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    Welcome players, to The New Sith Trials Resource and Library thread!
    For extended Character Sheets, ship descriptions, backstory and short stories, flashbacks, continuity notes, historical articles, plot bunnies and more, post here!

    And I'd like to take the opportunity to direct you to SinrePedia, the personal Wikia of GM Sinrebirth in which there's an awful lot of bios, history and more related to The New Sith Trials and the ABYVerse continuity. Of particular relevance to the plot, and the broader history of the Sith, I direct you to this article.
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    Here's a little short scene covering a fair amount of loose ends.

    If you ever played the SWC Senate games set in 145, 146 and 147 ABY, involving the Ancient Sith Empire, New Galactic Empire and Vong Reborn, or dabbled in the Shadow War series of games, this irons out the last connection between them and now, in 155 ABY.


    Darth Insipid, the true Darth Insipid, settled down his ship on the concourse of Moraband. His alter ego, originally named Darth Malkuth, was there, standing alone, though they were both watched, by the orbiting ships, by the Sith in the shadows, by Dark Lords present and past, alive and not. The rogue clone had acquired his own personality when Insipid was severed from that particular body by Darth Ardeur, and when Insipid sealed himself and Darth Dreadwar, a multi millennia old Sith, in a mind trap with Ardeur, Malkuth had free reign to seize control of all Sith remnants, originally reunified by Darth Mystique.

    The Galaxy had been crippled by Malkuth, who in victory had taken the name of Insipid for himself, and now, Darth Insipid was back, and he wanted his name, his Empire, his legacy and life's work, back. The Sith had been allowed to lie fallow for years since their victory awarded them an Empire flowing through Banking Clan, Corporate and Serenno space to Moraband, Malachor and Desevro, with their Deep Core dominion having expanded to include the Tapani, Metellos and Alasakani sectors, beyond their former heartland in the Unknown Regions, based on Csilla, Nirauan and other worlds within Wild Space. Darth Insipid disapproved, and considered that they had many chances to strike at the Galactic Triumvirate, to secure the rest of the Galaxy.

    As Insipid gazed upon his errant clone for the first time in many years, he realised that the man had gone soft. Perhaps he represented the lighter elements of his personality, before the darkness had corrupted him. In a way, the clone had, before possession, had a much easier and pleasant life than Insipid had. In many ways, he represented someone emancipated from the dark side... And this man was the Dark Lord of the Sith.

    The clone looked to Insipid as he stepped down the ramp, his booted feet settling in the dust of Moraband. 'I suppose for ease you may as well call me Malkuth.'

    'Thank you,' said Insipid, genial. He fingered the lightsaber hilt his hand. 'Should I expect surprises?'

    'Not from me,' said Malkuth, shrugging.

    'Answer me a question, before I take back my position.'

    'Certainly.' Malkuth cracked a smile. 'You are, after all, my progenitor.'

    'Quite,' Insipid nodded. 'If you were not so inclined to rule as I - that much I can sense from here - and did it only for facade, why do it at all?'

    Malkuth shrugged. 'Responsibility.'

    'To the Sith?' Insipid nearly laughed.

    'Oh no,' Malkuth said. 'To the Galaxy.' Before Insipid could speak up, Malkuth continued. 'I inherited control of the Sith Order, as Mystique bumbled along. Slew Darth Nihl, she may have done, but it was I who pushed for the reunification of the Orders, and ended the Shadow War. Defeating her was my due reward and she was a poor ruler, who would rather the Sith collapse, and just as we had momentum behind us.'

    Darth Malkuth shook his hooded visage, once. 'No, if I wanted to destroy what you had created, I needed to manage the fall. To take control, and keep it. One by one, slowly but surely, in the absence of you, Dreadwar, Mystique and Lledrith, and the longer absence of Ventris, Vassago and Haretisch before them, the legacy of the Order was gutted, but it had to be managed. Darth Wredd had the right idea when he finished off the One Sith as an Order, and forced Nihl to unify the rest on a pathetic attempt to conquer territory in the Unknown Regions.'

    Malkuth paused, taking a breath. 'My desire was nihilism. To rule until there was nothing left to rule, to slowly kill the Sith Order, but know it had been mine right until it crumbled into dust.'

    'You thought yourself capable of achieving what no Jedi or Sith ever has?' Insipid crowed, incredulous. 'Like a Chosen One? Or a Sith'ari? You are no Xesh or Ductavis! No Revan, no Outlander or Bane! No Sidious or Skywalker! Those are the roll call of Chosen Ones, the Sith'ari's. We were not there facing down Abeloth, or defeating the Lord Shimmra, or facing down Vitiate or Constipex, Xim or Soa?'

    'We are nothing to them.'

    'I know,' said Malkuth sadly. 'For we are Insipid.'

    Darth Insipid ignited his crimson blade. 'Yes we are.'

    Darth Malkuth ignited his silver weapon. 'And so we must decide where we fall.'

    'To paraphrase, there can only be one.'

    A dry grin tugged at Malkuth's lips. 'Then let us decide.'

    And so they fought. It was a desperate battle. If Malkuth succeeded, no Sith could ever follow him, and the Empire would shatter, as no Sith could follow another, not with all the glory for them to take for themselves. If Insipid succeeded, then the Empire would live, and the Galaxy would one day quake in fear, when Insipid rebuilt what had been lost. Assuming he could, alone. Assuming he would, either.

    After several hours, the ship upturned, the ground split, the very elements having wrought their will upon the planet, a lightsaber severed a hand, then spun to burst through a forehead and beyond.

    Malkuth fell.

    Darth Insipid fell, too, but his fall was deeper into darkness. But, soon enough, his fall was joined by others. And an Empire was reborn.

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    Wrath of Vader

    Production information


    Star Dreadnaught
    Technical specifications


    13,000 meters
    Hyperdrive system


    Navigation system



    • 50 Sith Interceptor squadrons
    • 175 Sith war beasts

    Minimum crew


    150,600 troops
    Cargo capacity

    500,000 metric tons

    5 years

    The only instance of the Devastator-class Sith Dreadnaught, the Wrath of Vader is the century-old flagship of the True Sith, and through the Rhandites and the merger of their forces with the New Sith Order brokered by the reborn Dreadwar, one of two Star Dreadnaughts in the New Sith Empire's fleet. Undergoing repairs since the Battle of Mobus in 146 ABY, the Wrath of Vader is believed to have been created by a Rakatan star forge based on blueprints stolen from the Relus Shipyards. At thirteen kilometers in length, it is somewhat shorter than the Sovereign-class Vapid, but is much deeper. It is so severely damaged, however, only strange and dark techniques of the Sorcerers of the Nihil Retreat, believed to have been passed on to the rumoured former Rhandite come Dark Lord Darth Nihilus, keep the ghost ship together. As such, it remains stationary in geosynchronous orbit above Csilla, surrounded by the Sith Empire's secondary and smaller flotilla.

    There are rumours the Wrath of Vader has planet-killing abilities. Whether these merely be exaggerations based on its crust-busting axial superlaser, or whether there are any truths to the claims that particle disintegrator warheads were stolen from Byss to complement an altogether more deadly kind of weapon, or that its commanders have pioneered Force Drain or the lost art of supernova induction in order to accomplish much the same ends, is unknowable. What is known is that aside from the superlaser, the Wrath of Vader sports a ram of quantum crystalline armour, resurrecting the ancient naval concept of ramming enemy ships to achieve hasty victory.

    If the Wrath of Vader was to be restored to operational status, a terrible and deadly weapon would be unleashed upon the galaxy. Even the mere existence of the vessel to complement the very real and visible threat of the Vapid has allowed the New Sith Empire to crudely but effectively carve out a fiefdom through bullying countless worlds in the Outer Rim Territories into becoming tribute-paying vassals.
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    For now, this will find a home here. Hopefully this helps a bit with current events.

    Name: Sabba

    Age: 16

    Sex: Female

    Species: Human

    Occupation: Neophyte

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 122 lbs.

    Physical Description: Physically fit from her time exploring, climbing, etc. A light skintone, due to living under the canopies of Makatak her entire life. Brilliant green eyes that contrast to her skin and deep red hair. Her hair is kept in thick locks, held back slightly to keep it from her face; Many tribal talismans, such as a small skull, feathers, claws, etc. throughout, as is customary for her people. The surprisingly soft features of her face are accented by tribal markings on her forehead, her chin, spanning various parts of her entire body.


    Clothing: She wears simple trappings, a black wrapped top that leaves her arms exposed and dips only slightly in the neckline, and wraps from a similar material around her wrists. The chest wrap flows down her back to form a tattered half-skirt, coming nearly down to the back of her knee, while her lower half is covered by the same wraps, tightly wrapped from her waist to her mid-thigh. She generally goes barefoot, with wraps around her ankles.

    Weapons: A small dagger found among ruins while exploring.

    Description of Abilities: Natural survival instinct, exceptionally skilled in tracking & exploring, very agile, quick reflexes, fast on her feet.

    Bio: Sabba is the eldest of three children, born to her mother, Aeolian, and father, Nahual. She grew up hearing stories of a mystical elder that lives within the forests of the planet, granting miracles and using magic to aid villagers that may be in need. One such story told of her mother and father going to this elder when she was still unborn, her mother had come under terrible illness and they feared the worst. Nahual begged and pleaded with the mystic in the woods, asking that his wife and unborn child be saved. According to the story she was told, the old man heard her father's desperate pleas and was merciful. Laying his hands upon the belly of Aeolian, a soothing aura fell over her and put her to rest. Nahual was told by the aged man when she awoke, she would be completely normal and their child would be born strong. When the man's words rang true in the following months, the parents committed to teaching their future family to revere the man the village called Voktys.

    Along with the stories of miracles and good works, she also heard stories of horror and anguish. Stories of those who sought out Voktys for foolish reasons, such as wealth or power. She heard how grown men were dissolved where they stood, or cursed with horrifying visions in their mind that drove them to insanity, to suicide. While these stories struck her and caused a healthy fear, her naivity wouldn't let her fully believe that the same man that healed and helped, would punish or kill.

    Throughout her young life, Sabba always hoped to meet the man in the woods, but never had reason to go. In the back of her mind, she always feared the reason would be seen as "wrong" and she'd suffer like those in the stories she heard. Only once, while out exploring with a group of friends, did she see him, or think she saw him. Walking through the dense forest and in to a deep cave. When she ran back to tell her friends, they all quickly went to the cave but found it closed off. This left Sabba looking foolish and her friends joked at her expense that she had seen "the old man in the woods".

    It was that one incident that prompted her to, quite simply, spend the majority of her time trying to find a reason to seek him out. Her friend and exploring companion, Merune, was a constant and was one of the only adolescents in the village that would bother with Sabba's "adventures". Their views on the mystic in the woods differed, though; He was always told to fear and avoid the man, that no good would come of him. He was, quite literally, there to keep Sabba's ideas in check, to question all the things she believed, and to keep her out of trouble.

    It was Merune that accompanied Sabba when she found the writings that day, finally something she could take to Voktys! While he tried to warn her, she didn't listen and knew that it was her moment...

    During the attack of the village Sabba's parents and two young brothers were consumed by the undead masses. Merune was killed before her very eyes, and Sabba was left with no one but the man she knew only as Voktys...
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    ~Darth Dreadwar, Sith'ari (Sith Emperor)~

    Character Summary
    Name/Title: Darth Dreadwar the Undying, Lord of Death, born Ku'ar Danar
    Age: circa 7,200
    Sex: Male (usually)
    Species: Human (originally)
    Occupation: Sith Emperor
    Height: 6' 4"
    Weight: 185lb
    Appearance: Dreadwar, in his original physical form, was a tall, athletic human male, with pale skin, thin lips, high cheekbones, deeply-set narrow pale eyes and dark brown hair.




    Since the destruction of his body in the Ritual of Nilrebmah, however, he has existed as a wraith, neither living nor dead, appearing as an opaque shadow surrounded by arcane energies, clad in the long, enshrouding tattered black robes worn by the casket-bearers of Marka Ragnos, with a deep hood. Rusted metal claw gauntlets protect the hands.


    Weapons: None.
    Description of Abilities: Immensely powerful with the Force and a master of Sith wizardry, Dreadwar is well versed in conventional powers, and boasts a repertoire of more recondite abilities. While he is hopelessly out of his depth when it comes to lightsaber combat, Dreadwar is familiar with ancient Sith swords and poisoned daggers, yet prefers to rely on his dark genius and silver tongue to get out of a tight spot if his sorcery is unavailable to him.
    Personality: A cynical, bored and utterly amoral rationalist, he ultimately hopes to remake the universe in his own image, ridding the galaxy of death and forging utopia. To that aim he brings a ruthless, diamond-like clarity of cunning and ferocious power of mind infamous for its ability to exploit even the smallest circumstances or weakest powers to their zenith.
    Biography: Ku'ar Danar was born on the desolate Rim world of Indix circa 7,050 years Before the Battle of Yavin. Born in a cave to two colonists who secluded themselves from the surrounding primitive tribes indigenous to Indix, Danar knew no one outside of his parents and two older brothers during his formative years, and was raised in a repressive environment of religious fervor focused around a deity known only as 'The Left-Handed God.' Forbidden from reading lest the purity of his thoughts be corrupted by those of the maligned 'Outsiders,' Ku'ar nonetheless was something of a prodigy, a prolific autodidact who poured through scrolls and datapads recovered from the wrecks of the thousands of ships that dotted the deserts of his home, as he followed in the footsteps of his father as a scavenger.


    At age six, his mother Por'laen died during childbirth, his would-be sister meeting her demise also, imprinting deeply on his psyche a fascination with death that only burgeoned when a wild whisperkit who he had taken for a pet died two years later. Such was his morbid if sad obsession that he began to play with the whisperkit's remains, wishing desperately that such a precious thing be returned to him. His thoughts drifted to his mother's death earlier, and his mourning translated from denial to anger, a rage at the cruel world, and the malice of the Left-Handed God, for taking some of the only beings he knew from him. He received no answer from his god, nor from the universe. But he received an answer nonetheless, one that many years later, Danar would contend was an answer from the only real god: himself. To his shock and terror, the whisperkit's dry remains twitched, twitched again, and then his pet scrabbled to its delicate, rotting feet, a horrible purr emanating from it as it stared at its friend and master.

    In joy, Danar rushed back to his cave, the risen whisperkit in tow, to show his father the miracle that surely only the Left-Handed God could have wrought. His father did not share Ku'ar's joy; instead, the man, stricken with terror, beat the child, and dashed the whisperkit from the mouth of the cave to crumble against the rocks below. Death was a natural part of life to be rejoiced, Ku'ar was told in frightful yells between savage strikes, and to deny the will of the Left-Handed God was devilry. The dynamic was changed forever after, between them; his father grew at once more distant and more controlling, while Ku'ar feared his easily lost temper, chafed under ever-increasing abuse and restriction, and yet, above all... feared the memory of that miracle even more, and resolved to one day understand the mystery.

    Five years later, a climbing accident claimed the life of one sibling, while the oldest had since left the dwindling family to join one of the feared tribes of sinful Outsiders. The example of the latter had emboldened Danar, who frequently slept outside of the cave during days-long scavenging quests, using a lantern he had found to read copiously as ever, while the former proved the last straw: there was nothing for him back at the cave. And so one night, he did not return.

    Surely the whisperings of the Force played a role in that decision, for no sooner had young Ku'ar struck out for his own, did the ship of a Jedi Knight land on Indix. Their paths crossing before Ku'ar could even finish his trek to his intended destination of the tribe his sibling had likewise left for, the Jedi Knight, Jon Dod, took Ku'ar under his wing. Recognising Ku'ar's sensitivity to the Force, Dod began preliminary instruction of the child in its use, as they both looked for a ship to salvage and fly from the world. Their search bore fruit after a week, by which time Ku'ar, a voracious learner, was already learning to tap into the great energy, and the two left Indix.

    A thousand tales could be told of the years of adventures of Ku'ar Danar and Jon Dod, but that is for another time. Let it be said that, in this era in which the role of a Jedi was not so clearly defined, Danar flitted from the Jedi Academy of Dantooine to reading Politics at the Shey Tapani University on Procopia, before interning at an investment bank on Muunilinst, concurrent with his personal if informal tutelage under Knight come Jedi Watchman Dod. It was on Muunilinst that Dreadwar's mind flourished, his exposure to Muun science stimulating his obsession with what he called the art of rationality, and immortality. His mind too polluted with thoughts of self-aggrandisement and an impersonal, empirical view of the Force, Danar was denied entrance to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant upon the conclusion of his internship, and so remained somewhat apart from the bulk of the centralised Jedi Order, instead becoming an independent Knight who accompanied his former Master on Jedi survey teams. As such, Danar was free to stray far from Jedi orthodoxy, never wavering in his view that the Jedi arts were merely a tool to further understanding of the Force within the framework of his own scientific formulations. The greatest schism between his conceptions and Jedi ideology was on the application of the Force: where Jedi saw the will of the Force, and balance, Ku'ar saw only waste, and backwards primitivism that reminded him all too painfully of the occult beliefs with which he had been raised. Why were not Jedi placed in every hospital, plying their powers to heal the sick? Why was research not being undertaken to restore ravaged worlds, create new life, and put a stopper in death?

    And so ultimately, Danar began using his survey expeditions as excuses to seek out and learn other traditions, from the Zeison Sha to the Baran Do. He did not find anything quite agreeable, but in his extensive travels and ravenous inquest into the vagaries of history, he did come to encounter tales of a marauding race beyond the frontier, whose wizardry even the most hardened spacers feared. Tracking snippets of rumours to Malachor V, Danar traveled thence to Korriban, guided by the secret maps entombed within the Trayus Academy, leading his expedition team to the Valley of the Sleeping Kings, where the indigenous Sith led the newcomer to the Great Temple, built in reverence to the primitives' Dark Pantheon. To the astonishment of a man who had long ago dismissed the religion of his youth in favour of materialistic empiricism, he discovered a shrine through which communion could be established with the greatest of the Sith deities: The Left-Handed God, Typhojem, known to the Rakata as Darth Nemesis. Danar was inexorably drawn to the promised power, and tarried on Korriban while his team fled the wrath of the tribal Sith, learning the unique black magic of the Sith species that, to him, held more potential than any other lens through which to view the Force he had encountered theretofore.

    As hoarded and recondite lore was steadily dispensed, Danar grew in power until he saw fit to don the mantle of Darth, signifying his allegiance to a particular thread of Sith ideology that traced its way back to the Rakatan Emperors, or Darithas, who had triumphed over death. Through the dialect of the Sith tongue he had become familiar with through the tribes that made the Valley their home, Danar became "Dreadwar" - by happenstance, evoking two Basic words that described the tools the man would go on to use to chase his dreams of immortality and utopia thereafter. And so, unifying three disparate tribes in the region under his Lordship, the new Sith Lord - the first who had donned the mantle of Sith'ari who was not of Sith blood, save, perhaps, for the Rakatan Soa - led his subjects to the equatorial city of Golg, where the most respected tribes made camp in the ruins of an ancient settlement heralding from Adas' time. In return for the Sith Pantheon's bestowed power, Dreadwar provided relevant knowledge of the inner workings of the Jedi and Republic, and, the ability to see the potential of the long-fallen Infinite Sith Empire's interwoven remnants.

