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Thriller The Sins of the Fathers

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Lappland, Finland

    Lisa had run as far as she could, leaving a red trail on the ground, like a crimson tail of a comet. The native people had shot at her on sight. With hunting rifles and pistols they were still shooting at her. She had made it to the woods. Not knowing where she was or when this was, she stumbled over the ground and felt the small stones beneath cutting her bare feet.

    Father help me!

    Another shot hit the tree next to her and despite her body having exhausted all reserves of power, she tried to force herself to her feet. Didn´t they know she was here to protect them? To save them? Did they not know she was here to make things right again?

    Only a few steps she could stumble, before right in front of her two elder men with rifles appeared. A younger one came from the woods to her right. That one was wearing some kind of uniform and a handgun. Turning made little sense, as she had obviously been pushed by her pursuers into this trap. She tried anyway and saw the five men who had hunted her approach from behind.

    Lisa wanted to explain to them why she was here. She wanted to tell them, that their world would soon end and that she could save them. She wanted to explain to them what went wrong and where and how to fix it. How to fix it all. And most of all, she wanted to tell them about the girl. The girl with the cold eyes!
    ?Nowhere to run, little monster, hm?? The chubbiest of her hunters grinned and as she turned to him, he hit her with the rifle into her face. She fell to the ground and cut open her hand. The blood from the many wound she had mixed. Her eyes turned up pleading for her life. The hatred and fear in the men answered her. Leaving no hope to harvest from this world.

    The rifles raised and then lowered towards her, as she lay on the ground.

    They would kill her. And all she knew would be taken into the oblivion of death with her dying body.

    Now she did not wanted to explain anything.

    She wanted to scream.
    She wanted to scream and never end screaming.

    But she had no mouth.

    And therefore she was silent, when the men opened fire.


    [link=]Boston changed everything. [/link]

    From the fire of a thousand suns that bathed the city in its destructive glory something had risen. An idea which had been breeding in humanities collective sub-consciousness was finally born with the sadness and the disturbing silence of a stillborn child.

    Humanity was probably not going to survive [i]The Change[/i].


    [hl=silver][color=blue][b]The Sins of the Fathers[/b][/color][/hl]


    [i]The Change.[/i]

    They had called it [i]The Change[/i] for month. After a scientist in a talk show had used this term it infected media like a pandemic. But it had always only been a stand-in for other words. A common ground of people to give the events a name, no matter what they believed they actually were.

    When the Summer of 2012 ended with a second nuclear bomb within a year detonating in Boston, they started calling it by different names. Especially the US media, struggling with the right way to deal with the fact their own Government had nuked one of the US cities without even giving a press conference, began playing with a whole different set of terms: The End. The Rapture. Kingdom Come. The Second Coming and for those a little bit less Christian: Apocalypse.

    The news from the rest of the world did not make it better. The fallout of the first nuke that had detonated in Jerusalem was spreading through the Middle East. Madness and religious fanatism seemed to follow it.

    In Asia the states had decided not to go down without a fight and after incidents in several nuclear plants they had turned to the only available enemy: Each other.

    Europe became the victim of a rapid and mysterious phenomenon known as the Vanishing. After it had begun in a German town called Kiel it seemed to have spread from there all over the >
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Settings:

    While you are generally allowed to create characters wherever you wanna play, these settings will be the place hwere major storylines will take place.

    Washington, U.S.A.


    With most other western countries crippled and the rest of the world seemingly uninterested, it is the U.S. that remains the sole power operational and able to deceiver the Change. The President has withdrawn from public since his controversial decision to nuke Boston. But his final order still stands, empowering the U.S. agencies to do whatever necessary to unveil the powers behind the Change and stop them. Therefore a group of experts works feverish under the leadership of Professor Moore to obey this command.

    Meanwhile in the streets chaos seems to grow and civil unrest has become the daily routine. The state of emergency has been declared, but should order not be restored soon in the worst of the so-called ?riot-cities? there might not be any US left to safe.


    Hamburg, Germany


    The second city to be hit by the Change Hamburg became a European symbol of the impotency of their states to stop The Change. Violent demonstrations, brutal policemen fighting civilians in the street, mass murderers and before anybody could make any sense of it 2.1 million people just vanished. Among them most of Europeans to investigators of the Change. Since then things have gone worse in Europe, but Hamburg is not yet done. Not everybody vanished there. Not everybody died that day. And while many people say Boston changed everything, those understanding the Change secretly wonder if it was not Hamburg, that actually did.


    [hl=black]Vatican, Rome[/hl]


    In a time of crisis people look to their leaders for shelter. And the end of the world has made the Holy City a hot spot of attention from all over the world. Christians await an answer, any answer from the Pope. After all, who could be behind all this, but the Almighty? But the Church is struggling with the truth. Ancient sects within the hierarchy and modern interpreters of the bible fight for control over the Pope. But why did he stay silent? Does the Church know something? Something nobody else knows? Or has all they believed in turned out to be a lie, after all. And stoic silence is all the truth it has to offer, now.


    Tokyo, Japan


    And a very few of you will find themselvbes (still) stranded in Japan, where the change has taken a very different shape and where a German student who died in Nepal might be the key to the secret of the Change. Yet, in Tokyo something even more deadly then the change roams the streets and it's endgame does not accept opposition.


    A Note: If you have questions or want some input where your ideas might fit best into the game, please contact me. I am open to talk about any idea for characters.

  3. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    And an example for a CS as we used them in The Sins of the Saints


    The minimum I want for a CS. You can add more.

    (include how religious your character is)
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise:
    (I´ll be harsh about realism here)
  4. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    [hl=black]Margaret Elizabeth Hadley[/hl]

    Age: 31
    Nationality: Italian
    Faith: A devout Catholic with a prestigious religious background
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Mary is a followed of god, but also is a very adept medic. She attended college and graduated with a medical degree, which she uses in her service at the Vatican.
    Equipment: A diary that she uses to pay her respects to her Heavenly Lord before she goes to sleep

    Margaret Elizabeth Hadley
    was rumored to be many things. Angel, nurse, saint. But not even that can describe her. Her compassion for every breathing being began on a warm Saturday morning when she attended her classes as a little girl. An Islamic extremist with a vendetta against the Vatican took the class hostage. Going down a line of student, he gunned down child after child. Once the game came to rest against Mary, the preacher game one final plea to the man. Mary remembered the preacher?s prophetic words for many years.

