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MOD The RPF FAQ v1.0

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by DarthXan318, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    The RPF FAQ v1.618
    Last Updated: March 2013

    Welcome to the all-new comprehensive Role Playing FAQ!

    Whether Star Wars or Non Star Wars, the Role Playing Forums are a place for everyone to play games, be creative, write stories, and most importantly have fun together. Before you start, please take the time to read through this FAQ and the items under the "Rules of the JC" tab, located at the top of the forum.

    We hope you have a great time!

    [B]Table of Contents[/B]
    [B][COLOR=#ff0000]Please pardon our dust as we repair the stickied threads following our server migration.[/COLOR][/B]

    The current FAQ is a reconstruction based on a copy saved to the temporary boards prior to the move. The table of contents is still lost - PC users may wish to "Ctrl+F" search for specific terms, on Macs, the command is "Commad+F.">
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  2. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    I. How to contact the mods

    The RPF moderators are Penguinator and Ramza. To contact us, send a private message. We'll read your message and get back to you as soon as possible.

    If we're not online and you need help right away, contact any online Jedi Council moderator or FanForce RSA to help you, or submit a report.
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  3. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    II. Frequently Asked Questions

    0) How do I get 20 posts so I can send PMs?
    Go to this thread: [link=]Getting 20 Posts[/link]. Be advised that you are only allowed to post until your account reaches 20 posts - anything further will be treated as spamming and moderated accordingly by Skiara, the Welcome New Users manager.

    1) I am a total newbie. Where can I start? 
    Welcome! The best place to start is our RPF Adoptions Program in Welcome New Users. Don't be fooled by its location; experienced JCers are welcome to join too, so long as you're new to roleplaying. There you'll be given a mentor who will be able to answer any and all questions you might have regarding the RPFs. 

    For a comprehensive and highly readable look into roleplaying, see [link=]Our games and how to play them[/link]. For a more in-depth look into running games, see [link=]How to make and run a RPG[/link] - it is strongly advised, however, that you begin by joining game(s) rather than creating your own. Also see the [link=]Wookieepedia[/link] for a very comprehensive resource about all things Star Wars.

    2) But I am an experienced roleplayer on another board/game/system. Can't I just create my own game? I promise it will be awesome. 

    It's best if you join a game first. Experienced players tend to be a bit wary of joining games made by newcomers. This is not inherent prejudice against them - most are more than happy to welcome new players into their games - it's just that joining a new game represents a large time investment for any potential player, and we'd all rather not risk it on an unknown, unproven proposition. There are some happy exceptions: there have been several relative newcomers with instant hit games, but they are rare. 

    You say you're experienced, but anyone can say that - show us! If you're good, you will be running your own game in no time. The RPF is, at its heart, a meritocracy where good players go very far.

    3) How do I find a game to join?
    There's an index: [link=]Games Open To New Players[/link]

    You can also simply lurk in any thread you like and PM the GM(s) in question. Alternatively, if you're looking for a specific kind of game, post in the [link=]RPF Introduction Service[/link] and someone should be able to help you out. 

    4) Can I post this word/scene/event/etc?
    The JC generally adheres to a 'family friendly' policy when it comes to content. See the "V. Allowable Content" section below for a list of Disallowed Words and prohibited content. If still in doubt, PM a RPF moderator. 

    5) Can I make this game? [Insert game opening post here]
    As you'll see in the Official Rules for Role Playing section below, if your game has ...
    i) a story
    ii) rules
    iii) a character sheet template
    ... you can make it. However, that does not necessarily mean it will be successful - if you are unsure, it is advised that you go to the [link=]Game Designer's Group[/link] for help and tips on making a successful game. 

    d20 or d6 campaigns are welcome here, published or original, although if you're intending that your thread will just be a sort of record for the dice rolls and results, we'd prefer you run it in the  [link=]Games: RPG[/link]" forum, which is geared towards that function. We love literary content around here. See [link=]A Tide of Flames[/link] for an excellent example of how to run a Dungeons and Dragons d20 module in the RPF (and an excellent example of a game in general).

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  4. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    III. Official Rules for Role Playing

    These are the modified rules originally submitted by DarthAttorney at the dawn of the RPF, updated by Protege-of-Thrawn, revised by NaboosPrincess and LightSide_Apprentice for the new forum, re-updated by Imperial_Hammer and Saintheart, and then updated again by DarthXan318 and Penguinator-176 to form a cohesive set of rules for all three Role Playing forums. Credit for creating the foundations from which we continue to build and expand is granted to our predecessors.

