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Story [The West Wing] Descendants (Bri and Mav's TWW future 'verse)|

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by mavjade , Aug 31, 2017.

  1. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    The second I read her name, I was like Yep, that's her name. I think it fits her perfectly, from what little we know about her from the show. I really like her, and I hope she jumps into more stories on her own!

    It really is! And while kids have mellowed him, he still get caught up sometimes!

    [face_laugh] Exactly! That's like having 5 or 6 kids, at least! Though I guess Momma Lyman also had Lyman kids, so she probably understands!

    I could totally see her being the stereotypical Jewish mother that bugs her child about grandchildren all the time, so I'm sure she's so happy to have them, she doesn't care what happens to her house!

    The image I had of little Noah trying to say menorah was just so cute, I had to get it in somewhere!
    I didn't have a twin but my brother and I fought all the time over things that were pretty stupid. And of course he'd pick on me and I'd react, and it would just escalate!

    He's just so adorbs! [face_love] And you probably do and if it's too difficult, I'll completely understand if you don't want to read it. I can warn you when the sad parts are coming up.

    Thank you!! ​
  2. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    December 20, 2022 - 3rd night

    They’d just finished lighting the third candle on the menorah and singing the prayer. The lights in the room were low, letting the candlelight from the menorah and the fireplace supply most of the light and the warmth in the room.

    Josh sat down on the couch between Donna and a 12-year old Leo. Noah was leaning against his mother’s side, half sitting on her, half on the couch. Abi was bouncing around waiting for what Josh was going to give her.

    He handed each of his children a small present. Abi ripped into the packaging eager to see what it was. Noah took his time, opening the paper decorated with blue and silver stripes at the seams where the tape was holding it together.

    Leo waited to open his present to see what his younger siblings had gotten. Noah had a book called 1,000 Answers Why that had questions and answers all about life, targeted at kids around his age. Noah was very curious and always asking why things were; he immediately opened it and started reading. Abi got a book called Breaking the Code: A handbook on how to crack codes and ciphers. She’d recently been interested in codes and puzzles and had announced she was going to be a spy when she grew up.

    Leo opened his package, not really tearing into it, but not being as careful as his brother and found, The Science of Star Wars. It was probably a little advanced for his age since it went into scientific detail, but he loved it none the less.

    Getting books was a new tradition they’d started when Leo was young; they’d all get new books and then they’d all sit in their pajamas with hot chocolate and read. The adults were forbidden from reading anything work-related. Josh had given Donna a book on John Snow who was considered the father of epidemiology, a subject she’d been particularly interested in recently. Donna gave Josh a new book on the Civil War since he'd been on a history kick.

    They’d all been sitting quietly for a little while when Abi spoke up, “Wait a minute, do Christmas and Hanukkah happen at the same time this year?”

    “They do,” Donna answered.

    “So what are we going to do?” Leo asked. “We always do Christmas in the morning and then go out for Chinese for dinner and a movie.”

    “We can still do that,” Donna answered. “I don’t see any reason why not.”

    “Of course we can,” Josh agreed. It was a tradition in their family, one he loved. It combined his family’s tradition and Donna’s. Her family always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and the morning of Christmas. Josh’s family always did the Chinese food and a movie. Neither Josh nor Donna were particularly religious, but they did like traditions and tried to keep as many as possible. “Just because it’s Christmas and Hanukkah doesn’t mean we can’t still do things the way we always do, there’s just more to do on those days.”

    “I like it better when they are spread out,” Abi said. “it’s more fun that way. Plus the kids at school are more jealous that way.”

    “Abi!” Donna exclaimed, shocked at her daughter. “That’s not nice.”

    “What? They are. We get Hanukah and Christmas, who wouldn’t be jealous!”
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  3. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    It's fine. I REALLY want to read them, I just want to make sure I'm not going to be around other people (aka in my housemate's kitchen) afterward. Last night (while I was buttering some bread) I realized why the image of Josh holding Leo's, then Noah's, hand just gets me every damn time I imagine it. My grandma used to set my sister and I up with these dumb crafts every year we'd visit them for New Years (we had Christmas with our mom and New Years with our dad and his parents). I never had quite the fine motor control to do said crafts, but I was like 6 and wanted to anyways, so my dad would hold me in his lap and put his hands over mine and help me paint or whatever it was. But his vision was going at the time, so he would let me be in control. I just imagine Josh being that kind of calm, caring Dad who would want his kids to experience all the joys in life. So, yeah, the imagery of those moments of Josh helping Leo and Noah just brought back so many good memories I haven't thought about in years, so thank you for that. @};-

    Sorry for the odd, random, personal tangent.

    I love how the three books all reflect the kids' personalities so well.

    [face_rofl]Now I'm imagining Josh as a spy and I just can't contain my laughing. Oh but Abi can do whatever she sets her mind to (except maybe be subtle and calm under pressure).

    What a little nerd! :p

    I love this (and that Josh is on a history kick :p). My family has a similar tradition.

    I love the blending of traditions (and I love the Chinese food and movie detail :p ).

    Oh, but Abi. Josh may have mellowed out (a bit) but there's still Abi to make up for it.

    These continue to be the best!
  4. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    That's such a beautiful memory! I'm happy I could bring it to you, and that it's a happy one!
    Thank you for sharing it with me! [:D]

    Yeah, I was trying to think about how each of them would think at that age, because interests change, but there are some core things that kinda stay the same.

    [face_laugh] I just imagined that Josh and Donna tried not to laugh when she announced that's what she wanted to be. She's waaayy too much Josh to ever pull it off, but they also don't want to stifle her thoughts and creativity and just hope it's a phase! :p


    Josh was the one I had the most trouble with. If it couldn't be work related, I was like uh.... :p
    We had several traditions I loved, but this was one I discovered a few years ago and I LOVE it! It's one I want to start when I have kids.

    I love adding or blending traditions together. When I had housemates, we'd all add something of our own and make a new house tradition. My favorite part of our house Christmas traditions was watching a Finnish Christmas horror movie and drink mulled wine.

    Haha.. yep!

    Thanks! As I posted last night, I suddenly wondered if this was too close to spamming with a small fic every night. But I'm committed now. :p
  5. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    December 17th, 2025 - 4th night

    At almost ten years old, Abi knew that she was old enough to light the candles by herself, but she didn’t want to. Her dad had always held her hand while they lit them together and she wasn’t ready for that to end.

