Beyond - Legends "The Shadow of Fate" (SJRS Challenge: Episode VII) Complete! 29 August

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    Oh my goodness! So much to unpack here.

    1) It was not info-dumpy, not in the slightest. :p
    2) How great to see the Council with so many familiar names! (if only...)
    3) More Skywalker babies! I could kiss you. Adore their names, and that one of them chose not to be a Jedi! Micah's quite a scoundrel, I see. *hee*
    4) Leia and Luke as siblings. My heart.
    5) I do not like Mara's worries, and your foreshadowing, my dear. PleaseNoPleaseNoPleaseNo.[face_nail_biting]
    6) That is one contented Jedi Master. I'm happy to see him with some measure of peace, write L/M so well. *sigh*

    Do you think it would be too much to ask to get them to re-write the script and film this instead? It's brilliant, and I think we should see more adventures of those 30 years in-between. ;) GREAT JOB! [:D]
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    Woot! I agree with Taramidala. Great Council meeting - full of openness instead of unproductive bickering. :p

    Loved Luke with his sister. You can feel the warmth between them. [face_love]

    [face_dancing] Micah's a charmer ;) and Cilla's the apple of her daddy's eye I can tell!

    I do not like Mara's worries, and your foreshadowing. I agreed with this so much I had to quote it. L/M are darlings as lovers, life-mates, and as warriors on the same frontlines. I would feel much! better if she were going along! [face_batting]


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    Well, I love it, of course. [face_love] I am worried that Luke's days are numbered, with how much everyone else is worried about him. But I wonder if Ben's not the one in danger and Micah will become a Jedi after all? I adore how he's working with Karrde. That's perfect!! I love, love, love that our heroes had some happiness in the past 30 years and that they've built strong foundations for the government and Jedi. That's what I hope for in Ep VII and you've laid it out so well!! I adore it, lady. Adore it. I'm SO happy you're continuing!!! ^:)^

    ETA: There being a Skywalker daughter made me squeeeeee!
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    I love it all. I really like the idea of family dinners. I live next to my parents (it's like I never left in a way) -- Mom and I have dinner every night except Fridays - I spend with friends. My Dad is currently taking care of his business partner and we only see him a few days of the week when we're lucky and hardly ever eat together as Dad is always working (self employed).

    I enjoyed the tugging on Padawan braids -- it's a nice show of affection. I also loved it when you introduced Cilla - a girl after my own heart -- I'm like her -- I have to volumes - chatty or silent - nothing in between. I always thought Luke and Mara should have at least two kids. Three is nice.

    I liked it when Mara cuffed Micah; but then thought better of it while he was driving the speeder. - hehe.

    And Of course the L/M romance parts - just yummy.
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    i really liked this chapter. but i admit seeing a Jedi Council scene is something i hope to see in the ST.
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    taramidala - Thanks, lady! As you know, I was worried about it being too exposition, heavy. I figured that since I didn't have to follow the EU, why not give Luke and Mara more children? In this version they obviously get married a lot earlier so why not - the more Skywalkers the better in my opinion. Oh, and there definitely will be more flashbacks! :D

    Nyota's Heart - Thank you! I my head it's been 30 years of peace, so the Jedi actually work together in this universe rather than arguing :p I'm hoping for some good Luke and Leia bonding in the new trilogy, and really wanted to demonstrate their closeness here.

    ginchy - :D Interesting theory about Ben and Micah, visions have been misinterpreted before... And I could not pass up the chance for a Skywalker daughter - Luke and Mara should have had a daughter, dammit!

    Gemma - I think family dinners are something Leia would insist on, how else would they ever see each other? I try to have dinner with my parents at least once a week, and I think it would be important to the Skywalker/Solos as well. :) I'm glad you like Cilla, I was concerned she was too over the top, but I can imagine Luke's daughter being excitable like that.

    mattman8907 - I'm not sure what you mean by ST, but I'm glad you liked the chapter! :)
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    ST = Sequel Trilogy
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    How enlightening. I too thought instantly of Trek, before. LOL =P~
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    Bravo! Love that the Skywalkers have three kids! =D=
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    JadeLotus: moar Luke and Mara flashbacks? [face_praying] Oh, and a Skywalker daughter? YES. This. x Infinity. =D=
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    Like the depiction of the Skywalker-Solos as having more time for family in this version. That insistence on eating dinner together is something that I think could have helped them in canon; they all did have really important things to do and it's easy to let that bonding time slip.

    Micah's choice of career and how it was handled is interesting and makes me happy. People shouldn't always have to be Jedi just because they can. Other jobs matter too! :) And Cilla is about how I would imagine a much younger Luke may have been (sometimes, at least.) Her enthusiasm was really endearing.

    And I like that you have Jaina paired with Zeb, rather than one of the canon choices. Nothing wrong with Zekk, Kyp, and Jag, but it's interesting to see someone else. It is AU, after all. I guess I'm not a one-ship kind of shipper. ;)
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    mattman8907 - Oh, that makes sense!

    Nyota's Heart - Star Trek is what I first thought of too!

    Revanfan1 - Yeah, I really wanted to give Luke and Mara more kids - there should be more Skywalker kids, it opens up a lot more story potential.

    taramidala - Yep, more flashbacks :) The flashbacks could probably be a fic in itself, and will probably end up being a kind of split narrative - 30 years is a lot of backstory to explain!

    Kahara - I agree, if the Skywalker/Solos had made more family time for each other, things might have been a lot better for them! I really wanted at least one Skywalker kid not to be a Jedi - just because they are Force sensitive doesn't mean they're cut out to be Jedi (something else I think could have been explored better in profic.) I am basig Cilla on sort of a young Luke, maybe a bit more confident! As for Jaina, I was inspired by the casting choices, and didn't really want to fit Boyega onto any of the canon offerings, easier to be an OC!
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    Tags: Gemma

    24 IE

    Luke Skywalker looked apprehensively around the table at the leaders of the New Republic. Leia was next to him, her hand resting over his on the table in silent support. Han sat on the other side of him, and gave Luke an encouraging nod. But they had known what he’d come here to say, the real concern was the three beings opposite.

