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Beyond - Legends The Winds of Erilnar (AU, OC)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Vehn, Feb 8, 2020.

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    @brodiew hang in there with the story. There are lots of changes and the journey takes many turns. To answer your question its a combination of her asserting her own power, and shaking off the remnants of those who would take her power away, and being a young ruler struggling to control a united Centrality. Keep in mind the Centrality has been at war with itself for half a century. There's a lot to overcome.

    @Trieste never seen that show but now I gotta check it out!

    @jcgoble3 update on Addison coming tomorrow ;)
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    OOC: Special permission to use May granted by @Trieste thank you!

    Nar Shaddaa

    "It's done," Fenix Tano said as he reported back to Lilly Vehn.

    "Good," Lilly replied, "money has been wired to the account of your choosing."

    Fenix turned to leave and then paused at the door,"She was family. How could you take your own family out?"

    "No," Lilly replied, "not to me. She was the enemy. Stick around I may need your services again."

    Fenix grimaced and left the mayor's office. He hated this kind of work. He was better than this. This was all wrong. This wasn't what he signed up for.

    It was time to disappear.

    Services be damned.


    "No word from Nar Shaddaa?" Eleanor said as she handed her brother, Austin, a stiff drink.

    "Nothing," Austin replied, "and the weirdest thing was I felt that twinge in the Force, Eleanor. I felt it and disappeared. I can't read her. It's like she disappeared."

    "Perhaps she's still alive," Eleanor replied.

    "I don't know," Austin said, "I just don't know."


    "This isn't good," Jack stated as he watched the news from VCN.

    "No," Carley replied, frowning, "it's not."

    "Did you order....?" Jack began to ask.

    Carley shook her head.

    "I have my issues with the Vehn family but I'd never assassinate one of them," Carley replied.

    "Then whose behind this?" Jack asked.

    "I'll get some people on this immediately," Carley said as she walked away at a brisk pace.

    New Vertica General Hospital

    Addison opened her eyes.

    "Addison," a female voice said nearby, "take it easy. You've been out cold for awhile."

    Addison Vehn's vision cleared. As it did so her eyes fell upon a young woman that looked vaguely familiar. The woman had a scar on her face from an injury that had long ago healed. Her eyes were sharp. Alert. Focused.

    "Where am I? Who are you?" Addison asked her voice cracking from lack of water.

    "New Vertica General Hospital," the woman replied, "and I'm Doctor May Trieste."

    "May," Addison said as she recognized the capable hands she was now in, "how bad is it?"

    "You're fine," May admitted with a wry grin, "whoever tried to take you out had something I haven't seen in a very long time around here: a conscience."

    "What?" Addison said startled, "I thought he was going to kill me. I thought it was all over."

    "Fear can make people black out at the most inopportune times," May replied, "you were found in an alleyway by VCPD minutes after the firefight broke out. There's some detectives outside that really want to talk with you but I told them they had to wait until I saw you first."

    "My family," Addison whispered, "I have to tell my family."

    "They've been notified," May said, "and were relieved to hear you're doing well. Austin is on his way out from Roon to see you right now."

    "Good," Addison said as she took a glass of water from May, "my body is killing me."

    "Rest, relaxation, and a lot of security," May replied, "because this threat isn't going away anytime soon. It's not often people survive an assassination attempt. Nar Shaddaa isn't safe anymore, Addison. The peaceful days of Kaitlyn Vehn are long gone. I have my hands picking up the pieces of so many wrecked lives. It takes a toll. Get some rest."

    "Thank you," Addison replied.

    "Anytime," May said as she left the room.

    Mayor's Headquarters
    Nar Shaddaa

    "Addison Vehn, general manager of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, has survived an assassination attempt on her life and is recovering at an undisclosed location," VCN reported during the nightly broadcast, "an investigation is underway as to the origins of this attack. We'll let you know as more information becomes available."

    Lilly Vehn screamed and threw a glass against the far wall where it shattered into a thousand pieces.

    "This is not the end!" Lilly yelled to nothing and no one.

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    Well that's going to make for an awkward family picnic.
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    Something tells me Lilly's next target is going to be Fenix.
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    Man, I'm glad I don't work in city government there. It sounds like performance review meetings are...killer. (Couldn't help myself!)
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    II Avali
    The Hall of Peace


    Queen Carley Heraat, dressed in her finest garments, emerged under heavy Centran escort at the Hall of Peace where the D12 was now assembling for an emergency meeting. The members of the D12, all heads of state who were waiting patiently inside at their round table, didn't know why they had been summoned to Druckenwell for an emergency gathering. The information had been kept in the dark. Like so many things.

