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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 13, 2011.

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  1. Zurros Ka

    Zurros Ka Jedi Knight star 2

    Feb 26, 2015
    IC: Zurros Ka
    Besh Team, captive on the bridge, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    Zurros watched the altercation with a grim detachment, having had his own brief brush with the dark side his heart went out to the former padawan. He couldn't imagine the torment he was feeling right now. The fact that he was reluctant to kill his former master was a good sign though. Sending a slight probe out to his comrades, Zurros thought he felt anger emanating From GM Zey, 'Calm yourself,' Zurros said quietly, he was talking to himself more than the GM, but there was no way that this ended without combat. Opening himself up to the Force he allowed it to flow through him, ready to spring into action at a moments notice . . .

    "Because you have all walked into a trap. There are no Jedi here, only the minions of my Master, who will soon call your Temple of Light their home."

    His connection snapped, no Jedi?? This had all been for naught?? What did he mean by minions? Were they former Jedi who had been turned? Or where their friends all dead and only pure Sith acolytes remained? So many questions rushed through Zurros' mind as he struggled to contain his own anger.

    "Now!" Zey yelled. Zurros was leaping forward with Sabers in hand before he had even thought to do so, his anger vanished and the Force was with him. Blaster fire sailed harmlessly passed him in both directions, some of the team were deflecting the droids fire back at them. Zurros tore into the 1st line of droids, both sabers swinging with precision as 2 droids went down, minus their heads. Glancing left and right to make sure none of his team were too close to him, he continued pressing his attack, droids were going down all around him, either from his blades or deflected bolts. They needed these droids gone, Knight Archisa would wish to confront her former padawan, but in the event she could not, Zurros wanted to be close.

    TAG Ananta Chetan Bardan_Jusik

  2. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 4

    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Suraya Archisa, (NPC) Padawan Sol Skellig
    Hellfire Bridge Bound

    Then you can die, my former Master. Her worst fear had now been realized, losing this once untainted and childlike soul entrusted to her care to the dark side. Though she sensed the conflict still within him, Suraya had taken an enormous risk in placing herself in such a vulnerable position. Swallowing hard, she could literally see the small particles of light that constituted his blade flash in and out of existence as he held it near her face. Its warmth made her skin tingle. But she didn’t shy away, and instead kept her eyes locked on his, searching ever more deeply within for who he had been.

    I am to kill you and have the droids execute your friends…to prove my worth…my power. Then two tears slipped from his eyes and Sol lowered his weapon and slowly backed away. But I don’t know if I can do it. Suraya slowly exhaled and placed her full concentration momentarily on that tiny spark of light within him, fanning it with the flames of her Force presence and love.

    They tricked you my 'master’. She partially winced from the contempt in his voice.She was then in a haze of disbelief while listening to him describe his ordeal, an impossible one, one that no apprentice could ever hope of enduring, but she kept silent. Then he turned and approached her once again seething with rage. You left me master! While Darth Veneficus healed me, you abandoned me to Cavillous, to the Sith. Abandoned me to become what I now am!

    So there it was. Sol had finally revealed the lie by which they had poisoned him against her. As he came to stand face to face with her again it was apparent that his emotions were dissipating. Perhaps they had been pent up for far too long and now that they had been fully vented, the boy was released from their torment. She didn’t know, not yet. What the youth revealed next shattered her further to her core, that this all had been a lie, from the very beginning. That the Sith prisoners planet-side had orchestrated all of this according to Cavillous’ plan and that the only Jedi aboard this vessel were the ones that Sol boldly proclaimed were about to die.

    Suddenly from across the room she felt the crystal of her blade airborne and her saber find its way into her hand, activated in flight precisely at the moment her padawan’s sword would have finished her, effectively blocking his strike. As they locked blades she looked up into his eyes once again as they continued pressing against each other. The boy grunted and tried to keep his footing as Suraya pushed back with greater force against him. Then moving to one side and keeping their crossed blades in front of her she deactivated her saber. Fully surprised, the padawan fell forward almost losing his balance completely without anything any longer to press against, while Suraya pulled back her hilt and then slammed it with near bone-crushing force sideways between the boy’s eyes. The blow sent Sol reeling in reverse to which she followed with a sideways mid-air pirouette roundhouse of her boot to the back of his head and a sweep of his feet leaving him flat on his stomach disoriented and unmoving.

    Abruptly noticing the flurry of droid activity around them, Suraya was thankful that her counterparts were readily disposing of their attackers and keeping her relatively safe. Her eyes then landed on several pair of Force-resistant handcuffs that had been dropped by some of the saber-sliced war droids not far from now she stood over her apprentice. Calling some cuffs to her off-hand, she slapped them on the wrists of her padawan behind his back as he began to slowly writhe and regain his senses. She then stood him up and walked him to a nearby pillar where she force-drew another set of cuffs and fastened him securely to the column. Tearing off a piece of her black robe’s border she tied it around his mouth tightly and then rechecked the cuffs. He was conscious enough to stand, but his face was already badly swollen and partially covered in his own Mirialan blood.

    Slipping a button sized tracking device in his tunic pocket undetected she placed her other palm on the side of his head and tenderly stroked his hair. I will come back for you...I promise you. Sol had revealed the truth about many things that had brought them here, but he was wrong about one thing, there was one Jedi here, and she aimed to bring him home.

    TAG Bardan_Jusik Zurros Ka
  3. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Best Roleplayer Summer 2020 star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Kai Dareagen
    Hellfire, Cargo bay

    Kai has taken in the rows upon rows of frozen beings, so many, they could turn the tide in this fight.

    "There are so many..." Padawan Nosrep starts, "How could the Sith capture them, capture them all... and we had no idea." Kai just shrugs his shoulders, he'd only been at this temple for a few weeks, he had no idea what was going on.

    "There is going to be confusion when they are released....they may even try to fight if that is what they were last doing." Master Kasumi starts, "This is something that we need to balance speed with compassion, which is not easy." Nothing is easy for a Jedi, a fact Kai is coming to terms with that. "Start with the one's who have been encased the least amount of time....they will adjust faster, and may be able to help us continue our mission. Since I am still new here I need someone to help orient them to time and what is going on. Volunteers? I can appoint someone, but I am still learning you all as trust your judgement on who would be the best to do this....." That also left him out as well, he'd only been in the temple for a few days. He looks to Letali, she'd be well suited to keeping people calm in stressful situations, just like she did with him.

    "Letali…" he calls out, preparing to ask her to take the lead. However a hissing sound reaches his ears, the blocks of carbonite were thawing. He expects to feel light, to feel the presence of other Jedi. All he feels is growing darkness.

    "It's a trap!" Letali yells, instantly Kai's blue lightsaber is in his hand illuminating the area around him in azure light. He doesn't wait for his enemies to come to him, leaping forward with the aid of the force. His body is completely open to it a conduit, taking in its power and directing it where he needs it. His legs, his arms, and his mind, he feels it all around him, its warm embrace giving him the courage to face the tide of red and black.

    His blade pierces though the black robes of one, the body dropping to the deck soon afterwards. A Balosar leaps from the knight's right blade upraised. Kai spins away on the balls of his feet bringing his weapon around with him in a horizontal slash that caught the figure in the middle of the back, bisecting them.

    It is chaos, red sabers outnumber the others, but, something in the way they hold them told the Knight that some of them weren't too well versed in their use, or recovering from Hibernation sickness. Out of the corner of his eye he spies Letali holding her own against a Zabrak. With a flash of his saber he disarms another black robed individual severing their hands at the wrists. He clears the space between himself and his Mon Cal friend with another leap landing right behind her opponent running him through.

    "Hello!" A voice calls out in the darkness, it's Padawan Nosrep "Can anyone hear me!?!"

    Kai fends off a few more slashes, trying to focus in on the sound of the younger man's voice. Closing his eyes he extends his senses through the space, he senses the sith, numerous, and the Jedi, too few. He feels hostile intent coming from his left. His body reacts ducking his head under the incoming slash, he feels the heat pass over him. Eye closed he stepped toward the hostile creature with a simple upward slash of his own that connects just below the ribcage continuing all the way thought the other being's torso. Thus another body joins the collection growing on the floor. Master Sarr would be appalled at the bloodshed on display but, he wasn't here, he could not feel the lethal intent of every person facing the Jedi, could not feel their rage and hate.

    This is not a time for words, but actions. His eyes open to see a towering Togoran with a saber staff. A heavy overhand strike is followed by a lightning quick strike to Kai's ribs with the back end of the weapon. He parries both while back stepping. The being's physical size and reach put the Jedi at a disadvantage, unless he could get inside that range. Kai takes a step forward crouching his body under another high slash meant to take his shoulders. His weight sufficiently forward he lowers his shoulder and drops into a roll. At the end he rises quickly point of his saber leading the way. The icy point strikes true, right in the belly of the giant. A howl of pain rings out, joining the cacophony of battle that surrounds the few lights.

    Kai, says close to Letali fending off any attacks that came from behind her, keeping his back close to hers. He is not the best at standing still, much preferring to take the fight to his opponent but, he won't leave his fellow Jedi alone, not in a room filled to the brim with darkness.

    "Semajj," He calls out, "over here." As if to punctuate his words he gathers what force energy he can in his throat. With a deep breath he releases all of it, letting out a force bellow that rips through the beings in front of him, some are sent flying, others are merely pushed back by the nearly primal shout that left the young man's throat.

    Hopefully that would be enough to signal where he is in the space.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik, ConservativeJedi321, Rebecca_Daniels, Runjedirun, Coffee_Ninja
  4. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep
    Hellfire Cargo Bay.

    The Ongree had just finished slicing a Rodian in half when he heard the words. "Semajj, over here!" that voice. It seemed distorted, yet echoed as if carried by the Force itself. "Master Dareagen!" The young Jedi shouted in return, falling back on formality in the heat of the moment.

    Then Semajj ducked under a wide sweep of a deranged Iktotchi, sliding under its guard quick enough to carve a diagonal line fron his waste to his shoulder.

    The fog from the cargo freezing had begun to sink, so his line of sight began to expand.

    He charged in the direction of the voice, and was quick to destroy any sith minion in his way.

    An Ishi Tib aimed low, and Semajj parried. His defense never wavered, though these untrained brutes hardly caused him enough concern to hesitate in his attacks either. One strike, another, and off with her head.

    He moved forward, and a Gotal struck clumsily, the Padawan redirected the strike to the ground, and dragged this blade up, slicing him open from bow to stern.

    A Gand and a Falleen struck in unison, and he recognized strategy in their play, as he blocked each strike with ease he noticed they always aimed for opposing sides. The former went left, and the later went right, up down, back, front. They were good, but still no match for Semajj's defense which more than held up against their onslaught.

    Eventually the Gand made a minor tactical error, as his Falleen friend lunged for Semajj's right shoulder he instead chose to do a feint at his left shoulder, then recoiled to strike at his left thigh. In a normal duel it would make sense as a tactic, get your opponent comfortable in a pattern of defense than flip the script hoping to off balance them. But In this case, and with their lack of individual skill Semajj saw right through it, and all the tactic did was give the Ongree time, and an opening. With a simple twist he parried the Fallens blow, and exploited the extra time the Gands shift in movement caused by lunging at his friends chest, impaling him instantly. He didn't even have to take the time to pull his blade out as he sidestepped the Gands poorly thought out strike at his leg.

    They exchanged two or three more blows before he managed to slip past its defenses, and slice off the Gands arm.
    And with a quick backtrack he cut off the its life support mask too as it fell. Then moved on.

    He cut his way through four or five other mooks before he saw a blue blade out of his peripheral vision. The only thing between him and his fellow Jedi was very large, and very burly human man, with ghostly pale skin, crazy brown hair and a long untamed beard.

