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    The Skywalker and later Skywalker-Solo family are the perfect target for inuniverse celebrity and royalty gossip holomedia. We know quite some scandals that were depicted in Legends and Canon, and more I expected happened but were not told about, at least not directly yet.

    Let's take a closer look at some and their impact on the galaxy!

    After ROTJ:


    Luke and Leia were famous, well known not only in the Rebellion but galaxy wide. The revelation that they were brother and sister came as a shock to both, and likewise it must have been a shock to many that knew them, especially close friends.
    Few knew they were in love once, briefly, when after the destruction of the first death star emotions were high and kisses traded like handshakes. Regardless how far their love went, it kickstarted Luke's hero's journey and gave her doubts about Han Solo so long Luke was around. Anyway, Close friends and allies know of the wild times of the Rebellion where one could die the next day and enjoyed the moment when one could. Always too busy or professional though, most historians agree that nothing much happened aside some kisses between them, still there are those that see that as too much or equivalent to more untold.
    Thus the revelation of their relation shook up the galactic media and even more so years later after their parenthood was revealed as well finally.

    The Huttslayer

    Leia's time in Jabba the Hutt's Palace, the ultimate disgrace to galactic royalty and nobility of course spread like wildfire in the gossip news. While the tabloids rather highlit "Slave Leia" and "the golden metal Bikini", others pro-Rebellion outlets turned the story on its head and marketed her as "Huttslayer" Leia that not only singlehandedly defeated Jabba the Hutt, freeing many of his escaping slaves (like her grandfather dreamed of once), but inspired Huttspace wide rebellions and slave uprisings not seen since the Uprising against the Varlian Empire, a Hutt precurser, or the Tionese undertakings to free enslaved populations from the Hutt yoke. Overall, while the holonet's own Undervine still spreads the real Jabba tapes of Leia along with fakes and other media the Huttese industry produced of her family, the general consensus is rather positive as the unshakeable Lady herself proofed too strong to be defeated or lured into a reaction by Holofakers, Gossip media and their lot.
    Not even galactic nobility and its surviving Alderannian members that at first took it like a jab at them unsure how to deal with her after it could shake Leia, not even when they tried to coerce her into a soon marriage to settle down and no longer spread the wild princess abroad image some had of her exploits.
    I am sure there is a story as to how the twist to Huttslayer was done via counter-propaganda units of the Rebellion/NR and Leia's own assets like Targeter/Winter and even Ghent later, etc. hunting down anything to disturb the narrative while turning the narrative in her favor. I wish we would have gotten a novel about media, paparazzi, etc. all and the heroes as celebrity vs. the average people talking about them, believing media, or being influenced by it. Could be an interesting thriller and a conflict story without a war but lots of other fights on a multitude of levels.

    The Heirs to the Empire (after Dark)