    1) Terms of Service

    All normal rules of the JC apply: no flaming, no trolling, no spamming, no spoilers, no innapropriate sexual content etc. See the Rules of the JC and Terms of Service for board-wide dos and don'ts. Any occurances of such behaviour (in or out of character) will be dealt with by a mod.

    For reference, the current policy on sexual content generally prohibits sexual scenes of an explicit nature. See the "Allowable Content" section below for more details and 'high water' marks for what can and cannot be posted.

    2) Minimum Standards for a RPG

    Every RPG must include, at minimum:
    i) A story.
    ii) Rules.
    iii) A character sheet template

    It is advised that, as much as possible, the RPG should be as realistic as the scenario allows. This includes rewards for jobs, equipment, costs, modes of travel, lifestyles, environments, interaction between users during a game, etc. Game creators are also advised to try and make any relevant material for users who wish to play, freely and legally available, as it should not be a pre-requisite to have such knowledge to play any given game.

    Note that it is generally expected that Game Masters will enforce game-specific rules themselves, but the RPF moderators will be at hand to help GMs upon request.

    3) Game Masters (GMs)

    All thread authors are considered to be the initial Games Masters (GMs) of their scenarios. They usually set the scene, guide players during its course and make decisions as to the outcome of the game. Game Masters are also generally expected to enforce their game-specific rules themselves, but the RPF moderators will be at hand to help GMs upon request.

    These authors may relinquish their right to the thread and game therein if they appoint another person to act as the GM of their RPG/thread, or if the initial GM is away for an extended period at which time a new GM is appointed by group consensus and sanctioned by the Forum Moderator(s). If this happens, the original GM does not have the right to retake GMship upon their return unless otherwise agreed upon by all involved.

    Sub-GMs and/or co-GMs may be appointed at the GM's discretion.

    4) Number Of Games

    Each User is confined to be the author of two threads only. This is a concrete rule and is not negotiable. This rule is made to try and discourage flooding of the forums, and to allow for the whole community to be involved in RPG creation and play. Hopefully people will realise the responsibility inherit in starting a game and we will see fewer games started and dumped by its GM. The punishment for starting a 3rd game will start with a warning, followed by a 24hr ban and doubling for every infraction after that. If you wish to end your current thread and open a new one, PM the RPF moderators to lock your current thread.

    The only time when a user may be permitted to have more than 2 threads is when they can demonstrate conclusively that they have relinquished GMship and are no longer involved with one or more of their games (as many as necessary to bring their game count down to 2).

    5) Authorisation

    Role Playing Forum: All Role Playing in keeping with the Star Wars Universe (EU inc.) is freely allowed in the Star Wars Role Playing Forum, and may be created and posted in a thread at the discretion of the author. No authorisation is required. Crossovers are allowed so long as one of the universes involved is Star Wars.

    Non Star Wars Role Playing: All Role Playing in keeping with Non-Star Wars Universes are freely allowed within the Non-Star Wars Role Playing Forum, and games may be created and posted within this forum at the discretion of the author. No authorisation is required. Any Star Wars cross-overs in that forum, however, will require Moderator approval and an explanation on why it should be posted in NSWRPF and not SWRPF - it is thus advised that Star Wars crossovers be posted in the Star Wars Role Playing Forum.

    Role Playing Resource: All other game-related but not game-playing threads go in the Role Playing Resource forum. The RPR is the place to go to chitchat with your fellow RPFers, discuss GMing and RPing, learn new techniques, and so on so forth.

    Note that games are not allowed to have a dedicated OOC discussion thread in the RPR, but may have one Library Thread to store maps, backstories, character rosters, character sheets, soundtracks, plot summaries, planetary descriptions, faction descriptions, etc. These are intended to be a handy database for the GM and interested players (as well as making it easier for new players to catch up), not discussion threads: as such, commentary/discussion/speculation/etc. are not allowed and such posts will be deleted without warning. These threads must also have a substantial amount of content - 'placeholder' or 'coming soon' posts don't count.

    Games with at least one formal GM update are also permitted to have one OOC Discussion Thread in the RPR for the purposes of discussing issues and events related to the game, and nothing else. OOC Discussion Threads may only be created by the Game Master, who reserves the right to close the thread at any time. OOC Discussion Threads are technically a privilege granted by the moderating staff, not a right, and consequently may be revoked if abused, especially if the thread in question is consistently off the topic of the game itself - these threads are not social threads, and we encourage you to make use of the currently available iteration of Hooper McFinney's Bar and Grille in the RPF proper for such discussions.