    It was just at sundown on the 4th night of Hanukkah, and it was her turn to light the candles. She lit the match and used it to light the shamash, and then waited. She turned and looked at her dad, hoping he’d understand what she wanted. He nodded his head to indicate it was okay to start, but she just stood there looking at him.

    She didn’t want to say it; she wanted him just to do it like he always had. Some parts of Hanukkah were always the same, no matter where they were or who they were with; Latkes on the first night, books and hot chocolate on the third, giving to others on 5th, and her dad always helped her light the candles when it was her turn. He did it for the others too, but he’d not done it for Leo in awhile, and Noah had done it the night before without him. She could do it, but she didn't want to let that go. She loved the feeling of his arms around her, his larger hand surrounding hers.

    After a moment, her dad got up, kneeled down and put his arm around her shoulder, “You okay, Abi?”

    Abi nodded her head, took his hand and put it on hers. Finally understanding, their hands moved together to light the candles, and they began to sing the prayer. She put the shamash back in the center holder and then wrapped her arms around her dad’s neck, laying her head on his shoulder.

    “It’s tradition,” was all she said, squeezing her arms around his neck a little bit harder.

    “Yeah," he whispered with a kiss on her head. "Yeah, okay.”
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  6. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    I think the mods will let you get away with it :p But seriously, it's not like NSWFF had a problem with "upping" stories, and you have a good reason behind it.

    Oh god. I... I can't even. I am currently crying and I am so sorry this isn't going to be coherent but I loved every single word of it and quoting the entire thing would be excessive. I'm sorry. But, yeah, between this for reasons stated above, Abi's age (I wasn't quite yet 10 the last time my dad held me), and seeing The Last Jedi last night (the last time I was with my dad we watched Star Wars so yeah I'm emotional over that whole big spoilery thing still), I am a mess, but it's okay because I loved this story.

    This is the part that got me for reasons. Abi just knows what she wants and she wants her dad and Josh is just such a good dad and just says "Yeah, okay".

    I am so sorry I can't tell you how much I love this more (and the boards are being weird so I can't even insert a gif).
  7. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    Haha.. true enough! :p

    No reason to be sorry! Nothing makes me happier than knowing I've stirred up some happy memories. I'm sure they are painful as well (and yeah, not knowing anything about TLJ before writing this, now it kinda comes at some bad timing!) and I'm sorry for that. *HUGS*

    Yeah, he's going to do anything for his kids, in some ways for the reasons you mentioned in your story; he knows he probably won't have forever and he'd never deny them something as simple as holding a hand, no matter their age.
    This bit of Abi came right from me, I never wanted to let go of traditions even after I'm way older than the need for them. When I was growing up, no one was allowed to go downstairs on Christmas morning and we'd all go together to see what Santa had brought. When I was a teenager and had started sleeping in on Christmas, I got really upset the first time I woke up and my parents had already gone down stairs without me. It's irrational, but it was just something I wanted to stay the same because it had always been that way, but I also didn't want to have to ask for it either.

    No need to, I can feel it through your words! Thank you! @};-
  8. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    December 24, 2030 - 5th night

    The Lymans arrived in Wisconsin earlier in the day and gotten checked into the hotel. They tried to get to Donna’s parents at least every other year for Christmas, but it had been difficult the last few years. With Leo in college, and teenage Noah and Abi involved in just about everything between the two of them, it was hard to get away. It had been a few years since they’d made it for the holiday.

    They gathered up the presents they were taking over for the big family Christmas Eve and were about to leave when Abi spoke up, “Are you bringing the menorah, dad?”

    Josh smiled. His daughter was a handful, rambunctious, outspoken, quick-tempered -basically himself in teenage girl form- but she also loved tradition. Even now that they didn’t buy the kids presents for every night, she wanted to continue many of the other things they did, and traveling didn’t preclude those traditions. Before they’d left Washington, she’s asked him if he was bringing a menorah. Josh said he hadn’t planned on it and she got quite upset. So he packed a small, unbreakable menorah and some candles, but figured she’d get caught up in the excitement of all her cousins, and so many presents that she wouldn’t give it another thought.

    “Do you want to wait until we get back here tonight to light it?” Josh asked.

    “No,” Abi answered matter of factly.

    Josh grabbed what he’d brought from his suitcase, and they took their rented car to Donna’s parent’s house.

    As the sun was going down, Abi got up from where she was playing a game with Noah and a few cousins, pulling Noah with her. “Dad, it’s sundown.”

    “Ah, kay,” Josh said looking around for a place out of the way they could put the menorah. He didn’t want it to be someplace where one of the younger kids in the house might accidentally knock it over while the candles were burning out.

    “How about the kitchen,” Donna suggested, and they all followed her through the living room.

    As they got into the kitchen, they set up the menorah on the table which was off to the side. There were a few people having a discussion, around the island, including Donna's mother Celia and her close friend. Josh put the five candles in place and handed some matches to Noah. “You’re turn tonight, right?”

    Noah nodded and began to light the candles while they all sang the prayer softly.

    While this was happening, Donna looked over at her mother who was giving her a look she knew well from her childhood. She ignored it and turned back to her family. After they were done and the kids had gone back into the other room, she walked over to her mother. “What was that look for?”

    “Why do you have to do that?" Celia asked. "It’s Christmas eve.”

    “Yes, and it’s also the fifth night of Hanukkah,” Donna replied trying to hide her exasperation.

    “In this house we celebrate Christmas.”

    Donna sighed. She knew her mother had no problem with Josh being Jewish and them raising the kids with Jewish traditions, so she wasn’t quite sure what the problem was. “It was a few minutes, mom. It didn’t take away anything from anyone else.”

    “Still, I don’t think you should have done it here,” Celia whispered trying to avoid a scene.

    “Why not? Where is this coming from, mom?” Donna suspected that her mother didn't think much about Josh being Jewish, the only other time she'd really seen it overtly was at their wedding, and that had been years ago.

    “That’s just not what we celebrate.”

    “Well in my family it is. We celebrate both Hanukah and Christmas. Please let it go.”

    “Fine,” Celia said as she walked away clearly not happy but willing to let it go.

    “Okay.” Donna sat down at the table where the candles in the menorah were still burning.

    Josh kissed her on the head, “You want me to put them out?”

    “No, of course not." Donna knew that the candles were supposed to burn until they went out. "She can put up with it while we're here.”

    “I don’t want you to fight with your mom.” Donna had a complicated relationship with her mother. She loved her dearly, but her mother never quite understood Donna, and their relationship had, at times, been a struggle, but it had been much better in recent years.

