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Fantasy The Saga of the Nameless Lands ~ A Dungeons and Dragons 4e Campaign

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Ramza, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    [link=]Part the Eighth - The Last Battle[/link]

    That was all the motivation our heroes needed, and Team Sea Slug, along with the narrator, sprang into action with weapons drawn. Ramza, now monstrous and gigantic in form, was clearly amused. "For amoeba you've got a lot of resilience! It'd be admirable if it weren't so foolish!" A tremendous barrier of energy sprang up around him, repelling the heroes' attacks. "The answer is written in their bones - ALL LIFE ENDS!" he roared, shooting out a gout of flames that threatened to envelope the four who opposed him.

    "Maybe so," Finde chuckled, erecting a barrier of his own to guard his allies, "But I don't think it's us who are going to have our lives ended - dig?" He assumed an attack stance. "Try this one on for size. I personally find it works best applied directly to the forehead!" He shot up into the air, hand glowing with power. "LANCE OF FAITH!" The energy beam collided with Ramza's barrier, sending off sparks as the opposed forces repelled each other.

    "Is that your best shot?" Ramza chuckled. "You're going to have to do better than -"

    "THUNDERSHIELD STRIKE!" Mak roared, as he joined his attack with Finde's, causing still more sparks to be sent off.

    "Oh, I get it now. Wait for it..."

    "DRILLING -"

    "I don't think so," Ramza interrupted, swatting Kriv out of the air with a flick of his wrist. Finde and Mak came hurtling back down to the ground, their attack thwarted. "Genre savvy, you fools. Combining your powers for massive damage? Oldest trick in the book."

    "Possibly... but what if I change the book?"

    "That doesn't make any sense."

    "Sure it does. Have you forgotten who I am?" the bard laughed triumphantly, as a swirling portal appeared behind him. "I'M THE NARRATOR!" As if on cue (Actually, knowing the bard, precisely because it's on cue) a legion of warriors appeared from all the corners of the multiverse - a veritable horde of followers ready to stand up to Ramza and do battle in the pursuit of justice. An army with which Team Sea Slug would wage it's ultimate victory. The deciding force which would turn the tide of history and usher in a new era.

    Naturally, Ramza wiped them out almost effortlessly. The bard let out a faint sound somewhat approximated by "Eep."

    "My head..." Kriv groaned, getting back on his feet. Finde and Mak had moved over to his position to regroup.

    "Okay, the bard's useless... no real surprise there... what are we going to do?"

    "The key would seem to be to get through that energy barrier."

    "Right. And then I've still got enough power saved up to waste that behemoth."

    "Fantastic. But how do we get through said barrier?"

    "Oh... I guess that's true."


    "... Mak?"

    "... I can do it. I've got just the technique."

    "Alright! Think you can hit him with it?"

    "Do I ever miss?"

    "That's our Mak."

    The goliath strolled over into position in front of Ramza. "Oy! Fatty!"

    "Oh, look, the puny Warden's back for more. How cute. Do you seriously expect to stop me without violating the fourth wall you so willingly ignore? Can you even process the concept of the OOC thought?"

    "I'll admit I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about. But you're a threat to the safety of this world. I've seen the desolation your war caused. I know the desolation you will cause. And I know the hope that exists if
  2. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    [link=]Part the Last - Teatime in the Garden at the Edge of Forever[/link]

    The first thing Kriv and Finde were surprised to find when the white light faded was that they were, in fact, still alive. And not only were they alive, but they were in a particularly pleasant place - green grass as far as the eye could see, rivers, mountains in the distance, the serene sounds of nature... and a white table with a white umbrella over it. There were three chairs, of a make and type they were unfamiliar with, two of which were unoccupied. In the third was seated a person in a white tuxedo, who's face was blocked by a large piece of paper with the words "New York Times" emblazoned on the front. He appeared to be drinking tea, judging by the presence of a teapot and a cup and saucer at his side, and he was apparently expecting company, judging by the tea cups at the other two chairs. In addition, there was a carefully arranged platter of scones near the center of the table.

