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Art Archive The Sketchbook of Corellian_Rogue... MWUAHAHA! Just when you thought you'd got rid of me!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Corellian_Rogue, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. aurelia-acc

    aurelia-acc Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 14, 2005
    Great artworks and, above all, very detailed ones. =D= May I ask what's the size of these drawings?
  2. Your_Worshipfulness

    Your_Worshipfulness Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 21, 2005
    Thanks Suz! Your comments are always so in depth and wonderful to read, I always look forward to yours and Falcon's!

    Hey, as long as you like reading them, I'll try to keep writing them. ;)

    Yeah, those last few pictures had some anatomical problems looking back at them they're pretty terrible.

    Aw, come on, they weren't terrible. Anyway, I experience the same feeling ALL THE TIME when I look back at my work. For exmaple, in 'Surrounded', the main character's legs are waaaay too long. I [Agent Smith] hate [/Agent Smith] it when that happens.

    Oh and with Kit Fisto, those gauntlets were supposed to be torn and wrinkled cloth but I buggered it up royally! Furry gauntlets the latest for the chic green tentacled Jedi! LOL

    LOL. Dude, they looked furry to me, but no one else has said anything have they? So maybe it's just that I'm blind. "Latest for the chic green tentacled Jedi" - that's funny. [face_laugh]


    Krayt Dragon - It looks absolutely great! *loves dragons* It strikes me as an excellent Novel Cover. I like all the work you put into shading of the body and just drawing the form itself. The spikes scattered about was a nice touch in particular to make it unique. It was also pretty cool to see a 'progress report' on the process too. Lol, I was so focused on looking at the dragon's body that I completely missed the fact that the Jedi has managed to slice off one of the dragon's feet! Makes the image far more interesting as a whole.

    Wookiee Warrior - That's some excellent detail in his fur. It looks very realistic on how it sits on his body, and I also love how everytime I look as his face, I expect him to bellow out a war cry. This screams out warrior to me, so I think you did an excellent job on getting that across.

    Bothan Jedi - He looks like one of those guys that could kick the living crap out of you gracefully. His costume is beautiful, my favourite part being the long droopy sleeves (though you can only see one, I'll just assume that both sleeves are the same.) I look at him and get the impression that he's both Zen-like and regal. Lovely weaving of the hair and yeah, that sure is the money shot ain't it?

    Random Jedi - Beautiful Robe! It's a great combination of being snuggly wrapped around her body in some areas and loosely hung in others. The Half-bird is a very intriguing idea, and the fact that you've stated that this Jedi most likely is a more Philosopher type reflects well on the appearance you've given her. I always like seeing beings that are super-peaceful and kind with big honking claws that look as though can easily rake through flesh with the barest of touch. Your thoughts on using bright colours and such really makes me want to see this in full-blown colour. :)

    Shaak-Ti - The more gentle side of the Shaak-Ti? The long skirt is very alluring and just as you've done before, her horns/tentacles are drawn very well too. I like the simplicity of it. I think Deb described it best on how it appears as though she's deep in thought (thinking of a lover, eh? :p).

    Mon Calamari Jedi - Nice! Some more goregous details in this one! The arms especially catch my attention, but there is one part that is a bit difficult to see clearly, and that's the lightsaber (or at that's what I think it is) that he's holding. There's so much linework there that it's a tad difficult to make out. Something else which I love seeing in artwork is when people include designs on flowing fabric of character's costumes. I'm a sucker for such attentive details, and it really looks splendid. Fwa, I can't get over how easily it seems for you to draw different type of alien species.

    Quinlan Vos - Yes, you are such a fan girl :p [face_laugh], but I can't blame you. he does have a certain 'cool' quality about him. Stark inking? Well it looks good - very crisp and looks far more easier to colour in comparison to your other work. More of that fantastic wind whipping costume action that you do so w
  3. Corellian_Rogue

    Corellian_Rogue Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 30, 2001
    Thanks so much for wonderfully kind words everyone! [:D] I really do appreciate your support and kindess and for taking the time to share your thoughts on my work. I do hope to colour these at some point although if anyone wants to give them a go go for it, just give me a link to your finished art and I'll be tickled pink! :D

    Thanks for stopping in Ty_Ordell! *imagines Mr squidguy trying to hold a fineliner let alone ink with it* [face_laugh]

    Thanks for the kind words Corran_Fett! I'm glad someone else thinks Bothans look like how I imagine them...I've seen horrible renditions of them looking like extras from Planet of the Apes which scarred me for life. :p I'll try and get some coloured, even if it's just basic colours or just as a relaxing paint.

