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Awards & Contests The Summer RPF Awards - Voting open to Saturday 8th of August 2020 at Midnight CET.

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Approved by the MODalic Duo @Corellian_Outrider & @Sinrebirth

    Hello to all and everyone in this great community.

    Welcome to these wonderful Summer 2020 RPF Awards!

    I am Fin and I am really honored to be your Host this year.


    So this year everything is gonna be different! Joking. We do not change winning concepts in the RPF.

    Let me explain the rules for those who are too old to remember anything that happened the day before yesterday, those who are new and those who just love to be around when I try to explain stuff.

    First Stage

    We got a WEEK, therefore 7 days for everyone to nominate whoever they feel is worthy of the award. I sort through all the nominations and make a list of those nominated. I pick the top 3 who have been nominated most (or if there are less than three nominees those who are nominated) and make a list.

    Note: Only active games can be nominated! In all other categories it does not matter if the game is active anymore, but it needed to have done at least one post in 2020.

    The Host disqualifies as a potential nominee! So do not nominate me!

    Also not eligible for nominations are the glorious winners of the last awards: @Sinrebirth, @Jerjerrod-Lennox
    and the game Dark Reach - Episode I

    Second Stage

    That list I post will serve as your voting ballot. So what will come now will be another week (7 days again) of voting. Means you guys send me your votes via PM.

    Third Stage

    The Host (that is me) counts the votes. Rechecks his counting. Asks his Mom to count again to verify the results and finally: He announces the WINNERS! Celebrations follow.



    Eternal Glory! The endless respect fo your peers, a lot of „well done“ and „congrats“ posts by those you defeated and did I mention ETERNAL GLORY?


    The winners of the “Best Roleplayer” and “Best GM” awards will get a month of colors, and winner of “Best RPG” will get to add that designation to the thread title of the game.

    So these are the days to celebrate games and members of this community.

    My thanks to the many hosts before me who had this honor: @Darth_wanderguard and @QueenSabe7 especially.

    So here are our categories:

    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer
    Best GM
    Best Star Wars Game
    Best Non-Star Wars Game
    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post)

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM
    Most Educational Member of the RPF
    Most Frightening Character
    Most Humorous Character
    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character
    Most impressive NPC in a game

    So without further ado . . .


    Good luck everybody!
  2. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    WooH00!! Happy as hell these are back!

    Wait... most impressive NPC. That’s a new one. Love it!!

  3. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    [face_batting] And perfect timing ... with this many amazing games we are gonna have an amazing season!
  4. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Do we still drop them right in the thread?? Our nominations?
  5. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    *Ahem* Let’s get this party started.

    Wow!! This is going to be REALLY hard to fill, because we have a tremendous amount of awesome talent this summer!! I’m both elated and blown away by it. I’ll say it now, we are all winners! Yet, Awards are also much deserved for our ‘Best’! :D

    Here are my nominees for the Summer 2020 RPF Awards

    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer: @darthbernael.
    This is the hardest category to fill because of all the amazing people on the boards right now, but darthbernael consistently knocks his content out of the ball park.

    Best GM: @The Jedi in the Pumas.
    He came back out of nowhere with TWO Solid Games that attracted the Best of the Best to join. Not many have accomplished this. Not to mention the sheer awesomeness of his games right now!! well, let's mention them actually. LOL!

    Best Star Wars Game: The Fall of Elyseum, as gifted to the RPF by @LordTroepfchen. I was stalking this game everyday to the very end. Biting my nails at every post. Everything about this game was ridiculously good.

    Best Non-Star Wars Game: Things we Lost in the Fire. Not only is it the Avatar/ Last Airbender game we all longed for, the quality of posts and updates here is top-notch from the Opening page going forward.Thank you @The Jedi in the Pumas.

    Best Post by a Roleplayer: @galactic-vagabond422 ( hands down)! He is the Master of Raw Emotion. He’s a gem, and I'm fortunate to have him in my game. The following scene between Casey & Blue really got me and has stuck ever since. The game is Marvel: A New Breed. In this scene, Blueline, Casey & Zephyr (played wonderfully by @Ameteth ) find themselves in a new and not-so-bright reality, fraught with new challenges, courtesy of DOOM: * please click and enjoy!

    Blueline & Casey
    Zephyr's Hideout


    "AND THEY WILL DO WORSE TO ANYONE ELSE!" Blue shouted back at Zephyr.

    "YOU DON'T HAVE TO DON'T HAVE TO #@$%^&` KILL YOURSELF!" Casey added her voice dipping into the vocabulary taught to her by her father's army friends.

    “We need to do THIS one together…Do you even KNOW what you’ll be facing? They’ll find you and you WON’T SURVIVE! Please listen to me on this one…please!” Blue looked on unafraid of the monsters that now prowled the streets. He was confident in his abilities, if not beat them, then survive them. “Together… like we’ve practiced…. please Blue, we need to stick together, we will need ALL of our abilities…”

    "And what would you expect me to do, stand around and wait for you to come up with a plan?" The blue clad hero asked with an accusatory tone. "I won't keep waiting."

    "You don't have to do this on your own." Casey shot back. "When will you learn that you are not alone anymore." Her voice wavered her eyes shifting towards the image of the Claw Monsters. "Do you see them…" She pointed to the monster, "They aren't just some thugs in the street, these are purpose built killing machines."

    "And you want me to just sit around and wait for us to plan while people die to these things?"

    "Do you even listen to us?" Casey's voice was strained with anger and worry. "We need to work together, not go out and face these things on our own...we are stronger together. You don't have to be the only hero on the streets."

    Blue stood looking between them and looking up at the foe they were going to face.Casey pulled up the hood and mask of her super suit, that she was always wearing, given Blue's penchant for just taking off at a moment's notice.

    "If you're going, then I'm going, and Zephyr is too. No more heading out alone." Casey's hands were shaking with fear, near terror, but she wasn't going to lose Blue, that was something she feared the most.

    Losing her closest friend.

    Blue was silent, looking between Casey and Zephyr his eyes harsh. Taking a few breaths he tried to calm himself down. He could either hideout keep Casey and Zephyr out of trouble, while others died, or go out into the field with them and possibly lose them.

    It was bad choices all around but Blue's heart was telling him to head out, to save as many lives as he could. He couldn't keep hiding away, he couldn't keep letting his fear keep him from saving lives. He was a hero, no matter the risks to himself...but what about Casey and Zephyr...what about the risk to them. Despite all their assurances that they could handle themselves or that they would be safe, part of him couldn't let go of that fear that he would lose them. It always came down to this, hiding away or risking Zephyr, and risking Casey losing control.

    "Alright, stick close, don't get separated." Blue's voice was more resigned, almost giving up. He wasn't going to hide away, but he was going to keep his partners safe. "Well come on.”
    Click here to Read.

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM: @The Jedi in the Pumas, he’s got the pulse of the moment!

    Most Educational Member of the RPF: @Sinrebirth, doh!

    Most Frightening Character: It’s an NPC! @SirakRomar’s organic-parts-harvesting Killer Droid in The Dark Sun. It is too frightening!! Our characters are still looking behind their backs and suffer from lack of sleep. Oh wait…that’s just me! Nevermind. :p

    Most Humorous Character: The Jam, as played by @The Jedi in the Pumas in @Darth_Elu’s unclassifiable omniversal fantasy, Genesis Gate. Bet you can't read a Jam post without cracking up laughing!

    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character: @Sinrebirth just finished RPing a combo scene between Grandmaster Yoda and one of my characters, in his The Last Epitaph game. I had to keep checking that I wasn’t RPing with an actual Jedi Master, because I was sold in the interaction. Yeah, mind blown- just a bit.

    Most impressive NPC in a game: Oh that’s easy. That distinction goes to Third Prince of the Syndicate Supreme, Abaddon: Champion of the Outer Rim. His exploits can be found in @The Jedi in the Pumas ’s 10ABY: Fringe Elements and the Perseverance of the First Order. So…this guy takes a literal LIGHTSABER to the EYE!!! and LIVES!!! YUP!! @Ktala ’s character gave him a good fight tho. That right there, was worth 10 buckets of popcorn, if not more.

    I really wish I could nominate more games and players, or that I had more time to play in all of them. But alas…I do not.

    And so, those are my nominations. Good luck everyone. May the Force be with you, always. :)
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  6. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Great to see the Awards return. My nominations:

    Best Roleplayer - @Ktala, just sensational what she does with characters. Always a pleasure to play with her.

    Best GM - @SirakRomar, for having not one but three amazing games running which are all so different to each other. I think these days will be remembered as her Golden Age as a GM.

    Best Star Wars Game - The Dark Sun, an overlooked Masterpiece full of thrills, innovative ideas and adventure (I know it got little chance to make it, but anyway)

    Best Non-Star Wars Game - The Seeking, a game tackling the challenge of being a third part in a trilogy and the same time reinventing and complimenting the games that came before. Wonderfully complex and smart. Superior storytelling, extremely entertaining even when you are forced to lurk.

    Best Post by a Roleplayer

    My nomination has to be Sir_Draco in the Seeking as his Justin Pfeiffer has a moment of despair in the face of isolation from the Great Game of his Master. It perfectly brought together elements from the games (which he wasn't even part of) before and showed the true nature of his enigmatic character.

    Justin Pfeiffer
    His flat, Zürich

    He spend the night drinking and smoking cigars. Quitting smoking had been the hardest part, he felt. The hardest part of them all.

    He remembered. He remembered so clearly.

    The green. The loneliness. Julia. He smiled and took a sip from his Whisky.

    Finally he went to his LapTop and opened the document he had been working on. He could hardly rely on Saori Nishimura, the woman who seemed so badly out of her water. He regretted having called her. She would have deserved to be left in the dark. The Source had shoved her into the deepest depth of this muddy pond that was the world.

    Save the Cheerleader, save the world.

    He laughed. As if it was that easy.
    With shaky legs he went over to his bedroom and opened the cabinet doors. He stumbled inside and looked at the giant artwork, ripped from a wall in Berlin and integrated into his flat.

