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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 13, 2011.

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  1. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    146 ABY ? The Shadow War ? Times End

    The Story

    The Battle of New Korriban is over. The colony of the Dominion of Darkness and Dragons has been eliminated by the Acolytes of Darkness-led forces of the Sith Imperium, killing many on both sides. Fleeing from New Korriban, the flagship of the Sith armada, the Dark Renewal, is hunted by the Acolytes, and now the Dominion has fallen into the territory of the Chiss Ascendancy - but that territory doesn't just bring with it the threat of discovery, but a new opponent, also vying for superiority in the darkness...

    ? but these all represent new dangers, new Terrors, founded in the years preceding the reign of Emperor Krayt, and there are much older dangers than those to hand ? the Ancient Sith Empire, created from Sith who claim lineage back to 100,000 BBY, lurks, freed from its slumber by stirrings in the Force following the Battle of Endor?

    ... but then, elsewhere, the light is regaining ground, in the re-establishment of the Jedi Temple of the Guardians of Light, and in the travels of the New Jedi Trials, aboard the Chu'unthor II, seeking to create a bastion of light in anticipation of returning to the known galaxy ? as they both stumble into the waiting darkness...

    ... the Obscurum - who are not just out for the blood of their fellow Chiss, but for the entire galaxy...

    Welcome to the Shadow War. In the known galaxy, the events of the [i]Legacy[/i] comics nearly two decades ago have caused nascent Sith powers to be exiled, and Jedi remnants to flee the massacre of their kind. This influx of Force users has derailed the plans of other Sith factions in hiding in the Unknown Regions, causing a melting pot of Sith and Jedi, all at cross-purposes. While the galaxy itself struggles against Darth Krayt and his One Sith legions, in the Unknown Regions the right to invade and seize the galaxy is wrestled for ? and that [i]Shadow War[/i] has now came to surround the Chiss Ascendancy, and the collapse of the Chiss into civil war has made the threats all the more terrifying?.

    [b]The Factions (this faction is list is not closed)[/b]

    [link=][b]The Acolytes of Darkness[/b][/link] ? co-GMed by [b][link=]Sinrebirth[/link][/b]


    Founded in the dark days following the New Sith Civil War, the Order has grown into a Sith Imperium, looking to extinguish the Dominion of Darkness and also the Ancient Sith Empire. Hunting the Dominion down, the Acolytes are more than willing to destroy all in their path.

    [link=][b]The New Jedi Trials[/b][/link] ? co-GMed by [b][link=]JediMaster1511[/link][/b]


    A Jedi splinter group, it is nonetheless a stable force and has re-established itself since the discovery of the [i]Chu?unthor II[/i], which serves as their base ship. They traverse the edges of Chiss Space, looking for allies and species to help, in the hope they one day will be able to unite the region against the One Sith.

    [link=][b]Ancient Sith Empire[/b][/link] ? co-GMed by [b][link=]Darth_Dreadwar[/link][/b]


    A remnant of the Sith Empire that coasted the stars before antiquity, it has been birthed anew. Assembling other ancient Sith remnants and neo-Imperial allies, the ?ASE? have sought to gain prominence in the Unknown Regions, but have been caught up in engagements with the Sith Imperium and the Chiss

  2. JediMaster1511

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    Jul 15, 2010
    GM Approved


    Name: Rid Malt
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Dantooine

    Physical Description: 1.77 meters, 126 pounds. Slender, lanky, pale skin, blue eyes, long brown hair occasionally tied back depending upon the situation.
    Personality: Sarcastic, witty, caring, sometimes over-protective, has excellent perception for his age, seems to have above average wisdom but lacks experiece to apply it at times.
    Rank: Knight

    Lightsaber: A unique hilt shaped in the shape of an "S" that counters his hand, as well as having an opening at the end to fit in small handled shotos. Has a green blade and a personel crystal he harvested on Dantooine that only responds to him.
    Additional weapons: Handy with a blaster but rarely carries one unless undercover and doesn't want his identity as a Jedi revealed
    Personal starfighter: Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor with hyperspace ring

    Bio: Rid Malt was born on Dantooine and at a young age was discovered to be Force Sensitive after visiting a cave and taking a crystal that glowed while he touched it. He was found to be talented and enrolled into the NJT at a young age. He completed his Padawan training at a quick pace as compared to his fellow Padawans and was Knighted before many of the pre-existing Padawans who had masters before him. He had limited time as a Knight in the NJT before the attacks of the One Sith devestated the galaxy but before then he developt a bond with fellow Jedi Gaan Be-orar. After an incident she left causeing Rid to go in search of her, following the trail she had left behind her. Due to his travels he was not present when the One Sith attacked and felt bad he could be there to help defend the order, but also undestood his presence likely meant nothing and the Force didn't want him there for a reason. Continueing his journeys he found himself in the Unknown Regions with a recovering Jedi Order and hopefully his companion Gaan.

    Rid was gifted with a lightsaber and due to his unique lightsaber hilt and understanding of lightsaber forms invented a new lightsaber for he dubbed Senbo Zakura or Thousand Cherry Blossoms, it is speculated that this form could rival Vapaad, but do to it's new nature and inexperience in weilding it is not a perfect form. A meld of Makashi and Soresu, Senbo Zakura creates what is described as an amazing defense that can be easily be weilded as an offensive form. Rid however still needs to refine the form greaty so it is still far from being perfected and as effective as it has the potential to be, if Rid can tap into the potential.
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  3. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Sinre Approved

    GoL Co-GM

    Name: Josch Decinchi
    Known Aliases: CPL Zieleb-Xan ?Mac? Macja
    Age: appears to be 27 (chronologically 266, has eluded to being older, but has not disclosed true age)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Erphae
    Planet of Birth: Vernet
    Rank / Class: Jedi Knight / Sentinel (Acting Grand Master)
    Weapon Description: Energy Bow, Blue Bladed Standard Lightsaber, Green Bladed Short Lightsaber
    Starship: R-28 starfighter: ?Crimson Arrow?
    Biography: Turned over to the royal protector as a child and taught basic Force techniques. Was taken to Kashyyyk and trained by a Jedi in hiding there in dual lightsaber combat. Left Kashyyyk with traders to explore the galaxy. He then took up residence on Endor for a long time. Felt the Force calling him to the Temple of Light. Trained under and became infatuated with Miria Lahana. Left Saridona Prime and joined the Galactic Alliance Remnant Starfighter Corps. He flew in the Rogue Squadron. Then he felt pulled back to the Temple of Light. He now is helping rebuild the Guardians of Light.

    Full bio and character details can be found in The Shadow War ? Times End Library Thread!
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  4. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    Name: Beskaryc Taab
    Gender: Male
    Age: 46 years
    Height: 6' 4"
    Species: Human Mandalorian
    Homeworld: Manda'yaim
    Languages: Basic, Mando'a


    Personality: Gruff mercenary, doesn't care about making friends, is just in it for the money.