    Admiral Ackbar looked impassive, but then Mon Calamari never gave too much away. Mon Mothma, recently elected Chancellor, was as always cool and serene, but there was a shimmer of concern about her. General Madine did not bother to try and hide his disappointment, his mouth in a firm line and his eyes hard.

    “What did you say?” Madine asked, as if Luke had not spoken clearly.

    “I said that I want to resign my commission.” Luke did not flinch, holding Madine’s gaze.

    “General Skywalker, you asked for a sabbatical to research your Jedi heritage,” Madine responded evenly. “Now that you have returned I had hoped you would resume your command, not relinquish it entirely.”

    Luke had been somewhat unwillingly promoted to General following the Battle of Endor. He’d accepted that his skills were needed and had led troops in both the Battle of Corellia and the Liberation of Coruscant. But the past months he’d spent researching the Jedi and his own family history had made it clear that he could no longer hold such a rank.

    “I am a Jedi,” Luke told them. “I must serve the Republic as one.”

    “The Jedi were soldiers when it was required of them,” Ackbar pointed out. “Your own Master Kenobi was a General during the Clone Wars.”

    “Yes, but that was not their purpose,” Luke argued. “Jedi are peacekeepers first and foremost.”

    “But surely you must see how vital your presence is for morale,” Madine pressed, leaning forward in his chair. “For our citizens and soldiers to know that a Jedi serves the Republic is immensely important.”

    “I will continue to serve the Republic,” Luke stated, careful to keep his voice even. “Just not from within the confines of the military.”

    Leia shifted slightly next to him. “I should point out that I support my brother wholeheartedly,” she stated.

    But Madine was not satisfied. “General Solo was also reluctant to retain his military rank,” he argued. “But was persuaded that the public good outweighed his personal desires.”

    “Hey,” Han shrugged. “Just because I was stupid enough to get talked into it, doesn’t mean Luke is. And you promised me a cushy job, Madine,” he continued, lazily pointing his finger at the General. “Ribbon-cutting, diplomatic attendances, that kind of thing. Nothing that’s going to put my back out.”

    Luke couldn’t help but smile. “Well when it comes to expert diplomacy, the first name I think of is Han Solo.”

    Han laughed. “Hey, I’ve managed a few tricky situations in my time.”

    “Shooting first isn’t usually considered an act of diplomacy,” Luke grinned.

    “If you two are finished,” Madine cut in with irritation. He had never really lost the formality of his Imperial training. “The three of you are the Alliance’s greatest heroes,” he continued gravely. “The war may be over, but the struggle continues.”

    “We have achieved our objective,” Mon agreed, the first time she had spoken. “The Republic has been restored. Now our mission is to maintain it.”

    “The Jedi Order was a cornerstone of the Old Republic,” Luke put in carefully. “Surely my efforts are best spent rebuilding that Order.” He looked over at Leia and she gave him a small smile in support. Although she had agreed to work on developing her strength in the Force, she had decided to focus on politics rather than formal Jedi training. “I need further time to study the holocron Master Yoda left me,” he continued. “And search for further records if possible. And of course I need students.” He hadn’t yet figured out how he was supposed to do that.

    “The restoration of the Jedi Order is important to the New Republic,” Mon agreed. She studied Luke for several long moments. “But if you are adamant, of course we will not force you. I accept your resignation, General Skywalker, with regret.”

    Luke was relieved. “Thank you.”

    General Madine was clearly unhappy, but would not go against the Chancellor. He cleared his throat and gave her a meaningful look. “There is the other matter…”

    “Yes,” Mon nodded. “Luke, this Council appreciates that you and Leia have been candid with us in your discovery of your…familial connections.”

    Leia gave him a look, her mouth twisting bitterly. She was still dealing with the knowledge about their father, and it had only been her sense of honour that had made her reveal that knowledge to the leadership council of the Alliance.

    “Whilst during the war such matters were unimportant, now that the government has been formed, questions will be asked,” Mon continued. “I understand you have only revealed the…particulars of your heritage to a few people?”

    Luke nodded. “Outside of this room the only people who know are Wedge Antilles, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca,” he told them.

    “We would like to keep it that way,” Ackbar said, his large eyes blinking several times.

    “I’m sorry?” Luke was surprised. During the war with the remains of the Empire, and seeing the knowledge was still raw for Leia, he had not pressed disclosure that Vader had been their father, nor his actions in saving Luke’s life. But he had assumed that time would allow them to reveal to truth.

    “Your story has great propaganda potential,” Madine explained. “Twins born in secret, separated and hidden for their own safety. Finding each other once again to lead the Alliance to victory over the Empire.” He smiled for the first time that day. “The masses will love it.”

    “However, we believe that people would not take kindly to the knowledge that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader were one in the same,” Ackbar continued gravely. “In fact it may have severe negative consequences.”

    “We suggest ackowledging that your father was Anakin Skywalker,” Mon added. “He was, after all, a Jedi and hero of the Clone Wars – many people remember his name. But as far as this Council is concerned, Anakin Skywalker died in the Jedi Purges.”

    “But that’s not the truth,” Luke disputed.

    “And what did I say that was untrue?” Madine asked.

    “It is lying by omission,” Luke insisted. “And Vader turned back to the light in the end, surely his sacrifice should be known?”

    Mon gave him a pitying look. “For many people in this galaxy, no good that Vader did at the end of his life could possibly make up for all the evil.” Her soft voice became unusually brittle, as close to anger as Luke had ever seen her. “Many of us remember the Jedi Purges, the scourging of Corellia, the subjugation of Kashyyyk. We are not as forgiving as you, Luke.”

    Leia squeezed his hand gently. “I agree with Mon,” she said softly. “Let Anakin be remembered as a Jedi – the Hero Without Fear. Not as the Sith Lord who took hold of him.”

    Luke still didn’t like it, but was unwilling to get into a further argument over the matter. And, if he employed Obi-Wan’s reasoning, Anakin Skywalker had indeed died in the Clone Wars, died the day he became Darth Vader. The thought made him feel slightly sick, but Luke swallowed his bitterness, to be meditated on later.

    “Very well,” he agreed.