    It was at this point that our two heroes realized that they, too, were clad in tuxedoes - albeit black ones - in a bit of a fashion quandary neither of them could place their fingers on. They also noticed that the bard from earlier was nowhere to be seen. "Well," Finde began, still trying to figure out just how he had ended up in his current ensemble, "Now what do we do?"

    "Hey, our speech isn't colored any more," Kriv observed.

    "Focus, Kriv. It's only us two, and we don't know who - or what - is sitting at that table."

    "Well, we can play along for now - free food."

    "Now that you mention it," Finde nodded, "I'm pretty hungry as well. Alright, let's go eat."

    They strolled over to the table. "Do you... uh... mind if we join you?" Kriv asked, taking the lead.

    "No, not at all, I've been expecting you," replied the person, the tone of their voice apparently male, not looking away from behind the paper. Shrugging, Kriv took a seat, and Finde followed suit. "Help yourselves to the scones. As for the tea, it's Earl Grey, hot. Good stuff, obscure reference, it's like a combo deal."

    "I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with... whatever it is you're talking about," Finde replied, ironically enough.

    "Don't worry about it. So, you defeated Ramza, eh? You must be pretty happy about that."

    "Yes, but... at what cost?" Kriv asked. "Sariel, Loriana, Leocanto, Kohl, Charname, Mak... they're all gone. Everyone except me and Finde... and I suppose Alex is out there, somewhere."

    "Yes... he actually had a son, did you know? Met up with the secretary from the guild, got married, fought in the war... he's coming back home with a title and an heir. I guess he got his happy ending." The man took his tea cup and, apparently, drank out of it.

    Finde gave him a quizzical look. "... How do you know all that?" he asked, sipping his own tea.

    "Finde, you've come this far and you still haven't quite figured it out yet?" The man folded down the paper, revealing a very familiar face. Too familiar.

    "RAMZA!" Kriv roared, bolting to his feet.

    "I don't blame you for being suspicious, Kriv Mizzian, or perhaps it's Kriv Sindanárië. But I assure you that I am not the Ramza your voice holds so much hatred for." He calmly sipped his tea. "Now please, have a seat and relax."

    His fists trembling, Kriv nonetheless felt oddly compelled to sit down, and he obliged.

    "Good," Ramza continued. "I suspect I do owe you both an explanation. You see, the Ramza that you fought - and killed - was the Ramza from your universe. I am the Ramza of this universe. There are still more Ramzas, each in other universes, including one where the Ramza is actually typing my dialogue at this very moment on a sophisticated electronic instrument. As it is, I am called Ramza Prime."

    "So you're from beyond the Fourth Wall, then?" Finde asked, recalling some of the details from his earlier travels beyond the breach.

    "Beyond that, even. You're currently sitting in the Edge of Forever - the chain of universes in which each individual is their own god."

    "... What?" Kriv ask
  3. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    [link=]A Choral Ending[/link]

    It has been two years since Kriv and I returned to Emrolus as we remember it. Though over, the war had been devastating, but hope still reigned. We returned to the Council, conveying to them our tale of what we remembered, of what memories did not fade, and we returned to them those shards of the Lodestone we collected. They viewed our tale with scrutiny, picked apart every detail, examined us via arcane methods; in the end they deducted that we spoke the truth, at least from our point of view. They sent us along, with what reward we had earned. Yet it left Kriv and I wanting.

    Our companions were gone--Sariel, Loriana, Leocanto, Kohl, Charname, Mak--they had all perished in our task. Only Alex remained, but he was with wife and child, and we had no right to disrupt the happy ending he earned. So Kriv and I, doing what good devout followers of our Lady Erathis would do, set out to assist in the reconstruction following the war. It was in this self given quest that we found ourselves here--where it all began--Sarn's Pass. Of all the things said by Ragnos, such was true that he had laid waste to the town, but he underestimated a people's will and strength. Though their homes were lost, they had started to rebuild.

