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SWRPF Archive The Voyage of the Hammer - A Smuggler RPG (3 years Before Battle of Yavin)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by mmart23, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. mmart23

    mmart23 Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 3, 2009
    3 Years Before the Battle of Yavin?

    The lure of money has led the Captain and crew of The Hammer, a space-tested YT1300 stock light freighter to Nar Shaddaa, to request an audience with the gangster Vorga the Hutt, kingpin of the planet?s spice running cartel. Fueled by whispers in the Outer Rims saloons about the planet?s spice-running demand has driven the Captain to the eerie, decrepid world with one objective in mind: To get rich fast. With 1,283 credits in hand, a hungry crew and some repairs needing to be done on The Hammer, the ship?s Captain is determined to get paid. If prosperity alone is not incentive enough, surely owing 9,000 credits on a ship loan to Quarren crime boss Vlegas Dran, who has the nastiest of bounty hunters on retainer, should fuel the Captain?s ambition. After all, the Captain? first payment of 1800 credits is 2 months past due and it won?t be long before the hunters start coming to collect.

    Will the chase for cash be worth the trouble?

    Will the Captain be able to ship the goods and pay off his ship?s loan?

    Or will the Empire and its power-mongering Capital Ship Admirals pillage the Hammer and its crew or blast them to oblivion?

    Required Characters:

    1 Captain for The Hammer
    1 Co-Pilot
    Other characters optional

    Character Limitations:
    Only 1 force-attuned character is allowed. This character will see very limited visions, have extremely limited telekinetic skill, may learn to wield a lightsaber, and study the force with a teacher, and will not survive the campaign. This character will work very closely with the GM.

    Who Can Play:

    I am keeping the number of players between 4-8. Anyone is allowed to join the game. Just make sure to send in your CS for approval before jumping in.


    All playable characters are non-canon. All canon characters, such as Luke, Wedge, Leia, Han, Chewie, etc. are NPC's and will be controlled by a GM in their posts if those characters are relevant to the events. Also, all Imperials will be controlled by the GM.

    Rules of the Game

    1. PM all character sheets to me for approval. Do Not post your sheet in the thread without approval from one of us, because your character WILL be ignored until you send us a sheet for approval.
    2. GM's word is LAW. If you disagree with a decision I make, please PM me if you have complaints. Do not post your disagreements in the thread, or I will have a Mod brought in to edit your post.
    3. No flaming or baiting. We don't want players hating each other because one of them did something that another player didn't like.
    4. No godmoding. Bringing down an Imperial walker with a blaster rifle isn't logical, so don't include that in a post.
    5. With the exception of one potential Jedi whose fate is predetermined, there won't be any Jedi in this game, but your character can be slightly Force-sensitive (i.e. have very limited Force powers, toned down so they really don't notice it).
    6. Be reasonable in your character's possessions. Don't bring a ton of heavy weapons in a trooper backpack, because that is not logical.
    7. If you are going to be gone, post in the thread in an OOC post to say that you will be gone. Also, PM any instructions (what you want your character to do during your absence) to the GM before you leave.
    8. Keep OOC posts to a minumum if at all possible. Light discussion is fine, but don't go overboard on these posts. That's what PM's are for. peace
    9. Do not use explicit language outside of Star Wars curses or "hell" and "damn". Anything else is not allowed in this game.
    10. Your character can die, but chances of that will be very slim. However, if you do a headlong charge on foot at a Walker, you will die, so keep that in mind.
    11. Each person is limited to 1 character, but you may apply to have a second character. To do so, you must send a PM to the GM (see below Note) with your CS. These applications may be rejected, so don't take a rejection personally if yours gets the axe. If you apply for a second character, please make sure that you
  2. Mango_Salsa

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    Mar 15, 2006
    GM Approved!