    Semajj didn't expect much, most mooks he had faced up to that point had been pathetic. They had enough skill in the force to ward off the worst effects of carbon freezing (except the first human woman who had a far worse case than the others), and he half expect most had never wielded a lightsaber before.

    He aimed at the mans chest hoping to end the fight quickly, but it was blocked. Unexpected.
    He struck again, and again, and again, again, again. Each was blocked. This one was tougher than the others.
    Semajj took a step back, and then his opponents went on the offensive. The man had brute force on his side, and Semajj noticed the faintest comprehension of Form IV Ataru. He was still not very skilled, a Master would have bulldozed him in a second. But Semajj was still a Padawan, and this one he could tell was near his equal in skill.

    The young Jedi ducked, and spun aiming to ward off the hostile bombardment. He didn't hesitate for a second. Parry, block, dodge, strike. It was like a beautiful dance he thought slightly amused.
    Except for the ugly primate that was.

    The minion grew frustrated soon enough, the faintest trace of skill he had begun to fade, as he realized Semajj would not be bullied his strikes began to become more wild and more crazy. Eventually Semajj saw an opening and took it.

    With a swift slice he aimed the tip of his blade down, and cut into the beasts leg.
    It screamed with an angry force. And Semajj reacted quickly kicking high with a force assisted blast nocking the minion back, right at Jedi Dareagans feet he noticed. The Ongree launched forward landing on the minions chest and stabbed down with a grunt.

    Finally he brought his blade up, and wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead.
    Glancing at the older Jedi he spoke "Good to see you Master, this is quiet the mess we got ourselves in huh?"
    He then turned back to face their ever swarming enemies.

    Tags: galactic-vagabond422, Bardan_Jusik, Runjedirun, Coffee_Ninja, Rebecca_Daniels
  5. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Darth Sixtus (NPC)
    Fleeing the Temple of Light.

    "I wanted to make that last longer," Darth Sixtus chuckled appreciatively at Ian's sheepishness. "Not the first man to say express such a sentiment to me," she said gleefully. "And I'm sure you won't be the last." She kicked at the dead strill's body with her toe. He sources, and her insight with the force, had told her of the Mandalorian's recently deceased wife, about how he had fled out here to the Unknown Regions after her death. The circumstances obviously pained him, and this animal was one of the last connections he would have had with her. She wished she could be here when he got back and saw what Ian had done. His anger, always seething beneath the surface would have focus. It would be a wondrous sight to behold.

    "Hanger bay, right. I know the way, follow me." Indeed. They had no time for such, no time for dilly dallying their way through the Temple. They had to make their escape, and make it now. She rushed after her new apprentice. Oh they hadn't formalized things yet, but they would...soon. She had already picked out a name for the new Sith Lord to be...

    Her thoughts came to an abrupt end as she felt another presence making its way towards them. It was a force user, far weaker than her, but with potential. Male...probably, she had a difficult time with aliens sometimes, but this one felt male and young. That she was certain of. A padawan then. She brought her hand up, ready to signal Ian to stop, to wait, she could destroy the onrushing padawan with ease. But she held back. She was pleased that Ian had killed the animal, and even more pleased at his betrayal and murder of Master Piim. Neither had been a true test of his abilities though. Granted, he would have failed a true test against the Jedi Master, but this padawan, that could be a real test for him. So she hung back, allowing Ian to rush forward even farther ahead of her. He would encounter the padawan, alone, and how he dealt with him would further determine his future fate as a Sith Lord.

    IC: padawan Leoalb (male Pau'an)
    Temple of Light

    Leoalb was worried. Master Piim had been gone from the TCC for too long. Worse yet, she had seemed so distracted, so worried herself when she had left. After she hadn't returned Knight Troi had sent Leoalb after her. There had still been no response from the Jedi assault teams on the Hellfire, and he was starting to worry that the mission was going poorly. As it was, the shuttles were still all on standby in the main hanger bay, ready to launch at a moments notice and retrieve whoever the Guardians could save. Or if they needed saving themselves. Given the stress there, padawan Leoalb had been almost glad to leave the TCC behind, but now he was lost. Not lost in that he didn't know where he was (though it was dark in the Temple) but because he didn't know where to find Master Piim, she wasn't answering her comm link. Footsteps from up ahead told him there was someone nearby, maybe they would know where to find the Senior Jedi left in the Temple. Coming around the corner, he saw it was padawan Thrace, still a ways down the hall and coming towards him. Behind him by several steps was someone else, someone he couldn't quite make out in the darkness.

    "Ian," padawan Leoalb called out genially. "Is that Master Piim with you?" He saw a moment later that it wasn't though, it was the Sith woman, Darth Sixtus. Unsure of himself, padawan Leoalb ignited his lightsaber, the green sheen reflecting back off the temple walls onto him.

    "Kill him Ian," she spoke in an unattractive, almost monotonal voice. "Kill him now."

    TAG: Gotab

    OOC: Leoalb is all your Gotab

    IC: Hector Zey/Elim Rand (NPC)/Knight Arer (NPC)/Knight Menal (NPC)/Padawan Sol Skellig (NPC)
    Besh team, bridge, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    Sabers came to life against droid as the Jedi of Besh team fought for their very lives. It was a battle that not all of them would win. As padawan Ka pressed through with his twin sabers, slashing through droids and deflecting their blaster bolts back to them, Knight Rand used his own blade far more defensively, using it only dismember the two droids closest to him before using the force to push four others away from him, up against the bulkhead. Some were damaged that way, but the three of them stood quickly enough before being cut down by Knight Arer who took advantage of them being grouped all together like that.

    With the way briefly cleared by this (and Knight Archisa's stand off with her former padawan) Grand Master Hector Zey took the opportunity to rush towards the bridge control panels. They had to warn Aurek team of the trap that awaited them. Even if they were lost here, they had to bring down the shields of the Hellfire, it was the only way now for the rescue team to rescue themselves from this trap. Cutting down a droid that stood in his way Zey looked down at the consoles. With horror he noted that power had already been diverted to Cargo Bay One, the Sith minions as Skelling had called them had already been unleashed. It was too late to avoid the trap, but not too late to escape, or to ensure the destruction of these Sith before they could make planet fall.

    Finding the controls to disable the shields, Zey quickly cut power to not only them, but all of the Hellfire's defensive systems. Then he cut off the jamming field that was preventing them from talking to one another. Slashing through those controls with his lightsaber, he made sure that the Sith wouldn't be able to raise them again. Then he moved to the comm panel and sent a message to the Temple. "Mission compromised, it was a trap to get us on board and kill us." He paused for a moment, the ship's defenses were now down, and though the Jedi aboard would try to make good their escape there was no guarantee they could do so. There was only one way to ensure these Sith were destroyed. "Stand down the rescue shuttles, prepare instead for a fighter strike on the Hellfire. Launch as soon as you're ready and destroy the ship, whether we've made it off or not." He waited until he got an acknowledgement and then destroyed the long range comm panel too.

    Picking up his personal comm link he called out to Aurek and Omega teams. "To all teams, it's a trap there are no prisoner aboard. Retreat to the hanger bay and get back to the Temple as soon as you can, attack inbound. May the Force be with us all, Zey out."

    As he replaced his comm link on his belt, the force alerted him to immanent danger and he brought up his lightsaber, deflecting a string of blaster bolts. Looking for their source he saw Knight Menal eliminate the droid before grinning at him sheepishly and giving a shrug. "Apologies Grand Master, though I had that one handled." Zey shook his head in frustration in return, but his frustration turned to sorrow as another droid took advantage of the briefly distracted Jedi Knight. Blaster bolts ripped through her midsection before she could bring her lightsaber back down to protect herself. Zey stood in shocked silence, as Knight Rand rushed over, decapitating the offending droid before bending low to check on the injured Knight. He raised back up quickly though, giving a short shake of his head to Zey. Knight Menal was dead.

    She was the only death though to happen on the bridge. Knight Arer and padawan Ka saw to that, eliminating the rest of their droid captors. Now the bridge was theirs, and Zey could focus on the one they had now taken captive, Knight Archisa's former padawan, Sol Skellig was bound to pillar with a pair of force proof cuffs. "I will come back for you...I promise you." Zey silently commended her for her restraint, not only in defeating the would be Sith apprentice without seriously harming him, but in her desire to turn him back to the light. He shook his head wearily though as he approached.

    "There won't be time for that." He sliced through the cuffs attached to the pillar with his lightsaber, leaving the set keeping Skellig's arms bound intact. "There will be a fighter attack inbound from the Temple at any moment now, they will destroy the Hellfire as soon as they can." He pulled Skellig away from the pillar and towards Knight Archisa. "Whether we are still on board or not." He looked into Knight Archisa's eyes and nodded his understanding that she wanted her padawan saved. "If he is to survive, he has to come with" He looked around the bridge to make sure everyone was ready. "We have to get back to the hanger. I unlocked all the lifts and deactivated all internal and external defenses. We should make good time, but cut down any that stand in our way."

    TAG: Ananta Chetan, Zurros Ka

    OOC: Feel free to post any movement for us back to the hanger bay (short of our actual arrival there) as well as any droid obstacles we may encounter and overcome along the way as well. Any questions, as always, feel free to PM me.

    IC: Beskaryc Taab/Knight Reese (NPC)/Darth Harbinger (NPC)
    Omega team, holding the landing bay, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    Taab sighted in on another droid coming at him now putting a controlled pair center mass and watched the target go down before moving onto to another to repeat the process. It was all muscle memory and instinct now. Acquire, fire, observe, scan, acquire, fire... target after target, droid after droid went down. "How many of these shabla things to they have?" He muttered to himself. Too many was the only answer he could give as he sighted in on another droid and knocked that one down too. His carbine clicked on empty and he pulled out the expended magazine. "Loading," he called out as he slapped in a fresh magazine, more out of force of habit than because the others on Omega team needed to know. It wasn't like they were mutually supporting one another here. Lefty (Knight Reese) had the far side of the hanger bay, and that ingress/egress point covered, or at least he had the last time Taab had looked when the battle began. He had to trust that the Jedi had been able to hold that choke point because he didn't have the time to spare to check on his "zone of fire," not with his own area so active. Likewise he suspected the Jedi would have to trust that Taab was holding his own on this side of the bay. Failure by either of them would mean the other getting overwhelmed by droids attacking their flank.

    In the center of the bay he could hear the clashing of lightsabers, though he dare not look away from the incoming waves of combat droids to check on Future (Knight Trevalus) either. His battle with dar'jetii (Darth Harbinger) was his own. Both Lefty and Taab also had to hope that Future would prevail there, not only for the reinforcement that Future represented to either of them should he defeat the Sith, but because a loss by Future would mean an active enemy in their midst. Taab blinked away the sweat that was starting to run down his face inside his buy'ce (helmet), his carbine spat out another pair of blaster bolts as suddenly the garbled static in his helmet's comm system cleared up, at least for the most part.

    "To a.. .eams, ....trap ....... no ....soners.. aboard. ...treat ... th... anger bay ........ to the Temple .........., attack ..nbound. May ...... be wi... ... all, .... out."

    Glancing at his HUD Taab could see the message was getting through because the jamming had indeed been halted, the static was an artifact of the fierce battle going on around him. It probably wouldn't hurt to retune his receiver either he though lamely to himself as another droid came into view, firing at him as it did. The droid's blaster bolts were off the mark, high by about six inches over Taab's position crouched near the wing of the Refuse Ranger. Taab's return fire though was true and the droid went down in a heap. The message was clearly the General's (Hector Zey) voice and Taab had heard enough garbled transmissions in his time to decipher what was being said. There were no prisoners being held aboard the Hellfire. Given that Taab knew about dar'jetti's betrayal, it seemed a safe bet that this was all a set up then. The rest of the General's message was also clear despite the static. Get back to the Temple, an attack by the Jedi there on the Hellfire was immanent. Taking the time to call out to Future, though he couldn't look around to see how he was doing Taab warned him.

