Before - Legends The Spaces Between (USJS-inspired AU, UDC VIII response - Week 9- 6/25)

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    Title: The Spaces Between (UDC VIII – AU)
    Author: K’Tai qel Letta-Tanku
    Characters: T’lor Kaden/Laren Deboisnesque, Gi’den Dway/Jordon Tyroth, Dex Jasper, Mace Windu, Elise Sopine, and whoever else shows up to the party.
    Era: Before mostly but it depends on what my muse fancies at the time in response to the prompts
    Disclaimers: The GFFA belongs to Disney. I just play here.
    Summary: Life is a series of big events connected by the spaces between them. – Great Jedi Philosophers, Vol. 3: The Power of Belief. This a response to the Ultimate Drabble Challenge VIII.

    AN: T’lor can’t be written without Rani Veko-Kern, Kithera, An-Paj and the characters of the USJS coming into play in some form. I am forever indebted to Rani Veko, Jane Jinn, Kit', JediKnight-Obi-Wan, _Derisa_Ollamhin_ and the others I know I am forgetting for welcoming me into that part of the GFFA and spawning a set of stories I didn’t know I needed to tell.

    Week I

    1. Valor

    Elise had called it heroically courageous. T’lor knew better. It had been an incredibly stupid risk. She would have to wait to see if it also was an incredibly stupid mistake. Her cover as Laren depended on no one, Force-sensitive or not, from suspecting that she was anything other than ruthless, cutthroat, deadly, and NOT a Jedi.

    She exhaled. The Force still ached with the fear and terror. The warning in the Force had been urgent and almost too late before all nine Corellian hells broke loose. She had saved as many as she could but it hadn’t been enough.

    2. Honor

    T’lor couldn’t focus on the meditation. She squirmed and gave up. “Master, how am I to honor the Code? My cover isn’t exactly what I would call a morally upstanding individual.”

    “Discipline, T’lor.” Mace Windu opened his eyes. “The discipline of vaapad extends beyond the dojo.”

    “But what happens when she would do one thing and a Jedi is bound to do the opposite? How do I choose?”

    “Drop into vaapad and listen to the Force. You will have your answer.”

    T’lor was silent for a moment. “Master, I understand but I don’t understand.”

    “I know. You will in time.”

    3. Sacrifice

    The explosion at the factory was the very type of situation T’lor had asked Master Windu about before this whole mission started. Laren would have looked on, the risks to her person outweighing the loss of personnel and equipment. T’lor could not, would not sacrifice innocents if she had the power to do otherwise. The Force had sided with T’lor, or so she thought.

    Now, T’lor felt an unease in the Force. Had it been a trap, a way for whoever was behind the trafficking to determine whether a Shadow was on the scent? She felt sick to her stomach.

    4. Defeat

    Alarms clamored. Laren breathed and turned back to slicing the system in front of her. She had to hurry if they had any hope of finding out where the last transport had headed.


    The scream coincided with the flare of danger in the Force. Laren dodged as the massive guard rounded the corner and narrowly missed knocking her senseless. Adrenaline pulsed in her veins. She felt the impending wave of reinforcements closing in.

    “Laren, leave it!”

    Defeat was not something she took well, but it was temporary. Death on the other hand was permanent. She turned tail and ran.

    5. Victory

    Escaping had been a small victory in its own right. When she and Elise found the factory, T’lor thought maybe there was going to be a larger victory as well. The transport was there. She could feel the latest group of Force-sensitives were being processed. She knew from previous reconnaissance that they would be divided into three groups – one destined for the mines, one for the assembly line, and one for the arena. The last group gave her a knot in her stomach. Her only chance to save them was to get all of them out before the sorting finished.
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    K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku is back, she's back, she's back! With T'Lor (Laren) and (I'm guessing eventually) the USJS crew! :D So wonderful to see these characters again; it's been a long time, and this seems like kind of a "return to roots" in a way, given that it was in drabbles like this that these characters breathed their first. I love how much we learn about T'Lor in these few brief moments; given that in your later stories she's [hl=black]an experienced Shadow and an absolute virtuoso at disguise and espionage[/hl], it's neat to see her beginning that path here, and experiencing some ambivalence about it: how does the whole [hl=black]assumed-identity business[/hl] reconcile with Jedi honor? And when is it admitting defeat actually an all right thing to do? (Answer: when it saves your life! :p ) These miniatures seem to be forming a longer story, so I'll be very curious to see how that will proceed.

