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Story [The West Wing] Descendants (Bri and Mav's TWW future 'verse)|

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by mavjade , Aug 31, 2017.

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    Sep 10, 2005
    First Dates and Ugly Sweaters Part 3


    A week after the interview Leo and Marc were having dinner with Elvie and Rose Santos in The Residence. Elvie was not only Leo’s Vice President but also one his oldest friends, their parents being friends since before they were born. This dinner was something they wanted to try and do at least once a month, as schedules would allow. The kids would all stay with a babysitter at the Santos’, giving the adults a night without kids and the Lyman children a night outside the White House Residence. It also served as a way for their kids to grow closer to other kids that would understand what they are going through.

    Elvie grew up under the spotlight of being a child of a president. He had his siblings to lean on, but they were older and didn't relate in the same way. So instead Elvie had Leo, who wasn’t a child of a president, but he'd lived with Secret Service protecting his dad and grown up almost entirely around the life. He also had Josie -their other closest friend- who was a child of a president. Having these friends who didn’t think he was a freak for the guys in suits following them around, or taunt him for things they'd heard their parents say about his dad had been a godsend in his young life.

    Elvie and Leo had many conversations about how they wanted their own children to adjust to the life, and these nights were a part of the plan. It was also supposed to be a time for the adults to discuss anything but politics.

    “So I want to know the rest of your story,” Rose said as she took a sip of her red wine. She'd known Leo and Marc for awhile, but mostly in passing, and she didn't know their history well. But they'd become closer on the campaign trail and she felt perfectly comfortable asking such a private question. “I know you guys didn’t tell the press the whole thing.”

    “Does that count as politics?” Elvie chided jokingly. “It’s at least politics adjacent.”

    “It’s not,” Rose insisted. “Marc and I get to decide what is and isn’t politics and I say this isn’t, so you just sit there and be quiet.” Her tone was joking and loving, but she sent her husband a look that meant she was somewhat serious.

    The interview had shown the previous night, and so far it had been mostly positive feedback. People enjoyed how real and down to Earth Leo and Marc seemed.

    “We didn’t,” Marc said to Rose’s question about telling the whole story. “We left out the part where Leo was drunk and sang karaoke the real first time we met and the details about our first date.” There was a line between letting the public get to know you and allowing them full access to your life, so they’d elected not to tell everything. “Our first date was basically a tour of Boston.”

    “We went to lunch in Harvard Square,” Leo picked up the story hoping to avoid yet another teasing about his college experience with too much alcohol. “And then he showed me all of the most interesting architecture in Boston.”

    “Not even close to all the interesting architecture in Boston,” Marc interjected.

    Leo continued without acknowledging his mistake but gave Marc a little wink. He’d still tease Marc about his job on occasion, just as Marc picked up the teasing of Leo not being a real lawyer like Leo’s mom had done to his dad. “We ended the day at the main branch of the Boston Public Library. He was standing on a step below me, and I just kissed him while he was mid-sentence. In retrospect, it was pretty awkward.”

    “So you met in a library, your first kiss was at a library, it’s no wonder you got married in an old library,” Rose said with a smile. “I love the symmetry.”

    “They almost didn’t get married in a library,” Elvie added. “Leo tempted fate and almost didn’t make it there.”

    That was Abi’s fault,” Leo objected. He still had never let his sister live that situation down.

    “Libraries have been good to us,” Marc said bringing the conversation back as he took Leo’s hand and looked his husband in the eyes. “And someday you’ll get to have your own.”

    “And it will be the most brilliant presidential library ever designed,” Leo smiled back.

    “Damn straight” Marc agreed. He’d started designing his husband’s library in his head before Leo had been elected, not that he’d ever tell Leo that. He’d gotten the ‘tempting the wrath of the whatever’ lecture more than a few times from Leo’s dad before he had died, and Leo took it as his personal mission to keep up the tradition.

    “While we're on this non-politics topic, Leo, I have to ask one thing,” Elvie said. “What was up with that sweater?”

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    I don't think I even tried this time not to add quote whole thing (or at least a good chunk of it).

    I love this! It gives both the parents and kids an evening of socializing but also normalcy, and I think both parents and kids would appreciate it (kinda goes along with Leo and Elvie's lunches).

    But man, do I feel sorry for that babysitter. Probably would need some special op military training (and considering it's the President's and VP's kids, they probably do).

    Yeah, this is my head-canon too. His sister is like 8 years older and his brother was like 13 years older. Thats a lot for any siblings, but especially for those growing up with a president/former president as a dad. They went through the same stuff, but they were completely different ages which probably coloured experiences
    Totally. I think this would be a reason why Elvie is so close to the other two without having been in the same state. But poor Elvie :( I'm glad he has friends to lean on but it breaks my heart (even though I wrote it too).

    BAHAHA! I love Rose! She is just so in charge. She might be married to the VP but she isn't taking any of his flak
    MARC! You're just giving Elvie more ammo! Not that Elvie needs it or will use it against Marc.

    AWWWEEEEE!!! [face_love] Leo kissed Marc first! and on the first date. He didn't get all his parent's bad genes... just most of them.

    BAHAHAHA. I want this story!

    Also, I was writing a vignette about Marc and Leo when they were engaged, the muse kinda floated off on that one, mostly because there was a bunch of stuff I couldn't decide on, like when Marc met Elvie (I had them meet in the vignette which was set like a week before the wedding but I didn't really like it) and I couldn't decide if Elvie would be a groomsman. On one hand I see Leo having a very small wedding party, which would already include Josie, Abi, and Noah. But on the other hand, Elvie as a groomsman for Leo would just be sooooo adorable. But that little snippet makes me think that he was (and Leo was totally a groomsman for Elvie regardless because Elvie totally got stuck with a HUGE Catholic wedding with Rose's like 10 sisters and cousins as bridesmaids). And now my muse is going like 100 KmpH regarding bachelor parties. ANYWAYS.

    [face_love]:* HE'S GOING TO DESIGN LEO'S PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY. Marc might complain about being First Gentleman but that is just support right there.

    And of course Josh yell at Marc for all things tempting the wrath (and Marc was probably forced to go outside, spin around and spit)

    [face_rofl][face_laugh] How did I know that was going to come from Elvie. HAHAHAHA.

    Oh man, I loved this so much I can't even tell you. Thank you so much for writing this fic-gift for me! I love all your stuff with these guys and I selfishly hope I get more soon!
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    I totally stole it from you! I figured if Leo and Elvie have lunch, they need to do a couples dinner date too! And it serves two purposes, socilizing with friends and no kids!

    Oh yeah, they may need an Army battalion as a babysitter for that brood!

    My brother is 5 years older and we were always in such different places in our lives until we became adults. My sister is 16 years older and we've never been in a similar place, so yeah, I definitely think that while I'm sure Miranda and Peter were a help to him, not as much as Leo and Josie were.
    And I just realized I said "their other closest friend" and I meant to say "oldest friend". Not that they can't both be true, but I didn't want to box Elvie into not having another close friend.

    It does mine too! But I could totally see it happening that way.

    Hells no she isn't going to take anything from him! I love that about her! She just tells it like it is.

    [face_laugh] He certainly doesn't need any more, that for sure! But I figure Marc is often game to get help picking on Leo. Poor Leo, he just can't win. :p

    He has to learn from some of their mistakes! I have bits of introspection in my head from this time, I hope to write it from Leo's POV at some point.

    When I closed my eyes and pictured their wedding, it was surrounded by books and looked like my favorite place in the library where I went to college (the first time). I thought that was perfect for the bunch of nerds.

    :D And I actually have no idea how it came to be, but I'm going to ponder on it. (If something comes to you, feel free!)

    Yeah, I was going back and forth on his wedding because I could see the guest list getting out of hand reeeeallly quickly. But I totally think Elvie and Josie would be groomspeople for Leo. I LOVE the thought of Elvie and Rose's huge Catholic wedding! YES!!!11! for bachelor parties!

    Marc wouldn't let it be anyone else! :D

    This is another one I've got little bits of ideas but not a full story yet. I really want it to be when Leo is running for Senate, but that's too late. Aaaanddd.... I think I just had an idea right as I was typing.

    He's one of the few people who could get away with it! Everyone else has to be polite, but Elvie isn't standing for that! He's known Leo way too long!

    Thank you!! I had a blast writing it!
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Title: Miri and Abba
    Author: mavjade
    Fandom: The West Wing
    Characters: OCs: Leo Lyman, Marc Lyman, Miri Lyman
    Timeline: Spring 2056
    Notes: I’ve had this one for awhile but couldn't get it done until Miri had a name. It may be a bit preposterous, but if Aaron Sorkin can use creative license, so can I. Also, a bit of a different side to Leo here which was fun to explore.

    - - -

    It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in early spring, just barely a year into his administration and President Leo Lyman was a happy man. He’d managed to take the afternoon off to play with his five-year-old daughter, Miri. His husband was at his ‘other job’ as Leo jokingly called Marc’s job from before becoming First Gentleman. Marc loved his career as an architect and was always happy when he got away to go to the office. There had been some disagreements about allowing Marc to remain in his old job, but the Secret Service assured them that they could secure his building and it would not be a problem for them. After a few fights on the subject, Leo finally agreed that it wasn’t fair to make Marc give up his job entirely and they found a schedule that worked for them.

    This day, Marc planned on going to a work party in the evening meaning he wouldn’t be home until late. JJ, Leo and Marc's older son was seven and at school for the day, and then had plans to go with Leo's mother for ice cream which made way for an Abba and daughter afternoon.

    Leo and Miri were in the Rose Garden playing what amounted to hide and seek with tag. There weren’t very many places to hide in the Rose Garden --the Secret Service would be very upset if there were-- so they would hide behind a column of the portico and try to sneak away from each other.

    Leo was pretending not to know where Miri was, looking around each rose bush and each pillar, purposely avoiding the area near the Oval Office where he knew his daughter was. “Hmm… I wonder where Miri has gone? Have you seen her Corporal Kellmen?” he asked the Marine guarding the door to the Oval Office.

    “No sir,” the Marine replied with a smile since both of them could see the giggling girl holding her hand over her mouth trying her best to stay quiet.

    “Okay, well thanks anyway. I guess I’ll keep looking.” Leo continued to wander looking around everything he came across.

    Under a bush? Nope!

    Behind a column? Not there.

    After a few minutes, he dipped low behind a bush where his daughter's small stature meant he couldn’t be seen and snuck up on her from behind. Before he could get all the way to her, he made his shoe scuff so that she would turn and see him.

    “There you are!” Leo said as his daughter squealed and ran away. He gave chase and after a few moments caught her and swung her up into the air. “I got you!”

    Leo held her in one arm and began to tickle her, she continued to squeal and yell, “Abba! That tickles! Abba!”

    “It does, does it?!”

    “Yessss….” she continued to laugh as Leo put her on the ground and she started to tickle him. “See Abba! See!”

    Leo dramatically fell to the ground and laughed as his daughter jumped onto his stomach and kept up the tickles, as he did the same to her. He was so engrossed in their play he didn’t see the swarm of Secret Service Agents until they were practically on top of them.