    The conversation moved onto Leia and Han’s upcoming wedding, a subject that brought everyone much joy. The ceremony had been planned to coincide with the upcoming New Year celebrations, symbolizing a fresh start for the Republic on a personal and political level. Thankfully, Luke was not required to participate much in the conversation, other than to agree with the preparations enthusiastically. Eventually, the informal council was dismissed, and Luke was thankful that he was not usually required to attend such meetings. And yet there was still one matter unaddressed.

    “Chancellor Mothma, will you stay?” he asked when she began to stand. Leia looked at him quizzically, for he had not had time to explain to her his recent discoveries. “It concerns Leia and myself.”

    “Of course,” Mon answered evenly, and she gestured for Ackbar and Madine to leave. When the two men had departed she turned her soft gaze back to Luke, inviting him to continue.

    “Mon,” he asked, “you were part of the Delegation of 2000, is that right?” Luke had managed to uncover records of the petition she and other Senators had submitted to Palpatine in the final days of the Clone Wars.

    “Yes,” Mon nodded, clearly shocked by the question. “As was your father, Leia,” she turned to his sister. “Bail Organa, I mean.”

    “Do you remember Senator Padmé Amidala?” Luke questioned, and his suspicions were confirmed when Mon looked down at her hands.

    “Of course I remember Padmé,” Mon said softly after a brief pause. “She was a fine politician, and a brave woman.” When she looked up, her eyes were bright. “What are you asking, Luke?”

    Luke looked over at Leia and took her hand gently. “I believe that she was our mother.”

    Leia’s eyes widened, and he felt her surge of elation and hope in the Force. “Our mother?” She was silent for several long moments, her hand clutching Luke’s tightly. Han moved to the seat on Leia’s other side and put an arm around her. For once, there was no trace of cynicism in his smile.

    “Did you know?” Leia asked with a hint of accusation as she raised her gaze to the woman across the table.

    “I…suspected about you, Leia,” Mon told them. “Any fool could see that Padmé was with child, and when Bail and Breha adopted you as a war orphan…” She trailed off. “But I didn’t know who the father was. I didn’t know about you, Luke,” she added regretfully, her eyes wet. “I wish I had. I wish Bail had shared his secrets with me, so that I would be able to tell them to you now.” There was another long silence, and Mon smiled at them sadly. “You look so much like her, Leia,” she continued eventually, her voice quavering slightly. “And you have her flair for politics.” She looked back at Luke. “And in you, Luke, I see her overwhelming compassion. She had such a quiet strength, and would be so proud of both of you.”

    Luke’s heart ached hearing the words, it was one thing to discover the information, but to hear about his mother from someone who actually knew her was more fulfilling than he could of imagined. Next to him Leia drew a shaky breath, and Han held her tighter. But her gaze still rested on Mon Mothma.

    “Tell us about her,” she requested.


    29 NRE

    Kara Ravenlok walked through the spaceport towards where her X-wing was docked, her grandfather Trevin floating in his repulsorchair beside her. He had been an Imperial Moff in the days of the Empire, and had been persuaded by his daughter Sidel to defect to the Alliance during the Liberation of Coruscant, or, as her grandfather still called it, the Invasion of Coruscant. Sidel had been a Rebel sympathizer, and whilst the old man’s ideology aligned with the Empire, his heart had ultimately belonged to his daughter.

    He was one of the first Coruscant-based Moffs to surrender to Alliance forces, although the action still troubled him. To add insult to injury, Sidel fell in love with and married Oren Tedeya of Rogue Squadron, and Trevin found himself drawn further into the New Republic government keen to make use of his Imperial status and aristocratic family that could trace its lineage back to the Ruusan Reformation.

    Now long since retired, Trevin’s primary source of pleasure came from criticizing the New Republic and comparing it to his rosy-eyed memory of the Empire. That, and Kara did not think it vain to admit, herself. She had been doted on by Trevin her entire life, particularly since her parents had died, and although he liked to grumble about her being a Jedi, Kara knew it was done with affection.

    “Only arrived yesterday,” Trevin was complaining, more to himself than anyone else, pushing the drive lever in his chair forward to keep up with Kara’s long strides. “And off you go again, to serve that jumped-up ‘Rim yokel.”

    “I don’t serve him, grandfather,” Kara reminded him. “We work together.”

    “Hmph,” Trevin snorted, as he always did. “I don’t know why you all worship him so much. Who is his family, huh?” Trevin tutted. “Anakin Skywalker, that popinjay. I remember him swanning around here like he owned the place. And who was his father? No one knows.”

    Kara rolled her eyes, knowing that it was no use arguing. She was grateful when they approached the landing platform where their X-Wings sat ready to go. Luke was there already, standing by his ship making the final checks while his young daughter assisted him in between animated chatter.

    “Hmph,” Trevin snorted again as they approached, for he had no appreciation for teenage enthusiasm.

    But Cilla Skywalker did not notice Trevin’s disapproval, and bounded over to give Kara a firm hug in greeting and launching immediately into a rundown of the ship checks.
    “Hello, Cilla,” Kara managed to say with an indulgent smile.

    “Oh, hi Baron Ravenlok!” Cilla greeted Trevin with equal enthusiasm, thankfully remembering to use his correct title. “You came to see Dad and Kara off, huh? You must be sad Kara is leaving again so soon, but Dad says they have to, real important stuff. Do you think-”

    Cilla was interrupted by Luke’s gentle hand on her shoulder. He seemed to be the only one who could exert a calming force on the child, although Kara had never known him to willingly silence her. In fact, more often than not Luke let her run on until exhausted, and Kara was intrigued by the change in habit.

    “Are you ready to go, Luke?” Kara asked, thinking perhaps that he was anxious to start the mission.

    Luke nodded. “Final checks complete, but Micah said he would be here…”

    As if on cue, the boy casually strode across the spaceport and greeted them, throwing Kara a flirtatious smile and Trevin a lazy salute which only made him snort again in disapproval.

    “Your children are unruly, Skywaker,” Trevin observed, but there was no real judgment in his voice.

    Luke’s face cracked into a smile as he squeezed Cilla’s shoulder gently. “Yes they are,” he replied proudly.

    “Hmph.” Trevin frowned but was unable to maintain it. “I have to get going, Kara.”

