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Story [The West Wing] The Kingmaker (Josh Lyman/Joey Lucas AU Diary and vignettes)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Briannakin , Jul 1, 2018.

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    Hey Bri's muse, I certainly love me some Elvie angst, and I always want to read it, but I also need some Joey/Josh on occasion too, mmkay?! Thanks!


    Ha! I love that his mother and Donna both had enough of him (of course!) and that his mom is just so sweet! I mean, of course she is, she's Josh's mom!

    [face_laugh] This is 100% Josh! The mental image of him following her around it so infuriatingly adorable!

    I love this because it's just so Josh! And also because Joey is a perfect pick to temporarily replace him! But it's so Josh because he knows she's capable and isn't doing it for anything other than that's just who Josh is. He's a perfectionist and wants things the way he wants them. I know it drives her nuts because she knows what she's doing. It's all just so very... them!

    Josh Lyman is gesticulating wildly! [face_rofl] This made me laugh out loud, literally.

    This was great! I'm so happy to have another update to this!! :D
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    Yeah, And Josh is probably the biggest backseat driver ever!

    Ugh, I know! I feel the exact same way! I love writing Joey/Josh but the muse just does not give them to me as often. In a way this diary has been good because it has kinda forced me to write them.

    I'm a firm believer that you can love someone, but they can also drive you insane :p

    And this is another similar issue I'm having: I want to write a vignette or a chapter or SOMETHING with Josh's mom (or maybe even his dad) BUT MY STUPID MUSE is just uncooperative.

    I feel like "infuriatingly adorable" is the perfect way to describe Josh!

    Thanks! I had fun with this small update. Josh is just SOOOO JOSH.
    Bahahaha! Yeah,, that line was my inspiration :p

    Thanks. I am so glad my muse gave me another update for this!
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    Entry 10
    December 2000

    I missed Christmas with my family. And I missed it for Josh. I might have done irreparable damage to my relationship with my family - one does notnot come home for Christmas in the Lucas family, but I did it for Josh. I had to.

    Josh isn’t himself. He hasn’t been himself for awhile, but I thought it was natural with the shooting - we were all shaken up and Josh had more of a pass than anyone else. I thought once he returned to work - which he did a few weeks ago - he’d get better. You know, he’s an intelligent guy and easily bored so I thought his tenseness and how “on edge” he was had just been a natural product of shock and not having anything to do to distract him from his thoughts.

    But being back at work has only made him worse. He’s restless at night. He wakes up, which wakes me up. He has outbursts of frustration and… anger. Not at me. Never at me. But a few nights ago, things got violent.

    There was a White House Christmas Party at which Yo-Yo Ma was performing a concert. I hear he’s like some world-class musician, and I was invited, but I decided not to take up a seat when I understood hearing him play was going to be a life-event for someone else (I actually gave my seat to Kenny’s boyfriend, Adam, so he could go and Kenny had to). I encourage Josh to go though - and he looked so handsome in his tux.

    I spent that evening at an event at Gallaudet University, just a Christmas banquet fundraiser I bought a single ticket for. If everyone else I knew was having fun, I wanted to do something just for me, you know. It was amazing to be surrounded by the deaf community and culture, even if I was taking it in alone. There was a speech by the president of the university and the theatre program put on a few scenes from A Christmas Carol. And… well… apparently I’ve become a bit of a role model for the Political Science students there. I had no idea people even knew of me. I was introduced to Dr. Paul Stein, head of the Pool Sci department, and he asked me to consider giving a guest lecture in one of his classes in the next semester.

    I was so excited to tell Josh when I got home… but he clearly was not okay. A window had been smashed, letting freezing air in, blood was everywhere, and Josh was on the couch, leaning forward. His hand was wrapped in a kitchen towel. He was pale and shaking, still in his tux.

    “What happened?” I both signed and said out loud, as soon as I walked in.

    He tried to sign, but it was difficult for him with just one hand, so he spoke. “Nothing, just go to bed, Joey. Please, just go to bed.”

    “You’re hurt. Let me see it.” I tried to sit on the couch next to him but he stood up and walked away.

    “No!” he shouted. He was shaking. “I… I fell… into the window. I tried to break my fall.”

    “Let me take you to the hospital -”

    He interrupted my signing. “NO! I do notwant to go to the hospital. I… I can’t.” I had never seen him like this, pale and sweaty as he was pacing, his hands were clinched but his face showed no physical pain.

    I just nodded, knowing asking him about it was only making him worse. “I’m going to have a shower and going to bed. If you need anything, please wake me. I love you.”

    The next morning - Christmas eve - I went into work early, before Josh, and spoke with Leo. It was just him and I before the West Wing got busy. I was honest and forward that this was a personal matter, but Leo just nodded. “Josh isn’t well,” he said. We talked for a bit, about Josh’s anger and uncontrolled outburst finally Leo asked, “He hasn’t hurt you, has he?”

    “No, no,” I quickly assured him. “He wouldnever.”

    “I know, I know. He’d also never blow up at the President, yet he did that.”

    “He hurt himself, Leo,” I told him. “Last night. I was out. I came back and the window was smashed and his hand was cut. I don’t know if he did it on purpose or if it was an accident.”

    Leo nodded. “I have a specialist from ATVA coming in today. Josh might be late coming home. What time is your flight to California?”

    “Midnight. But we aren’t going. I’m going to cancel the flight. We’ll just stay here for Christmas.”

    Josh and I were supposed to go to Sacramento for Christmas, but no way he was dealing with the crowds and not completely turning into a monster. I’m okay with dealing with him when he gets irritable because I know he’s just the sweetest guy… but he’s going through some stuff, and I don’t want him to meet my parents in his current state. I still urged Kenny to go home though (with Adam, so they could do the whole “meeting the family” thing).

    After work finished up, I waited abound with Leo for Josh to finish up with the ATVA psychiatrist. Josh eventually came out and Leo talked to them for a bit; I let them have a private conversation as I continue to read a report. Leo and Josh have an amazing relationship.

    After a few moments, Leo brushed my arm. I looked up.

    Leo was still talking to Josh. “Joey will take you to the Emergency Room to get that hand looked at.”

    I stood up and nodded, taking Josh’s other hand.

    Josh looked at his watch.

    “Don’t worry about the flight,” I told him as I picked up my bag. “I canceled our tickets.”

    “No… what?” he asked. “But your parents…”

    “My parents will get over it,” I said. “I had Kenny phone them and tell them I was sick as a dog.”

    “Joey, no, you should just go, see your family. It’s Christmas.”

    “And I’m spending it with you. I want to go, get your hand looked at so we know it will heal properly and isn’t infected, then maybe get some Chinese take out.”

    “You’ve been conspiring with my mother, haven’t you?”

    I smiled. Miriam Lyman had told me all about their Jewish family Christmas traditions when we visited her for Hanukah a few weekends ago.

    “And I want to cuddle on the couch with you.”

    We got in my car and I drove to hospital. Josh wrote me a note while I drove and let me read it once I parked. It explained to me that he was just diagnosed with PTSD, what it was and what he was experiencing (flashbacks to the shooting), that the sound of music made him hear sirens, he was going to go see a psychiatrist, and that he loved me very much.

    I nodded. “How can I help?”

    “You, just being here.” He kissed my hand. “The smell of you lotion really calms me down too.”

    Later, we were waiting for the doctor to come look at his hand, I asked, “You don’t have to explain but, I don’t understand how music sounds like sirens. Isn’t… one good and one annoying?”

    He thought for a moment. “It’s like… if you saw… a… a string of lights… you know Christmas tree lights and your brain makes you see fire. You know it isn’t fire, but your brain starts freaking out because it thinks something bad is happening and you keep remembering and…” I didn’t catch the last part, but I got what he was saying and knew he was spiralling, as he does (which now makes sense with the PTSD diagnosis). So I just stroked his back until his breathing calmed.

    A doctor came in, looked at his hand, said it was fine if Josh kept it clean and wrapped properly until it healed.

    We then made our way home and enacted my plan: Chinese food and cuddling. I asked if I could put on a Christmas movie. He said yes, as long as we muted the sound.

    As if I cared.

    Then, on Christmas morning, gosh, he was so sweet.

    I woke up in our bed alone. I was just about to roll out of bed and go looking for Josh when I saw a note on my nightstand, telling me to call for him when I woke up because he had a surprise for me. I rolled out of bed.

    “Josh?” I called as I put on my bathrobe over my pyjamas. DC is surprisingly cold sometimes.

    He came in, held up one finger, then left.

    “I didn’t understand that!” I called.

    He came back with a cup of coffee in his hands.

    “Now this I understand,” I signed. He handed me the coffee, then lead me out into the living room where a fake tree was standing… kinda (it was very crooked and looked like it had been through a war-zone). A bunch of lights were strung around various pieces of furniture.

    “I uh, went into the White House while you were still asleep and once I explained to security that you were missing Christmas because I couldn’t fly… they helped me out.”

    I kissed him on the cheek and he started to blush.

    “And, uh, because we shipped all our gifts to California, they let me raid the gift shop.” Because, according to Josh… the Jewish guy… you have to havepresents on Christmas.

    Yeah, I got a number of keychains and mugs. I had him laughing everytime I shook one of his hastily wrapped presents. It was so nice to see him laughing. His eyes just light up. He also told me he bought me and my parents web-cams so we can video chat.

    He called my parents and helped me wish everyone a Merry Christmas (while I pretended to be sick - I didn’t want my parents to know Josh was the reason why we didn’t make it out there).

    Then we just cuddled (and ate leftover Chinese). It was perfect.

