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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 13, 2011.

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  1. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 4

    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Suraya Archisa, (NPC) Padawan Sol Skellig
    Hellfire Hangar Bay

    Suraya sighed in exasperation at how quickly their efforts had been nullified. Casting a sidelong glance at Sol the two backpedaled for suitable cover after witnessing Cavillous’ reactivation of the war droids. Waving her hand in front of him the padawan’s handcuffs fell to the floor. In the midst of the bedlam she unexpectedly and gratefully spied a forsaken saber dropped near a ventilation duct. Calling it to her palm she snap-hissed the red blade to life experiencing a subtle pain from the dark vibrations of its previous wielder.

    Taking the other blade from her robe she handed it to the boy.I think this belongs to you..a Jedi’s weapon. Please forgive me…Master…I’m so...He was too ashamed to say the words. She smiled to hear the title from his mouth once again but shook her head from side to side gently brushing away his remorse for the moment. Follow my lead…and stay close. His injuries did not appear severe enough to prevent him from swinging a blade even though his pupils remained profoundly white from the procedure. Suraya and Sol like nearly all Mirialans specialized in fighting in tandem, fusing their talents and blade strokes together harmoniously through the Force to act as one warrior. Just like old times. He shared a grin of his own for the first time. Yes, my padawan…yes indeed.

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  2. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Master Kraahn IC:
    ~Welcome Party, Saridona Prime's Orbit~

    Kraahn kept his face forward, contemplating the many lines of hyperspace while Zhoul left the bridge. However, two other Jedi came in while the devaronian left. It was the voice of the little Ugnaught that caught his attention, having him crane his large head to peer at the two newcomers. A young lorrdian was with him, a padawan evidently. Interesting.

    "Master Kraahn, I sense we're close. What sort of preparations should we make?"

    "Hm…" his deep voice rumbled in thought, the tchuukthai's neutral gaze looking the two of them over. Yet, right after the ugnaught's innocent joke toward the Captain was said during this interim of response…the Force caught their attention again.

    Kraahn's head moved to peer ahead again, temporarily pausing the conversation to see what would be seen as the Pegasus came out of hyperspace at last. And there was the answer to the anomaly at last. At least, the one on the readings.

    A planet. Tranquil and blue, with oceans and clouds of serene pacing. The Light Side beamed contently from the world and Kraahn seemed to grow through basking in its aura of the Force. Yes, this was what they needed to find. This was it exactly.

    But beyond this…there was another anomaly. One that those in tune with the energy of the universe should also feel. This was the as of yet unanswered question. His eyes slowly closed, allowing patience to infuse himself to keep from reckless action.

    This too would be answered. Patience.

    A beeping on scanners. "We're not alone, there's a Pelly out here too with us. We've also got a group of TwinTails outbound from the planet headed towards the Pelly, followed by a shuttle."

    Trust in the Force and it will trust in you. With patience and acceptance, answers reveal themselves out of the darkness.

    The Jedi Master allowed his eyes to open once more while he continued listening to the officers, his own mind racing.

    "Hail the Pelleon."

    "No reply ma'am."

    Once more Captain Ro turned to him, his gaze was already on her. Expectant.

    "So, what do you make of the situation?"

    His answer was probably faster than she expected herself. Near instantaneous.

    "Launch some ships and send Knight Al'Kesh for that shuttle immediately. We need to direct it toward us and capture it, that much I feel must be done. Set course for that Star Destroyer meanwhile," his stern expression made more so from his facial features brooked any reaction to this, "Our sense of haste comes from there, Captain. Even you have felt it."

    That was not a question.

    The Master finally began to raise up from his sitting position so he was on all fours, nodding as he did so.

    "I need to be kept in touch at all times. The bridge is fully yours once more, I will be heading for the Hangar. That haste beckons to us all to act."

    As he turned his large body around and headed for the doors to leave the room, his voice boomed across the area.

    "Padawan Kyrell, receive a com link for communications and come with me," he nodded toward Gim and the lorrdian (Koji) as he left, "You two as well. There is not much more time for preparation at all, so be ready."

    As they moved along the ship toward the Hangar Bay, after Thane caught up, he directed a question toward the lorrdian. "I have seen you around before, Padawan, but I admit to not recalling your name at this moment. I am Kraahn, as you may know, but how should I address you?"

    While they moved, the feeling of darkness permeating their next destination felt like it radiated toward him in waves. Death. Combat. Fear. And more. It was all there and he could only do his best to distance himself from it spiritually and help mentally keep the young ones distracted in the here and now so they wouldn't focus on it either.

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  3. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016
    IC: Koji Vansyph
    Pegasus, Hangar Bay Corridor, Saridona Prime, in orbit

    Koji watched the massive Jedi Master as he rose from his seat and began to move on all fours. The disparity in size between the Ugnaught and the Tchuukthai was hard to miss. It took a moment to process how the Force didn't discriminate against any one form or shape. Anyone who had the depth could tune into the will of the Force and channel it. It was a beautiful thing he held onto, despite the darkness that had been plaguing his heart since the mission on Ord Mantell...

    Master Kraahn directed Padawan Kyrell to grab a communicator and follow right before giving the same order to Knight Gim and Padawan Vansyph.

    Is he always this stoic? the Lorrdian quietly whispered to Gim. I know there is no emotion, but we are not droids.
    Knight Gim smiled a crinkly smile as they began walking, A lesson for another day, Koji. Perhaps when you lead your own expedition into deep space, you too will keep your expressions in check.

    While they were on the move, Master Kraahn addressed the Lorrdian, I have seen you around before, Padawan, but I admit to not recalling your name at this moment. I am Kraahn, as you may know, but how should I address you?

    Clearing his throat, he prepared to answer the Jedi Master as they were nearing the hangar. Being a Lorrdian meant he inherited a sixth sense of sight that his ancestors developed while in captivity. He was able to pick up on any one being's movements and take cues from them. Body language wasn't identical, but it was universal. He could tell Kraahn was sensing the darkness that was getting closer.

    Master Kraahn I am Padawan Keriath Vansyph, but most call me Koji. he answered back, aiming his speech at the group in general.
    It is good to meet you and Padawan Kyrell.

    Before anyone could answer his introduction, he followed up with a question as he moved closer up towards the side of Kraahn, What can we expect to find, Master? Something is off about where we are headed..

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  4. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    Semajj Nosrep
    Hellfire Hanger

    As the Padawan ran out into the chaotic hanger he ducked, weaved, and blocked attacks left and right.
    The Sith blade inn his hand felt clumsy and unbalanced, yet with a simple parry and strike he chopped a droid in half with ease. His defensive wall was holding off blaster shots and lightsabers alike, in fact he figured the possibility of the Mando accidently blasting him was more likely than one of the droids getting past his lightsaber, but he didn't really take that possibility seriously either.

    What he was concerned about was that yellow Twi'lek Sith he had fought earlier. Last he saw Master Kasumi force pushed the dark one away, and he hadn't seen its body yet, which worried him. It was probable it was alive, and he was not so likely to survive a second run in with it.

    With a careful pace Semajj backed himself up to a ship, so as to secure his flank from any unforeseen attacks, and limit the range he had to cover. He's side was still sore, and he knew he had to deal with that once he returned to the Temple, but he called on the force to numb the pain, and focus on the combat. One droid fell to his blade, and another. This space was not nearly as condensed as the hall they had just left, so it offered a good amount of spacing, no longer was their a wall of Sith, as the warriors had spread out amongst the droids.

    Few were of concern to Semajj, as he ended them with little more effort than he gave to the droids. But his consciousness kept reaching out, prodding the area for the Twi'lek, who had mysteriously disappeared.

    The droids had deactivated for a moment, though a moment was all it was as the Sith leader reactivated them.

    But the Ongree remained calm, cool and collected. He struck quickly, impaling a droids with extreme prejudice, he tore the blade free in time to block a Pantoran Sith's strike, he parried, ducked, and sliced the being across its chest.

