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Story [The West Wing] To Be Married To Leos (DDC 2018 - "Mav-And-Bri-'verse")

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Briannakin , Jan 7, 2018.

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: To Be Married To Leos
    Author: Briannakin
    Series: The West Wing
    Timeframe: Post Season 7 (Begins in mid-2054)
    Characters: Mainly OCs (Leo/Marc Lyman, Elvie/Rosamie Santos, Josie Seaborn), with Donna Moss Lyman, Helen Santos, and Sam Seaborn (and other mentions)

    Notes: This is for the 2018 Dear Diary Challenge. I don’t think you will have to be a fan of TWW or have read the previous works in the “Mav-and-Bri-verse” (links to previous diaries here and here and vignette series here and here), though both may help. But this can also act as a bit of an “intro” into our crazy (awesome) verse. Like the show, some liberties may be taken with US politics and government (I’m still Canadian and still not sorry), plus, given the future setting, there will be some futuristic elements. Leo and Marc Lyman (and Josie Seaborn and a few others) are @mavjade 's OCs and I can’t thank her enough for creating them and letting me steal them.

    Marc Lyman - August 23, 2054 - Entry 1

    How did I get into this?

    I’ve always been one to write out my thoughts and feelings to try to process things. It has always helped in the past, but I’m not sure it will help now. Because I have no idea how to answer that question. Or any question currently posed to me right now, either externally or internally.

    Because I’m currently on a campaign plane on my way to the Democratic National Convention where I have to give a speech in front of thousands of people, never mind the millions of people who will watch it from their home.

    But I’m no politician or bureaucrat or army officer or celebrity. I just fell in love 21 years ago. Why did I do that?

    I hate the way I smile when I think about him even when I’m pissed at him.

    And I’m pissed at him because he somehow won the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States, even though he said, and I quote “No one ever gets the nom their first time running.” Except for nearly every democratic president since Jed Bartlet.

    So I knew he would win and I let him run, so I guess I can’t be mad. I’m not mad, but I am annoyed. If that makes any sense. And I’m running on so little sleep these days, it probably doesn’t.

    I just don’t know how I’m supposed to feel anymore.

    Tired. I feel tired.

    Nervous. Yup, that too.

    In love? Always.

    I’m in love with Leo Lyman.

    That’s how I got here.


    Rose Santos - August 23, 2054 - Entry 1

    Okay, I’ll make Marc help me with a proper introduction to this… project(?) later. But first, how this all came about (this diary, not how Marc and I ended up on a campaign plane together. That’s a much longer story, one which we will hopefully get to in the proper introduction. Spoiler alert: we have no idea what we are writing).

    Marc Lyman was madly typing on his tablet, occasionally smiling, so I started bugging him. Because we are in the 1st hour of a 4 hour flight with not much to do, so of course I was going end up annoying Marc - he’s the only person I can talk to these days, because he’s the only person who doesn’t annoy me by calling me ma’am.

    “What’re you doing?” I asked, mostly being noisy. I’ll admit, Marc and I don’t know each other well (but maybe this project will fix this), but we have always gotten along.

    He looked up at me and smiled. “I like to journal. It helps me process stuff.” He was working on the above entry.

    I nodded. “You might not want to hear this, but apparently my mother-in-law kept a journal when she was First Lady. I’ve never actually read this magical piece of work, but whenever she and Matt would get into arguments about dates, she’d pull this diary out and prove him wrong. Her chief of staff also wrote in it.”

    My mother-in-law?”

    “Oh yeah, sorry. Total brain fart moment,” I said, shaking my head. His mother-in-law worked for mine nearly 50 years ago. Maybe we’ll insert a dramatis personae to begin to explain our husbands’ odd history.

    “It’s the lack of sleep and the time-zone skipping, you get used to calling yourself an idiot,” he laughed. “Still, not a bad idea,” he said, leaning back in his seat.

    “What?” I asked.

    “Keeping track of all the stuff our husbands force us to do.”

    “Oh,” I laughed. “Helen had a ‘blackmail’ list for sure.”

    “And I do like writing to get my need for ranting out, and having an audience always helps.” He then started to navigate on his tablet. “What’s your holonet profile name?” he asked.

    “Rose M Santos,” I told him. One of the advantages of being an early adopter of the holonet is that I don’t have some weird profile name. “Why?”

    “Because I just shared our diary with you.”

    I smiled as I picked up my tablet and got a new notification from Marc B Lyman. So here I am.

    Now, as for Marc’s proposed question: “how did we get here?” I think we should try to answer that, Marc. We are going to have some time to kill for the rest of this plane ride and while we wait for the convention to begin.

    But first, perhaps that dramatis personae to catch up any confused readers up quickly? If anyone actually reads this (goodness knows I now want to get my hands on our mothers-in-law diary).


    Dramatis Personae - Entry 1.5 (With notes from both Marc Lyman and Rose Santos)

    Leo Josiah Lyman - Senator from the District of Columbia (D); Marc’s husband; Father of 2; Son of Josh and Donna Lyman; Current Democratic Nominee for President (and, honestly, the whole reason why we are here - RS)

    Marc Benjamin Lyman - Architect; Leo’s husband; Father of 2

    Leo-Vincente Alexander Ronen “Elvie” Santos - Governor of Texas (D); Rosamie’s Husband; Retired First Lieutenant USAF; Father of 3; Son of Matthew and Helen Santos; Current Democratic Nominee for Vice President (what the hell were your in-laws thinking when they named him? -ML)

    Rosamie “Rose” Mahalia Santos - Lawyer; Elvie’s wife; Mother of 3

    Josie Seaborn-Easton - Campaign Manager for “Lyman/Santos for America 2054”; Daughter of Sam and Ainsley Seaborn; Former Director of Senate Floor Operations; Mother of 1

    Donnatella “Donna” Moss-Lyman - Leo’s mother; Widow of Josh Lyman; Retired First Lady’s Chief of Staff to Helen Santos; Former Justice For Vets Co-Director; Mother of 3

    Helena Santos - Elvie’s mother; Widow of Matt Santos; Retired Doctor of Archaeology; Mother of 3

    Joshua Lyman (1961-2038) - Leo’s father; Deputy Chief of Staff to President Josiah Bartlet; Chief of Staff to President Matthew Santos; Chief of Staff to President Sam Seaborn; Father of 3

    Matthew Vincente Santos (1961-2048) - Elvie’s Father; 44th President of the United States; Father of 3

    There’s probably going to be others we will have to add as they come up (our batch of kids and the Leos’ siblings), but we think it is time for us to get to actually introduce ourselves and try to work out how we got into this.

    If anyone who isn’t Mavjade decides to read this, I’ll keep “adding” to the dramatis personae and will be happy to add any notes on canon or our fanon
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Yeeessss!!! It's here! It's here!! :D
    Me seeing this posted: (And yeah, I was totally the Josh doing a awkward excited dance and not CJ doing a perfectly normal excited jump)

    (Also, I'm glad you already tried the +Quote thing without removing the name to see if it would alert the person a million times because I was going to do that too. Previously I'd pulled the names out except the first one, but I was getting too lazy. :p It does not alert a million times. :D And it is the greatest thing ever!)

    I had to refrain from quoting the whole thing and just putting [face_love] at everything. So here is another [face_love] that applies to all of it!!

    I feel like Marc is going to be asking himself this question a LOT in the coming years. :p

    Because you had no chance, Marc. He's a Lyman, you can't help but think he's adorable even when he's infuriating!

    See above, adorable even when infuriating! But I love that Marc knows this, that he can't help himself. He's loves Leo in part because all of this is who Leo is.

    *happy sigh* [face_love]

    [face_laugh] I love that Rose is like, "I'm bored, so I'm going to annoy you too so I won't be bored." Rose is a woman after my own heart! :p
    But this also makes me happy that they have each other. I'm sure it's not easy being married to people in positions like this and having someone who understands would really help make it more bearable, as we've seen in a few other stories.