    When the Empire failed to produce a proper heir for the Emperor and Empire, with multiple candidates and selfproclaimed ones failing to gain enough support, some Imperial units looked for the only heirs the Empire truly had, sadly though, in the camp of the enemy!
    Lord Cronal indoctrinated troops to follow Luke Skywalker, once he had corrupted him, swayed him to their side, or taken over his body.
    Joruus C'baoth trained Luke's clone as well as tried to get ahold of Luke himself.
    The Emperor's Clone reborn tried to get Luke as apprentice and potential host.
    Meanwhile though, the Noghri, former servants of Darth Vader, swore allegiance to Lady Vader, Leia Skywalker. And the kids of Leia and Han were targets of multiple kidnapping attempts to procure Skywalker heirs for the Empire, as well as their bodies as potential host for another return of the Emperor.
    As futile as the attempt to sway them to the Imperial side was, the threat of the Empire cloning them and replacing any of them gave way to fears in the population leading to many an outrageous theory about who got replaced when and for what purpose by whom. Media basically had a new "he/she is a clone" theory weekly.
    But the real shocker came, when against all odds, Luke Skywalker took the bait, and upon the Emperors surprising return, joined him willingly as his apprentice and surpreme commander of the Imperial Fleet. Suddendly, everyones fears were quite real. And it was no secret that could be kept. Luke Skywalker had fallen, joined the enemy, and was now choosing the targets for its killing machinery.
    Despite him being saved by his sister and their success in repeatedly destroy and prevent another return of Palpatine, the galaxy would not as easily forget what had happened. Gossip theories about replacement clones and evil Skywalkers were all over the nets and even if the NR and SkySolos trusted Luke and got him his Jedi Academy and financing, it would take quite a while to get rid of this long shadow of his darkest moment. A moment, that would, due to their support for him afterwards, threaten to weaken the New Republic as parts of its members were quite opposed to his new Jedi, him and ignoring what had happened, blaming the "elite" and "nepotism" and all the like to manipulate the NR instead of a honest governance. With Mon Mothma gone due to sickness and Leia taking over, they could be silenced only temporarily, giving way to new former Imperials joining the Senate, as well as Neo-Imperialism and anti-Imperial factions alike to distrust the SkySolos.
    Despite forgiving Skywalkers actions as the Emperors apprentice, shortly after when the Sky-Solos tried to help Jedi apprentice Kyp Durron to forgive his crimes, even if against Imperial Systems, with high losses of civilian and animal lifes as well, put another dent into their handling and legality of crime and failed to establish a new Jedi point of view about forgiveness and attonement instead of punishment.

    Underworld Ties

    The Rebellions use of Smugglers and Criminals to fight the Empire is well documented, the NRs difficulty to legitimize them or keep using such resources as well. And not always are the lines as clear between the good friendly lawbreakers and the nastier ones with a common enemy to yourself.
    General Solo and Calrissians ongoing exploits and backgrounds are ripe for the media to take apart and discredit he Sky-Solo Clan with. Spice/Drug-smuggling and the ongoing debate on shooting first are just one example. Their new friends, Karrde, Terrik, Mara Jade and the Smugglers Alliance with attempts to put rules and legitimacy on former criminals turned out with mixed results, especially as some did not stop illicit activity, in part even secretly sanctioned or known and no measures taken against by the Sky-Solo Elite and their government friends.
    The Sky-Solo's quick return to strong ties with these elements, especially in times of crisis or personal ousting when their political enemies took the reigns from time to time during the NJO or thereafter did not help their reputation either, even if they did a great service to the galaxy and its people.
    Later rumors and a search for proof by their enemies regarding political manipulation of elections and their results akin to Mafia methods are the culmination of their criminal backgrounds remaining alive in a new democratic time they tried and failed to establish. They rather are their own cartel and while not dabbling in crime for profit, doing so for nepotism and the best intentions, with them deciding what is best, is equally questionable.

    Darth Vader's Children

    Those factions finally found the proof and fire they needed to ignite the general audience against them when their secret was finally revealed: They are Vader's children. A dark Legacy by blood as they saw it.
    In canon the secret blew over big time and cost Leia much of her political support driving her to kickstart a Resistance with likeminded folks, and ultimately even started to drive her son Ben further from his parents.
    In Legends the secret was revealed to the galaxy in a similiar fashion, yet the SkySolos kept enough support and allies to remain afloat despite their "enemies" scoring a vital point.
    With the secret revealed though, the research into Anakin Skywalker's live and fall and time as Vader began anew for historians and family alike. And it would take quite some years till even R2 spilled the last secrets revealing their Mother despite what should have been obvious when studying the history records.
    A new boon to their enemies rose up though in the Chosen One prophecy and the claim that Anakin had no father, born by a virgin, turning him into a half-god-esque figure of myth and his descendants into some chosen legacy bloodline, a narrative the enemieys ridiculed and tried to disprove, while the SkySolo Clan kept quiet if they believed in it to not encourage them any further. It did not help though that Luke Skywalker as a Jedi training his nephew(s) and nice tried to on the one hand discourage their ego regarding being special and chosen, as well as encouraged them training wise to unlock their potential, if there should be anything to the story.

