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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 13, 2011.

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  1. JediDingo

    JediDingo Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 27, 2005
    IC Treysk Jay'su
    Grand Hall, Temple of Light

    "We were just finishing," Fey-Li assured him, stepping off the raised platform. "It's an honor to meet you, Treysk Jay'su," she added with a polite bow. "I would be Jedi Master Fey-Li Cytei, but I'd prefer if you just use my name. No 'Master Cytei', just 'Fey-Li'. I'd prefer someone judge me only when they know me, and not by whatever honorrific I've had applied to me."

    The Bothan regraded young human woman coming down to greet him, and he could tell that she knew he was already off balance with his awkward comment to the everyone in the Grand Hall. Judging from her features and her accent, Treysk thought she may have been from Kuat. Over his many years in service to the galaxy, he had learned that not all humans looked the same like he use to think in his youth. The Bothan looked her up and down, wondering if she was indeed the Grandmaster of the the Guardians. Before he could ask, another approached him.

    ?Welcome Master Jay?su,? the Erphae said with a slight nod, ?I am Knight Sentinel Josch Decinchi and this is my Padawan Learner Alisha Tano. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now if you will excuse us, I do not mean to be rude, but time is of the essence and we must begin training. I am sure my fellow masters will want to do the same, perhaps with some joint meditation."

    Treysk clenched his jaw, understanding that this person was the Grandmaster the way he greeted him and the way he subtely gave out orders to the rest of Guardians in the Grand Hall. Josch turned towards the two Mandalorians standing in the rooms.

    Ryi Kor?le, once Master Jay?su has finished greeting the other Jedi, please give him a brief overview of the layout here and escort him to his quarters. I am sure the Grandmaster will be more than happy to meet with him once everyone has settled into their new roles.?

    And just like that, his person named Josch exited from his presence. Treysk turned to watch him depart with his new Padawan. He clenched his fist, his fur rippling with his displeasure. He thought that perhaps he would be greeted more kindly than that, seeing how he had literally just found the place. He found it to be...odd.

    It's like they don't understand what is happening out there... Treysk thought to himself. He turned back towards the human woman, the one that wanted to be simply called "Fey-Li".

    "Fey-Li," Treysk said. "I'm sorry to interupt everything, but I have not come here to simply return the ways of the old. I have dire news, and I need to speak to those of you who will listen. I can speak here, or we can speak in private, it is up to you." Treysk glanced towards the Mandalorians, knowing the one of them had to come and "brief" him. "They will need to hear this as well."

    The Force had brought him here, and he believed he wasn't here to train Padawans. He was a messenger of the Force, and he would be it's mouthpeice.

    TAG: Fey - Li, Ryi, GoL
  2. Ryi_Korle-Fett

    Ryi_Korle-Fett Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 18, 2011
    IC: Ryi Kor'le
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, Grand Hall

    As Ryi cut off the link between herself and Taab, she turned her attention to the newcomer of the temple. Looking him up and down she gave him a scan with her HUD to make sure that he wasn't an Acklay in a Bothan's clothing. Satisfied that he wasn't anything that he didn't seem to be at the moment, Ryi eased her stance a bit and listened to the ongoing conversation.

    He really thinks that Fey-Li is the Grand Master doesn't he? Ryi mentally snorted in distaste. Either this fur ball has no clue about how to sense who's in charge in a room when you first walk into it, or those Jetti are sneakier than I thought.

    At hearing Master Josch's request that she brief the newcomer on the situation and how things were run around here, she nodded slowly, bowing her head more that she usually did to show that she understood exactly what Master Josch was doing while making it look like she was only showing great respect for the Jedi.

    As Josch left the Grand Hall, Ryi turned her attention to the Bothan who seemed to be attracting everyone's attention very easily. This guy's acting like an emotional holo-projector! A blind man could see that he's irritated about something.

    Ryi sighed to herself. Bothans...

    Finally moving, Ryi walked over to the Bothan newcomer and introduced herself.

    "I am Ryi Kor'le. Please, since you have been so kind as to let us know that my fellow Mandalorian and myself need to stay and listen to what you have to say, say it."

    For extra emphasis to make the Bothan hurry up and speak, Ryi signaled Kad with the slightest twitch of her finger, Kad in turn came over to her and stood directly by her side. Cocking her helmet to the side and crossing her arms over her chest, Ryi looked down at the furry Bothan, hoping that intimidation might help speed the process along so that she could get to more important matters.

    TAG: JediDingo, Bardan_Jusik
  3. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC Beskaryc Taab
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    As he spoke with Ryi via his secure link, Taab watched the newcomer closely. He certainly looked the part of a jedi, his shiny stick was one of the giveaways, and the other jettise seemed to accept his presence. He would take his cue from them. He had seen first hand that a jedi should know when someone bade them ill will. Still, he found it curious the way Spoonbender had essentially dismissed the Bothan. Perhaps Fuzzy here deserved to be watched more closely. He also noticed how the Bothan's fur rippled, either he was anxious about what he had to say, or he was agitated by the way he had been treated by the grandmaster. In either case it told Taab that this jetti was not so serene as some others he had met.

    He had already decided to accompany Ryi on her tour guide assignment, might as well make it easy for her to keep an eye on him. When he heard that the Bothan had information to share, that sealed the deal. Their reputation as spies and dealers of information was well known to him. A few had even helped him find bounties in years past. He stood his ground as he watched Ryi approach the newcomer, and grinned under his buy'ce as he heard her say.

    "I am Ryi Kor'le. Please, since you have been so kind as to let us know that my fellow Mandalorian and myself need to stay and listen to what you have to say, say it."

    So forward and to the point, she reminded him of someone, though he wouldn't even admit to himself who. As they awaited the Bothan's response he spoke again to Ryi on their secure commlink, so no one else could hear. "Previous message acknowledged. Right now lets keep a T-Visor on Fuzzy here, he seems...twitchy. Lets find out what he has to say, make sure we tell Spoonbender, I am sure he will want to know too. We will discuss our business tonight." He switched off the secure link and watched as edee followed Kad. He than took his own steps forward, well inside the Bothan's personal space. Looking down at him he said

    "Out with it Fuzzy, we don't have all day."