    He cut, sliced, chopped, and gutted numerous opponents, but his energy was wearing thin.
    Semajj launched forward, grabbing one of the droids in an iron grip, and turned it around. Naturally it attempted to disengage its blaster canons, but with only a mild prodding in the force Semajj kept the internal trigger pulled tight. In quick succession the droids began to mow down its colleagues, while shouting out in confusion at its inability to stop shooting. Semajj's grip remained firm, but his "shield" only held for a second as the other droids blasted his captive five times in the chest.

    Its firing stopped, and he dropped it to the floor with a clank.
    "We need to get out of here!" He shouted in frustration as he began working his way to the ship.

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  5. Gotab

    Gotab Jedi Master star 1

    May 18, 2011
    IC Ian Thrace
    All aboard the Watchtower

    Ian held his breath as the shuttle they had stolen edged out of the hanger bay and into clear sky. He hadn't thought of them being locked in by the shields, but now that they were past any such danger his attention was drawn to another one. Fighters, he couldn't make out the type, up ahead of them. From the radio came calls from the TCC, to identify themselves and state their intentions. Calls that Darth Sixtus ignored.

    "Watch them," she ordered Ian pointing to the squadron of outbound fighters. Meanwhile she turned her attention to the navi-computer and started inputting co-ordinates. It was clear they were leaving which for some reason surprised Ian. "So...we're not going to help them?" He pointed out the the Sith Star Destroyer, which was coming into range of the Jedi fighters.

    One of the panels started flashing, Ian didn't know what it meant, but he did see the arrival of another ship nearby. Darth Sixtus glared at him angrily, but he hadn't done anything wrong. Had he? "Another ship just dropped out of hyperspace!" He shouted to her, his voice filling the cabin as he notified her of the obvious.

    "Who are they?" he continued on. "What do they want? Are they friends of ours coming to help or..."

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  6. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Master Kraahn IC:
    ~Hangar Bay Corridor, Pegasus~

    Clearing his throat, the lorrdian introduced himself with confidence to the small group heading for the Hangar.

    "Master Kraahn, I am Padawan Keriath Vansyph, but most call me Koji. It is good to meet you and Padawan Kyrell."

    The tchuukthai nodded as they walked along at their steady pace, "It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Koji. I would have enjoyed a much calmer conversation had circumstances not been so urgent, but such is the Will of the Force."

    The boy moved closer to him, following up with a question right then as well.

    "What can we expect to find, Master? Something is off about where we are headed…"

    A very good question and one hard to answer. The Jedi Master was silent for about twenty seconds, thinking how best to reply before he did. Wasn't far to the Hangar now as well he noted idly.

    "Your insight serves you well, but it is difficult to say for sure. There is clearly much going on at once, we must prepare for any possibilities. Needless to say, the dark side is making a stand here and we must resist it. I sense others of the Light in trouble, we must help them. All else will fall into place and become more clear the closer we get to action."

    His head swiveled to look at them all, "This will not be easy. Stick close to me, young padawans, and we will pierce the darkness. Gim, you may be needed for particularly dangerous tasks due to your experience, but be careful."

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  7. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Master star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi

    Kasumi did her best to make her way towards the Grandmaster...atleast she could give the Sith Lord something else to fire on...maybe give the Grand Master a small break. As she made her way towards him, she looked back seeing Semajj barely holding on....and she mustered what she could and tried to give him a small area that was clear to the ship so that he could get a little breathing room. As she looked around, she did the best she could with doing the same for others. She felt the sting of the blaster hit before looking up and slicing a Droid, and dodging another Sith attack. This was going to be a battle to the end, but she wanted to do her best to help the grand master.

    Kasumi managed to make her way to him...using both of her blades...and deflecting what she could back at those holding the guns.

    "Grand Master....I'm here."

    Kasumi maneuvered so that she could help take on some the the lightening as well.

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  8. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    GM Update: Part I

    IC: Knight Zhoul Al'Kesh (NPC)
    Devil's Due, A-24 Sleuth Scout

    Al'kesh settled into the cockpit of the Devil's Due and launched with haste from the Pegasus. Master Kraahn had made it quite clear what he was to do here, what they were all to do, and that speed was vital. The old Sleuth Scout still had that in spades, despite it's age. It was a weary old craft, oft overlooked in seedy spaceports despite the type's reputation as a dependable and fast, scout craft. Al'kesh had used it to get into and out of trouble often enough and though there were times where it the battered old craft shpowed it's age, Al"kesh had ensured that the engines were always operating at peak efficiency.

    Clearing the landing bay of the Pegasus he swiftly acquired the shuttle. When he had left the bridge it seemed as though it had been following the fighters up to attack the Pelleon class Star Destroyer which dominated the orbit over the serene new world. Now though it looked to be angling away from those fighters as they began their attack runs on the seemingly already stricken Star Destroyer. The large vessel was defending itself with numerous laser and turbolaser batteries, but had not launched it's own compliment of fighters. the Devaronian was at a loss as to why that might be the case, but he supposed it didn't matter. His objective was the shuttle.

    He wondered now about it, he had thought perhaps it was carrying troops for boarding, but those fighters didn't look like they were going to let the Pelleon be taken in one piece. One shuttle couldn't carry enough soldiers (or Jedi) to take a ship that size anyway. Maybe it's a command and control ship for the fighters, or a Combat Search and Rescue vessel if one gets destroyed.

    "No", he said to himself, "it couldn't be that," he realized as one of the attacking fighters was vaporized. The shuttle made no move to rescue the pilot, who had the forethought to eject from his (or her) stricken craft before it had exploded. He increased speed, closing on the shuttle which responded to his maneuver by going to it's own maximum throttle. "Oh no you don't. You're not getting away that easily." He tried hailing the vessel as he increased velocity in an effort to overtake the shuttle.

    "J-1 shuttle, I am Jedi Knight Zhoul Al'Kesh, heave to and prepare to be boarded." There was nothing but static in reply. "I say again..." it was then that realized that he wasn't transmitting. "Sithspit," he said with a touch of aggravation in his voice. He switched channels, but continued to get static. He even tried hailing the fighters but received nothing but the same. In his efforts to baby the Due's engines, he had neglected the comm system. He was without a radio. "OK, then, let's go with a more universal language." He could feel now the dark side of the force emanating from the shuttle as he powered up his lasers.

    IC: Captain Ro/LT Kendra (NPCs)
    Bridge of the Pegasus

    The bridge, already a flurry of activity with everything going on around the Pegasus became even busier with the withdrawal of Jedi Master Kraahn and the two padawans. "That always disturbs me when he does that," LT Kendra said sotto voce to Captain Ro who nodded her silent agreement. Master Kraahn was a large being, and one that even in this galaxy was strange looking. It wasn't a being of such wisdom rolled up off of a "sitting up" position to amble out of the room (or off the bridge in this case) on all fours.

    "Just follow his orders."

    LT Kendra nodded herself before reporting "Al'Kesh is away and in pursuit of the shuttle." She didn't bother reporting that the Pegasus was closing in on the Pelleon, the Captain could see that for herself. She could also see, as could everyone else on the bridge, that the fighters had begun their attack in earnest on the vessel. Their torpedoes streaked in at the shieldless Star Destroyer, detonating against the hull. The Pelleon replied with fire from its defensive batteries, destroying at least one fighter before attention turned to the incoming Pegasus.

    The corvette rocked under the fire, continued closing the distance even as Captain Ro ordered "evasive maneuvers" and "return fire." The corvette's meager offensive display couldn't do much to the much larger Star Destroyer, but would at least serve to demonstrate their intentions to the fighters out there swarming around the enemy vessel.

    "Now reading internal explosions from the Pelly ma'am." It was an extraneous report though, Captain Ro could see for herself as they approached the Pelleon's ventral hanger bay that a large explosion had occurred there, now there appeared to be a fire originating there as well. "Odd, We didn't hit them there and the fighters have been avoiding the bay," LT Kendra noted. Captain Ro did find that odd, the fighters were concentrating their attack on the bridge and engineering section of the Star Destroyer. None had come near the hanger bay that was clearly the destination that Captain Ro had in mind for the Pegasus.

