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Story [The West Wing] The Kingmaker (Josh Lyman/Joey Lucas AU Diary and vignettes)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Briannakin , Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Kingmaker
    Series: The West Wing
    Timeframe:Starts in 2000, AU
    Characters: Josh Lyman/Joey Lucas, Kenny Thurman, Donna Moss, Sam Seaborn, other familiar faces.

    Notes: This is written for the 2018 Dear Diary Challenge for the July-December half-marathon. As those of reading this probably know how much I love Joey Lucas. As much as I adore Josh/Donna and was so happy they ended up together, I wanted Josh/Joey to be a thing so badly. This is completely disconnected from the Mav-and-Bri verse (though familiar faces may show up again). ALSO, there’s going to be some major time skips in this diary, but I’m not going to address them. I’m mostly throwing out all “realistic diary conventions” for this fic.

    Entry 1
    January 2000

    This weekend I met the WORLD’S BIGGEST JACKASS. God he was such an ARROGANT BASTARD. I just wanted to punch his stupid face.

    Oh, and the President of the United States (who is a surprisingly kind, genuine man).

    Perhaps I should start from the beginning. I was hired by Bill O’Dwyer to run his congressional campaign for the California 46th. To be honest, the guy is a bit of a flake - retired business man who wants the notoriety. But I don’t pick them. I’m a political consultant (with an expertise in polling) trying to get into campaign management, and it isn’t easy. I have a BA in Political Science with a minor in Statistics from UCLA and I graduated from Stanford Law. But I’m a woman, and I’m deaf, so the universe just kinda likes to give me the middle finger. The universe… and the DNC.

    O’Dwyer was actually doing pretty good. According to my polls, he was actually within the margin of error. We could have actually won in November, which is something because we were running against… well, the devil incarnate, who had held his seat for 3 decades. AND then the DNC decided to choke off funding. I was pissed. Not because I believed in a Congressman O’Dwyer, and not because I wanted to beat the ruler of all the right-wing-nutjobs. But because I wanted a future in this business not working as a pollster with the likes of professionals like Al Kiefer (he’s great in bed and knows some sign since we’ve known and worked together so often, but he’s kinda an idiot).

    So I got Kenny, my interpreter, to call the DNC and the White House to see if I could get a meeting with someone so I could show them my numbers and show them that O’Dwyer actually has a shot at winning. And I actually got a meeting with one Samuel Seaborn, White House Deputy Communications director. How Kenny pulled that one, I did not know. According to the gossip, Seaborn is actually a bit of an advisor to the President as well as being 2ndin command of all the President’s communications.

    So, I (and Kenny) got on a plane to DC to have a Saturday morning meeting. I got to the White House only to find out who I was with meeting was shuffled. I was surprisingly okay with this. I get that White House staffers have busy jobs and things come up, plusthe meeting was now with the White House Deputy Chief of Staff, the infamous Joshua Lyman: Bartlet’s Bulldog. I’ve heard stories of this guy screaming at congressmen and swearing at senators. He was actually Vice President John Hoynes’ campaign strategist back in 97 and everyone agrees that the day Lyman went to Bartlet for Americawas the day he decided who was going to be president. He’s the Kingmaker.

    And a complete ass.

    But I wasn’t going to let his reputation scare me. I charged into his office and I just started to let him have it, asking, “Are you the unmitigated jackass who has the DNC choking off funding for the California 46th?”

    He was totally out of it. He had no freakingidea what was going on. He was hungover (possibly still drunk, going on about his “delicate system”), in a pair of bright yellow hip-waders and he smelled like a dumpster in the LA summer. It was disgusting.

    Thankfully he got a change of clothes, which got him smelling a bitbetter (I expect he probably cleans up quite well). We resumed our meeting, only to tell me the White Housewas cutting off the funding because they didn’t want O’Dwyer to win. Apparently they like the right-wing crazy they have in the seat now and want to keep himas the poster boy for the radical right.

    So I asked to speak to the president. He needed to know that Icould get rid of a man with seriously dangerous ideologies.

    Jackass (Lyman) laughed at me. I just about slapped him. I didtell him he had his head in his ass. He called me a “lunatic lady”. It was actually kinda nice to yell at someone and that person not treat me with “kid gloves”. We really got going. I won in the end because guess who showed up?

    President Bartlet.

    Finally the universe goes myway.

    He clearly had something weighing on his mind. I mean, of course he did, he’s the President of the United States. But he asked me if I read lips (which I do) and then gave me a small tour of the West Wing (Josh tried to brush me off but the President wasn’t having it). I was so honoured. President Bartlet is just my ideal leader: kind, genuine and caring. He showed us into the Oval Office and I was so amazed. It was like a dream come true. As a little kid, I was convinced I was going to be President.

    We sat down with the President and he asked about me: where I went to school and my religion (I was raised a Quaker and I still identify as a Liberal Quaker). Then he asked me my thoughts on capital punishment.

    And I knew this was my opportunity. This was my moment in life. Why I was born. Why God created me. My heart was beating so fast. So I spoke the truth. The President came at met with St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. And I added Immanuel Kant, but I still spoke my heart.

    It was the level of intellectual and ethical debate I only dream of. Only it wasn’t theoretical. A real man’s life was at stake, a criminal but a man none-the-less.

    And then it was over. I asked him about the funding and he simply confirmed what Lyman had said. And then we were shown out.

    The next day (I unashamedly spent the rest of our time in DC dragging Kenny around to all the touristy places, but nothing lived up to that moment in the Oval Office), actually an hour before our flight out, Josh Lyman came by our hotel. He was actually kinda sweet. He apologized for president, saying that President Bartlet was sorry for being abrupt with the funding issue, but that he honestly believes O’Dwyer is a schmuck. I had to agree with him. Josh then said that the President thought I should runand that if I did, I would have their support.

    I have to get back to DC. I have to be a part of that place in any way that I can.

    I have to see Josh again.

    WAIT, where the hell did that thought come from?

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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Oh, Bri! [face_laugh] This is so INCREDIBLY relevant to today's politics too. :p I love Joey's snarky tell it voice! =D= =D=
  3. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005

    I know we've talked about it before, but I'm going to say it again. My biggest disappointment with TWW was probably that Josh and Joey were never a thing. Josh and Donna were alway end game for me, but I just reeeeaaallly wanted the two of them to have a relationship. Their chemistry together was just amazing. I recently watched the episode where Josh is so excited she's there and then she's pregnant and it breaks my heart every time.