    6) Moderators as Players

    Moderators are cautioned that if they wish to participate in an RPG, they do so as a normal user and are not to overstep their jurisdiction, nor use their powers and/or privilege to cheat, modify the RPG, or unfairly disclose the identity of anonymous users under an alias, sock etc.

    7) Socks and Aliases

    Players are restricted to using one user-name/account per game, unless given explicit permission from the GM. The second account must be publicly disclosed as a user's sock, though no specific names need be named. This is to serve the purpose of accurately reflecting the proper amount of people writing for a specific game. If you suspect a particular player is (or is using) an undisclosed sock, PM the RPF moderators and we'll check. We cannot disclose a sock's true identity, but if possible we will confirm whether or not they are a sock.

    Do not use a sock to create a third game where you are the creator of another game that is presently active. Failure to recognise this requirement will likely involve a warning, and may be followed with disciplinary action.

    Also note that roleplaying or conversing exclusively with your own sock will be considered spamming and moderated accordingly.

    8) Canon Characters

    Players are not limited by canon, only their imagination. In the interests of fairness, pre-existing characters may be used, but players are encouraged to use one character class or type per scenario. (eg: A gamer who uses Hercules might refrain from using Xena, and a person using King Arthur might not use someone like Aragorn, just as a player that uses Merlin might want to hesitate before adopting Belgarath or Gandalf.) This rule is meant to ensure all users are given a chance to Role Play as their favourite "core characters" and no select group manages to create a monopoly on gameplay here, thus stifling growth and overall creativity and enjoyment.

    9) Canon

    It is worth noting that any pre-established or published material, whether film, literary or otherwise, is not treated as canon* unless explicitly stated as such in the opening thread of an RPG, or in a subsequent post by the author/creator/Game Master (GM). Canon vs. Non-canon debates will not be tolerated. It is the GM's preference as to where their particular game falls, and the players' decision as to whether or not they are willing to accept the GM's preference, as shown by their desire to join or avoid any given RPG.

    Similarly, fanon arguments will not be tolerated.

    *Canon material or concepts refer to the position or belief or support in what is widely accepted, what is known to be authentic or otherwise established, as a set standard. For example, Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star in the film Star Wars: A New Hope is canon because it is established as an event of that film. A non-canon example would be Luke Skywalker being destroyed by the same Death Star. We generally accept the former as canon because that is what has been established, whereas the latter example is more accurately referred to as an alternative reality or universe.

    10) Multi-thread Games and Projects

    Each RPG is allowed one thread for the purpose of gameplay. Additional threads (whether for gameplay or discussion) are awarded only by Moderator authorisation, on the basis of need in the cases of High Traffic RPGs. If you believe your RP has achieved such a criteria, PM the RPF moderators and we'll discuss it.

    Library Threads and OOC Threads are the sole exception to this rule: every game is allowed one (1) Library Thread, if they have the content to justify it, and one (1) OOC Discussion Thread. See Rule 5 above for details.

    11) Defence Forces and Fan Clubs

    Defence Forces Fan Clubs which involve Role Playing in their activities are welcome, but are warned that simple banter and organisation alone is not enough to sustain a thread. All threads MUST incorporate a large degree of Role Play. Needless to say, such groups will be carefully monitored.

    12) Out of Game Comments

    Everyone has a right to launch their games uninterrupted by comments from players not within their games. All players in the RPF are advised to state within their games whether Out-Of-Game (OOG) comments are or are not allowed. For players not specifying a preference, it will be assumed that their silence is consent unless or until informed otherwise. Punishment for violating a restriction on OOGs will be an immediate ban, to be doubled with each offense.

    Please Note: The above Rules are Forum specific, and will all be moderated in the Role Playing Forums as would the normal rules would be elsewhere. Infringements will be treated as any other infringement, and may lead to bannings if not adhered to.

    Also, the above rules are all subject to modification or expansion without notice, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates.
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  5. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IV. Role Playing Lingo & Common Abbreviations

    RPF - the Star Wars Role Playing Forum. All games involving Star Wars go here.

    NSWRPF - the Non Star Wars Role Playing Forum. All games that don't involve Star Wars go here.

    RPR - Role Playing Resource. This is the place where we talk about games, techniques for playing, theories, game design, game mastering ... the list goes on. Basically if it's to do with roleplaying but is not itself a game, it goes in here.

