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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 13, 2011.

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  1. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005
    OCC: I may not get to post tomorrow, I'm not sure so I am posting this today.

    Sinre Approved!

    Name: Treysk Jay?su
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Species: Bothan
    Planet of Birth: Bothawui
    Rank: Master
    Weapon Description: A green lightsaber, the handle wrapped in a cloth handed down from his father.
    Starfighter: R-28 starfighter
    Biography: Tresyk, previously a member of the Jedi Order, fled to join the Guardians of Light after claiming that the Force literally ?told? him too. Many have inquired Treysk as to what he meant by the statement, and Treysk has refused to comment any further on the matter. He is a very quite Bothan, which breaks many stereotypes, but the very fact that he does not tend to socialize with others makes others suspicious of him. Tresyk claims to be a ?slave to the will of the Force?, which garnered a lot of unwanted attention from fellow Jedi about his choice of wording. Tresyk makes absolutely no apologies for the way he is, what he says, or what he does. He is totally and fully devoted to the Force, and for now he thinks the Force wants him to serve with the Guardians of Light.
    Apperance: [image=]
  2. The_Zeltron

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    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Saridona Prime

    Gaan Be'orar leaned back thoughtfully. A Jedi Guardian, she was hardly the best advisor for her two companions, but she was more than willing to act, and they would need action eventually. In the meantime, she would give what advice she could. When Josch Decinchi seated himself beside her, Gaan shook her head to clear her thoughts, and looked over at him.

    "Who else wishes the old masters would just show up and tell us what we need to do?" He raised his hand, and Gaan smiled.

    "But that would make it too easy, Master," she teased, trying to lighten his mood. Only a Knight, he was yet the acting Grand Master of their tiny order, and had many cares on his shoulders. Gaan hoped she could at least make him smile. She couldn't remember ever seeing him smile out of merriment since she arrived. The Jedi Master with them put forth her suggestions and opinions, and Gaan spoke after she was done.

    "Masters, I am not good at strategy. My forte is action. Tell me what you want done, and I'll do it, but, unless you want my opinion on something more warlike, or on an already-mapped-out plan, I will be of very little help to you. Not to say I am not willing to be here, and listen, and give any suggestions I may have, but that I can be expected to be silent most of the time, and have little to say on most things. I apologize for this, Masters, but it is my nature, especially as a Guardian."

    Gaan sat back again, listening in silence for what the others would say.

    TAG: Josch, Fey-Li

    IC: Shaula Raesha - Unknown Regions

    Shaula Raesha was alone on a scouting mission two systems from her fellow Jedi. She hated.... disliked being alone, especially deep in space, in her StealthX. Come to think of it, she disliked being in her fighter, period. So far she had seen nothing, and had nothing to report.

    Suddenly, though, the craft shook, and she was thrown forward against her harness. Turning in her seat, she saw nothing that could have caused the disruption, and turned back to her scanners. Still nothing. Again the ship rattled, and Shaula quickly scanned sensors and visuals. Nothing. She reached out with the Force, and again there was nothing.

    Checking to make sure her com was set up on the encrypted Jedi channel, she turned it on, and made a brief report.

    "Shaula Raesha, reporting in. Experiencing unexplained disruptions in ship's stability. Nothing sighted, and nothing on scanners. Caution would be advised in this area. Should I check it out? Over."

    TAG: Chu'unthor
  3. JediMaster1511

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    Jul 15, 2010
    IC: Rid Malt - Chu?unthor II

    Rid was sitting at his console when he received a transmission from Shaula Raesha. She was sent on a scouting mission to explore a region for possible allie systems or even supplies. Rid had been awaiting contact from her as he did his work.

    "Shaula Raesha, reporting in. Experiencing unexplained disruptions in ship's stability. Nothing sighted, and nothing on scanners. Caution would be advised in this area. Should I check it out? Over."

    Rid lifted the commlink and sat there for a moment thinking.

    "This Rid Malt on the Chu'unthor II. A mysterious disruption you say? That's interesting....." He trailed off briefly as he made a entry log. "Any signs of a planet that produce such a thing? Or even a habitable planet? Over." He asked and awaited an answer. "At any rate, you can return. I'll send another scouting crew out there, but no sense leaving there alone in a potentially hostile situation, not until we knoe whether it is hostile or not. I expect a full report upon your return. I'll see you when you return Shaula. Rid Malt out."

    Rid set down the commlink and loked back down at his console. There was no two ways about it, they needed to restock. They needed to figure out a way to run more effeciently as well. The Padawan and Master scouting the ship would aid in that with their findings. He would need to speak to everyone as soon as possible.

    TAG: Shaula, other Jedi
  4. The_Zeltron

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    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Shaula Raesha - Unknown Regions

    There was silence on the other end of the com for a minute, then a male voice responded, "This is Rid Malt on the Chu'unthor II. A mysterious disruption you say? That's interesting....." He trailed off momentarily, and Shaula assumed he was noting down what she'd reported, like any good officer. "Any signs of a planet that produce such a thing? Or even a habitable planet? Over."

    "No planets in sight whatsoever, Malt. Nothing on the sensors, either, as reported. Over."

    "At any rate, you can return. I'll send another scouting crew out there, but no sense leaving there alone in a potentially hostile situation, not until we know whether it is hostile or not. I expect a full report upon your return. I'll see you when you return, Shaula. Rid Malt out."

    Shaula paused, then nodded briefly, shutting off the com. "Alright, Malt." She turned her ship, and engaged the hyperdrive.

    TAG: No one
  5. JediMaster1511

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    Jul 15, 2010
    IC: Rid Malt - Chu?unthor II

    Rid listened as Shaula updated him on the planetary status, or lack there of, in her vicinity. After he finished te transmission he nade a note of what she told him and marked th coordinates. It would certainly be a place worth investigateing in the future. For now other things were calling to him and he had to handle those.

    He stood up at his console and stretched a bit. "I'm takeing a break for now. Everyone here can handle things now." Truth be told, he wasn't sure if he was alone or not, he hadn't looked up the entire time. for all he knew he was babbling to no one and looking like a mad man. IF anyone asked he's just chalk it up to stress, afterall he wouldn't be lying.

    Rid stepped out into the hallway and emersed himself into thought. He couldn't help but think of her, and wonder where she was. He sent out another attempted commune through the bond, but wasn't sure if this one would work. The countless others he sent seemed to go unanswered, but he kept trying. He thought that surely one day he'd get something back. As he walked down the hallway he carried the anxiousness he had since she had left. He spent every moment waiting for a response, hopeing deperately she would oblige.