    Wonderful to see you back in action, K'Tai! :)
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    Love to see the USJS coming back in your drabbles
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    Yay, you're back and so are your characters! :) =D= I totally knew how you came back, btw, just like all these other mysteriously returning folks did. :D

    I will admit that this universe is hard to get into with years and years of backstory, but I still enjoy every single thing I read, though this is the first time I gathered (some) courage to comment. [face_blush]

    Valor: Elise, whoever she is, slightly scares me. Pretending one is somebody else is always a great burden, but I feel like there's more to her act. All nine Corellian hells breaking - gulp!

    Honor: Oh, so T'lor is Mace Windu's Padawan, a Jedi Shadow-to-be and he is the number one racer on the straight and narrow road. Another gulp here. And what is vaapad?

    Sacrifice: Okay, I figured this out. Elise is posing as Laren, Laren is not a species name. D'oh! And she is setting T'lor up. IT'S A TRAP! And the suspense builds so masterfully over this set of drabbles.

    Defeat: This death vs. defeat meditation must have lasted less than a second. Love the situations where the time slows down.

    Victory: At this point, yes, I want to know MUCH more about Elise/Laren. Such an intriguing character.
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    Ah, thanks guys for the warm welcome back. [face_blush]
    I couldn't pass up a drabble challenge! :D T'lor's adventures in particular seems to be very amenable to this format at this stage. I have a broad arc of what happens to her between USJS and showing up in "Getting to Know You" (and beyond that since she has been hanging around for over 15 years now), but as with much of my writing, it is scene based and then fleshes out from there. Drabbles are a great way, for me at least, to start to flesh out those scenes.

    That makes me smile. :D Thank you!

    :D The USJS is a huge monster of a thing. Even I don't remember half of what happened with my own character, especially since toward the end, she was written by others as well as me. :oops: I often end up doing a lot of digging through old material just to make sure I'm remembering events correctly because they form the why behind how T'or acts.

    Timeline-wise most of these scenes will take place after USJS and up through the time of "Getting to Know You"...I think. I'm letting my muse guide me, and she is a fickle thing when it comes to inspiration. She is also fond of hopping around in T'lor's life so the posts won't necessarily be in order timeline-wise. I'll add author notes to the posts going forward so it is easier to follow. I'm glad you commented because I want you to enjoy the thread and if you are confused, that will be difficult. :)

    No, T'lor's master was Gi'den. These stories take place after her Knighting so she is already a Shadow, albeit inexperienced at this point. She is training with Mace in vaapad for this undercover assignment. Vaapad, also known as Form VII, is a style of lightsaber fighting that Mace developed. It walks right up to the Dark side, invites it in, and keeps it contained, which is why very few Jedi are even allowed to study it. There is some evidence from the novel "Shatterpoint" by Matthew Stover that Mace felt vaapad was a discipline that could extend beyond the dojo. I've taken that idea and run with it as it makes sense to me that such a discipline might be very useful for a Shadow.

    Yea! Ewok Poet, I'm so sorry I confused you. I will say this, Elise and Laren are two different people. If you go the OC Index, there is some background on T'lor and Gi'den that will help in keeping track of who is who OC Index Thread | Index updated 03 Feb 2017. I promise to add an entry about Elise.
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    Week II
    Thanks again to Charity Rose for beta-reading.

    6. Name

    “Hit her again.”

    T’lor dropped into vaapad, letting the pain fuel a reserve of power for later, assuming there was a later. The Force did not guarantee that, even in the best of times. Her mind wandered to the question of why electroshock was in such vogue as a torture technique. The pain stopped. She didn’t have an answer. She caught her breath and focused.

    “Come on sweetheart. Tell us your name.”

    Her lips parted, “You didn’t say please.” The goon before her didn’t know whether she was serious or not.

    “Please tell us your name.”

    She smiled wickedly. “No.”

    7. Title

    Before another shock could be administered, someone entered the room.

    “Her name is Laren Deboisnesque, president and CEO of Advanced Microsystems.”