    Dreadwar forged an alliance with the powerful Graushes, taking as an apprentice a priest who he inducted into the Cult of Darth - in the Golgic dialect, Dathka - and mutual worship of the Pantheon. Dreadwar pioneered necromancy, combining his innate talent from youth with the secrets of Wyyrmuk the Undying, yet contrary to his dreams of personal immortality, he only accomplished the revival of corpses to a mockery of half-life. Graush would go on to codify this into an alchemical plague that allowed for the creation of armies of undead, using this to great effect in an ensuing Civil War that saw Graush despoil rival nations and become King of two-thirds of Korriban, reigning for nigh half a century. A reclusive scholar, Dreadwar was happy to cede the realm of local politics to his apprentice, leaving Korriban to pursue grander designs.

    Dreadwar returned to Malachor V, where he met with the newest servant of the Pantheon, Darth Cruor. The two Sith plotted the realisation of the Pantheon's design: to corrupt and repurpose the entire Jedi Order as a dark side hammer by which the Pantheon could shatter the spine of the galaxy. And so, the Pantheon directed Dreadwar and Cruor to instigate schism. Returning to the Jedi, Dreadwar worked from within the confines of Jedi orthodoxy for years, rising to the rank of Jedi Master. An infamously unconventional teacher, Dreadwar's lessons drew many, and gave form to a pulpit by which Dreadwar could preach dissent. Starting a sixteenth Alsakan Conflict as a cover, Dreadwar handed the Taung technology and knowledge to escape their loosening prison around Roon and struck up a bargain with the Hutts. Starting a civil war to seize control of Korriban and then Sith Space, Dreadwar reached out to his Jedi comrades and those he had spurned to leave him behind. Some, yes, he had done so out of concern that they would prevent his studies, but others... They had been potential rivals.

    With his connection, he handed those comrades knowledge that he and Graush gained from the civil war on Korriban, including how to create zombie hordes. Ajunta Pall, and dozens more beside, were tempted to the dark side, yet Dreadwar's efforts to spread newfound teachings of alchemy to the Council failed, and the Heresiarch Jedi - who thought of themselves, much as Dreadwar did, as the True Jedi - were banished, their quest for vengeance beginning the Hundred-Year Darkness. The Taung were unleashed, just as the Hutts started their raids across the Rim, with Corellia neutral in the Alsakan and Coruscant conflict, reports and blame were initially displaced, and the Jedi conflict generally welcomed as poised to weaken the Alsakan from within. With two thirds of the Republic thus not involved in the efforts of stopping the Dark Jedi assembling strength, they did so at the expense of Alsakan and spread the war wider. Having secured Tionese cruisers at Abhean the Alasakani attempted to fend the Dark Jedi off, but were constantly undone by Dreadwar's backhanding of knowledge, even though the Sith Lord played no directly observable role in the conflict he orchestrated.

    When Graush began to make designs to steal the knowledge that the imprisoned essence of Typhojem had bequeathed to Dreadwar, however, Dreadwar solicited the aid of the Danar'eem, his own cadre of assassins, to end the reign of the Sith King. For one year, Dreadwar held dominance as the self-proclaimed Lich-King of Golg, and all would grow to fear his visage: a bronze mask, recovered from the shores of the Sacred Sea, that had been furnished by the archaic Darth Gorog.


    Yet the wrath of Graush's heir Hakagram was soon visited upon him, and while succeeding in stealing the blessing of agelessness from Graush's Heart, he knew that evidently such did not equate to the true invulnerability he desired. Marshaling tribes from the East, Dreadwar waged war against Hakagram, yet ultimately, all of his power flowed from the secrets of the Pantheon, and when Hakagram's forces captured the Dreshdae necropolis and the Valley of the Sleeping Kings, destroying the Temple's shrines in the process, no longer could Dreadwar hold psychic communion with the imprisoned Pantheon, and knowledge of the forward base at Naos and the rapidly fracturing Sith Kingdom's Taung allies was lost. At last, outside the great Pyramid he had built for a Palace, Dreadwar met Hakagram Graush in one-on-one combat, as their armies watched with baited breath. For all of his ancient knowledge and cleverly gotten power, Dreadwar's lack of mastery of the sword proved to be his undoing, and his left arm he lost to Hakagram's cleaver. Trading ancient knowledge for his life, Dreadwar departed Korriban for the last time until he would return as Sith Emperor, leaving Hakagram to unify all of the nations of Korriban and eventually Ziost as well, to become supreme ruler of the Sith people in Dreadwar's stead... but only temporarily, for soon the Dark Jedi would come to Korriban, guided by the Trayus, to rest in defeat, and claim Lordship of the Sith for themselves.

    His defeat at Hakagram's hands reminding him all too greatly of his inadequate grasping at immortality, and remaining vulnerability, Dreadwar descended upon the Nilrebmah system to subjugate all its worlds. His efforts represented more than just satiation of personal ambition and experimentation in assuring true immortality, but rather, alongside the workings of the Sith sorceress Vahl on Ambria, an attempt by the Pantheon to elevate two of their servants to godhood in an effort to ensure there would be at least two Sith deities in the physical plane. Conceived in haste born of opportunity, the attempts met varying success, with Vahl's ritual cleansing Ambria of life, but resulting in her own destruction as well. Dreadwar attempted to replicate the success of ancient Sith deity Yuuzhan'tar, seeking to move Nilrebmah XIII from its orbit and tether his essence to it upon consuming its population, and while the process completed, empowering his spirit to terrible and deific heights, his body was annihilated and his spirit trapped inside the monolith he had raised to accomplish his ritual.


    After the Hundred-Year Darkness ended in failure, Dreadwar's disappearance was noted and many Jedi correctly suspected him to have pulled the strings of the war, especially since they found a manuscript in the archives of the Exiles which partially described the experiment of Dreadwar on Nilrebmah and his "success." A success, of course, only in part, for while Dreadwar had his precious immortality, his spirit was trapped through the millennia, yet not altogether prevented from interacting with the physical realm. He used a technique which Vectivus would long after rediscover, the art of Force Phantom, to project the seeming of his being far from Nilrebmah to enact the purpose of the Pantheon. To these ends, Dreadwar raised Naga Sadow as a Darth, bequeathing secret knowledge. Yet Sadow's unchecked ambition exceeded Dreadwar's own plans, and Sadow broke away from both the tutelage of Dreadwar and his formal Sith Master Simus, to become Dark Lord and begin the Great Hyperspace War.

    One year before the Conclave on Deneba, the monolith was discovered by Sli'Lon Tahar, a Jedi Master searching for proof of the Sith survival after said war. Tahar didn't have the time to reveal its position as the Krath attacked the conclave. Two years after his discovery, Tahar was killed by the Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma in the Battle of Foerost. Before dying, he had the time to reveal the existence of the monolith to adventurers who had come from the future, but also unintentionally to Qel-Droma himself. Later, the mysterious adventurers found on Ossus information on the Sith Lord, seconded by a Jedi archivist and his apprentice, Dace Vinagar. They also read fragments of the manuscript discovered after the Second Great Schism, and determined the location of the monolith in the Nilrebmah system. Fifteen days later, they explored the system with the assistance of Vinagar, only to be attacked on Nilrebmah XIII by dark side creatures. Darth Dreadwar, sensing the presence of Vinagar, lured him in the depth of the planet. The Jedi apprentice finally betrayed his comrades and tried to kill them, then followed the call of the Sith Lord.

    Dreadwar slowed the adventurers by reanimating the skeletons of the civilisation he had destroyed, gaining time for Dace Vinagar to come inside the monolith. He then empowered the apprentice with his own Force abilities, allowing him to unleash dark side beasts on his pursuers. Those beasts gave Vinagar just enough time to finish an old ritual and activate the monolith, liberating the spirit of Darth Dreadwar. Cursing the wraith when his body started to consume itself, Vinagar let his rage amplify the power of the ritual and was finally transformed in a giant Hydra moved by pure energy. The entire planet started to collapse, as it moved toward Nilrebmah XII, and the hydra was shot down by a Krath starship commanded by Ulic Qel-Droma who had raided the tomb of Dreadwar. At the moment where the two planets collided, the adventurers entered hyperspace, only to find themselves in capacity to return in their era. What they didn't know is that the spirit of Dreadwar had given them this opportunity himself, and followed them through the timestream to emerge in 4 ABY, when, according to prophecies his new apprentice Darth Apollyon had excavated on Arkania and given to him, the Pantheon would be restored to power.

    The Sith Pantheon's plans escalated following the Battle of Endor, seeking to seize the opportunity provided by the weakened and fractured galaxy. Their armies freed from carbonite by the Nightsister Silri and bolstered by the Shadow stormtroopers of Cronal and Super Star Destroyers stolen from Byss, a substantial military was rapidly forming under the command of Darth Dreadwar. Nilrebmah having been destroyed, Dreadwar consumed the life of and tethered his spirit to his homeworld of Indix, and having attached planetary hyperdrives that enabled him to move his magnificence freely, settled in the Mobus system. The Infinite Sith Empire was taking shape again as a cohesive regime deep in the Unknown Regions, Dreadwar gathering all evil and uniting the bulk of the Rhandite remnant with the Rakatan Archipelago through the efforts of Raspir, the court magician of Adas who had been recently freed by the Rakatan Elder Ruthic on Tulpaa.

    Yet the Pantheon refused to act in haste, knowing that the True Sith were still vulnerable if they were to be detected by the Empire of the Hand or Remsi Republic, and so were forced to act in terrible sloth, only attacking the galaxy through proxies. But this was a game the Pantheon were accustomed to playing, and it brought great pleasure to the profane deities to watch once more as their vassals and unwitting servants ravaged the galaxy, inciting the Ssi Ruuvi to storm forth, and seeking to cripple the New Republic through Cronal's campaigns. Yet equally important was the restoration of a Sith Order in the greater galaxy, and the Infinite Sith, seeing the shatterpoints in the galaxy's future, sought to accomplish this efficaciously through the corruption of but a handful of individuals, and so XoXaan of the Shadow Council tempted A'Sharad Hett to Sith study, and then did the spirit of Marka Ragnos tutor the one who would become Darth Vassago. Cruor, adopting the name Darth Dispicable, joined Vassago, and gathering all manner of Dark Jedi and adepts once in service to the Galactic Empire to them on Korriban, created the New Sith Order.

    After Darth Krayt's rule over the galaxy macerated it further, and after his defeat in 138 ABY, the Dark Pantheon perceived that their time had come for the Infinite Sith to return, and the time of orchestrating proxy wars was over. Yet their efforts to create vassals and engineer such conflicts had left a great many disparate elements that must be unified or annihilated before attempt on the galaxy was made in full, and to this end Dreadwar, accompanied by avatars possessed by Typhojem and Mnggal-Mnggal (or, in the Rakatan tongue, Darth Venomis), lured the Acolytes of Darkness to Mobus in 145 ABY, hoping to end the Shadow War between disparate Sith and Jedi groups in the Unknown Regions. By the cunning of Darth Insipid, however, Dreadwar was ensnared by a Rakatan mind trap disguised as Darth Gorog's holocron, which Insipid had retrieved from Shadow in 40 ABY, and the avatars of Nemesis and Venomis, mere creations of the Force reliant on Dreadwar's power siphoned from Mobus, floundered. The engagement in the Mobus system ended with the Acolytes withdrawing, but not destroyed as the Pantheon had desired, and after they joined with the Dominion of Darkness, they reforged the New Sith Order which had since fallen following Vassago's presumed death, and so the organisation the Infinite Sith had wrought in an effort to strengthen their hand over a century prior became, alongside the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, a new enemy.

    Yet in truth, Dreadwar never shared the Pantheon's goals of galactic destruction; how could he, when he desired eternal life above all else? He had vivified the Sith deities at Mobus in anticipation that the Acolytes would destroy them; he had underestimated Insipid, however, and so shared in their fate. Five years of psychic imprisonment only saw the two Sith share their secret agendas, however, and a friendship was struck; when finally liberated by Darth Apollyon, Dreadwar and Insipid brought their power to bear on the Sith Imperium forged by Darth Malkuth and Darth Mystique, reclaiming titles they believed to be deservedly theirs. Allying with the deranged Darth Haretisch, the two Sith Lords forged a powerful but uneasy Sith Triumvirate, to helm a Sith Empire that would swiftly rise as a secondary power to rival the Galactic Federation. Now, the time of Dreadwar is at hand.

    Rank/Level: Sith Emperor (Level 10 Dark Lord of the Sith)
    Class: Sorcerer (Arcanist)
    Force push/pull – 2
    Force choke – 4
    Force Avalanche – 4
    Force Lightning – 5
    Mind Trick – 5
    Tutaminis – 10
    Hunger – 10
    Essence Transfer – 10
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    New Sith Trials

    NPC Character Sheet

    Approved by The Triumvirate

    Name: Tarkana Sydon

    [Deceased: Thrown from Senate building rooftop during Battle of Coruscant]

    Age: 26

    Sex: Female

    Species: Human

    Occupation: Slave to The Sith Empire

    Height: 5' 5"

    Weight: 85lbs

    Physical Description: Tarkana Sydon, who has now been stripped of her identity and is referred to simply as a slave is a human female with long auburn hair that falls around her pale face with a slight curl to it. She bears many scars all over her body that are hidden by minimalist brown robes and shoes. She has an extremely thin frame with skinny arms and legs from lack of nutrition and has a cybernetic eye that is indistinguishable from her other.

    Clothing: Simple brown robes down to her ankles with a utility belt.

    Weapons: None

    Bio: Tarkana or simply 'T' as she was known to her friends before her capture was born on Coruscant and resided there for most of her life until she was made a slave. She spent most of her days teaching herself, through old holocrons, the history of both the Jedi and the Sith. She also made many maps of the galaxy, doing extensive research on as many star systems as she could. She caught the attention of the person in charge of the curating of archives at the new Jedi temple and was hired as an extra hand there. During her years at the temple, Tarkana befriended a lot of Jedi masters and padawans, furthering her knowledge with the legends of their ancient practice. Though she did not seem to be Force sensitive at all, she eventually made her way up the ladder in the temple and replaced the old woman who had hired her as head archivist.

    One of the Jedi masters Tarkana had forged a strong bond with took her on a mission to Moraband. Upon their arrival, they were ambushed by a legion of dark siders. The Jedi master was killed after only defeating one of the Sith Lords. Tarkana had miraculously managed to blindside and jump on to the back of one of the newly appointed apprentices of the Sith and deliver a fatal wound to his mid section with a blade she'd concealed under her clothing for protection. The dark apprentice went down but not before igniting his crimson saber and scuffing the woman's face. Tarkana's eye was damaged beyond repair.

    She was shackled and brought kicking and screaming before the Dark Lord Insipid, Night Herald of The New Sith Empire. The Sith, who had been informed of the untimely demise of one of the hopeful apprentices leaned forward in his chair, addressing Tarkana who had become silent as she held a hand over her burnt face.

    "You have saved me a lot of time and effort, exposing the worthlessness of that pathetic fledgling. You have spirit, cunning and may well be of some use to us. But I barely have to concentrate at all to recognize that you bear no power in the Force at all."

    Insipid said this with a dark grin on his face and motioned for her to be taken away. Her life had been spared, but at what cost?

    Tarkana Sydon was fitted with a high quality cybernetic eye and now lives the life of a slave inside the Sith Temple on Moraband.

    Darth Master Titus Padawan4687 greyjedi125
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    Omana Family

    Name: Drathen Omana
    Alias: Darth Servus, Grand Vizier of the Empire
    Age: 72
    Sex: Male
    Species: Echani (Pureblood)
    Occupation: Sith, Knight
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 183

    Rank/Level: Sith Master/8
    Class: Warrior/Knight

    Force push/pull – 3
    Force choke – 4
    Force Avalanche – 3
    Force Lightning – 4
    Force Defense – 4
    Mind Trick – 4
    Form II – 4
    (Knight only) Inspire – 4


    Physical Description: Tall and lean, though still muscular. He is thinner than in his youth, and has more wrinkles upon his face. His face is always serious, his silver eyes rarely blinking and intense. Long straight hair, a bit thinner with age.
    Clothing: He is fashion tends to shun the often seen black cloth that is traditionally worn by Sith, he prefers mostly grey tones. Pants, boots, cape. Well dressed, formal yet functional.
    Weapons: Lightsaber. Red Blade.
    Description of Abilities: Some would think that years of bureaucratic leadership and the slow creep of age would leave Drathen a shell of his former self, yet the reality is far from that. Seemingly since he could walk he was a student individual combat, as all Echani were but the Omana family were different. They came from a noble bloodline dating back many centuries, mingled in the lineage can be found numerous champions and legendary duelists. The Omana family excelled with the blade. Drathen, now more than ever, may be at his peak as a duelist.


    Drathen, born to a ancient and noble Echani bloodline was from the start a very ambitious man. Driven to be the best swordsman of his family, driven to be Sith, driven to rule others. Life was always about making the right moves, more a game of dejarik than anything. Always he was evaluating his next move, he planning ahead but was able to adapt. He was good at the game. It helped immensely that he came from old money and a respected noble line, he had every advantage in life.

    But the family had a secret, the Omanas were powerful in the Force and had been so for untold generations. Again however, there was an even darker secret. At some point in their history the family came to posses a holocron, though it was partially damaged the gatekeeper still functioned enough to pass along some of the creator's knowledge.

    That was the real treasure.

    The holocron had been created by a Sith Lord from the Clone War era toward the end of the Republic's reign, a Darth Tyranus, one of the most renowned sword masters of his time. The most valuable pieces of knowledge discovered were on the topic of swordsmanshipthe instruction was far from complete but was still priceless. Some more sinister aspects of the holocron did still remain however, and over generations the family had succumbed to the draw of the Dark Side.

    By the time of Drathen's birth the family was past it's prime, though still wealthy and the name respected, he was the last heir to a slowly diminishing power base. His father, driven to not see the end of his line pushed his son, always pushed, never relenting. Demanded perfection in all aspects of life. Eventually perfection became Drathen's passion as well, and his father shared the holocron and all the dark secrets it held. The son was far more driven than the father could imagine, Drathen devoured everything the holocron had to share.

    He did not stop there, he wanted more and his father did as well. Drathen must be trained by living Masters of the Force, the family depended on it. So it came to pass. Drathen left Echani and traveled into Sith space, on Moriband he learned the ways of the Dark Side. He learned well, excelled in war and governance at a time of expansion. Eventually he was given a promising assignment as regional governor with his center of power located in the Princess Teta system, there had been reports of rebellious activity that needed to be handled.

    Drathen was given legions of Sith forces to command and replaced the existing governor, he immediately set to work suppressing descent and bringing order back to the region. Minor skirmishes lasted for years but the rebel forces were not a well trained resistance.

    It was during those years that his father begin to demand of his son a marriage and heirs, Drathen allowed his father to arrange a marriage to benefit the Omana name. A woman from the nearby planet of Thyrsus was chosen, political and military alliances had been persistent for hundreds of years between them and the marriage strengthened both families. In time he and his new wife advanced their position within the Empire's ruling class, to the point of believing there was stability enough to start a family.

    Though don't be fooled, this was no marriage of love. It was for advancement, power, their careers in the Sith ruling class. They were a power couple, and they were on the rise.

    In a few short years Drathen's wife had become pregnant, and eventually birthed his first children. Fraternal twins, one girl and one boy. Less that two years later his wife was assassinated publicly, the shocking act led to a round of brutal crack downs on any groups affiliated with rebel activity, many went missing and were never seen from again. Would you like to know another Omana secret? Drathen was the one who had ordered the assassination of his own wife, for many reasons but mostly for political gain.

    The move was a raging success. Drathen's grip tightened and his rule was strict, efficient and cold, but never cruel without cause and he did not condone wholesale slaughter of populations. Order came to his sector, it quickly became an important and profitable gem in the crown of the Empire.

