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    The RPF Adoptions very own... DANGER ROOM

    Welcome fellow role-players to the DANGER ROOM, the simulation room that allows you to feel the danger, whether it be in political subtlety, or all-out battle carnage! After all, isn't life itself dangerous?

    In conjunction with the RPF Adoptions Program, this is the always open, always welcoming, ever-changing RPG that enables everyone to jump in to refine their RPing talent and skills, while having fun!

    Adopters and Adoptees are especially welcome to come in to practice and play together. This creates the perfect opportunity to display your writing in all sorts of different situations. Critiques and praise can be easily separated for each aspect of writing, allowing the Adoptees to grow and learn in various areas over the course of the game. Adopters and everyone else who plays will benefit from their participation, as we all learn something, even if we think it's just for fun.

    [color=blue][u][b]The DANGER ROOM [/b][/u][/color]

    The Danger Room is in front of you; its mysterious workings and rumored entire world blocked from view by a single, unmarked, locked, door. You stand in a foyer; anything you want is there.

    But now, this day, the door opens. The Danger Room has been unlocked. People come from lands afar, as knowledge of this almost magical place spreads. Any, and all, may enter, or exit, whenever they wish: the path is clear at all times.

    Inside, all 'room' thoughts leave your mind immediately. There is another world, its complexity or simplicity right in front of you. Sometimes you are even a different being, another person! The choice, it seems, is all up to YOU.

    [u][b]The Game Mechanics[/b] [/u]

    This RPG, unlike most others, will have an ever-changing setting. The concept of the Danger Room is simply that it is a simulation room. Scenarios (simulations) are created by all people in the RPF (see below) for all to play, but especially for Adopter and Adoptee pairs. Here's a rundown:

    [u]Scenarios: [/u]

    Every month a new one will begin. Each scenario that is created by the members will have a setting (e.g. Flying down the trench-run while assaulting the Death Star) and most times a goal (e.g. Blow. It. Up.). As it is, all of the scenarios will be quite different from all the wonderful (and diverse) members we have here, with all sorts of role-playing skills being involved with each of the different settings we have in the scenarios. The person who creates the scenario will be deemed as the Scenario Creator (SC).

    Once the SC starts off the particular scenario by doing the 'opening' post, explaining the situation, players can jump right in and go right away. Each scenario will not stick to a strict and tight line. Players are encouraged to add their own twist or interpretation on things. This means you do not need a 'GM' (or in this case a SC) tag after each post, but rather through interaction with another player you can continue right along with the setting and goal. This is where Adopter and Adoptee pairs are in their perfect position, as it opens the door for one-on-one role-playing between the two.

    Players can continue to join in at anytime, as the scenarios do not involve a story-line that moves very far. [b]New players may join at any time during the month.[/b]

    While their scenario is being played, the SC may jump in themselves, or do certain things with their creation to involve player characters even more. However [i]they must end their scenario after a month[/i]. At this end time, the SC will present some friendly (informal) awards to players for various aspects of excellence/improvement. But, note well, the particular awards presented by the SC is created and chosen, solely, by the SC of the scenario that was played. That means you don't know what they're looking for, which is also an incentive for you to excel in all areas if you value such an acknowledgement.

    [u]Out of Scenarios:[/u]

    While the scenario is being run, players are all inside the setting and wo>
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    May 1, 2005
    Name:Joss Vendu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20's
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Courscant
    Affiliation: MI5/Republic
    ---Traits: Ever the macho-shovanist, coupled with a sense of humor
    ---Likes: drinking, annoying Markus Carfax, women
    ---Dislikes: Know it alls Analysts
    ---Habits: Tends to shoot first and ask questions later, often responds with brute force when tact would suffice
    ---Skin Color: tanned
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: blue
    ---Clothing: Tactical Issue Black shirt and Pants with shoulder bandolier
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons: Standard Issue MI5 PPk holdout blaster, Qlabs wrist gauntlet, forearmed sized vibroknife
    Biography: Raised in a Foundling home since as long as he could remember, Joss Vendu was recruited in the Republic Military in exchange for exemption from a murder charge. He distinguished himself with superior skill and became a very prominent commando until he wound up unwittingly doing the bidding of a madman named Arca as a Mercenery for hire. After being found by the Republic Military, Vendu contracted to the services of MI5.
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    Jul 14, 2005
    Sounds like fun. I'll be sure to try and get into many of these scenarios :)
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    Sep 29, 2002
    Your First Scenario

    Livi-Wan walks into the centre of the foyer, waiting for the hubbub to die down. She raises her hands for silence and begins to speak.

    "Okay, the first scenario is quite simple? action!

    But not just any action. This is fighting, but without any Jedi skills or deadeye blaster aim or super-ninja powers. Imagine the scene; you?re a civilian, walking down the street, and the local droid shop suddenly has a systems malfunction and brings all its stock online, and they?ve all gone wild. Emergency services have been contacted, but all they?ve done so far is barricaded the area and trapped you guys inside. And you, as civilians, have to deal with it until the local cops come.

    Run away, stand and fight, cower in a corner and hide. What are you going to do?

    You are all ordinary civilians taken by suprise. You do not have special skills; many of you do not even have weapons. Some of you will be frightened, some of you will be hurt. This is a chance to develop characters that aren't very skilled in combat, but they may have talents in other ares.

    I'll be playing with you as Markus Carfax. His character sheet's coming up in a minute."