    “Of course.” Kara stepped forward and kissed Trevin’s forehead. “I’ll see you in a few weeks, grandfather.” She patted his hand fondly and promised that next time she would stay longer. He had seemed comforted by that, and directed his chair back across the spaceport.

    Kara turned back to Luke. “Ready?”

    Luke nodded, drawing Cilla into a tight hug and kissing the top of her head.

    Micah looked around the spaceport with a frown. “Mom’s not here?” he questioned.

    Luke shook his head. “We said our goodbyes this morning.”

    “Ew,” Micah wrinkled his nose in disgust. “Dad, that’s gross.”

    “I didn’t mean that,” Luke insisted, but all the same his cheeks became warm.

    “Oh, so you deny it?” Micah pressed the point with a teasing smile.

    Luke stared at him for several moments, clearly unable to do so, and Kara laughed. The affection that Luke and Mara had for one another was clear to all that met them, and it warmed her heart to see such love.

    “Dad!” Cilla chastised him, looking scandalized. “I live there too! That’s disgusting.”

    “Look you two,” Luke scolded them, his embarrassment turning to annoyance. “It is not gross and disgusting. When a husband and wife share the very expression of love-”

    “Ahh!” Cilla wailed and clapped her hands over her ears. “I don’t want to hear this.”

    Micah laughed. “The expression of love, you’re such a cornball, Dad,” he said drolly. “I’d rather be gross and disgusting.” He turned to Kara and winked, to which she responded with an amused raise of the eyebrow. Several of her society friends had been involved with Micah Skywalker, and from all reports he was quite the cad – but in the right way, they had been quick to assure her. Kara was immune to his charm, but was amused by it.

    But Cilla’s mouth dropped open, still in that blissful phase of innocent adolescence. “Not you too, Micah!”

    Micah ruffled her hair. “Fraid so, little sis,” he chuckled. “Is it my fault if the ladies find me undeniably attractive?”

    “Micah.” Luke gave him a stern look, and Kara covered her smile with one hand. Although she loved her grandfather, he thrived on formality and she could never joke in such a way with him. She wondered if her father had lived, she would have been able to tease him as Micah did Luke.

    Micah shrugged, unconcerned by Luke’s disapproval. “Hey, if you got it, flaunt it,” he said, and winked at Kara again, like it was a conspiracy they shared. “It’s like Uncle Han told me, you gotta check out all the planets in the system to see which one you like before you settle down on one.”

    “And have you found one you like?” Luke asked tiredly.

    Micah grinned. “I’ve found heaps I’ve liked,” he answered. “What?” he pressed when Luke grimaced. “I’m not going to make the same mistake as Ben, and waste my life pining over the first girl who showed me any attention.”

    Cilla gasped. “You’re not supposed to talk about that!” she said breathlessly. “Ben will be so mad.”

    “Ben ain’t here,” Micah shrugged again, the picture of cool indifference. Not for the first time, Kara wondered if Micah’s bravado was in part a cover for his anxiety. All of Luke’s family was worried for him, as if they all had sensed that there were to be troubling times ahead.

    “We should go, Luke,” Kara suggested gently.

    Luke nodded. “We’ll talk when I get back, Micah,” he said, and drew his son into an embrace, which Micah uncharacteristically accepted.

    “Bye, Dad,” he said as he drew away. “Clear skies.” They were old words; pilot’s words, but Kara could hear the son’s words underneath.

    Be careful, Dad. Come back.


    The remains of the Kenobi homestead on Tatooine had not yielded much information to the man who had taken it for temporary shelter. It had been picked over by Sand People many times, and there was little evidence that the Jedi Master had ever been there. And yet the old Jedi’s presence still lingered, a purity of light that permeated every inch of the home. It was sickening.

    His father returned at sunset – tall, like himself, pale-skinned, dark hair, although his father’s beard was tinged with liberal grey where his was almost black; face punctuated by a long nose and framed by ears slightly larger than normal. The similarity in likeness was a point of pride, and he wondered whether the Skywalker boy resembled his father as much. He had of course observed Ben Skywalker and his companion Jedi from afar, but had not been able to compare him to his sire, having not seen the Jedi Master in the flesh. Yet.

    “Did you feel it?” his father asked, although he must already know the answer.

    “He is coming, as you said he would Father.” He paused, seeing the anxious tinges around his father’s Force sense. “And we will destroy him.”

    His father looked back out through the entrance to the home, where the twin suns cast the horizon in an orange and red glow. “This is his homeworld,” he said simply. “He will have the advantage.”

    “And we will take it from him.” It was no false confidence – for in his very soul he trusted the strength of his father, of himself. For years, they had studied the ancient ways together, watching the Jedi from the shadows like the Sith of old.

    “Yes, my son.” His father’s face was silhouetted by the sunset behind, creating a shimmering halo around his shadowed face. “We will destroy this Jedi dynasty. Ours is the line which will continue.”
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    Nov 17, 2012
    i really liked the flashbacks. i mean i'm all for the current story but the flashbacks had me hooked.
  15. taramidala

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    Jun 18, 1999
    I'd go line by line and tell you what I loved about this, but we'd be here all night. The flashback, lovely and compelling. The present, mysterious (old man Trevin, the people in Obi-Wan's house!) and playful. I'm glad we'll get to see both storylines in one! :)
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Cilla and Micah are so awesome. :cool:
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    Yes, they really are. =D= But the flashback - yes that is what rocks. It's a beautiful contrast to the mysteriousness in the present. [face_nail_biting]
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    I love the flashback and want to know more. (And more, and more!!) I love the Skywalker kids. Micah's a hoot. (And poor blushing Lukie. hee!) Kara seems awesome and I love seeing a bit of her family. And who is this in Obi-Wan's house?? Fathers and sons, that's what Star Wars is all about. But just who are this father and his son?? I love what you're setting up here, gal, and I can't wait for more!!!
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    Dec 25, 2013
    This was my favorite banter in the flashback.
    I find Luke's calming trend over her nice --- reminds me of a certain few people in my life who have that effect on me.