    Rid walkd down the haa and came up on a window. he rested as he stared out of it, wndering where in all the darkness of the galaxy, she could have gone. He stood there a bit forelorn, almost hopeing someone would come along and distract him, even if it was only momentarily.

    TAG: Gaan, Jedi on Chu'unthor II
  6. Darth_Lexis

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    Jan 27, 2009

    Name: Zeraac (has not used it for decades)
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Sith Title: Lexis
    Planet of Birth: Onderon
    Lower half of face is always cloaked in darkness.
    Rank/Faction: Initiate/Acolytes of Darkness
    Weapon Description: Darksword; magically imbued with darkside energy to resist lightsaber attacks.
    Ship: [link=]YT-2000 ?Roving Archive? [/link]
    At the age of 13, the young homeless Onderonian found his way into the catacombs beneath the Palace in Iziz. He discovered there the ancient spellbooks and scrolls which once belonged to Sith Sorcerers of the royal family. Not knowing how to translate the Sithese he scoured the rest of the remains for any key to learning the ancient language. In his searching he found only one name, Ambria.

    Ambria was another planet not too far away, but he needed a ship to take him there. He decided to steal a light freighter from a small group of pirates who had been raiding the local merchants.

    One day the pirates found his horde of documents and began poking fun at him. In a fit of rage he took up a blade against the three, striking them down with the power his anger gave to him. He fled from the local authorities in the vessel knowing that he could never return to his home planet.

    Upon reaching Ambria he discovered the ruins of a Sith Sorceress? tower. Amongst the rubble he found an amulet that once he placed it around his neck he was instantly able to translate his tomes. He spent the next 16 years traveling the galaxy searching out the written knowledge of Ancient Sith Sorcery and collecting them with in his new roving home. He has studied the tomes so thoroughly that he no longer requires the amulet to translate the ancient text.

    So far the only ?spell? that he has attempted was to imbue his sword with darkside energy. His final journey has brought him to the Acolytes of Darkness, so that he may learn the ways of the Sith.
  7. RX_Sith

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    Mar 13, 2006
    [hl=black]Representing the Ancient Sith Empire[/hl]

    Approved by Darth_Dreadwar

    Sith Name: N/A
    Name: Purga Illuminati (The 'Enlightened Retributionist')
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: N/A
    Species: Kissai
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Affiliation: True Sith Empire
    Rank: Kissai Dark Master
    Appearance: Purga has a chameleon-like appearance, one in which no one has actually seen what it really looks like.

    Personality: Purga has one and that is of total evil and retribution towards those that he despises.

    Powers: Sith magic and alchemy and other mystical forces. All conventional dark side powers. Master of imbueing multiple magical and mystical dark attributes and abilities on himself or those that he wants to influence.

    Personal effects: N/A

    Weapons: Unknown.

    Appearances: These are but many forms/guises Purga takes. His true form is unknown as it is constantly changing.






    Purga Illuminati is a chameleon-type of character given his use of alchemy, magic, and other various Ancient Sith practices and forces. He is both a Force-Shapeshifter and a master magician. He is a character where his outward look of him would change due to the mystical forces that he projects to those that see him. His role is that of one who can imbue characters (as well as himself, of course) with various magical, and alchemy-type abililities along with using things to camoflage either himself or others as needed while also being like a priest wherein you have to go to a secluded area where he practices his various mystical ways.

    His exact age and location of his homeworld are unknown, but he has been influencing the Galaxy for a long, long time. He uses his deceptional abilities to work these systems into something that he can have control over and more. He not only deals with the political avenue, but also the religious one as well, and even with magic and other mystical areas where he convinces inhabitants of various planents into believing that he is a divine being of some sort. He is their "god-like" figurehead, telling them to build mysterious places and artifacts while subjecting pain and torture to those that would oppose him thus maintaining a form of fear over each society that he is a part of or influences. He has started multiple cult-like operations where emissaries under his affects train certain assasin-like characters like Savage Opress who lives on Dathomir in the Clone Wars cartoon. He is one of the figureheads there influencing their culture to breed these warriors who obey due to the Nightsisters' influence which he taught to them. In other words, he maintains a constant fingerprint on multiple cultures within the Star Wars galaxy.

    He's a secret mystic, with messianic followings on numerous planets, manipulating the politics of the Chiss, etc. Purga's also opening up political avenues in the galaxy, and using his mystic power to gain religious power over various cultures and Force using organizations to do his evil doings.

    He is influencing the Nightsisters, along with the Chiss and basically any other faction or planet that he wants to based on his master plan of using these various dark side cultures and societies to not only make war with any kind of Republic or good faction, but also, plan different things that would affect the Republic, whether that would be anything from destroying a military depot to rendering an entire planet inhospitable. In essence, anything that gains him further influence into multiple cultures, but also leaving a mysteriousness to him that he will eventually incorporate into the Chiss realm as well as other known or even unknown regions.

  8. Evil Incarnate

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    Aug 18, 2003
    [link=]Battle Music[/link]

    IC: Darth Strages
    In the arena aboard the Dark Renewal, hyperspace

    Darth Strages stood silently beside the other two Sith. One was just an apprentice, a young girl though she possessed a talent beyond her years. The other was Darth Lledrith, a man mostly unknown to him just a year ago who was now his master. This relationship formed from nothing when he had saved his life using Dark Sith Alchemy and Magic. Strages was now more whole than he had ever been in his life, as a power he once was unable to tap now flowed through his being along with the force. He had tapped this power briefly before his death, it had caused this very arena to be wrecked beyond repair in a vicious wave of uncontrolled power.

    All was still in the arena as it's new combatants waited to see who would make the first move. Would it be the constructs of the enemy, or would it be the lords of the dominion? The power continued to flow through him as he waited, urging him to tap it's glorious warmth. With a sudden flash the girl lashed out, her lightsaber spinning furiously toward the enemy cyborgs. As quickly as it had began, the lightsaber stopped spinning and launched directly at the chest of the cyborg in the very center like glowing red hyphen of death.

    Adrenaline surged through his veins as the feeling he had been waiting for signaled him into motion. The Battle Meditation had at last begin. He snapped the fingers on his right hand as they shot outward toward the enemies on his left, a spark was created in his palm which began to turn into a stream of electricity. His left foot shot back causing the lighting to swirl around his body in the direction of the motion as it grew, feeding off the atmosphere in the ship. He brought his right hand back to meet his left with streaks of lighting trailing behind. As the right met the left it created more sparks adding fuel to the electric current swirled around his body in a frenzy of light. Locking his eyes on the three cyborgs nearest him, he thrust his hands toward them while shifting his weight in their direction. The lighting swirled furiously towards his enemies as he finally began to funnel his own dark power into the energy field.