    I've wanted to write them together for so long, I've just not gotten enough of a bunny for it yet.

    [​IMG] <- I mean, look at those eyes. CHEMISTRY!

    [face_laugh] What a great way to start! They really didn't have the best meeting. I mean, it was the best for us because it's one of the funniest moment in the show, but Josh was far from his best.

    I love how you've gotten Joey's voice. Snarky, quick, and honest! I love it!

    I love that she thinks he's an ass, but she also knows exactly who he is and what he's done. As she said, she's not intimidated, she's just going to go in and get what she wants. Or at least do her best. This really shows when she's talking to the President.

    Oh he does, Joey. He does! :D

    I love that they did this on the show. Josh was shocked she was a woman, but the fact that she was deaf didn't phase him. He treated her like he would have anyone else.

    Talk about speaking truth to power. That's part of why I love Joey and think she'd be great with Josh, they both have that ability to say what they think, no matter who it is.

    :D :D :D

    I'm so, so excited to read this as it goes along!! =D==D=
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  4. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004

    First off, I am stoked that you are diving into Joey's head and giving her a voice in this diary. She's such an interesting character, with so much to say, and we're already off with a bang! The Josh/Joey pairing is just the icing on that cake - they had so much chemistry on screen, and their relationship, in any sense, just brings me so much joy! I can't wait to see it grow from here. [face_love][face_dancing]

    Can we talk about the fact that Josh warranted a reaction before her meeting the president did? :p [face_mischief]

    Oh that was still one of the best moments on the show - it's hard to top! [face_laugh]

    Oh yes, he cleans up rather nicely. [face_whistling][face_mischief]

    I was thinking about this with the Underrepresented Challenge - Joey's handicap is simply a part of her character. It doesn't stop or slow her down, nor is it even really focused on. It's just there, and no one brings out the kid-gloves with her because of it. My parents watched TWW while I was still on the young side to really appreciate the full brilliance of the show, but I remember her character jumping out at me even then, for just that reason!


    She is so refreshingly frank and her opinions are spot on. I love that her first meeting with the president ended up in a form of council for a matter that was weighing on him. She calls Josh Kingmaker, but she definitely has a spark of political insight of her own that is going to pair - and clash! - wonderfully with his in the updates to come. I can't wait.


    And so it begins!

    This is off to a fantastic start - I can't wait to read more! :D =D=
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  5. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Thanks. Living in the year 2000 is quite refreshing given current politics :p (then again, here in Canada, we are actually living in the 1970s). I love her voice. This is of course her inner thoughts given the diary format, but she really doesn't hold much back anyways :p

    Totally agree. The first time I watched it I was so disappointed they never got together (THAT CHEMISTRY!!!), but, hey, I understand the real world reasons, and this is why we have fanfic!! That episode where's she's very pregnant breaks my heart to, but it also makes me laugh so hard.

    I've wanted to do this for awhile - I love writing Joey whenever plot bunnies strike for her, which isn't often - and this is actually a repurposed idea from a different Josh/Joey story I was working on but never finished. That one wasn't from her POV so it has a scene I won't be able to include in this diary, but I might post it in this thread afterwards (if I ever finish it).

    That gif is like the inspiration for this thread.

    It is definitely a story to tell their children... you know, if they have kids ;) It's hilarious and I love it.

    Thanks. I just love her inner monologue.

    The "special Tuesday suit" is about to make an appearance.

    I love it too. Both the character and the show handled it so well. He's an ass, and he was going to be an ass to anyone in that situation.

    Yeah That might be both a good and a bad thing.

    Thanks. I'm having a lot of fun writing it. I love writing AUs.

    [face_laugh]Thanks. I hope it lives up to expectations. It is so my much fun, first off, to finally do something longer with Joey. And to finally give Josh/Joey a moment in the sun is just awesome and fun.

    I think it is a fact we need to talk about :p

    Oh, god, one of my favourite scenes in all of TV. I just knew this diary had to start here.

    Yup :D
    Yeah. It was amazingly handled and one of the many things I love about the show - there are several characters with different types of disabilities but the disability themselves are addressed without being dwelled on.

    Oh, their will be pairing (in more ways than one!) and plenty of clashing!

    Thanks so much!
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  6. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    AN: Entry 3 (below) is where this turns AU, but hopefully this will make sense even if you haven’t seen season 1 for a bit (Mandatory Minimums is great just reminding ya). And then after, this just goes full AU.

    Entry 2
    February 2000

    I think I may have accidentally broken Josh Lyman’s heart, and I actually kinda feel bad about it.

    When I heard the President and much of his senior staff - including Josh - was going to be out here in LA for a day for Theodore Marcus’ fundraiser (an event I was also invited to), I sent Josh a message. You know, just a “hey, welcome to the West Coast” thing. I was hoping maybe he could grab a coffee with me, or even just see if he wanted to go to the fundraiser together. It was stupid. He’s a busy man and he never got back to me. I just wanted his level of intellectual debate again, you know. Plus, he’s a great “in” to have if I ever have an opportunity to move up in this life.

    So, at the last minute, I ended up going with Al. He invited me and he’s a decent guy when he’s not trying to impress congresspeople or senators. He’s smart, but very opinionated and think he’s always right, and will sometimes manipulate the numbers to back himself up. I think he wants something more with me, but I can’t see much of a relationship with him.

    I ended up seeing and talking to Josh at the fundraiser. He introduced me to CJ Creigg, Toby Ziegler, and Sam Seaborn. I heard they had a bit of a… misleading lunch meeting with Al, so I cleared up some of his numbers on a poll we did on a potential flag burning amendment.

    But, at the end of the night, I went back to the hotel with Al.

    After we had a shower, Al went to the door. Josh was there.


    Josh looked totally deflated and I felt so bad.

    At least I got to say goodbye.


    Entry 3

    April 2000

    Josh Lyman is so adorable, it kills me.

    Okay, where should I start? It has been 2 months since the fundraiser and the White House is trying a new direction and brought in Al for polling. They also wanted a California expert… which means I’m now working in the White House… and for Josh.

    I’m so excited about the former. Not so sure how I feel about the later.

    And I’m not so sure how long the former will last, given how I feel about the later. And how he feels about me.