    Weapons: Full beskar Mandalorian armor, OD Green and gray. Jet pack with CBU warhead rocket. Normally carries a blaster carbine and disruptor pistol, but his shuttle has a full armory. Also normally wears CrushGaunts, flame projector in left gauntlet, blaster in right gauntlet. Assorted blades hidden throughout armor. Poison darts in his greives. Carries a Bes'bev and a lightsaber trophy on his belt.

    Pet: striil (named edee).

    Ship: Flies a stolen and modified J-1 Jedi shuttle (Unnecessary Force), with a Besuliik fighter (adenn) stored in the bay.

    Bio: Born in 100 ABY. Normal Mandalorian childhood, became a mercenary at 13. Never really cared who he worked for or what the job was, so long as it paid on time. In 127ABY he took the order from new mand'alor Yaga Auchs to not get involved in the Sith-Imperial War as loosly as possible. He continued to take out bounties on individual Jedi, Imperial Knights as well as minor Sith, among others, though he never technically participated in the war. A father and grandfather, his one biological son is a test pilot for MandalMotors. Beskaryc's wife became ill in 136 ABY, so he went to be at her side and work the family farm. She died ten years later and he left Manda'yaim to take on a mysterious job near Chiss Space.

  5. dewback_rancher

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    Aug 23, 2009
    GOL Co-GM Approved

    Name: Fey-Li Cytei
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Kuat
    Appearance: 5'3" and with a slim, dancer's build, Fey-Li has a round, usually smiling face, brown, almond-shaped eyes, and black hair worn in a medium-length bob cut with bangs.
    Personality: As an empath, Fey-Li is known for her kindness and compassion first and foremost, making connections with others easily and instinctively. She's also known for the deep sense of humor with which she copes with the darkness she finds in the universe without surrendering her light, and a drive to always find the truth in all things, which makes her uniquely suited for the path of the Jedi Sentinel. Another point of interest is that Fey-Li feels the Force as movement and rhythm, a constant dance around her, and thus views dance as a kind of moving meditation, even incorporating it into her combat style to further attune herself to the Force.
    Personal Effects: Standard Jedi equipment belt, with the addition of portable slicer's gear and a few tools for aiding her in baffling security systems.
    Weapons: orange-bladed standard lightsaber

    Vessel: X-83 TwinTail Starfighter
    Rank: Jedi Master
    Class: Jedi Sentinel
    Biography: Only a teenaged Padawan on the cusp of Knighthood at the time of the Massacre of Ossus, Fey-Li and her Master, a Besalisk named Duval Getwar, were lucky to make it offplanet alive. Master Duval considered this her Trials-by-fire, as it were, and the pair fled to the fringes of the Galaxy. In the years since, Fey-Li has found and trained an apprentice of her own to an equally-informal Knighthood, in the interest of helping to rebuild the Jedi's numbers when they're needed the most. Even though the three of them- Master Duval, Fey-Li, and her apprentice, Teeliss Kohlee- have split up to avoid detection, it is this interest in rebuilding the Order that will inevitably lead her to finding others: the Guardians of Light.

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  6. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    GM Approved Character Sheet for the Ancient Sith Empire
    Sith Name:

    Darth Cruor
    1.blood, gore
    2.(figuratively) murder, bloodshed

    Name: Xen Gaal
    Age: 7,389
    Species: Gen'Dai
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Title Night Herald, Battlelord and Harbinger of the True such he believes himself to be the Taral (protector) of the Ancient Sith Empire.
    Class:Sith'Ari Warrior (Master)


    Personality: Generally approaches problems through a pragmatic point of view, but if necessary will also act with brute force and apparent rage, especially when provoked.

    Devoid of the normal human responses to other people's suffering. He is also a sadist, deriving amusement from inflicting pain on others without any remorse. Does not recognize worth or value of life other than to serve the ASE.

    To Nemesis and Venomis he is loyal without question. He would sacrifice all else for them and the greater good of the ASE.

    Powers: Being an ancient Sith'ari, Darth Cruor's abilities are quite powerful. The physical aspects of being a Gen'Dai are of great benefit to his aggressive style of melee combat, as he can afford to take wounds that would be fatal to others but is only minor to him. His immense strength and extremely quick reflexes are also an asset to this powerful warrior.

    Darth Cruor, having had many millenia to explore the Dark Side of the Force, is well educated in it's use and is capable of preforming almost all known manifestations of it's power. His focus however is the art of combat and war, and the main areas of interest to him are lightsaber combat, Telekensis, Sith Magic and Alchemy.

    Any power he uses though tends to be molded to fit his needs as a warrior.

    Personal effects:
    Weapons: 2 red bladed lightsabers, Sith lanvarok

    Biography: Full Bio located in the Library Thread

  7. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    The Sheets of Sinrebirth, for the Dominion of Darkness...

    Sith Name: Darth Malkuth
    Name: Aden Kya
    Age: Chronologically 138, in reality, early twenties
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Created
    Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith
    Appearance: [image=]

    Personality: Aden Kya - An independently minded Sith, ordinarily manipulative, inherently suspicious and things lowly of all things - himself especially, however these are just ancillary parts of his personality - he is deeply melancholy, afraid of the world at large... not that he would reveal that to anyone.
    Personal effects: None
    Skills: A master of telekinesis, mastering projected fighting and other mind-related feats.
    Weapons: Single crimson lightsaber, concealed holdout blaster and emerald shoto.
    Vessel: Modified AEG-77 Vigo-class gunboat, modified with slave-rig and thus pilotable by one crew with 13 passengers.
    Cargo capacity: 25 tons; current cargo; three 'Blur'-class TIEs
    Crew: 1 Passenger limit: 13; currently made up of 13 assassin droids, include YVH-1s, Human Replica Droids and Synthdroids.

    Biography: The tale of Darth Insipid runs from 7 ABY onwards. He has been many things; a boy, alone, a slave, a teen, a prisoner... and, finally, a Sith. But even then, he has been not just a Sith. He was a One Sith, and then a Dominion Sith... and then an Acolyte, and a Vapid... he has ruled cults, sprawling organisations, systems, sectors, regions, empires. He has loved, and been betrayed. And betrayed in return, of course, with spells in stasis and even a death spreading his schemes and efforts across the decades and the regions ? culminating in him learning how to hop between the anchors he had placed in his numerous bodies, leading several Sith cults which he wove into a Sith Imperium, cutting the Unknown Regions off from the main galaxy?

    That tale no longer holds true.

    At Lehon, Darth Ardeur severed this body from his master, and the sentient being within awoke, left with a mass of knowledge and power, and used it to save the Dominion of Darkness? unifying the elements that were loyal and disloyal, Dominion and Dragon, he now acts as Dark Lord, elected so by the masses.