    “And I don’t want to change our family traditions because she’s set in her ways.”

    “Okay, but maybe tomorrow we go back to the hotel before sundown?” Josh asked.

    “That might be for the best," Donna agreed. Her family came first, and that meant Josh, Leo, Noah, and Abi.

    Josh put his arms around her and gently pulled her head to him, "We should find a Chinese restaurant anyway, or the kids will be really upset.”
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  9. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    This is going to be short and quick because the boards were down all last night and now I'm posting from my bed because I'm going to be gone most of today. But, yeah, I totally get the struggles of blended family traditions, totally not to this extent and I know it isn't even comparable, but my sister and I were raised to find our own beliefs, but the step-family is Catholic, which meant being forced to go to midnight mass every few years.

    I love that Donna puts Josh and the kids first. Donna's family probably never really got why Donna loves Josh, but she does. Celia is probably fairly old by this time and is probably very steeped in her traditions as well, so people get stubborn.

    As always, Abi is such a fun read because she is so strongwilled like her dad.

    I can't wait for more!
  10. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Completely understandable. Man, that was annoying last night! Also, it's taken me forever to get here, and who knows if it will actually let me post. I'm just glad you got the chance to read it.

    I think it's comparable, especially if one side is very religous and the other isn't so much. My boyfriend and I have had a few discussions as to how we'd raise kids in our differing traditions. I've known since before we started dating that he'd want to raise kids Jewish (more culturally than religious, but that include a lot of the holidays) but he also wants to keep things that I want to keep, which mostly means combining Christmas and Hanukkah.

    Yeah, I figure Donna's family doesn't get it, he was her boss that worked her all the time, he's a workaholic, and a politician. But I didn't want to make Celia prejudice or a person that isn't likeable, but I could see her as set in her ways. Where I grew up, a lot of Christians weren't anti-semitic per say, and they wouldn't discriminate against someone who was Jewish, but if something was 'in their face' they'd get upset because Jews killed their Lord, or something like that. So I kinda based her on that.

    She's so much fun to write! I didn't intend for the vast majority of this to be about her, but she decided to take the reins. :p
  11. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    December 11, 2034 - 6th night

    “Why are you so nervous?” Leo asked his boyfriend Marc as they were walking from the parking space they’d found a few blocks away from his parent’s home. “I promise there aren’t any surprises this time, no heads of state, no former or current presidents.”

    When Leo first brought his boyfriend home to meet his family, he’d neglected to tell Marc that they’d be having Thanksgiving dinner at The White House, with former President Seaborn and current President Seaborn. While Marc had forgiven Leo for doing that, Leo found himself often reassuring Marc that he would never do such a thing again.

    Leo had grown up around Presidents and didn’t think anything about it, but after seeing how Marc had reacted, he figured out that it wasn’t actually funny, and could have easily lost him the best thing that ever happened.

    “It’s just mom and dad, and Abi,” Leo reassured. “I thought you were comfortable with them.”

    “I am,” Marc responded. “It’s just I’ve never done… this.”

    “A family holiday?”

    Marc rolled his eyes. For as smart as Leo was, and he was very intelligent, he sometimes needed to be hit upside the head. “No, Hanukkah.”

    “Oh,” Leo said. He’d not thought about that. Leo was so used to celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas; he didn’t think about how nerve-wracking it might be to experience a tradition that wasn’t your own the first time, especially one that was often in another language. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think. But it’s nothing to worry about. We’ll just light some candles, sing a quick prayer, and then have dinner like normal. We won’t be going to Synagog or anything.”

    “So there’s nothing I should do or…”

    “No, no, it’s really not a big deal. Hanukkah is actually a minor Jewish holiday, not that my family is particularly religious. But we always did both it and Christmas, since my mom was raised Christian. Abi loved to rub it in with the other kids.”

    Marc laughed, “I can totally see that.”

    “Hanukkah is her favorite holiday,” Leo added. “Well, that and Halloween.”

    “That’s not something I’d have guessed, the Hanukkah part, Halloween makes perfect sense.” Marc had gotten to know Leo’s family pretty well over the last year, and Abi was the ‘wild child’ of the group. She always had a different color to her hair, and she’d changed majors several times already, unable to decide what she wanted to do with her life. She’d always called Leo when she’d consider a change, and she’d started to ask Marc’s advice as well.

    “Yeah, most people wouldn’t, but she loves it. One year she about threw a fit because dad was going to be gone. It’s only since she’s gone to college that she’s understood that life gets in the way sometimes.” Leo stopped walking and turned and looked at Marc directly. “I promise you, there’s nothing to worry about.”

    “Okay,” Marc smiled, “I believe you.” Marc leaned down ever so slightly to kiss Leo. “Thank you.”

    Leo smiled back. He still got a thrill every time Marc looked at him or kissed him. He loved that he still felt that way even after they’d been dating for some time. “Thanks for what?”

    “For wanting me to be with your family, a part of your family traditions even though I don’t do the same.” Marc ducked his head. The holidays always made him a little sad, seeing so many happy families all around.

    “Of course I want you to be a part, I love you. And your relationship with your parents is different; I understand that. My family loves you, and that’s all you need to remember, okay?”

    Marc nodded his head, afraid that if he said anything, he’d break down. The continued the walk to Leo’s parents home and walked in the door.

    “Leo! Marc!” Donna called as they walked in the door. She hugged Leo and planted a kiss on his cheek. “I’m so happy you are here,” she said as she wrapped her arms around Marc.

    Marc believed her. He could feel the warmth of her words and the loving feeling through her tight hug. As he stepped away, he saw Leo moving out of a hug with his father. Marc held out his hand to Josh, who took it and used it to pull Marc into a hug as well.

    Marc could feel the worry, and sadness melt away like the snow on his boots that was melting in the warmth of the home. He felt love. He felt home.
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  12. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    Okay, so first off, with a few minor edits to mine, this TOTALLY fits in with my 2033 AND 2034 holiday vignettes. Just like, you will not believe how I basically wrote a prologue for this like a month ago. I think I may have to post those now (if the boards let me).

    Yeah, because while Marc is quick to forgive, he doesn't forget so easily :p

    Bahahaha! Yeah, that's Leo.

    I think Abi may have been like me during my undergrad: my colour hair changed as often as my major, which was quite a lot :p

    But it is so sweet that Hanukkah is her favourite holiday, because of her closeness with her dad.

