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Social The Role Playing Community's Fourth Annual Christmas / Winter Ball

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Imperial_Hammer , Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004

    The Role Playing Community's Fourth Annual Christmas / Winter Ball



    -Fellow Roleplayer or Roleplaying Ally,

    You are cordially invited to the Role Playing Community's Fourth Annual Christmas / Winter Ball, located high in the remote wilds of the mountains around the Role Playing Forum. Tis the season for good will and friendship among all posters; and to this end, I am happy to announce the return of our yearly favorite Holiday Ball. Hollywreath Cabin shall open promptly at the end of this invitation, and shall remain open until the 2nd of the New Year. Users are encouraged to come as themselves, but the shy among us may certainly play as one of their favorite characters. Dress to impress, No RSVPs required. Users are encouraged to find dates for the ball if they can find them, but everyone is invited, date or no. Users are welcome bring food for our community Potluck feast, or presents for any of the users in attendance.

    We look forward to seeing you there!
    -The Powers that be

    About Hollywreath Cabin

    Hollywreath Cabin is a cozy log house located at the end of a long and winding mountain road. It is flanked by a great many pine trees, and snow covers everything. A gray plume of smoke rises from the central chimney, and a warm looking porch welcomes all guests. The cabin is large, but not gigantic, and is bedecked in Christmas gear. You can conceptualize the cabin as a large square, whose rooms, going clockwise, are: kitchen, dancing room, hall (at 6 o' clock), living room, dining room.


    The Hall: A small section of the cabin where people first come in. There is a coat rack on the left side and a plush chair on the right. At the end of the hall is a dish cabinet. To the right is the living room and to the left is the dancing room. Along the hall are wreaths and on top of the small cabinet by the chair is a holiday candle. The smell of gingerbread seems to gather here from the kitchen.


    Living Room: Dominating the living room is a hearty stone fireplace, complete with a moose-head mounted about it. The mantel is clad with a very festive arrangement of candles and garland. Inside the fireplace sits a warm little fire radiating its heat out into the room. There is a bright white Christmas tree in the corner, and an assortment of overstuffed wooden chairs sit around a few coffee tables.


    Dining Room: The dining room is a little different than the rest of the cabin. There is much more windows on the walls, and it overlooks a small valley behind the cabin. There is a large, thick Christmas tree in the corner, and a bunch of small 4 and 6 person wooden tables scattered about. Poinsettias adorn each table, and lamps hang from the ceiling. Along the wall stands a long buffet-type table full of seasonal foods, such as eggnog, candy-canes, puddings and pies, as well as other [link=]breads, meats, and treats[/link]. There still seems to be room for more dishes, and a table of plates and silverware invite guests to take whatever they would like from the table.


    Kitchen: Hollywreath Cabin's kitchen is small and homely, but don't let its size fool you. Its staffed by a few very talented chefs that are able to work the ovens and manipulate the stoves to craft some very fine dishes. Its more or less an unexceptional kitchen, with a small little table in the middle for food preparation and placement.

  2. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Imperial_Hammer
    Location: Hollywreath Cabin, Living Room

    Imperial_Hammer sat in one of the comfortable leather chairs of the not-for-long empty living room. The young man was clad in a solid black suit, with darkslategray shirt underneath and a tan tie. It wasn't very often he got to dress up for social events such as these, and he took a small bit of pleasure in doing so.

    "Eggnog sir?" a voice said behind him. One of the servers from the cabin Hammer had rented out for the event.

    "Yes please." the man replied, giving him a quick glance over-the-shoulder, then returning his view back to the fire.

    Hammer was expecting another good showing. The RPF had changed, as it always did, over this last year. New Moderator, friends coming and going. And, thankfully, the community continuing to knit itself closer and closer together. He hoped that the invites he always sent out would attract the newer users from 2009, and would find the older users in good spirits and memories.

    He idly tapped one of fingers against the wooden handrest of his chair, the golden ring on his finger making it a noisy little exercise in the quiet room. Ha, he remembered the first time he hosted the Ball, how he was worried about if anyone would come. Those stomach butterflies never really go away, but three years later, they were easy enough to net. It was getting more and more difficult to find places they hadn't been before, however. One of these years, he might have to rebook. Maybe back at Kringle Castle. The Ball they had there was very nice.

    The man could see that the snow was beginning to fall again. Luckily though, not too harshly. The caretaker of the land they were on kept his roads well salted, so there was no chance of being snowed in or stranded.

    "Your eggnog sir," a familiar voice sounded.

    "Ah thank you." Hammer said, accepting the small glass cup resting on a saucer. For a homely little cabin, their silverware was pretty nice. It had a festive little stick of cinnamon on the side... very impressive. Hammer set the saucer on a side table, stirred the eggnog with the cinnamon stick, and set the stick on the saucer. The Moderator was already impressed with the cooking here. Shows you that a small little cabin with the right people can outperform the much more capable venues the Christmas Ball had visited in years past.

    Hammer sipped the eggnog and kept an ear open for guests. The door was unlocked and eventually the would start filing in. He could hear the band playing a Christmas song in the background. Thankfully they didn't blast their music, and thankfully again, the sound bled only slightly into the other rooms of the cabin. Good architecture, that. Haha, and even more thankfully, the smells from the kitchen and dining room bled much easily!

    Hammer made a mental note to visit the dining room at least once during the night.

    TAG: Guests

    [color=darkblue][u][b]Around the Cabin[/b][/u][/color]

    [b]Entry Hall:[/b] A butler lights a holiday candle arrangement

    [b]Living Room:[/b] A cook from the kitchen brings out a small bowl of chocolates and sets them down on one of the coffee tables.

    [b]Dining Room:[/b] A cook brings out a plate of [link=]Christmas Pudding[/link] and sets it down on the table along with the other treats.

    [b]Kitchen:[/b] Another cook is putting some cookies into one of the ovens.

    [b]Dancing Room:[/b] The band has chosen "Here We Come A-Wassailing" as its first Christmas song.>
  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sinre

    [blockquote]Sinre, clad merrily in his crimson robes, looked more like Santa than Santa probably did, currently, apart from, of course, his face. That was not adorned with a beard, but instead appeared quite aghast; he was going to be late. He knew it, karma knew it, and the entire RPF, in a few short minutes, would know.

    He'd forgotten the wine bottle, and had been forced to turn around the speeder and rush back to his abode in the Star Wars Community, where he had currently set up residence in his Mod provided house, and now he was trudging through boot-high snow and attempting to keep it off the hem of his cloak. He rushed to the door, nearly falling over, and raised his hand to it, half-expecting everyone to turn and look at him, and Blu to crack a snark at him.

    And then, as his hand pushed the doorway open, he swore under his breath as he realised he'd left the wine in the speeder. Now he was late, and appeared stingy. His face as crimson as his robes, Sinre waited his humiliation... and nobody was here yet! Sinre laughed, a short chortle of bemusement. Striding forward, Sinre left his outer cloakwith the butler, and handed over the keys to his speeder, exchanging a few words about the wine.

    Taking in the atmosphere, Sinre was still smiling at himself as he headed to Living Room, knowing from experience that Hammer would be there. With a grin, he bowed, a flourish to his pose, and held out his hand to shake the positively peachy host. "It is a pleasure to see you again, my friend. I appear to be early. The butler is picking up the wine from the speeder."