    The Archangel.

    The final piece of LEGO.


    „Oh what a joke.“ He said and fell to his knees. He went to his bed, downing what remained of his whisky and looked at the picture. „Seriously, what did you get me here for, hm? What the hell was I meant to do? Watch it all happen again? Hell, you picked the wrong guy, really. I am not gonna sit around in my luxury suite and do that. No. If you hide, so be it. I will go to war alone.“

    He got up and went to his laptop. He had worked on implementing the marketing tool all night, but finally he had it. Sending the message, it was send two twitter, a thousand facebook accounts, blogs, message services, push passages and every channel he found. The message was simple.


    He smiled, let his neck crack. The message was anonymous, but sooner or later someone would follow it to him and then he would be in trouble. Did not matter. If trouble did not find him, he was ready to go after trouble.

    Berlin. Flight in the morning.

    Tag: @SirakRomar

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM - SirakRomar
    Most Educational Member of the RPF - Sinrebirth
    Most Frightening Character - The Droid Zero by @SirakRomar in The Dark Sun.
    Most Humorous Character - Saori Nishimura by @Kurisan
    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character - Han Solo by @Lawbreaker
    Most impressive NPC in a game - The Source in The Seeking
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  7. Lawbreaker

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    Aug 21, 2018
    Oh this is an amazing tradition you guys got here . . .

    My nominations for the Awards.

    Best Roleplayer - LordTroepfchen

    Darth Zorn is the nightmares of my childhood, Luke Skywalker having turned to evil. Robert Landau was incredibly impressive portrayal of a very „spilt“ man. Matthew Andrews and probably many others in games I am not add to what I appreciate most in his playing, range! He plays the whole spectrum of light to dark flawlessly. The man must have a personality disorder.

    Best GM - LordTroepfchen

    Yeah, I know. I get boring in my selection. I found this one hard, but in the end what he did in The Fall of Elyseum and what he is doing in Episode X are once in a lifetime roleplaying experiences. He also created the Crossingverse, the only board-born-franchise around.

    Best Star Wars Game - Episode X - The End of Harmony

    As said above, it feels like a masterpiece in the making to me. I am eagerly awaiting updates twice a week.

    Best Non-Star Wars Game - The Seeking

    A devilish clever labyrinth of a plot, with amazing players making this such a joy to be part of.

    Best Post by a Roleplayer - Justin Pfeiffer in The Seeking (as posted above by LordTroepfchen) because it was a very impressive post and one of those moments where players shape a game on their own.

    Most Entertaining GM - SirakRomar

    Most Educational Member of the RPF - LordTroepfchen
    (having helped me so much over time with all my games, this goes without saying for me)

    Most Frightening Character - Darth Zorn by LordTroepfchen in Twilight of the Force

    Most Humorous Character - Saori Nishimura by Kurisan

    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character - Anakin Skywalker by DarkLordoftheFins

    Most impressive NPC in a game - Canos Zoren in Episode X, who has managed to be hated and feared by everyone in the first few posts in the game.
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  8. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Im an idiot. Lets see if I got this right now...

    Here are my nominees for the Summer 2020 RPF Awards

    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer: @DarkLordoftheFins Well DANG! If ya gonna me change..I guess I shall say @The Jedi in the Pumas .
    Best GM: @LordTroepfchen.
    Best Star Wars Game: Episode X - The End of Harmony
    Best Non-Star Wars Game: The Calm Before the Storm - Dieselpunk, Urban Fantasy
    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post) @The Jedi in the Pumas - as THE JAM!
    Too bad the copy function doesn't do it justice! :D
    Jam had been drunk before. This didn't feel like being drunk.

    He stood.

    Bones aching and his skin sore. He was hungry.

    And there was some man asking them for introductions. Them?? Oh. The other people there. Jam did not approve of any of them. Something about how tiny they were. It bothered him.

    He looked at the man and shouted.

    "THE NAME IS JAM. THE JAM. CONQUEROR OF..." He couldn't remember. The words had come out of the Jam's mouth by muscle, instinctive memory, but he had no thought behind it. He'd try again.

    "MY NAME IS JAM... THE JAM OF..." Nope... Still nothing. Jam was confused now and he hated being confused. Right? Most beings didn't like being confused.

    Jam scratched his head.


    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM: @Darth_Elu
    Most Educational Member of the RPF: @SirakRomar - She keeps me on my toes!
    Most Frightening Character: Canos Zoren from both. The Fall of Elyseum and Episode X - The End of Harmony. I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM! Nuff said.
    Most Humorous Character: The Jam, as played by @The Jedi in the Pumas in the RPG Genesis Gate.
    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character: n/a
    Most impressive NPC in a game: ooooh. Difficult choice. But I will go with Abaddon, in the game 10ABY: Fringe Elements and the Perseverance of the First Order.

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  9. The Jedi in the Pumas

    The Jedi in the Pumas Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 23, 2018
    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer: This was extremely tough. It was between 3 players for me, but it came down to who really took me out of my element while reading their work. I nominate @galactic-vagabond422 . The emotion he puts into his posts is insane because it doesn't feel hacky or false. It feels like sincere emotions that the characters would feel in the moments. Whether it's sadness, cockiness, or quiet introspection; He seems to be a master of all of it to a degree and level that I haven't quite gotten to. It's been a pleasure to read his work.

    Best GM: The best way I gauge this is by looking at a game and asking: Why do I post in this game? Some games I post in because I like playing the characters, some I post in because the world is interesting, which is a testament to the GM's skill and due diligence. I nominate @Darth_Elu . His return project has been executed flawlessly as he built a fictional world completely from scratch and has managed us on a patient, deliberate path in a manner/style that we haven't seen in a long time in the RPF.

    Best Star Wars Game: I'll be reserving the right to nominate later for this category. Part of this is because I've been too busy to look deeply into other Star Wars games that I'm not part of. The other part is because I'm honestly bias; I think 10 ABY is the best game because I've witnessed my players do some amazing things in the game and put in sublime work.

    Best Non-Star Wars Game: Easily.... EASILY Genesis Gate. I'm having a LOT of fun in this game and I'm reading everyone's work. The world building, the pace, the breakdown into groups for evaluations. It has all been fun and engaging.

    Best Post by a Roleplayer : EASY. MONEY. @galactic-vagabond422 with another highlight. In this scene, Jiao Yuan was about to watch her brother be executed in front of the family owned Tea House by the Fire Nation. A fight breaks out and Jiao runs to her brother so that they can share this moment, knowing that it is likely their last together.

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM: @greyjedi125 - He is one of the primary sources of my entertainment in the RPF. Marvel Heroes is only a thing because of his persistence and patience, and he knows his player base well enough to know how to entertain them each individually and uniquely.
    Most Educational Member of the RPF: OF COURSE ITS @Sinrebirth :rolleyes::rolleyes::p
    Most Frightening Character: Hmm... I don't think any character is really frightening. I'll look at this as more of a "What dark character has earned my respect?" and that would be Lord Sabel by @darthbernael . Sabel does not feel like a rip off of any Star Wars dark sider. He's competent, articulate, cool under pressure, and his verbal sparring chops don't feel forced or "OOOhhhh look I'm so bad and kewl and evil.". It actually comes off as a guy who knows what will get under his adversaries' skin and he'll carefully pick and prod at them until he gets a desired reaction.
    Most Humorous Character: Hmm....Wapoe by @Sinrebirth . If you read the posts, you'llknow why. :p Wapoe is mysterious yet everlastingly curious and gung ho for a new adventure. All viewed from the shadow of his eternal cowl.
    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character: Not going to lie: I haven't really read any canon character posts lately. And @greyjedi125 has yet to reveal the true nature of DOOM^:)^^:)^
    Most impressive NPC in a game: So...I'm kind of mixed here, and bias. It's between Canos Zoren in End of Harmony and Abaddon from 10 ABY. Both of these characters are kind of like "bosses" in their games, right? Canos seemingly is super overpowered and stacked to the 9, able to whoop anyone and then Abaddon is a freak of nature who is almost unkillable and has been kicking ass in gladiatorial arenas across the galaxy. I'd say... Abaddon because he has tussled with powerful Force users despite not being a Force sensitive himself and keeps coming out on top. Admittedly, he's probably my favorite NPC I've ever created.

    AND If I may add a category (if not then just ignore:p)
    Most Likable Character: Dathisi Niroon played by @Jedi_padawan_leigh . In a galaxy of killers, thieves, crooks, and immortal advanced A.I, this cathar former Jedi Padawan carved out a living as a stepmother, a wife, and a medic to a small colony that otherwise would not have had one. She established a clinic, negotiated with the Chiss to allow the colony to continue existing, and even displaced a dubious councilman who allowed slavery to supplement the colony. Dammit, she's a HERO I SAID!!
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  10. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    Hi everyone, I’m brand new here so I’m limited only to my small experience, but already it is too hard to choose just one for each category! Gambarremasu! [face_peace]

    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer
    This is almost impossible, I am in awe of so many here. But I will nominate @galactic-vagabond422 as we have met a few times in-game and he has so much intensity and diversity in his characters. He has also been coaching me when I wasn’t doing very well and was feeling sad about it. [face_love]

    Best GM
    Again… impossible… but I will nominate @greyjedi125 for being so accommodating, amazing energy, again kindly and patiently coaching me when I was down, and dedication to the Rule of Cool. :cool:

    Best Star Wars Game
    I know there are so many but I’m in The Coming Darkness by @TheAdmiral and it is perfect; ever since I watched Episode 1 I’ve wanted to be a Jedi (duh see avatar!) and fight with droids and Sith. :bluesaber:

    Best Non-Star Wars Game
    Marvel Heroes by @greyjedi125 is just wild fun. I love pretending to be a superhero! =P~

    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post)
    I need to come back to this.

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM
    @The Jedi in the Pumas is knocking me out in 10ABY.

    Most Educational Member of the RPF
    @SirakRomar I’m learning a lot about Germany and Berlin!