    Name: Sin'teksa
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Species: Twi'lek
    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Eye Color: Turquoise
    Hair Color: N/A
    Skin Color: Orange
    Appearance: Lovely and athletic. Sin dresses according to her species; that is, leaving little to the imagination.
    Position: Co-pilot (Force-attuned)
    Main Weapon: Lyaer'tsa (staff with a vibroblade at one end)
    Alternative weapons: Holdout blaster, short but sharp knife
    Possessions: Holochess board (kept aboard the Hammer), large wooden chest in her quarters containing clothes/disguises, tool kit
    Biography: Sin was born on Ryloth, and from an early age she made her parents proud by falling in with the wrong crowd. Quick-fingered, she began her shady career as a card sharp, going from backwater planet to planet hustling credits from unsuspecting rubes who were distracted by her obvious feminine charms. Somehow she always managed to stay one step ahead of the law, and always knew when to walk away from the table. She put it down to luck, though a fortune teller once told her the universe was watching her. From there she moved up to working as a courier for the bounty hunter Kinnet Thrall, a human in league with a Bothan crime lord named Fenris Chenk. When Thrall was not collecting bounties, he was also working as a smuggler. One cold, rainy night Thrall ran afoul of another bounty hunter. He had heard that the Emperor was looking for some talent to bring in an elusive anti-imperial terrorist/assassin named Shaod Vega, and decided to horn in on the action by taking out one of the players, a notorious bounty hunter named 4-LOM. It was last mistake Kinnet Thrall ever made.

    Suddenly unemployed, but more than capable of piloting a craft, Sin met the captain of the Hammer, who was in need of a co-pilot without much in the way of a conscience. Sin is happy to oblige, provided the Hammer doesn't get involved in smuggling slaves or narcotics.

    Sin'teksa has had a vision of her own death: she is holding a glowing sword, surrounded by phantoms, while all around her ships explode. It is such a powerful vision that she has decided to get as much living in as possible. It's become nearly a death wish for her, as she has convinced herself that she will not live to see 30 years of age.
  3. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    Name: TC-1140 (TC)
    Age: 19
    Species: Human (Mando Stock)
    Homeworld: Kamino
    Eye Color: Brown left eye, cybernetically grey right eye.
    Hair Color: Brown, and short.
    Skin Color: Tanned (Jango Fett)
    Appearance: Seen in civilian clothes rarely, usually found wearing Phase II shadow trooper armor (integrated with the shadow stormtrooper cloaking technology) and a Phase I jetpack, and noticably armed.
    Position: Captain of his own crew, a group of freedom fighters.
    Main Weapon: DC-15a Blaster rifle
    Alternative weapons: Blastech ER-12 EMP Launcher, DC-17 commando pistol, an assortment of grenades, and a DC-15x sniper rifle.
    Possessions: His ship, a customized CR90 designated Redemption's Messenger, any weapons or clothing he posses, and his base of operations in a classified location.
    Biography: TC was a clone in the clone wars, and fought valiantly as part of the 501st. He was promoted to commander after a paticularily awkward situation on Felucia, where all his men were down and the acklays were moving in on their location. When operation knightfall was ordered, he disappeered, as he was made with advanced, independent thinking, and didn't believe that the jedi were at fault. He went on to form a group of rebel clones and took his fight to the underground, commanding and leading many operations focused on preventing the empire from being a devestating foe to the future rebellion. In 3 BBY he became seperated from his crew when they had to make a hasty retreat after cleaning up the TIE facility over Nar Shaddaa, while TC held back imperial reinforcements. From there he found himself operating as a bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa, and has been awaiting his crews return, as he is sure they will in due time.
  4. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    GM Approved

    Name: Mira Lovespirals

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Species: Wolatarian

    Homeworld: Aboss City, Vandar

    Eye Color: Black

    Hair Color: Brown/Black fur

    Skin Color: Exoskeleton is black

    Appearance: Caterpillar-like being with four arms and four eyes. Dense fur fades from brown that the head, to black, and back to brown. Eight stubby legs are nearly hidden under their main body mass. Despite their awkward appearance, they are fairly fast and relatively strong when compared to humans.

    Typical attire is a combination of suede coverings, light vest and a brown leather coat.

    Position: Communications Technician (embedded intelligence collector)

    Main Weapon: 9.6mm cylinder-loaded, slug-thrower pistol from her Homeworld.

    Alternative weapons: Garrote wire, and a durasteel dagger.

    Possessions: Datapad, comlink, a few small knick-knacks.

    -- Official Story: Mira came from the uncontrolled regions Chommell sector, where she had been working as a technician on ore and slag transports for at least ten years.

    -- Actual Story: Mira was born on the desert mining world Vandar and attended the Van?na Military Academy, followed by the Naval Intelligence College on Or?rac. She worked as an analyst for two years, before taking a field deployment to explore smuggling routes in the outer rim. The deployment lead her to The Hammer. She usually remains quiet, except when using the comm. However, she observes and makes notes frequently.
  5. mmart23

    mmart23 Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 3, 2009

    Hi All -

    Thanks for taking the time and energy to create your characters. Very creative, good stuff. Can't wait to get started. Once I get a player to take the role of the Captain, I will post the introduction and tag all of the crew party. Any additional characters will be introduced in a separate thread. Look forward to gaming.