    [face_laugh] This made me laugh so hard! It makes sense that Rose wouldn't remember this. I don't think I'd remember who my mother-in-law's top person 40 years ago was! But it made for such a fun moment of realization here!

    Uh oh... Leo and Elvie better watch out, this may come back to bite them in the butt! :p

    I love that you added this! It works both in universe because their family connections are a bit confusing and people reading this (eventually) in universe would be confused. But it's also great for people reading here that might be confused as well. And I LOVED the notes Marc and Rose left!!

    =D==D= This was an awesome start and I'm so excited to go on this journey with Marc and Rose!! I almost don't want to wait the whole year to read it all! :p
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    Feb 25, 2010
    BAHAHAHA! Whitford's face isn't in that gif just kills me for some reason. He just looks so much like he's Bill Murray and I don't know why but it just cracks me up.

    But I'm happy your excited. I weight a couple different options for this years diary, but it just kept coming back to these two.
    It is honestly just saving me SOOOO much time when both reviewing fics and replying to reviews. I love it!
    Bahahaha. Thanks. I have a feeling your going to be using that emoji a lot (not that I mind :p ).

    Oh yes. That actually was the title for this before I changed it. I'm still not happy with the title, but I never am and like all other DDCs, I'm stuck with it now.

    YUP! And that's why we love him!

    Yeah, Marc knows he is just still head-over-heels in love with Leo, even after all these years/
    Oh yeah, Rose knows she and Marc are in this together, whether they like it or not, so they might as well keep each-other entertained (because keeping sane just isn't an option).
    Yeah, part of the reason why I decided to do this as a double diary (again) is just because I really love the idea of just having one person who you can rant and rave to and they will totally get it.
    Yeah. Both Leo and Elvie have had just so convoluted pasts that I think even Marc and Rose would forget all the details. Plus, at this point, they are still more like acquaintances, but they are going to quickly become close.

    Oh, a lot of things are going to come back to bite Leo and Elvie :p

    Thanks. I figured since we are totally telling the stories of these characters out of order (which I'm loving the freedom my muse has just to go wherever and whenever it pleases - it is probably a big reason why muse has just exploded with stories for these OCs) it might be nice to give any potential other readers 'jump off' point.

    Thank you so much (and thank you again for letting me steal Marc!). I am so excited to spend the year with these guys. But you have to wait till I write the dang thing :p
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    Feb 25, 2010
    A/N: I was going to do every second Sunday updates, but I figured, given the date, you might need a bit of Miri cuteness!

    Marc Lyman - August 23, 2054 - Entry 2

    Rose suggested I introduce myself in case anyone ever decides to publish this. I guess she kinda knows what she is doing just a bit more than I am (though that isn’t that hard).

    My name is Marc Benjamin Lyman. My life was pretty boring before I met my husband. I was born in 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts, the only child Hailey and Devin Johnson. My parents divorced when I was 2 and I was raised by my single mother until I was 14 before she met my step-dad Oliver Jacoby and they had my half sisters, Bronwyn and Izzy. I worked hard in and after high school and eventually got the money, scholarships, student loans, and test scores to attend Harvard for both my BA and MA in Architecture.

    At Harvard is where I met the love of my life: Leo Lyman. It was 2033, I was 22 and he was a 23-year-old Law Student. He was just so understanding and loving, and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. We were married July 4th, 2037. We had our amazing son, Josiah-Joshua (JJ), in 2049 and our beautiful baby girl, Miri, in 2051.

    Life has always been an adventure with Leo (perhaps we should give our husbands proper introductions in our next entries). He worked as Chief of Staff to the DC Mayor when we were married, but then in 2040, he made his first steps into elected office when he ran and became Mayor of DC. He won multiple terms and was a large voice for DC statehood. So, of course, when it became a state, he won the first senate seat.

    And then September rolled around last year. I remember it so very clearly. I was in the kitchen making dinner with Miri on my hip “helping” me stir the spaghetti sauce. She was only 2 and half at the time. Leo walked in through the door, backpack slung over his shoulder, navy suite disheveled and just growled.

    “Well hello to you too Mr. Bear,” I joked.

    “That no bear!” Miri exclaimed. “That Abba!”

    “You sure? Because I’m pretty sure that’s the sound bears make,” I told her as we swayed across the kitchen floor. Leo held his hands out for Miri but I held her close. “I’m not giving my girl to a bear. Miri, what’s the sound abbas are supposed to make?”

    She made kissing and smooching sounds with her lips.

    Leo laughed, gave her a kiss, then me a kiss as he took her out of my arms. He continued to kiss her and blow on her stomach and I got back to dinner.

    He eventually put her down. “Go tell your brother it’s almost dinner time.” She ran off, her pigtails bouncing, then Leo came to hold me from behind.

    “That bad of a day?” I asked.

    “You might not want to turn on CNN or C-SPAN tonight.”

    I wasn’t going to anyways but I knew what he meant. I turned and sighed. “What did you do or say now?”

    “It wasn’t my fault! Peterson is a war-monger! He’s going to get us into a war with Palestine!” Leo went on a whole global politics rant that I honestly don’t remember.

    President Peterson?” I corrected.

    “Yeah, if you can call him that,” Leo snorted. “I don’t think you can, which is why,” he began saying as he rubbed my hips. “I’m considering maybe registering as a candidate for next year.”

    “For president?”

    He nodded and I rolled my eyes.

    “Can you at least eat dinner and do B-A-T-H-time first?”

    Before the campaign, we tried our hardest to evenly share parenting duties - it was a bit hard since I work for an architecture firm and most of my work can be done from my home office, but I didn’t mind because Leo always did what his busy schedule allowed, like baths and bed-times. Leo did baths and put the kids to bed that evening, then came into the living room with a glass of wine and a glass of scotch.

    He handed me the hard stuff and asked, “So, can we talk about what I mentioned earlier?”

    I shifted so he could sit down on the couch next to me. “A presidential campaign.” I knew my husband and knew he wasn’t joking earlier.

    “Well first comes the Democratic Nomination. And, I mean, who gets the nomination their first time running?” (Answer: my husband and before him half the people he called “Uncle”, “Tio”, “Auntie”, or “Grandpa”) “I mean, I’ll run for a few weeks, bring up some issues that I feel need to be brought up and probably get my butt kicked by Super-Tuesday.” It was clear by the way he was blabbing that he had thought this out and rehearsed it. He probably had some 9 point plan drafted up by that point.

    “I know we’ve talked about this before, but we’ve always decided it would be better to wait till the kids were a bit older.”

    “I know, and if I didn’t think they and you could handle this now, I never would have asked, but my Tìo Matt once told me that it is a bad idea to wait for the right political time to run for president. He told me that if you feel the time is now, you take it.”

    We talked about it at length that night and for several days. In the end, I said yes for him.

    And that is how I got into this.


    Rose Santos - August 23, 2054 - Entry 2

    I guess it’s my turn now. Ummm. I’m always so bad at taking about myself. Pathetically, like Marc, my life was boring before I met my husband (and anything but boring afterwards). I was born Rosamie Mahalia dela Cruz in 2010 in Houston, Texas, the second out of five children (all girls) to Angelo and Mary Joy, who are Filipino immigrants (why my parents picked Texas of all places is beyond me). My mom is a travel-agent and my dad is a chef. Other than traveling back to the Philippines every single summer, my childhood was uneventful. I graduated top of my class, received a BA in Economics, got into University of Houston Law School, graduated, and then met my future husband, Elvie Santos, while we were both studying to take the Bar Exam.

    Elvie, like Leo, needs an introduction entry all to himself. We were also married in 2037. And had our three kids, Matthew (Mattie), Emilio, and Donnatella (Ella) in 2046, 2048, and 2050. Shortly after we were married, Elvie was elected the US House of Representatives. He then went on to become Governor Of Texas.