    I arrived Tuesday morning with Kenny and we got checked in to our hotel rooms (pretty nice rooms considering the White House is paying for us to stay here for at least a week). Thankfully Al and I are on different floors. I cut it off with him. It was clear it was a waste of time for both of us. We’re still professional and decent humans to each other.

    At the White House we received our security badges and were shown to Josh’s office. He eventually came by, showed me where my desk was (just outside his office) and was quite brisk and businesslike with me. He told me not to expect flowers… even though his boss, Leo McGarry was kind enough to welcome me with a bouquet.

    I told Josh about Al… or the lack there of in my life. This was after his big long spiel about no personal items on my desk.

    I was pretty sure he was going to explode, or have an aneurysm, but I just love revving him. He’s so easy to annoy and get an reaction out of, going on: “This is a place where solemn work is done. This is a place... this is a place... let me say this... this is not a place where one's personal things... where things among people... this is not a place... let's... This is a place where work is done and nothing else.”

    I complemented him on his suit (it was a nice suit) and he got all flustered and left.

    Later gave me my first task: English as the national language. Which is totally ridiculous and stupid (which I told him). Not even Republicans would put that on the table, for fear of losing Texas. Even if they are going to “retaliate” for the President pushing campaign finance.

    But I did it because he insisted. And so I did. I did it until 11:30 that first night so I could give him first-look analysis in several regions. And then Josh came by to give me a White House coffee mug. Pretty sure he just picked it up on his way to my desk. Some secretary is probably missing a mug.

    He said. “Just as a thing, cause you don't know anybody. It's got a picture of the White House. It says, 'The White House.' Seal of the President. It's a White House coffee mug.”

    He’s adorable and it kills me.

    He then asked Kenny to step away and I know things were about to get pretty serious. You know a guy is going to get his flirt on when he asks my interpreter to leave the room.

    Thankfully, I’m an excellent lip reader. I have Kenny because my work deals with in-depth details and numbers. I don’t want to mis-understand someone, or lose out in a part of a conversation. Plus he makes my phone calls. And because lip reading takesa lotof mental energy. Something I don’t normally want to do after traveling across the country and working for 14 hours.

    And, honestly, I am extremely self-conscious about my own speech. I don’t like speaking because I know how difficult it can be to understand me, especially when someone isn’t paying complete attention. I do it because I need to, but I hate it.

    But I did it for Josh.

    “I wore this suit special today. This isn't my regular Tuesday suit.”

    I had to ask. “You have a regular Tuesday suit?”


    I then figured it out. “For me?”

    “Yeah, so, okay. I gotta go.” His smile was just so big and he was being so sweet. And senators fear this guy?

    “Josh!” I called after him. He turned around. “Is there anywhere I could get a coffee this late?” I ask, holding the mug up.

    He said something I didn’t get. He then apologized. “If you wait like 10 minutes, I’ll take you.” He held up his 10 fingers and I just smiled. I nodded.

    I sent Kenny back to the hotel… and then I fell asleep… at my desk, in the White House. To be fair, Josh was doing the exact same thing when I first met him, so I shouldn’t feel too embarrassed that he found me like that.

    I woke up to him kneeling beside me, gently rubbing my shoulder.

    “Hey,” he said. “Why don’t we get some coffee some other time? I called you a cab to take you back to your hotel.”

    I rubbed my eyes. “It’s technically only 9 in California.”

    “But it’s midnight here. Come on.”

    He walked me out to a waiting cab and put me in it. He then told the driver where I was staying and paid for the approximate fair.

    “You don’t have to-.” I began. I hate it when people do things for me. Except for Kenny - but I pay him to do things, so that doesn’t count.

    “I want to make sure you get back alright.”

    “Thought this is a place where work is done and nothing else,” I mocked him from earlier.

    He started to blush.

    “Do I get a special suit tomorrow?” I asked with a tired laugh.

    “Get out of here!”

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  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    LOL Josh is so genuinely endearingly on the brink if not over of being smitten. I know he's glad Al is not in the picture any more although he'll never admit it out loud, at least not yet. ;)

    She's bringing out his warm considerate side. :)
  8. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    The flirting has begun!! :D :D

    I love that she really wanted to see him because of his personality, the fact that he's DCOS is a bonus, but it's the debate she wants. She's smittin already! :D I mean, who wouldn't be!

    I get second hand embarrassment from this so badly in the show! But I love that she just says "awkward." [face_laugh]

    He really is! And I love that she thinks so! And he's so awkward as is evidenced by the next exchange that I quoted. But that's part of what makes him so adorbs.

    You wrote this very well. I can here him in my head so clearly from the way you wrote it!


    [face_laugh][face_laugh] That's totally true!

    It's not the same at all, but I have to do a lot of lip reading at work because I have patients that have tracheostomies and it really is exhausting, and I'm usually only having a very short conversation about very specific things! And it's also very, very frustrating at times. Some people are easy to read and others mumble and it's practically impossible.

    I love that she says this, because when he's being sweet, it is hard to see!

    [face_rofl] [face_love]

    These were so great!! I can't wait to see how their relationship develops!!
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  9. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Yeeeeeeessssss. The flirting is strong with this one. [face_mischief] [face_love] I can't tell you how much I am already enjoying this! [face_dancing]

    Ouch! :oops: Yep, the secondhand embarrassment here was as strong as it was when viewing it from Josh's POV in the show.

    But! If there was one thing I enjoyed about them not getting together in canon, it really showed that just because a guy has a crush, and there's definitely some chemistry going on, there doesn't have to be a relationship if that's not what she wants. And Josh and Joey went on awesomely in spite of it!

    Now, that said, it's just as fantastic to see this build-up knowing a different endgame now. :p [face_mischief] [face_whistling]

    [face_laugh] Yep, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. Joey is a trooper! And a saint. Obviously.

    I adored this little moment - a lot of this diary is very quick witted and snappy, just as you'd expect it to be, but these little personal moments are just gems. I love that she already feels comfortable enough with Josh in this way. [face_love]


    All were excellent. You did such a great job going through a whirlwind of a first day, and it ended on such a soft, grin-worthy note. I really need to go back and watch these episodes now, that said - I keep on remembering how much I loved them going through your entries!

    This continues to be wonderful! I can't wait for more. :D =D=
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  10. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Pretty sure Josh was secretly doing the victory dance when he realized Al isn't in the picture.