    Livi-Wan brings out a remote and presses a button. The plain durasteel doors open to reveal a street in the process of being ravaged by a gang of household droids. At the far end of the street is a barricade, seemingly unmanned. This marks the limits of the simulated area; no-one will be able to cross the barricade. She steps back and smiles.

    "Good luck, have fun, and may the Force be with You."

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    Sep 29, 2002
    EDIT: Yes, even scenario creators make mistakes :p

    Name: Markus Carfax
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Species: Human. Barely
    Homeworld: Baar, a small agri-world near to Naboo.
    Affiliation: himself
    ---Traits: Arrogant, sarcastic, self-centered
    ---Likes: Cigarras, computers, getting his own way, computer games
    ---Dislikes: Nicotine patches, Joss Vendu, heroes
    ---Habits: Fifty-a-day cigarra habit. Drinking (medical alcohol). Hacking.
    ---Skin Color: Pale
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Grey
    ---Clothing: Grey shirt scattered with burns and stains, black cargo trousers, black trenchcoat, boots.
    ---Other Attributes: Dangerously skinny, unshaven, generally scruffy
    ---Other Details: He?s got a prison serial number tattoo on his left shoulder blade, marking where his prison chip is. It?s hidden by the rest of his clothing.
    Weapons: none.
    ---Personal History:

    He was born on a small farming planet named Baar with a talent for forging, hacking, and generally messing up people?s computers. He found the farming life tedious, messy and above all boring, and so jumped planet bearing forged documents proclaiming him to be the son of a Senator as soon as possible. Like most drifters, he ended up on Coruscant and quickly made a name for himself as the criminal underworld?s most proficient hacker and forger. His criminal career was sadly brought short after he got arrested for seeking his firtune inside the vaults of the Bank of Coruscant. He was subsequently sentenced to ten years in Kessel Maximum Security Prison (Well, it was a lot of money). Six months into his time in jail, the prison rioted. Markus was instrumental in bringing the facility back under control, hacking into the mainframe and re-activating the security droids. This caught the eye of MI5, who approached the human with an offer of letting him serve out the rest of his sentance in their employ as an intelligence operative.
    What he'll do after his sentance is up is anyone's guess.
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    Aug 14, 2002
    ** SC Approved ** (in the sense that we discussed the basics on MSN)

    Gender: Female
    Age: 34
    Species: Ruurian. (Sector General species code DBLF)
    Homeworld: Ruuria

    Job - Ruurian DBLF admissions nurse
    Affiliation: National Union of Nurses?

    ---Likes: Efficiency, hygeine, sterile hospital conditions
    ---Dislikes: Current assignment (see below)
    ---Habits: Those things that Nuns wear.

    Appearance - Three foot-high bristly caterpillar
    ---Skin Color: Dunno. Its under the bristles
    ---Hair Color: n/a
    ---Eye Color: Ah, on safer ground here. Black compound eyes similar to a fly's.
    ---Clothing: None
    ---Other Attributes: n/a
    ---Other Details: n/a

    Weapons: None, but can fetch you a nasty crack on the shin with her clipboard if riled.
    ---Personal History: Graduated from medical school four Standard Years ago, where she worked part-time as a pole dancer to pay for her schooling. Has risen through the ranks of nursing to her current exalted position at the 'Alderaan Polysapient multi-species hospital on, um, Alderaan.
    Very recently, she admitted MI5 agent, Sounil Mistry, to her hospital for surgery, and has met Agents Markus Carfax - guy gets around - and Lerioth Culu. Wasn't particularly impressed with either being.

    [b]IC: Nurse Ratchett[/b], [i]entrance to the Danger Room[/i]

    "'Don't fall asleep in one of Doctor Conway's meetings', they said," Nurse Ratchett moaned to herself as she undulated through the foyer of the new structure, "And what's the first thing I do? Fall asleep. And to top it off, I wake up and nod vigourously at the first thing someone asks me. Volunteering for this guano assignment."

    She looked up warily at the ominous humming sound echoing up the durasteel-lined corridors. A hum is a hum is a hum, you might think, and on durasheet, it certainly is, but as people belatedly detecting the presence of a swarm of Africanised Killer Bees, will tell you, you do not stand there thinking, '[i]Learn the words, mate.[/i]'

    [color=blue][i]The plain durasteel doors ahead, opened to reveal a street in the process of being ravaged by a gang of household droids. At the far end of the street is a barricade, seemingly unmanned. This marks the limits of the simulated area; no-one will be able to cross the barricade.[/i][/color]

    Her hearts thumping wildly in her thorax, Ratchett stopped at the edge of the doorway, refusing point blank to go beyond the barrier. [i]Frag that for a game of soldiers.[/i]

    "Hell-ooo!" She called, her voice seemingly swallowed by the cavernous area. "Delivering a consignment of body bags?"

    [b]Tag: anyone present[/b]>
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    May 23, 2005
    Name: Roman Meralovski
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Himself
    ---Traits: Talkative, but prone to bouts of silence
    ---Likes: Music, Cooking, friends
    ---Dislikes: Mechanical stuff, heavy machinery
    ---Habits: Cracking knuckles, biting lip
    ---Skin Color: Slightly tanned white skin
    ---Hair Color: Brown hair
    ---Eye Color: Blue eyes
    ---Clothing: Dark red shirt, faded black/gray jeans, calf-length brown coat, red plaid scarf
    ---Other Attributes: neck-length, wavy brown hair, quite tall, fairly fit
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons: None
    Biography: A musician looking for his big break, Roman is caught in the droid attack.
    ---Personal History: Began music at a young age, Roman has yet to join a band, and it is doubtful, with the attack, that he ever will.

