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    Welcome to the Fanfic Resource Master Index!

    This is a thread to help you navigate the jungle that is Fanfic Resource. You will find here helpful links, discussions, indexes or anything you might need to help you read and write fanfic on this forum.

    The index lists active threads and archived (locked or otherwise abandoned) threads separately.
    • Before starting a new thread you should check here to see if there is an existing active thread.
    • Should you see an archived thread that you would like to post in, please contact a Fanfic mod to discuss whether to unlock it or to start a new one on the same topic.
    For information about what you can post in Fanfic Resource and the rules for posting please see the Fanfic FAQ and other essential links listed in post 2 below.

    This index was last updated on 02 July 2018. If you find an important thread that is not listed here, please send a PM to FanficIndex to have it listed.

    If you are looking for something and cannot find it, feel free to post your questions in this thread.

    The Fanfic mods since 24 July 2013 are mavjade and Briannakin.

    Note: ‘WBM link’ next to the title of archived threads indicates a link to a backup of the thread on the Wayback Machine. This has been provided wherever possible for truncated threads that were started in March 2012 or earlier.


    Before You Start...


    An Introduction to Fanfic
    The Writers’ Area – Essential Writing Resources
    The Writers’ Area – Techniques, Issues, Storylines, Themes and Genres
    Discussions about Writing, Fanfic & More
    Characters and Relationships


    Archived Social Threads
    Finding Stories – Archived Threads
    Writer Support & Motivation – Archived Threads
    Archived Writing Techniques & Issues Threads
    Archived Storyline Threads
    Archived Themes & Genres Threads
    Archived Discussions about Fanfic, Writing and More
    Archived Recurring & Periodic Challenges
    Archived One-Off Challenges
    Archived Character Threads – General Discussion
    Archived Threads – Individual Canon Characters
    Archived Threads – Individual Legends Characters
    Archived Threads – Multi-character (Canon/Legends)
    Archived Relationship Threads – Canon Characters Only (includes both romantic and non-romantic relationships)
    Archived Relationship Threads – Canon and Legends Characters (includes both romantic and non-romantic relationships)
    Archived Threads – Original Characters and Relationships

    Archived versions of this index: 2011 2009 2007 2005 2004 (October) 2004 (May) 2003
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    Before You Start...

    Rules and Policies
    Welcome New Users! – a brief introduction for newcomers to the Fanfic boards
    Fan Fiction FAQ version 8.0 – the rules of the Fanfic boards in detail
    Fanfic Spoiler Policy – how to handle spoilers for upcoming or recently released movies in fanfic stories
    JCF Rules and Announcements Sub-Forum – the JCF’s one-stop shop for rules and policies that apply everywhere on the boards

    Current Issues and Recent Updates from the Mods
    January 2018 Update from the Mods – incl. details about the 2017 Xenforo upgrade
    Mods Editing Story Titles – How and under what conditions you can request that the title bar of your story be updated
    Fixing the Story Prefixes
    The Story Tagging System

    Mod Away Threads
    If the mods are away for several days at a time, they will let you know in the following threads:
    Briannakin’s Away Thread
    Mav’s Away Thread

    The Move and the Truncation Issue
    In 2012, the JCF moved hosts from IGN to XenForo. As a result of unforeseen technical difficulties, all posts dated 22 March 2012 and earlier were truncated down to 10,000 characters. Furthermore, all links in threads posted before the move (e.g. in story indexes) direct you to the IGN page, which no longer exists. The mods are still working on restoring old posts (see this thread in Comms). In the meantime, these links will be helpful:
    Looking for threads but you only have the IGN URL? – an explanation on how to convert IGN links to XenForo manually
    Firefox Add-On – Redirecting IGN links to XenForo – a smart little add-on that will solve the problem for Firefox users
    The Wayback Machine – you can conduct a search here with IGN links, in the hope of finding a complete version of truncated threads

    Archived Mod Updates
    Known Issue - Pages that won’t load
    The Era Prefix System
    Classification of Story Eras Discussion

    With Regards to Same-sex relationships and Fanfic
    New Policy Regarding Linking to Fics in Resource
    Pimping/Promoting Policy Discussion
    State of the FanFic Address – January 2017

    State of the FanFic Address – October 2015
    State of the FanFic Address – February 2015
    State of the FanFic - May 2013
    A Few announcements/questions from your mods
    Questions about the new boards? Read this thread!
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    An Introduction to Fanfic

    Meet the fanficcers
    The Last Jedi discussion thread – the only spoilers-allowed thread in fanfic
    Sidious, Snoke and Salacious B Crumb’s Sarcastic and Sassy Situation Saloon – a thread to socialise with your fellow fanficcers
    Fanficcers Anonymous – a thread to introduce yourself to other users of the Fanfic boards
    FanFic Ask Me Anything – a thread to interview, or be interviewed by, your fellow fanficcers
    The New Happy Birthday Thread – a thread to wish a happy birthday to your fellow fanficcers and more

    How to find stories & get the attention of readers
    Note to writers: Self-promotion is frowned upon on these boards. Please read the ‘Promoting fics’ section of the FAQ for details of the rules about pimping and promoting and take note of the threads below where self-promotion is allowed.
    Master Index of Post-Move Fics – a list of all the fics started or updated after 22 March 2012 (i.e. the stories that are not truncated)
    Reader’s Choice – The Monthly List of your Favourite Fics – a thread to recommend your favourite fics to your fellow users
    The Prolific Writers’ Index – a thread for authors to list their fics in detail and promote them once a month.
    The Golden Yodas – a master index of the fics that won one or more of awards on the JCF since 2000
    Looking for fics? – a place where your fellow users can remind you about fics you read and forgot (WBM link)
    Recommendations Thread – a thread to ask your fellow users to recommend fics about a specific character/theme/event/etc.
    TheForce.Net’s Fan Fiction Archive – a collection of fics that were peer-reviewed before being archived on the TFN website. This process no longer exists, but the stories are still there, albeit with some hiccups (see Fanfic archive down?)
    Fanfic trailers 2.0 – a creative way for writers to advertise their fics in the form of a movie trailer
    See also its ancestor thread: Fanfic trailers (WBM link)
    Last backup of the Fanfic boards on the Wayback Machine before the move – try your luck here for fics that were completed or abandoned before 22 March 2012