    Electricity to find the metal, and dark energy to quench the life.

    TAG: Sinre, Nick, Tee, Evil

    IC: Darth Lledrith
    In the arena aboard the Dark Renewal, hyperspace

    Everything aboard this damn ship centered around the arena, even the Dominion's enemies seemed lured to it as if by some dark call. Kye'El was sick of the ship, sick of these games played among the sith. But most of all he was just homesick. He grew more so as every lightyear passed in their nearing of Ascendancy.

    The enemies seemed to be waiting for a signal of some sort, or perhaps they wait for us to move first. He had no way of being sure. The creatures seemed to be made all of parts from the same bodies merged with that of some old rusty droids. The process used to create them left little to be admired. They had either been created by someone who either had no aptitude art of alchemy, or by someone who did not care about what he was making. Though he could not know which, he could see every flaw and weakness in the design. The methods used to create these abominations had been crude at best, but the power that held them together was stronger then most sith could muster. The weakness here lay in the very power used to create them. Pulling at one thread could almost cause them to fall apart.

    "Let this be a lesson to my enemies," he said to himself, "to never use my own tricks against me." Lledrith smiled. He began an incantation of Sith Magic that would empty the vessels of their power piece by piece. He had developed this spell on the moon of Khar Shian to deconstruct some of the leftover constructions of Naga Sadow. His allies with a sudden fury as the battle meditation took effect. With the hiss of the fina
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    Nov 29, 2008
    [hl=green]Co-GM Update[/hl]

    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light
    Thirty-Six Hours Ago in the Kennels

    Ryi Kor?Le had been tasked to tend the animals that now called the Temple their homes. Primarily they belonged to either her or her sister, but she was too busy being ?initiated? to worry herself over the care of their exotic pets. She had taken to staying in her armor when tending to the animals to benefit from her helmet?s built-in air scrubbers. As she was about to feed the slobbering beasts their afternoon meal a message flashed across her field of vision.

    ***A fellow Mandalorian, Beskaryc Taab, will be arriving shortly. You are to keep eyes on him at all times while he is in the Temple of Light. Upon his arrival you are to assist him in re-establishing the internal/external security of the Temple. Should the Mandalorian begin behaving out of the norm, you are to report your findings immediately.***

    The cryptic message was not signed, nor could she tell who it came from, but she was certainly going to be on the lookout for any incoming Mandalorians. Especially one of the male persuasion.
    Council Chambers
    Knight Sentinel Decinchi sighed deeply, ?Who else wishes the old masters would just show up and tell us what we need to do?? He raised his hand and watched to see if his fellows would join him.

    "But that would make it too easy, Master," Knight Guardian Be?orar teased, trying to lighten his mood. "Masters, I am not good at strategy. My forte is action. Tell me what you want done, and I'll do it, but, unless you want my opinion on something more warlike, or on an already-mapped-out plan, I will be of very little help to you. Not to say I am not willing to be here, and listen, and give any suggestions I may have, but that I can be expected to be silent most of the time, and have little to say on most things. I apologize for this, Masters, but it is my nature, especially as a Guardian." she sat back again, listening in silence for what the others would say.

    Master Sentinel Investigator Cytei raised her hand and said aloud, "I think that recording bears investigating as at least a secondary priority. Maybe it's nothing, but it could always be the Force trying to lead me there."

    The Force was leading them somewhere but the question was to where. To the Ruins? To the Mysteries of Temple? To the ones that destroyed their probot? To the other secrets of Saridona Prime? As the three sat and contemplated what they should do next, a fourth entity joined them in the chambers. None of the three bothered to look up to see who had entered. They all knew that it was the Padawan of Fey-Li Cytei, the Kauti boy Jakran Ulda. The young one cleared his throat, as if the Masters had not realized he was there. Still sitting as they were, Fey-Li addressed her pupil, ?Speak child.?

    ?The preparations are complete my Master, we have all gathered in the Great Hall.? With this proclamation, the three Elder Jedi opened their eyes and rose to their feet without a word. ?I will go and light the beacon so that the Ceremony may commence. Once I have completed my task I will return to the Hall as instructed.? He bowed and exited the chamber.

    Josch looked at his fellows and gave a slight grin, ?Well at least one of our orders of business have been taken care of.? He then lead them from the Council Chambers to the Grand Hall for the Padawan Inauguration.
    Grand Hall
    Standing on the high platform in the Hall was Master Fey-Li. Even though she was not currently the Grand Master, she was asked to officiate the elevation of the initiates, Rischa Kor?le and Alisha Tano, to the rank of Padawan and to oversee their pairing to their Masters. The two Knights had deliberated with Master Fey-Li while they tested the initiates? knowledge over the past several months. They had each answered t
  10. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC Beskaryc Taab
    Grand Hall, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Taab watched the proceedings with mixed emotions. He was glad to have been included. Not because he didn't want to feel left out, but because it was something new he was learning about the jettise, always a potential enemy in the future. He was surprised that the acting Grandmaster, the one he called spoonbender, had allowed him to witness this. Of all the jedi here, he was the one that seemed to trust him the least.

    He wondered if the Kor'le sisters had helped with his acceptance into the group. Taab had known their father, not well, but enough that he had recognized Ryi's armor, and she his. He had been shocked to see them alive, and even more shocked to see that Risca had joined the jedi. Taab wondered if his mysterious benefactor (whom Taab simply called "The Money") had known that they were out here and had planned their meeting. In any case he knew he was going to have to sit them down and have a talk with them. He may have a job to do, but there was Mando business that needed to be discussed as well, and he was sure they were not going to like it.

    Without moving his head, he did another 360 degree sweep of the area. Just because there was a ceremony going on didn't mean security concerns could be forgotten. Nothing seemed amiss so he focused on Ryi. Her armor had been polished to a spit-shine, it was clear that this was as important to her as it was to her sister. He had not had much time to talk to Ryi (though he knew she was keeping an eye on him), and had been kept away from Risca entirely. The ceremony seemed to be coming to a close when a bothan jedi entered the Hall. Perfect, a distraction. Taab felt now was a good time to get the ball rolling. He opened a secure com-link to Ryi's buy'ce. "Ryi, you should know that my son and I buried your father. He was a good man. The Skiratas have his armor, they are keeping it for you and your sister should you ever return." He paused for a moment and than continued, "Frankly, when you two didn't come back I thought you had both been taken by slavers. I need to speak with both of you. Alone. Away from the aruetiise. Think you can handle that?"