    And then he came home early a month ago. I was in my office, working on a case (I’m an immigration lawyer).

    “Rose? Hey,” he said, “How was your day?”

    I kissed him. “Fine, boring.
    What are you doing home so early?”

    He tipped his wheelchair backward. “I had an… interesting visitor in my office today.”

    “Who?” I asked, going back to my work.


    “Lyman? How is the next president,” I said, knocking on my wood desk.

    “HEY! Don’t tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing!”

    I rolled my eyes. “I knocked on wood!”

    He narrowed his eyes. “We don’t tempt the good Lord when it comes to overthrowing evil.”

    “Is that what we are calling Peterson these days?”

    “I’d be calling him a whole lot worse if there weren’t young ears in the house.”

    “So, what did Leo want?”

    “A vice presidential candidate.”

    I rolled my eyes again. I knew it. I knew it the bloody second Elvie said ‘Leo.’ I knew it the second Leo got the nomination. “And you said yes?”

    “I’d said I’d talk to my beautiful wife.”

    At this point, I closed my laptop. “So. Talk to me.”

    “I want to do it, Rosamie.” He took my hands. “It isn’t anything we aren’t used to. It isn’t anything we haven’t thought about.”

    “A national campaign is much different than a state campaign.”

    “True,” he considered. “But three months of hell would save us from me having to campaign for Governor again next year. If Leo wins, sure our lives will change, but it’s not like jumping off a cliff.”

    “Of course it’s jumping off a cliff. And it’s jumping off with Leo Lyman.”

    “And when have you never wanted to jump off with me? You crave adventure, Rose. It’s why you married me.”

    “And our three young kids?”

    “They will be saved from the spotlight, I promise. They can keep Leo’s kids company.”

    “Can we think about it for a few days?”

    “When have we ever thought about anything in our marriage?”

    He had a point. We are both spontaneous people. Self-admittedly stupidly so. We go with our guts and most of the time it works out well.

    “I think I’m going to take a drive down to Houston and have dinner my mom,” he told me.

    “And tell her you’re running for Vice President?” That was my way of saying yes. I knew at that point if I didn’t want to let him do it, I could have said no, but truthfully, I love jumping off cliffs with him.

    He grinned and nodded. “Look at it this way,” he said, “There’s probably a 60% chance she’s going to murder me on the spot and that will be the shortest vice presidential candidacy ever.”

    I laughed, and then sighed. “I guess it’s not like Vice President is a real job.”

    And that is how I got into this.

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    Sep 10, 2005
    I so do! I'm at work today so I don't get to go to the reprise of the Women's March, something I was quite upset about. But this made me soooo happy!!

    I love this detail about Marc's background! It gives you the idea that his family life probably wasn't the best, but he doesn't dwell on it. He is much more forthcoming about his family now, which is more important to him.

    [face_love] They got married on the 4th of July!!! It's perfect!!

    Ahhhh.... so, so cute!! I wanted to quote this entire part (not that I didn't want to quote the whole thing!). I love how their interactions basically are the same, you can see both of their personalities, but they filter it for kid friendly interaction. I adore Miri's interactions with both of them. They are such good dads! *happy sigh*

    [face_rofl] He is soooo his father's son. He doesn't care if Peterson is the President, if he's an idiot, he's an idiot!

    I love this interaction. Marc doesn't really react other than to continue their normal routine and roll his eyes. He knew it would come at some point -though probably not right then- so it doesn't come completely as a surprise. But it's also a bigger conversation than they could have right then, so he just continues on with life and then they can come back. It's soooo Marc.

    That's what they all say! And I love how Marc points this out. But maybe it goes to show that people who are in it to truly change things for the better/for the people and not just power can connect with people better. (At least in TWW universe :p )

    [face_laugh] Rose has clearly heard this a time or two! I love that she already did something to counter act the tempting before Elvie even has a chance to say anything.

    I imagine as soon as she heard 'Leo', she was internally like, "Well, crap. It's apparently time." :p And that she knows Elvie well enough to know that he wouldn't come to her office early and casually mention Leo for no reason.

    [face_love] I love this! That they both are in for the ride of life, wherever it may take them, and they'll go there together. This was such a beautiful line that says so much about both of them and their relationship.

    [face_laugh] So, so true, Elvie. I kinda want to see that conversation!

    =D==D= I love this so much!
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    I'm sorry you couldn't go but I'm glad this cheered you up.
    Yeah, it probably wasn't the best, but it didn't like damage him for life. He loves his family now and that is all that matters.
    Yeah, I just thought it was something Leo would do (so he would never forget his anniversary :p).
    I JUST LOVE WRITING THEM AS DADS AND THEIR CHILDREN ARE SO ADORABLE! I'll admit, when I first wrote JJ at 5, I imagined as his sister as older but then you wrote her as younger and I friggin fell in LOVE :* Yeah, their personalities come out when they are parenting and they just love their kids so much. Leo is emulating what he got and Marc is giving them what he never really got.

    Yup, pretty much.
    Yeah, it is VERY, VERY Marc. They just have such a strong relationship - he doesn't freak out (though he probably did internally), and knows this is a conversation for after the kiddos go to bed, and he knows they can have it then.
    Yeah :p Some Greek philosopher said that those best in power do not truly want the power (if only we could make that a reality [face_sigh]).
    Yeah, but Elvie is still going to say it, because he's Elvie.
    Oh yeah, she knew it was coming.
    Yeah. Unlike Marc/Leo, Elvie/Rose are much more spontaneous. I know couples like this and as long as they are on the same wavelength, it can work out.
    Yeah, I'm not sure if the muse will ever go there, because it is probably a scary, scary scene.

    Thank you! I am having sooo much fun writing from Marc and Rose's POVs. Next update is on the shorter side, but I'm hoping other updates will make up for it.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Marc Lyman - August 24, 2054 - Entry 3

    I did it. I survived introducing Leo at the convention. But I honestly can’t remember what the speech-writers had me spout off. So this is my Introduction to Leo Josiah Lyman 101 to add on what I briefly covered last entry.

    To even begin to explain my husband, you have to go back to his parents, specially his dad. I only knew Joshua Lyman as an older adult, after 3 kids, some 25 years marriage, and 2 heart-attacks had “mellowed him out considerably” (or so his wife claims), but in Josh’s heyday he was (among other things) Democratic Legislative Director for the House of Representatives, Floor Director for the Senate, then Deputy Chief of Staff to Leo McGarry for the Josiah Bartlet White House (now you know who my husband is named after). It was in that phase that he met his future wife and Leo’s mother, Donna Moss, who was his assistant. Josh later made Matthew Santos president (Rose will probably have more on him), served as his Chief of Staff, and then made Sam Seaborn president and served as his Chief of Staff (it was a miracle that Josh lived to see 77).

    Josh didn’t marry Donna until he was 47 and didn’t have Leo until he was 49 (both events happened during the Santos administration). Still, Leo looked up to his dad so much. He saw the good his dad did for the country and for the world and wanted to do the exact same thing.

    Leo takes after his mom so much: her calm temperament (mostly), her ability to listen and to make anyone feel at ease and okay about themselves. But Leo is also so much like his dad in his passion and drive… and obliviousness… and lack of coordination.

    He is just so good and I love him.


    Rose Santos - August 25, 2054 - Entry 3

    Unlike Marc, I can actually remember the convention. It was decided that Leo would announce Elvie as his running mate at the convention. Leo’s last opponent stayed in the race till pretty late in the primaries anyways, so it was decided that it just made sense to wait for the convention and generate buzz and viewers. Leo announced it on the second night as Elvie, Marc, and I watched backstage. Leo’s speech actually provides a nice introduction to my husband for the purposes of this diary. Because as gushing as it was, it is all true.