    [face_blush] Awww...thanks AG88. You're far too kind...I wish I could do this professionally but alas...I don't think I'm good enough. And plus I do prefer it as a hobby/ parttime job. I don't think I could handle being so creative all the time! Oh and I'm still waiting for my half naked Quin... ;)

    PLJ, glad you could stop by for a look! I must admit I really do adore the non-human part of Star Wars a lot more than the people (excepting of course Han and the guys [face_love] ) just blows my mind with the complexities and variety.

    Thanks Chilla and Wascally for looking! :) I appreciate it even if you don't know what to say, just the support is more than enough.

    Hansolo29, thanks, coming from you I'm blushing like crazy. I would ideally like to colour them all but I don't know with time constraints and my work load. I'd at least like to colour the bird lady and the mon cal.

    Thank you Ryuuri chan. I almost wasn't going to include Shaak Ti because I dislike it so much but I'm glad I did now :)

    *hugs Falcon* Thanks so much hon! :) You know how much I love your kind comments. With the Bothan Jedi, I really wanted to get across I kind of superiority even arrogance, thats how I imagine them to be, even as a Jedi. And I'm so glad someone else thought that Mon Cal's would be so much more fluid! I get sick of marine creatures being considered as ungainly just because they are more comfortable in water. I actually have another picture idea that I might do, of this Mon Cal character saber training with Kit Fisto underwater (I thought they'd make cool buddies considering the love for water and marine nature). I'm seeing some awesome underwater lighting effects so this one might happen! :D Oh and with the romantic picture I had a lot of trouble deciding on pose. I was orignally going to do a cliche kissy piece but then I was thinking and thought... "how in hell could they" He'd look like he was attacking her! [face_laugh]

    Thanks so much for stopping in Aurelia. I really do appreciate it. These pieces were done in an A4 sketchbook and most take up about two-thirds of the paper size. :)

    Suz! Where have you been? I have missed your beautiful art around here! I think I bumped up the sand too much in the Krayt piece, many people have missed the cut off arm. I must admit I really like drawing fur on creatures, I really love the dynamics you get with furred creatures, lots of secondary movement and it just plain fun for my, really suits my sketchy style I think. I think colour will help with that confusing area on the Mon Cal pic. I did a really organic saber design (influenced by the mon cal ships and a bizarre coral I saw actually) so it doesn't really stand out like a hunk of metal does. I've definitely got in a heap of practise with Quin...I've drawn enough pics of him! LOL ;) I really think this is more to his character, and the face is more emotive. I really need to improve on my human facial structure in full body pics. With the ewok picture, would you believe that I didn't use a single ref and hadn't seen an ewok on movies for ages...I just picked up my sketchbook and started drawing and there was an ewok! LOL Completely by memory which was very freaky! Getting the emotion in the n
  4. That_Wascally_Droid

    That_Wascally_Droid Jedi Knight star 6

    Jul 29, 2001
    I'd say more, but so much is going on right now that really caught me off guard lol
    I think it's nice that you tried romance peices. You should try to do anything you possibly can to stretch yourself in as many ways as possible. That's certainly not to say you can't specialize in a certain area (ie, ugly mean people that you seem so enamoured of ;p)
  5. AbihaVast

    AbihaVast Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 5, 2005
    Your coloring rocks! I bet it would male anything look awesome!
  6. Corran_Fett

    Corran_Fett Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 17, 2005
    A quick bump for this always great thread, back to page 1!

  7. Corran_Fett

    Corran_Fett Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 17, 2005
    EDIT: Crap, something messed up here. Please delete this post, mods...
  8. Knock_Out

    Knock_Out Jedi Youngling

    Dec 14, 2005
    Holy cow. I was browsing through your deviant account and its awesome. I like your style and coloring. Looking at your art make me wanna draw so bad. xD

    My fav three, can?t resist commenting on those!

    Kit Fitso: Yay for Kit. Great lightning, it?s brilliant.
    Boba Fett: -Undignified squeal- Boba isn?t a favorite character of mine, but after seeing this.. Just wow. This drawing appeals to me so much. I love the sketchy tome and the pose!
    Aalya Secura: Just... I love you?re coloring.. xD
  9. FalconFan

    FalconFan Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 25, 2004
    **holds out hands for a ruler-smack from Moderator**

    Okay...shameless "up" for Rogue's fantastic thread! This work is far too fabulous to languish so far back in the forum! I encourage anyone that hasn't checked out this thread to take some time and browse slowly through--it's well worth the time!

