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Library The Shearing Shed 2.0: Library thread for the new Black Sheep Squadron game

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Mistress_Renata, Sep 17, 2023 at 3:46 PM.

  1. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000

    A new game led to my wish for a new Library thread, since the old one was full of character sheets for defunct characters. I wanted an updated roster area. So this is the new thread for the Black Sheep Squadron game. The old Library thread is locked, but it is still accessible HERE and it is a valuable resource. You can read stuff about Star Wars, aviation, flight manuevers, proper radio protocol and anything else. Definitely check it out.

    The old thread was created by @Bardan_Jusik, and added to by @Vehn. I copy/pasted some of their material, particularly about the Intrepid, home base for the Black Sheep, and so the credit for those posts goes to them. I do not remember who created our fabulous logo, I'm afraid. If anyone remembers, please feel free to give credit where it is due.

    I apologize in advance for any errors. Players in the previous game, you do not need to repost your character bios unless you want to add some updates. Only new players need to post their sheets here, after GM approval (we've got 2 new folks coming aboard, and one oldie returning in a slightly altered form).

    Anyone who finds useful links or info related to Star Wars or military aviation, feel free to share them here. I may have started this thread, but I don't own it. It is for all of us.
  2. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    New Sheep Roster:

    Commander Jaxx Bardan, “Porkchop” (NPC/GM, squad leader)
    Captain Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth (Devaronian male, Squadron Ops officer, B-flight lead) – Sarge
    Major Mackenzie "Flanker" Hollymander (Bakuran, Male, Squadron Intel officer) -- Adalia-Durron
    Lieutenant Maxime "Max" Pallas (Corellian human female, Aide to Bardan) – Mistress_Renata
    Lieutenant Jocelyn "Joy" Sunwalker (Coruscanti human female, C-flight lead) -- TheAdmiral
    Lieutenant Amber "Vixen" Tehanis (Bakuran human female, A-flight) -- Adalia-Durron
    Lieutenant Elor “Lancer” Skorne (Byblos human male, A-flight) -- DarkLordoftheFins
    Flight Officer Zero "Spyguy" Maderas (Human, male, B-flight) -- Sgt.Matt
    Pilot Traer "Seppie" Lin (human male, B-flight) -- Sinrebirth
    Captain Finnefrael "Feral" Ordwgal (human male, C-flight) -- darthbernael
    Flight Officer Harley “Wild Card” Quinn (NPC Zeltron female, C-flight)

    Commander Baniss "Emgeeelltee" Vermillion (Human male, Intrepid Intel Officer) -- adaml83

    Deck Chief, Black Sheep Squadron: Chief Petty Officer Tyr
    Black 2 plane captain; Petty Officer Emilia "Sparky" Sparkiniss
    Black 3 plane captain; Petty Officer Jeen Talgana
    Black 5 plane captain; Petty Officer (3rd class) Lughdyt
    Black 9 plane captain; Petty Officer Thorn
    Black 12 plane captain; Sgt. Laylee Wyrock

    Pudge –cook (Sgt. Matt)

    Able Flight:
    • Black One: Commander Jaxx Bardan “Porkchop” (NPC) -- X-Wing, Squadron Commander, Able Flight Lead
    • Black Two: Flight Officer Maxime Pallas "Max" (Mistress_Renata) --X-Wing
    • Black Three: Flight Officer Amber Tehanis "Vixen" (Adalia-Durron) -- X-Wing
    • Black Four: Lt. Elor Skorne “Lancer” -- X-Wing
    Baker Flight:
    • Black Five: Lieutenant Kayn Balzroth "Mean Streak" (Sarge) -- A-Wing, Baker Flight Lead
    • Black Six: Pilot Traer "Seppie" Lin (Sinrebirth) -- A-Wing
    • Black Seven: Flight Officer Zero Maderas “Spyguy” (Sgt.Matt)--A-Wing
    • Black Eight: UNASSIGNED–A-wing

    Charlie Flight:
    • Black Nine: Lieutenant Jocelyn Sunwalker "Joy" (TheAdmiral) --B-Wing, Charlie Flight Lead
    • Black Ten: UNASSIGNED-- B-Wing
    • Black Eleven: Flight Officer Harley “Wild Card” Quin (NPC) --B-Wing
    • Black Twelve: Captain Finnefrael "Feral" Ordwgal (darthbernael) -- B-Wing

