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Thriller The Slayers: Darkness Chronicles

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Lukes_Apprentice, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Lukes_Apprentice

    Lukes_Apprentice Jedi Master star 3

    Oct 15, 2008

    In cold dreary night a man stumbles down a deserted ally of gloom and puddles. The previous day rain had come as the man stumbles in a drunken stopper. A dark figure closes in at alarming speed and almost floats across the pavement as if strings were attached causing an unbending figure to move towards its prey. A moon shines at quarter full in the distance the dark figure almost flies and grabs the man. Only a muffled cry for help is heard as two white glistening objects flash and sink into flesh both figures sink further into the darkness as death hangs in the air pining after its new found victim.

    Starting Location
    Playable Character Types
    Vampires: Half human and half demon not exactly the type you want to meet in dark, unless of course you want to die.
    Traits: These beings can use cars, run quickly, fight well, have incredible strength, live for as long as they are not defeated in battle, and can mix their blood with their victims to create new vampires. They can be killed using several different methods including fire, beheading, and wooden streak to the heart.
    Vampire Slayers: Humans with strength and ability to face most demons and monsters.
    Traits: Stronger then typical humans, can run at speeds faster than most humans, heal quickly, have great balance, and can endure blows that would kill most humans. However, they can be killed in battle the same as normal humans and only four are born to each generation.
    Vampire hunters: fight the undead and their dastardly plot despite the fact they are normal humans
    Traits: experienced fighters, train in battle tactics, are weapon experts, use brains to overcome their demon foes. However, they are easily killed if caught unaware, can be turned by vampires, and must usually work in teams for safety reasons.

    Exceptional Vampire Hunters: those who have abilities that help them defeat the undead like necromancy
    Traits: Slightly stronger then some, experienced fighters, most have the ability to control the undead, and they are weapons experts. They can be killed by weapons and some are a small part demon.

    Witches: those gifted in the art of spell casting that can either work for good or evil
    Traits: They have the ability to cast spells that can protect, disable, or confuse enemies on the battle field including illusions and other tricks. However they are easily killed if caught unaware, can be turned by vampires, and their spells can sometimes backfire.

    NPC types
    Half demons or Monsters: Can either be good or evil it depends on what type of monster or demon and if they have been bewitched in some way. It is safe to say that caution is advised.
    Traits: stronger than humans, have abilities beyond normal beings, fight well, and have other abilities based on what the monster or half demon. These various nasty creatures can be defeated through different methods. The best thing is to consult your local truth minder for help.
    Minions: Follow any evil being that they perceive as strong. They have a strong sense of devotion towards this evil being.
    Traits: Normally have great strength and immense courage. However, these creatures are not talented in prolonged fights, only follow directions poorly, and are single minded in achieving their objectives

    Truth Minders: These guys can’t fight to save their lives but help the cause in any way they can.

    Traits: Love books, reading, research, and everything worth knowing about the occult and monsters of any kind due to their vast libraries and secret funding.

    Werewolves: Half human and half demon dog. They can rip you apart as soon as look at you never face one of these unless you are truly prepared
    Traits: While transformed werewolves are exceptionally strong, fast, agile, smarter than most dogs, can kill in one bite, live longer than regular humans, and can create other werewolves by biting others. However these people only transform around the full moon, are allergic to silver implements, can be shot with tranquilizer darts, and most hate the fact that they kill others.

    Character sheet:

    Location: (somewhere in NY area)
    General Appearance:
    Unique Abilities:


    1. No god moding or auto hitting
    2. No changing any of the known traits above (in other words no cheating).
    3. The GM has final say (no whining please)
    4. The GM will try to update at least once every seven to nine days. Please try to be prompt and answer your tags within two weeks (14 days) or your character may die.
    5. The GM will not guarantee in any way, shape, or form that any character will live or die. If your character dies please feel free to send another character sheet.
    6. PM your character sheets to the GM for approval before posting
  2. Lukes_Apprentice

    Lukes_Apprentice Jedi Master star 3

    Oct 15, 2008
    OOG/ OOC: I will be accepting character sheets for the next two to three weeks. to kick of the fun I will start with all of the main characters.

    Name: Joseph Morgan
    Location: Queens, NY
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Character-type: Vampire Slayer
    Personality: Brash, confident, with some leadership qualities, sometimes abrasive yet fair
    General Appearance:

    Weapons: crossbow and arrows with wooden tips, wooden steaks, knives (silver, wooden, and steal), and Glock 19 with backup rounds while on duty
    Other items: holy water 1 to 2 bottles, cross, a flair gun (various uses)
    Unique Abilities: imbued with normal powers of vampire slayers, exceptional judo, karate, kendo, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu and boxing skills, and amazing climbing skills
    History: Joseph lived in various places all over the United States and sometimes in different countries during his teen years. Joseph’s father was in the military and he and his mother moved whenever his father got orders to go and his father was allowed to bring his family. Living this way meant Jospeh made few friends and was awkward not to mention naturally gifted in the martial arts which he used to calm his nerves. Then one night several vampires came along and he had no choice, but to fight them and the rest was history. Growing up with the experience of fighting vampire and other demons meant late nights away from his family and danger for them if he failed. As he grew he met different truth minders who guided his talents and found his ability to climb mountains helped him fighting. When he came of age he decided to make a living in New York specifically in the queen’s area. His ability to hunt down bad guys translated well to being a policeman. So at the age of 22 he became police officer. His duties of protecting the public also mesh well with his duties as a slayer as sometimes suspects are not quite so normal. As veteran police officer he been assigned to homicide as a detective and this allows him freedom to see what others don’t. He also meet his “partner in crime” Walter who just so happen to be his partner while he was a detective. When he is not on duty at night he assumes his other role of vampire slayer. Of course no one is perfect and he most certainly is not. Joseph has lost people he like to vampires and other demon s and been helpless to stop it the one that caused him the most pain was when his sister was killed. Joesph sees the need for his skilled as a vampire hunter, but is still uncertain about his future.