    Leo walked out onto the stage to cheers and applauds, and stood behind the podium. He laughed. “Finally, not a speech about my credentials or my vision for America. Everyone is probably relieved. It is my pleasure to announce my running mate tonight. I know there has been plenty of speculation over the past few weeks. I indeed had many options of amazing women and men, but in the end, I got my first pick. He’ll hopefully have spend the next four years announcing me before I walk into the room or on a stage, so I’m taking advantage of the fact that I get to announce him just this once.

    “My running mate is one of my oldest and dearest friends, one of the most eager souls, intelligent people, and the most indomitable, determined human. I value many opinions and voices of advice and his is one of them. I’ll probably give his identity away, but it’s no joke when I say I’ve known him my entire life. We met when I was five days old. We were named for the same man. We grew up together. My candidate for Vice President, like me, has been around politics and the White House since before he was born. He is the son of the late former president Matthew Santos.

    “He’s a graduate of Columbia Law School and a retired United States Air Force first lieutenant. He gave so much in service to the protection of this country. The former representative of Texas’ 18th congressional district, he is the current Governor of Texas. I’m honoured to announce Governor Leo-Vincente Santos as the Democratic Nominee for United States Vice President!”

    That was Elvie’s cue to walk out onto stage. He had decided to use his exoskeleton and forearm crutches instead of his wheelchair. Leo took long strides to Elvie’s side, gave him a hug, took one of his crutches but gave him an arm to lean on so he could make it to the podium to deliver his first speech as Vice Presidential candidate.

    Leo and Elvie have a bromance for the ages.

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    [face_laugh] I can just see Marc saying "This is mellow??" about Josh and it cracks me up!
    I imagine that even mellow Josh is most people's high strung!

    It really is! But I love Marc has to go back to Josh and Donna for someone to really understand Leo. It's so true!

    And I love how Marc knows all of this about Leo and his parents. It makes it so obvious what kind of relationship they all have and I love it!


    It was gushing and I loved every word! Leo was so excited to make this speech to let everyone know just who he'd picked. It was adorkable!

    The whole thing was great, but I love that he included this. That while they are different men with different lives, but this history of their lives is important.

    And this was such a powerful image! The two of them arm in arm, working together just like they'll do for the American people. :D

    They totally do! And it makes it so perfect that Rose thinks so too!

    [face_love]=D= I love it!!
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    Bahahaha! Yeah. I can just see Marc meeting Josh for the first time and just going "well this explains everything."
    Yeah, Marc just loved Josh and loves and adores Donna like a mom.
    Hahaha. Leo is just kinda like a little kid in "show and tell": "This is one of my best friends and he's so cool and awesome." (and now that makes Elvie sound like a Gary Sue, but I don't think he is; I hope he isn't).
    Thanks. They are different people and have had different lives, but they share the same values because of their histories (and parents).
    Yeah, I just loved that image of these two friends helping each other to help the American people.

    Thank you. I just love their bromance!
  10. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Rose Santos - August 30, 2054 - Entry 4

    Now that the convention is over and it is “out” that Elvie is running for Vice President, I’ve had to have crash course in being a national candidate’s wife but I guess I’m rather lucky.

    First, since Elvie is Governor of Texas, we are fortunate to live in the Governor’s mansion (which made Elvie’s commute to work over the past 7 years quite quick). Which means the house is already up to code for the Secret Service. Elvie’s pretty used to having to deal with the Secret Service - he had a small detail up until he turned 16, and his dad had a detail up until he passed away so it isn’t too odd for me to see strange men in suits hanging around.

    Second, though Elvie was just a baby for his father’s second presidential campaign, he was around for Sam Seaborn’s campaigns so Elvie has been able to really explain to the kids what will be happening in a way that they will understand.

    Plus my mother pretty much has told me everything I need to know. I’m not sure if she’s completely supportive of this whole adventure, but I feel like, after talking with her for hours, I am as prepared as I can be.

    The most… interesting conversation we’ve had was with Elvie’s older sister, Miranda. Miranda is an aerospace engineer who works for NASA. She works on Mars. She left a year ago, got to Mars about 2 months ago and is scheduled to return to Earth in about a year and a half. But due to satellite telemetry and planetary positioning and a whole bunch of other things I don’t even pretend to understand, we can only get messages to her every few weeks and video chat with her every few months. The evening after the convention was one such window of opportunity. This was the conversation (without the lag).

    We were in our living room, our kids already in bed, Elvie was in his standing frame desk, coordinating on his laptop how he would balance both his duties as Governor and scheduling as Vice Presidential candidate when I heard his tablet begin to ring. I was just finishing up some work - writing notes for the co-workers I am transferring all my current cases to. I know I won’t have any time or energy to devote to my clients. I mainly work on asylum cases and my clients deserve more than what I will be able to give them over the next few months (and, I guess if our Leos win, I’ll have to find a new firm to work at, but I don’t want to think about that just yet).

    “Rose, can you get that please?” he asked me, continuing to type. I nodded, got his tablet off the coffee table. I saw it was his sister so I instantly answered, knowing connections sometimes only last a few minutes.

    “Rose, where the hell is my baby brother!” Miranda was clearly on her bunk with a standard grey NASA sweatshirt on.

    “Right here,” I laughed, setting the tablet on his tray. I stood behind him, rubbing his neck and shoulders.

    “Hey Randa,” he said with a grin, closing his work laptop.

    “We just got a message and news dump! What the hell? You’re running for vice president?”

    “You, of all people on that planet, supposed to read personal messages before news dumps.”

    “Yeah, I try, but when your brother and Leo Lyman are on the front page of every news article with the headline LEO LEGACY TICKET, people start yelling at you. What the hell Elvie?”

    “I’m running for Vice President.”

    “I got that.” She heaved a sign. “How the hell are you going to do this? Campaigning was hell on Dad… and Mom. What about Mom - and your kids?”

    Elvie let out a breath. Elvie doesn’t have the best relationship with his siblings; Miranda is 8 - almost 9 - years older, and his older brother, Peter, is 13 years older. They, much more then Elvie, remember their years in the White House. They didn’t hate it, they’ll be the first to reassure you of that, and they will explain they knew it was an amazing and unique experience, but will tell you that there were parts that they didn’t like, like the constant fear that their father wasn’t going to come home one night. It’s just not something they wanted to personally return to.

    Elvie replied. “Can you really criticize my career choice? You’re the one who strapped 10 megatons of jet fuel to your butt and subjected Mom to that after her favourite child crashed a plane. I know it’s different, I know you and Ravi prepared the kids for this for years, and Victoria and Nate are much older than my brood of offspring, but it isn’t that much different. I have people who will help.”

    She sighed. “Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m sorry. You just get a little freaked out when it’s your little brother and his friend who you are voting for on your absentee ballot.”

    “It’s not like vice president is a real job anyways,” I added.

    Elvie scowled at me. Miranda laughed. “This is true. Also,” she added. “You were never Mom’s favourite.”

    He nodded. “Yeah, we both know its Peter.”

    “And it’s not like your - or my - career choices helped us in that area.”

    “Nope, probably not,” he agreed. “We are both too much like Dad.”

    She smiled. “He’d be proud… even if it isn’t a real job.”

    Elvie simply sighed and rolled his eyes. But he was smiling.


    Marc Lyman - August 30, 2054 - Entry 4

    Welcome to my life Rose, at least you didn’t have to deal with the Secret Service installing bulletproof glass in your home, never mind all the cameras and men and women in suits hanging around. Leo’s fine with it all, but I guess that all goes to show just how he grew up with it all. He was great explaining it to the kids (you know: Abba is running for president and if people pick him, he’ll have to make very important decisions so people want to make sure he’s right for the job).

    I always forget just how much he was raised in the West and East Wings of the White House. Take for example, the last night of the convention. I was waiting in the limo with a Secret Service agent (just doing what Josie told me to do, I seem to be doing that a lot lately, but she gave me my two kids so I’m forever grateful for her). Leo got in a few moments after I did. After Leo kissed me, he smiled at the Secret Service agent.