    Carley quickly brought up her dress as she ascended the marble staircase and entered the Hall of Peace. She was guided at a rapid clip by Federation security through a series of rooms util her security escort faded away as she emerged from a dark hallway into the illuminated inner sanctum of the D12's meeting room.

    Conversations ceased upon her arrival. Friendly gestures disappeared. Drinks were quietly set on the meeting table. Groupings of heads of state slowly went back to sit at their assigned seats. A heavy silence pervaded the meeting room. All eyes were on the young queen. All eyes were on a woman many considered to be dangerous.

    There was Eleanor Vehn. There was President Liberty Ann Karr. There was the delegate from Coruscant and the Tion Hegemony. There was a representative of Druckenwell from the Ypres Initiative. There was Drajiic the Hutt who gave Carley a barely imperceptible nod of respect. The most recent member to be admitted, the ExO of the Corporate Sector, made eye contact with Carley and nothing more. Not a soul moved. It was clear to all of them now why the meeting had been summoned. Though, the question remained, who had summoned them?

    Speak your truth
    , Carley she thought as she took to the speaker's podium.

    "Delegates of the twelve," Queen Carley Heraat began, "on behalf of the united Centrality I present to you an offer of formal diplomatic and economic relations. The Centrality stands open for your embassies and open for your business. Long have we waited for this day. Longer still have I waited to stand before you in peace and with the full respect of the galactic law that we all adhere. It is high time that the Centrality be recognized as a valued member of the galactic scene. I-"

    "You can't just come in here and demand entry," President Liberty Ann Karr interrupted in a cold manner.

    "Nor can you simply demand that we open our businesses to you," the representative from Druckenwell added.

    "Carley," Eleanor said in a slightly gentler tone, "it's too soon. Perhaps you could come back at a later time. Had I known we were meeting for this I would have done something different. Now isn't a good time."

    "Let her speak," Drajiic the Hutt stated in his rumbling voice, "we all agreed to consider the matter."

    "The Corporate Sector stands behind the Centrality and the Hutt clans," the ExO stated, "as a sharp reminder to the Federation that the playing field, in this chamber, is equal."

    "We did not agree-" President Liberty Ann Karr stammered.

    "No," Carley said sharpening her tone like a blade in preparation for war, "we did not agree. We may never agree. I may never agree to your promises or trust you again after what has been done to my people. You, Eleanor, gave a speech on these very grounds not so long ago stirring up support to end the Great War and stop the terrible killing in my realm. Instead you funneled weapons and war material to both sides to profit Federation businesses. You did nothing to end the war and did everything to kill those who would have made our great nation even greater.

    "President Liberty Ann Karr," Carley continued, "your families industry, Karr Pharma, was under contract to eliminate a deadly bacterial scourge that broke out on Tund following the second invasion by Western Centrality forces. Your antibiotics never came even after my aunt, Taaya, and mother, Reyna, pushed and signed an agreement with your company. We waited for months. Thousands died. Those deaths are upon your shoulders because the transport of such goods required Federation escort through the independent systems.

    "And you," Carley said as she pointed at the Ypres Initiative representative, "did nothing to alleviate my armies food shortage after we'd paid good money to secure foodstuffs for nearly a year's worth of fighting. My brave legions were in rags before the end. They barely had the energy to finish the fight. Only by my own leadership and personal will did they overcome great odds to secure Erilnar for me."

    "I don't have to hear this," Eleanor said rising from her seat shaking her head in disgust, "Carley, we're done."

    "Sit down!" Carley said raising her voice.

    Eleanor paused as the other delegates looked in her direction. She had never been spoken to in all her years by someone else. Not since she was a little girl. Quietly she took her seat.

    "All of you will hear this because this is the side of galactic history that the textbooks will never teach in school," Carley explained, "and will gloss over as the great Federation foreign policy of its day. All of you are guilty and I am standing before all of you to make it right. By the end of today I expect, no, I demand a vote that will confirm my place at this table. An equal place."

    "We can't promise-" President Liberty Ann Karr started to rebuke.

    "Can't!" Carley hissed, "Can't?"

    A deathly silence fell over the room.

    "You can and you will," Carley insisted, "because if you do not I swear I will make the most wretched attacks on your population centers that you have ever seen. I will not stop until Nime is burned, Druckenwell is burned, until the old order of the galaxy falls beneath my boot. I am owed a seat at this table. I am owed a seat! My mother, Reyna, died trying to get a seat at this table. I will not be pushed aside. I will no longer be ignored. I will no longer be shut in the dark. You will open the doors for me or I will open the doors myself."