  6. mmart23

    mmart23 Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 3, 2009
    NPC Crew of Hammer

    Name: Kadran Feg

    Gender: Male

    Age: 34

    Species: Bith

    Homeworld: Clak'dor VII

    Affiliation: Crewman of The Hammer

    Duties: Repairs and Tinkering

    Personality: Nervous, overly cautious, super analytical, protective. He is quick to action when it comes to anything technical. Not the leader type, will be hindered in combat situations.

    Eye Color: Black
    Hair Color: None
    Skin Color: Standard pinkish white for his species.
    Clothing: Standard for CSF

    Possession: Astromech Droid R2C2,, a red version of R2D2 also part of crew, with standard astromech specs.

    Weapons: Holdout blaster

    Biography: Kadran was born on Clak'dor VII and had a proven knack for technical tinkering from very early on. At age 5 he was already doing basic repairs on his father's sandspeeder and droids, including tinkering R2C2, a used astromech his father had picked up at a local auction/festival. R2C2 became his best friend working on repairs and tinkering with him and the two were inseparable. He shared a relatively peaceful childhood until the impending Clone Wars began to tax his people on the financial and personal front. He was among many evacuees who left Clak'dor VII to avoid the alliance to assist the CIS. Already 18, he took passage from a transport captain who was on his way to Malastare to deliver pod racer parts. Kadran knew if he settled in Malastare, with his tinkering expertise he could make a fortune.

    And do well he did, in the beginning. Once word got out of his skill, the Hutts and other local gangsters took note of his efforts and hired him for their work. There was much reward when his efforts produced winners and much pain when it failed to. Still, because he was a prodigy, he was able to circumvent this for ten years and did well enough to open up a barter shop where he would sell weapons, techical utilities, and his services. Life was good, until the local Imperial Moff began dropping heavy sanctions on Malastare, leading the crimelords to force heavier extortions on local businesses. Kadran was hit hard for the subsequent five years and his business began to fail. When a smuggler and his vessel made a routine transport run on Malastare and happened across him, out of desparation Kadran offered his astromech, its services and Kadran's expertise to the Captain in exchange for passage off Malastare and protection.

    The Captain feeling this a win, win, eagerly accepted and Kadran has been serving his crew ever since.
  7. Darth_Ziantor

    Darth_Ziantor Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 5, 2005

    Name: Gorbin "Deuce" Trey'lya
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Species: Bothan
    Homeworld: Kothlis
    Eye Color: Navy Blue
    Hair Color: Dark Brown, almost Black
    Skin Color: N/A
    Appearance: Very large for his species. Typically compared to a small Wookiee. Dresses in all black
    Position: Mercenary (hired as bodyguard for the crew)
    Main Weapon: Double-Barrel Blaster Rifle
    Alternative weapon(s): Twin DL-44s (earning him his nickname), vibroblade stored in left boot
    Possessions: Weapons, Commlink, Datapad, stolen Mandalorian armor
    Biography: Born on the colony planet of Kothlis, Deuce was the son of two wealthy shopkeepers who never had enough time for him. Instead, they did everything they could to keep him busy, signing him up to compete in sports. It was through these experiences that he learned to lift weights, and it became a part of his daily routine. Over time Deuce hit 150 kilos of solid muscle. He was often paired up against young Wookiees in wrestling competitions, which he won easily. After graduating from the Bothan Military Academy, Deuce hired himself out as a mercenary, knowing that his substantial bulk would make finding an employer easily. He found work aboard The Hammer.
  8. lukemadden77

    lukemadden77 Jedi Youngling

    Sep 14, 2009

    Name: Kagen Klaaso

    Gender: Male

    Age: 29

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Unknown

    Affiliation: Captain of The Hammer

    Personality: Bold, cunning, adventurous, passionate, ambitious, yet surprisingly compassionate. He makes light of situations often joking, but has a very pensive side that surfaces during space jaunts.

    Eye Color: Bright Green
    Hair Color: None, black go-tee
    Skin Color: Brown,like Mace Windu or Lando Calrissian.
    Height: 6 foot, 4 inches
    Tone: Muscular
    Clothing: Han Solo-esque.

    Possessions: Hammer YT1300 Stock Light Freighter,Astromech Droid R2C2, ship tools,crew,ship docks,etc.

    Weapons: DL44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, acquired Stormtrooper Rifle kept in hidden compartment of freighter.


