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Before - Legends The Spaces Between (USJS-inspired AU, UDC VIII response - Week 9- 6/25)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku, Mar 28, 2017.

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    :D Thanks! You summed it up in a nutshell: if you can let go, you can love someone and not be attached. There is a line from "Clone Wars Gambit: Siege" where Obi-Wan admits to his love for Taria Damsin and in the next breath explains that he was never in love with her. T'lor is wrestling with whether or not she loves Trevor or is in love with him.

    :) T'lor hasn't told me what decision she will make. And truth be told, I was as shocked as she was by Trevor's declaration. (On a side note, I still find it strange that my characters occassionally behave like REAL people and things just sort of pop out on the page. :-B :eek: ) And Trevor is more or less sober here, so it ain't the alcohol. This conversation is one that started for them in the USJS threads. They know they have feelings for each other. They haven't acted on them up to this point because of a rule that keeps padawans and knights from fraternizing. Now that T'lor is a knight, that rule no longer holds, and Trevor is going to force her hand.

    [face_blush] Thank you. That means a lot as I know that the drabble format isn't your favorite.

    I think there are likely quite a few Jedi who differ with the High Council about the interpretation of the code. Trevor is one. T'lor will come to be one, but she isn't there yet.

    [face_laugh] In the USJS, Obi-Wan was quite the ladies man, having at least two different girlfriends over the course of the story. His response to this discussion would be "It's about time."
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    Week VI

    26. Dream

    T’lor woke with a start, the pleasant dream she was enjoying fleeing ahead of the pounding adrenaline that flooded her body in response to the klaxon sounding in the Force. She rolled to a crouch, calling her lightsaber to her hand.


    “I feel it, Master.” The Tal’shari guard was already on her feet, her stance one of relaxed preparedness. “Do you want to stand guard, or shall I?”

    “Well, since you are already up, why don’t you take look out. I’ll scrub camp. I think we better leave as quickly as possible. How much time?”

    “Fifteen maybe twenty minutes.”

    27. Stars

    It took 10 minutes to erase their physical presence. As they moved quickly through the tall grass of the plain, T’lor looked up at the stars. They were beautiful, reminding her of a camping trip she had taken with Gi’den as a young padawan. A jolt of danger in the Force brought her out of her revery.

    “We need shelter, now,” K’Tai said, eyeing a building storm on the horizon. “Preferably something defensible.”

    T’lor pointed to the bluffs in the distance. “That is our best hope.” She took off running, K’Tai on her heels. Their pursuers were not far behind.

    28. Barricade

    “I really hope we didn’t just trap ourselves,” K’Tai said as she levitated the last of the boulders into place. There was a high pitched yelp and then a howl outside. “Tracking animals?”

    T’lor closed her eyes and extended her senses. “We’d better start looking for a back door. They have vornskrs.”


    “Canines that hunt using the Force. The things with the brightest Force signature are usually their preferred target.”

    K’Tai’s eyes narrowed. “Have you been practicing your sim’shadan?”

    T’lor shook her head.

    K’Tai sighed and shrugged. “Ok, I’ll make us look like ysalamiri. You find a way out.”

    29. Rain

    T’lor’s lightsaber hummed as she held it above her head for light. She stepped forward and heard a little splash. Looking down, she saw a rivulet of water that was beginning to flow stronger along what she could see was a well worn stream bed. A clap of thunder and noticeable uptick in the flow of the water sent her hurrying back to K’Tai.

    “There’s water, a lot of it, coming in, so there must be a way out.”

    They heard a rumbling, followed by a snarl and then a yelp.

    “I think we just caught a break. Lead on.”

    30. Home

    As the ship lifted off, T’lor gave a little sigh of relief. K’Tai calculated their coordinates for the jump to hyperspace and home. She turned to her master.

    “So what exactly did we liberate down there?”

    T’lor turned over the data cube in her hand. “A lead on whoever was behind the lab mishap on Unagin.”

    K’Tai’s eyes narrowed. “I assume I get to see that intelligence.”