    Drathen buried himself in his work for the next few years, consolidating his local power but also keeping his eye on regions outside of Sith reach. His eye was ever on his home of Eshan, and he could not abide the devastation wrought on his people. Drathen promoted a loyal yet competent lackey to administer his holdings and duties as governor and set off secretly to build alliances and a power base in the war ravaged planets of Eshan and Thyrsus. Through well established family accounts on Eshan and his former wife's relations in Thyrsus, he was able to funnel funds and resources towards clans and families that would be sympathetic to him, and they in turn rebuilt their worlds and helped to eliminate opposition groups.

    In a relatively short time both the Thyrsus and Eshan ruling classes were completely loyal and sympathetic to Drathen and the Empire he represented, it was a master stroke for the Empire.

    Drathen again understood the need to solidify his influence through marry once again. His father, who was near death and who would pass soon after the wedding, approved yet again. This time Drathen chose a woman more to his personal liking, a pure-blood Echani. She was younger by many years, and an exemplary specimen of Echani genetics. She was strong, fast, driven and intelligent. That was not all however, she was also naturally sensitive to the Force and belonged to a lesser noble line of Echani.

    This woman who would become his second wife was once a Jedi, she left the Order after the wars had ravaged her planet. Her family had suffered greatly, heartbroken and angry she went home to help rebuild. The Galactic Alliance had failed to protect them, and it was soon obvious that they did not have the resources to help them rebuild, the suffering only worsened. That is when Drathen arrived, when Eshan was at it's lowest. The people were desperate, and he was a willing savior. She was immediately drawn to him, to his charity and to something else.

    The suffering of her people brought her dangerously close to the Dark Side, Drathen took advantage of this and she soon became yet another pawn in his game.

    His success in the Empress Teta system as well as on both Eshan and Thyrsus drew the attention of the Triumvirate, and they named him Grand Vizier of their Empire. He kept his center of influence on Empress Teta and from there managed the day to day affairs of the Empire efficiently. Just as the regions he governed prospered so did he, both professionally and personally. His political star was shining bright, and he was about to become a father for the third time. Only this time his child was a pure-blood Eshan. Asura. His political alliances on both planets were strong, his family was strong, and his position within the Empire was strong.

    Life was good, and it remained so for just over two decades.

    Name: Ruina Omana
    Alias: None
    Age: 48
    Sex: Female
    Species: Echani (Pureblood)
    Occupation: Former Jedi, Dark Side Adept (Sorcerer/Arcanist for purposes of power mechanics)
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 130

    Rank/Level: Master/ 6
    Class: Dark Side Adept but for purposes of game mechanics, Sorcerer/Arcanist

    Force Avalanche - 3
    Force Choke - 2
    Force push/pull 3
    Force jump3
    Force Defense – 3
    Mind Trick– 3
    Form III – 3
    (Sorcerer tree only) Force Drain – 3
    (Arcanist only) Dark Side Healing – 3

    Physical Description: Lean and physically fit, though not overly muscular. Wears her hair long, with smaller braids throughout.
    Clothing: Still wears the natural color pallets of the Jedi, in particular favors browns and greens. High, soft soled, leather boots.
    Weapons: Blue Lighsaber
    Description of Abilities: Her fields of training as a Jedi were diplomacy, and history.
    Bio: Ruina was born to a prosperous family, well off with both heirs and wealth. Though not considered among the elite, they were well respected and as many ancestors had been Jedi. It was little surprise to anyone that she became a Jedi. Though naturally adept with a melee weapon due to her upbringing, her passions called her to the study of history and diplomacy. She met with a margin of success and was granted assignment as liaison to the Jedi Order on Eshan.

    War ravaged much of the galaxy, and Eshan was among many whose people suffered. Her own family suffered worse than most, their house was in a particularly heavily bombarded region of the capital. Of her central family members, only she survived. Ruina was devastated. She used her position to implore the Jedi Order to help, but they were spread too thin already. She called upon the alliance to send aid and medicines, but their plight was the same. She challenged the allied systems to be just that, allied, and they failed. At the height of her disillusionment a savior arrived, an older and distinguished Eshani who had made his wealth off-world had returned and seemed determined to save his home.

    He seemed to pour everything he had into the rebuilding efforts not only on Eshan, but also the nearby Thyrsus. Ruina was eventually introduced to Drathen, and they immediately set to work easing the burden of their people. The suffering of her people had already driven her close to the Dark Side, it was easy for Drathen to pull her in the rest of the way. He was so influential, so wealthy, and people did as he suggested. It was not hard for her to fall in love with him, most of the planet seemed to feel the same way. But he chose her, and asked to merge their houses through marriage.

    Of course she said yes. All that was hers was now his, and she a devoted wife who would soon be pregnant. It was less than a year after their marriage that Asura was born. By then Ruina was truly and unquestionably an adept of the Dark Side, her conversion was quick and complete. Drathen would not train her in the ways of the Sith, but he did show her how to tap into the power of the Dark Side to "maximize" her Jedi training.

    Name: Alistair Omana
    Alias: Darth Summa
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male
    Species: Echani/Thyrsian
    Occupation: Sith, Knight
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 197

    Rank/Level: Sith Apprentice/5
    Class: Warrior/Knight

    Force push/pull - 2
    Force jump – 2
    Force Choke – 2
    Force Defense2
    Form II – 3
    (Warrior tree only) Form VII – 2
    (Knight only) Inspire – 3

    Physical Description: An athletic and lean frame, moves gracefully and easily. His face is much a younger version of his father's. His hair is long, and black. A genetic influence. He also tends to wear it tied up in a fashion commonly seen on Thyrsian warriors. A personal choice.
    Clothing:Alistair favors light colors, a calculated choice. He wears an upgrade to the Sun Gard style of armor, highly polished with premium interwoven fabrics which are a light shade of grey. He is almost exclusively seen in this fashion, though unless he is prepared for combat he usually isn't wearing his helmet.
    Weapons: White Bladed Lightsabers, 2.
    Description of Abilities: He focuses his Sith training almost exclusively on the martial arts rather than the more nuanced secrets the Force had to offer, there is no weapon to him more fascinating than the lightsaber. His skill has become so advanced as to now use two, with great skill. Drathen ensured that he was no stranger to the political dance of the noble class, the Omana line depended on this. While he excels as a leader on the field of battle Alistair lacks the passion for truly inspired leadership in the political arena, he finds it a bore and he would rather delegate duties to hired administrators.

    Alistair and Malum are two sides of the same coin, Alistair taking after their father and Malum their mother. Both have strikingly similar appearances, and share a sense of humor. They are almost always seen together. They differ extremely on area of study however, though they it has become a source of strength for them as and they have proven capable working together to great effect.

    Drathen always encouraged Alistair to study his Thyrsian heritage, and he made sure to point his son in the right directions. He has a great passion for his culture, in particular the Sun Guard military cult and it's links to the Sith. He has aspirations to revive the Sun Guard, and make them strong once again with him as their Supreme Sun Guard.

    He is learned in the ways of the noble class and is familiar to politics, though has no real stomach for governance. He prefers a militaristic life, one dedicated to service in the name of his family, his home, and the Sith.

    Name: Malum Omana
    Alias: Darth Maleficus
    Age: 32
    Sex: Female
    Species: Echani/Thyrsian
    Occupation: Sith, Sorceress/Inquisitor
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 137

    Rank/Level: Apprentice/5
    Class: Sorcerer/Inquisitor

    Force push/pull – 3
    Force Lightning - 3
    Force Defense – 3
    Form II – 1
    (Sorcerer tree only) Force Drain – 3
    (Inquisitor only) Probe Mind – 3

    Physical Description: She is the very replica of her mother at the same age. Black hair, dark eyes and skin. Lean, graceful, and beautiful.
    Clothing: She wears black robes, hooded and with gloves.
    Weapons: Lightsaber, red blade.
    Description of Abilities: Where as her brother focuses on the martial arts, Malum prefers the more esoteric disciplines of the Dark Side. In this way she followed her mother's passions. Thyrsus was steeped in cult-like beliefs due to a long history of influence by Dark Side cults and even Sith manipulations, Malum's mother explored the secrets they left behind and found much in the way of knowledge and artifacts, upon her death these items were left to her.

    Alistair is her warrior, and she his witch. They blend blade and magic to great effect, though that is not the only area where their abilities compliment each other. Her brother understands and appreciates politics and mingling with the elite classes of the Empire, but it is Malum who has a passion for it. Often times it is her who is the serious one, and her brother who brings levity to the situation and enjoys to toy with others.

    Her path as a Sith was molded after what she knows of her mother. Thyrsian culture is steeped in ancient lore and magics, as a species they have long been connected to the Sith and some secret sects have always practiced the dark arts. Her mother was a member of one such sect, and she was by all accounts a formidable practitioner.

    All that her mother had collected in life was passed along to Malum by Drathen, and he encouraged his daughter to aspire for great things. Just as her brother seeks to lead the militaristic wing of a newly revived Sun Guard, she hopes to lead them spiritually.

    Name: Asura Omana
    Alias: Darth Sicarius
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female
    Species: Echani (Pureblood)
    Occupation: Sith, Assassin
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 134

    Rank/Level: 3
    Class: Assassin

    Force push/pull – 1
    Force choke – 2
    Force jump – 2
    Force Defense – 2
    Mind Trick – 1
    Form II – 2
    (Assassin tree only) Force Cloak – 2


    Physical Description: White hair, silver eyes. Extremely fit, as all Echani are, well toned and conditioned. A lifetime of physical fitness and martial training has benefited Asura with quick reflexes, strength, flexibility, and speed. She also loves high fashion, and was raised in political circles where it is important to present oneself as cultured and well off.
    Clothing: Usually wears a head covering of some sort, as long as it remains in style across the galaxy. Her clothing is a hybrid of function and fashion, though as life and death is critical for a Sith function receives the greater attention. All her clothing is custom tailored and made of the highest quality fabrics.
    Weapons: Red bladed lightsaber, elegant but deadly vibro dagger.
    Description of Abilities: Her father, understanding the necessity of politics and subterfuge, began to train his daughter at a young age. He focused almost exclusively on the martial disciplines, as he believed all Echani should, but as she grew older he introduced her as well to the finer arts of stealth and deception. She was to become an assassin, a politician, and a weapon to gain influence and collect debts among the elite class that helped rule the Sith Empire.

    The youngest, and only pure-blood Echani, daughter of Drathen Omana. She is his pride, and on her is placed much expectation for the future. Her training was balanced. She is deadly, her ability to wield the force is equal to that of her skill with a lightsaber. She is an astute student of the ways of the elite class of both Sith and Echani cultures, and she excelled at the politics of leadership and high society.

    Where her older half sister, Malum, plays at politics with a serious attitude, Asura takes a more relaxed and welcoming approach. Those who come to know her generally like her, her demeanor is disarming and often times polite.

    She comes to the Trials with great advantage over every other apprentice. She comes from a powerful family of great wealth, she has years of training that most apprentices could only dream of, and she is not afraid to use what she has been blessed with.
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    Apr 6, 2011

    Name: Darth Arach
    Born: Isa Blayke (pronounced Eye- sa Blake)
    Age: 20
    Sex: female
    Species: Human
    Occupation: Sith
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Physical Description: Long straight black hair, piercing gold eyes, pale flawless skin save for a fresh, deep cut on the underside of her right forearm. She wears an intricately designed pendant with a blood- red stone.
    Clothing: Usually wears a black 3/4 length sleeved tunic with black pants and knee- high boots.
    Weapons: Her weapons of choice are a standard lightsaber with a blood orange blade, a wickedly shaped vibroblade, the cutting edge is serrated and in the shape of flames, and a dagger made of unidentified bone curved like a serpent's fang with carvings in the hilt. It comes to a point at the butt which could be used to stab should the blade brake. In its sheath, there are a few small gems.
    Description of Abilities: Having just gained a boost in power and abilities, Arach has occasional random sparks of electricity erupt. Especially when emotionally compromised. If this happens, then she will release a deadly pulse of the Force, subconsciously, in addition to the uncontrolled lightning. Usually, she can control it enough to not electrocute those around her.
    Bio: Isa had a happy childhood. Her parents were part of a group of humans colonizing a planet known as Rikku. It has a lot of grassy knolls and is perfect for growing crops, located in the Outer Rim. This group was, also, part of a social experiment. It was on Rikku that she was born.

    For ten years, the colony grew. Ten years was how long it took for their paradise to become hell.

    It started with the crops. Very gradually, the crops started to become poisoned. They managed to contain it and even appeared to stop it for awhile. However, it came back not only in the crops, but the livestock, as well. No one knew where this poison came from or how to stop it.

    During this stage, they discovered that the poison made the animals more aggressive and caused a type of madness. Even the animals who only ever ate grass, began to turn on each other and eat their flesh.

    The next stage, it infected the colonists themselves. The violence recorded with the animals became magnified with the Infected. There were only a few that weren't effected. Isa and her parents were among them.

    The infection disguised itself, at first, as different common ailments. It, then, became more deadly accompanied with an insationable hunger.

    Help was barely called for before it was too late.

    As it was, many of the colonists were killed.

    Isa had been with a friend when the Infected became too many to contain. Worried for her parents, she slipped away in the confusion.

    She, eventually, heard screams that sounded like her mother coming from the direction of the market. They faded as she followed them.

    When she arrived she saw the market had been overrun. Some of the Infected were busy in small groups of three or four. Closest to her, she saw two groups of four each. She recognized the clothing of the two victims as belonging to her parents.

    Upon realizing this, the child couldn't help but stare in shock, horror, and tremendous grief as her parents became dismembered as she felt something within her start to crack.

    It didn't shatter until the Infected noticed her a few seconds after her arrival. As they came toward her, an inferno ignited. Never before had she felt such anger and hatred.

    With tears streaming, Isa let out an incredible scream as the built up inferno released in a powerful pulse. It shredded through the ranks of not only the Infected surrounding her parents, but through the ones surrounding the other victims as well.

    Safe and exhausted, the child collapsed to her knees and had just enough strength to crawl to her dead mother's side.

    This is where the response team found her some time later.

    On the ship with the other survivors, was an older woman by the name of Sadie Brown. Sadie had been a neighbor and a surrogate aunt to the child and took her in.

    Sadie died when Isa was sixteen. Her heart had merely given out.

    Now, she became burdened with Sadie's death as well as her parents'. The latter was not clear to her due to the trauma she had sustained.

    After Sadie's death, Isa took to the streets and became a scavenger and thief.

    It wasn't long before she learned that she was different than the others around her. She was far more successful at stealing items of value from shopkeepers and customers alike. And she was very skilled at finding the right haul when she scavenged.

    One day in the market, she stole a customer's pouch with their credits in it.

    She didn't realize this was not one of her normal victims until the Sith Master caught up to her.

    Eventually, impressed enough with her skill, the Sith brought her to Korriban to the Sith Academy. There she trained until she became apprenticed to the late Emperor himself.

    Class: Assassin- Watcher
    Level: 26

    Tier I
    Force Push/Pull
    Force Jump (+1)
    Force Sprint (+1)
    Force Stealth (+1)
    Force Barrier (+1)
    Jar'Kai (+1)

    Tier II
    Force Lightning
    Force Scream
    Force Avalanche
    Mind Shard
    Dark Side Healing
    Withering Affliction(+1)
    Conceal Essence (+1)

    Tier III
    Force Illusions

    Tier IV
    Probe Mind
  9. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    CHARACTER SHEET (Full Bio to come later)

    'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.'

    Name: Xen Gaal
    Alias: Darth Cruor
    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Male
    Species: Gen'Dai
    Occupation: Sith
    Physical Description: 8' tall when standing at full height. His resurrection has left him greatly changed. Though still corporeal his body is no longer immensely muscular and bulky, but rather relatively thin (as far as Gen'Dai standards go), though he has lost none of his physical strength or agility. His body is wrapped completely in tattered black linens in the style of a mummy, over which he wears a ragged black zeyd-cloth hooded cloak. He no longer wears the mask that obscured his face, that was lost at some point after his death. The light around him is muted, and shadows gather upon his clothing, at times writhing as if the darkness was itself alive.

    Weapon: Darkstaff, Lesser: The Lesser Darkstaff is a powerful Sith artifact that was a precursor to one of the most dangerous and unpredictable objects in the Galaxy, the Greater Darkstaff which was once owned by Darth Rivan. The exact material this black staff is made from is unknown, but it appears as if it is some kind of ancient gnarled wood that has the ability to change it's size to the wielder's desire. All light that passed near the artifact is consumed by the Darkstaff,it is able to produce black, smoky tendrils (Dark Side Tendrils) that will attack living individuals. It can teleport itself and it's wielder to a different location, the teleportation is localize to a planetary scale or smaller. The staff is immune to the effects of all Force powers and to all forms of energy damage, including lightsaber attacks.

    Furthermore, the staff has the ability to transform creatures into Sithspawn, dark side–influenced mutants, and could be used to animate corpses, to create dark side–using zombies, or to create shadow creatures controlled by the owner of the staff. Cadavers that are exposed to the Darkstaff for extended periods of time can sometimes be mutated by the staff's power in a manner that causes them to be strengthened, rather than weakened, when attacked with energy based weapons.

    At the will of the wielder of the Darkstaff, beings in the presence of the artifact feel an uncomfortable sensation, as if the air around them had become thick, oily, and unpleasant. In addition, the artifact's powers prevented anyone who wields it from being disarmed during combat,and it can also enshroud its bearer in a cloak of shadows that concealed their appearance.

    Personality: Everything about Darth Cruor is intimidating, including his deep, rough-sounding voice. He is deceitful, and will use others to achieve his own ends, though prefers to be viewed by those around him as a being who will help them achieve their desires and goals. To achieve that, he plays on people's emotions by appealing to their senses of greed and ambition. Viewing himself as all powerful, the Sith Lord believes that he has the right to choose when to end the lives of sentient beings, and considers it acceptable for the strong to make decisions for the weak, because he judges that some beings were never destined to be anything other than slaves.

    In all ways he serves the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force. He is loyal to those who rule the Sith Empire, as long as he sees that their service is loyal to those they rule over. He views all that he does as a service to the Dark Side of the Force, and as necessary for the survival and continued greatness of the Sith.

    Description of Abilities: Tank, Sith Necromancer, Undead Gen'Dai

    A Sith of ancient origins who has gone by many names, he was able to survive the rise and fall of numerous Empires.

    His world was found and exploited by Sith Pantheon. The Sith drained the world of its resources and they eventually left, but not before taking with them a creature powerful in the Force. Xen Gaal at this time started his training under the being known as The Left-Handed God, Typhojem, known to the Rakata as Darth Nemesis, and did not finish his apprenticeship for more than a century. It was during this time where he met with a new servant of the Pantheon, Darth Dreadwar.

    It was also during this time that Xen Gaal earned his Sith name, Darth Cruor, given to him by Darth Nemesis himself in honor of his proficiency in battle. A fitting name that would last with him through the centuries.

    Over the course of the 7,000 + years that followed Darth Cruor was present at some of the Galaxies most critical moments, under the guise of various names he instigated wars, genocide, and assassinations. His entire purpose seemed focused on the downfall of civilizations, the ruin of Orders both Sith and Jedi alike. His actions served to cull the strong from society, spread instability and chaos, and herald the coming into power of the New Sith Empire!

    Since his death the political landscape has changed drastically, almost all that he had once known was gone. The Empire of the day is seemingly thriving, and it has been offered to him that he join with the ruling party, the Third Sith Triumvirate. If he does so or not still remains to be seen.

