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Thriller The Sins of the Saints

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Ben_Stormrider

    Ben_Stormrider Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 15, 2006
    IC: Hikaru Hoshi
    Tarpenbekstr. 55, Hamburg

    Hoshi couldn't stand it anymore. He needed to know what was going on at least.
    So Thomas killed seven people today. Hikaru didn't know what happened to Thomas today, but the whole city was crazy and in a fight for survival, killing was just necesary. His own defeat made clear that today meant killing or being killed.

    "Thoma-san, we all had a crazy day. Don't worry about killing for self defense. If I just did it your way, I wouldn't be chained and wounded. But Robeto-san seems to have the same target as you do. He even want's me to help you, so why kill or hurt your allies? Now it sure is the best we all calm down and concentrate on the most essential."

    He pulled on the handcuffs to give Robert a little shake.

    "Robeto-san, it's time to tell us everything. What happened to you in Kiel? Why you return today? And what do you know about what's happening to the people of Hamburg? I want to know, Robeto-san." Another pull on the chain. "I mean it!"

    Tag: LordT, Fins
  2. starwarsbeauty

    starwarsbeauty Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 1, 2005
    OOC: Per Fin: There was a bit of a mix up and Jackson did not knock Vashti out. So, we are going to overlook that part.

    IC: Vashti Schick
    Corben's Inn, Nevada

    Slowly, the door creaked open, and slowly she entered the diner. Jackson could be anywhere, waiting for the perfect opportunity to shoot her.

    "Wasn´t I right?" The voice was directly in her ear, although Vashti knew if she turned nobody would be there. She could feel the breath of the man. But he was not breatinhg he was dead and in the kitchen. He talked to her anyway. "I told you too shoot him. Henley died because you choose to shot me. You choose to shot me and not him. you see that, now? You see that?" He laughed a bit. "Now you will see what he is able to do. You will see."

    The voice was right. It was her fault Henley died. Had she killed Jackson, Henley would still be alive. But she couldn't think like that. No, the Man would have had her kill someone else or he would have killed again. Either way, someone would have died. Maybe this way she had prevented more lives from being taken.

    "Don´t move. Or I´ll kill you."

    Jackson. Her breath hitched. In those few seconds, he had been forgotten but now, there was no way of forgetting him. He seemed to surround her but the voice came from directly ahead. There was a menacing feel in the air as if something unnatural had happened.

    "I don´t want anymore blood to be spilled, but I will. And the lord won´t make me fail, for I do his bidding. You must know that. Deep inside you must feel you serve the devil, my child."

    Gasping, she took in his words. She served the devil. No, she was saved, protected by her religion and faith. Wasn't she? Was he right? Was she the one serving the devil? Doing the wrong thing? No, she had killed the Man and spared Jackson's life. But what if she had been supposed to kill Jackson. Prevent Jackson from killing Henley. Had she done the wrong thing?

    Doubt and confusion swarmed through the girl's mind. One voice said one thing. The other voice said the opposite. Or did they? The Man's told her that John's death was her fault. Jackson's told her that she served the devil. She had killed a man which resulted in another man's death. That was a sin. It was her fault. She knew that now. She helped all these events play out. She had been a pawn in a game that she hadn't known was being played, until now.

    The sound of a door opening. Who could it be? Sharon.

    Had Sharon been using Vashti the same way that The Man and Jackson had? Yes. Sharon was the reason that Jackson was here, therefore, Sharon had started the game and one of them had to finish it.

    Now it was just a matter of who would shoot first. Resolve replaced doubt in Vashti's mind. She would not go down as a poor helpless girl, she would try to win this game. She would let Jackson and Sharon try to kill each other and then she would proceed from there. Either she would kill Jackson after he shot Sharon or she would find out what Sharon was hiding.

    "You are right. I cannot win." Her gun, still in her hand, now rested at her side. For now, the best option was to wait. Wait for Sharon's arrival and another death.

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  3. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Alex McRea

    When John didn't respond I was both, unsurprised but at the same time infuriated. He'd clearly moved himself here, and while he was prone to bouts of movement going upstairs, moving a chair, and facing a door was not something he'd done in the past. Not that I recalled. But my thoughts on the matter were quickly ushered aside when my little house guest decided to not head my words and instead wandered.

    Whatever she had found had made her quite jumpy and 'vocal' in a way. She was pointing and waving franticly at a timepiece hanging on the wall. "What is it?" I inquired as I moved over to where she stood, and examined the object of her discomfort. "Its not after your curfew is it?"

    Tag: Fins

    Not really sure if by Watch you meant Clock so I took a middle road and just called it a timepiece.
  4. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: So, we´re lcose to the end in many storylines . . . and I wanna announce here, what I said over in Silent cities. In about 8 weeks I´ll leave. Travel, look for a new place to spend my life . . . pretty much leave my former life behind me and that means . . . leave TFN (and all other games and sites in the net) behind. So, this is my endgame, which I plan to play out in this great and amazing game, which I always admired. Just to let all of you know. the game will be brought to a proper end.

    So, updates . . . these are more or less all combined between me, Fin and Anvil.

    Chapter VI: Darwin was wrong

    Zinsky sighed, or was it pain? The man in the shadows moved and seemed to have a frightening skill in avoid being seen. "It doesn´t matter if you care, Sir. It doesn´t matter how great or powerful you feel. You´re nothing but a piece of dust in a universe in which this takes place. One lifeform. somewhere. With dreams, hopes, aims, ambitions. it doesn´t matter to him. It never did. Not before. Not after he changed."

    Unseen by both a third figure slowly entered the room behind them.

    Zinsky did not notice it and as it made no sound Beckfris probably wouldn´t either. "Even if . . . even if you changed anything, it would not stop. He would not. he cannot. You know, you do not know him. You have no idea how deeply . . . DISTURBED he is." Zinsky was now moving his hands. Pale hands, he waved around in the air. "I am afraid you can care or not care as much as you want. I cannot help you. He is a God. Nothing can stop him, as long as he does not want to be stopped. Nothing."