    Most Frightening Character
    Juan the Spaniard by @Lawbreaker – he kills people for fun and laughs about it. And he has a whole crew to help him, and oh, yeah, the crew can stop time so you’re completely helpless to stop him. [face_nail_biting]

    Most Humorous Character
    Take your pick, but this category is owned by @Sith-I-5 and I suggest it is dedicated to him this year. @};-

    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character
    Err actually I have not been involved in any games with these yet except as cameos by GMs.

    Most impressive NPC in a game
    I was taken by Major Alvin by @Bravo , who seemed to instantly conjure a complete three-dimensional realistic character out of thin air. In fact, the whole NPC cast in Paradoxical Echoes is awesome to behold. [face_hypnotized]
  11. RachelTyrell

    RachelTyrell Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 15, 2009
    Best Roleplayer - @DarkLordoftheFins

    Every game he does he does an amazing job. Every character he writes is engaging. Every time you just wanna date those guys. No, you want them to ask you to date. The RPFs natural leading man, who will make any game better he is in.

    Best GM - @LordTroepfchen

    What is to be said about it? The GM who never railroads a player (with railroading having become a real style around here again), never fails to surprise, delivers a superior story worthy of comparison to any movie. Before Episode X he gave us with Fall of Elyseum an undeniable Masterpiece. His brilliant plotting and movie like scenes make him my favorite GM, but his cool, supportive, humble nature makes him my favorite community member.

    Best Star Wars Game - Episode X - The End of Harmony

    What a game! Flawless plotting, perfect cinematic style. The best Star Wars game so far I have seen around here EVER. It got me back into Star Wars. Mandalorian, Clone Wars Season 7 and Episode IX totally failed, but Episode X got me back into loving Star Wars.

    Best Non-Star Wars Game - The Seeking

    Yes, I died early and I regret it every day. Seriously the best game the RPF has and had since I arrived here. Complex, intelligent, very complete and very smart. A GM who challenges herself constantly and creates something unique in there. Simply the most intelligent game we got.

    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post):
    (Joining in on the Justin Pfeiffer post, it was pretty incredible)

    Most Entertaining GM: @LordTroepfchen

    Most Educational Member of the RPF: -

    Most Frightening Character: Juan the Spaniard in The Seeking

    Most Humorous Character: Mary Formal from in all my dreams i DROWN by Sith-I-5

    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character: Han Solo by @Lawbreaker

    Most impressive NPC in a game: Canos Zoren in Episode X,
    powerful and yet no GaryStu as you see them so often, but actually a tortured soul, betrayed and driven into exile and finally returning to have his revenge and oh, what a revenge that is!
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  12. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    There are so many good stories out there that I’ve only had time to skim which, unfortunately does mean I don’t always see the best of GM’s or roleplayers because I tend to get caught up in writing my own responses or puzzling out where my GM thinks the situation may go and then adding my own twist so it adds more drama to that path. So for those who are as excellent as those I nominate, I apologize for missing your brilliance, it is not on purpose, but just because of what I just mentioned.

    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer - @LordTroepfchen, for his portrayal of dark Luke, Lord Zorn in Twilight of the Force II. It is as if he took the idea of Luke turning dark like he did in Legends and went to the extreme of it, very well done.
    Best GM - Hmmm, so very many good GM’s but if I have to choose, @greyjedi125 , for Marvel Heroes: A New Breed. As with a later nomination, he has created a great world in that game and even turned it on it’s head to add to the chaos and drama and ability to either recreate your character in a way or have them know and deal with the fallout of an entirely new world to them.
    Best Star Wars Game - I may be a little biased, given the fact I’m in the game as of the last couple episodes but 10 ABY: Fringe Elements and the Perseverance of the First Order, GM’ed by @The Jedi in the Pumas. He’s created an excellent world that is set in such a way that allows areas of the ‘universe’ many have not considered much before to take shape.
    Best Non-Star Wars Game - Again, a little bias due to playing the game but Marvel Heroes/ A New Breed, gm’ed by @greyjedi125. What’s better than a very enjoyable Marvel game with superheroes and supervillains and all in between, trying to deal with the constantly changing world around them.
    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post) - Post #163 in Marvel Heroes: A New Breed, ‘Doom’s Day’ a post by our GM of the game, @greyjedi125. It is always amazing when a story can change over time but to completely rewrite a world in the course of one post and change how every character has to deal with it is superb writing and excellent storytelling.

    Doom’s Day

    High above the earth, fixed on its geosynchronous orbit above Latveria, a secret S.H.I.E.L.D satellite spied on the devastated nation, just as it was programmed to do. For it was there that the First and Second Cataclysms were born. As a direct result, 24 hour vigilance was deemed a matter of international security. It was agreed by all United Nations, that at the first sign of trouble, immediate action would be the first response.

    In a single moment, the highly advanced and sophisticated sensors boasting their origins from Stark Industries, picked-up an enormous burst of tachyon enriched exotic particles from the nation’s capital. It all happened in a bright and spectacular flash, much faster than it could send a warning.

    In a single moment, what was known, was changed, twisted even; by the will of a being who defied both Order and Chaos, who understood both- perhaps better than most. A being who was not only a Scientist and Mystic, but a Visionary and a Monarch. One who possessed the wherewithal to wield the power of The Cosmic Cube. But to what end? Or beginning?


    New York
    Zephyr’s Hideout

    They all seemed to experience it simultaneously, the sudden flash of light, not unlike a bright blinding strobe that hurt the eyes, then caused a moment of disorientation. The three would look at each other then, trying to remember what they had been speaking about.

    It was then that Doc pinged, getting their attention. The moderately sized computer screen showcased one of Zephyr’s placid natures capes as always, which made for great wallpaper.

    [Good morning, everyone.] Doc greeted in a pleasant neutral electronic voice.

    [Breakfast is ready and served. It’s the usual as, you always request.]

    Before them, the morning meal was indeed ready and prepared for consumption.

    [The Hideout remains successfully camouflaged and undetected. All potential threats to the Hideout have been repelled. Ultron Virus has been successfully repelled. Newsfeed updates have been completed, including the latest on the escape attempt at the Hudson Yards Superhuman Detention Camp and latest count on the Malformed Outbreak. Also, Zephyr has an important message pending. Will there be anything else?]

    Doc paused, expecting a response. On the screen, it was clear to see that each one of them had a personal folder with their own icon, Blue, Aegis and Psion, among the many other folders present. One particular folder aside from his own would catch Zephyr’s eye. It had a lock symbol on it, which meant it was presently password protected.


    Doc would not find it strange if his three charges began to ask him questions, as that was his function, to provide information, among many other tasks he had been programmed to perform. Strange was something define by the observer. He just provided facts.


    Triskelion Ruins, 15th Floor

    Daisy pinched the bridge of her nose to relieve some of the discomfort the sudden flash of light had caused. She shook her head trying to recall what was being said, but that only made things worse. Opening her eyes, she saw Cameron standing close within the empty and dusty filled room. Agent DuBois’s projected image suddenly winked-out, ending with a brief audio: [“They’re doing a scheduled Ultron Virus scan. Got to go.”]

    Without a second thought, Daisy automatically stepped to the dusty desk and picked up the disc-shaped projector. Feeling strangely surprised, she turned to Cameron and opened her mouth to speak, just to be interrupted at that very moment by another voice speaking into her earpiece.

    [“You two need to get out of there, faster than fast. You have a Claw Patrol on a hunt moving close to your area. If they catch your scent you are done for. Get to a safe zone! ”]

    Daisy went to answer and paused, noticing the graffiti on the wall, which was the same as the symbol on her communicator.


    White Star.

    “Copy that.” She managed to say, as she tried to make memory. Had they been under some kind of telepathic attack? The details were hard to sort out, but she could not deny the urgency in the operator’s tone of voice.

    Daisy looked directly at Cameron, who was the only point of certainty at the moment and stated firmly. “We need to move.”

    They were fifteen floors up, inside an abandoned super structure. Should they even consider using the stairs? Daisy went to move, but suddenly froze, as her peripheral vision caught the view outside the window.

    Tombstones. As far as she could see.


    The Schwarm Restaurant

    Dr. Redstone groaned as he realized his mistake. He’d let sentimentality get the best of him when he’d agreed to meet Liz for a chat. Especially now after S.H.I.E.L.D. had been dissolved, only to be rebranded as H.A.M.M.E.R; a military entity fully under the control of the D.H.S. It was bad enough that the current P.O.T.U.S had capitulated to Latveria, much like all of Europe. Britain was also on that list. Seeing how Liz was not wearing an ‘Inhibitor Collar’ only strengthened his suspicions. To save itself, her agency in all likelihood was forced to comply with new directives, such as registering its agents into the new SRA. Redstone could not confirm this, but he was pretty sure of it.

    “I’m very sorry Liz.” He managed to say, forgetting all about the food he had ordered.

    Doom had returned and transformed his nation of Latveria into a superpower almost overnight. With its wondrous technological advances, it was able to manage the Malformed Outbreak that infected and ravaged a great portion of the world, and even device a way to prevent the spread of the Ultron Virus. To think that such a nefarious machine only existed to exploit any opportunity to fulfill its macabre objective. Tragic as it was, Sebastian could only offer his sympathies to the people of South America.

    “I don’t think I can help you.”

    Though Sebastian was always professional in his dealings, a touch of regret could be detected in his voice. Fact was, they no longer worked for the same employer.

    Latveria had changed all of it, what with its armored soldiers and near invincible automatons of war. No European nation stood a chance against it. Genosha paid the ultimate price for its defiance, and was now nothing more than a penal colony. Only those nations which lauded their High Level Metas could dare retain their independence. Everyone else capitulated. It was just the way of things.

    Dr.Redstone was not wearing an inhibitor collar either, but he had yet to reveal if he’d found employment after SHIELD. It was very illegal and very dangerous for an unregistered meta not to have one. As for Blade, he’d gone completely underground. Smart man.

    “But I can leave you a contact that may be able to assist you.” Sebastian offered, doing his best to sound encouraging.