    One of them picked Miri up off of him, causing her to scream, this time not in play but freight. “Abbaaaa!”

    At the same time, two agents grabbed Leo's arms and pulled him off the ground as the rest surrounded him and began moving him toward the building pushing his head lower than their own, “We’ve got to get inside, sir.”

    “Meer!" he yelled for his daughter. "What’s going on? Where are you taking her?” All he could hear were the frightened screams of his child continuing. “Give her to me.”

    The agents continued to hustle the President into the Oval Office and pushed him onto one of the couches, while they stood guard around him. Leo could no longer hear Miri crying; he didn’t know if it was because she’d stopped or if she was just too far away. “Where is my daughter?” he demanded.

    “She’s being taken to the Residence, sir,” one of them finally replied.

    “There isn’t anyone there!”

    “She’ll stay with an agent,” the same man said in a matter of fact tone.

    “An agent she doesn’t know? She’s five; she’s terrified. Bring her here.” Leo knew she was terrified, and being with a stranger wouldn't help. She couldn't know that the stranger was someone who was there for her, she was too small to understand.

    “We can’t do that sir.”

    “Why not, what’s going on?”

    The side door to the Oval Office opened, and all of the agents turned, their hands twitching to the guns at their sides. The head of the Presidential detail, Frank Talbort marched into the room. “Sir, at approximately 1623 we received a threat on your life that was initially dismissed as not credible in part due to a recent post-mark from Alabama. At 1645 a bag was found along the south-west gate full of weapons. We apprehended a man who appeared to be nervous and watching the grounds. Inside the bag were handheld weapons, but also a magazine for a long range weapon, though no such weapon was found. We have reason to believe the man who was arrested was not alone.”

    “Okay, so we’re crashed," Leo relented. "I understand that. Why was my daughter taken to another location?”

    “For your safety, sir,” Agent Talbort replied.

    “Frank, pretend I’m an idiot for a second and explain it to me." Leo was trying to keep the exasperation out of his voice, but he knew he wasn't doing a good job. "She was practically ripped out of my arms, and I am not happy. I want a good reason.”

    “Sir, when your children are around it makes you more vulnerable. You are more concerned with them than your own safety—“

    “You’re damn right I am.” Leo was normally a pretty easy going guy. Having Secret Service around all the time wasn’t his favorite thing, but he knew it was necessary and he saw no need to be anything but friendly with them. But now they were coming between him and his child, and this wasn’t something he could just go with the flow about.

    “Our concern is for you. Everything we do is for your safety if that means protecting you from yourself, we will. I understand you are angry, but she is safe, you are safe. That’s all that matters." His voice then became softer, "We’d never put her in danger because that puts you in danger.”

    Leo still wasn’t happy and he didn't agree that safety was all that mattered, but he understood they were just doing what they'd been taught to do. “Can I talk to her on the phone at least?”

    “Yes, we can allow that, sir.”

    Leo sat down on the end of the couch and picked up the phone. He dialed the Residence and waited for someone to answer. He saw one of the agents talking into his wrist; he hoped it was to inform whoever was with his daughter to pick up the phone.

    Finally, after what felt like an eternity, someone picked up the line, “This is Williams, sir.”

    “Agent Williams, are you with my daughter? Could you please put her on the phone?”

    Leo could hear a shuffling and the sound of faint crying, then a loud sniffing when he was sure his daughter was on the phone. “Miri,” he managed to say before she began to cry again.


    “I know, baby, but it’s okay. You’re okay.” He couldn’t stand to listen to his kids cry, especially from something that was preventable. As he tried his best to calm his daughter down, his anger at the situation grew again but he didn't dare let that slip into his voice. “Miri, baby, you’re okay. Agent Williams is there with you and is going to play with you until I can come home okay?”

    “I want yooooou.”

    Hearing her beg for him was hard for Leo. He wanted to just tell the Secret Service to shove off and go to his daughter, but that wasn't going to help the situation. They had the authority to do what needed to be done, no matter his wishes. “I know, but you know how we talked about Abba’s job and how sometimes I’ll have to be away or work a long time? How Abba loves you always?”

    “Uh hu,” she sniffed.

    “This is one of those times, okay? You and Agent Williams are going to have sooo much fun,” he said with enthusiasm he didn't feel.

    Miri's reply was timid, but she agreed, “O… okay.

    Leo hated that his five-year-old daughter had to be so understanding. He'd known before becoming President that there would be times he would have to disappoint or upset his kids, he'd seen it up close and personal many times. But knowing it would happen didn't prepare you for the feeling. “Okay, baby. Abba has to go, but when I get home we’ll have a lot of time all to ourselves, how does that sound.”


    “Good! I love you, Miri.”

    “Love you, Abba.”

    Leo hung up the phone and took a deep breath before turning back to the lead agent, his face dropping from the happy go lucky Abba to a father whose kids was threatened. “This never happens again. I don’t care what we have to do or arrange, but it doesn’t happen.”

    “Yes, sir.”


    Leo was sitting on the couch in the Residence, his bare feet propped up on the ottoman in front of him. He’d changed from his suit to a pair of pajama pants, and an old worn out Harvard tee shirt. His left arm was propped up on the arm of the couch so he could read one of the many files he’d brought with him from the West Wing, his right arm was draped over his daughter who was asleep snuggled into his side.

    When Leo had managed to get back to the Residence, he found Agent Williams and Miri playing Guess Who, one of her favorite games. He was happy to see that she had started to recover from the day’s events, she was smiling and guessing, though still somewhat reserved when the Agent noticed him and stood up. Miri turned and saw her father and ran to him and began to sob. “Abba!”

    Leo had picked her up and snuggled her into his arms, “Shhh… it’s okay. I’m here. You’re okay.” He thanked the agent and moved into the living room to try and comfort his daughter.

    The rest of the afternoon, she refused to leave his side. Even once JJ and Leo's mom came home, Miri wanted to stay with her father and no one else. Leo had tried to leave her with his mother for a few minutes so he could go to the bathroom and it caused a complete meltdown. He knew this would become an issue if it continued in the morning, but he didn’t have the heart to try and separate her just yet. So after putting JJ to bed and saying goodnight to his mother, he sat down on the couch with Miri. Eventually, she fell asleep watching TV, and they remained there until Marc found them that way at 11 pm.

    “Hey,” Marc said walking into the living room pulling off his tie.

    “Shh…” Leo replied as he pointed to their daughter at his side. “She had a rough day.”

    “What happened?” Marc could see the tear tracks that remained on his daughter’s face. Between their two kids, she was much braver and rambunctious of the two. The transition to the White House had been much more of an adventure for Miri and much scarier for JJ.

    Leo told his husband what had happened and that he planned on nothing like it ever happening again. “I can’t get her screams out of my head,” he admitted. “It was like someone was killing her.”

    Marc sat on the arm of the couch, his hand playing with the hair at the base of Leo's neck. “You couldn’t have known that would happen,” he said. He could see that Leo blamed himself for scaring their daughter even though there was nothing that he could have done.

    “I should have,” Leo shook his head. “I should have figured it out, or asked.”

    Marc knew there was nothing he could say to change Leo’s mind, so he let it go for the time being. “Well now we know, and we can work on it.”

    Leo sighed, “Yeah.”

    “Common, let’s go to bed,” Marc offered. He picked Miri up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist and laid her head on his shoulder. “This can all wait until tomorrow.”

    Leo stood, he brushed back Miri’s light brown hair from her forehead and placed a gentle kiss on her head. “Yeah, okay. It will be tomorrow soon enough.”

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    Yeah, I'm 6 years older than my brothers, and yeah, while we are closer now that we are older, growing up we were in different places in our lives. I don't think they will be as close to me as my sister and I, because there is less than 2 years between us.

    Don't worry, I understood.
    Leo's wedding guest list probably got soooo out of hand (and Elvie never had a hope!). But I'm taking Elvie as a groomsman as canon now (You've already established Josie as the Best Woman and I love it!) AAAANNNNND now I'm beating off plot bunnies

    BAHAHAHA. I love it when this happens!

    Now. this. =((:_|[face_love]. LEO! MIRI!!!! So heartbreaking but I also loved and enjoyed it so much.

    Haha! I am glad to finally see the resolution to this argument! Of course Leo would still let Marc have a life outside the White House, but I can see Leo taking issue with it.

    AWWWW!!!! I love that Leo makes time for one-on-one time for his kids (and that JJ has some one-on-one time with Grandma!).

    [face_love] This whole bit was so cute! I love Leo just as a carefree father and Miri is just adorable!

    =((=(( Ugh. Gah. Just so heartbreaking. Neither one of them know what is going on and they both just want each other. I can't imagine how hard it must be as a father to hear your kid scream for you and have them taken away from you.

    The whole situation is horrible but totally seeable. Its obvious why Leo isn't happy but his agents know how to best protect him, even from himself. Little kids can be hard to predict and sometimes it is best just to get them away. But still heartbreaking how it all had to go down. Leo is just a protective Abba.

    =((:_|Gah just ripping my heart out here (I know I'm totally being a hypocrite). I just want to hug them both!

    She, in some ways, understands so well that she needs to do what is asked of her.
    Good. It better not happen again.
    I'm glad Miri attaches to him, rather than totally rejects him, but yeah, I can see it being a practical issue (I was much younger, but I remember my dad once having to put me outside the bathroom door and me making him talk to me while he did his business [face_blush] sorry Dad!).

    Yup. I can totally see this.
    =((And there's that Lyman coming out, blaming himself for something that was totally out of his control.


    And then there's just Marc who knows Leo is upset enough for all of them.

    I love this so much (even though it is so heartbreaking). They are such a wonderful family in sometimes very hard circumstances, but the love always comes through.
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    Thank you! I felt kinda bad doing this to poor Leo and Miri, but once it was in my head it wanted out! I'd had it written for quite a while, it only took this long to post because of her name. ;)

    I have the beginnings of a story that goes into an early part of this argument, it's just not managed to find an ending yet. Yeah, I figure Leo didn't want Marc to continue not because he didn't want Marc to have something for himself, but because he worried about Marc and how he could be used to manipulate Leo.

    It was so much fun to write! I don't really know little kids very well so I was hoping it was age appropriate for Miri. But the image of them playing in the Rose Garden was just so damn cute.

    I'm sure that's one of those things that is the worst for a parent, but when you are president and it could mean so much more. I imagine the worst case scenarios are running through his head and his daughter is being taken from him.

    Exactly. And it may be a situation where they need the president to concentrate (though it would be hard in either situation) and to not be distracted by the kid. I think it's probably a lose-lose situation that is upsetting but necessary. :(


    Yeah, and that's kinda sad in itself. For a lot of kids it's probably not a big deal, but as an adult to think about a kid having to understand, it's heartbreaking.

    Oh I don't think Leo will let it. He may normally be a teddy bear but he turns into Papa Bear protecting his cub really quickly.

