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Star Wars Limited Run CLOSED THE TRIAL OF POWER: Ascension of a Sith High Lord

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by greyjedi125, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Darth Manticore & Darth Azathoth
    Judge and Magistrate


    Darth Manticore the presiding Judge over the Trial of Power bellowed. The command rang out in the real world as well as through the Force! To not heed it was tantamount to self-sabotage. But there was no danger of that on this day. Both Darth Iudex and Darth Bernael were worthy and exemplary Sith, for they embodied the very qualities that deemed them fit to bear the title of High Lord, though only one would ascend to the coveted position.

    “You have both performed admirably this day and have made the Circle of Lords proud.”

    Manticore beamed at the Underlords, his eyes alight with satisfaction. The Zabrak briefly looked to the Emperor and Dark Lady as well as the High Lords for their approval, before returning his gaze to the two hopefuls.

    “Your struggle is not in vain, for it is an investment that always yields a reward. So, embrace the path forward and know that when you ascend, the Sith Order ascends with you.”

    Manticore took in a breath before offering a respectful bow to the two combatants.


    As Manticore bellowed the order to cease Azathoth arose from his seat, a few quick darts and he was beside the Lord of Hate. His quiet observant eyes looking down at the two Underlords. His mind was quiet, contemplative state as he looked to Manticore. They had much to discuss, but this was not the place to do so. That honor would come soon, but now came the closure of the Trial of Power.

    "You have both fought admirably and for this, you are both to be commended greatly. You are both exemplars of the Sith Creed, and you each exist as an example for myself to strive for. And while only one of you will ascend to that of High Lord... you have both ascended this day,"

    Azathoth then bowed to both Underlords, a mark of his deep respect for them both, even though they were technically of the same rank, at least for now. He had learned much, as had both of them. The Sith had become stronger once more.

    And so, Manticore addressed the two combatants as Underlords one final time.

    “Today, we continue to evolve the limitless potential of the True Sith Empire, right here, with you both. Today, we will have a High Lord, but we shall also have a stronger Order."

    A nod of total satisfaction is offered to both Lord Iudex and Lord Bernael.

    “Now go and prepare yourselves for the Ritual of Ascension by Acclamation. Let the entire Sith Order decide who shall be their next High Lord."

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  2. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, House was on fire, didn't do it star 4 Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Underlord Bernael
    Sith Grand Arena

    Bernael sensed as Iudex had joined him, waiting for the final words of the Judge and Magistrate of the Duel. And the Dark Lord did not make either of them wait long. His presence washed over the arena, not a malevolent one but one of pride, in the Sith, in the two of them that were vying for the seat of the next High Lord, in the potential for the future that both of them represented. He listened, attention focused on the words of the Magistrate and then those of Dark Lord Manticore.

    At the dismissal, Bernael bowed, deep respect for his battle brother and the one who oversaw this formal dance of power. A similar, smaller nod of respect was offered the Magistrate, that one would be one to watch in the future, he too was a deep well of potential that spoke of more growth among the Sith. Finally he turned, paying his respects to his former Master, High Lord Graul, as well as High Lord Syren. The last respects were paid to the Dark Lady and Empress Bellorum and Emperor Insipid.

    He turned to his recent opponent, fist clashing over his chest. ”Once again, it was my pleasure to cross blades with you.” His heels twisted and he paced from the arena, slowly and formally. It was a few moments later that he returned to the chamber that he had prepared for the duel in. He removed the charred and damaged armor, setting it in its case to be repaired if possible, reduced and reused otherwise in another application. Reaching up, he took a dagger to his hair, using the Force to observe as he trimmed his hair so the longer strands now matched the shorter that Iudex had ‘trimmed’ so.

    Once he was cleaned up once more, his formal cloak lifted from the hook it had rested upon. The battle cloak joined the armor in the case, case shutting and latching shut. The formal cloak settled around him, his featureless mask turning to observe the figure in the mirror as the cowl settled over his head. A short nod and the case followed him from the arena. He returned to the Temple, stopping in his quarters only long enough to deposit the armor’s case before he headed toward the main chamber of the Temple.

