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Library The Shearing Shed: The Black Sheep Library Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Bardan_Jusik, Sep 24, 2017.

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  1. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    Secondary (or NPC) Character Sheet:

    General Information:

    Character's Name: Reed Thrace
    Callsign: Foreman
    Species: Human
    Gender: male
    Rank/Affiliation: Lieutenant
    Languages: basic, understands droidspeak, can curse in a multitude of languages including mando'a, huttese and even shyriiwook among others.
    Residence: Intrepid
    Home Planet: Lothal
    Age: 55
    Approved Special Features: Has a faint measure of force ability, though it is totally untrained and he is unaware of it. Usually limited to just a general sense of unease portending danger.

    Character Traits:
    Habits/Mannerisms: Cantankerous and ornery. Has a tendency to call out others as dumbshebs and create ever more colorful ways of telling others of impending foot/rear end interfaces.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes hard work and competence. Dislikes laziness and stupidity. Likes when others follow his orders, yet in a display of unrealized hypocrisy will disobey any order he deems unacceptable.
    Racial Traits:
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Old for a pilot, he gets by on his experience as his reaction time slows with age.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses:



    Brief Biography: A veteran of the Clone Wars and a former militia pilot for the Republic, Reed was an early convert to the rebel cause as he disapproved of the Chancellor's assumption of Imperial powers ("What a dumbshebs.") Known within his own squadron as an ornery and difficult man to work with, his attitude was little improved when the rebellion began recruiting members with little to no military experience. His lack of patience and inability to train others to his own high standards saw his attitude grow worse with each passing day. He took out that anger by calling out superior officers for any perceived failing and being down right abusive to those below him in the chain of command for the same. To further exacerbate things, he was denied promotion several times due to his anger issues which of course only made things worse. He has thus been transferred time after time as the cost of his toxic attitude outweighed his considerable skills as an attack pilot.

    Pets: Are you kidding? None
    Family: Wife and two children back home on Lothal.
    Weapons: DL-22 blaster pistol
    Starship Qualifications: Y-Wing
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  2. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    Free use NPC! You may recognize Dr Raynor from Kayn's sexual harassment training session, as well as Falcon And The Winter Soldier. I only needed to tweak her background history a little to fit her into SW, expanded it with some of my military experience, and tried to make her seem entertaining as well as useful. If your Sheep has no issues (ha!) feel free to ignore her. For the rest of us, here's a chance to get the help we all so desperately need. If anyone has suggestions for her, let me know and we'll see if we can work them in.

    Character's Name: Dr Raynor (first name is rumored to be Doctor)
    Species: human
    Gender: female
    Rank/Affiliation: Doctor, psycho-therapist specializing in PTSD substance abuse and addictive behavior
    Languages: Galactic Standard, curses in street Huttese, reads psychologist journals in many languages
    Residence: Intrepid
    Home Planet: Alderaan
    Age: 60ish, maybe? Nobody asks.
    Approved Special Features: has a glare that makes combat veterans cringe and a command voice that makes flag officers snap to attention

    Character Traits:
    Personality: the Platonic ideal of tough but fair, direct to a fault
    Habits/Mannerisms: "Hmm."
    Likes: discipline, efficiency, order, smooth teamwork
    Dislikes: disrespect, disorder, and she has exactly zero tolerance for bantha poodoo (literally and figuratively)

    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: tough for her age, but stiff (old spinal injury)
    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: very strong-willed and intelligent, expert in psychotherapy and in biometric sensor analysis (lie detector gear)
    Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses: in complete control of her emotional expressions, only reacts emotionally when she thinks it will be effective. A very private person.


    Clothing: practical/business casual

    Personal History:
    Immediate Family: on Alderaan

    Raynor was a professional soldier most of her life. She joined the Republic Army as a teen and advanced through the ranks, won a battlefield commission during the Clone Wars, and led an impressive number of grueling and bloody Spec Ops missions. She seemed destined for the highest ranks, but preferred to stay in more hands-on roles. When the Empire arose, she had reservations about Palpatine, but eventually decided that serving the Empire was the most useful thing she could do for the galactic good.