    A cough from behind them made both men aware of the third persons presence. Zinsky looked up, the move of his head could be heard in the dark. "Run, that is the vman who killed me. Run!" He yelled and stumbled back into the dark. But the man who stepped forth looked all too familiar. He was wearing the face of Jacob Zinsky. And the smiled of another man Beckfris had recently met. Adams cruel amusement was all too visible beneath the masquerade. "He has nothing to fear of me." He said to Zinsky. and turned to Beckfris.

    Tag: The_Dark_Overlord


    Bjorndahl entered the room, looking around. His pistol pointed into every corner of the room. Only when he found it empty he was satisfied and proceeded to the smashed body in it´s midst. A quick look over the belongings of the dead and he hissed out in frustration. Quickly he took his empty MP-5 from his back and pulled a switch. A small telephone jumped out of the butt of his weapon and he allowed the gun to drop to the ground. Opening it and putting the earpiece into his ear he activated it. "Bjorndahl here. I need to talk to him." He said and looked around again. His pistol pointed loosely towards the door. "Beckfris is somewhere within the area. There are hostiles here. I assume he is dead by now. No. No. I found zinsky. But the computer. It is not here." turning towards the door again he suddenly stopped. "maybe it is here after all." he said then. "I´ll be back in contact." And he killed the line. Pointing his gun towards the door opposite of zinsky´s room.

    Tag: Sir_Draco

    Chapter VIII: The Passenger


    Karl followed Sumiko down the dunes and laughed. "there is no coincidence. he never booked a flight, he never boarded the plabne. eh was there, next to you . . . and he was there for a REASON, Sumiko. For a reason. And I got ENOUGH of Antons reasons. ENOUGH!" And with that he grabbed her throat and pressed hard, leaving her no room to breath. His eyes seemed to shiver in the sun. "Be thankful. I won´t take your sanity. Only your life." Karl hissed and drew her closer to himself.

    Tag: Leigh, Fin

    Chapter IX: We are Caleb

    Floor, Hospital

    Carl watched the other doctor run away. Then turned to Dr. Camden Fosset. He cowered himself before him. Sighing, as the blood of the man covered the ground. "I am sorry, Camden. Truly sorry. It shouldn´t have ha
  5. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter VIII: The Passenger

    Desert, Somewhere

    "DAMMIT ANDY!" Vincent yelled at her. "There will be no coffee! Do you think this is an ordinary crash? Do you think we will be saved? I just try to keep you alive! No dates. No fun. no fathers. I try to survive! SURVIVAL!" Then he calmed and dropped his head. Looking at the old man, who had now freezed, as it seemed. "What si wrong, old man? What is wrong?" He asked. And the old man suddenly looked at him, then at Andy. Andy´s shoulder was bruning now. "What is his name anyway?" Vincent asked and threw the rifle to the elder man. "can you use it? can you walk?" he asked him. he seemed helpless now. Defenseless. He checked his weapon and sighed. the sun was setting.

    Then the old man spoke. slowly crawling towards the gun and checking it. "My name. Why do you all ask for my name. My name is . . . " He smiled, readied the gun and looked up. "Caleb. Obviously."

    Tag: spy

    Chapter IX: Prometheus played with fire . . .

    (ooc: yeah i meant the clock. Sorry. Thought it was watch in english)

    Alex House, Living room

    She waved her hands, angry. Anxious. Then she walked to the clock and pointed on the date given there. june. 14th. Yeah. but she pointed on the year. 2012. Raising her brows, she looked at Alex. as if she wanted to know if this was correct.

    The Sherrif freezed, as the voice on the other side slowly explained the situation. "So, I guess, Mr. handerson. I guess, you know who was there. At the old factory. Your deputy knew, but we killed him. my regrets. and now we will kill your wife. Yoru daughter. your son. If you do not give us a name. We will even kill you. We will kill, until you give us the man or woman. Because . . . we need to. I regret it. It´s just, you leave me no choice . . . no choice at all . . . " the sherrif trembled. He knew who had been there, obviously. Alex had lied to him, what else could it be? What else? "I don´t know." he said and heard a loud shot at the other side of the line. "Your son." The voice cooly remarked. "DAMMIT YOU BASTARDS I`LL KILL YOU I . . . . " "A name, Handerson. A name." The voice with the German accent replied. "Please, please, don´t . . . " "Your daughter is next." And handerson began to talk. Began to tell them everything.


    In the living room tears ran from the girls eyes. And she turned. Desperatly. Turned around and back again. Obviously she was panicking. then she looked at Alex. Looking for help. And she fell on her knees and began to cry. A silent crying, as she had no mouth to give any sound of her.

    A little further back alex brother slowly turned his head. His staring eyes falling on the scene.

    [b]Tag: Kahn[/b]

    [b]Chapter VII: Family. And other problems

    [i]Santornkai, Hamburg[/i]

    "You expect me to take your word as you take my only living link to my daughter that you are not lying to me. For all I know in this unfamiliar country this is an address for a Pizza Hutt and I'll loose not only my daughter but the only resource I have to finding her. If your. . .employer is her father, surely he can understand my misgivings. One father to another." The man, still holding Laura turned. "My employee? What do you think my employee is, Sir? who can call you on a dozen phones, who can make all people around here vanish so you could come here without being torn to pieces by an angry mob? who do you think is working through me? through you? do you think it is someone who employs people?" The man fuly turned, still holding Laura as if she had no weight. "Do what you must. come with me. stay with Laura. It will all be futile. You are running out of time. Your daughter is not dying somewhere in the future. She is dying soon. Very soon. And the longer we talk, the lesser is your chance of saving her. But obviously . . . it is your choice." He said and stared at Markus. "That is the problem with us people. we do not listen to him anymore. Would we have listened, nothing of this would have happen>
  6. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Thomas Schröder
    Tarpenbekstr. 55, Eppendorf, Hamburg