    Sinre's grin grew as he realised his hand would be freezing.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Hammer (Living Room)
  4. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Kahn
    Area around the cabin

    [blockquote]When one chose to adorn themselves in the Traditional whites and silvers of the Echani, a culture for which Kahn had a grand affinity for, one was easily noticed in most situations. The precise opposite however was the case of snow. This had become apparent when he stepped out of his Lsu-type Ground/Cloud car and he found himself blending in quite well with the powder adorned surface.

    This was likely the reason Sinre hadn't noticed him while he was trudging through the snow a dozen odd meters behind the SWC Mod. Not that he'd been trying to get attention, no, it was too cold to go about greeting people outside and his arms were to busy carrying bags containing a few gifts, and a few bottles of vintage Echani wine from Eshan's S'vel Valley. It was the first time he'd felt he was enough of the RPF Community to attend the Ball in seriousness, he was certainly going to try and make good impressions.

    After a few more moments of trudging Kahn managed to make his way up the stares and to the porch. Around this time a Butler, or a man akin to that job status was exiting the cabin, and was kind enough to hold the door open for the bag laden walking snowman. Giving his thanks to the man Kahn stepped in through the door and into the warm embrace of Hollywreath Cabin's entry hall.

    Setting his bags down Kahn inhaled the warm air, letting it warm the chill that had filled his lungs. Eager to get into the festivities, even if he was arriving early, he quickly removed his white winter cloak hanging it on one of the available hooks. He was adorned in a white suit, with a charcoal shirt. A matching white tie hung from his neck held in place by a Tie pin bearing small onyx stones. Instinctively, he straightened his coat with a little tug. Something, being an avid Star Trek Fan, he called the 'Picard Maneuver'.

    Satisfied that his outfit would suffice Kahn lifted his bags and made his way to the living room, quick assumption that if Sinre was not in the hall, he'd have gone to the Living room. Stepping into the room he spotted not only his friend Sinre but Hammer as well. Sporting a small grin he raised his hands, and the bags up to chest level. "The Iceay man cometh, and he cometh bearing gifts."[/blockquote]

    Tag: Sinre, Hammer, others
  5. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    An Asylum Somewhere on the Outskirts of the RPF

    "Now, our next subject is something of a strange case," the director said, casually regarding the newcomer who was feverishly scribbling down notes. "Until recently, he was the president of a modest enterprise with one or two awards under its belt. However, following the collapse of its largest business venture, Project Aria, the firm filed for Chapter 11, which it had rescinded following the discovery of an accounting error. This is where things get interesting."

    The two doctors continued down the hallway. "The accountant who made the error turns up dead the next day. Authorities do some investigating, and they find out this subject has ties to the RPF mafia, dice rings, the JCC... you name it, this guy had a hand in it. During the court case, documents for a secret venture under the codename 'Son of L' surface, and they're more than enough to get him sent here for the rest of his days."

    "Yes, I remember hearing something about that," the new doctor noted, as he finished. "His name was Ramuza or something to that effect?"

    "Ramza, yes. Try not to look directly at him, he'll start yelling about how the exams are after him," the director added, as the doctor peered into the cell.

    "Um... director...? This cell is... empty."


    "Have a look for yourself."

    The director peered in. "Well, I'll be... ... Where could he have?"

    [link=]"Looking for someone, boys?"[/link]

    "How - how did you get out of your cell?"

    "I opened it."

    The guards had come running as soon as they heard the screams. But by the time they had arrived, the two doctors were already dead, and the inmate was nowhere to be seen, naught but a trail of rainbows and smiles in his wake.


    "Good boy, Fluffles, now stay outside while daddy goes and socializes," Ramza said, patting his unicorn on the head. He had somehow managed to both clean himself up and acquire a tuxedo with a black tie. Sure, it's a bit of a plot hole, but you won't care later. He lit his cigar and strolled in through the entrance of the cabin, grinning as if he hadn't been in a padded cell for the past 4 months. There was no one in the hallway, and so he strolled rather calmly into the living room.

    "Impy, Sinre, Kahn, long time, no see," he said with an open-armed gesture. "How're things?"

    [b]TAG: Kahn, Sinre, Hammer[/b]>
  6. Republic_Anvil

    Republic_Anvil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 24, 2009
    Somewhere in Kansas

    ?Honey I'm going to be late!? Anvil paced her living room waiting for her husband to come down from the bedroom. They had just returned from a trip to Florida, when she had gotten the invite for the Christmas Ball. It was all very short notice, but she really wanted to go.

    The mice had been working overtime on her dress to have it ready in time, she paid them well, a whole wheel of Gouda to themselves. She had hammered out her shoes herself, silver pumps lined and padded in blue velvet. Her jewelry was exquisite a necklace of diamonds with matching earrings, bracelet and pendent.


    She heard her Husband coming down the stairs. He hated parties, he was kind of an antisocial person. He would have gone if she had asked but he would have been miserable, so she didn't ask. ?Alright I hear ya. Don't worry you won't be late.? He sits down at his console ?Computer...? Oh yeah that's right she forgot to mention to her friends that her husband was a Trekkie.

    She puts on her black cloak with its velvet lining and gathers her packages and stands on the pad. ?Ok 'Scotty' Beam me up.? Anvil dissolves in a million twinkling lights as she is transported to the porch of the Hollywreath Cabin.

    She smiles at the Butler that greets her at the door and thanks him as he takes her cloak. She enters the cabin.

    Its beautiful.

    Following the voices to the living room, she sees Hammer, Kahn, Sinre and Ramza. She smiles at them all ?Happy Holidays. Its good to see everyone.? She places her packages down. One of the packages she hands to Hammer, a [link=]gift [/link]for the host, and another she places under the Tree to wait for its recipient to make an appearance.

    Tag: Everyone
  7. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000

    Somewhere in the Multiverse

    The man was unshaven. After all, he'd set off at least 24 hours prior, and shifting dimensions didn't exactly leave one time to do work with the razor. Never mind, perhaps Hammer had a decent washcloth somewhere that he could borrow. He'd been bearded for the last Christmas Ball, but then that had been after several months on the virtual steppes of Russia, fighting to unify Europe against the infidel hordes coming from the East.

    It had been solid experience, too. Holding the walls of the RPF against the EUC had been a heavy task, and every aspect of siege warfare known to man had been pressed into service.

    He flicked back the edge of his long, dark cloak, and nudged Tyrsim with his feet. Damned longsword, Winterfall, always getting in the way ... how in the name of Sweet Smoking Conan did Livi-Wan manage to keep this damn thing straight?
    Well, at least she let you borrow the horse and the sword for the journey. Wolves on the way to Hammer's Christmas Balls were not unknown. Indeed Saintheart had a feeling the old Imperial Mallet had bred them specially just to annoy him on the way here.

    But the road had been rather quiet, and he walked Tyrsim over the last mile or so to Hollywreath Cabin without a problem. As he did last year, turned up to one surprised-looking butler.
    "Master Sinrebirth?" asked the butler, confused.
    Saintheart threw back his hood. "No."
    The butler blinked. "I'm so sorry, sir. I mistook you for your former colleague."
    "That seems to happen a lot," said Saintheart dryly.
    "Er. Well, yes, er, if I might take your ... er ... accoutrements."
    "Thanks, but I'll hold onto them." He dismounted, telling Tyrsim not to eat a lot in the stables, and stamped his way into the cabin.