    I really enjoyed the chat between Luke and Micah about saying goodbye with Mara and the conversation that ensued afterwards. And I find Cilla so cute holding her eyes about the adultish stuff.
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    mattman8907 - Thank you, I'm really enjoying writing the flashbacks.

    taramidala - Thanks, I hope both narratives are well balanced. There will be more of Trevin as the story progresses.

    Revanfan1 - They're fun to write!

    Nyota's Heart - There will be a mix of flashbacks and present time in each chapter. Glad you are enjoying!

    ginchy - I'm having so much fun writing the Skywalker kids. (And thanks for the help!)

    Gemma - That banter was one of my favourite bits too, glad you liked it! I can see Luke just with his very presence having a calming influence on his kids.
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    Hmm, they're keeping Vader's family ties a secret here? That could have interesting consequences...

    The background on Kara and her grandfather was fun; I like that he's an old Imperial curmudgeon. Her reflections on their different families and her training were interesting. And the Skywalker kids are adorable -- I get the impression Micah is overly used to girls swooning over him. *snort* Interesting that Ben's pining over someone; I wonder who.

    Have to wonder who those mysterious Dark Jedi (if that's what they are) will turn out to be.
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    Kahara - Thanks for the comments! Yes, the fall of the Empire happens much quicker in this universe, but the power was still unstable - I could imagine that it wouldn't be good public relations to have the children of a Sith helping run the New Republic. There will be more of Kara's backstory, and more of her grandfather as well - figured there had to be defectors than nonetheless had somewhat rosy memories of the Imperial days. The object of Ben's affections will be revealed in due course! :D
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    Huge thanks to the awesome ginchy for being my sounding board and looking this over for me.

    1 NRE

    It was the first day of Coruscant’s annual New Year celebrations, distinct for also being the first New Year of the New Republic government. Under the Empire there had been suitable pomp and ceremony to celebrate the beginning of each year, but the revelry had always been tempered with restraint and a hint of fear.

    For the people of Coruscant, old and new, it was the first time in a generation that they had been allowed to celebrate freely without stormtroopers on every corner and watchful security cams waiting for any hint of rebellion. It was also to be Leia’s wedding day, and she stood alone in her and Han’s apartment where she had spent the morning getting ready.

    It should be the happiest day of Leia’s life, and yet she couldn’t shake her melancholy.

    Leia looked at herself in the mirror, admiring the beauty of the dress that had been made for the occasion by Alderaani fashion designer Olena Ra. The old woman had been fortunate enough to be off planet that horrible, final day, and had spent the last six years remembering her homeworld through the clothes she created. Olena had approached Leia directly when her engagement to Han had been announced, requesting the honour of making her wedding dress.

    A lump formed in Leia’s throat as she gazed at her own reflection, a familiar pang of sorrow lancing through her. The dress was beautiful - the bodice had been hand-stitched with a pattern of leaves and flowers interspersed between time blue gemstones, and was cut to fit her form perfectly. The skirt was made from shimmersilk in the royal blues of Alderaan. The colour caught the light as the fabric shifted, varying from the light azure of the Alderaan sky to the deepest cobalt of her vast oceans. The folds of the skirt fluttered around her legs and feet like a waterfall, and there were more shimmersilk folds flowing down her back. She also wore blue Alderaani gemstones glittering at her throat, a gift from her friend Oren Ravenlok.

    Leia picked up the silver circlet which was to be the crowning touch; a replica of the one her mother had worn to her own wedding as per royal custom. Her mother, like most Alderaani women, often wore her hair an elaborate styles which Leia had always emulated for official functions. The one exception was a woman’s wedding day, when her hair was unbound and unrestrained to symbolize her freedom and happiness.

    Her mother should be here, Leia thought to herself bitterly. She should be placing the circlet in Leia’s hair, as Breha’s mother had done for her, as all the queens before her had done for their daughters. Bail should be pacing nervously outside, directing the final preparations and giving Han a stern warning to look after his little girl. Leia should be surrounded by cousins and aunts and other family, fussing over her, gossiping, drinking wine, but instead she was alone, never feeling the loss of her parents and Alderaan family more keenly. Leia put the circlet down on the table beside the mirror and forced back her tears.

    There was a gentle knock at the door, and Leia composed herself. “Come in,” she called, grateful that her voice was cool and steady. However, when Luke entered the room dressed in a formal suit of navy blue, she knew that her distress would be as obvious to him as if she was standing there sobbing. To his credit, though, he did not press her, and simply enfolded her in his arms and kissed her forehead.

    “Leia, you look beautiful,” he said as he drew back to arm’s length, although kept hold of her hands. “I’m so happy for you.”

    Leia smiled, but it did not escape her notice that his eyes were slightly bloodshot. “I hope Han is in a better state than you,” she admonished him gently. “I thought last night was just a few drinks with the Rogues?”

    “Well, with those guys, the term ‘few’ is relative,” he replied sheepishly. “But Han is perfectly fine,” he added quickly. “He was on his best behavior. We, er…may have had an arrangement that I would drink whatever he wasn't allowed to.”

    “I see,” she laughed. “And people say you’re incorruptible,” she teased him. “They have no idea.”

    “But I’m standing upright, and I’m here,” Luke said with a smile. “Escorting my sister to marry that corrupting force.”

    “The difference is, dear brother, I can handle him,” Leia needled him, and it gladdened her heart when he laughed. “When do you leave for Myrkr?” she asked, changing the subject.

    “Tomorrow.” During his research quest Luke had discovered an empty spot in the Force in that quadrant of space, and was keen to investigate its source.

    “I wish you were staying longer,” Leia said wistfully, squeezing his hands.

    Luke laughed. “You and Han won’t want me around,” he pointed out. “And I thought you were going to Naboo for your honeymoon?”

    Leia smiled to herself. Ever since they had found out their mother, she and Luke had been researching her furiously. Palpatine had deleted some records, but they had been able to piece together information from various Senate recordings and historical documents. Palpatine’s own rise to power as Chancellor during the Blockade of Naboo was well documented, but the Queen who’d instigated the vote of no-confidence in the previous Chancellor had only been a footnote. Still, they had been able to chart her rise as Senator and had even been able to find an old holoreport regarding her funeral. It was a Naboo publication, and very informative and complimentary to the late Padmé, even going so far as to hint that her death was orchestrated by Palpatine. As to that, Luke and Leia could only speculate.