    TAG Ryi, JediDingo
  4. Nadia-Oomia

    Nadia-Oomia Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 4, 2009
    IC: Blair Iss'ak
    Aboard the Chu?unthor, Unknown Regions

    "I apologize for being late," Blair had heard Kip say.

    She stopped practicing her stances and faced him, she tried to put on a smile but in truth nothing could have felt so unnatural. ?You?re not late, you?re just on time?

    He grabbed both of his blades from his belt and placed one on the stand near the door and ignited the other. Blair had always known him to use both lightsabers and had never seen him just use one; this would be an interesting match.

    ?Are you ready to begin?? His words echoed through her mind, barely graspable

    She watched as he took his stance and waited for her to take hers. As naturally as it was to wield a lightsaber she took the stance common to Soresu users.

    ?Are you sure you want to do this today?? She had said, standing in her opening position. She really wasn?t ready to duel. All of the things that had been happening, not only with the Jedi?s situation but also within her, this just wasn?t the right time to be practicing. But yet, it had been so long since she sparred with anyone??

    TAG: Corin
  5. dewback_rancher

    dewback_rancher Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 23, 2009
    IC: Fey-Li Cytei

    Fey-Li considered the Bothan's words, playing over the memory and her sense of him again in her mind, even as the others entered the conversation.

    She kept her focus inward, focusing on his sense at that time. She was an empath, and had a strong sense of intuition and insight- traits that she had often used in her pursuit of truths other sentients wished would remain hidden. And what that was telling her was that Traysk was no threat. Further, he was obviously perturbed about whatever it was he had come to tell them- she'd have to be emotionally deaf not to notice that. It was important, and he felt that the Guardians of Light needed to hear it.

    Further, she sensed no deception, no ulterior motives, from the Bothan at all. I think we can trust him, and what he has to say, she decided, then returned her focus outward again in time to catch Beskaryn Taab, the Mandalorian, calling Traysk 'Fuzzy'.

    "Now, now, there's no need for insults," she cautioned. "If my insight is at all correct in this matter, we can trust him, I think. So let's not have his first experience of us be hostile, hmm?"

    She smiled at Traysk, her decision, whatever weight that carried, made. "Do continue, please. I'm interested to hear what you have to say."

    TAG: JD, Bardan, rest of the GoL
  6. Darth_Lexis

    Darth_Lexis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 27, 2009
    IC: Lexis, Sith Minion of Lord Insipid
    Hangar Bay of the Dark Child, New Korriban, Battle of New Korriban
    [blockquote]Lexis had been living in a traveling library of Sith magic up to the point that he stumbled upon the Acolytes of Darkness. His apparent lack of social interaction for the majority of his life caused him to offend a large majority of the Order and incurred the wrath of Lord Insipid. The Dark Lord took the newly anointed minion as his apprentice. He then took his want-to-be sorcerer apprentice and literally threw him into the fray.

    Lord Insipid had been holding him in a Force Choke and dangled him over the open turbolift shaft that led directly to the Hanger Bay. Upon landing in the corridors that led to the bay he automatically drew his blade. It was the only thing that hung off his utility belt and the only weapon that he knew how to use. He had been sent as the lone counterattack to take back the hanger bay and it was a test. The Dark Lord wanted to see if he could survive, if he didn?t then the Acolytes of Darkness lost nothing, but if he succeeded they regained their hanger bay and a potential asset.

    As he fought his way to the hanger bay he came across some shocktroopers from the N?zoth system. He allowed his hatred and his anxieties fuel the darkness that was consuming him, the darkness that turned his mundane sword into a Darksword. It had been the first time in almost two decades that his blade had tasted flesh and blood, and it tasted good. Yes he was not a warrior, he was a magic-user, but the pain his victims were feeling brought him a satisfaction that reading tomes and scrolls never did.

    But it was an empty, fleeting satisfaction. On the other hand spells filled him almost entirely.

    Suddenly, as his blade swept through its final victim something happened that Lexis did not anticipate and no amount of Sith Magic was going to fix. As he pulls his weapon free from the body of the Yevethan shocktrooper it felt significantly lighter. He looked down to find that only the hilt of his weapon was in his hands. If he had been a true warrior he would have known that he needed to maintain his weapon in order to ensure it was in peak condition at all times. But as been established earlier he was no warrior.

    Now he found himself weaponless and with a path back to the bridge turbolifts. He knew that if he wanted to, he could have retreated to the relative safety of his fellow Acolytes. It would have been a victory for the fledgling Sith, but it would have been a hollow one. He slipped the hilt back into his utility belt and continued on until he reached the edge of the hanger bay. Clearly outnumbered, Lexis started contemplating the options that laid before him. If he retreated back he certainly will have to endure the disappointment of his new Master, but if he stays he would be most certainly cut down.

    He slinked back into the shadows to observe the situation that lay before him. One Sigma-class shuttle flanked by two Nu-class Imperial shuttles and between them stood a disgustingly furry creature called a Farglul. The feline sentient had with him, equally divided on either side, four stormtroopers. The Farghul looked to the shadows which concealed Lexis and called out to him, "I can sense you, little one. Come out and face a true Sith."

    He wanted to just charge out and force the condescending words of the snide little cat back down his blasphemous throat. But instead he remembered the lesson that his new Master had just tried to teach him. Patience is the key. Like the Sith of over a millennia ago who practiced Darth Bane?s Rule of Two, if he laid in wait for his prey to become overconfident, they will eventually lead to their own destruction. So he waited in the shadows and watched his prey.

    He too could sense the ?true Sith?, he could sense his anger, his fury, his fears, and the terror that the troopers next to him felt. All of their emotions flowed off of them like moisture off the back of a water fowl. The intoxicating sent of
  7. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, just outside of the Grand Hall
    [blockquote]As newly paired Master and Apprentice slowly walked out of the Great Hall, Josch listened to Alisha's meek response to his question. He had a bad habit of forgetting that most sentients did not have the pleasure of living long enough to know their great-grandchildren. If there was one thing that rarely concerned him it was time. He stopped and turned to face his young padawan. "Don't worry my child, in time you will learn that not knowing everything is not necessarily a bad thing."