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    First off, YAY!!! for more Josh/Joey!

    Even though this deals with such a serious and sad topic, this was so adorbs and mushy and I love it!

    Just those words and I knew where we were headed. Which on the one hand... yay!! Noel is my favorite episode and I'm excited to see how it plays out here! But at the same time :( because I know it's going to be rough.

    A perfectly reasonable thought. I can't imagine that bored Josh is a whole lot of fun!

    I loved this! That she found something else fun to do when everyone else was doing something that wouldn't be a whole lot of fun to her. And of course you are known Joey!! You work at the White House!

    This scene between them was just so heartbreaking, but I think this was the exact right thing to do. Trying to push would only make things worse.

    Yeeaaahhh.... I don't see that going well. "Hi mom, hi dad. Meet my boyfriend who's going through a bit of something at the moment. If he gets really upset, please ignore." Not to mention meeting the parents is always stressful and that's the last thing Josh needs at the moment.

    [face_laugh] Yeeessss for Joey conspiring with Josh's mother and getting all the tips!! :D

    I really liked this for two reasons. 1) Josh probably isn't good enough at ASL to really explain what was going on and he knew he wanted her to fully understand what was happening, which she might not have if she'd been reading his lips. 2) It's sometimes easier to write things down rather than say them outloud. So this really works in both aspects.

    [face_love]:* She's just so perfect! I think I'm in love with Joey! (Not that I wasn't before, but your Joey... [face_love] )That was the best answer to what he told her that I can think of!

    =(( That he used Christmas lights and thinking of a fire. That just killed me.

    Oh man! What a sweetie!! I bet that's the best Christmas tree she's ever had! And the gifts from the White House gift shop! Perfect!
    And kinda funny because I'm drinking a smoothie out of a water bottle I got when we got to go on a tour of the West Wing.

    Sorry I kinda quoted the whole thing, but I just loved it so much and I couldn't whittle it down!
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    JOEY IS A DARLING, DARLING ANGEL! For every bit of that constant, unfailing support through all the icky aftermath. =D= ^:)^ A beautiful and touching update!
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    I’m posting this little treat because it seems like we both need it today. I had always intended to continue this Josh/Joey storyline with the occasional vignette incorporating elements of our OC-verse with this AU, but then I never did finish the actual diary. But my muse was being a butt so I decided to start a few Josh/Joey vignettes and this was the first that I finished. There will (probably) be more since one is like 75% done and the other is like 50%. Also, poor Marc! Leo is kinda a jackass in this, but still lovable Leo.

    Title: Meeting The Lucas-Lymans
    2033 (AU)
    Leo/Marc, Josh/JOEY!!!!

    “Leo, what’s the sign for ‘welcome’ - like thank you for welcoming me into your home?” Marc asked. He was sitting across the messy kitchen table from his boyfriend. Stacks of Leo’s law textbooks were taking up most of the table. Marc was studying an ASL website on his laptop instead of doing homework.

    Leo looked up from his notebook. He was wearing a burgundy HARVARD sweatshirt he had stolen from Marc. They had been dating a few weeks and they’ve gotten to the ’stealing clothes and meeting parents phase’. “It’s the same as ‘your annoying me’,” he both said and signed before going back to his work.

    “Leo,” Marc sighed. “Please, just this one sign and then I’ll leave you alone. I just want to be able to make a good first impression on your family.” In two days they were going to take the Amtrak journey from Boston to DC to meet Leo’s family for Thanksgiving.

    “My parents are going to love you, and Noah and Abi are too. You need to stop worrying! I’ll be there, I’ll leave my cochlear in. My mom and sister are used to interacting with hearing people. They won’t care if you finger spell everything.”

    “I’ll care.”

    “And I care if I fail this con-law final!” Leo reached up to his hair, then went back to his notes.

    “Leo.” Marc said. Leo didn’t look up. “Leo!” he said again. “Leo! Did you turn off your cochlear off?” Leo still didn’t respond. Marc crumpled up a piece of paper and threw it at Leo. “Jackass!” Marc both signed and shouted.

    Leo started to laugh.

    Marc grew upset. “You know I think it’s rude when you do that!”

    “It is rude!” Leo grinned. “But it’s also rude to interrupt a guy trying to study!”

    Marc sighed. “I don’t mind when you turn your cochlear off, just let me know! I’m just really freaking out about meeting your family. I love you, Leo,” he signed those words, then spoke the next. “And I want your family to like me.”

    Leo got up, wrapped his arms around Marc, and kissed his cheek. “I love you too. Remember that.” He reached up to his hair again. “My cochlear is back on… though I’m probably going to regret it. Come sit with me on the couch.” Leo’s stomach formed knots. “I need to tell you something.”

    Hand in hand, they made the few steps to Leo’s dark blue couch in his small basement suite and sat. “What’s wrong?” Marc asked, practicing his signing further.

    Leo sighed. He both signed and spoke - it was a method they were using so Marc could hopefully pick up more ASL. “When my parents got married, they were both working for the White House - my mom was head polling analyst and my dad was still Deputy Chief of Staff - so they didn’t want it to be painfully obvious they were married, so my mom kept her maiden name. They didn’t want to mix their private and professional lives any more than they had to.”

    “Okay, so what’s your mom’s last name?” Marc asked, figuring he should know these kinds of things. He knew Leo’s mom’s first name was Joey and that she had been a congresswoman.

    “Lucas. Joey Lucas.”

    Marc paused. “Why does that sound familiar?”

    “Because professionally she goes by her full name: Josephine Lucas.”

    Marc froze. “As in… Former Vice President Josephine Lucas?” He began hyperventilating.

    “Well… she was also Acting President for those two months back in ’25. Back when my Uncle Sam was recovering from being blown up.”


    “Is now a bad time to tell you that we are having Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle Sam’s and Auntie Donna’s?”

    * * *

    Marc tried to breathe and not sweat through the charcoal grey dress shirt he was wearing. He failing miserably at both feats. He was carrying his weekend bag on his shoulder and Leo had his arm around his back. Leo had his backpack on his back and was wearing a nice black sweater. They had just gotten into DC and had taken an Uber to Leo’s parents’ house and were now walking up the long driveway.

    Marc’s heart was pounding in his ears as the front door to the home opened.

    “You’re going to be loved,” Leo assured him.

    “Not if I strangle you,” Marc replied, whispering into Leo’s ear.

    “Marc,” Leo chuckled softly. “I could feel you breathing, but that’s the ear without the cochlear. But I got the gist so I love you too.”

    Marc felt his face grow red, he felt so dumb - he knew what ear Leo’s cochlear was in. Leo’s kiss to Marc’s cheek did not help the blushing. This wasn’t fair; he was the one usually making Leo blush.

    “Well, aren’t you two just the most adorable couple!” Leo’s dad exclaimed excitedly as his mom was signing. Both now stood on the front step - Josh had white hair and a white beard and was wearing a cable-knit sweater while Leo’s mom had blonde hair and had a shawl wrapped around her shoulders. “That was her,” Josh now deadpanned, pointing to his wife.

    Leo laughed as he rushed up the stairs to hug both his parents.

    Marc was just confused. He wished Leo had prepared him better for this meeting.

    “Mom! Dad!” Leo both spoke and signed. “This is Marc.” He was somehow so bashful as he reached his hand down to drag Marc up onto the porch. “Marc, these are my parents, Josh and Joey.” Leo signed his parents names, though Leo had already taught Marc both his parents’ name signs.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you… both,” Marc said as he fumbled over the signs he had rehearsed. Leo was simply beaming with pride. “Thank you for welcoming me into your home… for Thanksgiving.”

    Joey smiled and spoke while she signed, something rare for her… when she wasn’t pissed off. She didn’t like to speak. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you, Marc.” She opened her arms and he hugged her.

    Josh then shook Marc’s hand. “We’re glad you guys could make it.”

    Another figure then emerged from the house. Noah was 16, gangly and pimply. “Leo!” he exclaimed, tackling his brother.

    “Noah! This is Marc.”

    Noah nodded and waved. “Hey, nice to meet you.”

    “Hey,” Marc said. He knew Noah was hearing but wasn’t sure if he was supposed to try to sign when directly speaking to him or not. He decided to keep quiet and follow Leo’s lead. And Leo led him into the home.

    “Where’s Abi?” Leo asked as he slipped off his shoes.

    “In her room,” his dad replied with a sigh as he glanced at Joey. “She’s being…”

    “Your daughter?” Joey supplied.

    Josh snorted and gave his wife an indignant look. “Abi Gale is being a 16-year-old girl. She has a bad case of being a teenager. You should go talk to her, Leo. She’s in her room. I need to interrogate Marc anyway.” Marc’s name-sign was the same for ‘architect’ but with using Ms.

    Marc cast Leo a mortified look. He did not want to be left alone with Leo’s parents.

    Joey saw. “Don’t worry,” she signed and Josh interpreted. “If Josh gets out of hand, I’ll just tell the story of how we first met. And make him interpret.”

    Josh glared at his wife.

    Leo started to cackle. He took Marc’s bag and kissed his cheek. “I’ll be right back.”

    Leo began climbing the stairs. He threw the bags in his childhood bedroom, then went onto her sister’s bedroom. He stuck his hand in the door and turned the light off and on a bunch of times before entering.

    Abi was on her bed, on her laptop. She scowled at Leo. “What?” she signed. She was deaf and chose not to have hearing aids (not that they would do her anything) or a cochlear. Her blue hair was up in a ponytail.

    “Aren’t you happy to see your big brother?” Leo signed extravagantly as he hopped onto the bed with her.