    Oh yeah, I agree attaching is much better than rejecting, but it can get a bit awkward. I think I did the same thing when I was little, and now that I think about it, I barged in on my mom even as I got a bit older. [face_blush]

    Yep. That's one of those not so great things that I think kids subconsciously pick up on. Even if you try to not subject them to it and teach them otherwise, it seeps through.

    Yeah, Marc certainly isn't going to add to the drama right now, but I suspect he may be talking to the Secret Service in the next few days. ;)

    Thank you!!
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Title: The Sound of Love
    Author: mavjade
    Fandom: The West Wing - Bri-and-Mav's Future 'verse
    Timeline: 2038
    Genre: Tragedy, Angst. I'm not kidding, it's intense, but there is a happy ending
    Warning: Major canon character death and the emotional fall out.

    Notes: Bri managed to fix something that I wrote before I really knew and fell in love with one of my OCs (Marc) and I know she had ideas to write this issue. Since she’d already said so, when she writes it this will be an AU in the Bri-and-Mav 'verse and her version will be canon. Since Bri and I had a mind meld and this is similar to what she was going to write, it's canon to our 'verse.

    This is written for the OTP “We’ve come through a lot together” challenge.

    If you are reading this and not familiar with TWW or the Bri-and-Mav ‘verse, I think you'll be okay but here's a bit of info on our 'verse:
    Josh Lyman and Donna Moss (canon characters) got married and had three kids, Leo who is the oldest and twins Abi and Noah. Leo was married to Marc about a year before this story.

    In canon, Josh was shot in the chest, collapsing his lung and tearing his pulmonary artery. It took a 14 hour surgery to fix. He then spent many, many years in a high stress job.

    Josie is Leo’s best friend, they’ve been close their whole lives as their parents were very close.

    - - - - -

    The only sounds that Leo heard were the pounding of his own heart, and the cries of his sister, Abi. Thankfully the alarms and the screen that showed his father’s vital signs had been shut off a few minutes before, their screaming worse than any sound he'd heard before. He couldn’t hear anything from the ICU, nor the rest of his family crying. He could see it and knew there should be sound, but Abi’s heartbroken sobs were the only thing breaking through the haze of grief that had settled over him.

    Abi was laying with her head on their father’s chest; one arm was thrown across his body, the other over his shoulder closest to him. Both arms were reflexively pulling him to her as though she could make him wake and put his arms around her. Noah, Abi’s twin brother, was sitting beside her, his hand on her arm rubbing up and down, tears slowly tracking down his face. Leo could see him talking to their sister, his mouth moving but no sound reached Leo's ears.

    Their mother was sitting on the other side, her hands running through his father’s grey, but still unruly hair, tears running down her face. Just moments ago she’d been telling her husband of thirty years that it was okay for him to go, that they would all be okay. Leo had wanted to yell that it wasn’t okay, that he didn’t know how they’d all manage without him, but he knew that would be unfair to his father. He’d almost died thirty-eight years ago when a bullet had torn through his chest, damaging his pulmonary artery. They’d known that it would eventually catch up with him, and after surviving two heart attacks in the past, the damage the bullet fired out of hatred took its final toll. He’d fought the good fight in recent years, decreasing his stress, taking medications to control his blood pressure, but eventually, the strain had been too much.

    Leo stood behind his mother, close but not touching. His husband Marc had tried to put his arms around Leo -who was normally a very affectionate person- but Leo flinched when Marc touched him. He felt like if he allowed Marc to comfort him, he’d fall apart and he needed to hold himself together for the rest of his family. So Marc stood close but didn’t touch him, and Leo didn’t touch anyone else. He hoped Marc would understand.

    They existed in this tableau for minutes, or maybe hours, Leo couldn’t tell as time felt like it stopped with his father’s heartbeat.

    Finally, when the nurse came in to check on them, the stillness was broken. His mom stood and leaned over to kiss her husband on the lips and let her hand linger on his face for a moment before moving around to the other side of the bed. She placed her hand on Abi’s back, who turned and buried her face in her mother’s neck, her sobs that had quieted starting again.

    They both stood and nodded to the nurse who was still standing by the door and walked out of the room. Noah kissed his father on the head and whispered something Leo couldn’t hear and then left himself. Marc, who had said his goodbyes to the man who loved him like his father never did, kissed his husband on the side of the head quickly, and left Leo with his father. Leo knew Marc must have asked the nurse to leave them be for a moment because when the for shut, Leo was alone.

    He sat down on the side of the bed and placed one hand in the middle of his father’s chest. He felt for himself that there was no longer the strong pulse of his loving heart. Leo couldn’t help but remember a time when he was little and asked why he could hear a “bump, bump” when he laid on his dad, and Josh had explained how the heart worked. “It’s a biiiig important muscle that sends blood alllll over your body,” He’d said as he held a young Leo’s hand to his chest. “It’s life, and it’s love. “Your heartbeat is the love your mom and I have for you.”

    “So your heart is my love?” little Leo had asked.

    His dad had chuckled, “Yes, it beats for you and your mom, and the babies in her tummy.”

    This memory was what it took to break the damn, Leo’s head fell on his father’s chest, and he began to sob, his tears dampening the hospital gown. Once again he wanted to ask why. He was so happy his father was there for his wedding to Marc, but he’d never see his grandkids, never see where life would take his kids. Leo had just been named Chief of Staff for the Mayor of DC, a job he’d worked so hard to get, a job he’d planned on frequently asking his father for advice.

    Noah and Abi were still so young; their dad would never be there to see them fall in love, or have kids, or be proud of their accomplishments.

    Leo thoughts were spiraling out of control when the nurse came back into the room to make sure he was okay. Leo wiped his eyes and looked at his father.

    “I love you, dad.” He took his dad’s hand in his own, “’I’ll take good care of mom and the twins, okay? They’ll all be okay.” He kissed his dad’s forehead and slipped out of the room, glancing back one last time before the door shut.


    After the funeral and seven days of Shiva were over, Leo went back to work. He’d not been the Chief of Staff for the Mayor long, but the week he’d taken off had made the pile of things he needed to do even more massive. He tried to dive right into work, but he found he couldn’t concentrate. So many times he’d read something interesting or hear some movement about a bill, and he’d pick up his phone to call his dad. He once even dialed the phone and only once it started ringing to did he realize what he’d done. He waited to hear his dad’s voice on the message and then dropped the phone, a picture of his dad’s smiling face looking back at him. He lowered his head to his desk and tried to hold the emotion in.

    There were so many things on his mind: his mom who’d just lost her husband, his sister who had always been daddies little girl wasn’t taking their father’s death well, his new job. And on top of it all, he and Marc had started the application process to foster or adopt a child not long ago. It was so much.

    Too much.

    He couldn’t sleep, his mind would just spin with all the things going on, all the time he didn’t have at the moment. The things he wished he'd said to his dad kept speeding through his mind along with the future things his dad would never see. It was affecting his work and his life with Marc. Finally, after a week of barely sleeping, he knew he needed to get rid of something to slow his mind down.

    He couldn't get rid of work or the thoughts that kept spinning around. So he got rid of the one thing he thought would take away a lot of the stress. He called the adoption agency and asked that their file be pulled. He couldn’t adopt a kid right now, there wasn’t enough time for the things he needed to do, much less add another human that needed care, consideration and love. He didn't think he had room for that kind of emotion.

    They told him that their application would remain active for three months but then after that, they would need to start the application process over again and they'd forfeit the fees. Leo didn’t think things would change in a few months, but he refrained from telling them so.

    A few days later he walked in the house feeling dead on his feet. He’d gotten up very early that morning to get a head start on the day, and he’d stayed late. He'd done both things many times in the last few weeks, but finally, he felt like he was making it somewhere. As long as he didn’t stop to think too much, he could be productive.

    “And just when were you going to tell me we decided not to have kids?” Marc asked with anger evident in his voice as Leo walked through the door. Marc had understood the late nights and early mornings, the workaholic his husband had become. He understood Leo calling his best friend in the middle of the night to talk instead of waking his husband. He could deal with Leo pulling away when Marc tried to touch him, he didn’t like it, but he understood. He knew how close Leo had been to his dad and that Leo was just doing what he could to keep the emotions at bay. That if he allowed Marc to comfort him he’d fall apart. But when Marc got a call at work from the social worker wanting to know if everything was okay and offering to help with whatever she could, Marc drew the line.

    “I…” Leo paused. He didn't know that he could explain himself. “I just… can’t. Not right now.”

    Marc shook his head and took a breath. “Why didn’t you come to me? Talk to me.” He was more hurt than anything but anger was the emotion that was coming out. "You've not talked to me in weeks!"

    “I don’t know!” Leo yelled. “It was just so much.” His voice softened, "Too much and I looked down at all the information and things we still needed to do and I just… couldn’t do it on top of everything else.”

    “I don’t know what to say,” Marc said with sadness and anger still coloring his voice.

    “Say you understand.”

    “I do,” Marc answered calmly. “I understand you are upset and overwhelmed, but I don’t understand how you could just make a decision that affects both of our lives without even considering me.”

    “I did,” Leo defended. “I knew I couldn’t do it right now and that would put stress on you.”

    “No, Leo you didn’t. You didn’t think about me at all, and I think that hurts the most. You may have sabotaged our ability to ever have kids. Ever, Leo. You can’t just back out of the process for no reason.”

    “I gave them a reason!”

    “Well, they didn’t seem to know what it was when our social worker called me to make sure we— you and I — were okay. That was the only thing she could think about, that something had happened between us.”

    “What did you tell her?” Leo asked worried that maybe something had broken between them. That he’d broken them.

    “The truth," Marc answered.

    “Which is…”

    “God, Leo.” Marc ran his hand over his face and took a deep breath. “That your dad just died, that you are having a hard time even though you won’t admit it.”


    “I know you’ve been talking to Josie, and I’m glad. I am. But on this one thing, this ONE thing I needed you to talk to me.”

    “I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to say.”

    Marc walked over and kissed his husband on his forehead. “I know, but sorry doesn’t fix this. I need to think. I’m going out, don’t wait up.”

    Leo watched as Marc put on his coat, and walked out of their home. He watched the door for a long time after it had closed and wondered if his stupidity had just cost him everything in his life. His heart was pounding in his chest, the sound rushing through his ears. He swallowed hard trying to hold back the nauseating feeling. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and called the one person he knew would tell him the truth no matter what.

    “Josie,” he said when the phone was answered. “I think I’ve messed everything up.”


    11 Years Later

    “You are doing great, Jos!” Leo said as he wiped the sweat off Josie’s forehead with the hand that wasn’t currently holding hers. “You’re almost there.”

    “I think I may hate you,” she ground out looking at Leo.

    “One more push and we’ll have a baby,” the doctor at the end of the bed said.

    Josie leaned forward and pushed as hard as she could, her teeth holding back a scream. But suddenly there was a cry from the end of the bed, and the doctor said, “It’s a boy.”

    The newborn was placed on Josie’s chest, his cries filling the room. Leo looked at the baby and then looked over Josie to Marc who had been holding Josie’s other hand. Their eyes met, both with tears that were about to fall, and smiles on their faces. Marc put his hand on the new baby’s back, and Leo’s covered his, their fingers linking together. ”Hello little man,” Leo said.