    "I come from a long line of proud rulers. Rulers who looked after their people. Who didn't make trouble with their neighbors," Carley said, "or rulers who didn't ascend the throne when it was convenient."

    Carley shot a look to Eleanor. The family history was well known between the two of them. Rowena Vehn's legacy hung large over the proceedings.

    "My mother used to say that I needed to speak my truth. Well, today I have. Today the truth is that the Centrality is more united than ever and is in a position to make some positive connections with our neighbors to the north," Carley motioned to the ExO, "the south," she motioned to Drajiic, "and the west," Carley said as she nodded toward Coruscant.

    "My truth is that I was given up for adoption by my mother as the war in the Centrality grew increasingly dangerous for youth. I was taken in by the Vehn family. They did their best. They meant well but I always knew my heart and destiny lay elsewhere. When I found out that I had a history, a royal history, a legacy, a blood family in the Centrality I knew where my journey in life would take me. All I have ever hoped, ever prayed for, ever dreamed, is that the Centrality by everything that is right and good be given an opportunity for the first time in its history to chart is own future. To weigh in on foreign policy that directly affects its citizens. To protect my people from the same threats that have long since faded away for the rest of you," Carley said, "and that is all I ask. An equal seat at an equal table."

    "I may not be well liked. I may be hated. I may be disrespected behind my back," Carley said as she took in the delegates, "but I will not have my people suffer any longer. You will do the right thing or Maker help you with the consequences. I will stand for nothing less. I have earned nothing less. Maker be with you now as you debate and talk amongst yourselves. Never forget the blood of millions rests squarely upon your shoulders. Good day."

    Carley looked each of the delegates in the eyes before taking her leave. As she left the room she could hear, for the first time, a thunderous applause from those members whom she had forged strong relationships with. Now she privately hoped they would come through for her in her hour of need.

    Today she had spoken her truth.

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    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    Go Carley!
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    II Avali

    "The young queen has her points," Director Kohari ExO of the Corporate Sector Authority replied.

    "She does," the Tion Hegemony added, "and I call for an immediate vote."

    "Seconded," said the Republican Secretary of State.

    "I may not be a member of this great body any longer," Eleanor said, "but I will not sit here and watch that petulant queen get away with this. She cannot threaten this body and intimidate the D12 into a vote!"

    "Some call it bullying and others call it making their case heard," the Moff of the Imperial Remnant stated matter of factly.

    "Liberty," Eleanor pleaded turning to the President of the Roon Federation, "do not give in to this. This is wrong. You know it!"

    "Will chamber security please escort Eleanor Vehn out of the meeting. She is compromising a vote," the Hapan Minister of State suggested.

    Armed guards quickly arrived and placed their gloved hands on Eleanor's arms. She resisted and they forcefully dragged her out of the chamber. A few of the delegations applauded the action shaking their heads at Eleanor's outburst.

    "This is not the last you'll hear from me!" Eleanor said raising her voice, "You're making a terrible mistake. You let the Centrality in here and you're making a terrible, terrible, mistake. We will be on the wrong side of history if we do this. You hear me? The wrong side!"

    Silence followed as Eleanor was dragged from the meeting.

    "Now that I can think," Director Kohari said chuckling slightly, "let's vote. shall we?"


    "You come highly recommended," Queen Carley Heraat said, "you've done some good work, Fenix Tano."

    "My services have gone for the highest bidder," Fenix Tano replied, "but now I need protection. The person who is after me won't stop until I'm dead."

    "What makes you think I can protect you from this person?" Carley asked.

    "Your reputation," Fenix replied, "and your power."

    "Both are near shambles by now," Carley admitted, "tell me who is after you?"

    "I'm not at liberty to say," Fenix replied, "I don't talk about my employers to others."

    "That a rule?" Carley pressed.

    "A suggestion," Fenix replied.

    "You want my protection you tell me who is hunting you," Carley said, "or you leave and we never see you again."

    Fenix gulped.

    "Tell me," Carley insisted lowering her voice.

    "Lilly Vehn," Fenix admitted.

    "Well now," Carley said with a smile, "we're finally getting somewhere. Why don't you stay and have a drink. We have much to discuss."

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    Bingo! I love it when I'm right. :D
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    But not in the way that I thought he'd be a target!