    Fun and games
    Fanfic Banners Thread – a thread where you can volunteer to design a banner for the Fanfic boards
    The four words at a time challenge
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    Mar 27, 2015
    The Writers’ Area – Essential Writing Resources

    Where to get help
    2018 Fanfic Resolutions – a yearly thread where fanficcers announce their resolutions for the coming year
    Fanfic Writer’s Desk: Your Place for Writing Discussion, Questions, and Advice – ask here any one-off question you may have about writing or the GFFA
    The Scribble Pad – fanfic writing discussions
    The All New Beta Readers Index – offer your services as, or request the help of, a beta-reader for your fics
    Crèche Thread version 3.0 – a thread where newbies can seek the help of veterans to find their way around the boards in general, and fanfic in particular
    Fan Fiction Scene Writing Assistance Thread – the place to solicit help for a particularly troublesome snippet of writing
    Useful Tools and Resources for Writers – a list of writing tools and resources that writers find useful
    Authors Open to PM Concrit – sign up here to let your readers know that you’re open to constructive criticism on your fics
    Show off your fanfic cover, or request one! – a thread to ask for help with cover art for your fic(s)
    The Official “Looking For A Co-Author” Thread – a thread for those who would like to co-author a fic
    The Official Round Robin Thread – a thread for those who would like to start or participate in a round robin

    Writer support clubs
    The Gentlemen’s Writing Guild (WBM link)
    Over 30 Writers Club – Second edition (WBM link)
    Teenage Writers Society (WBM link)

    Story, plot and world-building ideas
    The Fanon Thread – a thread for writers to share their fanon
    Plot Bunny Donation and Index Thread v 2.0 – plot bunnies up for adoption
    World Building Bunny Donation and Index Thread – world building ideas up for adoption
    THIS IS MADNESS - Your craziest fic ideas EVAR – particularly crazy plot bunnies

    Useful resources about the GFFA
    Earth Words and Their Star Wars Equivalents – a helpful word list to avoid Earth-isms in your fics
    Vehicles and Ships Discussion and Help Thread
    Maps of the galaxy – a thread to post and discuss useful maps of the GFFA
    GFFA planets – a thread to ask any questions you have about planets in the GFFA
    Military Rankings – a thread for those who are confused about military ranks in the GFFA
    Concerning in-universe clothing terms
    Jedi Healing: Your views on it and inclusion in fics
    Genetic engineering in the GFFA
    Medical care in the GFFA
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    Mar 27, 2015
    The Writers’ Area – Techniques, Issues, Storylines, Themes and Genres

    “To tell a title tale...” – a discussion about choosing a title for your story
    See also its ancestor thread: Coming up with titles (WBM link)
    Chapter length? – a discussion on the chapter size readers and writers prefer
    Font Size and Spacing Preference – a discussion about formatting your fic on the boards
    Accents in the EU – a discussion about how to describe your characters’ accents
    See also its ancestor thread: Accents

    Fan fiction for adults – a discussion about including adult themes in fanfic
    “Urge to Kill... Rising...” – a discussion about violence in fiction

    Write your own SW EU – a discussion to re-imagine the Expanded Universe
    Fanfic in AU, a galaxy how far away? – a discussion about alternate universes
    Crossover Writers Support Group a crossover discussion thread
    See also its ancestor thread: Combining the Universes
    Earth and SW fics? – a discussion about Earth meets SW fics
    Chronicles of the Old Republic – a resource thread for writers of the Old Republic Era

    Themes & Genres
    The Wars of Star Wars – a military fan fiction writers’ resource thread
    Monday Mush Mania – a thread for writers of mush and romance (WBM link)
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    Discussions about Writing, Fanfic & More

    Fan Fic Pet Peeves
    Fan Fic Nuggets of Awesome
    See also its ancestor thread: Things fanfic does right
    You Know You’re a Fan Fiction Writer When...
    What was your first story?
    When Fanon Catches Up to Canon (or Legends)
    Getting fan fiction entered into canon
    How to start off my writing career?
    Amazon Kindle Worlds: Licensed paid fanfic
    Question about copyrighting fan writing
    Benefits of supplementary fanfic artwork
    What is your favorite type of fanfic to read?
    Fan Fiction portrayal and writing styles
    Fanfics you wish were completed or had a sequel
    What is your writing environment?
    Music and fanfic discussion thread
    Straw poll: Is the idea of “hero blame” valid in the real world?
    Using other Fanfic Authors OCs and Plots
    Re-reading Your Work
    Focusing on One Story
    Being accurate toward the EU: does this look pretentious?
    Disney buys Lucas Films - Star Wars 7 announced
    What should Star Wars fanficcers use as a disclaimer, post The Big Sale?
    Perception of Slash
    Rebellion against LucasFilm
    Wikis for OCs and fanfic

    Articles about fanfic

    Jason Fry on Writing for Free
    Strange World of Fan Fiction
    Fanfic discussion on Twitter
    Which Writers are ‘Real’ Writers? - A Blog entry by Aaron Allston
    Fan Fiction – Marketing Genius or Child-Molestation?
    Time Article on Fan Fiction: The Boy Who Lived Forever
    Article: To Angst or Not to Angst
    Cory Doctorow: “In Praise of Fanfic”
    NY Times: JK Rowling criticizes fan accused of stealing her work
    An article celebrating fanfic
    What if George Lucas Hates Fanfiction? (WBM link)
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    Mar 27, 2015
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    Mar 27, 2015
    Characters and Relationships