  10. Darth_Snuggle

    Darth_Snuggle Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 5, 2005
    Wow, wonderful new works you've got here Corellian_Rogue! I really love your linework and sense of fluidity.

    (and I'll bet Aayla's secretly got a copy of your 1/11 Kit Fisto piece as the wallpaper on her datapad ;) )
  11. Corellian_Rogue

    Corellian_Rogue Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 30, 2001
    *hugs everyone*

    Oh my goodness it's been far too long! I'm really sorry for the extended absence, it's been a really nutty time lately with Christmas and New Year and all those hangovers. :p I hope everyone here had a great time over the holiday season and that there was plenty of drawing and fun!

    Now I've stopped in to let everyone know that I'm really sorry for the delays concerning requests and whatnot, but alas, I'm cramming as much paid work in before I start my course in March so they will be on hold. Unless of course someone wants to commission me? LOL :D Oh and I'm still working on completing that infamous sketchbook, except the hilarious thing is I went away and started another book, so I have some in one and some in the other!

    I've got a few new random pieces, drawn while relaxing on holiday, so those might be up in a few days. One is of Shaak Ti and the other of this random jedi I found in a comic book, she's kind of elfish. Very serene.

    A big thanks to everyone who upped this thread, I really appreciate the support and for everyone's lovely and kind words. *big hugs*
  12. Your_Worshipfulness

    Your_Worshipfulness Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 21, 2005
    Just thought I'd poke my head in and 'Up' a magnificent art thread and to let you know that I'll be waiting here, eagerly anticipating new artwork. :)

    *grabs a chair and get's comfy*

    - Suz ^_~
  13. KingoftheAT-ATs

    KingoftheAT-ATs Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2005
    Very cool, man. These are sweet!
  14. Corellian_Rogue

    Corellian_Rogue Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 30, 2001's been a long while hasn't it? I've really been worked off my feet (or hands in my case with my art commission work) and to add to it I've been sick with a terrible case of bronchitis (which saw my asthma return unfortunately after a long time controlled well) for the last three weeks. Bleh, at least on my actual birthday I wasn't sick, I copped it the day after! LOL :D How is that for timing? :p

    Anyway, here's some random art drawn into my Star Wars sketchbooks (yes now I have two as I started some art in a second one which was incredibly dumb of me). Basically crap art drawn while trying to avoid the work I was supposed to be doing, I'm terrible I know! Not much of great quality here but I thought I'd better show you gals I'm still alive. :)

    [link=] Shaak Ti Kung Fu Grip[/link]

    Excuse my bizarro title, but I couldn't think of anything else. :p I like Shaak Ti's design and thought I'd draw her in an action pose, loosely based off a panel in a comic (can't remember which one sorry ladies and lads). Mucking about with the new Copic multiliners I bought with money for xmas. They are wonderful, every thickness from a comic variable width brush to a tiny 0.03. Lovely for those details I love so much! :D

    [link=] Tenel Ka or Mara Jade... take your pick! [/link]

    God I love messy, curly red locks!!! :) I guess this could be either lady. You hard core Mara fans have been after Mara art from me for ages and here's a red headed lady for you so if you dig it you can claim her as Mara....a bit girlie for her though in my opinion but I'll endeavour to do a Mara pic showing her baddass side one day. :) *joins Deb in fawning over Wick's Mara*


    Just a quick pencil and marker study of Yoda in bad boy pose. Don't mess with the little green guy. :D

    And Finally...

    [link=] Elf type Jedi[/link]

    This was some random Jedi I found in a comic and thought she was beautiful and just had to draw her. I think I altered her clothing a little but I guess Jedi would have to have different outfits right? I mean who would wanna run around in the same thing every day, or have a closet filled with the same thing? It's nuts, variety is great! :D Just mucking about with darks and lights and using an overexposure on the face to produce a really striking effect. I think it worked okay, except that nose, terribly manga/anime in style which I don't generally like to find myself drawing. Oh well, the drapery was a hoot! :D

    Hope you all like, even if they're a little sub-standard. I guess everyone has to have dodgy drawing times don't they? :p Cheers everyone!
  15. Corran_Fett