    She is. Josh is such a softie at heart.

    Ooooh! It has.
    He's cute, has a great job, and a brain. Of course she's smitten!

    Oh me too. Josh strikes out with her so hard a couple times and it's just painful to watch.

    He's so awkward around her, it cracks me up.
    Sadly, I cannot take credit for that line. That was all Sorkin.
    Oh, that whole storyline is hysterical. It is so clear Jost is so smitten and wants to impress Joey!
    I watched the episode and I was like "Yeah, he totally picked that up on his way by".
    I've heard even people who are good at it just say it is absolutely mentally exhausting. There's a scene coming up that I totally relate to.
    Thank you! I'm having so much fun with this AU.

    Thanks! I'm having so much fun writing it.

    Lol! Yep. I was cringing so hard writing it. Poor Josh. My AU just about started there.

    YES! I absolutely agree! As much as I wanted them to be a thing, I totally agree it was great to see that, as much chemistry as there was, and as much as Josh had a crush, the circumstances just didn't work out. Joey just didn't want to fall into his arms and they still were great friends.

    That being said, I also just love fanfic so I can make them kiss!

    Pretty sure anyone who puts up with Josh is a trooper, and a saint.

    I love diary writing for this reason, you get these little moments and thoughts that the characters maybe don't entirely know the meaning of.
    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. And you should totally re-watch these episodes because I had forgotten how hysterical they are.
  11. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Entry 4
    April 2000

    The next day every time Josh would walk past my desk (which he seemed like he had an excuse to do every 20 minutes), he’d say to me, “I need stuff on English as the national language.”

    I’d always have a different reply for him: “You need symmetrical polling questions”; “You need to update question 6”; “You need to ask more politely”; “You need to tell the Republicans to shove this up their asses… again”; “You need a lobotomy.” He was never amused. Finally he asked me right before lunch, so I told him. “Ineed coffee. And maybe some food.”

    He paused and stopped. “You do?”

    I nodded.

    “DONNA! I’M TAKING AN EARLY LUNCH!” I can’t really read his lips that well when he’s yelling, but I got the gist of it. I told Kenny I’d meet him back at our desk in an hour. Josh smiled, but I could also see he was a bit nervous. “You want to go the mess or somewhere else?” he asked.

    I shrugged, talking out-loud as I also signed. “I’ve been in the city a total of 30 hours and most of it has been spent inside this house. Granted, it’s a pretty nice house.”

    He grinned. “Come on, a know a great sandwich place within walking distance.”

    I followed him out and down the street. It was a bit of an awkward conversation, me trying to read his lips as we walked. He was talking about all the great places to eat around here, nice places to grab lunch quickly, but I only got about half of what he was talking about. We got to a deli and got a table. The place was quiet busy and I was concentrating on the menu.

    When I finally looked at him, he sighed. “I’m an idiot.”


    “I’ve been talking about the food at the mess in the White House for the past 5 minutes.”

    “So, you make a habit of talking to yourself about food?”

    “Only when I’m hungry. What do you want?”

    “The tomato, pesto, and mozzarella sandwich.”


    “Of course.” I began digging around in my purse, but he touched my wrist. I’m used to people touching me, but this was somehow gentle and intimate.

    “I got it.”

    He returned with two cups of coffee, then went back to the counter for the two sandwiches. He got some massive corn beef dip thing.

    “So, what’s the White House’s policy on dating?” I asked

    He froze, mid-bite.

    “I’m just wondering,” I teased.

    “What? Well… ummmm… it has to be cleared with HR. They don’t like me.”

    “Can’t imagine why,” I said, sarcastically. “How many poor interns have you terrorized?”

    “Hey, if those little girls are intelligent enough to land a White House internship, they damn well know what they are getting themselves in for. It is not my fault if they start crying because they don’t understand tort law and environmental pollution. But… ah… HR really doesn’t care about short-term contract hires.”

    “Do you care?”

    “I do. I mean, I’m not a fan of Keifer, but you…” he looked down and continued to talk. I kicked him under the table. “Sorry!”

    “And me?” I pried him.

    "You provide us with invaluable data.”

    We continued to talk for a while. He asked me if I liked what I’ve seen of DC thus far and asked me if there was anything I wanted to see.

    “The Smithsonian,” I replied.

    He looked at me, confused. “Sorry.”

    I repeated myself.

    “Sorry, it’s getting really loud in here.”

    I looked away. I know I should limit myself to speaking simple words.

    He touched my hand with his fingertips and I looked up at him. “I’m really sorry,” he said.

    “It’s not your fault.” He was apologizing a lot and it was getting annoying. I almost got frustrated but I finger-spelled it. It was the polite thing to do since he asked, but part of me just wanted the conversation to move on.

    “Ah, the great Smithsonian.”

    “You’ve never been, have you?”

    He shook his head.

    “And how long have you lived here?”

    “In total?”

    I shook my head.

    “Do you want to go with me, on Saturday?” he asked.

    “Yes, because we both need to go.”

    “It’s another date.”

    “This was a date?”

    “A bad one, apparently.’

    “I’m kidding,” I said. “Thank you for lunch. I hope Saturday won’t be and issue with HR.”


    Entry 5
    April 2000

    Josh and I had a wonderful second date. It also helps that between our first and second date Josh and I finally got into it on English. He wanted to be prepared for if the Republicans roll out some sort of extreme legislative agenda. So I prepared him, by blowing a raspberry at him in the Oval Office in front of the President. I’ve taught him finger spelling and some basic signs.

    He picked me up from my hotel and we went to the Smithsonian. We just walked around, looked at a couple of the exhibits (I wanted to see a Japanese Buddhist art exhibit and an exhibition on Central American artifacts, and Josh wanted to see an American Revolution exhibit, and of course we did a loop around the dinosaurs). We talked a lot, about everything, and I learned a lot about him.

    He was raised an only child in a Jewish home in Connecticut. I guess my background couldn’t be any more of a continent away: raised in Northern California, one of six kids of a Quaker pastor.

    “You guys have those?” he asked as we sat at a cafe for some coffee afterwards.

    “Pastors, yes, some Quaker meetings do find it helpful to have one Pastoral minister, not to do all the ministering, but to tend to connections and ensure we are connecting to the broader community’s needs. Pay wasn’t great, but thankfully Mom was a petroleum engineer.” Pretty sure that was the longest I’ve ever spoken.