    As Leo looked at his newborn son, he couldn’t help but think about how he’d almost ruined it all and how long it had taken to get to this point. Leo had broken Marc’s trust in a way they almost couldn’t come back from. They’d fought more than they ever had, but in the end, Leo showed Marc that he’d learned he couldn’t take everything on himself, couldn’t make decisions for them even if he thought it was for the best. After a lot of work on their relationship, Marc had given Leo the start of the best gift he’d ever received: a trip to Canada and an appointment with the doctor who was pioneering the genetic engineering that would allow them both to contribute genes to their child.

    Stopping the thoughts that he’d almost caused him to never have this moment, he looked back to Marc, “I love you.”

    Marc leaned over to kiss his son and then looked up at Leo, “I love you. Thank you.”

    “Congratulations, Dads,” Josie said having watched her best friend and his husband greet their son, wanting to make sure they remembered she was right there between them. “So what’s his name?”

    They’d decided not to find out the sex of the baby and had kept their name ideas a secret just between them. Even Josie being their surrogate didn’t get to know. It was something Leo and Marc shared with each other and no one else, at least until after the baby was born. Leo looked to Marc who nodded his agreement on the name they’d chosen.

    “Josiah Joshua Lyman,” Leo said, the tears falling from his eyes.

    Josie smiled at her best and oldest friend. “Perfect. Your dad would be so proud and so happy.”

    Leo looked back down at his son and put his hand over his son's chest feeling his little heart beating against his hand, knowing that his and Marc’s love has created this life and he finally truly understood his dad’s words about the heart and love. He could feel the love he and Marc had beating under his hand. “Yeah, I think he would.”

    - - - - -

    Notes: Bri wrote a beautiful short that I reference in this and I suggest you read it to get more of the story in the middle of these two parts: Kids
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Okay, first off, FREAKY NOTE ABOUT THIS MIND MELD WE HAVE GOING ON! Gah! Seriously, any more in sync and our periods would be lining up :p Okay, so I first got the urge to write Josh's death and the emotional fall out during my (horrible) Christmas (as you know), then again when I saw the OTP challenge, but both times (and I tried like 4 different starts each time), I couldn't do the idea justice (specifically Josh's death =((:_|) and the muse just wasn't into it (and I only got like 200 words into it each try before getting frustrated and annoyed and going off to write something that was coming to me much smoother). And then you said something and I kinda had an inkling this was what you were writing AND I AM SO GLAD IT WAS BECAUSE THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING TO WRITE (down to some pretty freaky details like (but not limited to) Leo flinching away from Marc, not telling what he did and Marc going for a walk after their fight). But you made it so much better and the ending was just so perfect [face_love]

    Okay, time for some (more) crying emojis as I try not to quote the whole dang thing!

    (I was okay when I skimmed it when I was killing a couple minutes, but, no, now I am not okay).

    Yeah, sorry, this is canon because it is what I was going to write and I can't do it any better (but I might take it and add to it if that's okay? Because in my head Leo and Abi went kinda AWOL after Josh's death, Noah sat with the body, so Marc cared for Donna).

    As heartbreaking as this entire thing is, this is the part that just got me for reasons you know.

    Another thing I totally was going to write. Just so dang perfect for Josh and Donna - she knows she and Josh were together on borrowed time - and of course Leo is just not okay.

    Months ago, I started to write a vignette with one of Josh's heart attacks - I'm not sure if I can revisit it any time soon, but I think I still want to finish it eventually for cathartic reasons. Is that weird?

    Another thing I wanted (and started to write) in my version. Leo just doesn't want to be open and vulnerable or comforted. He just wants to be strong for the other members of his family. He's like his father, he thinks he can take on the world by himself =((
    :_|This got me teared up too. Marc might have not been in Josh's life all that long, but they loved each other like father and son. And that just shows how loving Josh was and how much a part of this family Marc is.
    This is just such an adorable moment and I love it [face_love]

    =((I still do this. It's rare now, but I still have moments of "I can't wait to tell Dad about this!"
    This is another element I was going to write, Leo not sleeping (and maybe not really sleeping since his father was in the hospital) and the lack of sleep just slowly making him even more not okay and just one more thing pushing him to rash actions.

    =(( I wrote it but it still breaks my heart to read. Leo's feelings are totally understandable but still heartbreaking because he doesn't consult or even tell Marc (another thing I saw as I was imagining this story in my head).

    Yup, again, exactly how I pictured it going in my head. Marc is so understanding with Leo's grief and everyone just has their "breaking" point and it is totally justified that this is just it for Marc.

    =(( I know it leads to JJ and Miri eventually, but it is always hard when you think you have a plan and it just all crumbles.

    Another thing I saw in my head. Marc still loves Leo but is just done.

    I might have to add to this and write how they work through it and their make-up (BECAUSE I JUST WANT THEM HAPPY)

    And then JJ!!!! I am sooo glad you ended with just pure JJ cuteness!!!!!1!!!

    BHAHAHHAA! I can totally see this.
    [face_love] I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

    I'm really glad you included this because I was so unsure about this element. It's really an element of science-fiction in an otherwise not really a sci-fi fic series (sure, at this point they are in 2049, but the futuristic setting really doesn't come up too much). I have a diary entry dealing with the genetic engineering of Miri and JJ and I'm just so unsure of it because it fits in the time-setting, but we've never really brought up the futuristic setting much, if that makes sense.

    And Canada, because Canada :p

    :*[face_love] (Sorry, I just love this bit).
    Bahahaha! Poor Josie.
    @};- I love this. JJ is named for Josiah Bartlet, and Josie, but most of all Josh. I almost named him Joshua but that would have gotten confusing and I don't think Leo could yell "Josh! Pick up your dirty clothes!"

    I just loved this so much! Thank you for writing it (so I don't have to worry about the plot bunny bugging me :p but seriously, thanks). But, I think I now have to write fluff.
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    Very good piece, however I was distracted all too quickly to my own RL episode, and how many of us have lost fathers.

    Well done on the Leo and husband stuff. I have no idea about political parties in the West Wing universe; for them to be that open, clearly they operate in a nicer America.
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    May 11, 2016
    Oh Josh :_|
    I remember watching the season 1 finale/season 2 premier where he is shoot and just how shocking it was(even though I already knew he would survive). All of the West Wing characters really grew on me since I've started watching the show. And Josh, he is just brilliant and great to watch. Its very sad to see him die and just thinking how hard it would be for Donna, and his kids, to loose him. Thought I'm glad that the two had these happy 30 years together.
    The rest of the story was also beautifully written, I don't really know any of you OCs but I like them. Its nice to see that Josh named his firstborn son after Leo McGarry@};- who has been his mentor/father figure for many years, as Leo now named his son after his father, and president Bartlet. Also I like the relationship between Leo and Marc, that Marc, in the end, is able to understand how much the death of his father impacted Leo, even though he needs some time to come to therms with it. Josie really seems to be a good friend to Leo here, in that she is always willing to listen and comfort him, no matter what has happened and in the end even bears his and Marcs child.

    A touching story, great work.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Man I'm terrible! Sorry all for the late response! And has it really been since February?! My muse took a longer vacation than I remembered.


    I'm so glad I didn't completely mess up what you were thinking. And yeah, the mind meld thing is really kinda freaky!

    Yeah, when I was picturing this scene, I was quite emotional. It was hard to write. And I'm sorry I'm bringing it up again all these months later!

    Not weird at all. I often write the worst of the emotions as a way to get them out, so it makes complete sense to me.

    Exactly. He feels like he has to take everything on himself now that his dad is gone. And if he lets someone comfort him or if he allows himself to feel, it will all come crumbling down.

    I want to write more about Marc and Josh's relationship, it's just not come to me fully thought out yet. But I do know they had a lovely relationship, as is evidenced by Marc being pretty upset too.

    :( That's something I've heard from a lot of people. My mom says she still does it sometimes and it's been quite a few years since both her parents died.

    I think we've talked about it before, but it's so hard because I can see how Leo feels that way, but I can understand how Marc gets upset too. It's just a crappy situation.

    Yep, you can only be understanding for so long or about so much before things start to unravel. I think Marc is probably more patient than most people.

    Especially when it deals with kids you've worked so hard for. Yeah, it eventually lead to something wonderful, but they didn't know that then.

    I really liked it! I figure even if our tech might not advance that fast, TWW is in a different universe and maybe not having people set science back makes it progress faster!

    I'm so glad you... enjoyed (?) it. It was hard to write, but I'm glad I did.

    I was a bit worried it might be a bit too emotional. I've never lost a parent, so I can only imagine what it must feel like, and it's basically unimaginable.

    I don't know about a nicer America, but certainly a future one! (I hope!)
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Sorry it took me so long to reply!

    Same here. When I first watched it, I knew he'd live, but I was still so shocked and so scared because Josh was my favorite character. It was hard writing his death, that's for sure! But even still, we probably pushed the bounds of his life with how he'd lived and after being shot.

    Yeah, a lot of our OCs names come from other characters that meant a lot to the canon character (and then the OCs as things move along). To me Leo McGarry was definitely a father figure to Josh. And he and Donna wouldn't be together if it weren't for Leo, so that's why he got the first born name. (Josh and Donna then name their other kids after Josh's dad, Noah, and Abbey Bartlet). Josie (also named after President Bartlet) is a great friend to Leo (and Marc)! I don't think it says in this but she's the daughter of Sam Seaborn and Ainsley Hayes so she and Leo have been friends their whole lives.
    Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply.
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    Title: Knowing Who You Are
    Genre: A bit of angst, but mostly over the top schmoop
    Timeline: Various, but the idea is from 2033
    Challenge: Representing the Underrepresented
    Notes: These are all things people hear all the time, I've heard a few of them myself, but thankfully not in the way Leo hears them.
    This isn't exactly what I wanted, but I ran out of time to try and make it what I wanted. (Also, sorry, Bri. I think I retconned a bit of history, though hopefully not too much.)

    Notes on this Universe: This story takes place in the Bri-and-Mav post West Wing universe. It’s mostly all OCs so you don’t really need to know anything about the show The West Wing. While this story references other events that have happened in that ‘verse, you don’t need to have ready any of it to understand this story.

    - - -

    Twenty-three-year-old Leo Lyman was worried that this would end up the same way it seemed to always end, with his current boyfriend questioning his sexuality, or just straight up saying he couldn’t deal. He didn’t think Marc was that kind of guy, but he’d thought that before, so he felt like he really couldn’t trust his instincts.

    Leo had known he was bisexual since he was fourteen. He started noticing that he’d look at some boys in the same way he’d look at some of the girls, with appreciation and wonder. That summer when he realized he was in love with one of his oldest friends -his male friend- he knew for sure that was the path for him. Thankfully, when he told his best friend, Josie about being in love with their other friend, she took it well. She’d known him to have a crush on other girls, so while he didn’t come right out and say the words he was Bi, they were pretty clear.