  8. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    OCC:Not sure how the reality of this situation is set up, but here it goes anyway... Hope this will suffice:)
    IC as Joss Vendu~Danger Room Entrance

    The message scrolled across his comlink display; The plain durasteel doors ahead, opened to reveal a street in the process of being ravaged by a gang of household droids. At the far end of the street is a barricade, seemingly unmanned. This marks the limits of the simulated area; no-one will be able to cross the barricade.

    Vendu shook his head in an effort to dissipate the effects of last night's drunken stupor in which he was woken upside down and found a lampshade on his head. He groaned as the headache returned, I swear that's my last visit to the Boozy Bantha. Joss suddenly remembered that was at least number fifty in a long line of such promises and gave a mental shrug when he stopped caring.

    He steadily made his way into the Danger Room and reflected on his reasons for coming. Apparently MI5 thought it was in their best entrance to keep their feild operatives in the best shape both mentally and physically all drunken stupors nonwithstanding of course.

    Joss walked into the facility to see that the Games had already begun and an insectoid nurse was calling out in hopes of a response. Vendu's temples seemed to press inward at the echo of her loud call, "Hell-ooo! Delivering a consignment of body bags?"

    He walked up behind her and notice she'd yet to be aware of his presence, "Body bags huh?" he chuckled, "Glad to know they have the utmost confidence in us." Joss was slightly taken aback by the new info; apparently, some beings might not walk away from these training games.

    Suddenly, a black envelope was at his feet. Vendu picked it up and read his assignment for this Op. It contained the role he was to play in this scenario.
    [i]Name: Porter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Biography: In a sabaac game that quickly got away from him, Porter became heavily indebted to Zorga the Hutt after several consecutive losing hands which by his conclusion, he had been cheated at during the course of the game. Porter has been ducking Zorga's lackeys for the past few weeks while he arranged a bank heist that was just a too little to close going disasterous, so Porter was forced to stash the stolen credits in a droid facility in town. The same droid facility that was now spewing out rebellious robots that were running amuck in this section of the town.[/i]
    It was what Vendu liked to call a 'Blind Op'. It was a mission where taking any kind of weapon just wasnt an option. Such missions often left him with a feeling of being naked.

    Joss looked back to the Nurse and asked as he dropped his weapons, "So will you be taking an active role in this lil game?" He was hoping to have some company along for this one.

    [b]TAG: [color=red]NURSE RATCHETT/PENGUINATOR(?)/ANYONE[/color] [/b]>
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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Not actually getting involved in the droid fighting thing; just thought it would be fun to drop some body bags off. But Livi said I had to do a character sheet. *shrugs*

    IC: Nurse Ratchett

    "Body bags huh?"

    She almost went into orbit.
    Wheeling round, the little Ruurian turned to face human that had spoken, and emotionally more that literally, exploded all over him!

    "Jovus Drokk!! Don't sneak up on people! Almost made me... never mind."

    The being before her, who she expertly characterised as a DBDG bipedal oxygen-breather, chuckled down at her.

    "Glad to know they have the utmost confidence in us."

    Ratchett held up her clipboard towards him with one of her median arms. "I'm just delivering the consignment, buddy. Sign and print your name, please."

    Tag: Vendu
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    May 1, 2005
    IC as Joss Vendu~Danger Room Entrance

    The insectiod Nurse nearly jumped out of her exoskeleton upon Vendu's sudden utterance, "Jovus Drokk!! Don't sneak up on people! Almost made me... never mind."

    She answered his question simply by asking for his signature, "I'm just delivering the consignment, buddy. Sign and print your name, please."

    He certainly wasnt in any adminstrative posistion to be signing things around here, but such simple inconviences like actually being allowed to never matter much to the dark haired operative. "Um, sure thing," he said as he signed and printed his name.

    "But dont bother saving one of those for me," he spoke as he gestured to the order of body bags full of bravado and pulled on a black leather jacket over his gray shirt. He would have to dress in 'Civies for this Op.

    Joss put himself into the character of Porter and stepped into the Scenario Arena as chaos ensued about the area. He started to reach for where his blaster holster should have been, but quickly remembered the no-no on weapons.

    He stepped through the selectively permeable sheild and Joss Vendu was now Porter.
    IC as [b]Porter[/b]~[i]DownTown[/i]

    Porter stalked the back alley around the far barricade on that end looking for a way to get to the center of the chaos that surrounded this area of Downtown. He reflected on his current dilemma as screech sounded from a distant aclove.

    [i]Gotta get the money[/i], he kept telling himself.

    He was speaking of the stolen credits from the First Galaxy Bank he'd heisted a week ago that were now 'safely' tucked away in a sealed equipment locker inside the very same droid Facility at the center to today's pandimonium.

    Porter turned the corner to find a hulking PC-B9 Waste Managment Droid suddenly swung a metallic arm aimed at his head. The human hastily ducked only to find himself on the recieving end of a quick elbow as the Droid reversed his strike. The elbow caught Porter on the side of the jaw and sent him backward into a decaying packing crate and the duracrete wall.

    His lip was busted and Porter tasted the copper sensation of blood from the side of his mouth. His eyes went wide when the Waste Droid kept on coming intent on rendering the human totally nonfunctional.