    About 10 years ago she suffered a severe spinal injury during a routine training exercise. Her back did not respond well to medical treatment. She was removed from frontline combat duty and now lives with internal bracing to keep her spine intact (rumors that she has a stick up her exhaust port are more accurate than most people know). The injury and surgeries left her in a great deal of pain and led to a serious addiction to pain-killers.

    When her problem came to light, she was assigned to a counsellor who was not a good fit. He expected her to lay on the couch and talk about her unresolved feelings about her father and how she could never please her mother, which was totally the wrong approach to take with such a strong and disciplined personality. Her recovery from addiction was due more to her own determination than his assistance. She overcame by finding a new goal: to become a counsellor who knew how to talk to soldiers. As with most of her life goals, she succeeded admirably, using her earned educational benefits and graduating with a Doctorate of Applied Psychology and Psychiatry from the University of Alderaan.

    Her home world was destroyed while she was assigned as counsellor aboard Intrepid, and she had no qualms about turning against the Empire after that.

    She has a scary reputation among the crew. She is rumored to be able to shred the psyche of any troublemaker sent to her as she roots out their problems. What is not so well known is, she is far more gentle with patients who come to her voluntarily, still tough as nails, but she doesn't look for ways to punish them. If someone genuinely wants her help, she will work night and day to help, and she'll expect them to work just as hard. But anyone who is ordered by a supervisor to get counselled might as well abandon all hope, for no mercy or quarter will be asked, or given.

    Her additional duties include "human relations" remedial training for those who don't play well with others: sensitivity training, racial tolerance, couples counselling, diversity and inclusiveness training, sexual harassment prevention, and so forth. She takes those duties seriously even though she resents that they take time away from what she sees as her primary duties, helping people deal with PTSD and addictions.

    She devotes most of her duty time to individual private counselling sessions and also runs group therapy sessions for PTSD and addicts multiple times a week. If a patient works grave shift or swing shift, she will schedule sessions with them according their schedule, not hers (OOC: that's how you know this is a work of fiction).

    Pets: unknown. There's a rumor she keeps a rancor to cuddle with in her quarters, but nobody ever gets invited in to see.
    Weapons: qualified and experienced with most infantry weapons, frequents the small arms range
    Starship Qualifications: qualified for basic shuttle ops and light weaponry. She likes to ride along in the back seat of 2 seater fighters, but her spine isn't able to pull a lot of G's.
    Droid: has access to interrogator droids but will not use them

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  3. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Secondary (or NPC) Character Sheet: GM Restricted use

    General Information:

    Character's Name: Commander Firmus Khairn
    Callsign: Hardwire
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Rank/Affiliation: Commander, Alliance to Restore the Republic
    Residence: Intrepid Command Quarters
    Home Planet: Chandrila
    Age: 48
    Approved Special Features:

    Character Traits:
    Personality: Serious, business like, is rarely open to new ideas, by the book.
    Racial Traits:
    Strengths and Weaknesses:
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Physically fit.

    Looks: [​IMG]

    Brief Biography:

    Commander Firmus Khairn is by the book. He was practically born in the Imperial Academy on Carida before defecting and joining the Empire shortly before Scarif. He's a decent pilot, not the best, and is known for his pragmatism as well as attention to detail. He is not often one to be crossed or disagreed with and commands units with an iron fist.

    The Black Sheep are his first command assignment with a squadron. A gift from Alliance High Command so to speak. He previously served with the Green Hearts X-Wing squadron based with the main Alliance fleet. The Green Hearts were all wiped out when an Imperial ambush pounced on them on a routine training flight.

    Commander Khairn survived out of sheer luck. The destruction of the Green Hearts haunts him to this very day.
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  4. Sgt.Matt

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    May 12, 2018
    Character's Name: Zero Maderas

    Callsign: Spyguy

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Rank/Affiliation: Flight Officer (Black Sheep), Slicer (Main Occupation)

    Languages: Basic, Huttese, and Twi’Leki.

    Residence: “The Intrepid”

    Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa

    Age: 28

    Approved Special Features (any force sensitivity would go here [​IMG] ): N/A

    Character Traits: Has gold dental implants that read the words “Big Boss” in huttese.