    As he looked down into the youthful eyes of the Togruta, he placed his hands on her upper arms. "You know, you kinda look like her." Suddenly a ripple shuddered through the Force and it originated inside of the Grand Hall. He could feel one of the Mandalorians' furry friends attack instinct kick into low gear. Josch glanced back towards the way that they just came from. He looked back to Alisha and sighed, "I guess our first lesson in meditation will have to wait. There seems to be an issue back in the Great Hall."

    The duo walked back into the Great Hall to hear what the newcomer had to say to the assembly.
    [/blockquote]TAG: JediDingo & Padawan4687
  8. Padawan4687

    Padawan4687 Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano

    Alisha hid a smile as her new Master approved her response. I really wish I knew her though...then I'd know what's fact and fiction about my mother's stories...

    She almost found herself beaming as he said she looked like her. She could not respond vocally to this, because Master Decinchi suddenly began looking at tentatively at the way they came. "I guess our first lesson in meditation will have to wait. There seems to be an issue back in the Great Hall." he said, turning to go back there. Alisha held back a grumpy sigh. It probably was that Bothan that had just came in. He did seem pretty agitated when we first left...

    Alisha hurried after her Master toward the Great Hall, to see what the problem was.

    Tag: JediDingo and to a lesser extent CPL_Macja
  9. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006

    The first Jedi of the Galactic Federation :p

    Name: Alec Vandel
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: New Alderaan
    Appearance: Alec?s appearance screams for what he truly is: young and new. He possesses golden blond hair that is smooth, short, and neat with a couple locks hanging in front of his green eyes that are always bright and alive with the Force. Standing at an even six feet, Alec is usually clad in the flowing robes of a Jedi though, out in the Outer Rim, he knows that such dress may be unwelcome and when more subtlety is needed he usually pulls on a simple tunic and pants with a jacket to better hide his lightsaber. Though more of a wielder of the Force, Alec does have muscles due to the physical aspects of his Jedi training though they give him a slimmer, athletic appearance then a muscular one with a light tan.

    Despite his outward appearance that could be considered handsome to most, Alec is a Jedi through-and-through. Though bright and friendly when amongst friends, when left to his own thoughts and studies, the green eyes are usually lost in thought, his face calm and patient but his mind whirling with thoughts that are always pondering about either the mission or the day-to-day worries of what is to become of the Jedi and, in extension, their war with the Sith.
    Rank: Knight (Consular)
    Weapon Description: The Force is Alec?s primary weapon. Having always had a deep connection to the Force, he uses it in battle in the form of powerful telekinetic blasts and barriers, increased speed, absorption and redirection of energies, and potent illusions. His connection of the Force also gives him powerful insight; making not only his senses much more attuned to his surroundings but also granting him the rare gift of the Shatterpoint. However, in case the Force needs some help, Alec does possess a double-bladed lightsaber with the common modification of being able to separate into two separate lightsabers. Though he possesses such an exotic weapon, Alec's dueling skills are average at best. He can deflect blaster bolts and lightsaber strikes easily enough, but against an expert duelist it's very unlikely that he would come out on top. The double-bladed lightsaber, fortunately, does offer him options that he can mix with his Niman fighting style and the Force gives him an edge of flowing with his combat style and allowing him to pull off surprises and improvisions that the Niman style is known for. But even then the Force cannot replace raw skill.
    Biography: Considering his planet of birth, there is no surprise as to what kind of man Alec would become. Born to a family of Alderaanians whose line can be traced a thousand years before the destruction of Alderaan to the Death Star, Alec?s parents had survived not only that but the devastation that had been wrought by the warlord known as Zsinj and the forces of Palpatine?s clone. Having originally possessed a population of sixty-thousand, New Alderaan?s had been reduced to thirteen thousand after both attacks. But it was never attacked again and it was the peace that fell upon the Alderaanians and their willingness to survive that allowed their colony to not only exist but flourish.

    After over a hundred years the colony has started to regain the glory and prosperity that the original Alderaan had once possessed. What craters and weapons of war that once scarred it had long since been banished from both sight and mind, leaving nothing except the mountains, forests, and plains that were so much similar to the original. It had come to the point where, with the increase in population, there started to become reports of children being born with a sensitivity to the Force. Alec is the fourth such child; his sensitivity having been discovered at six years of age. To this day Alec hardly remembers much of his homeworld or his family but there is a place of warmth, love, and security in his heart that he uses as a focus for his meditations to help quell troubled thoughts
  10. Darth Dreadwar

    Darth Dreadwar Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 26, 2010
    IC: Darth Dreadwar
    In space above Indix
    An oily sense of vague fear mingled with mild annoyance wrapped around Dreadwar's presence like a cloud. The void that was his spirit in orbit of Indix pulsed with baleful power, the red fire wreathing it spinning with renewed intensity.

    Whoever the mysterious visitor was had not responded to his telepathic hails. For a brief moment, doubt clouded Dreadwar. What if the Mysterious One was not of the True Sith, after all?

    Dreadwar sent perception into the inky murkiness of the Force once again, trying to grasp that elusive presence on his own world, and persistently slipping around it.

    And that was when the Sith King of Indix was interrupted by the telepathic message of Thannis, one of Dreadwar's dark side cohorts and great adept within Dreadwar's organization of dark siders known as the Core of Power.

    My Lord Dreadwar, a scouting party reports encountering a being hidden in the Force near the city. It carried an amulet.

    Dreadwar felt relief. His old suspicions were confirmed; the mysterious visitor was an ancient Sith, he knew, for only the Sith had ever built such amulets with such mystical power. Dreadwar was left pondering over who exactly the visitor was, however, and from where he had recovered the amulet. How do the True Sith get their power? I want their power! Dreadwar thought, keeping his feelings hidden as best he could, for if a True Sith was on Indix he or she was no doubt keeping tabs on Dreadwar, and to sense a stray thought like that could be perceived as treacherous.