    It seems Carley went to the Noble House school of "get a fixer who's in disgrace elsewhere in the galaxy because they know you're the bulwark between them and worse things".
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    The Great War
    296 ABY

    Staff Sergeant Fenix Tano, assigned to Phantom Team Six, knelt on one knee on the rooftop of the old Federation embassy on Tund. He surveyed the ruined city of Tund destroyed by years of fighting. Incoming rounds from Eastern Centrality forces blanketed the once pristine city sending up thick plumes of smoke into the sky darkening the morning light. The few civilians left in the city were running for cover seeking any way out and there was a general feeling that the war was coming to a gradual end.

    "We're pulling out. Federation is recalling all Phantom units from Centran territory," Jack said, "mission over. We're being retired."

    "Retired?" Fenix asked raising an eyebrow.

    "Yeah," Jack replied, "relegated to the dumpster. RIF'ed."

    "Just like that?" Fenix asked.

    "Just like that," Jack replied as he gave Fenix a pat on the shoulder, "better get going. Grab your things. Last transport blasts off in five."

    Fenix nodded and then reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out an old holophoto taken the last time he'd been back home. Around five years ago. His beautiful wife held tightly to their son both of whom had beaming smiles. They looked so happy. Peaceful. It was a memory he had decided to cherish. They were both gone now. Killed in the war. Killed by forces loyal to the Western Centrality and the Federation during the rising on Renatasia.

    He had no one left in his life but he had everything still to fight for.

    "What now?" Fenix asked as he loaded his gear into the transport.

    "Now," Jack replied, "we reinvent ourselves. We find a new way forward."

    "That won't be easy," Fenix replied as he hauled himself into the cargo bay.

    "No," Jack admitted, "it most certainly won't."

    Present Day

    "I wondered who shot up Federation offices on Nar Shaddaa during the pull out," Jack said as he walked up to Fenix and extended a hand, "it looked so professional."

    "Thanks, I guess," Fenix replied as he shook Jack's hand, "been a long time, sir."

    "Too long," Jack said with a smile, "I see you found little trouble with your employment."

    "Oh the jobs were steady," Fenix replied, "but certain employers are better to work for than others. What exactly is your position here, anways?"

    "Good question," Jack said as he sat down next to Fenix, "I don't really know."

    "You close with the queen?" Fenix asked with a wry grin.

    "Not going there, buddy," Jack replied, "but yeah we're together."

    "She gonna marry you?" Fenix pushed.

    "Don't know," Jack said.

    "If she does," Fenix replied, "make sure she doesn't kill you off like the last guy. I was talking to some of the queen's personal bodyguard. I even talked to Centurion Khairn. He was the one who did the queen's husband in. Nasty business, politics."

    "She won't kill me off," Jack said though inside he was worried a bit.

    "Promises?" Fenix asked.

    "Trust," Jack said fending off his old friend's questions.

    "How many other Phantoms work for the queen?" Fenix asked.

    "As of right now," Jack admitted, "just the two of us. The others went dark or continue to serve the Federation."

    "Big mistake, man," Fenix replied, "those guys are missing out."

    "Perhaps," Jack replied, "but they're a threat."

    "To you?" Fenix asked.

    "No, to the queen," Jack replied, "because those remnants are still out there serving one master: Eleanor Vehn."

    "And that's where I come in, I take it," Fenix realized, "to protect her."

    "Bingo," Jack replied.

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    Nar Shaddaa
    Mayor's Office

    Addison Vehn casually strolled into the office of the Mayor of Nar Shaddaa, heels clicking on the fake wood flooring, with the air of a woman on a mission. She had deduced on her own that Lilly Vehn had been behind the assassination attempt that had nearly taken her life. The attempt hadn't really surprised her. She and Lilly had a bad history going back to their early days. That chasm had only been widened in their adult years with different lifestyle choices, political choices, and finally Addison marrying into the Vehn family. Her killer, a bounty hunter perhaps, had something that was rare these days: a conscience. His weakness was her strength.

    She looked around the office as holophotos of the Smugglers winning various championships over their storied history were on full display. There was an immaculate replica of the Galactic Cup trophy from the 278 ELL season in the corner of the office. She leaned over and examined the dates of all the previous championships inscribed on the front which ended, quite poignantly, on the 278 Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    That was a good team Addison thought as she caught sight of another holophoto resting on Lilly's desk.

    The photo was of Lilly, arm wrapped around Kaitlyn, the pair having a formal dinner together based on the dress choices. They looked so happy. So at peace. Lilly, having finally found a mother she could love, and Kaitlyn having found a daughter worth carrying her name. Their stories had been so touching. Both had life threatening injuries and both had started the journey of healed through a chance meeting at a physical therapy center right here on Nar Shaddaa.