    HEHEHE. I love this little detail that Marc is slightly taller than Leo.

    These two are just so cute together! I could seriously quote the whole interaction between the two of them. Leo is just smitten and Marc has found his family [face_love]
  13. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    Yesssss!! Mind melding again! :D

    Exactly! They'll be 90 years old with great grandchildren and Marc will still remind him about it! :p

    It's always the smartest ones!

    I wish I'd been brave enough to do both of those things! I thought I knew what I wanted in a major, and by the time I realized that wasn't it, I was waaay to far in. I'm living vicariously through her.

    I figured if he had to be younger than the president, he at least got to be taller. :p

    Exactly! [face_love]
  14. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    Note- I've only tried to post this for half an hour. *sigh* Warning, this might be the peak emotional part.

    December 27, 2038 - 7th night

    It was the first night all of them could be together for Hanukkah that year. Leo had been to his childhood home every night, some nights Marc would join him, others he would go alone. He was now the Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Washington DC and thus was able to get away each of the eight nights to spend time with his mother. While Hanukkah wasn’t her holiday, it had been for the past 30 years, and that wasn’t something that was going to stop, even if her children hadn’t made it home.

    Abi and Noah, both of which were in graduate school had planned to be home for the holiday in time for Christmas. It was their first time celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah since Josh had died and they wanted to all be together. But due to weather, they were unable to make it home until the seventh day.

    Finally, all together, they’d light the menorah.

    Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam...

    Abi took the matches that were laying on the table and tried to strike the match, but it failed to light. Her hands were shaking, and she was doing her best not to cry. Hanukkah was her favorite holiday mostly because it was a special time between her and her father. Now that he was gone, Abi didn't know if she could continue, “I don’t know if… if I can.”

    Donna took the matches from her daughter and pulled her into a hug. Abi began to sob, her tears soaking into her mother’s sweater. After a few minutes, Abi pulled away. Donna put her hands on her daughter’s cheeks, wiping away some of the tears with her thumbs. “Your dad loved how much you loved Hanukkah and the traditions we have. As you were growing up, he’d always wonder if this would be the year you didn’t want him to help you. The thought broke his heart.”

    “I never wanted him to stop,” Abi whispered, her voice broken and thick.

    “I know. And after a while, he knew that too.” Donna placed the matches in her daughter's hand, “And so long as you continue to think of him, he’ll always be with you.”

    Abi nodded once in understanding and a second time in determination to continue on. She took the matches and lit the helper candle. As she moved toward the first candle, her hand started to shake. Just before she got to the candle, she pulled her hand back close to her and held the shamash with both hands. Taking a deep breath she reached toward the candles, and again her hand shook, dripping wax onto the glass table where the menorah sat. As the helper candle hovered close to its destination, Abi felt another hand go around her own. She closed her eyes for a brief moment and felt as though their dad was there. Then a third hand joined the first two and Abi opened her eyes. Her own hand held the shamash, Leo’s hand was around hers and then Noah’s hand was around them both.

    …asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu

    Together, their hands moved to light each candle, and they sang the prayer, all of their voice thick with emotion.

    As they lit the seventh candle, Leo took the shamash from Abi and placed in back in the center of the menorah. Abi began to cry again; it was the first time she’d really let herself feel since their dad had died earlier in the year. She cried for all the things in her life their father would never get to see. He’d never see her get the job of her dreams, see her fall in love, see her get married. He’d never get to hold her kids and hold their hands while they lit the menorah together.

    She cried for the losses, but also for the memories she’d always hold dear. She’d pass on the traditions they'd made, and he'd stay alive within their hearts.

    …l’had'lik neir shel Chanukah. (Amein)
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  15. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    Now I want to write them as old men and have Marc have a "blackmail list" even longer than Helen Santos' :p

    This was just... perfect. It resonated so deeply, it was so sad, yet so beautiful @};-

    I love this note to Leo's pre-presidential resume. He has a lot of his mom in him and his temperament especially, but he is his father's son.

    I love that Donna and Leo continued on with Hanukkah even though Josh is no longer with them and the twins weren't able to make it back for most of the holiday. It might not be the biggest Jewish holiday, but sometimes it's the little things you feel compelled to do the most.

    Oh, I can totally see Josh fearing this and I am so glad Abi never let him down. I'M NOT CRYING! I'M NOT CRYING (I'm totally crying).

    Oh these three! I love them so much in their silent love and understanding of each other.

    Yeah, I totally get this moment of finally just letting yourself feel and cry. You captured it beautifully.

    Thank you for sharing!

    (Side note: I'd insert a gif, but the boards aren't letting me - I didn't even get an alert for this, so now I'm wondering if you got an alert for mine - I'm not pleading for a comment or anything, I know - obviously - the boards have been glitchy but I know I don't check NSWFF often unless I'm expecting something).
  16. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    This totally needs to happen!

    Thank you! Like I said, it was my intention to make it a fluffy series, but then my muse was like... 'You want to write about the first one after Josh dies' and try as I might, I couldn't change her mind.

    I spent waaaay longer trying to decide where he'd be at this point in his career and where he'd go after that and still have it make sense that he'd be President in 2055 than I needed to for ONE LINE. You might have seen, but I added what I came up with in our Google doc. It doesn't have to stay that why if something works better, but I spent so much time thinking about it, I figured I should put it down. :p

    Yeah, it doesn't really matter that it's not the most important holiday, it was important to them.

    *Hands tissue* I can totally see Josh really fearing his children growing up, but especially Abi. Not just because she's the only girl, or such a daddy's girl, but because she so independent and strong. He's terrified of the day she won't need him anymore.

    5 years between Leo and the twins can be a big gap or a small one, and I love that they've wanted to be really close.

    Thank you! Strong emotion is weird that way and it doesn't always come out the way you think it will. I can see Abi wanting to be strong and not let the emotions get to her in an outwardly manner, but eventually, they'll come out.

    Yeah, I've noticed more than a few that I didn't get, and that was one of them. *sigh*
  17. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    December 21, 2055 - Final Night

    It was their first holiday season in the White House. The official White House Hanukkah and Christmas parties that had happened in the week before were semi-formal and elaborate. It was now the final night of Hanukkah and Leo was looking forward to having a quiet night with his family.

    While he and his siblings had all gotten the chance to light the menorah for the first time around five years old -with the help of their father- he and Marc had decided the previous year that JJ would wait until this year. He was a bit clumsy, and they were a little worried he’d manage to set their house on fire.

