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Fantasy CLOSED The Saga of the Ryujin

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Shadowsun, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Anaxagore, Heir Protector
    Ryujin Bulwark

    Behind his helmet, Anaxagore tracked her with his eyes and his extended senses. He watched Bellus leap back and empower her sword, her blistering animosity was quite palpable at this distance. It was etched upon her visage, written in her demeanor, her movements, her actions. Indeed, Anaxagore watched her empower her weapon, which caused him to respond in kind.

    Dark Fire burst and covered his great sword, a reddish aura suffused his entire body and immediately his strength, reflexes and agility were multiplied. All three clones surrounding Cretaus were likewise enhanced. Anaxagore’s steel-grey eyes narrowed as he set his mind for the task at hand. With a powerful and sustained exhale, the adept Ryujin-Warrior caused the very air around them to shimmer as he created a ‘heat-zone’ all around them. Cretaus was immune to any adverse effects, thanks to their new bond, as were his clones. In addition, Anaxagore brought one of his newer spells to mind. Bellus would not be the only one dishing out surprises.

    This encounter was significant to Anaxagore in many ways. Though through the years, he'd fought in many campaigns across Regnum itself, no prior skirmish could claim this level of risk, the sheer magnitude of existential crisis which hung in the balance. If they lost here, then Sapientis would win. If he, a Ryujin Protector, newly minted Heir to Lord Zalzabar’s legacy, could not defend the city of Othos in this critical hour, or protect Cretaus, his new Apprentice, from the likes of Bellus Dragonson, then what hope did Regnum have?

    Anaxagore could feel the ‘Will of Fire’ burn inside his chest. He understood what had to be done.

    Everything…or nothing

    Anaxagore knew that Cretaus was ready, keenly waiting for the right moment to cast his spell, and so, he would have it; and maybe together, they could begin to turn the tide of this part of the conflict.

    "There's still time to reconsider, your Highness..."

    Anaxagore's words to Bellus were layered with meaning, but he highly doubted she was listening to a thing he said.

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  2. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Delsanra Taenya Helestina

    As Delsanra moved to higher ground, she noticed that the blood elf had now conjured something new. The woman held up her hand, and several large giant spears, large enough to impale a dragon appeared above her head.


    Even more interesting was the fact that they were tracking her. Delsanra's eyes narrowed. The clash of blood and water. Thoughts raced quickly through her mind. How can the spears track her? By eyesight, surely. But from the aura of this woman, she was sure no mere illusions would fool her. How would someone like her possibly track the spears to her?

    By life force. By blood. Illusions usually didn't have blood or a life aura to share. But Delsanra was different. Her illusions did have such a thing... Either way, now was the time to strike.

    "For the THREE!" Delsana let out a roar and began moving...telling the small wind elemental to hold on. As she charged, she brought forth several flying creatures, about half the size of dragons up behind the woman, ready to attack her. From her already active spell Snowball Triad, she let forth a shot of piercing cold, as she had used just moments ago towards the woman. Delsanra was not blindly charging the woman, no. There was reasoning to this.

    And suddenly the words of the Avatar came to mind... "Have hope Child of Pelagus... as dark as the future may seem, darkness will only be ensured if heroes do nothing..."

    Delsana did not simply charge. She DANCED, swirling and dipping, as the ice she had called up to use as steps changed with her. Her path looked erratic, but it was not. She continued her movements as she waited for her moment.

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  3. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009

    The hot blooded woman felt the body beneath her thrash and scream. The grin on her face couldn't be wider. It wouldn't be her first dragon kill this day but, it never got old. Looking up she watched the slab on steel Rodger called a sword come falling down. With one hand still on her blade she rotated around the hilt to avoid the blade. Then the dragon bucked, throwing both combatants off. The red haired warrior held fast to her hilt as the blade was removed from the creature. Tumbling through the air her eyes looked for a place to land, finding the golden back of Dominus. It wasn't the softest of landings but, it was better than the ground. Her body rattled as she bounced then rolled across the back of the Ryujin. Unable to get her bearings all she could see was a flash of red and then gold and finally black as she crashed into another dragon that choked the sky.

    She'd just gotten to her feet sizing up Rodger and even lunging for him before the ground was gone from beneath them. Thrown from the back of the enemy dragon the only thing below her was the unforgiving ground. The air was slammed from her lungs, her armor creaked and her head rung. After taking a breath she got to her feet gritting her teeth into a smile. It was finally time. Her heart pounded in her chest her blood burned and sung in her veins. Half her face shrouded in her brilliant red hair she gripped the blade in both her hands and charged forward planting her foot and thrust her point towards the broad chest of the red eyed man.

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  4. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    A Fracture

    Arc's reactionary negation magic that did not have the clean focus needed for a being of such concentrated magic did little to effect the two of them. The leap of Arc as he bounded over the earth-lightning elementals, arcs of lightning ripping up from the earth that made them up toward him...

    The strike of Kharvas coming in, locked into place by the counteracting of Ne'jin'tar's own water magic, the two of them able to see each other face to face a mere few inches away as they both struggled over the mounting pressure. Their eyes... they had the same eyes...

    Bellus' great lightning infused leap and the power of Anaxagore and his clones, seemingly unconcerned by the 'heat-zone' that he had created. A lightning bolt of red descended from the heavens to meet her sword as she prepared to swing cleanly into the very head of Anaxagore as he prepared whatever spell he had in mind...

    The twin attacks of Delsanra as she let forth her own elementals, combined with the of ice attacks of one of her newer spells would cause Sanguis to redirect some of the blood spears to strike at the elementals. Dodging herself in her own graceful, elven way the attacks of snow...

    The bounding blood lust of Roger, as he brought up his immense oversized sword, his raven hair drenched with the blood of dragons. The ground echoed with the twin charge of Roger and Rebecca as their swords moved to clash...

    And then...




    A Fracture.

    It was the same sensation they had felt just before they had arrived at Othos, but it was even beyond that, far, far beyond... Their movements played out in minuscule motion, like that of honey flowing across a log, and then backwards, their memories retained, as the fabric of time cried out in anguish and pain and its Will superseded by another.

    Rebecca would be just where she had been when she had landed, Delsanra would see her elementals were gone, the first spear of Sanguis beginning to strike as if nothing had happened, Anaxagore would be depowered as too would Bellus, looking at her own sword in confusion, Kharvas blade would only just become engulfed in water, not yet engaged with the lock with Ne'jin'tar and
    Arc would be at the moment as the earth-lightning elementals had been summoned.

    It would perhaps take them only a moment to realize what had happened.

    Time had moved backward by a few seconds.

    Cretaus would look to Anaxagore with a shake of his head as if to say they it had not been him, the spell he had conjured still primed within his hands.

    The attack moves of their various enemies would now too be different having learnt from the denied future.

    Roger would take his sword and slam it into the very ground, the sheer force of his attack causing the ground to spilt and erupt like that of an earthquake disrupting the footing for both he and Rebecca.

    Sanguis would have three of her spears from a triad above her head ready to strike down at the elementals that she presumed Delsanra would conjure. The remaining two spears hurtling to attack the Snow Elf.

    Bellus would not re-enchant her sword. Her blade was brought back in a wide arc as a wave of lightning was unleashed with her swing, large and wide enough that it could hit all of Anaxagore's clone. One, two, three.... four. Waves all in thunderous, quick succession... Cretaus' eyes went wide knowing that he would not be able to dodge all four.

    Kharvas would take his sword up, swirling it around him as a vortex of water rushed around his body picking him up and allowing him to move at far greater speeds then before, knocking back anything that drew near... with another movement his sword slide to the side, a quick succession of flowing movements as he and the water danced to attack Ne'jin'tar... in fact it would remind Ne'jin'tar of the rain dance his mother had taught him when he was young...

    The Spider, Arkon, was still at its initial wound any healing it had done became undone by the time-reversal. One of the two lightning elementals moved up floating in the space above the other one make it nigh impossible for Arc to simply leap over the two of them... another crackle as tendrils of blue came to strike at hooded man.