    Inside was warmth; and light. He breathed in, letting the scent of mistletoe, holly, and roast ... something fill his nostrils, then turned to the gathering of reprobates in the living room. Slammed a hand down on ramza's shoulder as he grinned, pulling -- as always -- a bottle of single malt Scotch from the innards of his backpack.
    "Merry season, lads, ladies. Anyone care to make it merrier?"

    TAG: Hammer, Kahn, ramza, Sinre, Anvil :p
  8. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Outside of Cabin

    The periscope popped out from underneath the snow, and not exactly a 'professionally-made' one at that. The white cardboard that formed the body of the periscope was a bit of a step down to any other more durable substances such as metal and when you would look closely you would see the edges of the two mirrors that had been carefully placed into the periscope before being excessively taped and super glued the whole way. This little cardboard periscope twisted left and right, tracking the individuals that made their way to the cabin.

    Sinre, Kahn, Ramza, Anvil (in a twinkling display of lights), and Saintheart were all tracked as each and every one of them entered the cabin. The shadows that he had been able to make out in the past hour told him that the party should be well underway by now...

    The periscope suddenly started to move forward through the snow, breaking through the cold, white fluff as it made it's way to the door of the cabin. It was pointed more specifically at the butler, keeping track of the lone guard and making sure to stop and lower whenever he turned a head vaguely in the direction of the periscope. It kept at it for the slow, minutes-long trek that probably was nowhere near necessary but quite fun. When it approached a distance that it believed to be acceptable, the periscope stared at the butler for another long moment before it slowly dropped back into the snow, disappearing from view entirely.

    Something else was launched from the snow, small and possessing a cylinder shape which made it perfect to easily cross the distance and land on the porch with a thud before rolling across. This caught the butler's attention, causing him to step away from the door and pick up the can to examine it. Green was the color of the can upon initial inspection, and when the butler rolled it around in his hands he soon found the green, red, and white lettering, perfectly colored for the Christmas season with the two words reading...

    Mountain Dew.

    No one was around when he scanned the area so the butler returned to the door and, well since it was in his hands, he popped open the can and started to drink, not realizing that the clean porch - specifically near the door - had gathered some extra snow.


    The several other cans like the one he used to distract the guard made their own little jingling sound in the sack he carried as he entered through the door, brushing the remaining snow from his shoulders and head that he collected during his little venture. He unzipped the poncho that he used to protect his attire of red and green-colored camo pants with a red shirt covered with a white vest - he wasn't one for suits and ties afterall - and handed it to another butler that was here to welcome guests and take coats.

    Making his way to the Living Room that was where the schematics he made sure to study had told him would be, Sarge was immediately able to locate Sinre and the others that he had seen enter the cabin and were now bunched up together, all talking and Saintheart actually offering - Sarge pushed up his glasses and squinted to get a better look - a bottle of scotch.

    A quiet "Pfft" was produced from his lips at that. Making sure the water from the melting snow had indeed been wrung out from the low ponytail that he had tied his hair back in, he immediately made his way to the group, already producing another can of the heavenly tasting, caffeine-filled green liquid known as Mountain Dew.

    "Take the alcohol after you have some caffeine flowing in your systems!" Sarge immediately declared as he approached the group, leaning forward and holding out the can to anyone that wished to take. "Ohi guys!"

    TAG: Hammer, Sinre, Kahn, Ramza, Anvil, Saintheart
  9. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Mitth Fisto
    Entering the RPF realm

    Pulling out his pocket clock he popped the cover to check the time, half past tree. He was just passing the magnificently large and old establishment of the NJO, currently undergoing construction for further expansion under the newly appointed management, to which he tipped his hat. The hooves clomping beneath him hurried him on his way as he passed through the city, tipping a hat to each establishment he currently was under contract with.

    Throughout the entire RPF verse twelve had his signiture upon they're annuls of postings even if they had ceased production of their gross products. Most called him insane, some a genius, other a posting Shi'ido and he had the medal to prove it...somewhere...probably lost under a stack of final exam materials somewhere in the Slave Pits of Uni.

    But no one had seen fit to call the white lab coats on him yet, although he heard tell that his name was already listed at the Assylum as a future resident. Though he pittied the fool that was finally sent to bring him in and actually tried with force.

    As the woods came upon him hiding him and his Bantha in their mass's he found the journey to have became much more surreal to his senses. It was like coming home once more as he recalled that first time he had wandered through the mountains and spotted the city far below. Ah, sweet continuity! What a blessed sight.

    Arriving at the cabin he performed the age old Tusken Tongue dismount as the Bantha grasped him with it's long prehensile tongue before lowering him to the front door stoop of the cabin. "Url, now Don't forget to get those wolf heads cleaned off before we head home. The red is fine but the grey patches just aren't with the season."

    Harumphing the Url tugged slightly at one the heads with a locked jaw in it's hair. "Well you should have thought of that before letting them get tangled in your hair."

    Knocking he gave a slight bow to the butler opened the door with a yuletide can of Dew in hand, before handing over his Bantha sized satchel full of still warm peanutbutter-fudge, half with a chocolate fudge topping. "Old family recipe, make sure it gets to the table my good man."

    Patting the stunned help on a shoulder before going in he removed his crimsom robes upon the hall before drapping them over a free arm to reveal his Christmas suit.


    Following the sounds of voices he found himself entering a side room full of many entrepid and note worthy faces, including two that often passed as twins upon the board if it weren't for one being bearded. A new face was present, Anvil if he remembered right, and Hammer the host of this seasons greetings as well, with...Ramza? How did he? Pulling out a list he checked it once, then twice. That sly one must of pulled off sanity somehow he guessed but this make his future stay at the assylum so much lonelier. With a slight shrug before tucking the assylums guest list back in an inner vest pocket. And there with a satchel near the back was the Sarrge full of Dewy Christmas cheer.

    "Merry Tidings to all! Glad to see you could make it Master." he called, smile spread wide, with an added nod to Kahn.

    TAG: Hammer, Kahn, ramza, Sinre, Anvil, Saint, and Sarrge-who makes edits needed
  10. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: darthhelinith

    "Woah Onyx!"

    The black gelding halted outside the homely snow covered log cabin, snorting as the icy chill of the snowy air bit into both rider and mount.
    Swinging her leg half clumsily over the saddle to dismount, the rider landed on the snow covered drive. She pulled a lead rope out of one of the saddle bags and clipped it to the bit, smiling to herself and kissing the horse's nose as he nuzzled into her fur-lined cloak, searching for titbits.
    The Friesian cheekily nudged her and tried to reach for the packet of polos that she had just pulled from inside her cloak- but darthhelinith would have none of that and at a word the animal stood still. Patting him, she offered a polo on an outstretched palm and the horse chomped it up greedily.

    "You silly old thing! Have a nice rest and I?ll collect you later.?

    She patted the horse fondly, scratching a tickly spot as one of the doormen approached and she handed over the lead rein without question. Pausing to watch the doormen lead away the animal and admiring the rippling black mane and tail flowing from a beautiful jog, she pulled off her cloak on the front step, reaching up a hand to make sure the bright red feather in her black pirate hat had not fallen out.
    It had taken around half-an-hour of sewing to make sure it would stay fixed in, and even then she was not confident in her ability to keep the red piece of apparel in place.