    Since they decided to wait an extra year for their son, they decided not to start early with their daughter, Miri, who would be five in a few months. Though she probably could handle it, at her age, they wanted to remain as fair as possible.

    The Residence was decorated the way Marc and Leo’s home had been, and the way it had been when Leo was growing up. A real Christmas tree stood in the corner of the room decorated with homemade ornaments. Some were ones that Leo had made when he was young, some his children had made in school, but most of the ornaments were ones they’d made together as a family. Blue and white lights were strung all along the tree, and across the mantle of the fireplace which had the stocking hanging from its edge.

    And the menorah, which had been Josh’s mother’s, sat on a table beside the tree.

    Leo had just finished some work and walked into the Residence early in the evening. He could hear laughing -both his kids and his mom- from down the hall, long before he could see what was so funny. He walked into the room to see his husband covered in tinsel, being decorated by their children like he was the tree. His mom was sitting on the couch laughing and taking pictures, encouraging the kids to continue.

    “Oh, did you guys get another tree?” Leo asked as got down on his knees beside his kids.

    “Yeah!” JJ, yelled as he wrapped another piece of silver tinsel around his father’s arm.

    “And did you ask daddy about getting this extra tree?”

    “It is daddy!” Miri answered as though her father had lost his mind.

    “It is?” Leo asked still pretending he didn’t see his husband desperately trying not to laugh which would cause all of their decorations fell off. “I don’t see him.”

    “Abba!” both kids exclaimed.

    “Is that my JJ and Miri I hear?” Came Abi’s voice from just outside the living room.

    Leo knew she was on her way, no one, not even his sister got into the Residence without being announced, but he still acted surprised to his kids. “Is that Aunt Abi?!”

    His kids jumped up and ran to the doorway as Abi came through. Both kids wrapped themselves around her legs and started talking at once.

    Leo stood up and pulled the tinsel off his husband, kissing him briefly on the lips and then went to greet his sister.

    After a few minutes of the kids excitedly showing their aunt all the things they'd gotten for Hanukkah so far, it was sundown and time to light the final candles. Leo set everything up, and bent down to JJ. “Do you want to light it tonight, buddy?”

    “Yeah!” JJ replied.

    “Okay, well I’m going to help you.” He looked at his sister, who had picked up Miri, and smiled. “My daddy used to help us light the menorah, and I’m going to help you just like he did me, okay?”

    JJ nodded his head and pushed his glasses further up his nose. Leo picked him up, put him on his hip and then handed him the shamash. He then lit the candle and wrapped his hand around his sons. Together they lit all eight candles and sang the prayer.

    After they were done, he gave his children their final small Hanukah gifts. As they were opening them, Leo put an arm around his sister and leaned his head against hers.

    “Dad would have loved this,” she whispered. “Seeing his grandchildren lighting Gramma’s menorah. In the White House.”

    “Yeah,” Leo replied. “It’s like I can almost feel him here.”

    “He is. In this," Abi gestured to his family. "Tradition.”


    Fun Fact Note: All of the night's match up to the appropriate dates for those years. It probably wasn’t necessary and it gave me a headache a few times because the dates didn't work the way I wanted them to, but I thought it would be interesting to do.
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  18. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    It's okay, I TOTALLY understand when the muse gets like this and there is no turning it back to fluff. It always turns out amazing (as in the case here) even if your crying, the reader is crying and everyone is a blubbering mess. Even though this series got sad, it also brought back some lovely memories for me.

    I've spent waaaaaay to much time researching and learning about the US government for one-liners, so I totally understand (I changed Elvie's dates as governor after realizing something stupid and added his dates as congressman after thinking about it way too much). I saw and I think it works well.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! [face_rofl] Poor, poor JJ. The kid never stood a chance between being a Lyman and being named after both President Bartlet (insert "sudden arboreal stop" joke here) and his grandfather.

    Awww!!! Miri!I love it! I love her name (I guess that solved your name problem :p ) [face_love]. I love that President Leo has two wonderfully adorable little kids to come home to and snuggle with! I'm so very excited to use her in stuff now! Also Miri - as in Myri Antillies - Leo, you nerd! He probably only tells people she's named after his grandma :p ;) (but seriously, I love that she is named for Grandma Lyman).

    [face_love]I love this image!

    JJ and Miri decorating Marc was just so cute, as was Leo's interactions with them. I could have quoted that entire thing!


    This is just so lovely!

    Thats what I figured. I kinda tried to do that for mine - just to see what dates would overlap with Christmas, and then I kinda gave up.

    I loved these so, so much! Also, congrats on making it all 8 nights even when the boards were really acting up. I hope you and your boyfriend had a very happy Hanukah!
  19. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    I'm so glad it brought lovely memories! I'm hopeful my muse stays away from tragedy for a bit, though by saying that I'm sure everything will be for awhile. :p

    The things we do for fanfic! :p

    He really didn't! After I'd already written that night, I had a thought of a small fire happening one time from someone being clumsy. There are so many people it could have been! That may still have to happen in the future.

    Yay! Yeah, I'd been using Cera (pronounced Sara) but it still didn't work for me. Then you named Josh's mom Miriam and Miri seemed perfect! Named after Josh's mom, but a more modern version.

    Hahaha... I totally didn't think of that, but yes, he totally named her half after Myri Antillies because that is something he would totally do. And I doubt Marc knows that part of the story. :p

    Thanks! Our tree growing up was always a mix of homemade ornaments and ones that had been given to us. It might not have been the prettiest tree, but I always loved how special that made it. I started to give Leo and Marc Josh's menorah (which I was going to make his grandfathers that he got after he was released from Birkenau) but then I thought that should be Abi's since she had such a strong connection to Josh and Hanukkah.

    I have no idea where that came from, but the idea was making me giggle, so I had to include it.

    More than little Leo, Elvie, Josie and all the other kids, JJ is the one that makes me think I WANT BABIES!!! :p

    That was added kinda last minute and was kinda inspired by "No one's really ever gone" in TLJ. I'd been trying to think of a way to really tie it all together and that seemed like the perfect way.

    In retrospect, it was way more trouble than it was worth. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out when things would and wouldn't overlap and moving years around so that it would work out how I wanted. But it mostly worked out in the end, so I'll take it.