    "Enjoying yourself?" Lilly asked as she emerged from the shadows.

    "Always," Addison replied tearing her gaze away from the holophoto of Kaitlyn and Lilly, "you look like you haven't slept in awhile."

    "You should be sleeping for a long time," Lilly replied with an acid tone.

    "Your killer had a conscience," Addison said.

    "A shame," Lilly replied, "because there won't be a next time."

    "No," Addison shot back, "there won't. You start a war with me, Lilly, I'll personally bury you myself. I'm going to say this once. Walk away while you still can."

    "You don't have it in you," Lilly replied, "you never have. Ever since we were kids you thought you could push me around, tell me what to do, and every time I stood up for myself and held you off. You can't keep doing this. Eventually you're going to trip up and when you fall nobody is going to be there to catch you."

    "Like nobody was there when you ran away?" Addison challenged.

    "Don't you dare," Lilly replied leveling a finger, "I ran away because I had no choice. Your family put me in an untenable position!"

    "You ran away and threw yourself onto another family. The Westes were innocent. You used them. You used them every day. Used that sick injury and their deaths to vault yourself into the Vehn family. You knew Kaitlyn was going to be there that day at the physical therapy center. You used her too!" Addison said in an accusatory tone

    "You go too far," Lilly said as tears welled up in her eyes, "too far. I loved Kaitlyn."

    "But not your own family," Addison said anger welling up inside of her, "not your own sister?"

    "You were never a sister to me. You never had my back the way Kaitlyn did," Lilly replied, "I may have been born a Karr but I was never father's to control. Your entire family is messed up. Look at Gryffyn, our brother. All the mistake she's made. Besides father did this to me. He is the reason I am what I am. All this is his fault."

    "Lilly," Addison said, "that's unfair and untrue."

    "That's real!" Lilly spat, "and you didn't help matters. Always made me second best. The younger sister. The one without any real dreams or hopes."

    "Father taught me to be hard," Addison admitted, "perhaps I was harder on you than I should have been. If you have a problem with me we should talk. I never would have resorted to killing you. I still won't."

    "I don't want to hear your excuses," Lilly said.

    "Then what is it you want," Addison said crossing her arms across her chest.

    "To be seen, to be heard, to not disappear behind your shadow or the shadow of Karr Pharma," Lilly replied, "to be allowed to freely live. I can't do that as long as you're alive. I will always, in my mind, compare myself to you."

    "Lilly, I-" Addison started to say.

    "Leave!" Lilly roared.

    "Lilly...." Addison quietly repeated, "I love you. Come with me. Let's forget all this. We can start again."

    "You never loved me," Lilly replied, "and neither did my family. The only person that ever loved me is long gone. Buried at midfield under the grass at Six Boroughs."

    "You're more a Karr than you realize and when I leave this room," Addison replied, "I won't be coming back. My offer is only good from here to the door."

    "And then what?" Lilly said, "what if I don't go with you?"

    "Then we do what we should have done a long time ago," Addison replied.

    "Fight a war," Lilly replied.

    "Precisely," Addison said, "for all the wrongs that were committed. For all the sins of our past."

    Lilly curled her hands into fists of rage, closed her eyes, and when she opened them Addison was gone.

    "If its a war you want," Lilly replied, "it's a war you'll get."

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    Okay then. A war it is.
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    Did we know that Lilly was a Karr? Because if so, I definitely forgot!
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    Nope twists and turns folks twists and turns.
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    These stories have been going on for so long that I just assumed I forgot that tidbit. Interesting that it's new.
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    The waning days of 299 ABY

    "What's all this?" Carley asked Jack as he led her into a turreted room with a gorgeous view of the winter surrounding the castle.

    "My way of appreciating you," Jack said as he guided Carley to a finely set table with a delicious dinner and candles glowing quietly in the dark.

    "Awww, thanks," Carley said giving Jack a quick kiss as he gently settled her into her seat.

    "And," Jack said as he poured a fresh glass of wine, "I have good news for you."

    "This gets better? I see," Carley said with a laugh.

    "The D12 voted to accept the Centrality into their club," Jack said.

    "Yes!" Carley said roaring in delight.

    "It's being fought by the Federation and a few smaller entities but there's nothing really that can stop it now," Jack said, "you did it, Carley."

    "I'm floored," Carley said, "that was one of the hardest speeches of my life. Surprised they didn't call me a big whiner."