    The next people he told were his brother and sister. He had plans to tell their parents that he was dating a guy and wanted to test the waters with the siblings he knew would always have his back. Not that he thought his parents would react badly, he was almost positive they’d be cool with whatever - well, almost whatever- but that didn’t stop him from being nervous. Abi and Noah both boosted his confidence and told him that their mom and dad would be cool.

    They were right. While at first, his parent's reaction was kind of timid, it turned out they just didn’t like the boy he was dating, not the fact that he was a boy. He quickly learned that his dad was also bisexual, but had to hide it due to the high profile jobs in the federal government he’d wanted. But his dad fought for equal rights with everything that he had so that other people wouldn’t have to hide as he had. Eventually, Leo learned that his dad and his Uncle Sam had dated when they were younger, something he just really didn’t want to think about too much.

    So overall he’d been lucky. He knew kids that would get kicked out of their homes, not allowed to see their siblings. Even with it being 2033, homophobia was still alive and well. The first time he’d faced discrimination it was from someone he didn’t really expect. Someone he thought would certainly be on his side.

    “What do you mean Jessica is hot? I thought you were gay?” Leo’s older boyfriend asked.

    Leo shook his head. “I never said that. I’m bi.”

    “Yeah right you’re just too chicken to say you are gay, so you are hedging.”

    “What!” Leo said sitting up from where his head had been laying on the other boy’s legs. “No, I’m not.”

    The other boy continued, “Are you afraid mommy and daddy won’t love you if you say you’re gay?”

    “I can’t believe you’d… no. That’s not it at all.”

    “No one is actually bi.”

    “Well, I am.”

    “Sure, whatever,” the other boy said in a dismissive tone.

    Leo laid back down but found himself more and more upset with the conversation they’d just had.

    That young relationship hadn’t lasted much longer with the older boy continuing to needle Leo about just admitting he was gay. When Leo told him that he couldn’t take it anymore, the guy said he didn’t want someone who was in the closet anyway and to look him up if he ever decided to come out. Leo decided he didn't really need that in his life.

    The next time Leo told someone he was bisexual was when he was in his first year of undergrad. He’d been dating a girl for quite a while, and they were talking about getting an apartment with a few other people the next year.

    “Have you had sex with a guy? She asked after Leo told her.

    “Well, no but…”

    “Then how do you know?”

    “How do I know I’m attracted to guys?” He asked not understanding why she was asking. He just was.

    “Yeah, I mean, what if it’s just a phase or something?”

    “How did you know you were attracted to guys without having sex? Do you think it’s a phase?” Leo turned the questions back on her. It made him a little angry that she thought he didn’t know his own mind.

    “I don’t know that I can do this,” she said out of the blue. “I can’t imagine you having sex with a guy while we’re together.”

    “I wouldn’t,” Leo said. “I wouldn’t have sex with anyone while we’re dating. I’m not a cheater.”

    “How do I know that?”

    “How did you know it five minutes ago? The same way. You trust me. Just because I’m attracted to both sexes doesn’t mean I’m just going to go around sleeping with random people.”

    “I don’t know that I can trust you now that you’ve lied.”

    “I didn’t lie about anything.”

    “I still don’t think I can do this.”

    She stopped taking his calls and refused to see him after that.

    So now, as he was standing in front of a man he knew he was falling in love with, he found himself terrified. They were both in graduate school and had lived a little more life than when Leo had told other people. He hoped that time was what was needed to change the reaction he'd gotten used to seeing.

    “Leo,” Marc said to get his attention. “Where did you go? You were off in space there for a minute.”

    “I… I’m sorry…. I… “

    Marc took his hands. “Are you okay, you’re shaking.”

    Leo took a deep breath. “I’m not gay, I’m bi,” he just blurted out. He started to explain that it was a real thing, that it wasn’t something he was just saying so he didn't have to say he was gay, but Marc started talking before he could.

    “Is that what you’ve been so upset about? I was worried something was wrong.”

    Leo dropped his head to look at his hands. “It’s never gone well when I’ve told other people…”

    "You mean like you’re parents?” Marc asked.

    “God no,” Leo chuckled and looked at Marc in the eye. “I know you haven’t met them yet, but when you do, you’ll understand. They’re about as liberal as they come.” Leo dropped his head back down and mumbled, “More like other people I was dating.”

    Marc lifted Leo’s chin so he could see Leo’s face. “I don’t care who you are attracted to, so long as when you are with me, you are with me.”

    Leo smiled, and he was pretty sure it was the dopy grin he’d inherited from his father, the one his mom always loved. At that moment, he knew he was falling in love because Marc seemed to care for the man that Leo was for who he was, and that was beautiful to Leo.

    He leaned over and kissed Marc briefly. “Thank you,” he said after he pulled back.

    “For what?” Marc asked clearly confused as to why Leo was thanking him.

    Leo smiled, “Just for being the man you are. “
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Oh! Yes, I enjoyed it so much!
    I know people hear these things, and I know it must be both frustrating and heartbreaking. Thankfully I haven't heard them (yet) (I'm not sure if its just my generation or Canadian thing, buuuut I also came out during a bible study and it went so well, so things are changing. Of course, I don't mean to be ignorant of other people's experiences).

    Maybe? A bit of minor, but I'd have to search, but it's totally ok. I do it to myself. I'M JUST HAPPY TO HAVE A NEW STORY.


    OHHHHHH! I JUST LOVE EARLY MEO! I mean, I love Marc/Leo at all points of their relationship, but they just are so fresh and discovering everything.

    It's heartbreaking to see Leo kinda jaded from past relationships. It is just so him to let himself be too open and too venerable early in a relationship, that it really makes sense he's had his heart broken a few times.
    Heheehehe. I know I've said this before, but this storyine just gives me so much joy (and inspiration ;) )
    Yay. I totally have a fic relating to this (kinda) done and ready to be posted.
    Bahahaha. One of us has got to write this at some point. Oh, poor Leo. Thinking about your parents dating is horrifying enough, let alone dating someone you know and love as family. I learned that my mom dated one of her brother-in-law's brothers (a man I kinda know as a uncle, even though he technically isn't) and I just wanted to melt my brain with acid.
    This is just so heartbreaking to hear someone crush your identity. And you just describe it so well. =(( Many people live in and believe in binaries, but that isn't the case when it comes to sexuality and identity. I believe it is all about spectrum.
    Oh, I said before but poor heartbroken Leo. But Leo is so smart in his decision to move on because he really does not need that in his life.
    Again, just so crushing and real.=((

    Awwww! But all the heartbreak leads to Marc [face_love] This is just so Marc, lightly teasing, but also so much care and love.
    [face_love]:* Yeah, again, just so Marc with a hint of snark, but all love. Coincidentally, this is pretty much what I got with the first few people I've told.
    I don't know why, this just made me smile :D
    Awwww! He's just so adorable!!!!


    I LOVE that you dealt with this topic with these guys. Discrimination against Bi people from both heterosexual and homosexual is a LGBTQ issue that doesn't get bright up at all.

    And, of course, Leo is just adorable.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    I've only heard a few things, nothing to the extreme that Leo gets here, and they more came from a place of just not knowing/understanding rather than a place of prejudice. And thankfully the people I've talked to were receptive to hearing other thoughts.
    That's awesome your bible group took it well! I agree times are changing, thankfully!

    They are so cute when they are still in the getting to know you phase. I too love comfortable Meo, but there's just something about early on that is extra adobs.

    Yeah, he's just too trusting and open for his own good. He certainly gets that from his mom! ;)

    And to think I was so nervous about posting it, now I have no idea why! It is the gift that keeps on giving!

    I agree it needs to be written at some point! We need to torture poor Leo with this info!
    Eeck! Some things you just can't unhear and it's terrible!

    It really is. I've read so many stories about people who have had this happen and usually from the people they least expect (people who are also LGBTQ). I 100% think it's a spectrum, even within an individual at any given time. The Kinsey Scale might not be perfect, but at least it allows for that spectrum.

    If he's learned anything from his parents, it's go after what you want, which means leaving behind things that aren't what you want.

    That's another one that I've heard and seen a lot of people talk about. That if you are bisexual it just means you are promiscuous and more likely to cheat. Um... what??


    It did me too. I think because we know that not only do Josh and Donna accept and love who Leo is, they will love Marc in his own right. So even though Marc doesn't know that yet, he gets just a little taste of it in that bit of introduction from Leo.

    They are sickeningly sweet! But we love them for it!

    Yeah, I really feel like it doesn't get brought up much, and with discrimination coming from all sides, it can be a little lonely. Even though the B in LGBTQ stands for bisexual, it can feel like you aren't really a part of it because of that.

    Thank you!
  15. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Title: Unplanned Visits
    Timeline: ~2056
    Characters: Elvie, Marc

    Notes: I started this awhile back and just couldn’t find a way to finish it. I'm not super happy with it, but I can't find a way to make it exactly what I wanted. It’s the very opposite of what they say you should do, it’s all tell and no show, but I just loved the idea of Elvie and Marc having this conversation.

    - - -

    “Mr. Vice President,” Elvie’s assistant Lee-Ann said as he entered the outer room of his office in The West Wing. Elvie immediately knew something was wrong. She’d been with him for years, long before he was VP and he insisted she call him Elvie unless it was an official event or meeting. She only got formal when she was angry, usually at him.

    “Okay, what did I do?” Elvie asked.

    “I’m pretty sure you know what you did, and you know how I feel about it, so why don’t you just say you won’t do it again and we’ll leave this conversation for next time you do it. You are already running late.”

    Elvie didn’t know what it was he’d done exactly, but he wasn’t going to point that out if she was going to let it go. He was running late, he’d not slept well the night before and he’d woken up late. “Okay, I’m sorry,” he offered. “What’s today, more babies to kiss and hands to shake?”

    It was a running gag they had, that his schedule was nothing but fluff when in actuality he did quite a lot for the administration. His role might not be as well known as the President, but he and Leo wouldn’t let it be a nothing job.

    “Yep,” she answered flatly, not rising to his joke. “You’ve got the American Federation of Teachers at ten, lunch with President Lyman at noon, then that meeting on two-two-four President Lyman asked you to sit in on at one thirty.”

    “Thanks,” he said as he continued into his office. As he just got inside the door, he saw a shadow of someone sitting in the chair next to his desk. With only a small desk lamp on, the room was pretty dark, and the person’s features weren’t clear. He jumped, startled that anyone was in his office so early and that his assistant hadn’t said anything. Even though he knew it wouldn’t be some exceptionally random person, it was still startling. When he realized it was Marc his heart rate came down quickly. He nodded to the other man and then pushed the wheels on his chair so that he rolled backward out of the door he’d just came in and looked at his assistant. “Lee-Ann?”

    “Yes, Mister Vice President,” she answered not looking up from her computer.

    “Did I have a morning meeting?” Elvie prompted.

    “Not that I was aware of, no.”

    “Did you know that Marc Lyman was in my office?”

    “I was,” she answered still doing her best to ignore him while maintaining some decorum of doing her job.

    “And you didn’t tell me because…” Elvie trailed off hoping she'd take then hint to give him an answer.

    She looked up from her computer and gave him a look that was close to a glare. “I wasn’t aware that you had a meeting.”