    Personality: Zero Maderas is a man who prizes absolute freedom over everything, save for his friends and a few vices on occasion. Vain, prideful, and a bit egotistical when it comes to his reputation as a renowned splicer; Maderas believes himself to be up there with other underworld figures like Boba Fett or Aurra Sing, an ideal that is less impressive when you meet the man. However, while his constant showboating and vanity are visible, he is a very crafty figure when it comes to forgery and hacking of digital material. The man takes his skills serious as any professional would; at the instant a squadmate or random person doubts his skills, Zero will drop his vain facade and turn into a stone-cold professional if his experiences are mocked.

    Aside from being a pompous criminal; Zero is also a man of shifty principles, his code of honor is rather jagged when compared to those of the alliance, for one he believes that slavery is beastly but ruining another’s business life is fair in his head. Having grown up a criminal, this isn’t rare for anyone in Hutt Space. Yet, he does have rules that keep him from becoming a monster; the slicer will deny service to slavers and Imperial sympathizers, give his share of credits from hidden bank accounts to those less fortunate, and using his network of clientele to aid his friends in taking down their Imperial foes. Even when faced with a crisis of balancing his side-job and rebel position, he’ll always aid the alliance at the drop of a hat. Especially when he could reap the credits and information from the enemy hats that is.

    Zero Maderas is also, a vice maniac; particularly when it comes to both alcohol and the female species. In his downtime, the man could be found swigging a bottle of spotchka like it was tap water and be sober enough for another firefight, the guy has a plasteel liver if given a beer. Most squadmates should be careful when leaving bottles or flasks unattended, they tend to disappear when the slicer walks into a room. When faced with a cute Twi’lek or other beautiful woman on the job, the slicer has a tendency to act like a wannabe ladies man; constantly boasting about his job in a attempt at a love life or getting the number of some lady. But in quiter periods when he isn’t trying to outdo Lando Calrissian as the new casanova on the block, Zero can be seen gazing somberly at a small silver band around his left ringfinger; he’s never told anyone the reason for it just yet, he hasn’t trusted alliance yet with his story.

    Habits/Mannerisms: Tends to pace around when he’s nervous or contemplating plans for certain Sheep missions.


    (Likes): Slicing, Gambling, Cute Ladies, Screwing Imperials or Authorities, His Friends, and most of his contacts in the underworld, mainly the Hutts or Bounty Hunters Guild (They Pay Better.)

    (Dislikes): Having his hacking skills questioned/mocked, watered liquor, losing, being screwed by clientele, his squad getting maimed, and being reminded of who he lost long ago.

    Racial Traits: None.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Nimble, agile, fast, and stealthy. Poor hand to hand combatant with the brute strength befitting a newborn ewok, prefers long range combat over close one’s any day.

    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: Gifted slicer and hacker of digital material and has a strong will to complete his goals in spite of the odds. Average starfighter pilot with considerable marksmanship with the ion cannon. Cannot for the life of him, control his hoarding of Imperial records or accounts; this has led to his bounty increasing higher and higher in smaller guilds.

    Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses: Can keep a steady head when on the job, when in the skies, ground, or on a terminal; the man can keep cool under pressure. Loses said pressure if a beautiful lady catches his eye and wraps him around her finger; becomes babbling mush right afterwards, squad should keep him on tight watch on missions.

    Looks: Always has a poodoo-eating grin on his face, a telling sign he has a slicing scheme or dirty thought encircling his head. Very skinny in frame, yet underneath his clothes; his figure is rather toned from constantly blowing calories on running away from Imperial law enforcement or jealous boyfriends or frakked angry clients.

    Appearance: 1.72 meters tall in height and weighing around 78 pounds; Zero is a youth full of vigor from a life of crime. His clothing attire is a black-market purchased flight suit with a helmet bearing a few Hutt-Cartel insignas across the rebel icons. When on the ground, he tends to wear a traditional criminals garb. (See clothing down below for further explanation.)


    Eye Color: Grey

    Hair/Fur: Red

    Skin Color: White

    Clothing: A neon purple black-market flight suit with a helmet bearing the rebel icons, save for a few spots where one can see Hutt-Cartel insignas scribbled on. Other attire is a standard criminal attire; a brown nerf-hide flight jacket, black shirt, grey pants, utility belt, and officers boots (He stole them).