    General character discussion
    Character Interview Thread – a Q&A where characters answer your questions[/COLOR]
    The Mary Sue – what they are and why we should avoid them
    See also its ancestor threads:
    Canon/Legends Characters vs. Original Characters – which ones do you prefer reading or writing?
    Character of Other Races? – a discussion about PoCs in the GFFA
    The Jedi Way - Jedi Discussion Thread v2 (WBM link)
    Character Descriptions – a discussion about how to describe characters
    Non-fancy occupations – a resource of possible occupations for 'regular Joe' characters
    Personality Typing, Established and Original Characters

    Canon/Legends characters
    Established characters you would like to see in (more) stories
    Captain Phasma
    “Female Anakin” Fanfic Resource
    Callista Ming: why hate her?
    Count Dooku from Christopher Lee’s perspective
    Rogue Jedi 2.0 – Kyp Durron story index and discussion thread
    Questions about Mara Jade
    Obi-Wan Kenobi: What would a good Jedi do?
    Qui-Gon Jinn Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    Qui-Gon Jinn Story Index

    Original characters
    Bring Back the OC Revolution – a thread to discuss your OCs with your fellow writers
    OC Index Thread – the place to list your OCs for easy reference
    Darth Whatshisname? – a cool thread for naming Darths
    What's in a name? – a thread to discuss how you name your OCs

    Relationships (Canon/Legends)
    The New OTP and Pairing Thread – discuss your favourite pairings here
    Worst Possible Shippings – discuss your least favourite pairings here
    New Bespin Café - The H/L Fanfic Index v3.0 – a thread for all things Han/Leia
    Luke and Mara Index and Discussion (2.0) – a thread for all things Luke/Mara
    Siriwan, Obi-tine, Obi-aria, Sabe-Wan – the many loves (?) of Obi-Wan – a thread to discuss Obi-Wan’s romantic relationships
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    Archived Social Threads

    Finn and Rey’s Cat Cantina and Pizza Parlor
    We’re All Fine Here, Thanks. How Are You?
    Canderous and Cade’s Crazy Cantina
    The JCF Fan Fiction Banners Thread (WBM link)
    The Reader Appreciation Programme

    Interviews with authors
    Interviews with Authors v4.0 (WBM link)
    Interviews with Authors v3.0 (WBM link)
    Interviews with Authors v2.0 (WBM link)
    Interviews with Authors v1.0 (WBM link)

    Fun and games
    Star Wars/I've always wished...
    Your Fanfic Will and Testament
    Funniest Misspelled Words-- Whn teh kish runs awry withtt he fpoon
    Excuses, Excuses.... The World’s Longest Excuse
    The Versus Game, adapted for fanfic
    Burning Questions! Ask the Characters Game
    The Give a Summary for this Title Above You Game
    The Underwritten ABC game
    The Star Wars Songbook
    Fanfic Trivia 2007 - Game thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2007 - Organisation thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2006 - Game thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2006 - Organisation thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2005 - Game thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2005 - Organisation thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2004 - Game thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2004 - Organisation thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2004 - Announcement thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2003 - Game thread
    Fanfic Trivia 2003 - Organisation thread
    WHO WANTS TO WIN A MILLION COLORS - The Travelling Version
    Star Wars Hangman: Fanfiction Version
    It was a Dark and Stormy Knight--A fun fanfic parody of the Bulwer-Lytton things
    Ultimate Author Excuses: Add Yours !
    Signs your destiny may be controlled by a fanfic author
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    Writer Support & Motivation – Archived Threads

    Writer support clubs
    Over 30 SW Writers Club! (WBM link)
    The Roaring ‘Tweens: Writers’ Club for Ages 18-30 (WBM link)
    20-something fanficcers thread
    College Student Writers’ Union: Life on campus the fan-fiction way! (WBM link)
    The New Fortress - Still Ladies Only
    The Fortress - Ladies Only
    The Society of Writers Ignored (four readers or less)
    Authors’ Rant Therapy Thread
    The Multilingual Writers Club (WBM link)
    The Non-English Speaking Writers’ Society
    New/Returning Authors Support Thread
    Newbie Fanfiction Circle
    The Evil Muses Society
    Help/Support Group: Writers Who Have Trouble Finishing Fan Fiction
    Beyond A Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Thread For Writers Of Original Fiction (WBM link)
    Serious about Writing: A support group for fan fic writers who want to publish original fiction (WBM link)
    Temptations: A Support Group for Those Dedicated to be Spoiler Free!

    Useful resources
    The Fanfic Writer’s Help and Information Thread (WBM link)
    The Story Adoption Thread (WBM link)
    The Prize at the Bottom of Box: Multimedia and Fan Fiction (WBM link)

    Collaborative writing
    Writing in Collaboration with Others - what are the secrets of success?
    Writing - Are you better alone or in groups?

    Sources of inspiration
    Fan fiction and tabletop roleplaying
    Mood Music for Writers
    Literary Influences
    The Greatest Gift: who inspired you to write?
    What movies, books or people (other than Star Wars) inspire you to write?
    The love of language: favorite quotes for writing
    Recommended Reading List

    The ups and downs of writing
    The Hardest Part of Writing: discussion thread
    Harsh Reality -- What To Do When The Drive Is Gone (WBM link)
    Inspiration -- When The Words Won't Come...
    Discouragement... how do you deal with it?
    Throwing in the towel
    The Mind to the Paper (Or a discussion of our boggling ways)
    Dealing with Writer’s Doubt
    Opposite of Darth Writers Block?
    The overbreeding plot bunnies
    Annoying unwanted plot-bunnies

    Reader-writer interaction
    Honesty is the Best Policy: the Constructive Criticism thread v2.0 (WBM link)
    Honesty is the Best Policy: Constructive Criticism (WBM link)
    The return of the feedback junkies: Version 2.0
    The Feedback Junkies
    Feedback: the good, the bad, and the ugly
    What type of reviewer are you?
    The Reader’s Post Hall of Fame
    No, really, how do you get people to read your fics?
    Seniority & Newbies
    The Invisible Reader (WBM link)
    Lurker Appreciation Week
    Lurkers Anonymous
    A question for readers: what makes you lose interest in a story ?