    He could hear the noise of conversation in the Temple as he approached. He paused just before entering, this potentially was the last true time that he entered as an Underlord. It was a moment of change and he stood and absorbed it. He did not seek power for power’s sake, he sought it because he knew that he could offer the Sith that which the demands of the position required, and more that he could assist in the growth and bringing about of the evolution of the Sith.

    The moment of retrospection done, he stepped into the subdued lit Temple, approaching where the tiers of seats were laid out. For this he would not seat himself at his desk as he often would but would sit in his seat that was his as an Underlord. It was a formal moment and, as such, it required that he observed the formalities of the moment. Once he seated, his elbows on the arms of the chair, and his fingers steepled before his mask as he cleared his mind, waiting patiently for the final phase to begin.

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  3. Silvertough

    Silvertough Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 19, 2018
    IC: Underlord Iudex
    Sith Grand Arena - Finale

    Underlord Iudex stood with his chin held high as Dark Lord Manticore spoke. The duel had ended in a technical draw, yet all the Falleen Sith felt was pride in his performance. He had managed to stand even against one many considered a black hole within the Force; Hunger given flesh and bone. Further, he had managed to hurt him. No, others in his shoes may have felt bitter at the results, even despair, but not he. As promised, Judgement had been delivered for all the Sith to witness. Even if Bernael was ultimately knighted High Lord , no one would be able to ignore Iudex's strength now.

    Upon the conclusion of Manticore's deceleration, Iudex snapped his heels together and bowed deeply at the waist. He held the bow for several moments, one for each of the present Triumvirs and High Lords. Slowly, he rose, raising his eyes to look upon the group of Powerful Sith. Soon, he may sit among their ranks. One day, he himself may be officiating a duel such as this. He hummed contently.

    A great honor indeed. He thought, finally breaking his gaze to turn to his former opponent, Bernael. "The honor was mine, my friend. Although, you may have to get in line if you want to do this again, seems like half our Peons want to face me in The Pit.." He concluded with a hearty chuckle. Iudex offered all those in attendance a final bow of respect, before finally departing the Arena with his head held high.

    Upon reaching the concealment of the Passageway he had originated from, Iudex's expression hardened. His gamble had ultimately failed, there hadn't been enough time to fully utilize the pain of his wounds to overpower Bernael. Instead, it must have appeared to onlookers as if he simply couldn't defend himself properly. With a pained grunt, Iudex flexed his abdominal muscles, forcibly expelling the patches of armor which had fused to his gut upon the stone floor. Iudex continued on, ignoring the fresh streams of blood and bile which flowed freely from his new wounds. Such was the price of failure.

    The long hallway eventually expanded outwards into a large centralized chamber. His chamber, yet, it was not as he had left it. The blood, his blood, which had been so haphazardly splashed across the dingy stone, had been scrubbed clean and sanitized. The instruments of self-flagellation had been collected and put away as well. Just like in the Arena before, any hint of what Iudex had subjected himself to had simply vanished into the aether, as if it never happened. "So it is." Iudex murmured, placing his hands upon his hips with a dour expression.

    An hour later, Iudex emerged silently into the temple proper. Fresh bandages has been applied to his wounds, the Falleen choosing not to simply heal himself with the Force. The shifting of his skin as he moved would sent spikes of pain coursing through his mind, a constant reminder of what had transpired. That would be penance enough. Wrapped in a casually-fitting sky-blue robe, Iudex lowered himself down cross-legged in the center of the room for all to see.

    Too long had he resigned himself to the shadows, away from prying eyes. No longer. If he was to rise within the ranks, he would have to make himself available for all, Peons and Emperors alike. If those below his station wanted to challenge him, to be put in their proper place, they would have to declare their challenge for all to hear. Iudex was Sith, a prospective High Lord.

    It was time he acted like one.

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