    Personal History:

    Immediate Family: None (Lived off the streets as a criminal before meeting Luma Urtula.)

    Spouse/Children: Luma Urturla (Longtime partner and fiance, current status unknown.)


    Joining the Rebel Allaince at their beginning before the Battle of Yavin; Zero Maderas was a slicer with a wanted bounty that outstretched from Cato Nemoidia to the far reaches of Naboo, some of it due to his pilfering of private Imperial stock records, and some was on account of him robbing a CSA munitions compound of their wares and liquidating them of their captured slave labor. Brought in as an experiment for reformed criminals, Zero was inducted into a pilots course by a few Mon Cal agents before being drummed out three years later on continued accounts of looting enemy bases and insubordination. Rumors did circulate that he might have dug into the alliance databanks on a dare but he’s not willing to talk about it for confirmation. Drummed out of the regular squadrons for being a criminal through and through, Maderas was transferred to the Black Sheep Squadron, a band of similar misfits with a background just as crazy as he had. Riding away with a few other transferred flying officers, the slicer dreads the period when someone finds out about his criminal occupation and his somber past; the constant fidgeting with his ryloth ringband doesn’t help matters.

    Pets: N/A

    Weapons: Two black market weapons; a SonoMax 100 sonic rifle and an Ion Stunner Pistol.

    (Utility Belt Contents): Two scramble keys, slicer datapad, personal datachip, comlink, and a hook for his slicing/forging toolkit held on the “Intrepid” for storage.

    Starship Qualifications (X-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing): A-Wing

    Droid: Whomever wants to ride or die with this wily criminal.
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  5. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    GM Approved
    Character's Name: Livia Nascada
    Callsign: "Scrubs"
    Species: Arkanian
    Gender: Female
    Rank/Affiliation: Medical Officer
    Languages: Basic, Arkanian, at least half a dozen others
    Residence: The Intrepid, Family Mansion on Arkania
    Home Planet: Arkania
    Age: 27

    Character Traits: Is a Arkanian pureblood with white eyes and four digit clawed hands.
    Personality: Aloof, bordering on arrogant, know it all, sarcastic, curious, challenge seeking
    Habits/Mannerisms: Playing around with whatever she has on hand right now, knives, scanners, pointers... Also outside of work Livia is quite hedonistic, drinking and partying hard, gorging herself on unhealthy food, not being opposed to one night stands, that said outside these periodic excesses she usually keeps herself in shape and put great emphasis on her hygiene and health
    Likes: Fast Food, a good challenge, being praised after overcoming said challenge, being the smartest in every room she is currently in

    Dislikes: pressed rations, not being the smartest in the room, having to obey people she considers dumber than her (which to an Arkanian is basically everyone), people doing pointless things out of emotions.
    Racial Traits: Can see into the infrared spectrum, can memorize large amounts of information regarding various topics, troubled it too bright environments.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Skilled hand to hand combatant, aided by her great anatomical knowledge on various species. Terrible shot with a blaster and with her fighters guns, needs help from her Astro for it.
    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: Has vast amounts of knowledge on medicine and various other topics from history to biology. Though this knowledge doesn`t really make her any richer in sense, and her people skills are lacking.
    Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses: Generally calm and collected, even when under pressure. Though on the flipside rarely gets emotional (outside of being often annoyed), thus can be insensitive at times.

    Appearance: Slightly muscular build, tan skin, white hair cropped short, white eyes, clawed hands (claws usually kept short to not interfere with the medical work)

    Eye Color: White
    Hair/Fur: White
    Skin Color: Tan
    Clothing: usually wearing a lab coat over a simple tank top and pants, a dark flight suit when in her ship