    The agent nodded, a man in his mid-to-late-50s. I could tell the agent was trying to be professional.

    “You’re still working for the service? When did you get transferred to my detail?” Leo asked, and then turned to me. “Honey, Jack was on my dad’s detail when Sam was president.”

    I did the math and I guess it made sense. The Seaborn presidency was 30 years ago - it’s just surprising someone would remain in such a high stress job for so long.

    “The director decided to put some more experienced agents on the Democratic campaigns.”

    I frowned. Did he imply that Leo needed more protection? Because he’s married to me: a man. Ugh. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it all. This campaign is making me assume the worst in people.

    Leo either ignored or didn’t get the implications. “You must be getting up there in terms of ranks.”

    Jack nodded.

    Josie got into the limo and began to blab to Leo about tomorrow’s agenda.

    Jack spoke into his wrist piece. “We have Lionheart. Let’s take him home.” The limo began moving.

    Leo then looked at Jack. “What? You change my codename?” I was so lost.

    Josie signed. “Yes, Senator.” She only calls him that when he’s not focusing. “You’re not an afterthought to your parents anymore, besides Jack is like the only remaining agent from my father’s administration. No one remembers you as Renegade. It never fit you anyways.”

    I laughed, “Renegade? Nope not my husband.”

    Leo pouted. “I was Renegade because my dad was Rampage. Not my fault the Secret Service gave it to me as a baby.”

    I took his hand and rubbed his knuckles. Leo loves remembering his dad in little ways: the American flag lapel pin Leo wears was his dad’s and Leo never uses a briefcase; he uses a backpack like some infantile schoolboy because his dad used to carry a backpack. “I like Lionheart better,” I said before I kissed his strong jaw.

    “Just wait till you get a code-name,” Leo murmured.

    “He’s already got one,” Josie said, letting Leo drag her into this conversation. “Landmark.”

    Leo giggled. Yes, he giggled. “Landmark.” He then kissed me. “I love it.”

    “JJ is Librarian and Miri is Little Laugh,” Josie told us and we both smiled. “And Donna is now Lady Ruby.”

    Leo smiled and brushed his eye with his fingertips. “She was given the code-name Ruby as Helen’s Chief of Staff because Mom was dating Dad and families all tend to have the same first letter when it comes to code-names.”

    I put my arm around Leo, but then a thought hit me and I just burst out into laughter.

    “What?” Leo asked.

    “Your dad would have been Lord Rampage.”

    Leo and Josie laughed too. We laughed for probably too long. Call it sleep deprivation.

    “Did Elvie’s code-name change?” Leo asked.

    Josie nodded and I began to wonder why she needed to know these things as campaign manager. “He’s not going to be happy about it, but I figured there’s probably some mythos in the Secret Service about a hell of a protectee known simply as the Jackalope.”

    Leo grinned. “Probably. So what is it?”

    “At least they stuck with the mythical creature theme. He’s now Phoenix.”

    Leo nodded slowly. “He’s going to hate the imagery, but it fit him. It fits him so well.”

    I agree. Rose, if you are curious, I managed to ask one of the agents about you and your kids. You are Philosopher, Mattie is Phantom, Emilio is Pharaoh, and Ella is Philharmonic.


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    Sep 10, 2005
    So I read on Sunday while I was at work and then got slammed. And then yesterday I felt like crap. But I loved it!

    He isn't even close! He's quite well rounded!

    By this point in his life, he probably thinks nothing of it, but I'm glad Rose got to experience it before being thrust into the limelight. It probably makes it a bit easier. (Sorry Marc!)

    Oh man, I bet she laid it out like it is, left nothing back. It's a good thing Rose isn't easily intimidated!

    [face_laugh] I loved this part! I agree that she should probably read the stuff from home first, but I also understand how it might not work that way for her. What a way to learn your baby brother is going to run for VP!

    Snap! He has a really great point! And now I feel really bad for Helen! Her children probably have made her life more stressful than it already was!

    Awww.... this mental image is just so cute! [face_love]

    I just love this! That Leo has someone he knows! It makes perfect sense to keep someone like that so that there's a bit more trust there.

    *happy sigh* I'm so happy you worked in how to change it. Rampage was hilarious, especially because he's Josh's son, but Lionheart is just so Leo.

    I like how Marc says like an infantile schoolboy, but I'm sure he loves that Leo does something like that which keeps him feeling like his dad is close. I certainly love it!

    I know you told me Landmark before, but I giggled too! It's just so perfect!
    And of course the mental image of Leo giggle is just so perfect!

    Aaawwww.... :* They are so perfect and I love them so much!!

    [face_laugh][face_rofl] He would have strutted around like a peacock!!

    Perfect! Like Leo points out he wouldn't like it, but it's perfect!!

    This was so much fun! =D==D=
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Thank you. I feel like he is a very dynamic character (especially for a character who started off just as a baby to add fluff to my 2017 diary).
    Yeah, poor Marc really is the only one of these guys who has never been exposed to this at all really. Rose at lease kinda got eased into it with her in-laws.

    Oh yes, I bet Helen was blunt, straight forward, and probably included NSFW details Rose probably didn't want to - or really need to - know.

    Thanks. And yeah, it was probably on everyone else's mind, so of course she didn't get to more personal correspondence first. And yeah Elvie is just so her Baby Brother still. We still treat our youngest brother as "the baby" and he hates it (mostly because his twin brother does it too).

    Poor Helen. Her life probably just got more and more stressful as time went on, and considering she would have been First Lady relativity young, that is saying something.

    I keep getting these random bits of Leo moments with his kids and I really hope I can string them together into some sort of entry.

    Yeah, I did the math and figured it would work so I took the agent from your Leo diary to give him a Ron Butterfield character.

    Rampage probably worked for newborn Leo just because he was a Lyman, but Lionheart is just so much more him.

    The infantile schoolboy remark was more in reference to the backpack. Marc understands and loves that Leo tries to remember Josh. I do a bunch of little things like my dad and I have and use his Bible.

    I laughed so hard when it hit me.

    Oh yes. Part of me still wants to write an AU where Josh lives to see Leo become President just so he can just be so Josh.
    Yeah, it is perfect, but Elvie would really hate it.

    Thanks. It was a more fun one before a more angsty one.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    AN: This entry gets a bit, or maybe a lot, medical-science-fiction-y (I read my share of Micheal Crichton books as a teen and I think that subconsciously came out here… maybe too much). I did do a bit of research for this entry, but I am in no way an embryologist or a Time Lord, so I have no idea what will be possible 36 years in the future! I promise this will be the only update like this (the muse just wanted them and when you have 48 entries to come up with, you don’t say no). Next updates will have JJ being adorkably clumsy.

    Marc Lyman - September 3, 2054 - Entry 5

    Rose, I am so very glad we started this diary, because writing this to you is the only thing keeping me sane right now.

    This campaign has been hard enough with Leo being away so often. When the kids and I do get to see him, we are on the go, on the road or in hotels. There’s be a lot of stress and headaches, but now the attack ads have just gotten to me.

    We were pretty lucky during the primaries, everyone was so busy attacking President Peterson that there was no ‘friendly fire’ among the Democrats, but as soon as Leo got the nomination, the attacks started. I was prepared for them to be about Leo and I. I get it. We’re two married men. He’s the first (openly) non-heterosexual person to run for President. It’s like the only semi-unique fact about Leo. Other than his father’s and mother’s employment history (and Peterson is dumb, but he isn’t dumb enough to attack 3 of the greatest American administrations of the past century, Democratic or Republican), and the fact that Leo needed grief counselling and we needed marriage counselling after his father died, LEO’S PERSONAL LIFE IS PAINFULLY BORING. I know, I’m married to him. There have been no affairs or scandals. I mean, he’s best friends with former-presidents’ kids, but nothing you can turn into an attack ad (I say this now and next week I won’t be surprised when someone reports that Leo, Josie, and Elvie were in some Satanic blood-cult as teenagers… though knowing the crap Elvie and Josie got Leo into, it probably wouldn’t be completely unbelievable). But we don’t want to address anything to do with our personal lives, we want to focus on the issues.