    Luke had told her that he’d seen but not spoken to the ghosts of Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker during the Endor celebrations, but they hadn’t appeared to him since. Leia was secretly glad, although it did mean they hadn’t been able to confirm any of their suspicions. That was, until Han, who had been helping them with their investigations given that he had a wealth of contacts high and low, found a holo of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Clone Wars.

    Han had apologetically told them that it was a longshot and it could be any old astromech, but Luke had known at once that it was Artoo pictured beside his father. Leia had warned Luke not to get his hopes up, since not everyone was as adverse to giving droids memory wipes as he was, but when asked Artoo had been happy to divulge the information. Leia had been quite angry with the little droid, asking why he’d never revealed the truth before, and Artoo had become quite snippy and beeped that they’d never asked, that his mechanical brain held a thousand times the information their inferior organic ones did and he couldn’t be expected to know what humans wanted to be told, since it was all ones and zeros to him.

    After Luke had calmed the little droid down, Artoo had told them everything he could remember, albeit from his own skewed perspective – the meeting of Anakin and Padmé on Tatooine, their courtship and secret marriage on Naboo, even Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side, although the little droid only had scant information on those events. For Leia it had been a relief to hear that her mother had never condoned nor supported Anakin as Vader. At least she had one biological parent she could be proud of.

    “Hey,” Luke prodded Leia out of her reverie. “You alright?”

    It was a game that they played – each continuing to ask questions they could already feel the answers to. Their connection through the Force had strengthened and solidified, and there was no hiding emotions when in each other’s presence.

    “I’m fine,” she answered. “No, I’m happy,” she amended with a smile, her melancholy fading away. “Ecstatic.”

    The past didn’t matter – what mattered was that she was going to marry the man she loved with every fibre of her being, and was in the company of the brother that was the other half of her soul.

    “The Lake District will be beautiful this time of year.” Luke smiled, her happiness infectious. “You will love it.”

    Leia knew that she would, although only as a link to her biological mother’s childhood and not as the place where she’d married Anakin Skywalker. She could never think of Anakin as her father, even with the caveat of being her biological father, rather than her real father, Bail Organa. It had taken her this long to convince herself to refer to him as Anakin and not Vader, and Leia was unwilling to go any further than that. But Leia quickly pushed those thoughts away before Luke could pick up on them.
    “But first I have to get married,” she reminded him. “And we’re running late,” she added, checking the chrono on the wall.

    “Ah.” Luke broke away, and caught sight of the circlet on the nearby table. He picked it up and held it up towards her. “May I?” he asked, and Leia felt her heart constrict – Luke could not know the significance of the act that was intended to be performed by a bride’s mother.

    Leia ducked her head and allowed Luke to place the circlet on her crown, knowing that she would not have it any other way. She did have a family, and while she would never forget those lost to her, she would cherish those who were still in her life all the more.

    Luke smiled, and she knew that he had felt her thoughts. “Shall we?” he asked, holding out the crook of his arm, which she took with affection. They walked together like that to her wedding, quietly laughing and talking, and later she would reflect that it had been the happiest day of her life after all.


    29 NRE

    Han Solo tugged at his high-necked collar with discomfort. He hated wearing his full dress uniform with a passion that threatened to outweigh even his love for his wife. In the end, however, Leia always won out and he wore the damn thing because he knew it made her happy.

    Made her happy to know he was suffering, he thought to himself with a chuckle. Han felt a sharp pain in his ankle and turned to his left, where his Jedi companion Yara Riu was glaring at him. It was the third time the young Twi’lek had kicked him that morning, and Han tried once again to focus on the meeting.

    He’d been corralled into being the New Republic representative for peace talks on Corellia, since the system’s planetary governments were once again at odds. The Selonians and the Drall both thought that the Corellians were given preferential treatment by the NR, and accused each other of political sabotage, the Corellians wanted sanctions against them both, while the dual-worlds Talus and Tralus threatened secession from the system altogether.

    It was mostly bluff and bluster, in Han’s opinion, but he’d been forced to listen to a week’s worth of grievances and negotiations between the representatives of each world and the local NR governor. The Selonian was speaking again, but try as he might Han couldn’t work up an interest in the dispute over preferential trade routes.

    He turned to Yara again and rolled his eyes discreetly, so the beings across the table couldn’t see. Yara clamped down on a smile and kicked him again, although softer this time. The young Twi’lek had only been a Jedi Knight for a year, and had been so excited not only to be going on her first solo mission but being permitted to accompany Han on the Millennium Falcon for the journey. NR high command hated that he continued to use the ship for official purposes, particularly since he technically had his own Star Destroyer Simple Tricks, but Han was adamant. If he was sent anywhere he flew on the Falcon or didn’t go at all. Since the NR liked to trade on his infamy more than they hated the use of the old freighter, they permitted it.

    “What do you think, General Solo?” The Selonian was asking him, clearly incensed over whatever her complaint had been.

    Han ran a tired hand over his eyes. “I think I should have retired years ago.”

    “General Solo!” beside him the NR governor for the Corellian sector spluttered and fretted. “The New Republic has sent you to assist us in these matters, which are most serious.”

    Han didn’t really think the matter was all that serious. He was sick of serving the New Republic, sick of being convinced that it was necessary for him to remain a figurehead of the government and military, sick of being carted around at functions and fundraisers. In the past year he’d spent more time away from Coruscant than on it, and couldn’t even remember the last time he’d seen Chewie or Lando.

    He missed his wife. He missed his daughter. He missed his brother and his niece and nephews. Hell, he even missed Threepio. And since that dark day had arrived, Han knew it was time to go home. It was either than, or go mad.

    “Look, I’m no politician,” he told the assembled group, not really caring how he got out of the situation. “They sent me here to listen to your stupid complaints so you would feel involved and important. I’m here to pacify you,” he said truthfully. “I can’t change anything – that’s what you have senators for.”