    ?If you shoot that child, forever will you burn in eternal hell.?

    The Islamic man threw down his gun and fled the school. In the years to come, Mary came to see it as an act of God. He had saved her from being killed like all the rest of those children. He had saved her. She strived to become a better person. She donated to charities, became more involved in church, and even attended college after graduating high school. She graduated college with a medical degree, which she held dear to her heart. She decided to stay with the church and became a nurse/nun. She spent most of her time pleasing God?s wishes, thanking him endlessly for saving her. Her parents stayed close to her, and even in the past few years, she sees them often. They are proud of their daughter, who was their only child, and were lead into a stronger faith in God by her.

    To those around Mary, she is a saint. A nurse. An angel. But inside, to only herself and her God, she held something dark. One dirty little lie in her morning, lunch, and suppertime prayers. She wasn?t completely happy. She would bare children. She would. She would not turn out like the older nuns, barren and lonely, with only the preacher to turn to. She wanted her own flesh and blood. Her own baby. And if it came down to choosing between the Lord and a child. . .she didn?t know what she would choose. But for the moment, as the world seems to end around her, Mary will stay true to her God. Even as her mother dies from a heart attack. Even as her father dies in the Boston nuclear bomb. She loves God.
  5. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001

    Name: Jonathan Garrett
    Age: 38
    Nationality: American
    Faith: His parents were Catholic and raised Jon as Catholic, but he has since strayed from the 'faith.' He likes to question religion and how it relates to the rest of the world and as a result, has become very knowledgeable on the subject. But on the whole, he is not a believer.
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Jon is a homicide detective and has had 7 years experience. He has also been trained in hand to hand combat and how to use a gun.
    Equipment: Mobile phone, 9mm glock, wallet containing money, credit cards, personal information, etc.
    Bio: Jonathan, an only child, was born in a rural town in Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. He had an uneventful childhood and did things any normal child would do at the time: he loved to ride bikes, play baseball and go camping and fishing with his father and grandfather during the warm evenings in the summer. He wasn't the most popular kid in school and had a tendency to get bullied, but that never stopped him from being who he was.

    Upon entering high school, his luck changed a bit when he became quite the star of the baseball team and took office as the student council president of his grade. His teachers expected great things from him in class and Jon wasn't one to disappoint. He excelled in his classes and graduated with honors. He entered college the following semester to major in criminal justice.

    College had Jon stray from the "straight and narrow" for a time where he delved into the world of drugs and alcohol. His final year in college was especially tough after long nights spent partying, which resulted in him sleeping through his classes the next day. His grades suffered and after being threatened with the possibility of failing out of college, Jon finally straightened out and ended up the skin of his teeth.

    Jon entered the police force after college as a patrol officer for the Philadelphia Police Department. His tenure was rather uneventful except for a certain incident where he nearly lost his life investigating a simple domestic disturbance call. He was pinned against a brick wall by the assailant with a gun pointed to the base of his skull. If not for the quick thinking(and tongue) of his partner, Lieutenant Schaffer, he would have been a dead man. Jon has been forever grateful to the man since the incident and the two have become good friends. The team of Schaffer and Garrett has become the talk of the station and the two have become inseparable out in the field.

    After 6 years in the force and at the age of 30, Jon sent in his request to test for a detective opening. He was declined the first time, but he persevered and after submitting his application a year later, was finally promoted to detective with the rank of captain.

    Captain Jonathan Garrett remained with the Philadelphia Police Department for several more years until personal reasons - namely, a girlfriend - forced him to relocate to Washington D.C. Unfortunately, his relationship with his girlfriend didn't last, but he remained in the capitol regardless. At the recommendation of his Chief, he was able to continue his police work with the Metropolitan Police Department as a homicide detective.

    And that's when things started happening...nuclear bombs, people disappearing and the president locking himself away. His job was about to get real interesting...
  6. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Markus Jethro Flinkmen Christianson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Appearance: 6?, American Indian (Lakota dominate in appearance)/Caucasian mix, black medium hair, swimmers build, with sea blue eyes. Wears brown cargo pants, crimson shirt, black cargo vest, and dark round sunglasses with side vent covers.
    Possessions: Glock 37 MARINER .45, survival knife (Rambo version), Blackberry, and computer tech. Small personal sound nullifiers good for 200 yards size of a pager, wrist watch with laser and electromagnet, canister of knockout spray, and?stuff?

    Born in a calmer time of world history, at least by comparison he grew up with his father mostly as his mom died when he was six years old. Although he enjoyed the benefits of his minority status he largely ignored his roots beyond what few tidbits he heard here and there, largely due to that he wanted to follow in his European father?s proverbial footsteps into the field of medical sciences.

    Having graduated pre-med he found that the life was not for him, or rather that blindly following his father was no better than his half-brother?s running away to the ministry, and that he would have to earn his father?s pride in another manner. Applying himself he came to join the SIS, or British Intelligence Agency, as a tech inventor in one of the remote labs in 2009.

    Three years later when the ?Change? occurred he has been using his friends in the agency and whatever pull he can find to try and locate his family. Knowing that the time would soon come to set out on his own to either find them or what had become of them he has created several catches of material around the world of technology that he might need.

    His half brother, an evangelical priest, has not been heard from since the outbreak and quarantine that occurred in New York where he had been holding a revival. It is unknown whether or not he escaped before the quarantine went into effect. His father had been returning by car from a trip to a medical ethics convention held in Warsaw Poland, and hasn?t been heard or seen since passing near the German coastal town of Kiel that had vanished inexplicably. As for the only part of a past that does more than sadden, but scare him, is his daughter. Last he had been able to get any sort of message they had been in Hamburg where his Ex-wife was a professor in genetics. A dangerous pastime when the ?Change? finally hit Europe hard, communications between them had been lessoning, but he had to know.

    When he got the job of working with a European task force labeled ?The Change? taskforce he was thrilled, quickly prepped and set to fly. For the taskforce is based out of Bremen, not more than an hours drive from Hamburg according to a few map programs. Soon?soon he would hold his only true fear?soon. So he thought.

