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Social ~The RPF Sunny Beach Vacation~ (Open to All)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Corellian_Outrider , Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    Many thanks @The Real Kyp Durron

    ~IC~ Captain Cassell Wystari+ Major MacKenzie ‘Fox’ Hollymander
    Location: Corellian YT-2000 Valkyria - Scarif

    Holly's voice over the internal P.A. had caught Cassell's attention. He excused himself and made his way to the cockpit. "Thanks for keeping the things in play." He said as he stepped down to the pilot's chair.

    A quick glance at the flight console, he brought himself up to speed on the airspace about them. Classic atmospheric star fighter dogfighting, Cassell surmised, while the next few islands along had plumes of smoke. The fighting was more intense by the large spire. No doubt the ground forces were not fairing up well by the Imperial walkers and troopers. He angled the Valkyria skyward, the shield gate far above.

    A bright blue flash lit up the sky. Blinding him momentarily.

    "By the stars…" Cassell murmured under his breath as his vision came back. It was hard to tell but it looked as though the two Star Destroyers had collided into each other. The bulk of one shredded through the other and the bow section had broken off and pierced through the shield gate… all that debris spreading out above them as the warships start their descent. With the shield removed, gravity will rain it all down into their path.

    MacKenzie looked up at the bright flash instinctively, holding his hand up to protect his eyes. "They're coming down Skipper. History did say they crash through the Shield gate!" he said urgently.

    "Hang on." Cassell announced over the internal comms. "We're in for a rocky ride."

    Cassell then announced the ride was going to get rough so MacKenzie tightened his crash webbing. "Ready when you are."

    Cassell quickly dialed the inertial dampeners to the max for the main parts of the ship to prevent their passengers from being flung about as they race for space. Redirecting power to key systems. "Might need to sweep a path through this mess."

    MacKenzie scanned his screens, "We might need a gunner or two." he said as he saw what was in their path.

    "I'll make the call." Cassell replied.

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  2. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Corran Horn, Mirax Terrik-Horn, Amber Tehanis.
    On board Valkyria

    "Mirax Terrik-Horn." Mirax introduced herself, there was a knowing smile on her face. "And my husband, Corran Horn. I take it you found your friends." She noted the two others.

    "A pleasure to meet you, Ms Tehanis…" Corran shook Amber's hand. So this was the one he could sense.

    Amber was a little confused at the look on the woman's face, her expression was one of almost amusement. Taking the mans hand she had a sense he knew more about her than he was letting on, maybe not her personally, but her abilities. She bit her lip. "Are you a Jedi?" she asked, suddenly realising she sounded very childish.

    "Well, I might not look like one at the moment…" Corran started.

    "It's the swimmers." Mirax added.

    "…but you are correct." Corran finished and ignored Mirax's expression. "And I presume you're the one who guided me to the right spot."

    Amber shrugged. "Not sure I did anything, but I did ............sense you." She bit her lip. "There are no Jedi left where I come from."

    "Well, sensing is still something." Corran smiled. "You've shown potential with your talent. All you need is time and training…" He paused as he considered something. "When exactly are you from? Are you familiar with the Battle of Yavin?"

    Amber smiled, "I joined the Rebellion just after that! Just fought at Hoth only a few weeks ago, I'm a pilot." she said evenly.

    They heard Cassell's warning over the comms. Also a request for someone to take over the turrets.

    She looked up. "We'll talk later!" she turned to Ianna. You're needed, come on!"

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  3. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Best Roleplayer Summer 2020 star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Ianna Mcear
    Getting out of there

    She held onto Jeen as the ship rattled and shaked. Not that she was scared, no she was never scared. How could she be? She had Jeen next to her and Amber with her. With her friends and more by her side she could do anything. The order came down from Skipper, they needed a gunner, maybe two. They were in luck, they had two of the best pilots in the Rebellion at their disposal. She nodded her head to Amber unbuckling the harness and nearly leaping out of her seat. She stopped only a half step later turning to Jeen. Looking away she poked her foot at the deck her heart pounding in her chest. She could do this, she was a pilot, she flew into danger not away from it. Taking a breath she leaned in and laid a soft chaste kiss on Jeen's cheek before turning away to hide her blush.

