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Thriller The Sins of the Fathers

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]Chapter 3: Nietzsche was right[/hl]

    St. Regis Penthouse, Tokyo

    Leonard laughed. Awakening from a headshot was not very pleasant, but he could not help but laugh.

    ?I see now why you choose him. He got balls. Shooting me with my own gun and running? And he got instinct! Who could trust us? Seriously?? The Asians tone got more serious. ?And he might be better of without us. We will draw HIM in like light does to the moth. Sooner or later he´ll find us. Maybe your American has a few more hours on his own.? With a sighs he got up and poured himself a Scotch from the bar.

    His security people came running in. He only raised his hand. ?It is fine, it is fine. Don´t go after him. He seems to have no longer any use for our hospitality.? The man nodded. ?Sir.? And with that he handed him another touchpad with another report.

    ?Maybe it is good he left, we could not take him with us, anyway.? Leo went over and handed Lilith the file. Carl Weber, billionaire, archangel and main suspect of having caused the change was in Tokyo. He had arrived in a plane where a mysterious illness had broken out and put several people into coma. Among them him. ?Looks like we all gather here. Ready to meet your maker, old girl??

    He threw the Whisky into his mouth and swallowed it.

    ?It is probably time.?

    Tag: Sinre

    A Warehouse, Sinbuya

    Beckfris leaned back and hissed in frustration. He would never have admitted he was frustrated, but he was. Adam went after that American bugger alone and didn´t even thought it was necessary to keep him posted.

    At least it left him with some time to deal with the little side project he had developed behind his partners? back. Miike, or mike as he preferred to call him entered the room. Everywhere where his crew. Soldiers of fortune, expensive but not to be trusted. Backfris had not been able to get any of his men here. He had to hire local talents. It probably had it´s advantages. Mike carried the suitcase and after him came a man with sunglasses of Caucasian origins. Another suitcase was exchanged, the man wanted to speak to Beckfris, but a forced smile and and a nod was all he got. It was almost too much. Russians. Arms dealers. He had sunk low to deal with those rats himself. But for this one you probably had to give them the honor.

    ?Your delivery. I did not open it, as you said. So I could not test if it is actually complete.? Miike announced and handed it over. It was heavy. Beckfris smiled at him and turned the case. He opened it with the right combination.

    ?You know I recently heard a man claim he could not be destroyed, but I think at some point before this is over, I will have to test this bold statement. And I just got the perfect weapon for that.? Miike lurked over his shoulder and gasped.

    ?I thought those were legend, Beckfris-san.?

    Beckfris grinned. ?Suitcase nuke? Not at all. Developed on the height of the cold war, we just have become a nuclear power, my friend. 2 megatons of power.? He laughed. The Russians had become so desperate about the Change they began to sell the family silver.
    ?I wonder if anything could survive those.?

    Tag: LordT (indirectly)
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Note: MoK send me this for approval, I think it is fine to post it, as it is approved.

    [u][i]ooc: Input by Fin[/i][/u]

    [b]Ando Davorin[/b]
    [i]Parking lot[/i]

    He followed her, slipped into the car and thanked God they hadn´t been shot already. ?Drive, drive.? He hissed to her and took a look out of the window. The man behind them had spotted them clearly. His eyes burned into the car the second the motor started and the rising of his hand seemed to be an automatism. The shots hissed through the air one by one. The first immediately hit the aft-window and shattered it.
    ?Drive!? Ando ducked down and felt helpless. He wanted a gun. A gun to return fire and the absence of the weapon seemed to burn in his hand. ?Dammit, I don´t deserve to be tested like this.?

    [b]Tag: spy[/b]
  3. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Living Room

    Burying his face in his hands seemed like a reasonable thing to do at an answer like that. Kill Q or make him sane, actually that sounded like it just might be easier to accomplish then the tasks that the being in front of him wanted to accomplish. Taking a deep breath he lowered his hands and looked at the man over steeped fingers, falling back onto a form well known from cinema. Contemplative.

    ?I planted a few seeds, but didn?t chop any trees. Never really have, but you have to learn to change minds already made up eventually. Yes?? It was a plea of sorts, but he could not say the words of anger or despising that fit the dangled carrot of his daughter, she was dead and they both knew it now. Only the how remained a mystery. Still, in that there were questions.

    ?What does a Saint entail, how long is this extended life, and how can it be ended.? He would never kill himself, but still knowing what to watch out for and eventually stop avoiding would be a nice bit of fore-knowledge. If he was like the science fiction of the random people that could not be killed without their heads being removed by another of the people to consume the power, until there was only one. Well he wouldn?t have to worry about meeting another century most likely anyway, he was terrible with the sword, or stick.

    TAG: LordTroepfchen
  4. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: Combined between me, Fin, LordT and God knows who. Being cut of from the net for days does this to you . . .

    Thomas Schröder & Janice
    Streets of Schnelsen

    Thomas looked at her. Between his eyes a number of thoughts passed and none of them materialized in action. Most circled around killing her, but anyway, he found her to be too useful for now. Too useful.
    ?And what about Alice? I mean he seems to have all the time in the world, but this place didn´t get any better lately. I need to get to Robert and her, Janice. I really need to.? He gave her his most intense lok and then looked around. ?Doesn´t look like we find your friend around here, do we??
    Lowering his gun he sighed. ?Wenn er je hier war.?
    ?What?? Janice was tired, on the edge but so very tired. She just wanted to surrender, to let her mind slip into unconsciousness. But not yet. Not yet. ?Did you speak German??

    Thomas smiled. ?I am German, you know? I am German.? He yawned once more and slowly turned around. A wasteland full of opportunities. The world had once been like that and he had wasted them all. Not this time. This time he would take them all. He sighed and took the gun out of his belt. He looked at it and wondered if his old self did get the better of him. How would he lure out Laura? With games? He remembered how they ended up in bed. After months of trying to test the ground and burning his fingers he had laid there that night, sweaty and exhausted and still grinning from these dirty, dirty things they had done and . . . had realized it had all been her making.
    Getting back at Robert? Finding an excuse to break up with him? Something like that, he assumed.