    T’lor was impressed. It hadn’t taken them nearly as long as she thought it might to track down the painstakingly hidden information trail. They weren’t amateurs then.

    “And what does Advanced Microsystems do, Ms. Deboisnesque?”

    “A little of this, a little of that…more of that if the price is right, if you know what I mean.” She glanced around. “Look, if you want to talk business, I’d rather be civilized about it.” The binders holding her opened. First mistake.

    8. Number

    As she stood over the data terminal while the download finished, she counted off the number of mistakes her hosts had made.

    One, release her binders.
    Two, take her to a room with furniture and the terminal.
    Three, fail to leave reinforcements in the hall that were actually worth anything.
    Four, do not read to the end of the available information on Laren Deboisnesque which clearly indicated that messing with her was dangerous to one’s health.

    T’lor grabbed the data disk and tucked into her pocket. She looked at the one thug bound and still conscious. “Until next time then.”

    9. Date

    Gi’den studied the information T’lor had obtained. “Do I want to know?”


    “You need to meditate,” he said, concerned. “Now.”

    “Later. Right now we need to know the date and time of the weapons transfer. Laren needs to to make an impression.”

    “Laren is likely to get herself killed if she isn’t careful about just who she’s making an impression upon.”

    “I’m not too concerned.”

    “You are assuming the middle man is who had you.”

    “No, I’m assuming Kaellen is open to bargaining for a better deal..and protection from the ones who had me. Those are ambush plans. Look.”

    10. Legacy

    T’lor watched her former padawan from the doorway. Laren’s legacy is tied up with that one, a legacy I can’t leave behind no matter how much I might wish to.

    K’Tai turned to greet her. “Laren, thank you for meeting me.”

    Laren walked forward, extending her hand. “My pleasure. What can I do for you?”

    “Is there somewhere more private we can speak?” K’Tai asked.

    She knows.

    “Of course. Follow me.” She led K’Tai to her office. Pressing a button, she swept for surveillance and extended her senses into the Force.

    “Don’t worry,” K’Tai said. “I made sure we’re alone.”

    Name – Date: This series is the setup leading to the response to Seek and Sell from this post. The time frame is 2-3 years after the end of USJS.
    Legacy: I haven’t entirely determined when this takes place, but it is several years later, well after the events of “Getting to Know You” and after K’Tai has returned to the Tal’shari.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    great story of her capture, escape and doing something with the info
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    Jul 31, 2014
    I echo what earlybird said. And thanks for the corrections - things are even more interesting this way. Can't wait to see how and if T'lor makes it out of the mess.
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    Thanks! :D
    You may be waiting awhile. T'lor is still being cagey with me about the details of this part of the investigation. ;)

    Onward we go...

    Week 3

    11. Helpless

    T’lor watched as Qui-Gon carried an unconscious K’Tai to the waiting medical transport, Obi-Wan a step behind him. He turned to look back at her, his eyes questioning whether she was coming. “Go. Be with her. I need to stay here and see to the others. K'Tai wasn't the only one being held.”

    What she didn’t say was she was going to stay where she could be useful. There was nothing she could do for her padawan at that moment. The same was not true of the others still in their cells. She would help them the best she could.

    12. Satisfied

    Gi’den watched his former apprentice methodically move through the cell block below the one where they had found K’Tai. “What are you looking for?”

    T’lor glanced back at him. “I don’t know. Some explanation, some clue as to why here and why these girls. Only a small number of them are Force sensitive.” She picked up a piece of torn cloth. An image of herself as Laren came to her mind. She dropped it and took in a breath. “He knew Laren was after him, and this was a trap for her.” The fact she’d avoided it was small satisfaction.

    13. Enough

    “T’lor, you have to forgive yourself,” Gi’den said. “You had no way of knowing that letting K’Tai leave the Temple would lead to this situation. You need to focus on the good that came out of it. The Na’rath is dead and his part of the trafficking ring is gone.”

    She knew Gi’den was right and yet it wasn’t enough. “She’s lying in the room down the hall in critical condition.” T’lor turned to him. “The Shadows are no place for padawans. I don’t care how well trained they are.” She turned away, her fists clenched, trying not to cry.

