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Social ~The RPF Hallowed Eve Cruise~ (Open to all)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Corellian_Outrider , Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master, Darth Insipid Greater, Ike, Jacen Solo, Darth Insipid Lesser, Aden Kya, Young Palpatine, Marka Ragnos, Darth Revan, Wyyrlok
    Wandering the quiet parts of the ship

    There wasn't much more to add to affairs, and Scarif was gone, so.

    Whomever survived, survived.

    Keeping his cloak tight, he wandered the ship, disinterested in the affairs of the other. He had a rendezvous to keep.

    In time, he found the room he had been looking for.

    Within the said room, was various incarnations of various entities across various points in time.

    Various, you see.

    Many of them were attired in the vestments that he had created, black cloaks that provided resistance to the Darkness. It made it possible to draw more deeply upon the dark side than without said cloaks, to the point that you wouldn't lose yourself to the Dark quite so easily. Without said cloaks, drawing on the darkness to that extent would cause you to be lost within it.

    The Master joined the circular table, nodding to them each.

    Darth Revan, presently commencing his own investigation into matters, though the Master was not supposed to be aware of that. Holocron of Prophecy, handy, eh? The masked visage made the Force prodigy especially difficulty to read. The Master had yet to fully engage with whatever Revan was up to... but after this meeting he would be following up what he was planning. Whatever it was, it was distracting the man from his inevitable Betrayal, of course.

    Marka Ragnos,
    in the midst of his attempt at Resurrection with the aid of his Disciples of Ragnos, not so much opposed by but subject to the interference of plucky and irritating children including Feyna, Rouser, Qir'a Syren, Ka'rta, Aryan and Linnett. Said group had just ruined the plans of Darth Wyyrlok I, who was present as a spirit thanks to the same group, albeit with Feyna as an Organa, and Qi'ra known as Darth Ananke instead, albeit in a different world-line where everyone would be confronted with the Twilight of the Force itself. Complex, eh?

    Making his Last Stand, Aden Kya, the perennial foe of Adalia Tehanis-Durron (whatever her surname was by the end of her tale), Kyp Durron, Corran and Mirax Horn, Becka, Adam, Adrian, Jesse, and Loriana, though he often had the support of his A Team - his pet Natalia and the pilots Da'mina, Syal and Rhoen... The Master shook his head. Pet was disparaging. There was every possibility that their connection would become truly romantic. Bernael had turned up here, for the first time in their respective timelines. Maybe.

    Darth Insipid, Greater and Lesser, the two separate versions of the man, one at the end of one timeline, another near the start of a newly changed one. To have to consult with three versions of the same entity was maddening, especially as Insipid thought himself the smarter of, well, everyone in the room. Leda, Manticore and an older Bernael were dealing with that little treat, though Helinith, Renn, Bo and Serapis were also entangled by one of his other schemes. The Master dare not take into account what poor Kronos, Soliloquy, Drost and Cocytus were ensnared in, as much their own fault as Insipid's. At some point Insipid would overextend his Dark Reach and he'd be in real trouble.

    Of course, you couldn't have one Insipid without at least one Ike, but the Master managed to keep it to just one. He couldn't handle more than one. Ike was presently annoying his way across the Dark Ages of the New Sith Orders, irritating Jerod, Syren (a different one), Aryan (the same one, maybe kinda), Plo Wanderguard, Bell and Anark. The Master wanted to spend as little time as possible with him.

    Smirking away in the corner was Young Palpatine, the teenage lad that had joined the team relatively later in the day. He was embroiled in the drama surrounding the death of a fellow student on Nouane, ensnaring the Hapan Princess Ni'Korish, Vy'dnall, Tarkin Senior (because Junior was the not-yet-conceived Willhuff), the Yuuzhan Vong Anor, and a presumed descendent of the Atreus clan. A Last Epitaph was being written there.

    The Master wasn't an immense fan of him, but they were actually here to discuss Jacen Solo, who seemed to be completely oblivious to what he was doing wrong. To say that he had tried to make an utter mess of things was a bit of an understatement... and it hardly helped that the Master had prepared for it.