    "Better hurry it up Future, we've got friendlies inbound, it's time to get the shab out of here."

    TAG: Mitth_Fisto

    IC: Knight Letali (NPC)
    Aurek Team, Battle in Cargo Bay One, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    Knight Letali flashed her blade this way and that, her Soresu form faltering among the myriad of attackers that now assaulted her and her friends. "We have to get out of here!" she shouted to anyone that could hear her. She wasn't sure who that would be right now, she had gotten somewhat separated from the others in the chaotic scene in the hanger bay, but she hoped for the best.

    Seeing a green flash against red, she narrowed her eyes to peer through the steam she heard a voice. "Hello! Can anyone hear me!?!" She started to rush towards the flash, she was certain it was the voice of padawan Nosrep. Before she could reach him though she was attacked by a being barely a meter tall being wielding a single red blade. Startled she brought her own lightsaber rack in front of her and parried his clumsy attack. With a start she realized that her attacker was a mere child, human or near human, covered in strange tattoos. He swung at her again and she spun this time, evading the blow and putting him off balance. This child had no skill with the blade, and she could barely feel the power within him. In Jedi service he would have been assigned to the AgriCorp, but here with the Sith he was made into cannon fodder. He attacked again, this time catching Letali off guard, she brought her blade up just in time to prevent her own bisection. With a sad grimace she spun away and impaled the Sith minion, who was so focused on the attack never thought to defend himself, on her lightsaber. With a tear in her eye she lowered the dead Sith to the deck, this was all so pointless! The Sith had forced her to do it, but she would never forgive herself for killing this poor boy. She didn't have time to mourn though, she and her friends were still in danger.

    Taking a deep breath she raced to find another Jedi "Semajj," she heard another voice call out, "over here." It was her friend Knight Dareagen, he and padawan Nosrep were trying to regroup. She saw that as an opportunity to make it the three of them. Rushing towards him she saw the bodies of several Sith littering the deck. An Ishi Tib, a Gotal, even a Gand. Thankfully she saw no Jedi yet among the dead. Catching sight of her fellow Jedi, her heart sank as she realized there was a large group of Sith between her and them. Worry overcame her as she felt suddenly alone.

    Looking behind her she saw the way was clear to run, though just at the edge of her vision through the gloom she could make out Master Kasumi engaged in an epic dual. She had completely lost track of Knight Loother and Eira Dryn, though at least she hadn't encountered their bodies. They were still alive for the moment, she could feel it. But they might not be for long, not any of them.

    Unable to get to Knight Dareagen or padawan Nosrep, and knowing herself far outclassed by whatever Master Kasumi was fighting, she had decided to look for the missing pair of Jedi when her comm link went off, the message garbled by static.

    "To all ....., ..... trap ....ere are no pris..... oard. Retre.... ........the hang.. .......ay back to the Temple ...... can, ..tack inbound. May t... Force be.... all, Zey out."

    The message echoed around her from everyone else's comm links as well as they all heard the message. She couldn't make out most of it, but it was clearly the Grand Master's voice. His urgency was also plain as well his order of "back to the Temple" had come across loud and clear. "We have to get out of here!" Knight Letali repeated her earlier cry, hoping this time that the others would hear her. If not, surely they had heard Grand Master Zey's order and would know that their time here was short.

    The Jedi though weren't the only ones listening. A slender Pau'an with a double bladed lightsaber approached her almost slowly, his gait full of assured confidence bordering on arrogance. "You're not going anywhere my dear." He spoke with an elegance irreconcilable with the sudden and brutal attack he now launched upon her. Left, right, up, down his double sided blade seemed to be everywhere at once and it was all the Mon Cal Knight could do to fend off his assault. Giving ground, she edged nearer and nearer to where Knight Dareagen and padawan Nosrep were holed up, but there were at least a dozen other Sith between them and her. They might as well have been as far away as the moons of Iego.

    Her back foot slipped and her attacker gave her no quarter, hammering at her defenses. She manged to fend him off again, but she knew that she was no match for this Pau'an, he had the strength at least of a Jedi Knight, and one far more versed in the art of warfare than she. Still it came as a surprise to her when as she went to parry his next blow, he altered the angle of his attack slightly and instead of his blade being caught by her own, it cleaved through her wrists. "AHHHH!" she cried out in pain as her lightsaber clattered uselessly to the deck. She fell to her knees and looked up at the form of the Pau'an Sith, his yellowing eyes gleamed in satisfaction. "I told you, you weren't going anywhere," and then he swung his blade a last time and cleaved Knight Letali's head from her neck.

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    OOC: Obviously a fighting retreat is in order here. Go ahead and post your group's retreat to the hanger bay though don't have them arrive there just yet. Feel free to inflict damage/injury/death upon the Sith minions too as you go along. Any questions, as always, feel free to PM me.
  6. Coffee_Ninja

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    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Still in the middle of chaos

    Memory (or is it)
    “Brother….why am I able to do these things? “

    Her question came at a young age as she helped tend to an injured forest creature.

    Her brother just shook his head.

    “Sis, you are more powerful than I, and than mother. We each have Force connection, but yours is beyond ours. I don’t know why the Force has blessed you with it.”

    “But having it, does that mean that I am blessed, or cursed?”

    “Sis, you could never be cursed. The light flows through you, around you. I see it. That is why you must return to the Temple, finish your training. You are the daughter of a Forest Walker, you are a daughter of Alderaan, and you are my beloved sister.”


    Kasumi bowed to her Master in her family’s home.

    “Master Aayla, I am ready to return. Thank you for this time.”

    Her master nodded back to her and bowed slightly to her family before they left to return to the temple.


    “Strong you are. This lesson learn you must. “

    Kasumi walked with Master Yoda the swamp on Degoba. Order 66 had been given not so long ago. Yoda pointed to a small rocky cave. “Meditate there.”

    “For how long master?”

    “Until the lesson started it is.”

    Kasumi watched him walk away. While she was confused she listened to her new Master and trusted him. She found a spot to meditate in the cave and she didn’t know how long it took, but she began to learn this new lesson…..with yet another Master.


    Kasumi opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by her masters…all three….Aayla, Yoda, and Qui-Gon. But how could that be?

    What you were seeing before and hearing before was just a small part of what you can do. Now it appears that you have broken through the final wall.

    Fear the others not. Go back now you cannot. Go forward you must.

    Unlike Anakin, your powers lies in being able to speak to us, to learn from us, and to teach others through the living force, and the way it moves through the Force itself. You brother and mother had the same connection.

    Stronger you were. Healing and light we saw. Great teacher we saw.

    There are those you can help, and those you can’t. Remember, your Focus defines your reality. Focus…on the here and now. Let your grief go, move on. Your focus determines your reality Master Kasumi. What is your reality now?

    Remember who you are. You are the last daughter of the Forest Walkers of Alerdaan. Are you going to let a little lightening stop you?

    And her brother…always there to push her when every fiber in her being told her to give up.


    Kasumi felt her lungs sting with the sudden taking in of air. As of with a mind of its own her right hand flew up and with a sudden burst of the Force….Onyx was pushed up into the air and found herself going head over heals. Her path was stopped suddenly by a bulk head. Onyx’s breath was taken from her lungs now.

    Kasumi moved to her feet, called her saber back to her hand and with a snap hiss relit it. She reached to the small of her back and pulled out her masters old saber, lighting it with a snap hiss. Kasumi took a deep breath, and opened her eyes. Her eyes were now light blue, almost a ghostly blue.

    With another wave of her hand she was able to give the other Knights some breathing room on her way to Onyx. With her sabers lit and with the use of the Force she sliced her way back to Onyx. She reached her old friend just as she got to her feet.

    “AGAIN YOU OUT DO ME!!!” with that Onyx came after Kasumi with all the rage she had. Her strikes were lightening fast, and were matched each step of the way. Kasumi was even shocked at how she was able to match the moves so easily. Onyx’s anger was getting in her way…and her strikes became more and more sloppy.

    Kasumi got the upper hand and was able to strike the middle of the double saber…and having it’s pieces drop to the deck. Onyx backed up to the bulk head as Kasumi’s two sabers came within inches of her neck. Kasumi dropped the sabers…hoping to offer her friend one last chance.

    “Onyx, please, don’t let the dark side take you. You are so strong, and you have a lot to offer. Please, come back with me. We can work on this together.”

    All Kasumi got was a wicked smile, and then she saw the movement before it happened. Onyx lit another saber she had in her belt, but before she could land the strike, Kasumi had to take the opening. With her own saber Kasumi struck the fatal blow and watched her friend drop to her knees and then to the deck.

    “I’m sorry my friend. Please forgive me.”

    Kasumi leaned down and gently close her friends eyes.

    With that, Kasumi turned back to the rest of the chaos and began quickly assessing what was going on.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Hochner Trevalus
    The Final Showdown of Hanger Bay Treason!

    "Finally," Darth Harbinger let out a loud sigh that did nothing to improve anyone's mood, most notably . With a flurry their Sith prisoner keyed in anther set of commands on the console at which he was seated, one's which Knight Vomkoju seemed to take issue with. "Hey, why are you unfreezing the..." he never got the chance to finish his statement as prisoner pulled the Knights lightsaber from him with the force and then in one swift movement decapitated the Twi'lek.

    "shab it all," Taab shouted bringing his blaster carbine to bear on the Sith as the Dar'jetii quickly moved to defend himself. The security specialist was thrown to the ground as his shot went wide from cover fire from arriving droids. He had bigger things to worry about than a missed shot though.

    Hochner did not like where this was going, nor where it had already gone. He felt the gnawing annoyance at himself that he had ever let Knight Vomkoju watch the Sith at his work, that he had ever let any of this happen. That he had missed something that had gotten a fellow Jedi killed because of it. It stirred the old memories of his first master, watching him die at the hands of the sith, and now another Jedi. Albeit one he did not know very well.

    Whilst Taab was returning fire, Hochner could see that Knight Reese was so far holding his own at the far end of the bay. Something which left himself being approached menacingly by the sith in the center of the hanger. "There is only one way this ends Jedi," he said to the Kubaz Knight almost forlornly. "With death."

    "I know." was all he replied. What more could he say? He let the Force flow through him as he stood straight and flicking a few switches tossed his blaster away down the now unguarded hallway that was echoing to the march of droids.

    Moving forward he pulled his lightsabers to his waiting hands as he dodged the first attack slash, then left, right, pivot as the Sith swung his blade smoothly through open air as Hochner danced about it. The Sith using foresight in a foregone manner as he made sure to never over extend as Hochner danced at the edges of his reach before finally darting in with ignited blades to clash. High to low, left to right. They parlayed it seemed, taking methodical steps to no true end as the droids largely ignored them both.

    They continued, Hochner moving fast and dancing about the edges. The Sith slow and always somehow just were he needed to be to not die, but never where he needed to be to succeed. The Sith was saying something, how it needed to be. How what will be can be guided but not changed. Things Hochner did not care to listen to, and when the explosion came. He didn't have to anymore. He knew when it was coming.