    His name is now Darth Malkuth, for he is someone truly new... and truly terrifying, to himself and to the Sith. Not quite a messianic figure, not quite a monster... what he is now, is unknown. But, for now, Darth Malkuth will do.

    Name: Echo Venti
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Sith Title: Hatred
    Planet of Birth: Rakata Prime
    Appearance: [image=]
    Rank: Apprentice
    Weapon Description: Lightsaber, two settings; training, and real.
    Biography: Echo was born on Rakata Prime, a true child of the new Dominion of Darkness. Born a Dragon, he was captured a child by the Dominion of Darkness and brought up amongst them, even meeting his true parents in battle - only for them to be killed when the Sith Imperium attacked Rakata Prime. Focusing his rage outwards, he was sent to New Korriban to colonise it with the Aggressors, the late faction which scouted ahead and was obliterated when the Sith Imperium found them, and Venti's former Master died. Now masterless, he has is looking to avenge his parents, his master and his whole family - be they One Sith Dragon or a member of the Dominion of Darkness.[/blockquote]


    [b][u]... and for the Acolytes of Darkness[/b][/u]

    [blockquote]Sith Name: Darth Insipid
    Name: Aden Kya (originally Aden Lin)
    Age: Indeterminate ? chronologically 138
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Tallaan/Fondor

    Physical Description: Pale skinned, turquoise eyed, dark brown haired, tall (but small for his Null heritage), but not especially muscularly bound, nor especially lean, and dark robed, often, but not always
    Personality: A manipulative individual, constantly seeking a
  8. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    GM Approved (Dominion of Darkness)

    Character Sheet

    Sith Name: Darth Mystique

    Name: Rane?wen Nightcaster

    Age: 38 (chronologically older - 119)

    Species: Morganian/Sephy Traits

    Homeworld: Onderon

    Rank/Faction: Dark Lady/Dominion of Darkness



    Height: 5?11

    Weight: 125

    Build: Athletic, Muscular but Feminine

    Hair: Dark Blond

    Eyes: Blue (Facade) Yellowish-Red (Sith)

    Skin: Fair

    Markings: Sith Tattoo around her belly button, Corusci Gem belly button ring. Red Diamond tattoo in middle of her forehead

    Clothing: Black long sleeve half shirt with maroon stripes down the side of the sleeve, black flexible pants. Black knee high boots. Black cloak, sometimes swapped for a Dark Red cloak

    Personality: Conniving, Secretive, Ambitious, and Vain. She is sarcastic with a razor sharp tongue in which she uses to insult all when she feels like it. Very cunning and assertive.

    Skills: Mastery in Alchemy and Sith Magic. Her lightsaber skills are quite indepth that aid the Assassin in her. Telekinesis and Battle Meditation are her other abilities she prides herself in.

    Personal effects: R9 Astromech Droid named Gambit

    Weapons: Green Sabre, Red Sabre, Red Samurai Sabre - In Gambit

    Lightsabre Fighting Form: Form II, Form V, Form VII

    Vessel: The Black Widow Alias: Moon Sage


    Circa 27 ABY - 146 ABY:

    27 ABY - Birth of Rane'wen Nightcaster

    32 - 43 ABY - Trained as a Jedi under alias Raven Lightstar

    43 ABY - Killed her Jedi Master Mage Shonner

    43 - 48 ABY - Delved in to Darkside & Alchemy from Sith Holocron and other ancient arifacts.

    48 - 51 ABY - Started training with the Dominion of Darkness

    51 - 60 - Marauder/Black Plague division of DoD. Becomes Darth Mystique

    60 - 100 ABY - Takes over DoD, disposing of Darth Marvellous, & Darth Incredulas with accomplice Darth Rogue, Years later adding Darth Haretisch to form the Council of Darkness a Triumvirate of DoD.

    100 - 101 ABY - Flees Dominion after leadership take over from Darth Haretisch who teamed up with Darth Insipid.

    101 - 145 ABY - Ploting, Scheming, Reforms and Waits , Has a her own followers who remain in the shadows, Spent some time undercover in other Sith factions collecting intel.

    145 - 146 ABY - Stays out of Civil War over New Korriban

    146 ABY - Stays in Contact with the Dark Renewal

    More detailed info in Library Thread.

    [b][color=red][hl=black]GM Approved (Acolytes of Darkness)[/hl][/color][/b]

    [b]Character Sheet:[/b]

    [b]Sith Name:[/b] Darth Lilith

    [b]Name:[/b] Cree

    [b]Age:[/b] 20

    [b]Species:[/b] Alchemy altered Sub-Human

    [b]Homeworld:[/b] Unknown

    [b]Rank/Faction:[/b] Warrior/Acolytes of Darkness

    [b]Appearance: [/b]


    [b]Height:[/b] 5?10

    [b]Weight:[/b] 120

    [b]Build:[/b] Athletic, Muscular but Feminine

    [b]Hair:[/b] Dark Brown

    [b]Eyes:[/b] Blue (Facade) Yellow-Red (Sith)

    [b]Skin:[/b] Fair

    [b]Markings:[/b] Thin chain tattoos on her left wrist saying Demon of the night.

    [b]Clothing:[/b] A couple Red leather shirts one long sleeve some short. Red Leather pants- flexible. Black le
  9. Jedi_Corin_Daan

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    Nov 6, 2010
    GM Approved The New Jedi Trials

    Name: Kip Kimenov

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Planet of Birth: Malastar

    Affiliation: New Jedi Trials

    Appearance: Tall, average build; shoulder length brown hair

    Personality: Quiet, reserved, loyal, self-sacrificing, but easily roused to combat

    Rank: Jedi Knight

    Weapon Description: dual lightsabers, with slendered single-hand chrome hilts. The blades are blue, and more stable and focused than most two handed lightsabers, though less intense (designed for combat but would not cut through a blast door very fast). Kip is a master of the Ataru and Djem So forms

    Biography: Born on Malastar, Kip was soon discovered by the Jedi and trained, achieving the rank of knighthood. He was slow to form friendships among his fellow padawans, but was fiercely loyal and protective of the few friends he did make. Kip seldom traveled during his training, but after being knighted he began to explore the galaxy, some times venturing into uncharted systems searching for knowledge and deeper connection with the Force.

    Kip concentrated heavily on combat training and weapons mastery, becoming a Jedi Guardian. He learned elements of all 7 forms, but mastered forms IV and V, later developing his own sub-form for use with two lightsabers. This sub-form combines the aggressive attacks of Djem So with the speed and acrobatics of Ataru. It relies heavily on Force enhanced motion and on coordination of the blades for simultaneous attack and defense, creating a constant movement designed to overwhelm an opponent's defense, or engage multiple opponents at once. The opening stance was to face an opponent at an angle, holding the nearest lightsaber forward at an angle so that the tip was eye level with the opponent, while the farthest lightsaber was raised to head level and held horizontally, creating at once both a defense and offense/counter-attack.
  10. Darth Dreadwar

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    Jan 26, 2010
    Ancient Sith Empire Co-GM

    Sinrapproved! [face_skull]



    Sith Name: Darth Nemesis (the Dark)
    Name: N/A
    Age: Chronologically, ~100,000
    Gender: N/A
    Species: N/A
    Homeworld: Korriban
    Affiliation: True Sith Empire
    Rank: Sith'ari



    The spirit of Darth Nemesis, its vortex-like energies swirling over the Nameless World.


