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Thriller The Walking Dead: Exodus

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Snokers, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Snokers

    Snokers Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 8, 2015

    The Dead have risen.
    Mother Nature, God, Evolution, or maybe just the will of the universe has ignited a re-animation of the fallen.
    Those whose blood had once ceased flowing are now stuck in a mindless state of limbo.
    It began approximately one year ago. They roam the Earth, defying the laws of the mortal coil and seeking to devour the living.
    They are the walking dead.
    Walkers, zombies, biters, geeks, slackjaws, creepers, lurkers, roamers, rotters…
    Clayton Harker leads a rag tag group of survivors who have fought their way through a now hostile and unforgiving landscape. The majority of them have been together since the first few weeks of the outbreak. Others have been recruited along the way as they trekked through what remains of Georgia, looking for somewhere to call home, a safe place if any such thing exists in this apocalypse.
    The group is a close one with each member being considered as a part of a family, the living who stand united against the dead. But of course, walkers are only one side of the treacherous coin. Other survivors, whether operating alone or in packs, are a threat. Everyone is fighting for supremacy, fighting for shelter, resources, numbers. Fighting for survival.
    Harker’s faction has heard whispers and come across various signs suggesting that there is a safe place nearby called The Valley – a place with running water, a wealth of food and resources, well-guarded walls, and people of peace. A place untouched by devastation.
    This has sparked great motivation among the members of Harker’s family and is now the sole beacon of hope pushing them forward. It will be a perilous journey and they will be faced with lethal threats and hurdles along the way. But if they make it, they will be given the chance to reclaim their lives.


    The usual stuff…

    • No godmoding.
    • Always adhere to the rules of the JCF.
    • Have fun!


    Socialization among players should be done in the OOC thread in the Role Playing Resource Forum which will be opened once the game gets underway.

    All character sheets must be submitted to the GM(s) for approval before submitting in-thread.

    This is The Walking Dead, therefore, character deaths will be a fairly regular occurance to maintain suspense and provide good story material and development. Don’t worry though – if you don’t feel your character is ready to bite the dust, there will be plenty of NPC’s to kill off. If your character is killed off, you are welcome to create a new one at any time.

    Characters from TWD TV show will make appearances now and again where the plot allows, these will be primarily controlled by the GM(s) however, if you wish to play as a canon character from the show, you can PM the GM(s) with a pitch of what you’d like to do.

    Violence is allowed, in fact, it is somewhat encouraged in this particular game. However, keep it within reason, still abiding by the JCF rules. Same with sexual content, language, etc.


    We will start without a ranking system but this is subject to change at any time.

    When you start in the game, you may begin as a member of Harker’s group or an outsider. This must be stated in your character sheet. If you begin as an outsider, you will have to integrate your story with the story of the main group eventually, we can’t have separate individuals playing forever in isolation from other players. Depending on the success of the game and the number of players in the near future, there may be opportunity for more groups to be formed by players.





    Physical Appearance: (you may provide a picture of your character along with your written
    description or an image you think conveys their look)






    Group member or outsider:

    Bio/life before the apocalypse:
  2. WookieeRage

    WookieeRage Force Ghost star 5

    Feb 3, 2016
    Name: Noah Reed

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Physical Appearance: Tall, Medium build, See picture above.

    Likes: Playing guitar, Partying, Drinking, Home-cooked meals

    Dislikes: Disease, Walkers, People that can't handle themselves

    Morals: Not a lot, Eye for an Eye mentality, Won't harm Women or Children

    Skills: Skills are on par with most petty criminals, Pickpocketing, Lockpicking, Firearms, Hotwiring/driving. Welding, construction, Swindling.

    Weapons: Silver .45 pistol holstered in drop leg harness, Knife in boot, Massive, one-handed mallet with a spike on the end he made using welding skills at the beginning of the outbreak.

