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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 13, 2011.

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  1. JediMaster1511

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    Jul 15, 2010
    NJT Co-GM

    IC: Rid Malt - Chu'unthor II - Hallway

    "Sounds very interesting Master Rid- I definately want to hear that recording." Kahlan said as she passed Rid her comlink. Rid played with it so he could transfer the file over to it. As he did, she continued to speak. "You're right we need to do more. You, me and Dil need to meet and discuss what to do next. Meet me on the Bridge in 3 standard hours."

    Rid finished transfering the sound file and handed the comlink back. Then he felt Kahlan grasp his shoulder. "Are you alright my friend?" She asked him.

    Rid looked over at her, still somber, his face doing little to hide his feeling. "Yeah..I'm just....I'm not sre. I gues I have things on my mind...I still feel bad...and I'm still searching...there are more important things though at the moment....I.....should be fine I suppose." Rid probably did little to persuade her to believe he was actually alright. "I'm not sure actually. I guess my confidence in things is a bit rattled." He said with a bit of a half-hearted chuckle.

    TAG: Kahlan
  2. dewback_rancher

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    Aug 23, 2009
    IC: Fey-Li Cytei

    "I think timing is very much a key. When you try to rush into something often times you will trip and fall and end up in a mess that you wont realize until later. By the time you realize the mess you are in it is too late and you end up missing something important. But I don't know enough of what is going on to come up with a good enough opinion," Jakran replied after a moment, before looking at her expectantly.

    Fey-Li smiled and gave him a nod. "Well-played, Jakran. I see you're getting the hang of this." It was so gratifying to see a student getting it, as a teacher. A sort of thrill you felt alongside them- one of the best parts of the job, in her opinion. The joy of helping someone reach that moment of epiphany where the subject matter made sense.

    "Well, I guess all we have to wait for now is the opinion of our leader." She smiled over at Josch, knowing he'd rather have kept the deception up longer, but she saw no use in doing so at the moment, not with who was in the room. It wouldn't do for long-term relations with whatever Jedi survived out there if they hid secrets from them, now, would it?

    TAG: MM, CPL, GoL
  3. Jedi_Corin_Daan

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    Nov 6, 2010
    ICC: Kip Kimenov
    Aboard the Chu?unthor, Unknown Regions

    Kip barely moved to block the attacks. He didn't even bother trying to block the last one, quickly dodging and side-stepping to Blaire's right. He made a thrust and then spun back out of reach. He knew she was just playing with him. But it didn't bother him. The game would end soon, when they both had felt out each others defenses, and the fight would start in earnest.

    For a moment he stood, still as a statue, guard down. He paced back and forth, guard still low, watching...

    In a real fight, they would not have had time to get this kind of feel for their opponent. To keep his senses keen, Kip had recently decided to fight training duels without raising his guard between passes. Whenever Blaire decided to attack, he would have to react fast, training himself for times when he might be ambushed.

    With a sudden movement he was in the air, spinning, flipping over her head. He made a few quick slashes as he passes over, landing on his feet facing her on the opposite side.

    "Sorry," he said grinning. "You know I had to try that at least once."

    TAG: Nadia-Oomia
  4. UnknownRogue

    UnknownRogue Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 17, 2008
    Sinrebirth Approved.

    Name: Therod Illos III
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Coruscant

    Appearance: Like most career military men, Therod is trim and in fighting shape. He is tall, just shy of 2 meters and weighs 230 lbs. He has blue eyes, a clean face and greying hair. He has three scars on the right side of his head, going over his ear and down onto his face.

    Weapon Description: Therod is cleared for using most Blaster Rifles and Pistols. He carries a BlasTech side arm and a small hold-out blaster tucked in his boot. He carries a small knife in a wrist holster, completely invisible while in uniform.

    Biography: Therod Illos grew up in a middle-class apartment on Coruscant. His mother worked for a Senator and his father was an engine mechanic, working on Capital Starships. His father tried to get him interested in mechanic work but Therod was more interested in command. When he turned 18 he entered the Naval Academy, receiving top marks in most of his classes. After graduation Therod was assigned on a small crusier chasing pirates through the Core. While in the Core his battle group was ambushed and the Commander was killed. The second in command froze and it was Therod who was forced to give the orders, saving the battle group. He immediately received a field promotion and ended up staying in the Core chasing pirates during most of the War because of a filing error. After Therod had wiped out the last of the pirates Therod brought his battle group back to Coruscant to receive orders. He reverted to hyperspace right in the midst of the Battle for Coruscant and played an important role protecting against a Sith battle group trying to move into flanking position.
    For his actions in the Core and at Coruscant Therod was awarded the title of Admiral. Most recently Therod has been lobbying to get a position in the task force being sent to the Unknown Regions.
  5. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, The Grand Hall
    [blockquote]Josch still did not know if the Bothan could be trusted. But like Fey-Li?s apprentice said timing was key and the time was right to step up as their leader. The bounty hunter, Ryi, exited with her smelly strill, Kad, heading towards the animal sanctuary that she had been working on refurbishing. So he took a deep breath and walked towards the center of the remaining members gathered there.

    ?Yes, Master Jay?su, I am the current acting Grandmaster of the Guardians of Light. We may only have one Master and two Knights on our council, but we are not blind to the goings among the stars around us. We have felt the encroaching darkness that is reaching across the galaxy. We know that it is different from the Sithly influence that we have been struggling against for generations. But right now our focus is upon the danger that seems to be lurking at our doorstep.?