    Porter's shaky right hand found a nearby steel pole and he put it to use as he rushed the Droid ducking under another arm swipe and put the business end of the pole right between the Droid's photoreceptors with a loud clang as the metal clashed.

    The droid's face covering fell off as his photoreceptors turned inward as a result of the blow. Sparks momentarily shot from the Droid's mouth as it spoke in it's emotionless voice, "Pitiful fleshbag."

    Obviously, the damage was only cosmetic as Porter backed up frantically away from another strike from the hulking Waste Droid.

    If he didnt decommission this droid, he'd never have any hope of getting anywhere near all those credits.

    [b]TAG: [color=red]ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LEND A HAND[/color][/b]>
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    Apr 10, 2002
    Approved by Yours Truly

    Name: Sven Razinowski
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28 Years
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Republic
    ---Traits: Logical, Judgemental, and Witty
    ---Likes: Games, Computers, and Witty People
    ---Dislikes: Stupidity, Rashness, and Monologues
    ---Habits: When he's thinking, he taps one whatever he can get his hands on.
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Clothing: Loose fitting Jeans, and a white, half-body tunic.
    ---Other Attributes: N/A
    ---Other Details: N/A
    Weapons: N/A

    ---Personal History:

    Born on Coruscant, Sven left his house when he was sixteen, not wanting to live with his father anymore, he finished schooling and pursued a degree in Software Designing. He's currently developing new, classified software for the Republic's Naval Intelligence. Though, not much is known about Sven by Naval Intelligence, Sven designs his own software of his own type, in order to counteract his models for the Republic.
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    Nov 12, 2004
    Well Frag...(Searches his multitude of Personalities for a semi-normal character.) Hmmm...

    Name: E. Alan Bryce
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Unknown [at this time]
    Affiliation: Himself/Highest Payer
    ---Traits: General Smart Ass, but brilliant. Slightly eccentric (But that goes with the Billionaire Territory)
    ---Likes: Winning. Order and Cleanliness.
    ---Dislikes: Losing. Disorder and
    ---Habits: Obsessive Compulsive Neat Freak. Finding loop holes in the law.
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Clothing: Expensive Black Pinstripe Suit. Expensive Black Dress Shoes. Gold Corlex watch.
    ---Other Attributes: Scaring on upper right arm. Possibly from Tattoo removal
    Weapons: Single, Custom Made Westar Pistol, shoulder holstered under left arm.
    Little is known about Alan Bryce untill he went to college. In his 20's, he was considered a Legal Genious at Upper Corsucant Law...and graduated Valedictorian. Law firms lined up at his feet to sign him on...but, he dissappeared shortly after the graduation cermemonies. Not to be seen again untill around 8 years ago, when he defended the Evil Despot Qugar. Winning the case, and angering many a person. But adding a substantial sum to his bank account.

    As the years and court cases progressed, he grew in fame and wealth. Currently one of the highest paid and considered THE BEST Defence Attorney in the Galaxy, even rumored to work for the secret Government agency, M-I-5. It is even said most recently that he not only secured infamous Mandalorian Rion Ordis' release into M-I-5 Care, but also got Ordis and his Pirate Vessle Diplomatic Immunity.

    He is rumored to have been involved in cases such as those of Markus Carfax, and The Car'On Twins...but these are just the raving of conspiracy nuts who watch too much X-Files.
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    May 23, 2005

    The day had started out okay.

    Roman had gotten up, gone off to a band audition. The audition went smoothly, nigh on perfect, actually. They invited him to join the band. The band on the verge of stardom.

    And he said, "I'll think about it".


    He screamed at himself mentally, why did he always do these things? He never went out there and lived. He was reclusive, cautionary, but spoke fast, almost too much, sometimes. He was smart, told jokes, got along great with the ladies, put modestly. But he never committed to anything.

    So, mentally kicking himself en route to his loft, the protocol droid waddling at him with an axe was something of a shock. Then it screamed something along the lines of "Die pathetic human opressor", and he froze.

    It had to be some sort of joke.

    But, no, the droid, indeed, continued swearing at him (though in very polite and articulate verbiage), and even swung the axe at him. Roman jumped back at this turn of events, eyes wide. This had, had to be a bad joke. But, when it threw the axe, innacurrate though it had been, Roman realized - this thing wants to kill me.

    He had scrambled to his feet, grabbed the axe, and was ready to swing it, when an artoo-unit came at him with a shocker-thingy-attachment.

    It zapped him in the leg, and he yelled in pain, before swearing and smashing its head in with the axe. It short-circuited at that point, and Roman swung the blade at the protocol droid's neck, embedding it in halfway. He tried pulling it out again, as the droid slowly brought a small blaster to bear on him. Now, Roman was no mechanic, but he figured that the droid must still be able to move, think, and attempt to kill him, albeit slowly.

    So, he awkwardly brough up his foot to kick the droid back. It worked, but Roman was the went who fell down. The droid aimed the blaster at him, and he rolled quickly to dodge the bolt. He scrambled to his feet, grabbing the axe as he did so, He swung blindly, hoping to kill it once and for all, and when the next bolt went off, he thought it had killed him.

    But the droid's had had been severed awkwardly, with much of the of the inner workings strewn about in smashed heaps. The body was still pulling on the trigger, and after a moment, it emptied the clip. The droid fell to its back in a limp heap, and Roman stood, his lanky body clutching the now-dulled axe.