    Delta Flight (Recon) –formed when needed:
    • Black Thirteen: Major Mackenzie "Flanker" Hollymander (NPC of Adalia Durron)
    • --Recon X-wing
    • Black Eight: Captain Finnefrael "Feral" Ordwgal (darthbernael) --Recon X-wing
    • Black Two: Flight Officer Maxime Pallas "Max" (Mistress_Renata) --X-Wing
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  3. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    Bardan_Jusik as Lieutenant Atin "Scorch" Taab (Mandalorian human male): KIA
    Book Exogorth as Flight Officer Meleema "Ring" Ksiur (Tarisian human female): KIA
    Outsourced as Sergeant Koruga Vereem "Thin Mint" Royu'jha (Hutt male): KIA
    The Vanguard as Lieutenant Shirl "Ditch" Coppa (Bespin human male): KIA
    witchdoctor07 as Corporal Remmick "Turncoat" Burke (Corellian human male): KIA
    Quinlan Vos as Flight Officer Anthony "Ghost" Walker (Bespin human male): KIA
    GenOochy as Chief Warrant Officer Sage Enzo Parvil (Woltarian agender): KIA
    Master Vo'Un'Var as Pilot Officer Vo'uun "Nighthawk" R'k'sa (Mandalorian human male) KIA
    BobaMatt as Pilot Officer Bolo "Boomah" Lappie (Otollah Gungan male) KIA
    The Vanguard as Lieutenant Yov "Blackbone" Jaqa (Mirialan male) KIA
    Bacta Bubble Bath as Pilot Officer Shi-Lara "Runaway" Dolva (Cerean female) KIA
    The Silent Influence as Lt. Alec “Alor” Cadera (Mandalorian human male) KIA
    Bodhran777 as Flight Officer Aden "Torch" Corso (Naboo human male) KIA
    Kato Sai as Flight Officer Liam "Crash" Qel-Droma (Alderaanian human male) KIA
    AgentViper007 as Flight Officer Artemis Deco (Commenor Human male) KIA
    Bardan_Jusik as Pilot Officer Dug “Bluebird” Masterson (Corellian human male) KIA
    Bardan_Jusik as Lt. Reed “Foreman” Thrace (Lothal human male) KIA

    TheAdmiral as Flight Officer Tala "Merc" Ashe (Alderaanian human female) MIA
    Mira_Grau as Flight Officer Livia Nascada (Arkanian female) MIA
    Galactic_vagabond as Flight Officer Ianna "Kid" Mcear (Chandrilan, Human, Female) MIA
    mostylmad as Flight Officer Nikoloz "Skew" Dimmall (Coruscanti human male): MIA
    Chyntuck as Foodie (434-FPC personal chef droid): Inoperative
    Zark as Belgium (rogue astromech) Incarcerated
    Bodhran777 as Lt. Ven “Crow” Tarin (Mandalorian human male) Reassigned
    Mitth_Fisto as Flight Officer Akiva “Wolf” Lurell (Codru-ji female) Reassigned
    Corellian_Outrider as Captain Cassell Wystari "Skipper" (Corellian human male) Reassigned
    Bardan_Jusik as Major Beskaryc Taab "Ironhand" (Bardan_Jusik) Reassigned
    Vehn as Commander “Firmus” Khairn (Chandrilan human male) Reassigned
    Vehn as Lieutenant Louise "Lou" Vehn (Roonian human female) Released from duty
    Mira Grau as Sergeant Ethan “Veteran” Malek "Veteran" Released from duty
    Rebecca_Daniels as Flight Officer Zara Yaren "Zero" (Twi’lek female) AWOL
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  4. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    Originally written by @Bardan_Jusik, but not much has changed.


    “The Intrepid is a Quasar Fire class cruiser carrier originally employed by the Imperial Navy. Following the destruction of Alderaan the Commanding officer and much of the crew defected to the rebel Alliance, bringing the Intrepid and her TIE based wing with them. In the subsequent years the ship has earned a reputation as a widowmaker for her pilots, with most of the original defecting crew now killed in action and all the TIEs lost to enemy activity."

    More recently the Intrepid was retrofitted to accommodate fighters more commonly found throughout the Rebel Alliance, though the reputation of the "Evil I" remains intact, with heavy losses in terms of pilots and craft. The betrayal of former Executive Paul Teague, who passed along information to the Imperial Death's Head Squadron, has not improved that reputation. There are currently four Squadrons aboard the Intrepid.