    "The only whiner was Eleanor being dragged out of the room by security," Jack said, "she essentially handed you the vote. I'd heard rumors it would've gone to to the wire but you were approved by a majority."

    "I'm thrilled," Carley said taking a sip of her glass of wine, "such good news."

    "There's more," Jack said, "it would seem that Lilly Vehn and Addison Vehn are going to war."

    "War?" Carley laughed, "over what?"

    "They're sisters. Karr family," Jack said.

    "No way," Carley replied.

    Jack laughed and nodded, "And we know how ugly familial fights can get."

    "I may not have to do anything to keep the Vehn's on their heels," Carley admitted.

    "No, I don't think you need to do anything at this time," Jack replied, "and there's something I'd like to ask you."

    "Yes?" Carley asked.

    "Will you marry me?" Jack replied, "I've delivered you alliances with the Corporate Sector and the Tion Hegemony. I've delivered you the D12. I am working hard on the Republic as we speak and I have helped you create an heir. Marry, me, my queen."

    Carley didn't reply for the longest time. She held his gaze in hers.

    A smile quietly erupted on her face.

    Four Weeks Later
    Royal Chapel

    "The young queen has found another stallion," remarked Lord Terrence Waalsing dryly as the royal couple finished saying their vows, "I presume heirs will follow. Long may she reign."


    "Let's hope this one sticks around longer than the last," Sir Erik Frohm, Lord of the Royal Exchequer, replied.

    "Indeed" Waalsing admitted, "we need stability. Now more than ever. A new queen and heirs will cement our Centran policy for decades to come. She has done well with her trade deals. Now we need her to deliver in other arenas of interest."

    "I wanted to speak with you about the future," Sir Erik Frohm said as he bowed low as Queen Carley Heraat and Jack Vehn in their finest outfits walked down the aisle toward the beautiful day beyond the thick wooden doors.

    "Go ahead," Waalsing encouraged rising from his own deep bow.

    "As you know I have only daughters who are in need of advantageous marriages," Frohm explained, "marriages that would cement my family's legacy for years. Now it may be some time before the queen's heirs are old enough to marry but in the interim certainly there are young noble men who are close to the queen who could give my daughters station and certainty."

    "There are," Waalsing admitted, "though much of the royal retinue fell at Dilonexa. The battle against Master Tel Adain took much of the youth of the Centran royal court. I'm afraid there are few options available. It may be some time before the aristocracy is rebuilt."

    "Yet there are options," Frohm insisted placing a hand on Waalsing's arm, "aren't there?"

    "To whom do you refer?" Waalsing questioned raising an eyebrow.

    "I think you know of one who bears the Heraat name. A nephew of Taaya Heraat," Frohm said.

    Waalsing stiffened and guided Frohm to a shadowy corner, "The queen's brother! We do not speak his name."

    "Is he alive?" Frohm pushed.

    "Yes," Waalsing admitted, "but he is kept in a highly secure location. To speak of him is forbidden. The queen refuses to even formally acknowledge him in the line of succession. Thinks its bad luck. Bad fortune. He's our safety valve to the Heraat dynasty should anything happen to our queen. Maker forbid!"

    "What would it take for him to meet my eldest daughter?" Frohm asked.

    "You cannot pay me enough to betray the queen," Waalsing said.

    "Lord Alexandre Renaard fell at Dilonexa. Renatasia is yours for the taking," Frohm suggested, "and you know that your influence has fallen since you were unable to deliver the monasteries to the queen. If you were to bring Renatasia loyally into the fold, in lock step with Erilnar, perhaps there's hope for you."

    "You make an enticing offer," Waalsing admitted for he had long desired to rule Renatasia, "perhaps I could arrange a meeting."

    "Good," Frohm said with a smile, "that's all I needed. I think you'll find our partnership to be quite lucrative, Councilor Waalsing."

    "I pray I don't regret any of this," Waalsing replied as he wiped sweat from his brow.

    "You won't," Frohm said with a wink, "I promise you that much."

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    It's loading for me now. There was an issue earlier with images hosted on that domain, but that seems to be fixed now. Try Ctrl+F5 if it's still not loading.
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    Queen Carley Heraat strode through the halls of her castle and watched with satisfaction as those she passed either bowed or courtseyed in her direction. It wasn't the authority she liked but it was the harmony and respect. The feeling that the dark times were behind her. That everyone in the kingdom was working toward a greater goal. Rebuilding and reunifying what was once a great realm.