    So I was prepared for the cringe-worthy, out dated, references to our marriage. Leo is facing the most right-leaning presidents since Owen Lassiter. I just switch the ads or news commentary (not that I watch news that much without Leo around) off. But I was not prepared for this.

    It popped up on my tablet before a recipe video I wanted to make for the kids for dinner tomorrow. I should have shut it down or threw it across the room, but the images of my JJ and Miri made me momentarily freeze long enough to hear the voiceover: “Senator Lyman is willing to play mad scientist with the creation of his children: don’t let him play it with….”

    I managed to shut it off before I heard anymore. I was so thankful that the kids were already asleep in bed. I just broke down right there in tears as I lowered myself to the kitchen floor and just let myself cry. I could say that I was tired (and I was), or just was just the final thing that led to me breaking down, but I don’t bottle my emotions up when I’m alone - there would be no way I could cope with this campaign if I did.

    Our children are the product of love, not some science experiment. Leo and I always wanted kids. From the moment we really started seriously dating and moved in together, we were discussing options and names.

    Having children is one of the most selfish things people can do in this century. Because of some unfortunate turns early in our marriage, having children through scientific advances was the choice for us. We researched methods and doctors endlessly, and talked to friends and family members to get their views. We were so lucky to have the financial situation to be able to see one of the greatest embryologists in the world, not to mention having a friend like Josie who donated not only her eggs, but also 9 months of her life, twice. We knew our kids were going to be conceived able to thrive, we wouldn’t have gone forward with it if we weren’t confident. And even if something had gone wrong, we would have loved them regardless.

    I sat the on the kitchen floor for a good long while before my phone started to ring. I pulled it out of my jeans pocket, saw it was Leo, and just placed it on the tile floor and just let it ring. He called four times before I answered. I was always going to answer it eventually as I knew he’d keep trying - he is far more stubborn than I am - I just needed time to calm down and figure out who I was actually mad at, and it wasn’t Leo. I answered the video-call, but didn’t pick up the phone.

    “Marc? Marc. I know you are there. I know you are sitting in the kitchen because I see that ugly light fixture. You saw it, didn’t you?”

    “Yeah. Have you?”

    “No, it just went live this evening and Josie won’t let me.” For some reason, I was insanely relieved. “Jose, just let me watch it so I know what we are dealing with.”


    Josie is the best. She did what I would do: shelter him from pain.

    Leo sighed, talking to me once again. “We are working with the courts to see if we can get it down.”

    “Yeah.” I didn’t want to remind him that he promised me the kids would not be involved. It would just hurt him and I knew he was hurting as it was. “Oh! Your mom! Someone should call her and tell her not to watch anything.”

    “I got Elvie to call her while I was calling you. Marc, I’m not going to address this. If I address it, it becomes an even bigger thing. Elvie is going to say something.”

    “He’s like the picture of political attacks on children,” I pointed out. About 7 hours before Elvie was born, his mother was a victim of an assassination attempt, all because his mother is white and his father was latino.

    “Exactly. He’s sitting across from me now, going to town on a note-pad and just kinda grunting things in Spanish so I can’t know what he’s saying. He’s kinda scaring me… a lot. Peterson is going to regret this, and not just because he pissed off everyone here.”

    “He’s pissing me off too. I think I actually want you to win now.”

    Leo chuckled lightly. “So you’re actually going to vote for me?”

    “Yeah, probably.”

    “I know I saw them at bedtime.” Leo had called when I put Miri to bed to read both her and JJ a bedtime story. “But can I see Miri and JJ again?”

    I finally picked up the phone and saw his face. His eyes were red. Was he that sleep deprived or had he been crying too? I don’t know. “Yeah, I was just about to check on them.”

    It wasn’t quite like checking on them and tucking them in when he’s here, but it was something.

    I sat on the edge of JJ’s and then Miri’s beds and just got to stroke their hair as Leo and I talked.


    Rose Santos - September 4, 2054 - Entry 5

    Elvie did indeed address that disgusting campaign ad, but he did it without talking about the ad at all. Instead he was personal without focusing on himself. He brought his speech around to the issues and educated those who watched. This is what he said.

    “About a year ago now, I decided to undergo a treatment called same-DNA stem cell therapy. Since my spinal cord injury over 20 years ago now, I have been privileged to be on the forefront of stem cell therapies, each with their own benefits and complications. Without getting too in-depth, same-DNA stem cell therapy is the latest in medical advancements, not only for injuries such as mine, but for brain damage, and other organ failures. This is a simplification, but what doctors and researchers do is take two gametes; one from the recipient of the therapy - me, so my sperm - and one from a donor - in my case an ova from my wife - and they remove some genetic material from the nucleus of the donor gamete and replace it with the recipient’s genes. Then, that is fertilized with another gamete from the recipient.

    “The result is a zygote with recipient’s DNA - or at least something extremely close. It is able mature to the point where it can be harvested for stem cells for the recipient - which isn’t very far. It is more successful than cloning cells and adult stem cells have their DNA corrupted over time, but using same-DNA stem cells from a zygote made in this way means there is very little immune response to the new cells so rejection is extremely limited and long term cell regeneration is maximized. What did this mean for me? Well, unlike previous stem cell treatments, this one yielded much more results for me, most notably the ability to feel pain and pressure on areas that were otherwise completely feelingless….”

    Elvie didn’t got too much in detail, but basically he had some bowel and bladder control and some feeling in his intimate regions (which as his wife, I quite like), before this treatment, but he developed so much more feeling all over the front of his upper legs and hips as a result of this treatment.

    “…Needless to say, my life has improved dramatically. And this treatment, this progress, this medical breakthrough not only I have benefited from, was made possible by people like Leo and Marc Lyman. They were willing to privately pay to advance scientific research similar. Like the Lymans, I had to go to Canada for my treatments, because the Canadian government has navigated the ethical fields so lives can be improved, something I hope America can do as well. This is one of the reasons why Senator Lyman and I are running, so we can navigate the hard questions and allow brilliant Americans to research solutions that all the world can benefit from.

    “Some people are questioning why the Lymans didn’t adopt. First off, it is unfair to criticize only same-sex couples for this and not hetero-sex couples. We all get to make the same choices. But the reason why Rose and myself, and the Senator and his husband did not adopt, is progress. Progress in birth control availability across the world in the past generation means so many fewer children are being born in the world who can not be cared for by loving parents. Not only has this helped the environment and food supply, but it means couples are on waitlists for children for years until children come available for adoption, and this is a good thing! This is something to celebrate! It means nearly every child in the world born today is wanted and is loved. It means couples who have troubles having children, like Rose and I…”

    Okay, for the record, Elvie and I have a very healthy intimate relationship. He hates the misconception of the celibate disabled man. He loves our sex life. I love our sex life. But our… usual activities… and some of the affects of his injuries… meant conceiving children was a challenge and required outside help. Thus, why, I can say for sure, we may be Catholic, but we are not making any more babies.

    Okay, okay, here’s the rest of his speech.

    “…Or couples who can’t have children on their own, like Senator and Mr. Lyman, can help scientific progress while getting what we hold dearest to our hearts: our children. To criticize families like the Lymans, is to criticize progress. And what does America stand for if not progress to improve the lives of our fellow humans? America was the last frontier. But we did not stop there. Instead we looked outward to the stars and wondered. And that wonder became realization that we can never stop improving, that we can never stop exploring or discovering or progressing. And that even more boundless than the possibly to progress, is the possibly to love. To criticize families like the Lymans, is to criticize love. And I do not stand for critics of love. Thank you.”