    Last time Dreadwar had met a True Sith, decades and decades ago, he had been cowed by the being's grasp of the Force. And from that being, who called himself Darth Venomis, he learned how to cheat the ultimate enemy - death. If he could do that, could he cheat the True Sith, as well? Learn their secrets?

    Knowledge is power, and true Sith do not readily share power, the words of Venomis drifted back to Dreadwar hauntingly.

    Dreadwar telepathically contacted Thannis. Whoever you have met cannot be the Mysterious One himself; you say this minion is invisible in the Force, yet I can sense this slippery presence elsewhere on the planet... It is strange, I cannot perceive it. Clearly, it is the Mysterious One - and he has minions. Bring the minion and the Amulet, if he is willing, to Nexus Station.

    Nexus Station was a large space station, a trading port which doubled as the base of operations of the Core of Power. It was situated close to the vortex of energy that was Dreadwar's spirit, and it was where Thannis, and several dozen Core of Power agents in training, was now. Soon, it would be where the minion of Purga Illuminati would stand... if Dreadwar had his way.

    Dreadwar returned to searching Indix through the Force, broadcasting a telepathic message once more. I beseech you; reveal yourself. I am an ally.

    TAG: RX_Sith
  11. RX_Sith

    RX_Sith C&G Game Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 13, 2006
    IC: Purga Illuminati

    Purga Illuminati basked in the glow of his own malicious glee. He had sent one of his minions with the Amulet of Kalara to Darth Dreadwar on Nexus Station. Purga had instructed the minion to wear the Amulet of Kalara so no else except a True Sith Lord would be able to detect him. He told his minion but one thing; deliver this to Darth Dreadwar. He will know what to do.

    That was all. Purga did not give his minion any other information whatsoever. He had long ago realized that it was best to influence everything that he could from a distance; never truly revealing himself. In fact, in all of his time that he had been the Kissai Dark Master, he had never, ever, revealed his true form to anyone or anything. No, Purga knew that by changing his looks and summoning his dark powers he could be more powerful from afar than in the flesh.

    So, obviously he was not got to truly reveal himself now, even in this end time of the upcoming war. No, he would merely bask in his glory and reveal himself that way, through illumination, not in person. It was with this power that he had controlled numerous worlds and Indix would be no different than any other. He would reveal his 'Enlightenment' to those who were ready, to those who were not, his 'Retribution'.

    Tag: Darth_Dreadwar
  12. Darth Dreadwar

    Darth Dreadwar Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 26, 2010
    IC: Darth Dreadwar
    In space above Indix

    Darth Dreadwar received no response. It was frustrating. Did the Mysterious One toy with him?

    Dreadwar's own Force senses, honed through decades of necessity - without a physical body he used the Force to perceive and communicate - had failed him.

    Or perhaps not.

    Dreadwar remembered how the one called Darth Venomis had visited him decades ago. He remembered that the one who called himself Shadow Hand of the True Sith had imparted to him his knowledge; True Sith techniques that gave Dreadwar his current immortality and Force Storm-like form. Venomis had placed two icy cold fingers on Dreadwar's forehead, and while transferring knowledge directly into the Sith King's mind, Dreadwar had looked up... and it was if Venomis' human face had peeled away, a flash of a horrible maw appearing, into which Dreadwar was falling, falling... and then it was gone.

    Venomis' mental touch had been something so alien, so wrong. An anomaly in the Force that stank of something even Dreadwar shuddered to think of. It was more than the dark side of the Force. It was the void of hunger.

    And a small part of that hunger had flowed into Dreadwar that day. It had given him power, the power to become an immortal spirit, and he had found his natural aptitude at Force Drain had increased tenfold. And an echo of that touch remained in Dreadwar's spirit.

    Dreadwar touched that echo inside of him, feeling the pulse of life on Nexus Station and on Indix below, connections previously invisible becoming perceptible to him. And briefly, he felt something approach him, where he felt nothing before. And then it was gone. Dreadwar lacked sufficient knowledge of True Sith techniques, beyond what Venomis had knowingly given him; the echo of Venomis' touch was not enough for Dreadwar's purposes.

    And so the minion carrying the Amulet of Kalara remained obscured, hidden from Dreadwar's eye, as did the mysterious being who sent him. It left Dreadwar, unable to see but through the currents of the Force, feeling blind. Vulnerable.


    It was uncomfortable, even though Dreadwar should have felt reassured, certain that it was an ally, not an enemy, that had come to Indix.

    And then Thannis Phayder, Core of Power agent, contacted Dreadwar again. My Lord, the mysterious arrival is here on Nexus Station.

    Dreadwar turned his mental eye from Indix to the space station that was so close to the essence of his spirit, orbiting in space, and spoke. Very good, Thannis. Dreadwar was confident the mysterious one on Nexus Station was but a servant, a minion, but still he waited for whoever it was to complete their purpose here and speak to Dreadwar.

    TAG: RX_Sith
  13. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Darth Helinith
    Location: Dark Child; Bridge

    Helinith sighed sadly and beheaded Tesca in a quick clean swing of her blade. She hated wasting lives, but he appeared beyond reason. Which was a shame because she could have done with his help; lightsaber blades were slowly cutting through the steel of the bridge far doors.
    ?Lower the first drop-down screen! All personnel retreat to the secondary bridge! Keep portable command links open and monitor all hostile positions!?
    She felt a sudden wave of calm from somewhere as she rushed around, and found her apprentice at its source; she had almost forgotten about him in the sudden excitement of the coup.

    Ten troopers and I didnt have to use the traps I had landed for an actual assualt.

    Good work. Got a load of personnel headed your way. Keep them safe; cause this ship won?t be able to fly anywhere without them, especially the mechanics.

    She had lowered the second screen onto the bridge herself, and was already rigging it up with some plastic explosives that would detonate as soon as she triggered it with the force, a trick she had learned off Darth Mal. She quickly and happily set up a trip mine half a meter in front of the door as the last of her command crew left in the secret hololift.
    Standing back, she assumed a centre position, making sure that everything on her person was ready to be used at the bark of a krath hound. Or in this case Dragon. Or One Sith. Or whatever. Details shmetails, it was all the same really, although Insipid would probably disagree and then enter into a long explanation as to why.
    She flicked through her comm.