    His resurrection has left him greatly changed. Though still corporeal his body is no longer bulky, but rather relatively thin as far as Gen'Dai standards go, though he has lost none of his physical strength or agility. His powers are also seemingly changed in nature, once a pure physical force of nature, he now additionally has far greater strength in his ability to use the Dark Side.

    Class: Warrior/Marauder
    Level: 27/High Lord
    Skills: 30 points

    Tier I (8 points)

    Force Push/Pull
    Force Jump
    Force Sprint
    Force Rage ( +1 )
    Dark Side Meld
    Force Barrier

    Tier II (8 points)

    Force Scream ( +1 )
    Force Drain
    Force Avalanche
    Withering Affliction

    Tier III (6 points)

    Force Illusions

    Tier IV (8 points)

    Mind Probe
  10. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005


    Name: Darth Haretisch (born Plo Wanderguard)
    Age: 48 (biologically)
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human/Nagai
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 190
    Occupation: Sith Lord
    Physical description: Darth Haretisch had a slim, wiry build owing to his half-Nagai heritage. Ghost pale skin and gray eyes were offset by a mop of black hair, and angular, not overly handsome facial features - a prominent nose, high cheekbones, and jutting chin. He stood with a crooked posture, and moved with a ragged gait. His dominant left arm was cybernetic, owing to a lightsaber wound sustained in his youth.

    Clothing: During his days as a Dark Lord of the Sith Empire, Haretisch wore elegant but functional attire. A high collared dark gray vest and plasteel spaulders were offset by a coal black cloak and hood, dark gray riding pants, a black waistcape, leather gloves, and mirror-shined boots.


    Keiron Wanderguard's lightsaber, passed to his son Plo following his death in the Twelfth Battle of Zeltros in 4 ABY. Returned to the Jedi temple in 15 ABY prior to Darth Haretisch's long exile. Featured a green blade.

    The Foil of the Purebloods, a misnamed longsword owned by a line of Massassi warriors. Came into Darth Haretisch's possession during his exile. Shattered by Kwea Acantha in the catacombs while banishing Xendor to chaos.

    Darth Haretisch's second lightsaber, constructed in 150 ABY following his emergence from exile. Hastily constructed from pieces of other hilts and lacking in durability as a result. Destroyed during the Battle of the Lower Valley in 155 ABY after being momentarily lent to a careless apprentice. Focused a red blade and occasionally featured black rubber grips along the body.

    Darth Haretisch's third lightsaber. Fashioned in 155 ABY using the Eye of Hoth - an ancient relic recovered from its namesake world by Darths Kralkus, Kronos, Zalen, and Syren along with Esmerelda - as a focusing crystal. Meticulously crafted and far more durable than its predecessor, this third lightsaber featured a polished chrome finish, a beveled emitter shroud, and a grip wrapped in brown Mynock leather, exceptionally durable due to being silicon-based. It projected an icy blue blade owing to its unique crystal.

    Description of abilities: Though powerful in the force, Haretisch relied primarily on his considerable skills in swordplay and unarmed combat when facing foes who posed a legitimate threat. As a master of both Ataru and Djem So to the highest degree, he could shift seamlessly between the fleet-footed agility of the former and the leverage-minded strength of the latter - in both cases he viewed the lightsaber as only the sharpest point of a weapon which encompassed the entire body. Against significantly weaker opponents, however, he relied more on dark side attacks such as Force Lightning, Force Scream, Mind Shard, and telekinesis. His most refined mastery of the force was manifest in his unrivaled command of Force Rage and Inspire, however. Through each respectively he could become a near-unstoppable force all his own or a beacon through which others could be empowered to feats otherwise impossible.

    Biography: Darth Haretisch was a half-Nagai Dark Lord of the Sith who, through various means, lived in multiple eras of galactic history.

    Born as Plo Wanderguard in 8 BBY to a Nagai mother and human Jedi father - who had been assigned to the Firefist satellite galaxy prior to Order 66 - he showed significant potential in the force from a young age. Trained from near-infancy by his father, who sought to preserve the dying Jedi arts, Plo's early youth on Nagi is otherwise not well known.

    In 4 ABY with the fall of the empire, Plo followed both parents into the larger galaxy as they joined the shortlived Nagai/Tof invasion which took place that year. Though the elder Wanderguard might have proven an invaluable asset and teacher to a very young Luke Skywalker had they met, he along with Plo's mother were killed in the Twelfth Battle of Zeltros before any such meeting could take place. Left orphaned at only 12, Plo did not return to Firefist at the conclusion of the war, but instead found himself taken to Coruscant with other war orphans, where he would remain until he reached adulthood in 10 ABY.

    By 11 ABY, Plo had found his way to the newly established Jedi Praxeum at Yavin IV, seeking to complete the training left unfinished by his late father. As a student of Luke Skywalker, he struggled with what appeared to be a restrictively narrow view of the force - having been taught balance and open-mindedness by his unorthodox father, whose dabblings in the dark side had made him a controversial and distrusted figure among the Jedi. His passionate nature was a constant point of criticism, and his unhealthy possessiveness of another student, Theona Kalo, for whom he had developed intense feelings of attachment, only made matters worse.

    In 12 ABY it was a chance meeting with Darth Cruor of the New Sith Order which watered the seeds of doubt in the young Plo's mind, and shortly afterward he disappeared from known space to become the apprentice of Dark Lord Vassago on Korriban. Among the Jedi, only Kalo knew of his whereabouts and of his fall to the dark side, a secret she would take to her grave.

    In late 13 ABY, having taken the name Darth Haretisch, he was contacted by Kalo who asked to meet with him on a neutral world, where she would pledge herself to the Sith and join him on Korriban. He traveled with his master Vassago as well as Darth Kast, each of whom was interested to appraise the apparent new recruit. The meeting was a ruse, however, as Kalo had no intention of joining the Sith and instead attempted to convince Haretisch to renounce the Dark Side and leave with her. Enraged, he accused her of conspiring with the Jedi to capture and return him to Yavin. Cruelly capitalizing on his apprentice's confusion and growing anger, Vassago ordered him to destroy Kalo as a show of commitment to the Sith. In an emotional stupor, Haretisch complied, to immediate regret. Filled with guilt and rage and self-loathing, he turned his blade on Vassago and was quickly disarmed. Renouncing his apprentice and expelling him from the Sith, Vassago departed with Kast and left the injured Haretisch for dead. Broken and crippled, Plo dragged himself to safety and assessed his wounds. Scarred by force lightning and without a left arm, he was nonetheless alive and well.

    Despondent, he wandered the Galaxy for a time before returning to Republic space in 14 ABY to willingly stand trial for his crimes. Though he projected the facade of a remorseless killer consumed by the dark side, the Jedi could see the truth of it - that it was only a facade, and that he was wracked with guilt.

    Further, no proof of his murder of Kalo could be found, as she had simply been assumed missing since 13 ABY when she had renounced the Jedi and departed Yavin. In the end, though the Jedi acknowledged Plo's deep feelings of guilt as real, his confession was dismissed as a false one, and he was denied the punishment he sought - advised instead by the Jedi to atone for whatever grieved him so.

    In truth, he had been cast even further into a pit of darkness by the confirmation that Kalo had not lied about her renunciation of the Jedi - a suspicion he had held guiltily since the moment she fell dead. She had sacrificed everything only to see him redeemed. This was not a defeatist despair as before, however. This was a focused, burning will to exact vengeance. Outfitted with a cybernetic left arm, he once again left Republic space for the unknown regions.

    In 15 ABY, he found what he expected to be the vehicle to his eventual revenge. In a remote corner of the unknown regions, he happened upon an unnamed planet rich in the dark side and the secrets of the ancient Sith. Among the treasures he found there was an eldritch holocron of mysterious and primeval making. Apprenticed to this holocron, and now calling himself Darth Haretisch once again, there he would quickly fall under a malign influence which would feed not only his power, but his growing madness and nihilism.

    In 150 ABY, Darth Haretisch at last emerged from his isolation, bent on destroying Darth Vassago and his Sith Order. Though 135 years had passed in the galaxy at large, a mere two decades had come and gone from his own perspective - he was now biologically only 43 years old due to a powerful time dilation effect.

    Traveling to Korriban to confront his former master in person, he found Vassago and his order long gone, replaced many times over by orders and kingdoms and empires which had risen and crumbled in the near century and a half since the beginning of his exile. On Korriban he instead found Darths Insipid and Dreadwar, with whom he engaged in a titanic battle of sorcery and swordplay. Though he showed himself as a formidable swordsman - easily besting Dreadwar and very nearly matched by Insipid - he could not prevail against both great sorcerers at once. Each boasted a significantly superior command of dark side wizardry which would have made either an equal match in single combat, and Haretisch's defeat was clearly inevitable from the opening exchanges.

    When at last he was overcome, his conquerors came to regard him as simultaneously too dangerous to let alone, and too potentially useful to destroy. Though lords of lesser cunning may have simply killed him, Insipid and his occasional rival were far wiser than the Dark Lords of old. No, Darth Haretisch's coming was far too well-timed to waste with foolish bloodlust. Instead, he was commissioned to lead alongside them the rising Sith Empire, as one third of a Sith triumvirate. And so it was formed, the Third Sith Triumvirate; Emperor Dreadwar, Night Herald Insipid, and Shadow Hand Haretisch.

    Class: Warrior - Knight
    Level: Dark Lord of the Sith, Level 30 (33 points)

    Tier I

    Force Push/Pull
    Force Choke
    Force Jump
    Force Sprint
    Force Rage (+1)
    Force Barrier
    Shien/Djem So (+1)

    Tier II

    Force Lightning
    Force Scream
    Mind Shard
    Force Avalanche
    Dark Side Healing
    Inspire (+1)
    Ataru (+1)

    Tier III

    Lesser Force Storm

    Tier IV

    Dark Side Havoc
    Lesser Dark Side Tendrils
  11. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Name:Lord Manticore
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Species: Zabrak
    Height: 6’2
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Occupation: Sith Marauder
    Physical description: Very athletic and muscular build. Blood red skin color, raven hair tied in a long black braid. Fiery irises, like burning embers, a Mythical Manticore tattoo covers his torso and back. He has lightsaber burns covering his arms and shoulders.
    Clothing: Loose fitting sith combat gear, with armor mesh. Black hooded cloak, black boots and gloves.

    Weapons: Detachable, double-bladed lightsaber with unassuming black hilts, save for a Manticore sigil. ( they become two weapons for dual wielding purposes ), the blades are a vermillion color. The Force, Hate an Anger. Teras Kasi and Echani Martial Arts.

    Description of abilities: Lord Manticore is an ingenious combatant, who has keen awareness of combat zones and all its ranges. Though an inherently feral combatant, he also moves seamlessly between attack and defense, feints and counter-attacks, as though he was reading the entire encounter. He is comfortable at all ranges of engagement and is quick to adapt to any surprises - then counters them. His ability to combine Force powers with martial skills into impressive attack strings and combinations have garnered him much prestige. He is a proponent of the Great Sith Lord Tulak Hord to a near obsessive degree. His greatest ambition is to learn the Sith Lord’s secrets.

    Biography: Lord Manticore was groomed from a very young age to be a vessel for dark power as well as a Sith hopeful. His former Master was believed to be an exiled Sith or Dark Sider who sought to regain favour with the Sith with the grooming of 'the boy'. His too often cruel training at the hands of his overly zealous dark master created a warrior with exceptional combat skills and a cunning mind, akin to the predatory creatures of myth, and equally heartless, if not more.

    After unsurprisingly killing his cruel and sadistic Master in an act of pure hate, Lord Manticore took all that was rightfully his, and in his quest for power, he sought the Sith, and his destiny. He found them eventually, and proved himself in their Trials. By dint of his anger and the darkside, he has risen through the sith ranks, and was even taken as an apprentice for a time. Now, as a Sith Master, he is ready for the greater challenges that await him. Such that will have him risk it all. That’d be a worthy challenge indeed. Worthy of a SITH!

    Presently, Lord Manticore has achieved the rank of High Lord among the sith and has taken the role of Stygian Executor. His loyalty to the Sith Empire have never been stronger, and still, he has yet to achieve his personal goal. He is confident however, that his ambition is achievable during his lifetime.

    Now, as the newly appointed Battlelord of the Sith, Manticore is truly entrenched in the day to day dealings of the Sith Empire. He is now closer to his destiny than ever before.

    Class: Sith Warrior/ Marauder
    Level: 29 High Lord & Battlelord

    Tier I

    Force Push/Pull
    Force Choke
    Force Jump
    Force Sprint
    Force Rage (+1)
    Force Stealth
    Force Barrier
    Shii-Cho (+1)
    Soresu (+1)
    Shien/Djem So (+1)
    Jar’ Kai

    Tier II

    Mind Trick
    Force Avalanche
    Withering Affliction
    Darkside Healing
    Conceal Essence

    Tier III


    Tier IV
  12. Darth Rozic

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    Dec 27, 2015
    Name: Darth Rozic

    Age: Unknown

    Sex: Male

    Species: Sith Pureblood

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Weight: 67kg

    Occupation: Jedi Hunter

    Physical description: Red skin. Jowl like mouth tentacle things. Gold markings. Spiked brown hair.[​IMG]

    Clothing: Black Sith robes that look similar to that of a padawans. Hidden armor plates. [​IMG]

    Weapons: Two red-bladed lightsabers, one of which is unstable and often shoots out sparks (like Kylo Ren's just not a cross-guard). Back-up vibroblade. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Description of abilities: Darth Rozic is a skilled alchemist and force user. He spends a lot of his time studying the ancient ways of the Sith. In his time on Korriban he encountered a couple of holocrons which taught him to construct and use a lightsaber as well as wield several weapons at once.

    Biography: Born and raised on Korriban, Rozic can't remember his childhood due to unknown reasons. One day he just awoke in an abandoned Sith temple and only was certain of two things: his name was Darth Rozic and that all Jedi must die.[​IMG]

    Some times he would experience visions of an ancient Sith lord with no body, dressed in black robes giving him words of advice. This Sith Lord was actually just a spirit with his physical form constantly shifting in and out of reality. The spirit also had glowing orange cracks all over his body that resembled cracks in an active volcano. The spirit Siths name was Darth Karanain.

    When the Sith Empire rose up once again Rozic used an ancient teleportation device to go to Moraband and catch a ride on a Sith warship to Coruscant. There he began murdering sick and injured Jedi on their ways home until he gained the attention of Federation troopers. They set up ambushes for him while he was going to a gun merchant and then injected him with Koltotine (which is a modified version of Kolto used to induce sleep) and sent him to a usually high security prison, the Jedi Temple.

    Class: Warrior
    Level: X (10)

    Tier I
    Shien/Djem So
    Force rage
    Force push/pull
    Dark Side Meld
    Force Choke
    Force jump
    Force sprint
    Force barrier
  13. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005
    The points don't work that way, Rozic
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  14. dragonsith13

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    Apr 3, 2005
    --Some 60 years in the past--
    Korriban Wilde -- Pesegam Minor Mountains--Outskirts of unknown village

    The wind was howling as the storm raged, visibility was near zero... blotting out even the light reflected from the moon. Pelting walls of sand roared across the desert scape, then as quickly as it had arrived, the sand storm gave way to the night sky. Before too long the red sand shifted slightly giving way as something rose from the earth. The canvas hide that had been concealing and covering something shed a layer of red sand as Draconis uncovered himself from beneath the sand where he had weather the intense storm, adjusting the wrapped cloth protecting his face. Before rolling and stowing the hide and setting out towards a nearby mountain range. Dawn was closing in as the night sky gave way to the glimmer of a rising sun, reflecting over his shoulders against the mountain range growing closer as he trekked forward. Unfurling the tan cloth wrapped around his face covering all but his eyes, which were covered by black goggles, he could see what he had been searching for in the distance at the base of one of the mountains. Nestled at the beginning of a mountain pass was the small village he had identified years ago. The first sign of civilization in months as he passed a moisture harvester on the outskirts of the mountain village. All paths had led him to here, decades of searching to this one obscure place. Never meaning to be found… as much had been put in place, to keep the secret buried here hidden for all time. The morning sun rose higher as he reached the village draped by sheer mountains watching over it. The village was calm, still waking from its nightly slumber as a few humanoid like beings, could be seen beginning their days with duties and work. The ping of hammer and durasteel could be heard, hearkening that this place still held onto old traditions that blended with a slight influx of technology granting some semblance of balance of the old and the new. Cloaked in his ragged robes Draconis' gaze moved from left and right and back again. Draconis could feel some wash of the force as this place as it clearly held secrets of its own apart from what he sought. No one had noticed his arrival, not that he was attempting to mask such, as he observed and viewed the small huts and stone structures. No one was the wiser that death had arrived in their home, moving deeper amongst them with only one purpose.

    Three children rounded the corner of a stone building, suddenly coming upon the hooded and ragged robed dark figure of Draconis. One of the boys slammed right into him, knocking himself down, quickly recovering in fear as he looked up startled and afraid. A second boy grabbing him by the arm frantically helping him up as the two began to shuffle back before turning and running, shouting words as if alarmed. The third boy who had stopped shy of running into the dark being now in front of him, stood silently. Either mesmerized or frozen in fear. Draconis crouched bringing his gaze in line and to the level of that of the child’s. His face still concealed behind the shadow of the hood.

    "You are quite fast! Young one."

    Draconis tone was inviting and complimentary towards the child. Draconis had recognized the dialect of the fleeing boys of that of a more primitive language used by many of the distance and remote villages. The boy looked back almost stunned that Draconis spoke to him clearly in his native tongue. The ancient languages of the Sith had all but died out, but the foundation of many of the communication in these remote places still held onto small pieces of the long dead languages. Draconis was impressed by the young one’s resilience.

    "And clearly a brave young man!"

    The boys concerned expression changed to a more relaxed demeanor as he seemed reassured that he was such a brave young man by the dark man before him. "I... I will train with Talredene one day our villages greatest warrior. Already says I will grow up to be a good hunter!" The young boy was clearly proud of the distinct honor afforded him, as merited in the village caste system. "I.. I am not afraid of anything! Have to watch over and protect my peeop.. people. Tis our resbunsabitities.: Draconis grinned slightly, amused at the child’s deep pride in his village and responsibilities.

    "I see everything." He gave a wide proud smile.

    Didn't your parents teach you to not talk to strangers? Draconis tone became more concerned, as he leaned forward slightly in his crouch.

    “I am Tolr, what is your name?” The child was blunt.


    "We are not strangers anymore". The child responded quickly. Again Draconis was impressed, the child was sharp, unrelenting, and unafraid.

    "Tell me Tolr, have you ever seen anything like this?" Draconis unfurled a cloth upon which were a number of Sith runes and symbols. Tolr pointed and pressed his finger tip against one of the symbols.

    "Granfade Shaola." Associating it with someone. The boy clearly recognized one of the ancient symbols, distinctly one associated with a priest caste from long ago.

    "Will you take me to granfade, Tolr?"

    “Come with me, Draconis.” The boy spoke happily as he reached and grabbed Draconis' hand pulling him along. Tolr lead him through the village past many of the villagers as the village was coming more to life. Still few came to pay attention or notice him as the young child led death closer to what he sought. “The mountain screams, granfade saves us.” The child spoke clearly referencing the nearby mountains and something that lies therein. Unknowingly offering further confirmation to Draconis.

    They soon came upon a large hut, rapping on the doorway as Tolr announced their arrival. “Granfade? Granfade?”

