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Star Wars The Training of Darth Erebus: A Sith Empire RP

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by greyjedi125, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    The Training of Darth Erebus: A Sith Empire RP

    This thread has been created with permission from the Sith Emperor, @Sinrebirth, and is under the auspices of the Sith Triumvirate; @Lady Belligerent, @Darth_wanderguard

    Note: All members of The Circle of Lords are welcomed to witness and or participate as they see fit.

    Main participants and characters

    Darth Manticore: as played by @greyjedi125

    Darth Erebus: as played by @Quinlan Vos



    Here, in the unforgiving jungles of the Demon Moon, one will be tried, one will be trained. Here, where many dangers abound, both day and night, will the reforging take place. The stage is set, the materials are gathered, the mold is ready. What pray tell will be the final result? Will it, will ‘he’, in the end, be worthy to be called a Sith?

    This is the tale of his training, Darth Erebus, as designed by his Sith Master, Darth Manticore.

    We begin our tale at Camp Moros, which is located deep in the Dxun jungle, albeit not far from an old and long abandoned Mandalorian Outpost. Two tents have been raised as habitations, with nothing but miles of danger in every direction; the Landing Shuttle, nowhere to be seen. There is much history and mystery here, much that an apprentice can discovers and learn, all of it, suffused by the Power of the Darkside.

    Now, let the lesson begin.


    IC: Lord Manticore
    Dxun, Camp Moros

    There was no choice but to unpack and build their habitats in the rain, for such was their welcome to the jungle. This, one could wager, was a precursor of things to come. Even so, they were prepared. It took some time to set-up camp under such conditions, but build it they did. Not long after they had finished, the rain stopped, almost as if to tease the pair.

    Still, it was a welcomed break.

    Garbed only in his black tunic, the zabrak Sith Lord rose from his meditation and exited his tent, taking in the fresh scents of the jungle as he did so. He stretched out with his senses assessing what dangers might lay nearby, even as he called on his new apprentice.


    Erebus, come. There is much to discuss before we begin.”

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  2. Lady Belligerent

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    Jan 29, 2008
    IC: Dark Lady Bellorum

    She blended into the shadows, her presence masked in the Force, but she’d nudged Lord Manticore with a mere tendril of her awareness. She was only here to observe.

    It’s known that being trained by Manticore is an honor, and she hoped this apprentice was aware of his fortune.

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  3. QueenSabe7

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    Mar 23, 2001
    IC: High Lord Syren

    A master at concealment and hiding, Syren had no issue arriving without disturbing her reason for being in such an inhospitable place - the training of a new apprentice. Truthfully, she was more intrigued by Lord Manticore's methods and was already prepared to take mental notes, but it did not matter. She'd get to witness both.

    Crouching low on a rocky outcropping some distance away from where teacher and student had set up camp, she held a pair of macrobinoculars to her eyes and adjusted the focus. With a curious smirk, she settled in and waited for the fun to begin.

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  4. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: High Lord Aryan Graul

    A quiet curse slipped from Aryan's lips as his ankle caught on a gnarled tree root about halfway down the sharp incline. He pitched forward and grabbed frantically for purchase on a nearby vine, but he wasn't able to retain his balance and ended up sliding down the rest of the muddy embankment toward the rocky outcropping below. While he realized that this little stunt would likely compromise his partner's attempts at a covert operation, he didn't seem to give it too much thought. At the moment, he was far too concerned about upholding his own dignity than troubling himself over any potential repercussions.

    Besides, it was their fault that he was here at all. Aryan was not accustomed to stomping around in such harsh conditions, and much rather preferred the comfort of his own office. It made it easier for him to subtly pull the strings from behind the scenes and manipulate things to his will...

    But the Sith Triumvirate had demanded his presence. They thought it would be beneficial for him to directly observe the training exercises being conducted between Lord Manticore and his apprentice. Perhaps he could even learn something from the experience to assist in his own endeavors. And who was he to refuse such a request?

    At least he had Syren to keep him company.

    With a slight groan, Aryan pushed himself up into a sitting position and turned to regard his companion. A slight grimace crossed his features, though it resembled something that looked suspiciously more like a smirk. "I understand that this is all second-nature to you," he grumbled under his breath, reaching down to rub at his throbbing ankle, "but do you mind waiting for me next time?"