    T’lor looked out the viewport. “If I have any say in the matter, yes. But I may not have a say. The Council of Elders will get to see it and will decide.”

    This set takes place sometime during the first year K'Tai is training at the Jedi Temple.
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    intense action during that mission. Glad they could get away
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    :D T'lor and K'Tai seem to get into about as much trouble as T'lor and Rani do when they listen to Kit.

    Playing catch up...

    Week VII

    31. Tangy

    K’Tai looked at the pile of some sort of meat on the platter before her. She looked questioningly at Obi-Wan.

    “It’s good, I promise. Dex has yet to serve me something I couldn’t eat.”

    Bant nodded. “This one has a citrus base to the sauce. It’s quite good.”

    K’Tai took a small helping and put it on her plate. She took a bite. Bant was right. The tangy zip of the citrus gave the meat a wonderful flavor. “This IS good,” she said, tearing into it with gusto.

    “Now I know why you like her,”Garen noted. “She eats like you.”

    32. Sweet

    “Here try a little of this,” Bant said, putting a small spoonful of what looked like it might be plant-based on K’Tai’s plate. It was dressed with a sauce that was light in color.

    “What is it?”

    “The greens from some root vegetable that I forget the name of. Whatever Dex does to them makes them to die for.”

    K’Tai took a taste. They were savory with a hint of sweet to them. The taste complemented the tang of the meat. She smile appreciatively.

    “It tastes like one of the vegetable dishes we have over the winter solstice on Kress.”

    33. Spicy

    “Well, if you like that, then have a bite of this.” Garen shoved a dish covered in an bright orange sauce toward her. “This is potent.”

    K’Tai felt Obi-Wan’s alarm as she reached for the dish. “Um, remember what I said about Garen?”

    “What, not to take him too seriously?”

    “Yeah, that. In this case, he has a talent for understatement. That will burn the paint off a star fighter.”

    K’Tai threw him a look. “No it won’t. That’s gi’sai’gan. I can smell it from here.” Before he could protest further, she took a nibble. “It’s just spicy enough.”

    34. Bitter

    Garen laughed. “So how did you meet this miscreant?” nodding his head toward Obi-Wan.

    “Careful Garen. Don’t tax yourself using big words,” Obi-Wan interjected.

    Bant scowled at them. “Boys!”

    K’Tai smiled. “I was gathering bitter healing herbs when he and the ground decided to meet at high velocity.”

    “You fell? You didn’t tell me you met her because you fell. You said you met her during your stay in the the House of Healing. Although now come to think of it, you didn’t mention why you were in the House of Healing.”

    “I was climbing a cliff, and I fell.”

    35. Bland

    “Ok, so you fell and K’Tai did what?”

    “Got help.”

    Garen looked from Obi-Wan to K’Tai and back. “You have the blandest style of story telling I have ever heard.” He turned to K’Tai. “Why don’t you tell it?”

    K’Tai chuckled. “Have you considered that it is actually a boring story?”

    Garen shook his head. “I don’t buy that for a minute.”

    “He fell, hard. I heard the fall and came to help because I am a healer.”

    Garen’s sputtered. “You made friends with a healer?!?”

    “Stranger things have happened, like you passing classical Twi’leck.”

    “I worked hard for that.”

    This series takes place at Dex’s diner, just after K’Tai arrives at the Temple. It is the the “date” that is mentioned here.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Love this with K'Tai interacting with Garen, Bant and Obi-Wan. They were always getting into trouble.
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    Wow! You have a fascinating world of OCs going here, and I've enjoyed catching up on these! I particularly liked this last set - it was wonderful to see some old familiar EU faces, and food is definitely something I can relate to. The differenr descriptions and reactions were great. I loved the dynamic between the apprentices, there was a wonderful sense of comradery; and Dex's, of course! [face_love] This was a fantastic set, though now I must confess that I find myself hungry . . . [face_thinking] :p

    Keep up the good work! =D=
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    :) Thanks! I like writing scenes with Obi-Wan, Garen, and Bant. They lend themselves to making Obi-Wan sound like a teenager. ;)

    [face_blush] Thank you! Sorry about making you hungry...sort of. :p

    This next set of prompts were hard because I've been trying to keep these drabbles more focused on T'lor and less on Obi-Wan and K'Tai. However, T'lor is being cagey about her whereabouts post-Episode III, so more Obi/K'Tai it is.