    "What is the plan here Captain?" Kendra suddenly asked. They had sent out the only vessel docked aboard the Pegasus, Al'kesh's venerable old scout, yet it seemed the Jedi Master was headed intent on boarding the Star Destroyer. That would necessitate them landing the Corvette in the much larger vessel's ventral hanger bay, something the former Imperial Lieutenant wasn't keen on doing, though she knew it was doable. The ships had been designed to dock in such a manner, but there was an active battle going on involving the ship. Kendra didn't want the Pegasus to become collateral damage.

    "Master Kraahn wanted us to close on the Pelleon, we're going to close with the Pelleon."

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  9. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    GM Update: Part II

    IC: Hector Zey/Beskaryc Taab/Knight Reese (NPC)/Elim Rand (NPC)/Padawan Sol Skellig (NPC)
    Holding the landing bay, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    Grand Master Zey staggered back against the electrical onslaught he was just barely holding at bay with his lightsaber. Unable to focus on anything else the battle around him became a blur. He could hear the vhooming of lightsabers and caught flashes of red, blue and green within his peripheral vision, but that was slowing fading to black as his focus was turned to deflecting the surging dark energies from Darth Cavillous.

    Elsewhere in the bay, Taab was regained his composure after being flung against the wall by the Sith Lord and was back in the fight. He had resorted to using his blaster pistol now, though he was considering going to his wrist rocket launcher as the pistol just didn't have the power to incapacitate these droids with one shot. It would be overkill he thought to himself, but overkill had it's uses. He shook his head as he engaged another droid with a trio of shots, two to the chest and one to the head, ensuring it went down. The wrist rocket launcher would be too slow to reload, and this battle was evolving too quickly. Soon even Taab would be hand to hand with these things, but he worked at engaging the droids, and even an unsuspecting Sith at a distance. Best to let the Jedi handle things up close, the Mandalorian was the only one not engaging in hand to hand fighting...yet.

    Knight Rand was holding his own, such a battle didn't really lend itself well to his preferred Soresu method of lightsaber combat, though he was able to create a defensive bubble around himself that the droids blaster fire seemed unable to penetrate. Being droids though they didn't get frustrated which limited his options. He worked his way closer to the Mandalorian, the two would work well together with one as the shield and one as the sword if they could link up. A Sith jumped and landed in between the, facing the Jedi he lunged before three smoking holes erupted in his chest. Blaster shots burst through from behind. "You shot him in the back!" Rand cried out to the Mandalorian whose blaster pistol was still smoking.

    "His back was to me."*

    The pair joined forces, with the Jedi deflecting bolts aimed the Mandalorian's way and Taab, now given time to fire and reload his wrist rockets began taking out droids one by one with well aimed explosive power. They both noted the co-ordinated dance occurring between Knight Archisa and her padawan. His foray into the dark side would never be forgotten, but he seemed to have been brought back from the abyss by his nurturing teacher. Now they were a whirlwind of destruction though cutting down Sith minion and droid alike their actions flowing like a river as they seemed to move with just union they seemed to be a single mind in two bodies.

    The Ongree padawan too was holding his own for now, but was getting worried. "We need to get out of here!" His shouts could be heard by everyone. Taab didn't disagree, but disengaging right now seemed to be beyond them at the moment. Adding confusion to an already frantic battle the deck below them began to rumble and shift as the Hellfire shuddered under the assault from Jedi starfighters. They really did have to get out of here...and soon.

    As more droids poured into the hanger bay Taab found himself pushed by the force up against the wall again. A Sith, shirtless yellow skinned Zabrak by the look of him, though his face and body were covered in tattoos, separated the Mandalorian from his Jedi Guardian. Rand moved to intervene but was accosted by a squad fo droids all firing at him simultaneously. His blade moved like lightning, it seemed to be everywhere at once deflecting the bolts, some of them back at their originators which at least served to lessen the volume of fire at the Jedi. Still it wasn't enough to help Taab who was on his own.

    Taab brought up his arm, firing the loaded wrist rocket at the approaching Sith, but it was pushed off course by the force summoned with a flick of the Sith's wrist. It exploded against the Refuse Ranger putting a neat hole in their escape vessel's hull. "Shab", Taab said flatly as he tried his blaster pistol, but the Sith easily batted away the bolts closing the range with the Mandalorian with an accomplished arrogance. All right then, hand to hand. "Been awhile since I've had to do this." Taab reminded himself of his past as a Jedi hunter. He gave no thought to using the lightsaber trophy that hung on his belt. It was a useful tool for him, but he had never been able to use one as a true weapon. They always seemed clumsy in his hands, unwieldy, and not suited for combat by him. He did however have a ready arsenal at his disposal for countering spoonbenders, one he would be forced to put to good use. He holstered his pistol and prepared to go hand to hand, while the Sith smirked at him.

    The yellow skinned Zabrak charged, bringing his his blade down quickly at Taab's neck. The Mandalorian countered by thrusting his left hand out at him and activating the miniaturized repuslor in his left gauntlet. The Sith minion was flung back, and Taab used a short burst from his jetpack, hoping to take advantage of the off balance Sith. He recovered quickly though, and landing on his feet easily evaded the punch that Taab threw at his throat. Spinning the Sith pulled away from Taab ever so slightly and gave himself enough room to maneuver. Bringing his lightsaber around with the spin the crimson blade collided with taab's shoulder and slid off the armor there. The Sith's eyes grew wide in amazement for a moment as he had expected the blade to slice right through.

    "Beskar, strong stuff." Taab said with a smile hidden behind his faceplate. This Sith was good, well trained but inexperienced. A more well learned warrior would have known that Mandalorian Iron was lightsaber resistant and look for the gaps in Taab's armor rather than try to slice through it. The Sith was a fast learner though, he backed off and changed his style, trying to stab at Taab now where he senses gaps between the Mandalorian's armor plates rather than slashing.

    Using his lightsaber he kept out of arms reach from Taab, limiting Taab's ability to grapple with him. That was something Taab could remedy though. The Sith was continuing to probe at Taab with the tip of his blade, looking for a weakness when the Mandalorian raised his arm and fired a fibercord whip at the Zabrak which rapidly wrapped around his arms and torso. "oya!" Taab let out an exultant cry as the Sith was momentarily immobilized. Taab rushed in close and grabbed the Sith's right arrm. As he did so, the Sith cut the fibercord whip with his blade and stabbed at the Mandalorian.

    He was too late, Taab began to squeeze the Sith's arm and the mechanical servos in Taab's crushgaunt worn on his left hand amplified his strength, crushing the Sith's arm. Enraged, the Sith sliced off his own arm in order to get away. Taab had been unprepared for that, but he was already well into his next move, bringing his knee up into the Sith's unprotected belly he fired off a toxic dart from his kneepad dart launchers.

    Lacking a right arm, the the Sith staggered back, fighting the toxin that now coursed through his blood. It was a less than lethal concoction, one that would put down a bantha for a nice long nap. By all right's the Sith should be out already, but Taab had seen this with spoonbenders before, they could purge toxins from their system if given the time. Taab didn't intend to give him that time.

    With a roar he extended a pair of short nasty looking blades from his right his gauntlet now. The Sith replied by bring his lightsaber up with his remaining hand. is moves now were lethargic though, the results of Taab's toxin, and Taab had no difficulty in batting away the jetii'kad with his beskar blades. The shabla things were heavy, but well worth the weight. With a final heroic shout Taab plunged those blades through the Sith's chest and heart.

    Retracting the blades, he looked around the bay. Rand was finishing off the last droid that had attacked him and Master Kasumi had fought her way though another set of droids to take on the brunt of at least some of the Sith lightning pouring from the Sith Lord's fingertips.

    "Grand Master....I'm here."

    Hector Zey could barely hear Kasumi's words though he did feel the burden on his lightsaber lessen for a moment. But it was just for a moment. With cackling glee Darth Cavillous seemed to reach into some dark reserve of energy and showered the pair of Jedi masters with even more electrical hatred. Much of the Sith Lightning was blocked or absorbed by their blades, but too much seemed to roll off of their lightsaber's curling around their defenses and striking them. The Jedi cried out in pain, causing Knights Reese and Rand to move in and take some of the pressure. Now the lightning was spread among four Jedi, but their efforts seemed to only increase what Cavillous was able to throw out at them.