    "I have no clue what is going on with the rest of you, Hoshi-san." He laughed and slowly walked to the little girl. 2And yes, i will hurt them, Alicia. You do not want to see that, do you? You do not want to . . . watch, right?" thomas grabbed her before she could run and pulled her over to his room, throwing her in. "To you, later." he hissed and locked the door. "where were we?" he then asked and went over to Hoshi. "Oh yeah. Kill Laura. I got no greater plan behind it. I just get . . . " he smiled at Robert. Raised his gun and shot his long time rival into the head. Watching the brain of the man slide down the wall he finsihed his sentence. " . . . turned on by the thought." he said and turned to Hoshi. Grinning. 2C´mon. You should understand. sure you got your own fantasies about her. Mine are just a little bit more . . . elabnorate." he looked at hoshi. 2And I killed nobody in self defense. I killed a journalist today. With her Ldayshaver. A woman who looked like Laura, with . . . well, I used lots of stuff. Cops. I´ll probably kill you. even if only be letting you rot next to Robert." He laughed. "but surely I will kill Laura. I just have to. It is . . . a passion of mine. And what is left to a man if not his passions?" He laughed out. Then turned towards his room.

    "But maybe Laura is not next. Maybe it´s not even you." He said. if he did something to Alicia. something terrible. If Laura did not coem to him, he would make her come after him. Yes. That might actually work. "So, what do you wanna do with this wonderful day, hm? Looks like it´s the end of the world . . . as we know it."

    Thomas grinned. he grinned a lot lately. Murderin´ people had made him such a happy, happy man.

    Tag: Ben_Stormrider, Fin

  7. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura

    Karl?s menacing laugh taunted Sumiko as he followed her down the sand dune

    "there is no coincidence. he never booked a flight, he never boarded the plane. eh was there, next to you . . . and he was there for a REASON, Sumiko. For a reason. And I got ENOUGH of Anton?s reasons. ENOUGH!"

    Sumiko squealed as Karl's arm lunged towards her, his hand grabbing tightly around her neck, pressing his fingers down hard on her throat. Sumiko grimaced in his vice like grip, her airway constricted, her breathing starting to become laboured and strained gasps and grunts could be heard as she struggled to breathe. Bringing her hands up towards Karl?s own she tried to pry them away from her neck, but with each passing second she was getting weaker which in turn made his hold on her feel all the more stronger.

    Her lungs burned and screamed for air and spots started dancing in front of her eyes as her body started to react to her decreasing intake of Oxygen. She could feel her heart struggling and her lungs protesting as her vision began to blur.

    "Be thankful. I won?t take your sanity. Only your life."

    Karl hissed as her pulled her closer to him, causing Sumiko to let out a weak wheezing cry. His manic eyes seemed to shiver in the sun as he slowly squeezed the life out of her. Sumiko felt unconsciousness creeping over her rapidly and her body started to feel numb as her grip on Karl?s fingers became slacker. In her clouded mind the words and voices from another time, returning, taunting her, goading her your back...Your pathetic Nakamura...look at you no wonder your always getting pushed around...ha-ha look she?s scared! Go on cry coward, long as you are in this school I'm going to make your life a living hell....Why don't you fight back huh?...

    ...Sumiko, I don't know why you put up with those need to grow a backbone and start standing up for yourself...if you just give up it's never going to stop!...

    ...Ha-ha!... look at her! Why don't you fight back huh?... fight back...

    "...FIGHT BACK!"...

    Sumiko forced her eyes open as the last of her strength started to wane, bringing her hands up to Karl?s face she dug her nails into his face and clawed at it, also bringing her knee up to knee him in the groin area, praying to god it would be enough for him to at least loosen his grip

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  8. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea ?Andy? Rebecca Baker
    Nevada - Desert

    Andrea turned her gaze on Vincent as his features turned from a dull, furious look of blood craving to anger. His eyes flickered, and Andy noticed something had changed inside the man she had sat by on the plane. A lust for something to use all of his anger out. With the stewardess, the murder had been for her safety, but also for the other peoples safety. The other faces on the plane. Andy remembered one face on the plane who hadn?t made it. The memories mixed together in her mind, seemed so long ago, but this one was a pleasant one, a vibrant one.

    ?Flight 2440, is it?? the young man asked Andy, and she whirled around in the busy airport. She had been stumbling along, her suitcases rattling. Turning, she stopped, facing the man. His hair was windblown, his hand clutching on something out of sight. Then a little boy came into sight, a little red headed boy with freckles plastered over his cheeks, bright green eyes examining Andy. He wasn?t little, maybe thirteen or fourteen, and Andy knew his thoughts. And the man wasn?t that young, as she gave him another look over. Maybe in his late thirties. ?Seems like it. Are you flying on it?? she asked him, not bothering to give him her winking eyes. ?Me and my son. I hope to see you onboard,? he told her, noticing that she was in a hurry.

    Andy had seen the man shouting in the crowds as she had sank from the gunshot, his worried face. But he was dead. Along with his son. Vincent had then shot Caleb. The only other man running around in this desert she had seen. Sumiko and Karl should have arrived at the diner now, if memory and distance were right to her. Andy prayed so. Then Vincent opened his mouth, and an overpowering roar of anger and frustration coming out.

    "DAMMIT ANDY! There will be no coffee! Do you think this is an ordinary crash? Do you think we will be saved? I just try to keep you alive! No dates. No fun. no fathers. I try to survive! SURVIVAL!"

    Andy stared at him, stunned. Her mind couldn?t wrap around not getting out of this desert. It had been the thing she had been fighting for. Wincing suddenly, her whole shoulder numbed, then came back with a vengeance, burning. Opening and closing her mouth, she clomped down at her already bleeding tongue, withholding any screams.

    "What si wrong, old man? What is wrong? What is his name anyway? can you use it? can you walk?"

    Andy glanced at Vincent, who was staring at the frozen old man. He tossed the rifle, which she had picked up, to the old man. He looked sad, weak, and Andy felt something like a falseness coming to the surface as he looked to setting sun. The old man clicked the gun again, speaking while he worked.