    In all this the Dream, or vision, yet hung in the back of his mind of the mouthless girls deep sadness, despair, crying out in silence felt so deeply. This vision of that delicate girl in a similar plane of a bleak Siberian desert with blood tears falling from blood red eyes, it was a thing of haunting. Made only the more haunting by the words beyond words that echoed ? ?And you shall be like gods . . .? Although the fact that it arose from a plane flight lessoned it some, but still? it bothered him that something demoniac by its feel had met him on this fateful start.

    As time yet flowed and he worked with the Taskforce, and its disquieting methods he found himself assailed by the knowledge that they gave him of his own wife?s believed treachery. They gave him proof in the poor company she kept over their daughter in the man she was now with, and possibly the sitter that she had hired.

    The sitter became an unexpected key that might of led to more, and he truly did not meet her until after his first killing. That she was not human might have been part of it, but another was her sincere love of his own daughter that he could not deny. ESTI agents tu
  7. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    GM approved high jacking of a former NPC

    Name: Janice Duprey

    Age: 33 years


    Area of expertise: IT security, basic skills as an operative, charming

    Biography: She was born with a talent for information. A flawless memory, a keen mind to process data and an obsession for computers made her one of the youngest MIT students ever. That she had made it there by hacking and forging half her records did even impress certain people more. Born in the poor parts of Glasgow it was ironically the hated UK government that would save her. When her little tricks finally were revealed and it looked like she was done and would probably go to jail, they offered her a position. IT security and counter espionage. It sounded terrible and imperialistic, but after her first day she was captured by the beauty and complexity of the job.

    When ESTI, the European investigation of The Change, called for the best, the UK send her.

    It was her who made the ESTI network the most secure in the world and she overlooked the operations there, until Jonah Stürmer forced her into the field. At least Finkman was with them, as Janice had developed a certain weakness for her new colleague. This assignment saved her life, when the three airplanes hit the ESTI central and killed everybody. But even though she escaped that attack, she was far from save. She was in Hamburg tracking down kids with a certain genome when the change hit them. Chaos, death and uprisings made the city a cauldron of violence. And it grew worth when something even more deadly hit them. The Vanishing.

  8. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    Fins Approved!

    Name: Joel David Shepherd
    Nickname: JD or Shep
    Age: 32
    Nationality: American (German decent)
    Faith: Devote member of the Lutheran Church ? Missouri Synod & avid Patriot of the United States of America.
    Appearance: [image=]
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Military Police, Basketball Coach, Lutheran Youth Fellowship Leader
    Hobbies: Automotive maintenance/repair & intermediate computer programming
    Equipment: [link=]Sig Sauer P228[/link], iPad & iPhone
    Bio: Youngest child of four who grew up in a family of church workers. Planned on becoming a Lutheran Pastor, but did not plan on getting his girlfriend pregnant. He left college, got engaged to his true love (who was not the mother of his son), enlisted in the Army, and left for training. While he was away his son passed in a tragic accident. After returning and only being married three months, Joel was called up for active military duty in Cuba. Unlike most of his comrades, he was fortunate to only serve one tour so far during his enlistment. His wife and two children were visiting a friend in Boston when the nuke was dropped on the city three days ago. He had shut himself up for the past three days until he received the one call that every reservist dreaded ? recall to active duty. So he packed up the three personal possessions that he was allowed to bring with him and drove to his units drill hall to receive his orders.

  9. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Back and chainsmoking as ever, with the GMs approval, of course!

    Name: Rufus Jordan Jameson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Religion: mildly Roman Catholic
    Inventory: Zippo-Lighter, cigarettes, a lot of emtpy guns and a futuristic laptop that might or might not contain the greatest secret of history . . .


    Biography: Rufus went through the rough school. A cop, a criminal, a private eye. Not necessary in that order. But it all looks like a long way in preparation for what happened in Nepal in retrosepct.

    They say there is a case that makes you and a case that breaks you. Jacob Zinsky probably would be goth for him.He even survived the girl. the most dangerous predator of the world, a beautiful woman knowing she had him in her pocket from moment one. Lilly. Lilith, as she called herself dramatically. Black Ops Thrown into a world of intrugue and larger than life mysteries Rufus fought his way through the foreign land and managed to find the German student - who was said to be the sole man in the world who knew what The Change was - in a monastery in Nepal. Dead and surrounded by flesheating buddhist monks. Against all chances the stupid Americans survived encoutners with strange killers, the hungry monks and a whole army of black ops. He survived the chinese army bombing the monastery to ashes. And he got the laptop of the dead German out.

    He went as far as he could. He ran, he fought. He exhausted every bit of strength he had. But what can a man do in a world ruled by powers like this?

    In the mountains of Nepal he ended with nothing but the laptop and his empty gun pressed to his chest. His clothes were ripped apart, his muscles held no enregy whatsoever anymore. And finally, as the ice started crawling into his body his will failed.

    The case that makes you. The case that breaks you.
  10. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Name: Lilith
    Gender: Female, nominally - both, possibly
    Age: Appears to be in her mid-twenties
    Religion: When you know certain things, belief becomes quite an arbitrary thing indeed.
    Appearance: Dependent upon your expression of beauty, she can modify her features to account for this, but generally she adopts the most natural version of beauty - long, blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and pale white skin.

    [image=][Among others]

    Inventory: A thick robeskin, to preserve modesty, shaped like a snake of sorts, curling around her left leg and around her waist, up her back, and around her chest, curling around her neck. A gold ring on her right index finger. A tattoo on her inner thighs, the two halves which meet when sitting together.

    Persona: A softly spoken woman, winsome and coy, with little undertones of darkness to her. An intelligent woman enshrined by beauty.

    Biography: Lilith was born before Eve, it is said. She was the first woman, the second human to come to existence, after Adam. But, she was too wild and uncontrollable for Adam to tame, and she fled Eden, foresaking the demands of 'God'. Cavorting in the Red Sea, Lilith fell pregnant, and informed the three angels named Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof of this fact - and they departed to inform 'God' as so. What happened next has been shrouded in time, and what truly happened, has been shrouded in the Legends of Man. The truth is truly unknown, maybe even to Lilith.

    But what is known to her is the shell of flesh encased around a soul that is Rufus Jordan Jameson. But, even then, that is not known to her.

    He left her, but she had already left him, in her mind. For she had them to see, and them to find, for they have left those three names behind so very long ago.

    Of course, it means nothing if He who Must not be Named finds her... but now the Change has arrived, and Lilith knows that she must find Rufus, and tell him a little bit more.