    Dr. Redstone produced a fountain pen from inside his jacket and began to write on a napkin. His earpiece began to buzz as he did so.

    [ “You have a fully Armored Merc in your vicinity with high-end gear; Bounty Hunter maybe. Probably has a detector on him. I strongly advice you exit your current location.”]
    Sebastian resisted the urge to nod as he heard the message. “Her name is Judith Morales. She used to be my real-estate agent.”

    Smoothly, he slipped the napkin towards Liz and casually made to get up. Taking a look around as he did so, he spied the Armored Merc outside the establishment. The Bounty Hunter kept his helmet on and had his Autorifle slung about his shoulder, sidearm holstered and knife still sheathed. He was currently pointing the mutant detector at Bryan who was sitting in his car.

    “Well, if there’s nothing else, I should be going.”

    Sebastian managed a forced smile and half-looked over his shoulder. The Mercenary was on the move once again, now making his way towards the eatery.

    Rehersal space, Upper West Side

    There was no song and dance. At least not the kind that was originally expected.

    The bout of disorientation had come suddenly. It was likely that one of the lights had been pointing at one of the triplets. But that did not account for Monin and his friends. The Stepford Sisters, however, did were recovered quicker than most.

    “What are you doing with that?” Phoebe asked tensely, as she eyed Chuck suspiciously, who pointed a beeping device at the girls. To his credit, he did not run, but whimpered with a mix of excitement an nervousness.

    “Wow. The three of you….” was all he managed to say.

    “Not on your life!” Celeste exclaimed and acted, hitting Chuck with a mental bolt that sent him skidding unconsciously to the floor. The device fell out of his hand, but continued beeping.

    “It’s a mutant detector.” Mandee exclaimed accusingly. “He was planning to turn us in for money.”

    “Disgusting!” Celeste added with open distaste.

    “I’m not going to that awful Detention Camp, nor am I wearing one of those terrible collars. Never!” Phoebe interjected.

    “You mean, we’re not.” Celeste corrected.

    “Someone stop that thing from beeping.” Mandee demanded.

    Monin would be aware enough of his surroundings to witness all of this, despite feeling disoriented. Chuck was being Chuck after all, always looking to score.

    “Your friend is a piece of work you know! He couldn’t figure out a way to detain us, but was ultimately uncertain if H.A.M.M.E.R would send a Sentinel or a Claw Patrol after us. What a jerk!”

    “I should wipe any trace of us from his mind.” Phoebe hissed, suddenly moving to perform the deed, but was stopped by Celeste who grabbed her arm.

    “There’s no time. We need to leave. If they send a Sentinel….”

    The sisters nodded nervously one to another. They were telepaths who could affect minds. Sentinels had no minds to affect. Together they turned to face Monin.

    “We know your ancestral heritage can grant you diplomatic immunity at the Wakandan Embassy if you claim it, but…will you help us?”

    The Sisters did noticed he wasn’t wearing a collar. They hadn’t invaded his mind to find out if he was registered or not. Perhaps he had a better idea even.

    In the silence that followed, the mutant detector continued beeping and someone needed to look in on Eliza, to see if she was alright.


    Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan

    Tenzin felt a dizziness come over him after he’d been cleaning the breakfast dishes, moreover, his Sling Ring felt suddenly hot, as if it were reacting to something unseen. The Sanctum itself seemed yo shrug as it shook.

    “What in…?”

    Immediately, the monk makes his way to find his student, SGC and their guest, Larry.

    “Did either of you feel something…strange?” He inquired, sounding somewhat worried. That the Sanctum itself shook was a concern. The building itself was protected by powerful and ancient wards. That anything could affect them was…troubling.His first thought was to seek the Abbot’s wisdom, but the man was still in Kathmandu, as fortune would have it.

    A loud roaring sound is heard then, coming from above, though muffled by the building’s exterior. They can all hear it, as well as see the flashing lights passing by the windows. Without a thought, Tenzin goes to see the cause, and upon looking through the glass, he beholds a sight he could not have imagined.


    “By the Vishanti……” the monk exclaimed aloud.

    Never before had he experienced such radical discontinuity.

    All he could tell, was that they were heading south.

    Everything that he knew was about to change.


    New Jersey
    The Old Vault

    The flash had come on suddenly, and was especially affecting to someone with such acute senses. A moment of disorientation was too long for a man who was engaged in combat, but no conflict raged for Daken. It was hard to remember why he had come here, but traveling alone as he was now, was something he was used to.

    Memories of The Five and their mission quickly faded, having nothing to retain them in the moment.

    The place he was currently in was dark and cavernous, and smelled of age old disuse. Thankfully, his eyes were already adjusting to the lack of illumination. The smell of blood was quite fresh however, looking down, Daken would see that he’d just killed a man in armor. Some kind of mercenary from the looks of it, a Bounty Hunter perhaps. The armor worn seemed familiar somehow, but the color was all wrong, though that detail didn’t much matter.

    The receding pain in his body informed him that the had been wounded in combat, but why didn’t he recall more at the moment. Perhaps he’d been shot in the head? Assuming that was the case, he’d have to be patient and wait for the memories to return, as his brain knitted itself back together.

    The sound of whimpering in the cavernous silence would catch his attention. Upon listening for a moment longer, he would glean that there were two sources to the whimpering sounds. A boy and a girl. They were huddled together, terrified, exuding fear as they waited for death to claim them. But death had not come, at least not at the hands of the man in armor, the one who’d hunted them and terrorized them for sport.

    In addition, taken could feel that he was deeper underground than what he initially surmised due to his disorientation. Against the wall, he would barely be able to make out what had once been a painted sign indicating SUB LEVEL 9. No memory of Dragon Man would stir. At least not yet.

    There were many other smells and sounds he could identify, but nothing really to keep him here down below. The boy and girl did not move from their spot as they simply waited for their Clawed Benefactor to leave, especially because of what he resembled: Those who killed Malformed on sight.



    Marla was all too happy to pick-up Shelly in her four-door cranberry red Land Rover. She was even happier that Shelly had accepted her invitation.

    Indeed, they day was nice and sunny, so much so that the brightness got to her momentarily and caused her some disorientation, an odd occurrence, but not unheard of.

    “Definitely going to need my shades for the trip back to Zook’s.” she said with a chuckle.

    It was good to do some normal things again, especially after all the recent events.

    “So, I kinda told everyone that you were coming to lunch, I hope you don’t mind. But I’m super excited!” Marla confessed after they started to head back on the main road.

    “Just so you know, Tony, Colin and Big Mike are going to be there, and so is Fatima. No one needs to be blindsided, know what I mean?”

    Upon hearing their names, Shelly could somewhat put the names and the CosPlays together, especially after visiting their social media pages. Tony was always Tony, Colin was ‘Calculator’, Big Mike was ‘Power Man’ and Fatima was ‘Kit Kat’.

    “We all just needed to get out of the house after all that’s happened you know…”

    The drive would have been a happy and uneventful one, if it were not for a random H.A.M.M.E.R check-point. Marla cursed under her breath as she slowed her vehicle, taking note that hers was the third car queued to be checked. On the side of the road, a 15’ foot tall Sentinel stood, immobile for the moment. It was one of the smaller models, but no less lethal or capable. Its yellow ocular sensors could be seen scanning the passengers inside their cars, even one of the H.A.M.M.E.R Soldiers did the same with his hand held mutant detector and the other stood guard, weapon in hand.

    Marla took a breath. “Ugh. I hate this.” She exclaimed almost inaudibly. Something was happening with the lead car. Some kind of argument, but it didn’t seem to be more than stress and flaring tempers. Marla glanced at Shelly and her eyes grew wide. In a flurry of motion she opened the glove compartment and reached in, only to pull out what looked like an ‘Inhibitor Collar’.

    “Quick, put that on. Tony said you would need it.” Marla whispered. The first car was beginning to pull ahead, but the second hadn’t moved forward. Marla noticed Shelly reluctance then spoke in an even lower voice.

    “It’s not real, but it fools their systems. Trust me.” She pleaded. There wasn't time to explained that Tony himself had created the gizmo.

    A screeching sound caught her attention then, and Shelly realized that the car ahead of her had made a sudden turn and sped off. There was a moment, much like a pause, as if everyone was holding their breath. The Sentinel raised its hand, palm up. Marla could see the very center of the robots hand as it powered up and erupt as a beam fired right overhead. She counted two second before the sound of an explosion confirmed the hit. Marla could see the burning wreckage through her rear view mirror. Ahead of her, the Hammer Soldier motioned for her to come forward, on the other side stood the Sentinel.

    Marla took another deep breath, calming her nerves and gently pressed on the gas. She really hoped Shelly had put on the ‘fake collar’. Calmly as she could, she came to a stop before the soldier and did her best not to look on the opposite side.

    “Helloes” She greeted, doing all she could not to faint.

    “Papers.” Declared the soldier, all business. Marla did as asked and handed over her credentials. She watched him check her ID, then point the mutant detector in her direction.

    There was no beeping.

    “See, I’m PH Balanced. Pure Human. No gene pollution. I passed my quarterly check-up with flying colors. Not turning into a malformed anytime soon.”

    Of course, her ‘cheerful’ announcement fell on deaf ears. Silently, she continued to watch as the soldier made his way to the passenger side, praying that this ordeal would be over soon and they could make their way to Zook’s. She almost yelped aloud when the haze of a yellow light suddenly shone before her eyes.


    Sea-Tac International Airport

    A search light swung from a tower, bathing both ladies in its light as it passed, blinding them momentarily. The effect was somewhat jarring and disorienting, but otherwise harmless. The good news was, that it came as no surprise that a good number of people were choosing to fly, especially now that Latveria had provided the U.S. with a suitable countermeasure against the Ultron Virus; that which had nearly crippled the country’s ability to function electronically.