    The Grandchildren of Vader

    When the Solo's kid turned to the Dark Side, and ultimately another became the Empress of the remaining Empire, all the old scandals blew up again, brought back by media.
    In Canon, Ben Solo was traumatized by the many scandals reveals that they had managed to keep even from him. He tried to look past his father being a criminal, democracy failing looking the other way when their family is doing illegal stuff, and even tried to thoroughly ignore the Jabba tapes of his mother and the rumors about her and his uncle. But the revelation of Vader being his grandfather and studying not only his path, his prophecy but also Luke's emphasis on him being the next Chosen One in line, and the pressure that came with it, the uncertainty if he wanted that or not, as well as what it meant for his path if it paralells that of Anakin/Vader or if alternatives would have worked as well, all that wore him down to the point to question the Jedi and seek balance in other avenues, ultimately becoming exploited and abused by the Dark Side till finding his balance in a Dyad again.
    In Legends the Solokids did not mind most of it, yet were some of them traumatized by their ancestry and other bits.
    And if these scandals were not enough, aside Holofakery, a rising industry selling HRD copies of celebrities including the SkySolos, clones made by Thrawn and others in the Unknown Regions (Kemp), and more, the lines between truth and fake grew ever more complicated, not just for historians to discern what really happened, but which stories fit together and which were fabrication. And all that before Flowwaking and Worlds between Worlds allowed for more shenangians according to their guardians and the Aing-Ti.

    Luckily, aside the widespread Jabba Tapes, the much rarer Xizor tapes could so far be contained and kept from leaking to the public, which would paint an even different picture of Leia, give more credence to her enemies and their fakes, if ignoring the fact that pheromines manipulated her there. Especially if any leak would ignore or cut off the end result with her defiance of Xizor!

    That in part the media and propaganda war against the Sky-Solos was fueled by the Imperial Remnants and their enemies is another angle that needs more attention. Including the countermeasures taken by NRI and the Sky-Solo's own friends and private underworld contacts. I'd love a novel about that!

    to be continued and expanded! Discuss!
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    One line from ROTS that's always intrigued me is when Obi-Wan says to Padme, "Anakin is the father, isn't he? I'm so sorry." Seems pretty Captain Obvious on the surface, but look a bit closer at how it's phrased. It seems to imply that the fact that Padme was pregnant was publicly known, but the identity of the father was not. Can you imagine the field day the tabloids would have with this? Especially since a) one of her ex-boyfriends became a Separatist bigshot, and b) she seems to be regarded, in-universe, as "a cross between a fantasy of the bedroom and a saint" (thank you, Andrew Lloyd Webber).
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    I really want to see the situation two or three hundred years in the future where you've got neo-Imperial weirdos having furious arguments between the school of thought that say the descendants of Luke Skywalker are the true heirs to the Empire versus those that say the descendants of Leia Organa Solo are the true heirs to the Empire versus the puritans who argue that since Vader was never the Emperor his descendants have no claim to the throne! some of whom are adepts of various conspiracy theories purporting that X or Y person produced an heir to Palpatine whose descendant is still alive today. (All while the actual "heirs," Luke and Leia and all the others' descendants, are going "OMG are you not listening? WE DON'T WANT TO BE EMPERORS!!!")
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    That is definitely a time bomb that's just waiting to go off.

    The West had this happen in real life, where the Allies and resistance movements had a number of criminal friends who helped them in WWII and were rewarded with control of the underworld when the war ended, and then they doubled down by relying on the same people as allies against the Communists when the Cold War got started. All justified because hey, lesser evil and all that, but by the seventies and eighties you had the war on organized crime finally being kicked into high gear on the one hand, and people's growing disillusionment with and distrust of their authorities on the other hand, which meant a lot of spotlights were starting to be shined onto the relationship between open crooks and supposedly legitimate crooks in high places.

