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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 13, 2011.

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  1. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Kai Dareagen
    Temple of LIght.

    The Knight is silent, quiet as a tomb. He is going over everything in his mind. His anger, his pain, his loss, he could still feel the emptiness inside him. He can feel the loss of Letali, it weighs heavy on him. He'd failed to keep her safe. Then there is the anger and the hate that overwhelmed him when the Sith revealed himself. He tried to carve his way through the droids and other red blades hate in his eyes. He was suffering, pain in his eyes. He wanted that man to die, to perish by his azure blade.

    Then the lightning sprung from his hands striking everything around. Even through the anger he couldn't approach. Just as soon as it started, it was over. Everything else was a blur until he had arrived back at the temple.

    He is in a haze, the darkness had passed, his job is done. The lights have been protected, they have cast off the dark. He is tried, worn out, and just glad it is over. He had been through so much over such a short time. Now, now he just wants to go, to return to his home, the place where he grew up. He'd learned much and knows he has more to discover, about himself, about the Force.

    He walks towards the hangar, stopping by Taab, the man he started hating, but, had grown to respect.

    "Tell the others, goodbye for me." he says leaning close to the Mandalorian, "And, tell whoever you need to that an X-83 is going to be leaving the hangar." With that he walks away, two lightsabers on his belt. One he came with, the other he received as a trophy. These Jedi would be safe, they no longer need him, and he needs to leave, there is too much pain.

    He climbs up into the flight seat settling in for a long flight. He goes through the pre-flight as quickly as possible, he ready to return home, to go back to Acha, to Connis, and Master Sarr. Without a word he left.

    TAG: Mitth_Fisto, Ananta Chetan, Zurros Ka, ConservativeJedi321, Bardan_Jusik, Rebecca_Daniels, Runjedirun, Coffee_Ninja, The Vanguard, Darth_Elu

    OOC: And with that Kai bows out of this epic, thank you all for reading the adventures of the War Weary Jedi. See you soon.
  2. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 4

    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Suraya Archisa, (NPC) Padawan Sol Skellig
    Temple of Light Hangar

    As the shuttle boarding ramp clacked shut the faces of the Guardians before them were slowly obscured from view. She and Sol took their seats near the front. A Jedi Master who had just returned from an assignment far away from Saridona Prime had offered to escort them both back to their homeworld. The human male did not make any small talk though and appeared absorbed in his own thoughts as if digesting everything that had come to pass during the Sith siege while he had been away.

    By now surely those from their own Jedi order had sent out scouts in order to try to deduce what had happened to them since their abduction by the Sith days ago. She had declined taking the extra time during the aftermath in contacting them and instead readily accepted the offer of the Master Jedi to immediately transport them home.

    The shuttle began to vibrate as it lifted off and she could hear the sound of their pilot flipping switches as the vessel began to accelerate. There had been no victory celebration upon their return to the Temple from the exploding Hellfire. Too many of them had endured too much and were still trying to put all of the pieces together of the debacle. Their success had come at such a cost. So many poor choices they had made individually and as a group. Manipulated and a little jaded was her prevailing mood as she finally looked over at her padawan passenger.

    She had noticed that Sol’s eyes teared-up when she had uttered the word Mirial and told Zey of their intentions to return. His pupils had remained chalk white though, apparently for good, the dark amber hue completely gone. He sat close to her now. He had changed. The virtues he had possessed before the Sith had returned and with a far greater depth of feeling. They still had a lot of work to do to repair the damage that had been done. She too had undergone a transformation. By losing everything and prevailing she felt more free than she ever had felt in her life since becoming a Jedi.

    She had assured Zey that she would relay his message of offering them both a place with the Guardians to the Jedi elders on their homeworld. She could only guess what they would say. Perhaps the Seers in the group would foresee that it was her destiny to live on Saridona Prime, at least for some time. She would surrender to their wise judgment and the will of the Force.

    As their shuttle came out of hyperspace the dry arid sphere that was Mirial came into view. She had to admit she longed to feel its cold climate and wander alone along its barren and desolate landscape again.