    Affiliation: Group Member

    Bio: Noah was a frequent flyer to the county jail. He was never out long enough to start a real career job. Instead, he was considered a career criminal. He gained welding and construction skills through various jobs while in and out of jail. The rest of his skills were developed while breaking the law and after the outbreak happened. When the world started going to crap after the outbreak, he took his junky sister and terminally-ill mother to their assigned FEMA camp and survived for a couple of months, that is, until the supplies stopped coming in. People began to starve, other people left during the night to try and find another group/camp. Most would return as the dead to be gunned down by the small group of military that had been stationed there. Even the military men stationed there began to lose their morals and would take advantage of the remaining people camped there. Noah stepped up with the military men and agreed to be a scout to try and find other groups/survivors after their radio's became useless. While he was gone, Noah's mother became worse and worse without the proper medical treatment until she eventually died of her illness. Eventually an airborne version of the plague infected the camp until the rest of the survivors were either dead, or had fled.
    While on his scouting run, Noah became trapped within a gas station. He was surrounded by walkers for 1 month, living on the remaining food and water within the station until he was rescued by a group. They started the horde on fire which opened a hole that allowed him escape. He ran back to the FEMA camp to see it utterly overrun by the horde. From there he tracked down the group that saved him and has been surviving with them ever since.
  3. Darth Rozic

    Darth Rozic Jedi Knight star 3

    Dec 27, 2015
    GM Approved
    Name: Nate Bloody (Nathaniel Cluddy)

    Gender: Male

    Age: Lost count around an hour after the Internet shut down. Either 16, 17 or 18.

    Physical Appearance:

    Underweight. Average height. Caucasian. Tries to maintain undercut.
    Video games. AFL. Cricket. Alternative Rock. Girls;)

    Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!


    Nate was raised in a very patriarch household, he naturally believes patriarchy is the only way. He is a good person generally but his sexism is a major down point in his moral views.

    • Picking a good filter for his Instagram selfies.
    • Sport.
    • Lock picking.
    • Pump-action shot gun.
    • Hunting knife.
    • Swiss army knife.
    • Box of matches.
    • 350 year old bottle of rum Nate is waiting to use as a Molotov (or drink)
    Group member or outsider:

    Bio/life before the apocalypse:
    Nate grew up in Kempsey, New South Whales. His family was as stereotypical as you can get, father was a police, mother a nurse and his younger sister was in love with barbies and pink. Nate had never really been introduced to the aspect of "social justice" so he always believed what he was taught by his father: you must be a real man or you are no man at all.

    At the age of twelve the Cluddy family moved to Ohio, USA so that they could be closer to family. After a few years they moved to Atlanta in Georgia. Nate led a normal life, got onto the school football team, had so many girlfriends he lost count and constantly got detentions.

    Then came the fateful day, the day that the dead rose. Some kind of virus had spread to the US and was claiming countless lives. However it did not just kill the victims, it brought them back. Atlanta was in lock down when the riots began. Nate and his friends were looting a 'video store' when a horde of walkers stormed in and consumed Nate's friends.

    Nate ran. He didn't go back home though, instead he ran out of the city. He had only two possessions, his phone and a box of matches his father gave him that morning in case he for some reason needed a flame.

    Months past and Nate made his way from town to town. Stealing shot guns and knives from hunting stores, taking food from supermarkets. Then one day he met Clayton Harker. Realizing he'd be safer in a group he joined Harker's "family." What Harker doesn't know is that Nate can be a manipulative *insert banned word here*!
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  4. Shekel_1383

    Shekel_1383 Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 2, 2016
    Darth Rozic WookieeRage Snokers
    Name: Adam Fields

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35

    Physical Appearance: Standing around 6 feet 2 inches, Adam clearly shows the signs of the apocalypse. A thick beard, unkempt, long black hair and a scarred face, he certainly looks like Hell. Always wearing a long-ish coat (simply for the carry space), jeans, a shirt and boots. Sullen blue eyes. Not overwhelming muscular, but not incredibly frail and skinny either. Wears his deceased wife's wedding ring in a necklace at all times.

    Likes: Surviving, tinkering with weaponry and machinery, keeping the group safe.

    Dislikes: Those who seek to find personal gain from the End of Days, cowards

    Morals/values: Will ensure the groups safety at any cost, even taking preemptive measures

    Skills: Engineering, shooting, survival tasks

    Weapons: M16 assault rife, Colt 1911 pistol, swiss army knife

    Group member or outsider: Group member

    Bio/life before the apocalypse: Generally doesn't like to talk about life "before" the end times, due to the trauma of losing his wife and daughter in the initial outbreak. What he has revealed, however, is that he was an engineer by trade, and enjoyed the good ol' southern pass time of spending some time down at the shooting range.

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