    No, she was better in games than him and the unbelievable, fantastic, obscure and unrealistic idea she could travel time, something he realized he had to accept as given no matter what, she had all the advantages. There were no games he could hope to win. Only action and reaction. Provoke her. That was what he had to do.

    Janice would need to die. Painfully. Slow. Terrible. He felt sexual desire to do it, but more than anything, he felt that Laura would watch and act. His finger flipped the guns safety of and he wondered where to shoot her so he could take her gun and leave her alive as long as possible. Knee? And then bind it off? Sounded like a good plan. He turned and . . .

    ?Down!? Janice reacted to the red point on Thomas face instantly. A reflex. Trained, sharpened and heightened by fear she jumped and pushed the young man down and behind the car as a shot shattered the glass of the car behind them. The shot thundered through the streets, as the second one hit through the car they had taken cover behind. Only in movies a car gave you a reliable cover. A modern assault gun using Nato ammo would punch through one with ease. Which meant someone was just pushing up the lever to autofire and was about to kill them with a salvo of shots which would rip apart the Mercedes they had used for cover. ?Run!? It was the only thing Janice could do on such short notice. She held her gun over the car without looking and punched the trigger. It was a submachine gun. It was useless at any distance and this shooter was not close. But probably it would keep his head down long enough for Thomas to escape.
    And then what? Lay down and die?

    No. her only hope was Thomas, the civilian would come up with an idea.

    And Thomas had one, indeed. He had been saved by that stupid ESTI-whore just the moment he had tried to kill her. And whoever had shot at him, whoever had dared to sneak up on him, lurk at him and then try to kill him . . . had asked for a first dance. Thomas was fast, as he leaped over to the next car. And to another. Until he found cover behind a van.

    Janice opened fire. The returning fire showed the attacker was actually high above. Sitting in the fifth level of a nearby villa, one of those old fashioned ones with a high tower at it´s side that looked like someone had totally lost his mind when designing it. Thomas sighed. He checked his
  5. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: Draco approved

    Liar in Tokyo

    The cameras went down. One-by-one. Ghost heard the Brit speak in her ear, as she saw the lights on her three monitors go dark. Her head spit out some lists of reasons why this could happen. National security pulled the plug? Energy managment. Since Fukushima it had become the new thing. They brought the system down, because an emergency plan had been put into effect. "Chikusho!" She turned and switched on TV. Then she turned back. Police had been informed but without any dead, there was no room for a bigger investigation. reports came in the moment she checked. Toyko police had been terrible easy to hack, actually. No search. but patrols had been asked to look out ofr him. armed and potentially dangerous. They had people at all subways, though. "Okay, our unknown American has left the building to the right. He went towards the subway but I don´t think he took it, as there wasn´t any driving before police was there. I got cameras still working on shisyasa and japatse. Nothing so far of him. I would say he is somewhere between the hotel and the subway. There are plenty of restuarants there and phone booths. I´ll check any outgoing calls to the US in a minute. But I think getting into the district and start looking for him in the bars is your best bet, until I got a location."

    Ghost was furstrated. This was to improvised. she turned to the TV and took a piece of Pizza. It fell off her mouth, as she saw the news.


    "California. There was a landslide." She only whispered into headset. "This is bad."

    Then the report came in that Tokyo was save from the approaching tsunami. Which made her wonder what actually wasn´t safe?

    Tag: Winged

    All others tomorrow.
  6. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    [hl=black]Margaret Elizabeth Hadley[/hl]
    Parking Lot, St. Mary?s Hospital

    Once he had gotten into the car, hurried her with several quick words - Drive, drive - and turned to the window, Mary cranked the car good and loud. She knew that whoever was after them would?ve heard them by now and was for sure about to shoot-


    The window covered Mary in glass. She screamed, drowning out whatever Ando had said to her - she guessed drive, again -. Mary backed out of the parking place and shot forward. Her foot was not leaving the gas pedal until they were as far from this hospital as they could be.

    Why are you testing me father? What have I done? What have we done? Why test those who hold you higher than anything else?

    But even Mary knew that wasn?t exactly true.

    [hl=black]TAG: MoK, Fin[/hl]
  7. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    ooc: Oh Winged, welcome to the club on rufus tracks. What has this poor guy actually done wrong to the world, hm?

    Again combined with Fin. I like to do it this way and besiege him, until he gives in every time. :p

    Rufus Jameson
    Somewhere in Toyko, Streetfood

    The streets were overactive, crowded. It was simple, too simple to vanish here. From sight and from the face of the earth probably.

    Rufus looked for something calm, somewhere to withdraw from the stream of people dragging him nowhere. [link=]He needed to think, to smoke and to collect himself. [/link]

    [image=] [image=]

    He stumbled after this tattoo and found he was enchanted by it. his thoughts returned to Lilith and he felt this ache that was somewhere in his chest. he had to leave her. He could not trust her or anybody. These people had kept their secrets for so long, he could not risk expose the last truth they didn´t had monopolized by now to them.

    Had he wanted to? No. But he understood more about Japanese culture than anybody thought, probably. In his many years of self-finding he had studied Hagakure and found many truth in it. He had tried to take his ego out of the equasion and that had probably never been more important than now. Because he wanted to run back to Lilith and tell her everything, but that had probably exactly been her plan all along. The bullet between her eyes probably hadn´t. Now he was on his own, with an high tech notebook that contained the greatest secret of the world and no idea how to deal with it.