    Unlike her dress which had been made not two days ago by the finest designers in the Imperial Palace. Her Father, when it came to making and keeping up appearances, left no stone unturned. Even the jewellery that she had picked out to match the blood red dress looked suspiciously like it had been specially made for the occasion. She appreciated the thought, but would have been just as happy with cheaper, shop brought pieces.

    Entering the cosy cabin, her cloak was taken from her almost immediately by one of the waiting cloakroom attendants and she gazed around at the beautiful seasonal decorations, eyes twinkling as she stroked her fingers over one of the festive fauna arrangements. Glimpsing and recognizing Sinre in the lounge, she was about to walk over and join him, and hopefully be introduced to some others of the RPF, when she realized that the attendant who had just taken her cloak from her was still standing expectantly beside her. Quite forgetting her manners, she glared at him.

    ?My Lady, your hat??

    He trailed off under her gaze.
    ?Is there a problem with it??
    ?D-do you want me to take it to the cloakroom for you??
    darthhelinith felt her eyebrows slowly rise, along with her blood pressure.
    ?The hat stays.?

    She managed to keep her voice under control, although she could feel her cheeks burning as she watched the attendant quickly walk off. Deciding that she needed something to calm her nerves, she headed into the kitchen, trying to keep her flaming cheeks under control. No doubt that would be in the gossip columns next day, along with a physiological analysis from some upstart telling the entire population of Imperial Center how the Dark Lord?s Daughter was completely mad.
    And all because they never saw the world the way she did.

    To her great relief, no one else had entered the kitchen as yet and she could take some time out to compose herself and try and find a liquid cure for frazzled nerves.
    Better still, something smelt good.

    ?Ohhhhh! Cookies...?

    TAG: All
  11. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    . . . on the Road . . .

    "Dammit, you **** ******** **** *****, *****!" He yelled at the back seat of his small VW Polo and asked himself why he hadn´t taken his big one. The box in the back seat was still jumping up and down and hurling all around, whenever he did not look. "Oh, you **** ****** ****, I swear to you, when we get you there I´ll *** your ***** and play ***** with you!" Kicking in the forth gear he slided around the next corner, just as he began seeing the lights of the cabin. Yeah, there they were. Having all fun, when he had to cut his time to even be there out of his body of work. Still bleeding it was. Hoped the **** died!

    "Dammit." He hissed, as he felt, how his world filled with many little stars. The word filter. "****!" He kicked his car. "That´s what you got from being such an ****** and post on board for kids." Pushing together his purple suit and bright yellow shirt he looked into the mirror and tested his grin. First time he went there. The mask would have to sit. the first one looked to forced, the second was much better. The third looked somewhat like a human being and grinning he stopped his car on the lot outside the cabin. Sighing. "Oh. My. God." He said, as he saw the sea of light outside. "Why do all Americans make EVERYTHING look like ****** ***** ***** Disney? Bet Hammer is behind this." He said and looked to a Butler who was about to help him with the present, that was obviously restless on his backseat. "May I help you, Sir?" Fin stretched a little, then giving the man his well trained civil smile. "Actually . . . " He looked over to the box in the back seat. " . . . I guess you can." And his smile grew a little more twisted.

    [i]Entering the Hell that is Christmas . . . [/i]

    He opened the door be slamming it open, spreading his arms away from him and yelling into the room. In his purple suit with his biting yellow shirt, he looked like a clown. "Frohe Weihnachten!" He shouted. Then added. "Everybody here for Christmas!? Have no fear, Fin is here. The entrainment for tonight has officially arrived!" And he entered the room. "Store, how Sithy you look like today. The Mod becomes you! And Saint, haven´t seen you in a while, since Nar Shaddaa, I guess. Kahn, miss you in L.A., but at least you made it here. And Imp. Great Cabin, really. You know Cabin Fever? the movie? Yeah, Cabin´s are soooo much fun!" And then he saw who he had come from. "Sarge? Meth, bodies, just the two bros I was looking for!" He intercepted a waitress on his ways to the boys and stole a glass of Champagne from her tablet. Exing it he looked at her and smiled. "Moooore. Sweeedy." He said and turned back to Mitth and Sarge. "I got a present for you tow, a present you´re going to die, when you see it. Of joy, I actually mean . . . " And receiving his second glass. "Oh, well, and look at theeeeese ladies." He grinned as he saw Helly and Anvil. "Wow, I already stop regretting getting here." He grinned and turned back to Sarge and Meth. "So, anybody wants to burn something?" He asked. Looking innocently at both.

    "Like candles." He added, searching with his tongue for something between his teeth.

    [b]Tag: Mitth, Sarge[/b], and I think I covered all others with my post, too. You know how these drunk idiots turn up at your Christmas party from time to time? Yeah . . . good . . . >
  12. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Cabin, Living Room

    "Frohe Weihnachten!"


    The German probably should've clued him in on who it was but Sarge still turned to look at Fins with two raised brows of surprise. Maybe it was his choice of dress, the yellow already stinging his eyes with the clash of purple. But then again it may also be the seemingly craziness that the Fins was displaying.

    "Sarge? Meth, bodies, just the two bros I was looking for!"

    "Uh..." Sarge glanced at Mitth then back at Fins who immediately snagged some champagne from a passing waitress. The 'Sweeeeeedy' caused his brows to raise just a bit further but slowly he fumbled for the words of "Hey Fins! Uh...Merry Christmas to you too!" Or at least that's what he thought Fins had spoken earlier.

    When Fins had temporarily directed his attention to helinith and Anvil, Sarge remembered the can of Dew that he had still been holding onto. Thinking that he might need it, he popped open the can of Dew and took a sip from it. The only thing that distracted him from indulging himself in the wonderful taste was Fins's strange attitude, especially when he turned back to him and Mitth, an innocent look plastering onto his face.

    "So, anybody wants to burn something?"

    "Uh..." He took another sip from his can in order to buy him more time to wonder what Fins was getting at. Or have Mitth take over, who he glanced at once again, lost at what was going on here.

    TAG: Mitth, Fins, Everyone
  13. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Kahn
    Cabin... fever?

    [blockquote]No sooner then he had greeted Sinre and Hammer then Ramza had arrived. Kahn for one was not at all surprised to see Ramza. It would take more the a life sentence at an asylum to keep Ramza down. "Ramza my good man! So nice of you to join us!" Kahn's experience in the SoNL project had given him a bit of fondness for the man. Especially after he decided to [DELETED FOR YOUR SAFETY] one night and ended up [DELETED FOR YOUR SAFETY] with enough [DELETED FOR YOUR SAFETY] on the walls to keep a [DELETED FOR YOUR SAFETY] full for a decade. Kahn had found it most amusing but he was sick and twisted like that.

    Then came Anvil, "Anvil." Kahn sat his bags down and bowed, "Welcome to the ball." He didn't know Anvil to well but that was no reason to not be a gentleman and great her with some chivalry. It wasn't dead after all, not till he was at least. Saint followed soon after, he never understood the whole Sinre/Saint thing, he'd never confused the two. Though on one occasion he did accidentally refer to Saint as Sarge in a conversation. Sarge who had arrived right behind him, convenient.