    “TOLR!” A woman’s voice cried out in fear. As a woman ran up snatching the child. Clearly the boy’s mother, as she began chastising the child, noticing the dark being and scared to death at the sight of Draconis and her child holding his hand. Reeling back with the child away from Draconis. “Draconis.” Tolr yelled out. Upset with being separated from his new friend. Draconis' hand fluttered, Tolr's mother came to a dead calm instantly ceasing the fearful fit and subsequent attempt to flee with her child. Her mind glazed over from control of Draconis, as she tranced at his will. Tolr dropped unaware of his mother’s zombie like state.

    “Tolr, you are a brave one. I am glad you are my friend now. This is granfade's home?” Draconis gesture behind him towards the hut. Tolr nodded his head up and down. “Take this. Give it to your mother and run along with her to home. Next time I see you, you had better be a strong hunter, always keep those eyes open!” Draconis' pale hand reached out grazing the cheek of the child while placing a large sealed package of portions, enough food for over a week in his hand. Draconis rose staring at the Tolr's mother. “Tolr is fine, and the village is safe.”

    “Tolr is fine, and the village is safe.” The young woman monotonously recited, then blinked looking down to see her child and smiling happily to see him, before turning to return home. As he walked with his mother, Tolr looked over his shoulder smiling as he waved back at his new friend, the gesture was met with a slight return wave by Draconis.

    “They... are not safe... Are they?” The voice of an elderly man spoke from behind Draconis. Draconis turned to eye whom he knew would be the marked granfade now standing at the entrance to the hut.

    “No. No, they are not.” Draconis' tone changed completely. Darker. Determined and singular as he addressed the village elder. Draconis moved towards the elder whom waved him forward into his hut.

    “Priest!” Draconis spoke, clearly recognizing the elder man as something far more than just a village shaman and elder. Much more than just granfade, as he proceeded through the hut entrance into the elder’s chambers. The hut was what one would expect of an elder… Trophies, artifacts, and rugs covered much of the living quarters as a fire glowed within a small furnace heating the hut. The man was indeed frail in body, utilizing a polished wooden cane to aid him as he passed Draconis who had stopped in the middle of the hut as the priest walked across the hut towards a skin wrapped chair. All a fitting ruse.

    “I knew you would come, eventually. Many of us knew you were not dead.” He clearly knew such as well. The priest spoke eluding to the one whom had cast Draconis out. The priest coughed. “I know why you are here..." The priest spoke with a heavy heart, grieved by the fact at what was about to transpire. "Much care was taken to hide him away.”

    “Time has been good to you priest.” Draconis spoke seeing through the façade and noting the fact that this once Priest at the Sith Temple clearly had prolonged his life well beyond expectancy, much like many of his brothers and sisters of the court of the Sith from that time. The time of shattering and purge. When Lord Cruor had been discarded, during that time his body and mask separated. The priests and priestesses removing his body, some of them devoted to saving his essence, some determined to hide the fowl beast of Cruor away from the galaxy for no one to find ever again.

    “Many of us hoped... you would never come!” The man sat down opposite of Draconis wrapping a fur blanket over his legs for warmth. Distraught over the fact that this meeting was finally happening. “I assume I am the last?” The priest questioned, knowing in his heart and mind that Draconis being here meant that none of those who had hid Cruor away still lived.

    “You are priest. And not all by my hand.” Clearly referencing the fact that the hunt for Cruor and it was not limited to him.

    “The village?” The priest spoke. His senses heightened at the thought. Gravely concerned at the death and destruction that stood at their doorstep.

    “Save your heart priest.” Draconis reassured the elder priest. “You need not fear bloodhounds from afar pouncing on this place, save giving me what I seek...” Draconis paused letting the air clear, as his next words were piercing knowing that the priest would know exactly what he next spoke of. “The mountains scream.” Draconis recited what the young village child Tolr, had said about the mountains. Demanding an explanation from the priest.

    “The dark side swirls around that place... we buried him deep within the mountain. Still it swells with darkness. Several of us stayed there to protect the grounds as long as they had breath. However, one by one they were all driven mad by the wellspring of darkness.” Draconis was intrigued by the fact that the dark side devotees were corrupted yet even further than they already had been.

    “Somethings are left best undisturbed.” The priest spoke as he began to rise in his chair. “Besides his body is of no use to you, as only his mask will reunite his essence and soul to his physical self!” The priest spoke almost chiding Draconis as if thinking he had presented an impasse that no one, not even Draconis could surmount. “Your efforts are in vain Lord Draconis. The Death Mask was destroyed!” The priest grinned, almost gleeful.

    “You mean this…” Draconis produce the battered and dark death mask, the one of the true Harbinger, holding it forth in front of the priest. The priest's face grew deathly pale, utterly stunned and fearful. The priests hand rose in an attempt to lurch the mask free from Draconis' grasp, attempting to call it to him through the force. While the Priest’s knowledge of ritual and rite was immense, his prowess in the force was not nearly equal to that of the Sith before him. Draconis flung his free hand towards the priest, knocking him back in his chair and racking his body into a convulsing back arching hold. The priest eyes grew wide in fear, knowing that Draconis had all the pieces of this grand puzzle aligned. "Your weakness for this village betrays you priest! Or does it?” Draconis stepped forward, holding the man through the force. “It would be a shame if little Tolr and his pretty mother...”

    “NOOOO.” The priest shouted in a gruff voice, with a cough. Draconis released the elder as he dropped back into his chair. Draconis was close to the elder man, leaning in. “You will show me the path, priest!” The priest had no resistance, and neither could he stand up in any capacity to the Sith Lord. The vision of his village burning and slaughtered raced through his head. “I... I will.” The priest said in a defeated breath. “My gran-daugte knows where the mountains scream. She will take you.” The priest clearly admitting that he could not make the journey. “She will meet you at the mountain pass at tomorrow dawn after I speak with her.”

    Draconis nodded bowing slightly to the elder priest. In no formal show of respect, but mocking the broken man. “Your village is safe priest. Be at ease ganfade... I have no quarrel here.” The dark ragged figure removed himself from the hut taking his leave, noting the rekindled fire in the Priests eyes.

    Dawn -- Mountain pass

    Draconis stood in plain sight awaiting his guide, whom appeared jumping down from one of the rock buffs nearby. Her jump clearly guided by the force, she was adept. Landing in a crouch nearby Draconis. The priest's gran-daugte rose un-cowling the tan hooded robe from her head revealing her face. She was striking, beautiful, Draconis could now see the make-up of the villagers more clearly through this young woman as her slightly reddish toned skin contrasted her shortly trim darker red hair. Draconis knew that the races of the ancient Sith were all but known to be extinct, but this world clearly molded and shaped those that inhabited it to its will. Including these remote isolated tribes and villages. Giving way to the evolution of what was needed to survive on this harsh world, and as such while bloodlines of the ancients had been broken, traits and characteristics still rose from its ashes. This young woman along with her tribe perhaps molded by such, along with priest's bloodline having been passed down to his granddaughter.

    “Grandfade, bids me to guide you.” The young woman’s tone was pleasant, but direct and demanding. “Follow me.” Before Draconis could offer any reply she took off in a brisk pace up the mountain pass. “After you milady...” Draconis spoke after the fact of being left behind at pace. Not concerned at all at the head start his guide had.
    Their pace was unrelenting, the young one had stamina. Draconis could feel her drawing upon the force to spur her forward. She occasionally looked back before returning to her fast pace as they hiked and climbed through the mountain scape, each time surprised and flustered as if expecting to have lost Draconis given her blistering pace. Only to find him right in step behind her.

    “You move with grace young one.” Draconis offered up a polite but sharp remark towards the young woman. “You feel it flowing in you. Don't you? What is your name my dear?”

    “Granfade says not to talk to you!”

    Draconis grinned amusingly at the thought of the priest trying to protect her.

    “Oh you do not need to talk. Only listen.” The young woman offered a huff of disapproval at Draconis’ words as she paced up the path faster.

    “This place calls to you. You can feel it. I know.” Draconis began in at her. In fact, her services as a guide were becoming less and less needed as the wellspring of darkness was calling to Draconis. He knew she was drawn to it like a moth to flame. “When we arrive. I beg you to return. You are not strong enough for what is going to happen. I fear for your safety my dear.”

    Draconis grinned knowing that he was playing into her. The young woman was full of pride, he saw this already. She was strong in the force and budding with potential. She stopped in her tracks and turned back to Draconis, the sand and stone beneath her feet sliding as she came to a halt. “I am stronger than you, wraith! Granfade told me what you are! Sith! And the screams do not scare me!” The young woman’s eyes were focused and determine, hardened by her hatred of Draconis already, hatred of the Sith.

    “Did your granfade tell you he was Sith?” Draconis spoke as he passed the woman brushing her shoulder as he passed by. Flashing a tattoo on his wrist and showing the mark of the Sith, the same Sith tattooed symbol on her precious granfades forehead. Her demeanor changed dramatically, shocked almost in disbelief of the revelation from Draconis. Her hardened eyes blinked in disbelief as if not knowing how to take the news. Draconis pressed was amazing what a little revelation could do, shaking one’s beliefs and foundation of upbringing to the core. Something so simple. The idea that, someone that she had loved, had lied to her all her life. The priest was wrong to have sent her as his guide.

    The young woman quickly caught up to Draconis, coming alongside him as Draconis was homing in on the source of darkness.

    “You lie!” She said.

    “Hmmm, sometimes.” Draconis grinned back.

    “Granfade, is a healer and deliverer. Where did you get that?” She pointed at the tattoo.

    “Granfade said not to talk to me...” Draconis chided the young woman with a sadistic grin. The young woman huffed annoyed, her eyes and gaze narrowing as if burning through the side of Draconis' skull. “We are here!” Draconis announced, the young woman surprised at how she was now the one being guided. The cave entrance laid before them.

    “Stay here.” Draconis pressed on passing through the wide cave entrance, the foreboding mountains swallowing up everything around as the dark energy mangled the surrounding grounds giving a twisted appearance to all things. Jagged rocks and spires rose where normally smooth rocky outcroppings should have been. The darkness radiated. The young woman, briefly appeared to heed the Sith's advice, but impatiently followed him down. Time passed, as they traveled deeper into the mountain finally coming to a dead end. Draconis knew she was behind him, he knew she had followed him down all along. Unmarked and hoping to be forgotten Draconis singled out the large stone before him, the priests and priestesses had made sure to not mark the grave. Attempting to offer no clue as to his whereabouts. But that was to the uninitiated. “I need your help.” Draconis spoke to the young woman, referring to the fact that he knew she was there in the darkness, despite her best efforts to hide from him. “I am not strong enough.” Draconis spoke, though the fact was that he was more than strong enough in the force to move the boulder. “Need my help for what?” She asked. “Moving the boulder.” Draconis retorted.

    “Move the boulder. How?” The young woman asked inquisitively.

    “We need to do it together. Do as I do, reach out. I know your granfade showed you.” Draconis loosed the boulder slightly, but waited for the young woman’s power to cling to it. In fact, as the bolder lifted and moved away from the entrance, Draconis had lowered his hand as the young woman moved the boulder away all by herself. She looked in disbelief as she saw that Draconis’ arm had been lowered the whole time, shocked at what she had done. Draconis was testing her. Through the passage they went, the rocky cavernous depths giving way to a large vaulted cavern, large enough to fit a good sized freighter in. The far end of the cavern dropped off as a black abyssal crevice offered no return for anyone who would fall. Torches of the chamber came to life upon their entrance illuminating the room with a sudden brilliance. The chamber was plane, not adorned with markings or carvings of a Sith Lord. Just plane as if the contents of this place were shoved in and forgotten about. The only distinguishing features were a side anti chamber which looked to be some sort of multiple room living quarters carved into the rock and the stone sarcophagi in the center of the room. As they approached, they noticed two skeletons sitting up against the tomb. One had a rather long dagger embedded in its chest, while the other was in pieces, the torso and legs separated by several feet. Some of the fellow priests no doubt.

    The large tomb was plain save one inscription on the top slab. Draconis noticed the young woman trying to discern and make out the markings. "What does it say?" She asked.

    Draconis ran his hand across the top of the slab. He could feel the Gen'Dai's Death Mask radiating within his satchel. The journey to find this tomb complete as he read the inscription to himself as he came to the end of it. Turning to face the young woman who was mesmerized and enthralled by all that was happening.

    "Oh... it is a long chronical of this being’s life... a warning to all... a last attempt saying.... "

    "A last attempt at saying what?" Her interest clearly heightened immensely.

    Draconis leaned down as he stretched his arms out grasping the edges of the stone slab. Sadistically grinning.

    "Saying don't open the kriffing tomb!"

    Draconis pushed the slab over sliding it off onto the stone floor, the impact breaking it into three large pieces. Rather anti-climactically. Nothing extravagant happened. As was expected… As Cruor had decayed so had this place, drawing it down into darkness like the black abyss at the end of the room. The withered and scarred corpse of Darth Cruor lay silent, some tendons and fibers of him showing as the cloth wrappings had deteriorated even with the short passage of time… Clearly they had not embalmed him. No doubt they had no idea how to, Draconis marveled at his physiology. He could not hope to attempt to understand how everything worked. There were no bones to secure, no organs to embalm, just fibers, nerves, and tissue to attempt to wrap, and thus there he was. Silent, devoid of any spark.

    Draconis produced a jar placing it on the edge of the tomb. "What are you doing?" The young woman asked.

    "Feeding him." Draconis plainly replied as if it was obvious. "His tissue is dormant. Sealed away from all life, it has been unable to regenerate and heal. We must aid our friend in healing himself." Draconis spoke as if instructing the young woman already in the ways of the dark arts. Draconis pulled a small serpent like creature from the jar, which quickly opened its mouth producing fangs, had Draconis not controlled its head it would have easily bitten the young woman. Draconis pressed the fangs down into the rotting corpse of Cruor.

    "Even in this state, his body will react... drawing upon its nature to heal itself. The venom will act as a catalyst and spur the body to react." Draconis satisfied that enough venom had been deposited, raised the serpent and flung it at the young woman. Whose eyes grew wide as she stepped back. Loosing the spear quickly from her back and stabbing it through the head as it attempted to coil on the ground. She offered no words, but merely stared angrily at Draconis. She was quick. The silence of the chamber was faintly broken as the soft sound of irregular thumping emanated from the tomb. The young woman peered over to look upon the corpse, which now shown a small spot pulsating with hues of red and purple.

    Draconis stepped back satisfied ,staring at the tomb but addressing the young woman. "You were supposed to have killed me by now." Draconis plainly stated. The young woman was caught off guard, still mesmerized by everything as she had played right into his hands. "I... I.... granfade..."

    "Granfade lied to you my dear." Draconis stepped forward goading the young woman. "NOOOO." She lashed out thrusting the spear forward at Draconis' head. Draconis swatted it to the side and raised his hand vaulting her up and back with the force. She impacted the stone floor with a thud. "Come on you are stronger than this." Draconis stepped forward. She hopped back up quickly producing a dagger which she thrusted and sliced with repeatedly. Her moved were precise and fast, and would have landed had she not had been facing a dark master. Draconis evaded the moves countering with block after block and subtly evasions. Draconis countered with a fist strike to the chest forcing her back onto her back. "STRONGER. AGAIN." Draconis yelled. Springing up she raged, the woman twisted and flipped through the air leveling a kick as she landed followed by a sweep at his legs, bringing the dagger up arcing across his chest. The moves missed, but finally put Draconis on the defensive for once. The power in her was growing, as she pressed forward her kicks and punches growing stronger, more forceful. "Your granfade was a murderer!"

    "NOOOO." She screamed. "NOOOO. I HATE YOU!" Draconis leveled another blow, this time to the head followed by another blow forcing the young woman back with a force push as she slide across the stone floor of the cavern. "Do what you came to do! KILL ME!" Draconis taunted her. She ran at him, thrusting the dagger forward in a killing strike. Draconis met the thrust, grappling her arm and forcefully dislodging the blade. "NOT with this." Draconis screamed back at her, continually he seemed to casually counter all of her efforts to kill him.

    The young woman screamed at length with rage. The shock waves beginning to ripple, as Draconis braced himself from the force scream. The echoes of her scream reverberating throughout the chamber before coming to a still silence. Shocked at what she had just done. The young woman looked around, as if unable to comprehend what she had just produced from down in her soul.

    "Good Talredene." Draconis said with a grin. "Now go and when you return do not come alone." Draconis again catching her off guard by apparently having known her name all along. Talredene reeled back stunned at the events of this day, what she had seen, what she had done... Draconis knew she would not be the same, the vein of power she had tapped into would need to be fed.


    Weeks had passed since unearthing his corpse. The chamber was littered with drawings of runes, symbols, writings and markings. As if the entirety of the chamber had become one giant chalkboard to Draconis as he worked things out. The clap of boots could be heard against stone as Talredene emerged from the chamber entrance, flanked by two young men of similar age to her. They entered the chamber looking about, before focusing on Draconis crouched beyond the tomb with his back to them. Staring and musing at the writings strewn about in his vicinity. "Draconis!" Talredene called out. Draconis intrigued that she had done her homework as well. "I have come to finish you!"

    "You do not sound so sure my dear..." Draconis offered a retort. "We shall see..."


    Her head hurt, the pain was excruciating. "How could you!?!??" She stared into the eyes of one of the young men, once her friend, a warrior that she had brought with her to end Draconis. His back was pressed against the tomb of Cruor. The two struggled over a dagger... Draconis had watched as the young man had been easily broken and turned against Talredene, scheming and giving into the prospect of lust and credits. It had been too easy... the one struggling with Talredene had even betrayed the other young man who lay bleeding on the chamber floor after slicing him deeply, after both of them had tried to take advantage of Talredene. This place was powerful... twisting them quickly... bringing out the worst desires in their hearts. Draconis watched as the young man tried to force the dagger back upon Talredene. However, it wasn't until the man felt a strange pull on his back, that he felt any panic. As a red and purple tendril rose wrapping around his neck yanking him down onto the open tomb. Talredene reeled back in horror as the young man’s face went flush. She watched as his skin began to whither, the very essence of him being drained as his body became limp. The tendril recoiled slowly, unwrapping from the now dead man’s neck, and his drained and dried out lifeless body fell down onto the floor. Draconis looked on, as Talredene strode over to the other young man still alive but wounded. The other warrior who had tried to do things to her, his face was pale at what had transpired. Talredene thrust the dagger into his side while picking him up and dragging him towards the tomb. Clearly enraged with the force she picked him up. Using new found strength in the darkness, before slamming him down on the tomb. Turning away and leaving the body of Cruor to do its work as the young man's scream was silenced. Talredene stood stunned and in disbelief of it all, her clothes torn and hands awash in blood... "You did what you had to do, Talre." Draconis flanked her coming about to gently grab her shoulder while he reached down for the dagger clutched in her hand.

    "You did what you had to." Draconis repeated as he calmly loosed the blade from her hand She stood stunned and in disbelief of it all. "You saw what was in their hearts didn't you?" Draconis spoke to her, as the visions of her granfade and now dead young warriors together flashed in her mind.

    "I saw Granfade..." The young woman muttered, upset and emotionally twisted. "I saw him tell the boys to murder me... after we had killed you!" Her gaze rose to stare Draconis in the eyes with the new realizations of truth. Her expression searching for meaning in it all. "You twisted them!" She shouted angrily at Draconis, looking to shift the blame away from what she knew was true now...