    She opened her mouth, wanting to speak, to say something to Sol to mark this moment, but there no words to say. Her silence said everything. She glanced at her padawan instead giving him a familiar grin and placed her hand affectionately on his shoulder for support as they began to disembark. A sea of olive Mirialan faces lined the walkway rushing towards them both once they had been recognized. Suraya looked back over her should momentarily though before being overwhelmed by the crowd and gave a subtle nod of gratitude to Master Chetan.

    TAG Bardan_Jusik Mitth_Fisto galactic-vagabond422 Rebecca_Daniels Zurros Ka ConservativeJedi321 Coffee_Ninja The Vanguard Darth_Elu

    OOC: My first SW RPG has been a fun one. Thanks to our GM and everyone here for the 2+ yrs of creativity that it has inspired.
  3. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Master Kraahn IC:~Jedi Temple, Saridona Prime~

    “I am Grand Master Hector Zey of the Guardians of Light. And we thank you for the rescue.”

    The Guardians of Light? Kraahn could not recall if he had heard of their particular splinter group from the Jedi Order before. But at this current juncture, he supposed it didn’t fully matter.

    “You are welcome, Grandmaster. I am heartened that we could be of some help for the Force brought us here to aid you, of that I am certain.”

    There was a rocking, not small but not violent either, and they knew then that the Star Destroyer known as the Hellfire had exploded, no more a threat to them or anyone else. He may have only just arrived in to shepherd them out to safety, but nonetheless a mental sigh of relief was present in the tchuukthai’s mind.

    After no more than fifteen minutes, the Pegasus had landed outside the Jedi Temple and they were all beginning to disembark. He made sure to allow the Guardians of Light members to exit first as they were most in need of familiar surroundings. When he did leave, allowing Knight Gim, Padawan Kyrell, & Padawan Koji to go ahead first; he looked about pleasantly at the signs and weather of early spring.

    A sign from the Light. All will be well here again after the healings from loss are overcome.

    The enigmatic Jedi Master merely took it all in, his eyes closed now, letting it all sink in. Not even with the Force, just his basic senses was pleasant enough. He remained blissfully idle in this state while everyone else took care of whatever business they needed and conversed with whomever they must.

    Soon, the Grandmaster was turning back to him and the others who had come from the Pegasus. He had seen this coming and so opened his eyes, moving next to the others to receive his words.

    “Welcome to Saridona Prime and the Temple of Light. It was the will of the Force that you be here, now, in our hour of greatest need. We would be honored if you would all join us as fellow Guardians of Light.”

    He bowed his head in respect and gazed up into the sky, clouds lazily dotting here and there to paint a calming masterpiece. As if there had been turmoil or darkness at all. Should he join this group? A Guardian of Light?

    The Force flowed through him, surrounded him, and whispered in his ears. In only the smallest of moments, he came to a decision, his head lowering back down to look at Grandmaster Zey.

    He was here for a reason.

    “I accept.”

    His new journey with the Guardians of Light had only just begun and Kraahn would see it through to the end.

    For there was no death.

    There was The Force.

    Tag: Bardan_Jusik Mitth_Fisto galactic-vagabond422 Rebecca_Daniels Runjedirun ConservativeJedi321 Coffee_Ninja The Vanguard Thane kyrell

    OOC: Even if it was only for the last bit at the end, I thank you for allowing me to dip my toe in and enjoy the role of a Jedi once more. Here's to the future!
  4. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep
    Temple of Light

    The apprehension he felt only mounted as they approached the Jedi Temple, and as Semajj reached out to grasp his long time home in his thoughts he felt its familiar presence engulf him. Though there was something more, a sad sense that made this return feel bittersweet. Something had happened while they were away.
    And why should he be surprised? The whole mission had been a trap for them, and since they had left the second Sith on the surface it ought to be expected she had been part of their plot in one way or another.

    As the Ongree disembarked the ship they were on, he recognized several agitated Jedi waiting to report to the Grand Master. And for a brief moment he considered waiting by until he was dismissed. And partially because he was curious as to what had occurred here.