    Somehwere in his mind the realisation that he was so enchanted by the tatoo because his brain was suffering from dehydration sticked in. he shook his head. Food and water, he needed both. he had been frozen to death and recently recovered. The street food had to suffice for now. He almost collapsed into a seat to his right and ordered "Water, water." The woman held up one thumb, he gave her a smile and held up ten. She nodded and showed him ten bottles. He nodded. Six went into his backpack, and the other four he began to pour into his thirsty body. Meanwhile he pointed to the noodles in front of him. No fish, no pork. Duck? maybe. He nodded and took two portions of those.


    The TV showed a fire and then breaking news. Landslide in California. Tsunami warning. Pacific fleet vanished? He coughed. If he hadn´t taken the lawyers offer, he would have been in L.A. now. Finding a missing girl who would probably never been found, actually. but he had taken this ultra-rich lawyers job and flew to Nepal. And therei t began.

    Cander, his partner back at NYPD had once told him, if you can´t break a case, return to the beginning. to the first suspect and work from there through it all again. The first suspect. Milton Prest. Not the King or Lilith had payed for the job but Milton Prest. And had Prest done anything to him? Anything? Perhaps it was time to give the man the answers he had payed for. Or he took the CIA. The US Government had been a good bad, but if these pictures showed anything but the truth, the US had other problems now. Then he smiled. The water as good, he had finished the second bottle and finally he remembered what he usually did when he was up to something to big for him. Like cracking computer codes. Outsourcing. He needed experts. Criminals. He could pay. Thanks to Leonard he could pay all the money in hte world.

    He pulled Noodles into his mouth and thanked God his Ex had taught him to eat with sticks. Looking around he wondered if anywhere in htis crowd of faceless, uniform beings there was his enemy, hiding. Lurking, stalking. He assumed he was.

    His hand went to his gun under the jacket and he sighed, as he pushed the rest of the noo
  8. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Charles ?Carl? Weber

    Humans were still predicatable. As unreliable as many of his inhuman skills had become, it were the centuries of study of human nature, that still served him best. Charles gave the man a sad smile. He was almost begging to be relieved of his doomed search and instead follow Carl.

    ?You won´t die. Except you get killed and killing you can less than a handful of individuals on this planet. People who have the ability to end an existence in ways yours has not been preserved, by destroying or consuming your essence, for example. I simplify here, so you understand it. What you will be doing is up to you, I guess. You aren´t one of our children. We would have chosen you for your skills and influence, but you? You need to figure it out yourself.?

    The man wanted to help him, he already knew it. He knew he had no daughter to find anymore. And anyway, how ?morale? was it to sacrifice the world to a single girl? Carl leaned back again and folded his arms.

    ?But if you want to join me on this quest, I could certainly use your help. Especially as long as the internet is still up. I seriously guess, nobody has yet blocked your access to the ESTI servers in Frankfurt, right? So why don´t you try to find out who Sebastian Falk truly is? What we know about him?? Carl leaned back. Recruitment could take surprising turns these days. Would he and the new God´s creature be the architects of their downfall? Would it be him, who saved humanity? The one being who did not believe or trust in any kind of morality of heroism? He had invented ideals to guide humanity along the path and again and again they had been twisted, turned and corrupted by the human soul. It had not made him bitter. Choice was Gods gift to these talking apes and hell, he had stolen it because he desired it more than anything. That choice had consequences and they were often unforeseen was . . . part of the deal.

    ?Then you have to think about what to do with your friends. Trust is always an issue in these kind of games. Can they be trusted? If not it is time to send them away, if you ask me.?

    Carl slowly allowed his head to drop into his neck. Markus was perfect. His believe was naïve and uninformed and would make him immune to many attacks on the will and consciousness he would have to endure.

    The last time he had killed a God, he had done so by letting Milton do it. He had watched and assumed failure and had been more surprised than anybody, when he had fallen. This time, he was hunting him down. And he had the feeling Falk would not go out as easy as his predecessor.

    ?And you should start making notes. I think people might like to know one day what we did.? Carl was surprised to hear this from himself. A strange, unique sensation to surprise himself. ?They had enough lies and wrong conceptions. Maybe they deserve a truth. Any truth, don´t you think??

    Carl stood up and took the rest of the coffee.

    Tag: Mitth
  9. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter 1: An American Nightmare

    Hospital, Room

    The driver looked to the side and his stare seemed to go right through the two cops, as they spoke to him. Then he focused and nodded. ?Mr. Weber never told me where we would be going, only when we went there he gave me an address and most of the time it were never the same twice, except his lawyer, obviously. He went several times to Mr. Prest.? The driver nodded, as if to assure htem he was speaking the truth. ?So we waited there when it happened. All really fast. Bamm! Bamm! I only heard a ringing in my head and felt the pain and then when I turned his head . . . it was gone.?

    Malone raised his brows. ?What about the girl?? He brought up the CIAs theory. There was a moment, where the face of the driver told them he knew about it. ?What girl?? His mouth lied. ?The one you had in there, we know about her, so lying is no use, pal. Just tell us where she is.?

    ?She . . . I don´t know. We picked her up and were meant to bring her to Dale City. Mr. Weber had brought a small airfield there and I think he was meant to leave for Germany again, today.? The Driver shook his head. ?It was all top secret. Nobody knew. But they awaited us. The girl wasn´t even in there for ten minutes, when they hit us.?

    Malone looked at Garret and sighed. A hit, it became more and more obvious.

    ?They were gangbangers. But they had military guns. I saw their colors. Red and black, they all were wearing red and black colors. I think they were as nervous as I was when they hit us and I am rather sure . . . they took the girl.?

    Malone gave Garret another long look. Los Mags. The colors were of the most feared and newest Hispanic streetgang in town.