    The spirit of Darth Nemesis, draining an entire planet of life.


    The spirit of Darth Nemesis, within the vortex of its energy, in the wraith-like semblance of its Sith form, side view.


    The spirit of Darth Nemesis, within the vortex of its energy, in the wraith-like semblance of its Sith form, front view.

    Personality: Nemesis has none; he is an incarnation of the dark side and as such is nothing but a void hungering for Force power, a nexus of pure malice, hatred and darkness.

    Powers: Sith magic. All conventional dark side powers. Master of raising the dead (summoning spirits, reanimating corpses), essence transfer, teleportation, Force storm creation and can, through the Force Cores, warp matter and energy into things ranging from mechanical constructs to monstrous Sithspawn. Nemesis can also fill beings with his power, empowering and enslaving them. Force Drain - Nemesis can drain life from entire star systems, leech life more slowly to create mindless thralls, and even without intention slowly kills all in his presence bar his servants, Venomis and Cruor.

    Personal effects: N/A
    Weapons: The Blade of Nemesis - a Sith sword that is the anchor for Nemesis' spirit, and his only weakness; if destroyed, Nemesis will be vanquished forever. It also allows Nemesis to possess any who touch it; however, as it is wielded by Nemesis at all times, for an opponent to touch it would be seemingly impossible. The sword has a black aura, and lightning crackles down the edges of the blade.


    Vessel: The Wrath of Vader, a Sith warship created by the Force Cores, 10,000 meters long, serves as the flagship for the True Sith and so is used as Nemesis' vessel.



  11. The_Zeltron

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    Sep 29, 2010
    GoL Co-GM Approved
    Name: Gaan Be?orar
    Alias: Werdla Kyr?am
    Rank: Knight
    Age: 21 standard years old
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Home World: Mandalore
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Height: 1.69 meters
    Weight: 150 pounds
    Build: Fairly powerful
    Hair: Dark blonde, collar-length, tied back
    Eyes: Sea-green
    Skin Color: Caucasian
    Markings: Single tattoo on the right hip, showing a Mythosaur skull impaled on a green-bladed lightsaber
    Clothing: Black; sleeveless, close-fitting top, fingerless leather gauntlets, leather boots, close-fitting leggings, leather utility belt, chestnut-brown cloak
    Weapon(s): Lightsaber, twin vibroshivs, spring-knives in gauntlets
    Personal Ship: RC-2 Twilight Scoutship
    ---Type: Starfighter
    ---Length: Unspecified
    ---Weapons: A laser cannon and a proton launcher with two proton torpedoes
    ---Capabilites: Stealth ? also has an advanced jamming suite with limited jamming range
    Lightsaber Description-
    Hilt: Black and gold, shorter than average to allow for better one-handed handling while still permitting a two-handed grip, external activation switch, deactivates if physical contact with the user is lost, cannot be locked on except by the Force
    Blade Color: Green
    Fighting Form: Shien/Djem So (Form V) and Ataru (Form IV)
    Biography: An infant when her Mandalorian bounty-hunter parents were slain before her eyes, Gaan unconsciously sent out a call for help through the Force, bringing Jedi to her aid. Raised as a Jedi, she used a placeholder name until a few weeks before her fifteenth birthday, when, in honor of the manner in which she ended a war on the planet Bakstre, the Council gave her a true name: Gaan Be?orar, literally ?hand of thunder? in Mando?a. Another result of that mission was that, for some reason that she never explained, Gaan was practically forced to receive gifts from the Bakstreens, the total value of the gifts amounting to nearly 150,000 credits. Without any other use for the credits, Gaan used them to purchase an older RC-2 Twilight Scoutship, which was ideally suited to her fairly frequent missions as a scout and undercover agent. Only a few months after this purchase, which incidentally increased the number of scouting and undercover missions she was sent on, she came back from one such mission with a new alias: Werdla Kyr?am, Mando?a for ?invisible death.? Despite the fact that it was given to her by her master, it is clear she dislikes the alias, though seemingly more for the reason it was given than for it in itself, preferring to use the first name only whenever possible.

    Never one to sing her own praises, especially in the company of other Jedi, she prefers to tease, joke, make fun of herself, and laugh at her own mistakes, often truly enjoying them as much as anyone else, and thus no one knows the reasons behind either of her names. Her sense of humor is almost hysterical, while at the same time slightly sarcastic and dry. For a woman of her power and weight, she is amazingly athletic, her prowess best displayed by the Ataru form of lightsaber combat, though she prefers Shien/Djem So. Powerfully connected to the Living Force, she is already a master of the ?live in the moment,? ?your focus determines your reality,? and ?keep your concentration on the here and now? philosophy. In many ways a contradiction of herself, she is a puzzle to understand ? impossible to rile, impossible to humiliate, impossible to work into a rage, yet extremely sensitive, deeply empathetic, and easily hurt.

    She is capable of closing herself off completely from emotion, and often appears cold, hard, and indifferent at first. She can withstand an incredible amount of physical pain, and even enjoys it, to a certain extent. She is both utterly reckless and utterly calm, deeply attached to those she cares for, but rarely, if ever, dwelling on the ?what ifs? of life and death, a confusing phenomenon even to the most intelligent of minds. She is always ready to make excuses for another?s beha
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  12. Darth Dreadwar

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    Jan 26, 2010
    Ancient Sith Empire Co-GM

    Sinrapproved! [face_skull]



    Sith Name: Darth Venomis
    Name: Nihl Raptor
    Age: Chronologically, ~30,000
    Gender: Male
    Species: Sith
    Homeworld: Korriban
    Affiliation: True Sith Empire
    Rank: Shadow Hand



    Darth Venomis, holding his lightsaber.


    Darth Venomis, confronting a Jedi prisoner.


    Darth Venomis, seated.

    Personality: Venomous like his name, the Shadow Hand of the True Sith is deceptive, manipulative, cruel and, simply put, evil. He hungers for power for power's sake, and has no loyalties save to himself... and Nemesis of course, who to him is his invincible master. Acidic and lethal, Venomis' cunning comprises Sith legends.

    Powers: Sith magic. All conventional dark side powers. Master of raising the dead (summoning spirits, reanimating corpses), Force storm creation, teleportation and essence transfer. Master of Force Drain - he is near the pinnacle of its maximum power. Specializes in Sith runes, Sith illusions and mind control; his telepathic abilities are extreme.