    Week VIII

    36. Rebellion

    Bail looked at the Jedi and Tal’shari before him. “The seeds of rebellion were sown a long time ago. We are not entering this lightly or without knowledge of the risk. I appreciate the gesture, but no.”

    Obi-Wan started to say something, but K’Tai’s hand on his arm stopped him.

    “Bail, Obi-Wan told me about Zigoola and what you did for him there. Zigoola is after that child. She needs a protector who can defend her both physically and by hiding her in the Force now, teaching her the skill later. Neither you nor your security forces can do that.”

    37. Revolution

    “K’Tai is right. Zigoola’s darkness is what has a firm grip on the galaxy. If there is any hope of some sort of revolution to overthrow the Empire, we have to protect both children from the Emperor. You are a Senator. You and Breha are much more likely than I to come into contact with the Emperor or his agents. Until she is old enough to hide herself, she will be discovered if she is in close proximity, even if she isn’t in the room. She is Anakin’s child. Her Force signature is almost as bright as his,” Obi-Wan added.

    38. Freedom

    Bail was silent. K’Tai could feel that he was still unsure about this. She looked at Obi-Wan. He nodded his head slightly, giving her the freedom to discuss other matters.

    “Bail, I trust you because Obi-Wan trusts you.”

    Bail looked at Obi-Wan. “I am honored,” he said sincerely.

    “The Tal’shari have a network in the Mid and Outer Rim to find and hide Force-sensitives from the Empire. We hear and see a lot. I will make sure you have access to that information, regardless of what you decide here.”

    Bail’s eyes narrowed slightly. “That sounds like I have no choice.”

    39. Martyr

    K’Tai’s expression became serious. “You have a choice, just not about whether I protect Leia. Whether I guard her is not up for discussion. The only question is how. You decide whether you know about it openly or not.”

    Bail looked intently at her. “Do your people have a strong tradition of martyrdom? Because this sounds like suicide. You could take both children, go with Obi-Wan, and have a family. The Jedi are no more. Why wouldn’t you do that? If I had the opportunity, Breha and I wouldn’t pass it up.”

    “The thought has crossed my mind,” K’Tai responded.

    40. Veteran

    Before she could add more, Obi-Wan cut her off. “Having them in the same place is too great a risk for a variety of reasons. You know that, Bail.”

    Bail could see the pain in Obi-Wan’s eyes, even as he tried to hide it. The man before him was a veteran of a war that had cost him almost everything but his life. Bail had just reminded him that it was about to cost him something more – his wife. Yet they were both willing to pay the price to ensure that hope remained alive. Giving in would ease K’Tai’s task.

    This exchange takes place after the meeting between Bail, Obi-Wan, and Yoda at the end of Episode III. The beginning of this scene is here.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Love how you write about the sacrifices all have made.
    Obi-Wan on Tatooine protecting Luke
    Bail raising Leia
    K'Tai protecting her
  9. Mira_Jade

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    You did a great job of weaving your story through all four of the prompts. The last two were particularly heavy hitting for me - such sacrifice, to protect those who need protecting. The buildup to the final outcome was lovely, and poignant. =D==D=
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    Managed to catch up—hooray! :D

    6: This is one scary camping trip, and certainly must be working out very differently from the one T'lor so fondly remembers going on with Gi'den! Thank goodness for these women's quick thinking and skills: I see both T'lor's Jedi Shadow knowhow and K'Tai's Tal'shari skills at work. Sim'shadan certainly looks like an intriguing ability—changing one's Force signature to resemble that of a different kind of creature? (Kind of reminds me of a similar Force ability you helped me come up with a few years back now—finta sempli. ;) ) Plus, how cool that in this case the student has an opportunity to ask the master if she's been practicing something! :p What a relief that their work wasn’t wasted and they now have a lead in hand—I think I may remember the lab mishap in question, and will look forward to seeing them get to the bottom of who- or whatever is responsible!