    Tag: HS29

    The Target Area, House


    They approached from all sides. No guards, no watchers, despite a lot good spots for snipers. Shep and Fuso were on their way to the backdoor. Fuso covered Shep as he approached the door and waited for the him to get up the stairs and next to the door. Fuso´s look was nervous and almost haunted. He was too smart to think anything else than that this was a high priority mission, which was rag-tagged together with what could be found around the area. Far away they heard tanks fire.
    ?Bravo-5, ready.? Fuso reported then. The Sarge confirmed the operation would begin now and both soldiers awaited the sound of fire to be their signal. They had the backdoor, so chances were good the girl would be somewhere near their entry point. Music came from inside, the smell of drugs and smoke came even through the door. Then an assault rifle began to shoot and another joined and the thundering sound of various weapons filled the street.

    ?Go!? Fuso said and turned, firing at the window to their left, as Shep kicked in the door. ?In!? Fuso shouted and as Shep entered, two men in red and balck colours and with automatic guns turned who were on their way to help out there friends with the attackers on the front.

    Tag: CPL

    Chapter 2: The Shadow of the Lord

    The car speeded away and the attacker lowered the gun and looked around. Sirens were everywhere already. The priest and the nun did not stop though until they arrived at Ando´s flat. The car with the shattered rear-window had seen better days and died down like an elephant fighting for breath.

    Someone had killed several people inside the hospital to make sure they did not escape with whatever cryptic message the priest had given them on the death bed.
    The world of Ando and Magdalena had forever changed.

    Tag: Spy, Myrial

    [hl=black]Chapter 4: Saints[/hl]

    The three Finnish soldiers touched their ears, as they received a message, most likely from the inside and prepared to kick in the doors. Two of them pulled their assault rifles up, a third prepared to enter. It was a matter of seconds now which Janice had left to act.

    Thomas heard them outside, as their heavy boots trampled through
  10. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    [hl=black]Margaret Elizabeth Hadley[/hl]
    Ando's flat

    The sound of gunfire did not return, to Mary?s relief.

    Probably because the man who had caused all of this was spooked from the sirens. But Mary knew that if he was brave enough to enter a hospital and kill everyone inside over a dying priest and his cryptic message, he would be smart enough to find out where Ando lived.

    Where was that exactly? She wondered.

    After he directed her to his flat, Mary pulled up and turned the vehicle off. While stepping out, she heard the eerie noises it seemed to make. She patted it twice, actually feeling sorry for it. Its rear window was a real mess. It was dying like the rest of the world.

    Mary paused. Her lips twitched for only a second. She breathed in and out, squeezing her penchant for the umpteenth time. She noticed her shaky hands only absently.

    ?What do we do?? Mary finally asked Ando. ?I mean, we can?t call the police can we? He might find out.?

    [hl=black]TAG: MoK, Fin[/hl]
  11. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Living Room

    Markus nodded at the given information, so unless he met someone gifted with the ability to drain him like an ethereal vampire, like the one that started to feast on Dr. Crusher for one episode, he was immortal. Crum.

    Right now he really disliked his Life Psych teacher, because she had made him already progress logically down this mental rabbit hole of immortality and the hole was exceedingly dark the further into the future one progressed.

    His contemplative composure crumbled then, a poor façade unable to stand up to the truth. Still Karl droned on, expounding on how he could aid him through ESTI. An organization he had left enough soft-wired backdoors and links to other agencies such as Russia that it was more of a question of which route to use then if he had access. The comment of friends snapped him out of his brief contemplation of where he could replace his lost laptop, as a Blackberry wasn?t about to cut it for a hack job.

    ?Janice I trust.? He merely muttered, unspoken was the left off name. Thomas was too much of an unknown, a shortly known entity that was the friend of a vanished woman and a child abductor with loose fingers. The last, a comment of notes startled a part of his senses.

    Whether people would actually want to read it, and would undoubtedly debate about the validity of anything he wrote would be a question. Although if he stayed public as an undying ?saint? he could easily verify his own validity. It created more questions than his sainthood.

    Still the questions were left as they were, and from past acquaintances he wondered if he had any special gifts as the saints of lore often did in life with potencies for miracles. That viably fell under the ?discover for himself? category though, snapping his fingers he focused on there being a fresh full and hot pot of coffee on the table. Who knew, perhaps it would materialize?

    ?I?ll need a new laptop, high-grade, and a stable high-speed connection. Perhaps with your phone?? he wondered as he tried focusing on causing different things and snapping randomly with closed eyes and visions of fire and ice spreading through his mind. Still coffee did persist and so he tried as he passed the time waiting for a reply. Either Karl would reply, he would succeed, or the meandering two would return.

    TAG: LordTroepfchen
  12. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    Chapter 1 ? An American Nightmare[blockquote] ?A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.? ? Proberbs 14:29 (NIV)[/blockquote]IC: Joel David Shepherd
    Target House, East End, DC[blockquote]Joel realized that he was wrong about one thing, they weren?t operating on crummy intel. The Sarge had pull out a touchpad with all kinds of intel about the house and its occupants. It included the wire framework of the whole building and infrared signatures of twenty people inside. Mind you the info was two hours old but to have that hyper accurate of information and to have spooks assign it to them, Shep knew that this mission had to be of the highest priority.

    But he started thinking about it while the Sarge laid out his game plan. Why in the world would they put a bunch of trigger happy misfits on a rescue mission? Unless, of course, they planned on us taking down every single person in the house. They broke and made their way to their assigned area of responsibility. Fuso and Shep crept around the dilapidated domicile to the stairs that led up to the backdoor. There were tons of windows, but not a soul was looking out of them.

    Sarge did say that these guys were ?gangbangers?. Shep hated stereotyping people and lumping them into groups, but so far it looks like these guys are acting the part of typical hooligans. Then his mind got the better of him. If this girl is so important, then how in the world did these street thugs get their hands on her? As they reached their position Fuso radioed into the Sarge who gave the mission a green light.

    Shep got ready to breach the door on the sound of gun fire. He didn?t have to wait long. Fuso poured fire into the window to their left as Shep kicked the door in. Both soldier crossed the threshold with their weapons at the ready. Shep had hoped that their objective would have been right where they could have snatched her and moved out without having to engage the enemy. But they were not that lucky.