    And see if he has made it to the other side of the board... to see what he has chosen.

    He could never have been a Queen, nor would a Rook suit him. But his journey may have made him believe enough to claim the role of the Bishop... but, she supposes, it matters not:-

    To Lilith he will always be her Knight.
  11. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    Approved, of course, by our leader.

    [b]Name:[/b] Rudyard Vane-Tempest

    [b]Age:[/b] 40

    [b]Nationality:[/b] British

    [b]Faith:[/b] Church of England (highly religious, practices a set of unusual personal rituals)



    [b]Areas of Expertise:[/b] Espionage fundamentals, close combat basics, diplomatic training, specialist knowledge of human trafficking

    [b]Equipment:[/b] Carries a Mateba Autorevolver, wallet and mobile phone on his person, and a briefcase with secret compartments for his laptop, portable listening devices, and a set of three different passports (British, South African and Russian)


    A repressed, narcissistic, slightly unhinged relic of a bygone era.

    Born into the upper strata of British society, Vane-Tempest has rarely strayed from the trappings of the ruling class. He was baptised in Canterbury Cathedral, boarded at Winchester, and read Jurisprudence at Oxford. He joined the Secret Intelligence Service, directing field operations in the Middle East and South Asia. He became a specialist in human trafficking, disrupting organised criminal rings throughout Asia.

    Three years ago, various allegations of impropriety and corruption were made against him. The specific nature of these allegations was never disclosed outside of classified internal documents, but it was enough to force his resignation. He left the service, but continued to work as a diplomatic attaché for his country, and is currently assigned to the British Embassy in Tokyo.

    He is a practicing Christian, and holds a set of bizarre and intensely private beliefs about his family. His grandfather was an infamous occultist who practiced various small rituals to "escape the Eye of God". Vane-Tempest believes that those rituals were successful, and that if carried out regularly they allow him to live without the interference- or the judgement- of Heaven. There are six separate rituals, which he terms the "Sinner's Six".

    He has an estranged wife living in Devon, and two young sons who he rarely visits or contacts.
  12. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    [link=]GM Approved! Lavi m nan men Bondyé o sen[/link]

    Name: Toussaint Bellamy

    Alias: Baron Samedi, Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi, Bawon Sanmdi

    Age: 31, though he claims to be older than time itself

    Nationality: Haitian, though he claims to be not of this world.

    Faith: Haitian Vodou, in truth, lapsed. He claims, however, to be one of the Lwa, an intermediary between Bondyé and humanity. More specifically, he styles himself the earthly manifestation of Baron Samedi, the Lwa of Death and leader of the Guédé.

    Standing at an imposing 6?8?, Baron Samedi makes it a point to maintain a well-dressed appearance, favoring a black tuxedo and a large black silk hat. His distinctive white face paint, chosen both for its explicit relationship to the white face of the death Lwa and for its implicit resemblance to tribal warpaint, is arranged in a new design with relative frequency. As he has a weakness for fine Cuban cigars, the Baron is rarely seen without one in hand.

    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Baron Samedi is exceptionally adept at weaving deceptions and attracting followers through his charismatic personality. He has an excellent knowledge of social psychology, which he puts to use quite frequently. He also claims to possess, but does not actually have any, supernatural abilities, immortality, and the gift of foresight.

    Equipment: Fine Cuban cigars, a really nice silk top hat, a fifth of rum, and a ?walking stick? that is actually a sword cane in the British tradition. He also carries a handgun at all times, but prefers to keep this a secret for obvious reasons.

    Bio: In a certain village in Haiti they speak in hushed, reverent whispers of the mysterious man who strolled into town, claiming to be of the Lwa. Whence had he come? And why? By his own measure he came from the invisible realm where all spirits dwell, and he had come as harbinger of the end. Fire, he claimed, has engulfed Jerusalem, and it is by My will alone that you have been spared. You know me as Baron Saturday, he explained, and by serving him they, too, would be spared.

    The villagers were skeptical. Very well, the man conceded, then I shall prove my miraculous powers. An old, decrepit woman was brought to his hotel room, and on the morrow she had returned youthful, invigorated, speaking of a miracle elixir. The healing power. Baron Samedi.

    Of course, what they could not know was that the man who claimed to be an intermediary to Bondyé was, in reality, a graduate of social psychology by the name of Touissant Bellamy. Bellamy had always been a survivor ? he had grown up poor in Port-au-Prince, until he had chanced upon a boat traveling to Cuba, where he studied the latest theories of group responses to external stimuli. Always a charismatic man, Bellamy recognized that through the art of carefully crafted appearance, he could pass himself off as anything he wanted. He took to con artistry to pay his student fees, and after graduation he returned to the island of his birth to take as many folks for a ride as he could manage.

    Then it came ? ?the change? ? and Bellamy knew that mere grift would not manage in this new world. He would need followers, the strength of many men and women, if he was to carve himself a successful niche in the next order.

    And so it was that Bellamy, himself a former practitioner of Vodou, came upon the mother of all cons ? he would pass himself off as the closest thing to a god that people around these parts could swallow, and in doing so, ensure his safety in the difficult times to come. It was a simple matter of smoke and mirrors after that ? staying on top of the news, a few careful extrapolations of a most upsetting nature (His forecast of a great man impaled upon a flaming sword had been helped by the nuclear annihilation of Jerusalem, vague details were nice like that), modern medicine in the poorest nation of th
  13. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005

    Name: Reverend Niccolo Martelli da Padova
    Age: 32
    Nationality: Italian
    Faith: Roman Catholic - extremely religious.
    Appearance: A tall, thin man with black hair and blue eyes. His sharp features are at once handsome and rough. He wears the black of a priest, along with the clerical collar. He wears a black suit beneath a black wool coat, used when traveling.
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Theology, demonology and inquisitorial techniques. Skilled at deduction and is a compelling speaker.
    Equipment: Carries two crucifixes, a pocket bible, a cell phone and a Swiss Army knife.
    Bio: Niccolo Martelli was born in Padua, Italy, to a loving family. Like many before him, Niccolo saw his path in life as being a holy one, where he would serve the Catholic Church, and by extension, the world. Niccolo was of a new breed, eager and enthusiastic about faith and forgiveness; he quickly found a place amongst the Church as a bright young star, helping pull it from the past and into the future. His interest in the history of the Church, of the old and near-mythical tales and errata, of the arcane and ancient mysteries, brought him into contact with many scholars and experts the world over. One Fra' Marcello became something of a mentor to a young Niccolo, and is to this day. Indeed, Niccolo's career in the Church seemed a sure thing. Until the Change.