    7: K’Tai gets introduced to Dex’s diner offerings—love it! That too is an important part of her exchange experience at the Jedi Temple, after all. ;) Some new tastes (the citrus-sauced meat), some familiar tastes (the root vegetable greens), some tastes no one expected K’Tai to be familiar with (the gi’sai’gan—somehow I’m not surprised to know she can take a lot of pepper heat), and of course the witty conversation that is at least as tangy and spicy as anything these folks are eating, even if the story itself is a simple one. Perfect Obi-Wan deadpan—of course he fell, he was climbing a cliff! Cause and effect! :p And I just adore the “passing classical Twi’lek” remark—you tell him! :D

    8: Ah ha, ah ha! I see now what’s being negotiated here: K’Tai serving as [hl=black]protector of the young Leia[/hl]. A very intriguing possibility indeed; that is definitely something K’Tai's unique set of abilities would serve her very well in doing, and she makes her case to Bail very eloquently and forthrightly. Plus, it would even things out in a way: after all, if [hl=black]Luke gets a Force-sensitive protector in Obi-Wan[/hl], why shouldn’t [hl=black]Leia get one in K’Tai[/hl]? But of course it would be a colossal risk, and it means that K’Tai and Obi-Wan will have to be apart. :( What a price to pay to keep the new hope alive—that takes a real specific kind of courage, and perhaps indeed an impulse toward martyrdom too! :eek:

    (And actually, I have to say I had been wondering for a while about how your 'verse would deal with that issue—and now I know, and am not at all disappointed! :cool: )
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    Superb sets. I loved the fast paced suspensefulness of the undercover missions, the reactions to "becoming" your cover persona :eek: and the fun banter among friends. The hard choices Obi and K'Tai had to make [face_thinking] and their resolve to do what they knew they had to. =D=
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    Weeks One and Two.

    An interesting tale being carried on here, with the end of week one being so intriguing that I had to progress into the second.

    Very good how you eek out the facts, that someone is undercover, not just as a way to avoid Order 66, but to actively hunt down and rescue Force Sensetives!

    Hardest hitting thing of the two weeks, was identifying what had to be achieved to find where that last transport had been heading.

    Even then you don't stop, you then hit us with the starkest of choices - we need that data....or we can live to fight another day, cos a dead Shadow is no good to anyone.

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    I got stuck on week IX and just now got through that particular block, so I'm finally ready to post. Responses first though.
    Thank you. [face_blush] I always thought Leia would need a protector as much or more than Luke would simply because of her proximity to the Emperor. And I can't imagine Bail being particularly thrilled about the idea of having said protector on board in part because adopting a child was an easy cover. Explaining K'Tai's presence would be a much more difficult task and ran the risk of drawing unwanted attention from the Emperor.

    I'm glad you liked it. I think Bail is one of the very few people with whom Obi-Wan is willing to be open about his emotions.

    It's very similar and might actually be the Tal'shari version of finta sempli. [face_thinking] It isn't so much changing one's signature to look like another as it is making one's signature disappear from the Force all together. Ysalamiri create bubbles in the Force as a natural defense against vornskrs, essentially hiding from them. Sim'shadan is doing something like that.

    Glad to see you here and thank you! [:D]

    Wow! Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed them. :D

    Week IX

    41. Bright

    “It’s ok. I should be apologizing to you. I didn’t mean to react like that.”

    K’Tai studied the Jedi before her. The woman was off-center, her Force-signature not as bright as the other Jedi she had met. She felt unbalanced. K’Tai focused on the woman’s empathic projections. Fear, anxiety, and a deep frustration swirled about her. She had the sense that direct questions would get her nowhere. “No harm done. I’m K’Tai. I heard we had Jedi guests and I thought I would come introduce myself. Obi-Wan Kenobi is a good friend. Do you know him?”