    Draconis retorted back. "You know better than that!These boys made their choices, and you would be ravaged and dead now had you not stopped them!!!" Draconis sternly reinforcing the reality of events, lividly angry at the young woman doubting her decision to kill them.

    "Granfade is not who he seems to be!" Draconis pressed his words harder, again hammering the truth which the woman now knew. "He has had the luxury of playing the village shaman for years and years. A wolf among sheep and now he shows his true colors to you. Now he is consumed more than ever, drunk with a lust for power.... and he will stop at nothing to get it young one!"

    "I saw them give him a mask." Tarle spoke softly. She knew about the mask… Draconis was impressed as his senses were heightened, he knew that in time she would learn of it. Draconis pulled the mask from his satchel. Instantly she recognized it. It called to her as it called to Draconis and all those who came near it.

    "The priest knew the mask would call to you." Draconis said purposefully referring to him as the priest now and not her granfade... his tone softer but more serious. "He could not afford to have you claim it for yourself... but he needed your strength and for you to kill me first."

    Tarle knew now why she had been marked for death, a simple lust for power.

    "We all have choices Tarle." Draconis spoke as he stepped away, walking a few paces away as he breathed deeply, while looking over the tomb of Cruor. "Leave now and get as far away from this world... go as far as you can, never returning, or... stay." Draconis turned pacing back towards the young woman who had begun to compose herself a bit more, wiping tears and blood from her face. "I warn you though... if you stay you may not like what you become..."

    "What is it you want?" Draconis said waiting for an answer.

    Tarle's eyes burned with hatred, as she spoke under her breathe. "I want revenge."

    --Raw, Angry, and Determined--
    She was a quick learner. Strong. Cunning. Ruthless. Deadly.

    --Honed, loyal, and Refined--

    Peace is a lie...

    ...and someone is always scheming.

    And so the men sent to kill them, had met something they had not expected... In the dead of night she worked her way through their camp, catching them by surprise in a flash and effortlessly one by one cutting them down, swiftly, ruthlessly, and silently. Tarle pushed the now lifeless corpse of one of the men off the cliff edge as she loosed her blade from his neck.

    --Many years later... and too many times to count--

    "Every time you fail!" A voice spoke in Draconis' head. "Each time you hurt us! Yet you tell the girl to run!" The voice grew louder... "the priest is right leave him be!"

    "No... I found him."


    "I have never questioned you Master, but I worry that this will be the end of you. Cruor... Why?"

    "I cannot tell you why, all I know is that I must."

    --Beyond the veil--
    Energy course all around, tendril of blue, purple, and white energy reaching across a large expanse. The visage of the Gen' Dai 's head and mouth full of needle like fangs rushed across the black expanse... as his mouth opened coming at him. Burning Orange and red Sith eyes boring through his skull... Energy surging as the Sith sought to consume him and anything in its path. Pure power clawing its way back.

    ...a surge of energy coursed through him, as he was hurled back away from the tomb and the Death Mask in place on Cruor’s face. Draconis slid across the stone floor coming to a halt out of breath and heaving in pain. Smoke rising off of his robes. Aching in pain as he gathered himself… crawling across the floor before slowly rising and stumbling to the tomb of Cruor. All of the pain coursing was worth the site of the Death Mask radiating, glowing on the Gen’ Dai’s head. As Draconis knew he had finally succeeded in dragging Cruor back from the spirit plane. Draconis collapsed rolling onto the floor, blacking out from exhaustion.

    --Stealing Time--

    Mountain cave entrance.... high above dessert village below.

    The bright pale moon illuminated the vast desert bathed in the night sky, a crisp light breeze funneling up the mountain side fluttered a nearby fur blanket as Draconis sat staring out across the landscape from an outcropping in front of the large cave opening. A nearby fire crackled and danced. Before him was an endless dessert shadowed by the Korriban sky. Talre rolled over pulling the heavy mess of blankets with her. Her hand traced up Draconis back to his shoulder as she rose, pulling herself along with a fur blanket wrapped around her, which was the only thing between her naked flesh and the crisp air, closer as she slid up next to him. Talre leaned in, her fingers further tracing the lines of a tattoo down Draconis' pale chest, as she kissed his neck. It was then that she saw what Draconis as staring at. Far below even at such distance the flames and smoke from the village could be seen blazing. "I saw this in my dreams." She said. Somberly, but not surprised. "I knew this would transpire too." Draconis replied still staring out across the view, as Talre leaned forwards wrapping her arms and the blanket around Draconis and her. "Why did you not kill him, master?" Clearly she spoke of the priest, her grandfade. Draconis could feel that she wanted to act, internally she was raging at the site of the village ablaze. Her discipline and training was the only thing keeping her composed, along with the fact that she had already known that this would come to pass.

    "When I awoke our friend, I knew they would start to come." Draconis spoke referring to those with knowledge of or affinity to the mask. " You are drawn to the mask. As I am. As the priest is." Draconis spoke plainly. "It was better to see our enemies from a far first, rather than them strike directly at us." Talre stared out across the night sky along with Draconis, intrigued at the thought and how such would be accomplished. "They would seek the priest out first as he would seek them out first too upon their arrival, and as such we view our enemies from a far." "I understand, but how?" Talre asked, and the it hit her. "Tolr!" She softly exclaimed as she remembered the scene of Draconis crouching down handing the boy rations, now making the connection. "Yes... my eyes and ears from the beginning." Draconis' response confirmed her thoughts, as Talre spoke up again. "And thus the Priest unknowingly drew those seeking Cruor's mask out into the open, where we would see them first." Draconis again nodded confirming her latest response.
    "Time was on our side, however now things have changed... Until now all of the Priest attempts have been in vain, they have been like water against this mountain, with you culling them down every time." Draconis' pride swelled for a brief moment at the thought of the well trained and now deadly apprentice's handiwork. Draconis kept his gaze forward across the desert sky, but his tone changed as if unsure about something. Clearly trying to make sense of his thoughts. "When I called Lord Cruor back, something else heard the call as well, bursting through the tear I had created." Draconis paused, wondering if he had made a mistake, if it was all worth it. "Something from an older time…. weathered. Filled with more malice and reckless desire, than I have ever scene." The mountain breeze kicked up slightly coursing the flames of the nearby fire to rise a bit from the influx of air. "No doubt it passed us by in search of a host, knowing in its fragile state it needed a willing and more malleable host to leach onto." Talre could already see where Draconis was going with this, as he confirmed her fear.

    "The priest has made a deal with this entity, selling his soul thinking he can outsmart it in the end, falling prey to the entities silver tongue. I am sure of it..." Draconis looked down at the village, seeing the waste and destruction the Priest had unleashed in his madness. "That is why the village burns... with the priest enslaving and twisting it to his will. Drunk on this new power he moves against us with his new found strength and followers. While the spirit consumes him and those around him, thus growing stronger by the minute."

    "I wanted you to have the satisfaction apprentice... of finishing the Priest one day. And it seems that day is here." Talre looked down at her old home, that of the burning village with fiery focus and determination. "I will not fail you master."


    The smoke trailed off into the morning sky in the distance as both Draconis and Talre sat meditating, entranced while bathing in the energy of the mountain. Draconis' eyes opened quickly followed by Talre's as she sensed the growing surge. Draconis stood up slowly coming to the outcropping’s edge as he peered down the mountain, quickly followed by Talre's gaze as they both eyed the trail of dust climbing the mountain. "At least four hundred." Talre spoke, clearly referencing the line of dust and loosed rock as the column of beings scaled the mountain path en-route to the cave entrance. "Four hundred and seven." Draconis chimed back at the apprentice, grinning. "No one gets to that chamber! I need not tell you what happens if the Priest and his new friend get their hands on that Death Mask..."

    Talre rushed past Draconis en-route to her position. "Apprentice!" Draconis called to her… his voice full of respect and confidence, as he produced a silver hilt with a black grip. "Lord Cruor won't mind if you borrow this today." Talre called the hilt to her hand with the force. She had admired the pair of lightsabers for too long inside Cruor's tomb, only ever training with the staffs, spears, and swords that her master had presented to her. For the first time she held one, as she looked up returning a grateful and eager smile while nodding. Before clipping it to her side as she disappeared bounding down the mountain of the cliff edge in a controlled fall, the tails of her tight tan tunic wrappings catching the wind as she descended and landed gracefully. Her master’s words echoed in her head, reinforcing her will. "Twisted.... slaves.... They are no longer your kin. Perverted by his lust for power. "

    The roar of a mass of beings grew louder as the slaves scrambled up the wide mountain path nestled within slow rising inclines to each side, stumbling over each other spurred on by the force and will of their master. Scars lines their faces and bodies; they were distorted shells of their former selves. Now only a mindless rabble of infused malice and lust for destruction armed with spears, shields, and all manner of improvised archaic weapons drew closer. The roar came to a head as the mass came around a bend in front of Draconis, charging with a mindless rage.

    Draconis met the advance equally at the choke point, his blade unsheathed in a smooth motion cutting down the first slave to reach him. Another fell, along with another his blade slicing from one to the next... as Draconis pushed back the column causing several of the slaves to fall back into the oncoming column, slowing it down as a few slaves rolled back down the slope tumbling. The attack from the side gouged a path straight through the column as Talre and a flash of red saber darted through it felling several slaves in one attack. The near mindless hoard buckled as Draconis continue to work his way down the column smoothly slicing from side to side, taking slave after slave with him. Talre circled around bring the red saber to bare darting through the line again, this time taking even more with her in the second attack. The roars of the hoard could be heard as it scrambled to keep climbing the slope, as the whip from their master cracked in their minds driving them rabid with rage. Their momentum slowed as they were force to not only content with the slope, but with also the dead bodies piling up on the wide mountain path. The hoard came to a halt as Draconis hurled a blooded mass of bodies with the force into another wave with Talre matching her masters move, doing the same. They hoard was stymied...

    A roar broke through the sounds of battle, but not that of the hoard itself... the unholy sound traveling down into Draconis' soul. The horrid mass of a beast clawed its way up the path, tossing aside slaves as it followed a path of power it was drawn to. Its razor tusks goring those in its way as it made a path towards Draconis. A Jedi killer.... a Terentatek. Draconis heard a second roar marking the arrival of a second one, which he eyed baring down on Tarle. Draconis leapt into the air using the downward slope of the mountain to an advantage soaring down the mountain side and landing down the slope. The Terentatek that had been charging at him roared and reared around now coming down the mountain slope gaining speed, pummeling through slaves in its way. Draconis worked fast concentrating as the boulder he loosed slammed into the second Terentatek, driving it down and off the path of Tarle. Draconis grabbed her gaze from a short distance, as she sliced down another slave. Yelling with urgency. "To the cave!" Tarle's leap showed she had heard her master as she leaped up the mountain. Reminiscent of how she had when she had first led Draconis up this mountain, however this time she carved her way through the slave drones in earnest surrounding them.

    Draconis darted barely evading the charging Terentatek as it swept its massive arms and claws out grasping at and trying to devour Draconis, overshooting him and sliding down the mountain path taking several slaves with it. Draconis could feel where the beast had clawed across his back.

    Draconis pommel struck a slave as it charged at him, spinning and impaling another charging drone, sliding his blade out quickly as he began to traverse up the sloped path. The Terentatek roared as it regained its footing and began to scramble back up the path, the second one joining it after reeling and recovering from the massive boulder strike that had kept it from devouring Tarle. Draconis kept moving upwards, not looking back despite knowing the beasts were baring down behind him. With Tarle up ahead, both Master and Apprentice carved through slaves on their way back up to the outcropping near the cave. The path was a mess of bodies and weapons, the earth soaked already from the blood of the slaves. Talre reach the top first, turning to see the path of carnage below unfolding as the hoard moved up the blood and body soaked path. A wave of slaves charged forward reaching the outcropping, before Draconis could. Talre moved meeting them head on as she engaged again. Slicing through the first slave to meet her while swiftly moving onto the next… beheading it in one clean stroke, as she moved to the next parrying its sword before slicing across its chest. The saber hummed as she twirled the blade felling slave after slave, she held her line but the numbers were still coming to bare. Forcing her back, as she was knocked to her knees, a slave slicing her across the arm as they began to circle around and closed in on her. Draconis heard her deafening scream and saw the shockwave flow out from the outcropping as slaves flew back in all directions into the air plummeting down the steep mountain side. The force flowed in Talre as she raged with anger, her eyes ablaze with fire. Draconis continue to draw close with the Terentatek right behind him. Talre continued her onslaught impressively mustered a stream of lightning which flew past Draconis over his shoulder. Striking one of the climbing Terentatek, which roared in response, absorbing the energy seemingly unfazed as it continued to charge up the mountain path.

    "THAT WON'T WORK ON THEM!"Draconis shouted out with obvious concern for the growing severity of the situation as he had finally made it up to the outcropping. Quickly loosing a nearby boulder sending it cascading down the path slamming into the lead Terentatek, bringing it to a brief halt, but certainly not stopping it. The hoard of slaves flowed around the briefly halted beast, surging forward. The slaves began to pounce as the two stood their ground against the them. The embers from the fire from the night before grew as Draconis poured his power into them as a wall of fire erupted engulfing a mass of slaves nearly incinerating them as flailing slaves fled on fire while other dropped to the ground blackened and burning. The fire was enough to cause one of the Terenateks to drift close to the outcropping edge confused. Which Talre quickly recognized as she charged at it without fear, the Terenatak roared as it reared up to its full height. Draconis followed her attack leaping up into the air. Talre's lightsaber strike landed slashing across the tough hide barely rendering any noticeable damage but stunning the beast momentarily as Draconis landed with a forceful impact.

    The ground buckled under the beast’s feet as it began to slide back as part of the outcropping gave way. The far arm and claw slammed down across Talre's side knocking her back as the beast fell back into the air off the sheer cliff down towards the rocky base below.

    A spear pierced his back as Draconis scooped Talre up under her arm as they hobbled to the cave, with the roar of the hoard and second Terentatek growing louder behind them. Draconis and Tarle slammed against the cave wall, heaving for breath. Tarle looked at her master, both of their faces stained and splashed with blood some theirs and some their enemies. Draconis reached down feeling the gouging wound the Terentatek had inflicted, as Talre's back arched as pain coursed through her body as she gasped and screamed in pain. Their eyes met. "FOCUS AND USE THE PAIN! STAY ALIVE!" Draconis clasped Talre’s hand tightly embracing her. Talre nodded, trying to focus as she gulped, a droplet of blood escaping from her mouth. Draconis eyes were ablaze looking into hers. Draconis did what he could briefly to channel a sliver of healing to his apprentice, but there was no time. The roar was growing louder... the clawing and scratching... but it was not coming from the cave entrance... it was coming from below.

    Cruor appeared motionless as energy he projected had been surging down the abyss... the flash of scales smashed through the chamber door shattering rock everywhere on its way up to the surface. Clawing its way, its glowing red eyes illuminating the darkness as it rushed towards them. A fearsome sustained roar emanating from the darkness. A greater Hssiss dragon burst through the cave entrance out into the open. Pummeling the remaining Terentatek forcing it down to the ground as the two titanic beast roared at each other, the Hssiss Dragon clamped down on one of the arms of the Terentatek unleashing its venom while thrashing and ripping it from its socket, the tusks of the Terentatek bore into the side of the Hssiss, which whipped around with its tail knocking the Terenatak back. With its arm mauled and hanging by tendons the Terentatek roared and charged as the Hssiss slammed into it again, clamping down on one of its legs this time, digging and working its teeth and jaw back and forth despite the claws of the Terentatek ripping at its hide, the Hssiss' mouth came about clamping down this time on its side. Thrashing about the Hssiss and Terentatk clashed in one final moment with fierce primal instinct, Terentatek roared and fell succumbing to its wounds as the Hssiss roared.

    The blade of Draconis went down to the hilt as he landed right below its neck, jerking the blade to the side as the Hssiss bucked from the uninvited guest on its back. Draconis jammed the embedded blade forward as the Hssiss dragon lurched forward clawing its way to a charge. The cresting wave of slaves was trampled as Draconis pressed the dragon forward plowing through them down the mountain path. Slaves were flung and eviscerated, as Draconis carved a path through them as he held on astride the dark dragon’s neck.

    The surge of energy and lightning slammed into Draconis knocking him back off of the Hssiss dragon, as the creature was engulfed in a ball of massive force lightning. Its bone structure flashing through its skin as it smoked and convulsed before going lifeless sliding through the sand to a halt. The Priest infused with the entities power stood down range as the lightning ceased to emanate from his fingertips. Draconis could feel pain all throughout his body, as blood dripped down his arm.

    "You fool Draconis! You cannot stop me!" The Priests voice was augmented.... darker and more foreboding, twisted by the entity that possessed him. Draconis turned making his way back up the mountain, his body screamed in pain as he reached the outcropping again. Another jolt of pain as lightning wrapped him, as the Priest bore down on him from behind, causing him to drop to his knees.

    Draconis saw her, eyeing Tarle at the cave entrance sitting and leaning against the cave wall, where he had left her. She was trying to hold on too…. unable to move though, as her Master was hit with another jolt from the Priest. Both Draconis’ and Tarle’s eyes were ablaze, reaching for each other their fiery eyes met as they both barely held on to their last breaths, understanding that they had fought to the end. Love and hate, holding onto embraced memory of each other the night before, and all these years.

    (If you wish part of my inspiration throughout, start at approximately 1:45 if you would like a little added and continue to read)

    The Priest paced around him as Draconis crawled pulling himself forward. "I will have your head Draconis! After I bring you my gran-daughte's!" The Priest turned with a vicious grin as he began to move towards Talre, who stared in fear barely hanging on as her last breathes were leaving her.

    The Priest was lurched back as Draconis clasped the Priest's neck with both hands, surging in power as he drained and drew out with all his might the force within Priest.

    The entity was immensely powerful as the connection burned within Draconis' mind, the entity buckled within the Priest, too weak to be imprisoned in the Priest's body should the Priest die, it raged. Screaming through the force, into Draconis' mind. Draconis pressed further as his own body began to succumb to the entity caught between Draconis and the Priest now.

    A wave of power hit Tarle's face as the wind from the force discharge brushed gently against her face, stirring her from the clutches of death. She could see a specter distorting as it flashed in the air, before giving a bellow some roar as it rocketed away… the entity fleeing leaving the Priest, his body contorted as the strength and power afforded him by the entity left him.

    Tarle’s gaze came down eyeing her master as Draconis clutched the cliff edge, hanging with his arms outstretched grasping. Staring back at her looking into her soul. Master and apprentice. Draconis slid back without warning... his strength giving way. The tears began to roll down her cheek as her chin quivered. He was gone.

    The feeble Priest struggled down the cavern past where the dark side dragon had burst through the chamber... stumbling onto the stone floor, the old and near crippled man crawled… pulling himself up towards the tomb, to claim it. It was his now!!! The mask was his finally! The near fully regenerated Gen Dai lay silently asleep in his tomb with no mask covering his face. The Priest panicked.

    "No, no..." reaching down into the tomb searching frantically for it. "NOOOOOOOO."

    The voice from behind him was familiar.


    It spoke softly with satisfaction down to the very soul of its being. The Priest whirled around, the lines of the old shaman’s face tensing as his eyes widened as Tarle plunged her sword through him down to the hilt. Her eyes locked on his as the Priest shuttered, falling lifeless back off of the blood soaked blade.

    The clang of the sword echoed through the chamber as she looked over at the tomb of Cruor, with hate and respect.

    Overcome with emotion she screamed, directing her anger at the silent Sith Lord who still slept. The price of it all took its toll, she buckled falling to her knees weeping. Only to look up briefly and see a bound book wrapped with her name inscribed on it. Tarle.