    The Commanding Officer is Captain Adama Husk, a former Imperial and native of Alderaan.
    The Executive Officer of the Intrepid is Lt. Colonel Demora Alisol, a former Royal Handmaiden of Naboo
    The Intelligence Officer of the Intrepid is Commander Baniss Vermillion
    The Communications Officer of the Intrepid is Lieutenant Arrwrr Prrwrrmmrr (Abysnnan female)
    The Flight Operation Officer of the Intrepid is
    Lieutenant Gan Felix

    Commander Air Group: Colonel Cort Spence

    Viper Squadron: Consisting of 8 A-Wings it is the primary mission of Viper Squadron to protect the Intrepid from attack. The commanding officer of Viper squadron is Commander Jaime "Archer" Lee.
    :xwing: :xwing: :xwing:
    Intruder Squadron: Consisting of 12 X-Wings fighters, this squadron's primary mission is to maintain space superiority either around the Intrepid or a designated target area. It may also lend fire support to strike packages. The commanding officer of Intruder Squadron is Major Trevo “Jester” Kalimin, a human male from Coruscant
    :xwing: :xwing: :xwing:

    Nexu Squadron: Consisting of 6 X-wings and 8 B-wings, they are recent arrivals to the Intrepid. Their primary mission is as an strike group against Imperial targets. The commanding officer of the Star raiders is Captain Shrii “Ramjet” Raminos, a Duros male from Jedha.

    The Galley crew includes a Whiphid, who goes by Pudge.

    The Medical Crew includes Dr. Raynor, a psyche healer who is kept very busy by the Black Sheep.

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  5. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000

    Character's Name: Jaxx Bardan
    Callsign: “Porkchop”
    Species: human
    Gender: male
    Rank/Affiliation: Commander
    Languages: Basic
    Residence: wherever
    Home Planet: Loronar
    Age: 39

    Character Traits
    Personality: friendly and confident (probably over confident). He is a loyal friend and has a strong sense of fair play, although he's not above underhanded action to get the job done.
    Habits/Mannerisms: Has lightning reflexes and incredible luck at cards. Loves noodles.
    Likes/Dislikes: good beer, good food, straight shooters. Dislikes the Empire, card cheats, too much fancy stuff.

    Strengths and Weaknesses
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Has slightly above average strength for a human, although he can be a bit of a klutz.
    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: He’s stubborn and doesn’t back down from a fight, but his education has been lacking and he’s not as quick to catch on to things as others

    Eye Color: blue
    Hair/Fur: light brown and scruffy
    Skin Color: medium
    Clothing: casual, a bit sloppy. His boots are comfortable and non-regulation, with a blade stashed in the top.

    Personal History
    Immediate Family: none
    Spouse/Children: no spouse, no kids that he knows of
    Biography: His parents split up when he was a kid and he was raised by his mother, who was a waitress at a diner. She died of illness when he was in his early 20s. He has no idea where his dad ended up. The family never had money, and he wasn’t keen on formal education so he tried to join the Republic Navy, hoping to fly starfighters. He ended up as a duty pilot, flying transports and freighters, and was injured during the Clone Wars. His dislike of regulations led to him being discharged early. He used his savings to enter a card game, where he won a mid-size freighter, and began working in the Mid Rim and along the Corellian Run and the Hydian Way. His observations of the treatment of people by the Empire, under the guise of “security” led him to start small acts of Rebellion, culminating in his efforts to liberate a small settlement of Sullustans who had opened a small mine.

    The effort failed, and his ship was destroyed. However, he managed to join a small group of Rebels who had also come to the aid of the colony, and he escaped with them. His lack of education and impatience have made him a liability in many ways, but his piloting skills and his staunch loyalty and determination mean that this is overlooked. He is also an old acquaintance of Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian and has business dealings with them.

    Most recently, he rescued three important members of High Command who had been captured on Hoth. As a reward, he was promoted, although his ability to actually command a squadron is in doubt. However, since the Black Sheep take the whole concept of “command” as a guideline, this seems to be the ideal post for him.