    Krayt hadn't turned up. No surprises. He was busy making his all out final push to snap the spine of the galaxy with the help of a middling Bernael, in opposition to a middling aged Aryan, as a younger Insipid and Helinith wandered Castle Vader. Not much going on there, but it was important enough... considering that Krayt had directly stepped in to fix at least part of Jacen's mess, he was a valid member. As ever with Sith, they were Together; Yet Alone.

    Eyeing the four statues dotted around the edges of the room, larger than life, and almost looming, were the Sages of Dwartii, those between Epitaphs.

    Sistros, Braata, Yanjon and Faya.

    The Master's heart went out to them, and to the class that had followed them. Not succeeded, no, because they were not successors, notwithstanding a degree of overlap and some unfortunate interactions.

    Raising the crystal bell on the table, he rang it to bring down the hub-bub of discussion, mainly between Insipid Greater and Ike, who hadn't seen each other, technically, for 1206 years.

    "Order, order. The first meeting between the Court is called."


    "Come on, come on. I don't like having to do this anymore than you."

    "Did we really need a meeting from ten points in time?" Aden interjected, annoying as ever. He'd looked better when his face had been banged up by Adalia.

    "I'm not complaining," said Ike, sitting on Insipid Greater's lap. The Master glared at Insipid, who shrugged.

    Wyyrlok rolled his eyes. Ragnos grumbled. Revan stared. Jacen's smirk deepened.

    Young Palpatine schooled his features, but the Master could tell he was annoyed.

    "Well, that's to be seen, isn't it?"

    With a gesture, the narration ended, and this little Pocket Moment wouldn't turn up in the Holocron of Prophecy, nor the Holocron of Heresies.


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  2. Cerberus66

    Cerberus66 Jedi Knight

    Oct 27, 2010
    IC: Cerberus

    He had kept out of the way of the living, despite his own stomach growling and his jowels salivating. However at the appearance of this new creature, the hair rose on his back and without meaning to, he let out a long, low growl.

    Cerberus knew the difference between the living and dead intimately, and this creature was neither. The scent was an offence to his nose.

    Leaping from the shadows, his jaws opened, to pounce and tear the creatures head from its body.

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  3. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Max Pallas
    (from Black Sheep Squadron)

    She'd been enjoying her sliders, succulent, dripping with juices (so bad for her waistline and her arteries), while eyeing the strange dog. It was very well behaved, really. She wondered if it was an independent life form, it didn't seem to be a pet. It sniffed along the length of the banquet table, but hadn't actually pounced on the food. Very well behaved.

    She had one slider left. As she picked it up, there was a whiff, a smell... by the Stars, what WAS that? The smell of something decaying, death, sickly-sweet. Max gagged, afraid the lovely nerf sliders would come right back up again. A creature was shambling into the hangar. On first glance it appeared to be Gungan, but its skin was discolored and flaking away. In fact, there were holes in its skin, covered in maggots. She swallowed hard as part of a finger fell on to the floor.

    "Mesa zombie Jar Jar Binks, and meesa muay muay hungry." It slowly shuffled towards a group of people near the bar. "And yousin lookin' mighty tasty!"

    Max heard a deep growl. The massive canid had spotted the...thing, and bared its teeth. In a flash, it flung itself towards the decaying Gungan, with its jaws ready to tear its head off its shoulders.

    "Good dog," breathed Max. As far as she was concerned, all the rest of the sliders were his. She looked around for a weapon, although he didn't seem to need help. It was definitely a him.

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  4. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Trec ke Mattino

    Trec had a decision to make, follow the man or stay behind and watch some giant furry creature eat some other dead or undead creature that looked like lunchmeat gone very bad. It wasn't much of a decision. "Dantes, keep an eye on the ship and get out when you can. I'll be in the freighter, can't be stranger than this."

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  5. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis
    On Board Valkyria

    "Cassell?" she called as she entered the common area of the Valkyria, she'd become a little familiar with the space having been there a few times now. She stopped and stared. Was that Kayn? He had a tail! She scowled, 'do Devorians have tails?' she wondered. "You called me, something about a duel? My lightsaber is not working right now, how can I help you?" She kept looking at Kayn, he had a strange twisted smile on his face. Wait, didn't he always wear that egotistical smile?

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