    She'd recently set Lord Frohm on the warpath of building up the Centrality's infrastructure. No easy undertaking as the Centran transport network was slow from years of barricades, blockades, and vicious fighting. She trusted him to make intelligent decisions with the crown's money. Of course what trust meant to her was making sure that he was followed and reported on if he did anything suspicious with the vast sums that were now at his disposal.

    "Lord Waalsing," Carley said as she passed him in the corridor, "a word with you."

    "Yes, your majesty," Waalsing replied quickly falling into lock step with his queen.

    "I am of the impression that Renatasia needs a governor. You are to rule Renatasia in my name," Carley commanded.

    "I am deeply honored," Waalsing replied bowing slightly.

    "You owe me for the botched monastery operation. Turns out my intelligence was two decades out of date," Carley replied, "don't disappoint me again. I expect you to be improving Renatasia's economic output by the end of the third quarter. Taxes are coming due then and I expect a full report."

    "Certainly, your majesty," Waalsing replied, "I have you to thank for this."

    "No, my lord," Carley replied, "you have Lord Frohm. He put in a good word for you. It seems you two are close. I expect loyalty from Renatasia. Go make it happen. You leave as soon as you're able."

    "Thank you, my lady, I won't disappoint you!" Waalsing said.

    Carley watched him leave and then turned toward her private chambers. As she entered the room she felt a pain in her abdomen. She nearly fell as she went to ground. Her handmaidens rushed to her side as Carley felt sick to her stomach.

    "Fetch a physician," Carley said through panting breath, "now!"

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    I hope that Centran health care isn't one of the infrastructure sectors behind the times!
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    Hours Later
    Royal Palace
    300 ABY

    "Jack," Carley said with a smile, "I'd like you to meet our son."

    "He's beautiful," Jack replied as he snuggled up next to Carley on their bed.

    "No," Carley replied with an approving look, "he's an heir."

    "What shall we name him?" Jack asked.

    "Shay," Carley replied, "after my grandfather."

    "Shay," Jack repeated, "Not too feminine?"

    "No," Carley replied, "it was my maternal grandfather's name. Old Basic."

    "What's it mean?" Jack asked.

    "It means admirable, hawklike, and gift," Carley replied.

    "And which of the three are you hoping he becomes?" Jack asked as he held his son for the first time.

    "All of them and none of them," Carley said, "because I want him to choose his own destiny. I want the galaxy to see who he is not what he comes from."

    "When shall we announce?" Jack asked.

    "Let's just enjoy our bundle of joy a little while longer," Carley replied, "the galaxy can wait."

    One Week Later
    Tesserone, Roon

    Austin Vehn quietly used the Force to levitate five year old Connor, his son, and three year old Jennifer, his niece, through the air. The young children laughed hard as Austin gently manipulated them around him. He couldn't help but chuckle himself as they squealed out in delight.

    "More, more!" They pleaded.

    Austin complied. He enjoyed watching the children. Seeing them grow and develop. Neither one had Force sensitivity that he could tell. It was a strange turn of events but in some ways he was relieved. They would be free from the burdens of being somewhat omniscient. He loved his service to the Jedi but the burden was heavy and his power in the wrong hands could be deadly.

    "Austin," Addison said poking her head inside Connor's room, "can you come with me?"

    "Yeah," Austin replied getting up to his feet, "hey Connor why don't you and Jenny take over for awhile."

    Austin left the room to the sound of the two giggling away. He followed Addison to the family room and was surprised to see the Holonet broadcast announcing the birth of Carley Heraat and Jack Vehn's son named Shay.

    "They have an heir," Addison said.

    "So they do," Austin replied.

    "You know what this means," Addison said.

    "Yes, I believe I do," Austin replied.

    "Are you ready to make your decision?" Addison asked.

    "I am," Austin replied.

    Nime, Roon

    "Eleanor she has us beaten on all fronts," President Liberty Ann Karr replied via holotransmission,"stop challenging her and let her be."

    "You're giving up," Eleanor replied.

    "I am doing everything I can. She's on the D12, the Great War has ended, public opinion is actually on her side. She's made the Vehn family look like fools," Liberty replied, "and I am of the opinion that the only way to swing that opinion back is to be honest for once."

    "Small victories," Eleanor replied, "but now she's gone and used Vehn blood to extend her line."

    "And I can stop that how?" Liberty challenged.

    "You're no use to me, Liberty," Eleanor said.

    "Then perhaps its best if we go our separate ways," Liberty replied, "and I also am going to cut you out of all security briefings. Your day is done, Eleanor. The sooner you realize that the better."