    The assorted representative stared at him for several moments, and then all began talking very loudly at once. The NR governor had been stunned to silence. Oh, they would slap him over the wrist later on, and Leia would give him a lecture, but she’d be happy enough for him to be home that she wouldn’t stay mad for too long. Leia mad was a thousand times better than no Leia at all.

    Han was pretty pleased with himself, and turned to Yara to gauge her reaction, but the young Jedi looked extremely concerned – too concerned for it to be over his outburst.

    “General Solo,” she said urgently and rose from her seat. “I sense a disturbance.” Her lightsaber was in her hand in an instant, and she glanced around the room.
    Han knew better than to second-guess Jedi intuition. “Alright, I suggest we adjourn immediately,” Han said, gesturing for the CorSec guards to escort the representatives from the room.

    “We will not be dismissed that easily, General Solo,” the Selonian replied hotly, pulling her arm away from the guard who was trying to herd her towards the door. But she was interrupted by an intense rumbling which shook the walls of the room. Han heard an explosion in the distance and fear clutched at him as the representatives began to scream.

    “Get down!” Yara screamed as she slammed her body into Han’s, sending them both sprawling to the floor. Another explosion had gone off, this time right above them, raining down duracrete and debris from the ceiling which partially collapsed. Han sat up as Yara leapt to her feet again to check on the representatives. Han swore as he saw a large chunk of duracrete lying exactly where he’d been standing three seconds previous.

    “It’s an attack!” the NR governor whimpered, curled up on the floor next to Han.

    The Selonian bared her teeth at the Corellian. “This is you!” she accused. “Your damned Human League.”

    “They’re not us!” The Corellian man snapped back. “They’re a fringe group, not capable of this. And why would they blow up our own facilities? That’s something you Selonians would do!”

    “Who cares who’s behind it?” Han shouted through gritted teeth. “Just get out of here! Seven Hells, CorSec, do your damn jobs!” He rose somewhat painfully to his feet and pushed away the Corsec guard who came to help him. “Just get them out of here,” he ordered. He could start to smell burning, and wasn’t sure how long the building was going to last.

    The doors had been blocked, but Yara was busy cutting an exit with her lightsaber. Once they were out in the hallway, Han could see that the entire building had been hit with directed explosions. They were on the sixth floor, and smoke was quickly gathering around them.

    “We have to get down before the whole thing collapses,” Han said to Yara urgently, who nodded.

    “The stairs will take too long,” she replied, moving purposefully towards the transpirateel glass windows of the building. Most of them had shattered, and Yara quickly blunted the edges with the blade of her saber.

    The Drall took their meaning immediately. “We cannot jump from this height!”

    “I will guide you with the Force,” Yara said calmly. “Now quickly.”

    The NR governor ran over to the window immediately and allowed Yara to nudge him out, extending her arm and reaching out with the Force so that he began to gently float down to the ground below, where rescue crew and survivors were already gathering. The rest of the representatives followed, and Han nudged the three CorSec officers to go as well. They were only kids who’d been stuck with what was considered a safe escort job, and Han could see the fear in their eyes.

    Han heard another explosion go off overhead. “Hurry, Yara,” he urged her.

    Yara’s brow was creased firmly, and it was clear she was struggling. “Go now, General Solo,” she urged however. Han looked down and saw that three of their party was already safely on the ground. The others, however, were still drifting slowly down and Han wasn’t sure Yara had the concentration for another.


    But the Twi’lek gave him a forceful push in the back and Han tumbled for a half-second before he was caught by an invisible hand which began to lower him gently. He twisted in the air and saw that the damage to the building was extensive – it was no mere accident, but a coordinated attack. Yet another bomb detonated near where Yara was standing, and Han knew that it would engulf the young Jedi within seconds.

    “Yara!” he yelled to her urgently. “Just jump! Now!”

    Suddenly the secure hand that held him in the air disappeared and Han plummeted the final ten meters to the ground. He landed painfully and heard the sickening crack of bone as shafts of intense pain ran up his left leg. He collapsed backwards onto the duracrete and everything went black.


    Ben Skywalker walked through the New Quarter of Mos Eisley, occasionally reaching out through the Force for any clues which may give him more information about the disturbing presence he’d felt out in the Dune Sea. The marketplace bustled with hundreds of life forms, and although Ben had grown up on Coruscant and so was used to large crowds, the atmosphere on Tatooine was surprising different.

    Ben had specifically asked his father for the mission, anxious to see the world again. His father had brought him once, when Ben was a teenager, but the planet seemed to make him sad. He had only taken the young Ben to his former home for a few minutes and given him a cursory tour. His Aunt and Uncle had died in that home of course, and Ben understood that the place brought up painful memories for his father. But Ben was keen to explore his family history; to try and reconcile the image of his strong, capable father he’d held since birth with that of the fresh-faced child.

    Ben had sat for hours in the bedroom his father had occupied for eighteen years. It was strangely untouched, only the dust accumulated on every surface indicating that its inhabitant had left one day to go search for a missing droid and never returned. The room was sparse and utterly ordinary, nothing to indicate that the boy who’d once slept there would grow up to the galaxy’s greatest hero. Locals claimed the homestead was haunted, and indeed Ben had felt the ghosts of the past.

    Drawing his mind back to the markets, Ben found himself accosted by a female Toydarian, intent on selling him some locally-made jewellery.

    “Something nice for a lady friend, hmm?” she urged him, poking Ben in the ribs. Ben grimaced, forcing his mind away from the woman he might have once bought such a trinket for.

    “Oh, so you are a lonely boy, huh?” the Toydarian sounded almost sympathetic. “Shame, handsome thing like you. You want fine dagger, huh? Hand carved Bantha bone. Only ten credits!"

    “She’s trying to cheat you,” a voice spoke up from the other side of the market, and Ben turned to see a young man approach. “That thing’s not worth half as much.” He was perhaps a few years older than Ben, pale-skinned, with dark hair that fell to his shoulders and was tucked neatly behind slightly prominent ears. He was dressed in the sandy, coarse robes of a local.

    “Thanks.” Ben had felt the old woman’s deception, of course, but always appreciated the assistance of others.

    “You not gonna buy?” The Toydarian’s tone turned sharp. “Then go!” she shooed them away and flapped her wings angrily.