    But he decided against it. If what had happened was important the Masters would tell him eventually.
    He placed two fingers against the cut on his chin, it would probably heal naturally but the soreness in his side was still present, and that he was not capable of fully diagnosing on his own.

    Semajj took one look back at the gathered Jedi, each going their own way, each touched by this tragedy, and for many this was but the latest in a series of troubled missions.
    He had heard how these kinds always left their mark. But he never really understood until now.
    "May the force be with us all."
    He muttered as he turned, and retraced the steps he had taken mere days earlier. Heading to the med bay, this time to deal with the wounds he himself had sustained.

    Tags: Bardan_Jusik, everyone else

    OOC: It was fun, I came late as well but it certainly felt real to me. Thank you Bardan, and thank you everyone for the great time.:)
  5. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Master star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Temple Hallways

    Kasumi had left the hangar bay rather quickly and quietly. She knew it wouldn't be long before someone here either sense the change in her, or someone...else where sensed it...and would move in on her. After all, she never expected Onyx to still be alive...and she didn't know who else from her past had done the same. Kasumi had lived her life in hiding from the day the Temple was destroyed, to the rebellion, and then until her time started here. It was what she knew, and how she felt safe. Though if you looked at her you would not think that she was older than her 30's....unless you did some realize her true age. No one here had yet to understand her past, nor had she been forth coming with it. But that was neither here nor there...yet. Kasumi was soon joined by her droid friend Buddy. She exchanged her cloth tabards for her leather ones, her regular belt with her old one, her sweat soaked green shirt...with her spare. She then asked Buddy to keep something safe for her and meet her outside. He gladly whistled and went towards the front court yard. Kasumi walked towards the med bay...following her sense as to where Semajj went.

    "I wanted to give something to you. In the face of great danger you showed great courage. I wanted to give you something...something to add to your saber if you choose when you build yours. If you will allow me, I would like to tell you how I came about this." Semajj would be the first to know part of her past.
    Kasumi set foot on the surface of Endor. She felt at home almost at once. She came face to face with the ancient trees that spoke volumes and the green plants shown with life even in the darkness. She thanked the smuggler who was “fixing his ships malfunction” before heading into the forest. For most people, this would not have been the wisest choice, but for Kasumi the forest was in her blood. She played in the forest with her brother growing up, she learned all that she could on her own and with him by her side regarding plants, animals, etc. She found a hollowed out tree…checked it for life so she wasn’t invading another animal’s domain, and made a makeshift bed for herself.
    The next few days Kasumi spent wandering the forest and learning it’s oddities. She could feel herself being watched on some days, but never felt threatened by it. She had been told that the Ewoks that lived there were curious, but she wasn’t about to force them to come out of hiding – after all she was the guest here.
    One night, close to dusk, Kasumi heard what could only be described as a call for help…a fearful call for help. Kasumi used Force Speed to get to the area the sound was coming from. There she found a little bear type creature that she recognized as an Ewok from her studying of Endor. The little one was backed up against a large tree with no place to run as a carnivorous beast began to move in for the kill. Kasumi didn’t think, but rather acted alone. She managed to get to the little one just as the beast closed it’s jaws. The teeth sunk in to her sleeve and upper arm rather than the little one. Once the beast let go, Kasumi took the little one and used Force Speed again to get away from the area, leaving the predator confused and hungry.
    Once they were safe, Kasumi took a moment to try to see if the little one was hurt. From what she could tell the little one wasn’t, but was more concerned about Kasumi’s arm. The small hand kept gently touching the area and there was an apologetic tone to what the little one was trying to say. Kasumi was not able to understand all of it, but a few words she was…through pointing and miming. That night she let the little one show her where he wanted to stay the night. As he fell asleep, Kasumi took her robe and placed it over him so he could stay warm. For the first time since the bite, Kasumi allowed the pain to course through her body. She used a few strips of clothe to make a wrap for her arm and tied it as tight as she could then she reached for what little medicine she had been given and took some to at least keep infection at bay. Once it had taken effect she was able to sleep through most of the pain. She woke only a few times during the night to make sure that the little one was still ok and check the bandage on her arm.