    As the world fell apart, the Vatican decided that the shepherds must protect their flock. Cardinal Esrada was given the task of investigating the change, forming the Esrada Intiative, with orders to protect the Vatican and its flock from the heresy so prevalent around the world, and to help uncover the root of this horrific and mysterious Change. Niccolo was assigned to this group, given his extensive theological knowledge and his expertise in obscure subjects.

    Niccolo is afraid, yes, but he is guided by hope and faith.
  14. MyrialofKanz

    MyrialofKanz Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2011

    Name: Andro Davorin

    Age: 34

    Nationality: Serbian

    Faith: Roman Catholic

    Appearance: [image=]

    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: He has found to God late in life, therefore he possess a wide range of ?worldly? gifts he barely finds use for.

    Equipment: Bible, rosary, a jeans, two shirt, a mobile telephone and some books

    Bio: Andro showed up at the steps of a monastery one day and collapsed before the feet of a priest, begging for forgiveness. That night he made his first confession and experienced the glory forgiveness of the Lord and since then he has never wished for anything but to serve his father and the holy son.
    Before this day Andro had seen the worst of humanity. And in the process he had become part of it. When the war had begun he had volunteered to serve Serbia, his country. What he had done and seen in this war had almost broke him. He had killed so many he barely remembered their faces. With a sniper rifle, a pistol, a knife and sometimes with bare hands he had ended existences. And not only his enemies, the soldiers had been his victims. At one point he had killed anything, anyone just to keep on killing. But one by one their faces had joined a choir of haunts that kept awake at night, until he could not do it anymore. When they had once again ambushed a village and were about to rape the woman while the children watched he finally raised his AK-47 and killed his team. None of the twelve men escaped him. When he was done he tried to kill himself, but could not do it. He stumbled into the woods and did not stop walking until he found the monastery.
    There he has a quiet life full of daily routine now, devoted to his Lord. It is a life that allows him to keep the beast in line that rages within his soul. But he knows it is still there. And he has vowed to never let it escape the mortal shell he is again.

  15. MyrialofKanz

    MyrialofKanz Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2011
    ooc: Sorry for posting this double. My Chrome played some strange trick on me. Glad I am aboard!
  16. SilentProphet

    SilentProphet Jedi Youngling

    May 27, 2011
    Posting this for our new player who will - right after he changed the password - will use this account

    Approved by me, the Fin

    Name: Lydia Duchant
    Age: 32
    Nationality: US
    Faith: newly converted Mambo
    Appearance: [image=]
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Law, economics, psychology
    Equipment: smartphone, laptop, iPad, Diamondback DB380
    Bio: Lydia Duchant was born to be the best. Nothing less was ever acceptable to her. She was the best in school, the most beautiful, the most ruthless. She was the most desired student in Harvard, the most successful and the youngest woman to ever get a degree in International Law. Everything worked out perfect. Everything worked out as planned.
    And then she met George. The most charming, seducing man earth had ever been graced with. Every word was wisdom, every touch ecstasy. Too bad every word was a lie and every touch carried her deeper into the darkness. When he was done with her she was heavy addict of painkillers, had lost her job after taking money and finally helped him commit a fraud that made them rich. Those riches disappeared with George one night and after getting her thoughts cleared up and realizing what her love had done, she realized what she had done to her life.
    Using her old contacts in the law enforcement she tracked him down easily. She knew him very well. And the last time she saw his handsome face, she shot into it twice. She got away with it and his since then worked hard to rebuild her life. She is once more a successful lawyer, but that became meaningless when the Change hit. Suddenly the world was going crazy and she was in it. It as then that she found faith. And not exactly the one everybody would have expected from her.
    She became a Mambo, a high priestess of the Loa and served from there on the incarnated messenger of her Gods, Baron Samedi. Those who have seen her change are left baffling if it is real. Some cynics though whisper behind her bag she uses the new faith to get rid of some debts she and George have with a gang. Others say she is after the power. If you ask her she will only smile and preach about the glory of the Baron.
  17. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Co-GM Cast:

    Just like we did it the last time around, I will serve Fin as a Co-GM in his game and as such take the roles of various important NPCs who I will give an extra breathe of life. Among them is my character from the last game, Thomas Schröder. Here are my characters I have been handed so far.



    A young computer expert, or hacker as some might call it, working out of Tokyo. most believe she is a guy, so she is pretty annoyed about being called the Beethoven of hackers, when she actually considers herself to be the Marie Curie of hackers.

    Thomas Schröder


    DJ, womanizer, roommate, seriel killer. Thomas schröder is a man with many talents and an ever growing number of victims.

    Louis Sanders


    They call people like Louis sanders "spooks". agents working for a government to do covert operations. Well, that is what they would call him, if he existed. Obviously he doesn´t, as the law forbids US spook to operate on US soil. then again, what do the rules of yesterday mean when things are about to change?

    Carl, Charles, Karl


    The illusive Carl and his one face showing up all over the world. While I do him as a PC in the sistergame of SotF, here he is a 100% pure NPC.



    And the thing that Beckfris called "Adam" is still around and hunting for God. Recently seen in central asia.
  18. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter 1: An American Nightmare

    [link=]Washington D.C. had not yet fallen, but it was under siege.[/link] a siege that came from within. fueld by fear, driven by anger and sustained by frustration the people of America had not accepted the events of past days. The nuclear strike on boston had been a cut into the depth of the American soul. And it was bleeding. It was bleeding angry people and whoever could was now on the streets, protesting, demanding answers. Mass phenomenons like this would have fascinated sociologists in better days. How a country can focus on anger to avoid their collective fear. The government had pulled all strings to keep control over the situation. Police, National Guard and finally the state of emergency had their effect. Although violence against protesters seemed like a daily thing now, it was a sad reality that martial law was without alternatives.

    West End, Washington D.C.

    MPDC was there within five minutes. That was actually quite a good job, considering that they had to deal with sixteen different demonstrations and at least two amok shooters this day. The city was going to hell, fire workers did overtime and at 11 in the morning the National Guard had entered the city. Nevertheless, the cops tried, tried their very best, to do their job. It was a bit as if the Head of Police, Mrs. Cathy Lanier, believed that the moment she allowed her police to do only emergency work, the emergency would have won and she would have been defeated.