    Quickly she dropped into the gunner's chair calibrating her setup. Taking a moment wiggled excitedly pulling her knees close and her arms in a little ball of energy, making a high pitched noise. After bleeding off her excitement she settled in taking the controls and sighting in on a trio of TIEs heading their way.

    "Amber three Eyeballs coming in." She called out still a slight lilt to her voice.

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  4. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jeen Talgana, Amber Tehanis
    On Board Valkyria

    Jeen had been caught off guard. He'd been watching Amber with the new couple, curious as to why she'd introduce herself to strangers for no reason, but it seemed she had a reason. He just didn't know what that was as he couldn't hear. Then she got him, she kissed him. He turned and was was already running toward the gun Turrets, he stared as she climbed up the ladder, noting her form in the dress she was wearing as she disappeared into the turret. Reaching up he smiled as he rested his hand on his cheek, his skin tingled slightly. He was getting closer, soon he hoped he'd be able to kiss her the way he wanted too.


    Amber put her feet either side of the ladder and slid down landing firmly she spun and slipped into the seat, strapping herself in as she went. Seconds later she was calibrated and set. She opened to the cockpit. "Vixen's in and set.". Ianna's voice broke in. They had incoming. "I see them, let's ruin their day." She said, a slight threatening tone to her voice as she swung her guns around to face the incoming.

    The TIE's split, two went high, one low. Amber tracked it till it was in range, moving little or not at all so as to hide her presence there. They didn't know the guns were maned, and they wouldn't till it was too late. She got tone, red, and squeezing her triggers she tracked the TIE and poured laser fire into the crafts wings. The wing blew off, causing it in atmosphere to spin wildly away. She smirked, there was no point in hitting it again, it was doomed already. "How's it going Kid?" she asked Ianna.

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  5. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    Mel Calrissian

    Mel walked out on to the patio, with Ori Shreddies close behind her. Apart from fighter ships in the sky, she couldn't see any particular reason for panic, but there was still pandemonium. She shook her head, then took a few strides and stood directly in the path of one of the passenger carriers that shuttled guests around the resort. It came to a screeching halt half a meter away. Mel flashed a dazzling smile at the dazed yellow creature who was driving as she slipped into the passenger seat behind him.

    "Hey, baby," she said. "Take us to LP7, would you?"

    "Uh....hubbahubba, LP7!"

    The creature drove at top speed, forcing Mel to grip the frame of the carrier for dear life. She wanted to peek at her commpad, to see the status of her ship, but she didn't dare let go. They arrived at the landing pad, where she could see several of the yellow staff members putting her luggage on to the ship. "That can go in cargo," she said, "and that one... no, that one's my make up kit, put it in the cabin please."

    In the cockpit, she was pleased to see that systems were all on line. She brought up the final launch protocols, and turned to the staffers. "Thanks, fellas, that's it," she said. To her surprise, they were back in the passenger area, strapped in and ready to go.

    "Wesa gogo!" said one (she thought it might be Kevin). They all beamed at her. They didn't seem ready to leave anytime. She looked helplessly at Ori Shreddies, then shrugged.

    "Okay," she said. The Lady Tendra lifted into the air, graceful and gleaming, and headed into the sunset. As soon as they were clear of the planetary atmosphere, Mel could calculate a hyperspace jump. Maybe a shot towards Maz Kanata's place would be a good start.

    TAG: @Sith-I-5
  6. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Best Roleplayer Summer 2020 star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Ianna Mcear
    On Board Valkyria

    Still feeling giddy from kissing Jeen, Ianna fought through the clouds focusing in on the pair of TIEs that flew past her. Tracking them she pulled the trigger sending linked bolts hurtling towards side of the solar paneled fighter. They punched through the side burrowing into the cockpit of the nearest fighter sending it burning off into the atmosphere. Its partner swung around getting a few shots off that glanced off the shields. Ianna wrinkled her nose a little swinging her gun around to keep with the fighter holding down the trigger clipping passing enemy on the wing and sent in tumbling off into the sky.