    Personal History: Immediate Family: Has parents and a brother on Arkaina, they might still think about her, or not...
    Spouse/Children: None
    Biography: Livia was born into a wealth, pureblooded Arkanian family and life through a privileged childhood, her parents barely spend their daughter any thoughts but where quick to shower her with gifts and rewards whenever she achieved something of note in school and elsewhere. Despite being not a bad student Livia would also often get herself in trouble, her foul mouth rubbing many Araknians the wrong way. After school Livia studied medicine in the Arkanian university. Finishing amidst the middle of her class. Even then, and the Empires Human Centrism, this graduation would have allowed her to work a cushy job as a doctor, surgeon or gene therapist throughout the galaxy, but seeking challenges and wanting to get out of her stuck up surroundings Livia instead decided to seek something different. Working as a traveling doctor in the Outer Rim, helping anyone who could pay regardless of species or political loyalty. At times she even worked for free, but then mostly because she wanted a challenge, not any compassion (or that´s at least what she will tell you). Eventually she was approached by a group of rebels she had helped about joining the wider alliance. Livia is not a very political person, she knows that as a doctor there will always be people in need of her skills, but she was certainly angry at the Imperials condescending attitude towards non humans, and working for the rebellion, having to do much with very little was an intriguing challenge for her. Though the general mistrust towards Arkanians in the rebellion landed her in the Black Sheep (again what she would say, overlooking the people she offended along the way...). As she was also trained as a pilot in her youth she was eventually made not just a medic but also a Flight Officer for the Squad, yet another new experience to make...


    Pets: None
    Weapons: 2 Vibro Knives, Hand Blaster
    Starship Qualifications (X-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing): Y-Wing
    Droid: Astromech R9-RN (has been modified to help Livia with aiming)
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  6. darthbernael

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    GM Approved

    General Information:
    NPC, mostly

    Character's Name:
    Laylee Wyrock
    Callsign: Wrenches
    Species: Lexrullan (demihuman)
    Gender: Female
    Rank/Affiliation: Sergeant, Alliance to Restore the Republic
    Languages: Basic, droid, Twi'leki, Huttese
    Residence: currently the Intrepid
    Home Planet: Lexrul
    Age: 23
    Approved Special Features: No Force Powers

    Character Traits:
    Smart, fast, a wizard with fixing almost anything
    Personality: Abrasive, sarcastic, rude, to name a few
    Habits/Mannerisms: Complete disregard for ranks, smokes nic sticks on a constant basis, drinks like a fish
    Likes/Dislikes: likes to fix things, everything else is on a sliding scale of indifference to outright hatred
    Racial Traits: Lexrullans live longer than normal humans, can mentally calculate faster, better reflexes, and heal faster, to name a few.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses:
    She refuses to say
    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: She refuses to say
    Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses: She refuses to say


    Appearance: Light skinned, in shape, wavy brown hair, silver blue eyes, artificial left arm

    Eye Color:
    Silver blue
    Hair/Fur: Wavy brown
    Skin Color: Light, almost pale skin
    Clothing: Usually found wearing tanktops, mechanics coveralls, boots, and a hat.

    Personal History:

    Immediate Family:
    Disowned them all so no
    Spouse/Children: None

    Laylee had led a disenchanted life. Born to a demihuman race that was long lived was not so good when your family was lower middle class, from the rural areas of the planet. She didn’t even see her first starship until she was about 10. While her education had been unconventional, she’d always found a way to be in the machine shop, listening and learning what the mechanics were doing as well as learning how they spoke. Which influenced her later life, as did her poorer upbringing.

    When she got her first chance to travel to the more builtup part of the planet, at 12 it kindled a hatred of the rich, or those she saw as rich. She felt completely out of place wearing her three year old shirt and pants, ripped and resewn many times in that period. But, she’d gotten an apprenticeship at a repair yard at the capital port. Within two years her quick mind and her ability to diagnose and fix any piece of equipment that crossed her workbench she’d earned her Masters license. But she wanted more. After fixing one particularly reluctant to work engine part, in a bulk freighter, she stowed away aboard and her life in the stars began.

    She found herself in trouble spot after trouble spot, as she dealt with anyone that needed a part of their ship fixed. Every time she stayed one step ahead of the Empire as well. Finally it came down to the Hutts believing she’d deliberately incorrectly fixed a part to demand a higher pay that she had to make a choice. It was the Empire or the rebels. And she’d seen the rigid adherence to doctrine that the Empire demanded, something she could never do. So, even though the pay was less, she joined the Rebellion.