    It has been a year and a half since then, and the town nears completion. Her walls are strong, as are her people. The town had lost so much, it needed faith. Though followers of Erathis, we are bound by duty to unite people in religion not to a single deity, but under a pantheon of light--of good and morals. We united the town in faith, and together the town prospered. Homes were rebuilt, the walls reformed, the temple rechristened. The town grew larger than before, nearly a city in her own right. Sarn's Pass again stood within the woods, a bright beacon within the dark green, but something else was needed.

    The monument that followed was a reminder to all. The ivory obelisk stands within the center of the town's graveyard, the second tallest object within the confines of her great wall. Its surface bears the name of every life lost within the destruction of the town. I visit it daily. Surrounding the monument stand six large mounds of rock, each bearing upon them an item, a memory, a tiny monument to a life lost--friends, family--individuals who through their actions helped save the world from destruction. Heroes lost, nameless to the saga of our lands.

    Each mound features a weapon, a tool, representing one used by a warrior--a fallen comrade. The morningstar, for Kohl--strong, yet caring. The crystal, for Charname--charismatic and eccentric. The longsword, for Sariel--powerful as she was beautiful. The massive fullblade of Mak, whose pure power and sacrifice in the end was what made the opening for all to be saved. The rapier, for Leocanto. His entrance was one that bore suspect (his actions did little to remove this), but for all the memories that faded, the ones that remain show true. He was a true friend, and one I am proud to have known.

    And then there was the sixth mound. Borne upon this mound was but a single dagger--simple, and unadorned; this mound meant the most to me. It was this mound that cost me the most. I do not fool myself into thinking I loved her. Nor do I fool myself into thinking we had a future as anything but friends. The truth still remains that short of Kriv, Loriana meant the most to me of all my companions. It was her death, her betrayal, that pained me the most. Yet despite her betrayal, she still holds a place of importance to me. It is for her--to atone for her sins--that I continue on.

    It is said that the future is always born of pain. The history of war is the history of pain. If we are wise what is born of that pain matures into the promise of a better world. We learn that we can no longer afford the mistakes of the past. Kriv, me, the people of Sarn's Pass, the people of Emrolus, we have all learned from the pain we have endured in these past years. But somewhere out there, I know
  4. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    [link=]One Last DM's Corner[/link]

    Well... wow. This is the first game here in the RPF that I ever got to the conclusion of. And while SoNL isn't a properly formatted RPF game, I feel like there's a lot of recognition that I need to throw around. Let's hope I don't mess this up.

    First, a brief tip of the hat to my first DnD group, who inspired me to take the Forgotten Realms, run with it, and keep the campaign history consistent from campaign to campaign. That philosophy was what inspired this game, and it wouldn't have happened without it.

    Next, a mention to all the bands and composers that I so shamelessly linked to like a man possessed: AC/DC, Slayer, Napalm Death, Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, Ozzy Osbourne, Dark Moor, Judas Priest, Alestorm, Jaldaboath, Celtic Frost, Venom, Simon & Garfunkel, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Rick Astley, Nobuo Uematsu, Black Sabbath, Howard Shore, Electric Wizard, Pink Floyd, Magical Trick Society, Immortal, Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall, Samael, George Harrison, Shiro Sagisu, Dragonforce, Burzum, and of course, the one and only Bathory. Hails!

    A shout out to TVTropes, without which this game would not have had nearly half its self-aware jokes. Similarly, a special nod here to all the franchises I skewered or borrowed from - please, don't sue me.

    Impy and Xan - thanks for letting me bend the rules on what is and is not an acceptable RPF game enough to see this crazy vision come to its conclusion.