    “No,” she snapped, going back to her laptop.

    So, Leo began to pester her. He reached over her shoulder and began pressing random keys.

    Abi smacked Leo away. “Go away! You’re worse than Dad!”

    “Come meet my boyfriend! Your going to adore him!” Leo was extravagant with his signs.

    “No!” Abi insisted. She then blew up at him. “Why couldn’t you go to Gallaudet? Why did you you get a cochlear? Why did you have to get a hearing boyfriend?”

    Leo froze in shock. “I love Marc… I love him so much. I don’t care that he’s hearing… he doesn’t care that I’m Deaf. I got a cochlear because I wanted to go to Law school - and not have an interpreter. And I met and fell in love with Marc.”

    “I miss you, Leo. Then you come and bring a hearing boyfriend home.”

    “You do realize both your father and twin brother are hearing.”

    “But they know sign! Home is my space where it doesn’t matter that I’m Deaf.”

    “Dad didn’t when he met Mom. Marc is trying to learn. He’s probably a better student than Dad.” Leo hugged his sister. “I remember being 16 and trying to figure what’s next with school and life in general and the added layer and decisions of being Deaf… and hormones.”

    Abi made a disgusted face. “Ick!”

    “At least your not queer, like me,” Leo laughed. “I know it sucks and I’m sorry I’m not around more to help… not that you’d listen to me. But just FaceTime me! Plus, you are going to love Marc. You’ll be able to text him whenever you need someone to vent to.”

    “Can I make fun of him when he signs the wrong thing?”

    “I do!”

    * * *

    Leo and Abi made their way downstairs and Leo slipped onto the couch beside Marc, who was chucking along with Leo’s mother. Marc turned to Leo. “You are not allowed to mock me for our first meeting anymore. At least I wasn’t wearing hip-waders.”

    “I don’t know, mocking a Deaf guy for his karaoke skills was pretty bad.”

    “To be fair,” Marc said as Leo signed for him. “Your karaoke skills are pretty bad.”

    Abi - along with the rest of the family - laughed.
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    I love this so much and I had no idea how much I wanted this until just now!! I knew I wanted Josh/Joey in the past, but to have them having a life together... yep! I love it!
    This is me:

    Hah... I love this interaction! And the way you wrote the beginning really introduced the situation in a great way! Telling the changes in the AU but still having everyone be absolutely themselves.

    Hahaha.... okay, that's totally a dick move, but it was hilarious.

    I LOVE how you took a plot line from our 'verse and changed it up by having Leo tell Marc where they were going for Thanksgiving. Of course it doesn't make it any less nerve wracking when you learn who you are actually meeting, but it was such a great touch.
    And... Sam/Donna!!!!! Yes! Perfect!! :D :D

    Bah hahah... this might have been my favorite part. How frazzled Marc was that he wasn't thinking about which ear he was whispering into, to Leo's response.

    This was so cute! How close Leo and Noah seem to be and how excited Noah is to see him!

    [face_laugh] But poor Marc! Getting subjected to Josh right off the bat without Leo!

    Oh Abi... it's so hard to be a teenager and have change. I know that cochlear and being with hearing people can be problematic for some people in the Deaf community and I like how you made the dicotomy within the family. Abi is trying to figure out who she is and having her brother do things that she maybe feels like betrays her is even harder.
    And yeah, I can see how home is a safe space and it's hard when that's changed.

    YEEEESSSSS!!! Marc needed to know that story!

    [face_laugh][face_laugh] [face_love]

    Yep! I LOVED every word and I can't wait for more in this AU!! :D
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    Oh yay, there's more!!!!

    I saw your post about President Joey Lucas and thought: hey, I could go for some good ol' Kingmaker 'verse and now HERE WE ARE. It was so good to dive into one of your WW stories again! You really do these characters and this (now very expanded!) world such justice! It really is awesome what you and mav have been able to build! =D=

    Bwaha! Yep, Leo is being a snot and he absolutely deserved every bit of Marc's ire. (Although turning the cochlear off was hilarious. :p) I can't say I blame the guy, I'd be trying just as hard! The dear. :p [face_laugh]

    PRESIDENT JOEY LUCAS. GAH BUTI LOST IT HERE LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE. Obviously we need that story next. [face_batting]

    Yep - hand Marc the paper bag to hyperventilate into. He's gonna need it! [face_laugh] [face_mischief]

    Also: yay Josh/Donna!! I accept it for this AU. :D

    Oh this was beautiful. [face_love] I love how warmly welcoming Joey is, and in doing so she's honoring Marc stepping out of his comfort zone too! As always, you have such a great mix of heart and sass when writing these characters!


    Their banter just kills me dead! As always!

    Though poor Marc, being left alone with Josh already! Ah well, better to get it out of the way sooner rather than later.

    I loved this detail. Siblings are the best, aren't they? [face_devil]

    Oh Abi sweetie. My heart hurt for her here. She's in a real bind of a teenager processing something new all the while trying to find her own way in the world with her hearing impairment. It's a tough spot she's fighting through, but she'll figure it out! Her safe space is growing here, she just doesn't know it yet! [face_love]

    Atta girl! [face_laugh] [face_love]

    [face_rofl] [face_rofl]

    Yep - this was the best way to end this viggie!

    I enjoyed every word of this more than I can say. I will definitely be here to read more in this AU as it comes!!!

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    Hahaha! I love Josh/Joey and I always wanted to write them having a life together. Unfortunately the muse has rarely been cooperative as to give me full stories.

    Thanks. I went back and forth on how much I wanted to change. Of course, I wanted to honour the fact that having a different mother would change their personalities and some of their life decisions, but I still wanted them to be recognizable. But my muse was also being stubborn so they dont change a whole lot so I'm not sure how I feel about how it ended up.
    BAHAHAHA. LEO is totally his parents' child here. Such a nitwit move!
    Thank you! I thought maybe springing the fact that your mom was VP was a bit too mean for Leo, plus I wanted to change up the storyline a bit.

    And I HAD to still fit Donna into this and I'm kinda a low-key Donna/Sam shipper. I mean, if neither get Josh... :p I kid, mostly. I do really love the Donna and Sam moments we get in the show - particularly in Someones going to Emergency....
    I love this part too where Marc is the adorable frazzled one.

    I ALWAYS say this but I wish I could use Noah more, so every moment my muse gives me, I take

    Oh, poor Marc!!
    Yeah, being a Teenager is hard and I'd like to imagine she's really close to Leo, but Leo is just finding his own life and making his own choices which is probably hard for Abi.
    Everybody needs to know that story (plot bunny for our canon universe?)
    Thank you soooo much!!!
    Thanks for reading! As I mentioned above, I do adore me some Joey (plus Josh) and I always intended on continuing this diary into Josh/Joey's married life but the muse was being fickle. But I'm happy the muse it at least giving me glimpses into this alternate universe.
    Leo is sooooo being a snot! And Marc is just trying so hard! The dynamic is just hilarious and I love it
    YESSSSS! You will get it!!! Eventually... :p

    Exactly. I love the idea of Joey meeting Marc half-way since he clearly means so much to Leo!

    Thank you. I just love their banter
    I could see this moment so clearly, it kills me!
    Yeah. And her safe space is totally growing!!

    She is such her father's daughter
    Thank you. I'm really so happy you enjoyed it!
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Give Up
    2010 (AU)
    A/N: I’m working on the “President Joey Lucas” fic and I’m like 75% done, but it somehow turned into 2 parts and I’ve got no idea how to end it (which has been a major issue with my muse lately).

    Josephine Lucas wanted to give up.

    Rarely in her life did she feel so defeated. She prided herself on her determination but she was done and just wanted to cry. She was already curled up in a ball in the corner of the sectional in her living room and she never wanted to move. She covered her face with her arm.

    She was 38 weeks pregnant and she had another argument with her husband. It had been the same disagreement for months now and her discomfort and sleep deprivation was not helping. They rarely fought, but they were both being stubborn on this one thing… and they kept putting off coming to an ultimate decision, but they needed to decide soon.

    Joey started crying.

    Damn these hormones.

    She felt a blanket being draped over her. The couch depressed beside her and she felt the sign for “I love you,” being pressed gently into her shoulder. Her husband squeezed her arm fat with his pinky, index finger, and thumb.

    He always knew how to make her smile. She started passive-aggressively slapping the same sign on his thigh. He started to laugh; she could feel his chest vibrating.

    “Stop it!” she signed, finally looking at Josh.

    “I’m sorry,” he replied with sign before kissing her cheek. “You’re beautiful, even when you’re a beach ball trying to inflict mild pain on me.” He began rubbing her very swollen stomach.

    “You deserve it. You did this to me,” she signed and then gestured to her belly.

    “Yeah… but I can’t say I’m sorry. But I am sorry for making you cry,” Josh signed. He reached over the notepads on the coffee table and got her a few tissues.

    Joey wiped her eyes. “We need to finish this.”

    They had been working on their birth-plan. They were a bit late, but both had been working extremely long hours at their jobs as a Californian Congress Woman and White House Chief of Staff to prepare for their maternity and paternity leaves. Josh had been particularly insistent on the creation of the birth plan so he could know exactly what his wife wanted, even if she was too tired (or drugged), or in too much pain to communicate, or if the plan completely went awry.