    Josch made eye contact with the senior Padawan that was still in the Hall, ?We have not discussed this matter in the open to the Padawans since their minds should not be distracted at this moment. But we know that there is a potential threat that is looming not far from the Temple. We, the council, have been discussing the appropriate course of action to keep us safe.

    ?You are correct that the former masters of this house have disappeared, and we are also looking for those answers as well, but their students and traditions remain. I am a former pupil, but was called away by the Force to help the Galactic Alliance fight against the Galactic Empire of Darth Krayt. I have since returned to find these hallowed halls empty. In an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding their vanishing we started an automated survey of the planet.

    ?One of our probots never returned, transmitting its final images back to our mainframe. Also another one discovered ancient ruins that could potentially date back millenniums. These discoveries, along with the mysteries within our own walls, are of our immediate concern. So as you can see, we are not hiding here, but merely trying to learn about the planet that The Force has called us to.?

    Josch walked over to the Bothan and stood face to face with him, ?The question now is this brother Treysk, why has the Force called you to the Temple of Light? Are you simply a messenger or do you plan on joining us on this journey of discovery?? Josch extended his hand towards the Bothan as a sign of good faith.[/blockquote]TAG: Dingo & Ryi


    IC: Feitshansbuzziv & Vikkrinski
    K'oyacyi! Tavern, Keldabe, Mandalore
    [blockquote][hl=black] "Now that I have your attention, how would you like to earn some extra, credit before you doppey ask, what it is shorty here knows what I need." [/hl]

    Buzz and Vikkrinski looked down at the credits that Seanna was offering them. It was a decent amount for a charter job. Without hesitation Buzz snatched up the cred-chips and tossed them into his satchel. ?We are docked over at the spaceport in Bay 112,? the little Squib said with a slight bow, ?It would be our honor that you are joining us on this expedition.? Vikkrinski, on the other hand, just snorted. He did not care where they were going, or what she needed. All he knew that now they were getting themselves mixed up in the affairs of someone else.

    So the three of them joined up at the docking bay and lifted off for the Unknown Region. Before the Ranger even broke the atmosphere of Mandalore, Vikkrinski was passed out in the co-pilot?s seat. After he had laid in the coordinates for their initial jump to Ilum, Buzz opted to leave him where he was and checked on their new shipmate. He took the Mandalorian on a tour of the Ranger, showed her where she could stow her gear, and mostly boasted about all the ?treasures? they had discovered planetside.

    Before the little Squib realized it, the proximity
  6. Ryi_Korle-Fett

    Ryi_Korle-Fett Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 18, 2011
    IC: Ryi Kor'le
    Sardonia Prime, Temple of Light, Animal Sanctuary

    As Ryi walked away from the Grand Hall with Kad in toe, she set off directly for the Animal Sanctuary. Pondering what the fuzz-ball had said, Ryi played the situation in her head over, and over again.

    Well all I can say is it's about time somebody told them to stand up and fight. Ryi stopped in the middle of the hallway as she thought. Then again these Jetti really don't need anyone telling them that.

    Making her way down to the Animal Sanctuary, Ryi entered through the sliding doors and made her way over to the couch near the left side of the room. Sitting down, she continued to think right where she left off.

    Still... all this talk of vanishing Jedi and mysteries of the temple.... I don't like it. Whatever's out there, I'll make sure that I'm at least ready for it. Ryi's hand clenched into a fist where it lay against her thigh plate. I swear to the manda that if anything happens to Risca I won't hesistate to hunt down every last Sith and destroy them.

    She took a breath to calm herself, realizing that those thoughts weren't the best to be had in a Jedi Temple.

    And if it isn't the Sith, then I'll put an end to it no matter what. This I swear. I won't let anything harm my Ris'ika.... She's all I've got left.

    And with that, Ryi shook her head to clear her thoughts. Realizing that all this thinking wasn't really going to get her anywhere right at the moment, she proceeded to get up and grab what was left of her Jetpack and her tools.

    Might as well do something with all the time I've got till the meeting with Taab tonight.

    Looking down at the remains of what used to be her jetpack, Ryi took off her helmet and got to work.

    "It's gonna be a long night." She said, Kad just looked at her and snorted in agreement.

    Ryi shook her head, "A long night indeed."

    TAG: Macja, Bardan
  7. SkywalkerShine

    SkywalkerShine Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Aug 16, 2007

    Name: Brielle Tylo

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Planet of Birth: Dantooine



    Rank: Independent Smuggler

    Weapon Description: A dual-trigger blaster pistol and a phrik staff she bought

    Biography: Brielle was born on Dantooine with her mother and father named Kary Azura Tylo and Jin Tylo. They all lived happily and in peace together. Even when the Sith Order took over, Brielle and her family were still grateful to have each other. By the age of 17, she went to Coruscant to attend college there. However, she dropped out, due to not having enough money and because her mother died of a terrible fever; leaving her father saddened. She went back to Dantooine to comfort him, but sadly, he died of depression and not eating normally. With Brielle alone in the Galaxy, she decided to become a smuggler, to make ends meet.
  8. JediDingo

    JediDingo Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 27, 2005
    Treysk Jay'su
    Temple of Light, Grand Hall

    The Bothan smirked, listening to the now confirmed Grandmaster of this Order. Good to see he indeed has a backbone,. Treysk thought as he was talking. He felt the Force flowing around, in this very room - alive and vibrant. What Josch was saying was from the Force, Treysk knew that much. The Grandmaster began making his way towards him. Treysk's fur rippled in approval of the Grandmaster's words. It was good that they were at least aware of what was happening around them.

    Josch walked over to the Bothan and stood face to face with him, ?The question now is this brother Treysk, why has the Force called you to the Temple of Light? Are you simply a messenger or do you plan on joining us on this journey of discovery?? Josch extended his hand towards the Bothan as a sign of good faith.