    "My name. Why do you all ask for my name. My name is . . . Caleb. Obviously."

    The shock didn?t set in until the man looked up. Then Andrea wailed, throwing herself down the dune. She tumbled down, flipping and rolling. Her shoulder cracked, and her wail turned into a shriek that echoed in the desert. Screaming over and over again, she closed her eyes.

    ?SHOOT HIM VINCENT! SHOOT HIM!? She winced her eyes shut again, the opened them, ?HOLY CRAP, SHOOT HIM!?

    TAG: Fins
  9. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Santornkai, Hamburg

    --The man, still holding Laura turned. "My employee? What do you think my employee is, Sir? who can call you on a dozen phones, who can make all people around here vanish so you could come here without being torn to pieces by an angry mob? who do you think is working through me? through you? do you think it is someone who employs people?"

    He could almost literally feel his resolve crumbling. Not from fear, not of any common thing, but of the implications in those words. . .words speaking of something which he himself took on faith.

    --The man fuly turned, still holding Laura as if she had no weight. "Do what you must. come with me. stay with Laura. It will all be futile. You are running out of time. Your daughter is not dying somewhere in the future. She is dying soon. Very soon. And the longer we talk, the lesser is your chance of saving her. But obviously . . . it is your choice." He said and stared at Markus. "That is the problem with us people. we do not listen to him anymore. Would we have listened, nothing of this would have happened, probably. Nothing of this . . . "

    The man spoke words of comfort to Laura, whose words yet scrambled echoed if not in his ears then in his heart. A heart that whispered to a starving mind trembling in possibilities, whispered words that were spoken. "Then he shows understanding, not that he is omniscient. He is no God of mine, for then he tells lies or instructs his. . .servants to do so. He said a horrible future lived out, now you tell me he says immediate death. . .well which is it." he could feel the tension building in his mind and body as he stared at this. . .this wall. But every wall was only as strong as the molecular cohesions that kept them together, and the only thing needed was to know either the right frequency or enough amplitude to bring it down.

    "Either get in the car and come with me, save my daughter and then I'll let you take her, or put her back and I'll see you in however long it takes to get there. Grab Alicia safely, and come back again." Perhaps it was adrenaline talking, he knew that somewhere in the back of his mind. That part didn't even care about it's findings though, and the rest followed suit. So with singular focus, like looking down a tunnel with two obsticles in your way, one behind the other blocking the road wholly each on their own. Thus was the one wearing a colar, and whomever he stood infront of.

    TAG: Sirak, Fin
  10. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    [link=]Doctor Camden Fossett[/link]
    Floor, Hospital

    Camden had treated many patients in his life. Many, many patients. And many of them had died. But never could he have known the terrible thoughts that ran through the human mind in the last moments. Elizabeth, being a psychologist, might know these things. He remembered having a debate with her over who worked harder, him or her. She had perfect and flawless answers to his questions, and actually won the debate just by saying she keeps people from killing themselves. But she had told him his job was just as hard as his was. Camden remembered talking to her.

    ?Camden, your job truly is hard. I understand that. But to me, all you have to do is sew something up. Just like curtains. But my job is so hard. You have to get into the mind of your patient. Not the body. And I tell you, you would meet some strange, strange people.? Elizabeth smiled, her hands resting in her lap. She took a sip of the coffee, staring at him intently. Camden sighed, rolling his eyes. But that settled it.

    Because of that conversation, Camden had went back. Back to where everything started. Back to when the urge to become a doctor was huge. Back to childhood.

    ?I have the answer, Mrs. Mayes. I have the answer!? Camden shouted out from behind several of the taller students, his pale white hand raised above their hands. The Mexican teacher looked up from the child she was helping, frowning at Camden. ?I do not care if you have the answer, Camden. Now, if you do not be quiet, you will go the principal.? Camden frowned, turning to look at the clock. I am going to help someone when I get older, the boy thought, I am going to be a doctor.

    His school had been a nice school. Pleasant, maybe a little on the strange side. But he got a scholarship after graduation. His parents were proud. His step mother and father. Along with his little sister, who smiled and waved, proud to have a big brother graduating. That had changed when he had met the woman of his dreams. Or maybe it was when she had become pregnant before marriage. The marriage, except for a couple of phone calls Christmas and birthday, had been the last time he had talked his family.

    ?Camden. I will always love you. Forever.? Carly whispered into his ear. He smiled, hugging her tightly. ?Forever.?

    Tears blindly ran down his face. The words of Carl were lost, except for the part about his wife. Opening his eyes, he saw his son look up at him, trying to say something, except he couldn?t, and closed his mouth. The boy looked at him, actually looked at him, and Camden smiled. Simply smiled.

    His pager beeped, and he glanced down at it. He had become so caught up in his foster son that he hadn?t noticed other activities going on around him. But his number flashed a room number and a code blue. Cardiopulmonary arrest. Not good. Who was too watch Liam? Gina poked her head back in the room, nodding as if she had heard the pager go off. ?Dr. Fossett?? she asked, and he glanced at Liam, coloring something. Hopefully not his creepy stuff. ?I can take my break a little early and watch Liam for you.? ?Thanks, a lot,? he told her, but she shooed him away. ?Go on, duty calls.? she gave him a warm smile. ?We'll be fine.? He nodded and watched her sit down beside Liam.

    That was the last time he had spoken to Gina. But he would see her soon. If he made it to heaven. Cheating on wife. A sin in his book. Camden?s eyes wandered from Carl to Liam. Blinking his eyes shut, then open, a small tear trickled down his cheek. His blue eyes sparkled, and he spoke.

    ?Thank you. . .C-Carl. F-for everything. And L-Liam. I l-l-loved you. . .like a son. R-remember that. A-always. And m-my wife is-s. . . .?