    “Yes, I know him.”

    42. Star

    Thank the Force she gave that opening. I don’t have to play dumb. “You must be the healer he’s talked about.”

    K’Tai blushed a little. T’lor studied her. All of the Tal’shari felt different from Jedi in the Force, like a star being eclipsed, bright around the edges and sort of grey in the middle. It took some getting used to.

    “I hope it has been good things.”

    “He actually talks about you like any other friend, so yes, it’s been good. You must know how he feels about healers.”

    K’Tai laughed. “We’re one step away from the Dark side.”

    43. Mama

    A high-pitched voice interrupted the serenity of the garden. “Mama?” A second later a little girl of about four skittered around the bend.

    “K’Tai!” The little girl skidded to a stop as she took in the sight of T’lor. “You’re not my mom.”

    T’lor inclined her head. “No, I’m not.”

    The girl turned back to K’Tai. “Who is she? Where’s my mom?”

    K’Tai kneeled so she was at eye level with the girl. “Ji’sea, manners.”

    The girl looked down at her feet. “Sorry.”

    “Try again.”

    “Who are you?” Ji’sea asked, hands on her hips.

    T’lor chuckled, “T’lor Kaden, Jedi Knight.”

    44. Please

    “Oh.” Ji’sea caught sight of K’Tai’s arched eyebrow. “I mean, nice to meet you. My name is Ji’sea.” She saw the lightsaber clipped to T’lor’s belt. “What’s that? May I see it, please?” she asked, all thoughts of finding her mother forgotten for the moment.

    T’lor unclipped the lightsaber and held it out so Ji’sea could examine it. “It is a lightsaber, the weapon of a Jedi.”

    The little girl reached out to gently touch it. “It sings,” she said, awed.

    “That’s the lightsaber crystal. You must be Force-sensitive.”

    Ji’sea looked confused. K’Tai smiled. “She means you can feel Unity.”

    45. Shine

    “Would you like to see it in action?” T’lor asked.

    Ji’sea nodded, her eyes shining with excitement. K’Tai took her hand and they stepped back, giving T’lor room to move.

    T’lor ignited her saber, the amethyst blade snapping to light. She made a grand sweep with the blade and then bowed to the little girl. Breathing deeply, she centered herself and for the first time in months felt the Force answer as it should, a deep, calm current of power, ready to flow through her and her saber. She moved into the first stance of Flowing Water, her lightsaber singing.

    This set takes place right after the last prompt from Week IV.
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    Like the meeting between T'lor and K'Tai. :D LOL Obi and healers, if he thinks of K'Tai in a different category that definitely says something. Ji'sea is a treat. ;) =D= Loved that entire exchange. @};-
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Obi Wan is always 'fond' of healers. And love the exchange with Ji'sea and T'lor
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    I love that this set focuses on the beginnings of K’Tai and T’lor’s friendship—one that might even be called an unlikely friendship of sorts, not just because of the different Force traditions they belong to but also because of their very different underlying philosophies. One of my favorite things here is the different ways they perceive each other in the Force, both of which say so much about them. They’re both “gray” in some form, but for different reasons: T’lor because she’s a Shadow and a spy with [hl=black]a very deep-seated alter ego[/hl], K’Tai because she draws on the light and dark sides together, in Tal’shari fashion. (But also because healers are one step away from the dark side, don’tcha know! :D What a cute humorous tie-to Obi-Wan’s lifelong bugaboo about healers.) I enjoyed meeting Ji’sea (and I think this is my first time meeting her); is she K’Tai’s niece? I can imagine her gaping in absolute astonishment as she watches T’lor perform that kata with the beautiful singing purple blade. I see that that moment is a transformative experience for T’lor, too, who now can feel the Force respond fully again—just a beautiful moment there for them both. And K’Tai must be brimming with pride for both of them! :)
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    I’m the little speeder that could...I will get these finished eventually.