    14. Non-stop

    As she walked the path to the spot Obi-Wan had chosen for his meditation, T’lor drank in the new life that surrounded her. K'Tai wasn't the only one who was feeling violated by the Dark side. She was going to need to do some significant healing of her own in that respect. There had been hundreds of mostly girls in that facility. The Force had ached with their suffering. That K'Tai had managed to withstand it long enough to fight was a testament to her resolve and to her strength. T'lor had a lot to learn from the Tal'shari guard.

    15. Burn

    "Speaking of T'lor's padawan, where is K'Tai? I haven't seen her lately in class."

    "She had a mishap on our last mission. She's been in the Halls of Healing," T’lor replied.

    "Well, at least you have company, Obi-Wan," Garren said. "She's pretty nice company at that."

    "Garren!" Bant exclaimed.

    Garren looked up from his food at Bant. "What? K'Tai's kind of cute, and she's fun to be around. I may be a Jedi, but I'm still human and male. Tell her Obi-Wan."

    "Tell her what? That you are human? I think the jury might still be out on that one."

    Helpless and Satisfied take place in the immediate aftermath of the attack that leads to the flashback in “Recall”. Enough, Non-Stop, and Burn take place in the Temple a few days to weeks later.
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    Great story and the last one burn; love the bickering between the padawans
  11. Ewok Poet

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    This is, IMHO, the most significant part of all five:

    ...and I'm finally getting the grip of this.

    All are good, but "Enough" and "Burn" are the best. I agree with earlybird-obi-wan. :)
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    Oooh! Burn indeed.
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    Catch-up achieved! :D Love how we've seen two different sides of T'lor in these last two sets: the clever, resourceful Shadow but also a caring Master and colleague. Her reunion with K'Tai in "Legacy" seems fraught, even though it's mostly a happy reunion; I am curious now about the ways in which T'lor-as-Laren's legacy is bound up with K'Tai.

    And how cool to read the lead-up to the wonderful "Recall" in this most recent batch! Great job here with T'lor's mixed emotions: she's understandably relieved that she (Laren) didn't take the bait, but her remorse for K'Tai is completely understandable too. And yet how could she have known that this would be the outcome? Gi'den's advice is very wise, and we can see T'lor coming closer and closer to taking it here, even to the point of becoming inspired by her student's example and resolving to rescue the remaining captured girls. (And now I have to wonder... why mainly girls? I guess that might end up being a story for a different time... [face_thinking] )

    Keep 'em coming—I'm really enjoying getting to know more of T'lor, and of her relationship with K'Tai! =D=
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    Glad you liked that. I happened to write that after watching an episode of "Clones Wars" where he was egging on Ventress. :p
    Thank you! I enjoy writing snarky Obi-Wan, because I'm NOT that way in RL, at least not in what comes out of my mouth. :)


    I don't know that T'lor ever completely forgives herself for what happened to K'Tai, although technically it isn't really her fault...a certain padawan is the impetus for K'Tai leaving the Temple. So there is that in this scene, but there is more.

    There is a reason why T'lor thinks she should have known this could happen, but that and the fact that it was mostly girls are another story(ies). Suffice it to say that this Na'rath is a particularly sadistic individual and it isn't the first time he and T'lor have tangled. :eek:

    Thank you all for the comments. Here's the next batch.

    Week IV

    16. Hunger

    As an Initiate, T’lor had not quite grasped why hunger was used as the word to describe desire, need, and passion wrapped into one. A Jedi hungers for justice. The Dark side hungers for an opening...She looked at the man sitting bound before her. What did I just do?

    “Please,” he had begged, eyes fearful. “Just ask me what you want to know.”

    Laren had responded, “Oh, you will tell me.” Then she invaded his mind with such ruthlessness that he screamed in agony. She laughed, and the Dark curled around her, its power within her grasp.

    She understood now.

    17. Thirst

    Gi’den watched his former padawan stand before the Council. Her present situation and the actions she engaged in that led to it, were rooted in a deep thirst for justice, a desire to bring the Light to the darkest corners of the galaxy. He knew this and so did the Council. That didn’t mean the ends justified the means.

    He knew she had been struggling. He’d tried to help, but somethings have to be learned through experience, painful as it might be. Her cover persona was very much a part of her, and Laren was not bound by Jedi ethics.