    And whatever was happening at the orb... deep within the city centre...

    Well, that would remain to be seen...

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  5. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Arc
    What the holy moly sin and flying fudge has just

    Well things went from bad to very bad to absolutely worse.

    He'd been in trouble before, and now, and now -

    The lightning coruscated over his coat and sent him tumbling to the ground, smoking.

    No small amount of negation magic had been expended to stop him being barbecued, probably, but this was an ouch, and a bad one.

    The spider-Ryujin would have plenty of time to heal, Arc knew.

    But his entire insides felt like jelly; as if his very internal organs had been rearranged by whatever the hell had just happened to time.

    This was not good at all.

    "A little help here?" He managed just about, lamely, trying to force his fingers to shake free of the electrocution and weave a negation barrier until he could fully heal.


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  6. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Ne'jin'tar
    One step forward, Two steps back

    Ne'jin'tar no know what happen now, but Ne'jin'tar know what was. Was to the lock, was to the eyes. Ne'jin'tar in go go back felt the eyes. Ne'jin'tar felt odd words settle as Ne'jin'tar made take stock. Ne'jin'tar wonder as Ne'jin'tar see once red armor wearing water caster rise up on pillar.

    Ne'jin'tar banish wonder as Ne'jin'tar note this one still attack Ne'jin'tar! Ne'jin'tar move, block and hack defensive style. Only Ne'jin'tar still have enough wits note attack feel familiar. Ne'jin'tar know that dance! With firm nod Ne'jin'tar start rain dance counter to attacker rain dance. Ne'jin'tar know steps, Ne'jin'tar should attack on enemy retreat step. Ne'jin'tar have swing high, but Ne'jin'tar try dispel enemy water as well.

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  7. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Delsanra Taenya Helestina
    What new evil is this?

    Delsanra had planned her attack well, even while that nagging feeling had begun to get
    a bit more nagging. Just as she was about to begin her run, an odd sensation in magics

    ... and something else.

    Something akin to a scream within the very fabric of reality. And what was even more disturbing, she remembered what it was, she was about to do...or had one, and now so did her enemy. HOW?! She was pretty sure that it was not Cretaus' doing. Now, the blood mage changed her attack as well, as Delsanra made her move. Delsanra saw three of the woman's spears from a triad above her head ready to strike down at the elementals that she presumed Delsanra would conjure. The remaining two spears were hurtling towards Delsanra.

    Again, just as that nagging feeling began to hit even stronger, she heard a voice..

    "A little help here?"

    It was soft, barely heard. But she heard. It was Arc. Obviously, this time jump had affected him in a bad way.

    "Anyone?", she heard him call out.

    Delsanra decided in that moment of time, that something was not as all things seemed. She hoped the little wind elemental could keep up with this next trick. As Delsanra heard the cry she decided to alter her original attack plan. She would have to utilize an illusion clone a bit early, but if she did it right, it should cause as much disruption as that little time alteration just did, and they would be unsure of what it was she exactly did.

    Delsanra ran towards the woman, just as she had originally planned, brining up the other diversions as well, timing her plan, so that just before the spears would reach her, she cloned herself, and simultaneously teleported, so that she would suddenly be in two places at once, if only for a few seconds. She had originally planned to get close to the woman, but that little time alteration made her think she was missing something... as if the woman she was focusing on, was not really there as well either. And since there seemed to be a bit of mimicry going on, she decided to play along.

    Suddenly, a massive wall of jagged ice appeared in front of Arc, hopefully, to give him a moment of respite away from the large spider creature he seemed to be battling. Delsanra had no time to figure out how that came to be.

    And where was Delsanra??

    She was further down on the wall, on the other side of the woman, crouched down low. Her next actions would be on how the spears did or did not react to her previous actions.

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  8. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Anaxagore, would-be-Protector
    A grander scale

    ‘By the Three!! Cretaus, what was that?’

    Anaxagore did not lose his cool, but was definitely surprised by the 'time reversal' he had just experienced. He would have felt it, had it come from his pupil, Cretaus, but it did not. His young charge did confirm as much. Could it have been the Time Mage Tempus?

    He had his doubts on that account.

    What he did notice was the momentary confusion that came over Bellus. Like him, she had been powered down, with both their effects dispersed, or rather ‘reversed’; yet their memories had proceeded forth, in a linear fashion.

    How odd.

    But there was no time to think on the event. Bellus was attacking once again, targeting his clones first. Her lightning powers were as impressive as Lord Zalzabar’s, delivered with visual flare.

    It was quite ironic, from a certain point of view.

    The Heir Protector reacted with both martial speed and might, as he went into action. As Bellus clashed against his clones, Anaxagore simultaneously cast his ‘Flash Fire Bomb’ spell at Bellus, even as he suddenly extended a silver wing to cover Cretaus from harm. This was inspired by Arc’s earlier action against the Spider creature, which he had taken notice of, for he’d been keeping an eye on the evolving battle and his fellow champions of Regnum. Notably, it was good to see Delsanra assist the imperiled Negation Ryujin.

    Incidentally, thanks to their bond, Anaxagore would allow Cretaus to see through his own eyes, while his wing blocked the young one's view. This could prove momentarily disorienting, but ultimately very convenient.

    Lastly, should Bellus be affected by the magical 'flash' of his spell, Anaxagore would pounce on Lady Dragonson while she remained disoriented, even as he left another clone in his stead, guarding Cretaus just as he would.

    Way in the back of his mind, the time reversal was a concern to Anaxagore. Was this a harbinger of something far more insidious?

    He could feel the answer in his gut.


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  9. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Ajax, The Bear of Athas
    The two beasts of brilliance continued to twirl and scatch at each other as they fought tooth and claw, a coil of silver and crimson. Sonus had a fierce hold with his maw in Kaynus's neck, the crack of his scales and the spilling of his precious, noble blood. Kaynus's claws would scratch against the back of Sonus, several of them becoming dislodged and cracked as he continued to rip away. His roar added to the cacophony of Ryujin of both Haugun and Athas. Was he here?

    Kaynus could feel him. His presence.

    His blood ran cold, true fear creeping into every part of his soul.

    And that... strange time reversal, was that the brat's doing?

    Or... his weird trainer... Tempura?

    He spun around violently managing to throw Sonus at last off him. The blood continued to gush forward as there was a sizeable wound across his neck, only just beginning to heal... he had little time to pay that any attention as he dove down towards Sonus and unleashed his breath of light, piercing down toward the falling 'demon' Ryujin.

    As the spears thundered instantly into the illusion of Delsanra, dispelling the magic encased within Sanguis's eyes would dart around her, in the distance she viewed Kharvas and his duel with the orc, and in the opposite direction, she would view Arc calling out for help as Delsanra reappeared.

    As Arc tumbled down across the ground, the healing factor of the Ryujin already beginning to heal the burns across his skin another jagged blast of now rock hurtled down only to slam into a wall of ice that slammed upward with a cold fierceness.

    In the same timeframe that Delsanra committed to creating and raising the dazzling display of ice. There would be two sharp whistles through the air.

    That moment between when she would hear the noise and inevitable be hit by the spears, would seem to play out in slow motion as, out of the thicket and crowd of dead bodies and fighting, one unnoticed, perhaps due to his lack of magic, came barreling out his large frame moving to intercept the spears.

    Ajax, The Bear of Athas
    The two spears plunged into his strong, but very un-Ryujin as the sheer force of the spears sent him hurtling into Delsanra which knocked them both down.

    "Oh I'm sorry... did you think you could take your eyes off me for a moment?" mocked Sanguis as she prepared a new wave of attacks. Looked at the hapless man that had risked his life, to her, senselessly.

    Arc meanwhile would have to contend with the voice within his head, one that had spoken to him before.

    "You wish for help Arc? And yet you have barely tapped into your power, that of your Ryujin blood, you expect to slay a Kumo with such a half-hearted attempt? Oh... or has your world forgotten of our siblings?"

    Arc would have a few moments to collect himself as the ice wall weakened under the barrage of rock attacks.