    Kasumi awoke the next morning to find the sun up and her little friend gone. She had slept for too long as she was used to getting up with the sun. She went to move her arm and realized that the bandage had been changed….but from who? The little one appeared to know very little of it. Maybe it was who ever came looking for him. Kasumi shook her robe off and put it on her shoulders as she left the small cave they slept in. As she came out she came face to face with two guards with spears, and an older Ewok that looked like he was the medicine man. Judging by the look the guards were giving her and the hand signals she was being given by the medicine man…that she should go back into the cave and rest. She did so without argument, knowing full well that if they wanted her dead, they would have already made it happen. It looked as if the Ewoks had decided to make themselves known, and they were taking no chances with this new comer.
    *****End Memory****

    "So, the canine tooth I am giving you is from the same Boar Wolf that bit into my arm. The other canine is here....around my neck...and the rest of the tooling on my saber was done by the Ewoks. This is a sign of bravery to the village, so I pass this tooth to you. " She handed him the tooth. "I hope it will add something to your saber, or even just as a reminder of your bravery in that chaos. Please come find me when you are healed. I would be honored to help you move forward within the Force."

    Kasumi bowed to Semajj....and then quietly left the med bay. She made her way outside to meet Buddy who then followed her to a clearing within the woods. It was there that Kasumi built a small pyre. She took from her pouch the necklace of Alderaan that had been around Onyx's neck. It was something she always wore...something she was proud of. It was the last thing she said her mother had given to her before she disappeared. She then took out some of the hilt of Onyx's saber. With that she lit the pyre and stepped back. As the fire burned she remembered her friend, and wished her all the best within the Force. She looked up through the flames and saw the ghost of her friend Thank you my friend. Thank you for honoring me. Thank you for forgiving me. Kasumi just nodded...and watched as the flames danced in the small breeze. She would make this new Temple her home....for as long a the Force willed it.

    Tag: ConservativeJedi321, Bardan_Jusik

    OOC: Thank you all for a great run. I look forward to what is next.
  6. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    His promises made, Taab heaved the body of edee up over his shoulder. His eyes still watered, though not with tears of sadness or anger, the shabla beast seemed to smell even worse dead than it had alive and his senses could barely take it. He let out barking laugh, one that almost caught in his throat. edee would have loved that, that it was making Taab's life miserable even after death. Shaking his head and smiling he brought the animal to the hanger bay and loaded it onto his shuttle. He would bury it far from here, out in the woods, without ceremony or marker as was the Mandalorian tradition. He didn't want to make a fuss over the thing, and didn't want the Jedi to know what he was up to. Exiting his craft in order to open the bay doors manually he was surprised to find Knight Dareagen approaching him.

    "Tell the others, goodbye for me." He leaned in close, he must have been able to smell the stench of strill all over Taab, but he made no mention of it. "And, tell whoever you need to that an X-83 is going to be leaving the hangar." Taab nodded in understanding. Sometimes a man, even a seasoned warrior, could only take so much. Taab had been very near that point just moments ago.

    The Mandalorian reached out and grabbed Dareagen's forearm, shaking his hand in the Mandalorian style. "Ret'urcye mhi jetii." (May we meet again, Jedi), he said before releasing him. With that the Jedi walked away as Taab brought his commlink to his mouth. "TCC, we're going to be having a pair of departures here in a few minutes. X-83 going out on...long patrol, and I'll be taking my shuttle out for a check ride. I'll be back in and hour."

    IC: Hector Zey/Beskaryc Taab
    Grand Hall, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime
    Two Days Later

    Two days. Two days had passed since the defeat of the Sith, the destruction of the Hellfire and the rescue of the Jedi by the Pegasus. Two days had gone by during which the Jedi had licked their wounds and taken stock of what they had won...and lost. Those lost included even a few of the survivors, Knight's Dareagen and Archisa among them, Jedi who had taken advantage of the freedom now afforded them to seek their destiny's elsewhere. From where he stood at the front of the Grand Hall Grand Master Hector Zey didn't begrudge them their decisions. They must now all follow the will of the force.