    Name: Chris “bloody” Davan
    Location: Anywhere in NY that has people available for blood sucking
    Gender: Male
    Age: 150 (estimated)
    Character-Type: Vampire
    Personality: Hateful, sinful, destructive, cunning, rude, and unapologetic
    General Appearance:

    Weapons: Whatever is handy or can be stolen. Shotguns of any caliber are his favorite followed by steel pipes, and/ or a knife on occasion
    Other items: rope, sunglasses (so he can look young)
    Unique abilities: crowd blending, good fighting skills, and great jumping ability (better then most vampires)
    History: Not much is known about Chris other than as he likes to kill and not be seen. He has a known catalogue of kills that include 3 vampire slayers. He has debonair presence and ability to fight cause other vampires to fear him more than most. Nothing else is known about him as he tends to kill those that get to close.

    Name: Walter Watanabe
    Location: queens, NY
    Age: 25
    Character-Type: Vampire hunter
    Personality: Smart, funny, and slightly nerdy
    General Appearance:

    Weapons: wooden knives and stakes, a sword, and a crossbow at times, and glock 19 while on duty
    Other Items: holly water 1 to 2 bottles and a cross
    History: Walter’s grandparents immigrated to the United States and like other Japenese were imprisoned in internment camps. They then moved there entire family to New York. Walter’s parents provided a decent life and training for him. His parent had raised him and hoped he would become a scientist. Walter had different plans he always wanted to become a policeman and protect those in need. He also sought out new experiences and was almost killed by vampires. After that day Walter vowed he would protest the public from these monsters. When he graduated from NY police academy, and was a assigned as a patrol man. Walter worked hard and eventually became a detective and was assigned a partner. HE and Joseph found that they had one thing in common they both hated vampires and other nasty sorts and so joined forces every free night they had hunting monsters in the night.

    Name: Brian Montrose
    Location: Grand Central NY Public Library
    Age: 48
    Character-Type: Truth Minder
    Personality: Smart, straight laced, truthful, slightly detached, and helpful
    General Appearance:

    Weapons: wooden stakes (he does not use them often)
    Other Items: In storage he has mauls, slings, bows, arrows, crossbows, swords, flails, pikes, spears, clubs, several sets of old armor, holy water, garlic, and crosses, ropes, and chains.
    History: Brian has been training as a truth minder and is a librarian. Under the library he has stashed many volumes and book on demons, vampires, and monsters. His family has been one of many in power that have been charged with keeping the secret of ages. Brain has taken many classes in ancient languages and dialects. He has studied wars and ancient battles of Slayers that came before. He graduated from oxford with a PhD in history and foreign language. He has made it a duty to seek truth from sources of any kind and has learned to use the internet in the modern age despite his qualms. He landed in NY because a truth minder was needed in the area and he wanted to live in an area where he could go to the opera.
  3. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Raven Hollowell
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Character-type: Witch
    Personality: Bit Eccentric, Loner,
    General Appearance:

    Weapons: Staff with a magic crystal embedded on top that can be used as a weapon that absorbs powers and pushes it back and for protection creating a barrier
    Unique Abilities: White and Black Magic, Uses spells incantations, potions, Talismans, Summon spirits
    Raven Hollowell was raised with her grandmother Anita Hollowell in upstate NY. Her parents died in a suspicious fire at the age of five. Her grandmother was a witch and a mid-wife. She taught Raven everything she knew about magic including some black magic. Anita knew that Raven had the gift since the day she was born. Anita also knew what lurked out at night and made sure to prepare Raven for the dangers that are out there.

    Raven’s grandmother passed but told Raven on her last dying breath that she would watch over her, all she need to do is call her. Raven confused a bit on what her grandmother said took it as if her grandmother was incoherent. Raven left the small cottage that she and her grandmother called home. She now resides in Brooklyn, NY where she lives alone practicing her craft. She works part time at a local incense and candle shop.
  4. Lukes_Apprentice

    Lukes_Apprentice Jedi Master star 3

    Oct 15, 2008
    GM OOG/OOC: I really could not resist posting. To the one person that has a CS you are not required to post for another two to three weeks. Unless you want to.

    IC: Joseph Morgan
    Joseph asked “So what did they say this time?”

    IC: Walter Watanabe
    “They said it looked like another unexplained death over the radio. We both know that is code for killed by vampire, especially if we are assigned the case. You would think they would be little more inventive than that,” said Walter.

    IC: Joseph
    “Yeah tell me about it, this is the third death by vampire this week. I have also dusted at least five of them, subdued two werewolves, and stopped some strange sort of heart hunter monster. “
    Joseph said partially kidding and acting the excused vampire hunter, “I cannot believe it only the middle of the week!”
    Joseph said seriously, “Something is going on and I don’t like it one little bit. I cannot help but feeling this is beginning of something."
    Joseph said pensively, We are going to have to consider the possibility of consulting a truth minder maybe there is something we are missing.

    IC: Walter
    Walter asked in a whining voice, “Do we have to?”

    Walter continued not waiting for an answer,Those guys are so, Walter paused as if choosing his words, depressing and wrapped up in research.

    IC: Joseph
    Joseph chuckled and said, Yeah, I wonder if some of them are robots.
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