    He jumped and pushed the need to outward. When the Sith didn't follow Hochner knew it had worked. For in all his dancing and blade work he had been centering himself deeper and deeper into the Force. Things and abilities that were like grasping flowing water was now as simple as grasping a stone from a pebble beach. Lowing his blades as he landed a maelstrom of droid parts, one of the few constants in the hanger, began rushing forward, piece by piece. The Sith blocked what he could, severed it away with his blade, gestures with the Force, but he was unbalanced so that when Hochner danced back in the man stopped one blade and two pieces of droids but not the second blade. Not the one that severed his free arm, and after that not the next five pieces of droids that dug into the man's abdomen and kidneys. And finally after one weak block the Sith tried to speak, but Hochner still was not listening as the second blade returned and severed the man's head from his shoulders.

    And it was over, as he stood breathing calmly. Flicking his blades up as needed to block wayward blaster bolts. It was over. At least this much. Was over.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik
  8. Gotab

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    May 18, 2011
    IC Ian Thrace
    Fleeing the Temple of Light

    "Not the first man to say express such a sentiment to me," the words were burned into Ian's memory as they raced through the Temple of Light looking for their escape. "And I'm sure you won't be the last." Those had been even worse. Was she already thinking of replacing him? Or was it something less dire? He didn't know, couldn't know. Not yet. He would learn from her whatever she could teach him though, he would make himself invaluable to her, and thus ensure his own survival.

    "Ian," the greeting from Padawan Leoalb caught him off guard, and Ian realized he had raced out ahead of Darth Sixtus by several meters. "Is that Master Piim with you?" Ian held back laughter, the woman with him couldn't be any less like Master Piim. "Kill him Ian," she said, her voice devoid of inflection and Ian raised his lightsaber to obey. "Kill him now."

    Ian rushed at the Padawan Leoalb now, hoping to end the fight before it could even begin, but the surprised Pau'an managed to raise his lightsaber and parry Ian's initial blow. "Ian, what are you..." he started to ask but was cut off as Ian swung his lightsaber across at his neck. Again their lightsaber's met, and Ian could hear Darth Sixtus laughing behind him. Was this some form of entertainment for her, was she testing him? Ian felt a sudden push from the force as Padawan Leoalb used his moment of distraction to hurl him against the wall. That made Sixtus laugh all the harder.

    "It's her, she's behind this," Padawan Leoalb shouted. "She has corrupted your mind!" He rushed passed Ian trying to make his way to Darth Sixtus, what hope he would have against a Dark Lady of the Sith Ian didn't know, but he knew that this was a test, and that if Leoalb reached Sixtus, if she was forced to kill him herself, then Ian would have failed. He couldn't fail her, couldn't fail himself, and so reaching into the force he pulled at Leoalb's legs and pulled them out from under him.

    The Pau'an went crashing to the floor in surprise, nearly cutting his own hand off as he fell. Rolling over he jumped back into the air as Ian leaped towards him, lightsaber ready. For the third time their blades crashed together, this time Ian pushed hard and their sabers locked in a high pitched screech. The Pau'an's eyes grew wide in fright as he realized Ian's strength which flowed from the dark side. The fear Ian saw and felt made him all the stronger and he pushed harder, forcing the Jedi back on his heels. "Fight it Ian, fight it," Leoalb exclaimed in desperation, trying to reason with Ian, to break his concentration. For Ian now, there was no fighting it, he didn't want to fight it. Instead he embraced it.

    Sweat beaded up on Leoalb's forehead as the locked blades pushed closer and closer to his face. There was no stopping it now, with each passing moment Leoalb grew more and more afraid, and as he did Ian grew stronger and stronger. He relished in it, in the fear he was causing and how powerful it made him feel. With a final push though he ran Leoalb's lighsaber through his own neck, and the fear was extinguished along with his life. Ian immediately felt the sense of loss, his power was sapped slightly as he no longer had Leoalb's fear to fuel him. Still he felt powerful as he looked down on the Padawan's decapitated corpse. Slowly he turned to Darth Sixtus, his eyes yellowed, his skin felt as ice.
    "Does that meet with your approval, Master?"

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    OOC: post cleared with GM Bardan Jusik
  9. Ananta Chetan

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    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Suraya Archisa, (NPC) Padawan Sol Skellig
    Hellfire - Hangar Bay Bound

    Suraya’s saber sang in the air near her former apprentice’s head as she walked in stride behind him. The pair brought up the rear of their party as they began to hastily make their way to the hangar bay. She had kept the blade lit and occasionally moved it from side to side allowing its soft hum to remind Sol of her presence and to behave even though he was still shackled and gagged. She wouldn’t hesitate to surrender her hope of redeeming him by making him one with the Force if he made one wrong malicious move.

    She feared he was already gone. Cavillous was no ordinary Sith. He had cultivated enormous malice in the youngster in a remarkably short time span. The dark seeds had been sown deep. The light remaining in Sol was a faint one, perhaps left there intentionally to inspire false hope in her. She hoped she was wrong. She needed to be wrong.

    Do you recognize this? She moved the saber hilt closer to his face as they continued walking. Yes…it was yours. I retrieved it from your body, concealing it before they took me away, to a cell…before Veneficus began preparing me for his dark experiments. She paused a moment for him to take in what she had just spoken. I bided my time…waited for my moment…a window of opportunity. Then the Guardians attacked the Hellfire in orbit over their planet…defending themselves from the invasion…and when power went out momentarily…I used this weapon…your blade, to free myself. Miraculously making it to an escape pod by the will of the Force, I was escorted to the planet’s surface by these Jedi. She looked around at her companions now. The rest you must know already …but I never knew that you were still alive…had survived, never suspected that you had been converted…turned to the darkness. This much…you must know.

    Suraya gave Sol a small shove as he struggled to keep pace with the Guardians due to the injuries she had inflicted upon him. Your cooperation insures your survival. We shall take things one step at a time…assuming we make it back…together. She remained silent for a moment observing his emotions. She then allowed herself to feel something far away that she had earlier pushed beneath the surface. Something awful had happened at the Temple…was happening. Young Thrace was in pain…terrible pain.

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  10. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    GM Approved!

    Character Sheet

    Name: Kraahn

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Species: Tchuukthai

    Birthplanet: Unknown

    Appearance: [​IMG] Except a dull bronze coloring

    Height & Build: 6'5" to shoulder when on all fours, 9'8" when standing on rear legs…strong, sturdy build

    Personality: Inquisitive, Honorable, and Kind-Hearted but fully capable of fighting without reservation. Quite fierce when in combat, but avoids it if possible despite his appearance.

    Faction & Rank: Jedi Master

    Class: Sentinel

    Weapon: Two Blue Lightsabers that can form into a staff that are loosely attached to a basic belt he has wrapped around him

    Lightsaber Form: Completely unorthodox style via telekinesis and physical prowess

    Bio: As Kraahn is more outgoing than the vast majority of his kin, he has ventured out to make contact with the Jedi Order after being trained in the ways of the Light Side of the Force from a roaming Jedi Knight.

    Yet knowing his people are highly reclusive, he does not want to infringe upon their feelings and thus tells no one of his home world. Or his age for that matter. That one was more personal.

    His training and mindset were quite reminiscent of the one other known tchuukthai Force User. Thon. This is intentional as he learned much about him when discussing Jedi history in his tutelage in the Light. Becoming enamored of the first of his kin to become a Jedi as well as being so well known and powerful, he styled himself heavily after his teachings. Even going so far as to make his master traverse the galaxy to find what scattered stories remained of him so he could further his emulation of the great Thon's style.

    Eventually, he was deemed ready and his master left for parts unknown while he found his way timidly into the greater galaxy. His earliest adventures were varied and often rocky at best, but he learned much. In time, he came to the Jedi Order fully and took part in further training and aiding them throughout the galaxy and finally earned the rank of Master over some years.

    Still, he has felt the call of the light now swell and thus wishes to serve the Order amidst its current crisis. He has no complete idea of the maelstrom going on, but is staunch in his devotion nevertheless.
  11. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Darth Sixtus (NPC)
    Hanger Bay 2, Temple of Light.

    "Does that meet with your approval, Master?" Darth Sixtus smiled. Young Thrace was already thinking of himself as her apprentice. "It does, though defeating a mere padawan is expected of you." She gave no verification that she thought of him as her new apprentice, though she didn't dissuade him of the notion either. For now he was but a useful tool, a means to an end. Though if he proved himself further he would be calling her Master for a great deal longer. For now though they still had to make good their escape. She waved him to lead her again as they left the body of padawan Leoalb behind.

    Their journey went swiftly, the corridors Ian had chosen as their route were empty and they continued on their way unmolested. As they approached the hanger bay, their pace slowed. Clearly he anticipated the hanger to be busy, and why not? The majority of the Jedi's shuttles were here, and those shuttles would be busy preparing to rescue the Jedi's frozen "comrades." She chuckled with delight at the thought of the Jedi attacker discovering just how wrong they were. The lie had come to her on a whim when she had told the Jedi of the existence of the carbonite slabs. Inspired no doubt by the dark side of the Force, the other Sith had perpetrated the same deception. It was a deceit that was now the foundation of her own escape, and plans for the future. If they could steal a shuttle and escape the Temple.

    There was confusion now, a confusion felt both by herself and young Thrace, as they approached the hanger bay. It should have been a hive of activity, but it was quiet. Reaching out cautiously she felt but a single being inside, at the far end of the bay walking in the opposite direction of the entrance. "A single guard on patrol?" She arched her eyebrow at Ian but the answer came to her. If the Jedi had discovered that the "prisoners" were really Sith they would abandon their rescue efforts and instead devote themselves to a fighter attack on the Hellfire while the shields were down. Sensing an opportunity the pair stole into the hanger bay quietly, glancing around she could see no fighters based here. They must have already launched or been based in the main hanger bay. Either way, it bode well for her plans. "Kill the guard," she hissed out to Ian quietly. "We don't want an alarm raised." Meanwhile she approached the closest shuttle, a J-1 with the name Watchtower scrawled across it's bow, and climbed up the boarding ramp. As soon as Ian dispatched the guard, she would bring the vessel's systems to life and make her escape.

    IC: Knight Daruss (NPC)
    Hanger Bay 2

    Still recovering from her injuries suffered in the crash of Super-64, Knight, Daruss walked among the shuttles assembled on the deck of Hanger Bay 2. The pilots and other Jedi that had been assigned to these shuttles had been ordered to Hanger Bay One now, their mission changed from rescue to strike. The TwinTails based in the main hanger bay would be much better suited to that assignment. After her concussion she hadn't been cleared yet to pilot a fighter again yet, and so she had remained behind, walking to and fro among the shuttles much like the one that had crashed causing her injures in the first place. She was trying not to think about th... something behind her grabbed her attention. There was, there were two someones who had just entered the hanger bay. Her head was still fuzzy but she didn't think they were guards coming on duty. No they weren't that at all. They stank of the dark side of the force, one of them so fully it actually nauseated the female Jedi.

    She pulled the lightsaber from her belt, igniting it as one of them approached. It looked like...padawan Thrace? How could that be? "Padawan," she called out, very much on guard. "What is going on here?"

    TAG: Gotab

    OOC: Got another one for you Gotab. :p Daruss is all yours.

    IC: Hector Zey/Elim Rand (NPC)/Knight Arer (NPC)/Padawan Sol Skellig (NPC)
    Besh team, near the aft entrance to the hanger bay, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    Skelling fought confusion as his master...his former master spoke to him, trying to rekindle the dying embers of the light in his soul.