    Even there, she bounced from ship to ship with a string of “Best Mechanic I ever had but she’s an absolute mess of a person.” recommendations from previous commanders. Finally, someone and she never found out who, decided that the Intrepid was the ship for her, that ship and the Black Sheep. For once in her life she found people like her, outcasts even among the outcasts.

    Of course, when the new ships arrived some smart aleck in the personnel department of the ship assigned her to someone from her homeworld. She decided that, once she met this Feral she was going to go rearrange the face of the person who had assigned her to him.


    Weapons: Her artificial arm could be considered one but has at least a blaster and dagger hidden in the toolbag she normally carries around.
    Starship Qualifications: Knows just enough to do a basic maintenance flight
    Droid: a R3 series droid, R3-B8, nicknamed Rebate.
  7. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Character's Name: 2-1B33R
    Callsign: N/A
    Species: Droid
    Gender: Non-binary
    Rank/Affiliation: Alliance medical corps
    Languages: Most common galactic languages
    Residence: At present, Nebulon frigate Sanguinity
    Home Planet: Nubia
    Age: Unknown, but manufactured at least 20 years ago
    Approved Special Features: N/A

    Character Traits:
    Personality: Fiercely believes it knows what’s best for everyone, bemoans that no one appreciates it enough, efficient in performing its duties
    Habits/Mannerisms: Replaces its appendages based on current needs; nods its head while listening; gives advice, wanted or not
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes well-organized supplies, concocting the perfect drink, being recognized for its many contributions to the Alliance; dislikes being told what to do, restraining bolts, EV series droids, cantinas that don’t serve its kind, Bakurans
    Racial Traits: Complete and total loathing of FX series droids

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Can lift heavy items with ease (such as sentient beings), precision servogrip pincers, modular limbs, stay in place during turbulence thanks to stabilizing feet, moves slowly, needs time to switch limbs
    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: Encyclopedic knowledge of spirits, potent potables, and cocktails; relatively little medical knowledge (the exception being the effects of alcohol on a wide range of species)
    Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses: 2-1B33R will be the first to tell you droids do not have emotions. Then 2-1B33R will whack you on the side of the head for suggesting such an absurd idea.

    Appearance: Standard 2-1B light blue color scheme
    Eye Color: Yellow-white
    Hair/Fur: None
    Skin Color: Light blue
    Clothing: None. Clothing is a dumb biological affectation.

    Personal History:

    Immediate Family: Tens to hundreds of thousands of fellow 2-1B series droids
    Spouse/Children: None
    Biography: “Five out of five stars.” “Would definitely recommend to a friend.” “The best droid in the Rebel Alliance.” “Should receive that fancy medal that Luke Skywalker and Han Solo got—preferably a much larger and shinier one.” “Definitely better than FX-7-A2C, who ought to be sent to an incinerator so they can make it into something more useful.”

    These are all reviews that 2-1B33R has given itself. Don’t listen to anyone else, especially its former patients. Do they know how to cure the Csillian flu? That’s right, their ineffectual immune systems didn’t, so they should keep their opinions to themselves.

    The Rebel Alliance knows how important 2-1B33R is. They’ve posted it to no less than a dozen different bases and ships. This is a testament to how good it is at its work. The commanding officers are always so impressed they recommend it for a promotion to a new position. Some soldiers have even cheered when it leaves. If a droid could be flattered, 2-1B33R would be. But it exists to serve those in need. It’s only doing its job.

    That’s how 2-1B33R sees things.

    Everyone else who has come into contact with the droid has a different view. They agree that 2-1B33R exists to serve. The problem is it only serves one thing: booze.

    2-1B33R extols alcohol as the cure to whatever ails you. It sets up not in the infirmary, but in the canteen. Sometimes it even commandeers space to setup its operation to its specifications.

    Those “promotions”? 2-1B33R has driven every commanding officer up the wall by constantly plying her troops with all the beer, wine, liquor, and any other spirit it can get its servogrips on. The droid’s services were too popular with the rank and file. More than one platoon missed their mission briefing because they were knocking back a few too many Nysillin and Bubbles. Each CO kicked 2-1B33R out, shunting the problem off onto the next unsuspecting officer.