    At the base of the mountain the wind was howling as the sun began to give way to the night.

    Korriban was paying no attention to Draconis' still and lifeless body. As beside him the mask, loosed from his satchel, began to be covered by the massing sand blown against it.


    Xen Gaal. Darth Cruor. Names spanning milennia of existance, that meant nothing here beyond the veil.

    He had shed his physical form and transformed back into the Force during the time of purge. Only the most powerful Jedi and Sith could hope to retain their consciousness and individuality.

    Xen Gaal was such a being.

    He was aware. Slumbering while his dreams revealed to him deep mysteries of the nature of the Force. He saw everything, felt everything, yet was too weak to cross back to the other side. Not yet.

    He had to wait, and wait he did. How long he could not know, time had no meaning here.

    Only the Force had meaning.

    He had felt something. A pull. Something had called him back. Something familiar.

    A voice, deep and seductive. There had been no sensation of motion yet inevitably he found the voice, or maybe it found him. No matter.
    The voice luring his deathly visage which gazed upon a scarred mask with hollow eyes, made of the rare metal phrik. Infused with an essence upon it's creation.
    As it neared powerful streams of blue, purple, and white energy lashed out and seized his being, violently pulling him towards the mask. There was no escape, this time he would know what it felt like to be born into the world.

    There was only pain. He knew pain, this was the pain of life, but never had it been like this. His body.....his body......was close to death. Only the mask, his mask, sustained him in this hibernation. His Gen'Dai body could heal, but it would take time.

    Time he had.

    Restless as he slumbered. Yet again, he was aware.

    Events like memories flashed through his mind seeing what had transpired as he slept.... The dragon. The priest. Tarle. Draconis. Struggle. Everything. Consciously aware, yet frozen in time and space as his senses grew... more attuned now than in his previous life, though as in death it was but a dream.

    However nothing is permanent, as he had felt his mind, body, and soul growing in strength. As he did a pulse of power radiated from the depths of the mountain.

    Everything was aligned. Undoubtedly there would be Jedi and Sith powerful enough to feel this beacon, this warning.
    Would they be wise enough to prepare?

    He was Death Reborn. The Harbinger of the True Sith. Darth Cruor.

    He could feel the call of the planet Korriban. Feeling what had transpired here while he had slept, all of it. And what of his mask? He yearned for it! As it called to him...
    "Draconis" His voice cracked, scratchy and difficult to speak for the first time in over a century. He reached out with his senses, searching for the one who had risen him. An old, friend.

    There was nothing. Not on Korriban, not anywhere...

    Laying inside the tomb, Cruor's fiery eyes suddenly opened. The Harbinger had awakened.

    Darth_wanderguard Lady Belligerent Mikaboshi Sinrebirth
  15. Force_Prophet

    Force_Prophet Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 9, 2003
    Name: The Lorekeeper
    Age: ??
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    Occupation: Sith
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 148
    Physical Description: Lean and frail in appearance, very sickly and unclean. Pale chalky colored skin that is dry and cracked, his fingernails are untrimmed and jagged from breaking, and his white hair is thin and brittle. He wears brown robes, very old and frayed brown robes, by the smell of them they have not been washed in some time.

    Weapons: THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE, and a lightsaber he keeps somewhere in the library...maybe...he just can't find it right now.
    Personal Possessions:
    • Soul Gem of Darth Andeddu
    • The Battle Mask of Darth Cruor
    Class: Sorcerer/Arcanist
    Level: 27/High Lord
    Skills: 30 points

    Tier I (8 points)

    Force Push/Pull (+1)
    Force Jump
    Force Sprint
    Tutaminis (+1)
    Force Stealth
    Force Choke (+1)
    Force Barrier
    Niman (+1)

    Tier II (12 points)

    Force Lightning
    Dark Side Healing (+1)
    Force Avalanche (+1)
    Force Drain
    Withering Affliction
    Conceal Essence

    Tier III (6 points)


    Tier IV (4 points)



    He does not know his birth name or who might have given him one, nor where it is he originates from. It does not matter, he is Sith. He does have a name however, or more appropriately a title one should say, one he was given by the Emperor. He can still feel the chill of cold as he remembers those words, "Henceforth you shall be known as Darth.....", well, that doesn't really matter at this time. He doesn't answer to any name except "Lorekeeper", in fact, at this point it is doubtful that any beyond the Emperor even know the name that was given.


    Long, long ago a boy was found by some off-world Sith. The Sith must have sensed the boy's potential as he was brought to Korriban and trained in the ways of the Sith. He took to it well, he excelled in the arcane. He hungered for obscure knowledge, morsels of information, secrets lost to the ages. Eventually most of his time was spent in the great library complex of the Empire, it was there that he sunk into madness as he gave himself to the Dark Side.

    He always remained in, or near, the library though. It was his passion, none knew it or it's contents better than he. After many decades of service to the Empire he was given charge of the vast halls of material the Empire possessed, without question it was the single largest collection of Sith knowledge the galaxy has ever seen. He is known only as the Lorekeeper, he has the uncanny ability to find any item a patron may be looking for with minimal trouble, he may even be a aware of a few powerful artifacts squirreled away in the massive library.

    Some say they have heard him whispering, mumbling more accurately. Through the years rumors have spread that his sanity was sacrificed to the Old Gods in exchange for everything from secrets, to power, immortality, or darker more sinister blessings. Nobody pays him much attention though, he is a crazy old Sith, they think him that they are wrong.

    Today the Lorekeeper protects the Empire's knowledge, to him it is the source of their power in this galaxy. He has come to think of it as his own, it is his obsession. Though most items in the library are available for use, under strict rules of return, there are some that only a few are allowed access to. Some Sith covet this rarer material however, and wish to horde those secrets to themselves, it is his job to see that none of the collected knowledge of the Sith is taken or lost.

    He takes that part of his job very seriously.
  16. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005

    Map Legend:

    1. Main Temple Gate
    2. South Foyer
    3. Great Hall
    4. Central Lobby
    5. Hangar West
    6. Hangar North
    7. Hangar East
    8. Insipid's Chambers
    9. Haretisch's Chambers
    10. Bellorum's Chambers
    11. Infirmary
    12. Library
    13. Throne Room
    14. Haretisch's War Room
    15. Armory
    16. Outfitter
    17. Training Room
    18. Kitchen
    19. Pantry
    20. Slave Quarters
    21. West Foyer
    22. East Foyer.
    23. Octavius' Quarters
    24. Kwea Acantha's Quarters
    25. Arach's Quarters
    26. Syren's Quarters
    27. Re'van's Quarters
  17. Darth Rozic

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    Dec 27, 2015
    The Dusty Butcher



    YT-2400 Correlian Light Freighter

    Technical specifications


    21 meters

    Hyperdrive system

    Class 2.0

    Backup Class 12

    Rated 248

    Navigation system


    • Two Ventricle Cannons
    • Eight hidden rocket launchers
    • Ion Cannon
    Minimum crew



    Cargo capacity

    150 metric tons


    3 months
  18. WookieeRage

    WookieeRage Force Ghost star 5

    Feb 3, 2016

    Name: Darth Ravenous (Formally known as Wuulfwarg)

    Age: 100

    Sex: Male

    Species: Wookiee

    Height: 2.25 Meters

    Weight: 155 Kg

    Occupation: Warrior for the Sith Empire

    Physical Description: Dark Brown Fur with a scar over right eye from hunting attack while on Kashyyyk and has beaded braids on face area. Left arm was cut at wrist during a battle with Sith as his time with the Jedi. Crude, Self-made robotic hand with wooden inlays.

    Clothing: Black tattered Hooded Cloak, Armored sash with leg guards draping down.

    Weapons: Simple Wooden Inlaid Blue Lightsaber.(Kept from time as Jedi Knight) Custom Bowcaster kept in "The Raven", his ship. Aquired a ceremonial lightsaber from a crypt while in the battle of Mountain pass. Inserted black Lightsaber crystal within the ceremonial blade.

    Description of abilities: Natural hearty warrior with melee weapons, Displays profound strength and pain endurance, good at trapping animals from being abandoned on Kashyyyk, able to pilot most ships single-handedly, not very good with diplomacy (let the Wookiee win.)..

    Bio: Born to a Warrior Clan on Kashyyyk but was stunted due to Slaving operations. Family was taken away at young age and left to fend for himself(hunting) due to being too young for slaving. A Jedi by the name of Nubia Ja’aern arrived around the time he was old enough to be taken by slavers, Diplomacy did not work when the Jedi tried to end the slaving operations, Czerka tries to take remaining Wookiees regardless of age and ability. Jedi ends up killing slavers and senses the Force within Wuulfwarg. The Jedi then takes him on as a Padawan. Fast forward many years; While on a mission, Ship had been shot by pirates forcing a crash landing on a barren planet. Provisions ran out early on and Wuulfwarg was forced to eat his master indulging in his Dark Side Tendencies. Miners later arrived on planet and Wuulfwarg killed and ate them as well and took off in their mining vessel. Since then he has grown a taste for eating flesh, traded in his stolen miner ship and leased a Custom Corellian YT-1760 Stealth Freighter from the Hutts used for bounty hunter/mercenary work. Was contracted under the Hutts for bodyguard and bounty hunting work, unable to face the Jedi Council for his crimes. Spends a lot of time when not on contracts in the Cantinas and Casinos gambling and playing Pazaak. Recently joined up with the Sith after A Sith Lord, Darth Hades decimated his bounty team and sensed the force potential in the Wookiee. After the attack of the Celestials and Mnggal-Mnggal, Ravenous' Master, Darth Hades had died. The Wookiee now walks Moraband, a shell of his former self, eager for vengeance on whatever he can get his furry mitts on.

    Class: Warrior
    Prestige Class: (Marauder)

    Level: 13 (20 points)

    Tier 1
    +1 Makashi (+1 from class ability)
    +1 Djem-So (+1 from class ability)
    +1 Force Rage (+1 from class ability)
    +1 Soresu (+1 from class ability)
    +1 Niman
    +1 Jar’Kai
    +1 Shii-cho (+1 from class ability)
    +1 Force Sprint
    +1 Force Choke
    +1 Dark Side Meld
    +1 Force Jump
    +1 Force Barrier
    +1 Force Push/Pull
    +1 Tutaminis
    Tier 2
    +1 Juyo (+1 Marauder)
    +1 Ataru
    +1 Force Scream (+1 Marauder)
  19. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016

    Name: Darth Octavius (formerly Gaven Palcar)

    Age: 34

    Sex: Male

    Species: Human

    Height: 190 cm

    Weight: 90 kg

    Occupation: Sith Knight

    Physical description: Darth Octavius was a tall but muscular human. Since he gave into the power of the dark side his skin has become paler, not to the extent of other Sith, at least until now. He had a very aristocratic shaped face with black hair and grey eyes.

    Clothing: After joining the Sith Empire Darth Octavius swapped his Jedi ropes against elegant an black tunica and trousers. Over them he wears a dark cloak with a hood.

    Weapons: Despite taking interests in many different kinds of bladed weapons, Darth Octavius still uses the same light saber he build as a padawan and used as a jedi. Although he changed the blue crystal he found on Illum against a red one his Sith master gave him.

    Description of Abilities: Darth Octavius relies mostly on his sword fighting abilities considering them fitting for a true warrior then force powers. Although he uses the force to move faster and jump higher than any non force user could, he spends most of his studies to master the defensive forms of force using. He uses Tutaminis to defend himself against other force users and Force Barriers against physical attacks. But he has also taken interest in Force rage and the dark side meld to strength his combat abilities. With his light saber he uses the elegant form of Makashi.

    Bio: Before he became Darth Octavius Gaven Palcar was the child of a nobleman from the planet Ciutric. His father was a strong supporter of the Federation and Gaven grew up with a strong sense of morality and honor. When he was ten years old everything changed as a Jedi knight visiting his family recognized the force presence of the boy. With his father approval she took Gaven as her student and brought him to the Jedi temple. There he soon learn that his connection to the force wasn`t as strong as the connection of his fellow students. So he turned his attention to the stadium of light saber combat where he quickly became one of the best students, earning him the respect of the other padawans and some of his teachers. In the following years Gaven grew to a true Jedi Knight, traveling the galaxy and fighting against the enemies of the federation. He was a firm believer of the codex and some believed he would one day become a wise jedi master. He was later send to the senate to act as an ambassador for the Jedi order. His time in the senate changed him. When he saw the corruption, the lies and the egoism the federation was build upon he was disappointed and angered about it.

    And then he realizes the truth: Members of the Jedi order died in the whole galaxy, Gaven himself had lost friends. Friends, who died defending the federation, a federation based on a lie.

    When realized that so many good men and women died for nothing his faith in the jedi and the federation was destroyed. Shortly afterwards he left the jedi order claiming he had found a greater purpose to follow. He returned to Ciutric and tried to gather political influence using the wealth of his family. He tried to start a political movement against the corruption in the federation but despite his best affords he didn`t made any progress. But Gaven continued his political fight. During this time the federation critical Politian gained the attention of Darth Haretisch a member of the Sith Triumvirate. The Sith Lord saw the ex Jedi as a potential ally in his own plans and met with him in secret. Gaven was fascinated by the ideals the Sith Lord presented him. Instead of many corrupt senators the galaxy should be ruled by a handful intelligent and strong individuals.

    Leaving his old name and identity behind him he took the name of Darth Octavius and became Haretisch student. He now believes it´s his destiny to destroy the federation and replace it with a new Sith Empire. As Sith Darth Octavius still believes in honor and prefers to fight his opponents in single combat. Fiercely loyal to his master and the Empire Darth Octavius seeked to become a great Sith.

    In the last weeks Octavius believe into the Sith order has started to shiver, as he is sometimes shocked and disgusted by the bruality he is confronted with. Octavius has started to ask himself if he is truly on the right way, but for now his personal loyality to his master keeps him in the empire.

    Level: 13
    Class: Sith Knight

    Tier I

    Force Push/Pull
    Dark Side Meld
    Force Jump
    Force Rage
    Force Barrier
    Force Choke

    Tier II

    Mind Trick
    Force Lightning
    Dark Side Healing
    Conceal Essence
  20. Halle Dray

    Halle Dray Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 6, 2016

    Name: Lady Kwea Acantha (born Lorelei)
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 126 lbs.
    Occupation: Sith Knight
    Physical description: Broadish shoulders, strong, well built, dark brown hair (usually in a bun, braid, or low ponytail), strong features, brown, expressive eyes that begin to flicker to gold when angry and close to the Dark Side, and light-medium skin.

    Clothing: Kwea can normally be found wearing tight black pants tucked into a pair of perfectly shiny, tall, black boots. On top, she wears a black under tunic, red during special occasions, and a black over tunic. Next is a thick red or black sash around her waist as well as a red leather holster with a black weathered buckle. When she is on a mission or it is cold, she wears a black cloak with no hood although she does own a hooded cloak with red embroidery on the edge of the hood.

    Weapons: Purple lightsaber that she designed when she joined the Sith after casting away her blue one. A blaster which she rarely uses but takes extreme care of.

    Description of abilities: She is strong in the Force. Kwea is good with a lightsaber although she prefers to talk things through and use the Force to twist the minds of her opponents before lifting her blade. Her usual fighting tactics are to wait for the opponent to strike and watch them for weaknesses. She usually goes to defense rather than offense. Kwea uses both Makashi and Shien and prefers to leave the acrobatics to others. However, when extremely angry, she is known to do things on impulse.

    Biography: Kwea was born as the youngest member of a noble family in Onederon but taken by the Jedi as a 6 year old. Until then she had been dismissed as a bother by her family. She was one of the best students at the Temple in Coruscant and was admired by many other students. She was taken as an apprentice by Luminara Unduli. A young Sith infiltrated the Temple. He became her friend and slowly started turning her to the dark side. The Jedi Council was wary of how much time she was spending with him and started to have inklings that he could be a Sith. Her master spoke to her of distancing her self from him but they argued and words were whispered about her around the Temple. Angered by this, she and her Master had a fight in the Temple courtyard where she left her Master wounded. The Sith knew that the Council had discovered her new affiliation and sent her to Nixor where she was taken through basic training and then made an Apprentice. Kwea continued on to train under 3 Masters. The first was the former Emperor Dreadwar, the second was Darth Viscretus, and the third was Darth Haretisch. She finished her training under Haretisch and was put through her final trial by him, in which she fought and killed a bounty hunter. She was promoted to Sith Knight after helping to defeat Darth Nihl. Now she is a Sith Lord after having killed the traitor Octavius and helping in the Dark Lord Eranikus' end.

    Class: Knight
    Level: 22
    Tier I
    Force Push/Pull
    Force Choke
    Force Jump
    Force Sprint
    Force Rage
    Shien/Djem So
    Force Stealth
    Force Barrier

    Tier II
    Mind Trick
    Force Lightning
    Force Drain
    Dark Side Healing


  21. corinthia

    corinthia Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 16, 2016

    Name: Darth Hesper (born Théa Cifra)

    Age: Unknown, but appears to be approximately 25

    Sex: Female

    Species: Human

    Occupation: Sith Master (Previously an artist)

    Height: 5'2"

    Build: Small-framed, average weight

    Physical Description: Hesper is a petite female human with a slim face, high cheekbones, startlingly grey eyes, and very long medium blonde hair, which she tends to wear down. Her complexion is very fair, and she has a generous dusting of freckles across her cheeks. Although she is beautiful and delicate-looking, she appears to have a permanent scowl. Hesper has multiple piercings on both ears, including an industrial on her right ear. She often wears dark eye makeup with severe winged eyeliner, and she also paints her lips dark red from time to time.

    Clothing: When not wearing her formal Sith robes, Hesper favors slim-fitting, high-waisted pants and blousy, long-sleeved shirts or casual floor-length gowns-- all in shades of black, charcoal and deep red. Hesper's formal Sith robes include many layers. Most notably: a black kimono-inspired leather jerkin that appears like many bands sewn together, a floor-length dark charcoal grey silk vest, a black floor-length open sleeve coat, and a obi-style black decorative belt. She wears the long coat with most of her outfits.

    Weapons: Lightsaber, blaster pistol, cunning. Her lightsaber is long-handled and slim to accommodate Hesper's small hands, with a crimson blade. Also possesses two blue Jedi lightsabers; one from her former husband, and one from her first Jedi kill in combat.

    Description of Abilities: Hesper's abilities mainly lie in her strength with the Force, her scholarship, cunning, spatial awareness/creativity, and mental prowess. She is strong with Force abilities like Push/Pull and Force-based attacks and defenses; she is also excellent with long-range weaponry (primarily blasters), and is elegant and adequate in hand-to-hand combat.

    Bio: Hesper was born with the name Théa to the Cifra family on the planet Naboo. She lived a comfortable lower middle-class life with her mother, father, and younger brother. Her mother was a seamstress for the Monarch of Naboo, and as such, Hesper and her family lived within the grounds of Theed Palace. Her father, however, died of a terminal illness when Hesper was 8 years old. Hesper always got her way, and was aloof, stormy, and quiet during her childhood-- she was often scolded by her parents, teachers, and even strangers for her dagger-like gaze.

    Hesper excelled in all her schooling and was voracious reader; she began studying at Theed University at age 15, majoring in Naboo literature and visual arts. Upon completing her studies at Theed, Hesper moved to Coruscant at age 18 to pursue a career as a sculptor and scholar, leaving behind her mother and brother on Naboo.