    ?Lil, I know you?ve got your own problems right now, but please get into that engine room pronto.?

    ?Torturous, hang on in there. Mechanics will be with you as soon as we?ve got a secure route from the bridge to your position.?

    ?Jusik, you?re on high alert. I want you ready to head up here if I call, but for now, stick to your guns. I need those men you?re defending, and I need them alive.?

    She breathed out slowly, slipping some small flash-bang grenades into her hand that she did very much enjoy using, as she felt her connection to the force deepen with passing breaths, immersing herself in the darkside.
    Comee onnn? She bounced on the balls of her feet, unable to help but feel exited.

    Ohhhh, it?s a good day to be alive.

    TAG: M_M, Thomas, Tee, Sinre.
  14. RX_Sith

    RX_Sith C&G Game Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 13, 2006
    IC: Purga Illuminati's Minion

    The minion approached the Dark Lord called Darth Dreadwar and removed the Amulet of Kalara from around his neck revealing himself as the disgusting looking creature that it was. The minion merely placed the Amulet at Darth Dreadwar's feet and bowed in reverence to the Dark Lord. It then took a few steps back waiting to see what Darth Dreadwar would do next.

    [color=firebrick][b]Purga Illuminati[/b][/color]

    Purga saw his minion delivering the Amulet of Kalara to Darth Dreadwar. Once he had put on the Amulet, then the Dark Lord would be invisible to those who used the Force except to Purga Illuminati, who had long ago learned the ancient secrets of the Amulet. He had used his alchemical skills to imbue the object as a communicative gateway of sorts where the one who wore it and he could interact using the Amulet as a beacon. This was but the start of his Master Plan.

    Soon, terror and corruption would be released on Indix along with enlightenment and revelation. It was something that Purga had been waiting for a long time to start in motion the end of time during the Shadow War; and it was something that he definitely would be releasing his retribution upon those who were of no use to his plans.

    [b][color=firebrick]Tag: Darth_Dreadwar[/color][/b]>
  15. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Approved for evil by Evil.

    Name: Kres?irol?auron
    Core Name: Sirola
    Age: Approximately twenty-five
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Faction: Obscurum
    Planet of Birth: Rhigar
    Appearance: Small and lithe, Sirola is extremely flexible, capable of astounding feats of contortion. Sirola stands 1.75 meters tall and weighs in at 65 kilograms. Despite his size, he has fantastic muscle density, giving him a very athletic appearance. He has a slightly large, squared head, with a closely shaved head of hair and a close shaved beard. His hairline is receding. As with all Chiss, Sirola has gleaming black hair, glowing blue skin and bright red eyes. As his profession generally has him traipsing the darker side of the world, Sirola is most often found in dark, form-fitting jumpsuits or light armor. However, in public or formal situations, he wears bright colored suits.

    Rank: Assassin
    Weapon Description: Sirola weilds a guard shoto with a red blade and a traditional shoto with a blue blade.
    Biography: Sirola grew up away from his family, at the Obscurum Academy of Rhigar, where he was taught how to pilot freighters and various sized starfighters. While there he was also taught marksmanship and sword fighting, before eventually being drafted into an elite training program for commandos. He continued to learn various means of combat, and was also taught about alien cultures and languages, as well as etiquette. However, because he had spent his entire life isolated from his family and had never known a traditional friend, he grew up cold and callous, even for the Chiss. At times, Sirola can be harsh, but he is fiercely loyal and extremely competent.
  16. Jedi_Corin_Daan

    Jedi_Corin_Daan Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 6, 2010
    IC: Kip Kimenov
    Aboard the Chu?unthor, Unknown Regions

    Kip eased his stance a bit, hearing some reluctance in Blaire's tone. "Of course. If you don't feel like training, that probably means that it is the best time to do it. That way you'll train yourself not only to fight, but to focus in the most difficult circumstances. Besides..." he grinned, "You afraid someone might actually beat you this time?"

    It was a playful joke, aimed at enticing her to follow through with the match. Kip knew that there was nothing that Blair prided herself on more than her perfect dueling record. Well, perfect among knights and peers. Kip returned to his original stance; ready, aggressive. He smiled again. He had an impressive record also; as a guardian he had dueled some of the best knights and masters in the New Jedi Trials, and had learned a lot from them. He was still aiming at achieving recognition for weapons mastery; that's why he had started retraining with a single blade lately. He could now fight almost as well with one saber as he could with two. But then he knew that the Sith they would likely encounter in the future would fight far differently than his friends and sparing partners in the NJT.

    Lightly balancing, he swept his lightsaber around his body a few times in a show of skill and speed.

    "Ready when you are"

    Tag: Nadia-Oomia
  17. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003
    Obscurum Co-GM

    IC: Suan'der'tann
    Rhigar, Academy Conference Room Three

    "...yes, father." she replied to the hologram of Aristocra Kol'eldes'tann. "The candidates for the mission have been selected and will be moving out within a fortnight." The projection of her father flickered in what could have been a brief smile. "Excellent my child, the Ascendancy will soon be ours." With his final words the hologram flickered from life.
    "Yes, father." she replied to the empty room. She allowed herself a slight smile

    Suan turned her chair to face the door in anticipation of the impending arrival of her selected team members, her fingertips rested upon one another six inches from her chest. She began to tap them together in an erratic pattern.

    In a room several floors down, the comlink on Sirola's belt began to vibrate indicating that a message had been received.

    "Report to conference room three immediately"

    In the fifth floor training room, Thorn was in the midst of a heated sparring match with his newest training partner. Crams'pli'nuruodo. His comlink chimed loudly from the sidelines indicating a received message.

    TAG: Nick, Bardan, Sinre if he wants

  18. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Saridona Prime

    Gaan went through the motions of the ceremony, but her mind was elsewhere, and she couldn't focus on what was happening. After the ceremony was over, she made her way mindlessly from there to her own room, and seated herself on her meditation mat. Bonded to a Sith. What the hell were you thinking, Gaan Be'orar?! You let it happen. You knew you had feelings for him. You threw yourself at him. You asked for it. She sighed wearily. For how long now had she been having this same "discussion" with herself? Anyway, she had a Padawan now. Get yourself in gear, you idiot.