    Two guys decked out in red and black gang colors and carrying assault rifles were rushing toward the front of the house. ?HALT, HALT, HALT!? Shep screamed at the top of his lungs to the two subjects. But as the two turned with their weapons pointed at the two soldiers, the experience of every single MOUT kill house training exercise came flooding back to him and squeezed the trigger as he aimed center mass on man in his sector of fire.

    Father forgive me? [/blockquote]TAG: Fins
  13. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Charles "Carl" Weber

    Now he had to laugh out. How formidable overcomplicated Markus thought.

    "We are in a family home and the electricity is still up. I guess so will the phone lines be. So you should find a home computer here, somewhere. Right?" Carl took the coffee and looked out of the window. He could hear shots. Too far away for Markus ears to perceive them, but they were there. Shots. Far away shots.

    "And we should go to work. We are running out of time. concerning Janice, I wonder if you have thought this through. Will she shoot us in our back, hell no! but what about ESTI? Won´t she report what we find? And what will they do? I don´t need more amateurs on this case than we already got. We have only one shot."

    With a nod he left Markus to his work and went to the living room, dialing a number on his satelite phone. Time to talk, he had decided.

    Time to talk.

    Tag: Mitth (through my co-GM power I say you will find an iMac in hte house with a connection)
  14. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Rufus Jameson
    Imbiss Tokyo

    Her English wasn´t bad, but her attitude somehow seemed to be a bit . . . out of place. hostile intend? Drugs? Japs were damned hard to read, he had to admit.

    "Oh no, thanks sweety. I am fine with my noodles. What does a man need else to entertain himself one night than good, hot noodles?" He laughed and took another sip from his bottle of water. His hand had changed, though to his left, as his right slipped closer to his gun without drawing too much attention.

    He looked around searching for any sign of danger, but it was onyl the sprawling city around him. Anybody and nobody seemed to be hostile. Damned, the world was crazy enough, but make everybody look the same and speak in a language you had no hope even to guess what it expressed and you knew how it felt to be truly lost.

    "Then again, where do you lovely ladies go?" Rufus smiled and looked down the woman. Tattoos, but they did not look Yakuza. Not at all, actually. another four or five youth. Guns? Maybe, but if so invisible from hte plain eye.

    He smiled at her still, as he decided something was wrong here.

    Tag: Fin, Winged?
  15. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lilith
    St. Regis

    [blockquote]Lilith watched Rufus intently, and almost immediately she could feel his suspicion crawling in. His curiosity, his fear. She stepped over to him, as he looked up at her from his suitcase. She had monologued, and hadn't even realised she had done it.

    Beckfris. Lilith looked over to Leonard, with a frown. She did not know the name directly. It stirred something within her, but Leonard was focused upon Rufus, leading the questions and stroking her Familiar in a manner that Leonard must have known as Bond-villain-esque, even here in his little hovel. She arched an enquiring eyebrow at him, but turned back Rufus when he looked at her, all but for confirmation.

    Zinsky did it? Lilith scowled. Some stupid mortal, playing with the immortal plane... Lilith felt a little bit of a scowl, of censure, coming to her face, and she dimmed it, walking over to Leonard and sitting beside him, crossing her legs. Namibia... Lilith nodded, softly. Her eyes glassed over as she recalled what little she knew about it all. She refocused upon the song, and settled within it. Leonard stiffened, disapproving, but Lilith found it to be the most honest thing about Rufus - hell, about humanity. Music.

    And then Rufus shot her in head.

    Mentally, she screamed with all of her inarticulate soul. The pain was excruciating, especially as Lilith had gone out of her way to avoid being shot in all her years. A headshot... that was terrifically painful. The bullet pierced the organs within her skull, sending skull-fragments bursting throughout the brain and spinal chord, her ear-drum splitting and sending pain up and down and around her expanding forehead.

    None of it compared, at all, to the sense of betrayal she had felt. To think, at the end of time, she was poised to commit, to care, to reveal all her heart and soul, and he had just shot it out of her. Of all the sins in the world, treachery was the one reserved for all hell-kind. Her skull reformed, and she sobbed silently, collecting her battered and shredded dignity and reserve, assembling the walls of her fortress one last time.

    The last time.

    Leonard chortled in her ear, and the sound reverberated around her skull. She shot him a dirty glare, leaning forward in the chair with her hands poised on the arms of it, blood and debris splattered across her clothes, her hair frizzed and dropped down over her face. Leonard waved aside guards while she set herself right, clicking her neck a few times to get used to the new growth. Emitting a low growl from her throat, Lilith took a haggard breath, and then sat up, accepting a wine from a server who had appeared, and sipping it while she skimmed the file.

    "It is just as well, as you say, dear Leonard."

    That was a lie. It was nothing but well. It was terrible. But Lilith simply did not care.

    "Let's go, Leonard. We don't want to be late."

    No, she didn't. Lilith vowed that she would not be late.

    She calculated, and reposed, with herself, berating herself for her stupidity. Obviously Rufus would react this way. She should have told him on her own, alone, in each others arms. He would have responded better, more slowly, with more time to think. She knew what he would do, though - he would hunt down the barves who had ruined the world. He would leave the bits he did not care for to them, and probably blunder into her path later on.

    And then... then what?

    Lilith was torn between the desire to miss him, even now, in the throes and echoes of pain, and rip him to shreds for the indignity. She wouldn't have stopped him, if he had left. He was not her agent. Or... was he? Lilith shook her head, and stood. She did not have time for this. Lilith had a date with destiny.

    And Rufus had a date with her.[/blockquote]

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  16. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Living Room

    The laugh caught him a bit off guard, of all that had been shared he not expected a laugh. The comments about power and a computer resounded in his head, not so much that the facts had escaped him, well they had on a level, but a ship builder doesn?t look for a boat a in a basement. So neither did he think of this abandoned home having a computer.