    The light had gotten so bright again. And sleep. So comforting. So warm. His eyes blinked, watered, blinked. He was not focused on reality, drifting into somewhere else. Somewhere better. And he knew it. But he had to say it. For t
  11. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Hm, well, I supposed the discontinuity can't be helped now.

    IC: Sharon Cosner
    Corben's Inn, Nevada

    The inn's interior was a mess. A fight had broken out here, that much was plain; possibly fights, plural. A couple of steps from the doorway stood Vashti, silhouetted in the gloom, standing still with her pistol dangling at her side.

    Too still. Alive, but a prisoner under threat of death, which meant ... Sharon's gaze flickered around ... she could not see the priest in the gloom, but he must be here. Behind the near wall, or in the kitchen? Impossible to say.

    Did she still have a chance of getting out of here with both her life and Vashti's intact? Doubtful. But she would try ...

    Sharon sidestepped, carefully avoiding a patch of broken glass that would crunch underfoot, and peered around for her opponent. Where was he?

    TAG: TSG, swbeauty, Fins
  12. Ben_Stormrider

    Ben_Stormrider Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 15, 2006
    Hikaru Hoshi
    Tarpenbekstr. 55, Eppendorf, Hamburg

    Hikaru nearly lost conciousness out of shock, when the shot killed Robert. He had his eyes wide open when Thomas spoke along. Only the willpower his self-discipline gave him kept him awake. Willpower and the awareness that maybe he would never open eyes again, if he would close them now. His feelings were weird. His heart felt like a cold stone. He felt fear, yes. But desperation also. And desperation told him to do something. He was just able to watch his own feet.

    When Thomas asked him a question his mouth began to speak before he even noticed. For no understandible Reason, hikarus voice sounded calm.
    "The world we knew was gone since the day The Change first happened to be. But we are still here on Earth."
    In surprise he thought:
    Ok, Hikaru, so you did not lose your ability to speak. So make further use of it. Only thing you can do.

    Hikaru pulled himself together and looked to Thomas. His voice got more hysterical with every sentence.
    "So you kill just for fun, is it that way? But... I thought we were friends. I thought Laura was your friend. Why would you ever harm us?"

    Calming his voice down again, Hikaru continued: "But you didn't kill the girl yet. Why you left her living for so long time? Is it because she can't stand a chance against an adult? Or are you crazy for sexual means, too? Are you such a coward to attack a child? Or a wounded in chains?"

    In that moment an idea formed in Hikarus mind. Maybe his last ever, but it was everything left, and so worth a try. Thomas and Laura never really realized that Hikaru was doing any training. He was a small guy for the people outside japan. Maybe Thomas would underrestimate him. He had nothing to lose trying.

    He switched his voice to winey. Actually that wasn't very hard in the current situation.
    "Maybe you're right and it is a good day to die. In fact, many people seem to believe so, why should they do it otherwise? I'm fine with leaving the living world today. But not like this. Please fullfill me a last wish and take those handcuffs off. Ever when I thought about dead, I felt a passion for dying in a fight, you know? And like you said, what is a man if not for his passion?"

    Voice turned excited now, Hikaru was surprised that his heart told his next words for truth:
    "I want the adrenaline filling our blood, your and mine... and think about the action! Wouldn't that also be great for you, Thoma-san? Come on, I know you would love it! Release me and give me a knife! You see I'm wounded. What chance can I have to harm you? I don't care to win, I just want a skirmish! Let's fight!"

    TAG: Fins, LordT
  13. The_Dark_Overlord

    The_Dark_Overlord Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2002
    Daniel Beckfris
    Flesh Hall

    Daniel shook his head, obviously the whole undead experience had driven Zinsky mad, well perhaps not mad but it certainly sucked out all forms of hope that usually reside within normal people. The kind which drives them to do remarkable good deeds. Save kids from burning buildings, a lone hero against an army of immortals. That kind of stuff.

    He stroked the cool metal of the trigger with his index finger, it felt reassuring. His tounge felt the sharpness of his upper front teeth.
    If what Zinsky said was true, he had to give him that he knew more than Daniel knew. If what Zinsky said was true, then why fight it?
    Why not.. encourage it? Help it, aid it, embrace it?

    Zinsky panicked as Adam entered. At first a bit startled and a bit unsure of who or what stood in front of him he recognized the immortal and Daniel smiled. "Adam.. " he paused and observed Adams new look.. for lack of better words. "One, you could have warned me of these flesh eating zombie monks. Just, as a favor you know? Two-" Daniel raised his gun and shot five rounds at Zinsky. "Why on earth are you waring Zinskys face? Your last one suited you much better, now you look like a Tom.. or a Gunther."

    He raised his hand at Adam before he could answer "Wait.. do not say anything, It is probably a part of the whole immortal godlike being thing. And I am not sure I have the brain power to fathom what goes on in that head of yours, if if even is your head. Get rid of old Zinsky if he is still.. ehm.. undead. The sooner we can get on with destroying the world the better. If I can't stop the blasted change I will make damn sure to make the best of it!"

    "By the way, good to have you back. As strange as it might sound, I think you really get me.. just, just look at this place! AMAZING!"[/blockquote]

    TAG: LordT/Fin
  14. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Alex McRea
    Alex's House

    It was by this point I felt like pulling a Picard maneuver and facepalming. I understood the girl had no mouth to speak of but the flailing about just made no sense whatsoever. But I was reminded of another instance of someone acting frantic in regards to a timepiece, well more specifically time itself, I was thankfully however no Marty McFly. "So you want to know if the date's right? Its Thursday June 14th, Twenty Twelve."

    I honestly had no idea why she was so franticly upset with the date, then again if she could have talked she probably would have told me and I probably wouldn't have hung around. In hindsight I'm sure she knew more than she was even hinting towards, but at the time I had no idea. And I didn't even pause to think. She didn't give me a chance. She simply collapsed in tears, silent, but speaking volumes. Something beyond anything I could comprehend was upsetting that girl, and it was beyond my powers to comfort her, though I did try, kneeling beside her and placing a hand on her shoulder. Entirely unaware of the gazing eyes of my brother, and the hell that was about to be unleashed on my life.