    Personal effects: Two Sith amulets (wrist bracelets), Sith amulet (necklace), Sith neck pendant, Sith serpent figurine with protective sigil (head gear) - all Force made, Force empowered artifacts that grant a stronger connection to the dark side and have varying applications.
    Weapons: A single red-bladed lightsaber. The weapon is multi-setting; through a unique Sith phasing system created through magic, there are three settings; a standard-length blade, a 10-foot-long, thin blade, and a thick, 3-foot-long short blade. The hilt is unique as well; it is created through Sith alchemy so impervious to lightsaber damage, and also has a Sith crystal affixed to, and comprising part of it, along with a transparent cylinder where dark side energy in the form of Force lightning is channeled. This function provides another option lightning can be channeled through the crystal, creating a lightsaber blade that is also comprised of, and surrounded by, forks of Force lightning. This added 'lightning blade' can work with any of the tri-phase settings.


    Vessel: The Wrath of Vader, a Sith warship created by the Force Cores, 10,000 meters long, is the True Sith flagship and thus serves as Venomis' vessel.



  13. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Chosen One star 9

    May 20, 2008
    Approved! [face_dancing]

    Name: Dil Finwerk

    Age: 38

    Species: Nautolan

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5 feet 11 inches

    Weight: 182 lbs.

    Planet of Birth: Glee Anselm

    General Description: Dil usually wears dark brown robes that have a light brown trim. He wears a belt at times when extra weapons are necessary, such as a dangerous mission where supplies will be scarce. A silver-colored custom-built holster is attached to the robe that houses his lightsaber, and a side pocket holds his personal knife. Although he is not extremely tall, he makes up for it with a light, agile body that allows him to bend in many directions. Black Leather boots cover his "feet".

    Affiliation: New Jedi Trials

    Rank: Council Member

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: Dil's lightsaber has a teal blade, and the handle is of normal specifications. Due to his lack of lightsaber building experience at the time he built it, he has not changed the hilt much from the Order standards for hilt construction at the time. However, he has made a few slight midifications, installing a small hook on the side that faces out of the holster. This allows him to grip the lightsaber better in tense situations where he needs to focus on the events around him. A special feature of his saber is that it can be used under water, complementing his species' natural ability of being good swimmers.

    Along with his lightsaber, Dil can also wield a knife, with which he practices with in case he does not have his lightsaber and needs to fight.

    Brought into the Jedi Order around the age of 4, Dil was about in the middle of the age range of his fellow initiates. Although he always could follow the very basic tasks given to him by his instructors, his human fellows always mocked him because of his differences. Dil sometimes wanted to give up, but he always kept on going. At the age of 9, he was wowing his instructors with great combat skills against combat droids, and was also able to learn more about the Force than the rest of his group.

    Being a Nautolan, Dil has always been a good swimmer. While some of his fellow students were uneasy about learning how to go underwater, Dil leaped at the chance to show off his skills. In the first underwater mission, the group was supposed to find a small stone hidden somewhere down on the floor of a training pool. All of the others had to give up because of a lack of oxygen, but Dil was able to find the stone and bring it back up to the surface. Some of those that had earlier mocked him for being non-human now resented him for his great natural ability.

    At 12, Dil became a padawan to a smart, witty Jedi Knight who always tried to bring out the best in his apprentice. While under his training, Dil worked hard to prove that he could be a capable Jedi under stress, completing many missions and working hard all the time. It was with his Master that Dil began to work on his first lightsaber; the teal crystal that he chose reminded him of the serenity of being underwater, where he could spend his free time just exploring the Temple pools for small rocks and life forms. It was also here that he started to learn how to use a knife; his instructor told him that having a second weapon could prove beneficial should he lose his lightsaber.

    Then, during his time of training, the split of the Jedi Order occurred, and two factions split out of the old Order. Dil's Master gave up on the Order, leaving Dil to fend for himself. The padawan had to finish his training as best he could under the remaining members of his faction, trying to cram as much information into his mind as possible so that he could still be promoted. To do this, he spent extensive time in the Temple Archives, reading about the history of the Force and the Jedi Order. Through a painstaking process, he was finally able to complete a basic training and be ready to take the Trials to become a Jedi Knight.

    After taking the Trials and passing, the New Jedi Trials faction opened under the tutelage of Alexander Rendush. Dil, eager to prove
  14. Nadia-Oomia

    Nadia-Oomia Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 4, 2009
    GM and co-GM Approved [face_dancing]

    Name: Blair Iss?ak
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5?6?
    Weight: 130 standard lbs.
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Kuat
    Appearance: [image=]
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    Weapon Description: Lightsaber
    Mastered Form: Soresu Form III

    Biography: Was born on the planet of Kuat and raised by gypsies. Her biological parents were courtiers of a court that no one seems to remember, but how she came to be with the smugglers was just a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or at the right place at the right time depending on how you look at it. The little girl was unattended and because of her pleasing appearance and build would fetch a high price in the slave trade. They took her but did not sell her into slavery for only one reason; an older woman had grown much attached to the little girl and had raised her as her own. The ?mother? did not figure out that Blair was force sensitive until she was 14 years old.
    Believing that her daughter would have a much better life than she could ever be able to hope for she presented Blair to the Jedi Council Members of the New Jedi Trials. They took her in and trained her. It took her a little over a year to be finally worthy of the title ?Knight? it only took her this long because of her constant perfectionism which she has been constantly battling to overcome.
  15. Evil Incarnate

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    Aug 18, 2003
    Obscurum Co-GM

    Major Chiss Non-Playable Characters

    Name: Aler'hiyan'sabosen
    Core Name: Rhiyans
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Faction: Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo
    Force: No
    Planet of Birth: Sposia
    Appearance -
    Rank: Enforcer
    Weapon Description: Songsteel Greathammer
    Biography: *deleted*

    Name: *Unknown*
    Age: *Unknown*
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Faction: The Illumina
    Title: Lord Shadow
    Planet of Birth: *Unknown
    Appearance -
    Rank: *Unknown*
    Weapon Description: *Unknown*
    Biography: Lord Shadow is the de facto leader somewhat reclusive Illumina faction.

    Name: Mars'tant'nuruodo
    Core Name: Stantn (stanten)
    Age: 52
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Faction: Obscurum
    Title: Shadowlord
    Planet of Birth: Csilla
    Appearance -
    Rank: Master
    Weapon Description: Lightsaber, Shortsaber, Chiss Charric x2
    Biography: Master of Assassins in the Obscurum and retainer for house Nuruodo

    Name: For'inzin'irokini
    Core Name: Rinzini
    Age: 67
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Faction: Vis'nex
    Planet of Birth: Rhigar
    Appearance -
    Weapon Description: None
    Biography: Public face of Vis'nex, the terrorist organization behind many of the most devastating attacks in the war.