    Which is how 2-1B33R came to receive its transfer orders to join the Black Sheep. It believes that it is receiving its most prestigious assignment yet. “No one needs you more than this squadron,” the personnel officer told it.

    2-1B33R has no idea how true that is.

    (And that cure for the Csillian flu? Hot double Shesharilian vodka and you’ll be right as rain.)
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  8. Vehn

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    Secondary (or NPC) Character Sheet: GM Restricted use

    General Information:

    Character's Name: Admiral Cora Travyn
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Rank/Affiliation: Admiral, Alliance to Restore the Republic
    Residence: Sanguinity, Nebulon B Frigate
    Home Planet: Chandrila
    Age: 50

    Character Traits:
    Personality: Listens well. Teaches well. Patient. Kind. Generally understanding. Has a backbone and won't be talked down or demeaned.
    Habits/Mannerisms: Likes a strict routine. Creature of habit.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes good company, drinks, food, and blowing Imperials up.
    Racial Traits: Loathes aliens. Distrusts them.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: A proven leader. Calm under pressure. Can sometimes overthink a situation and not plan accordingly.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Physically fit.


    Brief Biography:

    Cora Travyn, the oldest child of the Travyn family, had a love for an early age for all things starship. She would enjoy family trips as a child to farflung region of space and bother the pilots flying the vessel for a chance to sit on the cockpit. They always granted her request recognizing her love of space and travel for what it truly was: a passion. Cora, like other good Chandrilans, attempted to join the Imperial Navy a decade or so before the open outbreak of hostilities with the Rebel Alliance. She was denied entry due to a rare heart condition that causes an occasional irregular heartbeat.

    Cora decided to join the Chandrilan merchant marine and worked her way up from small tugs to large cargo ships in a few years time. While helming the cargo ships Cora caught the eye of an Alliance naval recruiter, following Scarif, who recommended she join the cause. Never one to back down from a challenge, and entirely apolitical, Cora joined the Rebel Alliance and quickly earned her position at the Battle of Lagorra Drift. There, outnumbered by a small Imperial taskforce and with her commanding officer killed, Cora Travyn took control of the fleet and resoundingly turned the tables on the Empire and their forces. This maneuver earned her a battlefield promotion to Captain. Subsequent actions against the Empire moved her up the command chain and eventually she was rewarded the rank of Admiral and given a top secret mission with a scattered fleet.

    A fleet she needed to reunite in order to bring the war to the Empire's backyard.
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  9. Sgt.Matt

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    May 12, 2018
    Secondary Character Application:

    Character's Name: Pudge

    Callsign: None

    Species: Whiphid

    Gender: Male

    Rank/Affiliation: Cook

    Languages: Basic and Whiphid

    Residence: The Intrepid’s Kitchens

    Home Planet: Toola

    Age: 69

    Approved Special Features (any force sensitivity would go here [​IMG] ): N/A

    Character Traits:

    Personality: Grouchy, cantankerous, and the apotheosis of a no-nonsense frontier cook. Pudge is blunt and honest to a fault; he tells the truth as it is and doesn’t sugar coat serious matters. However, he does have a sociable heart hidden deep and can be compassionate to those that are dealing with starvation or other horrible atrocities by the Empire’s machinations. Although this has also led him to have a deep contempt for those who act wasteful with food, the Whiphid is not afraid to aggressively callout those who toss out his work out of distaste, generally he hates tossing of needed nutrition.

    Habits/Mannerisms: Smokes a Marcan pipe when relaxing in the kitchens. Has a slight tendency to nickname those he meets, giving them one based on how well they treat the furry coot.

    Likes: Cooking, Hunting, Smoking Spaces, Arm Wrestling, and giving the Imps a good what for!

    Dislikes: Wastefulness, Imperials, Partisans, Hypocrisy, and those who ask him to do “fine dining”

    Racial Traits: Wooly fur and thick blubber has provided generous protection against wintery elements. Also, has a long lifespan of 249 standard years, granting a good amount of time to hone his skills.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Has a well-honed musculature from hunting wild beasts like the Ravinak or MotMot or Mudhorn; the furry cook has gained a strength not quite on the level of species like the Houk or Wookie but he’s strong enough to hunt massive prey. However, the Whiphid’s durability is rather moot, the old cook can be brought down by regular blaster bolts or stun shots.