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  15. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    Jackson Clay
    Corbens´ Inn

    The cold steel of his gun smashed into Vashti´s skull and he felt that small, weak body collapse. It´s perfect shape calling to his blood. Temptation. He resisted it. for now. And he withdrew back into his shadows, where the light of his Lord would be hidden. Just the moment the waitress entered. Of all it had been her. Who had brought all this suffering over them. All this suffering.

    "Where is it?" He asked from the dark and slowly stepped back into the light. His gun pointed at the other woman, as she would aim her gun at him. He could not die. the Lord . . . the Lord did not allow him to flee into the eternal fire. His mission was sacred. And it was all that mattered. "Where is IT?" He asked once more and knew this was now between him and her.

    God´s servant and a devil´s whore. It had always been meant to come to this, he knew.

    Oh Lord, let me be strong. Let me stand against darkness.
    He whispered inside his head.

    But he knew the truth. He felt the need to kill. Again. And after all those years it had returned like a raging beast, caged for too long . . .

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  16. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Sharon Cosner
    Corben's Inn, Nevada

    Sharon bared her teeth in a mirthless smile.

    She had been right. Small consolation, now ... her own life dangled by the thread of a madman's whim, and she was about to provoke him further ... but she had been right.

    "Nowhere you'll ever find it," she answered, still smiling. "Haven't you guessed? This place - this world - isn't the one we know. We're in the future, priest. Your quarry is long gone."

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  17. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Chapter IX: We are Caleb

    Corridor, Boston Medical Center

    Camden awoke. Not because he had been healed. His body ordered his awakening, as pain alarmed it of another injury. This time it was his thorat. A scalpel had severed muscles and flesh there and finally cut through the trachea with deadly precision. unable to speak or breathe the last thing camden probably saw was Liam standing right in front of him. Covered in his "fathers" blood.

    "Not Liam. I am Caleb." The boy cooly said and watched the defenseless Camden die, like someone would watch an elevator arrive. As if it was something unimportant and ordinary. Something he was used to.

    Behind him Carl stepped to the boy, laying down his hands on his shoulders and smiled down on him. Then looked at Camden, as the man died. "I know Caleb. I know."

    Tag: Spy

    TheSithGirly who has serious problems accessing the site will respond directly in a combined post with me that will be the end of this Chapter . . .

  18. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: Fifa kept me from updating. so here is No1. Rest ocomes tomorrow. then also my combined effrots with LordT.

    Chapter VII: Family and other problems

    Am Sandtornkai, Hamburg

    The Priest stared at Markus as if he had gone mad. then slowly something appeared in his features. a crack in his calm fascade. "not your God, hm? Of course, he is not. He does something you do not like and you turn your back on HIM!?" He yelled. "I won´t get anywhere with you. Laura will be dead within´minutes and I won´t allow that. Do you think I would risk a life because you want SECURITY? You and your mankind is doomed because of your folly. You do not deserve to be saved and you will not . . . And I guarantee you, he is not your God. You pathetic fools who do not even take his help when he offers it. he is the god of a new mankind. A far more worthy one!" He breathed heavy, then returned to his calm. "A pity not even you could see that. I´ll take her up now. To him. If you want to sacrifice your daughter, feel free to come along and discuss with him yourself. As always you will not escape the consequences of your doing."

    And with that the Priest turned once more, shaking his head at the suggestion he should do anything but follow his commands.

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  19. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    ~Lovers Die Together~
    Part I of II

    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Inside Boston Medical Center, Near the Elevator, On the Floor

    It wasn?t over.

    The pain came back tenfold as Camden opened his eyes to the world around him. Above him stood his son, dressed in Camden?s own blood. His mouth opened and closed, but Camden could see the blood everywhere, dressed on him like a wonderful robe. A robe of blood. By the severe pain of his neck, he could tell his neck had been sliced. And he knew who had done it. Who had been the one in the beginning? Camden smiled like he finally knew what had happened. Liam had overtaken Gina, using a scalpel to slice her neck open. Then he had ran. And somehow he had known. He had known that when he found Angela, she would end up killing Camden, severing any ties that actually knew him. Camden didn?t doubt the boy murdered his own parents, slaughtering them like pigs. Gasping, trying to say words, he couldn?t. The breath couldn?t come either.

    "Not Liam. I am Caleb."

    Camden closed his eyes.

    He had brought Caleb to the BMC. An infected boy had led to more infections. He wondered if he had been with the boy any longer, he might have become infected. Tears spurted from his eyes like the sprinklers that watered his house every night. He wondered if they would water the lawn the upcoming night. Probably not. Camden wondered if possibly the boy had gotten infected by another person, someone else in Boston. And he hadn?t been the start. But Camden had brought him, had taken his muteness for granted. The first words, and the last, he would hear from his foster son?s mouth were that of a killer. A practiced killer. With no love.

    "I know Caleb. I know."

    Carl?s voice told Liam/Caleb as he put his hands on his shoulders. Like a father. Like a father. Wanting to scream. Wanting to fight the pain and loss of air. But he couldn?t. Not now. As he stared at Carl, holding onto Liam?s shoulders, he wanted to cry. And he did.

    ?Camden. I will always love you. Forever.? Carly whispered into his ear. He smiled, hugging her tightly. ?Forever.?

    And then he died.

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  20. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Thomas Schröder
    Tarpenbekstr. 55

    Thomas looked at Hoshi and then laughed. "Actually i hate fighting. really. I am not good at it. I only enjoy killing people. not fighting them. I drugged two of my partners. To avoid the fighting and screamign when i struggled them." Waving his gun he shook his head. 2and actually I would not hurt you, hoshi. No. You need to do something for me. You need to tell Laura what I am about to do. I guess I need five minutes. you will need . . . about fifteen, maybe ten to cut through the arm of Robert with this." He smiled and threw Hoshi a butter knife over. Winking he turned to the room where the girl is locked. "Tell her what I did and tell her she can find me where we had sex for the first time. i got the feeling she hasn´t forgotten, yet." And laughing he turned and walked to the door. "alicia? Are you okay?" He asked. "Hope I havenß´t hurt you." and with a grin he entered the room. "I would begin. It will need damned long to cut through the bones. believe me. Didi that this morning."