    Their minds almost as one Knight Archisa and her padawan, Sol Skellig took their own places on the line, their lightsabers absorbing some of the lightning splashing off of the other's blades.

    Eira Dryn and Taab, both without lightsabers, covered the Jedi's backs taking out any Sith or droid that attempted to counter their growing semi-circle around Cavillous. Soon Knight Loother, Knight Trevalus and padawan Ka added their own blades (and selves) to the growing maelstrom of Sith lightning that was threatening to fill the entire bay.

    Stray bolts were catching unprepared sith minions and droids now, lightening the load for Dryn and Taab even as their loss seemed to give the Sith Lord's assault more power. Unencumbered by other foes Knight Dareagen and padawan Nosrep joined in the circuit, but as with the others their presence served to empower Darth Cavillous even further and the intensity of his attack was multiplied tenfold.

    Indeed Taab thought, it may have become too powerful. Stray bolts of lightning were connecting now with the internal hull of the hanger bay. One bolt incinerated a Predator class starfighter at the far end of the hanger while another connected with Taab's armor. The blast threw him to the ground, smoke rising from his body he got up slowly. There was a metallic taste in his mouth though he seemed none the worse for wear. The electronic suite in his buy'ce (helmet) was fried though. Unable to see though his now opaque T-Visor he took off his bucket and clipped it to his belt. He reached for his blaster pistol, hoping to put an end to this now. With the Sith's attention on the Jedi surrounding him it would take just one clean shot from Taab, but he had no target. The lightning swirling around the dark lord and the Jedi was blinding. Taab couldn't even begin to see where Darth Cavillous was now, though it was clear he was still somewhere in the thick of the maelstrom.

    The Jedi around him could still see him though, if just barely. To them he appeared as just a shadow against the lightning filling the bay. Some of that lightning splashing off of the Jedi's blades was finding its way back to Cavillous now, and as it did so it seemed to complete some terrible circuit. Cavillous screeched out in pain, intensifying his attack again as he did so. His suffering gave him even more power, power the Jedi couldn't hold out against much longer. But hold out they did, for as more lighting erupted from his fingertips, more of it reached back along the completed circuit and reached Cavillous who cried out in even greater pain further fueling his assault in a vicious circle of ever increasing pain and power. It was apparent to Taab now that neither side would give up, that the stalemate could go on forever or until the power coursing through the hanger proved to be too much for one side or the other.

    With a blinding flash the maelstrom erupted one last time in an explosion of light and sound that ripped the bay apart. Taab was flung backwards along with Dryn coming to rest at the landing strut of the damaged Refuse Ranger. Looking up from a knee Taab could see the entire hanger bay filled with smoke. The lightning attack had been halted, and Taab knew that one side or the other was dead. "Stay here," he ordered Dryn as he moved into the smoke, his blaster pistol drawn. She promptly ignored the order and followed in after him, her own blaster at the ready. Their weapons though, would prove useless in this moment.

    Peering through the smoke they first encountered a body lying on the floor. It was Knight Rand, the Jedi who had protected Taab's back earlier in the fight. "Check him," Taab ordered Dryn now, glad now that she had already ignored his first order o stay put. This order she obeyed as she knelt next to Rand to see if he was alive. Taab didn't wait for her though as he meandered further into the now diminishing soot. He found the still form of the General next, lying beside his lightsaber. Taab reached low to check his pulse when he was startled to hear a short cough from the Jedi leader."There..." Still prostrate on the floor, he pointed ahead, to a piled of charred ash. Within it Taab could barely recognize the skeletal remains of Darth Cavillous, incinerated by his own hatred.

    The smoky haze was beginning to clear now, and Taab saw Dryn giving him a thumbs up as she helped Knight Rand to his feet. Among their own coughing the other Jedi were also getting to their feet or knees from where they had been thrown down to the deck by the blast. Though singed and dirty with soot, their faces covered in ash, all the Jedi had survived their ordeal. Taab allowed himself a small smile, one they could all see now with his helmet clipped to his belt. "Well, that wasn't such a chore now was it?"**

    TAG: Mitth_Fisto, Ananta Chetan, Zurros Ka, ConservativeJedi321, galactic-vagabond422, Rebecca_Daniels, Runjedirun, Coffee_Ninja

    OOC: Apologies for the I took control of all of your characters for this moment though I hope you can forgive me. I thought this a fun way for every player character on the Hellfire to be a part of the defeat of Darth Cavillous.

    * Taken from the movie El Diablo. A terrible movie, but a funny (IMHO) line. :p
    **Taken from the movie Ghostbusters.

    IC: Darth Sixtus (NPC)
    Aboard the Watchtower

    "Another ship just dropped out of hyperspace!" Sixtus rolled her eyes at Ian's belated statement of the obvious. He really was too excitable, she would have to work on that.

    "Who are they?" He asked of her now, perhaps hoping they Sith reinforcements. She knew that they would be anything but. "What do they want?"No telling Sixtus thought as she felt the sickening outpouring of the light from the small ship. "Are they friends of ours coming to help or..."

    "Decidedly not." Darth Sixtus now interrupted flatly. She noted an ancient scout vessel launch from the vessel as it angled towards the Hellfire. She reasoned that the scout would be an initial boarding party sent to help the Jedi, perhaps even rescue them from the trap laid by Darth Cavillous, but she was mistaken. "Damn," her words were but a whisper. The scout was headed in their direction.

    She pushed the Watchtower's throttle to the stops, pouring on as much speed as she could, but the scout had more thrust. It just kept coming. She could feel concern, even fear beginning to rise within Ian now, a feeling she felt herself. They couldn't outrun the ship, nor out fly it. Worse still the shuttle was defenseless while the scout undoubtedly was armed. Strangely it had yet to contact them, though perhaps the pilot had taken her maneuvers to mean such contact was hopeless. With all that in mind she began to go over her options when another beep from behind her caught her attention. It was from the navi-computer.

    "It doesn't matter who they are or what they want." She reached forward and pushed the lever sending the Watchtower hurtling into hyperspace."They are too late, our escape is made." She motioned out to the hyperspace tunnel. Tracking them now would prove impossible, but just in case they would perform a series of microjumps once they were far enough away from this place. After they settled on a destination, they would leave this ship and steal another one more suited to their needs, and then another, and another until their trail would be too cold for even their Mandalorian lapdog to follow.

    She swiveled her chair around, looking to Ian Thrace. He had so much to learn, but so much potential. "It is just the two of us now Ian." He swallowed hard at that. "In that stockade Darth Harbinger told me that this moment would come, the moment where we brought back the Banite order," she noted the look of confusion on his face. "The Rule of Two that brought about our most powerful Sith Lords." Ian nodded in understanding, though true understanding would take time. "Harbinger sacrificed himself so that we could bring about this new order, you and I, together." She paused again as she looked him in the eye, she could feel his confidence swelling. "To accomplish that I need you just as you need me..after all a master needs an apprentice else she is a master of nothing." He smiled wickedly at that, a smile not so different now than her own. He understood perfectly well what she was saying.

    "I will do whatever you ask..."

    Good, Sixtus thought as she spoke with pride, "I know you will..."

    Ian nodded, "I pledge myself to your teachings, master."

    "I will hold the power that you crave. In return I foresee you becoming a most powerful Sith Lord." She paused, feeling the moment, the dark side coursed through them both. "The Jedi poisoned your mind, your soul, but it had made you harder, stronger. You will make them suffer for their arrogance, and will become the bane of their existence," she chuckled softly at her small joke as she resurrected Bane's teachings.

    "Hence forth you will be known as Darth..." she paused as the dark side spoke to her. "...Venom." She shared a smile with her new apprentice as she revealed the name to him. The Sith were retreating from this place, a place Sixtus silently vowed never to return to, but they would become stronger than ever as a result. Harbinger had foreseen it, had foretold that all of it had happened before, and now through her, it would happen again.

    TAG: Gotab
  10. Gotab

    Gotab Jedi Master star 1

    May 18, 2011
    IC Darth Venom
    Fulfilling his destiny

    "I will do whatever you ask..." the new apprentice said to his master. It was a vow he would do his utmost to fulfill.