    ABY - After the Battle of Yavin in ANH. The standard zero-year; all dates in the SW universe are usually given in years relative to the Battle of Yavin. Also refers to the ABYverse, a group of games set in roughly 130ABY.

    BBY - Before the Battle of Yavin in ANH. The standard zero-year; all dates in the SW universe are usually given in years relative to the Battle of Yavin.

    RPG - Role Playing Game. Each RPG has its own thread in either the RPF or NSWRPF. Large games may have multiple threads and/or a discussion thread in the RPR too.

    GM - Game Master. Refers to the individual(s) in charge of a game, usually but not restricted to the thread creator.

    RPer - common abbreviation for Roleplayer. A player in a game.

    CS - Character Sheet. The character sheet is a form that you fill out before playing in the game; it lists some basic things about your character like his name, age, species, gender, and things like that. Most GMs will require you to submit your character sheet to them before you start playing.

    IC - In Character. It shows where you’re writing the actual story of the character.

    OOC - Out Of Character. You use it when you (as opposed to your character) want to say something in the thread. Typically you do it before or after your IC post. (This is, naturally, unnecessary in social threads)

    Tag, sometimes written as TAG - isn’t an abbreviation. It means “Tag, you’re it” – it means you’re asking someone else playing the game to respond to something your character has done. (And needless to say, if somebody tags you, you respond to them!) You usually TAG another person by their username or at least something to identify the person by. Avoid writing "Tag: All" unless you really mean to tag every single player in the game.

    Update - A GM post in a game that moves the story along and/or generally gives players something more to interact with. Sometimes also refers to a player's IC post in a game.
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  6. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    V. Allowable Content

    As stated before, the RPF and the JC as a whole holds a family-friendly rating that does not necessarily mean PG in the traditional MPAA sense. Because of these standards, we’ve instituted several guidelines for story content. Included here are "high water" marks donated graciously by several authors. We will ask you to edit descriptions that are any more explicit.

    1) Profanity
    Authors can use “fictional” curses created within the fandom, such as "kriff" (Star Wars), “frak” (Battlestar Galactica) and “frell” (Farscape). The mods will edit anything on the disallowed list and will send a PM reminder. Repeat offences will result in disciplinary action.

    These lists apply to all JC forums and are subject to change.


    Douche (when not being used as an insult)
    Ass / Arse and derivatives (when not being used as an insult at a person)
    Bitch (true dictionary definition and verb usage)
    Bastard (dictionary definition and some verb usage)
    Penis / Vagina / any proper term for genitalia (only in a sheer biological sense and discussion)

    Not Allowed:

    Prick (except when used as a proper noun or a verb)
    ****er / **** / ****ing
    **** / ****ing / ****ed
    Retarded (when directed at someone or something - demeaning)
    Nigger / Chink / Gook / Coon / Cracker (any racial slur)
    Gay / Ghey / Homo / Dyke (used in derogatory fashion)
    Fag / Faggot (when used in a derogatory fashion)
    **** / *****
    Cock/Dick (when used as slang for genitalia)
    Tits / Titties
    Pussy (when referring to anything other than in the feline sense)
    Bitch (referencing a person) (also Bee-yotch, or Bi-otch, or Bitchslap)
    Son of a Bitch
    Bastard (when used as an insult to any person)
    Whore (when used as an insult to any person)
    Slut / Ho
    ******* / ********
    Balls (when used as a flame towards someone else. e.g. saying you'll kick person X in the balls.)"

    NB: In all contexts, whore, bitch, and bastard are allowed as in-character insults between fictional characters. Aside from dictionary definitions, other uses will be edited. However, we encourage you to use in-fandom curses or create your own.

    2) Sexual Material
    For reference, the current policy on sexual content generally prohibits sexual scenes of an explicit nature, or non-consensual sexual descriptions.

    This policy has been handed down from the site owners and is not negotiable.

    Sexual Scenes:

    a) Sexual depictions must not be explicit. Very little should be mentioned specifically, and scenes should be consensual. An example of a scene that fits our regulations (not necessarily a 'high-water' mark) follows:

    “Lumiya's outpouring of love and happiness into the Force changed suddenly to fear, and Luke halted his stride. R4's dome swiveled uncertainly. Luke turned to see Shira, her own look distant and concerned. His bravado faltered. What could be terrifying her so? She began to walk towards him again, still distant of aspect, until she leaned against him, grabbed him, pulled him closer. He faltered, but slung an arm about her back and pulled her tightly into him, radiating comfort and confidence into the Force. He felt her chest heave. He felt the hard places where he'd marred her body in the X-Wing crash. He smelled her auburn hair, and it was intoxicating. And when he closed his eyes she took his face in her hands and kissed him, and he felt as if he was drowning, as if his heart would beat so fast it would stop. When he opened his eyes again, he saw only her.