    The much needed assistance came at a time when the Malformed Outbreak was at its peak and critical succor was the only recourse needed to stem the tide of infection. Regaining connectivity was the only way to achieve that. The story was pretty much the same all over Europe, with the addition of Doom’s Army marching upon his neighbors and strong arming treaties in his favor. The Monarch exacted a great price in exchange for his invaluable assistance. Rumors that a vengeful and dying mutant originated the Outbreak could never be proven, nor quelled. The only legacy found there was that which re-introduced the SRA and expedited the creation of Superhuman Detention Camps. These were originally meant for those infected by the Malformed Outbreak, but now they acted as a catch-all for any superhuman offender. In truth, those infected by the Malformed Virus had no hope of being cured, but rather, saw themselves degenerate into mindlessness and their powers rage out of control.

    That’s why they were killed on sight.

    This was merely background noise for the humans who lived under the protection of the New Regime and the metas who complied with registration. After all, freedom wasn’t free. Was it ever?

    An announcement was made over the loud speaker, that flights would experience a slight delay. A roving band of wild Malformed happened upon the runway and had to be cleared. H.A.M.M.E.R. agents were already on their way, so there was nothing to worry about.

    Nicole Gravely could very well rest easy in that assurance, as she was, as the popular saying went, PH Balanced, that is, Pure Human. Agents from E-Branch, the British Agency that employed Mary Formal and Liz Merrick, were usually ‘more than’, which meant that they would either need to be registered or have the ability to pass as registered or human, given the current political climate.

    A number of fellow travelers began to move-in and gather near Mary and Nikki as an adjacent screen televised the movements of HAMMER soldiers on their way to exterminate the encroaching malformed. It was sure to be a spectacle, but most probably not for the faint of heart. For those who did have the stomach to watch, this was almost a s good as having front row seats.

    The Moon
    Blue Area

    All this Uatu the Watcher would witness with his own eyes. It was much like a controlled experiment, where a given formula was slightly changed in order to observe a different result. But, was this a permanent or temporary condition? There was no way for him to know. One thing was certain; there was a reason, whoever inscrutable, behind the actions of the one pulling the strings.

    It was quite likely, depending how things proceeded, that he might just get a call from another visitor.


    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM - I’d have to say @TheAdmiral for his creation of The Calm Before the Storm, a very well thought out and deep world he’s created that although it’s just recently begun shows great promise for an amazing story to develop.
    Most Educational Member of the RPF - @Sinrebirth, he’s basically a walking SW encyclopedia and is usually, as long as it doesn’t spoil the movement of the game, willing to share that knowledge.
    Most Frightening Character - Hmmm, having to think, and not just that but try to spread out nominations so it’s not just a small handful of stories involved. But, considering events in the game I'd have to say Third Prince Abaddon portrayed by @The Jedi in the Pumas in 10 ABY: Fringe Elements and the Perseverance of the First Order. He's created an almost unstoppable monster that tears through everything and everyone in his path.
    Most Humorous Character - Jedi Knight Vhardia portrayed by @darthhelinith in Twilight of the Force II. She is trying to maintain the decorum she thinks a Knight should have based on her training but her humor shines through in moments and gives a peek of how she could develop her humor more over the game.
    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character - I would have to agree with @greyjedi125 here, the portrayal of Grandmaster Yoda by @Sinrebirth, in The Last Epitaph. I can see and hear the ‘real’ Yoda in every action that is taken by Yoda in that game.
    Most impressive NPC in a game - Agent Blut, an NPC portrayed by @Bardan_Jusik in Star Wars: Black Sheep, something very deep and unambiguously callous toward torturing the POW's of SonTay that is worth reading every time he makes an appearance.
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    Oh great output already! I have started counting now!

    @RachelTyrell, @Ktala, I really, REALLY, REALLY appreciate you guys (erm . . . girls I mean) nominating me, but I have declared myself UNNOMINATABLE. Would feel so strange counting out votes for myself. My ego might expand to the size of the universe and swallow existence itself. You know? Have to play it save. You still got time to EDIT Best Roleplayer.

    Thanks though. Made me smile anyway.
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    I gotta say I was hesitating to nominate anyone, as I feel I miss out on amazing games left and right. But I was told this a duty as a member of the community, so what the heck . . . my deeply subjective nominations!

    „Best“ Awards

    Best Roleplayer - @Kurisan, for her amazingly engaging characters, who can be strong and vulnerable the same time.

    Best GM - @LordTroepfchen, this one was tough, as I must say we got many stellar GMs around here. Yet, of all the GMs I feel LordTroepfchen stands apart as the Master of cinematic roleplaying.

    Best Star Wars Game - Episode X - The End of Harmony, being an amazing game that feels like the Star Wars movie they should have made. Made me join a Star Wars game!

    Best Non-Star Wars Game - The Seeking, my favorite game to be in.

    Best Post by a Roleplayer
    I support Ktala‘s nomination, because it made me laugh so loud. Probably missing some great roleplaying there.

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM: LordTroepfchen (Best GM and this one really go hand-in-hand, do they?)

    Most Educational Member of the RPF: LordTroepfchen (still tirelessly helping GMs behind the scenes)

    Most Frightening Character: Juan the Spaniard by @Lawbreaker

    Most Humorous Character: Juan the Spaniard by @Lawbreaker (makes me scared and laugh the same time)

    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character: Sherlock Holmes by @LordTroepfchen in The Strange Case of Ethan Carter

    Most impressive NPC in a game: Milton Prest in Original Sin by DarkLordoftheFins, the ultimate portrayal of the Devil if you ask me.
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    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer: I really have to nominate @galactic-vagabond422 for this. His posts as Rhoen, Ka'rta (twice), Natalia, Tor... they are just so good. Rhoen makes my heart sing for him and his tragedies... Ka'rta is so different in both her games... I have handed her a pretty awful story in Twilight of the Force II but she keeps going.

    Best GM: @The Jedi in the Pumas - his game(s) are just making me squeeee.

    Best Star Wars Game: Episode X - by @LordTroepfchen. Much love for this game.

    Best Non-Star Wars Game: Marvel Heroes by @greyjedi125 - absolute marvel of a game.

    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post): It's a quiet one, but it's one I go back to a lot. @JediMasterAnne, comboing with an AU version of her own character across two games... it's a lot of fun.

    IC: Chancellor Feyna Organa and NRI Agent Feyna Morrow
    Shuttle en route to Hesperidium, 14 ATA/Korriban, 14 ABY

    Since Isolder was busy piloting, he'd had to leave Feyna to her own devices in the shuttle's lounge, and he'd told her to try to relax.

    Easier said than done, but she was trying. Most other times, she would have used the downtime between departure and destination to catch up on some of the news or read a few reports, but the point of this little trip was to get away from work and politics, just for the night. So no HoloNet, and her comlink and data pad were stowed away in her bag. Just solitude, and the sounds of the ship.


    Her eyes snapped open, to be met with the strangest sight, and a strange woman--no, not a stranger, she was so, so, familiar...

    Feyna's head was still hurting, but aside from that, and the overall soreness and bruising from being thrown around so much (the blast from the X-wing, right on top of the earlier crash), she didn't seem to have acquired any new injuries. Her ears were ringing, too; it was hard to hear her own voice, maybe Rouser couldn't, either.

    She needed to find him fast, and they needed to get away from here.

    She started to pull herself up, still looking for him. "Come on, where—“

    Something shifted, and suddenly she was looking not at the dark wasteland of Korriban, but what appeared to be the interior of a ship. And it wasn't the nondescript functionalism of a military ship, either, but the kind of pristine comfort she'd expect to find in a high-level diplomatic vessel. There seemed to be only one passenger, a woman, and she was staring at Feyna like she was seeing a ghost.

    Perhaps she was, because the passenger was Feyna.

    Granted, a more tidy and regal version of her. This other Feyna was wearing an elegant dress of dusky purple, much nicer than anything Feyna Morrow had ever owned or worn, and her hair was arranged into an intricate braided up-do that she'd never have had the patience for.

    I'm dead. I've died and this is some bizarre afterlife. The ship was a metaphor, to take her into the spirit realm and this other Feyna was...what, her guide? But then why did she look so shocked? And if she was dead, why did everything still hurt?

    Okay, maybe she wasn't dead. Perhaps this was the concussion, making her see things.

    I'm going mad. I'm over-stressed and now I'm hallucinating. Or maybe it was a weird vision, perhaps. She'd heard of Force-sensitives having visions of the future; Grandmaster Bnar had once mentioned that Anakin had nearly Fallen after a vision of Padme dying. But Feyna wasn't Force-sensitive, and she'd never heard of a vision that could see you, too. And if this was a premonition of events to come, then it couldn't be very far off; they appeared to be the same age.

    Her double was bloodied and dirty, with a gash across her forehead in the exact same place as Feyna's scar from Mandalore, fourteen years earlier. She could see a dismal wasteland beyond her, but it didn't look like Mandalore. Her hair was in a simple, mussed braid, and her plain clothes were rumpled and torn by whatever chaos she'd been in the middle of.

    They stared at each other for a long moment, wearing identical expressions of shock and confusion, clearly trying to puzzle out what was going on.

    Chancellor Feyna finally broke out of the trance that seemed to have seized them both.

    "Okay, this is very strange, and very confusing..."

    Agent Feyna gave a small "no kidding" nod in agreement.

    Chancellor Feyna thought she might have seen her roll her eyes a bit as well, but she ignored it. "...but just sitting here isn't going to help us figure this out.

    "We're the same 'who.'"
    Again, the second Feyna gave her a "that's pretty obvious" look, but didn't argue. It was a starting point.

    "I don't know the 'why' or 'how' this is happening."

    Agent Feyna was shaking her head. She didn't know, either.

    "So the next question seems to be 'when.' I don't recognize where you are, so I don't think you are in my past, nor am I in your future."

    Agent Feyna frowned. "You aren't my past, either, though," she pointed out. "What year is it, to you?"

    Chancellor Feyna adopted a similar expression. "It is fourteen years after the destruction of Alderaan, the Galactic Civil War, and the fall of the Empire."

    Agent Feyna's scowl deepened. Some of it matched, some didn't. "Alderaan is right, but to me, the Empire fell ten years ago, when Emperor Palpatine died on the second Death Star."

