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Social The Role Playing Community's Fourth Annual Christmas / Winter Ball

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Imperial_Hammer , Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Sabriel_Orion

    Sabriel_Orion Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 29, 2008
    Sabriel Orion
    In the cabin somewhere

    Sabriel blushed slightly at the compliment, though the bewildered expression on Kahn's face made her laugh. He had moved on before she could answer, and she just listened. After both he and the other person had their say, she spoke up, smiling at the other guy's ringtone. "I never really got a chance to watch the original Star Trek, but I've seen it's various incarnations after the original series. It's kind of cool how it's influenced our technology. I mean, cell phones, especially flip phones, were influenced by the communicators on the show.." she said, before realizing she was kind of rambling along.

    "Anyway, I'm Sabriel Orion," she said, and smiled at the others.

    TAG: Kahn, Fin, others.
  2. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    The Sithy Residence

    Sith-I-5 had heard from pashatemur, and she was excited about coming with him to the Ball, but after giving him an idea of what she would be wearing, there had been no more contact, and the roleplayer had returned to his computer to think about a post. He was dressed and ready to roll, the moment his girl called.

    Staring intently at the screen that had served his needs since 2002, fingers poised over the keyboard that he was hunched over; he was a little startled when two characters burst through the door visible over the monitor.

    The unfamiliar figure that backed into the room, was completely encased in dark body armour, and wore a faceless helmet with a horizontal red slash where his eyes should be, and looked like a negative version of an Imperial Royal Guard, and following him, was Mitch Nifesta, the larger-than-life, twi?lek SGIS agent, who, despite failing every ?Mary Sue Litmus Test? that Lightwarden had thoughtfully provided a link to, remained his favourite character.

    Sithy said nothing, peeking over the monitor at the two, wondering what the hell was going on.

    "-hear you guys are more camp than a line of Gallostar survival tents." Mitch was clearly taunting.

    The Dark Man ceased backpedalling; in a split-second, pulling his lightsabre up from the opposite side of his black utility belt, igniting the blood-red energy blade with a snap-hiss, and slashed it across Nifesta?s chest... only the twi?lek was no longer there, ducking under the sai cha attack, reaching for and cupping both hand?s behind the Dark Man?s knees and pulling both legs up towards him while he buried his own shoulder into the other?s armoured midriff, dropping him through the coffee table that exploded loudly into a mess of glass and matchwood!

    ?Ooh, that was a close one!? Mitch allowed over the sound of destruction.

    In spite of the increasing need to dust off his Yellow Pages, Sithy felt oddly proud to see his twi?lek pull off the exotic judo move that had earned him his blue belt down at Maidstone.

    Morote-Gari, if he remembered the name right.

    There was the sound of rolling about in the shattered debris, but he refused to look, the action sounding just a bit too Brokeback Mountain for the time of day. The impression wasn?t helped by the shiny helmet bouncing past the computer table.

    An atinic blue light that screamed of radiation leakage, washed up the walls, and all at once, Sithy realised that Mitch was feeding! Of course; he regarded most Force Sensitives as talking Happy Meals, anyway!

    After a few minutes, the light faded and Mitch rose into view, kneeling up from where he had landed, quivering lips drawing back to reveal sharpened fangs and teeth, and the sated twi?lek tossed back his head and roared to the ceiling, the primordial howl echoing around the living room.

    ?You drama queen.? Sith-I-5 chided. "Who was he, anyway?"

    Mitch looked over, startled, crimson eyes like two fresh stab wounds. Sithy was used to them. He?d written them, after all. ?Templar of Twilight, apparently. Why aren?t you at Imperial Hammer?s Winter Ball? Didn?t pash' call back??

    ?Yeah, she called. Keen to go, and I?m letting her write her dressing up post first, then we?ll head over to her place in the Monkeylord.? The fifty-foot high, hexapedal walker was a Level Three war machine from the PC game, Supreme Commander, and both he and Mitch had used it last Christmas. It was still in their garage.

    ?Or,? Mitch climbed to his feet, crunched over the debris that was being ground into the red-and-black carpet with every step, rounded the computer desk, and clasped hold of Sithy?s nearest wrist, pulling it away from the keyboard to that he could see the Time Agency wrist-device settled there. He flipped back the tan faux-leather protective cap over the keypad, and began stabbing at the buttons. ?you could go to the Ball now, and when she calls, teleport to her pad, pick her up and ?po
  3. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Wandering about

    Ktala smiled as she noticed Imperial Hammer and A former Moddess, NabooPrincess, begin to chat with each other. She wanted to go over and say hi, but she hated to interrupted them just yet.

    "Someone is looking particularly radiant tonight." a voice spoke nearby, close enough to touch. She KNEW that voice! She turned slowly, an impish look on her face as she moved to confirm her guess.

    Grey was standing directly behind her, smiling ear to ear. He tilted his head slightly as he regarded the lovely lady and long time friend.