    Treysk glanced down at the hand, and then back into Josch's eyes. He held his gaze steadily.

    "I believe the Force has called me more than just to bring you a message, or a reminder in your case." Treysk flashed his white fangs in a smirk. "I am here for a reason, and that reason I do not know as of yet. Perhaps what is here, on Sardonia Prime could be the key to the problem that plagues the rest of the galaxy. So, brother, I will join the Guardians. That is, until the Force calls me somewhere else."

    TAG: Josch
  9. UnknownRogue

    UnknownRogue Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 17, 2008
    EKW Approved

    Name: Traakas Choka
    Age: Young-Adult
    Gender: Male
    Species: Yuuzhan Vong
    Planet of Birth: Zonoma

    Appearance: Traakas is virtually scar-free, though he is heavily tattooed over most of his body. His skin is paler than the average vong and his tattoos stand out much more. His eye-sacs are deep blue, nearly violet and his body is covered into wiry muscle. He commonly wears black body armor, a variant of the Vonduun armor worn by Warriors of a time long ago.

    Weapon Description: Having given up his aversion to technology Traakas has an upgraded S-5 Heavy Blaster pistol(Seen on Naboo in Episode 1), he always wields a shorter variant of an amphistaff.

    Biography: Traakas was born on Zonoma into a class-less Yuuzhan Vong society. His parents were members of a secret brotherhood devoted to the old ways. His lineage could be traced back to Nas Choka. A fact that was both celebrated and hated. While Traakas was growing up he spent his days with his creche-mates in normal school environments while at night his parents mentored him on what it meant to be a Warrior. The underground movement had been producing variants of old weapons and armors and training with them. It would be a very long time before they had the numbers to act, but when they did, they would be ready.

    When Traakas came of age he was given a special mission. They wanted him to leave Zonoma and find allies for the Vong Undergrounds cause. To this end, he volunteered for a supply run and never came back. He found his way to the Chiss and the Obscurum. With all the powers fighting for dominance in the Unknown regions and Wild Space the Obscurum would need an edge and the Vong would need assistance getting their uprising started. Traakas volunteered his considerable talents to the Obscurum, waiting for the day he could shirk his mercenary fascade and use the Obscurum as a spring board for his people, launching them back into the power system of the Galaxy.
  10. Ree

    Ree Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 25, 2005

    IC: Kahlan
    Chu'unthor II - Hallway

    "Yeah..I'm just....I'm not sure. I guess I have things on my mind...I still feel bad...and I'm still searching...there are more important things though at the moment....I.....should be fine I suppose." "I'm not sure actually. I guess my confidence in things is a bit rattled."

    Kahlan looked at Rid, worried. These were unsettling times, and though they were Jedi they were still beings with needs and feelings to deal with. It wasn't like the Old Jedi Order, or Skywalkers New Jedi Order either.

    Kahlan squeezed his shoulder and said:

    "Look Rid, stop beating yourself up about not being here when the Chu'unthor II was taken. It just turned out that way and you can't do anything about it now. It must have been the will of the Force, and you're time will come to play your part in our survival I'm sure. In fact, you are doing much towards that now."

    She smiled warmly to reassure Rid.

    "For now just focus on the solution- that's all we can do. Meditate on what I have said, and the Force may show you something."

    She took her hand away and began to walk away: "Take a break, and I'll see you in a few hours."

    She waved, turned, and headed down the corridor towards the canteen.

    TAG: Rid Malt, Dil Finwerk

  11. JediMaster1511

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    Jul 15, 2010
    NJT Co-GM

    IC: Rid Malt - Chu'unthor II

    Kahlan squeezed Rid's shoulder. "Look Rid, stop beating yourself up about not being here when the Chu'unthor II was taken. It just turned out that way and you can't do anything about it now. It must have been the will of the Force, and you're time will come to play your part in our survival I'm sure. In fact, you are doing much towards that now." She smiled at Rid warmly before continueing. "For now just focus on the solution- that's all we can do. Meditate on what I have said, and the Force may show you something." She began to walk away after removing her grip. "Take a break, and I'll see you in a few hours." She waved as she walked towards the mess hall.

    "No, don't walk with me because I'm not going to get something to eat too." Rid said, teasing Kahlan. "Actually I have to go and see if we have aholo-map for later, but I'll see you me a pudding if you could." Rid said, teasing her again at the end, cracking a huge smirk. He turned and made his way to what was the Chu'unthor's archive room. It was a makeshift library but was lacking in terms of knowledge. The Jedi managed to save quite a bit though and it was of immense use for study. Rid looked through to see if there was any available maps of the scouted courses. He found one and lifted it up with the Force.

    "What I wouldn't give for a more throurogh map." He said quietly as he walked back into the hallway, placing the small, ball-like object on his belt, Rid began to make his way to te mess hall.

    TAG: Kahlan
  12. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, The Grand Hall
    [blockquote]Josch glanced down at his rejected gesture of unity and brotherhood and looked back at Treysk, ?Well then, Master Jay?su. Welcome to the Guardians of Light.? Noticing that the only people left in the hall were himself, the two Masters, and Padawan Ulda. ?Jak, can you please show Master Jay?su where the Masters? Quarters and the Council Chambers are. We will convene the Council in the morning when all of us have had an opportunity to meditate on all that has transpired here this afternoon.? He then turned and started to walk out once again. He paused and looked over his shoulder towards the Bothan. ?You are welcome to join us Master Jedi.? He then looked back towards Fay-Li and nodded slightly.