    Name: Csaplae'lend'vent
    Core Name: Elend
    Age: 73
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Faction: Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo(formerly of the Obscurum)
    Title: Brightlord
    Planet of Birth: Cioral
    Appearance -
    Rank: Knight
    Weapon Description: Dueling Lightsaber
    Biography: Younger brother of Csaplak'elsi'erins. Elend is a former member of the Obscurum having left because he did not agree with their methods or ideologies. He has recently been in contact with the Guardians of Light to seek help in extracting some of his sympathetic comrades from the clutches of the Obscurum.

    Name: Csaplak'elsi'erins
    Core Name: Kelsier
    Age: 78
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Faction: Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo
    Title: None
    Planet of Birth: Cioral
    Appearance -
    Rank: Non-force(master level melee)
    Weapon Description: Twin Songsteel Vibroblades
    Biography: Older Brother of Csaplae'lend'vent. After his brother was taken by the Obscurum, Kelsier knew he would have to push himself if he was to even at least remain his brother's equal. So it was that when his brother expressed his wishes to leave the Obscurum only 12 years prior that Kelsier was able to make the extraction himself. They now work together in the refuge of Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo.

    Name: Suan'der'tann
    Core Name: Suan
    Age: 80
    Gender: Female
    Species: Chiss
    Faction: Obscurum
    Title: Shadowhand
    Planet of Birth: Sharb
    Appearance -
    Rank: Knight
    Weapon Description: Several hollow Shuriken filled with gunpowder, Short saber x2, poisoned dagger
    Biography: Being the oldest child of house Tann that is not male, Suan was made to take the position of Shadow Child. Because of this she was forced to legally renounce her birthright as the firstborn of House Tann. She has since received training with both
  16. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003

    Dominion of Darkness Characters

    Name: Kye'eldes'tann
    Age: 76 (appears to be in his late twenties)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Sith Title: Darth Lledrith
    Planet of Birth: Sharb
    Appearance -
    Outergarments: Sith Robes (imbued with Sith Alchemy to cloak his force ability)
    Clothing: Formfitting T295xe7 Chiss Stealth Armor
    Rank: Master
    Weapon Description: Lightsaber Guantlets x2, two basic red lightsabers, and a combination Blaster/Dart Launcher
    Biography (see library thread for compete bio) -
    70-96 ABY: Birth and training at the Obscurum

    96-100 ABY: Force Journey

    100-105 ABY: Study of Sith Magic

    105-109 ABY: Initial training in the Dominion of Darkness

    109-113 ABY: Secret instruction under Darth Insipid in the use of clones with Sith Alchemy

    109-117 ABY: Further Training with the Dominion

    117 ABY: Becomes a member of Darth Krayt's Shadow Hands under orders from the Dominion.

    118-122 ABY: Begins cloning process and starts experimenting with Sith Alchemy on creatures.

    122 ABY: Perfects clone of himself and fuses the two consciousness' with Sith Alchemy

    122-128 ABY: Continues to prefect three Vornskr through the use of Alchemy

    128 ABY: Dual assassination missions carried out on two planets at the same time.

    128-135 ABY: Kye'El returns to the Dominion to report mission failure. Leaves his clone to finish his task with Darth Krayt.

    136-144 ABY: The Dragons invade Rakata Prime, both factions become trapped on the planet and continue to wage war.

    145 ABY: The Sith Imperium attacks Rakata Prime causing the Dominion and the Dragons to join forces and flee the planet.

    145.5 ABY: Kye'El performs a nearly perfected ritual of Sith Alchemy to save the life of Darth Strages

    [b]Name:[/b] Kye'eldes'tann
    [b]Age:[/b] 24 (appears to be mid to late twenties)
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Species:[/b] Chiss
    [b]Sith Title:[/b] Darth Pravus
    [b]Planet of Birth:[/b] Korriban
    [b]Appearance -[/b]
    [b]Rank:[/b] Master
    [b]Weapon Description:[/b] Saber Guantlet(red) x2, Obscurum Lightsaber(red) x2, [link=]Chiss Charric[/link] x2.
    [b]Biography -[/b]
    [i]122 ABY:[/i] Birth in a hidden cloning cylinder on Korriban, mind fused and tethered to that of Darth Lledrith.

    [i]122-128 ABY:[/i] Underwent rigorous physical training while assisting his other body in several experiments with Sith Alchemy.

    [i]128 ABY:[/i] Dual assassination missions carried out on two planets at the same time.

    [i]129 ABY:[/i] Carries out an invasion on Csilla under the orders of Darth Krayt on the pretense of quelling an uprising, secretly works with the Obscurum to beat back the One Sith forces. Civil War ignites throughout the Chiss Ascendancy.

    [i]129.8 ABY:[/i] Demonstrates advanced techniques in an effort to gain re-enterence into the Obscurum.

    [i]131 ABY:[/i] Begins training an advanced class of hand picked individuals at the Obscurum to act as an elite strike team. Codnamed Ferit Umbras.

    [i]132-135 ABY:[/i] Ferit Umbras carries out several assassinations against the other Chiss factions. Lord Shadow escapes his assassination attempt unharmed.

    [i]137 ABY:[/i] Newly founded terrorist group Vis'nex begins crusading against all force users in chiss space. The Obscurum suffers from a suicide attack on it's beginner's training facility. Aristocra Kol'eldes'tann is gravely injured in the attack but manages to hang on to life.

    [i]137-145 ABY:[/i]
  17. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Force Ghost star 6

    Feb 10, 2009
    Representing the Acolytes of Darkness and GM Sinrebirth approved, may I present;

    Darth Helinith

    Also known as: Lady Vader, Lady Helinith, The Dark Lord?s Daughter
    Former Alias: Helinith Jufuast.
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Home Planet: Born on Naboo in 15BBY.
    Age: 28 in 146ABY (not including the years she was in stasis)

    Personality: Cheeky. Fiercely loyal, and hates to miss action. Enjoys a joke. Becomes impulsive and unpredictable when passionate.

    Height: 5?11
    Appearance: Tall, thin and pale. High Cheek bones. Walks with large strides, similar to Darth Vader. Wears a black jumpsuit covered by long black flowing robes. She wears a long black tunic with her belt fastened over the top, like her father. Wears similar Chest armour and cape fastened with a chain. Carries her lightsaber on her left side, and a tribal hunting knife on her back. Wears black gloves.
    Eye Colour: Brown flecked with dark yellow.
    Hair: medium length, wavy brown hair
    Skin Colour: Pale skin, slightly darker on the shoulders and fore arms.
    Scars/Tattoos: 3 vertical whitey-pink scars down her left cheek to her jaw.