    His call now now, before all the remaining Jedi all assembled before him, weighed heavily on him as he thought about the loss of so many Jedi, their light snuffed out by the darkness so recently vanquished. It had been a costly victory, but a victory nonetheless. It wasn't, however, an absolute victory. Darth Sixtus had escaped, and she had taken the former padawan Ian Thrace with her. That, along with the losses the Guardians had sustained, had left Zey feeling hollow, this victory tasted of ashes. The feeling was made all the worse as with their foes destroyed or in retreat, the Jedi had nothing to do but think on what had happened even as they got to know the newcomers from the Pegasus. Those meetings had been informal, low key, everyone had felt drained by recent events. This was the first formal assembly of the Guardians of Light, and Zey was reminded how he had stood here so recently to take on the honor, and responsibility, of the title Grandmaster.

    Zey looked out over the crowd, most of the warriors from the Hellfire mission were out in front, though Taab and Knight Rand were nearer the rear of the Hall. Their rescuers from the Pegasus mingled in among them, fast bonds had formed between the two groups. The Pegasus Jedi had found this place through a calling in the force just as many of the Guardians originally had. The timing of their arrival was also the will of the force as was their decision to join with the Guardians and leave the New Jedi Order behind. None of them wished the NJO ill will, but out here, undetected and unseen in the Unknown Regions they could accomplish their goals better than they could under the spotlight of the Galactic Trimvirate. Out here politics could, and did, take a back seat to hearing the call of the force. Zey could hear it much more clearly now as well, his ambition blunted by his failure. His ego battered by his near defeat. By rights they should all be dead save for the will of the force. He had played his part in that of course, he knew that and it gave him solace. But his own machinations, his own stubborness had nearly derailed that, had nearly cost them much more than the steep price already exacted upon them. It was why he now had to do what he knew he must. He called the assembled Jedi, those who remained, to order.

    "Guardians," he began, his voice loud so they could all hear him, but without the command presence it had once held. "As you all know we have gained and lost much over the past few weeks." There were a few nods but no sound yet from the Jedi as Zey tried to make eye contact with each and every one. "Our freedom has been secured, and though we have paid a terrible price for the freedom, the force has also seen to guide others to our cause." He acknowledged the Jedi newly arrived on the Pegasus with a gesture of his hand. "In the future there will be more battles to fight, it is not the nature of the darkness, or the Sith, to lie dormant. Even if their schemes and the evil they bring forth is not out in the open it exists, in the darkness." He held his head up high now. "As Guardians of the Light it is our role to shed light on the darkness, to stamp out their schemes and ensure that the oppression of the Sith never return." More nods, and even a few murmured agreements could be heard from the mouths of Jedi like Al'Kesh and Reese.

    "In these times, we must have a steady hand at the helm, to guide us, to listen and truly hear the will of the force." His chin dropped to his chest as he closed his eyes before taking in a deep breath. "However recent events have shown that I am not up to the task of remaining your leader, not as Grandmaster." There were some gasps from the Jedi though most were quiet in stunned silence. "To hear the will of the force is not up to one being, one individual, it takes a group, a community of Jedi to truly hear every aspect of the force and put that will into action."

    There were a few nods in agreement out there now. "For that reason, we will be installing a new GoL Council, made up of wise and experienced Masters to guide us." The agreement became more pronounced. Before the arrival of the Pegasus, the GoL's numbers had led to a small Council, half made up of fledgling Jedi Knights. After the departure of Grandmaster Decinchi it had been dominated by Grandmaster Zey, who now explained how things would be different. "No longer will we be reliant on, and subject to the failings, of one man. All Council members will have an equal voice, and equal opportunity to listen to and interpret what they hear through the force." There was applause now as Zey introduced the members of the Council, and announced that he would be retaining a spot on it. "I am glad at the very least that my short tenure as Grandmaster saw the arrival of new Jedi, but I cannot forget that my actions led to the loss of so many. We may be stronger now than we were, but we could have been so much stronger still. I hope that this added strength is a harbinger of things to come for the Guardians of Light."