    "I know you will..." Darth Sixtus did seem to know, she was wise and strong, and he would do everything in his power to learn all he could from her. Before replacing her himself someday, when he was strong enough.

    "I pledge myself to your teachings, master."

    "I will hold the power that you crave. In return I foresee you becoming a most powerful Sith Lord." She paused, feeling the moment, and the apprentice could feel it too. The power of the dark side was already growing inside him. "The Jedi poisoned your mind, your soul, but it had made you harder, stronger. You will make them suffer for their arrogance, and will become the bane of their existence," she chuckled softly but the apprentice found nothing funny in all of this. Her words rang true, the Jedi had brought him nothing but pain, a pain he would now use to bolster his power.

    "Hence forth you will be known as Darth..." she paused as the dark side spoke to her. "...Venom." The apprentice smiled at his new name. It was his new, his true, self. In that moment, the scared little boy that was Ian Thrace died, and a new being, one who would become as fear, was born.

    Tag: ALL

    And now for something that some of you may have figured out, though hopefully I managed to keep the secret from some of you. Darth Venom, the late Ian Thrace, has been a character conceived of and written by Bardan_Jusik all along. Indeed, the Gotab account is a Bardan_Jusik game sock made at the request of former Co-GM CPL_Macja when he ran the game. His fate was always to fall to the dark side. Hence the need for the deception as at the time I proclaimed I wouldn't write for a Jedi, a deception I carried forth for dramatic purposes. the payoff here has been a long time coming, hopefully it was successful and you have all enjoyed his journey as much as I have.
  11. Ananta Chetan

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    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Suraya Archisa, (NPC) Padawan Sol Skellig
    Hellfire Hangar Bay

    Suraya and Sol stood silently over the scorched Sith skeleton. Her padawan did not appear distraught in light of what remained of his former master, but instead emitted a sense of peace from being released. This is how all paths to the darkness end…inevitably. The boy nodded as though slowly trying to process everything that had happened to him.

    As Suraya gently nudged her boot through the Sith's ashes she abruptly sensed the approaching threat…the assault, she whispered under her breath to Sol. They’re coming. She then began searching for Zey and the others through the lingering smoke. The strike team…then closing her eyes for a moment…they’re inbound…we have to contact them…somehow…or get out of

    Lunging through the scattered debris littering the hangar and trying to ascertain the condition of the surviving Jedi her heart sank noticing the smoking hole in their escape vessel. Mandalorian…where are you?

    The air was still filled with the hazy remnants of the Sith lightening storm. He had to be around here somewhere. Over here, Sol cried out as their eyes simultaneously fell upon Taab, charred and covered in soot, but apparently uninjured. The comms in the shuttle…will they still work? she spoke in his direction. Looking out the end of the landing bay into the vastness of space the feeling of the dire helplessness of their predicament began to overwhelm her.

    TAG Bardan_Jusik Zurros Ka ConservativeJedi321 Coffee_Ninja @Mitth_Fisto galactic-vagabond422
  12. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    Semajj Nosrep
    Hellfire Hanger

    Semajj knelt on the hanger floor, trying make sense of all that had happened.
    The explosion had knocked him down, and disoriented him, but aside from aggravating his already sore side it didn't do any lasting harm.

    The Padawan sighed in relief as he realized the battle had ended. It was chaotic, and he wasn't even sure exactly what had happened, as one moment he haf tried hacking his way to the shuttle, and the next he was joining the other Jedi in taking on the Sith. Now, there was peace.

    The Crimson blade he held deactivated after a second, and he briefly considered leaving it behind, but reconsidered. Until he could have the time to build a new one it would be best to hold on to the only weapon he had. Even if it was a clumsy and unbalanced weapon.

    Semajj hooked the hilt onto his belt, and looked about the debris scattered hanger, taking note of the conditions of the other Jedi. Knight Archisa stood near the Mandalorian, and the Ongree approached as well ready to do his part in whatever challenge lay ahead.

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  13. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Master Kraahn IC:
    ~Hangar Bay, Pegasus~

    Padawans Vansyph and Kyrell, Knight Gim, and Master Kraahn finally entered the hangar bay of the Pegasus. The tchuukthai's head turning this way and that, taking in the space and seemingly registering it all to memory. Or just taking it all in, hard to say with him.

    As they did this and he waited for any further replies from his companions, he felt the shift in the Force. Many important events just occurred at once, a shift in advantage had occurred. Toward the Light he was pleased to feel, though it was not over yet.

    He felt the shuttle escape into hyperspace without even being informed however. Its presence, slowly increasing in the dark side, just suddenly vanished. Due to their situation he knew well what that meant.

    It is as the Force wills, he mentally reminded himself despite the small pang of disappointment.

    Kraahn didn't expect to be asked for further instruction in that regard, Al'Kesh was a veteran in many ways, he'd know what priority to shift to naturally. For now, the wait hadn't changed on their own behalf.

    They still had to dock with the Star Destroyer, however briefly. This was one of the main reasons they had been summoned here initially, of that he had no doubt.

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  14. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Master star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Hangar Bay

    Kasumi had been thrown by the explosion....and as she regained movement in her limbs she got to her knees first then to her feet. She looked at the damage around them...and she looked around at the Jedi. There were some casualties that she hadn't seen from the battle, but most of the others were struggling to make it to their feet like she was. And then the Force showed her the loss of someone she had tried to take on to help, someone she thought she could teach, but instead the darkness had claimed him. It was clear from what the Force was showing her that the rule of two was to start again. He would be the next threat because of his power...but she was glad that she hadn't shown him what she could do. If she would have shown him all of that, then he would have unlocked something much greater than anyone else could have seen. Her friend Onyx was only touching the tip of the iceberg, so to speak when they had their final show down.

    She saw Semajj getting up as well as the others, but she didn't see the one key person yet, so she looked for the grand master hoping that he was.

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  15. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    GM Update: Part I

    IC: Hector Zey/Beskaryc Taab/Knight Reese (NPC)/Elim Rand (NPC)/Padawan Sol Skellig (NPC)
    Landing Bay, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    "Mandalorian...where are you?" the voice of Knight Archisa rang out through the thinning smoke. Blinking away the dust and smoke from his eyes, Taab raised a hand and waved while simultaneously letting out a cough. He was far too used to his helmet's filters and built in eye protection. He was going to have to work on reacclimating himself in an unfiltered environment. He sauntered over to the Jedi and her padawan as they made a beeline for him as well.

    "The comms in the shuttle...will they still work?" Taab looked over at the cockpit section of the Refuse Ranger while Knight Archisa looked out into space. His errant warhead had struck there, punching a neat hole in the hull and undoubtedly wrecking the controls. The ship would only be flyable with major repairs, something they didn't have time for. As for the communications gear...

    "I doubt it," he pointed to the damaged section of their ship all while thinking about the sensor scrambling system he wouldn't get the chance to salvage now. "I couldn't have done that better myself had I tried," he said sardonically through a wry grim. He didn't think the Sith who had redirected his wrist rocket had done so purposefully either, but they would never know. The constant rumbling and shaking of the deck beneath their feet as torpedoes impacted the Hellfire's hull came to a halt, replaced by a staccato of smaller jarring vibrations.

    "Strike team has switched to lasers, they must be out of torps," Taab said to no one in particular. Looking around the bay there didn't seem to be any other ships that could be used to make their escape. A pair of Predator fighters was in the forward section, but they were burning. Nor did Taab see any escape pods readily available, in fact other than themselves and the stench of ozone bay was empty. "The bridge would have comms gear, but that would have been a primary target for our fighters." He looked around now, the other Jedi were beginning to congregate around he and Archisa now, looking to the General for their next move. His face said it all though, there was no way out of this one. The Hellfire was dying, that much was certain, and the Guardians aboard were going to die with her...