    Thank you!! Yeah, it was difficult with the boards acting up, but I really wanted to get them all posted on their correct nights.
  20. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Title: First Dates and Ugly Sweaters
    Author: mavjade
    Fandom: The West Wing
    Timeline: Bri-and-Mav’s Future West Wing ‘verse starts in 2055 but flashes back to 2033.
    Length: Three parts. It really doesn't divide well, so parts 1 and 3 are pretty short. But the whole thing together was just too long for one part, and it was weird when I tried to do it in two.

    Notes: This is for the 11th Annual Fic-Gift Exchange and the story is for Briannakin.
    While the rules state that the story should be in it’s own thread, since Bri and I both requested things in our 'verse we agreed to put them in those threads.

    I would like a story in The West Wing with:
    1. Either a mention to, flashback of, or even the story of Leo (Lyman) and Marc meeting
    2. Leo being his father’s son (either being completed oblivious, irritating, and/or clumsy, etc)
    3. A really ugly sweater

    Characters: Leo Lyman, Marc, anyone else from the gang you see fit.

    I don’t want: anyone mad at anyone else - usual bickering is fine, but no lasting/permanent damage to any relationship

    Character I don’t want: Torvald Drumf.

    You really don’t need to know anything about the show The West Wing for this story, other than its a show based in American politics at the highest level. With exception to one character, everyone is an OC. I don't think you'll really need it but here is a primer on the Bri-and-Mav ‘verse for anyone who might be reading that isn’t familiar with it:

    Leo Lyman is the son of Josh Lyman and Donna Moss (canon characters from The West Wing). We know from other stories that Leo is President of the United States starting in 2055. Marc Lyman is his husband, they have 2 children.

    Leo-Vincente "Elvie" Santos is the child of Matt and Helen Santos (canon characters). Josh Lyman was Matt Santo's Chief of Staff, so the families were pretty close when Elvie and Leo were born making them close friends their entire lives. Elvie is now Leo's Vice President, Roseamie "Rose" is his wife and they have 3 children.

    - - - -
    Part 1

    February 2055

    “Is that what you’re wearing?” Marc asked his husband who had just walked into their living room from their bedroom. Marc was sitting on the sofa having tea with Leo’s mother, Donna, who lived in the Residence of the White House with them to help take care of the kids.

    Leo looked down at the sweater he’d just put on and sighed. “Yeah…”

    “Why?” Marc asked. “It’s hideous.”

    Leo laughed. He agreed, it wasn’t his best look. “Terra wanted me to wear it. I guess they camera tested it and they liked this one the best.”

    This was a part of being President no one prepared you for. Everything you wore in public was scrutinized, so there was a team of people in the Communications Office whose job it was to decide what you should wear in public. Usually, Leo didn’t mind because it was a choice of a striped tie, or a solid one; Prussian blue or Oxford blue, things he really didn’t care too much about. But apparently, the upcoming interview required more scrutiny than usual.

    “It really isn’t you,” Donna agreed with Marc. “I know they were going for a less formal look than suit and ties, but this…” her voice trailed off as she gestured to Leo.

    “I think that’s the point,” Marc said dryly. He was pretty sure he knew the reason they'd chosen that sweater, and it didn’t make him very happy. His husband was President which meant they’d have to deal with some unpleasant realities, but this manipulation made him angry.

    Leo said as he cocked his head to the side in confusion. “I don’t follow.”

    “That it isn’t you." Marc stood to stand in front of his husband. "They don’t want you to look gay. It’s 2055; you’d think we’d moved on as a society by now, but apparently not.”

    Leo shook his head, “I don’t think that’s it. Why would they do that? I was elected, so clearly it isn’t a problem for the American people.”

    “But we weren’t telling the story of how we met before. Nothing screams gay more than two guys sitting on a couch together, holding hands and telling their love story.”

    “So I have to wear a hideous sweater?” Leo knew what Marc was saying, and if pushed, he would agree that was probably the reason the team had picked this sweater, and they just didn't want to tell him that. He’d worn a specific item of clothing for a lesser reason, but it still really didn’t make any sense to him. A sweater wasn’t going to change anything.

    “You have to wear a nondescript sweater,” Leo’s mom said. “Something that isn’t going to stand out, isn’t going to say anything at all.”

    “Except that you have no fashion sense,” Marc interjected. There was nothing he could really do about the situation so he figured he'd find humor where he could.

    “I don’t have any fashion sense.”

    “Yes,” Marc put his hand on Leo’s back in a fake gesture of conciliation. “But they want the American people to think that too.”

    “And you’re father never would have been prouder of you, sweetie,” Donna added.

    Leo sighed. “This is ridiculous.”

    “Yes.” Both Marc and Donna replied.

    “But it’s the game you play when you’re not only President of the people who voted for you but also to the people who didn’t,” Donna said. “You sometimes have to give in small ways to get the big victories.”

    “I don’t think an ugly sweater is going to make them like me if my being married to a man is their problem,” Leo argued.

    Donna nodded. “No, probably not."

    “And a sweater, no matter the color isn’t going to change their minds. They aren’t going to suddenly say, ‘Oh now I get it! They’re just like you and me!’”

    “No,” his mom agreed.

    “But I’m still wearing it,” Leo said with a resigned sigh.

    “Yes. Terra did a lot of work to pick that sweater.”

    “Okay.” He turned to Marc, “You ready to head down?”

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    Feb 25, 2010
    No, Marc probably doesn't know :p My sister is kinda half named after Geordi Laforge and my mother had no idea till my dad admitted it when he said he wanted to name me after some other Star Trek characters.

    BAHAHAHA! They are all adorable but there's something about JJ that is just soooo adorable.

    You have no idea how much I needed this and 3 parts!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!

    But first, the fact that you included Elvie and Rose in the primer makes me even more excited!!! I was really conflicted when I sent you my request because I also love it when you write them.

    Excuse me while I try not to add the entire thing to the multi-quote.

    I just LOVE Marc's and Donna's relationship. They are really friends in my head and it shows in just this one moment of them having tea together.

    I agree. I see Leo always either in a suit (he knows he has no fashion sense so he just does even try) or in jeans and a sweatshirt when he's not in public.

    I both love and hate how Marc is keenly aware of what is going on - if that makes any sense. I hate that it is happening and Marc is understandably angry, but it also shows how well he can point it out to Leo and is comfortable being open with his displeasure.

    I'm glad you address this because it is something I am struggling in writing Marc's and Leo's relationship during the election/presidency. Obviously it isn't any sort of issue for them or their friends and family (as it shouldn't be any sort of issue), it is just their life and they don't even think about it, but of course this is America. I saw the way Obama was treated by some groups and it makes me sick to just know Leo and Marc would face something similar 40 years in the future.