    "It's been a long time..." he said smoothly and in a charming manner as he tried to get her undivided attention. Wasn't hard, since no one else had spoken to her since she had arrived. She broke into a wide smile, as she bent low in a curtsey. She came back up, softly laughing. "Indeed, it has been very long indeed. I am so glad that you came. I was almost about to leave." She paused. "Would like like to go grab something to drink, before looking around." she asked him.

    "I will definitely mingle and say hello to the others and greet our most gracious host..." Grey took a step forward, his smile leading the way. "...but, I just wanted to speak with you first."

    Grey leaned in and gave Ktala a heartfelt hug, which she eagerly returned. He was one of the few that had been around as long as she had been, if not longer, and was still active within the boards.

    "Happy Holidays my dear...."

    "Same to you, my friend. Let's go greet some folks." she said with a smile, as she slipped her arm around his.

    "I like the suit..." she said with a wink, as they walked.

    TAG: Greyjedi125, anyone else
  4. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: darthhelinith
    Location: Kitchen

    Looking guiltily down at the scant remains of a plate of what had once been 12 chocolate chip cookies, darthhelinith sighed. If that didn't help her put on weight, she would have no idea what would.
    Damn overreactive metabolism.

    The Cook chuckled merrily.
    "Quite an eater for such a skinny one."
    darthhelinith looked up at his words.
    "Yeah. Gee, I can't seem to put on any weight at all. I'm just as boney as a twig. My sharp elbows were the dread of my class mates in Secondary School, and my wrists could probably snap clean off with the right motion."
    "There there hun, some girls would give an arm and a leg to have your sort of figure."
    "And a fat lot of good it would do them, with missing limbs."
    The cook chuckled again.
    "Does the Dark Lord's Daughter have any particular fancy for gingerbread?"
    "Hell yes!"
    The cook handed her a gingerbread man.
    "Theres a particular way of eating these." darthhelinith explained. "First you have to snap his head off, so he doesn't feel a thing when you nibble off his legs and arms. But you don't eat it yet."
    She proceeded to demonstrate, with the Cook watching in amusement.
    "Then, you pick the smarties off his body and eat his body." She placed the sweets next to the dead gingerbread man's head on the plate and devoured the poor decapitated body.
    "Finaly, you pick the sweets off his head and eat it. And then, you eat the sweets."
    She finished the biscuit delicacy with a flourish.
    "But you have to kill him before you eat him, otherwise he'll be running around inside your stomach."
    She licked her fingers in satisfaction.
    "Oh and thats a point. Could you please run me up another batch of dark chocolate chip Cookies? Sinre won't be pleased with an empty plate."

    She lent on a clean worksurface and proceeded to suck on a candy cane, daydreaming about Christmas and wondering what a Sith would decorate his/her christmas tree with.

    TAG: Any and All
  5. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    greyjedi125 & Ktala
    Hollywreath Cabin

    Smiling now and with the beautiful Lady Ktala in arm, Grey and the lady ambled gingerly in-step as they took in the whole celebratory atmosphere. What Joy!! It should be like this all year round.

    "The place is positively charming...."he commented aloud as he smiled.

    As they went, Grey availed himself to a mug of warm cider as he saw some familiar faces.

    "I believe that's our gracious host, Imperial Hammer and the former Moddess, NaboosPrincess. Let's greet them..."

    Grey veered towards the handsome couple and approached discreetly.

    "Happy Holidays my friends..." he said in gracious greeting.

    Tag: Ktala, I_H, NP
  6. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Hollywreath Cabin, Main room

    Smiling now, Ktala was most content to hold on to Grey's arm, as they looked at the many rooms about the cabin. The smells and scents of Christmas were fully upon the place. She paused just long enough to grab some eggnog, with a hint of extra, as they walked around. Grey stopped for a mug of warm cider.

    "The place is positively charming...." he commented aloud as he smiled. Ktala nodded. "I agree, Imp has outdone himself this year." she added as she took a sip of her drink.

    "I believe that's our gracious host, Imperial Hammer and the former Moddess, NaboosPrincess. Let's greet them..."

    Grey veered towards the handsome couple and approached discreetly.

    "Happy Holidays my friends..." he said in gracious greeting.

    "QISmaS Quch Daghajjaj"

    Ktala giggled softly, knowing that a few folks would know what that meant. "Happy Holidays." she added, giving a warm smile. "Look who decided to some say hello." She patted Grey's arm. She then spoke towards the pair, "I can see this place has been quite busy this year. You did well."

    She took a small sip of her drink, as she smiled.

    Tag: GreyJedi, I_H, NP, anyone else
  7. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    Leaning past the Sabriel girl, he overheard ?QISmaS Quch Daghajjaj? from behind him.