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    Dec 14, 2009
    GM Update: Part II

    IC: Captain Ro/LT Kendra (NPCs)
    Bridge of the Pegasus (Buccanner class Corvette), Approaching the Hellfire over Saridona Prime

    Things were happening quickly on the Pegasus now as the corvette closed the range with the much larger Pelleon class star destroyer. "Receiving a comm signal now Captain," LT Kendra reported as the vessel shook a final time under fire. "Shields at 42%...and holding." Captain Ro barely heard her, so intent was she on the onrushing ship. "Nose up three degrees, I want to bring us right into their hanger bay."

    "Aye, aye ma'am." LT Kendra reprted back before giving orders to the helm. "Those Twintails have started gun runs on the Hellfire now ma'am..." Captain Ro nodded along, the fighters were out of her view and hadn't molested them. Instead they had seemed keenly intent on attacking the Pelleon, even to the point of ignoring the Pegasus. "Come starboard, half a degree..." the ship moved to obey the inputs from the helm officer.

    "Ma'am, that hail is repeating, it's from the surface."

    "Steady there she goes," the Pegasus was just nosing it's way into the Pelleon's cavernous hanger. "Let inertia take her..." Captain Ro stopped mircomanaging for a moment as what LT Kendra had said suddenly struck her. "The surface?" Her head jerked back in Kendra's direction as she gave a simple. "Yes ma'am," in reply. In their haste to engage the Star Destroyer and attempt to bopard her they had ignored the surface of the planet. "Scan the surface..."

    "Already done ma'aam."

    "..and carry on," her last meant for the helm officer orchestrating the ship's docking with the enemy combatant. Captain Ro stiffened her back as she turned to LT Shaw. "Report!" She barked out, her jaw dropped at the answer from her XO.

    Pegasus hanger bay

    The comm link carried by the Jedi in the Pegasus hanger bay came to life suddenly. "Master Kraahn, this is the Captain." She didn't wait for a reply. "We've been in contact with those responsible for attacking the Pelleon." She paused as she took a deep breath. "They are Jedi, from a Temple on the surface of the planet below us. I've notified them of who we are and our intentions and they seem most pleased to see us." Her beaming smile was evident even through the static of the comm system. "However, there is a complication," her tone became serious once again. "They have a strike team aboard the ship that they have lost contact with." Her tone now went from serious to concerned. "And our sensors tell us that there is a reactor breech aboard the star destroyer, we only have minutes before she explodes."

    TAG: @Darth_Elu, The Vanguard, Thane kyrell

    IC: Hector Zey/Beskaryc Taab/Knight Reese (NPC)/Elim Rand (NPC)/Padawan Sol Skellig (NPC)
    deus ex machina, Hellfire, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    As the Jedi considered their nonexistent options Taab felt another deeper rumble from inside the ship. "Reactor is letting go, no stopping the ship from going up now." As an afterthought he noticed that the strafing runs had also come to a halt. The fighters had seen the result of their handiwork as well and were probably moving off to a safe distance to watch the fireworks. Taab nodded grimly to himself. It had been a good run, he had lived a good life, fought bravely, and with honor. He had always intended to go down fighting, and though this battle had been won it looked like he was going to get something close to his wish. His only regret would be not seeing his children again, or passing on his armor to the grandson named after him. He sighed deeply, as he fingered the bes'bev hooked onto his belt. At least he would be with his wife soon, in the manda (Mandalorian oversoul).

    Plucking the bes'bev from is belt he brought it to his lips and began to play. He wasn't very good, in fact he was terrible, but this instrument had been his wife's, it was one of his last connections to her, save for edee, he hoped the Jedi in the Temple would take care of the old striil. So even as he saw Knight Reese cringe at the sudden off key notes he didn't bother to explain, or apologize. Instead he just closed his eyes and tried to emulate his wife's last song as best he could.

    "Look!" The cry came from Knight Rand, who had at least the decency to not react or comment on the lack of Taab's musical ability. Still Taab was annoyed at the intrusion, though he opened his eyes reluctantly not believing what he initially saw. The beskar flute dropped from his hands, clattering to the deck loudly. "It's a Buccanner..." he said absentmindedly, identifying the type. The name Pegasus was scrawled boldly across her bow, but there were no other identifying marks. The Jedi on the Hellfire didn't need them though, for from inside the rescue vessel they could feel the outpouring of the light side of the force. "They're Jedi," the General said in awe. Taab was wary as he scooped up the bes'bev and replaced it on his belt. He had been in enough ambushes for one day, but saw no reason to doubt the Jedi Grand Master.

    The hanger bay door of the Pegasus opened for them, the bright interior shining rays of lights through the wispy smoke of that wafted through the Hellfire's bay. There was no time to lose, no time for introductions or pleasantries. There was only time for escape. Taab rushed forward first, stopping at the boarding ramp that had extended down from the Pegasus hanger and began counting the Jedi off as they filed past him to their salvation.

    Hochner Trevalus

    Kai Dareagen

    Suraya Archisa and her padawan whose name Taab didn't yet know.


    Semajj Nosrep

    Zurros Ka

    Eira Dryn

    Kambiana Loother


    Elim Rand

    These were the names of the Jedi. They had all earned their names this day. It had been his honor to have fought beside them and he would be proud to do so again in the future. There was one survivor missing though, Hector Zey, who placed his hand on Taab's shoulder gingerly and nodded for him to go. Taab returned the gesture knowingly. It was the leader's place to be the last to leave.

    Taab went up after the others, followed slowly by Grand Master Zey. While the Mandalorian had been counting off the names of the survivors, Zey was remembering the fallen. Those who wouldn't be returning home after their harrowing mission. Letali, and Vomkoju. Arer and Menal. Those he added to the toll of the aborted basecamp attack. More Jedi dead and missing, and all because of him. Because of his failures, his inability to predict the traps the Sith had laid out for them, others had made the ultimate sacrifice. He was their leader, and he had failed them all, even now the Jedi survivors had almost been victims of his mistakes, they would all have been killed if not for the timely arrival of this resue ship. It wasn't his doing that had ensured their victory, it had only been the will of the force.

    Looking through eyes misted over with tears he found himself in the hanger bay of the rescue ship, the Pegasus. Behind him the ramp was being raised and the hatchway closing. He couldn't afford to look back any longer, but nor could he forget what had happened here. Looking forward he saw a group of Jedi, their rescuers. One among them, a Tchuukthai of all things, radiated the presence and strength of a Jedi Master. Zey bowed deeply to him before raising his head and meeting the other Master's eyes. "Permission to come aboard?"

    TAG: ALL

    OOC: I hadn't initially intended for the Pegasus to come to the rescue in quite this way, (shab a few weeks ago I didn't even know there was going to be a Pegasus) but given the way the game has gone it seemed the best choice. So please forgive the rather convenient and all too coincidental nature of this rescue. :p
  17. Ananta Chetan

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    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Suraya Archisa, (NPC) Padawan Sol Skellig
    Hellfire Hangar Bay

    Sol leaned in close to her once they had been ushered aboard the rescue ship as though he wanted to ask something in private. Giving him her full attention he then spoke in a near whisper to the side of her black headdress as they both simultaneously glanced over their shoulder at the being behind them on the boarding ramp.

    Master, is that a Dewback? Suraya turned pointedly facing the padawan attempting to ascertain if he was simply being mischievous and gave he a little nudge in the arm just in case before biting her own lip to keep from giggling. Honestly…I have no idea what that is.

    TAG Bardan_Jusik Darth_Elu
  18. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep
    Hellfire Hanger Bay

    The young Jedi was as eager as any to escape this troubling place. As he stepped into the ship that arrived to pick them up he took note of a... of a thing... curious, not even he knew what it was. But offered a polite bow nonetheless as it was apparent it was an ally.
    Though he also recognized Jedi Archisa and the former Sith were mumbling to each other about something, and concluded they were having a similar line of thought as him.

    The first thing Semajj did when given the chance was to take a seat in an open corner, and breath. This was the first time he had a chance to relax for a while, and a flood of feelings were washing over him.

    First he thought of how the mysterious Twi'lek Sith had disappeared without a trace. But he dismissed the eerie feeling that gave him with the knowledge that another Jedi had most likely truck it down, or perhaps it was killed in the resulting explosion. Either way it was no longer relevant.