    "Saint my friend. I haven't seen you in late. Have you been well my friend? And Sarge! Buddy! Why am I not surprised you brought some Dew?" He feigned a whisper, "I'm quite glad you did to tell the truth we're gonna need it if the party goes well into the night. Which I hope it does we could use a good party until dawn event."

    Then came one of the people he came prepared for. "MITTH!" He reached out and patted his friend on the shoulder, "Come now, we're not in the EUC, and certainly not in the Temple, no need to call me Master just Kahn will do. But I did bring you a couple of things, one can wait unless we don't have a set gift giving time, but as for the other..." Kahn went and fetched a small package out of one of his bags. "You've shown a great deal of interest in my Echani project and even helped inspire me a bit so I thought I'd thank you with this. Its S'vel Valley wine, vintage 47 BBY. I thought you'd enjoy it."

    Grinning he handed over the package to Mitth, and saw, what appeared to be a young lady in a... Pirate hat? She walked by the entrance to the Living room and towards the kitchen. How peculiar. And then came the most God awful looking suit Kahn had ever seen. At first he thought it was Sith-I-5, certainly something he'd see him doing. But no, it was Fin's. "Hallo Fins!" Kahn said in return to the mans greeting, "Fear not, I may be behind but I am still in the game, you can expect an update in, hopefully 48 hours..." He paused, "However we should enjoy ourselves, relax and enjoy the festivities! Also." He turned to Saint, "I'll take me a bit of that scotch if you don't mind. My bones could use a tad of warming."[/blockquote]

    Tag: ALL!
  14. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Sey

    Clip clop. Clip Clop Clip Clop

    Smiling to herself while sitting in the carriage, Sey had nearly forgotten how much she loved the sound of horses hooves on the pavement. Her pair of Clydesdales were perfectly matched and their hooves sounded as one as they trod along the road up to the cabin. The black carriage stood out sharply against the snow covered hillside, but blended into the darkness.

    The darkness

    So much of it had filled Sey's life within the last year. Dark Lady of both the Acolytes of Darkness and the Dominion of Darkness, Sey had finally managed to unite the Sith groups under one leader. Her. With all the work she'd done between EUCity, SWCity, and a smaller section of people obsessed with real things in the Arena, Sey was exhausted and in much need of a party.

    She checked herself in a small compact one last time as she sensed the carriage approaching the cabin. Her makeup was perfect. Her hair was a fountain of curls swirling around her shoulders. And the best part? Her dress. The dress was amazing. Sey's peppermint obsession was not well known, but becoming so. The dark lady decided this year to let it all out. She had on peppermint lotion so she smelled wonderfully sweet. The dress fell directly above her knees and was made of a shimmery material. With a few thick red stripes alternating with thick white stripes, she looked sort of like a candy cane.

    The horses slowed to a halt and her driver came around to open the door for her. At least there are some perks to being a mod. I get my own driver. She thought to herself. She placed one of her knee high white boots onto the soft snow and stepped out of the carriage, being sure that the dress was securely covering herself at all times. There was an art to such a thing, believe it or not. Reaching back into the carriage, she grabbed a gift basket for Hammer. The Wes Janson Fan Club had sent along a present for the RPF mod. Sey wasn't sure what it was, but she was sure it was going to be hilarious when he opened it. The WJFC never disappointed.

    Smiling brightly, Sey confidently strode towards the cabin door. A butler appeared when she entered to take her coat, but she wasn't wearing one. The holiday time was enough warmth to warm her against the silly cold weather. She waved her free hand at the butler to send him away and made her way deeper into the house, following the noise of the people already there.

    "Aha! Here you all are!" She exclaimed as she entered the living room. She wandered around the room, giving kisses on the cheek to all the guys and big hugs to helinith and anvil who looked stunning in her dress.

    "What a delightful cabin you've discovered!" she said to Hammer as she finally ended her round at his side. "Here, one of the EUC Fan Clubs sent this for you," as she handed over the basket.

    "Now, I believe my date is already here."

    Tag: Everyone, sarge
  15. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    IC: Chukles
    En route

    It is coooold out, but then again, I suppose it is the mountains... and winter. It tends to get cold. Oh well, the blanket over our laps helps, and the girl next to me warms my heart something fierce, so... I can't really complain. Besides, we have some thermoses of hot cocoa too. What could be better?

    The sleigh ride had been my idea, though we certainly didn't take it the whole way. that would be crazy. No, we drove up until the small road that led to the cabin. It was covered in snow, and perfect. The horse pulled us effortlessly, and I must say that it is already a lovely night. Almost seems like it will be a shame to get to the party.

    I sigh a little bit, but not dejectedly. Not out of ill-content. No, I sigh because I am relaxed, and I am happy. Quite content. What could be better than going to a party amongst friends with an amazing girl? Not a lot, I'll tell you that. Maybe a bacon pizza, but... nah, just kidding. This is better than a bacon pizza. I look over at the girl beside me. I see her smile. Yes, definitely much better than a bacon pizza.

    I'm proud of my clothing, let me tell you. Took me a while to find it, but... well... it's perfect. Ironically, it matches her dress. What a small world. I look down at myself. underneath my dressy overcoat--quite a warm one too--I am wearing [link=]a simple black tux, with a wonderful dark, velvety green vest and matching tie.[/link] She seemed to like it, at least. I smile, looking over at her. She looks quite stunning as well in her... well... I'll just let her tell you about it.

    We make it to the front porch without any problems. It was cold, of course, as I have previously mentioned, but it is perfect cuddling weather, and cuddle we did. As I pull back on the reins, the horse slows to a gentle stop. A butler movs to help my date from the sleigh, but I wave him off. Quickly, I leap from the vehicle and move around. With a slight bow, I offer my hand. "May I, Mi'lady?" I ask.

    TAG: Solo :D
  16. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Cabin, Living Room

    While trying to figure out what, exactly, to make of Fin's behavior, this time when he glanced it was to examine the whole living room to see what everyone else was doing. Everyone that had already arrived were still bunched up together, chatting and giving gifts such as the package that Kahn had given to Mitth. Not much of a change there so Sarge just looked to see if there had been any new arrivals.

    While looking, his nose detected the scents that, if he was to guess, originated from the kitchen. Cause that's where food usually was afterall. And the smell of breads - specifically gingerbread -, chocolates, and pies were definitely smells of food. Not here in the Living Room which caused a bit of a frown to appear. Some sugar would be good to create that caffeine/sugar cocktail that could help put him in a more partying mood. Maybe he'll drop by in one of the other rooms for a moment to see what he can find-

    Wait a minute. Looks like he found a bit of sweetness after all.

    "Excuse me for a moment," he politely spoke to Mitth and the quite possibly drunk Fins before pulling away from them and making his way across the living room. He stepped passed the other party members, ignoring them for the moment as his eyes focused on the prize.

    With a final sip from his can of Dew, finishing it off and tossing the now empty can back into his sack, his hands were now completely free to immediately wrap around his prize of peppermint-looking goodness from behind.

    "Look at the candy cane that I found!" he declared, placing his chin on said candy cane's shoulder while his arms gave her a squeeze. "Can I lick it?"