    "Do you recognize this?" He did, it was his lightsaber. His old lightsaber he corrected himself. A relic from a life he had given up. He had been given a new blade by his new master, and told he could create one of his own in time. It had been a heavy thing, never truly comfortable in his hands, off balance compared to the Jedi weapon he had constructed for himself to his own specification. " was yours. I retrieved it from your body, concealing it before they took me away, to a cell...before Veneficus began preparing me for his dark experiments." Skellig's eyes grew wide. He didn't know what to say or even how to feel at hearing that, so he continued to listen. "I bided my time...waited for my moment...a window of opportunity. Then the Guardians attacked the Hellfire in orbit over their planet...defending themselves from the invasion...and when power went out momentarily...I used this weapon...your blade, to free myself. Miraculously making it to an escape pod by the will of the Force, I was escorted to the planet’s surface by these Jedi." She looked around at her companions now as Sekllig whispered to himself, "the will of the force..." "The rest you must know already ...but I never knew that you were still alive...had survived, never suspected that you had been converted...turned to the darkness. This must know." He wasn't sure. There was so much confusion surrounding him now. His head had been filled with lies, but whose lies he no longer knew. Had the Jedi way been a lie all this time as his master had told him? Or was he being manipulated by Darth Cavillous? He just didn't know.

    "Your cooperation insures your survival. We shall take things one step at a time...assuming we make it back...together." So there was a price, he knew it. The Jedi didn't stand for simply serving good as they claimed. They served themselves just as all others did, they just didn't admit it to themselves. Darth Cavillous was right, these Jedi were liars, even to themselves. They just couldn't help it. He looked back at his mast...his former master and saw her mind though was now elsewhere, something else was bothering her now and that brought a small barely noticeable smile to his face. "Good."

    Zey listened in on Knight Archisa's conversation with her former padawan, though he didn't interrupt. He was focused on getting the Jedi out of here. They could deal with bringing the wayward apprentice back to the light once they returned to the Temple. Despite being weighed down by their prisoner the group was making good time back to the hanger bay. The turbo lifts had all been unlocked and they had encountered no resistance, no droid patrols, and no sign of Darth Cavillous. That last part worried Zey slightly. They had his apprentice in two, captured, and had wreaked havoc on his command and control systems. Skellig had said the dark lord was also headed to the hanger bay to cut off their escape, but Zey would have thought the Sith would come to meet them now that they had evaded his trap on the bridge. What was the Sith leader thinking? He had seemed a step or two ahead of them ever since the Jedi had stepped foot on the Hellfire, and it worried Zey that he still might be.

    There were other worries too, feelings of dread and pain from elsewhere, with so much on his mind though Zey couldn't pinpoint them the feelings were...elsewhere, elusive. He sighed deeply, he had to trust in the force and keep his mind on the moment.

    They had made it back to the hanger deck without incident, but now he could hear the sounds of intense blaster fire up ahead, along with the muted noise of clanking metal. Droids! The Sith wardroids must be attacking the hanger. They were in sight now and Zey almost let out another sigh, this one in relief. The droid numbers were awe inspiring, but they were being whittled down by rerun fire from the hanger bay. The Mandalorian Taab no doubt. That was good news enough, but the real relief came as Zey realized that the droids were so focused on attacking the hanger they hadn't detected the Jedi force now approaching them from their rear. Igniting his lightsaber he bade the others do the same. This would be a blue milk run, they could cut through the droids from behind and breakthrough into the hanger to make their escape. If only there wasn't that nagging feeling that they were still doing exactly what was expected of them, but he couldn't worry about that now. Instead he whispered fervently to them, so the droids wouldn't hear what was coming. "Attack!"

    TAG: Ananta Chetan, Zurros Ka

    OOC: Feel free to damage the droids in any way and break through the aft entrance to the hanger bay. Taab is indeed on the other side and the droid's attention will be solely on him (and Knight Trevalus) until you all make contact with them.

    IC: Beskaryc Taab/Knight Reese (NPC)
    Holding the landing bay, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    "Loading!" Taab called out again as he slapped the last spare magazine he had for his carbine into the smoking hot weapon. He was burning out the barrel due to the sheer rapidity and volume of fire he was putting through it, but that didn't matter now. Survival did. Besides, once this last magazine was expended the weapon was useless beyond perhaps as a last ditch melee weapon, and he had plenty of others to go to before it came to that. Instead though he knew he would go to his holstered blaster pistol, or maybe arm mounted flamethrower (though causing a fire in the hanger deck he occupied probably wasn't the greatest idea), before it would come to fighting the droids hand to hand.

    High over his head he saw other blaster bolts coming back at the droids now, ones he hadn't fired from his crouched position near the Refuse Ranger. Taking a brief moment he slewed the view in his HUD behind him and saw Future (Knight Trevalus) batting away bolt after bolt. Near him lay the decapitated corpse of the dar'jetii (Darth Harbinger). Excellent, they had managed to hold the hanger with just he and Lefty (Knight Reese) who was holding the forward entrance. Now with another Jedi they might manage at push the droids back and open a route for the other Jedi teams to retreat through.

    TAG: Mitth_Fisto

    IC: Stuw-art, Sith Minion (NPC)
    Pursuing Aurek team aboard the Hellfire towards the forward entrance to the hanger bay.

    Stuw-art let out a sound that was half maniacal laughter and half a shriek in fear. They were hot on the tails of the Jedi as they conducted their fighting retreat. Yes many of the Sith minions numbers had been felled, but the Jedi had taken their own loss. Most importantly, they were being driven back by the sheer number of Sith blades. Soon they would have no where left to retreat to, and then thee Sith would have them!

    From his spot at the forward entrance to the hanger bay Knight Reese was holding his own. Batting away bolt after bolt back into the attacking droids, he had managed to use the narrow confines of the corridor to his advantage. The droids had overwhelming numbers, but but remaining just inside the hatch he ensured that they couldn't attack him all at once, instead relying on advancing a steady stream of ten or so at a time that narrowed to just a few as they tried to enter through the forward hatch. These he was able to cut down with ease before they could push their way in. Now the smoking debris let by the destroyed droids was slowing down their following companions even further. Still there was a great deal of blaster fire to contend with, and inevitably one snuck through.

    The red bolt tore into his bionic right arm, severing it between the wrist and the elbow. "Ahhh!" he cried out in pain, but still he thanked the force. The cybernetic hand could be replaced, and the bolt hand't penetrated anything vital. Grasping his lightsaber in his one good hand he determined to make his stand, hoping that either Knight Travelus or Major Taab would be able to hold off the rest of the droids until the other Jedi returned.

    His attention was drawn to a flurry of movement behind the attacking droids now, it was the familiar glow of lightsabers, green and blue hued ones! The members of Aurek team were returning!. His heart sank though as he noticed the red tinged ones surging behind them. The Jedi weren't alone, they had brought the Sith with them. Worse still they had the Sith behind them, chasing after them, and the droids that were attacking the hanger bay out in front of them, between them and the bay. The droids though hand't noticed the commotion behind them, so intent were they on getting passed Reese. He shouted out to the Jedi, hoping they could hear him over the din of combat. "Attack the droids from behind, breakthrough!"

    TAG: ConservativeJedi321, galactic-vagabond422, Rebecca_Daniels, Runjedirun, Coffee_Ninja

    OOC: These droids are fair game for you (as are the pursuing Sith minions still). So feel free to damage/destroy them as you desire and break through into the forward entrance to the hanger bay. To clarify here. The Aurek team Jedi are approaching the forward entrance to the hanger and are cutoff by droids attacking that entrance. Aurek team is also dealing with the Sith who are in pursuit. The Besh team Jedi are approaching the hanger bay from the aft entrance and also encountering a group of droids attacking that ingress point. So yes, similar situations for you both, but at opposite ends of the hanger bay. Any questions feel free to PM me.

    IC: Knight Zhoul Al'Kesh/Captain Ro/LT Kendra (NPCs)
    Bridge of the Pegasus (Buccaneer class Corvette), Hyperspace, feeling the call of the Force

    The Devaronian scout Zhoul Al'Kesh leaned back in his chair at the far end of the bridge and put his muddy boots up on the console in front of him. Captain Ro, the female human master of the Pegasus and little else it seemed scowled at the Jedi who answered with a sharp toothed grin. She had resigned her commission in the Republic Navy for this opportunity because she believed in the cause of the Jedi, over even that of her government, but that didn't mean she got along with the entire crew. Half of them were Jedi, and most of them she got along with splendidly (the situation with Al'kesh notwithstanding). The other half were made up of mundane beings, some ex-military, others mystics and priests who trusted in the force even if their connection to it was tenuous at best. These at least accepted her authority for the most part as Captain of the Pegasus. Of course, while she commanded the ship and crew, it was the strange being to her immediate right that commanded the mission. Master Kraahn.

    The Tchuukthai and the other Jedi on board had put together this expedition of their own accord, without authorization or oversight from the Jedi Order or the Trimvirate. Something had called them all out here, to the Unknown Regions. Captain Ro could never know what it was that had done that, but she could at least help them find it.

    "We're coming out of hyperspace ma'am." another human female voice at the helm reported as the hyperspace tunnel visible through the forward viewscreen dissolved itself into a billion points of light, a starfield as viewed from deep space. "Now setting co-ordinates for our final jump, only a par-sec away." Lieutenant Kendra, another ex military officer though she was a former Imperial, continued on. This would hopefully be the final leg of their long journey, the Jedi seemed to be called to this place, a place that didn't exist on any star chart.

    "I still think you should let me scout out ahead first," came from Al'Kesh. He stood up now and dust scattered from his brown overcoat as he did so. How could that thing still be coated in filth Ro asked herself, but didn't verbalize. "Gravitic anomaly the size of a system, but nothing on our charts? Something is not right" Ro crossed her arms in front of her. Normally she would have agreed and in an abundance of caution sent the Jedi scout out ahead of the Pegasus. The Corvette had a scout ship in the hanger for just this sort of situation, and had used it in the past on this mission. But a nagging feeling in the back of her mind told her that the caution wasn't needed here. Speed was.

    She looked again to her right, at the Tchuukthai. Even after months of being in space with him she couldn't gauge his mood but whether that was due to a natural stoicism or just difficulty reading his species she couldn't tell. Frowning to herself she wondered if she had made the right call. This was why Al'kesh had been brought along, he had quite the reputation as a scout, among other things, and letting him do that job would get him off her ship at least for a little while.

    "Master Kraahn, it's your expedition. What do you think? Should we continue on to the co-ordinates or let Al'kesh scout things out first?"

    TAG: Darth_Elu

    OOC: Welcome to the game!
  12. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016

    Name: Koji Vansyph (KOH-gee)

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Species: Lorrdian

    Birthplanet: Maridun

    Appearance: Dark hair, trimmed and kept, olive skin

    Height & Build: 6'1", lean and fit.

    Personality: Skeptical, humorous, always expects the worst but hopes for the best. He can be loyal, but is familiar with dark side corruption- which lends to his guard being up around everyone.

    Faction & Rank: Jedi Padawan

    Class: N/A

    Weapon: Blue Lightsaber

    Lightsaber Form: Djem So

    Bio: Koji grew up with his mother and step-father on Maridun. His childhood was spent playing with his brother Jido. When he was still young, a Jedi Knight was conducting an investigation near his families home and found Koji to be strong in the force and discussed his adoption into the Jedi Order. Jido was also force sensitive, but for unknown reasons he was not considered for training. After some hesitation, his mother agreed to let the Jedi take Koji.

    Koji's training at the Jedi Temple was typical. He struggled to center himself, often letting his wandering thoughts capture the moment instead of focusing on the present and those around him. He took to lightsaber training quickly, having a natural knack for combat. Koji's aggressive style was watched closely by his Master, to watch for dark side tendencies and keep them from taking hold.

    During a mid-rim mission, Koji and his master were tasked with tracking a bounty hunter that emerged on Ord Mantell. This lesser known bounty hunter was responsible for several high profile murders. Eventually the Jedi caught up and after the mercenary put up a good fight, Koji fatally wounded the bounty hunter. The Jedi removed the mercenary's helmet to confirm the target, only to find out the young man was Jido, Koji's long lost brother. Physically unable to mutter any dying words due to his wounds, Jido passed on into the Force quietly as he sat in his brother's arms.

