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The trailer of "The Dark Knight Rises"...

Discussion in 'Archive: SF&F: Films and Television' started by -Stranger-, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. -Stranger-

    -Stranger- Jedi Youngling

    Jan 12, 2009
    ..........Days ago,I watched the recent trailer of the "Dark Knight Rises".I also read Dan Jolin's article at the January (271th) issue of Empire Mag.At first,to be honest;I was a bit reluctant to watch the movie.There were three reasons for that: 1) Nolan stated the press that the 3rd movie'd be the last of the Batman movies. 2) Riddler;who was expected to be portrayed by Johnny Depp,wouldn't appear in the movie.It'd be so cool to see Depp as one of the foremost villains in the Nolan-visioned Batman Universe. 3) After Joker (portrayed by Heath Ledger),Penguin was the villain that I wanted to see most in the new Batman movies and he (Penguin),too,wouldn't appear in the movie.

    ..........Well;in fact,in the first movie (Batman Begins),there was a character;a mob-leader named Carmine Falcone showed up whose appearance was similar to Penguin,and his name;"Carmine Falcone" was-associating-the-word "Penguin".And also,Tom Wilkinson played his role so well (especially-at-the-part when he talks with Bruce Wayne at the restaurant scene),I do admire his acting.Altough Falcone was not a comic-backed character (I didn't see him appear in the comics),the audience never felt that lack about him (Falcone),for Wilkinson was portraying the villain so good...I think one of the reasons why Christopher Nolan projected Falcone's appearance similar to the lethal-villain was to test how Penguin looks before he (Nolan) adapts the character (Penguin) to the big-screen.Nolan is a director who takes his work very seriously,and by taking Falcone-as-a-model,he might've had a clue about how Penguin'd appear in the movie world...Ok,he (Falcone) was resembling the Penguin,and as well as C. Nolan;the audience also had a clue about whether Penguin'd appear cool in the film or not,but altough,I'd like to see Penguin "himself" too,and It'd be a great chance for me to match Tim Burton's and Christopher Nolan's two different Penguins. :)

    ..........When I watched the forthcoming movie's trailer,it completely changed my prejudices about the film.Its opening is so catchy,and it nailed me in front of my monitor from the beginning till the end.The trailer rrrrrrreeaaaally swelled my appetite to watch the movie (The Dark Knight Rises),and it's also good to know that: 1)Catwoman shall appear;it'll be good to watch the character from C. Nolan's perspective,for she (Catwoman) also appeared in Tim Burton's '92-made "Batman Returns". 2)The movie shall make a flashback to (Bruce) Wayne's past.The audiences have a chance to see Ra's al Ghul and (as far as I understood from the trailer) a more detailed view of the time Wayne'd spent in the prison. 3)Bane shall be portrayed by Tom Hardy.I like his acting a lot;he was GREAT in the sci-fi wonder "Inception". 4)As I read in Empire's 267th issue (at the article "Heroes of 2012");Adam West (the veteran ex-Batman) shall appear in the movie.It'll be so cool to see him show up in the last chain of Nolan's trilogy. 5)Bane shall probably try cunning ways to pull the 8 year-retired Batman to the fierce-battlefield of Gotham...

    ..........Nowadays,I'm watching the 60's classic-tv series of Batman.In the series,(Adam) West stars as Batman and Burt Yard gives life to the caped crusader's loyal assistance Robin.Well,the tv show doesn't appear as massive and as serious as the new movies,but nevertheless,those classic-adventures give a very different taste to me.Lastly;I came to the 5th episode of the 1st season ("The Joker is wild").At the episode;Joker (portrayed by Cesar Romero) shows up,he escapes from the prison amidst a baseball match and sets his evil plans to break down the dynamic duo (Batman and Robin)...Well,there's plenty of time until Nolan's final Batman movie,and until the film appears in the theaters,I shall ease my curiosity by watching the classic series :) ...............
  2. Koohii

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    May 30, 2003
    there already is a thread for this movie.
    Pretty easy to find too.

    Right HERE
  3. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000
    Interesting post, but please use the existing thread. :)
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