    Nodding with a bit of a wince he imagined what kind of computer he would find, then what the language option would be set to. . .German. Maybe in a few millennia he would be accustomed to the veritable sea of human languages, but for now he was better suited for a pre-Babble existence when there was only one human tongue.

    Janice. Reconsider. Fighting the impulse to roll his eyes was probably futile with someone that?s better than Counselor Troi at sifting a mind. Habits die hard though and rarely in an hour. As well as the sarcastic snerk in his mind that he had already reconsidered about Janice over a dozen times in the past day. . . or was it two now? Already letting time slip away from him was probably not the best option.

    Getting up himself he headed the opposite direction Karl went and indeed with little searching found the den, or study. Whatever the people in this country called it, it had a bit of space and a desk and a computer monitor clearly visible. Walking over he pulled out the chair and sat down, the thing was still on with a Tetris screen saver. Finding the wireless mouse and keyboard he groaned as he looked at the Apple on the front.

    iMac, of all the things this family had to own it had to be an iMac? Sure the system was new, the whole thing like an Ipad and laptop had a baby before adding accessories. Why they couldn?t use custom programming via Linux he would never understand from the common consumer unless they were under ten years of age. Pulling out his ring of usb?s he carefully pulled out the green, black, white, and indigo. The fact he detested the last color was why it was what it was. Plugging all four into the usb slots next to the firewire on the back the system appeared to freeze before a Linux window opened in the corner with his custom presets and a skull and crossbones overlay hid the rest of the monstrosity from view.

    Ah, it was good to have the custom system operating again. Tapping out a quick request a song started playing from his playlist as a window was opened to surf the web. A few routers and trail laying and he would have access, by now with the added havoc he figured he had a high chance of finding the information that Karl wanted without leaving a traceable data trail.

    Finding the iMacs volume system he cranked it as the song played, and he added Janice, himself, and Karl & Carl Weber to his search parameters. Might as well see what he could get, stash and eventually read while he was at it. [link=]The fact that his brother had sent him a this as well as other tunes prior to their loss of contact brought a small smile to his face as he worked.[/link]

    TAG: LordTroepfchen, Fin
  17. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Somewhere near Hagenbeck´s Tierpark

    She cursed and weighed her options. She needed seconds, when she should have made it in splitseconds. Again she cursed herself for not receiving more field-training. But she knew her gun was ineffective and no match for the assault rifles of these soldiers from finland. Yet, thomas was dead if she did not do something. She had to get closer. One clip meant she had to get them all at once and get much, much closer, before the civilian got killed for whatever reason these guys were having a hunting expedition in Hamburg. Recalling the two dozen international laws Finald was breaking and wondering if they were actually at war with them . . . or was germany at war with them? The EU? Finland was part of . . . was this an EU sanctioned mission? search and destroy the remaining people here? Or was she the target? ESTI? Had the EU turned on them for whatever reason? Stürmer had crossed lines. a lot of lines. But this was not justified by any means.

    She ducked and leaped behind the next car. The door would be their entry point and then most likely came a corridor. She would take wait until they were there and then try to pull her 30 bullets in all three of them, before they could spread.

    Keeping her breath in, she slipped to the next car and then watched them prepare to enter. It were quite a few meters until they reached the house. Quite a few . . .

    Tag: Fin, LordT

    ooc: I just realized the house Carl and Markus are in is the house if Fins unkle and the one we´re in is the one of a good friend of us. :p Awesome to know how places look like!
  18. MyrialofKanz

    MyrialofKanz Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2011
    Ando Davorin
    His appartment

    He looked back and they weren´t followed. Activating the navigation he sighed. "It will lead you to my flat." He said and turned to all sides once more. "There we should be save. Your mission will be easy to find, but I live at a friends flat, while he works in Spain, so they have few chances to find us there tonight." Ando smiled at her, but it was a forced smile. He now took the piece of paper she had protected. "It is not latin or any language I have ever seen." He sighed and looked at it again. "And you are sure he said Umbra Domini?" Ando asked once more and gave the young nun a look. He knew where Murat kept his gun. He knew where Murat kept a bit money. It wouldn´t even be theft. Murat would be the first to ask him to take it and run. But could he? Run? He was a priest. He did not run from evil, did he?

    "We need to dress civil and find out what is going on. I´d say we look what the police does with the hospital. We don´t need to call them, they will already be on it. If we can trust them, we should go to custody. If not, we need to turn to the holy father." Ando sighed. "God, this really isn´t my day."

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  19. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    Rudyard Vane-Tempest
    Crashing a date, Tokyo

    There he was. Surely not?

    Rudyard checked the photos that had been given to him by Moore. He looked up again at the rugged man in conversation with a tattooed Japanese girl.

    There he was.

    Rudyard took a breath, and crossed himself in the inverted fashion his father had taught him. Chest, head, right shoulder, left shoulder. Then he climbed off the motorbike, parking it against a railing, and strode purposefully toward his target. He approached with his palms facing upward, holding nothing but three photographs.

    "Mr Jameson?" he said, interrupting the man's conversation. "I'm here to collect you."

    To prove quickly that he meant business, he took the annotated photos and thrust them into Rufus's palm, turning his body so that the Japanese girl was shielded from view.

    NY 5 weeks ago

    Kathmandu 2 weeks ago

    What is he looking for?

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  20. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007

    She decided to stay. She had to, or Rudyard would be alone and he was alone enough already. And time, she could not loose time and when she had considered and reconsidered all of this, it was already too late. Lockdown needed 2:30, she had 3 Minutes when the alarm went off. It was too late for lock down and in five seconds it was too late to reach the sewer entrance. Hell, she did not feel like going there, anyway. So who came here? Another Monster? A Black Ops team by the US gov? Japanese SWATs? A friend with Pizza? Her Ex? Grabbing under the desk, she still had her Ex on her mind, when she pushed forth Berta. She had given her shotgun a name, so it did not feel that much like a weapon anymore. sawed off and compact, a friend had given it to her, because she had no idea about shooting. With Berta, it was hard to miss. Kyuen had assured her of that. Pointing it at the door, she stayed sitting in her chair. too late she realized, that wasn´t clever. Someone was already at the door. She kept her breath and aimed.