    Yearly fanfic resolutions
    2017 Fanfic Resolutions
    2016 Fanfic Resolutions
    2015 Fanfic Resolutions
    2014 fanfic resolutions
    2013 fanfic resolutions
    2012 fanfic resolutions
    2011 fanfic resolutions
    2010 Fanfic Resolutions
    2009 fanfic resolutions – How did you do?
    2009 fanfic resolutions
    2008 Resolutions -- Did you meet your goals?
    2008 fanfic resolutions
    2007 fanfic resolutions
    2006 fanfic resolutions
    2005 fanfic resolutions
    2004 fanfic resolutions
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    Archived Writing Techniques & Issues Threads

    The Parthenon v2 (WBM link)
    The Parthenon: Home for the Intellectual Discussion (WBM link)
    The “Deus ex Machina” Thread - A Moron’s Guide to Better Storytelling

    How do you…?
    FanFics: How do you come up with the basics? (WBM link)
    Finding the Time to Write: How do you do it?
    How Do You Pronounce ‘Zekk’? (A Pronunciation Centre)
    How Do You Choose Your Blaster...err, Canon
    Return of the Sequel Part II (or, How do you write more?)
    Pacing issues - How fast do you like your fics?
    The Prologue, how much should you put in a prologue?
    How long can you go without action scenes?
    How often do you revisit/revise?
    How do you decide if something gets explained or not in your fic?

    Outlining and research
    “It is the future you see…” -- Planning your fic
    Do your fics change?
    A Story Involves More Than Just Words...

    Common issues
    Grammar in dialogue
    SW Dialogue: To maintain the traditional stilted hackneyism, or to impose an organic revision?
    Internal Monologue, or, Why 300K Of Introspection Is Not A Story (WBM link)
    From a certain point of view (WBM link)
    Cliffhanger Writers Anonymous
    Story summaries vs. writing out the whole durn thing (WBM link)
    Cliché Fan Fiction Elements
    Literary Tropes and Your Fics
    First Words: The importance of opening lines
    Endings fics
    Big-Worderitis - Is there a Cure?
    Thesaurus - Tool or Crutch?
    War of the Writing Styles: Bare minimalism vs. Rich texture (WBM link)
    Writing Summaries -- dang that can be hard sometimes, eh?

    Long stories
    The it's a loooong story thread version 2.0 (WBM link)
    The it's a loooooong story thread (WBM link)
    The it's a loooooong story index (WBM link)
    How the heck do you do that? Advice wanted on plotting epics

    Short stories
    ‘Your story is ready, please drive through’ -- Is Fast food Fan fic a bad thing?
    Vignettes: Planned or Spontaneously Created?
    Index for Poems, Vignettes, and Songfics (WBM link)
    The Literary Sketchpad -- The Reborn Vignette Challenge Thread
    The Naberrie Household -- The Official Vignette Challenge Thread

    The Poetry Thread: May the Verse be with you (WBM link)

    The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Good Songfic: Discussion and Tips
    Song-Fic Index
    The SongFic Challenge Thread

    Cut to: Scriptwriting

    Writing workshops
    Workshop suggestions (WBM link)
    Workshop: Titles (WBM link)
    Dialogue workshop (WBM link)
    Cliffhangers workshop (WBM link)
    Workshop: “So what comes next?” (WBM link)
    A workshop on how to write lightsaber duels (WBM link)
    Thinking outside the box workshop (WBM link)
    Excerpt resource workshop (WBM link)
    From Idea to Story (Writing Workshop) (WBM link)
    Colouring your world - A workshop on description
    The Joys of Children - Writers’ workshop
    Writer's Challenge 1 - Sight (WBM link)
    Writer's Challenge 2 - Word awareness (WBM link)
    Writer's Challenge 3 - Dialogue and defining characters (WBM link)
    Writer's Challenge 4 - Light. (WBM link)
    Writer's Challenge 5 - Death and Dying (WBM link)
    Writer's Challenge 6 - Action (WBM link)
    Writers' Challenge 7 - When galaxies collide (The Cross-over challenge). (WBM link)
    Writers' Challenge 8 - Another's point of view
    Writers' Challenge 9 - Dream Sequences
    Writer's Challenge 9.2 - Haikus
    Writer's Challenge 10 - Do you have a question? (Dialogue again)
    Writing Outside the Box - Unconventional Story Telling Methods (WBM link)
    The Laboratory (WBM link) – a workshop on clichés and fanfic
    Technique Challenges (WBM link)
    To the cutting room floor (a.k.a. Advice on Editing)
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    Archived Storyline Threads

    The Before Era
    Index of the Old Republic- KOTOR index and discussion (WBM link)
    Guardians of the Old Republic - A KOTOR-Era Discussion & Index thread
    Jedi Apprentice Index (WBM link)

    The Saga Era
    The Force Awakens discussion (spoilers allowed)
    The Galactic Civil War Era Revival Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    Imperial stories Index (WBM link)
    Radical Prequel Re-writes
    Rewriting the prequels
    Rewrite Challenge Thread
    The Official Write/Rewrite Challenge
    The Missing Scene Roulette Challenge
    The Jedi Purges Challenge (WBM link)
    Tales of Order 66 Challenge
    POV Challenge: The Geonosian Arena
    Questions Raised by the Star Wars films and the Fanfics that Answer Them

    The Beyond Era
    Fanfics For Rewriting The NJO/Legacy Eras
    NJO index
    Legacy Comics Index and Discussion (WBM link)
    “A short time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Far Future Story Index and Discussion (WBM link)

    Films vs Expanded Universe
    Beyond The Movies Support Group and Discussion Thread
    Saga-City Lodge: a Retreat for SW Purists (WBM link)
    When writing, do you just pay attention to movieverse facts & characters or EU as well?