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  5. Quinlan Vos

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    Oct 24, 2017
    IC: Darth Erebus
    Dxun, the Demon Moon

    The rain hadn't done much to dampen Erebus' otherwise bright spirits, for today was the day upon which he would finally receive his first real training in the dark side of the force. He had happily set up his tent on the cold and damp jungle floor, eagerly yearning for it to stop so that he could begin his training under the tutelage of his Master, the great Lord Manticore. The fellow Zabrak was revered throughout the empire, and he only hoped that his own name would someday be held in that same light.

    Erebus packed relatively light for the mission, deciding to leave much of his gear, as well as his battle armor, behind. He figured that it would only slow him down in the dense undergrowth of the floor, and it would allow him to climb more easily if necessary. He did, however, bring his belt of gadgets, which he was rarely ever seen without, as well as his sniper rifle, Vibroblade dagger, and Shoto saber. He didn't wan't to be over-encumbered on this journey, but simultaneously figured he would rather over prepare than risk that he might find himself in a sticky situation without one of his weapons.

    As the rain slowed, he heard rustling in the tent beside him, presumably his master preparing for what was to come. Soon after, the call for the young apprentice came, and Erebus quickly scrambled out of his tent, nearly knocking his rifle off of his back in his enthusiasm.

    As he emerged, he heard a muffled noise off to one side, near an embankment not to far away, and fleetingly felt another presence flit by his own consciousness, but it was gone as quickly and mysteriously as it had come, and not wanting to delay, Erebus pushed it to the back of his mind. He walked towards his Master, curious as to what was to come.

    "That was a lovely little shower, don't you agree, Master?" the apprentice laughed, then quickly pressed on. "So what first, my lord?"

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  6. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lord Manticore
    Dxun, Camp Moros

    They had reached the Demon Moon sometime in the afternoon, then descended to the jungle filled surface, greeted by heavy rain. Now, evening was soon approaching, along with everything such an event entailed. Far above the darkening sky, Onderon had not quite come into view, but it soon would.

    As per his design, the training was taking place several months before the summer joining between planet and moon. That event was reserved for a 'special occasion'.

    In his senses, he could feel them nearby; the creatures within the jungle, unseen for now, keeping their distance, studying the new arrivals. Looking for weakness and opportunity. It was perfect. To be both ‘Hunter’ and ‘Hunted’; that was the existential dynamic he required as the basis for training. Not the lulling safety of some structure within a sprawling megalopolis.

    Yes, this was good.

    As he patiently waited for Erebus to emerge from his own tent, Manticore did not initially react, though he felt -very briefly- something completely unexpected. Better yet: someone. He came to realize that he had not himself perceived, but was ‘nudged’ to awareness. In fact, the moment had been so brief, any other being would have doubted the actual occurrence, but not him. There was no mistaking the ’nudge’ from the Twilight Empress herself.

    Unsurprisingly, he had not sensed a direction, neither did he need to. In a smooth motion, he bowed his head briefly, indicating acknowledgement and utmost respect, before straightening again. To be thus visited by one of the ‘Three’, was an honor beyond measure, and so, his determination to succeed was bolstered to even greater heights.

    It was imperative that the next generation of sith at least meet the exacting standard to further the designs of the Sith Empire; better still, if they could exceed that expectation.

    "One step at a time….”

    A hint of a smirk creased the zabrak’s blackened lips.

    In the force, he sensed no other Sith except for his own apprentice. No, that was not quite accurate. There was another presence he sensed, which was very closely associated with one that he could not. The weave in the tapestry grew more intricate and interesting by the moment. Absently, he wondered if perhaps there would be a test for him as well?

    The smirk widened.

    Excellent. Dxun would provide training for them both.

    At that thought, Darth Erebus finally made his presence known as he emerged from his tent. The younger zabrak exuded an exuberance which contrasted with the stoicism of his often brooding Master. Manticore did nothing to dissuade it, for he would not need to.

    "That was a lovely little shower, don't you agree, Master?" the apprentice laughed, then quickly pressed on. "So what first, my lord?"

    Slowly did Manticore turn, silently regarding Erebus. What was more significant than being ready, was the fact that he was willing to undergo training.