    TAG: Ryi. To a lesser extent, the rest of the GoL.
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    Mar 27, 2005
    IC: Treysk Jay'su
    Docking Bay, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Steam rushed out from under his R-28 starfighter as it sat down on one of the landing pads. Sitting there for just a moment, the Bothan took in his surroundings. The Force was so alive on this planet, it felt like it was hung within the air itself. Or, perhaps, it is the humidity, Treysk thought to himself. His large brown eyes scanned the docking bay, watching the workers and even the droids seemed to be wary of the Bothan. Slowly, his eyes fell closed and he immeresed himself in the Force.

    "Are you sure this is what you have for me?" Treysk asked aloud in the cockpit of the fighter.

    After a few moments,


    The Bothan's eyes snapped open. A smile spread across his face. His cockpit started to retract and the Bothan Jedi Master made his way out of the fighter with no help from the workers or the droids. He landed on the dark landing pad, and stood up slowly as the steam from his fighter swirled around him. They all seemed to move even farther away from him. Treysk had soon become use to the reaction that he had gotten from most people through-out the galaxy. He had been wonderng the galaxy for almost a whole decade, a lone Jedi Master serving out justice and being a slave to the will of the Force. Now the Force had told him to come to Saridona Prime. He saw the nearest worker, a young human boy with dark dirty smudges on his face.

    "You, boy." Treysk called out. The young man gulped, looking to his friends for help. Their eyes found the ground, not willing to glance up. Slowly, he approached.

    "Where may I find the Grandmaster?" Treysk asked.

    "Uh, he, um, they are in the Grand Hall." He squeaked.

    "Take me there," Treysk said. The boy squirmed, kicking his feet.

    "What is it?" Treysk asked.

    "The Padawan Inauguration is going on right now, er, sir." The boy said.

    "Perfect," The Bothan smiled, flashing his white fangs.


    Grand Hall

    Treysk entered the Grand Hall, thanks to the docking bay worker. The Bothan saw that the Ceremony was just wrapping up. It had been a very long time since he had seen so many Jedi gathered in one place.

    "Greetings my fellow Jedi. I happen to be Treysk Jay?su. The Force told me to find the Guardians of Light ? New Jedi Order. So I thought I would stop on by to see what you all were up to?? Treysk said aloud. Just for a moment he closed his eyes. He wondered if he could sound anymore cheesy at the moment, and probably should have rehearsed what to say before he spoke. He approached the throng of people, the Padawans being assigned new Masters, and looked for the Grandmaster of the Gaurdians.

    TAG: GoL members
  12. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Admiral Stazi
    Aboard the Alliance, Metellos system

    [blockquote]The Alliance shook with the rumble of its cannons, and the Sith Dragon broke into pieces, shattering fully and completely. The half a dozen Annhilator fighters seemed to consider fighting on, and then they withdrew, jumping into hyperspace. Another victory for the triumvirate, Stazi sighed.

    The war hadn't quite ended seven years ago at the Battle of Coruscant. The death of Veed and madness of the Sith Troopers post-Krayt had crippled the Sith Imperials, but the rise of Empress Marasiah Fel to the throne, as a woman presiding over High HuMan Culture, had caused sufficient problems for her faction that the relative weakness of the Jedi and Alliance Navy had been unable to compensate fully, and elements of the conflict, including a resurgence under self-proclaimed Emperor Darth Kimerus and then the Regent Alfred, after his death. The Chancellor of the Senate had been embroiled in the machinations of yet another Sith, Darth Wyyrlok V, who had recently caused an outbreak of the Candorian Plague to go galactic, and to manipulate Mandalore Karr into conflict with the Senate, but that crisis had just passed.

    Still, engagements had a tendency to flare up occasionally, and contact with whole regions of the galaxy had been surprisingly difficult. The Hapans had been slowly coerced from neutrality, and the Chiss still had yet to properly respond to contact. But the triumvirate seemed to have obtained Intel as to why; the One Sith remnants, several prominent members of which were still missing, had been popping up in systems from the Core to the Rim, all in the territories between the Chiss and triumvirate-loyal factions, and all had the tendency to withdraw into the Unknown Regions, rather than elsewhere. The first few times had been dismissed as attempts to trick the triumvirate into causing issue with the Chiss, but new reports had suggested that the late Emperor Fel had withdrew from Chiss Space in 135 ABY because of internal issues, rather than as an effort to cause issue for the Sith Imperials.

    And so Stazi had came to the conclusion that the One Sith may have taken command of Csilla.

    "I think it is time to launch an expedition," he said, to no-one in particular, as the casualties reports rolled in, another pointlessly costly engagement. The triumvirate agreed, and so a force was prepared, consisting of all the elements represented by the triumvirate; Alliance vessels, Imperial fighter squads, Jedi and Imperial Knights - the allies were coming to Csilla, and they'd have a galaxies-worth of back-up if they wanted it.[/blockquote]

    Unknown location

    [blockquote]The Dark Lord of the Sith leaned on his saberstaff, and scowled. Between old reports from Talon, and updates from Hapes, he could only conclude that the situation was as he had surmised; a group of Sith Troopers had indeed somehow bypassed their death-programming, perhaps as a result of them being posted to the Dorin system and due to the interference of its black holes, and had started mass-producing themselves again. Enough secret Dragon and Annhilator shipyards had gone missing or been reported lost to Sith Trooper suicide that some had been unaccounted for, and now they had regained to prominence.

    It was ridiculous enough with all these pretenders, and regents, and the occasional insane One Sith - the self proclaimed Darth Wyyrlok V being an operative example, and an immense embarrassment to his mother and siblings - to contend with and remove, but the Dark Lord was struggling to make the One Sith irrelevant again. They had to be hidden, and infiltrate the galaxy in anticipation of bringing it down from within. This was impossible with the triumvirate looking for them all the time. While the Jedi would always be on the look out, the government would not be, and in a generation or three the galaxy would stop caring or forget. This wouldn't happen - couldn't happen - as long as One Sith remnants sought to remain vali
  13. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Aboard the Wrath of Vader, depths of the Unknown Regions

    [blockquote]Darth Insipid knew that he was but a speck of dust within the eons of time that the True Sith had existed. Through their Rakatan slaves, they had carved out an Infinite Empire, only to be caught in the maelstrom of divine warfare that had been the True Sith War, over five millennia before the Republic had even been formed. They had been vanquished from this galaxy for many millennia, rebuilding their strength before Revan and the Exile defeated them. This he knew from the Sith Holocron of Darth Voren, who had been made privy to the factions that Revan truly represented before his untimely demise. The Holocron of Darth Andeddu had provided him with more legends of his time, but the Holocron of Gorog, and Insipid's discussions with his remnant spirit had provided him with more information.

    A century ago, Darth Insipid knew what was coming.