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    IC: Bellus Dragonson

    The first of the four waves of lightning thundered into Anaxagore's clones that were slightly ahead of them, dispelling them in an instant as the magic of the first wave disspatied. Anaxagore would still be casting the spell as the second one came through, just about to hit him as Cretaus then unleashed his held spell, the wave 'skipping' through them in a shimmer as it crashed behind them.

    A grin on Cretaus's face quickly vanished as just as Anaxagore unleashed his spell the final two waves of lightning thundered into them both. And thus no opportunity was afforded for him to jump Bellus as she was temporarily blinded by the spell, her hands shielding her eyes as she stumbled around for a moment, before snapping her blade back into place.

    During this time Cretaus began to get up, thanks in large part to the shared bond between him and Anaxagore, or else with no recovery or healing factor of his own he would have been in bad shape.

    In the time it would take for them both to get back up Bellus would hold her blade up and pointed towards the man.

    "Two against one, even less so five against one hardly seems fair pretty boy, why don't you go one on one with me... you seem like the honorable type..."

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    IC: Kharvas of the Water Blade

    Kharvas eyes shone brightly as he moved in continuance tandem with Ne'jin'tar's movements, the two flowing like twisted streams of water. The Mirkin would swing around in an upward counter to Ne'jin'tar's high strike as the Water Blade's magic was then pushed aside and dispelled.

    "Only the Mirkin know such a dance," spoke Kharvas after he pushed the two of them apart standing for a moment at a tense guard. "Tell me who taught you it!" he demanded, his eyes mixed with hope and fear. The red tipped fins began to move slowly, the eyes... those same eyes reflected into Ne'jin'tar's.


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  10. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Ne'jin'tar
    Dancing on the Waterblade!

    They danced. Ne'jin'tar appreciated the beauty of it. Ne'jin'tar and Kharvas were a whirling sand devil made of water upon the battle field. All stayed back or died in their wake as they fought. They were a ring of death to all, Ne'jin'tar no break Kharvas defense. Kharvas no break Ne'jin'tar defense. Round and round.

    Kharvas asked question, "Battle yields answers. Mother taught me Rain Dance." Putting hands and blade before Ne'jin'tar face Ne'jin'tar summoned the Ryujin within. Blue spines pushed their way out as skin and materials rapidly were absorbed into his growing form. Between the spreading deep blue of those spines red fins grew and fanned out. Grander and grander he grew! His adept form bursting forth as he as he stared down now at the one that was his opponent. "Any last questions?" Ne'jin'tar growled as the water armor still coating his body had been grown with him and now began spikes. Ne'jin'tar was wholly defensive now in his frilled Ryujin glory! Ne'jin'tar with a bit of will that heavy defense would become a crushing offense.


    Ne'jin'tar if not in war, might think sit on him.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Anaxagore, would-be-Protector
    The rod measures both ways

    She had stopped attacking, and for the moment, so did he. Mostly to allow himself and Creatus to fully heal and regain their bearings. He had no doubt that Bellus was likely doing the same, buying herself time.

    That, as well as deploying another trick in her deck of cards.

    "Two against one, even less so five against one hardly seems fair pretty boy, why don't you go one on one with me... you seem like the honorable type..."

    Anaxagore did not answer her immediately, for it wouldn’t be prudent to do so in haste.

    In that moment, his senses were communicating to him what he needed to know.

    Ajax had been wounded as he used himself in a tactical maneuver to assist Delsanra. Was he giving his blood for her to use? That was a curious notion.

    Kaynus was badly wounded, but holding his own, barely.

    Arc was collecting himself, though the ice barrier protecting him wouldn’t last long.

    Rebecca and Dominus were likely engaged in furious combat against Roger the Red.

    Ne'jin'tar was in his glory.

    But what of Lord Zalzabar, Tempus and Lady Esenma?

    “Honorable…?” Anaxagore finally answered in mock surprise. “Can’t say I recall the last time I’ve been accused of that particular virtue.”

    He offered a small controlled smile to Lady Dragonson, followed by a curt bow. Despite being a warrior, he did posses some courtly manners.

    “I thank you for the compliment m'lady. Honor is not a vestment one simply puts on for show. I dare say, if you claim to see honor in me, is the same true for you?”

    Anaxagore made a sweeping motion with his hand.

    “I would very much like to accept your invitation to dance. How could I say no to one as beautiful as you…however….”

    His tone now became less jovial and more in keeping with the seriousness of their situation, for he did take the personage of Lady Dragonson very seriously.

    “I would agree to our dance under one condition. If you have command over all these warriors, then bid them stand down, so that you and I may decide the victor of this conflict. If I win, you must turn back and return to whence you came. If I lose, then my life is forfeit, but you shall give your word that everyone's lives will be spared and no one else will need die this day, no more blood will be needlessly shed.”

    Anaxagore stood his ground and waited to see if Bellus would accept his offer, or move against them as he suspected she would. Either way, he would be ready, as he brought another spell to mind - because there was no honor in this invasion.

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  12. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Arc
    Ice ice ice baby

    Delsanra gave him a breather, and he chortled out. "Thank you!"

    With a deep sigh, he tried to push down his pain, rebalance himself, encourage his mind to seek out the parts of him that he hadn't yet tapped out in the battle. He had been playing conservatively because it was a siege, not an individual one on one palaver, so Arc had planned to keep power in reserve for the fight after this fight. But the way that everyone was engaging each other, of course, was as if they could die any moment.

    How else would you commit to a pitched battle?

    Every fight had to be fought to your fullest, and with all of your self or you would die.

    "You wish for help Arc? And yet you have barely tapped into your power, that of your Ryujin blood, you expect to slay a Kumo with such a half-hearted attempt? Oh... or has your world forgotten of our siblings?"


    Other Ryujin-esque species?

    He didn't have time for this.

    He'd already realised what he needed to do, and some random voice confirming his conclusion wasn't helping.

    And so Arc pocketed the word Kumo, and went in.

    The ice wall was on the verge of shattering, but as soon as the current rock barrage was over, he snapped his fingers and blew the ice wall at his enemy. Opportunity birthed.

    And so with that distraction - which may even have wounded his opponent for a moment, he unleashed it.

    All of it.

    He had to.

    To become power.

    Elder Form.

    To unlock the fire within, to give it permission to rise up.

    He had to turn this foe - this Kumo - into ash.

    With an immense unfurling of his power, of his shame, of his indignation at needing to be saved -

    He opened his mouth and poured energy into the creature.

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  13. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Rebecca Dragon

    Time snapped back and it took a moment for the cursed blood warrior to gather herself. By the time she got her bearings everything was shaking, the ground underneath was breaking and shattering. Locking eyes with her opponent she felt the burning desire to kill, though time had gone backwards her burning blood hadn't cooled. Rushing forward she bounded from rock to rock, from bit of uplifted ground to broken hill. She had to kill him had to watch what life he had in him fade away. Even as the ground broke it rose up giving her a platform to leap rasing her blade above her head bringing it down in a powerful falling slash looking to burry her blade deep into the monster's skull.

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  14. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Delsanra Taenya Helestina
    When blood runs cold


    As planned, Delsanra raised a wall of ice to help Arc, as she had reappeared in a new post. She had heard the whistles, which confirmed an idea she had about the spears that had been sent against her. She already had a plan to avoid them.

    But what she had not expected, was a large form that suddenly broke out from the mound of bodies and brambles nearby, and place himself between her and the spears. And she immediately identified the person.


    The two spears plunged into his body, the sheer force of the spears sent him hurtling into Delsanra which knocked them both down. Her response was immediate. As he stumbled into her,
    an ice dome immediately went up, and as soon as it covered them, she teleported once more, taking herself and Ajax away. These crimson knights were vicious, and while she wanted to stay behind and help Ajax, she knew that if they did not get rid of these knights soon, there were going to lose. She saw their true plan, and what they were trying to do. Delsanra heard the blood elf make some snide remark, and Delsanra emotions drained. Delsanra would not be goaded. Delsanra realized she would have to lose her normal emotions and reactions if she was going to survive this. They were being kept busy, while what was really going on, was near the center of the city.