    He turned, finally coming to a decision.

    "I'm going to join that band. I'm also going to throw up."

    Needless to say, it was weird.

    Tag: Anyone
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    Nov 12, 2004
    ooc: Some Idea's may or may not have been borrowed from an Imperial_Hammer FanFic. IMP-HAM INC is pending approval.

    IC: Darth_Vaders_Cousin
    Scenario Entrance

    DVC walked hurrily down the street, past the giant and not so giant RP buildings, where many people From all over the forums came to work...helping to build a universe.

    Just over a long bridge from the EUC, RPF was a town full of dreams and fantasies. Much like a place in the so called real world called Hollywood. Except cooler...and with out the crazies. Well. Cooler anyway.

    Many of the buildings were deserted. Some had changed hands over the seasons. Some had been changed to new ideas. A new product. Many people, himself included, pulled double, triple, or even hextuple jobs here. He'd lost track of all of his. He was a busy man, and busier by the day. He loved this town.

    He walked past Hooper McFinney's...the local Bar and Grille. The only place around to eat. Many commuted back to the Blue Moon Cantina...or one of the many other eateries and bars in the surrounding areas. Not him. He was too busy.

    He poked his head into the Matrix Building...checking that he didn't have any messages, and phoned the IMP-HAM INC. to make sure he was still on break in it's most recent addition to the IMP-HAM line of products. Finally, after answering a few PM's on his Datapad, he entered the large RPF Danger Room building, in the Heart of DownTown RPF.

    DVC briskly walked past a Catepillar like creature, which he decided to name Molly, and stood at the entrance gates.

    He listened to a Holo of Livi-Wan describing the scene and rules of the game.

    "Many of you will be unarmed...well...I'll take it a few of us won't. Namely me..." The holo gave his a stern look. Had he not know it was a recording, it would have scared him a bit. It did anyway.

    His left hand ran along the multiple lightsaber hilts on his belt. 6 singles and 1 double bladed 'saber he had kept since his time as a Crimson Jedi Knight. His right hand felt the butt of his DL-22...and the Butt of his Bryar pistol cross-holstered above his left leg. He squeezed both arms tight against his body, feeling the Custom Made Westar under his left arm...and the DE-10 under his right.

    "All but one Livi...All but one." He said...feeling a bit stupid talking to a recording.

    He drew out his datapad, looking through the long list of characters he had created in his short year in RPF. Each like a different personality.

    There was a Gambler, and a Drunk, A smuggler and the basis for a Lawyer. All who got their start in the Blue Moon Cantina...One of which would go on to become a more developed character...and a member of M-I-5's law department.

    Then there was the Double Personalities of a Rouge Jedi turned Crimson Jedi. A sith Knight and his winged slave. A human Sith lord.

    A Devorian Jedi, who had mastered Pyro-manipulation. And A Grey Jedi who had abbandon the order to follow the force's will.

    A small Chadra'Fan blurred by. No use here.

    There was a Four Armed, Mandalorian Trained, Former Jedi, now Crazed "Sith Lord" known most famously as Noir Lumiere. At his heels was a hyper-active super-happy computer named Eddy, and following in the droid's shadow was a Shi'Ido shape shifter named Devon.

    There was the True Mandalore who had lost his legs to protect his team mates. And a pair of Twin theives, who seemed intent on driving all of M-I-5 nutts...atleast Carfax anyway.

    There was a man clad in a white suit with a black suit and tie. Rambling on about White-Noise and something called the Matrix.

    There was a Blue skined mutant, wings sprouted from his back, and voice ringing with words in a nine hundered million and one languages and counting.

    Finally there stood the image of a Rich and Powerful Man. Tall in stature, black hair combed in a proffessional manner. A blaster under one arm, and a flare for the extravagant. He looked like a Trillion Creds...and was worth three times that.

    DVC Double Clic
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    Sep 29, 2002
    Markus Carfax

    Markus woke up. He was lying face-down on the pavement behind a battered waste receptacle, the sounds of a riot floating over his head. I'd like to say that it was the first time this had happened, but subtract the riot noises and you have Markus Carfax's normal Saturday morning. The hacker sat up cautiously and peeked over the edge. Out in the street several members of the public were engaging in a pitched battle with what looked like crazy droids. He recognized the lawyer who'd defended him at his trail- lousy scum-sucker had got him thirty years.

    The rest of the day came back in a flood. Markus had run out of cigarras and had taken a walk downtown to get some, and had just left the newsagent's when he'd been knocked unconcious by an umbrella-weilding household droid. The hacker guessed that the shop across the road- 'Honest Jawa's second-hand Droids' had been responsible.

    "Typical. Fragging typical." he muttered, getting unsteadily to his feet. "I go out for five seconds..."

    The droid that had been sneaking up on him chose this moment to strike. A weird, mechanical cry erupted from its vocabulator as the TX-Chef-o-matic swung its frying pan in an arc of cartoon-cliche death. Hearing the noise, Markus ducked and the pan whizzed overhead, smashing into the alley wall. Quickly, Carfax rummaged through his pockets. The droid swung again and he jumped backwards, nearly toppling into the dumpster. The droid raised its pan for another strike. Carfax darted forward.

    Slowly, surely, the chef droid toppled over, a plasteel spork stuck in its single photoreceptor. Markus ducked down again and coughed, hard. All that action had really taken it out of him.

