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Reference The RPF Cooling-Off Policy

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Sinrebirth , Oct 18, 2022.

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  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    The RPF Cooling-Off Policy

    A running theme of feedback we have had from GMs and players across the forums is that sometimes a period of space is needed.

    Many of us are particularly creatively inclined, and become emotionally invested in what we are creating - understandably so, for we are often putting ourselves into these games, in one way or another, and sometimes literally. Even moreso, when we weave continuities across multiple games, or if we run games that are more rigid in their endgame than not.

    While steamrolling your cast towards a fixed point is always something we want to dissuade, we also don’t want for players and GMs to become so fraught that tempers are consistently frayed. These games are supposed to be fun, and neither GM nor player are to be abused for any reason whatsoever.

    The difficulty arises in that much of this behaviour occurs behind the scenes, and while some players will be unaware, others will be tarred notwithstanding their non-involvement in the drama by their simple participation in a game. Players should not have lists of fellow posters they will not play with, or will refuse to cooperate with a plot-line mid-game for OOC reasons that have just developed and have nothing to do with the game.

    This includes behaviour that can only be considered ‘bad form’ for members of the RPF.

    This includes:-
    1. Blacklisting fellow members of the RPF and forcing the GM and fellow players to dance around you to avoid a scene.
    2. Quitting games publicly without discussion with the GM.
    3. Committing suicide IC to avoid a player interaction.
    4. Repeatedly retiring from the forum and leaving fellow players and GMs in a lurch.
    5. Consistently refusing to reply to TAGs or PMs though you are posting elsewhere on the forums.
    6. Opening PMs only to leave them once you’ve said your piece, leaving no opportunity for communication or resolution.
    7. If you engage in an act of one-up-brinkmanship with the GM until you God Mod and destroy game-balance and it spills into the forum.
    8. Editing a combo after it has been agreed by the players.
    9. Sharing the private contents of PMs with anyone apart from a Moderator.
    Number 8 is also an extremely offensive thing to do; you do not rewrite other peoples characters and writing just because you are the one who puts up the combo. Yes, there are users who have been caught doing that recently.

    I would also point out that number 9 is a bannable offence. If you are found to have done this, you will be instantly hit with a 24 hour temporary ban. If you have had prior bans, this time period will be doubled from your last ban. If you have had so many bans as to reach a year long one, you may have your account privileges revoked(!)

    As an extension of 8, you can’t edit Moderator’s edits of your own posts either! Another banworthy offence.

    So as RPF Moderators we find it prudent to point out what is unbecoming behaviour of people on the forums. It’s not breaching the letter of the rules (save for the example(s) above), but it is breaching the spirit of us all having fun and playing together in a positive environment.

    Now, no Moderator wants to be drawn into a lengthy debate about who-did-what and who-said-this. We’re not going to pick sides in personal disputes. But we will impose restrictions on your interactions.

    If you’re spamming the forums with new games that you don’t give a week to become anything, you will be restricted from making games unless a Moderator agrees. If you constantly act in a way which causes distress for fellow players, fundamentally sabotaging games by IC behaviour, then you will be asked to step away from the game. If your behaviour is consistent across several games, you may be asked to desist from joining new games (for a set time period).

    We’re talking really extreme, really disruptive behaviour. The forums do not belong to any one poster, and no GM or player owes you anything save to abide by the rules of the game as set down in the Opening Post, and the rules of the forum. You do not control the behaviour of your GMs or your players.

    Keep in mind that we have three Moderators now, and if your behaviour is sufficient to mean that we agree to impose this on you, then you do need to examine your attitude towards this space, because this truly is an Intervention, and we aren’t going to do this without due cause and due process.

    So communicate with your GMs, with your players, and do step back if you need to by all means, but you have a responsibility in this shared space to maintain the positive atmosphere that likely drew you here to start, just as us Moderators have a responsibility to guide the community through its rough patches.

    Because we will have them, inevitably, but as we saw during things like COVID-19, we can also come together during those time periods and create some truly awesome games; but only if we work together.

    So, if you are given a Time-Out Card (patent pending, catchier title also potentially in the works), please do respect it! We want to give you a chance to work things out, and help you. It’s a cooling off mechanism, fundamentally, and the only other cooling off mechanism we have is bans(!) and we don’t use those for this kind of stuff.

    We’re all adults (or aspiring adults) so let’s repoint and move into whatever madness our incredible GMs and players have in store for us free of these concerns.
Thread Status:
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