    Canon vs Alternate Universe
    Staying Within the Lines: Writing Fanfic within the Boundaries of Continuity
    In the Stacks: Index for Film/EU-Compliant Fics
    The AU Factor (WBM link)
    What if… AU Thread Version 2.0 (WBM link)
    Extreme AU-ers
    Canon Versus Fanon: A Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    How Much AU in Alternative Universe is too much?

    A Miscellany of Characters: The Crossover Database (WBM link)
    Crossover Index and Discussion (WBM link)
    Timetravelling and Crossovers Discussion (WBM link)

    Combining the Eras V 2.0 A Time Travel Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    Combining the Eras: A Time Travel Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link)
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    Mar 27, 2015
    Archived Themes & Genres Threads

    General discussion
    Experimenting with genre - does it work with SW?
    The Grey Havens--Finding the Middle Ground
    What is your most comfortable kind of scene to write?
    Mush-less Fan Fiction
    Contemplations on reflections of memories... and other actual fanfic issues

    A Great Place to Die” - Fight Scene Location Thread (WBM link)
    Block, Parry, Strike! - How to use a lightsaber (WBM link)
    Block, Parry, Strike! - The lightsaber index and discussion thread (WBM link)
    T.A.C.T.I.C.S. = Thread for Advice and Criticism Towards Improving Combat Scenes (WBM link)
    Readin', 'Ritin', and Rough-housin' AKA Babbling About Action Writing
    P.O.D.R.A.C.E.: Posts Offering Directions for Races and Alike Chase Events

    Angst, drama, fear & horror
    Fear Factor Friday
    Angst, Black Capes and the Dark Side: Why do we love bad stuff?
    Drama vs. Angst - Fan Fic Authors, do we get them confused?
    Angst, Angstier, Angstiest -- How Much is Too Much?

    The Disability Index (WBM link)
    The Disabilities Challenge (WBM link)

    Anakin’s Anger Management Courses: A Study in Writing Humour (WBM link)
    Humour... Return to Sanity (discussion/challenge/index) (WBM link)
    Writing Humor - Natural Talent or Hard Work?

    LGBTQIA+ in fanfic
    Out of the closet, and on the boards – ‘Gay’ characters in a GFFA
    The SSR Fan fic index/challenge thread (WBM link)

    Mature themes
    How much is too much -- for YOU? Why?
    Mature themes v3.0 (WBM link)
    Mature themes v2 (WBM link)
    Mature themes (WBM link)
    Within the Guidelines: Moderated discussion thread (WBM link)
    Torture in Fics

    Mush & romance
    S.M.O.O.C.H. : Dedicated to the service of mush lovers everywhere (WBM link)
    Writing romance, does it embarrass you?
    Sensuality & romance in fanfic
    Romance in our stories - realistic or not? You be the judge

    Myth, magic and religion in writing
    Myth & Magic (WBM link)

    Underworld-themed stories
    The Seedy Side V. 2.0 – An Underworld Index/Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    The Seedy Side: A characterization thread and index for the SW underworld (WBM link)
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    Archived Discussions about Fanfic, Writing and More

    Why do you like fan fiction? (WBM link)
    What did writing fan fiction do for you?
    How has fanfiction ruined your life?
    Fan Fiction - Reading versus Writing - What are your thoughts?
    Why We Read/Write...
    Why do you write?
    Back In The Day… A discussion of your writing roots
    Do you put Tuckerisms/In-jokes in your fics?
    First Time Fanfic Writers
    Writers are born not made - a sort of debate (WBM link)
    Fan Fic: What’s good about it?
    Top of the Bottom! The Fiction Faults Results Thread.
    BadFic: What makes you rate a fic in that manner?
    Biggest turn-offs when reading fics?
    The (Humorous) Fanfic Author’s manual

    You know you…
    You know You Have a Crush on a Star Wars Character When...
    You Know You’re a Fan Fiction Reader When...
    You know You’re Reading a Fanfic by (so-and-so) When...
    You know you're addicted to Fan Fiction when...

    Fanfic and Real Life
    The Things Non-Fanfic Writers Wonder...
    Hardest Words to Say: How to Tell the Person You’re Dating that You Write Fanfic
    Battling fan fiction addiction
    RL or Fan Fiction? When Real Life Experiences Inspire Fanfic
    When You’re Caught Writing Fanfiction or Drawing Fanart

    About your fics
    I Write Like...
    What was your first fanfic?
    A Mighty Change of Plot -- Your favorite examples of when a fic got away from you
    Did you Know... Tidbits about your fic!
    Every Writer has Their Day... Tell us about yours!
    Authors - Your Favorite Fics?
    The Worst Fic You Ever Wrote. Confession Time...
    Hall of NO SHAME! (Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love my bombs)

    You and fanfic
    Constructing reality, writing fan fiction a research paper about why you write
    Mood and writing styles
    Writing a depressing scene and getting sad in the process?
    Has writing changed you?

    Profic and fanfic
    Listening to fan fiction
    Using profic in your fanfic
    Do you think its possible for FanFiction author to be skilled enough to write a LucasFilm SW book?