    Dazed and confused, Koji took a leave of absence from his training at the temple to find peace in his brother's death. It was during this wandering that he felt the Force call out to him. This led him to find a group of travelers who were headed to the place he felt the Force call him. The unknown beckoned him, and he was ready to face it.
  13. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Knight Gim (Ugnaught male)
    Pegasus, (Buccaneer class corvette), feeling the call of the Force

    Gim looked up and up further at the much taller being, padawan Keriath Vansyph. "Did you feel that?" He asked. "We just reverted back to realspace," he said happily, well as happily as his naturally gravelly voice allowed. It probably sounded more bombastic than he had intended, but it was the only way the Ugnaught Jedi could often be heard. "Means we're only a jump or two from our destination..." He trailed off as he could hear the song in the force again. Oh they were close. The other Jedi aboard the Pegasus, even this padawan, had to feel it too. "Come along, let's get to the bridge and see what we can see."

    TAG: The Vanguard, welcome to the game! Feel free to move both your character and Gim to the bridge. Any questions feel free to ask.
  14. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016
    OOC: Koji is short for Keriath (like Bob is short for Robert) :p

    IC: Koji Vansyph
    Pegasus, Cargo Bay Corridor

    Did you feel that? the Ugnaught nearby spoke up. Koji indeed felt it, a ripple in the Force, continually beckoning like a nagging holo-net call. He then noticed the lightsaber on the stranger and nodded towards the Jedi in acknowledgment. He was glad to be in the company of another student of the Force. It gave him a sense of comfort as he prepared himself to face whatever was to come. He realized the Force had brought them together, and possibly the rest of the band on the corvette, for something..but what?

    The ship let out a quiet groan as it dropped back into realspace. The Ugnaught began describing how close they were to their destination as Koji's thoughts drifted..Where are we going? Where is mother? How is she?

    Come along, let's get to the bridge and see what we can see, the Jedi Knight motioned for him to follow.

    I'm Koji, nice to meet you, he stretched out his hand to the Ugnaught. Where do you think we're going? What do you expect to find? Are you traveling with anyone here?

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  15. ConservativeJedi321

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    Mar 19, 2016
    Semajj Nosrep

    A full retreat was in order, that much was clear. Even if he hadn't heard the Grand Masters message he could see that was the most appropriate course of action.

    He stayed near Jedi Dareagen, guarding the knights flank, as they began their fall back towards the Hanger.
    Blocking Sith, and fighting back where he could.

    Then blaster fire was heard. "Droids!" He shouted in realization, deflecting two bolts back at the attackers.

    And almost before he could react a yellow skinned Twi'lek male struck out from the group aiming at his right shin. He retracted his blade and blocked the Siths crimson blade, quickly redirecting high. This one had a knights level of training, and it showed.
    Semajj twisted his waist and twirled his green saber blocking several speedy strikes


    He shouted in frustration as his defenses began to crumble.
    He defended against each blow, as this minion fought him toe-to-toe and held his own valiantly.
    Most of these Sith were weak, so when he came upon a skilled combatant it came as a surprise, and this one was tougher than any one to date. Perhaps comparatively he wasn't perfect, and a more skilled Jedi could deal with him, but Semajj wasn't that Jedi.

    As the Ongree fended off this dark sider, while simultaneously weaving, and avoiding the shots from the droids he began to grow weary. And the Dark one, who he noticed had a very decent understanding of form II, slid his blade down, and cut Semajjs lightaber in half, and without hesitation blasted the Padawan back into firing droids nocking down maybe six of them. The Sith was quick to exploit the Jedi's weakness as he launched forward ready to kill.

    "Die Jedi Scum!"

    OOC: Er, a little help here would be hot.[face_worried]
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  16. Coffee_Ninja

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    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    In the crowds of Sith

    Each step Kasumi took was one that lead her to another Sith. One that she would have to strike down. Each strike was not as painful as the final blow she had to deal her friend. She had grown up with Onyx, and little did she know that had grown up on the same planet, just on opposite sides. How much did that tell about the future? It was almost like the Force had that planned out from the start.


    Kasumi heard it, and then saw Semajj in his struggle. Just as she had done before to make her way to Onyx, she used the Force to push her way toward him and used her saber to take care of others.

    "Semajj! Dareagan!"

    Kasumi made her way to him and managed to get the Sith's attention with a quick Force push, just to help give the other two some breathing room.

    "Are you two alright....considering the mess we have here?"

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  17. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    Semajj Nosrep

    Semajj was sure he was doomed, but just then the yellow Twi'lek went flying overhead. The young Jedi had to do a double-take just to be sure he saw what he saw.

    "Master Kasumi!"

    Semajj recognize the human female in a second. She seemed to have gone through quiet the ordeal, though was still on top of things.

    He shifted his wait up, only to feel a soreness in his side. Probably a cracked rib from landing on all those droids.
    But now was not the time to focus on the pain, he leapt to his feet, and called on the force to blast another half dozen droids out of the way so they could get some more breathing room too continue their march to the hanger.

    "I'm alright Master Kasumi, just a little bruised, beaten, and..." he paused as he looked at the damaged hilt lying on the floor.
    "I seem to need a new weapon."

    He knelt careful to hide from the enemies that were still about. The droids blasters were built into their arms so he couldn't get one of them. But an idea came to his head, he reached out into the force and called the lightsaber of a fallen Sith five meters away to his hand, and ignited its crimson blade. It was an inferior weapon, but it would serve his purpose just the same.

    Then Jedi Dareagan's status came to mind, he had been so focused on guarding the mans flank he hadn't thought of looking to see what had been going on in the humans quadrant. The Ongree glanced in his direction with a wondering eye.

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  18. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Best Roleplayer Summer 2020 star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Kai Dareagen
    Hellfire, Cargo bay

    Everything is chaos red blades and blue clash, sparks flying when they strike. Kai is centered blade flashing around him defending and attacking, drawing on his light Makashi training more than his preferred Aratu. The bodies are too closely packed for him to stretch his legs, to open himself fully to the force. The battle is a blur, each move made before his mind could think it. He is almost in a trance as his blade dances through the air on its deadly course. Death is all around him he feels the darkness closing in on him.

    His muscles burn but, will not stop, one moment of pause would mean the end of him. Subconsciously he can feel the others around him, the other lights in the darkness. Then he hears the call to retreat, he knows he should heed it, to pull back, but, soon after he hears a cry, one of pain, in Letali's voice.

    His eyes snap to the sound as he sees a towering figure swing his blade of death. A light goes out, Letali's light.

    "no" his voice is soft, almost unbelieving, she is gone, a person he swore to protect. He has failed again. A tear forms in his right eye, rolling down his cheek as his eyes remains fixed on the spot where she fell. In a single force empowered leap, he is over her decapitated body. Beating back the ghouls that surround it. The Pau'an that had slain his friend stands gloating, double bladed lightsaber glowing. Something inside the young knight changes. He would normally be furious, screams tearing from his throat, but, at that moment, he just feels a fire burning in his chest, hotter than any he has ever felt before. However it didn't show itself in wild actions, or animalistic wails.

    The green blade on his other hip flies into his hand, activating in an instant. Without giving the sith a chance to say anything Kai is upon him. Blue and green blades move like lightning, constantly in motion allowing no quarter to the monster that snuffed out the light Kai held dear. Even with his double blades he cannot attack, both sides tied up defending himself from the Jedi's unyielding assault. Kai's eyes are empty, no light, no fire, only death. Never before has he so wanted to kill someone, to see their broken body beneath him. He wants revenge.

    Soon a blade strikes cutting the Sith's leg bringing him to a knee now at head level Kai destroys his weapon leaving him defenseless. He moves his blades to remove the pale being's head with a scissor like motion but, stops, it is too good for him to perish so quickly.

    Kai pulls back the green blade, the murderer's saber and drives the point forward, not through the heart, nor the lungs, but into the monster's kidney, he pulls back with the same saber again plunging it into his victims other kidney. He's seems unfinished as he draws back again, finally piercing the man through the liver, it would be a painful death for him, for the man that had harmed someone the young knight said he would protect.

    He leans in close to the sith's shoulder, whispering, "You're welcome, I hear sith enjoy suffering." He pulls away, a new reality setting in. Even in his state, he knows he can't fight all that remain. They must retreat, if only to return, and set this entire ship ablaze. They must fall back…for now.

    He clears a path blades flashing, death following soon after, bodies litter his wake, he'd spare none clearing a path. He doesn't look behind, too much pain, he won't look at Letali like that. He'd be the vanguard, the spearhead leading the retreat. He didn't even notice Semajj next to him or his cry for help. He is too wrapped up in his pain, his want to empty himself of all emotions so that his body could become an empty vessel. Soon droids blocked his path they wouldn't for long.

    He has become something else, no longer is he a Jedi, he is a vengeful spirit, with the sole purpose of reaching the exit, of getting away from this place. His twin blades carve their way through the wall of metal creating a shower of sparks that burn Kai's face, and eyes, he barely notices, neither does he notice the tears that had been falling from his eyes since he witnessed Letali fall.

    Breaking through the lines of droids he turns on his heel green and blue blades illuminating his figure. He stands there blocking all incoming fire, redirecting it back to those that fired it.

    "Come on," he shouts to his compatriots on the other side of the block of droids. He didn't even notice leaving them behind, still in danger. His heart isn't pained, not by this act. It is taking all the control he has not to focus on his failure, his failure to protect his only friend on this ship.

    As he defends himself and by extension those behind him, more and more of his tears fall to the ground.

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  19. Gotab

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    May 18, 2011
    IC Ian Thrace
    Fleeing the Temple of Light

    "It does," Ian beamed until Darth Sixtus finished her statement, "though defeating a mere padawan is expected of you." Ian's shoulders slumped slightly. It had been a test then, and one he had been expected to pass. He straightened back up again, at least she had that much faith in him. He wondered though if she would give him tests he wasn't expected to pass, ones that would stretch his abilities to the breaking point and beyond. What would she do then, intervene to save him or would she let him die? He led her on towards the hanger, not really sure he wanted an answer to that question.

    They moved quietly through the darkened corridors. Ian knew that the main corridor would be filled with Jedi either heading into the hanger bay or away from it, so he avoided that one and instead took a smaller ancillary corridor. They would have to traverse the main corridor eventually to get into the bay, but he thought it best to minimize their risk for as long as possible. Nearing that point though he paused, confused as to what he was feeling, or rather not feeling. There was a lack of presence that could be felt around the bay and the corridor leading up to it. What was going on? It should be bustling with activity as the Jedi prepared their rescue mission. Had they already launched? If so, how long would it be before they came back? Were there even any shuttles left in the bay for them to steal? Ian swallowed hard, if not they would have to head to hanger bay 2 and try to steal a fighter, a two man fighter, Ian's feeble skills weren't up to piloting one on his own yet.

    He moved ahead cautiously, entering the hanger to find it full of shuttles, but empty of Jedi. Where was everyone? "A single guard on patrol?" Darth Sixtus asked with an arched eyebrow. He opened himself up more and felt the singular Jedi pacing among the parked shuttles. "Kill the guard," Sixtus now hissed at him quietly. "We don't want an alarm raised." She left him to his task as she approached one of the shuttles, while Ian removed the lightsaber once again from his belt. It seemed he had another test to take.

    He stalked the Jedi, trying to keep himself hidden in the rows of shuttles. *snap-hiss* the distinctive sound of a lightsaber blade igniting told him that the game was up though, igniting his own blade he revealed himself to the Jedi, his own eyes yellowed. "Padawan," she called out. Ian recognized her as a Knight he had seen in the Temple, but he couldn't recall her name. "What is going on here?"