    And, of course, my players, without whom none of this would have been possible. And, frankly, anybody who can put up with my insanity for more than two weeks in a row deserves a damn medal. In order by screen name:

    BartSimpson-SithLord: You gave us not one, but three major characters: Kohl, Mak, and, indirectly, Ragnös. You weren't even in the original ensemble, but you showed up to damn near every session without fail, and even let me have Mak sacrifice himself to save Finde and Kriv. You, sir, have my undying gratitude and respect.

    Chukles38: You weren't able to stick around for long, but ironically Alex ended up being the one character who got a no-strings-attached happy ending. He was a great character, and it was a shame you had to leave. ... Now update ABW already.

    DarthXan318: You invented drunken SoNL. Gratitude doesn't even begin to cover it. At around the midpoint of the game Sariel's antics were a highlight for me to read, particularly as my confidence took a huge toll. You also let me get away with more [DELETED FOR YOUR SAFETY] innuendo and jokes than I have any right to. Thanks, Xan.

    Kahn_Iceay: Now, judging by this thread, I'm a bit crazy. You were always excited about the plot - that might make you a bit crazy yourself. But the good kind of crazy. The kind that keeps me going and tells me I must be doing something right underneath all that madness. Also, you got all my Trek references, and made... almost every session. Maybe even all of them.

    Kev-Mas_Colcha: For a guy that forgot his sheet half the time, Kev, you certainly managed to make Kriv a compelling character and a worthy portion of the core team. Not to mention adding the term "Shinies" to the Dragonborn lexicon, irrevocably making them just a bit more cuddly before they cut your hand off. That's some kind of win, right there.

    LightWarden: You consistently challenged (Or forced, take your pick) me to improve my abilities, often at proverbial gunpoint. I think I'm a better - albeit slightly more nutty - GM for it, though, so thanks. Also, you've got far more patience with regards to absurd plot developments than I would have had in your shoes - that's just awesome.

    Penguinator-176: This is a weird thing to thank someone for, but thanks for giving me the coolest. GMNPC. EVER. Your interpretation of Leocanto was always a top-notch bit of sarcastic-yet-dashing rogue with the ability to see beyond the fourth wall. I hope my version did it at least some justice. And, hey, now you're in ToF. I CAN CLAIM S
  5. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    [link=]Oh, And One More Thing...[/link]

    Ramza had felt a bit dishonest, telling Finde and Kriv the lie about his ability to see the future. But sometimes, things were better left unknown.

    Or so he liked to believe.

    Taking another sip from his teacup, he opened his book, which was entitled "A History of the Nameless Lands," and turned to the next chapter. Some 15 years after the end of the last.

    "Count Black, I'm pleased to see that you have arrived on such short notice," the Duke of Emrolus said, not moving from his seat atop his throne.

    Alexander, now older, wiser, greying in a few spots, bowed to the Duke. "Of course, my good Duke, I came as soon as I received your summons. My son's seventeenth is not for a few weeks, yet, so I believe I have sufficient free time -"

    "Ah, yes, how is the boy?"

    "He is well, my Duke, although I fear I see too much of myself in him." The men both chuckled.

    "I have a daughter about his age, perhaps... but that is for another day. We have pressing matters to attend to, Count. Grave tidings from Daynor."

    "How so, my Duke?"

    "... They are amassing an army."

    Alexander doubled back in shock. "... An army? But that's a blatant violation of the treaty! Surely the old king would not be so foolish as to -"

    "The King of Daynor... is dead. And on his throne sits his appointed heir, as he had no sons of his own. A most unusual man, the King-To-Be. They say his face has never been seen."


    Across the sea, in Daynor, the crowning had been completed. The new king was to go to the balcony, and address his loyal subjects, who were all eager to learn why he had begun to reassemble the great Daynish army from the ashes, and what sort of man he was. They would not have to wait long.

    "Ladies and gentlemen of Daynor, I give you your new king-"

    "Elial the First!"

    [b]THE END[/b]

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