    Meanwhile, in the back of the room, Beskaryc Taab slipped silently out of the door and headed to the hanger bay. He had seen enough to know that when he returned things would be different. It didn't bother him, though his presence had been tolerated here, he had never truly been working for the Guardians, more like with them. His employer was, elsewhere, and he was sure to pay Taab well for his role in protecting the Temple of Light.

    "So, you're leaving us as well?" The sudden question, and presence, of Knight Elim Rand startled Taab, and his hand started towards his holstered sidearm before he stopped himself. The shabla Jedi must have seen him leave the Grand Hall and followed after him.

    "There is still work to be done," Taab grunted. "Sixtus and Thrace, they represent a threat to this place, a place I'm duty bound to protect." The Jedi nodded sagely. He understood Taab's feelings of duty all to well, but did he understand how personal this all was to Taab now? The Mandalorian doubted it.

    Taab looked at the boarding ramp of his shuttle, the Unnecessary Force, before looking back to the Jedi Knight and the Temple hanger around him. He donned his repaired buy'ce and activated the helmet's sensor suite. Giving a wave to Rand he stalked up the shuttle's boarding ramp. He'd be back.

    TAG: All.

    OOC: For those that haven't yet, feel free to post any character epilogues now. I'll be posting my own final epilogue and locking the game in about a week or so so you have until then.
  7. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016
    IC: Koji Vansyph
    Temple of Light, Grand Hall

    Koji stood among his brothers and sisters as Grand Master Zey delivered his elocution. He had continued to think hard about Master Zey's invitation to join the Guardians. So much had transpired in recent months, and the Force did not operate by chance or accident. He knew he needed to remain here, but he was a Padawan - sworn to the apprenticeship of Jedi Master Chetan. Koji needed to discuss recent events with him. He would finish his training, the right way.

    The summoning ended, and Koji continued to mingle among the other Jedi.

    His future was unsure, but the Lorrdian knew he was needed as much as he needed to be there.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik Ananta Chetan // Everyone Else :p
  8. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Three months later, Inky Raven pub, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    Taab sat in a corner of the dark and musty pub, his back to the rearmost wall as he kept an eye on the entrance. He was dressed down for the occasion, cargo pants and a bantha hide jacket over standard combat utilities. It was his idea of keeping a low profile, though anyone who took notice of him would immediately peg him as either an outlaw or bounty hunter, probably not a Mandalorian one, but an individual not to be trifled with. Of course everyone in the pub seemed to enthralled by the various holos hung around the bar, the ones showing a local meshgeroya match. That suited Taab just fine, the fewer folks taking an interest in him the better, though he couldn't understand their seeming obsession with what amounted to a child's game. Taab knew it was the national pastime of Mando'ade as well, one that cut across clan and House lines, but it was something he had never had the remotest interest in. Time spent playing or watching such a game was time better spent training, or on the job as he now was.

    He had arranged this meet up over a month ago, well his employer had asked for it and Taab had chosen the location. In retrospect Taab wished it had been on a seedier world, one with a reputation for looking the other way, but the trail of Darth Sixtus and Ian Thrace had grown gone cold here, and now Taab was hoping to use the occasion to pick it back up somehow. That effort had not gone well. The freighter they had hijacked after abandoning their stolen shuttle had originated from here, but hadn't shown up anywhere else yet. Taab knew the local insurance company found that as vexing as he did, and so he was here to pick their brains as well.

    The door opened again, admitting the man he was to meet. He was not trying to blend in as much as Taab was, but his dark hooded robes concealed his face, and thus his identity, well. From what Taab suspected he would casually wipe any memory of himself from their minds on his way out anyway. The patrons at the bar however didn't even spare a glance his way as he made his way to Taab's table.

    "Your mission is over, I have no further need for your presence among the Jedi on Saridona Prime." Taab nodded at the Money's simple to the point statement. Taab never did figure out how his employer knew of the Jedi's presence there, or why he had paid him so much to protect them, but for the sum it didn't matter. "You have served the cause well." He handed over a payment chit, the rest of the agreed upon amount, half of which Taab had received up front those many months ago.