    And of course Leo is just oblivious because he has SOOOOO MANY MORE IMPORTANT things to think about.

    Hahaha! I'm glad Marc gets some humour in the situation and Leo might be oblivious about other things, but he knows he has no fashion sense.

    Loved this use of a show quote by Donna!

    Leo is just smart enough to know what battles are worth his energy.

    I loved this so much and I can't wait for part 2!
  22. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Hahaha.... I love it!

    Yay! I'm glad it came at a good time! :D

    They didn't get in as much as I wanted them, in my initial plan. And I'm a little worried that if anyone else reads this and doesn't already know Elvie he's going to come across not the way he really is. I'm going to see if I can fix it, but he's being his snarky self. : p


    I do too! They both love Leo so they have a lot in common. ;) I want to write more with them together but they seem to like just these little snippets right now.


    Yeah, I'm sure being at that level, you just roll your eyes at a lot of things because it's not worth thinking about. But there are some things that are more than eye roll worthy, but there's not much you can do about it. Marc wants to make his displeasure known but won't dwell because it will make them all miserable.

    I debated on if I should make it an issue or not. It shouldn't be one now so it for SURE shouldn't be one that far in the future. But then I started thinking how the Civil Rights movement here was 60 years ago and there are still some really vocal racists who think things should go back to the way they were, and like you said, gave Obama a lot of crap. After thinking about that I got really sad and then figured it wouldn't be unrealistic. [face_sigh]

    Yep! And a little bit because he's his father's child. :p

    At a certain point you can let it eat you up, or you can find the fun where it exists. And poking fun at Leo is always fun! :p

    Exactly. That was something my mom tried to teach me from when I was little... choose your battles. I'm not always great at it, but I imagine as President you have to be very good at it. And as annoying as it is, this just isn't a hill to die on.

    Thank you!! Part two now!
  23. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    First Dates and Ugly Sweaters - Part 2

    Leo and Marc sat together on a couch in the Mural Room. There were lights and cameras everywhere capturing questions and responses from multiple angles. A few of the senior staff stood in the background to make sure the reporter kept to topics they’d already agreed upon.

    The interview was going well, Marc and Leo had answered questions on their first few months living in the White House, if Marc was going to go back to his job as an architect, and how the kids were dealing with the changes. Finally, it was time for the question—

    “So Mister President,” the famous news anchor said, “there’s been a question that everyone has had on their minds. How did the two of you meet?”

    Leo laughed and took Marc’s hand. They’d been avoiding telling personal stories on the campaign trail, wanting to focus on the issues and not the possibility of the United States' first same-sex couple in the White House. But now all of those questions were harder to avoid, and they decided they’d better start answering some of them before the tabloids started making things up. People were curious about the person who was their President, they wanted to know about their lives, and that of their family.

    “I was 23, Marc was 22, and we both were at Harvard for graduate school,” Leo said. “We met in the library—“

    “Well…” Marc interrupted and turned to look at Leo. “We technically met in the library, but we’d run into each other before. Leo accidentally spilled a drink on me.”

    Leo laughed and nodded his head. “That’s true, I did.”

    “He was very nice and apologized, offered to help me clean up. I declined, and I thought that was it.”

    “And then a few days later, we ended up sitting at the same table in the library as it was about to close.”

    * * * *

    Flashback to 2033

    “Hey, you’re that guy from the Hong Kong the other night,” Mark said a little unsure of himself. He’d been sharing a Scorpion bowl with a friend, and it had been dark. But he didn’t think he’d forget the face of the guy who had spilled his drink on him.

    “Uhh… I’m sorry?” Leo didn’t have much of a memory of that night. He’d not had that much to drink since Josie had come to visit right after he got accepted to Harvard Law. He swore to himself he’d never do that again, but apparently, he had.

    Marc laughed. “You don’t remember? I’m guessing your friends had to get you pretty trashed to get you to sing karaoke?”

    “I sang?” Leo asked, his voice going up just a bit at the end making his surprise and alarm obvious.

    “Oh yeah, you did. I don’t know what you are studying but keep at it. I don’t know that you have a future there.”

    Is he flirting with me? Leo thought to himself. He didn’t make it a secret he was bisexual, and he’d been on a few dates with both guys and girls, but he still didn’t really understand when people were flirting and when they were just friendly. He blamed his parents and how they’d apparently flirted for eight years before anything went anywhere. He’d been told their attraction was clear to everyone but each other. Clearly he’d gotten bad flirting genes from both sides, and he was hopeless. He figured it wouldn't hurt to just run it and just see where things went. “I’m an L2; we’d just all passed our first international tax law exam. The class is hell, and we were celebrating.”

    Marc was a little taken aback. This wasn’t the library most of the law students used, it didn’t have the right books. “This isn’t the law library, what are you doing over here?”

    “I don’t like the law library,” Leo answered. “Too many people who want to be lawyers.”

    “Um... isn’t that why you are going to law school?”

    “Nope, plenty of people go to law school to do other things. My dad went to law school and as my mom says, has never been a real lawyer a day in his life.”

    Marc nodded pretending to understand that idea. He was in architecture school because he wanted to be an architect. “So what do you want to do that you’re willing to torture yourself with Harvard Law in order to do?”

    “Government,” Leo answered matter of factly.


    “Yeah, it’s kinda the family business. I’ve been around it my whole life.”

    “So, you want to be a… senator?” Marc asked. He thought he was beginning to understand. This was a guy who had ambition, and he liked that. Not that there would have been anything wrong with wanting to be a lawyer, but it sounded like this guy wanted more. He just hoped it was to do good and not because he liked the idea of power.

    “I really like more local politics, but I’d not rule that out,” Leo said. But he’d seen federal government up close, and he knew how frustrating it could be to try and get anything done. “I guess I’ll just have to see what happens. What about you?”

    “I’m getting my Master’s in Architecture.”

    “So you want to build buildings?”

    “It's a bit more than that,” Marc said flatly. People never really understood; it had gotten annoying already, and he wasn’t even an architect yet.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything. I just…”

    “It’s okay,” Marc stopped him before he could continue. “Most people really don’t know what all architects do. I’ve had to take calculus, physics, art, quite a few computer design classes. It’s not just drawing a few lines and then bam! There’s a building.”

