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Social ~The RPF Yule Festival~ (Open to all)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Corellian_Outrider , Dec 21, 2018.

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    Mar 9, 2002


    You are hereby invited to the annual winter Yule Festival. This year, it shall be hosted at Kavala Palace, Kavala, Ursean System, just off the Hydian Way. Home to Marie-Celeste, the Reina, new Empress of the Empire and her husband, Anakin Skywalker.

    Enclosed you shall find a token. This shall take you there and is also your proof of entry. Hold down the button and close your eyes and count to ten. Make sure you are wearing your cold weather attire as it might be a tad freezing.

    It would be wonderful to see you there. There will be plenty of food and drink and merriment. Attend as yourself or as one of your RP characters. Don't forget to sign the guest book and to indicate in which realm/RPG you reside.

    All the best and safe travels for this festive season,

    The Corellian Outrider

    About the Ursean System and Kavala Palace:

    Originated in the Galaxy At War RPG series, the Ursean System, just off the Hydian Way is home to Marie-Celeste, the Reina and new Empress of the Empire and her husband, Anakin Skywalker. The Palace is in the city of Kavala on the shore of the Kavalan Sea and is located in the northern hemisphere, not far from the equator. The Palace faces south with Palace stables, Parliament, and the harbor on the east side, mountains to the south, west of the Palace is the Palace Terrestrial Port, forests, and countryside, and to the north, the sea.

    Getting to and around the Palace:

    You may arrive via the Kavala Orbital Space Port, in which case you may take a shuttle down to the terrestrial Kavala Palace Port and from thence take a bracing walk to the Palace, catch a sleigh through the park, or take a carriage to the grand portico of Kavala Palace. If you are arriving via the harbor, you can wander through the evening markets there before catching a carrack to the Palace Park or to the Grand Portico, as well.

    Kavala Palace and Palace Grounds:

    Gardens of parterred hedges, pastures, forests, shore line cliffs and beaches surround Kavala Palace, all covered in a thick blanket of snow. There are frozen canals where you may ice skate amidst half-frozen fountains.

    Across the parade grounds in front of the gold-hued stone palace, is a bit of old town backed by the many-storied residential and business towers, and beyond that are snow-peaked mountains. In the old town and harbor are open air markets, taverns, and fires to cozy up to, roasted nuts, joints of meat and fish. The sweet smell of wood burning in open air braziers and hearths wafts through the old stone paved streets. Kavala planet, like her sister planet Gripsholm is a preserve planet and high speed travel is restricted to the underground and to official agencies. You can take the underground to many points in Kavala City.

    Kavala Palace:
    The Palace consists of a broad primary building in a streamlined version of Earth’s Northern European neo-classical style. It is a large stone edifice of gold-toned stone with east and west wings and a middle addition off the back of the center of the original building with a Rotunda at the join of the older building to the newer addition at the back. To reach the rotunda, there are wide stairs from the center of the original long building to a broad corridor and a landing with rails overlooking the stairs and then, the rotunda is beyond the landing. This is the ballroom.

    To the north side of the rotunda is a large Festival Hall. Four large hearths both light and heat the extensive hall, the walls of which are lined with massive severed and stuffed heads of antlered beasts long dead, ephemeral artifacts of heraldry and weapons, afixed high up on the walls and looking down upon the guests. Six long tables occupy the floor, 2 along the length of the room on the north and south sides and one at either end, with room enough in between for smaller tables and copious upholstered chairs where diners can convene. To the south side are a series of three grand parlors where attendees can relax on long low tufted sofas and deep pillows.


    Special thanks to Pashatemur as the original creator of the realm, created for the GAW series, and for assisting with the details for the event
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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ The Corellian Outrider
    Location: Kavala, City and Palace in the system of Ursa

    It’s that time of year again and the Yuletide will be starting soon. A time where all realms in the multiverse are in alignment, convergence points allow pathways for elements to appear in one realm or another. For this season, the convergent point has appeared on Kavala, in the Ursean System.

    On a promontory hill, part of the old city ramparts overlooking the docks, I witnessed the last of the supplies unloaded from the crews of old masted seafaring ships. Horses neighed as their carts were loaded with barrels of wine, ale, mead and various others spirits and fruits, the last of the warmer season now past. Fishing boats returning with their haul. No doubt the hunters, as well, were out catching game, gathering supplies and ingredients for the upcoming feast.