    And like that, Elvie realized her problem. She thought he’d scheduled a meeting and didn’t tell her. It was a legitimate thought, he’d done it to her many times before. But now that he was VP, it made her life much harder since she had to keep a diary of all his meetings. Elvie had done his best to stop scheduling his own meetings after he’d realized how much more work it was for her. “I didn’t—“

    “You’re late, Mr. Vice President” she interrupted.

    “Okay,” he replied and started back into his office. He’d clear up the misunderstanding later.

    Marc stood to leave as Elvie reentered the office. “Sorry about that, if you need me to come back.”

    “No, it’s fine. I’m being punished for prior misdeeds. I’m always happy to talk. What’s up?” Elvie could see by the look on his face that Marc was worried and upset about something. Elvie and Marc were friends, but since the campaign, Marc and Rose had become very close and usually, the two would confide in each other.

    “I don’t really know how to ask this so I’m just going to come right out and ask. Is there something going on that I should know about?”

    Elvie was confused. Did Marc think Leo was cheating on him? Elvie knew that was impossible and was pretty confident Marc knew that too. “I don’t know what you mean,” he finally answered thinking that he shouldn’t jump to conclusions out loud.

    Marc ran his hand over his face. “Leo’s been… clingy, I guess for a lack of a better word. With the kids. I mean, he’s a very hands-on father, always takes the time to spend with the kids even if it means getting a lot less sleep. But recently he doesn’t seem to want to let them out of his sight. He’s reluctant to put them to bed, he’s apprehensive about them going to school. Donna’s noticed, says he calls to check on them multiple times a day. She asked me if he was okay and I had nothing to tell her.” Marc sighed and ran his hand over his face, “Leo says he’s fine. So again, is there something going on I need to know about? I know you may not be able to tell me, but if it deals with my kids, I want to know if there’s something I should be worried about.”

    Elvie nodded his head, he was pretty sure he knew what was happening, and thankfully he could allay some of Marc’s fears. “There’s not threat to your kids, if that’s what you are worried about.”

    “Thank God,” Marc said as most of the anxiety visible deflated from his body language. “I hoped he would tell me—“

    “He would,” Elvie jumped to defend his friend. “I’ve got no doubts about that. If there had been a threat to either of them, he’d never keep you in the dark.”

    “Then what is it? There’s got to be something that’s changed.”

    Elvie sighed, he didn’t want to lie to Marc, but he couldn’t exactly tell him what he thought was happening, that Leo was reacting -as just about anyone would- to what they’d seen. A terrorist regime was trafficking children in Qumar. They’d seen pictures of what was being done to the kids: starvation, rape, torture, being used as child soldiers, the casualties seemed endless. The plan had only been to see a few images as part of the research, but Leo had insisted on seeing it all, despite protests from some of his closest advisors. He wanted to know exactly what was happening and to find a way to stop it. That way was most likely going to be military action, which made it a matter of national security and therefor codeword clearance at the moment. Even if Elvie wanted to tell Marc all of this —and he did, if only so that he’d fully understand— he couldn’t.

    “I… can’t tell you,” He finally said. “I would if I could, you know I would. But it was terrible and I only saw half of what Leo saw. He’s going to be upset, and yeah, probably hold the kids a bit closer. But I’ll talk to him, see if I can get him to open up to me about it.”

    “Thank you,” Marc said, understanding that he’d put Elvie in an uncomfortable position. “I don’t care if he doesn’t talk to me about it, just so that he talks. I don’t want the kids to start freaking out. I’m sorry to have bothered you so early. I’ll let you get back to work.”

    “It’s okay,” Elvie said. “You are welcome anytime.”

    Marc nodded his head and started to walk out the door.

    “I mean it,” Elvie continued. “People always think about how hard these jobs are on those of us doing them and not how hard they are on the spouses, always having to be left out, bearing the brunt of the rest of life.”

    “I’m happy to do it,” Marc said.

    “I know you are, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. All I’m saying is you are welcome in my office anytime, for any reason.”


    “But especially if it means you want to plan a prank on your husband.”

    “And there’s the Elvie we know and love, I was starting to wonder if that part just wasn’t a morning guy," Marc paused and became serious once again. "Thank you, Elvie.”

    “You’re welcome. And if you want to really help me out, tell Lee-Ann I knew nothing of this meeting until I saw you in my office.”

    “Sure thing,” Marc said. “But I told her that when I got here, I think she’s just messing with you.”

    “Lee-Ann!” Elvie yelled.

    Marc laughed and walked out of the outer office, “Have a good day Mr. Vice-President.”
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Yeah. I went to uni with a girl who identifies as pan. She said the person who didn't understand her at all was her sister, who is a lesbian.

    Bahahaha (sorry, I'm laughing at your description of it, not that you were nervous - I hope you aren't nervous to post any of these)! It really was the fic that keeps on giving!


    I'm using LMM to express my excitement and love for this!


    I loved this so much and had to try so hard not to quote the whole damn thing. I am very happy my roommates are out of town, because there was much squealing and laughing.

    Meh. I say screw the rules. I know I do plenty of "telling and not showing."

    As soon as I read this I was like "OMG, it's Margaret 2.0" and their further interactions only confirmed it. I love her and her relationship with Elvie and I can not WAIT to use her in fics!

    Uh, oh! I love how she tells him he's in trouble, without saying so, but also how she knows he has important things to attend to and knows to let him go... for now

    Love how he's late. Kinda sounds like me and my life. And I like that he has something to be late to. He's just not a VP whose only job it is to have a heartbeat.

    Also, I loved the mention of lunch with President Lyman. I think we need to see more of their lunch dates!

    [face_rofl] I just watched "Manchester" where Leo does this to Margaret with the meeting with Bruno, so this had me laughing so hard. I had this whole section quoted, but thought that was kinda overboard. Lee-Ann is so perfect with her subtle shaming, and it does make sense as to why Elvie booking his own meetings would make her work harder. I love how he rolls in, then rolls back out backwards to talk to her. I could picture it so well.

    =((This is just so horrible and heartbreaking, not only that it is happening, but that Leo is so distraught over it. Of course he is and of course he feels the need to torture himself over every detail and has difficulty separating his emotions from the job. It is just so Leo, and so Leo to react by overprotecting JJ and Miri and just needing to know they are safe.

    And it makes sense that Marc's immediate thoughts would be a direct threat to the kids, and I love how Elvie is immediately at Leo's defence by saying that Leo would never keep Marc in the dark regarding serious threats.

    I just adore this and the relationship all these guys have. Marc knows Leo can't tell him everything, and Elvie knows this too, so he steps in as a friend and confidant, for both Leo's and Marc's sakes, and Marc holds no jealousy that Leo can open up completely to Elvie regarding work stuff.

    Of course Elvie would be quite aware of this thanks to his parents. I think jobs like these really show how strong some marriages can be and how strong the spouses need to be.

    People make fun of and rag on Melania Trump, and while I despise her husband and just kinda roll my eyes at her and what she has done as First Lady, I do feel sorry for her as a human, because I'm pretty sure she has had no say in what her husband's career path. Sure she hasn't done anything to stop him or leave, but I don't think her wants were ever considered.

    Marc and Rose and the kids were considered in our 'verse, but that doesn't make their roles easier. They have to support their husbands as Leo and Elvie deal with awful things and make hard decisions, all while not knowing 100% of what is going on.

    For any reason :p;)

    BAHAHAHAHA! Sequel! Sequel! I need a prank war sequel! Also, more LEE-ANN!!

    I loved this so much! I love that Marc goes to Elvie and Elvie is just a friend above all else.

    I love reading these guys and will read anything your muse will give you with them :D
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Man, I can't believe it's been so long! Stupid muse! She has ideas but not the ways to actually write them. But it seems to be creeping back, thankfully.

    No, not nervous now! But for some reason having Leo with a crush on Elvie did at the time. But I agree, it's the gift that keeps on giving and I'm so happy I wrote it.

    :D LMM is the best at being expressive!

    YAAAYYYY!!!! I was hoping you'd love this. I love Elvie so much and want to write him so much more, but he doesn't always talk to me. :p

    She definitely is Margret 2.0. I can see Elvie being the kind of guy that works well with that kind of attitude. I don't think he'd do well with someone who was alway Yes sir-ing him. LOL.

    He just felt like the always late kind of person, always has been, always will be. I feel like Marc is like me, so paranoid about being late, is crazy early to everything. Leo, I've not quiet figured out yet, I don't know if he takes after Josh or Donna there.

    And yes, I really want to see more of their lunch dates! I've been pondering on that!

    That was the scene that started this in my head. Marc in the office and Elvie just backing out to ask her about it. It was so clear and made me giggle, I had to write around the idea.

    I feel like as much as you try to seperate yourself from bad things you see, it's natural for some of it to seep in. Leo wants to see and feel it because his response to it matters and will matter to families, but it does make things harder. And then to not be able to talk about it... it's a recipe for disaster.

    And yeah, Elvie jumping to Leo's defense just seemed to natural. Marc, of course, didn't think anything like that, but Elvie didn't want him to even start down that path.

    I too love their relationships and how there's no jealousy. I'm sure it sucks at times, things you want to talk about but can't. But the understanding goes a long way.

    I 100% agree on Melania. I doubt she was considered at all in any of it and that's kinda sad. The spouses and marriages need to be very strong to survive that kind of job and still stay fully intact. And yeah, in our 'verse while they were considered and had their feelings taken into account, it's still really hard.

    I really love Marc and Elvie's relationship. It's so different than the rest of them, but no less special and amazing. I'm working on another Marc and Elvie story and I hope more come to me in the future!
    And I'll have to ponder on a prank war sequel, it would certainly be fun!!
  18. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Title: Friends, Family, Love
    Fandom:The West Wing (in the Bri and Mav 'verse)
    Timeline: November 2054
    Characters: Marc Lyman with mentions of Leo Lyman and Josie Seaborn
    Genre: Introspection
    Notes: For MMM #2
    It’s not my usual level a mush, I’d probably call it mush-light as the story took a turn I didn’t intend. But the muse cooperated so I’ll take it!

    I don’t think you need to know anything about our West Wing verse to understand this story. The story plays off Bri’s story One Last Time and then my Teach Them How to Say Goodbye but you don’t have to read those to understand this either, they just give different POVs to the same story.

    - - -

    He’d thought about it, of course. What it would be like, how it would affect their lives. They’d talked about it extensively. How they would have to make an effort to keep the kids grounded in reality and not in the magical world where there are butlers and maids and chefs to do anything and everything you wanted. They’d talked about how they’d take Leo’s mom with them to help not only ground the kids but to help ground them too. How they'd still make time for each other, time where they would just and hold each other, or talking about their day as they'd done their entire relationship. They’d discussed how their lives would change, how they’d never go back to what it had been:




    Sure, Leo had been known, he was the first Senator of the state of Washington D.C. He’d been instrumental in bringing about statehood and he was known for that. But this.


    The level of being known went far, far beyond. People would think they had a right to all aspects their lives and their family.

    To their children.