    And he had been very accepting of all her wants and desires, and had even helped her pack the hospital bag and had bought her new pyjamas, socks, and robe to make her feel pampered after giving birth. He was going to call all the parents… and remind them Joey wanted to recover for a few days before they met their new grandchild. But he and Joey couldn’t agree on when they wanted the paediatric audiologist to test their child for hearing loss. Given Joey’s likely genetics (she had been adopted so her parents weren’t quite sure, but going off of her biological brother, whom she had been raised with, and his kids, they likely had nonsyndromic autosomal dominant hearing loss) there was a 50% chance Josh and Joey’s son would be born profoundly deaf.

    They would love and adore the child either way, so perhaps it was an inconsequential argument.

    But Joey wanted to know right away. She wanted the audiologist on-call and as soon as the newborn was calm enough, she wanted the baby to be tested. She wanted to know the baby’s weight, length, and if he was hearing or deaf. But while she was the one going through labor and delivery and could fairly demand things like her calming blue light and lots of time in a shower, she was also aware and wanted to respect the fact that they both were becoming parents to a potentially disabled child. Josh’s wishes on this were just as valid.

    Josh wanted to wait, several hours or even until right before they were discharged from the hospital before they brought the audiologist in.

    “I just can’t imagine finding out at any other time,” she explained. “I want to know right away how to best comfort him.”

    Josh sighed and nodded. “I just want to cuddle him,” Josh’s signing of cuddle was so enthusiastic and sweet. “In those first few minutes, so many doctors are going to be poking at him and measuring him. He’s going to be scared and just want his daddy… I hope… to show him love and comfort.” Joey’s heart melted as Josh confessed this. She began to rub his back. “I know the audio tests aren’t that long or painful… but if they determine he’s deaf, the doctors are going to want to make sure nothing else is wrong with him, which is good, but if it’s not going to threaten his life…” Josh’s breathing became erratic. “I just think we can wait, at least a few minutes. I wanna greet him into the world with hugs from Daddy and Mommy.”

    Joey was now sobbing. Josh was just so loving. He hugged her close and rubbed her arm. Damn hormones. “Okay,” she signed. “How about a compromise? We won’t find out in the delivery room. We just wait until the audiologist comes to us. They’ll likely make him a priority but they’ll probably give us time with him before coming.”

    He looked at her and mouthed, “Okay,” because he didn’t want to stop holding her. “I love that idea.”

    She rested her head on his chest and promptly fell asleep. However a few minutes later, she woke when she felt her back aching even more than normal, and the cramping was getting worse.

    “Josh,” she huffed out loud.

    “What do you need?” he signed urgently. “You gotta tell me what you need-.”

    She grabbed his hands to shut him up and just started to squeeze.

    * * *

    Despite Joey’s instance that it was just pre-labour contractions… they were not. Twenty-five hours later, they welcomed their son, Leo Josiah Lucas Lyman.

    Hours later, Joey, woke still feeling groggy and drugged. And her heart melted.

    Josh was sitting in a gliding chair, wearing the same jeans and sweatshirt he had been wearing for the past two days. In one arm he had Leo, wearing pastel green footie pyjamas with his little feet sticking out of the white receiving blankets he was tiredly wrapped in. Leo also wore a green hat. In that hand, Josh held a picture book. His other hand was narrating the book (something about a duckling trying to find his mommy and daddy and asking different farm animals) with enthusiast signs. Josh’s face was so expressive as he also narrated with his voice.

    And Leo seemed absorbed by it all.

    Joey could have watched for the rest of her life.

    The spell was broken by a doctor entering. She introduced herself as the audiologist.

    * * *

    He was deaf.

    Joey always knew it was a possibility her son would be deaf. But the reality hit her hard. Her son, this beautiful baby would face the same struggles as she did. She felt consumed with guilt. Would he ever have a job? Would he marry? Joey was practical and knew the odds were against Leo. Of course she would do everything to help him thrive.

    And Josh was gone. He had left to get some coffee and something to eat, but Joey wasn’t sure if he was coming back. Having a Deaf wife was something he had signed up for, but maybe having a deaf son…

    Joey tried not to sob. Instead, she looked down and forced a smile that quickly became a natural one. Leo, having finished his second breakfast, was drifting off to sleep as he stared up at her.

    “Mommy loves you!” she signed as she looked into his eyes and he just became her entire world. She kissed his little nose. His lips curled and he shifted. She wrapped his white blankie tighter around him, held him to his chest, and hummed to him so he would lulled to sleep by the vibrations.

    But she cried while she hummed to him. She didn’t want to do this alone. She wanted Josh.

    A hand brushed her forearm. She knew the hair on the back of his hand and the wedding band on his finger. Joey looked up and smiled through the tears. Josh was carrying a drink tray balanced with two cups and a paper bag.

    He set down the drink tray on her bedside table. “What’s wrong?”

    Joey spoke back since having a baby in her arms wasn’t conducive to ASL. “You were gone.” She felt so stupid for ever thinking Josh would leave their family. She was going to blame it all on exhaustion, sleep deprivation, hormones, and drugs.

    He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “Sorry. My mom called and it took me awhile to convince her the world isn’t going to end if she didn’t hop on a plane and meet her grandson tonight. I then got a call from your parents telling me they swapped their flights in two weeks for one this Saturday.” He rolled his eyes and continued to sign. “Anyways, you want breakfast? I got you some tea and a scone. Then you can nap. Leo and I have a story we want to get back to.” Josh then picked up their son and kissed his cheek. Josh got his coffee and the book, sat back down and continued to read to Leo.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Oh how I love this so, so much!!

    My first thought was 'Oh man, what has stupid Josh done now!" :p

    I love this so much! It's so sweet and you can tell he cherishes her. [face_love]

    [face_laugh] And this was sooo great! And very Joey! It made me laugh but it was also sweet. I could just picture this whole thing so well and it makes me so happy.

    I love this! It's so Josh to want to be completely prepared no matter what happens in a situation where he's going to have very little control. Those are situations that Josh doesn't like and he needs to be prepared.

    This is another one of those where I can see both side and no one is wrong. Which always makes it so hard to make a decision.

    [face_love][face_love]:* Oh Josh! Sweet Josh is just the sweetest. And this is about to be new daddy Josh which is the best. Who's heart wouldn't be melted by that!

    The image of this makes me feel like a puddle of goo. I can just see him in my mind reading a story and signing and it's so beautiful (and hot, I'm not going to lie. ;) )

    I knew Josh hadn't gone anywhere, but I understand where Joey was coming from. After going through birth and all that goes with it, and the hormones going crazy, it's understandable she'd have a little freak out. But I love how Josh comes in and just is 'Oh yeah, I was..." and doesn't think anything of it.

    Yep, this makes me incredibly happy! :D
  12. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    YAY! I'm so happy! I had so much fun writing it!
    I mean, that's a fair thought :p
    He does and it's just sooo adorable!!!
    Thanks! This scene just played out in my head and it was just so them.
    Thanks. It's very Josh to want to be prepared. He just wants to be as helpful as he can be.
    Yeah. I enjoy when my muse gives me these type of marital arrangements because both sides are completely valid opinions.
    Yeah, that image was basically why this entire fic was written. It's so sweet (and hot!).
    Yeah, that was just totally a crazy hormonal moment with Josh just being a bit oblivious.

    I'm so glad it made you happy!
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Valkyrie Rising
    Timeframe: 2025 (AU)
    Josh/JOEY!!!!, with appearances from others
    A/N: I thought about doing this idea in our “canon” universe, even though I’ve established Sam wasn’t injured in the assassination of Charlie, but this plot bunny was just so much in this “Josh marries Joey” AU. Also, I just had fun making up all the badass Secret Service codes and stuff because (unsurprisingly) there’s nothing about it online, and then I just continued making stuff up because I was either too scared to look it up (I’m probably on so many FBI lists because of my google history) or because I just wanted it in the story. Also the ending probably isn’t accurate. I don’t care.

    I had to split this into 2 parts. Part 1 is serious and angsty and kinda all backstory (and kinda boring). Part 2 is a bit more fun and fluffy (because it didn’t feel right to make jokes in part 1).

    Part 1

    Vice President Joey Lucas(-Lyman) had nothing to do. President Seaborn tried to make his White House one where his VP had an important advisory role, but some days she still felt like the warm bucket of spit her position had been compared to (not that she minded sometimes - she also had three kids to raise - but it could get rather dull during the work day when they were in school). President Seaborn was off doing some Town Hall event on a new energy plan in Maryland and she had nothing on her schedule left to do today - which was more typical these days now that they had been re-elected.

    So, it was her plan to finish up the briefings she was reading, then head home for the evening. Tomorrow at least she had a NSC meeting and she was pretty sure she was meeting with the director of NASA along with a couple other less important photo-op type meetings. And next week she and Josh were off to Central America for a few days - she had a few meetings with foreign governments, but she was also looking forward to some time in a hotel room with her husband without worrying about kids barging in.

    As if by cosmic design, it was in that moment that countless Secret Service agents burst into the Vice President’s office at the OEOB. Thankfully, Joey’s long time interpreter, Kenny, was at his desk in the corner of her office. His translating services weren’t needed in this instance since most agents on Joey’s detail knew some ASL and the head of her detail, Jason Jackson, was fluent. “Ma’am, we need to escort you to the White House. Please come with us.”

    Joey started to gather her soft leather briefcase but she was stopped by her agents who began to swarm her.

    “No, Ma’am, now. Don’t bring any-.” Jason abruptly stopped and spoke into his wrist. He immediately became alarmed and looked to his fellow agents. Joey had to lip-read his next words. “Status of Zeus is unknown. Valkyrie is rising.”

    In shock, Joey barely registered as she was rushed out of her office, through the building, and down into a car. It was an extremely short car ride from the OEOB to the White House (and for the average citizen, it was quicker to walk). But it felt like the longest three minutes of her life.