    Brought up to be polite, he straightened and fired a ?Bless you!? back at whoever had sneezed, before looking around to confirm, and seeing Ktala arm in arm with GreyJedi, standing near their host, Imperial Hammer and a young lady he was chatting up.

    Her colour scheme seemed familiar to the extent that he frowned her way while trying to remember why she seemed so memorable.

    The spread that he had seen did not include any pizza that he could see, so Sithy headed over to the Kitchen, and barged through the two-way door, instantly finding a pretty young thing in a long, backless blood-red dress, facing away from him, leaning over a burnished steel counter dusted with flour.

    ?Well hellooooo?.in a pirate hat.? The sight of the now familiar feathered headgear ID?ing her as the dashing Darthelinith whom he had just recently met in Real Life, and killing the Flirt Drawl stone dead. ?Ahem. Hey, D.H., what are you doing in here; come to look for pizza too??

    Joining her at the food preparation area, he spotted the hoped for pizza box, and not waiting to confirm that he could take one, lifted the lid and grabbed a warm triangle of baked dough, dripping in cheese and grease.

    A beatific smile crossed Sith-I-5?s face as he held the slice reverentially in front of his mouth like the Millennium Falcon in front of the Death Star docking bay.

    ?Rear bay three-twenty-seven,? He quoted, looking over the pizza slice at the bemused cook, and comfortable that he was in the presence of beings who would not begrudge him this demonstration of his fandom, ?we are opening the magnetic shield.?

    His lips parted to accept the snack.

    Tag: Darthelinith, Ktala, Sabriel, anyone with a view of the kitchens, Sinrebirth
  8. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    Drifting through the snow as he watched several penguins drift by, he almost cursed. He had caught word of this Fourth Annual Christmas Winter Ball, and being new, had decided he might as well come join in on the celebrations.

    He lifted one foot after another up, hugged his jacket tightly, and trudged on, a smile on his face as he thought of hot chocolate with a large marshmallow. He looked upward, wind gripping his face, when he saw the cabin, and a small laugh lightened up his face.

    He ran, tripping once, but stood again, running faster. He opened the door, and with a large shout of joy, plunged himself inside, a small gasp uttered from his lips. It felt so warm, as he leaned up against the wall.

    ?Dear Sir, would you like me to take your coat?? a man asked Spycoder, and he looked up, startled from his own mind. The man was dressed as a butler, and though Spycoder had never seen him, he knew he was.

    ?Why yes, I would like that,?Spycoder said, and then stood as he gave the Butler the jacket. He was said this was a Hammer that ran this, and Spycoder planned to find him. But then he headed towards the Main Room, hoping to see someone he would know.

    He crept in, slightly shy, and then walked in more brave like, giving a nice smile to anyone, wishing that someone would come and speak to him. The room was slightly crowded, and he couldn?t tell heads or tails from people.

    TAG- Anyone in Main Room
  9. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Xany
    Hollywreath Cabin

    "I," Xany muttered, striding quickly down the path to Hollywreath Cabin, "am so late."

    Somehow, she had managed to forget that the Winter Ball always began in early December. She'd made it on time for the past two years, but this year she'd been travelling and had come back just a little bit late for the party, if by a little bit you meant 'when said party is halfway over'. Not good, not good at all - and this was her first Ball as a RPF Mod, too! Being tardy was not quite the entrance she had had in mind.

    She pushed open the door and entered, pausing to knock the worst of the snow off her black leather boots. The Entrance Hall was warm, cozy, and - well, empty save for a butler, who hurried over to take her coat. She really was late.

    "Everyone here already, then?" she asked him.
    "Just about, ma'am," the butler replied politely.
    "Ah, well." Xany grimaced. "I suppose it's my turn to be fashionably late this year."

    The butler, wisely, did not reply. Xany shrugged off her coat to reveal a sleek lightsteelblue dress with darkslategray trim. She handed off her black gloves to the butler as well, flicked some stray snow out of her hair, and trotted off to join the festivities. A quick glance at Impy's thoughtfully-provided layout showed her just where to go.

    Upon entering the Living Room, Xany knew she had chosen correctly - the place was packed with people. So packed, in fact, that she immediately ran into Sarge and Sey. Not literally, thankfully; Sarge had an open can of Dew in one hand and it would have been most tragic to cause him to spill it over himself or Sey, who had his other hand. Dew should not be wasted in such a manner.

    Her mouth twitched, remembering her brief foray into the Dew-drinking world during her summer travels. That hadn't lasted - a lack of supply outside the continent had caused her to (rather regretfully) abandon her taste for it.

    "Hey there!" Xany greeted with a bright grin as she joined them. "How's things? Have I missed much?"

    TAG: Sey, Sarge, Matt
  10. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Sey
    Living Room

    "How's things? Have I missed much?" someone asked.

    Sey looked around and saw her partner in crime, Xani, wearing an awesome blue dress. So Sey did what any girl would do. She squealed.