    “Wow,” he said. “Engineer.”

    “Yeah. She’s been retired for a while now. I was the youngest.”

    “Are your parents deaf?” he blurted. “Sorry, if that’s…”

    “No, no,” I said. “They aren’t, but my grandparents on my dad’s side were. My mother had a really bad pregnancy the fourth time, but they still wanted more kids so they adopted my brother and I. Jake is my biological brother - he’s two years older than me.

    He smiled. “Big family.”

    “Make all the jokes you want, a house of 6 Quaker kids is still a mad house.”

    He laughed. “Are you close with your family?”

    I sighed. “Not exactly. I’m close with my dad; I was a real daddy’s girl - still am. But my mom and I have never been close.” She had five sons, worked predominantly around men, and she was holding out hope that I was going to be a girly girl and get married and have six kids by the time I was 30 so she could be entertained in her old age. “And my siblings, besides Jake, were all significantly older than me. Are you close with your parents?”

    “Yeah, yeah,” he said, rubbing his pant leg. “My dad passed away two years ago now. But my mom calls me every few days.”

    “I’m sorry. About your dad, not your mom’s calling.”

    “Hey, I’m sorry about her bugging me too. What was that sign for sorry?”

    I’ve been signing as I speak so he’ll (hopefully) pick some more up. He’s been good about slowly incorporating what he knows into our conversations. I did the sign again, rubbing and “A” on my chest in a circular motion. He repeated after me. “Good! Plan on having to use it? Going to have to break my heart?”

    “No!” He both said and signed. “Just seemed like a good basic one to have covered.”

    We pretty much spent the entire weekend together. It was odd, but great. Not like I had anything better to do, and I really liked getting to know him and really engaging with him on a deeper level.

    But he also still drives me insane.

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  12. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Oh such contrasting back stories! @};- =D= But they have similar personalities.

    They are so driven in their careers and good at what they do, besides being honest and snarky with one another. Joey and Josh have one wonderful thing alike: if they like you, you know it and they try sincerely to connect, and not superficially.

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Joey doesn't have any sort of backstory in the show, so initially I just wrote that to fill it in, but it has developed to become a bit of a plot for this diary.

    They are both very driven and very snarky, but also have that desire to connect. Thanks for reading.

    Also, @mavjade, I'm assuming the previous update got lost in all the other notifications? If I'm wrong, I'll shut up.
  14. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Entry 6
    April 2000

    Josh has driven me to insanity.

    I’m moving to DC. Permanently. After just 2 weeks here.

    The White House had to fire their old media relations consultant (who just so happened to be Josh’s ex-girlfriend) for sleeping with a married senator and leaking sensitive documents. According to President Bartlet, who called me (and Kenny) into the Oval Office one evening, he also didn’t agree with her superficial approach to repairing opticsafter things happen. He wants someone who can focus on the legislation and advise both him and the communications team before decisions are made.

    Sure, I’m still a pollster, but I’m a pollster for the President of the United States of America, so I’m not complaining. Plus, there will be a re-election campaign in just over 2 years. Maybe an opportunity to alter my job title.

    But I’m getting ahead of myself, which seems to be a theme in my life lately.

    Because after I told the President and Leo McGarry I’d think about the job offer, Kenny and I were at our desk talking about it.

    “I want to take it,” I told him. “It’s not like I’m exactly tied down in the West Coast. But I know I’d have to find a new interpreter, on top of the job, finding a place on such short notice, and moving out here.”

    “And I’m tied down there?” he asked, rhetorical. His family situation is similar to mine. He’s single with no real obligations other than work and his lease; his parents are still fairly young and both his sisters are out on their own. “I like my job and I wouldn’t mind staying in one spot instead of traveling down the Californian freeways. It will be a nice change.”

    “Maybe you can finally find a nice guy,” I teased.

    He laughed. “Yeah, like you did. Speak of the devil,” he said gesturing at Josh as he neared.

    Josh indicated to join me in his office. He shut the door behind him.

    “So, umm… Leo told me about the job offer. Do you think you’re going to take it?” Every few words he was able to sign. I saw a signing dictionary on his desk. He had prepared.

    I shrugged.

    “I think you should.”

    I narrowed my eyes at him. “Did you have anything to do with the job offer?”

    He laughed. “I love the fact that you think I have that much sway over the President of the United States. No, but I agree with him. Your advice has been invaluable. And I don’t say that often… to anyone.” He brushed his hand through my hair.

    I leaned into his touch. “Is that the only reason why you want me to stay?”

    “No. I want to give HR different reason to hate me.”

    “Different? Not going to make interns cry anymore?”

    “Well, if they can’t handle me….”

    I rolled my eyes. “I just don’t know. Moving across the country is a lot: finding a decent place to live here is going to be a nightmare; I’ll probably have to sell my car and buy a new one; worrying about Kenny….” I trailed off because I got tired of talking. I still had like 20 other things on that list, and you know, jobs at the White House have an extremely high turnover rate. If I do go through all the headache of moving me (and Kenny, because I am his employer) out here, this job might not even last.

    “You can move in with me,” he blurted. He then tried to backtrack. “Well… until you get organized here. I’m barely ever there anyways. And it’s not like you will either if you work here.”

    “Well, that totally makes me want the job.”

    “Please? You can stay with me until you decide for sure to make the move.”

    I gave it a few moments. These sorts of opportunities don’t come around and I have nothing stopping me from leaving… or from going back to California “Okay. But you have to deal with HR.” I patted his cheek.

    Entry 7

    April 2000

    I don’t know how it started. The work part of my life is actually going well. Kenny and I have our own office… in the basement of the White House. I’m doing what I do best - interpreting poling results, then I report it to Senior Staff and the President. I’ve only been doing it for two weeks now, but I’m loving it.

    I’m also loving living with Josh. Sure he’s a slob, but the discussions we have are amazing, even after working 12 hours days. He’s picking up a lot of sign.

    And the sex is amazing.

    The things that man can do with his mouth. More than once he has had to shut me up for fear of waking the neighbours.

    I’ve ended my lease on my apartment in Sacramento and my parents have shipped all my essential belongings to DC. I’ve spruced up Josh’s apartment a bit; bought new towels.