    "And my bonus? There are 287 Jedi living there now and at..."

    The Money's eyes, as much as they could be seen by Taab under his hood, grew wide. "That many?" He seemed surprised, but not bothered by the increase in the Jedi's numbers. When Taab had been sent, there were but a handful of Jedi to be expected. More had arrived, seemingly every day at first before others had been rescued from their Rakatan imprisonment. Still others had arrived on the Pegasus, and now once again it seemed new members arrived on a nearly daily basis, drawn to the Temple, guided to it by the force. "At last count, there might be more now. I've been gone for a few weeks."

    "So you don't know, it could be less." The Money was toying with him now, Taab could see it in his not quite smile. Despite the moniker Taab had hung on him, money meant little to this being, but Taab was too old and too busy to be playing games. "You question my honor dar'jetii?" he nearly growled low under his breath.

    Now the Money did smile sickly. "You knew..."

    Taab leaned back in his chair, pleased with himself. "I suspected, you confirmed. In fact when the Hellfire showed up, I thought it was you..."

    The Sith leaned forward and closing his fingers together used the force to clap Taab's mouth shut. "Thought? You weren't paid to think, you would have known had I arrived." The Money dropped his smile and released Taab's lips. He drew out another payment chit, this one containing enough to cover Taab's full bonus and then some, and deposited it on the table. "You are hereby discharged from service Bounty Hunter."

    Taab accepted the money and got up to leave, but bent low to whisper in the Money's ear first. "One more thing, one of the Sith escaped, a woman." Taab stood tall as the Money's eyes flashed yellow for a moment, "Sixtus," it was not a question, but Taab nodded to confirm. "She was helped by a padawan, a young man named Thrace."

    "She turned him," the Sith said in an oily voice. "She intends to re-institute the Rule of Two, how quaint." He mulled things over for a moment, frowning as he did so. Taab had excused himself, but still he stood there. The wizened old bounty hunter had a sense of what was coming next, the good ones always recognized a job opportunity. "That is an annoyance, but a potentially harmful one. It seems that my own interests and that of these Jedi," he spat out the word, almost as a curse, "again coincide." Taab nodded again, a wry smile formed on his face. "I want you to find those two, and kill them. Standard rates for bringing me a dead force user."

    "Double," Taab insisted, though for these two he would have done the job for free.

    The Money hissed in response. "Standard rates bounty hunter." He waved away Taab's demand. "They are an annoyance, nothing more."

    Taab stood there silent for a moment before nodding his assent. The standard rate had been for bringing in Jedi during the war. These were different times, but the quarry was much the same. He nodded his acceptance of the terms. "As you wish."

    TAG: The End.

    OOC: I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in making this such a fun (and long lasting) game. First Sinrebirth, who came up with the general concept of this game spanning across the many EUC and SWC fanclubs. Sadly though the primary purpose there failed due to DRL, it did give us the impetus for this game and brought many new users to the RPF and EUC as well.

    Secondly CPL_Macja, our original GoL Co-GM. You set the scene for us on Saridona Prime and the Temple of Light. Before Darth Real Life took your time from us in the game, you created a friendly and fun environment for us to all play in. I can only hope that I've lived up to the expectations you had of me when you handed over the reins.

    Lastly, a special thanks to Trieste who let me borrow the Inky Raven Pub for this post. The pub is his creation for the Elite League Limmie Game played right here on the RPF. For those that don't know of it, check it out, it's a great time.

    To all of the players, whether you were there from the beginning, or the reboot after the move, or the second reboot after I took on the task of keeping the game going, or a newcomer for the tail end of our game. I hope you've enjoyed playing the game as much I have enjoyed running it. Without you all there would be no game to play. You brought the game to life through your characters, their highs became the game's highs, and their lows became the reader's lows. So thank you all for the time and effort you put into the game and your characters, they have been an absolute joy to read.

    Now, one final thing. The Guardians of Light will return in our follow up game, Legacy of the Guardians.
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