    "Xani!" She continued in a high pitched voice. Surely only dogs would be able to hear her soon. Did Impy even have dogs here? She hadn't seen any. But she was getting way off topic as tended to happen. At least she was not in the gutter anymore.

    Sey dropped sarge's hand and threw her arms around her friend. "So glad you could finally make it!" she teased her. "Though given how gorgeous you are in that dress I can see why you wanted to make an entrance so everyone would notice you." She continued the steady teasing. Sey grabbed hold of Xani's arm and took off across the room towards Solo who was still next to Chuckles.

    "HanSolo!" She yelled above the noise. "We just have to get a picture of all Hammer's Angels dressed up. This probably won't happen for a bit." She chuckled to herself. "Well at least a year if Impy keeps insisting we all dress up for the Ball."

    Looking around hopeful that Sarge had followed her and magically had a camera in that bag of his, Sey waited patiently for the others to catch up to her whirlwind self.

    Tag: Sarge, HanSolo, Chuckles, Xani
  11. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Sarge
    Living Room


    Aaahh! Sarge mentally yelped in surprise, his face twisting into a look of pain for a moment, upon hearing the high-pitched voice that was right at his ear. This could only be Sey's doing of course, his one hand still clasped in hers.

    The name she screeched out wasn't lost to him, however. Turning away from his conversation with BobaMatt, a smile quickly sprouted upon Sarge's face to see, lo and behold, the Xani standing before them, all beautifully dressed.

    "Hey!" he greeted, still smiling. Sipping the last bit of Dew that was in his current can, he put it back in the bag and, with the same hand, pulled out another can of Dew which he held out to her after Sey attacked her with a hug. Remembering that it had been him that had converted Xani to the deliciousness that was Mountain Dew when he had forced her to try it upon hearing about Australia and it's non-caffeinated Dew substitute (ick). She took it to heart during her brief trip to the US, having her first taste of it and immediately becoming hooked.

    Then being cut off from it when she left. Sarge mentally grimaced at such a thing, to actually be cut off from Mountain Dew. What a horrible experience that must've been and one that he wouldn't have wished upon Xani.....even if she is convinced - quite mistakenly of course - that Alliance Game Fuel had even an ounce of the greatness that was the Horde.

    And suddenly Xani was pulled away from his sight. Blinking, Sarge turned in the direction he saw her disappear to and was greeted by the image of the other woman being pulled away by her arm which was caught in Sey's grip just as his was a moment ago.

    Oy...he was going to need to drink more Dew if he was gonna want the energy to keep up with his date. For now however, after speaking a word of apology to Matt as he had done with Fins, he quickly followed after the two women.


    Well, he had to give it to Sey that her socializing was allowing him to see and speak with plenty of good friends and admire their attire that they've chosen for the occasion. Solo's was another prime example of such appealing attire. Not that, of course, Sey's own attire was being lost to Sarge. After all, he had been the one that wanted to lick the candy caned Dark Lady that he had luckily found himself taking with him as his date.

    "Solo," he greeted with the same smile that he had given to Xani. Already his hand was going into his bag for another can of Dew to give her - another that had come to appreciate the green, caffeinated drink - while he gave Chukles a nod of greeting, "Chukles."

    "We just have to get a picture of all Hammer's Angels dressed up."

    He knew what that meant and he expected the hopeful look that Sey sent his way before she even did so. His hand still in his bag, Sarge took an extra second to not only grab a can of Dew but also a small camera to pull out. The Dew he held out to Solo while his other hand kept it's grip on the camera that was, of course, painted in red, green, and white with the Dew labeled stamped on the front.

    TAG: Sey, Xani, Solo, Chukles
  12. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Hollywreath Cabin

    Just after Ktala had delivered her cryptic greeting, she heard someone behind her call out, "Bless you!" She gave a grin when she saw it was Sith-I-5, and chuckled softly. Either way, the response seemed to work quite well. She gave a wave, as she held on to Grey's arm, watching as Sith disappeared into a room, where all the lovely food scents came from.


    A few more folks entered the cabin. Ktala could hear them...some QUITE well, but she didnt have a clear view to see them. She did however hear the name "XANI!" being called out! So, Xani had finally made it to the party! Perhaps after they were finished talking to Imperial_Hammer and NP, they could go visit Xany. Another person who was hard to catch up to sometimes.

    This party was getting QUITE interesting.

    Ktala took another sip of her drink, as she turned back, after giving a small wave to the newcomers.

    Tag: GreyJedi, I_H, NP, Xan, Sey, Solo, Chuckles, anyone else
  13. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Ye Ole greyjedi125
    Hollywreath Cabin

    A chuckle escaped Grey as he heard Ktala's unique holiday greeting to Imperial_Hammer and NaboosPrincess.

    "QISmaS Quch Daghajjaj"

    That was one way of saying it, and he only imagined that it was in the klingon which she knew so well.