    Ian's answer was a smirk, what was going on here should be plain by now, but if it wasn't, well that was just one more advantage he had over the Jedi Knight. He approached her cautiously, his lightsaber held out in front of him. That advantage might be his only one, this was a Jedi Knight, and he was just a Padawan, a former Padawan he corrected himself. This battle would not be easily won. With a loud cry he lurched towards her now, covering the short distance between them rapidly and swing at her neck. He wanted to end the fight quickly, before she had a chance to recover and use her greater skill and power to defeat him. She was ready for the move though and blocked it easily. Pushing him away with her blade she asked again. "What is going on here? What are you doing?" The look on her face was pure bewilderment. That at least gave Ian some sense of satisfaction as he swung again at her.

    This time she didn't bother to parry his attack, she simply gave a powerful force push and sent him flying. He collided with one of the parked shuttles and fell to the deck. Somehow he managed to keep a hold of his lightsaber and he jumped up quickly to deflect her incoming blow, but it never came. She wasn't pressing her attack, instead she seemed content to defend herself while trying to assess the situation. That, Ian thought, would be her last mistake.

    Once again he attacked her, this time leaping high into the air, an attempt at a Ataru, something he clearly hand't mastered as he landed in front of the Jedi instead of behind her as he had intended. She met his blade confidently. "Very well then," she muttered, seemingly saddened by his actions though now determined to do more than just defend herself. Taking a step back she gave herself more room before coming at him with a flurry of attacks. He was barely able to parry them, deflecting her blade into a nearby shuttle it scorched the skin but she spun and continued her assault. It was all he could do to block her advance and his heart was filled with fear, a cold fear, he was going to die here now, killed by this Jedi.

    "Use it, use your fear." the voice of Darth Sixtus could be heard in his head though she was still preparing the escape shuttle for launch. She couldn't possibly be here now giving him advice. No matter, he heard the voice again. "Your fear gives you focus, use it!" Ian blinked, just as the Jedi's swing came close to his arm. She was trying to disarm him! He chuckled slightly at his own joke as he leaped high on top of one of the shuttles, evading her reach. Sixtus was right, his fear did give him focus. He had to use it.

    The Jedi jumped up after him onto the shuttle as well, and Ian came at her with a vengeance. He sung for her midsection, but compared to her his swing was clumsy. Once again she easily batted it aside before pressing her attack on him. The tip of her blade came within centimeters of his thorax before he was able to kick at her belly, keeping her blade just out of reach. She stayed on her feet though, and atop the shuttle, once again she came at him, calm and cool as opposed to his fear induced rage. She brought an overhand strike down on him to overpower his defenses. He brought his blade up high, puting everything he had into blocking her attack, but it never landed. Mid swing she altered her attack and went for his legs, something he hadn't anticipated. Once again a fast leap out of the way was all that saved him from losing an appendage.

    He landed on the deck hard, he hadn't been able to use the force to guide or power his jump, rolling up to his feet. Things were happening too fast. She jumped down after him and Ian now collected the force around him and managed to push her away as she had done to him earlier. She stayed on her feet though, landing with her back against the shuttle they had just been atop of. She began to close the distance between them slowly and Ian took a step back, looking for an avenue of retreat. She was too strong for him, he would never be able to defeat her. Maybe if he ran to Sixtus she could help.

    The Jedi rushed towards him and he force pushed her away again. She once again landed on her feet, and not as far away as last time. It would all be over soon Ian thought. If he turned to run, she would catch him, and kill him. She began yet another rush, Ian's knees began to buckle, he had to do something. Through his fear, the dark side showed him the way. Ian thrust out his lightsaber hilt at arm's length in one hand, the tip out towards the Jedi. With the other he reached into the Force and pulled at the Jedi rather than pushing her. The Jedi's eyes widened in surprise, she had expected to be pushed back again, not thrown forward faster than she had started out. Before she could react she found herself impaled on Ian's blade. Her lightsaber clattered to the deck and deactivated itself. Looking at him in a mixture of confusion, sadness and pain she murmured just one word... "Why?" before she died.

    Ian deactivated his lightsaber, and leaving her body where it fell to the deck rushed in after Darth Sixtus onto the shuttle she had appropriated. "Let's get the kriff out of here!"

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  20. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Master Kraahn IC:
    ~Command Bridge, Pegasus~

    The tchuukthai sat on his haunches to the right of the human woman that commanded the vessel, one Captain Ro. But if one wished to delve into technicalities, it was he who was in charge of their mission.

    In the beginning, all he had felt and known was that strange call in the Force. A pull, a caress, a beckoning of oddity. It screamed to him even from time to time. There was no authorization. There was no need for it as he had been authorized by the Force. In his very soul, he could feel its importance. There was also no time to seek such formalities, of that he was certain.

    Gathering those who he found also felt the call and making contact with the Pegasus, he immediately ordered the vessel to head straight for a certain point on the map. Where the call originated from and all who felt it, agreed. That was where they needed to go.

    In the Unknown Regions.

    Kraahn had no intention of leading, in all honesty. The most he had wanted to do was confirm the call among others and gather them together to scout, but one thing led to another and they elected him. It may not have been his first thought, but who was he to deny them their selection? The Force had a will and it needed him to lead. So lead he would.

    His eyes were closed as he sat on the bridge, temporarily quiet and had been for a few minutes. Meditating and constantly feeling out the source, trying to make sense of it all without thought. Letting the Force flow in and through him, it would notify him of anything he needed to know.

    "Zhoul, feet down please. We do not dirty the ship that carries us. I would not smear things in your home."

    Especially electronics that could be potentially affected by mud, if he was anything like he was when they first met he hadn't cleaned his boots off yet from his last foray. His eyes were closed, but he need not see to know what he was doing. The irritation from the Captain on the Devaronian's actions were quite clear as well to him. It would not due to insult the crew so when they were going out of their way for the Jedi.

    "We're coming out of hyperspace, ma'am."

    That, too, was felt. Closer and closer they crawled to their ever-blaring beacon. Soon they would serve the Force's will, for as Jedi, they were its servants and protectors of all in the galaxy.

    "Now setting coordinates for our final jump, only a par-sec away."

    Lieutenant Kendra if he recalled her name correctly. Here he finally opened his eyes and turned his head in her general direction, knowing she would not be looking due to her task.

    "Thank you for your hard work, Lieutenant," he stated simply.

    That was when the Knight spoke up on a matter that had been talked about between himself and the Captain for a time earlier, though he himself had kept quiet unless asked or the Force directed him. Neither had yet occurred.

    "I still think you should let me scout out ahead first. Gravitic anomaly the size of a system, but nothing on our charts? Something is not right."

    Mm. Knight Al'Kesh spoke truth. But there were many angles to consider here. Ah, it seems one of his conditions were about to be met.

    "Master Kraahn, it's your expedition. What do you think? Should we continue on to the coordinates or let Al'Kesh scout things out first?"

    A small nod came from the beast-like tchuukthai at the question. It was time he made a decision. He heard the devaronian's logic which was to be well heeded due to his record and sensed the human's subtle disquiet, all the more telling for a person of her position. How best to decide?

    By deciding as a Jedi.

    "I agree with Zhoul. That is a serious concern," he paused to allow the devaronian a brief second to celebrate winning the choice before continuing, "But we are Jedi and we know there is much more than that. I, too, feel the need for haste in this endeavor."

    He turned to look squarely at Captain Ro at last. "We advance forward immediately, there is not a moment to lose. What we find on the other side is the Force's Will."

    Looking back at the probably annoyed scout, he finalized his decision. "And yet, there is room for logic and preparation. While we make the jump, head for your ship and await orders to depart. As you say, something is not right, but we know not what yet. You may still be needed, so go. Be ready and May the Force be with us all."

    His gaze was once more directly ahead and staring at what lay before them. Both with his eyes and his senses.

    One more jump.

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  21. Ananta Chetan

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    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Suraya Archisa, (NPC) Padawan Sol Skellig
    Hellfire Hangar Bay Bound

    Holding Sol firmly against the corridor wall Suraya cupped his injured head in her hands. Pressing her palms firmly against his temples she suddenly felt her fingertips begin to tingle in a way she had never felt before. She couldn’t believe she was actually going to try this, not here, not now and definitely not under such conditions. Gradually gentle warmth flowed from her fingers until they began to tremble. Looking into her old padawan’s ever-widening eyes, she tightened her grip giving herself over more fully to the Light and increasing her concentration.

    Nothing else had worked. Twice since their reunion she had tried to reason with him. She had used compassion and mild force, but both to no avail. Now he had become a liability to them all. This archaic method was not her own. It came from the pages of a journal of a Mirialan Jedi Seer from long ago. He had described in detail and given the formula of how one could gain the ability to literally impose the Light and attempt to overwhelm the darkness within any sentient being. Two Jedi Masters from the Temple on her homeworld had approached Suraya not long after she had been knighted proposing that she attempt to learn this art. Since its discovery it had been passed down from generation to generation in such a manner. Through intense daily practice and study she finally received the authority from her teachers that she had indeed learned and assimilated the skill, even though she had never actually attempted it on a actual dark side test subject. Oh the irony, she mused to herself. Now continuing to hold Sol’s head she felt the warmth turn into heat and her hands begin to vibrate. The boy tried to break her grasp but she kept and enhanced her hold firmly and with precision from the Force.

    His squirming soon stopped though and his pupils turned sleet white. His mouth hung slightly open and his breathing became slow and rhythmic. She could finally feel the intense heat from her hands begin to dissipate. Never had she envisioned while studying such methods having the opportunity to use them, let alone on Sol. The Light by its very nature is passive and unimposing, so to delve into such contrary techniques in a sense went against the very fabric of the Force itself. It was more than dangerous. If she had taken him beyond his capacity he could become an invalid or even die. Releasing her hands she then lowered the gag from across his mouth.

    Sol…can you hear me? You can end this now, even before it begins. Tell the droids to stand down. She paused scanning his demeanor, still hoping the consequences of her actions had not lead to dire results. Tell them to lower their weapons and allow us safe passage through to the hangar bay. There was no imposition in her voice and behind her request now.

    The boy looked at her with mild bewilderment and wonder before turning and facing in the direction of the corridor where her fellow Jedi were beginning to charge into battle. An expression of the sweetness of his former self shone on his face and his eyes faintly radiated a subtle hint of gratitude before speaking. All droid units must shut down…immediately. Upon hearing the issuance of the padawan’s command the entire sea of droids did an about face, retracted their arm canons and powered down.

    TAG Bardan_Jusik Zurros Ka
  22. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016
    IC: Koji Vansyph
    Pegasus, Bridge

    I'm Gim, Jedi Knight. It's good to meet you Padawan. They shook hands. Koji's braid would have been the obvious giveaway, because his lightsaber was still concealed beneath his outer cloak. Koji was old for a Padawan, but the respect between teacher and student was always present. The Ungnaught continued, our destination is unclear, but the Force will guide us. Our band is being led by Master Kraahn. He is here on the bridge with Captain Ro.

    As they entered the bridge, Koji could sense which one was Master Kraahn. A massive creature, Kraahn had a strong Force connection, and even though he was silent, he could feel him - searching, ready, waiting, patient.

    On the way in, the two Jedi passed another of their crew who was in a hurry on his way out. He wasn't sure who he was, but it was clear he was on a mission.

    Master Kraahn, I sense we're close. What sort of preparations should we make? Gin called out.
    Koji stayed silent, he wanted to watch the interactions and get more information on the situation before saying anything.