    Telepathically, she sent to the Padawan, //Risca, please come to my room as soon as is convenient for you.//

    Gaan had barely sent the message when she stiffened. There was a touch on one of the bonds again... it had been happening since she left, but she had ignored it before. This time she couldn't... She didn't know why, either. But, in any case, she didn't know which bond had been accessed - or so she told herself - and refused to find out, or hear what was being said, assuming anything was. As she had been doing for months, she did not respond in the least, not even pushing away whoever had tried to contact her. Nothing. That was all the response whichever of the two men it was got. Briefly, a thought passed through her mind, What if it is Rid, and not Furio? A moment later, she answered it, I don't want to communicate with him, either.

    TAG: Rid, Risca
  19. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    NJT Co-GM Post

    IC: Rid Malt - Chu?unthor II

    Rid stared out at the darkness until he felt something. The message he sent at the very least received, even if not heard. Rid was filled with slight optomism for the moment he would hear something back. He waited.......nothing. The same as Rid had been getting since he Gaan left. He was saddened again, but still glad he could feel something more than usual. Overall, he was still somber though. He would not rest until he could hold her in his arms once more. Done with looking through the darkness, Rid sent out another message.

    Maybe she'll hear me if I am persistant.." Rid thought to himself Then he sent out another message. "Gaan....I want to know you are okay...I miss you." It was all he sent. He didn't want to be pushy, and he wanted to let her know how he felt. If she listened, he'd be happy. He wasn't expecting her to though, but held out hope for it.

    Rid started walking down the hallway and made his way to the meditation chamber, finishing up sending his message as he did. He walked up to the door and felt the Grandmaster's presence on the otherside of it. He wasn't sure if she ws busy or not so he knocked on the door and called out to her.

    "Grandmaster Kahlan, are you busy?" He asked, standing there awaiting a response from her.

    TAG: Gaan, Kahlan
  20. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: K'Kruhk
    Veragi, Space Station

    [blockquote]An explosion shook the space station, causing the elderly Golan II to wobble. Alec Vandel and his new Master, Asaak Dan had but a few moments ago been escorting a particularly poor pirate named Naxy to the brig with a pair of Stormtroopers, one of which was the heavily commended Anson Trask, a former Sith-Imperial. Naxy had been attempting to steal Sith artifacts from a recently opened tomb found on Veragi, in the system and sector named for, on the trade route also named for it. Historians had posited that a Sith named Darth Veragi had carved out a regime and the hyperlane connecting Dantooine to Cuitric in the distant past, and only recently there had been sufficient interest in finding and destroying the Sith legacy to give it the funding to hunt down such a trace.

    This had resulted in Veragi being classed a 'Sith homeworld', and a deployment of Jedi and Stormtroopers were attached to an Imperial space station and a motley array of GA fighter craft and frigates. Such elements had been deployed across triumvirate controlled territory, above former Sith hotspots such as Korriban, Ziost, Roon, the Corellian moon of Shadow, Drommund Kaas and Mustafar. And, of course, it had attracted treasure hunters in sufficient numbers to keep the interdiction force busy for the past few months.

    That was, as I say, what Alec had been doing a few moments ago.

    But then a dark pressure had fell upon his mind, and Dan - his replacement master after the death of Alec's former Master, for he had been too young to become a Knight back then - and had looked out of the corridor viewport... and three Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers sporting the One Sith emblem had emerged from hyperspace, launching attack craft and fielding droids and Sith-Imperial Stormtroopers.

    The Sith had returned to Veragi.

    And, so, now, they were relying upon Naxy and his vessel to fly them out from under the jamming curtain. They had reached the hangar bay, ran to Naxy' damaged ship, having fought off a squad of battle droids, and then the Fury-class Sith starfighter had landed. And out had emerged two Sith. One was a Sith Trooper, but the second was the spitting image of Darth Wyyrlok, less the tattoos - the self-proclaimed Darth Wyyrlok V, who had recently made a bid to kill the Chancellor and replace him via Senatorship of Champala. The nutjob had even released the Candorian Plague and hired the surviving elements of Yaga Auch's faction of Mandalorians to cause untold disruption in the galaxy, before he was found out... but not before the Senate was suspended by the triumvirate for the duration of the emergency.

    The Sith Trooper ignited a single blade, while Wyyrlok V ignited a pair of blades, walking slowly towards Naxy' vessel.

    Dan took up a position between them and the ship, and looked to his Padawan. "It has been seven years since the Battle of Coruscant. I have shielded you from the Sith since then... are you ready for this?"[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sarge
  21. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Alec Vandel
    Veragi, Space Station

    To say that his current posting was a sharp contrast to what it was years ago would be an understatement for Alec. It had been over seven years ago since he had been hiding with his Mon Calamari Master Yima, his training limited to what lessons that his Master could pass down to him and the couple of holobooks that had been in their possession. Things changed when they found the Hidden Temple and Alec's training had been better regulated...until the Sith demanded that he take more immediate action. The defense of the Temple at Taivas and, later, the Battle of Coruscant, Alec had been able to confront the dark side face-to-face and managed to survive...though some did not.

    Considering he had been seen as a very talented student when it came to his control over the Force, and he had crossed blades with the Sith despite his young age, his shift of duties to what could be seen as a guarding post to stop wayward pirates like this Naxy may seem like a demotion. But Alec did not see it as such. Though battling the dark side and the Sith were of higher priority when it came to a Jedi's duties, it was not the only duty that a Jedi was to uphold. Jedi were to uphold peace and they could achieve that goal in so many different ways. So while the battles had been replaced with chasing and apprehending pirates, Alec would accomplish his missions with the same dedication that he always displayed when it came to his duties.

    Though the Force tended to throw curve balls when it wanted to. Such as, while they were escorting the pirate, the Padawan's steps faltered and he held a hand to his head as if in pain. Alec's potential in the Force allowed him unusual insight and that insight took note of a dark pressure that attacked his mind; a warning to him of an approaching danger.