    "We will not have this moment for long, my Prince. Chaos is approaching - and I fear that all we have here will turn to dust before long... we have a chance - but it might be in working beside Vader, if only to co-opt what he has for Peace..." Her lip quavered. "We will be separated..."

    "No," Luke's voice carried all the weight of a mind-trick, so forceful was his will, "we will not be separated." He looked askance taking her chin between his fingers. "My Father is not a bad man, his folly and weaknesses aside. We don't have to worry about working beside him, now." He nodded, as if finally convinced of something, and looked back into Shira's eyes. "We will not be separated. And if this moment is about to be destroyed, let's make the most of it."

    He took her gloved hand into his own and they ran deeper into the ruins, where he stopped and pulled her close again, drinking deeply of the wine in her lips. R4 had engaged his thrusters to keep up, and Luke's next commands were to him. "Power down, R4."

    The droid tweedled inquisitively, insisting that he'd just been powered down.

    "Power. Down."

    The droid gave an indignant snort and switched off.

    And amidst the ancient splendor, the two Sith exposed each others' flesh to the air. Luke cherished the organic parts that Shira had left, and kissed the seams where her skin gave way to the artificial. Naked and deformed in the dewy dawn, she was beautiful.

    --- in Star Wars: As Father And Son, written by BobaMatt"

    b) Sexual references, as opposed to sexual depictions, addressed in ratings, are simply comments made in passing.

    i) Mentioning prostitution is generally acceptable, although it should not be glorified; and again, sexual encounters cannot be explicit.

    ii) Mentioning incest is questionable and would depend on context. Depictions of characters engaging in incestual practices or incest as an ongoing theme in a story is not allowed.

    NB: Incest is defined as sexual relations between blood relative. For example, Boone/Shannon from Lost is allowed, provided both are legal adults."
    c) Stories depicting sex with minors are not allowed. For these forums, a minor is anyone below 18 years of age. Romantic pairings are fine, as is a minor holding a crush on an adult, but these may not cross into sexual relationships. Minors (16 and 17 year olds) can be referenced as being involved in consensual sexual relationships, but in no case are they to be involved with anyone over the age of 21. References to anyone under the age of 16 being involved in sexual relationships are not allowed.

    NB: The above refers to human characters. For nonhuman characters, acceptable ages will be determined using common sense based on their species' rate of maturity.

    d) Rape can be discussed but should not be graphically depicted, or, if it can be helped, depicted at all. The emotional and practical fallout is fair game. Rape is also not to take place without the permission of all parties involved (the players and the GM).

    e) Sadomasochism, even if it is consensual, is not acceptable.

    Homosexual Scenes, Slash & Same-Sex Pairings
    As we define them in JC, “slash” is a same-sex pairing of two characters who are usually portrayed in the fandom’s canon as heterosexual, such as Kirk/Spock from “Star Trek.” “Same-sex pairing” is a canon relationship between two characters of the same sex, such as Tara/Willow from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

    Many fandoms include the latter, and many sites allow both. The JC, however, does not permit such either. We understand that this limits what you can put in your stories, but this rule comes from the owners and is not up for debate at this time.

    With original characters, allusions and innuendo are permissible so long as they remain ambiguous.

    As of 5/26/2015 the JCF no longer makes a special exception for non-opposite sex relationships. This section is now included in the rules solely for posterity and to indicate an explicit overriding of the previous policy.

    Interspecies Romantic Relationships
    If you have questions regarding suitability of a pairing, please PM a mod before posting. Note that the rules on sexual relations still apply to all interspecies romantic relationships.

    a) For a definition of pairing:

    Pairing = Sex, fooling around, romance/marriage
    Non-pairing = Dancing, holding hands, a light kiss, feelings that are not acted upon, unrequited love, passing reference to familial relationships (example: “I'm part Klingon, part human.”)"

    b) All pairings that appear in each fandom are allowable. Similar pairings with original characters are also allowed. Example: Aragorn/Arwen appears in LOTR; therefore, all human/elf pairings are allowed.

    c) Species involved in the pairings should be sentient species, meaning the species have language and culture.

    d) Non-Human/Non-Human pairings - allowed. Example: Farscape’s D’Argo (a Luxan) and Chiana (a Nebari).

    e) Human/Non-Human pairings - the human may only be paired with another humanoid. Humanoids are defined as characters who could be played by an actor in a suit, or CGI creations that would be played by an actor in a suit in the pre-CGI era.

    f) Permission from all parties involved (the players and the GM) is necessary before an interspecies pairing can be roleplayed.