    Next a sadder thought stirred in his head. All the Jedi that had been lost this day. Letali was the first that came to mind. He recalled hearing her warning, "Its a trap!" in the storage chamber. He still heard the words ringing in his ear drum now, it was probable that it was only because of that warning he was even alive. The Ongree delicately rubbed the cut on his chin that incident had resulted in. It wasn't very deep, but would probably result in a scar. The battle had been chaotic, Semajj had sensed the Mon Calamari's death, at least subconsciously, but the chaos of battle had prevented him from registering it. He hoped it was painless for her.

    And there were the others as well, too many lost in the name of a trap, a foolish trap. He couldn't believe they fell for it, on the word of a Sith no less! There was a darkness in the force, something had changed. He didn't like it.
    The Ongree bowed his head in mourning.

    And finally he realized how exhausted he was as he shook his cranium to avoid succumbing to the dark abyss that was sleep. He had to stay alert, stay ready in case he was needed. And reluctantly he stood again, prepared to do his part.

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  19. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Master Kraahn IC:
    ~Hangar Bay, Pegasus~

    He saw a little, then mainly felt and sensed the docking of the Pegasus with the Star Destroyer underway after the last sprint to do so. Kraahn closed his eyes and simply waited, feeling the strength of the light.

    The immediate darkness was fainter now, there, but mostly overwhelmed by the light. It was more a general sense of urgency that was beginning to take precedence. When the com link he had asked Thane Kyrell to hold came to life, he knew that was to be confirmed.

    "Master Kraahn, this is the Captain. We've been in contact with those responsible for attacking the Pelleon."

    A notable pause and the tchuukthai Jedi Master couldn't help but crane his neck to gaze at the com link in the padawan's hand. What had the Captain discovered from these attackers?

    "They are Jedi, from a Temple on the surface of the planet below us. I've notified them of who we are and our intentions and they seem most pleased to see us."

    Jedi…no wonder the sensations of Light were so strong! It only made sense. The reasons as to their pull to this region in space were becoming clearer and clearer by the minute now. The Captain's felt smile was nearly met with his own, but he sensed the shift in tone and listened solemnly.

    "However, there is a complication. They have a strike team aboard the ship that they have lost contact with. And our sensors tell us that there is a reactor breach aboard the star destroyer, we only have minutes before she explodes."

    Nodding to Thane to press the com link to send transmission, he replied succinctly.

    "Minutes is all we need, Captain. Prepare to get us out of here just as quick as we came."

    With that said, he looked between the three Jedi with him. "We may not need to board after all, but this is even more important. Let us head for the boarding doors connected to here so we can safely greet our fellow Jedi."

    Moving his massive bulk toward said area, knowing the three of them followed behind closely, he waited. It didn't take long.

    As soon as the docking was finished, they sprang open the door. And despite the shock Kraahn sensed at their arrival, he could feel the relief. Oh! The relief! It was so strong, even he nearly staggered.

    What had his fellow brethren of the Light gone through until they had arrived? He could only imagine…but that would have to come another time.

    The moment that door opened, he didn't need to sense them any further. He saw them running toward their salvation. Immediately. Nor did he blame them from the aftermath scene of carnage that he suddenly bore witness to. Yet there was no time for investigation.

    He stood at the forefront of the door, leaving enough space for them to run by him and into the safety of the Pegasus.

    It may have been redundant and rather needless, but he used the Force to enhance his voice anyway. Sometimes shock from carnage may addle the mind and some of the Jedi possibly didn't immediately register them. More likely he did it as confirmation as they ran toward the corvette.


    That was all he needed to say and even then, perhaps not needed at all. They were all on before long.

    One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.

    And there were surely more that didn't make it to this moment, he could only bow his head for a fraction of a second at that.

    "Master, is that a Dewback?"

    "Honestly…I have no idea what that is."

    Oh, he heard them. But he paid it no mind, he was far too used to such comments. Indeed, his species often invited the misjudgment that they were non-sentient beasts so as to hide their true nature. Reclusive to a fault. He would have even chuckled and made a joke about it had the circumstances not been obviously serious.

    As far as he was aware, he was only the second of his kind to have ever made his way out into the galaxy in such a pronounced manner. There were others naturally, but they made use of their beastial appearance to covertly learn about the outside while he didn't hide his intelligence at all. Just like Master Thon did once, millennia ago.

    He dipped his head in return, back in the present, when an ongree paused long enough to politely bow. Kraahn felt his turmoil and distress palpably. It was visible upon him even, but there would be time to get to that.

    At last, the one who felt the strongest in the Light of this group approached him last. Bowing deeply and then meeting his eyes, he could only solemnly ask.

    "Permission to come aboard?"

    "Permission was given before I even arrived, my friend." He didn't need to inquire deeply to figure out he was a Jedi Master. His aura told him all he needed in that regard and as such, Kraahn was glad of his presence.

    As soon as that door hissed shut officially, he felt the corvette beginning its escape from imminent destruction.

    Turning his body around, he dipped his head once more to all those now assembled in the area.

    "Welcome, fellow Jedi, to the Pegasus. You're safe now."

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  20. Coffee_Ninja

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    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi

    Kasumi stepped aboard the safe haven of the ship and looked around. More Jedi....and more ghosts. Kasumi bowed to each Jedi in turn that saved them, regardless of rank. To her the rescue was worth respect to all...not just the masters. Her once hazel eyes now an erie light blue saw more than the living. She saw the ghosts that travelled with some of the others on this ship. She gave a brief nod to them, and turned to look at her surroundings and the other Jedi that were coming in board. She saw the pain, physical and mental, on each Jedi's face. She saw the pain from the losses and deception on their faces. Most people would be happy as they were leaving as the victors, but it was the cost that was always high. Kasumi had felt the switch in Ian through the Force....he had made his choice. She had tried to help him find the light in his pain, but he chose the anger. She would have been willing to take him away from his pain, and show him the calmness that was around him. But, she thought back to Onyx...both she and Kasumi faced the same adversities and still one came out of the darkness into the light and the other stayed in the darkness. Maybe there was more Onyx in Ian than she even recognized. She had one last thing to do for her friend when they got back to the surface...something she needed to do alone. But, getting back to the surface was the first step. The next step would be explaining to certain people about her now that her wall was completely down....and her connection to the Force was no longer hidden. But for now, take care of the injured.

    She moved quietly from one to the next. Doing what she could to help with the healing using her Force Healing abilities and using her herbal medicine bag to help ease the pain of others, putting away her combat skills and mind set. It felt good to help heal again and having her sabers returned to her hip and back of her belt. She moved to speak with Semajj. She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "How are you?"

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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    "How are you?" Semajj was surprised, but showed little sign of it as he turned to face Master Kasumi.
    The somewhat older human seemed concerned. Was he poring his feelings out into the force again? He had to be more careful, one of these days it will be a Sith that picks up on them.

    No, he realize, he wasn't projecting any of his confused thoughts as he normally did when he was fatigued. One thing the last few hours had taught him was to draw his emotions in instinctively. It seemed she was simply that well intuned with her surroundings.

    He wasn't exactly sure what to say to answer the Masters question. Semajj would never think to lie to her, but he wasn't really dealing with anything different, or more extreme any of the other Jedi that were present. Knight Dareagan
    in particularly seemed surprisingly closed off to him.

    So instead he offered a simple answer. "I am Just tired master, it has been a long day."

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    IC: Koji Vansyph

    Van soaked in all the new faces that were coming aboard their vessel. The urgency was still very present to get off the Star Destroyer as fire, smoke, and distant explosions were repetitive signs that they needed to hurry.

    Remembering the communication with Captain Ro to Thane about a Jedi strike team, he had expected to see fellow Jedi, but wasn't expecting a Mandalorian. Van had deep reservations about their kind but deduced that he was a friendly so he simply accepted the warrior's presence on board and chose to ask about it later.

    The Lorrdian scanned their body language. Many signs of stress. Long hours of fighting. Several injuries to most of them but overall health was good. He could see the grief they bore that some were lost, which was to be expected in an assault but never easy to accept. Van nodded back to several of them as they boarded.