    [TAG Anybody]
  16. KILIK

    KILIK Jedi Master star 4

    May 21, 2005
    OCC.I'm not sure when I should jump in so I'll wait to be taged for try to find when i can jump in.

    C sheet. Approved

    Name: Ewan Solo.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Species: human
    Homeworld: born on Courscant , but mostly raised on Naboo.
    Affiliation: Himself and his uncle.
    ---Traits: Can be a smart-ass times likes to joke around sometimes is sarcastic from time to time.
    --Likes: Droids, action, and music, working on things, being around people. (Most of the time.)
    ---Dislikes: People who think they know everything. People who won?t leave him when he wants to be left alone. And rude jerks.
    ---Habits: Doesn?t know when to shut up at times, can say the right thing at times. Can get into trouble.
    --- Height 5 foot 5.
    ---Skin Color: tan
    ---Hair Color: light brown
    ---Eye Color: blueish greenish gray
    ---Clothing: White T-shirt, light blue jacket and black pants with to dark green lines the on the side of the legs.
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details: His medium long hair, a short necklace with a blue crystal.
    Weapons: none
    ---Personal History: Ewan Solo, who, lived on Courscant tell he was 4 years old. At the age of 5 his family moved to Naboo, this where he started to really grew up but at the same time miss Courscant but only cause his father?s younger brother, Uncle Liam Solo was there. At the age of 7 Ewan got into music and loved playing it, he also got into other things. Even if a if his little sister Haley Solo bugged him sometimes about wanting to be able to play music among other things. At the age of 8 Ewan noticed how alone he was, has father and him never saw eye to eye at all and his mother was always busy with Haley or other things. At the age of 11 almost 12 everything went to hell, Ewan had learned that his mother, father and little sister had died, and to this day he doesn?t know how or why they died. A few days later Ewan gathered up everything he owned and got on ship and left Naboo. From the age 12 he began working to get to palace until at the age of 12 in half he ended up on Cornelia. Where he was found by his Uncle Liam. From the time Ewan was found by his Uncle he raised him, Ewan had always felt that his uncle understand him more then anyone even if he was a scroundel sometimes. Every time his Uncle could he would go to Naboo and make each moment count with his nephew, which was one thing his father never did. After Ewan was found by his Uncle. He was also able to get back in school and Finished on time he graduated early at 17 and finished school.
  17. Ponja_Ridd

    Ponja_Ridd Jedi Youngling

    Nov 23, 2005
    Name: Varius
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Species: Shistavanen
    Homeworld: Uvena Prime
    Affiliation: None
    ---Traits: Tends to bark out snarky quips without thinking, observant
    ---Likes: Music, driving too quickly, attempting ridiculous stunts that will probably end up with him in a bacta tank
    ---Dislikes: The word "impossible," whiners, people go out of their way to exhibit how dark, mysterious, tortured and dangerous they are.
    ---Habits: Cracks his knuckles a lot, the result of too much guitar playing.
    ---Skin Color: Pink
    ---Hair Color: Black and brown fur
    ---Eye Color: Red
    ---Clothing: Brown vest with pocket-covered bandolier, black cargo pants with pockets, knee-high black and brown boots
    ---Other Attributes: Smiles. A lot.
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons: None
    ---Personal History: Varius grew up a normal Shistavanen, enjoying all the things that most members of his species do: hunting, scouting, running, and hunting. He has recently taken off to see more of the galaxy, where he hopes to be employed as a hunter, scout, or possibly runner.
  18. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    OOC: I hope this is okay. I may jump in soon. If someone wants to TAG me, feel free.

    Name: Sean Hamar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Republic

    ---Traits: Loyal, hardworking, smart
    ---Likes: Computers, guns, fighting
    ---Dislikes: Unloyal people, cheaters(even though he cheats sometimes), people who get what they want without working for it
    ---Habits: Smokes, drinks(not an alcoholic)

    ---Skin Color: Caucasion/tan
    ---Hair Color: Dark Brown
    ---Eye Color: Dark Brown
    ---Clothing: Baggy black jeans, a sleeveless shirt, and, sometimes, a cloak
    Weapons: Two black-bladed vibro-swords, two modified blasters, and an assortment of throwing knifes and daggers

    ---Personal History: Sean was born on Coruscant and was raised by a father in the military. Was taught to be very disciplined and very loyal. He has worked for everything he has obtained, and hates those who gain everything by doing nothing, especially politicians. Even though he hates the politics of the Republic, he serves it with all his heart. Has been said to be Force Sensitive.
  19. Eleventh_Guard

    Eleventh_Guard Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 17, 2005
    Name: Melany Baclaw
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Galactic Imperial Navy
    ---Traits: Ambitious, efficient, neither particularly caring nor evil
    ---Likes: Opportunities to prove herself
    ---Dislikes: Hysterics, wasting time
    ---Habits: n/a
    ---Skin Color: Light tan
    ---Hair Color: Brown, pulled back into a tight bun
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Clothing: Black Imperial uniform, boots, belt, hat
    ---Other Attributes: n/a
    ---Other Details: 6'0" / medium build
    Weapons: Blaster rifle
    ---Personal History: Melany is the elder of two girls. Her father, Spencer, is an Imperial Admiral and he was the one who pulled enough strings to get his daughters into the Academy. Melany graduated two years ago, near the bottom of her class (thanks to score cutting) but with high enough marks to pass. However, she suspects that her CO wants her gone, since he recently reassigned her to this... game.
  20. DarthIntegral