    A chill breeze came from the icy seas of the north and sent a shiver through me. I drew my cloak about my shoulders. From my vantage point, smoke in the sky over the city drifted upwards in savory tendrils from many hearths and kitchens. Bells rang off in the nearby old town, and the voices of children could be heard mingled with those of the hawkers and workers picking up last minute provisions before returning homeward. Warm amber light shown through nearby windows with the promise of warmth and good company.

    It was time to get a move on. I climbed onto the horse and rode down the slope and to the harbour in time to join the last of the carts. I rode along the length and acknowledged the drivers, providing them with an ‘outrider’ to the palace. Halting for the passage of several droids with tractors in tow, I was struck by the fact that the flesh workers were at least of equal number to the droid presence.

    The soft clopping of hooves as the horses followed along the well travelled road to the town reverberated on the stone cobbled streets were traffic had trampled and melted the ice. The snow covered rooftops and coloured lights strung about the buildings and trees, and candles or small lanterns lit in many of the windows warmed the way. Passing through the town square, music playing, succulent aromas of the foods to be laid out for the guests to eat seemed to be having the same effect on evening shoppers as it did upon me; they were eagerly hurrying along, seeking the warmth of neighborhood eateries or home. A couple of time, the caravan was halted by groups of people hand in hand, singing and laughing as they wound their way in and out of homes and businesses - it appeared to be a tradition. I shook my head and found myself chuckling.

    Passing along, we took the road that lead to the palace. The view of the snow capped mountains dominated the landscape to the left while the forest to the right, stood tall and scented, bows laden, thickly frosted with snow, sentinel to the Palace. It wasn’t long before we passed the Parliament house and then the perimeter fencing, the guards halted us while the 4 droids scanned and the Ursean Security Forces checked the carts and our identities before waving us through.

    The large palace gardens laid before us and the great ‘Palladan’ inspired palace. It made me smile on the inside, remembering my ancestors. Festive lights were decorated along the building, enhancing the beauty of the place.

    The carts circled around the loading area, and the servants assisted with unloading the goods. I hopped off the horse and lead it to the stables. Giving my mount an affectionate pat, I handed her reins to a stable hand at the chirping of my comlink.

    “Outrider,” I answered, while I started the walk back up to the front of the palace.

    I smiled at the soft voice coming from the ‘other end.’

    “Heya, it’s Ahsoka. The carriages are all set at the Palace Spaceport for the guests. How are you going?”

    Relieved that she’d seen to that task, I answered gratefully. “Very good. Thank you for overseeing that. The last shipment has arrived from the docks and is being unloaded.”

    “That’s fast… I’ll be on my way soon, I’ll meet you back at the palace.”

    “See you, in a few,” I said as the steps and broad porch of Kavala Palace’s main entrance came into view. The golden facade of the columnated edifice was lit with warm lights and looked a beacon of warmth across the expansive blanket of snow that covered all around it. The Ushers were standing to attention, garbed in blue frock coats, cream breeches and black boots. High relief motifs marked the bear and dragon at cornices and balconies just like the ones on the invitation tokens. The figures seemed to walk on a path of stars, each facing outwards as on a coat of arms.

    “I’m making tracks! Brrrrr...keep warm! ” She finished before ending the call.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    Guestbook Entry:
    Commissar Ahsoka Tano
    RPG: Galaxy At War Series

    ~IC~ Ahsoka Tano
    Location: Palace Spaceport.

    After speaking with ‘Outrider'. Ahsoka glanced about her surroundings, the horse drawn carriages were taxied, awaiting for the guests to come. It was good to be here. In spite of the fact that the past week had been a whirlwind of activity and she’d hardly had time to fully take the sights and tour the countryside. The winterscape, Kavala was all so magical! Yet, there was so much work to be done. Even a week was little time to prepare for the Yule celebration. Still, it was hard not to look out at the mountains or down to the sea without longing to just ride on and follow one’s nose to wherever the vista claimed one. And now, in the scented forest, with the soft silence of the snowfall, all bundled up against the cold, there seemed a very singular mystery of nature unfolding, like an ancient fairy tale. That is, if one were fairy tales....


    It was very cold and very peaceful. So peaceful, you could almost go to sleep....


    Was that a chirp from one of those pretty little red birds, she’d noted earlier in the daylight hours flitting in and out of the dark green branches? Ahsoka wondered, searching the snow-laden bows, as the creatures darted in and out, warbling and chirping softly, singing, it seemed for her, lining the branches to look down and nod their little heads in tandem as they sang a merrily little tune!