    Delsanra left Ajax in a hopefully safe position, only pausing just long to do a healing spell. And then she left once more. They were depleting them far to quickly. This needed to end and end quickly. Her mind was working furiously. If the protection they had fallen, they would be swarmed. And that little trick with the time jump, made it much more dangerous. But hopefully, that was a one-time trick, to try and catch them off guard at the beginning....

    But she did not have the luxury of leaving it to chance. So far, their enemy had the upper hand and was doing their best to outmaneuver them. Something needed to happen, that they could not expect.

    Time to return the favor.

    She was on the move now, she knew she had to do something ... different.

    She teleported again, this time with daggers out, but hidden. With her disappearance, she imagined what the blood witch would do, so she anticipated...

    Clones...moved. Some from hiding spots across the field. One moved towards where the blood witch was, others just moved about from one spot to another.

    And Delsanra?

    She teleported straight up. High in the sky so that she could have a vantage point, in case the woman had moved. She then went into free fall, as she spied her target. She had a spell to slow herself, but she would not use it until needed. She needed a fast attack. If the woman didnt spy her, she would teleport an attack before the woman could react. For the extra cover, the spell she learned from the scroll was cast.


    If the elemental was still around, she would ask for its help.

    But the blood witch was not the only target. The large spider thing was also close. If she could hit both with her dagger, perhaps she could turn the tide.

    "Gods, guide my hand..." she muttered softly. She knew she was risking much. But this had to be concise kills. The longer they stayed out here, the quicker they would burn thru their reserves. Once she spied her targets, she would move from one to the other as fast as possible if they were close enough. If not, she would concentrate on the one. But if the target was in sight....she would move for multiple attacks. This madness needed to end.

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  15. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    The Shattering

    The ebb and flow continued to weave in it's mischievous web. Fate itself seemed fickle as ever. Of course nothing truly meaningful was ever easy.

    Just when things became their darkest, one must push on.

    Or be consumed by the void.

    The blade of Roger the Red came back in a twist as the large flat edge large enough to be a shield for a normal man came up to block the savage blow of Rebecca Dragon. His sword then pushed outward wide to separate the two figures... another shift as he came down low in a swing that seemed to more directed for raw power than technique, the movements far too awkwardly positioned for even the veterans of South Osatia to pull off efficiently

    In the not too far distant, also on the ground outside the walls of Othos was the escalating fight of Cretaus, Anaxagore and Bellus. Bellus scoffed as Anaxagore gave his conditions, she was took a deep breath in, it seemed she was over exerting herself. The damping magic of the Dome of Othos was more troublesome than she had anticipated.

    She gave a soft smile as she caught her breath before...


    Fire. That was the sensation Arc would feel. Fire rushing through his veins as the power within him surged like a thunderbolt, intoxicating in it's glory. The ice having knocked into the two lightning-earth elementals staggering for but a moment as...

    Several Ryujin in the distant flying in the swirling mass that were fighting were caught in the blast that could be seen from the other side of the city. Three fell from the sky crashing into the walls below as the molten remains of the elementals glowed red.

    But the Spider, or as the voice had called it a 'Kumo', was quite simply...

    A bastard.

    It had scuttled as the ice had hit the two lightning elementals down across to the side of the wall allowing it to evade the targeted maelstrom of fire.


    The omnidirectional blizzard of a certain Snow Elf.

    That it would not be able to avoid... for several moments it clung on desperately to the wall as ice began to saw through it's leg. The flailing, pitiful scuttle of it's hairy legs as it began to fall down to outside the walls...

    Arc's vision would be blinded by the blizzard it chipping away at his elder scales with effort but real effect. He was only able to sense that Arkon had fallen to the ground, but not what fate had befallen it.

    Sanguis had steadied a new series of blood sickles around her person, floating in idle preparation as her eyes scanned feeling the pulse of teleportation magic. Her eyes only just locking on as Delsanra unleashed her squall of snow. In the brief moments that she the blood that formed the spears was redirected forming a partial sphere to cover the slicing ice. In a few moments the sphere would be shreded to nothing, the blood mixing with the brilliantly white ice and snow staining it's perfection as Sanguis's own blood flooded out from the sharp cuts all across her body.

    After a period of time that would feel like an eternity the blizzard would subside. Delsanra would not be able to cast such a spell again for several moments, as she no doubt sought to catch her breath. As she looked around she would see the remains of her work.

    Just a few feet outside this blast radius would be the dualistic duo of water.

    Kharvas's fish-like eyes flickered as the growing rising power of Ne'jin'tar and his Ryujin form that he had cultivated over the past month. The Mirkin's eyes were locked in fascination at the... familiar shape and form of Ne'jin'tar's dragon state, and that of what Ne'jin'tar had just spoken.

    "Battle yields answers. Mother taught me Rain Dance."

    Kharvas took a sharp breath as he was knocked back by the rapidly expanding dragon. A moment's breath later he was back on his feet. He gave a nod, for he had his answers now, there was a certainty in the Crimson Knight's mind. He looked up to the sky as a pulse was then felt through the sky.


    The Sky Cracked.

    Or at least it would feel that way.

    The sky would grow black as the hordes of Haugunite Dragons that had been unable to enter would now all rush through. The humans on the ground that had fallen now all rushed back into the draconic from's rising up as a black mass that would begin to block the sky. Rebecca and Roger continuing to duel with the rising masses flying up around them.

    Kharvas would look to Ne'jin'tar a bow of his head in respect as his features now began to shift. A somber eye looked to Ne'jin'tar reflecting his own.

    They had the same colors... and with a single bolt the wingless, legless ryujin would dart around attempt to coil round the water of Ne'jin'tar, shifting between the spikes that had formed from it... the beautiful blue and red shimmering across the water's surface.


    Bellus would cock a smile as she feel a rush of power a smirk on her face


    And in a instant she was gone... she was faster than before... was Anaxagore faster than lightning itself? A question he would soon have to answer as her sword came careening for his side.

    And lastly...

    Where had the Spider and Sanguis gone off to?

    The Dome... had shattered.

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Delsanra Taenya Helestina
    The dark skies of Athas

    Delsanra quickly glided down and took cover, her breath stinging sharply within her chest. 'By the Three!'

    As Delsanra hid, catching her breath, she looked around, and her eyes widened slightly. Of course, she had practiced using the new spell, but she had to 'hold' it back. To finally see what it could do, once fully unleashed, was interesting, to say the least. Too bad she did not have time to examine it more.

    Delsanra now drew on the teaching of Zalzabar, and drew in her magical and Ryujin aura to the smallest she could. She clutched her dagger, hidden up her sleeve, as she scanned the area, and suddenly a strange sound made her look up .... and what she saw, made her stomach drop.

    The sky grew black as the hordes of Haugunite Dragons that had been outside the city would now all rush through. The humans on the ground that had fallen now all rushed back into the draconic from's rising up as a black mass that would begin to block the sky. She did not need to guess what had happened. Whatever magical effects that had been protecting the city were suddenly gone. That meant someone had breached the inner city. Just like the knights had stated earlier. which made her now wonder what had happened to Zalzy and Esenma. Delsanra reached down, and she drew out her personal orb. It might do nothing for the big ones, but it would keep the annoying smaller ones away. But the orb did also have a dual feature. It would block magic as well, that was not hers.

    Delsanra quickly looked about, while staying hidden. Where was that blood witch? She didn't see the spider creature either. She did not dare hope she had gotten rid of the witch. She moved slowly, using the building structures around her for cover, as she moved while scanning the area for her enemy.

    What had happened to Zalzabar and Esenma? She truly wanted to know. But she also knew that if things went really bad, she had to make sure that the eye was not captured. Hopefully, the sphere would hide the eye as well. Nevertheless, Delsanra kept moving, as she was recovering. Perhaps she could find out what was happening with the others, as she moved about.

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  17. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Arc
    Song of Fire and Ice

    The flames engulfed, released, reviled, infinite.