    Little is known of his background. He has claimed when addressed about his past, that he was raised by the Captain and shipmen of the pirate cruiser "The Twilight" and that he served as its ship-hand then assistant captain, prior to setting off on his own. Some question the validity of this as his pilotting skill is exceptional for a part-time pilot. Some things about him are certain.

    Firstly, 2 years ago seeking a vessel of his own, Kagen took out a 15,000 credit loan from a Hutt crimeboss, Vorga the Hutt, and took the helm of his own transport, The Hammer. After nine months doing work flying solo, he gained Sin'teska as his copilot immediately drawn to her for some reason. Attraction, compassion, something more, he was not sure, but it fit.

    Responsible, yet always busy Kagen made good about paying off his first and second payments to the crimeboss, he'd purchased the ship from, sending him and Sin'teska to various worlds where they met many diverse customers, some good some really bad. With all they were a part of it would not be a surprise if one or two smugglers or bounty hunters were on their trail.

    1 year ago he acquired the Bith merchant Kadran Feg and his astromech R2C2. 9 months ago Mira Lovespiral joined his crew. Gorbin "Deuce" Trey'lya was contracted just 3 weeks ago as the Bothan convinced him he would serve as good protection for the crew. Seeking the big score he has come to Nar Shaddaa hoping for a big spice contract.
  9. mmart23

    mmart23 Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 3, 2009
    GM Introduction

    1,041 days before the Battle of Yavin...


    The Stock Light Freighter, The Hammer - aptly named for its relentlessness, laser-blasting and charging its way through Imperial blockades, pirate frigates, bulk freighters and assaults by other smugglers and bounty hunters alike - glides smoothly through hyperspace, its hyperdrive one of the most durable and fastest on the market. It should be, as it cost the captain the credits he needed to pay off his last ship loan amount to buy it, when the last one burned out.

    There was only thirty minutes of hyperspace travel remaining before The Hammer was to reach Nar Shaddaa. It could not be any sooner...

    The Captain and crew were restless as they had been in hyperspace for days. But among them none was more anxious than the Captain, who was looking to get a fast pricey job and pay off his latest loan debt. He knew the Hutt was not gentle about delinquent payments and that he was probably already being tailed for payment; which in short meant two words, bounty hunters. Real bad trouble...

    For now, the Captain and crew were within the safe confines of the 6 year space tested, sturdy, modified YT1300 stock light freighter. R2C2 was bleeping and blurping away, while Bith ship technician Kadran Feg packed his light backpack for their time outside of the Hammer, bringing light snacks and a couple of gadgets to work on during down time. He patted his astromech on the head as he walked towards the main deck.

    The Hammer seemingly glided through hyperspace with the array of passing lights and its mesmerizing display seen through the cockpit. It was something that Kagen and Sin'teska had seen and experienced time and time again, typically relaxing, but not on the way to Nar Shaddaa. This time it was different, this time some doubted the Captain's judgment, that he should have found less expensive, less dangerous assignments and it was due time for the candid discussion to begin...

    TAG Captain Kagen and Sin'teska (presumably in cockpit)
    TAG Mira and "Deuce", wherever they might be *expect for in pilot and co-pilot seat* in the craft.

  10. lukemadden77

    lukemadden77 Jedi Youngling

    Sep 14, 2009
    Kagen Klaaso

    Captain Kagen Klaaso was perched in the command chair of The Hammer one leg crossed over the other for the moment. He looked around to all the displays noting no irregularities and nodded with a blank expression on his face.

    *This should go pretty routine. I don't understand all the fuss over it*,

    he mused feeling that the mission to Nar Shaddaa was a necessity for their livelihood. They needed money and fast and he was not willing to take a few low-paying jobs that could take a month, when one lucrative job could make him a fortune. Besides, he did not want to have to bride bounty hunters and pay more than necessary when he could pay the Hutt up front in person. And so his determination grew each passing moment.

    The knowledge that his crew was constantly growing, that they needed to be fed and that some that expected to be paid for their services fueled his desire to get to Nar Shaddaa ship the cargo and move on. He was hoping to secure at least a ton of spice, figuring that he would get at least 7,500 credits to make the run, more or less depending on the drop point. Sighing he looked to his right, to his trusted co-pilot and closest friend Sin'teska and smiled,

    "As soon as we get docked let's head to the bar for a drink".