    Chancellor Feyna's expression reverted back to one of surprised confusion. "Palpatine? Palpatine died before I was born..."

    Realization began to set in. "We're the same person, but different versions." They were both Feyna, but they were not the same Feyna; they existed in different timelines from each other, two sides of the same coin. Something different had happened in their respective pasts to significantly alter certain events and something, somehow, had caused the two planes to intersect.

    Crazy as it sounded, the Feyna on Korriban couldn't think of a better explanation--though it created more questions than it answered. "Wait, if Palpatine died, who was Emperor? Vader?"

    Chancellor Feyna shook her head. "I've never heard of a 'Vader.' Mas Amedda was the Emperor, he was killed just a few days after Alderaan was destroyed."

    Now it was Agent Feyna's turn to be surprised again. In her world, Amedda had been on Palpatine's council, and, as best she could recall, had been reduced to little more than a figurehead leader of a provisional government on Coruscant after surrendering to the New Republic about a year after Endor. Her impression of him was as a weak underling of the Emperor, and not much more.

    But this other Feyna lived in a galaxy where Palpatine was never Emperor, and... "No Darth Vader? Your galaxy was lucky, Vader was Palpatine's second-in-command, he was horrible.

    "Did Anakin Skywalker not fall, then? That's who Vader was, before he was Vader."

    Chancellor Feyna froze, and went quite pale. "Anakin...fell?" She knew that it had almost happened, before he and Master Windu had killed Palpatine, all those years ago.

    Apparently, in this other universe, he'd crossed all the way over.

    Agent Feyna regarded her counterpart, startled by her alarmed reaction, suddenly wondering if she'd said too much. Was it safe to be sharing information like this across timelines?

    Probably too late to be asking ourselves that now

    “What about Luke, and Leia?” Chancellor Feyna asked. “And their mother, Padme, what happened to them?”

    Agent Feyna’s eyes narrowed slightly, before realizing…she knows them. There was a familiarity in the way she spoke, she hadn’t just heard of them, but actually knew the twins on a personal level. Possibly, she knew Anakin, too, but only as Anakin.

    “I guess Luke and Leia were separated when they were born? Their mother must have died, all I really know is that Luke grew up on Tatooine and Leia was adopted by the Organas, I don’t think they even knew they were related ‘til around the end of the war…”

    Leia was adopted by the Organas. Leia was adopted by the Organas. A cold, sinking feeling was beginning to settle over the Chancellor. “What’s your last name?” she suddenly asked the other, cutting off whatever else she’d been saying.

    Agent Feyna was caught off guard by the interruption, and the question. “What?”

    “Your last name?”

    Her eyes narrowed again. “It’s Morrow. You know that. We’re the same person, remember?”


    Morrow was the surname she’d been born under. Feyna’s full name was Feyna Julee Morrow Organa; when she’d been adopted, Bail and Breha had only added their last name after hers, keeping her birth name otherwise intact. When she was older, some time after learning of her adoption, she’d asked why they’d left it; her father had answered that it was so she would still have that connection to her birth family, to where she’d come from. And according to the information from the orphanage, her birth mother’s name had been Julee. You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her, Feyna. And we wouldn’t have you, so we honor her by keeping the name she gave you.

    “Morrow…” Chancellor Feyna repeated softly, slowly meeting the other’s eyes. “You were never adopted, were you?”

    “No, I wasn’t—“ Agent Feyna started to retort, irritated at first, her tone again saying ‘you should know this.’ Until it hit her. “…Wait, you were?

    Chancellor Feyna nodded slowly. “Anakin Skywalker never fell. He and his wife Padme raised the twins together on Naboo. Leia didn’t need the Organas to adopt her, so they adopted a different child, a couple of years later…” She held out her hand; in it was a brooch that Agent Feyna recognized as being made of chalcedony, in a shape she knew to be the crest of the Alderaanian Royal Family. “…Me.”

    Agent Feyna’s eyes widened, her gaze shifting back and forth between the pin, and the other Feyna, for a long moment, too stunned to speak.

    She’d had parents, in this other galaxy. She’d had a family, a place to belong. Something she’d never had, in this version of the universe.

    But hadn’t Bail Organa and his wife died when Alderaan was destroyed? Maybe in this other timeline… “Are they…?”

    “They died when Alderaan blew. Leia and Padme, and Mon Mothma, too. Luke…” Chancellor Feyna realized that she didn’t want to talk about what had happened with Luke, or Anakin. “No one’s seen Luke or Anakin since.”

    Agent Feyna’s expression was equally somber, and it took a few seconds before she spoke again, shifting the subject. “So what do you do now? I went to the Rebellion after Alderaan and now I work in New Repbulic Intelligence.”

    Chancellor Feyna’s expression seemed to be something between amused and impressed. Actually, in some ways, her other self reminded her of Jyn. “Chancellor of the New Republic.”

    Agent Feyna’s brows shot up, and she even chuckled a bit. “Yeah, no thanks. My job is dangerous and stressful, but I still wouldn’t trade it for that.”

    Would she have traded it, though, if it meant a life where she would have had a family? It was hard to miss what she’d never really had. But she would admit that she was a little envious of this other Feyna.

    “Leia is Chancellor, over here, but we call it Chief of State,” she added, remembering that Leia had died in the other timeline. “Luke is training new Jedi. Vader died the same time as Palpatine, but they say that Luke actually turned him back to the Light, and Anakin was the one who killed the Emperor.”

    Chancellor Feyna’s brow furrowed, curious. “He turned back?”

    Agent Feyna shrugged. “Luke says so.”

    Somewhere behind her, on Korriban, she heard a voice calling for her. “Hold on Feyna, I’m coming!” Rouser.

    Apparently Chancellor Feyna heard it, too. “I think this is where we part. Wherever you are, it doesn’t look safe, and I’m distracting you.”

    A last question occurred to her. “You were calling for a ‘Rouser,’ earlier—did you mean Pascale Rouser?”

    Agent Feyna started to pick herself up. “Yeah, why?”

    The Chancellor gave her head a little shake, a tiny smirk pulling at the corners of her mouth. “Just wondering. He’s a war criminal, in this galaxy.” She gave her other self a small nod of good-bye. “Good luck, and be careful.”

    Agent Feyna nodded back. “You, too.”

    Whatever had connected them broke apart, and their other selves disappeared, leaving Feyna Morrow back on Korriban, and Feyna Organa, back on her shuttle.

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM: @TheAdmiral - I am constantly being surprised with his twists and weaving of Legends and Canon. Very, very fun.

    Most Educational Member of the RPF: @Mitth_Fisto's posts require me to research so, so, so much. I love it.

    Most Frightening Character: @darthbernael as Bernael in Twilight of the Force. He just scares me. Whether he's eating worlds or mating with Abeloth... eek.

    Most Humorous Character: @darthhelinith - I rely upon her for my (in)sanity.

    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character: @BobaMatt for me - his portrayal of Mace Windu in Twilight of the Force II just feels so perfect, for an AU.

    Most impressive NPC in a game: Difficult one. I think it has to be @Adalia-Durron and Jesse Coulson. I feel for this guy, I have to admit. She co-GM's with me and I just want him to get his happy ending damn her. And people say I'm mean to NPCs.
  16. Bravo

    Bravo Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer - @TheSilentInfluence ; a great joy every-time RPing with TSI. Can always keep a deep and prolonged interaction going with characters. Very natural in postings and approach, never forced.

    Best GM - @Sith-I-5 ; if there was ever an Assistant Game Master that deserved the nomination, it was Sith. Not because of his death, as I would nominate him all the same if he decided to retire and move on in life, but because of his presence now lacking. I think now, looking back, we can appreciate his endless contributions big & small to various games that added depth and world building to every game & every story. And, at least for me, as my Assistant Game Master from 2011 through 2016 and again 2017 until his death, both his natural contributions (as mentioned above) and his detailed work as a AGM to be my right arm was priceless and can never, ever be appreciated enough. I think as times passes, we'll appreciate his contributions all the more like a aged wine, both as player and AGM. RIP Sith. @};-

    Best Post by a Roleplayer - (please quote the post) @TheSilentInfluence ( Saturday at 2:12 PM )
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2020
  17. I_am_Kooky

    I_am_Kooky Sth Aust. Chapter Representative star 4

    Jun 28, 2004
    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer = galactic-vagabond422 Dude is in like so many games and puts his heart into each post. Yah can feel it.
    Best GM = Trieste
    Best Star Wars Game = Elite League Limmie
    Best Non-Star Wars Game = Marvel Heroes/ A New Breed
    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post) = galactic-vagabond422
    Have been reading old stuff through the Limmie RPG and found this. @};-

    Logan Manx
    Goss-Pell Memorial Stadium, O’pahz, Carratos

    I lace up my cleats with a fire burning in my chest. This week had been difficult, Mikia still wasn’t talking to me and, every time I try she stonewalls me. It’s becoming frustrating, if she would just talk to me I could explain the situation with Acha. Curse my legs, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be in this situation. As I think on this more, my anger rises, I’m angry at Mikia, angry at my legs, and angry at myself. I start turning my anger towards the Mecs, last year they embarrassed us, and on our miracle run they ended it, and took our place in the Galactic Cup final, that was something I couldn’t forgive.

    I lead my team out of the tunnel to the cheering crowd. We had two wins in front of the home crowd, looks like we’ve got the Arcadia on our side. Alright you spirits work for us, keep this streak alive. I line up against Lieznam, who had come though his own troubles, it is good to see him still playing. The game starts and Lieznam gets the drop on me and rushes towards the defensive zone. I hustle to catch up but, the play moves too fast. Qazi makes the save and I start moving back, need to get the momentum on our side.

    Our Quarren goalkeeper passes off to Brian and he rumbles though the Mercs offense. Poine and Marcus do a give and go moving the play along the sideline. I move into position and see Mauntak out of the corner of my eye. The Trandoshan and I haven’t really gotten along, and I think there’s still a bit of animosity between us. He isn’t my marker no, that honor goes to Tullo. To be honest the Mercs were said to have a strong defense but, apparently it hasn’t been enough to stop them from dropping two games. Seiji and Nara pass back and forth getting around Se'o. The Weequay forward has some difficulty getting around Smalls having to dump off to me.