    The damage to the attackers was something, but Arc wasn't conscious of who or what he had killed, and for a long moment felt the guilt of that, muzzling his power -

    Arkon? Kumo?

    And then the blizzard hit, a jagged pain that dug into his scales and eyes as he squeezed them shut, writhing slightly, and he was sure his wings were pierced in part -

    He tumbled back, in his Ryujin form still, slipping on the ice that Delsanra had wrought in his weakness. Flopping down among the bodies and rubble, his attention was only caught when the Dome was cracked, and he looked up.

    Oh no.

    But he had to keep fighting; even to cover a retreat.

    Not even looking for the others, he opened his mouth and tried to spit flame again, but his heart wasn't in it, no, because that power had been intoxicating, yes, but it had been terrifying too...

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Anaxagore Heir Protector
    With Great Power

    The blizzard had hit. Anaxagore’s instinctive use of inner flame on himself and Cretaus had been standard fair, for this was beyond second nature for him as someone who’d roamed icy planes for many years.

    But that was the least of his troubles.

    Something terrible had occurred for reasons he could only speculate. The protective magical dome over the city had shattered, giving free rein and power to the enemy.

    In that moment, Anaxagore saw and felt the enemy’s potential grow exponentially, even as the sky grew darker with the innumerable enemy host.

    Bellus was coming at him, her intentions plain.

    Anaxagore was left with no choice. As Heir Protector, his duty was to Protect. As a Warrior born…….

    ’Cretaus…..’ Anaxagore’s thoughts would be instantaneously heard by the young human mageling, his apprentice.

    ’Find the King and protect him. As an apprentice heir protector, I charge you with this duty! Now go!!’

    Creatus would feel the compulsion to obey as a boost of power washed over him. To either side of him, Anaxagore Clones would appear to assist him in whatever he did.

    Kaynus. Delsanra. Rebecca. Arc. Ne’jin’tar. Dominus. Zalzabar. Ensenma. Tempus.

    They were all giving their all, the best way they knew how. The enemy sought to use sheer numbers to overwhelm them and dictate the outcome. Perhaps it was time to even the odds. Time to light up the sky.

    The shackles of his mind were loosened as his thoughts focused on one word of command to bring forth the True Power of the Ancients:


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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Ne'jin'tar
    Within the water, the wyrm turns

    Ne'jin'tar face the fish, Ne'jin'tar surprised - harden water armor, Ne'jin'tar ready new blow. Blow no come. Ne'jin'tar see Ryujin like sand serpent coil around Ne'jin'tar water armor! Ne'jin'tar no know what it do, Ne'jin'tar sure Ne'jin'tar no can let it do what it do whatever it do.

    Ne'jin'tar hear crack, Ne'jin'tar see sky rain Ryujin. Broken bodies rise as scaled forms again. Ne'jin'tar focus on Ne'jin'tar's own battle. Ne'jin'tar not do much until Ne'jin'tar free.

    Ne'jin'tar focus on water spikes, Ne'jin'tar focus, turn spike to teeth to claw! Ne'jin'tar roar! Ne'jin'tar high spike flow low, low spike flow high. Ne'jin'tar turn armor to biting maw to clamp and spill water serpent in chunks all around Ne'jin'tar! Ne'jin'tar would feast on his heart if Ne'jin'tar no have so many more Ne'jin'tar must kill.

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  20. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    The Power of the Ryujin
    It was like a beam of pure energy. The sheer light reflecting off the dark scales of the dark horde. Such was the power of Arc, but it would be clear that this power was far from being controlled. It zigged in a messy fashion as he struggled to control the intense beam, cleaving it's way through the scales of friendly and foe Ryujin.

    Dominus's eyes focused as he viewed the power, disentangling himself from his draconic foe. His large yellow wings flapping as he viewed the battlefield. Kaynus and Sonus locked in their struggle of tooth, claw, sound and light.

    Were his eyes
    deceiving him? The spider-like form of Arkon was creeping back slowly up the wall, clinging to its precipice as a shriek emitted from its two fangs. Surely Delsanra would notice such a thing in her dash across the battlements.

    Arkon, like the rest of the Crimson Knights, had been
    unshackled now able to use the full extent of his summoning prowess. It's two front hairy legs rose up before then slamming down as then they came.
    A pouring rain of red and white with the spider as its epicenter. This was Arkon's crucible.
    They were all about the size if not larger than a human. And so they would scurry about, hundreds of them into the city killing indiscriminately against soldier and civilian. They would too surround the outside battlefield where Anaxagore, Cretaus, and Rebecca were all engaged in their own battles.

    Ne'jin'tar would feel the ever-tightening squeeze of the Mirkin, its wet cries ringing out against his ear as the spikes of water reshifted and pierced through the scales of the beast. The mindless drones of white and red began to climb on the two of them as Kharvas uncoiled himself, thrashing his body in a wide motion that knocked a number off the side.
    Cretaus's eyes would look up to Anaxagore, his immediate reaction was to refuse, but as he saw those things... he knew he could refuse. In a moment the young boy was sprinting like a bolt back towards the city. Anaxagore turned back to see Bellus Dragonson, her forming beginning to enlarge and grow to that of mighty draconic proportions.
    Lightning, crackling, intense began to from between her twin horns. The red hue shining against her scales as Anaxagore ushered a single command:


    An eye quivered open, a sick smile of glee as the Primordial Human responded






    As Cretaus looked back he would just about be able to see the rapidly expanding fireball. A quick breath as he flicked his hand, to the outsider his body looked like it skipped through the air as he pushed himself through time. His face was covered in sweat, his eyes stinging sharply.

    Hundreds, perhaps even a few thousand dark ryujin bodies began to collapse to the ground, their bodies were charred and mangled from the fireball that had erupted to the size of a mountain. The whip-like tendrils of fire thrashed as they came in contact with the edges of the wall. The band of Zalzabar would see this unnatural phenomenon but be distant enough to remain unaffected, except for the glow that warmed their faces. Perhaps thankful that whatever had just exploded was at the very edge of the battle beyond the walls.

    And then just as quickly as it had wrought itself into the world the fire plunged back into the epicenter of power. A churning, guttural feel of immense magical Will, with an aura monstrous in every sense.

    Anaxagore? Thought Cretaus as he felt the magical aura of his friend. Dark, Mysterious... no this was not all him... there was something... else...


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    Apr 29, 2002
    The Will of Fire​

    The last thoughts he would have as his own person were of Bellus Dragonson, on how beautiful she was, how powerful and independent - a woman of noble blood. In an imaginary land of fairy tales, she would have been the perfect wife, for in truth, he would have worked tirelessly, moving up the ranks, just to be worthy enough to ask for her hand.

    But the fates were often cruel.

    In reality, she was his sworn enemy. Powerful, yes, yet unreasonable, intractable. Ruled by fascist dreams of conquest and domination- the proud daughter of a tyrant; Leader of the Black Horde of Haugunite Ryujin. They did not seek to unify the nations, or uplift them. No, they sought to bring them to heel under their booted foot, even if it meant releasing Sapientis and destroying the world. They could not be dissuaded from their course. Therefore, Anaxagore was sworn to come against them, for the sake of Regnum, in the name of ‘The Three’.

    And so, the Haugunite Horde had come to Athas in their campaign of conquest.

    Lord Zalzabar had sworn an oath to defend the Great City of Othos, thus by entering into a contract with him, so had Anaxagore, who was also dubbed Heir Protector of the Realm.

    How then could he withhold his greatest strength at the appointed hour? Nay! He would not withhold an iota to the cause he was committed. Hark! how fierce did the battle fare, in as much that the city was covered in both fire and ice. Was this a glimpse of things to come? Nay! May The Three forbid it. Othos, though it fall, it would surely be rebuilt.

    Arc’s Brilliance smote the darkened skies and fire had seared the remainders. Bellus had transformed into her glory, undaunted.

    Anaxagore now understood.

    The Haugunites responded to one thing alone, and Ignis had made it possible for him to speak quite eloquently in that terrible and monstrous language.

    A century ago, he had mourned his own mother.