    The same thing would absolutely happen in the Star Wars universe eventually. As we see in the NJO, it already has, and it's widespread enough that people ranging from Kyp Durron and his followers to Fyor Rodan and his followers (who aren't exactly in the same faction otherwise) have gotten heartily fed up of the New Republic's tolerance for the smuggler fringe under the pretext that oh, hey, but they helped us against the Empire.
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    Kenth Hamner's death would be another pretty easy thing for an anti-SkySolo propagandist to spin. WE know it was a complete accident, but there's no shortage of people in real life who believe any number of natural or accidental deaths were murders, so I imagine it'd be the same in the Star Wars galaxy, too.

    Speaking of Kyp Durron, letting him back into the fold because "So sorry, brainwashed" seems like something that could very easily be taken the wrong way, too...
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    That is one thing the prequels under emphasize, the consequences for Padme regarding the secret marriage. While Anakin faces disgrace and expulsion, Padme is also a public figure and a respected one at that. Marrying a Jedi in secret and lying about it, both to the order, to her constituents and her colleagues is a massive scandal. I don’t think she’d be punished as such, but it would be such a massive embarrassment she’d never be able to show her face in public again.
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    We the readers/viewers know that Luke, Han, Leia and the rest were above reproach and had impeccable characters. But in-universe, to someone who did not have all of the facts, I imagine Luke Skywalker's judgement would be seen as spotty at best. To summarize:

    -The man married an ex-Imperial assassin and probably got her pardoned for whatever shady stuff she definitely got up to.
    -He was an apologist for Darth Vader, who was basically one of the most reviled men in the galaxy.
    -More than one of his students fell to the Darkside and went on a rampage. One of them was even welcomed back into the fold after the fact.
    -He appeared to serve Palpatine for a brief time during the Dark Empire fiasco.
    -He let certain Jedi during the NJO period run wild without asserting effective control.
    -He tolerated a bit too much political infighting amongst the Jedi during the Dark Nest Crisis.
    -His nephew became a fascist right under his nose.
    -He let his son date a Sith.

    Then there's Leia's revolving door stint as leader of the New Republic, switching places with Mon Mothma and Ponc Gavrisom and wracking up nine years in office while taking two leaves of absence. I could totally see Borsk Fey'la supporters drawing political cartoons of her being dragged out of office kicking and screaming; she seemed to cling to it so.
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    An under evaluated line in ROTS is when Padme says she doubts the Queen would let her serve in the senate anymore after she gave birth.
    It's worth speculating what that means. I've always favored an interpretation that Naboo had a culture so focused on family that tearing a new mother away from her newborn children would be unthinkable. Thus, she would be effectively forced into retirement with a generous pension at least until the children were of age so she can properly care for them. (A kind of long maternity leave if you prefer).

    A less charitable interpretation is, as others have said, the scandal of her giving birth out of wedlock to an unknown man's child would effectively force her resignation to avoid embarrassment.
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    After the scandals of the post ROTJ, lets take a look at the earlier scandals as well:

    Was the Skywalker family history erased by someone on purpose? Or shrouded in mystery deliberately? Someone went to great lengths for that. Anakin Skywalkers mother claimed a virgin birth without a father, her own parents raided by pirates and killed or sold into slavery alongside her. Of course some Sith may have had them kidnapped, used and discarded again after some experiments. But there is no proof. What remains is the shrouded mystery of the origin of Anakin Skywalker for which there is only one witness, his mother.
    How was he born anyway? Would not Gardulla, her owner, be surprised about a pregnancy without having allowed her to or forced her to any mating? Was she punished for it or seen as birthing another slave for free? Did she tell them about the virgin birth, or too shocked herself, not tell fearing punishment? And if anybody got told, did he believe her or ridicule it? Any early witnesses of this wonder? Witnesses that apparently did not live long enough to spread the news? Maybe someone tried and failed.
    What remained was a Mother's unbelieveable story, a Jedi taking her kid away leaving her in slavery, and the ultimate realisation that a wondrous origin does not always bring forth a savior saint, but sometimes the devil himself who would return as a brutal slayer under the name Darth Vader.