    So many questions. Questions that would have to wait. They weren't out of harms way yet. Sensing a need, he called out to the tchuukthai, "Master Kraahn, shall I head up to the bridge to assist Captain Ro?"

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    IC: Kasumi

    "I am Just tired master, it has been a long day."

    Kasumi nodded. "It has been a long day. In so many ways. Let me know when you rebuild your saber. I think I have something that may help."

    It was a small gesture, but Kasumi knew that the building of your own saber was a rite of passage for Jedi....and the rebuilding of one even more so, especially when one was lost in battle.

    "If you need anything let me know."

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    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    Semajj was curious what she had in mind. And he offered a comforting smile, thankful for the Master having checked on him.

    "I hope to get it done sooner rather than later Master, that is if the force wills."

    He glanced at the chrome plated hilt that was attached to his belt, it was hardly an ideal blade for him, unbalanced, and disconnected from the greater force. As he wielded it he missed the naturally grown crystal that his old weapon carried. It felt one with him, as this one felt cold and detached.
    Though, he realized some parts of this Siths weapon could be recycled. Indeed, it was not a perfect weapon in its current format, not for him at least. But he was surprised how well it fit in in hand as he fought with it. Perhaps were he to take out the emitter matrix, and focusing lens. Yes, with a few other new parts that he had a connection with he could fashion a weapon of his own.

    The old one was after all but a standard issue for Padawans who had yet to construct their own. A new one would be most appropriate, and connect with him in a more unique fashion. Of course when that were to occur would be up to his Master, but all things considered he was unlikely to disagree.

    Yet there remained an unease in the force, he hoped that returning to the Temple of Light would make him feel better.
    "When we get home.", he tacked onto his previous statement, more to sooth his own apprehensions than directed at Master Kasumi

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    IC: Hector Zey/Beskaryc Taab/Knight Reese (NPC)/Elim Rand (NPC)
    Fulfilling their destiny, in orbit over Saridona Prime

    "Permission was given before I even arrived, my friend." The General bowed deeply to the Tchuukthai Master as he felt the vessel pull away from the hapless Hellfire. His opposite number now turned to the rest of the Jedi, a somewhat awkward movement that somehow the being made look graceful. "Welcome, fellow Jedi, to the Pegasus. You're safe now."

    The General bowed deeply again, this time followed by Knight Rand. Knight Reese looked too exhausted to bow and slumped to the deck. Waving a hand at the concerned look from the others he explained. "I'm fine, just...tired." Zey gave a slight smile, they were all tired, but it wouldn't do for him as the Grand Master of the Order to take leave of his own footing.

    "I am Grand Master Hector Zey of the Guardians of Light," he explained to the Tchuukthai and his small group of Jedi. "And we thank you for the rescue." The Pegasus shook mightily as the Hellfire exploded behind them, rocking them in a vivid reminder of how close their rescue had been. He then introduced the Guardians one by one, each taking their bow in turn except for Taab. The Mandalorian security chief simply nodded his head in recognition of his name. Unable to hide his face behind his faceplate he was doing his best to mask his features by looking stoic, but he came across as tired and haggard as the rest of them. After introductions had been made he stayed out of the way, his back to the wall as the other Jedi mingled, decompressing after their ordeal each in their own way. His thoughts were already on what to do now with their last remaining Sith prisoner now that they no longer needed her. The Pegasus meanwhile angled downwards, towards the planet below.

    Settling down on her landing struts the Pegasus sighed as she made planet fall. The corvette was too large to fit inside any of the Temple's hangers, and so came to rest on the valley floor, just outside the Temple walls. Soon enough her outer hatch was opened and the boarding ramp was lowered. Zey stood at the top of the ramp and took in the fresh smell of the early spring air. The snow was not quite yet melted on the ground, but would be soon. Already a few flower buds were pushing their way through the melting snow cover, eager to grow. Eager to greet the light.

    Making his way off the ramp Zey could see other eager beings, the Jedi of the Temple, coming out to greet their new comrades. Zey looked for the Togrutan form of Master Piim, but didn't see her. A small kernel of worry formed in the pit of his stomach when instead of Master Piim it was Knight Grissuk who approached him and bowed. Her expression was hard to make out, as was the tumult of emotions she was clearly feeling.

    "Grandmaster," she spoke as soon as she had straightened up. "It is good to see you have returned..." Her voice trailed off as she looked up at the other Jedi coming off the Pegasus boarding ramp. It was clear she was excited to see the ship and the new faces, but she was also counting off those she didn't see and her face fell as she realized their losses. "We had our...difficulties, but they were overcome. The Hellfire Sith are no longer a threat..." Now it was his turn to trail off as he noted the blank look on Knight Grissuk's face.

    "We had difficulties of our own Grandmaster," she began but paused before he bade her to continue. "The Sith prisoner has escaped..."

    "Escaped?" The question came out as a whisper. "How?" he asked, though Taab interrupted with his own demand. "Where?" the Mandalorian began to survey the steep foothills surrounding the Valley of Light. Knight Grissuk decided to answer the Grand Master's question first. "She had help, padawan Thrace..."


    "...let her out of her cell and together they killed several Jedi before escaping in a shuttle." Taab's head swiveled towards the open hanger bay as a loud shriek overhead denoted the arrival of yet another craft. It wasn't the stolen shuttle but an old sleuth-scout instead that put down in the bay.

    "One of ours." The diminutive form of Knight Gim announced from behind the Grand Master. He nodded absentmindedly as Taab shrugged his shoulders and removed his buy'ce (helmet) from his belt. He would have to repair it as soon as possible it seemed. Zey's thoughts were elsewhere though. "Which Jedi were killed?" He asked, though in his heart he knew who at least one of them would be, why else wouldn't she be here?

    "Padawans Leoalb and Takkoo. Knight Daruss and...Master Piim." Zey's heart sank as he heard that his fellow Master had been killed. She and he had never seen eye to eye, but after realizing his own recent failures it was to her that he was planning to turn to now that this ordeal was over. She had seen things more clearly than he had, been less prone to let her own ego get in the way of good decision making. Now what would he do? He nodded forlornly at Knight Grissuk. "Very well..." His voice was still barely audible over the wind blowing through the nearby trees. He had some decisions to make, ones that were far more difficult without the counsel of master Piim. He would reflect on them for a time, but first there other priorities.

    Turning to the Jedi pouring out of the Pegasus he announced to the newcomers. "Welcome to the Saridona Prime and the Temple of Light. It was the will of the Force that you should be here here, now, in our hour of greatest need. We would be honored if you would all join us as fellow Guardian of Light."

    Upon hearing that the Sith had escaped in a shuttle Taab had taken his leave of the Jedi assembly and headed into the Temple. It would be his job to track down the Sith and her conspirator. He had done similar jobs in the past, and knew that it was a difficult, but not impossible task. He had to move fast though, better to catch their scent before their trail had gone cold. He would leave the union of the Guardians and their new Jedi to the spoonbenders, he had work to do.

    A familiar stench caught his nose, it was one any human male found repugnant, but it was a smell that Taab found almost agreeable. It was the scent of his own companion and fellow tracker and hunter. "Edee," he cried out to his strill, knowing it would come bounding to him. With his face exposed he was sure it would leap up and try to lick his nose, something that though he was happy to see the beast, wasn't looking forward to, but edee didn't come running. "edee?" Taab repeated, this time as a question. He had never known the creature to not respond when called, not unless it was already on it's own hunt. Even then though there should have been...something. Taab came around the corner in the corridor and spied the lifeless form of his strill where it lay on the floor.

    "Edee!" He cried out as he rushed forward and skidded to his knees, cradling the dead animal. It had been killed by a lightsaber, the wounds were easy enough to distinguish, and though Grissuk hand't mentioned edee as one of their victims Taab knew who edee's killers were. Tears streamed down Taab's face, edee had been a gift to his wife, a companion to look after her when her illness and left her homebound. She had loved the animal and had made Taab promise to take care of it after she had died, now he had failed her in that promise as he looked down to her bes'bev that hung on his belt. His eyes hardened as the tears dried up and he made a new promise.

    Though it take a lifetime, he would find Darth Sixtus and Ian Thrace, and he would kill them.

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