    “I’m sure it’s not," Leo said hoping he'd not completely messed things up. He'd been trying to make a joke, but it had evidently fallen flat. "I wouldn't know the first thing about it. ”

    “I could show you sometime,” Marc offered with a smile. He was really enjoying talking to this guy, and he felt like his interest might be reciprocated. There was a cute little smirk on the other guy’s face, and he kept running his hand through his adorably unruly hair. “There’s a lot of interesting architecture around Boston. It’s why I decided to stay here for school instead of going somewhere else.”

    “You’re from Boston?”

    “Yep, grew up in the North End.”

    “I’ve not really gotten to see much of Boston,” Leo admitted. “My dad went to undergrad here, and so he brought me a few times when I was a kid, but most of the time I’ve been here, I’ve been in this library.”

    “Oh, there’s so much to see! So much history; The Old State House, The Boylston Fire House, even the monstrosity that is the Gehry building over on the MIT campus is worth talking about.”

    Leo watched as Marc’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but smile. “You’re passionate about this.”

    Marc ducked his head, as he felt his face heating up. “Yeah, sorry, for nerding out.”

    “No, don’t be sorry,” Leo interjected quickly. “I love it, and I’d love to see it all with you.” He suddenly grew shy himself wondering if he was reading into things. “That is, if, um… was that…”

    “A date?” Marc said quietly. “I’d like it to be if you want it to be.”

    “Yeah,” Leo agreed. “I’d like that.”

    “How about next Saturday?”

    Leo thought for a few moments. He probably should study since he’d taken a large chunk of the last weekend off, but he didn’t want to miss out on this either. He really didn’t want to miss out on this. “Sure, that sounds great! Do you want to do lunch first and then you can take me on a tour of the city?”

    Marc smiled. “Yeah, that sounds like fun.”

    “Great,” Leo said smiling back, looking into the other guy’s dark brown eyes.


    Suddenly a voice broke into their moment. “Library closes in ten minutes, guys. Wrap it up.”

    “I’m Marc by the way,” Marc said as he started to put his things in his messenger bag.


    Marc wrote something down on a piece of paper, folded it and handed it to Leo. “I’ll meet you here on Saturday?”

    “It’s a date,” Leo said and then laughed at himself. They’d already established this.

    Marc laughed too, “Yeah it is.” And then he walked toward the exit.

    Leo opened the note,

    I’ll look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Wear walking shoes.

    Text me before then?


    - Marc

    Leo folded the note back up and smiled. He’d made a bit of a fool of himself, but the guy still seemed interested. Maybe he wasn’t as bad at flirting as he had thought. be completed.

    All of the buildings mentioned are real ones in Boston. The Hong Kong is a popular spot in Harvard Square for small concerts, comedy and karaoke. The Gehry building isn't my cup of tea, but I'll let you judge for yourself. I've been told by people who've been in it that it's even worse inside. Here is an image of it:
  24. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    That's okay. And yeah, Elvie's snark can get out of hand when writing him (I've had to scale him back on occasion too) but its because it's so much fun! Elvie as VP is a genius with NOTHING TO DO and Leo is just an easy target :p

    Anyways. Excuse me while I just melt into a pile of mush.


    There's not many mushy WW gifs. This is like one of the few I could find.

    AHAHAHA! Oh no! Not a great start there Leo!
    It was fate [face_love] (I'm going to be using that emoji a lot, aren't I?)

    Hahahaha. I love that Josie gets him drunk right after he gets accepted. And yeah, of course Leo would do it to himself again and not remember, because he has his father's sensitive stomach.
    I love this on so many levels [face_rofl]
    1. Leo got so drunk he did Karaoke
    2. Marc was witness to it
    3. Leo had no idea

    Something tells me Marc will never let Leo forget their first interaction.
    BAHAHAHA! There's the snark from the start!

    Oh, poor Leo. He really had no chance! But I'm glad he just goes for it!

    [face_rofl] Such a Lyman answer!
    [face_love] Leo has seen so many people do good that he wants to do that to.

    :*(I had to mix up the emojis a bit). MARC, MARC. Marc just isn't going to have any hope in not falling in love.

    Bahahaha. "Stay Local. " Surrreee. That's totally going to happen. o_O

    OH Marc, get your nerding out while you can, because Leo is going to drive you crazy with his nerding out.

    Awwwww!!! I love that they can just clear up and make their intentions clear.

    YAAAAAAY! HE SAID YES! (I say like I don't know how this all ends :p )
    I really hope Leo did [face_love]
    Oh, of course Marc is still interested! And Leo is totally as bad as he thinks he is, but it doesn't matter after this point!

    I just love it and them so much. *happy sigh.*

    Edit: Ach! Sorry for the bunch of one-line reactions again! I'm so bad at reviewing sometimes. I just loved this, the mix of friendliness and awkwardness. I also love that you put in your own knowledge of Boston into this. That is just so cool!
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    Sep 10, 2005
    :D YAY! :D Mush piles are the best!

    There really aren't any, it's a shame! But that one works well... the looks on their faces! :D

    No, it really wasn't. Lucky for Leo, he's cute and adorkable.

    It was!! The universe wanted them together! Do you think the admins would listen if we said we needed more heart emojis so we can not use the same one all the time?! :p

    Those poor Lyman kids, almost all the bad genes seem to be dominant. They have no hope. Josie wanted to have a bigger part in this, but she didn't make it, so she had to make trouble somewhere!

    Nope! He will never live it down! :D I wanted to write the entire thing, but it wasn't cooperating. Maybe one day it will work it's way into something one of us writes!

    Yep! It's how we know he'll fit in really well! Your snark game has to be pretty strong to keep up with this family.

    He really didn't. But at least he learned something from his parents. Just take the chance! (Not that I blame Josh and Donna for not, there was a lot at stake!)

    I always forget about that one!! He really didn't have any hope! Leo is just his person, he just doesn't know it yet here.
    [face_laugh] He's a little naive, our Leo. But his heart is in the right place.
    Hahaha... so true! He hasn't seen nerding out yet!
    I had to get a bit of nerd Marc in there. He'd have to have some nerd to put up with Leo. :p
    I didn't want this to turn into a romcom where no one knows what's going on. That can be fun, but I figured they'd both manage to be direct enough to get it across and they'd both know what's going on.
    He really is that bad, but it's part of what makes him adorable! He's so bad in a cute way!

    Thank you! I'm so glad you are enjoying it! These guys are so much fun to write, no matter where they are in their relationship!

    Please don't be sorry, I love it! I do the same thing to you quite often. Sometimes it's so hard to articulate the squee!