    "I got 'em" She called down to Amber, smiling, her feet swinging back and forth in the gunport.

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider @Adalia-Durron
  7. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis
    Lower Turret - Valkyria

    "Great shot Kid!" She called up to Ianna. "I see more coming in, we got this?" She scanned the screen and targeting computer. "Two more, one each!" She was grinning now, this was fun.


    Jeen smiled at the sound of the two women talking. He was feeling two kinds of pride. One was for the woman he worked for, she was strong yet somehow vulnerable and the other was for the woman he was falling for. She was positive, joyful, energy and love, all the things he'd missed in his life. He felt safe, add Cassell and the new guy, MacKenzie was it? He felt very safe, they were in the safest ship on Scarif.

    @galactic-vagabond422 @Corellian_Outrider @The Real Kyp Durron
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  8. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic MacKenzie 'Fox' Hollymander
    Co pilot - Valkyria.

    Cassell had handed him control of the nose cannons. He didn't need them. He smiled as he listened to Amber and Ianna's interactions. The ladies had this covered and he scanned his screens. Opening to them "Two coming in Starboard." he told them. "Watch the Rebel Ships." he warned.

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  9. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Best Roleplayer Summer 2020 star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Ianna Mcear
    Upper Turret - Valkyria

    The young woman could feel the smile one Amber's face as she called up to her. She saw two fighters splitting up and coming in for a run. Taking a breath she brought her gun around firing a few shots bracketing her target. Her first shots went low forcing the TIE to increase altitude. Pulling back on the controls she matched it's movements firing off heavy paired shots that tore through the bottom of the cockpit turning it into a fireball.

    "I got mine." She shouted down bouncing in her chair.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron @The Real Kyp Durron
  10. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis.
    Bottom Turret - Valkyria

    She tracked the TIE, a smile touched her lips. "Come a little closer........come on." As if by command the TIE slipped into her line of fire and she squeezed the trigger. Shots rang out and seconds later the cockpit of the TIE imploded. "Mines gone too!!" She opened the comm to the cockpit. "What else you got for us Fox?" she grinned. She'd never done this before, but the adrenaline pumping was exhilarating.

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  11. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic MacKenzie Fox Hollymander
    Co pilot - Valkyria - Scarif

    Looking forward he was able to see the debris of the Star Destroyers. It was raining down upon the planet below. It was raining down on them. "Kid, Vixen, we have incoming debris from orbit. We need to clear a path." He explained over the internal comm. "I'll start from here." he informed them as he swung his nose guns around.

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  12. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    IC Captain Mirax Terrik-Horn, Master Corran Horn, Captain Cassell Wystari
    Location: Corellian YT-2000 Valkyria - Scarif

    "We better see if we can lend a hand." Corran said as everyone else went to their different stations.

    "Check the cockpit." Mirax suggested. "I'll go and see if I can help coax more from the engines."

    "Right," Corran started towards the corridor. "I'll see you on the other side!"

    "May the Force be with us!"

    At times like these, Cassell was thankful to have a copilot. To have someone else coordinated targets with the gunners and so forth while he can focus purely on piloting the Valkyria. It was a freighter, not a starfighter and the drag in the atmosphere affected manoeuvrability compared to its performance in space. With the battle between the X-Wings and TIEs buzzing about, those were the least of their problems.

    With the fallout of the mangled Destroyers raining above them, the last thing he wanted to do was to head straight into it, but what choice did they have?

    "That's not good." There was another voice in the cockpit, Master Horn. "Mirax is working the engines, anything I can do?"

    "Is there?" Cassell grumbled as he fought with the controls as turbulence shuddered the ship. With the dial, he angled the deflectors mostly forward. He didn't want to leave the rear unguarded with the dogfighting happening.