    All of this Marc knew, but there was always the possibility that it wouldn’t actually happen. They’d go back to being Senator and Mr. Lyman, fathers of two. No one special. Just two dads and the kids and wanted the best for them. What were the odds of the United States electing someone who was in a same-sex relationship with a running mate who was paralyzed from the waist down? It wasn’t something any of them really said out loud -at least where Marc could hear- but he was sure they were all thinking it. He was sure it had been discussed. They were aspects that shouldn’t matter, but to many people in the United States, probably did.

    So when he and Leo, Elvie and Rose, and Josie were all sitting around in the Lyman/Santos for America headquarters and he heard the news broadcast say “We’re now ready to call it, Leo Lyman is the next President of the United States,” Marc felt his world flip.

    He was happy. Of course, he was happy. And proud. His husband was going to be President, and he’d be a good one, not blinded by power or greed, but truly in it to help the people of the country he loved so much. But it meant things would be different.

    They already had a few Secret Service members following them around, mostly just Leo, but now he ’d have them, the kids would have them. They’d track Leo’s every move. They’d never go anywhere without a shadow the rest of their lives.

    Marc hadn’t decided yet what he was going to do about his job as a partner at his architecture firm. Sure he could sell, the other partners would buy him out no problem. But it had been his dream and he didn’t want to give it up. Leo would never ask him to give it up. He could remain a partner in name and basically give up his accounts, but that still defeated the purpose of keeping ahold of his dream.

    He had a fine line to walk, though he wasn’t the first 'first gentleman' in the U.S., he was the first of a same-sex partner and that meant, as the old musical said, “history has its eyes on you.” How he handled the situation could have an impact on how not only Americans saw same-sex partners, but the world.

    The night of celebration turned to a somber one when Josie, the Lyman/Santos campaign manager, soon to be Leo’s Chief of Staff, and Leo’s best friend received a call from her father that her mother, former President Seaborn had died. She’d seen her baby girl help usher in a new era of politics, seen a child who had been like one of her own be voted as President and slipped off into the night.

    So now Marc found himself on a plane with his husband’s best friend, her hand clasped in his, her head laying on his shoulder. Her tears finally stopping when exhaustion of the last six months and a late night finally catching up with her. He was essentially alone with his thoughts about how his life was going to change.

    All the worry and the wonder had finally come to a head, but he found himself calm, ready for what lay ahead.

    Maybe it was the reality check of Ainsley Seaborn, dying to put it all into perspective. This was a few years of their lives. It would be challenging, frustrating, heartbreaking, but in the end, they still had their family and friends, no matter what happened in the next four or eight years.

    He and Leo had their love for each other, and two beautiful children who were so full of life. They had Donna, Leo’s mom who was like a mother to Marc as well. They had their friends, three of whom were on the crazy journey with them. They had Leo’s brother and sister who would never let Leo feel like anything other than their dorky older brother.

    He kissed Josie on the crown of her head knowing that these would be difficult times for them all, but especially so for her. He wanted to be there for her like she’d been there for Leo when his dad had died. Marc knew Leo would want to return the favor, but he had more important things to worry about now, and Josie would be the first person to say so. Leo would object, of course, but that didn’t make it any less true.

    Marc knew her well enough by now to know that she’d bury herself in her work and not let herself think. Feel. That was exactly what Leo had done when his father died and it almost broke them. Josie was about to embark on the biggest responsibility of her life, but she had to have a life too. She was the door to Leo, the one who decided what he needed to see and hear, and what he didn’t. What was important, and what could wait. If she let herself get run down, it would run over to Leo and that could have devastating consequences. But more than that, he wanted Josie to take care of herself. To let herself be sad that her mom had died. Let herself feel the happiness at her mom’s life.

    So as he sat looking out the window as they passed through the clouds on their way to landing, he vowed to himself that he’d be the friend to Josie that his husband would want to be and hoped that it would take some of the pressure off them both. He’d take the kids to visit because she loved his and Leo’s kids as though they were her own. He’d do small errands that needed to be done or find someone else to do them since the Secret Service was about to not let him out very much. But most of all he’d just sit and listen. Hold her when she wanted to be held, and just be in the room when she wanted to be alone.

    His life was about to take a huge turn into the unknown, but at its heart, things would be the same.



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    Feb 25, 2010
    Hahaha. Yeah, I try so hard not to be late because it makes me so anxious (and so annoyed when other people are) but life has a habit of not working out for me. I think Elvie is like me, he tries his hardest and has the best intentions to be on time or early, but things always take like 5 times longer than you expect them to (orrr the bed is just too comfortable after a rough night).

    Hmm. Leo is a hard one. On one hand I think he'd be respectful of other people's time like his mom, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND HE'S JOSH LYMAN'S SON :p Donna's genetics can only do so much.
    Yay to all of these things.

    Yes! I love this Marc introspective so much! I love seeing this moment from his POV! I love how realistic he is: he knows things are going to change and they will be hard, but he's confident in his abilities as a father and as a husband. In an overwhelming situation he takes it all in stride and it is just so Marc!

    I've tried not to quote the whole damn thing.

    Awww! I love how they've talked about everything... but most of all just the little things; the making time to just cuddle or talk. Those little things are the most important, especially to them.

    I mean, of course this was a possibility, but I could never see this happening. It was Leo's destiny to be president.

    Especially when both their mothers are Canadian :p

    They must have had some secret plan to fight inflation somewhere in their campaign platform :p
    Yeah, we've talked about it before and neither of those things should matter, but of course they do and that just sucks.

    YAAAAY! Sorry, even though I knew it happened, I still got excited!

    I love this detail on Marc's career at this point. Of course Marc would put the kid's, and Leo's, needs first, but he's still allowed to have his own life and dream.
    Yes! For the Hamilton reference. And Marc is right, which is both good and bad. He's probably glad he can make an impact but its a lot of pressure at the same time that really shouldn't be there.
    :( This is just such lovely wording and makes the moment so much sadder.

    This is just so Marc and I love him for it. :*

    And yeah, Ainsley's death probably totally put everything in prospective on what was a whirlwind event.
    I JUST LOVE THIS SO MUCH! [face_love]

    And HAHAHAHA. No, Abi and Noah (and probably a lot of the other "family") would never let Leo forget he's really just a DORK!

    I'm sorry, I just had to quote this whole thing because it's lovely and heartbreaking and shows just how much Marc cares, and how much the three of them have grown since Josh's death. Of course Josie would be a lot like Leo and just throw herself into work. Marc had seen this happen to Leo and would do everything he could to prevent that.

    And I love that Marc not only sees her as Leo's best friend, but also as his Chief of Staff - Marc understands and recognizes the importance of both these roles.

    [face_love] I love the teamwork and trust that this shows between Leo and Marc; the idea of "I can't be there now, but I trust you to know me and do what I'd do", and that really is just so beautiful.
    And this is just so important.

    Again, I love this so much because this is just so Marc. @};- He knows where he is grounded and what will never change. This is so beautiful! Please write more Marc (or more anyone) because it is just such a treat!
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Has it really been 4 months since I posted in here?! Man, my muse took a long vacation! I'm hoping getting off night shift will help her out!

    Also, Bri- I swear your fic gift is almost done. I just need to work out a few more things. It may end up being PM only, though. [face_blush]

    We may be getting more Marc introspection because as you know I love me some Mayor Pete Buttigieg but his husband, Chasten, is just pure delight and he's making me want to write more presidential candidate husband. (Even though Chasten is probably more Leo than Marc.)

    I imagine in something like campaigning for such a high office, you've got to purposely make time for those little things and make sure they don't slip away. There's always so much to do, and places to be, you have to have a life as well.

    Of course it was! But Marc has to prepare for both eventualities.

    [face_laugh] Of course they do!

    But I'm getting a bit more hope for the US with an out man running for President who is going up in the polls. Of course, those polls are among Democrats so take that as you will. (There's been a few ugly 'Is he the right kind of gay?' or 'He's not gay enough' articles already which makes me roll my eyes so hard I feel like they'll fall out of my head.)

    :D Me too! Everytime.

    I think that would be one of the hardest things as a presidential spouse. You basically give up who you've become for the sake of the Presidency. To me, it would be worth it, but it would be hard. You of course get to have a platform to help enact change, but it's still probably different than you were before.

    See my comment about the ugly articles above. And that's from the guys on our side. (Sorry, your probably going to start getting waaaay more Mayor Pete commentary than you ever wanted. :p Dp came home from a work trip a few weeks ago and "Mayor Pete is polling nationally at 3%!" wasn't the first thing that came out of my mouth, but it was close. :p )

    Of course! I'd think that no matter how down to Earth you are, becoming President, Prime Minister, etc. of a major nation would have an impact on how down to Earth you are. I mean, it's pretty heady, and a lot of power. You need people to keep you the person you were before. Lucky for Leo he has a lot of people who have nooooo problem with this.

    Thank you! I wanted Marc to obviously have empathy for Josie, she's a friend, and he got to know Ainsley as well, so it's upsetting for him too, though obviously not in the same way. But also to show that Marc's priority is Leo and how things affect him. Luckily he can kinda do both at once, help Josie, and help Leo all together.
  21. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Title: Mayor Lyman in Bar Fight, Two Arrested
    Fandom: West Wing (Bri and Mav’s Future ‘verse)
    Characters: Leo Lyman/Marc Lyman, other OCs
    Timeline: 2041-ish
    Genre: Mostly fluff, but some drama

    Notes: for the OTP Challenge #10: Date Nite Gon Rong. I chose number 1: Bar brawl/fire fight

    I don’t think you need to know anything about The West Wing for this story, nor our future ‘verse. This one’s pretty self-contained, I think. Just think of it as and AU of the United States, even though it takes place in the future. :p

    - - -

    The Washington Times
    Mayor Lyman in Bar Fight, Two Arrested

    “Are you serious?” Leo Lyman asked as he saw the headline on the tablet being held by his assistant from the other side of his desk.

    She turned the tablet around and read, “Mayor Lyman was involved in a bar fight last night after two men were having an argument nearby, bystanders said.”

    “That’s not at all what happened," Leo defended. "I wasn’t involved.”

    “The giant bruise on the side of your face says otherwise,” she replied said with a sly smile.

    Leo touched the left side of his face and then winced. “It’s not as bad as it looks, I just bruise easily.”

    “Did you let a doctor determine that?”

    “Do you think Marc would have let me go home without having one take a look? Not to mention Carter and Jackson were involved so yeah…” Anytime his protection detail got involved and there was even the slightest possibility that he was hurt, Leo had to be checked out.

    “So what did happen?”


    Marc and Leo were out for dinner for the first time in quite a while. Leo had been mayor of Washington DC for a little over a year and Marc had been promoted to partner of his architecture firm just a few months before. To say that they both were busy was an understatement. But they both made a commitment to creating time for each other, though recently it had been late at night or early in the morning. But finally, they were out to enjoy dinner and a drink in a place they’d always loved.

    The two members of Leo’s executive protection detail were sitting a few tables away in plain clothes trying to be inconspicuous, more for the mayor’s benefit than to hide who they were.