    Despite a resistance of many Council members to call Anakin a Chosen One, his acceptance beyond the usual age for training, as well as his rushed catching up with his fellow Younglings raised many eyebrows and supported rumors about the Chosen One, adding to his own pressure as well as reaching the gossip press ears as well about the Jedi having found and hiding a Messiah, or in more volatile press circles like those watching the Baby Ludi case, about the Jedi keeping secrets from the public and government and nurturing a secret revolutionary agenda. Dooku's many returns and guest teaching at the Temple did not help the image despite his status as Lost 20 member and ex-Jedi who embraced nobility, title, wealth and politics. Furthermore the Jedi image was not actively but in the eyes of their enemies press outlets still damaged by Djinn Altis rival order existence and differences to the dogmatic order in its reclusive temple.
    But all these external factors aside, Anakin's nature himself kept returning him to the front pages and resolving Jedi missions in a not unspectacular way, making the news and creating his and his masters public image.

    The Art of the Era was to create a war no Jedi would forsee and prevent in time, a war the Jedi would have to get involved in, a war where they would take a side and not just mediate or do relief work. The Sith had to prepare such for generations and centuries. Shroud the Jedi's senses, have them abandon Seers and visions as unreliable traps, built up their ties to the government to entrap them in burocracy and structures rather than intuitive Wayseeker business. Have them dive into dogma over a more adaptive approach, and with each step and change to the Jedi, have them loose members, due to differences, due to unfinished training, due to accidents and death retroactively attributed to anything the Jedi should abandon next to weaken themselves and be ready for the war the Sith will involve them in. To the point of them having the Jedi themselves start it actually, lead it, and resolve it, on both sides of the conflict while sitting back and watching it all unfold in the shadows.
    And as with the Jedi, this war would produce many scandals for the Skywalker family and the as of yet to the public unknown members like Anakin's secret wife Padmé. While Anakin was glorified by his fans in the press, the other half serving the Confederacy demonized him as the Jedi's secret weapon, with no eye for the collateral damage his entrance to a war theater would bring along. Obi Wan tried to minimize it and Anakin was mindful sometimes, but often rushed in and solved problems along the way. But the press was utilized and directed more to discredit Padmé even without knowing their biggest secret yet. Latching on to every snippet, her affair with Clovis, her unsenatorial behavior during the war and quite aggressive negoations style that is so opposed to her peace-demanding and politically stubborn anti-war agenda. Press took her political farce apart, like it did for Senators Mothma, Organa and others whose double lifes only barely could be kept secret via counterintelligence of their own royal assets to not have to confess to or use Republican ones to defend themselves with. And with Handmaidens, Amidalans in the making, the Whitesuns and other groups busy to free slaves and actually do the deeds the big names and heroes wished to do and got distracted from always, their socalled secret armies and support groups cleaned up their messes and contributed to their dreams fulfillment.

    more later when we end the war and dive into the Empire!
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    My interpretation of that line was that Padme would be driven from office because her judgement would be called into question. She knew the Jedi forbid romantic relationships. From a certain point of view she aided and abetted Anakin's repeated breaking of the rules of his Order. And she did so knowingly and willingly, without coercion. If she's willing to help someone else repeatedly break the rules of their "society" and cover it up what else is she willing to do?

    That leads to an even bigger question. How legitimate is the marriage between Anakin and Padme? Like, from a purely legal position. They were married in secret. A Naboo Pontifex, Maxiron Agolerga, presided over the marriage, but Legends makes it clear that Padme and Anakin gave false names when they told him their intentions and the Pontifex seems to be the only one to have kept a record of the marriage. Then there is the fact that the Pontifex's order was one of the smaller, virtually forgotten order's of Naboo's larger faith system.