    Helinith was found by Darth Vader at the age of 4, in 11BBY during The Battle of Mustafar, and was subsiquently trained as a personnal agent and assassin of his 'a Daughter of Vader'. She was trapped in the Oubliette of Celeste Morne after seeking it out for Vader and entered a long period of stais during which much of the galaxy she knew completly altered. In 137ABY the Casket was opened by Darth Insipid, after his research into the Muur Amulet. He took the dazed human back to the Acolytes of Darkness Temple and proceeded to train her as his apprentice. She became fast friends with (and deeply attracted to) the Fallen Sith Darth Acheron, and thus was deeply affected by his death which occured around 2 months after she rose from Apprentice to Warrior. Helinith entered a crippling depression during which she mourned the loss of her friend and thought long and hard over her future. However, with the help and friendship of Darth Mal, she is slowly overcoming her grief.

    Ship: Heavily modified X1 Tie Advanced.
    Lightsaber: Silver bladed, hilt similar to Vader?s, but lighter in weight.
    Lightsaber Combat Style: Shien.
    Other Weapons: Can handle a blaster, but prefers the lightsaber. Will occasionaly keep a second hilt in her boot. She dislikes using other weapons in battle.
    Force Powers: Can use Force Rage, Force Lightning, Force Choke, Force Crush, Drain Life and Force Scream with ease (possessing a higher than average affinity to the force). She relies heavily on the force to aid her strength and speed behind her blade when duelling.
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  18. Mister_Master

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    Oct 17, 2007
    Approved by the awesomely powerful Lord Sinrebirth. Fear the Acolytes of Darkness!

    Name: Torturous/ Zurron
    Age: 19
    Home Planet: Iridonia
    Species: Zabrak
    Gender: Male

    - Eye color - Yellow
    - Hair/fur color - Black messy hair
    - Height - 5'9
    - Other - Has dark orange skin with black tattoos, Athletic build

    Image: [image=] [image=]

    Family/friends: Lokz (Deceased), Original Torturous/Antaris Arduin (Deceased)

    Lightsaber: Red Double Blade

    Other Equipment: A pouch belonging to the original Torturous with different vials of poisons, serums, and antidotes. A Zabrak Ceremonial Blade.

    Other Attributes: Despite being, small and skinny Zurron is strong, and can hold his own in battle. He is a quick learner. He is smart despite being a gladiator.

    Character Traits: He is a motivated person, very stubborn, submissive, enthusiastic, strong, aggressive, intelligent.

    Likes/Dislikes: Likes; The thrill of battle, being in control, having a purpose. Dislikes; Being alone, being helpless, not having a purpose.

    Biography: Zurron has been an orphan since before he can remember. When he was a young child his parents had been murdered, and he was kidnapped. The Kidnappers were slave masters who were looking for young children to train as Gladiators. Being a Zabrak he was a good specimen for the ring. He was given to a Zabrak trainer by the name of Lokz. It was he who gave Zurron his name. Lokz was a rough trainer, but he was kind. Lokz was the closest thing Zurron had to a family. It was from him that Zurron learned how to fight. He was taught different martial arts. But of them all Lokz focused on teaching him the Iridonian martial art. He believed it would give him an edge against most other races who would not be familiar with it.

    When Zurrons horns came in Lokz began preparing the rite of passage for his student. By the time Zurron was 13 his horns had fully grown, and it was time for the rite of passage to begin. Lokz helped Zurron to apply his tattoos in a pattern that depicted the type of life Zurron had been through, and the strength he had received because of it. As part of the rite of passage he had been given his first match as a Gladiator. He was put against a Duro who was missing his left eye, and had a scar that crossed his left eye down to his right cheek. In the end Zurron won. His rite of passage was over, and he had passed.

    From then on he fought in many different battles. He won every death match, and most normal matches. His entire life was devoted to the fight. His training came first for everything. His skill astonished his master, and teacher. His success had to do with the fact that he was force sensitive, though he didn't know it at the time. Lokz suspected, but he was unsure. Within the next few years he, Lokz had been sold to different masters. When he turned 16 he had been put in his first tournament. He had made it all the way to the final round, and won. Believing he cheated a rival lord sent thugs after him intending to kill him. He and Lokz fought off the thugs, but in the process Lokz was killed.

    When Zurron informed his master what happened his master went into a rage. He attacked the other master which escalated into a full spread battle. Somewhere in the battle Zurrons master died as well. With both master and teacher dead Zurron went into a rage. He unknowingly tapped into the dark side within him. With the dark side he murdered the slave master who was responsible for the death of his teacher, and friend. Now alone with no purpose Zurron sat in the corner of the blood stained arena and waited to die.

    Unknown to him a dark figure sat in the balcony watching him the whole time. Seeing the young zabrak on the verge of death the dark figure leaped to the arena below and confronted the dying Zurron. The dark figure introduced himself as Torturous. He told him that he was a Sith. Torturous told Zurron about how he saw him use the
  19. Whitelight

    Whitelight Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 10, 2007
    NJT Co-GM Approved

    Name: Maya Whitelight (Sun Warrior)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Species: Zeltron
    Planet of Birth: Haruun Kal


    Warrior Tattoo


    Appearance: Starting with her hair being a very vibration purple color that she keeps pulled back half way with her lightsber clip. Her skin is a very dark pink color from her being a Zeltron her eyes are of a pinkish color. Like all Zeltron she as a very fit body that is very well tone along with her height being only of 5'4. She where many outfit depending on the smuggler run she is on. Most of the time she dresses in her native clothing. It times that she nows that there is more danger to a mission she wears her AKK armor for more protection.


    Rank: experienced Padawan

    Weapon Description: Light saber (Lightsaber, *yellow blade*it clips in her hair*(the hand of her lightsaber is very small has jewels of reds, blues, yellow and purples for designs on the cap is a glorious golden red sun the same as the tattoo on the abs, lightsaber is held in place with claw like clips coming out on the back. This is the same way that the lightsaber turns on as the crystal is bonded to her force signature), 2 Akk teeth knifes, small hold out blaster

    Biography: Sapphira was Maya grandmother with in the Jedi temple being a gifted healer among her fellow jedi. It wasn?t a hard for the council to send her to the Haruun Kal when a plagued was sweeping through the planet. It was a work of an unknown person or people that wanted to wipe out these people from the jungle they hold so sacred to these warrior tribal groups that choice to make their home deep with in it.
    It was there that Sapphira lover and Maya grandfather followed her there to help aid coming from a very well off family from Zeltreos. Only to be found out by the order. It was then that they vanish into the jungle to life out their lives. As her grandmother had formed that bond with the people, fell in love with them. Staying there after the threat of the plagued had been snuffed out. They had a child that would be Maya mother Leb.