    18. Itch

    T’lor was itching for a fight. The audacity of the Council! Perilously close to the Dark side, too close to continue in the investigation at this point in time. ‘Voluntarily’ take leave or it will not be voluntary. Gi’den will accompany you. The words swirled in her mind, her anger summoning power. She stepped into the dojo.

    10 smoldering remotes later and her anger still simmered. She felt Dax enter the room. Before he could say anything, she turned on him, eyes burning, lightsaber held at guard.

    “You promised. You promised I would come out of this whole. You LIED!”

    19. Yearn

    The metallic tang of exhausted and hydraulic fluid caught in the back of T’lor’s throat. She looked out of the boarding ramp. The landing pad sat on the edge of a forest, a path leading away to the town that she could glimpse in the distance. A welcoming party was approaching up that path.

    T’lor wished with all her being to be back on Urna Minor, working the case. Kress was not where she wanted to be. However, it was better than Sanctuary. She could theoretically leave Kress at any time. Sanctuary? Not so much.

    “Come. Let’s meet our hosts.”

    20. Impulse

    T’lor followed through on the impulse to throw a punch and take down whoever was dumb enough to surprise her before she knew what it was she was doing. Luckily, the interloper seemed to be possessed of Jedi reflexes and ducked at just the right moment.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you,” the young woman said calmly, her green eyes friendly.

    T’lor looked at the woman, her cheeks coloring. She was one of the Tal’shari healers from Unagin. T’lor almost responded that she hadn’t meant to pull an Obi-Wan, but caught herself. She had been Laren on Unagin.

    This series takes place just before K’Tai meets T’lor on Kress as she told Obi-Wan here. Sanctuary was established in the USJS as a planet where Jedi who needed extended healing, particularly of the spiritual kind, were sent.
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    I was not familiar with the majority of your characters, but it was a nice read! :)

    It always amazes me what different results the drabbles can have. And what character combinations. =D=
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    Yoicks, T'Lor brushes with the Dark Side here! Or is it Laren who does? Or them both? Whatever the case may be, you've set up a very complex situation with this scenario, raising some pretty hefty questions about the nature of light vs. dark. For example: is one really brushing with the Dark Side if one is acting in character for an assumed persona in the course of a mission? I guess this sort of thing is why the Jedi Shadows are considered "gray."

    And as usual the Council refuses to stretch a point or think outside the box in any way, silly geese that they are. :rolleyes: No wonder T'Lor is mad; Laren's fiery temper is a huge part of her, after all (and heck, Laren is the way she is because T'Lor is the way she is). She's dangerous in this state, as we see when she nearly clobbers K'Tai (at least I think that's K'Tai in the fifth drabble). And that of course means that the Council probably now has a more problematic situation on their hands than they would have if they had stretched a point! Major d'oh on their part! :oops: Thank goodness for K'Tai's Jedi-like reflexes. But knowing what I do about your universe, I at least know that good things—like, say, friendship—will come out of this chance meeting between the two adepts. So the Council's "punishment" may indeed turn out to be a blessing in disguise! :D Looking forward, as always, to more.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    An exciting look at T'Lor and Laren through the five prompts
  18. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    T'lor is playing a dangerous game here. Then again, Jedi Shadows are a special kind. Hope that she knows what she's doing!
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    Glad you enjoyed it! :D I agree with your sentiment about the drabbles - the way that each author uses them and the diversity that spawns is really cool.

    Thank you. We aim to please. ;)

    I've always thought of it as T'lor brushing with the Dark side, but you raise some interesting points that made me think about T'lor's trials. [face_thinking] Her Trial of the Spirit very much touches on this and sets why for her, this is particularly fine line to walk. Unfortunately that post didn't survive the truncation and the Way Back Machine didn't catch the thread after that had been posted (I think it was in USJS part III...but it could have been in Part IV). I may go back and repost it under a separate title, but in the meantime, I'm happy to send it to interested parties.