    “What is going on?” she demanded, glad Kenny had remained at her side. Joey rode in the back of a Secret Service SUV with Kenny on one side of her and Jason at her other side.

    Jason replied. “The president’s motorcade was fired upon by a series of grenade launchers.”

    “Oh, God,” she gasped out-loud. “Do we know if anyone was injured?”

    “That is all I know right now. You are our priority. We need to get to the Situation room.”

    She was rushed into the White House and was surrounded by too many agents to observe anything. They were in complete formation around her and Jason, along with another agent, had their hands on her shoulders.

    The Situation Room daunted Joey: willful personalities, strong opinions, and immeasurable decisions. And so many egos. But she refused to let her inner thoughts show. And this was all just a precaution - her agents were just freaking out and following protocol. Sam was okay, or so she kept telling herself.

    They got to the Situation Room and all the screens were lit up - maps of North America, the Middle East, and China - phones and other lights were lighting up and blinking. The Joint Chiefs and Secretary of State and Defence were arguing. Generals and Admirals were behind them on phones from other tables. It was chaos.

    And everyone fell silent and stood as soon as they noticed she was in the room.

    “No, no, as you were,” she signed as she sat down. Kenny interpreted and sat beside her. “I need one person to brief me.” She looked to Oliver Peters, the National Security advisor.

    Peters began. “Approximately six minutes ago, the Limousine One was fired upon by a 890 grenade launcher. All I know is that President Seaborn was in critical condition as of three minutes ago. The Blackhawk is airlifting him to Walter Reed.”

    Joey didn’t have time to worry or to pray for a dear friend’s life. “Do we know who is responsible? Has anyone claimed responsibility?”

    “No. We need to decide what transportation needs to be shut down if we are to halt the movement of the perpetrators. There here have also been a number of foreign military movements as a response to the news: a sudden troop build up in east China -.” At this people began arguing with Peters and the room descended into mayhem and confusion.

    Taking a deep breath, Joey did something she had only done three other times in her life: yell (which was surprising given that she was married to Joshua Lyman). And she was going to yell at a collection of five star generals and admirals. “I would like to remind everyone I have no authority here!” Everyone looked at her. Kenny just raised an eyebrow. “Unless the president is dead,” she signed, she hated even thinking or even suggesting something had happened to Sam, but time was critical. “Or invokes the 25th amendment, I can only be briefed. Please let me be briefed.”

    This was a constitutional nightmare as it was. Where were the lawyers? If Sam was in critical condition and unconscious, he still held the Office of the President. Unless he signed a letter to congress and the senate, or she and all 15 cabinet members transmitted the office to her (something never done before), she had no power. And unless she had to make the oath of office, she was not going to make any decisions unless lives were at stake.

    Peters wrapped up his briefing quickly: China was advancing troops towards Tibet, Qumar was repositioning a naval carrier in the Gulf of Omen, three DEA agents had been captured in Colombia, and North Korea was doing missile testing… again.

    Everyone’s attention was then diverted. On one of the screens, the news footage was turned on. Smoke hurtled from the remains of Limousine One - the car (which was practically a tank) was on its side, illuminated by flashing red and blue lights. Wreckage and chunks of asphalt were everywhere. It looked more like a war zone than a highway in Maryland.

    There were bodies under sheets.

    Kenny then tapped Joey’s arm - a Marine had entered behind her. “The Vice President is needed in the Oval Office.”

    It was chaos in there too. The full detail of Secret Service agents were not helping.

    Rachelle Brehnam, Deputy Chief of Staff, was shouting at no-one in particular. “Governor of Virginia won’t shut down the damn airports! Maryland has! They are just going to get a flight out of Richmond and escape to God knows where!”

    “Then they escape!” Communications director Nicholas Manfield shouted back at her. “We aren’t turning the east coast into a police state when we don’t even know who we are looking for! They’ll take credit! And then we blow them out of the sky when we do.”

    “Not if the Vice President is in charge! Damn Quaker Pacifist!”

    Joey didn’t blame Rachelle for her words. They were all frightened. God knew who was dead. “That’s Madam,” she sighed and Kenny spoke.

    They all turned around, silent. She noted those in attendance: Deputy Chief of Staff, communications director, FBI liaison Lilly Burns, CIA Advisor Jeremy Sai, White House Deputy Counsel Morgan Waters, and those were just the people she could see.

    Joey knew she had to be in charge, without giving direct orders. “Do we have any ideas who this was?” she asked Burns. “Domestic or foreign?”

    “I’m sorry Ma’am,” Burns replied. “You will know when I do.”

    “Okay, for now, we recommend to governors they do not restrict travel unless there is legitimate reason to. I know it is frustrating but we have no idea who we are looking for. The FBI will shut down accordingly.”

    “Ma’am,” Jason sighed and spoke. “I just got word from Agent Kennedy.” Kennedy was the head of Sam’s detail. “The president is in surgery now.”

    “I want updates as often as possible,” Joey signed, feeling relieved, but she knew this day was far from over. “Get the members of the cabinet here.” If Sam was under anesthesia for an extended amount of time, they may want to consider transferring powers to her. “Where’s Donna and her daughters? And where the hell is Charlie?” Joey’s first concern was for the First Lady and her two children, but she needed Sam’s Chief of Staff in this mayhem.

    Someone said something and for the first time in their working relationship, Kenny faltered.

    A knot formed in the pit of Joey’s stomach.

    “Charlie’s dead.”

    Joey gasped. She had known Charles Young since… what… 2000? She let out a breath. She could not let her emotions cloud her judgement. She felt a horrible dread well up inside her, but the world would not pause to grieve, so she couldn’t either.“I need a White House Chief of Staff.” God she felt horrible replacing Charlie without proper respect. “Someone call my husband.”

    * * *

    The meeting with the cabinet had been even more insane than the Sit room and the Oval office. Half the cabinet wanted to transfer her the power of the office, the other half had their own agendas. Near the end of an hour and a half, they had gotten the news that the FBI had traced the attack to a domestic, extreme far-right terrorist group, The New Nationalists. The FBI and CIA were tracking down known members. She and the cabinet had also been updated on President Seaborn’s condition: stable, yet critical. He had several broken ribs, a fractured skull, an eye injury, several burns and other broken bones. He was expected to wake within the next few hours. Donna and the girls were at the hospital and would be at his side tonight.

    The cabinet had decided to wait to see if transferring powers was needed, and Joey was honestly relieved. She never wanted power. If Sam needed her to take over some meetings and responsibilities as she healed, she would, but she would do it under his oversight.

    “Thank you, everyone,” she signed, getting up from the table. “Please don’t leave town tonight. But, and no offence, I really hope we all won’t be in the same room again tonight.”

    As she exited the Rosevelt room someone said to Kenny (which just infuriated her, but her dwindling energy had to be elsewhere), “She’s needed in the Oval again.”

    So, surrounded by her ever growing gaggle of Secret Service Agents and other aides, she re-entered the Oval office.

    And there was Josh, ordering around the deputies of various departments and the director of the FBI. He was in slacks and a button down shirt, his white hair and beard were a mess. He was signing as he spoke - it was a habit of his, developed after 25 years of being with Joey and now as the dad of two Deaf kids: signing even when he was in a room of hearing people. “…And someone give me a jacket and tie, dammit!” He saw her as one of the deputies took off their own jacket and tie.

    Josh turned and saw her. Their eyes met with sadness and pain. All she wanted was for him to wrap her in his strong arms and smooth her hair. He quickly signed, “I love you,” And “Kids are okay,” as Chief Justice Lang entered and handed a bible to Josh (which was probably the most bizarre moment of this evening).

    “What’s going on?” Joey asked, completely bewildered, looking around.

    Josh stepped forward with the bible tucked under his arm, and brushed her arm in a loving gesture. “The president woke about 5 minutes ago and was somehow alert enough to ask to sign the letter,” he signed.

    Press Secretary Carol Fitzpatrick, with a single camera crew, entered the already cramped room.

    Kenny stood behind Chief Justice Lang and began interpreting her words. “President Lucas? Please place your left hand on bible and raise your right hand.”

    Josh was now holding the small black bible.

    This was history. All without warning. Her voice would be heard by billions, not just tonight, but for centuries to come.

    Joey placed her left hand on the bible - glanced at Josh - and then raised her right hand.

    “I do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Not boring at ALL!! And while it would be a great story in our 'verse, I LOVE it in this one. The relationship between Josh and Joey changes the dynamic just enough to make the stakes that much higher.

    This happens to me all the time! I think of something and then I wonder how it works. I think about looking to see if I can find anything and then I worry that looking it up is a bad idea. LOL.

    Ha! First I always love when the VP description comes up! But also, I so feel this right now. I like having a break from having a ton of work to do, but after awhile it gets old. (Though yesterday I got slammed with conference calls!)

    <3 I love this!! That they put people on her detail that could efficiently communicate with her is important and makes me so happy!

    Yes!! Joey! And ugh, I can't imagine how awful it is to be in a room with so many egos, that it just reeks of it. I mean, I know you want people who are confident and it takes an ego to rise up to those ranks, but still.... [face_sick]

    This is the downside to having people you know, love, and trust so much as part of your team in this type of situation. Normally, it's great, but when you have to set that aside and just do the job, it's hard. And makes me sad.

    [face_laugh] That line! But I also realize how big of a deal that is, and that she felt the need to do so. But again, Go Joey!!