    I don’t have possession long before I fire off a shot at the net, Katan made the stop. This game is not going to be easy. The offense settles into the ‘Iron Cage’ for all the good it’ll do us, against a defense with this much raw strength, it’s impossible. The Mercs easily rip through us and score the first goal. I feel the crowd’s frustration, and hiss through my teeth, they were expecting a better opening than this. The ball bounces around the defensive zone before ending up in the hands of Gabby. The young woman charges through the midfield passing off to Else at the top of the offensive zone.

    With the attack now in full swing I start jockeying for position with Tullo. Else fakes a pass to me and I cut to the net, putting some distance between me and my marker. Our red haired half forward makes a cross pass to Nara who almost instantly passes to me. It’s a textbook setup. All I need to do is finish it. The ball rockets off my foot and swiftly into the back of the net, just getting past Katan. With the score tied the first half is a grueling back and forth with no team gaining the upper hand, I net another goal but that was only to tie it up again. It felt like I was just spinning my wheels.

    In the locker room I just sit at my stall staring straight ahead, I want the win and from what I see in everyone else, they want it too. I glace over to Mikia, a grim look on her face, she’d been keeping Kendal under wraps for most of the game and looks like she’s trying to rest up a bit before the next half. In fact most of the defense is quiet, if they are talking it’s about strategy, how to keep the Bucketheads from scoring. That’s going to be important, and I should probably do my part to make sure we score more. I drive my palm into my thigh, good, I can still feel it, I’m losing my legs sooner and sooner after bacta treatments, Acha says we could only keep this up for a few more months before they’re gone for good. I shake my head gritting my teeth, no, I’m not done in a few months, I’m not going to let my own body tell me what I can’t do.

    The more I think about it the more my anger grows how dare my body betray me like this, right on the cusp of greatness. We were turning this season around. If we win here we could still have a shot at the playoffs, and possibly the cup. I’m not giving up this dream I will host the cup, and I’ll cut off my own legs to do it. Nothing will stand in my way, not the Mercs, not the C-bus, and even my disease.

    I return to the field with the crowd cheering, but, something feels wrong. I try to put this behind me, but, I can't shake the feeling that something somewhere isn’t right. The half starts off with two fast attacks by the Mercs that instantly put us on the defensive. It takes a little time but we break out of it. Leigh has possession but can’t pass to Rime, Mauntak is all over him. I move away from the net to give her an option out and she takes it. It’s a perfect pass and I receive it easily. I slip past Tullo and now it’s just me and Katan. Then my legs start to feel wobbly, no, not now.

    Out of nowhere the Trandoshan defender takes me to the ground. He gets up glaring at me, my chest hurts, but I feel nothing in my legs. Fear wraps itself around me my worst nightmare is now real, I’ve lost my legs in the middle of a game. I don’t move, too gripped by fear. In seconds Acha is looking over me.

    “Bro,” she says, worry apparent in her voice, “can you feel your legs?”

    “No” I reply in a near whisper.

    Leigh shows up next, “Logan you alright?”

    “Excuse me…” Acha starts,

    “It’s ok sis, she knows.”

    “Alright then, help me get him up.” The two women lift me up by my arms and put one around each of their shoulders, they grip the waist of my shorts and drag me off the field, and I feel so useless. After I’m removed from the field I’m whisked away to a medcenter for a bacta treatment. I come out and get dressed Acha sits down across from me. “What do you plan to do now?”

    “Well,” I say putting my shirt on, “just let this all blow over.”

    “Really,” she replies, “just act like it never happened, I don’t think you have that option. The coach is breathing down my neck for an expiation. Soon the league is going start asking questions and I’ll have to tell them what’s going on.”

    “No you won’t, as long as I play the next game, the league will have no problem with an “Undisclosed” injury.” I pause as a thought crosses my mind, “You kept it undisclosed right?”

    “No, I went against your wishes and our years of friendship, and told them everything. Of course I left it undisclosed.”

    “Good, show up for practice next morning problem solved.” I wipe my hands together symbolically washing my hands of the situation.

    “No, we’re not done with this, did you forget that your coach is on my back for answers?”

    “I don’t know, say it was a pinched nerve or something.”

    “Most patients writhe in pain when they have a pinched nerve.”

    “Do you have to tell her anything?” I sit on the exam table a confused look on my face.

    “Me no,” She points at herself, then to me, “you yes, she can bench you next game.”

    “Then what should I say?”

    “I’d suggest the truth, but, knowing you that’s impossible but, anything else would be a lie and that’s dangerous territory.” She sighs heavily, “I think it’s time for the lies to stop Bro, time to come clean.”

    I let out a growl, Iron Arezzo can’t know she’ll bench me for sure. “No,”

    “Bro please, be reasonable.”

    “NO,” I shout almost like a child throwing a tantrum, “I’ve made it this far I can make it three more games.”

    “It may not be three more games, it could be six,”

    “Then we’ll cross that bridge when we come it.”

    She ran her fingers through her hair, “Look, I’m going to schedule your bacta treatments the day before the rest of your games, and you’re going to go home and cool off. Tomorrow we’re going to talk to coach Arezzo and tell her everything.” I don’t want to hear this anymore, I get up and storm out.

    Logan's Apartment, O'Pahz, Carratos

    I get to my apartment, clouded with anger. I open the door and barely notice that the light is on. I don’t realize something is up until I see Mikia sitting in a chair facing the door.

    “What is going on, Logan?” Her voice carries a tone of worry.

    “It’s nothing Mikia, just nerves.”

    “It’s not nothing,” her voice rises a bit, “I saw your legs after the hit, they weren’t working.”

    “Like I said, it was…”

    “Stop lying,” a tear falls from her eye, “You’ve been keeping secrets, acting weird, and now you get injured and in a couple of hours later you’re fine. I’m worried about you.”

    “Now you’re worried, I thought we were all but broken up.”

    “It doesn’t mean I stop caring about you,” she looks away for a second, “and despite everything I still love you.”

    My heart is pained by her words, I still love her, and now I’m hurting her, again. “Mikia, I’m sorry it’s just I have a lot on my mind right now, I need a rest, I’ll be…” A sigh escapes my mouth, “I’ll be better in the morning.”

    “No, this has gone on long enough and it’s my fault too, I’ve been so angry at you, I haven’t realized that we need to talk. I’m here, please let me in,” A silence descends bringing a tense quiet to the room, “Please Logan, I want to save this, I want to save us…if we can be,”

    “Mikia just go home and let me rest, I’ll be fine in the morning.”

    She stands up more tears falling from her eyes, “You’re not fine, just tell me what’s going on,”

    My anger spikes, why is she being so insistent, tell her it’s your nerves, tell her it’s your nerves, “It’s my legs alright,” What did I just say,

    “What about your legs?” Again I keep silent, “Are you sick, is it some sort of injury. What is it?”

    “Just forget it,”

    “Stop that,” She says stepping closer to me, “Stop hiding, I’m here to help you and you’re just freezing me out.”

    “You really want to know,” I can feel my anger getting the better of me, clouding my mind, I could say just about anything right now. “I have a disease ok, and it’s taking away my legs.”

    She steps back shocked, “For how long, is there anything we can do?”

    “It’s genetic, and there’s nothing anyone can do,” the anger fades slightly and I feel a little weak, “this is my last season.”

    She rushes forward and wraps her arms around me, “why did you wait so long, why are you telling me this now?”

    “It’s my own pride and I didn’t want you to pity me,”

    “So you wanted me to hate you,” she hits me lightly with a balled up fist, “is that it?” A few more strikes, “You’re such an idiot,”

    “I know,” the anger is still in my voice, mostly directed at myself, “I know I’m an idiot,”

    “So what do we do now?”

    “No Mikia, this is my problem, not yours,”

    “No we’re in this together,” I can see it in her face, she wasn’t budging, “Do we tell coach?”

    “No, she’ll bench me no questions,”

    “She’ll bench you if you don’t tell her, she’s a little angry that she doesn’t know what’s going on with one of her players and until she knows you’re healthy you won’t play.”

    “The docs gave me a clean bill, I can play.”

    “How do we know you won’t lose your legs again?”

    “We’ll take precautions,”

    She pushes me away again, “We as in you and that Doctor?”

    “She’s an old friend, been part of my medical team since I was a kid. She’s one of the few people who know about my condition.”

    “Who else knows?”


    “Who else knows about your condition?”

    “You, Acha, some other doctors, and…” I shouldn’t tell her but, I don’t want to keep anything more from her. “Leigh.”

    “Cavanaugh knew before me?”

    “It was an accident, my legs dropped out from under me, and she was there.”

    “She knew all this time?”

    “It wasn’t on purpose, if everything had gone right no one was going to find out, and I would have retired with no one the wiser.” There’s another long pause, Mikia looks at the ground,

    “So,” she says raising her head again, more tears rolling down her cheeks, “you were never going to tell me.” I look away, I can look at her like this, she’s crying and it’s all my fault.


    “Why?” her confusion and anger enters her voice,

    “I didn’t want you to see me as broken, every time I’ve told someone about this they start treating me like some glass doll. Always worried they’re going to break me.”

    “And pushing everyone who cares about you away is a better option?”

    “It’s because it’s true,” her face becomes even more confused, “I may act tough but, on the inside, I’m fragile, breathe on me and I’ll break.” I stop talking, did I really believe that? My mind is so fuzzy with anger and sadness I can’t tell anymore. Mikia steps forward and embraces me, and I realize I don’t deserve someone like her. “You should go Mikia, you don’t need me to drag you down.”

    “No,” she holds me tighter, “I’m staying right here and we’re going to work through this together like we should’ve from the start.”