    3) Violence
    This example demonstrates an absolute maximum for the depiction of violence. Authors with pieces approaching this level of explicit depiction should PM the moderators before posting so it can be approved as staying within the limits.

    “With a sudden burst of speed, she was there. The rebel rushed forward, screaming rage and obscenities, her vibropike slashing high then low as the blood lust pushed her toward the Jedi. Etched in stark lines of hatred, her face was painted a crimson mask of gore and death.

    As she shoved the pike toward the Padawan, he leapt aside, hoping to escape her fury. She twisted into his path, reaching forward to spear him and rid the universe of the Jedi abomination. But it was too late.

    With one quick thrust, the woman was impaled, the lightsaber blade plunging into her chest. A red mist blossomed out, blood heat turning cool in the air, and covered them both in a fine spray. In the green glow of the saber, the crimson haze darkened, devastation apparent in black gore.

    For a brief instant there was silence between them. And suddenly, the insane grunts of her uncontrolled Rancor rage spiraled into high-pitched wails, screams of searing agony.

    Qui-Gon just stood there, frozen in the moment.

    He did not hear the shrill echoes of destruction going on all around him. The raucous curses and whispered pleas for mercy, the exploding pulses of detonating bombs, the faint song of far-away birds were without meaning. All he could see, all he could hear, all he could feel was her hoarse howl of bloodied pain.

    She moved then, pulling fiercely at the light spearing her chest, as though she could pluck the torment from her body. But she did not understand that it was already too late. Instead, her hand sliced apart, the fingers falling away and downward, making soft plopping sounds as they hit the blood-soaked ground one by one. Her voice gone in the scorching agony, the mewing whimpers grew fainter as she stared at the Padawan. And then she slumped sidewards, collapsing into the saber.

    Qui-Gon tried to shut off his blade but not soon enough. Her body fell apart as the light sizzled through flesh and bone. Her life's blood spurted out in a scarlet cloud, coating everything. As the woman collapsed into pieces, one shortened arm seemed to reach for her errant fingers.

    And then she was dead.

    --from "In the Moment" by dianethx"

    4) Torture

    1) Torture should be alluded to, rather then actually shown. Its use in a story should also be limited. As a general rule, torture scenes akin to those shown in the OT (Leia in ANH, Han in ESB) are allowed, that is, the bulk of the damage happens offscreen.

    2) All 'on-screen' instances of torture must be first approved by the GM. GMs are also advised not to abuse this power - excessive amounts of torture in a game, no matter how 'justified', will be frowned upon by the moderators.
    -- a) If it is a solo scene of a player character torturing himself or torturing an NPC, that it serve the purpose of character development and be necessary for that character development, not just a device used to shock the audience (like some torture-porn movie ala Hostel).
    -- b) If it is a torture scene between two or more player characters, that the scene be consented to by all parties involved, and the final post be approved by all parties involved. As in (a), the scene must also be necessary for character development and not just be a device to shock the audience.

    3) Any torture sequence that goes on for more than two screens of text is going to get an automatic request to edit. Within that limit, extremely graphic depictions (which go beyond the excerpt below) may also be asked for an edit.

    This is an example of the absolute maximum in violent torture scenes:

    “The Melitta Home Products AquaVario Independent Hotplate was such a perfect little thing.

    Thomas had bought his to make tea in his room without having to leave for the kitchen. He did not remember to have used it, but it looked nice and stylish on his desk. As he actually did not work on his desk, filling it with fancy stuff to impress people was a very good use for it.

    That was his thought as the shot rang out from Laura´s gun. If this was Laura, at all. Laura enough, he decided. And as the decision made it´s way into his consciousness to full extent, he realized that his consciousness still existed. His head was not yet shattered by a piece of lead of 9mm extent. It was perfectly in place. Also Laura had not missed him. Impossible at this range. Their had simply been not shot. Only a loud bang.