    Today, a father may have to mourn his own daughter.

    X'Ignis thurnered with a ground shaking roar as he angled his maw towards Bellus, then spoke his first objection in the form of a devastating plasma beam of power.

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  22. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Delsanra ...

    Deslanra was moving about, using the structures around her for cover, as she rested. She had yet to see that blood witch yet, and the others seemed to be doing well, or at least holding their own. Some were hard to see. There was a beam of light, and she decided that this must be Arc. It zigged about wildly, as she did her best to stay out of its way as she continued moving. As Delsanra paused for a moment, wondering about her next move, her elven ears heard a strange noise, even above the noise of everything else going on around her. There was a strange shriek, and as Delsanra looked the spider thing was back, clawing its way up the wall. As it clung on, it slammed down two of its legs, and suddenly it spewed out red and white....things, that she could think only vaguely looked humanoid. And they were killing machines, reaching out to destroy anything in their paths.

    Delsanra was thinking about what she could do to quickly get rid of the things when suddenly, she gasped. Her eyes opened wide, as she scanned the area, as she suddenly felt a massive wave of magical aura in the area. Elves were already sensitive to magic, and being a mage, even more so, but THIS! This was like being steeped in the magical aether, far more than the blood witch. Who or what was responsible for it?

    And then, the world exploded.

    The blast of hot light that suddenly formed, and exploded outwards towards them, might as well have been a star. Delsanra felt the world expand, as every hair on her neck stood on end. The air rushed by her, as tendrils of fire thrashed as they came in contact with the edges of the wall.


    Pure magic. All-powerful. All consuming. All commanding.

    Like before, when Zalzabar had shared his will with her, in their training to learn how to reach their elder form, she felt the powerful rush flow through her, but so much more.

    Much, much more!

    It sang thru her entire body. This was different. It threatened to overwhelm. So instead she embraced it. Let it flow through her.

    With a guttural growl deep in her throat, she grabbed the dagger she had been holding and as began to run towards the spider. She knew she had to deal with the blood elf, but now...

    Before she reached the red and white creatures she leaped and her guttural cry became a roar, as she turned into her ryujin form, breathing out frostfire, towards the spider and his creatures, while keeping an eye open for the witch, no longer Delsanra.

    She was Ryujin. She was the Walker.

    She was an Elder.

    Time for her will to be felt.

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  23. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Battle for Othos - Central Orb Tower
    Derius recognized the two jars Esenma summoned. Recognized in a relative abstract sense; he’d only read about those summons and this was his first time seeing them in real life. They were almost a myth.

    From his floating cloud, Derius turned to Solis and asked “Where is she?”

    "In the cell block to the south," spoke Solis and with that, he clenched his hand and all hell broke loose.

    The magical orb that powered the dome became engulfed in light, Helen's eyes radiating in wonder as she viewed a magic similar to her own being commanded with such ease and power. And within the next instant...

    "Noooo!" shouted Zalzabar, a ball of lightning forming within his hand as he moved to push the orb through Solis's chest. August, the one that held the staff in his hand, tapped the ground with his staff as large spikes of rock began to move up from the earth, striking to attack that of Helen, her lance of light coming to cleave them in two.

    But it was all in vain.

    The orb was shattered.

    Broken as they would all feel the magical dome to fade.

    And then...

    Their movements played out in minuscule motion, like that of honey flowing across a log, and then backwards, their memories retained, as the fabric of time cried out in anguish and pain and it's Will be superseded.

    By that of Tempus Aeterna.

    A glance to the orb would reveal it to be unshattered, formed back into one. The Time Mage's brow was covered in thick sweat at pulling such a maneuver. It was not a localized moment, something relatively simple for one such as he. No, he had turned back the entire clock.

    And with that, the battle between these eight... would continue.


    Esenma’s mind felt the world move in reverse around her. No, not just felt, she would see the world move in reverse. The orb being put back together. The lightning going back to Zalzabar’s hand. The stopping of the reversal was imminent.

    She braced.

    And when the reversal stopped, Esenma attacked. The lid of one of her jars popped open, revealing an odd faced figure.


    The other jar remained floating, undisturbed and ominously still.

    The tongue of the odd face that glared from the first jar whipped out to the sky, expanding and growing to an absurd size, enough to crush the gathered group of Haugun and Derius as it slammed down towards them.

    Derius’ floating cloud sped quickly out of the way of the attack, but some of the tongue’s saliva landed on his cloak. He could sense the aura on him and immediately looked at it as it as the saliva began to spread across his cloak. Coated himself in black smoke and ripped his cloak away. He threw it to the ground and once enough distance was between he and the crushing tongue he looked back at his cloak.

    The article of clothing was drenched.

    Esenma hadnt stopped attacking however. A wind slash powerful enough to slash open the ground behind him was launched at Derius and while he managed to block it with an outstretched hand, he could feel the power behind it. It was a fatal blow if it landed. Esenma sent another towards Ulfric and the others.

    He dismissed the wind slash, only due to his wind nature and quickly began expelling a thick cloud of smoke that overtook the ground the groups were fighting upon. Ryujins in the area, no matter how powerful, would feel that the cloud of smoke would have a dampening effect if it was inhaled by them or made contact.

    The Haugun Winter Court would be fine, Derius reasoned. They could survive a bit of dampening. This was how he fought. Columns of smoke began to rise around the battlefield.

    He was setting the table.

    As the jar came down, Ulfric would fall back into a swell of darkness. His body appearing behind that of Tempus as Ulfric's hand came down, a dark sludge trailing behind him. Tempus, still drained from his time reversal, was only just able to dodge out of the way... vroom

    The air moved into itself, crushing what was there as the air around it rushed in the fell the void of nothing.

    August gave a slam of his staff, a giant pillar of earth, coming up to slam into the falling jar preventing it from falling on that Solis and himself. Helen, using this opportunity would dart, wings of small light adorned her feet as she moved swiftly to strike at the side of August.

    Zalzabar's lightning orb, would blast itself into Soilis, lightning arcing all over the man's body as he gave a grunt of pain, the lightning roiling and coiling all around him, before a wave of the shadows formed by the lightning lashed out in all directions. Launching Zalzabar away from him.

    The smog of Derius then began to radiate out from him. As Helen's lance of light struck deeply into the side of August, roils of air would begin to shimmer and swirl around him, another twist of his wrist as a great bout of fire, six feet in diameter launched itself from the space in front of him. Helen, forming a beam of light twisted the fireball, away from her and off in the vague distance of the ceiling, crashing with an uproar of smoke and flame.

    The second wind slash of Esenma would narrowly miss the now entangled mess of friend and foe, the ground cracking as if shaken by an earthquake as the sharp wind struck the ground.

    The coils of wind around August turned in controlled and fine-tuned, prevent the smog of Derius from touching him, and simply having them coil around him. Ulfric made no movement to prevent the smog from touching him, another movement as he destroyed air from existence with a swipe of his oversized mace, the dark sludge now trailing its head. Tempus, only just able to move out of the way again.

    Solis, having staggered back from the attack of Zalzabar, looked toward the orb, a quick striking movement as sharp daggers of light continuously formed above his head, zooming towards with a sheer intensity. Light magic, it was one of the only base magics able to keep up with the sheer speed of lightning. Zalzabar forming bolts of lightning around his head, each of them thundering to meet a dagger of light.

    The pillar holding up the tongue of the jar became covered in slimy saliva as the tongue changed size and snaked down the column. The column turned to mud and the tongue whipped at August, not making contact before turning skyward and expelling spittle everywhere.

    Esenma flew to Tempus’ side and through a touch of his shoulder, extended her wind cloak to him, working quickly to rejuvenate the time mage.

    “You mustn’t let Derius’ smoke touch you or inhale it. You’re expelling too much power too fast. The battle is just getting started. Now…”

    Her wind cloak turned into her guardian elemental and detached from her to cover Tempus, protecting him and continuing to provide a wave of recovery. She reached into her bag, keeping an eye on their surroundings.