    Tag Sin'teska
  11. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    OOC - So TC comes in once they land on the moon?
  12. Mango_Salsa

    Mango_Salsa Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 15, 2006
    Cockpit of the Hammer

    "No offense captain," said Sin'teksa as she watched the control panel warily, "but we could have found a less expensive, less dangerous assignment." She looked to her left, where the captain was seated. "Not that I doubt your judgement, I think we need to have a discussion. What are doing, exactly? I mean, Nar Shaddaa? Why the need for speed?" Sin tugged on the end of one of her lekku. Little Coruscant. Of all the pest holes... "And you better not tell me we're doing a spice run, because there's two things I refuse to get involved with, and that's the other of them. Other than that, yeah, a drink once we touch down would be great." She threw her boss and friend a smile. "Two would be even better."

    TAG: Kagen Klaaso

    OOC: By the way, it's Sin'teksa, not Sin'teska. ;)
  13. mmart23

    mmart23 Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 3, 2009
    OOC: I will do an introductory post soon for TC where he is already on Nar Shaddaa and can eventually encounter the crew.

    Matt M
  14. lukemadden77

    lukemadden77 Jedi Youngling

    Sep 14, 2009
    Kagen looked into Sin'teksa's eyes and struggled through their hypnotic hue. Even after a year of having her at his side he was still taken aback by her beauty. She was after all,a stunning sight to behold, well worth any amount of trouble that came with her.

    He valued her companionship, as she helped anchor his conscience in place when the tendency to be greedy would surface. Gathering himself in a low voice he looked down with his deep green eyes and replied,

    "The other less expensive assignments would have put us out for weeks and I don't want to be any more late on our scheduled payment to the Hutt on Travnin. That last metal shipment to Alderaan barely paid for the meals and ship expenses it incurred."

    "We really are down to very little cash. And I know you trust my judgment and I appreciate that, but at the end of the day I must decide the fate and lives of everyone on this craft by my actions."

    "Nar Shaddaa has many sources for business and if we're lucky we'll find the one that's well worth it. Besides it's a big enough maze that a bounty hunter would have to work extra hard to find us",

    he added with smile, not inclined to tell her his main reason to go there was to target the spice network. It was not the time for it. Soon he would reveal this.

    He continued listening to Sin speak:

    Other than that, yeah, a drink once we touch down would be great." She threw her boss and friend a smile. "Two would be even better."

    Kagen smiled back, accepting her request saying,

    "Well then two it is!"

    Tag Sin'teksa
  15. mmart23

    mmart23 Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 3, 2009
    GM Post

    Inside The Rambler, one of Nar Shaddaa's classier saloons, in one of its tens of thousands of spires, wanted gambler Goovo, an orange hued robust Rodian sat in the corner, covered in a brown shroud, catching his breath, hoping that he would be missed among the masses. It was mere minutes ago when he gathered some distance on a hunter trying to apprend him for the local quadrant crimeboss, Hellva the Hutt. He was in the hole by 20,000 credits and was scheduled to show and pay the Hutt and never did. The chase began at the swoop docks before the hunter was caught up in the crowds, losing Goovo. Goova only hoped the hunter would overlook The Rambler.

    It was a rather festive night, with the 250 capacity of the club maxed out, the center room filled with holovid spectators, with four nearby stages where a lovely pair of exotic Twi'leks danced in beat on each stage to the entrancing slow smooth tunes. Goovo thanked the waitress for his drink smiling briskly as he took it, his hand shaking as he took the first sips. Sweat fell from his forehead as he pondered all of the horrific things the Hutt would do to him, if he caught him, knowing Goovo was broke, with no way out. With his shaking left hand on his drink and the fixed right hand on his DL44 blaster, he waited patiently, his right leg nervously bouncing up and down.

    Tag TC-1140

    OOC: Some side action to keep TC busy until he encounters the crew. :)
  16. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    IC: Mira Lovespirals
    Aboard light frieghter, The Hammer; Starboard passenger accommodation.
    Hyperspace, en route to Nar Shaddaa

    'Singing songs to the empty universe. Sowing seeds through the empty universe, and you never know what might grow'

    Mira's swirly, downtempo-ethereal music played from her datapad, as she lay in her rack. She had noticed that the rest of the crew had never quite taken a liking to her music, which was just fine, as it gave her a bit of space. She typed into her datapad and would upload the log into the holonet once they got to Nar Shaddaa. Nothing new to report, except depending on what the next shipment was, it might offer valuable information as to the nature of Hutt shipping. Since the decade before the Clone Wars began, her home systems had distanced themselves from the rest of the galaxy. Now their intelligence was decades old, and putting agents into the field, to begin rebuilding a model of how the galaxy operates in the post-Clone Wars era, was the government's primary goal. Once they understood the new ways, they would be more open to re-inviting the galaxy back to their worlds.