    "Who is there? I have a gun?"

    Tag: Fin


    There were no words for it, because he had never given it a name. This tingling down his spine, as if an organ deep inside of him had perceived a vibration only he could perceive. A forth sense, only he posseesed. And it whispered to him, he was not alone. There was someone here not unlike him. Someone not so different and yet divided by nature. Natural prey for a superior predator.

    The brit had almost lost him, but Adam had been quick and had climbed to the roof. There he could use all of his abilities to follow the bait to the prey. And he did not call for unwanted attention. He had followed him until he was near the airport, jumping from roof to roof, climbing, hangling in lightning speed. It felt good. It felt like him. his forth sense had tingled already. Jameson was marked. He would find him, sooner or later. But then this other tingling came and he could not concentrate anymore. He turned his head, hissed and the Brit was already gone. He did not care. He´d pick up his track later. Or on his way to his prey he would give Beckfris a tip where to find Jameson. Now he needed another look. Something younger than this diplomat. Looking around on the roof he grinned, as he heard the voice of two lovers groaning. He could hear their heartbeats. Taking the corner, the two had their secret hideout up here, with an emergency bed in the corner of the roof. They were teribly in love, he could see it. He pondered for a second who he would take as his new self and quickly decided, he wanted something sexually fitting, when he met his mother.

    The man would be his victim and the woman was . . . unnecessary. The word was accompanied with the loud crack, as her neck broke.

    [b]Tag: Nobody yet[/b]

  21. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    [hl=black]Margaret Elizabeth Hadley[/hl]

    Mary nodded as she followed the navigator?s instructions. She felt like she was on the verge of a meltdown, but things were getting better. She wasn?t as nervous. She wasn?t as scared. But she was close enough. She watched him look over her paper, and even took a turn of staring at it again. What did it mean?

    "And you are sure he said Umbra Domini?"

    ?I have never been more sure about anything else in my life.? Mary replied. She was sure he had spoken those words. She knew of it. She gnawed on her lip nervously.

    She nodded at Ando?s suggestions.

    ?Civil. I?m guessing you have something like that at your friend?s flat? Should we stop somewhere and grab something for me? I don?t think I have much of anything at my flat. . .and I really don?t want to go there now.? She realized she had been clutching the wheel so tight her hands had gone ghost white and released her steel grip.

    ?I really shouldn't be driving.? She felt a twinge of nausea. ?Never have been that good at it.?

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  22. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    [hl=black]Chapter 3: Nietzsche was right[/hl]

    Streetfood . . .

    ?I think he already got a date with us!? The voice from behind had a thick accent, but was reinforced by the cold metal, that pressed against the back of his head. It was one of the girls company. And the young man laughed out loud, as the click prepared the gun for it´s deadly deed.
    The girl that had chatted up Rufus laughed out loud and Rufus saw them all very amused, as they showed their guns. One had a scorpion with him, the others handguns. Even the girl got out her revolver.
    ?So, you wanna join us, Mr. Jameson??? She asked and circled around Rudyard. ?You Americans look soooo sweet with holes in your head, don´t you think??

    Tag: Draco, Winged

    Liar of a Ghost . . .

    But nobody answered. No steps, no knock. Whoever was on the other side of the door, he did not make a sound . . .

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  23. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Thomas Schröder
    Near Hagenbeck

    Shots and then a cascade of returning fire. He turned and realized that the stupid ESTI had played hero. Now the Fins returned fire with all they had. Which was considerably more than this woman. It was a good chance to take the backdoor an run. What did he care for her? Losing her would make Markus only weaker. Well . . .
    Thomas realized he wouldn´t. He liked her, which hadn´t kept him from killing woman before. But hell he liked her and he did not leave behind woman he liked. He did not allow others to kill them. Maybe he would torture her to death, yes. But these Fins had no right to harm her. He took out the gun again and slowly made his way into the corridor leading to the main door. The door was burst open and a single Fin cowered in the entrance and fired around the corner to the outside. He had taken cover inside, while the other two were still outside Thomas assumed. He watched him , standing there motionless, as the man had his back turned on his. Another magazine went flying into the air. Thomas sighed. Outside Janice was trying to save her life, probably, as these three picked apart any cover she could find. The man took the assault rifle to his knees. It looked like a Kalashnikov. Maybe they were Russians after all? What did it matter?
    The magazine went out and one from his belt was pulled out. Outside fire resumed and Thomas slowly raised his gun until it was pointed at the man?s head and pulled the trigger. He could not miss at this distance and he didn´t. The mans face vanished in a mud of blood. Thomas was surprised how little this did to him. He stepped over the body and checked it as outside the men stopped firing. Reload, he guessed. Pointing his pistol at the door just in case he looked down at his latest victim again. He found what he had been looking for immediately.


    Three of the grenades. The firing outside began again and he lowered his gun. Taking the three grenades he stepped to the window and saw the Fins sitting behind the families? car, a Ford Taunus, and fire from their guns at a bulk of cars ahead. One of them seemed to be slightly wounded. Maybe Janice had got him. The arm, as far as Thomas could see.