    It is definitely a well-worn trope, but a very useful one, particularly in this AU. :D

    It is the first time we’ve met Ji’sea. She is actually one of Jen’sai’s daughters, making her a cousin.

    Without further ado, the next batch.

    Week X

    46. Raise

    Obi-Wan watched K’Tai hold Leia in her arms. Her face changed, a softness there that he hadn’t seen before. He felt a catch in his throat. They could raise the children together and be a family…

    “We could take them both, you know. I can hide them now, teach them how to hide as they get older. We could even give them siblings.” K’Tai looked up at Obi-Wan.

    “It’s a huge risk.” Obi-Wan ran his hand through his hair. “I’m a wanted man.”

    “I can teach you to hide too. You need that skill, regardless of what happens to them.”

    47. Juvenile
    Obi-Wan sighed softly. “I wouldn’t know the first thing about parenting. They’d probably turn into juvenile delinquents. Anakin…” Obi-Wan’s voice faltered.

    “Anakin was a grown man, not a child. You are not responsible for his choice.” The words were both true and lies, and they both knew it. K’Tai left unsaid what flowed in the Force between them – the knowledge that things very well might have been different if Obi-Wan and the Council had listened when she suggested that Anakin train with the Tal’shari instead of the Jedi, or when she pleaded with Obi-Wan to tell Anakin about the life-bond.

    48. Mature
    “That was a rather mature ‘I told you so’, love.”

    K’Tai held his gaze unflinching. “It’s only an ‘I told you so’ if you believe that somehow you can control anyone else’s actions but your own. I don’t agree with the decisions the Jedi made about Anakin’s training, but I don’t know he would have made different choices if he had trained with us. And neither do you.” She paused, choosing her words carefully. “You can’t let his actions cloud your judgment about their future. Luke and Leia are his children, not his clones. His path is not necessarily theirs.”

    49. Growth
    “I know that. But I can’t discount the threat that his actions pose either.” Obi-Wan dropped his gaze, becoming silent for a moment. “The Sith have been after younglings strong in the Force for some time now. As they grow, so will their presence in the Force.” He smiled ruefully at his bond-mate. “I have yet to master any Tal’shari technique quickly. How long will you be able to hide all of us?”

    K’Tai shrugged. “You learn quickly when properly motivated, so I’m going to guess long enough.”

    “If they find us, they find both children.”

    “There is that downside.”

    50. Elder
    “It’s a big downside. If we split them up, one of us going with each of them, then even if one is found, the other isn’t necessarily exposed. They are our best hope of defeating the Emperor.”

    “They aren’t future weapons. They are children. Children who need to be loved and trained. That limits who can take them.” K’Tai put Leia down in her crib and turned back to Obi-Wan.

    “The Council of Elders is unwilling to let the Jedi make this decision alone. I will go with the one most likely to encounter the Emperor first. That is non-negotiable.”

    This exchange takes place around the same time as Week VIII
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Great discussion about splitting the twins.
  19. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Love the candid discussion and weighing of options. And K'Tai is indeed tactful & wise. :) I hope they won't have to split them up truly, but be able to stay hidden and a family all together.
  20. Findswoman

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    Oh ho, I think I see what is being planned here! The possibility of these four as a family is a very intriguing one, and Obi and K'Tai would make wonderful parents for Luke and Leia. But the risks, as Obi points out, are indeed very real, and he's not wrong to want to consult the governing bodies of both his and K'Tai's orders before taking this step. I have to say too that I'm curious as to the nature of the Tal'shari technique by which K'Tai plans to hide everyone—is it at all similar to finta sempli? ;) (Which I remember having help from you in developing! :) )

    Will be very eager to see how this plan pans out: K'Tai is so right in saying what no one in the actual Saga seemed to ever get to the point of saying: that these two children are children, not (just) future weapons. I hope others will come to see the same. @};-

    Always wonderful to see you around, and I'm so glad you're continuing these. :)