    She furrowed her brow as she looked up to one of them in the branches as it shrilled a few notes. “Gosh!” She remarked. "Certainly are musical this evening…"

    Snow covered tree upon snow covered tree upon snow covered tree...

    Soft snow fall, whispering as it landed with a slip, slip sound.


    What a long day it had been!

    Slip, slip…


    The dampened thud of each of her mount’s hooves was steady, regular, clop, clop, clop, clop...

    Little lacy snowflakes fell, one after the other...

    “SOKA! HEY! SNIPS!...You’re slipping in your saddle...”

    The two horses nosed one another as the black horse and it’s darkly-clad ridder sidled up next to the fur-cloaked Togruta on her white mare.

    “You sure you’re up to a ball, Commissar?” The man gave a soft deep chuckle. “Whoa! Forget about driving heavy machinery,” he said under his breath, a white puff of condensation wafting by as he spoke, his arm about Ahsoka’s shoulders. “You’ve been at this for the last week. Come on, you’re going inside.”

    “Rowan?” she answered in confusion.

    “Come on!” he said “The cold can do that to you.”

    He pulled her onto the front of his saddle and putting his arms about her, urged his horse into a gallop toward the golden palace in the distance.

    TAG: Celeste and Palace

    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @pashatemur for this small joint post.
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    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Anakin, Celeste, Ahsoka, Sophia, Maruuke, Julien
    Location: Kavala Palace

    “She’s been out there since sun-up! All week she’s gotten out as far as any task will take her. I think ‘Soka’s been eager to see what she can. You know how she is, chatting-up and charming the locals. Ahsoka’s a sponge!” said the Emperor, responding to Celeste’s concerned queries.

    As staff went to retrieve hot tea and a blanket, the Empress fluffed some pillows and tucked them in the corner of the canape as Anakin gently deposited Ahsoka on the long low sofa next to the fire.

    There was a flurry of activity and exclamations as the tea was brought and a cover, Maruuke removing Ahsoka’s boots and rubbing the Commissar’s feet.

    “You feeling better now?” queried the young Emperor. “You were ready to slide out of your saddle when I found you.”

    “Much more better, thank you.” Ahsoka answered after taking a sip of the tea. “I just… don’t know what came over me. I felt like in a dream world, the energy was zapped from me and that I could sleep.”

    He smiled at her. “Yes, yes, hail and hearty, etc. You’re not used to the cold here and you’re tired.”

    “Understatement,” Ahsoka crinkled her nose, dimples in her cheeks as she smiled and took another sip. “It has been a while since I last been in the cold. Oh…” She remembered something. “I spoke with the Outrider... umm... Rowan, he said the supplies are all here.”

    “I’ll call him,” said Anakin rising and stepping to the hearth, speaking softly in the background as Celeste sat down on the edge of the sofa and put a warm hand either side of Ahsoka’s face.

    “Your nose and cheeks are so ruddy!” said Celeste rubbing her hands together vigorously and placing them again on Ahsoka’s cheeks and then rubbing the cold tips of her lekku and saying, “Ah, Rowan gave us a call when you didn’t show up. We’ve been looking for you for the last 30 minutes. Happily your horse was hungry and heading for the stables!” She tucked her head to look Ahsoka in the eye. “Dr. Molita is coming to give you a look see.”

    “But… I feel alright now.” Ahsoka protested. “I am fine, there’s no need.”

    “You’re going to see Molita!” said Anakin raising his head and interrupting his call to jab his index finger in Ahsoka’s direction, then he resumed his comlink conversation. ”...she’ll be fine. Thank you...I’ll tell her!”

    Looking at her clothing and noting the late time, Ahsoka.....

    “There ‘s plenty of time. I’ll be with you and we can make an entrance together. You’ll have a little something more to eat and you’ll be good as new.” said the Empress, smiling softly.

    Celeste rose and looked to Anakin in concern, “This is why I requested we have double guard patrolling the paths and grounds. We don’t want to find frozen guests in the spring thaw!” She made a small joke of the matter but the Empress’ concern was real.

    Anakin smirked good naturedly and sighed as he noted the concern in his Empress’ red-overcast eyes. “True. I can see the holo leads, ‘Emperor’s Guests Succumbed to Enchanted Snow! -and the Outrider wishes you well.” he said to Ahsoka.

    Ahsoka smiled at that and set down her tea.


    All turned to see a one and a quarter meter tall blue streak fling itself into the Commissar’s arms.