    YES! Knock that woman down. But it she's right, people are scared and just reacting, and I love that she understands that, as infuriating as it must be.

    :_| This hit so hard. The image of Kenny faltering because he was affected, but knowing he had to translate.... :_|
    Punch to the gut.

    I mean, it does feel terrible to do, but who better than Josh to jump right in and take over! And this is where I was so happy you put this in this 'verse because even though it's so sad and a difficult situation, it made me feel warm and smile at the idea of Josh (even temporarily) being Joey's CoS.

    You would think that people who'd presumably been working with her for a bit wouldn't be so thoughtless, but I guess again, people are in a panic. But still....

    [face_love] This whole paragraph made me so happy. Josh just jumping right in to do what needs to be done despite the circumstances (and of course he's in disarray!), signing as he spoke even though he didn't need to, stealing clothes off of people!

    And then swearing Joey in... perfect!!

    I love this so much! I love this whole 'verse so much!!
  15. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Thanks! And yeah, I just love the increased dynamic between Joey and Josh in this
    BAHAHA I'm glad I'm not the only one.
    I love ragging on the poor VPs in my 'verses :p
    But yeah... I'm relating to that too right now. It was nice to have a legitimate reason to just lay around watching Netflix and writing fanfic but it's getting kinda old now... really old.
    It makes sense from a safety POV, but it also makes me happy that she's seamlessly accommodated!
    Ugh, yeah. One often goes along with the other.
    Yeah, it really is both good and bad.
    Joey is just so awesome!!
    Yeah, I love how compassionate, and annoyed, Joey is in this situation.
    :_| I'm so mean. And I think Charlie and Kenny would have been good friends.
    Yeah, I feel horrible for the situation but Joey just immediately knowing both she and the country needs Josh to just jump in - and the fact that he can and is willing to - makes me sooo happy!
    Yeah, I think it's more the panic, but still sos disrespectful [face_waiting]:mad:
    This entire paragraph is the reason why I wrote this [face_love][face_love] Just going from "Dad" to completely in charge makes me so happy. He's still Dad and her husband deep down, but he's also here to help her run the country!
    Thank you! I'm not sure if VPs get sworn in even if they are only acting president, but I just loved the image! I had so much fun writing this!!
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Part 2
    Two Days Later

    “Dammit! Does he not know how the 25th amendment works? You tell your boss that I will veto that bill. President Seaborn was going to veto it with that amendment. But I will veto it the moment it hits majority and then I’ll shove it so far up his ass!” Joey was shouting… well, Kenny was doing the yelling… on the phone to the Speaker’s Chief of Staff while her own Chief of Staff was sitting on a couch in the Oval Office, eating a sandwich.

    When Kenny hung up the phone, Josh set down his sandwich and signed, “I’ve never been more attracted to you.”

    “I really hope you were talking to me,” Joey signed, “Because Adam is the jealous type when it comes to Kenny.” She laughed, probably too hard, but sleep had only been a passing memory for her (and Kenny, and Josh) over the past few days. Those responsible for the assassination of Charlie were now in police custody and the majority of the US government were trying to walk over (or get a photo-op with) the first female President of the United States. “Kenny, go get some sleep and see your husband, the schedule is supposed to be done for the day.” It was now past 6pm and hopefully nothing else would require President Lucas for the evening with the exception of some private matters.

    After Kenny left, Josh got up, walked to where Joey was sitting, and kissed her.

    “I thought we weren’t going to be married when we are in the West Wing,” she smirked and signed. On the night she had taken the oath and he had come back as Chief of Staff, they had agreed that they would not let their new roles affect their marriage, and their marriage would not affect their jobs (or so they hoped). This arrangement would be stressful, they acknowledged this, only be for a few weeks until Sam recovered. And then Joey, Josh, and the kids would go on an extended vacation.

    “Well I can’t help it if I find women in power incredibly sexy.” He sat on her lap and began kissing her neck.

    “I really hope we’re the only President and Chief of Staff to ever be this intimate.” She rolled her head back. After all the stress of the past few days, it was nice to be ravished by her husband for a few moments.

    “Well, you know, President Seaborn could get handsy with me during those late nights on Social Security reform.”

    Joey laughed. “Speaking about your ex-boyfriend, shall we go visit the not-acting President?”

    Josh rolled his eyes, but nodded. “I think the Secret Service has the cars all ready for us. I wanna try to get back by the time my mom the kids get home from swimming lessons.”

    “Kids?” she asked. “I only have vague memories of three short people,” she laughed as they left the Oval Office.

    “Leo’s as tall as you are now,” Josh reminded her.

    She faked a look of shock. “My baby! Don’t remind me - you’ll break my heart.”

    Josh laughed and held her hand as they made their way to the West Entrance and got into Limousine One. During the 20 minute drive, Josh and Joey mostly just cuddled.

    “Is it bad that during these rare quiet moments that I’m just so glad you had that heart attack three years ago. You weren’t with Sam when it all happened. You were safe and I get to cuddle with you.” Joey confessed to him.

    “When you and Kenny were on call with the Prime Minister of India this morning,” Josh signed referring to the 6 am phone call. “I just crawled into the bed the twins were sharing.”

    “The twins were sharing?” Their twins were now 10 and hadn’t crawled into bed with each-other in many years.

    “You know how Abi is when she’s sleeping somewhere new.” The Lymans were now occupying the third floor of the White House residence, which was largely guest rooms anyways. It was only temporary, but the Secret Service wanted them there for security reasons and it did make getting to work easier. “Plus, with everything that happened…” he couldn’t finish that thought, but he didn’t have to. “I’m surprised she didn’t crawl into bed with us. I’m surprised all the kids didn’t crawl into bed with us. Not that I would be against that.”

    Joey patted his head and played with his hair.

    * * *

    Josh and Joey quietly entered President Seaborn’s hospital room.

    Sam looked… bad. One leg was in external fixation, much of the rest of his body was tucked in under blankets, one arm was in a sling and cast, and he had a patch over his right eye. He was bruised and had mild burns.

    But attached to his side was his youngest daughter. Sam and Imogene had a rocky relationship, but they were now cuddling in his hospital bed, watching a Disney movie.

    Donna and Josie was using Sam’s bedside table to do her homework.

    “Hey!” Sam said as soon as he noticed Josh and Joey’s entrance. “I wanna get your autograph!” Josh sighed for Sam since he had a broken arm and his other arm was around Imogene.

    “Excuse him,” Donna said and signed. “He’s fairly drugged.”

    “Hi, Auntie Joey! Hi Uncle Josh!” both girls said and signed.

    “Hi guys!” they both replied.

    “I wanna get the autograph of the first female President of the United States for my two daughters,” Sam explained.

    “Only if we can make it some ultra-rare collectors item, Mr. President. My signature, signed during my two day presidency?” she asked.

    “Sorry. Doctors say its going to be at least six-weeks before I’m up and about. Josh currently has six heads and it frightens me. Seriously, why were you allowed to breed with him and make more of him?” Sam laughed.

    Donna let out a gentle but admonishing, “Samuel!”

    Sam ignored her. “I don’t think I should be making any major decisions on these drugs. I know I’m basically asking you two to put your marriage on the line and run the country, and we can discuss alternate Chiefs of Staff if you guys feel you can’t do it for that long of a timeframe, but there’s no two other people I can think of to run the country while I recover.”

    Josh and Joey looked at each other. “I think if we just keep going day by day,” Joey answered, “Just like you and your recovery, we can do this. And I want a long, romantic vacation afterwards.”

    Sam laughed. “Yes. I think Donna has some similar plans for my recovery,” he said, looking to Donna who brushed his stubbly cheek with her knuckles. Donna looked at him with endless affection. Sam puckered his lips so Donna leaned forward and kissed him.

    “Ick, their getting mushy again,” Josie signed without speaking. She was pretty fluent in ASL since Leo was here best friend.

    “Girls?” Sam said. “Why don’t you two go find a snack with mom? Then we can continue our movies?”

    Imogene and Josie both gave their father kisses on the cheek before dragging their mother out.

    Sam grew serious. “I dictated Charlie’s eulogy to Donna,” he said, now able to gesture to a notebook. “I’ll be at the funeral. I want to be there for Zoey, the kids, and Abbey. But I don’t think I should do the eulogy.”

    Joey nodded. “I will be doing one but I think Josh should do one as well if you aren’t feeling up to it.”

    Sam nodded softly. “I just feel so responsible.”

    “Sam,” Joey said out loud, “It wasn’t your fault.”

    “Yeah,” Sam said, unconvincingly. “So, have you been filled on the situation in Kundu with the president? Charlie and I kinda had this good cop/bad cop thing going on. I don’t think it will work if you guys try to continue it but you guys could work on his Secretary of State.”

    “Maybe if Josh plays the ornery old man plucked out of retirement and I play the aloof president, in over her head,” Joey said.

    “Josh will be convincing,” Sam said with a smile. “But I know you won’t be. So good cop/ornery old cop?”

    * * *

    Joey and Josh spent a half hour with Sam, catching up with all the plans the president had which weren’t in the briefings, before Donna and the girls came back. Imogene and Josie snuggled up to their dad, and Donna gently ushered Joey and Josh out.

    Upon returning to the White House, Joey and Josh were they were pulled into a call with the Japanese Prime Minister (during which both managed to eat some dinner). When they finally got out, they stopped by the mess hall, to the third-floor of the residence, and then made their way to the small sitting room the Lucas-Lyman were now using as a living room.

    Despite being 66.6% deaf, the Lucas-Lyman children could be extremely loud.

    “They’re playing Mario-Kart,” Josh signed with one hand as he carried a tub of ice cream.