    Copyright and fanfic
    Playing in George’s Sandbox: Copyright Issues and Fan Fiction
    Fan Fiction on NPR
    Is fan fiction in any danger?
    Crediting pro-fic and other works in our stories

    Posting strategies
    Update Private Messages -- Waste of Time or Helpful Convenience?
    Works in progress vs. writing the entire story first?
    Posting strategies for long fics

    Borrowing, plagiarism and theme concurrence
    Something Borrowed: Should a Charge of Plagiarism Ruin Your Life?
    Borrowing from other people’s work
    Plagiarism: Theft vs inspiration (Important reminder)
    Hey, that's MY idea! (well . . . sort of)
    Theme concurrence
    Fan Fiction Writers as Poachers

    Writer dilemmas
    Writing what you don’t know
    Stepping outside the comfort zone
    Breaking the Habit- Exploring different eras and characters
    Bias and Perspective: as Authors and Readers - use it, lose it, or work with it?
    Profanity/language in fanfic, a discussion

    Gender and fanfic
    Fanfic - where have all the guys gone? Or how we discuss things in Fan Fic...
    Do Chromosomes Matter? Guys, how much mush can you read in a story; gals, how much hardware?
    Switching genders in writing
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    Archived Recurring & Periodic Challenges

    Note: This post and the next are reserved for general challenges. Challenges specific to a genre/character/storyline are listed under the relevant item. For instance, the Order 66 challenge is listed under ‘Archived Storyline Threads -- The Saga era’, or the Disabilities challenge is listed under ‘Archived Themes and Genres Threads -- Disabilities’.

    Challenge indexes
    Fan Fiction Master Challenge Index (WBM links: page 1, page 2)
    Fan Fiction Master Challenge Index (WBM link)

    Recurring challenge threads
    The Animated Challenge
    The Ultimate Hairband Songfic Challenge
    Life’s a stage: The Star Wars Musical Challenge Thread (WBM link)
    The Awesome Challenge Centre (WBM link)
    The New Fan Fiction Challenge Thread
    Drabbo’s Challenges (WBM link)
    I’ll trade you this picture for a 1000 words v2.0 (WBM link)
    I’ll Trade You This Picture For 1000 Words (WBM link)
    The Wordy Fic Challenge (WBM link)
    The Speedwriters Association (WBM link)
    The New First Sentence Challenge (WBM link)
    First Sentence challenge (WBM link)
    “What’s in a name?” -- The JC Title Challenge
    The SW Random Elements Challenge
    The 10-minute challenge

    Dare Challenge
    2017 Dare Challenge
    2014 Dare Challenge
    2011 Dare Challenge
    2010 Dare Challenge
    2009 Dare Challenge (WBM link)
    2008 Dare Challenge
    2006 Dare Challenge (WBM link)
    2005 Dare Challenge Results Thread
    2005 Dare Challenge Organisation Thread (WBM link)

    Dear Diary Challenge
    DDC 2017
    DDC 2016
    DDC 2015
    DDC 2014
    DDC 2013
    DDC 2012
    DDC 2011
    DDC 2010
    DDC 2009 (WBM link)
    DDC 2008 (WBM link)
    DDC 2007 (WBM link)

    Fanfic Olympics
    2015 Fanfic Olympics

    National Novel Writing Month
    NaNoWriMo 2016
    NaNoWriMo 2015
    NaNoWriMo 2014
    NaNoWriMo 2013
    NANO challenge – Let’s write 10 words at a time
    NaNoWriMo 2012
    NaNoWriMo 2011
    NaNoWriMo 2010
    NaNoWriMo 2009
    NaNoWriMo 2008
    NaNoWriMo 2007
    NaNoWriMo 2006
    NaNoWriMo 2005

    The Ridiculously Specific Challenge
    The Ridiculously-Specific Challenges v3 (WBM link)
    The Ridiculously-Specific (Angsterific) “Here-We-Go-Again!” Challenge (v2.0)
    The Ridiculously-Specific “Don’t Blame Me! Blame the OC!” Challenge

    Ultimate Drabble Challenge
    UDC 8
    UDC 7
    UDC 6
    UDC 5
    UDC 4
    UDC 3
    UDC 2
    UDC 1

    Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange
    11th Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange
    10th Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange
    9th Annual Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange
    8th Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange
    7th Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange
    6th Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange
    5th Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange
    4th Winter Holiday Fic-gift Exchange
    3rd Winter Holiday Fic-gift Exchange
    2nd Winter Holiday Fic-gift Exchange Challenge
    1st Winter Holiday Fic-gift Exchange Challenge
    AF and Ish’s Sithly Secret Santa Exchange (WBM link)

    Word races
    February 2018 Word Race
    February 2017 Word Race
    June 2016 Word Race
    February 2016 Word Race
    May 2015 word race
    December 2014 word race
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    Archived One-Off Challenges

    Calendar/holiday-related challenges
    The 2012 Calendar Challenge
    Mods’ April Fools Challenge 2015
    Mods’ April Fools Challenge 2011
    2010 Halloween Writing Challenge
    2005 Halloween Challenge
    2003 Halloween Vignette Challenge (WBM link)
    2011 Valentine’s Day Fic-gift Exchange
    Valentine’s Day Songfic Roulette Challenge
    2004 Valentine's Day Love Letter Challenge
    Professor Literati’s Christmas Roulette Challenge
    Mother’s Day Challenge
    Winter Holiday Fan Fiction Contest

    Literature/quote-inspired challenges
    Second Proverbs Challenge
    Proverbs challenge (WBM link)
    Words, Words, Words! - The Shakespearean Roulette Challenge
    The Shakespeare Quotations Roulette - The GFFA meets the Bard!
    Quotations Roulette (WBM link)
    Humor Me - The Humor, Funny Quote Challenge
    The Victorian Quote Roulette
    The ultimate poetry challenge

    Movie/television-inspired challenges
    And Now for Something Completely Different! A Monty Python Humor Challenge
    In The Beginning & In The End -- Opening Line/Last Line Challenge
    Pinky and the Brain meets SW Quote Challenge
    Disney Movie Quote Challenge
    M*A*S*H Quotation Roulette Challenge
    Bond, the name is James Bond
    Pirates of the Caribbean quotes roulette
    D’oh! The Simpsons Quotations Roulette Challenge (WBM link)
    Quotations Roulette - Non-SW Movie Version (WBM link)
    So you think you know movies? (WBM link) and the Response Thread (WBM link)
    ‘Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles’ Quote Roulette Challenge!