    "You little . . ." He never ended his sentence, because his hand had grabbed the iron hole-puncher from his desk and smashed it into Laura´s pretty face. Not so pretty after it, as blood sprayed over it from hte headwound that send her back. He was shocked how good it felt. How exciting, how inspiring that was. Stimulative. Like a drug. A perfect, perfect drug. Thomas gasped in ecstasy. He felt dizzy and unending fascinated.
    A second blow send her to the ground. "God! You have no idea. No idea." He said and breathed heavy. As she tried to get up, he kicked into her rips with such power, they broke like straws. A moment of silence. An endless moment of silence filled the room. The world probably. And she breathed out in pain. Gasping for air. He complimented that sound with a short burst of laughter and took the remote control from his bed. Pushing two buttons his Bang&Olufsen hissed alive and the familiar sound of a loading CD filled the room. Laura screamed out in pain, but Thomas ignored her for now. Instead he searched for Track Three and pushed the song even louder. It seemed so fitting. Dancing a few steps, he allowed himself to bath in the joy of expectation. Like all drugs, Laura needed to be taken in small doses. Or he would give in to addiction. And of this drugs, there was a limited supply.

    Thomas could not resist to begin to sing. Half laughing, the words just came out of him. While his feet circled the girl he loved with easy, dancing steps.

    I can't decide
    Whether you should live or die
    Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
    Please don't hang your head and cry
    No wonder why
    My heart feels dead inside
    It's cold and hard and petrified
    Lock the doors and close the blinds
    We're going for a ride"

    Stepping over her, he spoiled of her desperate attempt to crawl away. His free hand closed the door and his foot set down on her neck, forcing her face against the wooden floor. "When we did it . . . , I felt ashamed. I had such a hard time . . . all these thoughts, you know? These seductive whispers. I hoped you would do anything . . . give me any reason to . . ." He felt himself drooling and wiped his mouth clean with the palm of his hand. Then he knelt down and took the pistol from the ground. Laura was gasping for air. Her broken rips had probably pierced her lungs and blood was filling them, now. Thomas patiently watched her suffer. Memorizing any moment of it. A grin spreading on his face.

    "So sweet. Sweet, sweet Laura." He sighed and looked down on her. Allowing the magazine of her gun to slip out of it. It dropped next to her face. Tears came from her eyes now. Leaving trails in the blood covering her cheeks.
    "You know I never actually used this?" Thoams asked curiosly down towards her and stepped on her leg so she could not flee. It was not the gun he meant. No. He activated the Melitta Home Products AquaVario Independent Hotplate by flipping the lever for boiling upwards. For the first and only time in his life he heard the gargling sound of the heating water. But as it began boiling, Thomas grin grew so wide the corners of his mouth were almost cracking.

    He had finally found the word for the feeling he had. That robbed him of any ability to think clearly. That consumed him completely.

    Intoxicating. That was what it was.

    "You know what? You made my . . . "

    He took the flask with boiled water from the plate.

    " . . . dream come true."

    Something that felt so good, could not be wrong, could it?

    --- in The Sins of the Saints, written by LordTroepfchen"

    For that scene, permission was first obtained from both the Sins of the Saints' Game Master and the player playing Laura, and draft was sent to the GM before it was posted. This scene is also a crucial moment in Thomas' character development - it is not just gratuitous violence and torture on the player's part.

    The mods will ask authors who exceed the limits on any of these issues to edit their work until it complies with the board standard. As these are real issues, and serious ones at that, we ask that you always treat them with tact, caution and respect.

    4) Purely mental/psychological torture is permitted, but if it makes the player being tortured uncomfortable, it must stop. Illusory torture (the character is trapped in a nightmare where they imagine they are being physically tortured, etc) counts as torture under rule (2).

    Anything not covered under the above rules must first be PMed to the mods for approval.

    4) Drug use
    Illegal drug use should not be shown in great detail and certainly should not be glorified under any circumstances. It should not be used for humorous purposes. Alcohol does not generally count as an illegal drug.

    5) Religious issues/blasphemy
    Stories should not make fun of or otherwise insult real life religions. Faiths may be addressed, however, and religious icons may be used in humorous ways as long as it's kept in mind that the faith itself is never attacked. In other words, one might use a Book of Genesis style to spoof a character or an event in Lord of the Rings, but not vice versa. Of particular note: judgment will not be based on which religion was the spoof basis--a slur on Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other religion is to be seen the same way as a slur on Christianity.
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    VI. Borrowing Material

    Plagiarism is deliberately copying an author's work and claiming it as your own. On TFN, plagiarism is an extremely serious infraction and will result in a 3-month ban.

    If you suspect your work has been plagiarised, see a suspicious character or passage in a game, or you've been accused of it, follow this procedure:

    “1) PM the mods with links to the original story/game and the alleged plagiarism. Be aware that similar plots or characters are not necessarily enough to warrant a call of plagiarism. Users often get the same ideas for plots.