    But this evening, after work, I just lost it. I at the desk, hooked up to the ethernet cord, checking my emails on my iBook (one of those clamshell things, I have a pink one - Josh is complaining about the influx of pink stuff in his life) and I got an email from my dad. Ever since e-mails and personal computers have become a thing, I’ve taken advantage of no longer needing a middle person for long distance communication, and my family has too, especially my dad. Whenever I’m away he writes long emails to me, even if it’s about mundane things, and I reply when I have time.

    But his emails to me have been short. Curt. He’s making his disapproval of my decision to move to DC, to move in with Josh, very clear.

    This email was just that: I sent the last box this morning. I know you said no blankets but Mom wanted me to send your quilt. Dad.

    I didn’t reply. I just began to cry. It’s been an emotional - and exhausting - past few weeks. I’m also PMS-ing.

    I eventually felt Josh touch my back. I turned around to see Josh, fresh out of his shower, with one of my pink bath towels around his waist. I immediately began to laugh.

    “What?” As he signed, the towel fell.

    I totally lost it. Crying and laughing hysterically.

    “I don’t like these towels!” he said before picking the towel back up.

    “Well, I like them,” I said, dragging him back to the bedroom, stepping over boxes of my stuff.

    A little while later, we were sitting, cuddling. I was leaning against him and he was leaning against the headboard.

    “Josh, you are thinking so loud I can hear you,” I signed.


    “You are thinking so loudIcan hear you,” I both sighed and said out loud. “What’s going on under that hair?” she said, reaching up and smoothing his hair with the tips of my fingers.

    He smiled and stooped down to give me more access. He loves having his hair played with - he never told me, but he has hinted at it. Finally he asked. “What happens if there is a fire?”

    “We roast marshmallows?”

    “No, Joey, a fire in the apartment.”

    “Call the fire department? Stop, drop, roll? Get rescued by sexy firemen?”

    He sat up. “Okay, first, the only time I want you signing sexy is after my name.”

    I cuffed him upside the head. “Don’t be a caveman.”

    “Me? A caveman? You’re the one having fantasies about firemen!” He looked down for the next part. “My sister died in a house fire.” He didn’t say it, he just signed it.

    My heart leapt into my throat. I had no idea. I simply rubbed his back until he finally looked up. I signed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” They were stupid, empty words but I didn’t know what else to say.

    “I was 7. My sister was 13.”

    “What was her name?”

    He spelled out JOANIE and then said it so I could read his lips.

    I nodded. “I have a smoke alarm strobe light in one of these boxes. You can install it in the kitchen tomorrow.” I hoped I was helping. He seemed so… vulnerable. He was really putting his trust in me.

    “What about at night if I’m not home?” Once he was finished signing, he began rubbing my leg. Oh, goodness. He just cares so much. He worries so much.

    “I think I can get something like my alarm clock.” When the dammed thing goes off, my alarm clock vibrates under my pillow. “Would that make you feel better?”

    He nodded and cuddled me closer.

    He can be so open with me. Why can’t I be open with him?

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  15. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    OH, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm getting a Luke/Mara vibe here, and that is always a good thing! He's so open and caring and she's kind of reserved and still shut in but feeling EVERYTHING. [face_dancing] :) And he shows the caring as much by the undercurrents of concern as anything spoken. @};-
  16. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Ack! I actually read it and then forgot I didn't comment. Please always feel free to beat me upside the head! I want to know when I've been stupid! And the thing is, I remember Quote +ing things, so I guess I just never posted. :rolleyes:

    Entry 4 & 5
    [face_laugh] I love that her answers kept getting snarkier! And then for the coffee!! And Josh being so obvious by coming to her desk every 20 minutes! [face_love]

    This made me chuckle! But he realized what he was doing and will probably think about it more now.

    Wait... who am I talking about. No, he probably won't. :p

    Like Joey, I am unsurprised! He's probably an HR nightmare!

    Dawww.... but those tend to make the ones that work out the best. Well at least when they are this kind of 'bad'. Not actually bad.

    He told her he was an only child. =(( I mean, I totally understand. We know that Josh doesn't really talk about it and 'my older sister died when we were kids' doesn't make for great first date conversation, but still.... =((

    I LOVED all this backstory on Joey! We really don't know a whole lot about her, so I'm loving learning more about her!

    And this is one of the few signs I never forgot. Basically I can say, 'My name is Mavis, sorry I suck at sign language' and 'Breathing okay' and a few other things that are probably not done very well.

    And of course I loved the sticking her tongue out!!

    Six and Seven

    Yeeesss!!! Bye bye Mandy!! Yay for Joey moving!! :D

    I love that while she knows his home life, she doesn't just assume he will come, but of course he will! I imagine that's the type of relationship once you have a good one, you don't want to let it go!

    :D Yay!! Kenny character development! :D

    Josh is so sweet at times! I love that he cares enough for her to really make the effort to learn a new language. :*

    [face_laugh] And their banter, it's just so perfect!!

    The steam pipe trunk distribution center?? :p

    Yesssss!!! :D [face_batting]
    I love the detail that he has to keep her from waking the neighbors because she can't hear just how loud she's being.

    This is a great time period detail. I had one of those that was a hand me down from my brother and I loved that thing! Mine was a teal green.

    Oh no... Joey.... =(( Especially after we learned she was closer to her dad. No matter how old you are, that still hurts.

    Oh Josh.... =(( I immediately knew where he was going with this. How would she hear the smoke detector? I know there are other things, but it makes complete sense that Josh might not know. And of course he's worried about that!

    Joey's got his number. He might be bluster and and sarcasm, but at heart he's vulnerable and a worrier... for good reason.

    I'm loving this so, so much! They are just so perfect together! I can't wait for more!!
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  17. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    AHHHH!! This continues to be the best. Seriously. [face_love][face_love]

    This was so Joey. Completely 100% in character, and really, Josh had the progressively snarkier answers coming. :p [face_whistling]

    I really enjoyed the little snippets you included about communication - about all of the repeating, and how its hard to read his lips when he's yelling and Josh learning sign language to better ease the way between them. They were all great tidbits, and I really appreciated the practical aspects that you included. =D=

    [face_laugh] Understatement, much? :p Like Joey, I really can't blame them. [face_mischief]

    But what an adorable segue, that said!! I love that their relationship is starting so early here - they're just too cute not to squee over.