    Tag: Ben_Stromrider


    (wrote this with Fin, so it´s your update, Leigh)

    He felt the nails, the kick. But the pain meant nothing to him. How could it. His hands kept on pressing against her throat, while his body went through waves of pain. He did not scream, though. He did not cry. Or stop for a second with this. He only pressed his fingers into her throat. Whatb fi Tony was right? An option he had at least to consider. Had he? What if he knew more than Karl? No, how could he?


    Maybe Zinsky.

    Karl waited until the girl was unconsciosuness before letting her drop. Breathing heavy he looked down on himself and his breath ceased immediately. As if he had not need to pretend to need oxygen anymore. Looking around he heard shots somewhere. He smiled and made his way to Corbens. Sharon would need him soon.

    For a time- traveller he was running out of time pretty fast, he mused. And wondered what this world looked like? 40 years after the Change.

    What had they done?


    As Sumiko faded out, she felt the sun go brither, instead of darker. no black. no void. instead there was a brightness in the air. And a girl. suddenly there was a girl. Stying a few meters away from her. "Erecit Sicut Dii. Scientes Belum Et Malum." The girl seemed to say, but then again, was it possible . . . ? It looked as if the girl had actually no mouth to talk . . .

    Tag: Leigh

    Boston Medical Center

    Carl Weber looked down on the dead Doctor. Then he turned to Caleb. "Nice to meet you. nice to meet you after all. Caleb, we need to go now." he said and smiled down on him. Caleb, the child form of him looked up and shook his head. "We can stay here and go away." He said. And Carl shook his head in return. "no, you will die, if you do. You will have to leave now. And you will have to trust me." Caleb looked at Carl. For a reason he seemed not to understand he felt no need to attack him. "Do we know you?" He asked. Laying his head to the side.

    "Of course you do. I am your maker." carl said. And went to his knees next to the boy. "We are Carl." He replied and smiled.

    Caleb stared at him for a long moment. Then replied the smile. "Father." He said. And Carl laughed at the word. Then took young Caleb´s hand and began to make his way towards the exit.

    Tag: Nobody

  21. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Chapter VI: Darwin was right


    "He is my guest. whenever I want him to vanish he will leave us. And then for good." Adam explained and smirked at the shadowy figure of Zinsky. the dead man laughed. "Destroy the world? Influence the change? You don´t get it, do you? You CANNOT! You can´t fight his will. Even if you suceeded. Time means nothing to him. I´ve seen him undo things he disliked because he felt like it! there is no way you can stop the change, destroy the world or anything. THAT IS THE FREAKING JOKE OF IT! WE`RE ALL SLAVES! WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!" And with these words the figure melted into shadow and was gone.

    "To answer you question, I had no choice. Our american rival destroyed my old form. and i have not taken to many lately. So I had to take this one." Adam explained. "And he was not talking about a godlike creature. Beckfris. He talked about God. The writings you found. those you showed me? It is God. In these words is God. And he has been found. And then the Change began. Indeed there is little we can do against God. believe me. I tried to cheat him for all my life. And his judgemnt over me still is in place. But if you are ready to broaden your horizon, if you are ready to jump with me into hte darkest and most dangerous rabbit hole there ever was there might be . . . might be . . . a chance that we could find an end that serves both our needs. Both our ends." Adam opened his mouth once more to say something, when the radio at Beckfris belt began to make a sound. It was Bjorndahl.

    "Beckfris? beckfris? Sir, do you copy?"

    Adam smiled. "Looks like he misses you." He said and folded his arms.

    Tag: TDO

    Upper Floor (for Draco, he wrote 90 percent and I approved)

    Bjorndahl aimed at the exit. The shadow had shown movement, he was sure. Hissing out air he gave two bursts into the next room on the other side of the corridor. Hoping he had been wrong. Or had killed whatever it was. He was running out of ammo and out of time.

    Rufus felt the dust and debris against him, but did not move. The bullets had failed him a good bit. He had taken cover next to the door a whole second before hte man hit the trigger. Which meant the guy had not seen him clearly. His exhausted mind could do that much tactical thinking. his body was pressed against the wall he waited for his chance. The man. He had talked to someone. Someone from outside this building. Some behind this wild goose chase. Rufus cursed internally how ill informed he had stumbled into the adventure of his lifetime. But kept his calm. His breath was held back and that was not easy anymore. He knew soon he would make a mistake. it would bebhim, not the other loosing the moment first. And he knew there was one way around it. Only one.

    Attack was said to be the best defense. Leaping around the corner, he pulled the trigger. His submachine gun pumped dozens of bullets into the air and the man on the other side dived for cover. Blood spray on the wall. He had hit him, but the bullets came back, as the enemy held his own sub around the corner without aiming. Cursing Rufus allowed himself to fall back behind the wall. The wooden door next to him was shattered. He ducked down, until he heard no more shots but only the characteristic crack and then turned around the corner again, this time in lowered position. Another salvo and his own magazine jumped out of the weapon. "Dammit." He cursed and drew his two guns out of the holster.

    Bjorndahl cused. his leg was hit and the blood was leaving his body too fast. the man had waited here. he had been here only seconds earlier, he assumed. And maybe, just maybe there was one more joker he had to play. Taking out his radio he aimed his Glock 17 at the door and waited for the man to show up. Meanwhile he switched the channel and contacted his ally. His would be ally. "Beckfris? Beckfris?" He asked. Awaiting the American to do something stupid.

    From down the corridor they ocudl hear more Monks on their way. Their firefight had been loud enough.