    Derius watched from away his mother ruffle through her bag. He also watched Solis do battle with Zalzabar, August with Helen, while Ulfric seemed to be planning his next move. A pack of hellhounds emerged from the smoke spewing from beneath Derius feet.

    “Retrieve the orb and find the snow elf.”

    Derius smoke was overtaking the building in the background of the fight. Esenma pulled a bottle of liquor from her bag and created multiple invisible pockets of air. She drank the liquor and the pockets of air dispersed. They were gone.

    “Helen! Your light magic-“

    “Is a direct counter to my own.” Derius finished her sentence from across the room. He eyed Helen. The woman had not set her sights on him but eventually she would. She was his natural enemy.

    As the weakened Tempus was able to just move out of the way of Ulfric's attack the auraless man's arm became enveloped in the dark sludge, it appearing as a disembodied form in Esenma's blind spot, behind her. Ulfric gave no aura signature, there were no subtle movements of the air as he moved... there was nothing... but the void.

    With a great crash it would thunder across to Esenma's back, Tempus's eyes growing wide with anger as he only just spotted the movement with his visible eye, the only way to truly sense the movements of Ulfric. He gave a snap of his fingers as the air shimmered between Ulfric's mace and Esenma's back. His intention was to time skip the mace so it would appear on the other side of Esenma and leave her unharmed.

    However, for the first time ever as his tenure as Time Mage... that did not happen... only the mace would teleport and the armored gauntlet and arm piece would time skip across, quickly clattering to the ground. What continued to move unimpeded was a smokey, formless darkness in the shape of an arm, whispers of black trailing off it as that collided with Esenma's back. All of this happening in an instantaneous moment.

    Esenma would feel her skin warp out of existence as the arm of nothing struck her back, she would by this moment more than likely darted away, but that instant where it came into contact with her skin would leave a nasty wound.

    Tempus for his part looked completely confused. He had never heard of anyone that was simply immune to time magic. With another dart he created rings of shuffled, time-displaced air that acted like shock waves toward Ulfric, whose hand had now teleported back to him, bringing his other arm up to stifle and block the blows.

    August meanwhile held his armored fist to the mouthpiece of his helm as he breathed a blanket of immense fire to collide with the raining spittle, the rancid smell moving between them all.

    Zalzabar summoned a great spear of lightning, as his movements darted to block Solis from reaching the orb, both their movements encumbered by the smoke which for this fight helped Zalzabar more than it did Solis.

    Solis then spat... "Ulfric, the orb..."

    Slowly it was becoming clear to Zalzabar the magic of these three unknowns. The one he was fighting had access to both Light and Dark magics which was something he had never experienced. The one that Helen was currently engaged with had shown skill in Wind, Fire, and Earth magic... how was that even possible? What freak of nature had skill in three magical natures, and Zalzabar had the worrisome feeling that they had access to water magic as well. And lastly, the one that had been named 'Ulfric'.

    He had no aura, and had a power of some strange teleportation magic... but how was it they he was utterly undetectable? Not even the faint whisper of a life force that magicless people had.

    Solis would then see that Ulfric was engaged, a slam against the ground as three immense shadows came coiling around to twist and spiral themselves around Zalzabar.

    His summoned lightning spear hovering in the air as it glided to strike and block the attacks. Helen, hearing the call of Esenma, darted over her eyes scanning in horror as she saw Esenma struck. With a wave of her gentle fingers and a glow of her magic she unfurled the healing aura of light across Esenma's wound.

    "I'll deal with Derius, but August will be untangled once the spit stops raining..." she spoke, her tone imbedded with a commanding aura.


    She held her spear up before giving it a tap on the ground as a flock of hawks, formed of light were brought into being.

    With a bird war cry, they would swarm and peck at the hell-hounds not allowing them to simply dart away to cause mischief elsewhere on the battlefield.

    And then a brilliant golden presence as sharp beams of light cut through the smoke, a glow of light keeping the smoke from touching Helen's skin as she commanded the beams to strike towards Derius.

    Esenma fell to the ground but since Helen was tending to her wound, she did not lose her battle focus.

    She raised her palms and grabbed the air in front of her and as if pulling a sheet, pulled the air around August, removing his fire. The spittle continued to spew, it was now covering the ground and spreading on its own Accord towards August and Ulfric. It moved with a life of its own. It seemed drawn to Ulfric in particular…

    “She still possesses the power of the four winds.” Derius noted under his breath before a beam of light burned into his wind cloak, giving him just enough notice to dodge the other streaking towards him.

    His eyes narrowed at Helen. She was an… unforeseen anomaly.

    Esenma swiped her hands down.

    August would feel a sudden pressure underneath his armor. Under his skin. Around him. Pushing and dragging him down, like a sudden increase in gravity. Though this wasn’t gravity magic. At its highest level, wind magic was only visible as a courtesy to the trained eye. In truth, if one could manipulate the air itself, the attacks would come without notice or warning and similar to a water mage beneath the surface of the ocean, the very battlefield itself was a weapon opponents would have to face off against.

    Right now, this was centered on August. As the saliva rolled towards August Bile, the tongue of Esenma’s jar licked The very occupied Solis Kayne.

    August staggered as the oppressive weight of the air bellowed down on him... but August Bile...

    He had always been the unnoticed one of the Three of the Winter Court. Ulfric's magic was unique and exotic and Solis' proud nature and mastery of Light and Dark magic made him stand out... but August? He had no mastery over any singular magic.

    But that lack of mastery was supplanted by sheer technical skill, and...

    The space around August began to brim with heat, which began to make the air lighter. The metal on his armor became one, shifting so that there was no holes in the suit, and stretched and contracted as his body moved, he could feel the changes in the wind as water, hot jets of water then exploded off him filled with the metallic shards of his armor that would rip through the sweat, before then darting towards Esenma, in dozens upon dozens of droves.

    For that was August's true skill... his command of the four basic elements, his ability to combine them, and his Will reserve that even Elders would be envious of. He was in short the perfect combatant for a long, drawn-out fight.

    Ulfric tilted a head up towards the jar that was moving to slam into the preoccupied Solis, the attacks of Tempus doing little to anything against Ulfric, and Tempus unwilling to waste his magical reserves to try time displace Ulfric himself if the man was truly immune to time magic. Tempus then decided to switch to some lightning magic that Zalzabar had taught him long ago, not that he was a master of it but...

    As he moved in to strike Ulfric the man became engulfed in the dark sludge once more before disappearing once more and appearing above the jar...

    Damn thought Tempus having counted on the orb's anti-teleportation magic to prevent such a maneuver but Ulfric had already demonstrated that...

    The hand of darkness that was revealed and laid bare of Ulfric struck down into jar, a shatter as fragments fell into the ground. Esenma would then feel as the magic of the jar was fading away, radiating inward into the floating Ulfric. Simply disappearing.

    One would be forgiven for thinking he was using negation magic, but no that would have felt different, negation subdued the magic, it did not eradicate it. Though she had August to deal with before she could mourn the loss of her pot. It clattered and shattered to the ground utterly lifeless.

    Tempus, then darted toward Ulfric, a chain of lightning shackling itself to an armored leg as he was then smashed into the ground. Tempus had observed that Ulfric's armor traveled with him, and so had his mace... and that in order to teleport he needed to be engulfed in that strange dark sludge, and then it reappeared somewhere else... perhaps a physical tether would restrict his movements.

    Zalzabar and Solis were caught in their dance of light, shadow, and lightning neither able to get the upper hand as they darted around the increasingly ruined surrounding. At one moment Solis would get closer to the orb and then Zalzabar would be there to block him.

    Helen not underestimate the skill of Derius let out her left hand as it built a charge of bright, golden orb, about the size a human head, that she then released toward Derius.

    The central golden orb and trail were relatively slow-moving, even a normal human could dodge it if they were careful, the issue was that as the central orb moved small little stars would spit out and fire toward Derius whenever he was within four feet of the orb.

    The smoke and smog would become dissipated as the light and stars moved through it. And Helen would not just stand there and watch idly by as the orb moved, swiftly she moved, her spear thundering down to stab repeatedly at Derius her movements, imbued by light magic rivaled that of Zalzabar in his prime.