    “Abi called,” Leo said taking a drink of his beer. “She wanted to know if she could come to stay next weekend?”

    “Of course,” Marc replied. “You know she’s always welcome.”

    “I just know you’ve got that big presentation you’ve been working on.”

    Marc shrugged. “She’s your sister. And I know she won’t be bothered if I disappear to work for a while.”

    “True,” Leo chuckled. “We Lyman’s are never offended by ‘Sorry, I’ve got to work.’”

    “At least I’m not the one who might have to leave in the middle of a conversation or dinner,” Marc pointed out without even a hint of animosity. He knew who Leo was when he married him, knew public service was not only in his blood but in his heart.

    “Yeah, she’s used to that too. I can’t count the number of times dad had to leave in the middle of something because the world was going to cave in, and that was just as Chief of Staff. Can you imagine what it’s like if your parent is the Pres—”

    Leo was cut off by a guy being shoved into him. He reached out to steady the guy to help prevent him from falling but the guy must have thought Leo was trying to restrain him or fight him because the next thing Leo knew was an elbow to the side of his face and then he was on the ground and the noise of people yelling erupted all around him.

    Marc jumped up to try and move the guy away from Leo while the man who’d originally shoved the guy tried to grab him. Leo’s two agents were yelling to the men to get on the ground while they pulled them both away. It only lasted a short amount of time but ended with two guys on the ground in handcuffs, the two agents standing over them waiting on backup. Leo sat with his hand to the side of his face while Marc tried to get a look at it. The entire bar was quiet and looking directly at them.

    “I’m fine,” Leo insisted. “They weren’t going after me,” he said to the agents. “I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    “I’m sorry, sir” the lead agent, Jackson said. “It doesn’t matter. We have to take them in. It’s possible they’ll be let go, but they have to go in.”

    Leo nodded, he didn’t agree but knew this was an argument he wasn’t going to win. His detail was a special division of the DC Police Department and they knew the law in this regard better than he did.

    Other officers soon entered the bar and took the two men into custody. Leo’s lead agent was giving a report to one of the uniformed officers that had arrived while the other agent stayed with Leo and Marc.

    “An ambulance will be here soon, sir,” Carter said.

    “No!” Leo said a little more forcefully than he meant. He dropped his head and spoke quietly, “I’m not hurt, I don’t need an ambulance.”

    “Leo…” Marc said as he took his husband’s hand, his thumb rubbing back and forth. “Your eye is already swelling. You could have a concussion.”

    “I’m not dizzy, my vision is fine, and I don’t have a headache.” He knew he sounded obstinate but he really didn’t want to get into an ambulance with all of these people watching when he’d just been knocked into.

    “Yet,” Marc interjected. “I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a raging headache later. How about if we just have Carter take us to the hospital?”

    “It’s not necessary.” He also really didn’t want to go to the hospital. At this point, the night was ruined and he just wanted to go home to snuggle with his husband.

    “Unfortunately it is,” Jackson said having just walked back over to the group. “It’s protocol. But we can cancel the ambulance.”

    Marc was looking at him hopefully, that he wouldn’t continue to put up a fight and just agree to do what needed to be done. “Fine,” he said almost inaudibly. “No ambulance.”

    When they arrived at the hospital they were quickly ushered into a room and a nurse was there to immediately take Leo’s vitals, he then got a CT scan, which he felt was a bit overboard, but soon a doctor was in to talk to them. It was a bit of a perk to being the mayor, no waiting in the ER.

    Turned out he did have a very minor concussion, but no broken bones or damage to his eye. They were sent home to rest for the next day or two and to ice his face frequently.

    When they arrived home, Marc made Leo lay down on the couch while he got two Tylenol, some hot tea, and an ice pack. He then returned to his husband who he found reading a memo.

    “Nope,” Marc said as he took the memo from Leo’s hands. “Am I going to have to call an commiserate with your mother about marrying workaholics?”

    “You wouldn’t?” Leo asked trying to look worried but knowing that he was failing.

    “I would and you know it. The doctor said to rest.” Marc sat down on the couch and put a pillow in his lap. Leo took the Tylenol and then laid his head down on the pillow. Marc then gently put the ice pack wrapped in a towel on the side of Leo’s face. “You should call her, though. You don’t want her finding out about it from the news.”

    “Oh, God. I hope there are more important news items to cover than this tomorrow.”

    “I wouldn’t count on it,” Marc said, his hand gently rubbing up and down Leo’s arm. “I can see the headline now. 'Mayor in bar fight.' Above the fold.”

    "They wouldn’t,” Leo said assuredly. But then he thought about it for a moment. “Would they?!”


    - - -

    Note: Just a little comment on the "Above the fold" thing. I don't know if physical newspapers will still exist in 2041, but I was thinking that 'above the fold' might still be one of those things people who care about such things might still say even though the reason is obsolete.
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  22. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh, oh, oh... d'oh! :p Loved the way you framed this, starting with the "after the fact" headline, and Leo's "they wouldn't, would they?" comment at the end! Oh yes, they most certainly would—one of the pitfalls of being a public figure, I guess, but hey, it makes for a great story for us and for them! :D And all those pesky protocols that go with being a public figure don't help, either—having the bodyguards just a stone's throw away wherever you go, having to take the assailants in even though they weren't going after Leo (and I can totally see where the bodyguards would know more of the details of the law about this sort of thing than Leo himself), having to be taken to the hospital and be checked out even though he's not really hurt that badly (at least he's able to negotiate about the mode of conveyance)... and then, of course, that "above the fold" news report next day! :eek: :p Though thankfully Leo has the loving care of his husband through it all, and I can tell that his assistant and even the bodyguards are fond of him, too—who wouldn't be? :D This was a really fun and perceptive take on the "bar fight" prompt, and thanks so much for contributing it to this challenge! =D=
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    May 11, 2016
    The West Wing in combination with Bar Fight kinda made me think of the episode, I think its in first season, when some of the staff members at a bar and Zoey gets into in altercation with some guy there, which also had the agents rushing in.
    Defenetly something that could happen when a politician is hurt even if, in this case, it was more or less an accident. Also no real wonder the press imidietly lashed onto it. I like how you build up the whole thing with the newspaper article upfront to then tell us what happened.
    Nice story :)
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  24. Briannakin

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    I (selfishly) hope getting on days will help your muse. I love it when you write our boys! I'm always so self-conscious about posting so many WW fics - I'm worried that your interests have just moved on and I'm pestering you with stories. Which is stupid, I know, because I COMPLETELY understand DRL and fickle muses.

    I was starting to wonder about this :p I'm kidding, again, I understand. AND I'M COMPLETELY fine with PM only :p

    I just kinda had to group these together. I don't mind the Mayor Pete commentary (especially if it means more fics from you :p). I'm seeing him a lot in my news feed across social media (but that's probably because of the people I follow... and you). Yeah, some of it is just eye-roll worthy, but it does give me hope for the future. I don't know much about his husband because there is only so much (real/current) American politics I can take for my sanity. It's just funny that I'm hearing more about the 2020 US election when Canada has a election in like 6 months (but, unless something strange happens, Trudeau will be re-elected, which I mean, is fine, but man do I want Jagmeet Sighn to win - the guy is almost a Millennial so he is very current with the challenges of our generation, but it's not going to happen).

    BAHAHAHA! I love the title. Even though it wasn't Marc or Leo getting arrested (I can't see them getting arrested, Elvie however...) I just thought of the scene where Toby punches the guy that comes after Andy and Toby and Charlie get arrested.

    But I LOVE this so much. How it's set up as a flashback is great. I love Marc and Leo just trying to enjoy a date, but things go wrong... but they still get to cuddle at the end!

    I love this primer and I may have to use it in the future.

    Ohhh. Poor Leo. Yup, I can totally see him bruising easily! Though it's never a good day when the MAYOR OF DC comes to work with a shiner.

    I love them at this stage, even though we don't write much of them at this age (okay, I know I love them at every stage). They are both building their careers, but still are making time to go on a date and have a relationship. Though if they think they are busy now... oh man.
    Oh Leo. Pretty much is going to be eating his words.

    Though it does make me sad that Josh missed so much of his kids because of his job, and Leo will have to do the exact same thing.
    Ohhh. [face_love] I don't know why this is so cute or why I love it so much. I just love the image of Marc leaping to protect Leo, because he totally would because Leo is totally the one to be in distress in this relationship. And this is in the middle of mayhem where Leo has a small security team to protect him. Still, I can totally see Marc leaping to be Leo's protection even years later when they have the full force of the Secret Service (... plot bunny!!).

    I mean, I totally get the annoyance from Leo's POV, but I love Marc's concern and that Leo agrees to get checked out.

    That is a perk! Though, from person experience, you know something is really wrong when you don't have to wait hours in ER. Thankfully that's not the case here.
    Awww! Again, this is so sweet of an image: Marc taking care of Leo (much like the scene of Leo trying to take care of Marc when he has a migraine), ONLY to come back to THE MOST LYMAN THING EVER. Of course Leo wouldn't rest.

    BAHAHAHA I love the threat to call Donna
    Oh Leo. He should know better by now. I love how this ties back to the opener.

    I just love this so much!!!
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    Findswoman - Thank you!! Yeah, I've always thought being a public figure would be really hard. Obviously people should know some things about elected officials, but I think we do sometimes dig too much into some things. And then if any little thing happens well then... this. LOL. I remember this being so much fun to write! Thank you for the challenge!!

    Anedon- Thank you!! I was kinda channeling that episode, so you aren't wrong there! Yeah, even an accident, I'm sure with a politician it's taken a little more serious, like it's not an accident.

    I guess it didn't help, if anything it killed it. :( But I'm trying something a bit different to get it back to writing something!

    Okay, this is funny that we're right back here. And I swear it will happen, but it won't be PM only this time. ;)

    And what is about to follow is kinda Pete/Chasten inspired! So I wasn't wrong, it just took me waaaay longer to actually do something.

    I think the title actually came to me first, and then I was like yep, a headline!
    Ha! I can totally see Elvie getting arrested!
    But of course just trying to go out on a date can't be just that for our boys!

    I mean, it kinda is when we are almost completely in our OCs and you don't need to know the show! :D

    Yeah, he'd definately be the kid that looks like he took a beating when he was just playing with his friends as a kid. :p

    Poor guys, they just have no idea yet! I hope to write more of them at this stage because I love it!

    Yeah, that makes me sad too, but as long as they make a point to have quality time, it works out in the end.

    Heheh... this is kinda fun to read so much later! :D
    But yeah, Marc is totally the jump in to help and Leo is the one in distress in this relationship.

    Leo has too much of his father in him, he could probably be dying and still say he was fine.

    That's something most people don't understand, if the ER is crowded, you want to be the one waiting! Yeah, it sucks, but it means you aren't actively dying.

    It really is the most Lyman thing that ever did Lyman. Leo got good and bad things from Josh! I do love when the boys take care of each other, though.

    I can totally see Marc and Donna comiserating over their workaholic husbands completely with Donna giving Marc advice on her child.

    Always the optimist that Leo. You'd think he'd learn, but nope.
    Thank you!!! [:D]