    And it was up to lone operatives, like Mira, to get the 'ground truth' by immersing themselves into society.

    Mira finished writing and compressing the files of data she had collected and crawled off the rack. Music still playing quietly on the datapad, which she clutched to her chest she made her way towards the pilot house, which was literally just around the corner.

    The Captain and the Twi'lek co-pilot were talking. Mira wasn't sure what it was, but she always felt a bit akward around the Twi'lek, and many of the galaxies humanoid species. Wolatarians were far from attractive by human standards, their plain and near bizarre appearance ranked them closer to Hutts and Wookies. They were considered at best 'cute' and at worse, disgusting, regardless of how well kept they were. Mira had a hard time conceptualizing human sexuality, but still felt very plain near other humanoid females.

    She proverbially 'poked-her-head-in' and asked, "How long till you need me on comms, Captian?"

    Tag: Captain Kagen and Sin'teska
  17. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    IC ~ TC
    Nar Shaddaa
    The Rambler Saloon

    TC however, was not lost in the crowd, and had activated his silenced jetpack and cloaking device, and had followed the foolish Rodian to the saloon. He currently was more or less keeping himself unnoticed, but even in a crowded saloon, his cloaking device didn't protect him from being shoulder bumped half a dozen times a minute. He suddenly noticed a shrouded being in the corner, and a small tinge of orange peeking from the shroud, hand over the holster at his side, and eyes more or less on the dancing twi'leks. He came directly in front of the target, and pulled his DC-17 from his side, aiming it directly at the rodian's hand, and deactivating the cloak from within his off hand's gauntlet.

    "Goovo, don't you have an appointmet with Hellva? What are you doing here, huh? Shouldn't you be ensuring a reason why Hellva shouldn't kill you on the spot, or perhaps you wanted a last minute spectacle of your life before being dragged off to your impending doom?" TC commented half amusedly, half coldly, staring into the eyes of the rodian from behind his damaged helmet, his cybernetic eye glowing to ensure proper visual conditions.

    Tag ~ mmart
  18. Mango_Salsa

    Mango_Salsa Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 15, 2006
    Aboard the Hammer


    Sin'teksa glanced over her shoulder at Mira. The Wolatarian had been with them for nine months, and Sin still felt like she didn't know her at all. It wasn't just the noise that Mira swore was music. Mira seemed intent on keeping her distance from the Twi'lek. At first Sin thought Mira was just being a snob, then as the days passed she figured she was just shy. Now though, she accepted Mira's distance as part and parcel of the crew. She had one job, Mira had another, and if they weren't best pals, well, that was a Twi'lek's life for you. It's what came from a people whose females were best known as dancers and consorts.

    "Coming out of hyperspace right about now, Mira," said Sin. "We'll be ten minutes out from Nar Shaddaa and standing by for you to get us some landing clearance." The orange-skinned Twi'lek turned back to the controls, having nothing else to say.

    Maybe it'd be easier if I got her drunk, thought Sin. Get her to open up a bit. Nine months and we haven't had a good drunk on together. She turned back.

    "Hey Mira, Captain's buying once we land and find a really spicy cantina. How about you come along and show me what Wolatarian's drink to forget they're riding in a jacked-up bucket of bolts?" She threw a wink to Kagen. "No offense."

    TAG: The Captain, Mira, anyone else aboard the Hammer that wants to chat.
  19. lukemadden77

    lukemadden77 Jedi Youngling

    Sep 14, 2009
    Captain Kagen
    Cockpit of the Hammer

    Kagen turned and looked to Mira warmly, uncharacteristic for most humanoids but standard for him. It appeared from their initial meeting as though he was more than familiar with Wolatarians. He was a strange man indeed, well-versed in alien sentients, yet too well traveled for a pilot captain so young. It was the exact reason why the matching of Mira to his crew made such perfect sense.

    With a grin, Kagen then opened his mouth to speak but Sin was much faster at clearly establishing their E.T.A. After Sin'teksa finished he replied,

    "Thanks for checking in Mira, always on top of your duties. Much appreciated".

    He looked to the controls and to open space as Sin spoke, with the ship was no longer traveling through hyperspace. Through the cockpit, Nar Shaddaa could be seen at a distance in its entirety as a brownish, greenish world with some orange pushing through as the many lights from his spire towers penetrated its atmosphere. Listening in, he then grinned as Sin invited Mira for a drink.