    Jonathan Garret therefore was actually called to a homicide this morning. His partner had picked him up, because Garret´s car had burned out that night in a fire set on the streets. Something that had become terribly common in the town. John Malone, an old school cop who was probably not the brightest or most effective guy in homicide, but who could handle a case, was driving.

    [image=] Detective John Malone

    They made it to West End without too many detours. The slums had been much more calm than the ordinary citizens when the nuke in Boston went off. The cops heard rumors they were not cool, but brewing up something big. Maybe that was the reason why this case would be investigated, when two dozen more murders had happened hat night in the veil of the spreading chaos. It was still damned early.


    A patrol officer awaited them at the yellow line. The car with the broken side-windows was easy to spot in the background. Usually reporters would have been here, people watching. Nowadays they were to busy to give a damn about on shot person. The officer started to brief them, while they made their way to the car.

    ?One victim, one man shot. The driver was hit in the neck, but survived it so far. The man on the backseat got hit by a dozen bullets. Ripped him to pieces, pretty much. Expensive car, a Lincoln. Dunno what he did here. So far we got little else than a passport on him. Carl Weber. German citizen. A EU passport, a card and about 2.000 us dollars in cash with him. His cell phone got hit by a bullet, but it looks he was on the phone.? The officer stepped aside and on the ground Jessica Garland was kneeling next to several splinters of the side window of the car. She was their CSI for this case and they knew her as a young but ambitious worker.

    ?Garret, Malone. Welcome to the scene. Time of death about an hour ago. Cause of death is impossible to say right now, but if none of the bullets to his chest killed him, the one that ripped of half his head away certainly did.? She stood up and showed her plastic gloved hands to explain why she did not shake hands, without a word.

    Tag: HS29

    Not to far away, A warehouse in the West End

    They were lined up. Twelve proud members of the Los Mags, a Mexican gang that had held the territory for almost a decade, due to Afro-American gangs infigh
  19. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter 2: Nietzsche was right

    Tokyo was in many ways a blessed city. The Change had hit anywhere, but not here. No substantial hit. Yes, they had some sort of freaks outside Chiba City and some strange stuff had happened in Shibuya. Then there had been these reports of strange things and quarantine at the airport and all air traffic had been shut down, while the shores were heavy controlled. But that was harmless irritations, compared to what the rest of the world was suffering from.

    [link=]The never sleeping metropolis was sleeping after all, so to say. And dreaming of a world without change. But the is always change. If you can´t see it, that usually meant it was simply subtle.[/link]

    Then again, Tokyo´s downfall had not begun in Japan. It had it´s roots in the icy mountains of Nepal.


    The cold had killed all feeling in his body, when Rufus Jameson felt his consciousness fade into black. With the last conscious thought he could manage to produce, he acknowledged someone . . . a presence nearby. Then everything vanished in the terrible cold darkness.

    St.Regis, Toyko[/i]

    He slowly awoke and even the attempt to open his eyes was painful. A needle was in his arm, the light was terrible and the air was warm. He felt the hustling need to cough in his lungs. And there were voices. Somewhere were voices.


    ?He is slowly waking up. If I was a little more religious, I would call it a miracle.? [b]Leonard[/b], as he called himself when he was around Lilith lay his head to the side and smiled about Rufus Jameson who was lying in the especially installed bed on top of Tokyo´s St. Regis hotel. His eyes had grown sad in the centuries they had watched the world. But [b]Lilith[/b] presence gave him some comfort. Although he was several millennia younger than she was, he was old. Ancient. And therefore the last living thing that could slightly understand Lilith´s thoughts and ideas about this Change. They were the last two of them. ?I see what you like in him. He is a bit like Hannibal or Nebukadnezar was, right? To stubborn to die. A true warrior. What a choice by the Gods to make him our champion.? Leonard smiled at him and then turned to Lilith.
    He stepped next to the beautiful Asian woman to his right. As always he did not see her true self, but the perfection of a woman given form. ?If Carl is behind this, it won´t matter. A human, actually a mortal human, cannot change what is happening here, you know that do you? There are no heroes, Lilith. Only failures who unveil themselves as such over time. Whatever greatness they achieve, within a lifetime they will ruin it. And considering how short their lives are, that is amazing.? He sighed again and looked at his eldest and last remaining friend. There was no hope left in his ancient eyes.

    [image=] [b]Leonard[/b]

    [b]Tag: Sinrebirth, Draco[/b]

    [i]The British Embassy[/i]


    [b]Rudyard Vane-Tempest[/b] had heard surprisingly little from home. The Tokyo embassy had been veiled in a tense silence, as people awaited news from London. The last update had been pretty clear. Whatever the Vanishing was, it had now infected all of continental Europe. France, Italy, Spain, Turkey. Germany, where it had begun was hit by wave after wave, each time leaving millions missing as if they had vanished into thin air.
    Britian did little to comment on it. Their streets were on fire by their own series of uprisings and US media analyzed that this happened a lot before Vanishings, but where did the people not protest? Well, for example in Japan. Despite some strange things happening and the Asian mainland threatened by a nuclear war between India and China, they kept their >
  20. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter 3: The Shadow of the Lord


    Rome. The eternal city, as they called it. All eyes rested on rome. the world - at least the Christian world - waited for the church to declare the End of the World, to present the messiah or at least to explain their point of view on recent events. but the Church had never been in a hurry to meet such demands. Wisdom needed time to grow and the Pope had called to his flock for patience.
    Yet the answers were there. They had always been there. Buried, veiled, denied or hidden in plain sight. They were in the shadows, waiting for the world to drag them into the light.[link=] In the name of God.[/link]

    Vatican City, Sublevels


    Their voices thundered throug the secret tunnels all the way from their forum to the halls holding the Vaticans secret libraries. The Esrada-Initiative was in disagreement.

    The rooms deep down in the catacombs had been restored and modernized for concerts and music, but now they were serving their original purpose once more. The same purpose the first Christians had used them for. Secret meetings.