    Someone nearby said "Bless you!" in that well wishing spirit of the season. Grey turned his head to see who it was and saw Sith-I-5 already heading off. Grey smiled and nodded just the same, though he doubted his gesture was noticed. Sith-I-5 was one of those folks Grey never got a chance to RP with, but always respected.

    Then suddenly someone yelled "Xani!", and Grey's smile immediately widened as he turned his head to see if he could glimpse the Moderatrix, and that he did. Xani was already being surrounded by her many friends, but Grey did get to see that she too was looking radiant in her dress. Ooooh! He'd had to draw her in it later.

    Grey chuckled to himself as see imagined the reactions of those who admired the Moderatrix. As he turned back around, his eye caught the image of a beautiful lady in a blue dress passing by.

    "Anvil...?" he breathed aloud as he did a double take and blinked in surprise.

    Wow!! she looked stunning.

    Grey suddenly remembered where he was and coughed into his fist as he regained his manners. His appreciation for 'beauty' and 'art' always got him into trouble. He'd have to watch that. Especially since he was already accompanied by a radiant lady.

    Leaning his head closer to Ktala, he spoke so only she could hear.

    "After we complete our round of greetings, we must head to the Dancing Hall and finish that dance..."

    Grey gave Ktala a wink as his joyous smile widened. Everyone seemed to be having such a grand time, and the moment was already priceless! Within himself, Grey was extremely glad for good friends, both present and away, good company, a magnificent social gathering, and a host who knew exactly what the real spirit of the holidays was all about.

    Three Cheers for His Imperial_Hammer!!

    Tag: Ktala, others
  14. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Xany
    Living Room

    "That's not- hey!" Xany laughed as Sey grabbed her arm firmly and dragged her across the room. That was Sey for you, always a whirlwind of motion. Her target this time was Solo, standing across the hall next to Chukles. Xany greeted them both with a grin and a wave -

    "We just have to get a picture of all Hammer's Angels dressed up," Sey announced without preamble. "This probably won't happen for a bit." She chuckled. "Well at least a year if Impy keeps insisting we all dress up for the Ball."

    Xany laughed again. "Picture time!" She slung her free arm around Solo and turned to Sarge, who had magically produced a camera - mystifyingly decorated for the season; how had he managed that? - from his bag and was waiting patiently for them to get into position. Xany put her other arm around Sey - waved at Grey and Ktala over Sarge's shoulder while doing so - and grinned at the camera.

    This was gonna be a fun Ball.

    TAG: Sey, Sarge, Solo, Chuks, Grey, Ktala, everyone else.. :p
  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    He hadn?t seen the reactions of Greyjedi or Ktala, unfortunately, as with every visitor to these things, he craved acknowledgement. At least acknowledgment.

    A couple of years ago...chocolate fountain... He chewed enthusiastically on the pizza slice, and took another bite, while he was getting nothing from Darthelinith, and the Cook was glaring daggers at him.

    He recalled visiting one of these Balls a couple years ago, and latching onto one of the maids or waitresses that Imperial Hammer had hired for that event; the man had good taste, that was for sure.
    The comedy Rper had recognised the Silver Service lass from his fave vampire tv series, Angel, where she had been a Wolfram and Hart employee. Something and Records. Introducing her to the chocolate fountain had killed the thread.

    The RPF City celebrity pages, the next day, had been full of him with his "latest floozy". Sithy swore, if that nonsense happened again, he?d probably end up at the Asylum alongside Darthramza, trying to bite through a mouth gag.

    He crossed himself and took another bite, the sort that you saw lots of on the Discovery Channel during ?Shark Week?. He?d have to remember to count his fingers when he finished.

    ?You know,? He told Vader?s daughter through a mouthful of baked dough and melted cheese, ?some Mountain Dew would go down well with this. Whatever the hell Mountain Dew is.? I-5 glanced from her to the Cook and back. ?Whatever I have interrupted, I will leave you two alone. But don?t be a stranger, Dee. Come out and mingle!?

    He closed the pizza box, scooped it up and headed back out of the kitchen and back into the main room.

    Looking left, he spotted the forlorn looking newcomer, Spycoder9, just inside the door from the lobby.

    ?Spike!? He called to the lad, gesturing with the cardboard box. ?Come on in, grab yourself a drink. You?re old enough to drink, right? Fancy some pizza?? Sidling up to the newb?, he leaned in conspiratorially, while opening the box so they could help themselves. ?I looked in on that game of yours, had some ideas to re-vitalise it; even thought of taking over ?Ellie?. What?s the situation there now, huh??

    A woman?s laugh punctuated the constant hubbub from the gathered roleplayers, then a familiar voice exclaimed over them, ?Picture time!?

    I-5 looked up, spotting a well-appointed DarthXan, a sack-laden Sarge221 pulling out a little digital camera, opposite a thus-far un-encountered BobaMatt.