    Maya mother had long ago embraced the healing art. With being with in the trail also learning from the tribe herbs to help aid in her healing. As she was as strong in the force as her mother Sapphira. It was only time that she let herself became one of the mother elders with in the tribe structures. Her being of a different race then the people of the tribe she would be the one to go into some outpost town to pick up supplies and leave trade goods that would support the tribes lively hood.
    One of those trips Leb met a young man of her age. As soon as Maya father Jordan lay eyes upon her mother he fell in love or what would be love for Zeltron. It wasn?t to long afterwards Maya was born.
    As Maya learn from her mother growing up was that her father had business off world that would take him away from them for long period of time. On those times that her father was with them in the jungle. He would take her up in his ship teaching her to fly. It was those times that she felt the closest to her father.
    When her father wasn?t around Maya was busy with not only becoming a young warrior with in the tribe by going through the warrior hunt. As it was she was the youngest one to take this trail as even the other elders could feel how strong the force with her. Her mother would train her by passing down what was taught to her by her mother. It was also at that time she was told stories of her grandmother. As she had passed on when she was only a few years old. Still her grandfather was around would also share what he knew of stories of her grandmother severing at this great jedi te
  20. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    NJT Co-GM Approved

    Name: Shaula Raesha
    Rank: Knight
    Age: 25 standard years old
    Species: Zeltron
    Gender: Female
    Home World: Zeltros
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Height: 1.75 meters
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Build: Slight, graceful
    Hair: Dark blue-gray, waist-length, left flowing over shoulders and down back
    Eyes: Blue-gray
    Skin Color: Dark pink
    Markings: Silver tattoo over shoulder blades, showing the outlines of a Nexu poised to spring
    Clothing: Revealing neon green bodysuit with ¾ sleeves; open-backed black leather gloves; fully-closed, heeled neon green boots; neon green utility belt; neon green shoulder cape
    Personal Ship: StealthX
    Weapon(s): Dual lightsabers
    Lightsaber Descriptions-
    Hilts: Plain silver, with neon green designs, external activation switch, deactivates if physical contact with the user is lost, cannot be locked on except by the Force
    Blade Color: Silver
    Fighting Form: Jar'kai and Ataru
    Biography: Shaula was born on Zeltros and discovered by the Jedi Order at a young age. Her life was pretty much that of any other Jedi, with few remarkable incidents marking her path. A negotiator, her last mission lasted six years, and she just returned in time to join the other Jedi aboard the Chu'unthor II. She is devoted to the Jedi path, though her Zeltron blood sometimes leads her into un-Jedi-like fun...... and trouble. Nevertheless, she is considered unwavering in her beliefs, and rather unbending. She is an excellent duelist, her ability mainly the result of her incredibly flexible body, and years of training. She prefers to try to settle matters peaceably first, though, and resorts to her twin lightsabers only when all other options are out. She is very well-liked throughout the Order in general, and a greatly-desired comrade on difficult missions.
  21. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Approved by Sinrebirth to be a Dominion of Darkness apprentice

    Sith Name: None yet
    Name: Tsia Daramus
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Species: Chagrian
    Homeworld: Lehon

    Appearance: Tsia is beautiful by Chagrian standards, with pale blue skin and long lethorns. Tsia?s eyes have dark amber hue and are flat, as if she is eternally bored. She has a tall slender body, standing just over 1.9 meters with a weight of 65 kg. Tsia has a Sith tattoo under her left eye of three jagged claw marks, indicating her initial deication to Juyo.
    Personality: Tsia is a reserved and firm Sith apprentice. She is obedient, but also intelligent and cunning. Her greatest strength lies in her resolution. Tsia is very analytical and tactical, which she combines with brute strength to overwhelm her enemies and rivals.
    Personal effects: N/A
    Weapons: Long-handle lightsaber with a cortosis-weaved hilt and a red synthetic crystal. The hilt is connected by armorweave to a cortosis-weave bracelet on Tsia?s right wrist.
    Vessel: N/A

    Biography: Tsia was born just months after the Dominion became stranded on Lehon. She was separated from her mother during this time, so that she could be trained without any earthly connections. Tsia was trained with an emphasis on close-quarters combat and this shows, with her dedication to the lightsaber and to offensive or supplementary Force powers. Her first Master died in the Pit on the DoD?s flagship.
  22. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    **NJT Co-GM and GM Approved**

    General Information:
    Character's Name: Kahlan
    Species: Zeltron (humanoid)
    Gender: Female
    Languages: Basic
    Home Planet: Zeltros
    Rank: Grand Master
    Age: 29

    Character Traits:

    Personality: She has the typical traits of her species- she can project emotions onto others, can create pheromones which she uses to her own advantage and she has incredible empathic abilities being able to read and even feel the emotions of others. These traits make her a good Grandmaster, reading a situation before it explodes.
    She is fiercely loyal to her friends and to the Order, is determined and motivated, but she is sensitive to other people?s energies and it can affect her mood.

    Habits/Mannerisms: Her Jedi training has allowed her to have focus and patience, reigning the natural urge of her species to be hedonistic and self-serving allowing her to become a valuable member of the Jedi Order. She has adopted a cheeky and fun loving streak from her late Master Aldous which gives her a more human side.

    Likes: Companionship, the art of lightsaber combat, animals, travelling, meeting new people, physical exercise, alcohol (her second liver allows her to consume a large amount.)

    Dislikes: She hates negativity, anger and hate and shuns them entirely. She also dislikes dishonesty, duplicity, selfishness and ice-cream.

    Strengths: Strategic and rational thinking, empathy, physical strength and flexibility, lightsaber combat, ability to produce pheromones and project emotions onto others.

    Weaknesses: She shuns negativity to the point where she refuses to deal with it. This makes some people feel she doesn?t respect them enough to hear them out.


    Lightsaber Form: Kahlan favors the Third Form: Soresu

    Personal Ship: Kahlan has always been an average pilot and has therefore never felt the need to procure her own ship. She finds the Jedi Temple ships satisfactory.


    *Replace the guns with a lightsaber obviously:p

    Body: Lean, athletic
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair/Fur: Long, Electric Pink
    Skin Color: Light pink
    Height: 175cm
    Clothing: Black pants, thermal long-sleeve shirt, silver belt and boots, dark brown Jedi robe.

    Personal History:
    Kahlan came to the Temple as a 2 year old after her mother abandoned her to an Orphanage on a Core World. The head matron notified the Jedi when she exhibited unusual behaviour.

    She was an apt student and worked hard?and also played hard, being known as a practical joker and causer of mischief.
    As she got a little older and was under the tutelage of Master Genie Aldous she learned responsibility and maturity, besting many other Padawans in a lightsaber duel, showing an aptitude for international relations and Telekinesis. But never lost that fun-loving streak.
    Some say, that an encounter with a Sith in her 21st year, secured her the rank of Jedi Knight. But she doesn?t like to talk about it. They say that she has physical scars, but that the emotional ones are healed with constant meditation.
    At 25, during a time of darkness and uncertainty, she was forced to become one of the youngest Grandmasters ever, taking the remnants of the Jedi Order to the Unknown Regions, searching for the light and the way of the Force. It was during this time that she and the other Jedi encountered the Chu?unthor II and had to struggle with Force ghosts of dead Jedi who would not rest. But they now have the Chu?unthor II to themselves?
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