    It wasn't Darth Krayt and his One Sith that were his true foe, though he remained a powerful foe that had to be regarded with caution, but this.

    Right here.

    Right now.

    A lifetime of Sith knowledge, and more, garnered by his agents in the Vapid, acquired by Darth Avarice, gathered from the Maleficarum, stolen from the One Sith, and it all came to this. His assaults on Ilum, Roxuli and Esfandia had essentially cut off the galaxy from the Unknown Regions, but the data being fed to Coruscant now was of Darth Insipid's design, so that he could confront these True Sith. If he could unify the power of the Dominion of Darkness and Acolytes of Darkness into a renewed Sith Order, he could fight these fiends. But complexities with those efforts had meant he needed to deal with matters on his own.

    Which is why he had not launched this attack on the Wrath of Vader from his newest acquisition of New Korriban, located roughly a right angle to Lehon and Csilla, but from Tenupe, on the edges of Chiss Space.

    But, even with failure anticipated - the offensive he had launched was as one man against an army - he hadn't expected his ysalamiri to crumble. Having spent years working on methodologies to survive the influence of the creature and achieving naught, he hadn't expected Venomis to incinerate the creature. He allowed his shock to roll off him; he lost nothing by exposing such an emotion, and he took advantage of the moment when the Force returned to them both to reach out and get a split-second reading of Venomis before the two of them raised their defenses; Venomis tasted like a void, but blurred at the edges like his aura had once been part of the Force - Insipid recognised it from his discussions with the Holocrons of Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya; a wound.

    "I have let you come, for I have been dying to meet you. You are of great interest to me... and apparently we to you, considering you seem to possess knowledge of our existence where others only hear of us in shadowy rumors." Venomis chuckled, darkly, no doubt amused by his words. "Of course, you know not the full scope of that which you face. Nor do you know who I am. Let us redeem that, yes?"

    "My name is Darth Venomis. You may have heard of me in passing in the Holocron of Gorog."

    Darth Insipid did not respond to the name drop. The Holocron of Gorog was an artifact in the possession of the Dominion of Darkness, founded by a Sith on Sarafur in 6 ABY. He had been to Sarafur, and to Shadow, the Corellian moon where Gorog had been buried, attempting to capture the back-up control hub for the Celestial Centerpoint network, only to be trapped on-world for thirty-millennia with a Killik horde and an insane Neti that blocked his every attempt to escape.

    "I know of your the first Night Herald, yes, and how the title became inextricably linked to the Killiks. My grandmother was Lomi Plo - the second Sith'ari of the Killiks." He of course referred to her title of 'Dark Queen of the Gorog', which was nothing more than the masculine of 'Sith King' in the different co
  14. dewback_rancher

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    Aug 23, 2009
    IC: Fey-Li Cytei

    As she wrapped up the Padawan Innauguration Ceremony, Fey-Li was rather thankful she hadn't made any grave missteps or errors. The fact that she'd managed to pull off the ceremony without a single hitch was, as far as she was concerned, a minor miracle.

    This is why I let Jedi Decinchi take the lead, she thought uncomfortably. Sometimes I wonder if I'm even READY to be a Master... in fact, I'd think he'd make a better one than me, but there's no debating my former Master's wisdom. So if he said I was ready, I must have been. Though, it could be a LITTLE more obvious to me. That's not too much to ask, right?

    Even as the ceremony finished, the doors opened wide and in walked a Bothan, off of whom Fey-Li could feel quite an energetic and fast-tempoed dance. Obviously Force-sensitive, and trained at that. And no taint of the dark side- if anything, I'd say he's a Jedi, and one with a purpose.

    Her educated guess was borne out when the Bothan opened his mouth and said, "Greetings my fellow Jedi. I happen to be Treysk Jay?su. The Force told me to find the Guardians of Light ? New Jedi Order. So I thought I would stop on by to see what you all were up to??

    For just a moment, she felt a bit of embarassment from him- so well-hidden that had she not had her empathic and telepathic talents, she'd have missed it. Seems like someone else is anxious.

    "We were just finishing," Fey-Li assured him, stepping off the raised platform. "It's an honor to meet you, Treysk Jay'su," she added with a polite bow. "I would be Jedi Master Fey-Li Cytei, but I'd prefer if you just use my name. No 'Master Cytei', just 'Fey-Li'. I'd prefer someone judge me only when they know me, and not by whatever honorrific I've had applied to me."

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  15. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Tsia Daramus
    In the Arena, aboard the Dark Renewal

    Tsia brushed the Force throw to the side as she pulled her weapon back to her. Pushing off a nook in the floor, she launched forward, slashing the hilt of the attacking lighstaber, destroying it. Spinning the long hilt around her hand, Tsia speared the fallen droid in the chest and launched it at the droid she had ignored in the beginning. Moving fluidly, she lunged at the first droid, launching a flurry of attacks designed to batter its defenses. With each, however, her focus was on her surroundings, watching her two other opponents and ensuring that the one before her couldn?t counterstrike.

    Behind her, Tsia could feel Lledrith and Strages success as their toil became slightly easier. And all the while, Mystique and Malkuth lent strength to the Dominion. Each strike that Tsia took grew stronger and the droid?s blade began lowering farther and farther.

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    Jan 26, 2010
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  17. Darth Dreadwar

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    Jan 26, 2010

    [hl=black]Co-GM Update[/hl]

    IC: Darth Venomis
    Aboard the Wrath of Vader, in orbit of Rahaknor

    Darth Venomis had listened to Insipid's words with interest, gravely, as well, for Insipid's knowledge of them was clearly greater than the Sith'ari had expected; if he knew of Gorog's position as Night Herald, he surely knew of the Empire that Gorog had belonged to. Undoubtedly, Insipid knew of their continued existence in the Unknown Regions, or he would not have been here; the True Sith's devices suddenly seemed to be laid bare before Insipid, and Venomis was not pleased.

    "Darth... Darth Insipid. How arrogant you are to claim the title!" Venomis spat, his eyes cold as the Sith before him pointed a searing blade at him the same bloodshine glow as the Holocron he produced from his voluminous sleeve. "Darth is a stamp of supremacy," Venomis continued. "It signifies one's triumph over one's greatest enemies, triumph over death... one's place as a god free of opposition, within and without."

    Venomis stalked forward, his posture no longer relaxed, hands gripped by his side and an evil sneer adorning his cunning face. "You are hardly without rivals, though, are you, Lord Insipid? You may rule a faction of so-called Sith but it is one of many disparate groups, no?"

    The Shadow Hand pulled himself up to his full height, haughtiness about him as he hissed, "Why quarrel with me further? I am True Sith. I am of the Dark that created the founding ideologies of your Order. How can you fight us, when you call yourself Sith?"