    ?Well, let´s play it like Rambo.? He sighed and then he opened the window. Two of the grenades went into his hands and his teeth closed around the metal rings. He pulled them out and threw both grenades right behind the two men. In movies they always saw it and tried to escape. Reality was a bit more grim. A grenade is not loud when it drops and they were in a firefight.
    Thomas ducked and pulled his hands on his ears. Then the thundering bang and the trembling of the detonation that went through the house told him they had not been . . . smoke grenades. He had feared they could be for a second. He turned up and the window was shattered. Careful he leaped out and through the smoke he saw the two men were actually barely recognizable as humans anymore. He lowered his gun once more. ?They are dead!? He shouted and then he remembered number four. The sniper from above. Looking at the third grenade in his hand he smiled.
    ?These things make life almost too easy.? He sighed and pushed himself against the wall, so he could not be seen from the inside, while Janice would hopefully make it there soon. If she had not been dead by the cascade of shots fired at her for minutes. He hoped not.
    Thomas realized he wanted to be the one who killed her.

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  24. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]Chapter 4: Saints[/hl]

    The House

    It was easy to find something about Sebastian Falk. ESTI had flagged him, when they had arrested his daughter. Laura Falk, name changed in 2001 to Laura Blohm. They had looked into her father and soon they had come up with things too interesting to keep it from Stürmer. So they had collected a rough timeline. Sebastian Falk had been a college Professor. Linguistics at the prestigious Humboldt University Berlin. Father of one daughter, receiver of several prices and head of the academic review committee, he had a bright career. This career ended when in 1993 - for no apparent reason - he packed his things and left Germany. What had happened before he been obviously a pain to reconstruct for ESTI. But his wife had killed herself, the police had arrested him and his daughter had been brought to her uncle. The police report had been about the last thing ESTI had received before the breakdown. Sebastian Falk had been accused of child abuse. His lawyer made sure he was released and when he went to Egypt for a lecture the next day, he never came back. Where did he go? He had worked in Afrika and Israel several times, had ties to the Iraq where he had translated Mesopotamian texts and he had family in the US. His brother had lived there. But the accusations of him were dropped, when his daughter was institutionalized. So Germany did not go looking for him. The academic world missed him for a while, but never heard of him again.

    His daughter began to study in Hamburg and after release from the institution returned there and to other organizations to help psychological trauma patients several times. She never got a criminal record. But that was it. Addresses and former contacts. It was all there, obviously. But nothing more. On Janice the computer came up clean meanwhile. ESTI agents usually got ?cleansed?. But Weber . . . was a problem. A billionaire who had made some of the most daring yet profitable investments in human history into ecological energy? German or American, nobody knew exactly? Sponsor. Advisor. White Knight for a dozen firms who had become . . . weakened in the process of the crisis. There were tenth of thousands of articles, reports, books, biographies about him. In the 1st weeks. Millions of them over time. Weber had an intact public persona. A perfect façade. And if anything was under it, he had hidden it with pile of false information.

    And as if searching Weber had caused it, the web went out the second he had finished googling his name.

    ?His projects at the university, did ESTI check them?? Weber asked, suddenly ?appearing? behind Markus as he had beamed himself there.

    Tag: Mitth (LordT gave minor input)

    Chapter 1: An American Nightmare

    The other House

    Two targets were always tricky, because if they did not move in sync, they usually had the instinct to move away from each other. Fuso hit the trigger the second Shep did and they bust fired bursts into the corridor. The first of both men collapsed immediately, as Sheps bullets probably ripped his internal organs apart. The second though made it behind the wall to the left, firing his gun to force the soldiers into cover. Something Fuso seemed to ignore, as he fired another two bursts into the wall. From the front the thunder of gunfire filled the house. Death spread, you could almost feel it. And as if death had touched Fuso when passing, the partner of Shep collapsed to his knees next to him. The bullet had hit through his vest as if it was nothing and had made it´s way into Fuso´s body.
    ?I . . . need a minute.? Fuso said, holding his side and leaning against the wall.
    They were lucky. No more men came to their part of the house, as everybody was fighting at the front. Everybody except those above, as their steps on the stairs could be clearly heard.

    Tag: CPL

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  25. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Den/Computer Room

    Well that was interesting, the ramblings of Laura with blood-loss had been true, even if she was reacting merely to a voice. It was her father, biological one, that she had spoken about. Which left a question, if she had not wanted it and he had brought her anyway, would she have rather experienced death? Why?

    Perhaps the dropped investigation held more truth then the courts had realized, and perhaps if they had not stopped their investigation none of this would be happening now. Still it had happened, and because of him he was ?immortal? now. Not only that but also was given some gift, something his new guide would not reveal to him.

    If powers followed a path then his was knowledge he suspected, it was his stock and trade all his career, both then and now. It was no good to have a scalpel in the hands of the most steady and unflappable individual unless they knew without seeing what was near the blade. So too a programmer is no good unless he knows what each key stroke means. Still that left so much out, and if Karl was right about time travel, well as the whole of Star Trek had shown that was a temporal causality loop that did not make for good outcomes unless you have a good producer/writer to find the loop-hole for you.

    The others were a bit of a reminder to the misnomer on ?Intelligence? in that game of knowledge and counter-knowledge. Thus, there was Karl. His final search and greatest cause of bandwidth issues. Then it was gone, the internet that is. The screen?s multitude of Google hits was astounding enough, a sure sign of a well laid and played fog of disinformation used to create a smoke-screen to validate an existence that money made an excepted reality. One of the benefits of living since the beginning had to be the fact that you remembered where all the valuables were hidden.

    Then he was there, Weber that is, standing just behind him. If all immortals came with a special power this guy must of gotten a double-dose, because he was fairly certain Weber hadn?t snuck in without his noticing?Although he had been engrossed in the computer files.

    Still, yes betazoid, clear mind, clear conscious, and no irritable bowel. Too far, too far, abort and answer. ?ESTI didn?t check or verify many facts beyond placing convenient question marks. Here take a look, just don?t touch anything. Mac?s may not be as temperamental as Windows but I would rather not have a catastrophic system failure due to a key-stroke or mouse double click on the wrong section.? Tapping a few keys to bring up the windows on Falk and his daughter he rolled his chair back to give Weber a good vantage point to read the screen.

    [link=]Meanwhile the player moved on to the next song in the que. [/link]

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