    Ahsoka caught the ‘blur’ in her arms and hugged tightly. “Sophia! I missed you too!”

    “I encountered the Enfanta braving the corridors on her own and thought she might appreciate an escort,” said the Grand Admiral, nodding to the Imperial princess who looked over her shoulder at the tall officer in his dress uniform, throwing him a wink.

    Julien!” said Celeste warmly and rising to greet with a handshake her fellow Ursean and Commander in Chief of the Ursean Security Forces, Grand Admiral Leitman. Tall like most Urseans, Grand Admiral Julien Leitman stood at 183 centimeters. HIs smile was a little lopsided, and he nodded his head of wavy dark hair in silent greeting.

    Like the Re and now Emperor, Leitman was dressed in the Uniform of the Ursean Security Forces: A dark gray blue thigh length coat, pleated at the back center vent, topped by a stand up collar, large cuff, very wide lapels, single breasted; charcoal gray waistcoat, also with lapels and cut close to the neck and also single breasted, cream colored leggings/breeches tailored in a traditional “riding” style, not like the jodhpurs of the Imperial Admiralty. A twinkle in his dark blue eyes, Julien looked to the Emperor and after bowing, passed a finger under the top edge of his cravat.

    “Wish everyone a very merry Yuletide for me, particularly ‘Blue!’” said Sophia making her regrets, for she had much work to do in her studies and she had a cold, but how she would love to see all the characters from all over the RPF ‘multiverse’. It was certainly going to be quite a sight! Bidding all a good night, the governess, Maruuke Gartmer bowed them out and off the Enfanta went to her rooms, governess in hand. If only Han were not away at the academy and how the little Enfanta wished that girl with the big brown eyes from the reception were here! The fun they could all have! ’Maybe....’she thought, as the double doors closed behind her, ’I might just take a peek, later on when Maruuke is asleep!’

    “If it pleases you, I would be honored to escort you to the ball, Miss Tano and that would allow their Majesties to attend together,” offered the Grand Admiral, with a bow.

    “It would be an honour.” Ahsoka smiled. “I should get ready for the ball and change into something more… appropriate for the festivities.

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    OOC: One for the Gipper/OC!

    IC: Ursean folk and critters

    Location: Kavala Palace Rotunda, Festival Hall, the grounds

    Droids and flesh servants were responsible for the low “buzz” of business as they placed platters and bowls of savory and sweet foods, pitchers of beverages on the tables in the festival hall, saw that the decorative crystal sconces were all lit, the fires stoked in the hearths, and that the pillows in the parlours were plumped. Some exchanged glances wondering when and who they’d be catering to would arrive. No one wanted to be caught ‘setting the stage’ with a sudden rush of arrivals.

    The polished stone floors rang with the servants’ hurried footsteps, the warm light and subdued voices, a backdrop for the orchestra, as the musicians tuned their instruments, bows slurring notes as pegs were tightened or loosened. A ‘voice’ in the orchestra would play a snippet, one in the woodwinds, then another in the strings, or the horns. The timpanist lightly beat the skins of her kettles, the timbre brightening as she did so.

    At one of the long casement windows at the north west corner of the rotunda, a group of three servants tried hiding their laughter, one pointing out to the gardens after a stable boy holding out a treat to a white horse, the horse, suspiciously eyeing him and charging him with a couple of forceful steps now and then.

    Outside, the snow was falling more thickly, the wind having died down.

    “Come on, Roxie.” the stable hand coax gently, holding his hand out, a cube of sweet tuber in his upturned palm. “Come on, girl!”

    The Re’s ....well now, Emperor’s horse had been lead off by another hand easily enough minutes ago, a rather ironic happenstance, since the black stallion was bridle shy and notoriously mercurial in temperament. It was Roxie or Roxanne, the white mare who was usually compliant and docile, but so taken to her new rider, the Togrutan Commissar, she seemed not to want to budge from outside the Royal Residence whence Roxie had seen her “two-legged” taken inside earlier.

    The hand whistled softly.

    Roxie shook her mane and pawed the frozen ground, lifting her head and neighing as the stable hand gently clasped her bridle and, with caution, moved closer. Stepping round to put a foot into the saddle’s stirrup, he found himself stepping into air as Roxie reared up on her hind quarters and bolted.

    Growling, as he picked himself up from face down in the snow, the stable hand ran after the fleeing mare, while up in the window the servants enjoyed the moment’s diversion before the festivities began.

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