    Music-inspired challenges
    The Celtic Song Challenge
    Music Video Inspiration Challenge
    Don’'t Stop The Music challenge
    Love Song Roulette Challenge
    Song Parody Challenge
    Musical Songfic Roulette Challenge
    Star Wars song parody roulette challenge
    1990s Pop Music Songfic Roulette Challenge
    Bob Dylan Quotations Roulette Challenge
    All You Need Is Love! -- Beatles songfic roulette
    Country Music Roulette Songfic Challenge (WBM link)
    Song Roulette Challenge - take a number, get lyrics
    “Mothers of the Disappeared” Songfic Challenge

    Miscellaneous challenges
    The Fanfic Gamblers’ Den: the TLJ Spoilers & Speculation Betting Pool
    Taking Commissions From Your Fellow Users
    Edited challenge
    The July 2017 Read & Review Marathon
    ‘Fifty Titles in Search of a Story’ Challenge/Workshop
    Fanfiction Clue
    The “We’re Moving”/ Guess the Author Challenge
    Atten-SHUN! -- Putting the “War” back in Star Wars -- Military-oriented fanfic challenge!
    The Mod’s Costume Party Challenge
    Writer With the Force- A Survivor Style Challenge (WBM link)
    Granny Bantha’s Galactic Tales: Fairytales in the GFFA (WBM link)
    Professor Literati’s Sci-Fi Roulette Challenge
    The First Ever Fanfiction - Role Playing Forum Writing Challenge (WBM link)
    In The News Roulette Challenge
    The self-realization challenge! (WBM link)
    Random Era/Character/Situation Roulette
    The Simple Soldier Challenge
    "The First Day" Challenge
    The Official Summer Challenge - Building Bridges
    The Bacon Challenge (WBM link)
    2005 Writers’ Race (WBM link)
    The Beginning and Ending Challenge
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    Archived Threads – Individual Canon Characters

    Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
    Anakin/Vader Characterization (WBM link)
    Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader Story Index (WBM link)
    Do we overestate Anakin/Vader’s power in fan fic?
    Will the real Anakin Skywalker please stand up
    How old do you think Anakin should have been, as portrayed in the PT?

    Asajj Ventress
    Into the Mind of a Killer: The Asajj Ventress Thread

    Bail Organa
    Bail Organa discussion thread - Who was this guy anyway? (WBM link)

    Barriss Offee
    The Barriss Offee Fanfic Index

    Count Dooku
    The Enigmatic and Mysterious Count Dooku (WBM link)
    Dooku, the clone army & Sifo-Dyas

    Han Solo
    Harrison Ford wishes Han Solo had died
    Han Solo: How good of a Pilot is he really?
    Han Solo Characterisation Discussion

    Lando Calrissian
    “Slick Manoeuvres” - The Lando Calrissian discussion thread (WBM link)

    Leia Organa
    A Princess And More: Leia Characterization Discussion Thread

    Luke Skywalker
    You Can Take the Farmboy Off The Farm... (WBM link)

    Mace Windu
    Mace Windu Characterization Thread

    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    From a Certain Point of View - Obi-Wan Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    A Certain Point of View - Movieverse Obi-Wan (WBM link)
    Obi-Wan - A Character Workshop (WBM link)
    The Obi-Wan Kenobi Fan Fic Index (WBM link)
    The Obi-Wan Kenobi Classic Board Completed Stories Index (WBM link)
    The Obi-Wan Challenge Index (WBM link)
    Obi-Evil - Plausible AU character, or a fanfic Delusion?
    Obi Torture Index

    Padmé Amidala Naberrie
    Warrior Queen, Gentle Lady (WBM link)
    The Warrior Queen, Gentle Lady Newsletter (WBM link)
    The Padmé Amindexa (WBM link)
    Varykino, the Archive of Padmé Amidala (WBM link)

    Path of Dark Persuasion (WBM link)
    Palpatine Characterization Thread (WBM link)

    Qui-Gon Jinn
    Are there still any Qui-Gon fans around here?
    Maverick of the Living Force (WBM link)
    Letting Qui-Gons be Qui-Gons: A Characterization/Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    Qui-Gon Jinn. Why hate him?

    Wes Janson
    The Wes Janson Index and Discussion Thread
    Wes Janson Fan Fic Index (WBM link)

    The Great Green One: Yoda Character Discussion Thread
    Look as Good You Will Not, Hmm? -- The Yoda Discussion Thread
    Index for Yoda stories - post new and old here
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    Archived Threads – Individual Legends Characters

    Allana Solo
    The Allana Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link)

    Ben Skywalker
    Legacy Child: The new Ben Skywalker Discussion and Index Thread (WBM link)
    Legacy Child: Ben Skywalker Society Thread (WBM link)
    Ben Skywalker: So Much Potential, So Little Attention (WBM link)
    Databank for all Ben Skywalker fics
    The Ben Skywalker Challenge

    Cade Skywalker
    Legacy Era: Cade Skywalker Discussion Board (WBM link)

    Jacen Solo
    Living Jedi Dream - The Jacen Solo Discussion thread
    Reflections of a Traitor- Jacen Solo Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    Jacen-Centric Fics Index (WBM link)
    Fanfiction Challenge/Contest: The Fall of Jacen Solo?