    TAG: Sey, Everyone
  17. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: HSolo29
    Sleigh Ride, En route

    Every year, it always happens. I always promise myself that I won't get sucked up into another Christmas Ball and somehow, I always stray from my word. You see, many of my past experiences with the RPF tradition haven't exactly been memorable ones. Last year, I arrived in less than stellar dress only to stick around for one session before leaving. And the year before that, I might have fared a little better(at least I managed to dress appropriately), but again, my night ended all too soon. After the disasters of the past two years, I didn't expect myself to be back so soon, but there was one factor that I just couldn't refuse. For you see, this year I actually had a companion, a real date to share the experience with and really, how could I say no to that? Chukles had always been a dear friend and proved himself to be quite the gentleman - both on and off the boards. I knew right then and there, that this was going to be a special night.

    We approached the cabin perched atop the hill in a traditional horse-drawn sleigh. The cold air nipped at the bare skin of my exposed cheeks as we moved up the snow-covered drive and I cuddled a little closer to the man sitting beside me. The air was sure cold up here in the mountains and maybe it had been a poor decision to wear such a light-weight dress, but it was the only thing I could settle on. I wasn't exactly fond of dressing up and I wanted to find something that was simple, yet had the desired effect. In the end, it was a [link=] dark green evening dress made of silk[/link]. Green had always been a desired color for me due to its connection with Corellia and rather, a certain smuggler hailing from that particular world, so I knew I was in good taste. What made the decision even better was the fact that Chuk had come to pick me up wearing a suit with a matching vest and tie. It might not have been a planned event, but it was enough to add another special touch to the night.

    With a smile tugging at my lips at the thought of our matching attire, the sleigh finally came to a halt before the cabin and the warm glow spilling from the entrance. Chuk was quick to depart the sleigh and come around to the other side to offer me his hand. "May I, Mi'lady?" he asked with a bow.

    I scoffed and shook my head as I pulled the shawl that was covering my shoulders a little tighter about my person. Chuk had always been one to go over the top with the flattery, but it was a quality that I quite enjoyed in him. It made being around him all the more fun. I extended my own hand and grasped his proffered one as I flashed him a smile. "Of course," I answered in an almost teasing manner. "It would be my pleasure."

    Stepping off the sleigh and onto the light fluff covering the ground, I quickly sidled up to Chuk and looped my arm through his, pulling him close for warmth and comfort. Although the guests already inside the cabin were practically family, there was still that hint of nervousness of meeting them face to face. I hoped it wouldn't be an awkward meeting, but with the RPF, you never could tell.

    "Well, here goes nothing," I breathed with anticipation and a nervous smile as my breath curled upward into the cold night air. I inhaled a final time to gather my strength before stepping towards the entrance.

    TAG: Chuk, Others
  18. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    IC: Chukles
    Entrance and... what..... living room? Something like that....

    She accepted my hand, which was sheer delight, but her tone... well, it seemed to require some sort of response from my end. My right eyebrow shot up, as it is wont to do on occasion, in my trademark cocked eyebrow. Those who know me know it well. I get many comments on it, actually. Apparently it is quite humorous. Aside from that, I say no more.

    She seems nervous. Come to think of it, I haven't seen her around many of the previous Holiday Balls, and for the first time it really sinks in that maybe she is slightly uncomfortable. Well, I'll just have to fix that, won't I? As she pulls close to me, her arm in mine--quite pleasant, actually--I bend down, my mouth near to her ear. In a soft whisper, I say, "Hey, relax. You look beautiful... have I told you that yet?... You're amongst friends and, if nothing else, I'm here."

    I flash her a huge smile, another one of my trademarks according to anyone I have ever met, and pull her as close as I can in as reassuring a way as possible before stepping towards the door.

    The butler manning the door is muttering something about magic Mountain Dew cans, and I can only assume that that means Sarge is here and up to his usual antics. Well, it will be a fun evening, if nothing else. Idly, I wonder who else is here, but in all honesty, Solo is here. Who else do I need? Yes, yes, that was rather shameless, I must admit. But, it is rather fun too. You should try it some time.

    And so, on that rambling note, we enter into the cabin. I remove my arm from hers long enough to hand my overcoat to the other butler that seems to be in the hallway. I won't be needing it. The cabin is quite toasty. Actually, I may have to take off my suit jacket as well, but I'll worry about that later. I then take Solo's arm once more and move us off to the room in which I can hear some conversation.

    Inside, I can see Sey, Sarge.... doing something--apparently involving licking--to said Sey, Kahn, Fins, Sinre, Ramza, the lovely--though, since my date can read this and I would rather keep things smoothed over the almost-equally-but-not-quite-as lovely--Anvil, Saint, Miith, and I believe I hear helinith off in the kitchen... oh and of course, Imp himself is there, though does he really require mentioning? Annnyways.... I must admit, I did not honestly think that I would have to say so many people, so I shall simply use that as my tag and note it in the actual tag. Just so you know.

    Oh... I apologize for the rambling. Must be slightly nervous myself. I look around at the room, the ever-lovely Solo at my side, wave with my left hand and say, "Why, hello all. Wonderful evening thus far."

    TAG: Solo, See above :p
  19. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002

    [link=]As the yellow taxi cab pulled up to the inn, BobaMatt was already cursing and grumbling.[/link]

    [blockquote]Then again, there was a charming symmetry to his trip. He had hailed the cab near Radio City Music Hall and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, all the Christmas Cheer thick in the air, tourists running about doing their shopping. He had just come out of an absolutely miserable rehearsal with an actress that couldn't scan a line of iambic pentameter if her career depended on it, which, as it happened, it did not, so she was free to go on destroying classical text with the abandon of a middling yet famous actress that relied entirely on her looks and didn't respect scripts - which, as it happened, she was.

    Merry Christmas.

    Matt would have been earlier to the party if he had remembered to bring the cheesecake and wine, but he, of course, had not, and so was forced out of his way to Junior's in Times Square (which wasn't as good as the original in Brooklyn) and a wine store past Bryant Park before he was able to finally stop and catch his breath and a cab. He stumbled in, his brown corduroy jacket crumpled over his blue v-neck and plaid shirt, the bags protesting loudly in plastic and paper crinkles, and gave the cabbie the address before sitting back and watching the tall buildings and bright lights give way

    He wasn't sure how the cab had arrived at this inn in the first place. New York City taxis weren't supposed to go this far outside of the City, and judging by the exorbitant number on the meter they must have traveled quite a ways. To be honest, though, Matt had not noticed much time pass and, frankly, had no idea where the hell he was except for "in the woods" and "somewhere cold." Resignedly, he sighed and swiped his credit card - ruing the impending overdraft fees - before struggling out of the cab and closing the door behind him. "Merry Christmas," he said. The inscrutable cabbie remained silent.

    As the taxi peeled out, spraying Matt with filthy snow, the actor noticed that other people had arrived in speeders of exotic design, in elaborate horse-drawn carriages, via teleportation pads...somebody had apparently ridden a friggin' unicorn. Matt turned to watch the yellow taxi cab disappear into the night, shook his head, and proceeded up the well worn path to the inn. As he passed through the vestibule, a butler addressed him with a tray of eggnog. "Would you like -"

    "Yes," Matt said, "with rum, please? Rum. Rumrumrum." And he charged on past to the refreshments table, unloading the orange striped box and the large, well-vintaged bottle of Malbec. Done. He inhaled deeply, exhaled slowly. Done. He was here, and this would be fun. His eyes closed, he pivot-turned to face the party, and listened to the band's lively rendition of "Here We Come A-Wassailing." They were good. Really good.