    Venomis laughed mirthlessly as he continued to move forward but now bending in path to his left, starting to circle the Lord of the Sith Imperium like a raptor. "You should serve us, with all of your Imperium behind you, as countless others did long ago, and together we can bring about the fruition of a thousand Sith's dreams, and usher in a new age of the Dark's supremacy."

    He shook his head, a wicked sneer remaining fixed in place as he gazed at Insipid with a stare of pure venom, as if coldly calculating the fate he was to decree upon the Dark Lord. "But this," he said, waving a hand about him vaguely, "this is folly. What you are doing now reeks of desperation and shortsightedness. Even if you entertained ideas of destroying me," Venomis smiled momentarily, "you could not have thought it would have been easy, and surely you anticipated failure. Why? Because you stink of weakness, Insipid, and even if you defeated me, there stands another Dark One of great power on these very decks... and our armies have yet to even be unleashed."

    Venomis stopped pacing, his voice changing tone, becoming a sibilant hiss as he spoke, "Join me, Insipid. Join me in the Dark, and I shall not only show you the power you so ignorantly challenge now but impart it to you, and when that day comes, we will rule the galaxy, filling all the worlds with despair, fear and hatred until all light in the universe is blotted out."

    "Become strong. Become a True Sith."

    Venomis' voice echoed throughout the meditation chamber, the holocrons around him glowing brighter, whether in response to the power slowly building within the Shadow Hand's form or to the appearance of Insipid's own holocron remained to be seen.

    TAG: Sinrebirth


    IC: Darth Dreadwar
    In space above Indix, Unknown Regions

    Darth Dreadwar's perception turned from the ever-dying stars that were spattered across the inky blackness about him to the world below. Polluted, the industrial planet of Indix was wrapped in a cloak of poisonous fume and pervaded by the echo of dark side power. The cities on the world were constantly bustling, stacks and towers belching out smoke, the populace ruled by fear.

    But recently, someone had arrived on Indix that drew the attention of a select few. Some huddled together and whispered of him in secret, others worshipped him as a
  18. Darth Aiser

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    May 26, 2006
    IC: Jusik Tur-Mukan
    Aboard the Dark Child, New Korriban, Battle of New Korriban.
    Secondary Bridge.

    Jusik knew that the storm troopers where coming he felt them, they were radiating an auroa of fear. Perhaps they had realized that this was a suicide mission. Well they were coming in by the book he gave them credit for that but that was it. He had been told to defend the secondary bridge from a Sith incursion and assualt so he had laided several traps and defencive positions. So when he felt them at the door he crouched behind a barrier he had created from a loose non essential console. The first blast shook the entire room and sent chunks of debris flying inward, Shaped charges. Then a bright blueish flash and a screech, an EMP grenade no less. The lights went out and the consoles went dead. Jusik was glad he hadnt been wearing his helemt. Then sure enough a rolling smoke cloud formed with the tale tale shhhhhh made by the release of the gas by the grenade.

    He then counted to 3 and fired a stream of blasts from his assualt rifle hitting the point team of three for the troopers as they made their way thru the door. He knew that the troopers had infared so they could see thru the smoke as well. He then took a chunk of debris from the blast door with the force and cleaved the head off another trooper while he ran ducked and rolled behind another console near the door while the troopers fired off where the metal had flown from on the other side. As the remaining 6 troopers where looking for who threw the metal he was behind them. He jumped up agmented by the darkside he ignited his left lightsaber low cleaving the legs out from under a trooper while igniteing his right blade just as he cleaved the head of another and force pushed the bodies into the remaining troopers that were turning to fire at the commotion he ducked rolled behind another console. 6 down 4 remaining and closing on him in a semi circled arc with rifles raised and trigger happy. He then did a quick attachment change, which is why he loved this particular rifle, to that of a anti-armour round. and fired it over the barricade it exploded right between 2 of the troopers heads sending shrapnel into their brains killing them. The remaining 2 raised their rifles and fired at his direction. where he ignited his lightsaber a reflected the shots back back at them and blasted their own chest armour. Jusik then reached out check for life signs and feeling confident all where dead he reached out and sent an all clear feeling back to his master as he reset his rifle and cleared the debris. "Ten troopers and I didnt have to use the traps I had laided for an actual assualt."

    TAG: Helinith
  19. Risca_Skywalker

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    Feb 18, 2011
    IC: Risca Kor'le
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, Grand Hall.

    Risca stood in the Grand Hall next to the Togrutan initiate Alisha Tano. Like her, Risca had come to the temple seeking sanctuary and training after her home had been destroyed. Risca turned and looked over to the side where her older sister Ryi was standing, she smiled when she noticed that Ryi had polished her armor to perfection.

    How did I know she was going to do that? Risca thought as she shook her head. Oh that's right, it's because she's my sister... and because she's proud of me.

    As Risca was still waiting for the Masters to come down to the Grand Hall and the ceremony to being, she remembered the night before when she couldn't sleep because she wasn't so sure of herself becoming a Padawan.

    ~ ~ ~

    Risca tossed and turned in her sleep, effectively waking herself up again. Sighing she sat up and decided that going for a walk around the temple might help. As she got out of bed and got dressed in her civies she paused before going out of her room, trying to sense whether Ryi was still asleep in the dorm room across the hall. Sensing no one there, Risca racked her brain for where her older sister could've gone off to.

    The Grand Hall? Nah too big and too many statues for her taste. The Gardens? Nope nobody's allowed over there and's dangerous to go there alone. Training Facility? Risca held that thought for a moment, turning it over in her brain.

    That's where she would go, but that's also on the island in the middle of the lake outside the temple, right next to the gardens. And the repulsor boats have been busted for a while now.... That only leaves her one place to go then. Risca nodded before walking out of her room and turning to the left, taking the back way over to the Animal Sanctuary.

    As Risca made her way over to the entrance of the Animal Sanctuary, she could hear soft singing from inside. Smiling as she heard the song in Mando'a, she walked into the main chamber of the Sanctuary.

    "Naasad'guur mhi,

    Naasad'guur mhi,

    Naasad'guur mhi,

    Mhi n'ulu,

    Mhi Mando'ade,


    Teh Manda'yaim,


    Risca laughed a little as she saw Ryi leaning against the wall while sitting on one of the beds that was a complete mess because of the way the sheets were all tossed all over the room and the bed singing a Mandalorian drinking song. While Ryi sang, Risca noticed that she was petting a small furry thing that trembled in her arms.

    As Ryi finished singing the song she nodded towards Risca, acknowledging her sister's presence.