    2) We will review all stories/games in question, considering such things as plot, characters, similar details. We will also ask all involved parties to provide any notes and outlines for their stories, any planned plots for games, and so on so forth as necessary to determine innocence/guilt.

    3) If a section in a game has been deemed an act of plagiarism, the content in question will be removed and the user(s) in question banned for three months. If much of the game is plagiarised material, the game itself may be locked as well. If it's not plagiarism, the material may remain present, but we will not tolerate any negative remarks toward the user(s) regarding the incident."

    If you borrow material from a profic author or any real-life material in general (such as song lyrics or poetry), the original creator must be credited.

    Before borrowing from a fellow JCer, you must ask that person's permission first, even if the material is posted at another site. (This includes re-writing, re-posting, or embellishing someone else's fanfic or game.) Failure to do so could result in a ban. If you are unable to contact the original author for permission, PM one of the Mods and we will discuss it on a case by case basis.

    Game Sequels/Prequels/Remakes
    Avoid making direct sequels/prequels/remakes of a game you were not involved in without the consent of the current/last GM of the game, or - if they cannot be reached - the approval of the RPF moderating team and remaining veterans of the game (if any). This includes entries into game 'franchises' such as War of the Galaxies, Balance of Power, System Lords, Star Wars 007 Style, etc. The ABYverse is currently the sole exception to this, as its creator has explicitly given permission for any and all to create games in that realm of continuity.

    Borrowing Characters
    All original characters are considered the intellectual property of their creators and should not be used without their express permission.

    The sole exception to this rule is that if a player disappears without warning for a lengthy period of time, the GM(s) of the game may, at their sole discretion, appropriate their character(s) and use them as necessary to further the game's plot. This includes but is not limited to running the character as a NPC, killing the character, assigning another player to control the character, etc. It is recommended that reasonable efforts be made to contact the original player in question first, but that is not a requirement.
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    VII. Last Words

    The purpose and spirit of everything laid out in this FAQ is to make the RPF experience more fun for everyone. It is not our intention to stifle creativity or deliberately make life difficult for RPFers.

    If there is any drama, please feel free to PM us. Keep a watch in this thread for updates, as changes will be edited in where applicable.


    Protege-of-Thrawn (Ret.)
    LightSide_Apprentice (Ret.)
    NaboosPrincess (Ret.)
    Saintheart (Ret.)
    Imperial_Hammer (Ret.)
    DarthXan318 (Ret.)



    Sections of this RPF FAQ cribbed from the Fanfic FAQ and the NSWFF FAQ. If it looks like it's theirs, it is.
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    Appendix A: OOC Threads Rule Adjustments

    After a good deal of assessment of the situation and much discussion between myself and Penguinator, we have been forced to conclude that certain rule changes regarding OOC Threads need to be implemented. They have, as of late, become less about their intended purpose - which is to provide a place for plot speculation, plot coordination, and reactions to particularly intriguing plot points - and more about advertisement and providing subtle social threads in isolation. Both Penguinator and myself acknowledge that we have been guilty of this as well, which honestly is all the more reason to deploy these rules.

    1. Unless explicit approval has been granted by one or more RPF moderators, an OOC thread for a game may only be created after the first GM update containing tags. In particular, without explicit permission, an OOC thread may not be created simultaneously with the game's launch, prior to the game's launch, or during initial CS submission. To prevent abuse of this policy, RPF moderators are never permitted to violate the first update rule, and must always restrict their coordination efforts to PM or Jocasta Nu's. This rule is NOT retroactive - OOC threads open at the time of this posting are free to remain open.
    2. All posts should contain content pertaining to the game in question. Discussion of other games, or discussion of unrelated content, is prohibited. Certain leeway will be afforded to accomodate the necessary fluidity inherent in all discussion. Prolonged off-topic discussion will almost certainly result in moderator intervention and, in extreme repeat circumstances, temporary or permanent loss of OOC thread privileges. In particular, the following content is always permissible:
      • Discussion of recent updates and/or plot developments.
      • Speculation as to the direction of the game.
      • Prospective post-launch player Q&A, including whether or not the game is still accepting players.
      • Complementing the perceived quality of a recent post, action, and/or update.
      • Strategizing on future courses of action.
      • Notification of anticipated absences of any duration.
    The second rule has always been in effect, but will be enforced to a much larger degree than it has been recently. If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to contact myself, Ramza, or Penguinator.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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