    Joey was carrying a stack of bowls and a handful of spoons, so she spoke. “Oh god. Who’s murdering who?”

    They entered the sitting room to see their three kids in front of the TV, all playing on the Nintendo Switch hastily hooked up to the TV. Leo was 15 and the twins were ten and were all absorbed by the video game until their father picked up a pillow and threw it at the three bodies too close to the TV. Noah was the first to turn around. He then hit both of his siblings. “Mom and Dad are here,” he signed, getting up and peering at the ice-cream Josh set on a glass coffee table.

    “Where’s your grandmother?” Josh asked.

    “In her room, she was tired after swimming,” Leo replied, trying to take a bowl from his mom, who pulled them out of his reach.

    “Did you guys have a decent dinner?” Joey asked.

    “Pasta with butternut squash. It was weird, but good,” Abi replied. “Did you guys have a decent dinner?”

    “Lentil Shepard’s pie,” Joey replied while Josh stuck his tongue at his daughter, who playfully pushed her dad. “So you guys want dessert?” she asked. “The only catch is that you gotta hang out with dad and me and watch a movie.”

    “I get to pick the movie!” Abi exclaimed, switching the TV over to Netflix to begin browsing. Noah went over to argue with the dictatorship of his sister.

    “Mom? Dad?” Leo signed as his parents dished out the ice-cream. “How’s Uncle Sam?”

    “Alright,” Josh answered. “He’s on the mend, but Mom’s probably going to be President for a few weeks and I’m probably going to remain on as Chief of Staff.”

    “Oh.” Leo’s face fell.

    “But we will always make time for you guys,” his mom signed. “Why don’t you come see us after the movie and after we put the twins to bed?” She smoothed his hair and kissed his forehead.

    * * *

    “Josh,” Joey, wearing yellow pyjamas, signed as she brushed her teeth. She had bit her toothbrush so she could sign. She looked at her husband in the bathroom mirror. Josh was holding her by her hips from behind. He had moved her hair over her shoulder and was kissing her neck and shoulder. The twins had been put to bed. She leaned over and spit her toothpaste in the sink and rinsed her mouth as Josh rubbed her back, lovingly… intimately. “Josh, Leo is coming in to talk to us. I don’t think we need to traumatize —.” As she signed, they saw the bedroom lights flicker - announcing Leo’s entrance.

    Josh groaned as slumped as he turned on his foot and exited the bathroom.

    Joey finished up her night time routine and entered back into the bedroom to Leo and Josh wrestling on the bed in their pyjamas.

    “Hey,” she exclaimed out loud (for Josh) as she cuffed Leo upside the head.

    Leo laughed as he released his ‘old man’ from his hold and flopped onto the bed. “I love you, Mommy,” he signed, cheekily.

    “Yeah, yeah,” she signed as she got into bed and leaned back against her pillows. “I love you too, so what do you want?”

    Josh got into bed next to her and Leo sat opposite both parents, looking nervous. “I want a cochlear implant.”

    “Okay,” Joey simply signed.

    “Wait, that’s it?” Leo was shocked. “I had this whole big spiel about wanting to go to Yale and Harvard without an interpreter. I was even going to pull the ‘it’s hard enough being disabled and bisexual’ card.”

    Josh rolled his eyes.

    Joey replied, calmly. “You know a cochlear isn’t going to be a cure all - it won’t give you full hearing. And you are going to have to spend extensive time with the audiologist and speech therapist. But it’s your body and your decision.”

    “And Mom and I will be with you at every step,” Josh signed before hugging his son. “It might be a bit before we can really start the process, but I’ll call Dr. Robins tomorrow.”

    “Thanks Dad, thanks Mom,” Leo said, looking both excited and nervous.
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    Okay, so I fell behind again, but I am determined to at least keep up on this TWW story of yours, so don't mind me as I back up to your last viggie before diving into the awesomeness that was Valkyrie Rising! [face_love] Because Give Up just hit me so hard in so many ways and I wanted to flail about that a bit here and rave as best I can. So!

    Oh my goodness, but I just melted so many times throughout this piece. Poor Joey! It's not easy to be pregnant and hormonal and arguing with your husband all at once. It's even more difficult when Josh is being just so endearingly sweet and impossible to stay mad at! I adored this image here. [face_love]

    Ha! [face_laugh] Yep; perfect Joey reaction was just so perfectly Joey. [face_love]

    Oh! And cue my heart just melting right out of my chest - again! What a difficult conversation to have, but these are decisions they are wisely making ahead of time. It's hard when they are both right, and there's no wholly perfect answer to be found. But they reach a compromise as best they can. What's just more important than anything else, Leo has two parents who love him so very much, and he's never going to be in doubt of that. [face_love]

    This image was so incredibly touching; definitely a moment Joey is going to cherish for years to come!

    Oh, oh! Joey's thoughts were just so spot on here as they spun. Yes, of course she loves Leo and is going to be there for him through thick and thin, but she more so than anyone else knows the challenges he's going to face throughout life. Her guilt and fear and even anxiety for Josh being gone are all understandable - dang hormones! - and yet her love is there and so intense through it all. So, even though she may feel like giving up at times - the title really weighs in throughout - she's not going to. She's stronger than that; Leo's stronger than that; and she has a partner who's not letting her do this alone, even if she wildly doubted for a moment!

    And then of course Josh comes in all natural as can be with breakfast after having finished wrangling the parents and they just pick up from there, together.

    I just adored this oneshot more than words can say, and am so glad to see more of Josh/Joey from you! Now, onto the next!! :D [face_love] [face_dancing] =D=
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    :D :D :D

    This is another one where I tried not to quote the whole damn thing! I loved every word!! This is just going to be another stream of consciousness review. Sorry some of it's just a single comment.

    Hahah.... yes!! I love the mental image of Joey being upset, Kenny yelling what she was yelling and Josh just eating a sandwich!


    Eeeeee..... this made me so happy! I love that you kept this and that Joey is so matter of fact about it. [face_love]

    That's always such a hard feeling, to be so upset about something that happened, but to also be happy it didn't happen directly to your loved one.

    Awww... yay! I'm so happy to read that!
    Also... drugged Sam.. [face_laugh]

    I love that both the girls know at least some sign! But this made me so happy, Josie signing without speaking. It's a little detail, but a big one, I think.

    I love that Sam has so much faith in them, I mean, of course he does, but this was such a great way to show it. And I loved that he offered to help find a different CoS if they needed to do that, because it would be a strain.

    Yes, Abi! Turn it back on them!! :D

    This made me so happy! That even though Leo is firmly in his teenage years, he's still happy to have fun with his parents.

    Hahaha.... poor Leo. It must be so terrible to have such supportive parents who trust you to make your own decisions and to do what you want to do with your own body! :p I completely understand how he'd be nervous about it, just like he was always nervous about coming out of the closet. You can know your parents are accepting, but it can still be really nerve wracking. And I'm sure Leo knows that some people in the Deaf community abhor Coclears and that's something he's had to consider.

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    It's okay! The muse doesn't really bite much for this series, but I have so much fun when it does! I'm so glad you are reading along to this one so you can have a hint of the awesome dork known as Leo Lyman!
    Oh I felt so bad for Joey as I was writing this! But yeah, Josh is pretty hard to stay mad at.
    Joey just speaks to me sometimes!
    Yeah, its just one of those things where no one is wrong so it's just a hard choice. Leo's parents do love him very much!
    Yup! Gotta love Josh with a baby!
    Yeah, Joey's clearly under the influence of hormones, but that doesn't make her sentiments any less! But of course Josh comes back just oblivious :p and they can just carry on
    thanks so much. I'm glad you really enjoyed it!

    It's okay. I completely understand and still love it! Even if I don't reply to it, I still love just the quotes with the emojis.
    I just love Josh letting her do her thing: she's capable, she can handle it, and sometimes sandwiches are more important!
    I HAD to keep it, and have Joey bug Josh about it :p
    Yeah it is really hard. You are glad that your husband is okay but can also feel so guilty for being happy about that one detail.
    And drugged Sam is just hysterical.
    I think Josie would LOVE the fact that she and Leo could secretly communicate if none of the adults were directly watching!
    I mean, of course Sam picked them for a reason, but understands it would be a strain.
    Abi is just like the responsible child without being that responsible!
    I just had this image of Leo play-fighting with Josh and I LOVED it so much I had to use it somewhere!

    Oh, poor Leo! :p Yeah, you can understand his nerves even though he really knows his parents love and accept him. And yeah, that was almost a plot point in this, but I couldn't figure out how to bring it up.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Title: Leo Lyman, High on Drugs

    Timeframe: 2026 (ish)
    Characters: Leo, Josh/Joey.
    A/N: This plot bunny just came to me and I HAD to write it. Originally this all was a result of Leo injuring himself being an absolute klutz and it was hilarious and I still might use that idea for a part 2 with Marc (because Marc needs to deal with drugged Leo), but this also came to me and I wanted to write it. When I finished it I realized this was absolutely pointless and had no plot… but I have enough plot bunnies bugging me right now so I just have post some - even if the stories aren’t technically great - and get them off of my back.

    Brain surgery.

    Josh knew it wasn’t really brain surgery, but he was in a GW hospital waiting room and his oldest baby (Leo was now 16 BUT LEO WAS STILL ONE OF JOSH’S BABIES), was under under general anaesthesia getting his head operated on. Josh knew cochlear sensor implantation surgery was routine and low risk, but he still didn’t like the idea of Leo in an operating room.