    THE BANTER. Seriously - I always leave this fic with such a smile on my face. [face_love]

    I adore all of the backstory you gave Joey - it completely fits. And I love how easily Josh is able to open up with her in return. It's beautiful to see.

    And speaking of perfectly fitting backstory and character development that I didn't know I wanted before this!! I adored this little bit with Kenny here, and love that he didn't want to leave her or his job with her. Beautiful. =D=

    As I said before, I love these little mentions. Josh is such a dear. Joey is such a dear. They're all dears and I love them.

    Perfect balance of banter and fluff, again. You really have a deft hand with dialogue for these characters, which I'll stop saying eventually. Maybe. :p

    Oh sweetie. [:D] I don't think she's cutting herself enough slack here - their relationship really is moving incredibly fast and she's already been open in some ways that I don't think she would be with anyone else. And of course her father's disapproval is bothering her and it's hard to speak about the reason for that with the reason. But I can certainly understand her wanting to give as much as Josh is and being frustrated when she feels that she can't. [face_love]

    I am thoroughly enjoying this so far, and look forward to more! =D=[face_love]
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  18. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    I wouldn't have compared them to LM right away, but I guess they kinda are. Josh instinctively knows who he wants to trust, and he is very driven in helping people, especially those that he cares for. And Joey is just all sass, but she cares deeply. Thanks for reading!

    It's fine, I understand. I'll let you know if you missed something.

    Oh, he is so painfully obvious, it's adorable.
    I really want to write them as a cute, old married couple... where Josh still hasn't learned to stop and thing.
    Yeah, probably for many reasons!
    I've been on some baaaad dates, but this is bad in a cute way.
    Yeah, I figured he wouldn't want that conversation quite yet.
    Yeah, originally I just wanted to flesh her out a bit, but her family background may become a bit of a plot (if the muse cooperates... which we both know it won't).
    Yeah, I stil remember a couple words (Yes, no, please, sorry, thank you, help, cookie, pirate) but I've forgotten a lot of what I used to know.

    Of course! one of my favourite moments of the show! Of course it got a mention!

    I had to jab at Mandy. Those opportunities don't come around often.
    Yeah. I had aids in school who'd hover and I hated those. A couple of them I worked well with and never wanted anyone but them!

    This is my head-canon (I don't know why) and no one can convince me otherwise.

    Josh, for all his abrasiveness, does try... at least sometimes. And he was clearly smitten with her in the show.
    I love their banter!
    somewhere in that area :p

    This may or may not come from a true story :p

    I had to include some early 2000s nostalgia (for as relevant as the show still is... sometimes it just screams early 2000s).
    Yeah. Somehow her family plot kinda snuck in there, but I'm not sure if the muse will take me where I wanted it to go.
    Yeah, you can tell he just doesn't know, so he worries.

    Also, totally random but funny story about light-alarms. Someone was demolishing an old apartment building that had one of those in there. So they offered it to my father... who was blind :oops:Funnest part was he took it and gave it to my grandfather (who was deaf)
    They are so cute together and I love writing them, I just wish the muse would strike more often with them.

    Thank you. Again, I love writing these guys together - I just wish the muse would give me more.

    Thanks. Joey is my favourite character so I'm so glad I have her in character.

    And Josh totally had it coming.


    They are just so adorable! I love them.

    The banter is just so much fun!! SOOO MUCH SNARK!

    Thanks. Joey'd backstory took a mind of it's own, but I'm really happy with it.
    Kenny just needed development too, since he's a big part of her life.
    They are all so sweet and I love them!
    Thank you. I really enjoy the dialogue for this fic.

    Yeah, I think the fact that she is so open about other things is why she is reluctant with this.

    Thanks fo much for reading and commenting!
  19. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Entry 8
    May 2000

    I… I can’t.

    These past few days have just been hell. And I can’t remember anything.

    Josh was shot.

    It was a Monday. Evening. Josh, the President and most of the senior staff were at a town hall in Rosslyn, Virginia. I was back at the White House, just finishing up some work, waiting for Josh to come back so we could go back home.

    I’m calling it home now. It’s not just “Josh’s apartment”; it’s home.

    I had sent Kenny back to his place for the night, knowing I wouldn’t need him, when suddenly there were a ton of people in the previously deserted halls of the White House basement. I saw a ton of military run by and I just thought it was some foreign issue, nothing I needed to know about, so I kept to my office.

    I was thinking Josh was running awfully late, when Mrs. Landingham appeared. She brushed my arm and I looked up. It was as if the life had gone out of her.

    She said something, but all I managed to make out was, “the President and Josh were shot”. I was just shaking.

    She got into a car with me and we arrived at the hospital. Sam Seaborn was waiting for me. He hugged me and led me to a private waiting room where Toby and CJ were. The First Lady was there and Sam sat me next to her. She held my hand. I asked about the President and she smiled and assured me he was going to be okay, that she had been talking to him and that his surgery was simple, straightforward, and was going to be short. She then told me about Josh. I got so scared and was only able to catch about half of what she was saying.

    The man I loved was shot in the chest and was in surgery and he wasn’t okay. My Josh. I just kept remembering that morning I had finally come up with his ASL name: a J combined with the sign for “stubborn”. What’s better is sign for “stubborn” done twice is the sign for “donkey”. If I sign his name twice, I’m basically calling him an ass.

    But Dr. Bartlet was patient; she eventually wrote everything down for me - I think she might have been grateful for the distraction - and Sam knows some sign – mostly just the alphabet - so they were able to tell me that he had a collapsed lung and and a ruptured pulmonary artery that his surgery would be about 14 hours.

    Dr. Bartlet stayed with me until the President was out of surgery. By that time, Toby, CJ, and, Sam had gone back to the White House. Donna stayed with me for a bit. She helped me understand what updates the doctors were giving me. Then Kenny was able to make it through the blockade of Secret Service agents and he hugged and sat with me for awhile. I sent them both home, which was stupid because then I couldn’t understand what was going on. I was so tired and so lost when the nurses were trying to talk to me.

    I ended up just wandering and praying. The First Lady came looking for me for an update on Josh and she found me praying in the chapel and she helped me get an update. She was the only person who didn’t tell me to go home and get some rest.