    Jagged Fel
    Jagged Fel: Index, Challenge & Discussion Thread (WBM link)

    Jaina Solo
    The Jaina Solo Story Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link)

    Kyp Durron
    Rogue Jedi: Kyp Durron Discussion & Story Index (WBM link)

    Mara Jade
    Mara Jade Skywalker Character Discussion (WBM link)
    Mara Jade Story Index (WBM link)

    Be-Reeft - The Forgotten Friend

    Siri Tachi
    Siri Tachi: a characterization discussion

    Vader’s Sanctum: A Starkiller Character Discussion Thread

    Tenel Ka
    Tenel Ka Index (WBM link)

    Teneniel Djo
    The Forgotten Monarch - Teneniel Djo Characterisation and Challenge Thread

    Valin Horn
    Valin Horn Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link)

    Winter Celchu
    The Official Winter Celchu Fan Club v2

    Xanatos Underground Lair (WBM link)
    Underground: The place for Xanatos discussion
    Offworld: The Xanatos Index

    Zakarisz Ghent
    Tales of the Crypt Chief - Zakarisz Ghent Fanfic Index and Discussion

    The Vent Crawler's Lair | A Zekk Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link)
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    Archived Threads – Multi-Character (Canon/Legends)

    The Alien Combine
    Alien languages and cultures
    Where No Man Has Gone Before

    Clone Story Index v2 (WBM link)
    Good Guys Wear White - The Clone Trooper Discussion Workshop (WBM link)
    A Clone Trooper and Clone Wars thread

    Droids: mechanical menaces or interesting characters in their own right?

    Jag, Kyp, Cade & Zekk
    SW’s Green-eyed Hot Dudes Talk & Drool Corner

    Jedi & the Force
    The Jedi Way - The Jedi Discussion, Index, and Challenge Thread (WBM link)
    What is a Jedi?
    Jedi Characterization
    Writing Jedi in Danger: How do you do it?
    How Powerful is Too Powerful?
    The Force - Good or Bad (or both?)

    All Helmet, No Head - The Mandalorian Discussion Group and Index (WBM link)

    Minor characters
    Minor League Directory: An index and discussion thread for minor characters (WBM link)
    The Outer Rim: A Minor Character Index and Discussion (WBM link)
    Minor character roulette

    Naboo characters
    Theed Palace v. 2: Naboo Index & Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    Theed Palace (WBM link)

    Non-Force users
    Don’t Try to Scare Us With Your Sorcerer's Ways... (WBM link)

    The DownTime Pilot Index 3.0 (WBM link)
    The DownTime Pilot Fic Index v 2.0 (WBM link)
    The New DownTime - Pilot Fic Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    The Downtime Pilots Lounge – A Place for Writers of Rogue/Wraith/Other Squadrons

    Skywalker and Solo families
    Other Half: Skywalker & Solo Twins Index and Discussion (WBM link)
    Raising a Skywalker - the Beru and Shmi discussion thread (WBM link)
    Differences in writing styles for the four Skywalker women

    How to write evil (WBM link)

    Where Wookiees fear to tread... (discussion and index)

    Young Jedi Knights
    Young Jedi Knights Index v2 (WBM link)
    Young Jedi Knights Index (WBM link)

    Yuuzhan Vong
    Behind the Scars -- A Yuuzhan Vong Characterization Thread (WBM link)
    What Turns So Many of You Away From the Yuuzhan Vong?
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    Archived Relationship Threads – Canon and Legends Characters

    Note: This includes both romantic and non-romantic relationships.

    Crack Pairing Paradise (WBM link)

    Anakin Solo relationships
    “Red & Dead”: Anakin Solo and Mara Jade (WBM link)
    Anakin ‘n’ Tahiri’s Place (WBM link)
    Anakin and Tahiri Fic Resource and Support Thread (WBM link)
    Anakin Solo & Tahiri Veila Index (WBM link)
    Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila Fic Index (WBM link)

    Ben Skywalker relationships
    Benella Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link) -- Ben Skywalker/Jysella Horn
    The Ben/Tahiri Relationship(s) Thread (WBM link)

    Jacen Solo relationships
    Jacella Support Group (WBM link) -- Jacen Solo/Jysella Horn
    The Cult of Janen (WBM link) -- Jacen Solo/Nen Yim
    The Jahiri Index and Discussion Thread (WBM link) -- Jacen Solo/Tahiri Veila
    Jacen/Tahiri Resource Thread (WBM link)
    Crystal Reef Palace Auditorium 3 (WBM link) -- Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka
    Crystal Reef Palace Auditorium (WBM link) -- Jacen Solo/ Tenel Ka
    Jacen/Tenel Ka Fics Resource Thread (WBM link)

    Jagged Fel relationships (see also: Jaina Solo)
    The Foreigners:The Jag/Kyrn Discussion Group (WBM link)
    Jagged Fel and Tahiri Veila Fanfic Archive (WBM link)

    Jaina Solo relationships
    The Jaina/Jag & Jaina/Kyp Fanfiction Index v2 (WBM link)
    Jaina/Jag & Jaina/Kyp Fanfiction Index (WBM link)
    The Conference Room (Jaina/Jag discussion) (WBM link)
    Behind the Conference Room Door (Jaina/Jag index) (WBM link)
    The Jaina/Jag Index (WBM link)
    Rogue And Goddess: K/J In Fanfic (WBM link)
    The Kyp/Jaina Fanfic Index and Discussion (WBM link)
    First Love, Last Love - a Jaina/Zekk Index and Resource (WBM link)
    And There Were 'Ships...

    Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade
    The Skywalker-Jade Revival Society Discussion Thread v2 (WBM link)
    SJRS-Skywalker-Jade Revival Society (WBM link)
    The Luke/Mara Index (WBM link)
    DataBank for all Luke/Mara fanfics (WBM link)

    Obi-Wan Kenobi relationships
    Can Obi-Wan ever have a romantic relationship?
    The Obi-Wan and Siri Archive and Discussion Thread (WBM link)
    The Realm of Attachment--The new Obidala, Sabewan Index and Discussion thread (WBM link)
    Obidala/Sabewan Archive (WBM link)
    The Obi-Wan and Siri Challenge Thread

    Forbidden Love -- Qui-Gon/Tahl Discussion Thread
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