    Corran_Fett Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 17, 2005
    [face_dancing] Yay! An update! :D [face_peace]

    Shaak Ti looks awesome! I really like the pose, and it's definately the best art of your update. Tenel Ka/Mara looks cool, as well... I like her eyes and the charm in her hair! The Anakin collage really doesn't look soo good, to be honest - especially the face close-up - but, the lower figure looks cool. ;) The background looks okay, too... you're right, the color is missing, but it's okay. Yoda looks just cool... the usual, often used pose. :D :p Especially his facial expression is great.
    And, last but not least, the Elf type Jedi. This one looks pretty freaking awesome! A bit scaring, too... like the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis, a little... her clothing looks fitting, too... just what a elf-like Jedi would wear. :D

    Overall, your update is not even at the least as bad as you think... it's not as great as former ones, but it's cool, nevertheless. ;)

    Keep up the great work, Rogue!
  16. Corellian_Rogue

    Corellian_Rogue Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 30, 2001
    Thanks bunches Corran_Fett! I really appreciate your kind words about my work. I totally agree with you, I think the Shaak Ti is the best of the lot. Gah, every time I look at that Anakin piece I want to scream. I think I might take it down before too many people look at it, I know if I leave it I'll cringe at every comment that's left about it. Might edit out the baddness and leave the smaller figure. I actually started the face in the car on a road trip and then finished it with the figure yesterday. Should have started a new page! LOL :p

    That Yoda pose is so used! LOL I totally know, I copied it from a dodgy calendar I got for christmas. I don't usually like using such standard poses but alas I had no refs with me other than the calendar! He he. :D

    I'm hoping if I get the bad stuff out now, then the rest of the year will be better. ;) Wishful thinking probably. :)
  17. FalconFan

    FalconFan Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 25, 2004


    Rogue is back!! Rogue is back!!

    :p 8-} :D

    My day is overflowing with joy, to see that you've come back "home" to the forum! And with some awesome art, to boot!! Guess you've been really, really busy with the real world, and with paying work! In any case, we couldn't be happier to see you back (did you notice that the Art Challenge this month has Ben Skywalker as a character choice? Might you participate and do another drool-worthy painting of Ben...? Please...? [face_praying] )

    Okay--gushing aside (well...mostly aside... :p ):

    Shaak Ti: :eek:=D= WOW!! How beautiful is this?! I can't believe the energy and movement in this one--she looks like she's just about to land on us with a resounding "thump!" Awesome...just awesome! Her robes look just fabulous, flying around her arms and legs (and her robes are so beautiful, too...are you planning on coloring this one...?)--the foreshortening is perfect, and her fierce expression is perfect, too. I love this image--so much better than her just sitting in the Council chambers or getting beheaded by Grievous... This is how she should be depicted: as the powerful and athletic being she is. Awesome...

    I pick Tenel Ka for this portrait--I think I'm with you, that even tho Mara is not beyond the "fru-fru" under certain circumstances, this seems more like our beautiful Hapan Queen. I can so see a hair ornament like this on Tenel Ka--to match a fabulous, flowing green and gold gown, perhaps for some formal reception in the palace, or on one of the Consortium's member planets... Or maybe, just so she looks pretty for Jace... :p Very beautiful, and a very coy expression on her face, too--which could also lead one to the conclusion that this is our favorite assassin-turned-Jedi! ;) It's just beautiful!

    Yoda looks great, and has a lot of the presence and power that I imagine he would, being one of the most powerful Jedi ever. I love his posture here, the look on his face and the coloring--one of these days, I'm going be forced to have a go at our "little green friend!"

    Yes on the "more than one outfit" for the Jedi!! Go Rogue! The new Star Wars' fashion consultant, especially with the "Dressing The Galaxy" book for references! ;) I love this Jedi: the tattoos/markings on her face are just beautiful (sort of reminds me of the Trill, from Star Trek, with the sprays of markings on the cheekbones and foreheads...)--very exotic and unique, as is the way you've rendered the hair. You're so good at finding unique hair styles for your characters...I've run plumb out of those! lol! The swirl of her clothing/robes gives the impression that she's gathering a Force-blow together--tremendous kinetic energy there, and definitely makes this an exciting piece to look at! As always, your skills with fabric and drapery are do you do that...? I'd love to know more about this character--you have to at least give her a name!