    Weapons: Blastech DL-44, and a small blade he keeps tucked in the top of his boot
    Starship Qualifications: he can fly anything (or so he says)
    Droid: R2-F3 “Egg”

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  6. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    GM Approved

    Character's Name: Elor Skorne
    Callsign: Lancer
    Species: Human (Byblos)
    Gender: Male
    Rank/Affiliation: 2nd Lt. (Former Wing Commander of the Imperial Navy 323rd TIE Interceptor squadron)

    Languages: Basic
    Residence: None
    Home Planet: Byblos
    Age: 32

    Character Traits: Serious and brooding
    Personality: In a way a broken man, scared by events that lead him to abandon the Government he believed in and joined the enemy
    Habits/Mannerisms: Reads a lot of classical Old Republic literature, likes to stay to himself - as nobody wants to to hang out with the former Rebel Hunter
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes flying, still feeling free only in a cockpit. Hates the Empire he once loved so dearly.
    Racial Traits: None

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Excellent pilot (also not familiar with Rebel ships), good in hand-to-hand and close quarter combat - really bad with everything not having to do with being a soldier - and astrogation (Imperial fighters have no hyperdrive). Good at tactics and bad at strategy.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Peak physical condition as one would expect from an Imperial fighter pilot
    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: Little of his mental strength remains, suffers from PTSD and carries a lot of emotional baggage - a death wish as he basically plans to kill as many imperial pilots as possible and he is aware he will probably die while doing so
    Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses: Stubborn, but angry inside. He is new to being angry, so he isn‘t very experienced with being angry

    Appearance: Very imperial, well trained, short hair and a sadness in his eyes

    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair/Fur: Dark Blonde
    Skin Color: Pale (spend most of his life on ships)

    Clothing: A grey flight suit and a simple grey jumpsuit with a belt. All standard stuff provided. No personal style whatsoever.

    Personal History: A former imperial TIE INTERCEPTOR pilot and squadron leader who has joined the Rebellion recently.

    Immediate Family: None anymore
    Spouse/Children: Commander Tyra Tavin, ISB
    Biography: Born into a military family there never was a choice. He learned to fly when he learned to walk. His father, grandfather and great-grand father were in the navy. All the way back to before the clone wars they served.

    At the age of 14 he happily signed on to the Imperial Flight Academy. Usually best or second best of his class when it came to flying. Distinguished student. Feverish and fanatic follower of the New Order. He never had to fly shuttles after training, becoming a TIE Fighter pilot riggt out of the graduation. He never backed down, volunteered even for the most dangerous missions. Fought pirates, insurgents, crime lords and finally more and more often Rebels. He was the youngest officer in the sector to get his own Interceptor Squadron and was on the forefront of hunting rebels in the Midrim. For him war was duty not passion. Flying was a privilege. Dying in service of the Empire an honor.

    He married a young ISB officer Tyra Tavin who was their liaison in the Dantoneer campaign and also they both appreciated the boost the union gave to their career they had a wildly romantic and passionate marriage.

    They saw each other more rarely after he was transferred to the ISD Dominion, a ship that was part of Lord Vaders command fleet.

    His parents were proud.

    They said he would one day command his own Star Destroyer if not an entire fleet.

    Then he was send to Raltir IV and everything changed. Everything! Their mission was to intercept and destroy evacuating rebels. Twenty transports.

    Whatever happened on Raltir IV is only known to him and those members of his squadron that survived the encounter. But the result of that day was the loss of his parents and the defection to the Rebellion.
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  7. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 RPF & Fan Art Manager star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 13, 2001
    Character's Name: Aryan Graul
    Callsign: N/A
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Rank/Affiliation: Moff of the Corellian Sector (including Nubia)/Galactic Empire
    Languages: Basic, knows a few phrases in Huttese (mostly expletives), reads and understands Corellian and Coruscanti
    Residence: Nubia (on his family estate)
    Home Planet: Nubia
    Age: 62
    Approved Special Features (any force sensitivity would go here): He shows a certain affinity for the Force, but he is untrained and undisciplined. It mostly manifests in heightened reflexes, piloting skills, and intuition.

    Character Traits:
    Personality: Aryan is a bright and cunning politician with a youthful disposition. He is tenacious and ambitious and exhibits an overwhelming sense of pride. As a public servant, he relies on his charisma and charm to network amongst his peers and to win favor with the people he serves. He is also a competent speaker and can easily influence a crowd through his choice of words. Throughout the years, he has maintained a strong public persona and is generally accepted by the people.