    He reached out and brushed against Alisha in the Force to let her know that she was free for the rest of the afternoon. He would send for her in the morning once again at which time she will officially begin her tutelage under the Jedi Knight. He then proceeded to try and find Daan in the Force, but came back extremely confused. She seemed there, but then again not. He knew that the Mandalorian Jedi brought with her past baggage but he was not certain how much.

    As he walked the practically vacant corridors, he almost thought he heard the unmistakable footsteps of his former Firrerreo Master, Miria Lahana. He paused and turned, but did not find her physical form only her scent. As he continued on something happened that he had not experienced for many years? singing, the Force was singing a song that had been stilled by Miria. Josch stopped, took a deep breath, and quieted his mind. He was calm, at peace, but she seemed restless.

    He finally found himself in the hanger bay, cautiously approaching the vessel of Bardan Taab. He knew from experience to knock before entering a mercenary?s ship. To them it was their home, their mistress, an extension of himself. So he knocked and waited for the ramp to lower to his feet and he entered to meet with Taab. ?Mr. Taab, you know, I don?t like that title for you. It does not really fit you. How about Sergeant or Commander, one of those two seem more befitting a man of your status. So, I have a task for you. As you may be aware there are several rooms that encircle our Great Hall, one of which seems to a tactical center of some sort. I would like you to bring it back online and set up our parameter defense. What do you say?? [/blockquote]TAG: The Guardians of Light
  13. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC Beskaryc Taab
    Aboard the Unnecessary Force, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Sitting at the work station aboard his ship, Taab had just finished re-assembling his sniper rifle and was reaching for a carbine when a proximity alarm sounded from the bulkhead. He had tuned it to its lowest setting, so that it wouldn't go off whenever someone was simply in the hanger. Someone must be approaching the ship. As he was working without his helmet on, he activated a moniter and was surprised to see the Spoonbender approaching cautiously. He was even more surprised when the man knocked. No attempt to force his way aboard, no calling out and demanding entry. He was being respectful, so Taab reciprocated and lowered the gangway and watched as the acting Grandmaster entered.

    "Welcome aboard the Unnecessary Force. I am sure you are familiar with the basic jedi model, so you can see I have made a few ... alterations. Forward of course is the cockpit, just aft of that my armory and work area. Further aft is the barracks and fresher. I have bunks and lockers for four crew. Edee is sleeping in there as we speak. At the rear of the ship is the detention area. I can hold up to three prisoners back there. Including force users should we need to. Each section can be sealed off from the others and have their own gravity and environmental controls. Underneath us, in the hold, I have my fighter. So why are you here?"

    ?Mr. Taab, you know, I don?t like that title for you. It does not really fit you. How about Sergeant or Commander, one of those two seem more befitting a man of your status. So, I have a task for you. As you may be aware there are several rooms that encircle our Great Hall, one of which seems to a tactical center of some sort. I would like you to bring it back online and set up our parameter defense. What do you say??

    Taab listened with interest to what the Spoonbender said. He displayed none of the arrogance that Taab felt many jedi typically had. So many that Taab had encountered, hunted, in the past put on the air that they could do anything, but this jetti seemed genuinly humble. His offer of an official rank meant little to Taab. He was used to be referred to as simply Mandalorian or Bounty Hunter by most of his contracts. But the tactical center sounded interesting. Perhaps it controlled additional weapons or sensors that could help in the Temple's defense. It also showed trust on Spoonbender's part, and that made Taab's job that much easier.

    "I will get on that first thing in the morning, at the very least it will give us a better idea of how to defend this place. Since I would hate to get all uppity if everyone started calling me commander, Sergeant will do fine. Besides I work for a living." He gestured towards the ramp, "Now Grandmaster, as you can see I need to get my beauty sleep."

    TAG: CPL, GoL.
  14. Risca_Skywalker

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    Feb 18, 2011
    IC: Risca Kor'le
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Risca was walking the halls of the temple that night, pondering everything that had happened to her, and especially what was going on with her sister and the Mandalorian named Taab. She knew that something had happened, she just didn't know what it was or why, but she had a funny feeling that it had to do with her and that she was about to find out.

    I just wish she'd tell me what's going on soon, she knows that I hate it when she never tells me anything. Risca stopped her pacing. But what if I... No. No no no. I'm not going to do that. I won't go digging around in her head without her permission.

    She grimaced at the memory of the first and last time she did that. Ryi had been so upset with her that she threw a viroblade at her, giving her the small scar she had on the left side of her face. But Ryi had learned how strong the force was with Risca, and that if need be her sister could communicate with her without a comm link.

    Well.... I guess I could just see where she is. And see if she wants to talk.... Sighing, Risca closed her eyes and stretched out with the Force, finding her sister and talking along the familial bond that had been with them since Risca was born.

    //Ry'ika? Ryi where are you?//

    The silence between them made Risca begin to worry but she calmed herself and reached out with the Force even more.


    //What is it Risca?//

    She sighed in relief, //Ryi...what's going on with you and Taab? You were really stressed out after the ceremony and I know you're not telling me something.//

    Risca could feel Ryi stiffen mentally. //Ris'ika... Taab and his son buried buir. And Clan Skirata is keeping his armor safe should we return. They gave him full Mandalorian Rites Ris'ika.//

    Risca snapped her eyes open and almost pulled the Force completely back in shock.

    "Buir" She whispered.

    Taking a deep breath, Risca calmed herself down before stretching out with the Force and continuing her conversation with her older sister.