    ?Obviously it is not the Apocalypse! We have neither seen any antagonistic armies like Gog and Magog nor has any beast risen from the sea, admittedly some reports could be interpreted by a rise of the dead, but where is the return of Christ, if the dead walk the earth?? ?Those are allegories and hardly a game-plan for Armageddon, brother.? ?They are the word of a prophet and although a matter of interpretation, they are to be taken serious!? ?I agree!? ?I could not disagree anymore!? ?Stupidity is limitless, it seems, I can´t believe . . . !? ?I expected no less from you, old man!? They were discussing. The Esrada-Initiative had united the greatest scholars of their time and they all were used to know things. That they actually did not know a thing made them mad. It drove the whole initiative crazy night by night. They did not have the answer. For all their secret knowledge, their occult tomes, their apocrypha, they had no idea what was going on.

    [image=] Fabrizi Esrada

    Reverend Niccolo Martelli da Padova had been invited their mostly because of respect for Fra´Marcellus, his old teacher. But his theories had been dismissed early on. Not than anybody had brought forth any better since then. That evening he suddenly found a man sitting next to him, he knew from pictures only. Fabrizi Esrada himself, Cardinal and the second greatest scolar the church had. His face showed he was less than enthusiastic by the discussion below in the forum. They sat on top of the seats that lowered into a forum like a chair.

    ?Nicollo, is it? I hope I may call you Nicollo. You know I had my disagreements with your old mentor. I really had. But he once told me something so incredible wise and incredible smart, I never forgot. If a wise man does not have any idea, he needs to go to another wise man. Best choice is his rival, as he will probably hold knowledge he does not.? He sighed. ?I am a wise man, my son. So they say. And so are these men who behave like fools. We all do not know what The Change is. But we must. We must learn what it is and if God is behind it, what plan is in motion? I think it is time to ask your old teacher. Would you do that for me??

    Tag: Peng

    Hospital de St. Marie, Rome

    ?Out of the way! Out of the way!? The emergency team cleared the way as fast as possible. They were dragging the man after them on his stretcher. ?Sister, sister, hurry. We got a man here with bad burns. I think he is one of your own.? The handsome young ambulance driver was out of breath, as he explained the situation to Margaret. She had been working in this hospital as a stand in for a sister who had broke
  21. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]Chapter 4: Saints[/hl]

    Hamburg. Once Germanys second largest city was now a monument of The Change. A symbol for it´s unstoppable power. Nothing had saved the two million people and nothing had kept the Change from spreading from here all over the mostly untouched Europe. Now it´s empty streets and the few people who had not vanished were all that was left to speak of what had happened. [link=]And what was still happening. [/link]

    Tarpenbeckstreet 55

    Blood. All Markus found in the flat was lots and lots of blood. Two of three bathrooms were covered in it, so was the living room. Alice blood? Impossible to say, but it look as if a massacre had happened there. At least five people had died. But there as only one body and that one looked more like it had died from . . . something else. Bristles were all over him and the man had lost most of his hair. He wore a sweater with a hood and jeans and had obviously died while he was cuffed to the heater.
    On his way Markus had crossed many empty streets. Here and there looter had stolen food. Far away he had heard gunfire and screams. Some of them sounded like insane, mad screams of something barely human, some of them sounded very afraid. But the area around the flat, a part of town called Eppendorf, was deserted. Over 20.000 people should have lived here. It was family and rich people area, where designers and media people liked to settle. Their VW cars and laptops were all still there. Inside window he had seen bureaus untouched, with graphic programs still running. Yet nobody was there.
    The flat had been easy to access, all doors broken and violently opened. But inside something eerie and dark seemed to lurk and the constant feeling he was not alone kept him company.

    Of course he wasn´t entirely alone in there, but he did not know. Thomas had seen him come in and he had seen him go to the flat. But no sign of Laura yet. No sign at all. Slowly the realization crawled into him; she was probably simply not coming.

    Tag: Mitth, LordT

    Max-Brauer Allee, into direction Eimsbüttel

    Janice had cracked the fastest car she could find, yet it might not be fast enough.


    ?It reached Altona, we got a few hundred in the fisher market area who just disappeared. Janice, this one looks bad. It looks like it could take out the rest of the city!? Jacob Reuter screamed into her headset, as she drove towards the last known location of Jonah Stürmer. The boss of the Hamburg investigation had become head of the remains of ESTI, when the Bremen headquarters had been ambushed. And now he had not reported back. Neither had Markus. No sign of Laura, no sign of Markus daughter. Only dead people in the streets and the disturbing lack of the living. The streets were empty, probably because street fighting riots had occupied them before vanishing into thin air.

    ?Janice, DRIVE! We got movement in Tarpenbek. Satellite shows to people. Listen Janice, the wave hits us any second, if I cannot report back . . . I send you our last analysis. It is all we . . . ?

    Then there was nothing. No static, just the lack of a voice or the background noises. Jacob had been at Königstraße. That was less than five kilometers behind her. The wave was coming . . . and it left nothing but empty streets behind it.

    Tag: SirakRomar
  22. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    The empty streets of Hamburg

    Silence. gone. they were all gone. Gone, gone, gone. Dammit! Dammit! Damn IT!

    One day your driving will frikin kill you! Her Ex had been so convinced by that, he had denied her any company when she was driving. "Who is dying now, John, hm? the slow, man! The slow!" jancie took the next corner and accelertaed. Damned german car showed speed by kmh. But hell, 80 sounded fine. Only a snapshot, as the next time she looked the 120 was already behind her. The Germans knew how to make cars, she had to admit.

    No, no, no, no,no.

    Totally aware she was so high on adrenaline, heroin would hardly been any more effective she hit something on the streets. It was ripped to pieces, as the Porshce hit it with 140 kmh. "You better be there, Jonah. I am not born for this James Bond crap!" she hissed and saw the sign. Eimsbüttel. The change, or The Vanishing, had hit Altona. It moved about 50 kmh. She moved almost three times that speed and if she did not crash into something solid, she should have about five minutes when she arrived.

    "Where are you guys! C´mon, cmon!!!" And the car seemed to leave the streets with two wheels, as she took the next corner. Ring 3. RING 3! that one ended in Tarpenbekstreet, near the Hospital!She pushed the accelerator even deeperr and to her surprise the car got even faster.

    Tag: Fin
  23. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Tarpenbeck street 55

    Silence, screams of insanity, silence, gunshots, screams and silence. All the world had been silenced as if by one untrained on the finer points of how to do so, and so the straggled cries of the condemned and dying yet rose intermittently into this day of Change.