    Sam eventually brought me some clothes and I splashed some water on my face. Kenny came back just in time for the doctors to tell me Josh’s surgery was a success. He was going to need hospital care for the next few weeks and recovery was going to take 3 to 6 months, but he was going to be okay. He was going to be in a medically induced coma for the next few hours so he could rest (sounds like they know Josh). But they let me into his recovery room.

    I didn’t like seeing him like that, so pale and still. He had stubble and an oxygen tube. I didn’t know what to do so I just smoothed his hair and held his hand. I was just so relieved that he was okay.

    A couple hours later, Josh’s doctor and the President, aided by Leo, came in. The doctors woke Josh up. He was so groggy and out of it.

    “Hey, Josh, time to get up,” the president said, looking well. Josh then mumbled something. The president had to lean down to hear it. He told us with a grin, “Josh just said, ‘what’s next.’ Well, Josh, there’s been a hot blonde at your side. Don’t think she’s going to stick around much longer if you keep her waiting.” He patted Josh’s shoulder.

    Josh smiled, held up his hand, then let it fall to his chest. He was looking at me and grinning.

    “I think that’s for you,” the President remarked, looking at me.

    I looked down at Josh’s hand and he was holding the sign for “I love you” and gently shaking it. I took his hand to shut him up, then held the same sign up for him.

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  20. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    So happy Joey had a strong support during such a nerve-wracking several hours, and absolutely relieved that the prognosis is unguarded. Recovery will take a while but it could have so easily gone the other way. :eek: =D=
  21. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    [face_laugh] Pirate. It's always so funny what random things you remember that may or may not be useful in everyday conversations. One of mine in ASL is hamburger. Also marriage, but more because they are such similar signs and you could easily do one for the other if you aren't fluent, and that always cracked me up

    YES! I mean, no! But yes for this plot line. I always feel terrible that I love reading about things dealing with Roslyn, but since he's not a real person, I don't feel too badly. :p

    :D Yay! That's quite a step!

    I can totally understand that! I always say at work there is a subtle difference between I'm walking very quickly because I'm busy and I'm walking quickly because someone is trying to die on me. It takes some time to learn the difference and I'm sure working in the White House is no different in that regard. But I did love the detail!

    =(( This really got to me, that she's given him his name sign that morning and now this is happening. Hit me right in the feels.
    But I LOVE his name sign, it's soooo perfect for him!

    This is one of my favorite moments in the show, so I'm glad you included it, and the line the President adds is just so funny! It made me chuckle.

    [face_love]:* This is just so perfect and made me so happy. *happy sigh*

    I just love this so much! It's fulfilling all of my Joey/Josh wishes!
  22. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh, it's this episode. [face_plain]

    Whew, let's dive right in then! Bring on the emotional pain; I'm ready.

    I have to take a moment to break from having my heart in my throat (even well knowing the outcome) to smile for that line. It makes this episode hit all the harder for Josh and Joey being as close as they are. :(

    YES!! That is so perfectly a good name for Josh in ASL. And it's all the more heartbreaking to tell us that while Joey is worried for the outcome of his surgery.

    Yep. Perfect banter is perfect. Just the lightness that's needed after the emotional build-up of the entry.

    This was just perfect, too! I am smiling such a happy, sappy fangirl smile that I can't even tell you right now. Lovely. [face_love]

    Wonderful work! As always. =D=
  23. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Yeah, this show is kinda around "chosen family" and I really like bringing that in.

    LOL! Yeah... it's just a fun one to sign! But yeah, it seems like most people that learn some ASL remember the randomest words.

    Lol! I feel the same way (both about Josh and about Elvie). I mean, they are terrible events... but because they are made up, they are still "fun" to read and write ya know?

    It is!

    Hm. I never thought of that, but yeah, that is totally what is happening. And I'm sure, both in the WH and in your work there are events (or in your case patients) that just don't concern you so you are best to stay out of the way unless you are needed .

    The name sign is just SOOOO Josh.

    Yeah, I figured that would be a very Bartlet thing to add :p But yeah, I totally love that moment in the show.

    It is just so adorable.

    Thank you! Josh/Joey wishes deserve to be be fulfilled.

    Yeah. My muse was just like "you gotta do it, you gotta do it, you gotta do it." and there was no convincing it otherwise

    Yeah. Though I'm sure it would have made it easier, at least on Josh, having someone there who has an intimate relationship with him,, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks, and yeah, it does make it more heartbreaking that this is happening now.

    Thanks. I had to balance it with some fluff.
    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the angst.
  24. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    A/N: My muse is being a butt. What else is new? I really want to compete this half diary (wherever it is going), but yeah, my muse is being totally ADD (and it just wants to torture Elvie Santos). But, hopefully, maybe, I can squeeze out another 3 entries. This one is rather short.

    Entry 9
    July 2000

    Josh is diving me insane. Like clinically insane.

    I thought he was bad when he was on bedrest… and he was, always bugging me while I was trying to work at his bedside. I was there for his benefit, to keep him company while he rested and recovered, to give him care and comfort after his mother (who I absolutely adore! How could Josh, someone so infuriating, come from a woman so sweet and gentle) and Donna had enough of him. He was always asking me questions about work that I wasn’t going to answer since he was supposed to be relaxing (work isn’t relaxing). But at least I could just walk out of the room when he was driving me nuts and he couldn’t follow me.

    But now, he’s home and allowed to be up for a few hours a day. When I’m at work (someone has to pay the rent and the interpreter) he does his physical therapy and I’ve been getting him books from the library including some great ASL lesson books and dictionaries. His signing and vocabulary has improved dramatically.

    The downside of this is that he can now get up out bed, follow me around, and sign, and tell me how to do my job.

    Because my new job is his job. This is only a temporary thing, but Leo needed a deputy and somehow my name came up. They wanted someone who could do Josh’s job while he’s recovering, but also consult with Josh when needed without overworking him. And I do consult with Josh, but not for every single decision. But he needs to know every single little detail of what I’m working on.

    And Josh’s not cleared for sex yet so I can’t even distract him with that.

    He’s across the couch from me now, trying to get my attention by flapping his arms.

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  25. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Josh would probably micro-manage anyone who was doing his job even temporarily [face_laugh] :p but the fact that Joey is doing it and they're romantically involved adds a whole new layer of "quit bugging me"! 8-} =D= Because anyone telling you how to do something you know how to do is AGGRAVATING! They don't call them backseat drivers for nothing. [face_mischief]