mouth. And I'm intrigued by possibilities. Things that might be, or could be, or could be if only one thing were different about the universe. That and I like people. So I make them up.

    who is your favorite character to write?

    I'm fond of the OCs, I have to say, but not in a Mary-Sue type way. I like exploring the average joes of the GFFA, and how heroic events effect them. That and far-future fics with entirely OC casts. Again, all about exploring possibilities.
  22. Sara_Kenobi

    Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Sep 21, 2000
    "I'm a tween, that's right!" [face_laugh]

    How old are you? Come on we're young enough here that we shouldn't be embarrassed about our ages.

    I turned twenty-seven this month on the eleventh of August.

    What was your first experience with Star Wars

    I was about four-years-old and my father took me to see the Empire Strikes Back at the down town theater. I remember being entranced at seeing Darth Vader on the big screen for the first time, and also terrified. I was an instant fan of Han Solo, and couldn't phantom then why Princess Leia had such a hard time choosing to be with him. He was handsome, a hero, and that was good enough for me, even so young then.

    I liked Luke too, but after seeing him battle Vader, I was convinced he would turn to the Dark Side in Return of the Jedi, and didn't really like him after that.

    Why do you like to write?

    So I can create a story that I would like to read. I think that's the best answer I could give to anyone.

    Who's your favorite character to write and why?

    Darth Vader I would have to say is my favorite to write. There are so many things you can touch on, and so many ways that you can write him as the author. He's one of the most exciting character's to write in Star Wars.

    Next! :D

  23. Katana_Geldar

    Katana_Geldar Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 3, 2003
    How old are you? 20

    What was your first experience with Star Wars?

    i saw ROTJ when i was about twelve but i've been a fan for only two years

    Why do you like to write?

    i like to write because it's one of my hobbies, i like to write SW as i love SW and i don't have to worry about the logistics of creating my own fantasy or SF.

    Who's your favorite character to write and why?

    i haven't really written mucyh, i like my original characters pretty well but i like writing Vader, even though i haven't done much of him in my fics
  24. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Chosen One star 9

    Mar 26, 2001

    ::pulls out bar stool and sits down.::

    I'll buy a round of drinks for the first person who says something very interesting.
  25. Katana_Geldar

    Katana_Geldar Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 3, 2003
    well we can't all do the kessel run in less than twelve parsecs

    i work in a cafe and one of our suppliers won't leave unless we say something clever, i said that and he laughed.

    sorry, felt like saying that. i'm trying to get my friends into writing as it's so much fun.

    what's the hardest bit about writing? for me it's space battles, they are so visual and hard to do right
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