    However, there is another side to Aryan that is less than desirable. He has become masterful at hiding his true intentions and utilizing unorthodox techniques, such as manipulation and blackmail, to achieve his long-term goals. To some, he is cruel and deceptive, especially when it comes to his lust for power and indulging in his controlling nature. He is not above the implementation of ruthless policies to carry out his vision of a strong, unified Empire.
    Habits/Mannerisms: He tends to have an impish smirk etched over his features, which makes it appear as if he is always squinting, or perhaps assessing a situation through a sidelong glance; he is also quite a flirt with the ladies, despite his marital status.
    Likes/Dislikes: Honesty (from others), testing people to see how far he can push the limits, the sound of his own voice, piloting, and redheads. He is also an avid grav-ball fan. On the flip side, he dislikes obvious bids for attention, being upstaged by people who are less qualified than himself, and droids – he hates droids.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: While he’s not the most athletic, especially after he lost his left leg and now utilizes a prosthetic, he certainly makes up for it with the power of words. He is an eloquent speaker and can easily persuade a crowd. His low, gravelly voice is soothing to an audience – and also quite effective in attracting female attention.
    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: He is inherently confident in himself and his abilities. This allows him to charge into most situations undeterred, however, if he stops to consider the moment, he has a tendency to overthink. He is also afraid of failure and of leaving himself vulnerable; he likes to maintain control.
    Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses: He is a master at hiding his emotions and expressing a strong, positive persona to the public. While he falls victim to his temper on occasion, he is generally well-mannered and affable. His pride can also become an issue in certain situations; he can come across as arrogant or obnoxious.


    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair/Fur: Silver hair swept back from his forehead and a neatly trimmed beard
    Skin Color: Fair
    Clothing: Aryan prefers a more conservative style of dress, typically a smart suit or a military-cut uniform. They are usually fairly simple with no additional adornments, aside from the occasional cape draped over one shoulder.

    Personal History:
    Immediate Family: Norin Graul (father); Ashaiya Graul-Kinth (mother); Kandi Graul (older sister)
    Spouse/Children: Bellorum Graul (wife); Lyz Eross (ex-wife); Arek (son); Jalynn (daughter)
    Biography: Aryan was born on Nubia as the youngest of two children to Norin and Ashaiya Graul. His parents were the proprietors of a large mining corporation and shipping company, which included several bronzium processing plants in the capital region of Rordis. As the sole male heir, Aryan would one day have a stake in the company for his namesake alone, but his dreams and aspirations remained elsewhere… among the stars.

    While he abided by his father’s wishes and enrolled at the University of Coruscant after completing secondary school, he was again tempted by his passions and joined the Republic Navy to become a pilot shortly after graduation.

    His military career was littered with excellence, and he eventually rose to the rank of Commander, becoming a hometown hero in the process. With each passing achievement, he became more and more convinced that a career as a fully commissioned officer was the way to go, but that all came to a crashing end when he was seriously wounded in a scuffle in the Mid Rim. His injuries were extensive enough that he ended up losing his left leg, and he was medically retired from the military.

    During his tenure in the Navy, he met his wife, Lyzia Eross. It was Lyz who served as Aryan’s lifeline and moral support during the intervening months following his injury. As a philanthropist, she actively traveled around to various worlds stricken by natural disasters and hardship to offer assistance and provide for those people in need. She also held rallies on notable Republic worlds to garner support for her cause. Aryan often accompanied her, and it was soon discovered that he had a real knack for interacting with the public and charming a crowd. His speeches were often engaging, and he soon gained the attention of a prominent politician working within the Imperial Senate – Garrit Pilleu, a member of the Nubian Ruling Council and aide to the current Senator of Nubia.

    The bureaucrat was infatuated by the young man’s passion and took him under his wing to help him learn the ropes. With Pilleu’s help, Aryan’s influence over the people remained strong. When the time was right, it was the old man who ultimately pushed Graul to seek elected office in the Senate, where he felt he would have the most impact. Against all odds, and helped along by a sympathy vote due to his injury, Aryan won the election by a landslide and became the next Senator of Nubia.

    Aryan during the early part of his tenure in the Galactic Senate

    Aryan spent the following years building clout and networking among his peers to establish long-standing connections. He gained several big-name proponents, which quickly pushed him into the limelight. He had become the Senate’s newest ‘superstar,’ and he basked in the glory...

    And then Emperor Palpatine decided to disband the Senate…

    … which only elevated Aryan’s career into the stratosphere.