    “Know that you will be challenged beyond your limits, for this is the way of the Sith. Your body will need conditioning beyond that which you have learned, your mind must need encompass concepts beyond anything you’ve been taught in the mundane world. Your will must become many times stronger than durasteel.”

    The zabrak’s fiery eyes glinted with fierce intent.

    “For that to happen, you must be purged of weakness, even the very concept of it.”

    “But before we go any further, let’s start with the basics.” Manticore intoned, as he took a centering breath and looked into the jungle.

    “The Qotsisajak. The Sith Code. Recite it if you know it, followed by your understanding of it. Also, what do you sense around us?”

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    *bows respectfully * I’m honored by your presence and thank you for your support. I’m really excited to finally realize this project. :emperor::vader::redsaber:
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  7. Quinlan Vos

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    Oct 24, 2017
    IC: Darth Erebus
    Camp Moros

    Expecting the journey to begin immediately, Erebus was slightly taken aback by the question from his master.

    “The Qotsisajak. The Sith Code. Recite it if you know it, followed by your understanding of it. Also, what do you sense around us?”

    Nevertheless, he had memorized this piece by heart, and it was something he lived by even before he joined the Sith. He recalled the information from where he had stored it in his mind and quickly recited the verses in the dark language:

    "Nwûl tash. Dzwol shâsotkun.
    Shâsotjontû châtsatul nu tyûk.
    Tyûkjontû châtsatul nu midwan.
    Midwanjontû châtsatul nu asha.
    Ashajontû kotswinot itsu nuyak.
    Wonoksh Qyâsik nun."

    Then, thinking for a moment, he decided to also add the first line at the end, which was an older way of stating it that was rarely heard anymore:

    "Nwûl tash."

    Confident in his response, he went about explaining their meanings.

    "Roughly put, it means 'Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. Peace is a lie.' What can be understood from this is that Passion is the only way to attain what we crave as Sith. It leads us to strength, power, victory, and freedom. This is quite unlike the Jedi idea of Peace leading to greatness, as peace restricts you from your freedoms.

    "As for what I sense, there are many dangerous creatures around us, and throughout this jungle. I can feel them their, but they are just beyond my grasp. I can't quite tell you what they are, but I know they are here."

    Contemplating for a second, he continued:

    "I also sensed another presence, but not like any of those. It was a Sith presence, but not yours or mine. It was gone quickly, but if I wasn't certain, I would think we are being watched by one or multiple other entities, but by whom... or what... I'm not sure," he finished, looking expectantly at Lord Manticore for further instruction.

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  8. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lord Manticore
    Dxun, Camp Moros

    While remaining alert to their surroundings, he listened carefully to his apprentice as he recited the Sith Code. Manticore was thus far pleased with Erebus, and what knowledge he showed regarding Sith Lore; even to go as far as reciting the code in the original sith language, in addition to speaking its older iteration.

    Erebus’ understanding of the code was also acceptable, and with time and experience, it would deepen. No more confirmation was needed. The younger zabrak had the necessary mindset for what was to come.

    In truth, the Sith Lord could sense his apprentice’s eagerness, though Erebus wisely held it under control. Recklessness was something Manticore had little to no tolerance for.

    What was more, despite the lack of formal training, Erebus’ ability to sense things around him was on par to those just recently trained in such a skill; a fact that spoke well on his behalf. That too was a tool which would be sharpened in due course.

    “You are ready to begin.” Manticore declared without preamble.

    “Indeed. There are those who observe…for now. The jungle watches you and hunts you. Remain alert at all times, and you will live.”

    A basic truism for any being wishing to enlist in the ranks of the sith.

    “This is your first task: About three klicks north-east of here, is another encampment. I wish you to bring me the captain’s data pad, or at the very least the information contained there in. I care not how you accomplish this. Remember, the Jungle will test you on your way there and back.”

    The zabrak Sith Lord paused, allowing the information to sink in, as the evening grew progressively darker.

    “Any questions?”

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  9. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid the Malevolent

    Shadow beget shadow.

    From a shadow, emerged a shadow of a man.

    He was Darth Insipid.

    He was a shadow today.

    Not a man.

    Not a presence.



    He kept himself to himself, enveloping his mind in all he professed to be.

    A shadow of shadow.

    And so.