    When his Master - Asaak Dan - had asked what was wrong, Alec could only reply with, "I sense...a great darkness."

    And it felt like Alec was back in the war all over again when he saw the three Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers, all bearing the markings of the One Sith, emerged from hyperspace. Despite the warning through the Force, Alec couldn't help but stare at the ships, stunned. He had heard that the Galactic Federation still battled with the remnant forces of the One Sith, but he hadn't expected to see such a large attack force suddenly jump in-system. While Alec could just stand there, wondering why the Sith were here, the insistence that they needed to get off the station and report on what happened got the Padawan moving. Despite the Golan II Space Station being armed with turbolasers and proton torpedo launchers, it was an old station that could not possibly stand up to the three Star Destroyers that just entered. Even with the fighters and frigates that had also been stationed to oversee Veragi, the odds were not stacked in their favor at all.

    But their shuttles wouldn't be fast enough to escape those Sith fighters. Which meant...

    And Alec found himself running through the halls of the station with his Master at his side, Naxy and the Stormtroopers that accompanied them following them as they made their way to the hangar where the pirate's ship had been taken. A squad of battle droids awaited them and Alec was barely able to register him pulling out the long hilt of his double-bladed lightsaber before the Force and his training took over. Batting blaster bolts aside, his green blades slicing through metal, Alec spinning and rolling to the next pair of droids which he sliced to pieces. It only took a few, short seconds and Alec found himself standing amidst the pile of smoking droid parts with his Master, the blades of his lightsaber disappearing back into the hilt. Turning to where he remembered Naxy's ship was, Alec visibly grimaced at the damage he saw; some debris had managed to fall and scar the ship's hull but the pirate assured them that, while it wasn't pretty, it was tough and it would fly.

    While they had been about to board the ship, Alec's senses once again w
  22. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Saridona Prime

    Whoever was trying to contact her was being persistent today. Gaan felt another touch on one of the bonds, and again gave it no response. Haar'chak, whoever you are, why can't you just leave me alone? The thought didn't go over the bonds, nor did her frustration. Nothing. She was giving away nothing whatsoever. To anyone. She rose, and began pacing her room. Where are you, Padawan?!

    TAG: Rid, Risca
  23. Mister_Master

    Mister_Master Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 17, 2007
    IC: Jakran Ulda
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light

    Jakran left the Council Chamber and hurried to light the beacon of light. He was honored that he was chosen to do this; but at the same time he was a little annoyed. He had to hurry to light the beacon; and he had to hurry back or he would miss the Ceremony. Jakran took off at a slow run. According to the directions he was given he would have to go down a long corridor, up a flight of stairs, through a short corridor with a metal door on the end that would require a passcode. His Mission was easy enough.

    Jakran turned a corner and found himself in the long corridor. As he was running down the hall the idea came into his head that now would be a good time to practice some Jedi running techniques. Jakran concentrated his mind as he ran. In his head he concentrated on letting the Force fill him. Run Faster he thought those two words over and over in his head as he tried to concentrate on letting the force fuel his muscles and make him run faster. Jakran felt energy fill his body. The world around him almost seemed like a blur. He was doing it, he had finally done it.

    Jakran smiled in triumph. In his celebration Jakran realized that he had forgotten to pay attention to his surroundings. There was a small rodent-like creature sitting right in the spot his foot was about to land. Before Jakran could react he stepped on the creature and slipped. Everything seemed to slow down as he fell. Jakran tucked his arms in and rolled as he hit the floor. His roll stopped short when he hit the wall in front of him. Jakran layed on the floor for a minute breathing heavily. That was so stupid he thought to himself.

    Jakran picked himself up off the floor, and dusted himself off. "That could have gone better." He said out loud. "Oh well. Here is the stairs." Jakran turned to his left to a flight of stairs. He began walking up. It would be faster to run, or maybe even try to jump them, but after his last incident he thought it might be best to just walk. Jakran made his way up the stairs. As he walked he passed by the floor with the Masters Chambers. He knew that he was almost there. The Beacon of Light was above there.

    Jakran got to the top and turned off into the short corridor. He could see the door on the end. Jakran jogged to the door and punched in the passcode he was given. Inside the room was a console that activated the Beacon of Light. Jakran walked over to the console and flipped a switch that activated the console. He typed in a command that activated the Beacon of Light. Jakran stood there in awe of the light that shot off into space. It was a sight to behold. He had never seen it up close before.

    Jakran quickly looked away from the light. If he stared at it too long he might blind himself. Jakran turned back towards the door and left the room. Jakran ran back to the stairs and began a quick decent. As he ran he began to smell something foul. Jakran sniffed the air and figured out it was coming from something on his back that he hadn't noticed before. Jakran reached around and pulled the back part of his shirt around enough so he could see what it was. There was rodent dung stuck to the back of his shirt.

    "Dag. Now I am going to be late." Jakran exclaimed. "Well, on the bright side the Padawan quarters aren't very far." Jakran pulled off the smelly shirt, and continued his decent down the stairs, and took his next left out. The Padawan Quarters was one floor up, but he couldn't get to them from this stair case. At least not without going through the girls side, and he was by no means permitted there; especially without a shirt on. Jakran quickly made his way through the corridors of the temple to the nearest staircase that would lead him to the Padawan quarters.

    Jakran ran to his quarters and entered. He had modest Padawan Quarters. He had a semi-comfortable cot in the middle of his room. To the left of the door he had a desk with a lamp, and a chair. On the right he had a dresser, and on the floor next to it a basket. Jakran p
  24. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    GM Approved [face_peace]

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Master Ash

    Given name: Kadash

    Age: 42 standard years

    Species: Miraluka

    Homeworld: Unknown

    Rank/Faction: Master/Independent

    Appearance: [image=]

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Build: Athletic

    Hair: Short black hair with grey streaks

    Eyes: none/ simple blindfold

    Skin: pale

    Markings: Sith Marauder Tattoo on his back

    Clothing: Dark grey robes ( Black, Red and White accents )

    Personality: Brooding, introspective, analytical, can seem opinionated. Inquisitive. Periodic mood swings make him appear bipolar.