    One could argue they went out of their way to bury what little proof existed of their marriage

    Naboo isn't a theocracy, from what we can see. Would such a ceremony have any legal weight if it came out. Are there tax implications? Was she committing fraud when she filed her taxes and marked down that she was filing single? Is the secret marriage an example of legal fraud? Could it be twisted that way? Is that why Padme thought she'd be ousted from office?

    I can't see the Naboo society as being culturally conservative enough to give Padme the boot for having a child in secret with a man without telling everyone and making sure all the legal niceties were taken care of. But I can see her getting the boot for appearing to be a total hypocrite by preaching political transparency and then doing something like this.

    Then again, everyone has a right to privacy. So who are people to judge if she and Anakin got together? But those questions would hang over her.
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    I'm sure Palpatine would have probably influenced a few people to overlook any long as they fit within his plans. He would have hailed Anakin as a hero for stopping Dooku and that would have put political pressure on the Jedi and Naboo not to say/do anything public if the marriage had been publicized.

    But that would have been pre-Order 66.
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    Palpatine knew the civil clergy of Theed but of course that was Palpatine.

    The downfall of Jacen Solo and his resulting death: A lot of the general public is going to ask questions as to what drove Jacen to fight against his family, some of it may be pro Jacen political sentiments or conspiracy theories(Luke was planning on taking over, the Jedi were working with the Corellians, etc...) but it could also be "we had a civil war in which billions died over some sort of family spat, why do we let these people shape galactic politics the way they do?"

    Jaina Solo's marriage to Jagged Fel and ascension to Empress-ship: It had been decades since Palpatine's day and the empire was very much a changed culture, but I think there'd be some eye brows raised at one, the clear dynastic overtones of the marriage(leading NR Jedi family marries into Imperial family, re establishes title of Emperor) and questions of some sort of nepotistic ruling Skysolo dynasty would be asked by many.
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    And imagine the Hapan Politics, civil wars and the secrecy about the fatherhood of Allana!

    While Tenel Ka's love for Jacen may not be public knowledge, given they had been busy and not much together since the YJK times ended and the NJO turmoil took over, her love for the SkySolo Clan in general is widely known. To the point she had to conceal the fatherhood to hopefully keep Hapes united. But that backfired big!
    Not only Luke made jokes about her lovelife and bedroom, when visiting. The only way to convincingly have every Hapan noble consort-candidate believe their house could be the father is to have slept with them all, for politics and secrecys purpose. But people who mutilate their own bodies to date someone missing half her arm can be expected to be dull enough to be mindtricked maybe and not having had the joy of getting the most beautiful Queen in the galaxy for a night. (to stay sane I go with mindtrick on each and every one of them, but hey, even the pleasure of fake-believing/remembering that happened is too much for those guys!)
    I bet Court Intelligence and Palace Counter-Intelligence was busy to defend her and stop rumors and whatever else this madness produced about her. Basically Taryn and Trista Zel busy to keep the story straight and fitting her agenda. Or fellow Dathomiri Witches in her service helping to mindtrick them or as her handmaidens/lookalikes taking her place when needed and someone is not succeptible to a mindtrick... but takes to the bedroom.
    Anyway, galactic nobility, politics and else looking at what went on at Hapes probably banked on her being her grandmothers granddaughter after all, for Taa was known to keep many different partners for pleasure and produced lots of heirs with no right to the throne aka Tenel Ka's cousins parents.
    But with Jacen visiting and the Jedi and Luke more frequently as hapan guests, I don't even want to imagine what rumors the Hapan Intel had to put down that went against the narrative.

    Some news may have been anti-Jedi and read "Jedi trying to mindtrick Hapes to get their fleet support", "Jedi taken with the Hapan Queen are no longer objective! What is the Witchqueens agenda in the wider galaxy?", "A Witch as queen driving the equalisation of the male population or rather a Witch and her enthralled male slave army vs. the rest of us? Dathomiri Standards in the Cluster now instead of bringing civilisation to the backwater world?", etc.

    Not that a Killik invasion in the Cluster along with the potential of Joiners unrecognised amongst the population made it any better!
    Or later Abeloths enthralled Jedi and servants and rising anti-Jedi sentiment driving the Jedi ever closer and into the Cluster.