    DarthIntegral VIP star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 13, 2005
    Name: Nonn Jash
    Gender: male
    Age: 31
    Species: Neimoidian
    Homeworld: Neimoidia
    Affiliation: self
    ---Traits: Suffers from schizophrenia. Has at least a dozen visionaries he interacts with on a daily basis that are not real.
    ---Likes: Alcohol and gambling
    ---Dislikes: His medication
    ---Habits: Always calculating the odds, he has been, at times, compared to a protocol droid for his quick ability to calculate anything. Often refuses to take his schizophrenia medication, causing him to have more visionaries and an expanded mind.
    ---Skin Color: green-grey
    ---Hair Color: <none>
    ---Eye Color: red-orange
    ---Clothing: A long red vest under a black robe is all that is visible. Also wears a pointy dark hat.
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons: Carries an assassin blade in one side of his cloak, and a blaster pistol on the other side. Often confuses which is on what side.
    ---Personal History:
    Nonn Jash was a consultant/analyst/planner for the Intergalactic Trade Federation for seven years, where his beautiful mind was utilized to maximize prophet for the Nemoidian group. However, his schizophrenia grew worse over time, and he began to have visions that the Trade Federation leaders were actually terrorist spies bent on over throwing every government, and planned to kill him. This, naturally, lead to his firing. After this, a brief bought with depression ensued, after which he took up gambling, where he used his beautiful mind to swindle the less intelligent out of their money (one reason why he has his blade and blaster), which he used to pay rent, research, and buy booze. He has medication to treat his schizophrenia, but doesn't like to take it, as he feels it inhibits his ability to use mathematics and analyzing, which he feels are the two skills which make Nonn Nonn. Hence, he is left to have a distorted mind, which sees and interacts with beings that aren't there, not all of which are friendly to Nonn (the other reason for his blade and blaster).
  21. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Roman Meralovski


    Roman's knuckles were popping with nervousness.

    What was going on here? The road was nearly deserted, but sounds of chaos wafted in from buildings and other roads. He only hoped his friends were okay. And his precious music. And his gear. Oh, please, not his gear...

    He walked tentatively down the road, staying off to one side. This was all too far out.

    "Whoa..." he murmured, watching as a businessman fended off a very agressive droid. Okay, it looked agressive. The umbrella it had been swinging around at him was a little funny, but Roman knew better than to laugh. He'd nearly been killed by a prudish portocol droid. That was one story he'd not be telling his grandkids.

    But, as the attacking droid fell, Roman came to another decision, yet again. Minus the vomiting, though.

    He sprinted across the streeet, his lanky frame bringing him to the other man quickly.

    "Hey," he gasped, sucking in nervous breaths, "you okay? What happened?"

    Tag: DVC
  22. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    OOC: Greetings!!
    From one of your resident game-looka-after-ers. :D ;)

    Great start by everyone, the diverse approach to the RPing is awesome to read. And thank you Livi for braving it and being the first SC! :)

    As part of the group looking after this baby, we are currently discussing ( ;)) the various specific roles for each of us, but we are all here to simply help. :) At the moment, I am helping out the SC by trying to involve everyone so no-one misses out on the fun! And of course any questions are more than welcome to me or any of the others! (DarthIntegral, Kartanym, Rayson.)

    Other than that, I'm just a normal character....


    Name: Varksst'illio (Varks Stillio)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Species: Twi'lek
    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Affiliation: Himself
    ---Traits: Thinks about himself a bit higher then he really is, but is fair in all his dealings. Drinking addict. He is usually a eloquent and elegant speaker (rambler).
    ---Likes: Exotic Beverages, although anything alcoholic will do. Accompaniment by other beings.
    ---Dislikes: Puffed up people (like himself). Being sober.
    ---Habits: Drinking. Flicking his cape.
    ---Skin Color: Dark blue (Navy)
    ---Hair Color: n/a
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Clothing: He wears brown pants and a baggy light blue top that is cuffed at his wrists. Varks' clothes have a seedy appearance to them, including his totally mismatched cape. It is black in colour and is flowing, though crinkled, from the clasp at the nape of his neck all the way down to where it dances to a stop at his shins.
    ---Other Attributes: His right lekku has a tattoo stretching across the whole length, though it only consists of a straight black line etched into his sensitive head-tail.
    ---Other Details: Like most Twi'leks, he has sharp and pointy teeth and fingernails. Except that his are permanently entwined with dirt, his teeth having a yellow tinge to them.
    Weapons: Bar glasses, ale bottles, anything within reach.
    ---Personal History: Varksst'illio was raised on Ryloth, before he stowed away on a ryll transport ship at a young age. During the time spent on the planet, he made good use of the dark tone of his skin, as he was usually the last kid that the bartender would find when searching in Ryloth's darker underground structures for the pesky thieves of his precious bar apron.

    Moving from planet to planet, legitimately or not, Varks has since then made a living as a gambler. Having lived off his very few and far between highs, and living low in the seediest of slums at times, the Twi'lek has seen his fair share of what the galaxy has to offer.

    He has been to many planets, although he cannot to this day remember if he was sober or not when he was on Coruscant. All he can remember is darkness, but he tells himself that was because the lower levels of the city-world have no light. Soon after pondering this, he smells the sweet tang of another beverage on the way and forgets that Coruscant even has lower levels.