    You are very right. It is very difficult for T'lor to separate herself from Laren, in part because she doesn't have the support system she has used in the past to help her figure things out. Rani doesn't know anything about Laren, so there isn't that outside check that she has relied on previously. The Council's mistake has been that they were blind to how important that is for T'lor. :oops:
    However, the Council may end up salvaging things yet. That is indeed K'Tai, and the Council was not arbitrary in sending T'lor to the Tal'shari. They might actually know what they are doing in this case, all signs to the contrary. The Force keeps trying to help them. Sometimes they listen. [face_whistling]

    She is playing a dangerous game, one she didn't want to play initially because of the risk. Dax assured her that he would give her the tools to be able to win, but her inexperience at this point is causing an issue. She doesn't know what she's doing but the Force does, if she will pay attention to it.;)
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    These prompts bring back visions of the dance in USJS as well as a couple of cantina crawls…

    Week V

    21. Dinner

    Footsteps and his presence in the Force caused T’lor to open her eyes. “What do you want Trevor?”

    The knight that stood before her grinned. “Is that any way to greet a friend?”

    She smirked. “You don’t coming hunting for me in the meditation garden unless you want something.”

    “What I want is to take you out on the town.” Before she could object, he raised his hand. “Consider it practice for your mission. Dinner, a show, and whatever else strikes our fancy will give you a chance to be a normal person for a night…leave being a Jedi behind.”

    22. Theater

    He had gotten them box seats at the theater. The acrobatics of the anti-grav Firebird Repertory Theater were mesmerizing. “This is amazing Trev. How did you score these tickets?”

    “A friend of a friend.” Trevor reached his arm around T’lor, pulling her close. “Box seats at a show are a good way to be seen and yet conduct business.”

    “I though we were leaving being Jedi behind for the night.”

    “Oh we are.” He leaned over and kissed her. “They are also good for enjoying the evening in a more intimate fashion.”

    “Trevor.” She looked into his blue eyes.


    23. Pint

    T’lor cupped the pint of rose liquid in her hands, looking into it thoughtfully.

    “Whatcha thinking?” Trevor asked, looking at her intently.

    “I haven’t been here since before we were assigned to Berchest.” She looked up, meeting Trevor’s gaze. “Gi’den brought me here to teach me how to manage intoxication. That was an interesting series of evenings.”

    “Master Dway has a reputation for favoring experiential learning techniques. But old memories aren’t what’s got the crease in your forehead going.”

    “I’m getting ready to go undercover for a long time. A LONG time.”

    “So we enjoy the moment while it lasts.”

    24. Shot

    “Besides, this may be the only shot we have to fully enjoy each other’s company, period. You could be hit by a hover bus tomorrow.”

    T’lor chuckled and looked into Trevor’s eyes. “It will change things. You know that.”

    “T’lor, I already know you better in some ways than Rani, and she shares a bond with you. In the ways that matter, this is not going to change anything.”

    T’lor sighed. “Really? You are going tell me with a straight face that if I end up in a physical relationship with someone while undercover, that isn’t going to bother you?”

    25. Alcohol

    Trevor took a swig of his drink. “No, because it will regardless of what happens between us tonight or in the future. But that’s my problem, not yours.” He looked back at T’lor. “I love you. I have for a long time.”

    T’lor waved a waiter over. “I’ll have a shot of Corellian brandy.” The waiter left and soon returned with a glass of amber liquid. T’lor tossed the alcohol down and looked back a Trevor.

    “What about the Code?”

    “What about it? It doesn’t say we have to be celibate, just not attached.”

    “I think love is an attachment.”

    These take place at some point during the months running up to T'lor going undercover.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    I get what she's saying in Alcohol, but I'm not completely sure that she's right. Love is an emotion, but it doesn't have to be an attachment. If one knows how to let go, they can love somebody without being attached. Theoretically.

    BTW, these are great.
  22. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Ooh my, T'lor and Trevor are treading on some dangerous ground here! Dinner and a night out on the town as a "regular person" definitely can be therapeutic—though with all the attachment and love talk a fine line is definitely being trodden. What decision will T'lor make? And how sincere is Gi'den—how much of his declaration of love is the liquor talking? (Though that might be something I would know if I knew more about the background of the characters.) I get the feeling that much is left up to us readers here, but that of course is one of the great things about the whole drabble medium. So by all means keep 'em coming! :)
  23. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    I too wondered if the declaration of love came from typical alcohol-induced sincerity. Other than that, I loved their little Prince and Pauper moment, minus the actual change. :)
  24. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    I love these Jedi interpreting the code. They are like the Corellian Jedi
  25. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Playful and flirty updates. Obi-Wan would die with envy how interesting the love life of a jedi can be.
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