    "Why don't you head away and come up from the side?"

    "No time. Who knows how long before all goes to hell! Least the fallout should keep the bandit back. Let me concentrate."

    "You better let me fly." Corran stepped past the man in the copilot's seat and stood by Cassell. "I can guide us through a clear path with the Force."

    "I've got a navigator already." Cassell jerked a head to Holly. "What flight experience do you have, Master Horn?"

    "I flew with Rogue Squadron. I can fly this."

    "I don't recall your name on the roster. What say you Holly? Do we trust the stranger to the helm?"

    TAG: @The Real Kyp Durron, @Adalia-Durron, @galactic-vagabond422
  13. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic MacKenzie Fox Hollymander
    Co pilot - Valkyria - Scarif

    A new man entered and he'd caught him out of the corner of his eye. He was in beach wear. Swinging the canons around he took aim and blasted a piece of debris out of their path. He wanted to take control of the ship. Who was he? Now saying part of Rogue Squadron? Not the current one he knew of. Then he was asked his thoughts. He shook his head briefly. "No. Your ship, you know it. With Kid and Vixen, we've got this." His concentration was being pulled away by the mans presence. "Best he get out, distracting us!" he almost snapped as he tried to concentrate on his job.

    Tag @Corellian_Outrider
  14. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @The Real Kyp Durron, @Adalia-Durron and @galactic-vagabond422

    ~IC~ Master Corran Horn, Captain Cassell 'Skipper' Wystari+ Major MacKenzie ‘Fox’ Hollymander + Flight Officer Amber 'Vixen' Tehanis + Flight Officer Ianna 'Kid' Mcear
    Location: Corellian YT-2000 Valkyria - Scarif's atmosphere

    Corran glanced back to the co-pilot and shook his head. Admittedly, it was probably hard to take him seriously in his beach gear though he was not about to give up.

    "The jury has spoken." Cassell gruffly remarked. He pointed to the starboard side of the viewport to a large moon that was not there moments before. "Time's up."

    Corran narrowed his eyes. It took a moment to register that it wasn't a moon. He had heard stories but to see the actual super weapon was something else entirely. The audacity to create such a thing… utter madness. He knelt down by the side of the pilot's position. "If you don't mind, I'll assist from the sidelines."

    Cassell didn't respond as the Valkyria climbed for the upper atmosphere, it spun around on its axis to avoid the debris. The large burning bow section of the Destroyer rushed into view, large pieces were breaking off and cluttering the flight path. There was no where to go without hitting anything.

    "Cut along the underside." Corran suggested.

    The ship rolled as instructed.

    "Into the hangar."

    Cassell gritted his teeth though expertly rolled into the Destroyer's hangar bay as they aligned. The hull was taking the brunt of the damage and so the interior was less cluttered with debris. But to fly through the superstructure while the both were moving high speeds at opposite directions was insane. He was flying on instincts. Letting of a missile, the enormous blast doors at the far end of the hangar burst open.

    "This is going to be tight…"

    A loud screech of sheering metal as the ship pierced through the gap and into the access corridor. Which was designed for smaller ships to be transferred between hangars and deep storage, it was fortunately wide enough for the Valkyria but not much wriggle room. They bounced a few times off the bulkhead. Corran held on as best he could so he wasn't thrown about. The space ahead buckled and crumbled before them.

    "Forward fire, Holly." Cassell instructed.


    Amber's eyes widened, they were going into the hangar of a semi destroyed ship? She gritted her teeth, the turrets were sitting targets with all this debris around, so she continued to fire at it to clear anything that was getting close.

    "As ordered. Girls Forward Fire!!!" MacKenzie said loudly over the internal comm. He then began to pour fire as instructed into the oncoming collapsing bulkheads.

    Fox's voice sounded strained and without hesitation Amber swung the guns around to the front. What she saw chilled her blood but she draw a deep breath and let it out, allowing her instincts to take over she began to pour fire into the the collapsing part of the ship.