    Personal effects: Situational. Communicator, datapad. Disc Blade. Gorgos: personal lightsaber combat droid. (Heavily modified IG-100 series)

    Weapons: Dual lightsabers that can be joined to become a saber staff. They emit violet colored blades. Both are identical in appearance and build, the hilts are of simple chrome design with grips made to improve performance.

    Lightsaber combat: As a true Niman practitioner and one eager to learn new styles, Ash embraced Vaapad with relentless fervor and found it, much to his surprise, quite natural and easy to master.

    Skills: In regards to the Force, Ash is armed with numerous skills and force powers. He is most proficient with Telekinesis, Sense and Tutaminis. Physically, he is also well versed in Teras Kasi and Echani combat arts.

    Vessel: [link=]Telson[/link] (Heavily modified/ w navicomp)

    GM: See Private Note.

    Bio/History: Kadash was raised and trained by an arcanian grey jedi Master named Master Eclipse, along with his 'brother' Terminus, a zabrak male. The young duo travelled with their master learning the ways of the force. Master Eclipse was nomadic as he followed his visions to restore 'balance' wherever they might lead him, while he also pursued his scholarly studies which took him all over the galaxy. With his students in tow, he travelled to many places, making a pilgrimage to various planets such as Tython, Caamas, Dormund Kaas, Ruusan and others. While the Jedi settled back in Ossus, which they often frequented, Master Eclipse chose Dagobah as his home. Terminus by definition was aggressive and strong in the darkside, while Kadash was studious and tended to the light. Master Eclipse sought to bring balance to his students and found the task quite challenging. To alleviate their fierce sparring sessions, Master Eclipse commissioned the creation of Gorgos, an IG-100 series droid heavily modified for lightsaber dueling, which included micro-repulsors and lightsaber resistant armor. Unfortunately, this only intensified matters. It was soon after this that Darth Krayt's One Sith brought a great imbalance to the Force and the trio had much to attend to during this time. Master Eclipse watched both his students edge closer and closer to the darkside and feared the worst, until Kadash fell in love with a female missionary named Lyra. The young lady had no idea of Kadash's unrequited feelings, which were slowly bringing him back to the light, that is, until Terminus caught wind of it. Unfortunately, the unspeakable did occur as Terminus sought to coax the even-tempered Kadash into a rage. Terminus savagely attacked Lyra, knowing what would happen. The zabrak's success would be his last, as Kadash experienced a complete and total berserker rage. When it was all over, the only one standing was Kadash. Unsurprisingly, he had killed Terminus, but also his Master, who had attempted to intervene. Lyra had been mortally wounded during the clash and died in fear of her unknown admirer. Filled with grief and self-loathing, Kadash fled, taking his Master's Twilight Holocron with him and disappeared.

    Time passed and Krayt's Sith Order came to an end, but in its wake, a new imbalance has emerged in the galaxy. Ash is now the one having visions, and is compelled by the Force to answer the call to restore balance anew.
  25. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    [hl=black]GM Sinre Approved For the DoD[/hl]

    Sith Title: Darth Halucion
    Name: Oobah Shin'tac
    Age: Unknown, but body has extensive growth rings
    Gender: Male
    Species: Polis Massan
    Planet of Birth: Polis Massa
    Appearance: [image=]
    Although often he has his 1.5 meter form covered in a red robe that mirrors his eyes
    in shade with white accents along the cuffs and hemline.
    Rank: High Marauder
    Weapon Description: Duel phase red and silver saber with utilitarian firebrand hilt, a blaster, and has been known to use climbing/ice axe.
    Force Focus: Telepathic mastery with an additional focus on Morichro and Force Camoflage.
    Biography: He began life much as any other child, born in a birthing chamber by a silent droid and the anxious thoughts of happy parents making wild gesticulations of utter joy. None thought he would ever remember the moment?especially not as clearly as he did from later remarks in life. But as he grew he became more of a curiosity in some respects than the dig sites to some, especially the exobiologists, for he could do through telepathy by the age of ten what most could not when their life force was leaving their husks.

    Tests were performed, experiments undergone that in some ways substituted any training a Jedi could get by the shear rigor of such tasks that lasted from waking to eventual exaustion and slumber. That was his life for several years as they examined every genetic anamoly from the rare condition of his red eyes, slightly large frame for a Polis Masan, and even his status of being male were all scrutinized in attempt to understand why or make use of it.

    Eventually he was sent to the Jedi, for there were no more tests to be done, and, it was the general consensus that he should be trained, after all who knows how a Jedi could help find artifacts or tissue samples in the field? Or if they ever did what they had hoped for as long as they as a race had moved here, how one so advanced in telepathy and was trained could bridge any communicative barriers.

    So he went as told and sent, taking what reminders he could of home to study by the Jedi and refine what he could do for his people, and maybe for the galaxy if it ever took his interests. He trained under many master's at first, and under many a tome and holocron's shady light. From one such article he learned of the Jedi Shadow's a group long past that had infiltrated and brought much discord to weaken and kill the Sith. Although they themselves eventually had to stay away forever to keep from the Jedi killing them he found himself drawn to their ideology, their way of guarding so unlike any alive. Upon the time of his being raised to the rank of Master he took what knowledge he could copy, what he could learn and remember, and left without an apprentice to seek the Sith. Resurrecting the mantle of Jedi Shadow.

    Finding what he had searched for he began his quest of infiltration, to become one of the Sith that so many had said no longer were. Something that he had learned from his studies were the strength of the Sith, was their resilience. To say that he was not tainted would lie and belittle his sacrifice, he studied as a Sith, passed whatever test was laid before him from the leaders?from Mystique.

    He found them it was true and although his choice was flawed, or rather his ally in Mystique and her successors, they did give him knowledge of the One Sith, even if to form his vengeance on Krayt to shatter both - if not all - groups of Sith she was not sufficient in the slightest. She failed and he knew the time for his influence would have to wait, for now he would have to disappear until once more his tactics could bear larger fruit?the fruit of mutual destruction of the Sith. His only constant was the Telos Holocron that he had taken when he had left the Temple for the last time in the end of the year 129ABY, his time in his lifetime he
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