    Kuur vod'ika. I'm trying to get the little one to fall asleep." Risca nodded before coming in and sitting down next to Ryi on the bed, realizing what she thought all along.

    "Dar couldn't sleep again?"

    Ryi shook her head. "No, he always gets fidgety right when something big's about to happen. You're gonna be a Padawan tomorrow...." Ryi trailed off, not wanting to say all the things that had been talked about before.

    "You're sure about this

    Risca nodded, looking down at her feet before she felt Ryi tilt her chin up so she was forced to look at her.

    "Then I'll back you up all the way." The sisters smiled at each other before the restless Gdan snapped them back to the present. Reaching out, Risca began to rub his head between his ears, effectively calming him down so he could try and fall asleep again.

    "Just remember
    Ris'ika, never forget where you came from. And always know that I'm proud of you for coming this far."

    Risca looked back down, slightly embarrassed. Ryi chuckled at her and ruffled her hair a bit before petting Darman again.

    "Here help me get him to fall asleep." She said as she placed Darman into Risca's arms. "Edee,
    Kad'ika. K'olar!"

    The two strills came over to the girls from the adjacent rooms and after Kad gave Ryi a small greeting and both of them got pats on their heads, they laid down and listen to the girls sing an old
  20. Ryi_Korle-Fett

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    Apr 18, 2011
    IC: Ryi Kor'le
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, Grand Hall.

    Ryi stood next to Beskaryc Taab, proudly wearing her beskar'gam that she had polished to a military grade shine the night before after she had gotten a Gdan, two strills, and her little sister to finally fall asleep after getting nerves for the coming day. Speaking of the creatures, Kad sat respectfully at her right side with Darman mimicking him, the only difference between the two being their size and color of their coats.

    Well it's like an ancient Jedi GrandMaster once said, "Size matters not."

    Ryi smiled to herself behind her helmet, before looking at Taab without moving her head.

    I guess he already knows that I'm watching him, She thought. Hmph... there's something strange about him, that's for sure. I mean I recognized his armor when I first saw him. He being a friend of buir's but I still don't trust him fully. Guess letting him come to the Padawan initiation might've been a good idea after all. I can keep an eye on him, and possibly start to break the ice and figure him out.

    Ryi was snapped out of her thoughts and turned her attention to Risca as the Masters arrived and the ceremony began. Watching her sister becoming a Jedi should've been hard for Ryi to accept since both Risca and Ryi are Mandalorians. But Ryi supported Risca's choice and although a side of her wanted to yell and say that she shouldn't do this, Ryi let it be pounded down by the pride that she felt as her sister was accepted by the Mandalorian Knight Gaan Be?orar.

    As the ceremony ended, and the newcomer to the temple showed up unexpectedly, Dar looked up at Ryi from his spot sitting next to Kad. The gdan silently asking if it was alright for him to go see Risca, Ryi gave the slightest nod and off he went. It was at this time that Ryi's HUD flashed and beeped at her that Taab wanted to talk on one of the secure comm-links. Allowing him access to her secure link, Ryi stiffened at his message.

    Taking a breath, and taking her time in forming an answer, Ryi exhaled slowly before she spoke.

    "Thank you for giving our father the rites he deserved Taab. We would've buried him ourselves if we had time but unfortunately you know why. When we return to Manda'yaim I will be sure that Risca and I thank the Skirata Clan personally." She paused as she thought how to answer his request that the three of them talk in private.

    "As for your request to speak with us in private, my sister and I will meet you in the main room of the Animal Sanctuary tonight."

    Ryi closed the link before standing with her hands held tightly behind her back and her feet at shoulder length apart.

    Risca will know what I mean... besides, it's how I feel right now. Stressed.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik, Risca_Skywalker, GoL.
  21. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, Grand Hall

    The group of Jedi turned at the sound of the Bothan?s voice filling the practically empty hall. Josch had felt his arrival as soon as the Jedi?s vessel touched down in the equally devoid hanger bay. The Erphae had developed a strange connection to Temple and its immediate surroundings, especially when a new presence in the Force presents itself. Fey-Li was the first to greet him and gave the impression that she was the Grandmaster.

    Good, anything to keep him off balance. The one thing that seemed to disturb Josch was the fact that so many were being led to them by the Force. It was slowly becoming overwhelming for him, but he needed to remain strong for the Order. Although, it was good for them to start training the new initiates, it allowed for some normality to return to the Temple. Slowly it was becoming full once again, which was a comforting feeling.

    ?Welcome Master Jay?su,? he said with a slight nod, ?I am Knight Sentinel Josch Decinchi and this is my Padawan Learner Alisha Tano. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now if you will excuse us, I do not mean to be rude, but time is of the essence and we must begin training. I am sure my fellow masters will want to do the same, perhaps with some joint meditation.? He glanced around and his eyes fell upon the two Mandalorians standing off to the side. He noticed that neither one of them seemed to have moved at all with the arrival of a stranger to the Temple.

    Interesting. ?Ryi Kor?le,? he called to the junior of the pair, ?once Master Jay?su has finished greeting the other Jedi, please give him a brief overview of the layout here and escort him to his quarters. I am sure the Grandmaster will be more than happy to meet with him once everyone has settled into their new roles.?

    He bowed towards the Bothan Jedi and turned to walk out of the Grand Hall, Padawan Tano in toe. ?So my new Padawan I have a little bit of research for you to do for your first task.? There was something about the Bothan that just did not sit well with him, but for now he left it up to his Mandalorian security team to keep an eye on him. ?Tell me young one, what do you remember of your great-grandmother??
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  22. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    Darth Mystique
    Aboard the Dark Renewal, hyperspace

    [ul] Mystique was under the battle meditation technique. She could sense the change of confidence in the acolytes. Some were clinging to her assurance as their sole priority. Even the Captain who earlier was cracking like a egg, was now confident in his position to hold steady. Unfortunately, something went awry.

    The Captain felt a bolt past by him and his confidence shakened to a disastrous end. He couldn't take it anymore, He took his pistol and placed it in his mouth, and with a squeeze of the trigger was gone.

    Mystique felt an absence in the force that was once there. The Captain's life suddenly disappeared. She sensed the panic in the crew and confidence falter. She immediately took herself out of the battle meditation mode and walked toward the most senior officer after the demise of the Captain. Taking off a pin from the dead Captain, Mystique placed it on the senior officer's chest.

    "Congratulations, you are the new Captain. I need you to be strong. Are you not a Sith? I know you must have been trained to a somewhat competent level that a situation like this can't be your end. Show me that you are a true Captain, that you were meant to be. Guide this ship like no one ever has. I'm counting you and so are they." She pointed to the rest of the crew who were all scared out of their minds.