    *Good thinking girl*, thought Kagen,

    *getting Mira a drink and getting her to unwind a bit is brilliant. I want her to feel at home with us...What!!! Jacked-up bucket of bolts? This ship's spectacular!!!*

    He looked to Sin and said with a devilish smile and with emphasis, part of their playful sarcastic back-and-forth jesting,

    "No offense? Look sister, this ship's saved your pretty little tail on more than one occasion and don't you forget it".

    He then reclined, expecting Sin's retort then smiled to Mira and said with a grin,

    "Would love for you to join us for some drinks once we settle in, if you can handle our little spats".

    He winked at Sin in jest, and proceeded to direct the ship towards Nar Shaddaa.

    Tag Sin'teksa, Mira Lovespirals, any Hammer crewmate
  20. Darth_Ziantor

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    May 5, 2005
    IC: Deuce

    Deuce looked out the viewport as he entered the cockpit.

    "Weapons systems checked out in the green, Cap. I know you're not expecting any trouble, but you hired me as protection, and I take my job seriously. If someone does try to start something, it's best to be prepared."

    Deuce saw the planet of Nar Shaddaa loom in the distance, slowly growing larger. He hated the thought of having to run spice, but it wasn't his job to voice his opinions. He was the muscle, and he followed orders, no matter what they were.

    TAG: All

    OOC: Sorry for the short post. Will get longer as we go.
  21. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    IC: Mira Lovespirals
    Aboard light frieghter, The Hammer; Pilot house
    Hyperspace, en route to Nar Shaddaa

    Ten minutes remaining, that meant they must be coming out of jump very close to the planet.

    "Thanks for checking in Mira, always on top of your duties. Much appreciated".

    Mira nodded her head, and smiled slightly. "Thank you." She responded in a low tone.

    "Hey Mira, Captain's buying once we land and find a really spicy cantina. How about you come along and show me what Wolatarian's drink to forget they're riding in a jacked-up bucket of bolts?"

    Mira was syncing the datapad with the ship's computers while Sin'teksa spoke. She muted the volume from the music file and checked the frequencies for the approach into Nar Shaddaa.

    "I-- really haven't drank much. I like a Corellian-Caf every now and then, but.. it would be fun though. Don't let me impose though." She said. She wasn't meaning to be rude, it just seemed an odd suggestion. And to a being with three livers, and syrup thick blood, alcohol wasn't a major interest. Regardless, it would be an opportunity to see a bit more of the galaxy than she had in the last few months.

    "Would love for you to join us for some drinks once we settle in, if you can handle our little spats".

    "If you don't mind," she added a moment latter. "I would really enjoy that." She said, and made her way out of the cabin to the common area where the comms unit was and plugged her comset in.

    "Nar Shaddaa control, Corellian one-three light, The Hammer, is inbound entry point two-eight-niner for terminal zero-four-zero; trans-atmospheric travel. Traffic advisory and guidance, requested." Mira said, over the comm.

    'Nar Shaddaa. Perhaps the most dangerous corner of the galaxy.' She thought. And here she was, riding a nearly illicit vessel straight into it.

    Tag: Captain Kagen and Sin'teska; Game Master for Comms
  22. lukemadden77

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Captain Kagen
    Cockpit of Hammer

    Captain Kagen looked to Mira and said, "You're most welcome", with a warm grin.

    He looked behind her noting the entrance of Deuce, his eyes widening. Although the Captain was tall and broad a few inches over six feet and muscular he was not as grimacing as his Bothan bodyguard, who with the power and presence of a Wookiee could rip the arms off a Gundarc and best the best of Barabel Shock-boxers. Replying to Deuce, Kagen said

    "Thanks for being on task Deuce, I appreciate your devotion and professionalism. Great job friend. Agreed".

    He looked to Mira and to Deuce and said,

    "If there is nothing else, I have some matters to discuss with Sin'teksa".

    After a moment or two, when he and Sin were once again alone, he looked over to her and said in a serious cadence and low tone,

    "I need your full support of my business dealings on Nar Shaddaa. If you don't follow me, how can I expect the crew to follow me", he offered with pleading eyes.

    He turned to her, cupping his hands together, his head down, then lifted his face so his eyes could lock with hers.

    "Look, I don't want to resort to dealing spice, it's the last thing on my mind. So long as you've flown with me you know I have never run spice. The idea of it bothers me at the core. But I feel like I'm desperate Sin. We haven't made out too well recently and I am behind in my ship loan payment. If we don't get a 2,000 credit gig soon we'll be in deep with my debtor. That puts the entire crew not just me in jeopardy. I'm talking lives here. If you have a better solution I'm all ears".