    Mental Strengths and Weaknesses: Pudge is a skilled cook, hunter, and forager in environments where their is low supplies. He can manage whipping up a dish on low-quality or alien ingredients. But due to this rather selective choice of skills, Pudge has zero to no formal training as a pilot or combatant, and prefers to be ignorant towards what he derisively calls “fine dining”.

    Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses: When concocting a meal in the mess kitchens, hunting a reek on the plains, or dealing out cuisine to POWs; Pudge remains professional in his role as a military chef. The furry cook keeps a sharp tough head on his job and ignores all complaints when working, even if it’s from a rival commander or higher member of the Alliance. Sadly, this mindset has not won him any social favors with the others in his prior work with an unnamed Rebel cell.


    Appearance: Pudge is a male Whiphid with a stout, muscular frame befitting his nomadic species. For garments, he wears a nerf-hide bandolier when out hunting; and a stained green apron when cooking in the mess.

    Picture: N/A

    Eye Color: Grey

    Hair/Fur: Golden Brown (Like a Twinkie!)

    Skin Color: Cream

    Clothing: Bandolier and Green Apron. (very minimalist.)

    Personal History:

    Immediate Family: Unnamed Tribe



    Pudge’s childhood is a mystery, from what some veterans of his time could recount was that the Whiphid grew up in one of the dozen nomadic tribes on Toola years before the Battle of Naboo. He joined the Republic armed forces afte the finishing of the first conflict on Geonosis; serving out of some form of respect for the military that saved him from slavery years back, though what incident they saved him from is only known to certain vets at this point. Applied as the resident cook and scrounger for any designated unti he was assigned to, Pudge made great use of his skills as a former hunter gatherer to bring back meals on harsh terrain. Many of the clones he served with had noted that his meals were greasy in taste but were built to keep them sated for long periods of time. Despite being in his late forties, the furry behemoth garnered a rep for not just feeding troops but also providing nourishment to locals who were being starved by CIS forces, the cook was not one for seeing others to starve.

    As Order 66 kickstarted the end of Pudge’s military career, the Whiphid spent time drifting off from mercenary unit to militia groups, always moving to aid others similar to the Republic of old. Although, more and more, he lost said groups as the Empire cracked down on anything that resembled older ideals during the Clone Wars. As he laid in a rut, drinking himself to cool off the horrors he saw on the battlefield, the furry scrounger desired to have purpose again.

    This was answered by a hidden Rebel recruitment officer who had seen the Whiphid's plight and offered him a chance at joining a greater cause. A cause that brought back memories for the old cook.


    The reason for Pudge’s loyalty to the Republic was from a small, forgettable mission titled “Operation: Baron”, the Whiphid was one in many of his species enslaved by bantha-baron and slaver, John Dalt. Dalt and his clan were of well-known prominence in the CIS inner circle for providing slave labor, along with a generous profit from the Hutts or Zyggerrians. Setting up a small ranch on the tundra planet, Dalt began working out a steady profit that garnered attention from Republic spies. Not one for seeing those being slaved, the spies made certain arrangements for Jedi and his apprentice to put an end to this matter. The Jedi in question, Qui-Gon Jinn, and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi; both went on to demolish said slave business that it left Dalt in hot water with both the undercover CIS and Hutt forces.

    Pudge would swear gratitude to the Republic for saving him and his people from the slavers, though he never got the chance to thank the “space wizards” for saving him.

    Pets: N/A

    Weapons: Wookie Long-Gun.

    Tools: Kitchen Tool Case and a few tarps for collecting food ingredients.

    Starship Qualifications: N/A (He’s more of a passenger than anything, poor guy never learned how to fly during his previous military career.)

    Droid: N/A

    Reason for Joining the Black Sheep: Pudge was transferred to the Black Sheep from his unit on the frigate, The Sanguinity. He does not know why exactly, usually military superiors only transferred him if another unit lacked a mess cook, though he has heard rumors about the ship Admiral being distrustful of aliens. Not one for questioning this and rather eager to serve a new group that isn’t arguing with him for “Risshii Eel Caviar” or other fancy frak, he quickly packed his things for the ship.
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