    Ben ambled between the stalls and smiled at his new companion. “What’s your name, friend?”

    The other man hesitated, perhaps pondering whether he should tell the truth. People were slow to trust around here, Ben had noticed. “Fin,” the other man said eventually.

    Ben stuck out his hand. “Ben Skywalker.”

    Fin took it gingerly, but his handshake was firm. Ben reached out through the Force to see if there was anything sinister about the man’s reluctance, but could not feel any ill-will or Force sensitivity in him.

    “Skywalker,” Fin looked him up and down. “That’s a pretty famous name around these parts.”

    “Yeah,” Ben nodded. “Luke Skywalker is my father.”

    Fin shrugged and didn’t seem too affected by the information, which Ben found curious but not uncommon based on the past few weeks. On most other planets in the galaxy people were excited not only to meet a Jedi, but the son of Luke Skywalker. Everywhere, it seemed, except on the planet where Luke Skywalker had been raised. He had met a few people who had even known his father, as well as his great-Aunt and Uncle; the old couple Camie and Fixer who ran the bar on Anchorhead, the Darklighters, even an elderly Twi’lek who’d claimed to have been a dancer at Jabba’s Palace and not only seen his father fight the rancor, but had met his mother who’d been undercover at the time. And yet most others seemed indifferent to Tatooine’s most famous son. They liked their anonymity.

    Fin eyed him shrewdly. “You don’t look much like him,” he observed. “You’re taller.”

    Ben laughed politely. “Yeah, people say I look more like my mother,” he replied lightly. “It’s the hair,” he pointed to his head. It was something people always pointed out, as if Ben had somehow missed that his own hair was flaming red just like his mother’s. In truth, he thought he was starting to look more like his father - more recognisably Skywalker - as he grew older, and was slightly stung to hear it refuted.

    “So why’re you here then?” Fin asked conversationally. “Family reunion?”

    Ben wasn’t about to let slip his mission to any locals. “Something like that.”

    “Ben!” he heard his name called, and turned to see Eren Pax walking towards him purposefully. “Have you found anything?” she asked as she approached. “Or are you just shopping?”

    Ben shook his head and turned around to introduce Eren to Fin, but found that the other man had disappeared. It wasn’t unusual – Eren was wearing her Jedi robes which could spook some people, particularly if they were involved in potentially criminal dealings. Which most citizen of Mos Eisley were. Ben dismissed it as unimportant and focused is attention on his former master.

    “You’ve got me,” Ben joked. “I was buying you a present, 'ren. I was planning on declaring my undying love for you tonight.”

    Eren rolled her eyes and walked away.

    “But now you’ve spoiled it,” Ben continued as he followed her. “You’ll never hear the beautiful poem I wrote for you.”

    “My loss, I’m sure,” Eren shot back sarcastically.

    Eren had been one of his mother’s apprentices when Ben was growing up, so they had always had a close relationship. Sometimes, when she particularly wanted to annoy him, Eren would tell stories about his mother bringing him, a mere child of four, to the Jedi Academy when Eren was still a student. Evidently the students had been all too happy to watch him while Mara visited his father in his private study at the Temple. Such visits, Eren liked to tease him, had often taken several hours, a taunt which always made Ben go as red as his hair. Eren would then comment that it was no wonder Micah had been born some months later, and then laugh at the irony that in all likelihood his little brother had been conceived in the Jedi Temple and yet did not want to be a Jedi.

    It was then that Ben would challenge her to a lightsaber duel and she would chastise him for being too easily provoked. But she always fought him anyway, and he wondered whether she brought the topic up whenever she wanted him to practice his dueling skills.

    Her Utapaun ancestry made her a very calm, well-reasoned woman, but she had a quick wit and appreciation for Ben’s own dry sense of humor. Although he’d been a Jedi for five years, he often went on missions with his former master as they worked so well together.

    “Seriously, Ben,” Eren asked as they walked back to their rented speeder. “Find anything?”

    Ben thought back to Fin, and the way he had disappeared into the crowd when Eren had approached. Whilst Ben had not sensed the Force in him, he felt that their meeting had not been an accident. If there was one thing history had taught him, it was that very little happened by accident.


    When Fin returned to the Kenobi home it was past dark, and he found his father waiting for him with a sour expression. Although Fin was close to thirty standard years old, his father was still protective of him. Svel Delrond had once been an Imperial Officer on the Emperor’s private Star Destroyer, and had been trained by the Emperor in the dark arts. Palpatine refused to make Svel his apprentice, as the Rule of Two was absolute, but after the Emperor’s death Svel had continued his own training and passed that knowledge onto Fin as he had grown. As such, hiding information from his father was less than pointless.

    “You sought out the boy,” Svel stated. It was not a question.

    “Don’t worry Father,” Fin reassured him. “I used the serum.”

    “It was still foolish,” Svel shook his head. “We haven’t tested the serum yet, you weren’t sure it was going to work.”

    “Well it did,” Fin told him. “It’s worn off now.” Fin had felt the Force return to him like on old friend on the journey back to the Kenobi home, and he’d accepted it gratefully. He hadn’t wanted to block his Force abilities even for an afternoon, but he couldn’t risk Skywalker sensing them. And he’d needed to see Skywalker face to face, needed to see the Jedi heir and know that one day, Fin would destroy him.

    He would destroy them all.
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    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you know I love it!!!! I love, love, love the scene with Luke and Leia. The flashbacks are just perfect, gal. I love how they fill in the time for us. And I love Leia paying homage to her Alderaan family. I love how your Luke is not a light-weight. He can handle himself in any situation. And I love how close they are. Han's scene is amazing, and fast paced. And I love how you got the broken leg in! Poor Han!

    The scene with Ben and Fin was so well done. I love how disjointed it feels, almost like a memory. And Fin's observations on Ben's looks are interesting. I bet Ben does look like Daddy, just with a cap of red hair!!

    Speaking of:

    THAT's a flashback we need!!! [face_mischief]

    Love it, lady!! Can't wait for moar!!
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    You made me cry with the Leia bit, chuckle at Han's poor leg, giggle at the Skywalker kids' conception(s), and cringe at this evil dude hunting Ben. I'd say that's a job well done!! :)
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