    ?Hey, Guys!? He waved at the three with the grease-stained box. ?Xan, good to see you here; Darthhelinith is in the kitchen. Sarge?, got any spare cans? Boba'.? He nodded at the latter.

    Tag: Spycoder9, Darthhelinith, DarthXan, Sarge221, BobaMatt, all
  16. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    IC: Spycoder

    As Spycoder stood back, he noticed a fellow gamer come up to him. He remembered him as Sith-I-5, and gave him and nod as he talked. ?Spike!? He called to him, having a cardboard box. ?Come on in, grab yourself a drink. You?re old enough to drink, right? Fancy some pizza?? Spycoder watched him slide up to him. ?I looked in on that game of yours, had some ideas to revitalize it; even thought of taking over ?Ellie?. What?s the situation there now, huh??

    ?Well, it is partly bad. I would accept any help needed, because it is really is partly failed. I am thinking about maybe closing it up, then coming back up with it again maybe. I have lost may players, and am thinking about playing a different way as GM, like not having my OWN individual player. I hope I am not annoying you,? Spycoder said, as he took a slice of pizza. He heard everyone shouting about pictures, but felt like he was a newb, and he wasn?t going to be wanted.

    TAG: Sith_I_5
  17. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    Sithy listened to Spycoder's woes with an analytical ear. He really had had some ideas, about the game.

    His professional opinion had been requested for a project idea, and he had conducted an investigation into why the previous Star Wars Tropical Terror had hit the wall. Normally, it was due to an inefficient tyre barrier, but this time things looked more complex.

    The jedi protagonists of this "Tropical Terror" had been recalled to the Jedi Temple for a new mission from Yoda and Mace. I-5's first idea had been for them to be shown holo-footage of Mitch Nifesta sucking the lifeforce out of a jedi colleague in the midst of making his report, and then sending the team after him.

    Mitch himself had vetoed the idea, when Sithy had presented the idea over tea.

    "I hope I am not annoying you." The lad commented as he accepted the offer of pizza, and took a slice for himself.

    "No, don't be silly." I-5 looked towards Xan' and the others. "You know what? I think it is only the girls being photographed. We're safe for now." Then an image of a young lady in a strapless, pale blue outfit that could have graced a Louis the XIV ball. "Whoa, check that out, Republic Anvil; she's gorgeous!"

    Tag: Spycoder9
  18. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 10, 2009
    OC: darthhelinith
    Location: Kitchen -> Living Room

    Her eyes followed Sithly out of the room merrily.
    She looked at the cook, pleadingly.
    "Do I really have to go out there? There's so many people!"

    In response, the cheerful faced cook handed her a platefull of freshly baked dark chocolate chip cookies and gave her a friendly poke in the back.
    "Sooner you get this over and done with, the better."

    darthhelinith had already been firmly removed from the kitchen and she waved nervously back at the cook as her feet carried her of their own accord towards the last place she wanted to be.Weaving in and out of a fantastic array of dresses and suits, some more festive than others, and some just downright strange. Working hard to keep the plate of cookies balanced, she murmred appologies as she pushed past people.

    "Scuse me...Pirate Captain coming through...Dark Lords Daughter on a special mission...special delivery marked for Sinre...where IS he?"

    TAG: Any and all, although mostly Sinre I suppose
  19. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    IC: Spycoder

    He heard Sithy?s comment about Republic Anvil, and gazed at the beautiful outfit. He agreed, partly shocked at how wonderful everyone looked, compared to his windblown hair. He combed it down with one of his hands, the other using it to show down on pizza.

    ?This is a big event. Have you attended others before??
    he asked Sithy.

    TAG: Sith_I_5
  20. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Outside Hollywreath Cabin

    With a hint of nostalgia in his features, Nick exhaled a deep breath and watched as it floated towards the sky and evaporated. It had been a long while since Nick had seen any of the people inside the cabin, and he was nervous since he was already late. But, that had always been his story.

    Nick brushed aside his jacket and stuck his gloved hands into his pocket. He cut a striking figure in a tailored black on black suit that he picked up in the months of his absence. Atop his suit jacket, Nick wore an outer coat that was currently protecting him from the elements. Nick started up the path towards the house, and pulled off his gloves. He stuck them in his coat pocket and ran his right hand through his recently cut hair. His long straight locks were gone; replaced by a more respectable crop cut short. In the front, Nick's copper hair stuck up and out to the right. Nick sniffed as he reached the wood staircase leading up to the front porch of the structure.

    Nick rubbed his hands together in front of his face and blew onto them before puling open the door. He hesitated for a just a moment. But, he refused to stall any longer than that, lest he just walk right back down the path and leave for another four and a half months. Nick pulled open the stained wood door, and slid his thin, six foot frame inside of the cabin.