    [blockquote][color=red][b]GM IC:[/b][/color][/blockquote]As soon as Livi-Wan announced to the huddled group of people in the foyer what the amazing new DANGER ROOM would turn into, a multitude of black clothed and bulky looking men with moustaches appeared around the group of awed people as they saw the door open. Immediately, the black moustache men started to gently push everyone towards the open door. No-one was to be left behind in the foyer.

    The door was left open for anyone to go through at any stage?but from the inside of the DANGER ROOM, you didn't see any door. You were fully immersed in the world, nothing else mattered.

    [i]Simulation I: Droids in streets[/i]

    [b]IC as Varksst'illio:[/b]
    [i]Street sidewalk[/i]

    [blockquote]Something was not right. Something terrible.

    Random people were scurrying everywhere, although some sto>
  23. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    OOC: Great posting so far people! Keep it up! :)

    IC: Markus Carfax

    Recovering from his coughing fit, Markus looked out again from behind his dumpster. In front of him, a tall twi'lek and a woman were being confronted by what looked like a pit droid. With a knife. Markus would have laughed at the absurdity of the situation had he wanted another coughing attack. While it was amusing to see the rest of the beings on the street being attacked by various household droids, Carfax decided that he'd probably better get in there and do the saving people thing, if only because he needed to get out of the street as soon as possible. His soap was starting in half an hour.

    Standing up, he lit one of his trademark cigarras.

    "Oi, you two." he called out. "Hit the nose."

    [TAG Tyi, Eleventh_Guard]
  24. Eleventh_Guard

    Eleventh_Guard Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 17, 2005
    IC: Melany

    Melany saw droids and people... beings of various species... running in a chaotic mess. She shouted for order, but could barely hear her own voice. <i>What happened here?</i> It looked like a riot, except that it was the droids that were attacking. Perhaps they had been reprogrammed, but the details were not so important now. A squat little droid was making its way towards her, holding something sharp and glinty in one of its appendages.

    "Don't think so," Melany said, and pulled out her blaster rifle. She aimed and fired, and just as she was pulling the trigger, something grabbed her shoulder and her shot went wide. She looked up for a split second, eyes blazing, to see a dirty-looking Twi'lek man holding onto her. She yanked herself loose and aimed again. "Out of the way, civilian."

    Someone said: "Oi, you two. Hit the nose."

    Good a plan as any, Melany thought, and shot at the droid's nose-analog.

    Tag: Tyi, Livi

    OOC: Whether the shot hits or not doesn't matter - if you want it to miss, it can.
  25. Master_Valar

    Master_Valar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2005
    Name: Tec Lec
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Species: Ewok
    Homeworld: Endor's Forest Moon
    Affiliation: His own furry self
    ---Traits: Quick witted and mischevous
    ---Likes: Food, practical jokes
    ---Dislikes: Droids, some humans, most Twileks
    ---Habits: Stroking a furry chin, picking locks, causing trouble
    ---Skin Color: Peach
    ---Hair Color: Light brown fur with almost blonde streaks
    ---Eye Color: Pale grey
    ---Clothing: A brown tunic and hood
    ---Other Attributes: Strong for his size, but more quick
    ---Other Details: Speaks Ewokese as a primary language, but is somewhat fluent in Basic
    Weapons: Small wooden walking stick, stones
    ---Personal History: Tec was born on the Forest Moon of Endor. He lived there throughout his childhood, where he befriended a soldier of the rebellion who remained on the moon at an outpost. The rebel taught him basic, and eventually even convinced the young Ewok to leave the moon. The young furball traveled to Taris, where he learned quickly how to live on the streets, despite his race. He became quick with his wits and quick with his hands. The young thief was rumored to be responsible for the break-ins at countless safehouses, including those owned by the Hutts.

    He traveled alone to Coruscant, and has only been there for two standard days.


    Tec Lec

    "What happens?" He said aloud, to nobody in particular. Tec glanced around, quickly gathering that the droids seemed to be out of control. He hadn't known when this had happened, or how. Tec had been minding his own business, casually making his way toward a potential mark. Each small step was taken with care, as the young Ewok was cautious about letting his walking stick rap against the ground. He didn't want his mark to hear him.

    A Twi'lek, it was. An easy target indeed. The male looked well off, and Tec had no doubt that he could have grifted almost all the credits off of him. The Twi'lek wasn't all there, it seemed. The fact that it was Twi'lek was even better. Filthy, slimy creatures they were. Far too slimy looking.

    But then chaos ensued, and droids began to run amuck. Tec was freightened for a moment, and immediately ran for cover. As it happened, he was headed off by a protocol droid, one that immediately began spewing rubbish from it's mouth.

    "Shut up you!" Tec squeaked, spinning on his heels to sprint away from it.

    He glanced back as he ran, hearing blaster fire nearby. The protocol droid had seemingly given up on him, and he would hopefully be able to-


    Tec struck something solid, something that felt like durasteel in the brief second the pad of his hand touched it. The small Ewok bounced off of what he now saw as a Pit Droid, landing on his side. The droid was thrown off balance as well, teetering as though it might fall on it's side. As Tec hit the ground, he looked up to see a human woman fire, the shot missing because he had rammed into the droid. His mark was standing behind her, a rather scared look on his slimy face.

    "Tatcon, tuo!" Tec said, cursing in his primary language.

    Tag: Livi-wan, Tyi, Brown haired character who's username I can't remember
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