  22. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura

    Despair flashed through Sumiko's rapidly fading consciousness when she realised that her efforts to fight off Karl were all in vain. It was almost as if he was impervious to what she was doing to him. No screams, no flinching, just those cold manic eyes staring into her own as his fingers continued to press into her throat relentlessly. Her oxygen starved body started to feel as heavy as a lead weight, her knees buckled as she didn?t have the strength to support herself anymore, Her arms dropped from Karl?s face and flopped uselessly to her sides. In her last moments of clarity she remembered Andrea and the other plane crash victims. She had let them down. Left them to die in the desert, she should never have gone with Karl. Stupid Naive girl! Why didn't she heed her father?s advice! Why didn't she just stay in Japan! Why did she even bother speaking to Tony! A choked sob managed to escape her lips and a tear ran down her grimy face.


    Was her last thought as she succumbed to unconsciousness...


    [link=]"What the?..."[/link]

    As she faded out, Sumiko was not met with darkness; instead, the sun seemed to be getting brighter and the air was filled with light all around. Karl was no-where to be seen.

    ?What is this? Am I...dead??

    Suddenly she found a girl in front of her, standing a few meters away. Then there was a voice

    "Erecit Sicut Dii. Scientes Belum Et Malum."

    Sumiko did not understand the language the girl had spoken, and a confused look spread across her face as she looked at the girl. The voice had definitely come from the girl she was certain of that, but her face... where the girl?s mouth should have been there was nothing. She had no mouth. Confusion gave way to realisation as she remembered. She started to walk towards her, drawn to her

    ?I have seen you my dreams. You were sad, so sad and alone?

    Sumiko said softly as she continued to approach the girl, not even sure if she would be able to hear or acknowledge the words. Sumiko felt her eyes welling up as she remembered the feelings from the previous dream. They had been so potent, so overwhelming... Just as in the previous dream, she reached out her arm to gently touch the girls shoulder

    ?Who are you??

    TAG: Fins/LordT
  23. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    Jackson Clay
    Corben´s Inn

    "If it wasn´t here . . . " why am I? "Why is all this happening? what is causing this, hm? nice try, Sharon. But I guarantee you, this thing, this unholy creature you brought here is very, very present." He sighed. "You are just naother forlorn soul in the vast desert of madness, are you? You have no idea what you got yourself into." She was blinded by lies. The demons bright. The devils slave. With a nod he closed his eyes and the second she would consider taking advantage of this he pulled the trigger. The would do the same, he supposed.

    then he would find the childe. no matter if he had to dig until kingdom come.

    Tag: Xany

    Angela Janssen[/b
    [i]Boston Medical Center[/i]

    "I . . . I . . . " Angela stared at the gun and wondered why she still lived. Then she realized it. The numbness in her fingers. Her aggressive behavior. When had she infected herself? The boy, it had been the boy. " . . . am Caleb too. Soon." she sighed and tried to get back ot her feet. Caleb. the Calebs. whatever it could have been caled, nodded. What a waste of life. Of thoughts. Would hse become one of them? Or simply him? Would she vanish in the collective horror of one mind?

    "I don´t want to . . . I simply don´t want to . . . " Angela sighed and looked up. Steps. Somewhere from behind. She saw Carl passing, the little boy at his hand, his eyes cold and uninterested as he saw her. "Carl? Carl, please . . . !" She yelled and the man smiled only. It was not a triumphant smile. Probably Carl had never doubted his victory at last. No it was a smile full of pity. Sad. Forgiving. Then he was gone. And liuam with him. she knew Cmadne had to be dead, killed by her. And she decided she would turn and attack Caleb. Make him keill her. but her legs laready had too little feeling to do that. Too little left o o o f her . . .

    "I am so sorry." She just sighed and allowed her body to drop to the ground.
    Tag: Nobody[/b][/b]>
  24. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Sharon Cosner
    Corben's Inn, Nevada

    Sharon was still smiling. If the priest thought his words could shake her, well, he was wrong. She had endured far worse in her forty years than dire predictions from a member of the clergy.

    "It was," she agreed. "I daresay it is no longer, unless that unholy creature -" she and Prest may serve the same man, and ostensibly the same cause, but there was no denying there was something dark about him "- is incompetent as well as evil, and that is not a charge I'd ever lay at his door. He's had decades. It's gone."

    His eyes flickered shut. Sharon's gun rose with blurring speed -

    blam blam

    Two shots echoed in the darkness of the inn as the man and woman fired at each other.

    TAG: TSG
  25. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Am Sandtornkai, Hamburg

    He wanted to scream, shout, yell back, call this son of a biscotti just what he and his 'god' were good for. Bitting his own cheek was the only resolve that kept his mouth shut, but through all that another part was weeping. Weeping because of what he heard was that without trying he had found the one behind this, he had found it seemed the one who was behind the Change if there was a 'one' behind it.

    Thoughts raged for supremacy, to run for his daughter no matter the slim chance that the knowledge imparted might prove true. To embrace her, save her even if he had nothing with him that could probably do so successfully. Nothing but a father's love, and a head harder than Parlament.

    But then there was duty, his job. Even if it wasn't really what ESTI had wanted him for, what his own government expected of him, it was to find what had fallen in his lap. Duty called for him to either walk forward and follow or to call it in as soon as he was clear. The former instead of the latter was more likely to work, as this individual seemed to have a supreme capabilities in dealing with tele's to say the least.

    Then, lastly, like a heart breaking ray upon a desolate soul not yet ready for it's presence a remembrance settled onto a heavy heart that could not bear the weight. The story of Abraham taking his son to the top of the mountain as a sacrifice, and how God, the Great I AM stayed his hand and provided a ram trapped by it's horns in his sons sted.

    So heart breaking, tears building in his eyes he followed after that priest. His heart breaking, praying as it shattered in anguish that if the Lord would dain to do so to save his daughter through some means, and if not then that she would await him in heaven without pain in her leaving. For this he a tear dripped with every step, and a heart shattered into ever smaller pieces of anguish, hope, love, and guilt for he saw no right way to turn in this.

    TAG: Fin
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