    The warmth of the cabin and the scent of baking and recently lit candles pervaded Nick's senses and he visibly relaxed. His tensed shoulders lowered and he allowed a small smile to overtake his otherwise grim face. His eyes scanned the hall meticulously. He looked over the butler standing at the far end, but walked towards him. Nick slid the coat off of his shoulders and hung it on the bottom rung of the coat rack on his left. Nick nodded at the butler - the same one who had greeted guests at the previous year's Christmas party - and turned into the living room, steeling himself for the struggle of reintegrating himself with those he had left.

    Tag: Everyone around
  21. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    IC: Chukles

    Solo seems relieved, and I must say that I am now quite glad. Her smile is wondrous. "This is really great," She says, obviously about the whole affair. She squeezes my arm as she looks back at me. Yes, this really IS great. "What do you say about finding something to drink and saying our hellos?"

    I flash her a smile of my own now. "Sounds absolutely wonderful." My voice is cheery because, well, here I am with Solo. It's hard to beat such moments, and my joy is genuine.

    I can't really be sure how long exactly we were heading towards food and drinks. You see, I am now caught up completely in the whirl of activity surrounding us. New faces, old faces, familiar faces... well, you get the point. Unconsciously, I feel myself starting to withdraw slightly. Why does this always happen? It's not like I'm anti-social or anything...

    Oh, look, it's Xani, and might I say that she is quite stunning. Definitely worth the wait. I flinch slightly as a rather offensive sound hits my ears. It's a pleasant enough voice, but its pitch... well, my poor ears need little time to pinpoint its origin. It seems that Sey, as well, noticed Xani.

    I was about to turn and point this out to my date when I notice that Sey, having made short work of greetings, is now dragging a slightly confused looking Xani towards us. I think Solo will soon know of Xani's arrival.

    I smile and am about to say something to Sey and Xani, a greeting or some such, but I quickly see my chance escape.

    "HanSolo!" Sey yells above the rest of the party. "We just have to get a picture of all Hammer's Angels dressed up. This probably won't happen for a bit." She chuckles to herself a bit. "Well at least a year if Impy keeps insisting we all dress up for the Ball."

    Ah. Of course. Well, that works to. A figure behind Sey catches my eye and I nod to Sarge in greeting. He removes a camera--dew-colored, of course--and offers it to his date. Seriously now, how big is that bag, really?

    Well, regardless, I quietly withdraw my arm, nodding a brief greeting to both Sey and Xani, and step back, as to be out of the picture. My hands automatically move to my pockets. Besides, the women will need some time to catch up. Yeah. That's it.

    TAG: Those mentioned, others
  22. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    The player considered his young companion?s query.

    ?Yeah, I have been coming to these things since they started, back when I was still a member of the Crime-fighting Clogs. Along with Livi-Wan and Darth Vader?s Cousin.? His eyes misted at those lost times. ?I worry about absent players.? He added, more to himself than Spycoder9. ?Got investigators in three forums searching for DVC now. NickLitYouAFlame and Mr Fett too.?

    A blast of frigid air from the lobby had the roleplayer shivering and turning that way. He stopped in surprise, raising a finger of pause to the newbie. ?Wait one.? Sithy raised the wrist-communicator to his lips, dialling his Chief of Security. ?Mitch, cancel that search on Nick?; drokker just turned up at Hollywreath.?


    I-5 put his hand down and moved forwards to lead the introductions. ?Nick?, good to see you. Where in Oseon have you been? This is Spycoder9. Spike, NickLitYouAFlame. We worked together on GAW.? He paused a moment, then his eyes widened as he remembered something. ?Oh, pardon my manners. Pizza?? He proffered the open box to the new arrival.

    Tag: Nick, Spike, all
  23. Darth_Cadaverous

    Darth_Cadaverous Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 25, 2008
    IC: Darth Cadaverous

    Outside a sound of a loud, heavy engine could be heard, with Duel of Fates playing loudly. The color was the same as last year, dark black but with a new decal. It was a decal of a Dark Lord, whom looked ancient. As he got near, the driver saw a parking spot for the truck and pulled in. Setting the parking brake, then pulling out the log book, he set too getting legal, just in case of DOT come snooping around. After finishing, the man stood up and closed the curtains that would give him some privacy to change.

    An hour later, a dark figure stepped out of the lone rig, and made his way towards the party. His open robe briskly fluttered in the nights breeze showing off the tailored dress uniform of ages long pass. His robe were made out of the best material possible with a red lining on the inside. The ancient uniform he wore underneath was given too him by his own master, but he was a Jedi at the time, now he wore them for show. His face was a little red from the fight he had with his dispatcher to get these few days off. However, in the end, he won. So now, here he was walking up towards the steps of the Great Ball. He missed most of last year, but not this time. Six of his fingers glinted dully of different colored rings, blue, green, black, purple,yellow and red. He was proud of them, and wanted to show off a little this year. His staff, was in his hand crunching snow beneath it, while his two sabers hung at his side. He did not think he would need them here, but who knew what may happen.