    Whatever was happening, the section of the ship was collapsing. Cassell didn't know if the keel had snapped and the ship was tearing in half but they had to get out of here fast.

    The cannon fire had cleared enough room and they shot into the cavernous space of the primary hanger.


    The ship dived and flew out of the main hangar and turned skyward. Cannon fire swept a path for them to fly through and past the falling command structure that had separated from the doomed Destroyer.

    "Woooo!" Ianna called out from the upper turret, leaning back in her chair. Sweat made her hair stick to her forehead, her Patriots' jersey darken. She could almost feel the heat from her cannon as it had been firing near non-stop as they tore their way though the structure of the falling ship, though it seemed they weren't out of the woods yet. "We doing another round?" She shouted again looking at all the debris falling through the atmosphere.

    Cassell allowed a deep breath, he smiled inwardly at Ianna's enthusiasm. There is still wreckage coming down but they were now relatively clear to reach the upper atmosphere. Half a klick away, he could see the other destroyer plummeting down.

    "So passes the Persecutor… and the Intimidator…" He muttered as he assessed the readout on the console. They had sustained some damage. The scopes showed the Rebel Fleet ahead. An alert indicated a large energy surge in the area, registered as coming from the Imperial battle station, the Death Star.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Ori Shreddies, Minions, I-5, Scarif Resort and the Lady Tendra, respectively
    Location: Scarif

    Now that there was a serious chance that she would not have to return to the Darkest Night, Ori Shreddies snapped her purse open to see what she had with her, apart from the clothes on her back.

    She sensed Mel stalking off, so shut the clutch and trotted after her, stopping short as Calrissian brazenly stepped in front of one of the people carriers that transported guests around the resort, making the thing trundle to a stop, the pink front bumper, stopping scant inches from Mel's hip.

    "Hey, baby," she said to the blue-dungareed driver. "Take us to LP7, would you?"

    Wavering with uncertainty, Ori watched as Mel climbed aboard, budging along the seat to make room, then decided aloud, "I will meet you at LP7. Don't wait for me."

    She waited for the carrier to tear off, then brought up the forearm bearing her vortex manipulator, and used it to teleport back to the Lewis Hamilton suite.

    As soon as the familiar-looking bedroom appeared around her, the sensor operator squatted down to scoop everything of hers that was on the carpet, onto the racing-car bed, C'Boath on a bike, she was a messy pup, and tossed everything into the bag that she had brought.

    "You read the manual for this thing, yet?" Went that voice from her wrist-device, startling her only momentarily, and certainly not enough to interrupt her packing.

    "Nope." She rolled up her uniform tunic, and stuffed it into the bag, on top of her boots and skirt.

    "Okay, I'll programme it. Next destination?"

    "Landing Pad Seven. At least, I hope that's what LP7 means. I'm meeting Mel there." She snatched up her underwear and threw it in.

    "Standby..., standby..., okay, done!"

    Shreddies glanced around quickly to make sure she wasn't leaving behind her ID, snatched it up off the dresser, and dropped it, along with her purse into the sports bag and zipped that up with an air of finality, picking it up by the handles.


    Landing Pad 7

    Ori staggered slightly as she materialised on the windswept landing pad, not immediately seeing Mel or her ship, then spinning round as she heard behind her, "-and that one... no, that one's my make up kit, put it in the cabin please."

    The horizon-blocking bulk of the luxury star yacht filled her vision, and she had to drop her gaze from it to see Mel entering her ship, still directing the little guys.

    She headed inside after her, following her to the cockpit, where it looked like most of the systems were already online, and in the green, a readout colour she had long-since learned to associate with readiness.

    Calrissian activated the final protocols, then turned back to the packing crew.

    It was at this point, that Ori felt that she had to bring up what she wanted to say after Mel had instructed some of the little beings to bring her luggage. However that went unsaid, as they were already in the passenger area, belted securely in, and beaming at the two women.

    "Wesa gogo!" said one.