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM = Adalia-Durron
    Most Educational Member of the RPF = adaml83
    Most Frightening Character = darthbernael as Bernael
    Most Humorous Character adaml83 for Adam Lyons
    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character = Corellian_Outrider as Corran Horn.
    Most impressive NPC in a game = I_am_Kooky for Tracy Needa [face_batting] (cause I am not sure how to answer this otherwise, soz)
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  18. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    My nominations:

    The „Best“

    Best Roleplayer

    @Ktala, for being an amazing story-driving force in Dark Sun, Fall of Elyseum, Episode X. When her character posts I feel like I see a great story in the making. Any GM can be happy to have her!

    Best GM

    @LordTroepfchen, what do I need to explain here? Fall of Elyseum and Episode X are just amazingly planned, designed and executed almost cinematic experiences. I feel ever since he returned to GMing with The Crossing he is at his prime. Also my respect for giving us an Anti–Corona game when we needed one.

    Best Star Wars Game

    Episode X - The End of Harmony, bringing good old movie-like Star Wars back to the Star Wars forums. Vile villains, desperate battles, great character interaction and a STELLAR cast. A game that needs no EU or Disney, it makes up it‘s own canon and surpasses both.

    Best Non-Star Wars Game

    you should see me in a CROWN, being an epic, super-smart and daring game that keeps one guessing without applying a single dirty trick. Also the game with least railroading in all the RPF maybe. Complete freedom and yet, we dance at @Lawbreakers plot-strings like puppets.

    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post):

    For me the single most amazing final post of any game, ramming against the fourth wall and making me think and laugh. Done by @Lawbreaker and @DarkLordoftheFins (hope nominating your post is okay) in in all my dreams i DROWN

    Epilogue VII

    One person's madness is another person's reality.

    Tseng Tu Mu Chicken Wings, Downtown Shanghai, 2029

    Somehow all of 2029 was suddenly having Coke Light in glass bottles. Not Diet Coke, but the European labeled one. Christian smiled as the waitress brought him his in the small overcrowded bistro. She put two bottles on the table and left with a silent smile. They all seemed to sense he spoke no Chinese.

    "I ordered only one ..." He said and looked after her. She seemed to not hear him. Instead someone sat between him and her. A very familiar face in a very unfamiliar style.


    "The second one is for me." The man who looked like an alternative version of himself smiled. "You seem so fond of it, I thought I might like it." He took the bottle and drank. "Oh wow." He said and looked at it.

    "Who are you?" Christian asked and leaned back. He had expected them to show up now.

    "Doesn't matter. Someone a level higher than you. Or two. Been around for quite some time, jumping between my worlds. Maybe I only believe that and was put together this morning by someone with this set of memory. Impossible to say." The Man shrugged.

    "So you are around to explain me the rules? Of running two simulations?" Christian asked and the Man laughed.

    "No. Not really. You think there are rules?" He seemed genuinely surprised.

    "I don't know. I thought there would." Christian could not say this conversation went as expected. "But I will try to take good care of them."

    "Good. There are no rules I ever became aware of." The Man took his Coke up again. "Any more questions?" He raised his brows. His mimic was nothing like Christians.

    "Yes." Christian said and laughed. "Plenty."

    "Okay, I give you one." The Man said and drank again.

    "How do you know you are real?" Christian asked.

    "Reality? Oh man, big question. Real? What is real? Are you real? Am I? If so who of us is more and who is less ... real? Man, you can go mad about it or simply not care at all. If you ask me, we might all just be fictional characters in someone's novel. Or worse. On some rotten message board on the internet.

    Imagine that. Can you? Close your eyes and listen to the universe and all you hear might be the typing of fingers on a keyboard. A so-called creative mind that is the source of all our existence, the architect of all our fears and joys. A true creator of the reality, who takes a pee and has another cup of coffee to give your existence another read through to get rid of spelling mistakes and streamline the grammar. When he is done this godlike creature sees his favourite TV show is running and dictates all of your existence by executing his godly power ... better known as clicking the "post it" button.

    Man. Reality. I am not sure if I wanna know what that exactly is."

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM - @Lawbreaker

    Most Educational Member of the RPF - @DarkLordoftheFins (for providing all those interesting statistics in The Games Group)

    Most Frightening Character - Hugo Klassen by @Jerjerrod-Lennox in The Seeking.
    (For me the prime depiction of a man who made murder his business.)

    Most Humorous Character - Mary Formal by @Sith-I-5 in in all my dreams i DROWN

    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character - Chewbacca by @Sinrebirth in Episode X - The End of Harmony

    Most impressive NPC in a game - Canos Zoren in Episode X - The End of Harmony (scares me and everyone else really)
  19. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer: Hm... I am going to go with @Darth_Elu on this one, as I really enjoy seeing his posts in Yakuza, Things We Lost, and Genesis Gate.
    Best GM - @greyjedi125 for being one of the most helpful, friendly and accommodating people on the boards and creating the amazing Marvel Heroes.
    Best Star Wars Game - 10 ABY by @The Jedi in the Pumas. The stuff in this game is so much fun to read and interact with.
    Best Non-Star Wars Game - Hm... Probably Marvel Heroes by @greyjedi125, so much fun to be had here.
    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post) - It is impossible to pick one, so I will leave this with a N/A
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2020
  20. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Aussie Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer @galactic-vagabond422 - creative, inspirational and prolific!

    Best GM - @Bardan_Jusik

    Best Star Wars Game - The Black Sheep

    Best Non-Star Wars Game - Got nuffin!

    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post) - @Corellian_Outrider as Corran and Mirax in The Last Stand...........THE ROMANCE OF IT ALL! :eek:
    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM - @Bardan_Jusik

    Most Educational Member of the RPF - @adaml83 - he's on a par with Sinre!

    Most Frightening Character - @darthbernael - Bernael eating is disturbing.

    Most Humorous Character - @Corellian_Outrider's portrayal of Harley.

    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character - @Sinrebirth's Jacen Solo.........I hate the character for that reason! Oh, ok the books didn't help that either. :p

    Most impressive NPC in a game - @Bardan_Jusik 's Blut - the man's disturbed.
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  21. Kalio_Dynkos

    Kalio_Dynkos Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 17, 2004
    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer - @greyjedi125
    Best GM - @LordTroepfchen
    Best Star Wars Game - 10 ABY by @The Jedi in the Pumas
    Best Non-Star Wars Game - Haven't read any
    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post) - No favorites, just too many to choose from

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM - @LordTroepfchen can make a bunch of text a Star Wars movie in one single post. World Building at its finest.
    Most Educational Member of the RPF - @Corellian_Outrider
    Most Humorous Character - Any Character by @Sith-I-5. Seriously, did any not hit its mark? I mean, who could make an undead, vampirish Sith the best character in multiple games from 007 to GAW
    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character - @Corellian_Outrider Ashoka Tano
  22. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer: @Darth_Elu Every post is a joy to read, oozing with creativity.
    Best GM: @greyjedi125 Marvel Heroes looks absolutely amazing and the effort put into that series of games is truly special
    Best Star Wars Game: Haven't read any (blasphemous I know :p)
    Best Non-Star Wars Game: Things We Lost in the Fire by @The Jedi in the Pumas The themes and energy everyone puts into this game is awesome.
    Best Post by a Roleplayer (please quote the post): @galactic-vagabond422 (Same post that Blu nominated for, put it again for convenience) With all the chaos that was going on was an amazing introspection into Jiao Yuan's character.

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Educational Member of the RPF: @Sinrebirth ...nuff said
    Most Humorous Character: @The Jedi in the Pumas JAM. Jam alone makes me want to join Genesis Gate.
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  23. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer: @galactic-vagabond422, he takes a myriad of different characters from a myriad of games, Jedi, Mandalorians, young wide eyed pilots, grizzled veterans, limmie coaches and players and so on and makes them all believable and fun to read.
    Best GM: @Trieste, he still keeps the ELL running despite all the efforts of his players to break the game.
    Best Star Wars Game: Elite League Limmie, this game keeps going on and on and is even more fun now as when I first joined.
    Best Non-Star Wars Game: No nomination--Sorry, don't follow any.
    Best Post by a Roleplayer No nomination--Just too many to choose from.

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Entertaining GM: Trieste, maybe it's what also makes him the best.
    Most Educational Member of the RPF: @Sinrebirth, his knowledge of Star Wars and the RPF combined make this one easy.
    Most Frightening Character: Addie's Amber "Vixen" Tehanis from Star Wars: Black Sheep. There is a screw loose in this character's makeup somewhere and it just keeps building and building. When it finally blows it is going to be spectacular.
    Most Humorous Character: Sarge's Kayn Balzroth, also from Star Wars Black Sheep. You never know just what to expect from one of these posts, but it's always good, and almost always funny.
    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character: No nomination
    Most impressive NPC in a game: @Corellian_Outrider's Lieutenant Diame from Star Wars: Black Sheep. What started as a throw away unnamed NPC marine for our missions has turned into a more developed NPC (bordering on player character that we just don't see as often as our main characters) under his guidance. Truly remarkable and fun to watch.
  24. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Awards Season! Not been around a lot lately, but got a few names I wanna spit out there . . .


    Best Roleplayer - @Sir_Draco, for his many roles he fills with vulnerability and life.
    Best GM - @SirakRomar, for her amazing work on three games and staying calm, even when others want to raise a storm.
    Best Star Wars Game: Elite League Limmie, because it is around for TEN YEARS, seriously read this interview and was ashamed I have never had a closer look at that one. Ten years! What an achievement!
    Best Non-Star Wars Game: The Seeking
    Best Post: Final Post in DROWN as posted above. Funny.


    Most Entertaining: -
    Most Educational Member: @SirakRomar, I mean . . . people . . . she runs Vox Popoli, an interview thread just for you? No privileges, no colors, nothing. Just a service to the community. What is more educational than that?
    Most Frightening Character: Juan the Spaniard by @Lawbreaker
    Most Humorous Character: Saori Nishimura by @Kurisan (for totally failing to get into Berghhain)
    Most accurate portrayal of a canon character: Anakin Skywalker by @DarkLordofhteFins in Twilight of the Force
    Most impressive NPC: -
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