    Tag Mira, Deuce and Sin'teksa

    OOC: Hope this is not too confusing. I posted the portion meant for Sin only in blue.

  23. mmart23

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    Sep 3, 2009
    GM Post
    IC ~ Goovo
    Nar Shaddaa
    The Rambler Saloon

    Goovo gulped at the sight of the hunter's helmet and cybernetic eye. He was really in for it this time. It would take a miracle for him to survive this. Goovo sighed anxiously, shaking his head in disbelief, his heart racing overtime.

    *Oh no, so stupid. Of course he'd find you here. Think. Think.*

    Nervously he spoke in his native tongue,

    OOC: TC was able to learn the Rodian language during his time working for Hellva.

    IC:"Umm, yeah, about that. You see, I need to meet with an associate you see, he has the money. As a matter of fact before you rudely interrupted my night, chasing me like a bandit through the city square, I was going to see my associate. I was going to get the money tonight. You see, I thought the meeting with Hellva was tomorrow. If you take me to my associate, I can get you Hellva's money. You see, win, win",

    he said, one hand on his drink, the other on his DL44 under the table, pointed at TC.

    Tag ~ TC

  24. mmart23

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    Sep 3, 2009
    GM Post
    Spire Control Tower 347,Terminal 0-4-0
    Operator Drog Thoryl


    A sentient with a high-pitched squeaky male voice returns the following summons:

    "Corellian one-three light, The Hammer, this is Nar Shaddaa control tower 347, Operator 65473, Drog Thoryl, approving access and permission to land at terminal zero-four-zero, docking bay 1. Request for traffic advisory and travel guidance approved. Follow the central access lane to Quadrant A23, then drop to the secondary lane G13 and take this straight through for twenty four miles to the docking gates. Heavy traffic in the quadrant, note slight congestion, travel time from atmosphere through Central access lane to quadrant A23 is seven minutes. Travel time in Quadrant A23 through G13 to docking bay is one hour. No waiting time at docking gates".

    The Hammer seemingly glided towards its latest destination, the vile haven of Nar Shaddaa. From the cockpit of The Hammer, still 400 miles prior to breaking its atmosphere, Nar Shaddaa appeared to be quite similar to Coruscant only much drearier. Only the bravest of the brave dared to travel here, as smugglers, bounty hunters, pirates, wanted felons and all other depraved sentients sought out this sanctuary for their own protection or the exploitation of others.

    R2C2 rolled up to Mira stopping and beeped to her, greeting her in a friendly manner. Following behind him was the Bith ship tinkerer and repairer Kadran Feg. He lifted his hand to say hello knowing to be silent as she was still on the comms.

    Tag Mira Lovespirals

    OOC: There will still be a few posts prior the ship breaking atmosphere. I will post the breaking of the atmosphere in a separate GM post once I feel all the necessary pre-landing dialogue is complete. This is coming along very well. Good job to everyone! Matt M
  25. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    OOC: Ah, how refreshing. Very nice GM post, I don't see details and realistic timing like that a lot. :) This RP actually has me excited.

    IC: Mira Lovespirals
    Aboard light frieghter, The Hammer; Comms Console
    643km to stratosphere of Nar Shaddaa

    Mira tapped the information as it came into her datapad. She noted the R2 unit and the Bith, and gave a slight wave to both of them, as she transposed the directions from the control tower.

    "Understood as follows, Tower Three-four-seven: Central to Alpha-two-three, drop to secondary Gamma-one-three for two-four. Terminal zero-four-zero, bay one. Confirm operator six-five-four-seven-three. Traffic heavy. The Hammer, out on affirmative." Mira repeated, abbreviating the orders. She pushed back the commset on her head, as she sent the data to the ship's computer and the cockpit display.

    "Hallo there, Kadran." She said polietly, and after receiving confirmation from the control station, she took off the comset. Pressing play on the datapad, a dreary, yet airy tune playing over the rumble of the YT-1300 as she worked, head down, typing in a log.
    '..Cast a shade to save your eyes. Take this time to turn and say goodbye. Frozen. The words go unspoken. New victims are chosen..'
    She logged into the holonet, and pinging a server embedded deep under the trillions of addresses. The ping came back, carrying a short encrypted packet, less than a few thousand bits in size.
    TAG: Game Master, Deuce
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