    Marc, I love your kids, and not just because you and Leo help advanced embryonics to have them, and not just because they’ve been keeping Mattie, Emilio, and Ella entertainment whenever they are together. JJ and Miri are just adorable and you and Leo are amazing fathers. Watching you and Leo with them reminds me there is just so much love in the world.

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  14. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Again I read this on the way to work and I was almost in tears on the train. *holds Marc and Leo*
    The only problem with reading on the way to work is then I don't have time to respond until later.

    I don't think it is. I've been thinking about it, and I think it's reasonable to assume medical science could progress that far in that amount of time. I was reading the other day about a guy who got a treatment for a rare disease by manipulating his DNA. If that can happen now, I can see this in the future.
    And if not, TWW doesn't fully exist in our universe (I mean, they solved peace in the middle east!) so who's to say they don't have that type of ability. :D

    Please don't apologise, I loved this entry!! But I am excited for adorkable JJ!

    I LOVE that you say 'openly'.

    [face_laugh] He is painfully boring! And I'd think the American people would be happy to hear about the counselling, that Leo and Marc are people too. I hate to say it like this but it humanizes them. We often think of our leaders as extra ordinary (with some exceptions!) but having things that 'regular' people can relate to is important. But yeah, I think going after those administrations would be political suicide.

    [face_rofl] Oh man, there may be a bunny brewing there! I agree, it wouldn't be unbelievable.

    :mad: That is not okay. The candidates are fair game, anyone who chooses to be involved is fair game. The kids, not okay.
    I get mad at people bring Barron Trump into things, he's just a kid who didn't choose this life. I hate his father, but I'd never judge a kid for it. Now the adult kids who have involved themselves are totally fair game.

    Maaaaarc.... [:D] :_| This mental image was so heartbreaking. To have someone attack your kids would be awful no matter what, but after what they went through to get to the point of having kids makes it so much worse.
    I'm glad he doesn't bottle up his emotions. It's healthier that way and as he said, it makes all of this stuff easier to deal with.

    I love that he has enough self-awareness that he knows if he answers right away his anger might come out on Leo and he knows it's not his fault. I'm sure Leo was freaking out when he wasn't answering, but it was probably for the best.

    Yes! Josie!
    That is absolutely the right call. Because while Leo is usually pretty even tempered, it would emotionally compromise him and he would respond, which as they point out is the wrong thing to do. As his future CoS, Josie's job can sometimes be to protect him from himself.
    But even if his response wouldn't be a worry, just as a friend you'd want to keep someone from seeing it. I love that Marc wants to protect Leo from it, just as Leo probably wishes he'd been able to protect Marc.

    I love the thought of Elvie calling Donna to prevent her from seeing it. I love the conversation and it's not even written. The idea of it is so realistic and lovely (though it would be a hard conversation and Donna would totally turn into momma bear) it doesn't need to be for me to love it.

    Hahaha.... I can sooo see this and Elvie being totally ticked off! He won't allow for this to happen and he'll do everything he can to stop it, and make the other guy look like an ass.

    :* They are so cute!

    Awww.... [face_love]
    All of this campaigning is, of course, really hard on Marc. He bears the brunt of all the normal parts of life, and that's a lot especially with two young kids. But it's gotta be hard for Leo to not be able to hold them, especially when something like this happens. But this was just so sweet, he just wants to see them so he can see that they are okay for himself.

    I'm really happy you said this. I've got a nebulous idea floating around in my brain (not enough to be a fully bunny yet) and one of the things I was wondering about was how much feeling he had. I love how Rose wants people to know they have a sex life.

    This whole thing was so beautiful, I was tearing up while reading it. I love that he points out how the technology can help so many people like it's helped him. It's not just about creating 'designer babies'.

    Because while the US likes to think they are progressive, we really aren't. Especially when it comes to using stem-cells and genetics, we're so backwards. And there are people who could really progress things, but laws prevent them from doing research and it infuriates me. But YAY for Canada not having those holdups! :D

    That is a good thing and I love it! But it does make it hard for people who have challenges with having their own children. I love that Elvie points out the hypocrisy in judging same-sex couples for wanting to have their own children while not saying anything to het couples.

    Again, I just love that she addresses this! But I had to point it out again because the 'we may be Catholic' thing made me laugh so hard. My brother-in-law is Catholic and my sister converted and they were good Catholics with the kid. :p

    Dawwww.... This is so sweet!

    I really loved this update! It had so much that was so important for people to see and hear, and it was beautiful how everyone came to Marc and Leo's defense. Sorry I basically quoted the whole thing.
  15. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Oh no! Yeah, this was a bit of a more emotional one. I totally understand.
    Thanks. And yeah, that's true that TWW is technically an "alternate timeline" so that does give us a bit of freedom.
    Thanks. It was one of the entries I had in my head from the start. Also, the next one too!
    Of course! Because I doubt Sam was the first 'closeted' President :p
    He is rather boring but in a good way! There have been no scandals or suspicious activity. And yeah, I think the normal people should hear about his counselling - it's an example of how he knows he doesn't have all the answers but will listen to those who do. And it also makes the relatable.
    Oh man! I hope the bunny cooks! [face_devil]
    Totally agree. I get so mad when people bring Barron Trump into the spotlight and I was so happy to see Chelsea Clinton speak out about this. Yeah, I hate his father and it is totally fair to criticize those who chose to be involved, but the kid is just a kid.
    I know, I am so mean. But I do like that Marc and Leo openly cry. I'm a cryer and I get judged so much for it, but it makes me feel so much better.

    Yeah, I might have written a continuation of your "Sound of Love" fic where Marc's anger does come out and he gets angry at Leo and Marc does not like it.

    Oh yeah, Leo reminds me of both Bartlet and Santos (I think they both have similar "things are different when it comes to my family " lines) and Leo McGarry and Josh had to save those two from themselves, so Josie has to save Leo from himself. And she's also being his best friend and protecting him.

    Thanks. I know it goes against "show don't tell" rules but TWW actually did a lot of that, but it worked and it is kinda teaching me that some things can just be mentioned in passing so that has helped some of my anxieties when writing.

    Elvie ticked off is fun to write. I have a vignette coming up this week with Elvie and the president that he and Leo beat and it is so much fun.

    They are so adorable!

    Yeah, Leo misses his kids and they miss him, but there will be a reunion next entry to make up for all this meanness.

    I can't wait to see if it turns into something!

    Thank you. People (mostly old people) always complain about technology ruining some aspect of society, without realizing how much it has improved my life and people like me. Obviously not on this scale but it's the same idea.

    Yeah, I'm not saying Canada is the most progressive country, but compared to the US... yeah, let's just say I'm happy to be Canadian when it comes to many points (hurrah for rights over my own reproductive organs! Sorry).

    It does present a challenge, but in this universe, science matches that challenge. This really is a timeline I wished I lived in.

    Rose just doesn't hold anything back and I love that about her.

    And yeah, my friend married a Catholic woman and she's currently pregnant. Other friends and I were "the Protestant peanut gallery" at the wedding and there's currently a betting pool of how many kids they will have :p

    Thank you. No worries about quoting the whole thing. I just wish I was in a more chatty mood to give your wonderful comments decent replies. I really wish the muse would return to this diary because I had so many ideas to tackle issues like these here, but the muse is having fun tackling issues in my vignettes. The upcoming entry is the 2nd to last one I have finished and I'm really torn between just going where the muse wants, or making it work past the current block I'm at.
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    Marc Lyman - September 15, 2054 - Entry 6

    I’m not going to lie, this campaign has been both good for our kids and hard on them. It’s hard to talk about it, but I know you’ll understand Rose, and writing helps my process my emotions. It’s hard not being resentful of Leo, basically thrusting me into a position of single Dad (I am so lucky I got an extended leave of absence from my job - it’s going to cost me partnership in the architecture firm, but my kids need me). But I said yes to everything, because I know this is what Leo wants and he’s going to so much good. I just feel so bad when JJ just cries endlessly through bath-times - times that he always used to have with Leo.