    "It is good to show of strength among friends, and power to enemies", he thought. His thoughts grew hungry as he neared the doors, for the smells could be hinted from even out here. Lights shown in most windows, and shadows of dancers and guests could be seen, even some Christmas trees could also be seen. He grinned for he was no Grinch at this time of year, he loved the celebrations that awaited everyone.

    He opened the door and let some of the blowing cold wind and snow in. Smiling to himself, he continued forward into the nice warm room. He continued into the room and looked at the lone butler by the door, "No, you can not have my robe or weapons, thank you very much." Then he turned and walked away.

    He was Darth Cadaverous, Dark Rogue of the Sith, for he did not belong to either sith factions in the community. Now his reddened face was going back to normal with the warming of the skin. His pale features showed the pallor of death and the likeness of his name. He continued on, and nodded at the few whom had noticed by cared little of him. His thoughts made sure he believed that. As he walked the areas of each room he found a new face in the Main Room, Spycoder was his name, if he remembered correctly, he thought he did, so he came up to the young man, letting his presence lead the way.

    As he drew near, he saw a fellow role player was talking to Spy. "This is going to be fun," he said moving in. He came in just as I-5 began to speak, "...see you. Where in Oseon have you been? This is Spycoder9. Spike, NickLitYouAFlame. We worked together on GAW.? He paused a moment, then his eyes widened as he remembered something. ?Oh, pardon my manners. Pizza??

    Interrupting, "Yes, actually I would, but must pass, I-5, for I already had my meal on they way here at the local Flying J truck stop. How is everyone this year, I see it already moving pretty good. I did not get in too it much last year. Mental problems between my now, and my pass, jedi_killeroak."

    TAG: Spycoder, Sith-I-5 and rest
  24. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    IC: Spycoder

    ?Yeah, I have been coming to these things since they started, back when I was still a member of the Crime-fighting Clogs. Along with Livi-Wan and Darth Vader?s Cousin.? Sithy told him, and he nodded slowly, absorbing all the facts. He was sure to take lessons, to better himself.

    ?Got investigators in three forums searching for DVC now. NickLitYouAFlame and Mr Fett too.? Sithy told him, and then shivered as the door opened. ?Mitch, cancel that search on Nick?; drokker just turned up at Hollywreath.? Spycoder expressed a silent grin, surprised at the coincidence of Nick showing up.

    ?Nick?, good to see you. Where in Oseon have you been? This is Spycoder9. Spike, NickLitYouAFlame. We worked together on GAW.? Sithy told Spycoder as he led him to the visitor.

    ?Hello, Nick. Nice to meet you. I look forward to playing with you,? Spycoder said, and then noticed the new arrival. He had already made acquaintance with this fellow, Darth Cadaverous. Spycoder noticed he snatched up a piece of pizza, chewing loudly, and Spycoder nodded at him in welcoming.

    ?Hello, Darth Cadaverous,? he told him and then shivered again as he felt a blast of air. He took himself another piece of pizza, the cheese smell wafting up into his nose. His taste buds were reacting eagerly, and he chewed on it, waiting for a response from the others.

    TAG: Darth_Cadaverous, Sith-I-5, NickLitYouAFlame, others
  25. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: HSolo29
    Living Room, Cabin

    The whirlwind of activity never ceased and I soon found myself among a flurry of familiar faces and old friends. Poor Chukles - I could feel his awkwardness as Sey came charging over to our position with Xani in tow. He probably wasn't expecting such a boisterous entrance, but I had to admit, it did wonders for my nerves. I felt more at ease and with a genuine smile, I greeted both Sey and Xani. Sarge, carrying his usual stash of Mountain Dew, wasn't far behind Sey and with another nod and smile, I offered him a greeting as well.

    "We just have to get a picture of all Hammer's Angels dressed up," Sey was quick to reveal. "This probably won't happen for a bit. Well, at least a year if Impy keeps insisting we all dress up for the Ball."

    I snorted, glancing down at my attire. "You got that right," I remarked, pulling awkwardly at one corner of the dress. "I'm already itching to change. Imp better appreciate the things we do for him. Ugh."

    Sarge took Sey's declaration as his cue and reaching into his bag of tricks, pulled out a camera stamped with the Mountain Dew logo along with a can of Dew itself. "Solo," he greeted, handing the can in my direction.

    "Hey, thanks!" I exclaimed, pulling on the tab and only taking one sip before I was drawn into an embrace in preparation for the picture. Some of the green liquid sloshed up from the opening with the jolt and I was quick to save it from spilling all over my dress as I quickly set it down at my feet and turned to the camera. Looking towards Sarge with a big smile, I waited for the inevitable flash.

    TAG: Chukles, Sey, Sarge, Xani
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