    As a loyal disciple of the Empire, he found himself as the newly appointed Moff and regional governor of the Corellian Sector, which included his homeworld of Nubia. From his family estate, Aryan was able to build an empire of his own, utilizing his father’s company—after forcefully removing his old man from his administrative role and sending him away to a prison camp—to bring wealth and prosperity to his network of associates. In the early years of the Rebellion, he also contributed generously to the war effort by providing raw materials and shipping services to various branches of the Empire.

    As his wealth increased, so did his ambitions. Unfortunately, this had detrimental effects on his personal life, leading to a divorce from his first wife. However, his philandering ways did not keep him single for long; he soon met Bellorum, a Chiss/human half-breed, at a local political function. The two formed an instant rapport—after a brief encounter with a hallucinogenic drug—and it wasn’t long before they were married in a private ceremony. It was an unorthodox union, particularly for those who adhered to the Empire’s more stringent policies on non-human species. Nevertheless, that did not deter their resolve to find a solution to their unique situation.

    Six months after their wedding, Aryan now embarks on a new business venture. He has agreed to provide funding and security for a special military project that has recently filtered over the encrypted intelligence channels. While he’s unaware of its nature, he simply can’t turn down a lucrative contract. In the end, he hopes to acquire a piece of the pie and elevate his status even higher.

    Weapons: Aryan usually carries a holdout blaster concealed within his tunic and a vibroknife sheathed to the inside of his boot.
    Starship Qualifications: He can fly almost anything, though he is most familiar with the Z-95 Headhunter, which he has flown as a member of the Republic Navy.
    Personal Ship: Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, Stardust
  8. Lady_Belligerent

    Lady_Belligerent Previously Lady Belligerent, now RPF Queen/C&P Mgr star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 29, 2008
    GM Approved

    General info

    Character's Name: Bellorum Graul
    Callsign: n/a
    Species: this would earn you a blank stare
    Gender: female
    Rank/Affiliation: n/a
    Languages: basic, Cheunh
    Residence: Graul Estate Nubia
    Home Planet: currently Nubia
    Age: she refuses to answer, she will say that she is younger than Aryan.

    Character Traits

    Personality: Confident, Strong willed, Elegant, and Loyal
    Habits/Mannerisms: resourceful, she collects jewels, and is knowledgeable in botany - both medicinal and poisonous varieties
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes good wine, dislikes the Light side
    Racial Traits:

    Strengths and Weaknesses

    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: She is a strong clairvoyant, and has advanced knitting skills.
    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: can be extremely patient, until she’s not.
    Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses: her anger is both her strength and her weakness.




    Eye Color:
    Hair/Fur: deep blackish blue with some strands of gold
    Skin Color:
    Clothing: all black for everyday wear, in either leather or shimmersilk.

    Personal History

    Immediate Family: parents are deceased.
    Spouse/Children: Aryan Graul - husband of six months

    Bellorum never knew her parents, and was raised by her archeologist grandmother living a nomadic lifestyle. Granny's fellow scientists were an odd mix of misfits who doted on the child and assisted in educating her in their fields of specialty.

    Her favorite was an herbalist/botanist who taught her to not only heal using elements found in nature, but to use them for evil purposes; to torture and kill.

    It was alone that her hunger for knowledge was sated. Combing the dig sites, she made friends with dark spirits that awoke in her presence. The ancient voices told stories of great wars and tragic defeats. They encouraged her to make herself blend into the shadows and stalk prey. The spirits demonstrated the beauty and power of the Force. One sinister presence led her to a magnificent weapon that had been hidden years before, a brilliant violet bladed lightsaber.

    After Granny's passing, Bellorum worked for a while as a mercenary.

    She’d never planned on forming an emotional attachment, but that changed when she met Aryan Graul. The man was impossible, and she didn’t know what she wanted more, to drug him or kiss him… so she drugged him.

    That was quickly forgiven and they were married. The Graul’s are now inseparable newlyweds.

    Weapons: a few lightsabers of various shapes and sizes, many purchased from unscrupulous individuals. Holdout blades, and a beskad.
    Starship Qualifications: none, she loathes flying
    Droid: none currently, Aryan hates them so she’s been looking into getting a BB unit.

    Personal ship: an Imperial class Star Destroyer the Stardust that was converted into a luxury resort.

    Shuttle: a Nubian model that she’s not very fond of and prefers her lambda class shuttle.
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