    //Ryi, we should thank him.//

    //I already did. He also said he needed to talk to us in private... away from the
    aruetiise so we're meeting him in the Animal Sanctuary.//


    //I'm on my way to get you right now, just turn around.//

    Risca had been so focused on talking to her sister that she didn't realize that Ryi was right behind her. Cutting off the conversation, Risca turned around and smiled at Ryi.

    "Ready to go?" Ryi asked.

    Risca Nodded. "As ready as I'll ever be."

    TAG: Ryi, Taab
  15. dewback_rancher

    dewback_rancher Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 23, 2009
    IC: Fey-Li Cytei

    Fey-Li smiled and nodded to Jak. "Go ahead and sho Master Jay'su around. I'll catch up to you later- for right now, I think I'm due for some meditation."

    She watched her Padawan go off, and then turned to head out of the Hall herself. I've heard something about some meditation gardens being on the Temple grounds... that might be worth checking out. Gardens could really help evoke a feeling of peace and communion with nature, with the Force. Definitely a good atmosphere to do her daily meditation in.

    She ran through the details of what she'd heard; the gardens were on that island in the middle of the artificial lake. Which meant finding some way to get there- ah, hadn't she heard there were hoverboats available?

    Not as huge a problem to find as you'd think, she noted with amusement at how things turned out.

    Tag: MM
  16. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Aboard the Wrath of Vader, Unknown Regions

    [blockquote]Venomis prowled around him, and Insipid turned, holding the Holocron out towards Venomis. It was not Gorog's Holocron - he would hardly bring with him the only half-decent anti-True Sith asset he had after all - but it would be useful. Venomis ranted, and Insipid could tell that it rankled to have been discovered so. Insipid did not consider the title of 'Darth' to be one of any particular note, but he had been raised by the One Sith, with Darth's who were a cred a dozen.

    Venomis lauded that a Darth had to be beyond mortality. And so Insipid spoke, softly, a whisper. "I have triumphed over death."

    Venomis seemed to be proud that Insipid was but one of many Sith factions. And so Insipid responded, with a short laugh. "You are in the same situation.

    Venomis hissed, gathering import around himself like a dovin basil, calling himself the founder of their ideologies. And so Insipid shrugged. "Your ideologies are older than time itself. How can one claim import over all of nature purely for discovering gravity?"

    The rant continued, the circling continued, continued his mindless mumbling. Darth Insipid absently wondered if Venomis had gone mad. Insipid had gone mad, mad enough that he had miscalculated and lost control of one of his clones, but he had passed through his madness and found sanity on the other side. Venomis seemed to have passed beyond even that. In his ranting, Venomis released information that there was another Dark One, and Insipid blanked his mind. Not to conceal what he knew, but to conceal what he did not know. Insipid turned, collecting perceptions and concepts, letting the madman continue.

    It seemed as if Venomis had finally finished. "Join me, Insipid. Join me in the Dark, and I shall not only show you the power you so ignorantly challenge now but impart it to you, and when that day comes, we will rule the galaxy, filling all the worlds with despair, fear and hatred until all light in the universe is blotted out."

    The Holocrons glowed in unison, Insipid noted, out of his peripheral vision - how could he not, the entire room was surrounded by the little devices - more Sith knowledge in one room, perhaps, in the entire galaxy. But it was old knowledge. It's relevance was limited. It could be imposed upon the galaxy, but it would never become a part of it again. Isolation had made the True Sith irrelevant. They were not obsolete, true, but, sitting in their territories they had achieved so little in the century-odd since their return. Gorog - the head, that is - had told him when they had been back, because little Gorog sensed his master, and wanted Insipid to know something about the horrors that were to come. It had purely been a psychological attack, but Insipid had deflected it, and ferreted away the information until later.

    "Become strong. Become a True Sith."

    He would have nothing to do with irrelevant, well, he supposed the word was pawns, with what he knew. And knowing what was planned.

    "I'm not interested, Venomis. Join me, and you'll stand a chance in this galaxy."

    Venomis stared at Insipid with... less scorn, more curioisty. "Child, you speak but you know not what you say. Discovering gravity would not be of import... creating gravity, on the other hand, would be," the Shadow Hand smiled, indulging in Insipid's analogy. "Only your lack of vision prevents you from holding interest in my offer, and that is why you are a foolish, stupid child." Venomis' voice was not one of anger or spite, but instead akin to a calm but sharp reprimand made to a misbehaving youngling.

    "And a misbehaving youngling gets sent to the naughty corner," Venomis chuckled without mirth, a laugh infused with malicious intention, as the Darth of the Infinite Empire spoke once more, his voice no longer human, but instead a terrible roar, ancient magic pervading every intonation, as he hissed in the ancient tongue of the Sith, "ETAK SIN RYAK."

  17. UnknownRogue

    UnknownRogue Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 17, 2008
    MC-24a Shuttle, Rapidheart, Metellos Orbit

    Therod Illos stared through Admiral Stazi's hologram. The Duros did not like Therod, and Therod did not particularly care for Chief of State Stazi. Therod, however, was a military man. Peace or War, his place was on the bridge of a starship and on the bridge of a starship, you had no friends. Only Allies and Enemies mattered. While he did not like Stazi, Stazi was an ally and his commanding officer.

    And soon, my Chief of State. Therod thought sourly.
    ?Give me one good reason why I should let you command this deployment.? Admiral Stazi asked, clearly not happy with the decision.

    Therod thought for a moment. Several quick answers came to mind.
    Talent? Knowledge? Tactical prowess? Time? No. Therod would need something more if Admiral Stazi was seriously considering sending him back to the Core.