    TAG: Darth_Elu Bardan_Jusik
  23. Thane kyrell

    Thane kyrell Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2016
    CS Approved

    Name: Thane Kyrell

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Place of birth: Courscant

    Species: Human

    Rank: Padawan

    Lightsaber: minimalistic design and an emitter like Kenobi's Lightsaber.

    Biography: Thayen Kyrell was born on Courscant and into a middle class background and wanted to help those less fortunate than him. One day on the outer rim world of Illum and felt the light side reaching out, he then continued to seek out the Light side and then when he found the force he felt belonging.
  24. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    GM Update Part I

    IC: Darth Sixtus (NPC)
    Fleeing the Temple of Light.

    Sensing the ebb and flow of Ian's battle Darth Sixtus allowed herself a small smile as she began the startup sequence for the shuttle Watchtower. Thrace was learning, on his own, that was good, he would need that resourcefulness in the future. Never, not even for a moment did she worry that he would not be victorious over the guard. His death would have demonstrated that he was too weak to be her new apprentice, and would save her the trouble of having to kill him herself. His victory though would demonstrate further the potential Sixtus saw in him. Either way, Ian was no longer instrumental in her escape plans, he had gotten Sixtus to the hanger bay which was the primary reason she had seduced him to the dark side.

    Feeling the death of the guard Sixtus found her smile growing wider. Ian had passed his final test, and now his purpose would change. He would be her apprentice she thought as he rushed up the boarding ramp eager to make good their escape. "Let's get the kriff out of here!" Indeed let's, and then we can think on our future together the Dark Lady thought to herself, closing the ramp and bringing the shuttle up off its landing struts. There was no thought to getting clearance from the Temple's command center, they would not give it. So reaching out through the force she commanded the hanger doors to open, and so they did. The shields would be another matter to get through, she wouldn't be able to bring those down, but here circumstances were in their favor...

    The shuttle nosed through the now open hanger bay doors, and up ahead of her, streaming out into space were a number of TwinTail starfighters clawed their way skyward. The shields would have been dropped to allow their own launch. Jamming the throttle forward Sixtus, pushed the Watchtower out passed the shield perimeter before the Temple's shields snapped back into place. She ignored the frantic calls from the Command Center demanding to know what she was doing while keeping a wary eye on the fighters ahead. If one or more of them looped back on her before she could make the jump to lightspeed, her plans with Ian were finished. Fortunately for her, the TwinTails seemed far more concerned with the form of the Hellfire which soon resolved itself as her own craft left the planet's atmosphere. "Watch them," she ordered Ian pointing to the squadron of outbound fighters as she turned to the navi-computer and started inputting co-ordinates for their final escape from this infernal system, vowing quietly under her breath to never return.

    A flashing denoting a perimeter alert caught her attention. Damn Ian, he was supposed to be watching for those fighters, but a quick glance at the sensors told her that they were still fixated on the Hellfire, this was something else, something much larger than a fighter, and it had just arrived in system.

    TAG: Gotab

    IC: Knight Zhoul Al'Kesh/Knight Gim/Captain Ro/LT Kendra (NPCs)
    Bridge of the Pegasus (Buccanner class Corvette), feeling the call of the Force

    Captain Ro did her best to maintain her neutral expression as Master Kraahn rebuked his fellow Jedi. She noticed no such struggle on the face of LT Kendra who openly approved of the Jedi Master's words to Knight Al'Kesh. The Devaronian too kept his face neutral as he removed his muddy boots from the console, though he shrugged sheepishly. He had gotten far too comfortable with allowing the niceties of society fall away from his general demeanor. A result no doubt of his frequent association with less savory individuals who cared not for decency, an association brought on not only by his desire to experience new things and thus tendency place himself at the forefront of the frontier, but from his role as a scout and spy for the Jedi, even before this expedition had taken shape.

    The Jedi's expression changed to one of excitement though as the Master spoke again following the ship's decantation from Hyperspace. "I agree with Zhoul. That is a serious concern," A'Kesh started to stretch and took a step towards the hatch. "But we are Jedi and we know there is much more than that. I, too, feel the need for haste in this endeavor." The Devaronian Jedi's jaw dropped and Captain Ro let out a very slight clucking sound, rejoicing in her own small victory over the often rude Jedi. Master Kraahn continued on, looking at her.

    "We advance forward immediately, there is not a moment to lose. What we find on the other side is the Force's Will."

    He turned back to the Jedi scout. "And yet, there is room for logic and preparation. While we make the jump, head for your ship and await orders to depart." Captain Ro scrunched her nose at that, but couldn't find fault with those orders. It was a sound strategy, and it got the crusty Knight off her bridge. "As you say, something is not right, but we know not what yet. You may still be needed, so go. Be ready and May the Force be with us all." Captain Ro gave the appropriate orders and LT Kendra saw them carried out. Within moments the ship lurched again as it launched itself once more into hyperspace.

    This would be a short hop, so Al'kesh hurried to the bridge hatch which opened for him just as he arrived. Two beings entered, the short little Ugnaught Jedi he recognized as Knight Gim, and a Lorrdian padawan that he was sure he saw before but whose name he didn't remember. "Excuse me, off to the hanger." He spoke as he allowed them bridge access before hustling through the hatch on his own way. The hatch closed behind him as Gim surveyed the bridge. Bowing deeply to the form of Master Kraahn he spared a glance towards the transparisteel forward viewport, seeing they were once again in hyperspace. The calling seemed more powerful now than it even had before. "Master Kraahn, I sense we're close. What sort of preparations should we make?" He then gave a wink to padawan Vansyph before calling out to Captain Ro with a mischievous grin on his face. "So, are we there yet?" The Captain's only reply was a stern look. Shortly thereafter came his answer as the ship again dropped out of hyperspace. Knight Gim let out a low whistle at the sight.

    Before them, out of the view screen a beautiful blue white marble hung in space. Green and white landmasses, continents separated by vast oceans, dotted the planet. Above them, obscuring the terrain below white clouds floated peacefully, tranquilly. In fact the whole world seemed to give off a tranquil feeling to the Jedi who now gazed upon it. A feeling that was marred by an undercurrent of darkness. Knight Gim searched in the force to try to pinpoint it's origin but it was LT Kendra with her technology that got there first, this time.

    "We're not alone, there's a Pelly out here too with us," she reported, and Gim could instantly feel that was where the dark feelings originated. That wasn't good, a Pelleon class Star Destroyer far outclassed the Pegasus. "We've also got a group of TwinTails outbound from the planet headed towards the Pelly, followed by a shuttle."

    "Hail the Pelleon," Captain Ro ordered. LT Kendra did so, but "No reply ma'am." Well then... the Captain turned to the Jedi on the bridge, Master Kraahn, Knight Gim and padawan Vansyph as well as padawan Kyrell who had silently been manning the sensor station. This was their expedition. "So, what do you make of the situation?"

    TAG: Darth_Elu, The Vanguard, Thane kyrell

    OOC: Welcome to the game Thane. I know I moved the ship pretty fast there, but wanted to make sure y'all actually got here before the game ended. :p
  25. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    GM Update Part II

    IC: Hector Zey/Beskaryc Taab/Knight Reese (NPC)/Elim Rand (NPC)/Knight Arer (NPC)/Padawan Sol Skellig (NPC)/Darth Cavillous (NPC)
    Landing bay, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    The blaster bolts continue to fly all around Taab now, some impacted the already scarred hull of the Refuse Ranger, though most now were being batted away by Future (Knight Trevalus). It gave time enough for Taab to see that Lefty (Knight Reese) was also holding his own on the far side of the hanger bay. *click* his blaster carbine ran empty and he dropped it, allowing it to hang by it's sling where it banged against his armor. Quickly he drew a blaster pistol and continued to fire away at the droids. The carbine was more effective he lamented, as a few of his bolts ricocheted off the droids armored carapaces. If something didn't change soon, they would be over run, and any hope of escape for any of the Guardians would be lost.

    He noticed though that the droid's fire began to slacken, their numbers suddenly dwindling. Taking a moment to reload his pistol, he saw that Jedi were now attacking the droids on both ends of the bay. Breakthrough meant escape. Bringing his pistol back up he acquired another target and pumped two shots into it, then fired again to ensure the droid went down. A clamor and a shout from Lefty caught his attention, the Jedi of Aurek team had broken through and were now running past him into the hanger bay. Taking a moment he did a quick accountability check and found that only Knight Letali was missing. Too bad, but not surprising considered what these Jedi had gone up against. Behind them, a force of Sith (judging by their assortment of red lightsabers) was mustering, getting ready to follow them through the gap. Taab took aim at one before realizing that it was Wrongway (padawan Nosrep) the Ongree padawan, who for some reason was now using a Sith blade. He didn't seem to be a threat, he was cutting down the droids left and right along with Knight Dareagen, so Taab brought his pistol back down to his side as the Jedi stormed into the bay.

    It was then that he realized that the incoming fire had stopped. Taking aim at a standing but motionless droid he fired a carefully aimed shot at it's head and watched it go down. "Huh, they're all offline" he muttered to himself. Taking stock of the Besh team as it rushed into the bay from aft he saw that Knight Menal was missing, but it seemed they had picked up a stray (padawan Skellig). The being was shackled which gave Taab pause. A Sith prisoner? Oh they weren't doing that again were they? Look how wonderfully that had turned out last time. The prisoner had an odd expression on his face though, and it seemed as though Knight Archisa was taking care of him. Shrugging he knew he had to trust the judgement of the Jedi here. As the Jedi began to congregate near the aft hatch of the Refuse Ranger he called for everyone to get aboard. "C'mon let's go..." he shouted before he was thrown up against the far bulkhead of the hanger bay and held there.

    The sound of a single being clapping filled the hanger bay as a new form emerged from behind the powered down droids near the aft hatch.


    "Very good, very good." He complimented the Jedi. "That was surprising, and it is not often I am surprised. Though I expected better of my apprentice." The prisoner hung his head low. "I am Darth Cavillous, and I will be taking control of your Temple," on the other side of the bay the other Sith were hanging on his every word, ready to attack. "Sadly none of you will be alive to see it." Taab was dropped to the deck as the Sith took on a closer target, lifting Knight Arer into the air before snapping her neck with the force. Her body fell to the deck with a loud thump.

    The General (Hector Zey) snarled at the senseless loss of yet another Jedi. He brought his lightsaber up and charged. "Not if I have anything to say about it!" He let out a war whoop, something Taab didn't think he had in him but was met by a burst of Sith Lightning that stopped him in his tracks. Continuing to poor lightning at the General, who was blocking it (barely) with his lightsaber, Cavillous looked over at one of the deactivated droids and said in an unconcerned voice.

    "Security over ride protocol THX-one-one-three-eight" The droids all sprang back to life, though they made no aggressive moves. "Voice print confirmed," they all spoke in unison. "Confirm command, my orders will be the only ones followed."

    Again the droid's responded in unison. "Voice print confirmed, command confirmed." Now he looked the General directly in the eye. The Jedi was barely holding on as he blocked the ever more powerful bursts of lightning issuing from the Sith's fingertips. "Kill the Jedi."

    "By your command."

    As one the droids, joined by the Sith minions attacked, and the hanger bay was engulfed in chaos.

    TAG: Mitth_Fisto, Ananta Chetan, Zurros Ka, ConservativeJedi321, galactic-vagabond422, Rebecca_Daniels, Runjedirun, Coffee_Ninja

    OOC: Everyone is in the hanger bay now, chaotic battle now with droids and Sith minions galore for you to take care of. Feel free to continue to damage/destroy/maim/kill them as much as you like (the deactivation trick won't work again though. :p ). Darth Cavillous however is still under my control, so though you can try to attack him if you wish, please leave his actions/any damage incurred by him, to me. I have something special planned for him. ;)
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