    Showing much promise as a sculptor, Hesper was contracted to create several bronzium statues for the Jedi Temple on recommendation from a noble family on Naboo-- this was when she learned for the first time of the existence of Jedi, and learned more about the nature of the Force. During an installation of one of Hesper's sculptures in the Temple Library at the Jedi Temple, Hesper was confronted by a young Jedi Knight who was especially gifted with the Living Force and warned of her strength in the Force. Disbelieving the Knight's words, Hesper at first ignored the encounter. But as she began to think about it more and more, Hesper came to realize that the Knight's confrontation may explain much of Hesper's unusual demeanor during her upbringing, explained Hesper's high intellectual ability, and-- explained Hesper's ability to will her wishes into reality... her strength with the Force.

    Hesper then delved deep into researching the Force on her own. She extensively studied the teachings of the Jedi, but, finding that Jedi teachings did not suit her views, turned to studying what little she could find about the ways of the Sith. She then realized it was Sith knowledge she craved, and dark power she hungered for. Resolute to find the path to the Dark Side, Hesper locked away that ambition and began first with attempts to gather basic mastery of the Force.

    Not knowing where to begin or how to hone her skills with the Force, an unsure Hesper located the young Jedi Knight who had confronted her a year or two before. They became fast friends, the Jedi Knight unaware of Hesper's tendencies toward the Dark Side. Slowly, the two fell in love, and slowly, Hesper gleaned as much as she could about Force techniques from the Knight. Once she knew enough, her abilities skyrocketed, and she knew it was time for her to begin her search for a Sith Master. Hesper revealed her secret relationship with the Jedi Knight to the Jedi Council, which brought about a realization for Hesper she did not expect; the Council also immediately suspended the young Knight from the Order. Although Hesper loved the Jedi with all her heart, Hesper revealed her lust for dark power to the Knight, then took it upon herself to kill him with her bare hands in their bedchamber several nights later, so that the Knight would not speak of her intent to pursue the Dark Side. This began Hesper's quest for mastery of love without mercy... Hesper set out the next morning on her search for Sith knowledge and power, travelling the galaxy in hopes of finding a Sith Master.

    She later arrived on Moraband, and this is where her time in Trials begins.

    Rank/Level: High Lord, Level 26
    Class: Sorceress
    Prestige Class: Arcanist


    Tier I [10 points total, +5 bonus]
    Force Push/Pull (+1 class bonus)
    Force Choke (+1 class bonus)
    Force Jump
    Force Sprint
    Tutaminis (+1 class bonus)
    Dark Side Meld (+1 class bonus)
    Force Stealth
    Force Barrier
    Makashi (II)
    Niman (VI) (+1 class bonus)

    Tier II [12 points total, +2 bonus]
    Mind Trick
    Mind Shard
    Force Avalanche (+1 prestige class bonus)
    Dark Side Healing (+1 prestige class bonus)
    Conceal Essence

    Tier III [3 points total]
    Force Illusions

    Tier IV [4 points total]
    Battle Meditation




  22. QueenSabe7

    QueenSabe7 Chosen One star 6

    Mar 23, 2001

    Name: Darth Syren
    Birth Name: Xia Cass
    Age: 26 (before entering stasis in 3929 BBY)
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Occupation: Sith Assassin

    Physical Description:
    Hair: Crimson, straight, falls to mid-back
    Eyes: Dark grey
    Skin: Fair & unmarked
    Build: Lithe & toned

    Clothing: Typical outfit would be black in color, fitted and with various holsters as needed, a utility belt, and black boots. On a job, she would hide her face in a deep cowl or half-mask.

    Weapons: Primary weapons are dual lightsabers, red in color. The hilts are a simple, unadorned design and are worn one clipped to each side. Secondary weapons are a pair of 4-inch serrated vibroblades (formerly belonged to her father). These are worn concealed within interior boot holsters.

    Description of Abilities: Most proficient with dual weapons i.e. lightsabers and vibroblades. She is highly skilled in concealment and stealth, confrontation in close-quarters is a specialty. Force abilities are strong and efficient due to being trained by a pair of former Jedi Knights, but could definitely grow and be honed further.

    Syren was born Xia Cass in the seedy lower levels of Coruscant to a pair of former Jedi Knights. Unable and unwilling to live the repressed and narrow-minded life of the Jedi any longer, as well as deny their feelings for each other, her parents turned away from the Order so they could have a life and family together.

    The connection to the Force that Xia was born with was strong, one that her mother and father sought to train her to use without the constraints and limitations they felt they had while with the Jedi. They themselves had learned, through various unknown means, to walk the fine line between the paths of the light and of the dark. Knowing its advantages and dangers, they wished their daughter to have that same knowledge. As the small family began to move around the galaxy, they sought out ancient teachings and artifacts of learning which would be eagerly devoured. Disciplined and a quick study, Xia was an ideal student.

    The years went by and when the young child moved into her teens, the formerly tight-knit family had been drastically changed. Love had turned to hate, compassion to aggression. Both of her parents had wavered from their precarious perch on the in-between and fallen prey to the allure of the dark side. However, this was not what altered Xia’s course. She had always felt a pull towards the darkness, a calling, for as long as she could remember. It had dominated her path through life and was as if it had been a part of her since birth. She had willingly opened herself to the dark side well before her parents were fully aware.

    What truly tore her from her former life occurred during the waning years under her parent’s tutelage. While their limits were beginning to be seen, Xia’s were nowhere in sight. The stronger and more powerful their daughter became, the more resentful, distrustful and violent her mother and father became towards her. An outsider would think this behavior and abuse warped the young girl into what she later became, but what they would not know is that she had welcomed the dominating force of her parents and the pain that came with it.

    While they continued to be so singularly focused on themselves and their inferiority, her mother and father were unaware their offspring had realized she’d grown beyond them. Craving more than what they could offer, Xia knew they were too foolish and weak to accomplish all that she felt she could with the right teachers. These she believed to be the Sith.

    Playing their game until she was ready, that time came one night on some unremarkable Mid Rim planet. She did not love her parents, had not in quite some time and severing what was left of this familial attachment was a necessary final step to set her on her intended course. Neither had a single inkling that death was coming for them in the form of their own daughter.

    As her father slept, she drove one of his own vibroblades into his chest. His eyes flew open in the split second it took her to pierce his heart, connecting with his match in her stormy-grey glare. She drank in the pure terror that bled from him which was followed quickly by his death. This unleashed such a rush of such dark passion that nearly undid her. It had been her first kill, her first step wholly on her own and now… she felt free.

    Her senses heightened to a new level, Xia was not unaware of her mother standing a short distance away. The anger and rage pulsating off of her flowed in waves of which Xia turned inward, quickly filling a previously unknown void. Burning with the feverish afterglow of her father’s death, she turned her gaze on the older woman and tossed the bloodied vibroblade aside. Reaching for her dual lightsabers, the very weapons her mother had shown her how to construct, she steeled herself for a fight. In the end, she overestimated what was left of her true abilities and took her down after a few violent clashes of their blades.

    As she stood above the bodies of her parents, Xia Cass was cast aside and Syren was born. Used as an insult by her mother that insinuated her daughter was deceptive, treacherous, and deceitful, she chose Syren as her new identity out of spite and out of pride. Her mother had been right after all and now she owned her true self in more ways than one.

    Feeling extreme satisfaction, excitement and other things she did not yet understand but yearned to, she had a hunger to learn all she possibly could about the dark side. She knew there was so much more than the meager amount of knowledge she learned from her parents. This insatiable desire had always burned bright within and it had now grown into an inferno.

    Setting her sights on finding the Sith so that these needs and desires could be met, she began taking on one-off jobs as a killer-for-hire. It was during this time in her late teens and early 20’s that she became quite experienced in the art of stealth and concealment which transformed her into a formidable assassin.

    Syren would continue to travel the galaxy and hone her skills as best she could to be prepared for the day she would be counted among the mighty Sith. This she believed to be her true destiny.

    Class: Assassin
    Prestige Class: Stalker
    Level: 13, Master

    Skills: 20 Points Total

    Tier I: (10)
    Force Push/Pull
    Force Choke
    Force Jump (Class +1)
    Force Sprint (Class +1)
    Force Rage
    Force Stealth (Class +1)
    Force Barrier (Class +1)
    Jar'Kai (Class +1)

    Tier II: (10)
    Mind Trick (Prestige +1)
    Mind Shard
    Force Drain (Prestige +1)
    Withering Affliction
    Conceal Essence
  23. WookieeRage

    WookieeRage Force Ghost star 5

    Feb 3, 2016

    "The Raven"

    "The Raven" is a custom built Corellian YT-1760 Freighter designed specifically for the capture of HVT's and long distance missions without reliance of Space Ports to resupply. Acquired from a very close knit network of smugglers and bounty hunters, leased through the Hutts' criminal underground.

    250,000 credits (Custom Hutt equipped package)
    80,000 credits (new)
    20,000 credits (used)
    Length: 26.5 Meters
    Cargo Capacity: 5 metric tons, less than normal, utilized for "other features"
    Consumables: 2 Months
    Max Atmospheric speed: 1200 KM/H, upgraded engines
    Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0, backup 15
    Shielding: Mininum shielding (deflects small arms fire and minor energy-based AA batteries), Prototype Bothan Stealth Drive.

    -2 forward Laser cannon turrets
    -1 dorsal laser cannon turret, remotely controlled.
    -2 single ion torpedo launchers located on belly.
    -Houses Ravenous' personal swoop bike on belly, "Little Crow" itself is equipped with a net launcher and forward ion blasters.
  24. Moonspun Dragon

    Moonspun Dragon Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 6, 2011
    My lords and ladies here is the updated roster for the NSO. For easier access, I'll be updating the roster here.

    [hl=black]~The Roster~[/hl]​

    [hl=black]~Dark Lords of the Sith Triumvirate~[/hl]​

    The Dark Lords of the Sith comprise the leadership of the Sith Empire. The Sith Emperor stands as the spiritual and political head of the order, flanked by sun and moon in the Dawn Herald and Night Herald. Together, the triumvirate rules as an partnership of equals.

    [hl=black]Sinrebirth (Darth Insipid): Sith Emperor[/hl]

    [hl=black]Darth_wanderguard (Darth Haretisch): Night Herald[/hl]

    [hl=black]Lady Belligerent (Darth Bellorum): Dawn Herald[/hl]

    [hl=black]~High Lords of the Dark Tribunal~[/hl]

    As the three most trusted lieutenants of the Triumvirate, the Dark Tribunal is the embodiment of the will and vision of the Dark Lords. The Gen'Dai Taral, Stygian Executor, and Harbinger of the Eldritch Serpent represent the zenith of the Empire's power, and stand as paragons of its merits.

    greyjedi125 (Darth Manticore), Stygian Executor of the Sith, Battle Lord of the Sith Empire

    Moonspun Dragon (Darth Arach), Harbinger of the Eldritch Serpent and of the Black Wyrm, Overmistress of Beasts and Toxic Poisons

    Mikaboshi (Darth Cruor), Gen'dai Taral and Harbinger of the True Sith

    [hl=black]~Sith Lords~[/hl]​

    Once an Underlord has accrued 60 prestige through feats, they ascend to full-fledged Lordship. Lords are the elite masters of the order, revered for their achievements and longevity.

    dragonsith13 (Darth Draconis)
    HunterPrime (Darth Re'van)
    corinthia (Darth Hesper)- The Butcher of Coruscant
    panta1978 (Darth Soccmel)

    [hl=black]~Sith Underlords~

    Upon accruing 50 prestige and passing a final trial, an apprentice becomes a Sith Underlord, and advances to one of three prestige classes. Sorcerers may become either Inquisitors or Arcanists. Inquisitors act as the interrogators and priests of the Order, with supreme elemental power over the Force. Arcanists act as scribes, scientists and scholars; their understanding of Sith lore, sorcery and alchemy is unrivaled. Apprentice Warriors become Marauders or Knights. Marauders are the bloodthirsty iron fist of the Sith, without equal in martial might. Knights comprise the honorable backbone of the Empire, leading their fellow Sith into battle and inspiring them to acts of greatness. Apprentice Assassins become Stalkers or [/b]Watchers[/b]. More versatile than their peers, Stalkers are experts at stealth and subterfuge, mastering the Force, the lightsaber and conventional weapons. Watchers are infiltrators hiding in plain sight, experts at attaining their goals through unmatched subtlety and cunning.

    Darth Kronos
    Darth Master Titus (Darth Titus)
    E. L. Knight (Darth Hades)
    Halle Dray (Darth Kwea- Acantha)- Headmistress of the Sith Academy
    Anedon (Darth Octavious)

    [hl=black]~Sith Acolytes~[/hl]​

    When a Neophyte has reached 25 prestige points, they ascend to the rank of Acolyte - the upper levels of apprenticeship in the Empire.

    Satelenovelist11 (Darth Serano) - Darth Bellorum
    WookieeRage(Darth Ravenous)- Darth Hades
    QueenSabe7 (Darth Syren)- Darth Arach

    [hl=black]~Sith Neophytes~

    Upon being taken as an apprentice, a peon ascends to the rank of Neophyte, and may become a Sith Sorcerer, Warrior, or Assassin. Sorcerers concern themselves primarily with academic study of the force and understanding its properties, as well as studying and chronicling the history of the Sith. Warriors train primarily in the arts of combat, both with a lightsaber, attack and defense-oriented force powers, and the tactics and strategy of battle. Assassins seek to learn the art of stealth and espionage, and they train in many non-Force related skills in order to be more versatile and adept at working in secret.

    Darth Sophis - Darth Insipid
    Snokers (Darth Anark) - Darth Insipid
    DurararaFTW - Darth Cam
    Darth Rozic- Darth Manticore
    DarthIshyz (Darth Serapis)- Darth Bellorum
    Darth Cocytus- Darth Hesper

    [hl=black]~Sith Peons~[/hl]

    The lowliest members of the order, who have yet to prove themselves worthy of an apprenticeship.

    Darth Perniciem*
    Darth Traya
    Darth Vortex
    Darth Villus*
    Lord Sinuous
    The Mad Zookeeper*
    The Sith Camp

    * denotes recently active.
  25. HunterPrime

    HunterPrime Jedi Master star 2

    Apr 17, 2004

    Name: Re'van
    Age: 26
    Sex: Female
    Species: Looks Human (Codru-Ji)
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 127 lbs
    Occupation: Sorcerer/Arcanist, delver of knowledge

    Physical description: very athletic build, with slightly broad shoulders, well developed arms. Her fingertips end in sharp nails that she keep meticulously tailored. Brown and red hair, which she usually wears down, grey eyes, and lightly tanned skin. She wears exotic designs painted on her face, very few have seen her without them. Re'van tends to keep her extra arms hidden, and they are not apparent under her armor and cloaks.

    Clothing: She wears the lose robes of her profession, but does not wear simply black. When the mood strikes her, she usually wears a blood red, sweeping skirt which is slitted in the front. A red vestplate and tunic, which also hides much. Gauntlets, and an elaborite shoulder armor. A cloak or cape always follows. She also wears an icy blue, and smoke grey clothing of similar design. The cloth she wears afford her protection from blaster fire and hides other things as well.

    Weapons: She enjoys bladed weapons, and carries mutiple blades and needles on her person. A saber, and a personal favorite, under one of her bracers, a weapon that can shoot black blades silently, without her gesturing. She has added small grenades to her list, each with different abilities. Lightsaber Description: Hilt: 2 Smooth blue cylinders, with a silver writing along the edge of one, and gold on the other. Blade Color: Orange Her blades are upgraded, so that they are silent. No *snap-Hiss*. She also has the saber of the 'unworthy' one, and those from her previous master. Studies with two handed version of Form 6, Niman called Jar'Kai. Niman. Balanced and versatile. A combination of each form with no notable strengths and no glaring weaknesses.
    Personal Ship: Small shuttle - The Ferel. Cloak.

    The time before, does not matter. It simply existed. That, which was the time before the one who came to be called Re'van no longer holds meaning for her. That was before. But it did teach her some invaluable skills. Those of slight of hand, lock picking, and other skills born to that of a thief. But that was before. Before the Darkness had been instilled within her. Before her passion began to burn. Her yearning was born within the space of the darkness and the stars. And she has travelled much within such a short time. Re'van is no stranger to the order of the Sith. She had beheld them once before, in the beginning of her journey. She had known the names of those such as Lord Manticore, Darth Nemisis, Rian and Lord Vassago. And that all seemed so very long ago, and yet, barely within the flicker of the flame of time. But she grew dissillusioned. The strains left from a void that had formed, grew too much from within. So taking the items she had freeded from their previous owner, she left the old temple, dissapearing within the Dark Regions, to complete her own studies of the Darkside, free from any forced commitments or distractions. Her many hours of study within the old temple walls were not wasted. Between a few Holocrons, and the quiet study of ancient texts expounding the virtues of Sith Alchemy, Re'van has found herself changed as her old abilities morphed into something - different.

    Then, she began to hear whispers within the darkness. A voice, which spoke of another rising within the Sith Order and Re'van finds that she is once more ... intrigued. She looks to see if indeed, they have improved themselves, or is this simply another poor excuse of a once glorious order. She holds no high expecitations, but she is curious to see if any others have resurfaced as well. She has had much to observe. Since joining this new order, she has gained new insight. She has learned that this new orders was built upon a rule of three. And within the very short time of having discovered them, there would be many rapid changes. She had tasted the fear that came from within. And now, it seemed as if there was another treachery afoot within the walls of the temple. Was something else being put into play? Or were the Sith order itself the one being played? Then the Trimuvr's were attack by supposed 'elder gods' of the Sith. They were defeated, as Re'van remembered the hidden passageways of the temple, finding another way into the room. Once that threat was dealt with, Re'van did battle with the 'unworthy one', a female known as Viscretus. She killed the woman, because the woman attacked her, having thought Re'van had killed her apprentice Kevela. But it was Ballorum who was the author of that treatury. Soon afterwards, she was sent, along with Bellorum, Ike, Lorekeeper, and the Emperor's apprentice Appolyon, to the Cintadel of Golg, as part of yet another trial. There, Re'van was left behind as the shuttle lifted off, leaving Re'van to deal with a Sithspawn that was taller than two AT-AT Walkers and more massive than a herd of banthas, known as a Gorog. Re'van used to creature to gain entry into the centadel, before she defeated it, and met up with the others. Re'van eventually came face to face with the Sorceress of Golg, and dealt with her within contest of wills. The Helm of Dathka Graush, the Heart of Graush, and the holocron of Soa were obtained by Bellorum, but Re'van found something of interest within the walls as well, which she planned to use. Apollyon fell in a firey plum, following her master, the Emperor onto death, while they battled Dathka Graush, a necromancer Sith who's control of the undead was impressive indeed. But there was something else there as well, and its reach was from a much darker place.

    But the team completed its task and made it out, as the structure crumbled and fell into the depths. Now, the team has made its way back to the temple, and yet another feast has been planned. But Re'van notes that there are fewer Sith to celebrate this time around. And there is still treachery within...

    Description of abilities:

    Rank/Level: Sithlord/21st lvl
    Class: Sorceress/Arcanist

    Tier I
    Force push/pull (+1)
    Force choke (+1)
    Force jump
    Force Barrier
    Force Sprint
    Force Stealth
    Form VI (Jar'Kai)
    Force Rage
    Tutaminis 1 (+1)

    Tier II
    Force Avalanche (+1)
    Force Lightning
    Mind Trick
    Conceal Essence
    Force Drain
    Dark Side Healing (+1)

    Tier III
    Tier IV

    Dark Orbs
    Shadow Strike = Per GM
    Minor Holocron (Create)