    "I can give you two good reasons, Admiral. The first, I want it. Any officer would do this if asked, you know that, however they are not lining up at your office asking to face the Chiss, Sith and whatever else lies beyond in the Unknown regions." Therod responded calmly. Kill him with kindness. "And second, I am just good enough. I am no Thrawn or Bwua'tu, but I know the specs of every ship that would be under my command and know how to use them effectively. You know I am good enough to be able to take credit for any victory I achieve, having the foresight to send me as opposed to someone else. But, if I fail my record is not so perfect that I cannot take full blame, leaving your hands clean."

    Tag: Sinre
  18. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Veragi, Space Station

    It was his training and the fact that he had faced a Sith Trooper before that allowed Alec to prepare for the coming attack. His eyes focused on both the Sith Trooper and Wyrrlok, the young Padawan was barely able to make out the nod that the Dark Lord sent to his subordinate.

    It was like a dog that was let off his leash. There was no advanced warning, no need to prepare, just an explosion of speed and power that sent Alec's opponent sprinting across the space that separated them in an instant. At first he had been there, now he was here and Alec's eyes looked up at the Sith Trooper that now towered over him, his lightsaber held in a two-handed grip above his head before it came crashing down. Alec didn't even think to try and block such a vicious strike and instead spun to the side. He heard the humming of the blade that neared his ear, saw the red glow that briefly passed across his eyes, even the very heat that touched his robe, but the Padawan was out and away, the red lightsaber striking at nothing but air.

    As quickly as the Sith Trooper had came to him, so too did the Force. Alec did not need to think, his draw of the Force being pure instinct that had been developed over years and years of training. Before the Sith could spin around to try and press his attack, Alec thrust his free hand forward. As much of a giant the trooper may be, as much metal and circuitry had been grafted to his flesh and bones, the pure weight of him alone couldn't stand against the Force as Alec launched a Force Push into him, making the trooper stumble.

    It was only then that Alec thumbed his lightsaber to life. A dual crescendo of snap-hiss's came to life as a green blade extended from each end of his long hilt. His free hand coming back to join the other to hold the weapon in a two handed grip, Alec spun both blades over his head before he was leaping at the Sith. Though not an expert duelist, Alec nonetheless used the properties of the double-bladed lightsaber to good use as he launched a flurry of blows at the Sith. An overhead blow from one end of the lightsaber became an underhand slash from the other blade. A strike to the left became a strike from the right as Alec lashed out at the Trooper again and again.

    That was one of the strengths of the exotic weapon: even when one blade retreated, the other was there to strike at another point as Alec sought to overwhelm the Trooper with these quick, never-ending strikes in order to take him down quickly. He was barely focused on Wyrrlok and his Master's duel. His opponent was the Trooper and Alec put his attention and the Force to bare on his opponent.

    TAG: Sinrebirth
  19. Padawan4687

    Padawan4687 Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano

    Thank mother was spared... Alisha thought as she continued researching at the computer terminal. She was about to continue when she felt a Force Message from her new Master. She relaxed and powered down the terminal, knowing she was finished for the day. She sent a signal back to let him know she heard and understood, and then turned from the terminal.

    She left the library, and made her way to her quarters. In it was her bed, small table, and a drawer filled with her few belongings from Shilli. She unclipped her lightsaber from her belt, and looked at it. The simple design on the felt like a part of her somehow. This belonged to a famous Jedi Knight...I hope I can continue the cycle of Jedi...

    She smiled lightly as she looked at it's hilt, then noted how late it was getting.

    Tag: No one still...
  20. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Darth Mystique
    Aboard the Dark Renewal, hyperspace

    [ul]After draining the life of the Devarian Sith, the bridge area seemed to calm down a bit. Mystique watched as her apprentice decapitated the enemy. Her attention was now back on to the bridge as the Dark Renewal came out on top of Sposia, the world at the very heart of the Chiss Civil War. It was time to give the Chiss a proper Dominion greeting.

    She didn?t have to give orders. The Dominions knew what their role was. Her apprentice Echo, had gone to the Hangar bay to get a fighter. There he would enter the world and punish them and take what is rightfully theirs. That was all according to the plan.

    The new Captain of the ship spoke nervously as he called Mystique toward him. ?M?lady, I must focus upon the battle. Can you take that call?? He worriedly gestured towards the very stern looking Chiss that was evident upon the viewscreen.

    Mystique glanced toward the viewscreen as a Chiss spoke.

    ?You have opened fire upon the Chiss Expansionary Defence Fleet, loyal to Admiral Mitth?raw?nuruodo. Surrender or be destroyed.? As he spoke, a Chiss-class Star Destroyer decanted from hyperspace, running straight towards the Dark Renewal in a head-on attack.

    Mystique gave a smile as the shields held up and the escape pods were released heading for the surface of Sposia.

    One freighter captain came over the line. ?Lady Mystique. I have enough shields to make a good run at one of the Dreadnaughts. We?d just end up embedded in that Destroyer? the crew have offered their lives, but if you have a better use for us we will go where needed.? said an Imperial Captain, of the Lonefire which was a 400m bulk cruiser that had been kept in reserve to defend the fleet.

    Already using the reserves. That?s not good. she thought to herself as she thought about what was the best course of action.

    Sensors chimed in. ?Captain, we have gotten lucky, and hit the planetary shield grid in our first barrage. It?s down in this region, and we?re a few hundred klicks from the capital city, from our records. If we capture the government district intact, we can probably re-jig the defence grid around the rest of the planet to target Chiss vessels.?