    Ori shot a look of relief at Mel. "You weren't really going to kick them out, were you?"

    Mel shrugged helplessly, responding, "Okay." She headed back to the cockpit.

    Ori was not a pilot, so she dropped into another of the passenger area chairs, close to the Minions.

    One pulled something that looked like a transistor radio from somewhere, a long aerial telescoping out the top, as it twiddled the over-sized frequency knob with its gloved fingers, a calm female voice, followed by two slightly excited male ones, coming out of it: "
    -approaching Second. You are heading straight towards each other. Somebody back off!"

    "Okay, roger."

    There was a several second pause of no talking, only the unfamiliar sound of speeding cars in the background, accompanied by sirens and bullhorns.

    "20-William-12, we're gonna stick with this red sonnuva Bith; you chase down the blue!"

    "20-William-12, this is 20-William-15, that's confirmed. You've got red, we're going with the blue one."

    Fritz(?) looked over at the transistor, curiously. "Wotza purzoot?"

    Apparently, her mysterious outfit-providing benefactor knew just what was going on, and she could only look on as her wrist, or rather the leather-strapped device on it, briefed everyone in the vicinity: "Got a dual pursuit, 20-William-15 and 20-William-12."

    "Who zat?"

    "Riggs and Murtaugh. And the Squad."

    The three resort staff began chattering animatedly, as if they knew were being referred to, and frantically-waved credits started to change hands.

    "Who driving?"

    "Murtaugh. In his wife's station wagon."

    Ori felt pressed down in her seat as the craft lifted off, the diffused shafts of sunlight coming through the portholes, fanning slowly around the cabin as the craft gracefully turned around.

    Tag: @Mistress_Renata

    Notes: Radio traffic from Lethal Weapon 2
  16. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Grand Moff Tarkin
    Orbiting Scarif, aboard the Death Star

    His chin poised on his hand, the Grand Moff mused eternally on events. A Rebel fleet stood before them, scattered after, it seemed acquiring local space superiority against the orbiting station and both Star Destroyers. His arrival had sent them into a flurry of activity, misdirected, redirected and altogether panicked when the thousands of TIEs at his command descended upon them. Starfighters jumped into hyperspace, and the smaller of the capital ships made a push to the edge of the system.

    Tarkin didn't flinch, merely allowing his smile to become carnivorous; he had chivied the enemy precisely where expected.

    The Devastator arrived with a flash, crushing a Rebel transport with its bulk, before its turbolaser batteries rippled out.

    The Grand Moff eyed the stream of pleasure yachts, fighters and minor vessels that rushed away from one of the ocean resorts, but his expression remained neutral to them, bystanders and witnesses to his machine. Lord Vader was in the midst of boarding the Rebel ship the Profundity, a MC75 cruiser that was about to see its final days. A Rebel fleet, massacred by the Empire, and soon...

    He nodded.

    "You may fire when ready."

    The station hummed with energy, and the blast - a single reactor firing, as there was no need to obliterate the entire world, merely the records and compromised transmitter below, and smiled as the detonation consumed a hemisphere in fire and ash. Sensors showed that the entire resort that had been briefly hosting a, to quote the Intelligence report 'sunny beach vacation' vanishing in the destruction.

    The fleeing survivors, about to alighted upon by TIEs, would discover that they didn't have time calculate hyperspace coordinates. Instead, they found a cruiser-carrier at the edge of the battle, broadcasting a greeting along the same frequencies which had welcomed them to Scarif.

    "Welcome to your Spooooooky Cruise, hosted by the RPF City Moderators! Come, LARP your way over here so we can continue our party into the new season!"

    Of course, the cruiser-carrier was called the Hallowed Eve, because what else would it be called?

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron, @darthbernael, @darthhelinith, @HanSolo29, @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @Mistress_Renata, @Sith-I-5, @Corellian_Outrider, @The Real Kyp Durron, @galactic-vagabond422, @Anedon, @Lady Belligerent, @Cerberus66, @Imperial_Hammer

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