    He watched, faintly approving of matters to date, and that the Circle was present.

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  10. Quinlan Vos

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    Oct 24, 2017
    IC: Darth Erebus

    Erebus listened intently to his master as he was given the instructions of his task. No doubt, it would be a difficult one. This jungle was full of dangers, though they wouldn't stack up too harshly against a Sith. However, he had a strange feeling that there was something else he needed to be weary of, something much more evil and ancient.

    “Any questions?” the Master asked of the Apprentice.

    "As a matter of fact, there is something," Erebus responded. "What else is out there? I sense the danger of the creatures, but there is something else I feel, and I am much more fearful of that and was wondering if you could enlighten me as to what I will encounter on my venture through the wilderness."

    He patiently waited for a response from Lord Manticore, knowing full well that the Sith Lord was likely to still keep some secrets from him.

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  11. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lord Manticore
    Dxun, Camp Moros

    The Sith Master stood silent for a moment, considering the question his apprentice posed to him.

    “There will always be something else out there, apprentice.”

    Manticore half turned to glance at Erebus for a moment as he spoke.

    “So, the question is, can you master your fear and transform it into courage? Shape it, focus it into confidence. What is it that you fear? Pain? Loss of Freedom? Death?”

    “I have had my share of each of those things.”

    The Sith Lord smirked ever so slightly.

    “There is only passion, Erebus. What do you crave?” Manticore paused, allowing his apprentice to consider what was being said. Slowly, he smoothly returned his fiery gaze to the jungle before them.

    “Mind your focus. Fear is a slippery slope that swallows the weak-minded whole. You must burn it with your passion and consume it out of existence. Smite ignorance with knowledge, not only of things mundane, but especially of yourself and the Force.”

    “Doubt, ignorance and weakness are fear’s constant companions. They conspire together to bring you low. Through passion, knowledge and Self-Mastery will lead you to confidence, and confidence will open the door to Fearlessness. Once you become fearless, ‘what else is out there’ will not matter. You will meet it with confidence and without blinking.”

    “Do you understand, apprentice?”

    Somewhere in the distance, a nocturnal creature emitted a sound as the Twilight Hour descended upon them. The time had come, for the hunters and the hunted to begin their nightly survival ritual.

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  12. Quinlan Vos

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    Oct 24, 2017
    IC: Darth Erebus
    In the Eerie and Dark Jungle of Dxun

    The young apprentice pulled himself up to full height in an attempt to look more undaunted by the noises, but still found himself to look rather insignificant among the massive branches of the trees that reached into the heavens above. Nevertheless, he pooled up his courage and decided to follow Lord Manticore's instruction, pushing all of his fear to the side.

    The apprentice turned to the Master, and nodded, signifying that he was ready for the coming events of the night.

    "So what first, my lord?" he asked. "Will you be joining me, or shall I be sent out on my own to achieve this goal?"

    As he asked these questions, he noticed a large shadow looming in his peripheral vision, then quickly dart away. He kept his composure, but silently and inconspicuously moved his hand to his saber on his hip and his Vibroblade on his calf, preparing for an attack.

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  13. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lord Manticore
    Dxun, Camp Moros

    “Everything you need to succeed, be it tools, weapons or the Force, you already posses. Consider this your official initiation - a raw test of your talents and skills. This time, I shall be observing and evaluating, nothing else.”

    Manticore leveled a fierce gaze at his Apprentice, then offered him a solid nod, one that could be interpreted as encouragement. The Zabrak Sith Lord began to move back slowly, his steps inaudible, even as he seemed to be swallowed by the surrounding darkness.

    Erebus. What is it you crave?” His voice was heard from within the shadows.

    With those words, the Sith Master was gone from sight, though Erebus would still be able to sense him, somewhere nearby.

    Behind the young apprentice, was his tent. A place with tools, appliances, and relative safety. Before him was a sprawling jungle filled with danger and feral creatures. His objective was a mere there klicks North-East of his present location, give or take.

    There were no paths or lights ahead. Just dense vegetation, innumerable reaching branches and a plethora of witnessing trees. Both fauna and flora possessed their own unique dangers in all their vast variations. Nocturnal creatures stirred, ready to hunt. Now that his training officially began, how would Darth Erebus, Sith Apprentice, proceed?

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