    Mystique turned to the Captain. "With your assessment Captain, now that we can get through, is the Lonefire needed? It is a reserve for the defense of the Renewal after all." [/ul]

    TAG: Sinre

    [color=purple][u][b]Darth Lilith[/b][/u]
    [i]In Engine Room[/i][/color]

    [ul] Lilith caught the lighting on her blade. She held it steady until it dissipated. The Sith lunged forward into her defensive stance, striking down with his blade. Lilith maintained her balance. The blade was at the base of hers, then drove a fist to her face that made her head snap back. Her lip started to bleed. But it was not enough to stop her.

    She kept her stance though it was not pretty. The Sith followed his attack with a kick at her feet. Lilith fell, then immediately rolled to her left and regained her composure as she got back to her feet. She wiped the blood off her lip with her sleeve and smirked to show that the bloody lip had no effect on her. With a flash of speed she zoomed in on the Sith slashing her way toward him hoping to back him up against the wall, there she would decapitate him.[/ul]

    [color=purple][u][b]TAG: Sinre[/b][/u][/color]>
  21. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Lord Halucion
    Crustai, world of the Acolytes of Darkness, shipyards of the Sith Imperium

    Things had been going well, too well he guessed as he ignited his saber at the normal length to block a stream of incoming blaster bolts. As they ricocheted randomly off his blade to the floor, ceiling, and walls with the occasional redirect at the droids infront of him as he was slightly hard pressed to keep his mind focused enough to actually concentrate on where he was deflecting the bolts to.

    To think this had all begun as yet a meeting with a Sith chiss collaborator named Viper, nothing too untoward there if their location on yet another faction of Sith?s supply planet. Would it ever end? Could these refuse of predators that plagued this sullied galaxy ever be purged even with their own fire?

    Still with the times he had spent here, the weeks in getting this audience he had spent it learning the minds of this race that was newer to him, and structured just differently enough from humans in the combining linguistic centers of the brains to make it harder to communicate without practice. But practice he had, and now they were all susceptible to his mind. The room imploding had been something he hadn?t wanted to happen, and had not fully been prepared for such an occurrence, thus he had not made the preparations to calm their minds. Dreadfully inefficient, and something he would of wounded an acolyte for.

    As he moved quickly to dive between the two droideka?s to let their own fire deal damage to each other more directly. His mind was focused on the horrible rendition of a voxin, letting it see him as it might its own cub mate by stimulating those sectors of its simple animal brain. The chiss guards, well he made them see him throw a small thermal detonator that bounced once to land in the Vipers lap in a. . .precarious location. If they tried to grab it, they would be grabbing the Viper in a sensitive part of most species anatomy and yanking. Meanwhile the Viper himself, saw none of it, and so might be given to see with a gentle prod his paranoia inflamed.

    That truly was a constant here with Sith, paranoia was not just a symptom, it was a way of life as much as chaos and strife. They all at times, could make his job that much easier.

    TAG: Sinre
  22. Darth Aiser

    Darth Aiser Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2006
    IC: Jusik Tur-Mukan
    Aboard the Dark Child, New Korriban, Battle of New Korriban.
    Secondary Bridge.

    Jusik felt pride in that he had defended his position in a professional way but he could feel the stress from above in the bridge. He quickly disarmed the traps in expectance of the crewers and mechanics headed his way, it wouldnt do good if they set them off. He knew that if they were being evaced from the bridge that things were tensing up. " Jusik, you?re on high alert. I want you ready to head up here if I call, but for now, stick to your guns. I need those men you?re defending, and I need them alive" his comlink chirped as the last of the group finally made their way to foward viewscreens away from the blasted blast doors. He gazed into the corridor and rearmed the mines he had placed under the floor panels just inside the door that he had replaced from the earlier assualt. He looked over the crewers and decided that working hands were better than a group of people standing, waiting to be shot. "Ok you sniviling beings we are under attack and you being here is proof that things are getting a little tense see those computer consoles" he pointed to a fall over console bank that had been fried beyond repair by the emp blasts. " I want you to repair it from the other side without moving it and stay there until it is complete or otherwise ordered to move." he said starkly. Last thing he wanted was them to get scattered or accidently triggering a trap by paceing. "and if for some other reason I have to leave you alone, however unlikely, I want you to grab a gun from that weapons crate and stay behind that console. When I come back thru the password is nerfherders. If you are compromised say scruffy if yall are intact and safe or atleast situtationaly still here as I left you shout bantha and if the incorrect code is given if any shoot until they are either recognized as freindly or till they are dead." He then turned and look out the viewport at the now peaceful space where less than an hour ago a battle was rageing, wondering just how the enemy had infiltrated this ship and caused such chaos. "Master all is setup and secure. I will be on call and keeping a eye out for anymore trouble makers who want to take my secondary bridge away or kill any of my distingueshed guests whom are getting trained in the keep low and silent just stay out of the soldier's way."

    TAG: Helinith
  23. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Master Ash
    Sposia, Government District, a mile away from the Central Tactical Grid

    He had tried to ignore the visions, but they persisted. They became even more immersive with time, even more terrible, darker than anything even he could have imagined, and with them so did the compulsion to follow through. It came to a point where he knew that self-exile would no longer be an option, that a blight more terrible than anything Darth Krayt had visited upon the galaxy would engulf it and snuff it out. Thus, he obeyed.

    Only to arrive at the moment of chaos.

    Was he too late? Could he do anything to make a difference, here? or anywhere?

    The Telson streaked unimpeded through Sposia's atmosphere, so far fortunate not to get caught up in any dogfights. Its pilot, Master Ash was in a bit of a hurry. Darkness descended upon the Chiss world and House Sabosen. On the surface, the government district was already ignited by the flames of war, but Master Ash needed to be at the Central Tactical Grid. A dark convergence was about to take place at that location; He had seen this to be true. However, always in motion the future was and change was the only constant.