    Eyes open. The inn really was gorgeous. Hammer had done a fantastic job of choosing the venue, as he always did. Chukles was entering with a beautiful girl by his side. Who was...Solo??! Matt had never seen her this dressed up. His eyes scanned the rest of the party, and there he saw that most of the guests had clustered around the host.

    Dangling from the ever-dapper-Ramza's hand was a beautiful looking cigar, and Matt couldn't resist sidling up closer to it, pulling a pack of Macanudos from the inside pocket of his blazer. "Got a light, there?" He grinned, first at Ramza, and then at the rest of the group.

    And then the butler - bless him - came back with the eggnog, spiked with delicious rum. Rum. Rumrumrum.[/blockquote]

    TAG: All, especially Ramza and his group.
  20. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gunny

    The wind rushed through Gunny's long brown hair, or, at least what was not covered by his cozy stocking cap. The snowboard he rode cut through the powder with ease; he was going to get to the cabin where the Ball was being held soon. However, he hated to have been late; it all started with that fiasco about the car breaking down on his trip to the beach a week earlier, and that the public transportation was not running its usual route to get him there. Thus, he had grabbed his trusty board and a hat and started towards the cabin. He didn't like having to use the board as a transportation method, but at least it was in season. At least it wasn't during the summer . . .

    As he rounded a curve, Gunny saw the cabin up ahead, white snow covering the roof and smoke coming out of the chimney. It was freezing outside, and the thought of being warmed up by the fireside sounded rather appealing. Twisting around a snowbank, Gunny carved his way to the cabin before turning the board sideways to come to a halt. Taking a few moments to catch his breath, he undid the foot bindings and walked inside holding the board. As he entered, he asked a butler to put the board in in a safe place, just to keep them safe in case someone wanted to steal them. Not that he suspected anyone to do that, but he still wanted to be cautious.

    After the butler left, Gunny pried the goggles off of his head and shook out the snow that had landed in his hair. Most of it had melted already, leaving him in a small puddle where he stood. All around him was a festive environment, with dressed-up role-players milling around. He wasn't sure where he would go first, but he decided to amble off in one direction. Then, the thought hit him; he had forgotten any formal attire; all he had was a couple of t-shirts underneath his snowboarding gear. The rush he had been in had caused him to forget this simple part to the ball, and he frowned, hoping that people wouldn't mind. With snow falling from his boots, he continued on into the social hall, hoping to get some hot chocolate and warm up . . . but he wasn't sure if there would be any food there. Decided to explore the area, he made his way towards the hall and whoever was inside it.

    TAG: Anyone in the Social Hall
  21. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Sey
    Living room

    The soft hum of music reached her ears and she mingled with the others in the living room. Hammer was busy at the moment and had yet to respond to her greeting so she contented herself with checking out the others in the room. Chuckles and Solo had entered together, both spectacularly dressed. Sey nodded a greeting at the two from across the room and flashed a bright smile in their direction. Such a cute couple they were.

    Ramza looked spiffy in his tuxedo. Sey briefly wondered if the rumor she'd heard about him being locked up recently was true. Given that he was here she guessed that it wasn't true, but still she wondered. Sinre was nearby looking dashing as usual and chatting with his apprentice, Helinith. The two were excellent Acolytes and Sey had come to rely on their keeping the club going. In recent years Sinre and Sey had been a power couple on the boards, but ever since Sinre had become a mod he had cut back on their conversations. She briefly mourned this before turning away from him in an attempt to keep up the holiday cheer.

    A group was forming around a slightly disgruntled looking Fin who appeared intoxicated already. Always the life of the party, Sey figured she'd need to head in that direction. She loved hanging around the fun ones. Mitth, Kahn, Anvil, and Saint all stood around talking. Kahn appeared to be handing out presents. Santa! she thought to herself and caused a giggle to escape her lips. She'd better be careful lest people thought she was crazy. Well...ok, she was a Sith Lord AND a mod, of course people thought she was crazy.

    Suddenly she heard a familiar voice behind her. "Look at the candy cane that I found!" sarge exclaimed while resting his chin on her bare shoulder. She sighed in comfort and leaned against his warmth.

    "Can I lick it?" he asked.

    Sey burst out laughing and pushed herself out of his arms, playfully slapping him on the arm. "You big goof!"

    Once she stopped laughing and blushing she winked at him. "Maybe later."

    She took in his outfit. Of course he was wearing his patented cammo gear, but at least it was in Christmas colors. "Sarge, dear, this is supposed to be a ball. Tell me those rip off like a stripper's and you're wearing a suit underneath that."

    Tag: Anyone, sarge
  22. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Cabin, Living Room

    "Ow," he spoke when Sey slapped at his arm, though he was smiling nonetheless as he got a proper view of her dress as she turned to face him. Her comment of 'Maybe later' turned that smile into a grin.

    "Sarge, dear, this is supposed to be a ball. Tell me those rip off like a stripper's and you're wearing a suit underneath that."

    That killed the grin though and Sarge looked down at his attire. The camo pants he had to assume were the problem as he thought his shirt and vest were fine. Or at least they were fine for him. It had become increasingly apparent over the years that when he would be forced to go to such silly events like high school graduation and job interviews, his thoughts of a proper attire didn't seem to mesh well with others.

    "They're only pants..." he protested, a line that he had repeated over and over again before. And every time he would be forced to submit or suffer dire consequences.

    And he was dealing with a Dark Lady after all...

    He shook one leg, then the other, admiring the camo-patterned pants that seemed to offend his date so. Finally he sighed out, "Fiiiiinnnnne."

    He bent down to the sack that he dropped on the floor next to him, his hand immediately disappearing within it for a moment before reappearing with a new, full can of Dew in his hand. Popping it open, he leaned his head back, bringing the can to his lips and taking a good sip from it. His eyes blinked rapidly for a moment as he straightened, feeling the green liquid drop down from his throat and feeling the new dose of caffeine enter his veins.

    "Hold this for a moment," he requested, handing Sey the can before looking down at his pants once again, his hands sliding into the pockets. His eyes closed and he took a slow breath before...

    A loud riiiipppp was followed by the camo pants being torn from his lower half. Such a stunt usually would've left him in his underwear but he had seemingly come prepared if the dress pants that he now had on were any hint. And these were apparently doubly-prepared dress pants as they happened to not only be striped but perfectly colored so that his attire perfectly matched Sey's red and white striped dress.

    Folding the camo pants - that, despite appearing to have been torn from his legs, were still in one piece - Sarge stuffed it back into the sack. Now standing before Sey in this newfound alteration of his clothing, Sarge did a slow spin to show off the pants for his date before stopping and stepping forward to put one arm around her waist.

    "You know I'd do anything for you," he said, grinning at her. And then his free hand moved past her to pluck the can of Mountain Dew that he had given her. "Thanks for holding onto this."

    TAG: Sey, Anyone
  23. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Mitth Fisto
    Cabin, Living Room

    Fins made an unforgettable early evening presentation in and of himself, "I'm sure we look forward to it." he added after Sarrge, trying to keep the nervousness at the state of the Fins blood alcohol content. At least the man wouldn't get sick, nothing could survive long enough in the blood or soon on any porous surface to do anything damaging. "I'm sure the wonderful people working about here have some on hand for mantle in here and wouldn't mind too much your lighting of them for them." he grinned apolegitically to the lady that had just brought Fins his second drink.