    Change. . .he had a long time to think about that on his walk here. Through empty streets and looted grocery and food locals. Eppendorf, what a name for an upscale place, made him think of Worf honestly. . . what an odd thought for a time like this. Maybe it is because Worf would of left for his child with a departing threat and stare into the eyes to determine honesty?

    Walking, walking. He pushed on to the flat the hollowed quality of the entire area yet seemed to resonate with each steps echo.

    Past busted, broken doors he advanced, past rooms yet set with the cloying familiar glow of a laptops sustaining light. Till yet he arrived, red eyed and weary, gently he pushed the door open. Into a flat of death he found himself yet greeted, twice he rechecked the address and saw no answer that he had gotten wrong before entering.

    The eyes were upon him, devils and demons he wondered, or was he still given the softer glances of angels who cared not death or life? Or was it merely the eyes of the mundane, the insane, or the monsters of everyday living? He could not find it, nor shake it though he tried to first find it, it was quickly pushed out of his mind.

    Chained to a heater was a man that a rudimentary check confirmed was dead, how was a mystery he was not about to test or venture though the bristles gave the credence to monster or demons. The blood likewise gave credence and tore upon his very soul to break done here or there. Only a grip of death upon his phone as he snapped pictures to document it all yet helped to push him through those final rooms. Searching, searching for something that was not there.

    His daughter, was not here and he never would be able to tell if this blood was hers, but he smeared some on borrowed toilet paper anyway from both bathrooms. Vomit was the item he left behind in both, the second he would not of been the least surprised if his shoes had exited his mouth.

    Walking out of that second bathroom he searched the kitchen once more, only now for a plastic bag. He had evidence to take with him. And the path from here to outside and around the building to search for clues.

    TAG: LordT, Fins
  24. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    [hl=black]Margaret Elizabeth Hadley[/hl]
    Hospital de St. Marie, Rome

    Cries of the wounded.
    Moans of the dying.
    Silence of the dead.

    Heavenly Father. Bless me and those hurt in my missions for today. Raising her head from the prayer, Margaret was assaulted by an unimaginable amount weariness. She regretted ever taking this job from the injured sister. She had watched a man die. Mary blinked her eyes to wash away the tears. Be strong. He has your back. She spoke to herself now. God was her only remaining comfort in this dying world. He saved her from the depths of sin in these last few days. Too many found their way back to alcohol, back to cigarettes, back to all of the dirty habits they had kicked. Mary kissed the cross penchant she wore around her neck.


    ?Out of the way! Out of the way!?

    Twisting her head around, she put a hand to her heart. It only took one glimpse at the emergency crew to know that something had gone wrong. She rose from the seat she had been sitting in. It had been her only time of rest in hours. She rubbed her sore eyes as the crew approached. On the stretcher, a man lay. Horribly disfigured. She grimaced as one of the ambulance men rushed to her.

    ?Sister, sister, hurry. We got a man with bad burns. I think he is one of your own.?

    The guy who had spoken to her was rather dashing. Nice features. Mary stared down at the injured man for the first time and hid her eyes. She cringed in disgust at his festering wounds. Charred, only his clothing identified him as priest. As her heart rate rose, her mind was derailed. She kept trying to find a distinguishable trait about the man. She couldn?t determine what it was. Seemingly coming from the folds, the elderly Sister Marina hurried over to Mary. She cast a worried smile at the woman, attempting to ease any worry. Mary knew only their Heavenly Father could ease worry, but he could use her as a missionary for his wishes. She assumed he did that often.

    ?I´ll get the Doctor. You should get Father Davorin. This man looks as if he might be in need of his last rites.?

    She hurried along. She kept envisioning the Father in her mind. Such a holy man. Respectable. Like almost every Father in the Vatican. Mary discovered him rather quickly. ?Father, there is matter you need to attend to,? Mary?s forehead wrinkled in worry, ?A priest has just arrived. In a stretcher, father. Sister Marina believes the man is due for his last rites.?

    [hl=black]TAG: MoK, Fin[/hl]
  25. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Reverend Niccolo Martelli
    Il Vaticano

    At the words of his superiors, the young reverend felt annoyance course through his being. Surely these holy fathers were not swept in the great fear-mongering falsehood of the Rapture? We are Catholic, thought Niccolo, this is anathema to us.

    He spoke up, his voice still soft despite the attempt to be heard. "Holy fathers, our faith is a rational one. What sets us apart from other denominations is our reliance on theological fact and knowledge. I implore you, do not let these rumours of the Rapture and End Times sway your hearts. Now, more than ever, must our faith be bolstered by fact."

    There was a lull in the shouting. Bravery gripped the young man of God, and he spoke with greater conviction.

    "While others spread tales of hellfire and brimstone, it is our responsibility, our God-given task, to protect our flock, no matter how far they have strayed. I beg of you, do not let these tales of apocalypse cloud your hearts."

    But the shouting continued. The fools, thought Niccolo, the old, arrogant fools. Service to God is all that matters now. We must save as many lives as possible.

    None would hear him. The case was one of politics; Fra' Marcellus was considered a notorious fool amongst these men, a great scholar lost in his papers. Niccolo's reverence for rational faith was popular, though his status as the protege of Marcellus was not.

    There was one who listened, though. Cardinal Fabrizi Esrada, a man well-versed in apocrypha and anathema in addition to the usual mythos of Christianity, had apparently had his eye on Niccolo for some time.

    ?Nicollo, is it? I hope I may call you Nicollo. You know I had my disagreements with your old mentor. I really had. But he once told me something so incredible wise and incredible smart, I never forgot. If a wise man does not have any idea, he needs to go to another wise man. Best choice is his rival, as he will probably hold knowledge he does not.? He sighed. ?I am a wise man, my son. So they say. And so are these men who behave like fools. We all do not know what The Change is. But we must. We must learn what it is and if God is behind it, what plan is in motion? I think it is time to ask your old teacher. Would you do that for me??

    This was a great deal for Niccolo to take in. "Your Eminence, I shall strive to serve you as best I may. If I may be so bold, though, I do not believe that God would test in such a fashion." He paused, thinking for a moment. "And if I may continue, some of our holy fathers are mistaken in their interpretation of scripture." Frustration gnawed at his heart. "We have always moved towards a greater understanding of our world, your Eminence, and such arguments as these men put forth stultify our progress in this modern world."

    Tag: Fins
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