    "I need all of you to do your duty. We shall prevail, but only if you do your duty. Stay focused. Now I have to do my duty in regards to what is behind us. I will only be a few feet away. But since we all have a role to play. We must do it to the fullest extent." She said to the entire crew before going to the aid of Echo.

    Her apprentice was in trouble, and she couldn't stand by and babysit the crew any longer. She had to take action and do it quickly before the crew melts down any further.

    With a motion of her hand, Mystique utilized telekinesis toward the Devaronian, trying to slam the enemy Sith in to the other side of the wall. If successful, The Dark Lady would drain the life of the Sith to put an end to the fight.[/ul]

    TAG: Sinre

    [color=purple][u][b]Darth Lilith[/b][/u]
    [i]In Engine Room[/i][/color]

    [ul]Lilith was able to cut the dragon in half with her lightsaber. It was a small victory due to the mass loss of fellow Acolytes behind her. As she regained her composure a second Sith threw a depleted rifle at her. Lilith stepped easily out of the way of the flying rifle. Her focus was now on the sith, a tattooed Duros, as he drew his lightsaber out.

    "Lilith, why do you fight for the Acolytes? Join us, here, and now, and you will have the chance to redeem us by giving us victory." He took his hand off the hilt, reaching out as if to beseech her, eyes impeaching her "If you do, you can -"

    Before she could answer the Duros shot a bolt of force lightning at her before charging with his blade. She had been ready, she was no fool. She had been trained since birth by a high elite Sith to be the hand that serves judgment on all those who defy the very essence of being a [i]True Sith. [/i]

    Catching the lightning on her blade, the heat dissipated after a few seconds. Her eyes gleamed in on her target, her body positioned in a defensive stance. The Duros came charging in like a Dewback.

    [i]Now let's see if you are worthy.[/i][/ul]

    [color=purple][u][b]TAG: Sinre, to lesser extent MM[/b][/u][/color]

  23. Padawan4687

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    Jul 10, 2010
    Oh first post! :D

    IC: Alisha Tano

    Alisha closed her eyes for a moment at her new Master's question, thinking of the many tales her mother used to tell her about her great-grandmother...Ahsoka Tano.

    "Well...I'm afraid the most I know is from stories, but...I do know that my great-grandmother was the apprentice to Master Anakin Skywalker at the beginning at the Clone Wars.." she attempted. "My mother would tell me about all kinds of dangerous missions she had been on during her apprenticeship... she always sounded so strong..."

    "She was also close with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, and had been with him as well as her Master on many occasions. She knew many famous Jedi, it seemed." Alisha felt her hand stray to her lightsaber hilt, clipped firmly to her belt, and fingered it lightly. The lightsaber was a relic all on it's own. She hesitantly took it out, and held it in front of her. This lightsaber was also hers, according to my mother. Since there was no way to make another lightsaber crystal on Shilli, she passed it down."

    She smiled again as she gazed at the aged hilt. It was in surprisingly good condition, although it had seen several generations. The slight black design on it was fading, though. She held it fondly for a moment, then suddenly remembered another part of hr mother's tales.

    "I mother said she specialized in a lightsaber style where you rely much on speed to exhaust an opponent...I believe it was called Ataru?" She held the back of her head for a moment, slightly embarrassed. "I'm afraid that's all I know about her...the rest are all stories about her previous missions."

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    Mar 13, 2006

    [color=firebrick][b]IC: Purga Illuminati[/b][/color]

    Purga Illuminati, [i]'The Enlightened Retributionist'[/i], had come to Indix to now bring his ways of enlightenment and retribution to this distant world close to the Unknown Regions. It was a place no different than any other world that he had influenced in the past. This time though, he knew that a war was imminent, and he would be influencing it from the shadows as he had done before, but with the ending being one of enlightenment to those who would survive.

    He had appeared to many other planets and cultures in the past, and now, he had re-established himself as the Kissai Dark Master. The Kissai were originally a sub-species of the Ancient Sith, a race that was enslaved by the exiled Dark Jedi on Korriban. The Kissai were the priest class in the Sith caste system, where the Kissai would study the nature of the dark side of the Force and practice of ancient Sith magic and alchemy. But, now, under Purga Illuminati, they were a class that was now bent on one factor alone: that of retribution for what the Ancient Sith had caused in the past.

    In this age of the True Sith, Purga had now established a cultural influence on many, many worlds. He had always maintained a chameleon-type of appearance, one where he never appeared the same to each culture or planet that he visited. He had the ability to change his appearance to anything that he wanted, and he had used that power before to become a [i]'god-like'[/i] figurehead in many of the past cultures that he had influenced. Any who disobeyed him were immediately tortured and put to death. He ruled by the fear of retribution and he imposed his will upon multiple cultures throughout the galaxy.

    He had arranged to meet with one particular Sith, Darth Dreadwar, to put his plans into motion; the war was about to begin, and he would extend his grip even further this time. In the end, he had but one ultimate goal; that of enlightenment to the entire galaxy as to the nature of the True Sith. A nature that was dark and evil, a nature that was corrupt and powerful, and a nature that was magical and mystical. All of these elements he would cause to cascade together to bring about the now fermenting powers that craved to be released.

    Powers that he would imbue upon those that he knew could carry out his plans. And, with that, he sent one of his minions out to find Darth Dreadwar. He had given this minion but one thing, the Amulet of Kalara, which was a Sith amulet infused with dark side energies and had the ability to make the possessor invisible in the Force. He knew that Dreadwar would know that this Amulet was no ordinary artifact. It would be something that he knew Dreadwar would wonder who had recovered it.

    [color=firebrick][b]Tag: Darth_Dreadwar[/b][/color] >
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    Dec 14, 2009

    Name: Mitth'or'noris
    Core Name: Thorn
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Planet of Birth: Noris
    Faction: Obscurum


    Rank: Warrior
    Weapon Description: Double bladed lightsaber.

    Biography: Thorn lives for combat. Close. Personal. Combat. He is very good at quickly and logically determining an enemy's potential moves and predicting what they will attempt next. This ability gives him a edge when it comes to battle. Because of this he often lets his opponent make the first move. He enjoys the use of Force lightning, and will often times utilize that instead of any type of energy weapon. He is also exceptionally xenophobic. He despises all beings that are not Chiss. He believes that most other species should be destroyed outright, while the survivors should serve as slaves to the Chiss. Likewise the "ordinary" Chiss should fall under the control of the Obscurum in a rigid hierarchy. He is exceptionally arrogant and does not suffer fools lightly. Despite his prejudices he is a soldier of the Obscurum and follows the orders of his superiors, whether he likes them or not.
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