    Nodding at Kahn he did his best to appear gracious at the thought of two gifts even if he had to wait on the second, instead of the internal feeling of excitement and desire that arose with the mention of Echani. Gladly he took the wine, such an old vintage practically made the words of "You shouldn't have Ma-Kahn!" Leap from his lips.

    About then the appearance of Sey decked like a candy cane made her appearance and rounds with hugs and kissess depending upon whom was the receiver, and with the kiss upon his warming cheek he found the scent of sweet pepperment filled his nostrils. "Glad you could come." he replied as he shifted the wine bottle to the far arm away from Fin.

    Sarrge's response was a bit more forward, something he would let the lady decide lest he end up an old hermit without the bonus of the dead for company. Another came and this in a pair, though one he had missed in it's forming Chuckles and Solo looked bedecked for a paired evening on the town in their his and hers Christmas green formals. "Welcome! Glad you two could make it." he quickly replied though not before another came in upon their coat tails to receive the greeting as well, a BobaMatt had made it as well. Which reminded him he owed both a paper, though he doubted it would be done before the end of the next week. Oh well, tonight was not to worry about such things but to enjoy the evening.

    The dance that Sarrge and Sey entered into seemed to be most friendly indeed, espcially as Sarrge revealed himself a matcher as well underneath the camo. Something he was sad to see go, it helped bring a better sense of home at least to his mind, as it wasn't a gathering unless someone wore camo.

    TAG: Those above.;)
  24. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jim Palso
    Outside Hollywreath Cabin, Hunk of Junk

    Jim Palso grumbled. He hated all of this fancy stuff.

    "Will you hold still, Master Palso!" Walking Library, a multicolored 3PO Protocol Droid, snapped as he tried to adjust Palso's tie.

    "Woa there buddy!" Jim said in shock of the droid's sudden tone change, "Since when did you change your attitude programming?"

    "Since I've been with you for 9 years as your First Mate and you haven't given me a memory swipe. You try living with a clone of yourself for 9 years and see what happens."

    Palso grinned, "I think I would rather enjoy myself. I would be my own best friend!"

    Bugger, a white hulled and yellow-green stripped R2 astromech droid beeped a response that was more irration to Walking Library then help.

    "Oh shut up Bugger!" Library uttered as he gave one final snug on Jim's tie, causing the former smuggler and current Jedi Outcast to slightly choke.

    "Want to go any tighter?" Palso asked matter-of-factly as he loosened the tie from around his neck with his index finger.

    Library looked at Jim Palso, looking for any defect in his black suit with a red tie and red under vest and white button up long-sleeve shirt with black pants, a black over-coat, black dress shoes and black shocks, and a black belt. A white comlink was attached to his belt and a chrono around his left wrist. The light-skinned Palso looked athletic in shape---although he had been missing the gym the last few months and looked out-of-shape---had brown hair cut in a fade style haircut and had blue-gray eyes and a clean-shaven face.

    "I miss my blaster belt and blaster," Palso commented as he stood there.

    "Oh shut up!" Library said, adding, "Your not here to blast things to pieces. Your here to socialize."

    "Can I hide my blaster under my coat at least?"

    "No," Library said.



    "Oh shucks." Jim concluded.

    "Now go," Library said, turning Jim around and pushing him down the boarding ramp of the Hunk of Junk to the snow-covered ground.

    "Why do I feel like your my mother?" Jim asked as he walked down the ramp.

    "Because I'm acting like one!" Library yelled down from the top of the ramp as Jim hit the ground. As his feet cleared the ramp, Library hit the button to retract the ramp into the medium freighter.

    "Pushed out of my own ship," Jim said, shaking his head, "And they close the ramp on me!"


    Approaching Hollywreath Cabin, Outside

    Walking from out of the trees surrounding Hollywreath Cabin and the likewise landing area for starships, Jim Palso walked up the steps to the door. Shaking the snow off of his shoes on the door mat, he opened the door to the rush of the cabin's heat and the smell of Christmas food. Closing the door, he looked around and found a place to hang his jacket, which he did, and then proceeded down the entry hall...

    Tag Anybody :)
  25. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    Living Room

    Ramza grinned at Fins' suggestion. "Capital idea, Fins my good sir, capital idea-" He paused. "Oh. Candles. Right, right." He sighed. Arson could wait - right now it was a time for merriment and socializing - not to mention he had no way to get such large quantities of gasoline without leaving, which really, would've just been downright rude, especially considering that this was turning into a regular shindig at this point. He gnawed a bit at the tip of his cigar. He wasn't sure why he smoked these things - some kind of bizarre persona thing, particularly seeing as the real life Ramza, the kind of guy who's lungs were on the edge without any help, never smoked. Wibbely wobbely, timey wimey... well, you know the rest.

    Saint had arrived, bearing gifts - specifically whisky. Ramza's eyes lit up like so many Christmas decorations, but he had to resist for the time being, lest he hoard the bottle to himself. "I'll get back to you on that one. ... And believe me when I say that I fully intend to keep to that promise in more than 100 mL, if you catch my drift."

    In any case, it appeared that Matt needed a light, to which Ramza happily obliged, pulling a match out of his tuxedo pocket. Yeah, it was a bit antiquated, but dammit, Clint Eastwood had just made it look so cool in the Dollars Trilogy that he couldn't resist. "Alternatively I could use the cigar," Ramza chuckled, "But if I've learned anything from Sergio Leone it's that it implies I'm beneath you. Nothing personal, it's a strictly spaghetti western influenced perception... thing." That was another thing he could... "thank" Ramza for. Guy was big into Leone right now. Frankly it was already getting a bit old.

    Afterwards, he proceeded to work his way around the room. "Kahn, great to see you again, but seriously man, lay off the [DELETED FOR YOUR SAFETY] with the [DELETED FOR YOUR SAFETY]. What happens in SoNL, stays in SoNL - regardless of what the prosecution may or may not have said, if you dig." He continued. "Sinre - geez, I still can't believe you're a mod now. Seems like only yesterday I was joining Shattered Galaxy... good times, good times. Anvil, nice to see one of the newer faces here... of course, Asylum's a splendid bit of work, so clearly join date matters very little. Chuks, Solo, nice to see you both. Chuks, you need to work on your RPFchat timing, the real Ramza hardly gets to talk to you anymore. Solo, how goes Disney?" Sarge and Sey seemed a tad bit preoccupied, so Ramza decided to leave them to... whatever it is they were up to. Apparently it involved Sarge ripping his pants off? This party was either far kinkier than he gave it credit for or he was missing some key detail.

    Lastly in the room... Mitth. Ramza's expression froze up momentarily, nearly causing him to drop his cigar. Nearly. "So... uh... Mitth, howdy," he greeted, strolling over. He avoided eye contact. "You're probably wondering how I got here. My... er... leave of absence was... um... commuted. If you follow what I'm saying, wink wink, nudge nudge, don't talk about the you-know-what with the Sane-inay Ylum-asay."

    It was at this moment, somehow, despite his fears that he was about to be severely busted for first-degree murder and evading the law again, he decided to steal Chuks' rather splendid idea regarding tags.

    TAG: See bolded above
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