    What an awesome update!! =D= And again, we're all just giddy to see you back! :D

  18. Corran_Fett

    Corran_Fett Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 17, 2005
    Well, I just guess that did the trick... :D Without the Anakin piece, your update is great, as usual... see FF's comments ;)

    lmao... that explains everything :D :p But yeah, you could just post a version with the lower figure only. ;)

    Oh, yeah, let's hope so! :D And I don't doubt you manage that... ;)
  19. Corellian_Rogue

    Corellian_Rogue Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 30, 2001
    Oh, I'm such a tard...I forgot I had another image to show you gals and guys here. It was tucked in the back pages of the sketchbook so I missed it first time around.


    I think this will look wonderful with a shock of insane colour, lots of beautiful greens combined with vibrant oranges and yellows I think. Maybe a bit of purple for good measure. I really did like Boga in the film, that noise it made was my favourite, very cute. Also the combined elements of reptile and feathers is always very cool, very Aztec-ish feel I personally got from it but that might just be me. This image is just a quick study that I should have centred better so to not cut off half his head feathers but oh well...sometimes you just start drawing and don't really plan. Twas a fun drawing! :D Oh and I'll finish that front paw at some point, I wasn't drawing claws particularly well that day and thought i'd better leave it until I was in the groove. :p

    Thanks so much Deb for your wonderfully kind words! I always love your comments so much. :) Thanks for taking the time to look at my update I really do appreciate it quite a bit. Hmmm...I might colour the Shaak Ti one day in the future, but it won't be soon due to the work I've got piling up on me. But I can see it coloured in my head with plenty of fire glow on her, and shaak ti is positively the best to colour, such wonderful colours to use! I love that salmon red! :D

    I agree with your pick of Tenel Ka too, I don't imagine Mara ever being this girlie or have so much fru fru as you called it! LOL :) Her jewellry would be more simplistic and out of the way I think, more contours, forms and embossing rather than jewels I think. I don't mind her being Tenel Ka, she's one of the better female characters when written by some authors.

    I don't know how I did the drapery in the elf jedi to be honest. Sometimes I just get in a groove and then I look back a day later and say did I do that? LOL :D Strange I know! I actually had a wonderful drawing day that day, I completed both the elf and shaak ti that day, very productive! :p Not very often that happens. I wish I could lay claim to this character but alas, I didn't design too much of her, just exposed her arms and gave her more hair and more flowing robes. I'll have to read the comic again for the name. I actually don't mind the newer Jedi based Star Wars comics, the art is quite good at times. One of the major reasons I'm into Star Wars actually, some quite good artists are in the employ of Lucas.

    And thanks for getting excited over my update! It's nice to feel my art's wanted. :D *bear hugs*

    I totally agree and feel a lot better for getting rid of that anakin crap Corran_Fett. Thanks for the counsel there bud. :) It definitely improved the quality of the update I think, I wonder if other people get as annoyed as me at pieces they don't like? LOL :D I'm a little nuts I know!

    Thanks all for stopping by! :)

  20. Chilla

    Chilla Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2005
    Can't believe I've missed your thread.....

    =D= Wow! I'll never be that good. Great drawings!
  21. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005

    Makes me sorry that I haven't stopped in sooner.

    Boga looks great, and I'd have to agree to the colors...possibly a dash of purple toward the 10' and 2' positions roughly with yellow then orange, then just a crazy mix after that...hmmm

    Really liked your Shaak Ti Kung Fu Grip, I almost get the impression(maybe because of the angle) That she is falling, posibly on whoever's about the fluids gipped out of em'

    I think I'll go with Tenel Ka, face looks a little young and girlish/soft like you said to be a Mara. But you do just gotta love the great way you were able to capture the curls in the red hair...I still can't seem to get hair right so I stay with the bald characters for the most part.

    Jedi Elf Typereally interesting...the cloths were magnificent great job! and I especially liked the eyes and the outlining patches.

    Bravo! I look forward to whatever is yet to come:)
  22. FalconFan

    FalconFan Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 25, 2004
    Oh, awesome drawing of Boga!! =D= Wow! This kind of reminds me of some of gatodama's or Cheveyo's portraiture, with the "face shot" behind the full-body pose--and it would so look fabulous colored (and I hope you'll get time to do it someday!)!! I loved this creature: she somehow reminded me of a book series I read long ago about the Dragonriders of Pern...a symbiotic relationship between flying dragons and their humanoid riders--Boga just struck me as very intelligent and "attuned" to Obi Wan in some way, that she understood his need for speed and stealth (as much stealth as a creature of her size could provide, anyway...). A wonderful critter, and this is an awesome rendering of her--I love the "face-on" view you chose, even with all the intricate detailing it required (but then, you're so bloody good at that anyway!), and the way her muscles are bunched under her hide in the body pose (which harkens to a royal "coat-of-arms" kind of thing...very cool!). Just beautiful! I'm glad you remembered to show us this--it's fantastic!