    Fires and dark plumes of smoke rose up from the burning district and the midnight colored Chiss Clawcraft flew on urgently, until its pilot felt a sharp spike of darkness he could not ignore. Through the Force he saw it. Darkness, rage, violence and death. Something had crashed down upon the city and a darkside monstrosity burst forth, killing any living near it. Unsurprisingly, it began to leave a path of destruction as it moved in the opposite direction from Ash's intended flight path. In the moment it took him to realize that, he felt more innocents die needles violent deaths which fed the darkside, further tipping the balance.

    The convergence was imminent and almost two klicks away. Naturally, time was of the essence. Looking down from his ship's cockpit he could now see the hulking monstrosity for what it was, as it wielded a pair of lightclubs and the darkside to induce chaos and mayhem. He could ignore it and proceed to his destination and attend to the more grievous matter at hand. Certainly he could not stop every such pod and enemy that fell from the sky as they were too numerous?but, he had not come across every pod; just this one.

    "Choose an act." Ash chided himself with a whisper, echoing his masters words, and even as he finished, he jerked on the stick, smoothly veering the ship towards its new target. Within moments he was within firing range. He was opened to the force and to all possibilities as he brought the Clawcraft's laser cannons to bare and opened fire.

    Tag: Sinre
  24. dewback_rancher

    dewback_rancher Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 23, 2009
    IC: Fey-Li Cytei

    Fey-Li soon managed to make it out of the empty, yet somehow pristine, hallways, to where the hoverboats were docked. Something about this place... well, the Temple had a deep light-side aura to it. It felt comforting being here- she could almost forget that she'd ever been a fugitive, that the Jedi had ever been purged. Very soothing.

    She reflected on all of this as she drove a hoverboat over the artificial lake, and thus noticed that the light-side aura only increased the closer she got to the Gardens. As she brought the hoverboat in to the dock and hopped off, she wondered if it was due to the number of Jedi in the past that had to have meditated here. Their meditations left the area with a background dance that was much like being rocked to sleep as a child. Just comfort, safety... everything felt right here. At peace.

    It would definitely be easier to re-center herself here, Fey-Li thought with a smile as she sat down on the stone path that winded through the various bushes and trees and flower beds. The Force was strong in this place.

    She got into a cross-legged position and laid her hands out, palms-up, on her knees, then closed her eyes and got to work on her breathing.

    TAG: Nobody at the moment
  25. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Saridona Prime

    Gaan felt yet another touch on the bond, and it almost drove her into a frenzy. Haar'chak! Whoever keeps trying to contact me must be closer than they've been since I left. ...Which means it's probably Furio. No reason for Rid to be out here, after all.... Unless... No, he wouldn't bother. Her hands, which had been clutching her head, fell away and clenched into fists at her sides, and then she slammed the bond shut as hard as she could. Whichever it was had to already know she'd felt the contact, or he wouldn't be so damn persistent, so there was no point in subtlety. At least this way the touches would go back to being almost unnoticeable, like they were before, and there would be no more chance of either man finding her. All they'd know was that she'd felt or heard them, and didn't want to feel or hear anymore. And too bad for them. They could live with it. Just shut up. The thought didn't go through the closed-off bond, and Gaan didn't want it to. She strode from her room and into the hallway.

    TAG: Rid, anyone in the Temple on Saridona Prime who feels like bumping into her

    IC: Shaula Raesha - Chu'unthor II - Unknown Regions

    Shaula sighed wearily. There was no one in the hangar bay. Not really unexpected, since she hadn't announced her imminent arrival, but disconcerting, nevertheless. Shrugging slightly, she leapt gracefully from her ship, knowing perfectly well that the male assigned to hangar security would enjoy the sight, whether he ever told anyone so or not.

    Glancing around, she reached out with the Force and located the presences of Jedi Knight Rid Malt, whom she had made her report to earlier, and the Grand Master. She started to walk toward the nearest hatchway, then broke into a run, as much to stretch cramped muscles and get blood flowing as to increase her speed. Once she was through it, she headed toward the corridor they were in.

    Opening the last hatch between herself and them and stepping through, she spotted them, deep in conversation. Malt was clearly depressed, and the Grand Master appeared to be attempting to comfort him. Shaula hung back out of earshot, watching them in silence until the Jedi Knight broke off from the Grand Master, and headed to the library. Shaula followed him then, her footsteps soft and silent, despite the boots she wore. She saw him look through the maps, then take one of them and exit the room, placing it in his belt.

    Following him again, she saw that he was headed toward the mess hall, and decided to stop him now. Stepping up her pace, and letting her boot heels ring against the corridor's floor to announce her presence, she passed him, then turned around to face him. With her heels, she topped him by a bit, but had a feeling she wouldn't be too intimidating. This was the first time she'd really met him. She'd seen him around the ship, and at various other times, but never actually spoken to him. No time like the present, she thought.

    "You are Jedi Knight Rid Malt, correct? I am Shaula Raesha." Pulling one of the spherical maps from her own belt, she handed it to him. "From my last scouting expedition. The one with the strange disturbances. The one I just returned from. I don't know what you're looking for, but I suppose the more information you have, the more likely you are to find it. Now tell me, is there anything I can do for you? I don't wish to pry, but you seem rather burdened, at least from what I saw of you with the Grand Master. May I help you in any way?"

    Having said what she had to say, Shaula fell silent. She had no idea whether he outranked her or not, and did not wish to get in trouble for asking too many questions, especially if he did.

    TAG: Rid... and anyone who might walk down the same corridor, or have seen her in the hangar
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