    I could even see a fakenews narrative like this: Witchqueen assembles her male slave army. New Dathomir on the Rise, they already took the hapan throne, where is next? And then citing old past time rises of the Witches like under Talzin and her precedessors, or even the RONIN novels era of a Sith Witch Queen not unlike a dathomiri Witches powers!
    And ironically all while Abeloth actually does what the fakenews attribute to Tenel Ka, enthrall people, manipulate/join them to herself, even Jedi, a prophecy talks about Allana as a deciding factor on a physical or spiritual or metaophorical throne of balance, furthering the dynastic Skywalker-Solo Clan fears/hopes as well as setting them up as the line that actually may counter the growing threat despite FOTJs setbacks yet not final end for Abeloth.

    The reveal of Jacen's fatherhood came at a time of civil war and unrest anyway so that it may have pushed some into either camp pro and contra, but it was already chaos. The gossip news though may have found it a new feast to spin theories and fakenews, reignite the dynasty fears about the SkySolos, the nepotism and political manipulations, anti Jedi sentiments and more. Jacen Solo fell to protect the Skywalker Dynasty secret aka Allana and how deep their connections to all power positions go. Jaina was set up by her family to marry and woo Fel to get the Empire. Jacen was forced to get Hapes into their fold. But in the end he rebelled and exposed the secret? Or failed to keep it?

    Bantha Rawk Skywalker seems to be the best to have gotten out of that madness of family history and fakenews at some point.

    As for Rey Palpatine Solo Solana Skywalker...

    Imagine the gossip press found out Palpatine had kids or grandkids...
    Imagine they found out the SkySolos knew and hid that fact...
    Imagine them protecting Palpatine's heir!
    Imagine them treating the heir as their own blood...
    And then the gossip press finds out another dark secret to overshadow and reimagine all previous ones!

    Emperor Sheev Palpatine, the Sith Lord, is basically Luke and Leia's Grandfather as he was responsible for Shmi's pregnancy somehow (directly or indirectly). Skywalkers are nothing but Palpatines under another name or a Palpatine heir is a Skywalker.
    After several fake claims of relation when the Remnant searched a new heir and produced no suitable Emperor, after the Skywalkers denying to take the throne opposing the Empire, they install one of their heirs on the Imperial throne (Jaina), protect the true heirs (Rey and Ken), and ensure their dynasty remains in power.

    Now gossip press could run wild!

    SkySolos claim to protect the true heirs but held them back to install their own on the throne! SkySolo's need Palpatine threads to justify staying in power. Are Palpatines clones secretly puppets for the SkySolo dynasty? After all they are the ones that found Mount Tantiss and could have his DNA theoretically, or use a heirs DNA to bring him back.
    Will Palpatine return after TROS again? Will he return as often as needed until one generation does not kill but redeem him however absurd that sounds?
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    The Hapan mess *shudder*.

    I don't know why they were touched at all after NJO. They became as overused as the Imps and the Dropped in IQ GA leaders by later writers.
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    The SkySolos connecting a whole bunch of big powers - Alderaanian royals, Corellian nobles, Hapes, the Fels, the Jedi - by either blood or marriage definitely seems like something that could breed scandal. I can just see the tabloids portraying Luke as some sort of Machiavellian power-broker shipping his various relatives off into loveless political marriages, Hapsburg-style, for vague nefarious reasons. Muahahaha.
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    It’s notable Allana was listed as dead and Han and Leia just so happened to adopt a war orphan. But why that orphan instead of any other?

    There would have been loads of public speculation that Jacen was the father(or that something even more scandalous had occurred, such as say Luke or Han being the father).

    Which does bring up an interesting question we see the EU from the perspectives of the Sky-Solo family and their class associates, but how much of their lives or experiences was public knowledge? Obviously them fighting or otherwise being in public affairs would be noted, but how much of their personal lives were known/or gossiped about?
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