    As Ulfric seemed to be the perfect counter to Tempus... perhaps too Helen was to Derius...

    Esenma gripped the wind in front of her and redirected all the shards at Ulfric. The speed and momentum of the shards mattered little. She controlled the very air in which the shards moved. Controlling the four winds was a heavy task, but she’d have to bear the strain. Her hands turned into fists and August Bile would feel himself being blown back by an unseen force. It was not an outright attack, something he could dodge. It was as if the attack had been waiting for him.

    The explosion sent him back and skyward. It smelled of strong liquor…

    Helen was upon Derius faster than he anticipated. It was… irritating. A pink sword of solid wind appeared in his hand and he deflected Helen’s forceful spear assault before leaping back to gain distance. The bodies of the fallen mages moved to attack Helen; her fallen comrades under his control.

    While she was momentarily occupied he turned his gaze towards the floating orb of light. His smoke magic wasn’t equipped to deal with such a threat. Blades of pink solidified wind encircled him before he looked around the battle.

    He couldn’t fight Helen in these close quarters for long. He needed to change the landscape of the battlefield.

    “Vol Brum: Ex Pans.”

    Every inch of the tower that was covered with smoke pulsed. The columns he’d summoned at the beginning of the battle shook and subsequently caused the foundation of the tower to shake and rumble. He was ripping the building apart. The floor cracked and pieces of the roof began to fall around them.

    The pink blades of wind that surrounded him provided him with offense and defense as he launched himself through the battle participants towards the orb. The objective was not to win now; it was to capture the orb.

    Helen's spears skewed her fallen comrades without a second thought, her battled hardened eyes snapped to Derius as she hurtled the spear towards him, interrupting his spell as it would skewer into his side.

    As she moved again the coiled dancing lights of her previous spell began to pop like crackling fire as they began to spill on and towards the man, ripping and tearing to dispel the pink blades as that protected Derius but caused them to become weak and ineffective.

    Another dash of light as she brought a sword that would cleave through the man if he did nothing.

    She was giving in him no room, no quarter pushing him to an edge that only one had done so before.


    A sludge would form itself over the shackled Ulfric as it absorbed the shards that Esenma had fired, only for them to reappear behind Esenma and thunder into her back as August began to move channel the winds around him, no match for Esenma's superior mastery over them.

    Three waves of his hands in a quick snappy succession as three more shackles of lightning rose up from the ground and began to tie Ulfric to the ground, before he twisted sharply and broke them all.

    August meanwhile would keep Esenma's hands full as he dodged the attack and then bathed himself in a downpour of water to wash himself of whatever he had been dosed with. In another series of movements as he pushed off the ground as he hurled two boulders six feet long toward the Daughter of Caelum.

    The battle overall was fairly even, but the longer it went on, the more likely the invading force were to win, Esenma, Zalzabar, Tempus, and Helen all knew that.

    Esenma’s wind cloak protected her backside from the shards. The boulders were a different story. Her cheeks filled with air and she fired two air blasts, exploding the boulders into a downpour of stone. She moved swiftly back to gain some distance. This August was powerful. He was a match for her now and would’ve been a match for her even back in her younger days. This brought a smile to the old hag’s face as she prepared her next attack.

    The water that August sought to use to wash away whatever was affecting him. He didn’t understand what was at play. As much as Esenma didn’t understand what she was dealing with, August didn’t either. A dance with the uncertain and unknown. She welcomed it…

    Across the battlefield, Derius looked down as his side, Helen’s spear embedded in his side.

    A pulse of energy inadvertently resonated from him. A different, wicked aura.

    As the dazzling Helen closed the distance, weakening his protective blades and swinging her sword, Derius looked up. His eyes turning a murky green. It was true. No enemy had pressed him to this degree since Zalzabar himself. That battle had been a turning point in Derius’ life. It has changed him, almost as much as it had changed Zalzabar. A cruel, ironic twist of fate that now Helen was dealing with a Derius that, had he never fought her ally on that dark day long ago, she may have been able to defeat.

    He was not that anymore. That man had been dissolved by the Witchking.

    Her blade met his hand. Except his hand and arm no longer resembled the hand of the dark elf. It was… to be frank, some kind of monstrous claw of dead flesh. Cursed and covered in dark smoke, it held Helen’s blade as Derius severed the appendage with one of his air blades and fell to the ground.

    “Vol brum…Ex pans.”

    The tower covered itself in hazardous, deadly smoke and began falling apart around them.

    Helen would have a clear line of sight on Derius. She could take it and continue her attack. After all, she was a more deadly close quarters combatant than he. Something was different about him though, ever since the pulse from the moment before. More sinister. Heavy. Wicked aura surrounded him.

    It was awakening.

    As Ulfric shattered the shackles that Tempus had summoned, as August and Esenma continued to duel with their magics and the Zalzabar and Solis with their own, the gaseous black smog of Derius would this time successfully encase the tower. Dislodging them all from their footing as they began to weave through the now crumbling landscape.

    Within an instant Ulfric would capitalize on this collective opportunity the only one capable of teleporting at this time...

    Reality ripped itself asunder in silence, the void magic of Ulfric giving no sound nor aura nor presence as his hand plunged into the falling orb, it's shining light dimming as the magic was sucked away into him...

    Going.... going...


    It blasted apart like glass, tiny shards flying across the air as Tempus let a roar of anger, Zalzabar whipped his head to see the shattering Solis smirking as a sickle of light cut through Zalzabar's cheek in his distraction.

    Tempus lifted his hands in vain to reverse time as he had done before, his hands soon stained with his coughed up blood in such an attempt.

    What blockage there had been on Derius preventing him from fully accessing the Witchking form was now gone, and so too would August and Solis feel emboldened.

    Helen enraged as he sword found it's way through Derius's right shoulder.

    “Schneider, welcome.” Derius uttered through a pained groan as Schneider appeared beside him. The orb was destroyed and Schneider had been waiting to be teleported beside his King.

    The being grinned at Helen.

    Derius summoned a powerful gust to separate himself from Helen and her blade. He landed on the ground, Schneider beside him. Derius’ severed arm reattached itself as dark and green energy swirled around its hand.

    When the smoke cleared, Derius was now holding a large mask: his Witchking mask.

    “Weep Forever and Never Mourn… The Fate of all who witness the Witchking. Let us begin.”

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    IC: Arc
    Oh no oh no oh no

    He couldn't control it.

    As much as he tried.

    He just couldn't.

    Arc would have liked to have shot off an apologetic one-liner, especially to those who could heal, but in all likelihood he had killed several friendlies.

    He released his power, terrified, collapsing to the floor as his entire shape was heated by -


    Sitting up, caught between bodies and rubble, the brightness was enough to illuminate his face - almost.

    Wincing, he covered his eyes with a gloved hand, and looked around for the others, but his gaze darted back as the light and flame and heat vanished.

    And something emerged from it.

    "What the Sith is that," Arc said, loudly, into the silence of everyone else's awe.

    He sat, for the moment, in awe, almost as if there was a great tide of voices rising up within him, distracting him in his fear of the august Ryujin.

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    IC: Ne'jin'tar
    Fish Fight!

    Ne'jin'tar struggle! Ne'jin'tar fight! Unlike with sword Ne'jin'tar finally wound Ne'jin'tar enemy! Not fatal. Enemy scream, thrash, Ne'jin'tar roar at enemies cries! Ne'jin'tar will kill this one alone! To Ne'jin'tar will be all glory of this battle!

    Ne’jin’tar see fire, Ne’jin’tar see ice. Neither important, fight important, and crawling things important.

    With enemy throwing off Ne’jin’tar, Ne’jin’tar swing tail to batter and knock him further away. Twisting Ne’jin’tar repeat motion to whack or crush scuttle things. Ne’jin’tar spot where they come, and blast torrent of crush water above spider and down quick through spider!

    Ne’jin’tar no like look away from bleeding enemy after first good touch. Ne’jin’tar know this war battle, not self legend glory fight.

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