    "You can't do that," Eleanor said.

    "I just did," Liberty replied hanging up.

    "Rough meeting?" Dyrk Avery, Director of Foreign Affairs asked as he opened the door to the presidential suite and took one look at Liberty.

    "The worst," Liberty replied.

    "What now?" Dyrk asked.

    "We open up formal ties with the Centrality and we start to make right all the things we did wrong," Liberty said, "because I need to win my re election bid and a win for foreign policy would do me wonders right now."

    "And what about Eleanor?" Dyrk asked, "Isn't she in the loop?"

    "No, Dyrk, she's not," Liberty testily replied.

    "Got it," Dyrk said, "so you're going rogue."

    "No, I'm doing what should have been done a long time ago," Liberty replied as she gathered her coat and other belongings off her desk, "make true and lasting peace."

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    Also, would we call it the D13 these days?
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    Lord Frohm's Estates


    Isabella Frohm, eldest daughter of Lord of the Royal Exchequer Erik Frohm, knelt in a small chapel saying her morning prayers. The light through the stained glass window filtered in lazily through the multicolor glass shimmering the air all around. She was 25 years old. Never married though she had in her past many offers for her hand in marriage. Offers she wasn't allowed to accept.

    Her father, Erik, kept an ambitious eye on matching his daughters, of which there were three, to the most advantageous political marriage he could arrange. All in the name of advancign his family's station and honor throughout the realm. Frohm had the title around the kingdom of 'The Matchmaker' for his unrelenting drive and the emotional toll it took on his daughters was secretly soul crushing.

    Isabella finished her morning prayers and rose to her feet. As she turned to leave she encountered her father standing nearby watching her. She gave a slight bow of her head as her gaze met her father's. She didn't speak unless spoken to. He clearly had something to say.

    "My lovely Isabella," Erik began, "it is time for you to have a husband."

    "Father," Isabella replied interrupting, "we've done this so many times. Why can't you accept the fact that I will never marry?"

    "Oh but you will," Erik replied, "especially when I tell you which man will be the lucky one."

    "What's his name?" Isabella sighed.

    Erik leaned forward and whispered the name into his eldest daughter's ear.

    Isabella'e eyes went wide with shock.

    She quickly recovered and the look on her face was one of determination, ambition, and dreams.


    "Brother," a monk whispered into Rafe Rokurr's ear, "you have a visitor. From Tund."

    Rafe cleared his throat and wrapped his meager cloak around his waist. He entered the main chambers.

    "You'll have to excuse my dress," Rafe said to his visitor, "I don't normally have guests."

    "I don't mind," the visitor replied, "I trust you know why I'm here."

    "Politics," Rafe grumbled.

    "The future," the visitor replied.

    "I don't see a future beyond these walls," Rafe said.

    "Sad," the visitor replied, "because you could be great if you only let yourself be great."

    "And how is it that you completely believe in me?" Rafe questioned.

    "Because I know your true identity," the visitor replied.

    "That," Rafe said shaking his head, "left me long ago. Dead to me."

    "Not to me," the visitor said stepping closer, "I trust you are aware of my family and our influence."

    "I'm aware of very little," Rafe replied, "but judging from your station and the way you dress you come from someone powerful. Before we go any further is this decision yours and yours alone?"

    "It is not," the visitor replied, "the decision was placed before me by someone else close to me. I did make up my mind this time."

    "I see," Rafe replied, "and what's your name and terms?"

    "Isabella Frohm," she replied, "and I am here to tell you that you will marry me and we will be a very powerful couple within the Centrality. I will bear you heirs and together we shall have everything we desire."

    "What makes you so certain?" Rafe asked.

    "Because I know who you really are," Isabella said, "and what you've been running from all this time."

    "You seem to know a lot about me, Isabella," Rafe replied.

    "I know that your birth name is not Rokurr," Isabella said, "it's Heraat. I know that you are the younger brother to the queen. I know that you were hidden away in this monastery after the war so you wouldn't rise to challenge your sister for the throne. I know that right now is not the time to strike at your sister but there will come a time when the Centrality may need true leadership. It is time for you to step up and claim your ancestral name, Rafe. Time for you to become the man and leader the Centrality needs."

    Rafe Heraat stiffened and drew himself up to his full height, "You offer me marriage, children and power?"

    "Absolutely," Isabella replied.

    "How could I say no?" Rafe asked.

    "I was hoping you wouldn't," Isabella replied with a smirk.

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