    This had been Leo’s choice - he was so excited to be able to hear and to be able to apply to all the colleges he wanted to without needing an interpreter to attend. And Josh was excited for his son. Josh couldn’t wait to share music with his son and hear Leo speak. Leo had been going to speech therapy regularly now, but was still not confident enough to speak conversations. Both speech therapy and auditory therapy would continue for Leo once he healed in about a month, when his cochlear would be programmed. But for right now, Josh just hoped the surgery went well.

    Joey, who was sitting beside him, squeezed Josh’s hand then signed, “I know, I hate being here to.” It had been 25 years since that horrible night, but waiting in a very similar room brought back a flood of memories. Josh realized he was focusing on his own worries. He put down the book he had been trying to focus on and wrapped his arm around his wife.

    “Wanna go for a walk?” he asked. “It’ll be another hour or so before he’s out and I can get the nurse to call me if they need us.”

    She nodded and smiled, so hand in hand they went for a walk (along with Joey’s secret service agents). It had been a busy few months for them since the assassination of Charlie Young. She was now back as “just” the Vice President, but Josh had remained the White House Chief of Staff. They had gone on their promised vacation when President Seaborn had been well enough to take over again, but it had still been hectic times and both were looking forward to their real retirements in just a few months. Josh had organized this week off for himself to take care of Leo.

    They returned just as Leo was finished so they were taken into the recovery area.

    “The surgery went great,” Dr. Dee explained, a woman in her 40s. She signed as well as spoke. “Leo will be groggy from the anaesthesia probably for the rest of today. You can take him home now, just let him sleep it off and give him a light dinner.” She gave them wound care instructions as well as painkiller dosages. “Call if you need anything and we will see Leo in three to four weeks for activation.”

    They were then allowed to see Leo.

    He was lying in the bed, not moving, but his glazed eyes were open. He was wearing a surgical gown and had a bandage wrapped around his head. He gave his parents a dopey smile and flopped his hand up as a wave.

    Josh laughed, both in relief, and because Leo was stoned out of his mind.

    “Hey Love,” Joey signed. “How are you feeling?”

    Leo flopped his hands around in a sign that made zero sense to either parent. Joey and Josh looked at each other with confusion. Leo started to giggle and he didn’t stop as Joey gave him a hug and Josh got Leo’s backpack and began pulling out Leo’s clothes.

    Josh went to hug Leo but Leo reached up to ruffle his father’s white hair. Leo began laughing like this was the funniest thing ever.

    Joey began laughing too. “Oh god, we should be filming this.”

    Josh chuckled and undressed Leo from the surgical gown and stretched Leo’s undershirt wide with his hands to fit over Leo’s head without touching Leo’s bandages. But Leo refused to put his arms through the arm-holes. Trying to dress a floppy teenager - who was trying to mess up your hair - was almost as hard as dressing 3-year-old twins during their “nudest phase”.

    Josh eventually got the undershirt on Leo, along with a zip-up hoodie and a pair of sweatpants.

    Leo then started to whine and pout. His lower lip stuck out so far.

    “What’s wrong?” Josh signed and spoke.

    Josh had to piece together some of the more slurred and floppy signs together from context. “Sometimes I think I might be gay because I love everything about men so much and heteronormativity is just making me identify as bi. But then I look at a girl’s boobs and think I’m straight but I know I’m not.” Leo then got distracted by sucking in his upper lip. “I miss Mr. Fluffy.” Mr. Fluffy was Leo’s stuffed cat that he slept with every night from ages 2 to 6.

    Joey patted Leo’s leg. “You are a valid bi boy and your father and I love you no matter what.”

    Josh patted Leo’s head. “We can talk about whatever you need to, but let’s get you home and I’ll get Mr. Fluffy out of the closet.”

    Leo began to giggle again. “Mr. Fluffy is gay? Then we certainly need to get him out of the closet.” He then ruffled his dad’s hair again, laughing.

    Josh had to help Leo walk out of the hospital and load into the Secret Service SUV.

    Joey had made sure there was a soft blanket in the car and put it over Leo after Josh buckled him in. Leo quickly became obsessed with feeling it. Josh thought it was going to be a quiet ride home, until Leo signed, “How long until my surgery?”

    “You just got out,” Josh only signed because he was too busy laughing.

    “Well did they do it? Did they get it in?”

    “Yes,” Joey assured him. “Everything went fine.”

    “I’m now more machine than human,” Leo signed, “Twisted and Evil.” He tugged on Josh’s shirt. “I am your father!”

    Josh honestly could not wait for Leo to hear Star Wars for the first time. “Pretty sure you got that backwards.”

    But Leo wasn’t paying attention. He grabbed his father’s hands, pushed down his father’s sleeves and rubbed Josh’s hairy arms. He paused and exclaimed, “You could be a carpet!”

    Joey laughed. “He’s not wrong.”

    Leo turned back to his mom. “I want a dragon. Or a ice cream. But I can’t eat before my surgery.” Leo gasped. “I need sunscreen!”

    * * *

    Leo was pretty subdued for the rest of the day; he mostly napped, watched old TV-shows, and cuddled with his mom while his dad got him anything he wanted. Josh put him to bed and crawled into bed himself and collapsed, exhausted. Until he woke to screams and cries of pain and panic.

    Josh hated whenever any of his kids cried, but it was particularly bad with Leo or Abi. Deaf cries were pure lung. He shoved the sleeping Joey, turned on the light for her, then hurried to Leo’s bedroom as fast as his old bones could carry him in his grey sweatpants and old tee-shirt. Josh recognized Leo’s attempts at screaming, “DAD!” and it just broke his heart. Josh just wanted to call back that he was coming. Noah appeared in the hallway looking confused and worried.

    “I might need your help,” Josh said quickly before reaching Leo’s room.

    Josh turned on the lights, half expecting just to have to calm Leo through a drug and anaesthesia induced dream (everything seemed to be staying in Leo’s delicate system longer than average). But the reality was a horror, at least at first glance to Josh’s tired eyes. There was blood all over Leo’s light blue pillow cases. Leo was clutching his head in pain, but looked up and stopped screaming as soon as his dad entered.

    Josh… did not deal with blood well. Still he sat at his son’s side and rubbed Leo’s arm as he tried to get a look at the surgical cut. Thankfully Joey was right behind him with a Secret Service Agent - Cas - behind her. Cas began examining Leo.

    “Likely one of the stitches came out. He probably rolled over onto the cut when he was sleeping,” Cas both said and signed. “It’ll probably be best if I drive Mr. Lyman and Leo to the ER to make sure everything is okay.”

    Josh sighed and nodded. He was going to get no sleep tonight.

    * * *

    Leo was… clingier than usual, clingier than any 16-year-old should be. He wouldn’t let Josh out of arms-reach as they waited in the ER. Thankfully the wait was short and all Leo needed was another two stitches, which Josh had to hold Leo for: Leo’s head in Josh’s lap.

    “He’s not normally this pathetic,” Josh told the nurse. Leo whined and winced as the nurse disinfected the surgical cut.

    “I wouldn’t be too worried,” the nurse said - a blonde woman with curly hair and blue scrubs. She then began stitching Leo up. “It’s probably the drugs and the anaesthesia. Sometimes it’s just hard to dose for teenagers. I’ll give him something to help with the pain and to help him sleep.”

    “More drugs?” Josh asked, eyebrows raised.

    “It’ll help him sleep everything off. He probably won’t move on his own for a solid twelve hours, which is exactly what these stitches need right now.”

    * * *

    It now took Josh and Cas to get Leo into the vehicle. Leo just snuggled next to his father and announced, “I am never doing heroin again.”

    Josh just rubbed his eyes.
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    Drugged Leo!! :D

    I love how you did this, it gave us that feeling of dread I know Josh has. Yes, it's a relatively safe surgery, but it's still surgery which is always has a level of danger. And of course Leo is still his baby!

    Hahah... I can just imagine Josh trying to understand Leo, being so confused and wondering why he doesn't understand, and then looking to Joey who doesn't know either. What a relief! :p It cracked me up!

    [face_laugh] I mean, who wouldn't want to play with it! But the image of Josh trying to get Leo dressed and he just keeps ruffling Josh's hair, it made me laugh so hard!
    And then the line about the twins and their nudist phase... I was cracking up!

    I can understand this existential crisis, Leo. But it's funny because I think this is way more forthcoming than he normally would be with his parents. And then how Joey just affirms they see and love him and it's beautiful. And then the non-sequitur and the wondering if Mr. Fluffy is gay joke!!

    A few years ago I saw a production of the musical Spring Awakening done by Deaf West Productions where several of the main cast members were deaf and they had 'voices' to sing/speak for them sometimes. The whole cast signed and there were times the voices didn't speak, the main character would sign and they'd project what was being said on a wall or a chalk board or something. Anyway, there was one scene where one of the deaf characters is arguing with his dad, his dad leaves and the actor is the only one on the stage and screams at the top of his lungs in frustration and emotional pain. It was such a powerful moment punctuated by the fact that he was deaf and part of the parallels they were making was deaf children in the time the show takes place weren't allowed to learn to sign and had to learn to speak. It was one of the most powerful moments in a show I've seen.
    Anyway, that was a long story just to say I completely understand what you were saying here and it's a powerful feeling. Of course he hates it when any of his kids cry, but yeah...

    I can imagine being half asleep, your child just had surgery, wakes up screaming and bloody and you'd be terrified out of your mind.
    I love the Secret Service Agent coming to help.

    Awwww... but also [face_laugh][face_laugh] Oh Leo, never change.

    I loved this so so much!!