  23. Your_Worshipfulness

    Your_Worshipfulness Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 21, 2005
    Yeeee-aah! Corellian_Rogue is back with new art! [link=]Much Joy![/link]

    Shaak Ti Kung Fu Grip
    This is a great picture. There's so much detail prvided to show the movement going on - I love it. The skirt part of her outift is by far my favourite area to look at, and I like her twisting body pose. You've really captured the fluid, gracefulness that the Jedi are often described as having, which is why I think so highly of this piece. It really jumps out at you and I can't help but think how this would make a wonderful comic cover. The odd thing is that it reminds me of an old pic I drew. *shakes self* weirdness, lol.

    Tenel Ka or Mara Jade... take your pick!
    *tee hee* you finally gave it a go!. I'm gonna have to go with everyone else and say that this strikes me more of a Tenel Ka than a Mara. I usually envision Mara with somewhere along the lines of waves of curls (which I really, really like in this pic), but the Jewellery in her hair says Tenel to me. However, one could just as easily say that this was Mara doing her "Undercover" thing. ;)

    I find the design of the 'hair pin' is something that I would find to be an exotic marine feel. I know it sounds strange, but that's really how I see it. Maybe it's the gem colours, but I must admit that the contour shape looks almost like a...fin. Yeah, I think that's what it is. You're so good at colouring in your artwork - the deep wine red with the bright red highlight is just beautiful to look at.

    My Main man! It's a nice change to see him drawn in a more daunting pose. I find his claws to look absolutely frightening. Was it hard to draw him in a full body pose? (I'm not sure If I've seen anyone else tackle that before.) One of the things I like about his character is how flippin' cute and cuddly he can seem (especially in ESB where he comes across as almost a wacky senile old man), and than do a complete 180, turning into that kick@$$ formidable Jedi Master. Great shading on him.

    Elf type Jedi
    Nice work on the hair - I like how all the errant strands kind of roam all over the place to give it a semi-wild look. I also love the sleeves of her outfit on how they droop and aren't completely connected to the shoulders. It's got a much more interesting design than the usual 'normal' jedi outfit. There is something about her face though that appears masculine to me. It might be the shape of the face, but I'm leaning more to the lips or chin (the chin is kind of too square for a female, imo). It's kind of hard to say on an alien species - especially on one I've never seen before.

    OMG. What an amazing lineart! It is insanely gorgeous - All your talk of the splash of colours is killing me! I am dying to see this coloured. And I would most definately add in some purples - give it a more exotic feel. ;) You're right, it is very Aztec-ish, like the Quatzecotl (not sure if that's the correct spelling). I have to admit, I like the design of Boga, and that's saying a lot because I don't really like the look of a lot of the species from SW. The layout is neat, it reminds me of actual concept artwork. But really, this has a huge WOW factor. His head looks so fantastic, I don't know how you do it. It...just...Wow.

    P.S. Sorry to hear about all the troubles. - Oh and Happy Belated Birthday. :)

    - Suz ^_~
  24. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    Yay! Welcome back, Rogue! :D

    An excellent update as always! But I'm gonna have to say that Boga takes the cake! I love how you portrayed her here! She appears somewhat menacing in the film, but you managed to make her look cute and she even reminds me of my own bird(maybe that's why I like it so much :p ). The detail in the feathers and face is admirable. Nice job capturing all that fine work. It really makes the drawing pop! Any chance we'll get some color on that one? [face_mischief]

    The Shaak Ti drawing is also handled very nicely. Once again, the detail put into this drawing is amazing. And the movement - wow! It looks like you are falling/twirling right along with her. Also, nice coloring job on Yoda and the Mara/Tenel Ka piece! Very nice update indeed! :D
  25. That_Wascally_Droid

    That_Wascally_Droid Jedi Knight star 6

    Jul 29, 2001
    Holy cow, she lives! And is still on top of her game! =P~
    I've missed you! lol
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