    At the same time, I know we are lucky that bath times is all that JJ is upset about. We are lucky they they can’t quite understand yet with all the things being said. Plus the campaign is teaching them so much, like how to help each-other, to be patient and polite, to listen to and be good for Grandma Donna or Auntie Abi, that Daddy and Abba will always come home, and to appreciate the time we have together. And they get learn all about American geography and what Abba is doing to help others.

    Miri actually isn’t doing too bad - maybe because she’s only 3 and a half and still doesn’t quite know what is going on. Leo started his campaign when she was 2 and a half so I think this has been all she knows (which is heartbreaking in its own way). She is very outgoing and will practically go with anyone I tell her to.

    But JJ is 5 and knows his Abba is supposed to be around a lot more. He isn’t acting out much, which is good and I am constantly praising him for it because I know it’s tough to suddenly have all these changes and all these people around when he’s very shy. He started kindergarten last month, he loves it, and his teacher just sings praises. But he’s sad. JJ loves learning new words (he loves books and stories and is so smart, and I’m not even being biased because I’m his Daddy). He’s constantly telling me, “Daddy! Write that down!”, then I do and then he asks me, “What does that mean?” So I’m working on teaching him words to some of the more complex emotions he might be feeling. I know I’m feeling a lot of mixed emotions surrounding this campaign. I think it is helping him to be able to put words like “confusion” “anxious” and “lonely” to what he is feeling (though now he has a fascination with the thesaurus app on my phone and loves to look up big words for emotions). But sometimes I just let him cry in my arms because I know that’s his way of coping.

    Which is why he was so elated (yes, that was the word he used… though it was more like egglated) when I told him we were going to go visit Abba on the campaign trail.

    We’ve wanted to spare the kids from the spotlight as much as we can. I know it will be hard if Leo actually wins this, but the campaign trail is just stress, sleep deprivation, and fast food and they don’t need that. The campaign has also wanted to focus on the issues and not the personal, but the kids (and I) were really missing Abba and the press was starting to get annoying asking where we were. Josie was getting worried about reports about Leo’s and my marriage being an unhappy one, so I packed up the kids and we joined up with the campaign in Michigan.

    We entered our hotel suite in Lansing (they got us the presidential suite, which was totally ‘tempting the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing’ as Josh used to say, but it had a living room, dining room and two separate bedrooms up a set of stairs). Leo was waiting there for us. He knelt on the floor and just held his arms open. JJ was immediately in them. I let Miri our of my arms and she ran just clung to Leo.

    We ate dinner as a family, but then Leo had to leave for a campaign event and some meetings. I managed to put Miri then JJ to bed in their room without too much fussing and I sat down to do my “homework”. I had to go over Leo’s schedule for the next few days and decide what events I would attend and what events I would have the kids with me.

    I was laying down on the couch with a thriller novel (my guilty pleasure these days now that I’m afraid to watch anything that might have campaign ads attached to them) when Leo walked back through the door. His mouth was pretty much instantly on mine. We’ve missed each other… a lot. Sometime between kissing my neck and nibbling on my earlobe, he made some pretty steamy suggestions that got me quite worked up. He laughed heartily.

    “Quiet!” I hushed him as my hands roamed across his hard back.

    Mr. Lyman, I’m going to make you moan my name so loud, the whole hotel is going to hear.”

    “Is that a promise?”

    It was then when we interrupted from a voice from the top of the stairs. “Abba? Abba!”

    JJ started trotting down the stairs, tripped half way, fell, screamed, and landed with a thud. He began to cry.

    Leo and I were up in an instant. Leo picked JJ up off the stairs and just held him close to his chest. “Okay, okay, you’re okay JJ. Shhh. Shhhh.”

    As Leo swayed with him, I checked his mouth, nose and ribs for any injuries. Thankfully there were none. He was crying a lot but I just think he was tired and wanted Leo to hold him. “You’re fine, JJ, your fine. But you really shouldn’t be out of bed, and certainly not without your glasses on,” I gently scolded him so that Leo could be the good guy. JJ is pretty blind without his glasses, but despite having them since he was 8 months old, he always forgets to put them on.

    JJ just tucked his head into Leo’s chest.

    “What if Abba gave you a quick bath?” I suggested, knowing that would both cheer him up and get him back to sleep.

    JJ looked up at Leo with the biggest, hope-filled eyes. “Please?”

    “Oh! I would love to give my JJ a bath,” Leo exclaimed, bouncing him into the bathroom.

    We gave JJ a very quick bath together. Normally JJ and Leo have these big grand conversations during bath time, but that night, JJ just sat there in the tub, letting Leo pour water on his back while Leo just talked about how proud he was of JJ for being such a big boy during all the craziness.

    There is just something about seeing Leo doing his parenting duties - his shirt sleeves rolled up, showing his forearms, laughing as JJ splashes him, then holding his son while JJ’s hair soaks Leo’s shirt - that is an instant turn on for me.

    We put JJ back in his pyjamas and the kid was about 99% out by the time we laid him back in his bed (Miri slept through the entire thing). “Goodnight Josiah-Joshua Lyman,” Leo said, tucking him in with his lion stuffy.

    There was a HUGE yawn from my little boy. “G’night… Ab…ba… Ly…man.”

    After the room door was closed, Leo and picked up right where we left off.

    The sex was great, but also just having my arms around him as he drifted to sleep just made everything worth while.

    Rose Santos - September 19, 2054 - Entry 6

    It isn’t all sex and dealing with accidents when we joined our husbands on the campaign trail (though there is a lot of sex, but I’m surprised between Leo’s uncoordination, JJ’s clumsiness, and Elvie’s luck that there aren’t more injuries).

    We also get to know what exactly what goes on during these campaigns.

    Like cheating.

    I nearly killed both Elvie and Leo when I caught them.

    No, not on us.

    On their diets.

    We were flying from Michigan to California for a west coast swing, Marc and I were in the main cabin, entertaining the kids and talking. Elvie and Leo were in the executive cabin, working on some economic policy they wanted to add to their platform. I got up to see if my husband needed help going to the bathroom. You know: long flight; small bathroom; disabled husband. I thought I was being a nice, caring wife and saving him from needing to ask.

    I entered the smaller cabin and there they were, working away at the table, eating burgers and fries. What volunteer got the burgers for them, I do not know, but I know Leo and Elvie must have specifically requested them. And the guilty look on their faces told me they knew what they had done wrong.

    I’m not a health-nut, I enjoy a nice burger from time to time. But the campaign is just pure stress, sleep deprivation, and caffeine. I understand we are always on the go and sometimes you just have to grab whats available, but what happened to them to making at least a bit of an effort: grab a sandwich or salad and some water or milk.

    “Marc!” I yelled.

    Marc came and just stared with me. “I can’t believe you two!” He pointed to Leo. “If I have to be on a fibre diet if we want to… do fun things in bed, then so do you!” He then grabbed Leo’s burger, took a huge bite.

    Leo immediately just blushed. His face went bright red.

    “You gotta be on fibre regardless,” I told Elvie as I stole his burger. “I came in here to see if you wanted help using the lavatory, but I think you can ask Leo instead.”

    Marc and I then left, laughing.

    Marc, I swear, if our husbands actually win this thing, they will be the President and Vice President with the most intimate relationship ever.

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    I have no idea how I missed this. I don't know if it didn't alert me, or if I missed it when I try to log on while at work with my phone. Like the other thread, I'm going to say I LOVED this and then fully respond tomorrow when I'm coherent. I just didn't want it to go another day without me responding.
    It was so sweet with JJ and Rose's part was cracking me up!

    But the one line I have to point out right now:
    I just... [face_love][face_love][face_love][face_love]